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Oct 1, 2008|

Our guy from the NFL Network, Adam Schefter, joins us to break down this week in the NFL

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Our three Dennis and Callahan on a Wednesday normally we saved the well informed. And beautifully dressed -- -- of the NFL network for Friday. As we get ready for NFL football that. Adam stepping us on Friday during this little schedule event he has these dusting us off for some little thing he's going to do at home. Maybe want to tell people about it maybe -- we've got to meet him but -- we moved out of up to Wednesday to accommodate his little scheduling conflict on Friday -- out of. Good morning Germany you know it has never got put personal. The full professional like to ever betrayed as well as the that a but I guess for the -- to your first job you do get right. Well okay A operative as a big trade Friday morning they firing hiring we will see adamantly -- like those hospital smock. Your reaction got a memo to the NFL each of the 32 teams or executive -- and it coaches you were to do not think. On Friday without me I don't watch. So what's up with the big event on Friday. Hopeful view of this is number one right over it's a boy or girl. Girls and guys so intrigue is the question attract. Not to be true it's not a retractable. Not a particular contest. -- -- Lay. Actually guy's name. Adam in your estimation as best as you can tell your phone calls your context of the 31 owners think if not say when they see this old goat Al Davis. And bear some himself and his team and his organization like you did yesterday. Our potato and exchanging emails and number of people I stepped established Choi going -- and I would tell you know that you have been absorbed in red sexual that I did then. I was the Red Sox the very best and they're plastered against the Angels but if you get a moment go to NFL dot com and -- out. Al Davis and his press conference I think and it -- dugout it's. In the entire replay of it it's fascinating it is unbelievable to watch he just basically steamrolled. Lane Kiffin as best he could. I think he -- -- everything that you need to know about out -- used shocked. He can be mean he's been did did he used total and he still very very recruited the age of 79. -- it quite a press conference that Roy -- couldn't fit. Yeah I more disagree with you I don't think he's there are all of them and I think. Of the game has passed them by him at that put put the letter up there. -- I'm I grew -- that was embarrassed I was embarrassed for him. Well listen again. It would lose many tapes you -- sitting came away feeling many different thing is that the whole western. It's not a loud that they seldom do you do things like that I I honestly think what you're doing. This it was like a rehearsal for what you have to go through it Roger Goodell wouldn't -- presentation mister Roosevelt won it's not going to totally different. But how does that help him in the organization -- to post that litter on the overhead and drag the dirty laundry out in public and say all the things in callable -- all that's how does that help him. I don't think it does I really don't but I think he was so frustrated and so exasperated by some listings that he felt that -- had -- They felt the need to come there and everything out. To -- I mean he stopped that type of action Jimmy eat -- the -- -- -- on everything you know everything going back to last year. Which Arkansas. When he hit the races on between about it between government -- to get that job by the should be going to into the punched out. -- -- -- I don't know I think. Again speaking to his vindictiveness. I think he was tried to. Hart Lane Kiffin so badly that he would not coach again anytime -- Do you think that's going to be effective. -- -- certainly given next job will be to college level I think for number respect because that's what he wants. But to get to -- Casey NFL he's as you know what I don't need to set -- go back to college and I totally -- -- -- -- -- head coaching -- -- the -- -- -- Divisional level I don't get a good program -- -- -- coach Rick -- my guess. And he'll he'll be much happier I mean all wish him luck did you hear. Off the off camera Al davis' who is this guy Cabell who's this guy. Al Davis and about timetable. I didn't hear that at all that I didn't hear -- against Tom cable there are many people who would never heard of him before yesterday. It didn't make maybe maybe so but an extra little -- timetable. Played offensive line at University of Idaho in the -- Indeed the quarterback -- block for that west. Mid -- University of Idaho. It blocked this guy and I. Scott Linehan. Have a -- Pitched. Creek and and maybe the Rams on laugh at the raise everyone else's. I it's. Let's go back to look at ourselves -- -- lucky number yesterday when I -- become cable about you know once Curtis you know demonstrate timetable going to be in -- Raiders coach and and that you look back. Is he going to be the interim head coach and head coach and I sit back don't you understand. Ever coached in Oakland he's be interim -- Kosher. -- -- down or have you been able to narrow it down was that the Arkansas incident that was the beginning of the -- I don't think that's just started I think that's absolutely what started laying it Elway wanted that job out found out about it. I think that was absolutely the beginning of the end because. Out continually referred to the fact that this is that the guys that I was -- And I think that he still snubbed by that you felt violated. And include that was a job that -- to Lane Kiffin he couldn't get it from that point out we went to the senior bowl -- -- was cooking for. The roots organization did not wearing any Raiders coaching gear at all on the sideline was the only coach to any -- -- -- So any very clear and distinct message. And they begin -- union. You let the other bowl. Problem certainly shouldn't -- nearly took it to -- today. And I didn't take the high road during his press conference but again. This side got a little bit over. Here's -- here's Al Davis on the Patriots and the whole Randy Moss deal. He says. What's his name knew we can run he's a friend of Belichick's now Michael Lombardi Mike's old what's his name Belichick on the idea that he could run they tampered with him. I remember Bob Kraft saying that he had to look him in the -- and all that they went down and worked him out and he could run. He's their team of course with their quarterback. That's got to fight end any except. You know I talked to Robert Kraft of the Patriots without permission -- the -- certainly don't have to make that trade. And they did make that trade and they traded Randy Moss. Eight sports are they named John booed loudly was it to be active for a game against Purdue forty -- -- -- -- -- Typical that's what you address what. As they did last year. I'm wondering if a across the the Brett from the depth in the width of the NFL is the image and the perspective of the New England Patriots has changed. By just two events Tom Brady going down and losing to the Miami Dolphins short version two people look at the Patriots differently now Adam. It doesn't actually give you the second that is -- to the Dolphins but without once again. Do you explode like that I don't think that changes the perception that much I think that. When he was Tom Brady. In only team becomes a good team and there are a lot of good teams NFL and that's just added there weren't many good teams in the league right now. That's brought with Tom Brady certainly seen their favorite. They're not that -- without a break now what you lose the game that date glued to Miami. I think that removed solely at a bit of the aura surrounding and they go and beat the Jets the first to get -- Casanova to -- -- able Patriots same objections to a but it's not. And as I know develop patient that it's not about the same team. And they're not going to be the same team. And they really. When the division they may make depressed and make a deeply depressed and maybe not. These are your -- would probably their. Do win the division they -- going to be in the playoffs and they probably wouldn't go deep into the playoffs and would be lined -- support ship pitched. Those are great unknowns right now so we don't want to change any more without him. And again we always off step and they are no longer an elite team. We'd have a decent quarterback can relate to score back at work. It would have been final eighteen every year every year -- two quarterbacks will be good court every single year. It's no different now. If they -- by the way to get to that spot. They execute I was on that Jeff Garcia -- and I don't worry. About Jon Kitna. Before we are -- important to step up and outlandish. -- -- Brave idea okay yeah Rick dutrow yeah. You mean in that Kitna objected to New England. When did you think Detroit would make that deal than me he's. Probably not that surprised like actually get up the success finished fourth round pick Jon Kitna. Perfect sort of went to this year. I -- it -- weren't. Perfect is a strong words. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that is that is to -- were able below being intrastate match again Detroit's going nowhere they should turn to Drew Stanton. -- like it is not a part of their future they're not going to be where they want to be -- -- -- to the for the Patriots could make the first. It will be sticking out of the box probably is nonsensical. Again I think it was too many stupid ideas in my spare time. The -- does that bother or concern the powers that be in the National Football League. Whether it be ownership general managers or coaches. That the -- of health or lack of health. Has so much impact on your team's ability to compete and be competitive throughout the course of the sixteen game season I IE. And as the latest example. The Pittsburgh Steelers. You know just decimated by injury and and -- Roethlisberger shoulder hanging by a thread they were thought to be and probably still are at this point a good and viable and competitive team to go deep into the playoffs one or injury to that team and they're going to be in the same sinking like -- You know like pursuits these same story every year and the league is always a war of attrition and some of the best teams source -- hope these teams. And -- probably more in tune to it now because of the Tom Brady injury. But it happens every year where teams -- key players now if you like to adjust last year they lost Mathias Kiwanuka. It was a very good defensive player and they had to replace him -- -- another player I'm drawing a blank got right now but another key player in happens every year and again this becomes a war of attrition of Pittsburgh right now at bank that there would go to banged up. Shockey was -- -- that's accurate very good very good so again this is just a part of the league and it's about having depth. And having to escape route good ball players -- at a certain players -- -- -- I'll watch Tom Brady I'll allow that Willie Parker yeah I'll have been rough and it's well he. Your chances of getting way you want just became that much more challenging you must be honest. Who's more if you could pick one team to reach the Super Bowl from the AFC Tennessee Buffalo New England who would you pick. Well I appreciate that because I was having that conversation yesterday so -- somebody yesterday who was the favorite is -- of articulate guy that I think I'd be on the lookout for initially did you actually -- Born on my list. I don't doubt that rest right there. The kid that I would take it would be C. Titans defense. Way is great it is grays is so I'd trust trade -- -- more than I trust Kerry Collins right now. About. Dario. Trent Edwards more than Kerry Collins and I assume more than Matt Cassel. Oh yeah absolutely whether Matt Cassel you don't let that different in tennis he stepped up and these greens they are at their greatest. I just don't have Internet team right now. Like that you have any game situation. That I -- cabinet team to wake I just don't see it and I think that behind. Just different. Behind right. Not just an at large kitchen -- the -- to come back. I don't think so -- I don't know they are great they're great defense very strong team they're talking. You play then you're going to feel the next week you're you're the chick that plays habit. I used to use them as this elite team this favorite just keep that I'd say right now yet that's the best candidates say okay that would. I going to school for his sniff out here at Patriots a stand out in the west coast for the week we don't know where I gentlemanly. It. You know the ultimate bonus saves sisco and stay in -- even though Arizona did the opposite -- aren't in April weakened and in the results were disastrous. Israel like after the sudden -- but it part of us. San Diego all. Particular aspect futuristic hotel de L. A in the Czech Italy territory detergent of other horse -- -- beyond their. Really we need him it's mine and when your era went out I was there. How lucky I addition you know. You all of go to the outside looking WEEI and that about does it you'll be even are named specifically. I have a better idea with the baby arrives on Friday named Burt Jerry GE RR -- -- the house that. You're a bad name into the hopper for consideration right now. Football names in mind is on that and Flozell shift. Yeah. Taking place and education. -- not yeah. They'll just get confused with the the other at a -- -- class in my. My -- put LaDainian. LaDainian not a pretty good -- spell though. So what Q what it comes I don't want they won't -- -- -- -- -- About about Bruschi said after. Bruschi it appeared Billy boy it. Hey you gradually it's at a time best of luck this select your wives and that league taken -- -- take -- yeah. I I would I would like. -- it. -- -- -- needs a couple of days but the yet I outbid an amateur actually which -- very we're very we're going to talk the next week and yeah. Yeah of course it does that. It yeah. I've -- such a notable some big pictures of the bonus we -- you made it got a guy Adams at the kind of that we get locked. Adams after the NFL network and now.