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9-26-08 Peter King, SI

Sep 26, 2008|

Peter joined Dale and Holley for his weekly chat. The guys discussed the Matt Millen firing in Detroit and Troy Brown's retirement.

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Joining us right now Peter King brought to you by -- seat Church and Ference because it's not just the policy. It's the people Peter King. Fresh off base solid thrashing of Red Sox skipper Terry Francona in -- obvious fantasy football challenge. A thrashing so one sided but it looks as though Francona has has blown up his entire roster decimated this team. What are you know well I don't know Woody get. Oddly he's dropped guys added guys I mean he's had more he's add more. Roster moves this week than anybody in the history of our. Yup picked up Steve Slaton drops easily picked up somebody else drop somebody else. Trade you make him great trade proposals -- rather than madness. Want to make the big question is is is is -- handling -- bird -- and. Now now -- I don't think it's DL I don't think it's Francona. It's somebody in the club house who's who's the interim general manager. Eight I don't play you didn't talk about my brilliant move last week that that catapulted needed to win. JT O'Sullivan. JT O'Sullivan basically. And then I -- not exempt who love them now. -- have to -- out. I've played him again this week because McNabb is McNabb I don't way is works. He would work flat right. There any -- is after the game. I mean here. How is that possible. And as a yeah. Customs and how's that possible on that -- It was a physical game I mean both quarterbacks took a beating in that game. Ben Roethlisberger so it took such a beating. That if I -- Mike Tomlin. I'd walking down in the Brazilians office. On Monday morning and saying. Our -- another one like that and I'll take that headset from. I mean what so it's McNabb in the second but I'll tell you what was so ridiculous. About that game. The Pittsburgh Steelers had twenty offensive snaps. In the first in the first half of that game. Six of them will run. And Ben Roethlisberger was sacked six times. Now the Pittsburgh Steelers have been a five foot three quarters of -- of the century. I -- I would bet a lot of money. That that's the first time in Pittsburgh Steelers history that their cornerback was sacked. As much as they -- In one half of football that is not Pittsburgh Steelers football it was. It was a terrible terrible coached game in my opinion by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Let's talk about Matt Millen for just the moment -- -- I guess the surprise wasn't that they fired him you know three weeks into the season the surprise was that he lasted as long as he did given the record that he's got. The only Green -- lasted so long is that. Bill Ford senior. Is just not a guy who is going to listen. Two. The talk shows or read the papers or listen to the Saints. That can be good sometimes. Okay but I think in this case it was very deleterious to be in the best interests of this team. Because after awhile he just became very stubborn about it and even when it was apparent that. That this thing was not working. Built Ford senior just took a year or two too long and you don't understand -- guys. Matt Millen has a son. Who just graduated from West Point. And that's a very good chance that this kid. Is going to be eater and army ranger. Power. Green -- I mean he is the best of the best. And one of the things he learned grown up in in Matt Millen Cal's. Is that you never quit you die before you quit. Which is why Matt Millen was never going to leave unless they fired -- and it had nothing to deal with collecting the money. Internet to do -- he was raised that if you're given a job to do. You do not stop doing that job until somebody until the job is either finished or somebody takes the job await for. Well Peter I get their part what I don't understand. Is that. I I grew up watching Matt Millen tough rugged. Inside linebacker. Take notes -- smart football player from the Penn State tradition. And the guy takes over the Detroit Lions and -- receivers I mean does he not know football that he changed over the year. Why why would -- -- team that image and not go with a team like Jacksonville. Hard running game and -- defects. Well I think that's some to do with the coaches city hired first. You know because TE -- first Marty Morgan leg. You know Holmgren disciple and then Mariucci another -- disciple affiliate with football type guy. And so I think he was trying to draft the team. To fit the likeness of his coaches. I think that was part of it and I think the other part of it is. That Matt first of all it was obviously earlier this mistake it's -- it's indefensible eroded at the time when they take Mike Williams. I wrote in said that this is one of the stupidest draft picks and NFL history. I don't care what happened to Charles Rogers. They I don't care that he had a -- injury if you do not. Have three picks in the top 103 years in -- -- take the St. position every time I don't -- I mean unless toolbar and get killed in a plane crash I had the first -- right. It's just it made no sense whatsoever so having said that what I will tell you is. Both of those years yeah are all three of those years in my opinion with the exception of the Roy Williams here I was looking at the draft classes in the. Think -- could've done and it reminds me. Of the year that he directed Joey Harrington. Matt Miller did not want to -- Joey Harrington they desperately needed a quarterback but he didn't want to grab Joey Harrington he'd desperately tried to make a trade. The morning of the draft I was in Dallas that year and the following is about seventy minutes before the draft. And Jerry Jones picked it up but it's Matt Millen and you got any interest in the pick a year deal whatever you want this ticket I think -- -- while it was quite yet. But he couldn't get anybody to -- In other words guys it's become such a curse to draft in the top ten. That now even if you want to trade the pick most often you don't have a prayer to be able to trade that pick especially if you're like you know one through five. They're still and still nobody wants. -- want phonetic and strict and he's presenting the picks. Yeah outing instead I understand that it's hard to move a top ten pick or top five pick but just don't don't draft Joey Harrington sale going to quarterback in free agency. Yeah I mean they're -- thing we you know that is one of those things that I think Matt felt it would be owners really want a quarterback they want to hold of the few. Future. And he didn't take -- Kenny just didn't problem body was obviously at that point in his opinion the best quarterback in the draft he picked that I mean. If you if you want to go get year about a year and look at the drafts. You know -- that Detroit had to make. I think it's one of those things that was what I was not serious yesterday talking about this -- Randy -- and Bob Papa and one of those incurred target about what. Look at out in this a couple of -- perhaps were the top of the draft. Every -- except maybe two -- three in the top ten. And I had an incredibly undistinguished. NFL career. And and that's that's one of those things right now in my opinion the Syria itself -- there's that definitely would -- but. They -- -- they get it fixed the money that's fate of the guys that the topic -- -- because guys who have high picks now just simply can't trade. As someone who was broadcasting the Patriots games the year of seek -- Lawton Lisa Olson. I came to the realization early on the bad things happen to bad teams. I Scott Linehan the Rams coach bench as quarterback Marc -- this week. He turns to Trent Green. You've got the running back on the team Stephen Jackson in his radio appearance yesterday saying the coach made a wrong decision. That that Bulger so mad that -- Linehan changed his mind back to Bulger Bulger might simply refuse to play. And that the players on the team know that Linehan screw this up. He can't hold that job much longer canning. He's not going to -- I mean their problem right now and St. Louis is the defensive guys. Don't want Al Saunders. You know they kind of Big -- and make head. And nobody in the organization wants you to absolute -- coach of the -- that's why can meet the solution. For this team. It's called big -- and ask him to right -- out of three name yet. He you know -- two million dollar three month white horse to just make it. You know get them through this season so they can sell this franchise which is what they're going to do. This team will be sold by new -- And you know they just need to limped through this season somehow brought. You know I do understand the loyalty to -- -- NFL don't the other day and doing a story -- -- and Jay Cutler sort of they're walks -- Cutler stuff. I -- didn't I read into Ron Jaworski the people who do that edge NFL matchup so we're just talking about things in. And he's eat watch a bunch of altered this year he said he's not the same player. Yeah mechanics are screwed up. He -- you know when you start to get the crap beat out you consistently. You know you start to play a little bit differently. And that's what happened -- now and to mean I think it's a decision how can you argue with the decision the quarterback is played horribly. You have to try to find some way -- game. I don't call -- and it all now. Their -- all the a lot of the things he's done as they head coach this team. He's a captain -- in the making right now but I don't call trying to do anything he could to win a game with Buffalo this week. Hey Peter speaking of getting the crap kicked out you. The Patriots lost to the Dolphins on Sunday ending their 21 game regular season winning streak some people said just a bad game from the Patriots other people said. This is the beginning of something negative this is going to be a bad season where do you stand. I stand more on the side of the people who say it's just a bad game. I was in Ralph Wilson Stadium in 2000. What was it 21 what year was -- he had very. And the lawyer -- game. When there they've got it made him go on because they lack lawyer Malloy. And they -- lose to Buffalo 31 not and then Bledsoe experience and on your grave and all that stuff. And at the end of the day they go out and they end up winning the Super Bowl. It's the trade missed Tom Jackson year police players say they're coach. I mean I guess I think it -- this point. They're going to figure out away. -- they -- to figure out a way to win the Superbowl I doubt it. Are bigger figure out a way to muscle their way into the playoffs and be factored. I think they will. There's too many good players on -- -- what what was the most bizarre thing that I've seen a long time. Is -- lack of adjustment aura. But lack of good tackling. And I've watched all they -- I figure eight plays run out of it the single -- you know the direct -- to. -- Ronnie Brown. And I I can't figure out for the life of me why ain't you can adjust to that. Why you led Justin Smiley come in the hole also hole every time and block a linebacker so he's out of the play don't understand it that's what they're going to do. To me idea I thought that was I thought that was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. Out of a Patriots scheme but do I think that it's the depth now the Patriots absolutely not. Sanders is out when -- out what's termed a high ankle sprain they decided well he's out anyway. Let's get the knee done at the same time he's had arthroscopic knee surgery because they said the sprained takes longer to heal on the knee surgery. Is he going to at any point -- -- a 100% this year anyway. Bob Sanders comedian meanwhile -- risky things when you hand a guy that big contract inning -- -- -- -- Is it five years 36 years 37 million or some of the bunch and guaranteed money up front. One of the risky things when you give a guy like see -- big money. It's that you might be him stringing your cap a long term because he is always going to be an injury risk. You know he entered the league as an injury risk which is why he lasted so long in the draft. So to me. One of those things about Bob Sanders is either guy you can't count on the rest of the year. Whatever you get firm is a bonus he will play. At some point you know maybe November -- one whatever but I just don't think you can count on to beat kind of player he was last year when he was defensive player of the year. It's funny too because if you look at the way the Colts have operated the salary -- you can't argue with how good a franchise they've -- how how good but team they've had. But you've got players like Sanders who's near the top of the pay scale for his position Dwight Freeney near the top Dallas Clark near the top Peyton Manning out the top. -- Reggie Wayne Marvin Harrison at the top. The depth has got to be real concern because they don't have the money to spend on that. Here's the here's everything you need to know about about the salary cap the Indianapolis Colts. Basically. The top eight guys. On their payroll. -- -- -- -- 85 million dollars -- near cap. And the arrest of fifteen on average makes about 900000 dollars. So this is a team built around a star system. Mostly our offense. With the with the idea that. Built podium every year is going to find. -- -- -- -- He's going to find that being collect those you know and in use them for a year or two or three. And then women have to re sign a long term they don't let him go. They've done it over the years they've done it with so many players we've got to -- Mike Peterson went to Jacksonville he's been a good middle linebacker there. They've got -- would David -- he's been a good addition to Tennessee Titans. This -- today that he eats their whole system. Is basically. In -- and we trust. When they find a superstar they're going to pay him they they did it would Dwight Freeney they did it would see -- they -- it -- Robert Mathis and then the guys on offense. And otherwise. They're just going patrol. The free agent market for a -- -- their big guys like the Patriots trying to 2001. Antowain Smith Mike Vrabel. And then what you're going to do is they're just gonna trust -- every year they're gonna draft guys and put him in the lineup and they might only be making 340000. But they're going to find guys who play well Tony Dungy system. And you know what it's portrayed that you can't grappled but it these guys get older as they Spirit missile lot of games. He you can see there they are a little bit of trouble right now. The top pass catcher in Patriots history retired yesterday that your best Troy Brown story. I -- I remember. Well I was working at HBO we gave up -- Award at the end of one year I forget it was a year where it was best year to Patriot where. You know he caught a hundred balls that he played -- fence then he'd get -- all you know as one of the one of those deals and I'll never forget. How humble he was even though it was like whatever the Peter King most marketable -- -- order something like that. We gave on this this sort of trophy. And he got it any look at any -- while this is a really cool. We have I think. I think a guy like Troy Brown is used to kind of his whole life. Feeling like Alex Cora. You know feeling just like that you know if we had to we'd get along without you you know -- at the end of the day. You better have a few of those guys on your team every year. To win totally absolutely ridiculously unselfish guys are among tight personality guys. And guys who whatever you ask him to do it not only got to do it well but they're going to do willingly. And provide an example for everybody else as to what a real team -- is. That's the thing over the years you've talked to people about Troy Brown and the first thing out of their houses what do -- I added to me BP enemy of the great unselfish player in this our medical history. There was say up a very poignant moment yesterday at the end of the press conference. Where one of Detroit's two sons who was crying. Said to his father if you -- of the games so much wire you retiring. Troy looked as some in the eyes and he said quote. I would love to keep playing but there comes a time when the man upstairs you can't -- god. He tells -- you're 37. -- supposed to be hurting your hip is -- There -- a bunch at 22 year old staking your place there are very few places for guys 3738. Years old. You just have to move on and Kraft other goals it's a sad day for me to. Daddy still loves football on -- That's unbelievable that's so it's poignant he's the guy who. Everybody who leaves the game. Should read those awards because a lot of guys don't need to game has gracefully and you -- look. I never ever question a player when he wants to keep playing -- he wants to go somewhere else to -- he would play Larry Larry was. I never do that because I'm not in his body I don't know what he feels but. I -- one of the great things we came out of yesterday was that. He had a chance to go play projects this year and didn't want to do it I mean it just so I'm reminded me of wouldn't and his career went Phil Simms could go under the Cleveland Browns and it just didn't feel right -- -- something like that it just close. It just was poignant that it I can play. In one place and have such reverence for that place that he'd rather retire a Patriot. Then go through another training camp with a win and a routine even if it meant that. He could make 500 or 700000. Dollars more -- just either an admirable guy. Peter thanks for the time we'll talk to next week. Okay Peter enjoy the playoffs too. At only have baseball playoffs ago -- hopes up Peter King brought -- back -- seat Church insurance because it's not just the policy it's the people.