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Nov 3, 2008|

Bill Belichick joins The Big Show to discuss the loss against the Colts.

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I've accurately objection oh it is Patriots money relied down here at Gillette Stadium it and it's time for -- was echoed occupied Dunkin' Donuts. America runs on afternoon mr. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that. We event a lot of questions this afternoon. About different things that have happened during the course of the game so instead of us. It was try to throw our opinions for the last three and a half hours well. Aware -- what that's worth so. Right he went and ask you some of these questions. First book -- league -- this. Is this. That this is requests in the week -- nine on I don't know most of us this -- with coach wade through the security bill I trust me the question of the week as he does a let's start with if that he's a challenge out there and we've had an opportunity like most people have -- I've now seen in a million times. And you clearly concede that there are now when you've seen two guys coming up the field the twelfth guy in eleventh guy who was who was you know read. Why did you challenge what did your guy it was an irony or whomever upstairs what do -- what do they say. They. They saw knocked him off in a similar to the Super Bowl player with -- Against the Giants on the punt or. You know they didn't get off so. Do you think the confusion was and Darrell Reid who was the eleventh guy you sit there wondering with a healthy running off the field and he's legal. Why is he running off if it was that we're confusion might have possibly. Did the officials say anything -- when it comes over the yellow flags flown right right the flood was already thrown in your challenge obviously we've gone over this difference between first and 52 test quite a bit at stake here. Did did he does he give you -- description of what he saw that the with two guys that were going off to feel what does he said he when you -- Either insane thing he just made the announcement of the crowd which I couldn't really hear what he says you know -- the crowd which yellen and all that. And. So that if all goes it's SN and then -- bill came over -- came over earned just said that. That there were only eleven guys on the field at all so. And at that point -- in a decision and they didn't they move on. And you can't really see from where you war correct you're using some somebody upstairs telling you with -- overhead view yeah I think that it. Right it was so obviously wasn't clear cut. But we saw that the guys didn't go off the field. You know I noticed on the count most fest thing -- -- go often so we are some and I guess that -- -- don't on the twelfth Garko and often. It was actually -- they'd like he says they are on it what's the time for him you have forty -- of the shot clock for your elbow right wants the ball spotted Sunday. In a 42 clock run so in decide whether. Whether it's -- or not and you know again we thought first of five of the you know little trouble with -- earlier were both first and violently. You know at that point. Good good situation at the end so. -- -- very dangerous Eritrea you know that in college in Buffalo Buffalo Jets game and about him in zone call and they were challenged like gone to -- You can do that also just challenger throughout twelve -- fielding time. Where was a challenge in the Super Bowl on the on the you know. When when the Giants missed down their subs and they couldn't get often. You know goes in mid air and actually has that his foot out of bounds and -- he wasn't when the ball's snapped and so you know that result and first down stolen and. But actually in this one the confusing part and just and I just watched it by stopping it up to that point. Before you had the opportunity to to throw it like out there and then of course television show and that's what we get -- calls to Stevie is sitting here counting with a tell a straight each guy out in the -- you obviously don't have that opportunity. But when you see. Reed coming off the field physical on I would think he was the twelfth guy with -- rushing off the field right now for he turned out to media what -- -- they actually had. That -- one extra guy out here but two guys were rushing off the field they would have to play with ten players. Right and -- I could see that that that there would be to confuse -- let's get to the -- Fourth down situation. You elect to run the play then you come running down the sidelines. You called the timeout. After the timeout you come out and kicked the field goal was the thought process there. Well when we when we're in the third down play it was third in. -- and tenors like that. We're kind of close there and but originally we thought the spot with just. A few inches. And you know it's a -- you know less than a foot for a first down and then. So we we call the play and then as kind of -- forgotten thing mark in the chain -- -- and walked down there it was it was a little bit over yard. And you know with the ball on the five yard line. To spell it goes too far to. To sneak it which is what it was in an opinion and you know on top of that the balls on the five yard line and and then you know on the one like the situation we have cup which goes against Denver. Where he picked up the score. You know we would still had another. Five years ago. And we have been or stop in the red area. Two previous times so at that point I felt rather make sure that we get at least tie here. Not try to. You know not try to to make to go for a overeat or at after realized it was over a full yard. Man and kick it and you know make a tight and then there was eight minutes ago. So we you know we felt good about where report that point is -- anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or you wouldn't have time on -- we weren't. Well -- as -- -- lead the -- almost snapped him moneyweek assured that we you know jet was ordered -- got Australia get -- Matt Matt Matt was going to run the play which in which he was doing the right thing -- was doing what we called. It's just a -- at thank you know it's one thing to sneak -- you know full letter. It's nothing to sneak for a four -- And grocery it was close to and that you know short periods safeties it was a points punishment. And so we just you know at the ball down there at the end piston. Didn't have a real good. Initially distant -- good look at exactly how far was then and it turned out to build further -- so. -- -- that the safe thing to do their west. If the points and tied the game and you know on them. You know. And play you know put -- tie score with with -- Willis seven and it's going again to the flow of the game having him to do with that decision the way it was going with a long drives -- them back for. Ronald thanks a stadium in you know we had. For a long drives against them but they you know they shuffle those guys in another quite a bit as we saw and so they was like at the same guys on the field for the whole drug additional element and out there you know maybe we minor. You know gain a little advantage there at the end of the drive. The thing you worry about on the road at least I worry about it just get off on the ball you know want guys late on the accountant in the crowds you know. Make a lot of noise and Nicholas island and then he doesn't get movement and yet. Yeah ego problem there so. You know in the end. I mean have we picked it up that would have been great. We still we still in the unified here it's you know it would had to look at you know finish the drive so. But. Obviously if we picked up we hope we've done in the with a -- In the post game press conference you're asked about. David Thomas and about the the late hit penalties that you had seen it. Obviously had taken you have seen it today. And your feeling well wasn't a penalty. Two months and months that slate. Not really no question. -- on the two points. Which reminds my exit because it was we go money well are -- in other way to game. Was -- and and it it finished go in the way that I thought it would would there wouldn't be very many possessions you know it was a a short possession game and you know had we made. Two point conversion. And then. They wouldn't have gone for two you know when the -- when they eventually scored. And then the -- those -- bounced out so. You know as it turned down -- think. That that as we -- off from there we -- -- one point we we still would have been behind in the game. Just as it turned out the yen and and we made two point conversion and then you know two field goals what do. What indicated each other so I think. But that few possessions I know those more time ago but it it just didn't. Seem like it was going to be you know you're gonna get the ball for five more times in the -- distance seem like it was going to be one of those you know. Here it is middle third quarter and and you know you might only get a couple more times so you know kind of treated them like it was a a fourth quarter decisions that a you know middle there I would look at it closely because you figured and so close now I think he touched and I think -- This neat touch before he got them -- thought of challenging at that point. There was that it. -- are convinced that he you know that he isn't. -- dribble and one timeout when -- lifted that play into your decision at all on the two point -- -- and challenging it now. -- played until was. But -- there was enough evidence to feel like he was definitely in any of those all wasn't all right you know but he he touched before him who he touched before. The ball wasn't or you know or it's close to whether it's not just distance in the there's enough evidence could you explain to us how much guys up in the coaching booths. See in that because and that play. There were I believe two different angles they showed the and now if there's -- if there's a stoppage of play if you are challenging it. Television suddenly comes out with four or five or six other angles which give you a much better view of it and they make. A complete different judgment call by the official. Right. And that's part of the the problem with the challenge it's it's really one of those. You know one of the things I don't I don't agree with on the whole system but the but we're all playing on the same rules on don't think it's any worse for us. And anybody else I'm not saying that I just don't think that the system is set up. Very well. Because when you go to challenge your you don't know what shot you have. And that's you know that's that's not a good thing so you know you challenge a play on the sideline you'd challenge a play on the goal line are you challenge a play. You know you don't know where the cameras -- located the camera located where the TV decides to pull them on that particular play. So you know I go back to the Denver playoff game where. Then Watson hit Champ Bailey. And did the bowl. You know go out of bounds in the end zone that -- out of bounds well. All the cameras would come at the other end of the field where we were. So when the thing came back when the play came back the other hand there was really no good camera shot although. I don't see any way that that ball could not have crossed. The sidelines Indians on I think we'll be physically impossible but there wasn't really good camera angle on that so. My feeling is let's go ahead and get like tennis let's go ahead and get six cameras. And put them on the goal lines and lines and sidelines like laser -- laser video just -- in the stadium Ohman and have a and they are so the at least when you challenge you know what you're looking out the some hands and midfielder in the middle field than. Okay and I understand that that he -- it was a trapped that it hit the ground you know you're in Europe the mercy of whatever the angles -- in you know control of that but. To not have cameras where. We know they're going to be critical plays the goal line the F one and sideline. You know for this system seems. You know I don't understand I mean on -- I mean each stadium sent a thousand. Security video cameras on -- -- -- -- camera in those locations in every stadium by. No Little League doesn't want to do that and the result -- Don't robots and the problem is when you challenge a play you know you have to really be sure that. Well only shoot just want to throw out their but I Euro gotta be sure you got some evidence and you know you can see the replay up on the screen and that's one thing if you can't. You know if you think that you see that now only one foot in bounds over the guy cross the line or whatever it is. You just don't have any security to know that we'll least there's a shot of that and that's you know it's and so until you see that shot then I think -- What I that it makes -- -- makes it even worse in that. The timeframe that you have. Your guys are sitting up in the -- there watching. What everybody else is watching which are two angles maybe. Now once you throw that red flag and at that point you probably don't know what they're going to be five more are more angles that right on exactly changes the thing Jermaine used to look at it and other angles. -- if I could've seen that angle. Right from the beginning sort of -- -- -- -- -- right where when the thrown at all and he's validated in the percent or 37%. Of them challenges. I'll uphill so if you have an angle and obviously part of wouldn't call as many people would calls me if they had bearing those who make that judgment. You must have a better shot the last two minutes. Where where the officials can -- -- -- and it takes it out of via that it takes the coach in -- it does this stop the game they've got plenty of time to look at five or six different we'll sell right. And that's going to other somebody set for that I mean there. You know to me the whole system look I mean it it's the same for advice I don't think that there's any advantage from where the other I just think you know overall the the mechanics of the system are not. Really what they should be but. They are what they are so you know we on the deal -- them but. In terms that decision making in. It's either what you see on the field or what. Your coaches see upstairs in the Booth and I don't even know what shots they're looking at your right there could be five of their shots that they don't get to see in. And. But -- yesterday was prime example of that. When you challenged the twelve man up until that point that he challenged it. There was no real evidence one way or the other to see your guys but it seemed the two guys coming office doing things you could say Ryan and not what you -- you weren't able. Actually as the TV network did. To with the -- straighter the count every guy and now you learned that there were two guys trying to get off the field not one but two guys. And you wonder why is the eleventh guy why would he be leaving you'd think that has to be the twelfth guy coming off the field. -- and and again is no way to know that. The though us yet those assumptions that's right -- -- -- area 52 yard field goal so we have been doing since high school years were you surprised. That that he even attempted it and -- try to considering the field position that we would've been great field position had he missed it. Well it's fourth and six. You know you gotta tie game I think. I tickets in trying to that there was -- believe it or not there there actually was a little win. That that help that -- it was you know and that's the end we defended to start the game so there was a little bit helping when there. So you know in a ball off well -- yeah I usual you know and he made those in warm ups too you know he he made it from the 35 in warm -- so. I was surprised that they try to you know -- I was hoping that we have a chance to block it but. What was called a guy jumped over the sir Thomas known lined up at a particular area that Atlanta premise on what he wasn't but then when he he moved into it those calls mister. I'll drugs and is it definitely is my friend who -- senators trying to masters -- about it and here's how little in their system was arguably offers acted as right you'll have to bring different that I or why -- go to -- with none of us have noticed is brittle book which is get a cup via the rule we're talking about coach -- -- -- -- -- smokers in the first six in the second half. Was that a result of the game plan or what have you apples to. Well Indianapolis rolled pretty heavily -- and and that actually open up some of the things force like for example. The double seam pass that. Oh we threw -- there and what was the third quarter. So that they they were certainly conscious of of taken that you know -- -- a vertical routes away from -- we and a comeback and -- animals things have really opened up. Some opportunities force in the running game than in the you know to other receivers so you know really wasn't a problem. -- on the wooden have a problem moving the ball the problems. Hitler won a five in the red area and they were two for two in the red area and and you know in the and that's that along a couple of things -- penalties all you know certainly in the opinion. You know couple key plays that were the difference is that I figured they did that you expect when Buffalo ball was back in the record books in his. Where he -- policy changes in the waved the Vietnam not let me today. -- and into the role of Randy wood and -- and that's no surprise we've seen that and every game one all year you know at the fences that were so heavily. Set toward him but. You know you know it's it's a one of those games were. In all honesty we did pretty much everything that we wanted to do we we were balanced offensively we moved the ball in moments that for. Long drives. And more minutes of possession you know wins so in defensively we. We took care of the running game we we get the quarterback. We didn't give up you know along -- passes. And but in the end you know we've we weren't able to get enough third down stops defensively. Clued in a red area. We think and any stops in the red area defensively. And we were one for four offensively in the red area and and in a penalty and you know we we had a chance really perfect punt return younger. It's kind of one block short there then and in and we gave up -- that -- one kickoff return we would like to have but. You know we we really did a lot of things we want to -- the next game and we just weren't able quite. -- enough plays at the -- -- was wide open that was the you know we can become all point you know 45 plays or calls that are you know. One that decision or -- you know that we all like to have back but it we you know we played the game about the way we want to play it -- and it's just. In and try to respond -- in 1990% of what things we want to do right and then there was 10% that we're just. If we could just made one or two more play somewhere along the line there would've. Changed in. What is he what is official league rule on offensive. It plays by receivers. Because I lost art and yesterday after watching the first quarter with an apples and whatever of the play. -- was. Almost designed to in in a perfect scenario it and it those who were pretty well. I would say everyone. Yeah everyone they. You know the Colts so were were try and in arm and for -- and the fences they're they're pretty much trying to pick on every play and their ridiculous is the receivers or the backs or the tight ends or some combination and so off in the called -- That's -- you know Rosario just. You know it's just the question of whether there's what the officials the size intentional contact or whether it's his guys run and then you know people open and each other and so that's. -- certainly we got to defend against that. As people do against us you know that we we -- plays organized after across closely it with each other and and try to create traffic problem. For the -- and so. You know us this certainly you know one of the things that you have to you have to defend against and you know at times. It wasn't a problem and then there are other times where we. You know need to get on different levels to -- get through traffic. -- the young Baton Rouge -- Elvis Presley grew up. But I wouldn't be -- and none of those right. He's he's usually holds true well and has virus disease he looked like when you watch it cities and making good decisions right when he gets the ball. At the center of sisco back he's strong -- good real good position on his jacket patients to -- doesn't. You know run out the back of his linemen or Iran and he's he's got good patience were accurately. See the holes and and Immelman time develop it off on some one chance to get on the blocks and entrance an awful president. It was a good balance of power and and use is going to go to lower body strength is or Pat Riley can. Double let's move -- to the next week and over the next few weeks of the season divisional foes to avoid sure throwing error and this game coming up against Buffalo a well balanced game if you like this at all. Three phases of the game that always been a terrific special teams very convenient last year let's start with a defense does that made some changes defensively. That's different people and there are they doing things differently. The president of personnel you know I think. Bring a little more pressure than they have in the past and that's started in the Seattle came on opening day. They they like the blitz -- linebackers in the last year of their -- is own team and and just pressured you know occasionally now. It's they like to bring it they'll select from up there and drop out of you know try to get the offense audible or or commit to a certain protection. And then they'd drop and Campbell plays -- so they they use some different combinations on the fence these couple different nickel packages where these three safeties and and the use some time deep Bentsen and they they mix their linebackers. In there and pass -- as well so. -- little a little bit of a progressive. Change from what they did last year like Indy Tuesday -- don't know it'll keep you from doing here. You'll substitution factor figure doing that with a team like Buffalo with the two so often. Well we did -- it is against them last year yet but the thing you know thank the yet they then -- models it's fine -- in the you know the issues are. You know you're locked in the one personnel group than if that's when you want to lock them into it and you know great if you want to use multiple personnel groups like. We did against Indianapolis yesterday with two tight ends or receivers -- -- and then. Different combinations than that you know the announcement that no -- and there were smaller. He's been -- penetrate Limon field and blow the -- gaps if you had -- Buffalo Buffalo. Orchestra announcements don't know enough about the outside struggle for -- of the if -- -- interns are still you know Danny and and Kelsey and and -- Bullard they're they're bigger than than the Indianapolis Annan's although. You know -- try to substitute. You know little it and and you know use. There you some of the guys for Matheson in Freeney but. You know Buffalo's got a good front. They really do have a good front and their their powerful and they rotate animal through their you know and and and they're very active linebackers are fast. Los -- and -- them pretty much longer he's not a very productive player would NL Wilson ball and and and can from the Giants Mitchell but the media that they've been very active of course win or come down -- an affront. And and he's you know very productive -- two or course god over Simpson whoever happens they they use all three of those safeties. That your -- status as the this week -- better here -- -- but you guys but ice indicate it but so they drop the safeties down get them in the front it's of their you know their their reproductive that there are. You know their very active defense in the corners are good with -- and and a career and proceed drafted -- And so there you know they play more man coverage than Johnson Colts. Me ask you more question before we get to the you know real course of the coaches product. Pretty brown -- really big apartment they. Without especially Fred victim of a zone an -- -- -- I'm Matt Cassel the progression over the last couple weeks is that. Is it just not sure in what we're watching hours and actually happening where he just seems to have more confidence more swagger. Are you able to do more things right now. And I know of talked about this before that you didn't change much up with him but you're able to do a little bit more with him right now and that he just seems to be so much more confident. And running down offense right now -- -- more accomplished in the pocket sliding. Finding himself in space. When -- Mets improved every every game think he's improved every day in practice you know Matt works hard he he has good -- he's smart. Got a good army's athletic and and he works hard in any. Really pays attention to a lot of little things and and he's always working to get better and so therefore with. A lot of practices and misses eight games now and it all that time and film study and preparation and so forth that it it should get better nest he's gotten better every on a weekly basis rely on a daily basis. So I would say it's work we're doing a lot more. But just offensively we're trying to you know improve our overall execution and and I think that that's certainly improved over the Donaldson the last four in relative to the the first four and you know we still go to way to go but I think Matt's done a good job and and he's continue to do their job force and you know we we all have a lot of confidence in him and and not just. Is throwing ability but his decision making his ability -- -- call plays audible run the team -- and do all those kind of things and and of course the more he doesn't and then. The more familiar and more comfortable he'll get with some of the looks and in some indication procedures were questions this is how much of the playbook do you give them. Well again that that changes every week Fred there's no set amount we decide. What we want to do this week against Buffalo based on what our personal what are our options -- what we think they're going to do when we come -- with a game plan and then. This week it was against Andy and so was the same thing so it's not. How many plays. You know in the playbook that we do it's how we want to attack this team and what's the what's the best way to win -- referring to how much would be different premium. Commonly during the month Somalia and we got us and it's a set from from day one really not not too much if if we think this is the way to play. Buffalo and this is the way we want to try to plan and we think that this is the way to place San Francisco than. This is the way you on what try to mean in ago so -- quarterback -- some men feel like. Whether it's it's Cassel Brady or. Kevin or or -- that that those guys can at all. Understanding offense they can get us into the right plays when that comes out they controllable. And and they can they can make the throws opinion -- I think that we would run the offense with them. You know regardless as opposed to you know some of the quarterbacks that we've like. Davey and Flutie. Where we have done things for them because they've their skills -- a little bit different than palms and and they were little more comfortable doing different things you know like Flutie you know pocket a little bit more and you know -- on the ball -- down on the field and you know less. Like crossing patterns and things like that so. -- the same relative to those quarterbacks. Cassel -- you know it was a lot. A lot more similar in the in the game planning in the structured offense to Tom took us won't be joining drop -- in the. Well obviously going to who -- that so it is what it is. I'd it is what it is it's time for a clean energy action dot net -- loosen up -- coaches question the -- one the comes from -- Callahan jealous gives a kid growing up. Who's your favorite football player to watch radio through its rules and NY. A short. I think my probably three favorites were Johnny unitas Raymond berry and and Allen Amaechi. You know Colts -- -- there that are championship years in crucial as the coach well -- -- -- -- coach in the shall we can coach and so. There was a lot of fun follicles they were you're an apples at the -- and analysts and the guys and I was they'll they were they weren't going to unite this worked at the moment this football camp one year and as that's an article players' talents and -- it's guys like that so. You know there were good guys and good team they're fun to watch and initial was bounces for coaching job when he took over and whatever was sixty. Two or three camera but anyhow and so he was very. You know interest and you know watched him coach and and and my didn't shall referenced it is so. You know want to watch them practice and stuff like that but I would say unitas. -- and Amaechi Woody's just got taken notes and those that was part of the fun. Watch and you know the the the TV shows called crown on the Colts. And part of the show was always an actual break in down to replace the last game. All of those. So you know we've we've got there of about so used to watch the show faithfully this was it. You know with its own wants a weak and right and we watched him -- watch the the Colts in particular. You know it's like you would like lunch break it down the you know posters. Like him are really pretty pretty much -- -- -- representatives because I don't wore socks. Until the so well so both professional and of itself there symbolically when we breakdown that stuff on arsenal it is a little I don't know just try to figure out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At WEI dot counts football count as they give -- questions -- and you'll automatically a win a 100 dollar gift card to the altered obvious -- Patriot place coach's questions -- all season long. By the -- dot -- when you log on to -- -- dot org you'll find that a strong wind into a lot more than pushed that winning field goal through the up rights to put your energy costs. And alternatives at between. Dot org today that senior coach you know see you next Monday -- sounds good wake is unlikely Hezbollah runs the thank you.