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Oct 24, 2008|

The NFL Network's Adam Schefter joins D and C for his weekly chat

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Different from the NFL network Adams after the morning dad how's it -- good morning gentlemen how are we getting obviously the baby. Up a little bit but not a whole lot of I'm going to have done that that's okay -- -- he never slept. I don't have much -- right that's correct then you know listen it is what it is and she's she's great. To work and then just trying to juggle everything together. They obviously it's a huge story hear every newspaper every blog or website every morning talk about the details of Brady's first operation in the second procedure of the third the fourth what it means now what it means going forward. Is it is big nationally in the NFL network Adam. Well let exists that yet to beat Georgia Tech got the biggest clearly the most popular players anytime you're talking about him it's always a big deal now I just don't judge. Talked to one of the people that note I'm pretty pretty well yesterday and Obama just they -- -- to -- okay he shed. It's it's vicious routine course of action with a -- complication. I don't think he's off track at all he's on pace still to come back next year. So what in the media have to be sober -- their -- doesn't every recovery right now sit down we -- that we move on. The pats not being happy that's a bunch of BS it's very least dirty to me what's an immediate post operation infections are not unusual that -- vicious. Now again. All warm concerns sure. Full blown Def con warning sirens screaming. -- -- could it get to that point we just waiting here we waiting for another shoe to drop. Sure I mean it always could listen and I'm not a doctor and end you're still park concerns being restored like this is where you get people like us talking about -- Medically we don't know what -- -- Yeah exactly that's my point we don't know. And we never will know but. It -- I'm excited everything I don't know what I'm talking up but I like to talk to people who do what they're talking about and the people who do know what you're talking about yesterday. Personal -- Tom didn't seem overly concerned at all. Now I still think in my own mind. Something doesn't sound good here and you don't like quit dishes going right now -- Again it got to the point where we should be scouring the free agent market this winter -- -- the Patriots should bring it. Now the Patriots statement aside yesterday that's as we are on board and 100% supportive of obvious choices and this process going forward that set aside. About where you come down on the discussion and it's very hard to to vote against or or not be supportive of any player in the National Football League having the right to pick and choose his own doctor yet. If -- the New England Patriots. Do you understand their -- if indeed that they are a little Ollie about this that he went across the country away from their team of surgeons and their support crew here where they really can't keep an eye on them how -- you come down on on both sides of the that offense. To -- what that's a tough one because you've seen guys who have college team and it is not look at the way they've liked but on the other hand. Team. Particularly the Patriots. They they bring in the best people there are surrounded by the best and they want to make sure that you're doing everything within their powers to make sure that their franchise player. He's back for next year yet you want to go lash out -- once I can't do it what what do you think it'll make. Who we all assumed he'd be back next. Pick next year opening day be the quarterback number twelve will be -- in camp and be there -- now ready to play in September 1 we September. Is that should we change that should we adjust that of that being too optimistic. On the patience of what I heard yesterday know which should not be modified now -- (%expletive) storm -- -- back -- no other questions about it. Yeah do we think he'll be back there on opening -- yes can be sort of -- -- well. I think the answer is -- the doctors don't know yet they have to watch and see how quickly this. Infection gets eradicated like to determine whether they at the redo that the or not or to start his rehab at -- point down the road I mean the question right how quickly that thing gets healed up and goes moving four in a positive manner. No question about limited afraid it scared me I believe was in the Boston Herald story yesterday and it was something that woods reiterated to me later on Independent of that by another person. Who has been through this sacked I think get a player Lecharles Bentley okay Cleveland Browns. No Charles Bentley went out struggle again I don't know the actual. Detailed specifics of this case -- -- it in the -- And he had a staph infections in which by the way is my understanding of what Tom Brady as he got a staph infection. Inspecting the key word of the week here going around at least you could pick up in the Cleveland Bradstreet complex brought. When there's a staph infection that section. The ligaments begin to get compromised and that was afraid that was in the Boston Herald story yesterday now. If you're a Patriots -- you want to be concerned -- This is what would give -- Paulus. That. Somehow this infection is going to compromise. Those ligaments and we kidnapped and make it sextet. Perhaps she's more susceptible to further injury. It makes it more difficult come back up again now -- -- -- -- are talking about very well but I don't like the sound of the eight field being. -- club out of the irony this whole thing seems to be. That the doctor needed to win -- make this other incision that he hadn't planned to make because the MCL had not been given enough time to heal. The irony of the because Tom I guess wanted to accelerate the process get back into rehab and make sure it is back in time for if not the pre season next year certainly opening day. They might have jumped the gun by two or three weeks did not allow the MCL to -- with a -- to win that there to repair the ACL had to do an incision on the -- and that's what's got infected so. That the irony is in. Unmistakable. Well I -- a better question why did you reach out your friend will and get your -- come back on the radio make national headlines all across the country get -- brother Ryan. I mean it on the island democratic. What what do you like to hear from Tom Brady wants. Our best game this belt all the speculation that -- out here. Yet absolutely we were going to have momma -- what Time Warner instead this morning. I would probably no -- -- I understand and George and. Adam espn.com. Says the Patriots are upset quote -- with the situation. Now we know they don't have nearly the sources you do you'd better sources than -- anyone. The US sources confirm that there's a little issue here. I did not get a yesterday. I didn't get that yesterday -- -- if there is or isn't an issue. Work on that for -- would you. It all -- -- but the people and I I didn't get it I don't -- it. It's funny sometimes. Some people here are certain things other people don't know or can't or won't I just I if people export its I didn't. You know why I believe you and I don't think it's because they don't. It's not on the radar screen maybe you know there's medical personnel maybe someone in the front -- disputed Belichick spends a minute. And his coaching staff as they prepare for St. Louis as they try to get Matt Cassel ready for St. Louis in Brady's case -- that there. I think about it that you jacket and I think they've. Read and hear it. But they're not going to take the time and the like so you know say. Like what well and I don't with the next step is for the Patriots in the take legal action nobody is certainly investigator policy and they can get him to come back here let their people look at him. Yeah well let me finish I wouldn't be stunned if there were various people handful of people -- -- -- -- comedy gone out on his own and done that. We'll send your people out there to do that. And number -- Thank you know what -- -- -- That's you don't say that because. They guy is important enough that if he wanted to have back surgery in Zimbabwe I would say in my whole staff there for the next six months to take care of him and look after. I'm observe some guy like Kramer in Seinfeld have some junior -- and sit up there and observe the gallery. That -- Adam is the perception real or imagined that more guys more high profile guys more high profile superstar players. Are going down in the National Football League in at the answer to that is yes. Will there become a point of diminishing return. Where the injuries that it's like a gladiator movie now at this point where every ten minutes they call timeout and scrape the bodies off the turf and in and get off to the sideline. Will the weight of that eventually implode the National Football League. I won't tell you that. Every year every single year there are. Huge injuries. And you are more sensitive to it right now because Tom Brady's out for the year okay trust me right -- latest that you went Beckett looked. Last year. Five years ago ten years ago it would be no different every year it becomes a war of attrition. And every year various teams -- it would. Significant injuries that they must find a way to overcome -- typically teams standing at the end. But the -- -- the least amount of injuries of the Giants last year did -- Shockey Mathias Kiwanuka and they were able to overcome that but. You are your antenna is up there right now because of Brady right I'm telling you right now I had this conversation -- NFL network this summer. It was about -- recent appreciation. And there have been a couple of notable injuries like it was -- Europe. Jason Taylor injuries that. Cropped up -- three weeks and the support. It. Seemed like it more interest that preceded ever -- We're going to have a conversation a month from now during the regular season barking but I'm I'm telling you it's every year I'm telling you it's. No having done the research a look at the number of guys the last your five years ten years ago went on the IR I'd get antsy about an extensive exhaustive -- big in the stats. Yes on that would prove exactly what you're saying in that it's not any different. This year than it was last year. All I can tell you is what I get -- I talked to people time. What the what they have to I think it's not. Scientific research right god empirical evidence I've gone count the numbers all say is having covered the -- 1990. I might entail is always looked injury I'm very much into would -- -- telling his I don't believe in my apart. My gut feeling that if any different this year than any other year. Do you think they should go to eighteen games. Note that that's that's a different story as it. I think that well we're going to have reached situation here to a three year deadline when this GPA -- up where. They're going to be buddy got money NFL and the players association there's a real big fight and if you go to the eighteen games. There's going to be more money involved because it's just two more weeks games and appreciating game right now before games -- like throw waste the equivalent of it even though. Can't get charged regular season prices for the tickets. So somehow. Even though I don't like the idea that from a standpoint of records although they want went fourteen to sixteen. I think that ultimately. Something we'll get there -- where it will not to privacy if we wind up with seventeen or eighteen years. Seventeen relations sense just in the sense that I would -- I'd like the idea personally of it talked about expanding to gain international what do you mandate that. Every team must play one game either in Canada or Europe or China or wherever it is that they decided they want applicable games -- wrote in a brand. And you have one team. Play a game somewhere like that so you have eight home games in away games when international game every year I -- like that idea. And what does that say to you that after six or seven weeks of this NFL season the Patriots the Colts and the Chargers are a combined. Ten and nine we understand the Patriots struggle although the the better best of the three teams look forward to what's -- -- to -- that the three. Upper echelon teams from last year in the National Football League are barely a game over 500. Well. You'd take a look at injuries okay Shawne Merriman. They've Manning have been backed the struggling in the cost of of people like Bob Sanders Tom Brady. To war of attrition and typically those teams have been for the large part healthy in other years and this year not so much and if you look at it. Six -- eight divisions right now are led by teams that failed to win their division last year and if you go back and look over the last twelve years. In the NFL there are at least in which those twelve years five different playoff teams every year so if there are. Twelve playoff teams and after that field basically is different every single year. The last twelve -- we're seeing what we've seen just like we're seeing what we've -- with injuries is just. Repeating itself it's what the league is so great because dishing think coming to a charters the Patriots the Colts that they're so good they're going to win and knowing that. Crowd them has been agreements that it doesn't work like that. They I know what NFL rule Tennessee running back Chris Johnson broke he used a prop with the bongo drum and zone celebration. But the NFL look at this and say before they find in the 10000 dollar for unsportsmanlike conduct. We are we are teetering on the brink of becoming the no fun league that that we are we are stifling creativity and we are just going to be like -- tons are robots out their play in this game. I like when guys do that I like when Chris Johnson was Ricky Ricardo what sort banged around him had a -- at a -- cool but. We've got to like get and they have made a rule and new rule that you cannot use any. Seeing out there that are propped up third touchdown celebration of the creative and imaginative and spontaneous. There are perfectly legal. What if you start introducing props like bongo drums -- -- -- the -- do I like it no but -- -- I don't I don't like the fact that. You know lateral collateral so expect that the actions right they get it. A the St. Louis Rams two game winning streak that just a result of them you know get rid of them that the bad which in Denton. As living and getting energized or they they real they real. Decent team. Like you know when the season started I think you go to the -- is like an -- in the 897. Team that at some talent some potential and what is is that Jim Haslett has instilled in them. This confidence this swagger that was completely lacking. Under Scott Linehan at this team now goes out there with the attitude which had no -- Four and it just goes to show you. How much confidence and momentum play a part in the success in this league in the -- mostly. When you have confidence and you have moment and step leaving it so to me they're dangerous team that you consider the Patriots running back situation mystery. They're totally short end of the possession. Okay LaMont Jordan aggravates the captain Drake. I don't think he's going to play Sammy Morris knee injury I think he's got two to three weeks that look like you can apply so no LaMont. No Sammy so it's Kevin -- it's Benjarvis Green-Ellis. It's questions he now this is where the Patriots excel to make is every time we think. They're short -- they come on and they. Do a great job of coaching at these guys come have a great game plan to guide the -- expecting perform their masters added and it wouldn't surprise if they do it again but. There's no question that get their question a quarterback already and make a question to running back silly silly question he would answer every Sunday. It -- other two losses obviously came on in a shocking -- evidence against the Miami Dolphins and I'm wondering does Baltimore the Ravens shutting down Miami's wildcat offense last week. Mean the wildcat offense is now shut down by every single team that it's fifteen minutes of famous come and gone. I think you'll still has its. Place this season and in future seasons at the right time in the right setting serve like seeing. Does that mean gadget plays because they stop the reverse losses six are going to be used again no at the right time in the right circumstance is the right team at the right. They're going to be used again and again it goes to show that you can't be running the double triple reverse every single game and expected to work eventually teams get -- There's still play tribute to find that and spot for. -- -- -- we -- tell us what the final question of these two things what's more likely to happen first eve of the Lions or the Bengals actually win a game. Or the Tennessee Titans actually lose one what's going to happen first. -- my guess would be that the Titans lose one before those teams when one and that we breakdown those two teams and it sets which team. As the greater chance of making the great walk of shame tort -- yeah. Detroit Dallas Detroit schedule is not simple Detroit is never easy game left. And Cincinnati got two games near where you look at it and say. They can when Beckett Beckett -- Beckett man you know. You remember last year Miami which were listed did the relief enjoy it and when they that they felt when that people W blame it became. So like if that Patriot deal where -- folic and they do it again -- it -- and they lose they lose they lose they lose it decided when yet it's up as defending the picture to her first and now. That they localized are on the brink if they have -- having that happen again I mean he just tracking them every week wait it was lost again. Another loss not a lot and it's going to go all -- opposite Troy in my mind. As far as you can tell does the same thing exist when the Patriots were trying to run the run the yeah on the board last year where every single regular season game for the Patriots opponent. Was their Super Bowl so they got the best of their opponent of wondering at what point when you worthy opponent for either Detroit or Cincinnati. Do you really geared up because you don't want to be the one to actually lose to them for the first time does that put -- a lot of. I don't think we're there yet -- my my mentality -- most games right now and I I think that the teams are playing them the challenge right now is getting up. To play -- your best football and you know you're not going up against with the top teams in the league in you'd think okay it can't happen just this week and that that's when it's. Likely to happen because that's what happened in this league. But I don't think -- that point yet because not enough people have started talk about the lines and angles having these historical seasons. So it's not they're just yet I think we're back to three weeks away from it but it's not far off. Adam -- NFL network thinks the talk appreciate the time and enjoy your weekend have a great were trapped. Adams afterwards Dennis and Callahan.