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Sep 22, 2008|

Bill Belichick joins The Big Show on Patriots Monday to discuss the loss to the Miami Dolphins.

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Live down here Gillette Stadium -- time as Patriots money for copy with the coach -- -- the coach for a few by Dunkin' Donuts America runs. On Duncan or Bill Belichick. It was done this and while I have heard of these -- games like this we have another thought about losing him for sometime now. This. Is great. Now fundamentally different. Michael Taylor with whom -- with a movies today. Well -- you know we. Looked at everything. Try to get a corrected and or move on so girl. Number things that week. Read it worked worked Long Island and talk about that. The offensively nine plays at 250 yards knows a lot of -- plays. -- Offensively we missed opportunities missed -- there isn't there. Those Olympic. Games. Mystics. -- the Andruzzi was running real area code 21. Obviously it's not. Post column was well covered them for company. -- a couple of good. Couple times patterns were there covered -- that -- locally gotten. -- -- You know we could we could certainly coach it better and couple times does that does did you responsibilities. And -- problems Mosul and everything some bad coaching in this plan could them better. That walk in fundamentals. This all way around it is a better job related but it isn't. It should we don't -- the coaching aspect of it. Obviously that was a new formations that they -- win there after the Arizona had seen them on film before. Well we've we hadn't seen that exact formations. For example worked on last week in its Jets one used dale Washington. To do that last year. As he reversed. So. It hasn't. Grant and there's but the -- in some games in it's new it's ankle. And that's that's football -- with a better job adjustment it and and make insurance the players are prepared for. Whatever situations come up and we stand. In that are quicker it is pitchers. I think there's there's a plan to go round -- the bottom line as there is. So -- this week. Of the bye week moral to correct what happened this past week or you're are you looking towards what's going on next week -- -- two weeks. It's a post do you think it was certainly one instance of time on. Probably had the first three games bigger -- -- -- Angels -- good chance they'll they'll come up again. But also need to move on and and start you know look at what worse in athlete in. And sites of what comics on the corners -- retirement through that quick note to welcome the corner right on top. -- a chance of those who recorded quite like that if pumping go to commit themselves already. There were anticipating that play in the and fifth in the -- there's not anticipating. The fake off you know just you have Franklin going on the field but that obviously -- there would be -- Beckham after -- well yet here we had a couple times that we were actually on the -- fence Fred and then. A little bit like last week. Where -- you get pressure and -- -- -- hit the ball often. And so it was one of those deals where we just couldn't. -- work out so that we could we could do that. We had that we couldn't we couldn't get it to him. Other times maybe we should had at least we didn't so a little bit with some miles called wood and a good time but. In -- to go deepen and that it is this kind of hit the wrong way force it looked like Thomas is wide open on one of those it was don't feel there's no ordinary but he I don't -- armistice. Do you a -- time without distance him. Well gets impression of them pulled the ball down and and you know then ran that was that was -- -- strip on so. But that that's an example the -- was -- a couple of times. We for the that we -- to spread the Leo Lleyton for an apartment in the first quarter but. Is that blown linebacker Carter's that second world put forth to come open and help louder. Nobody was around. Yeah 1 time on the third down play we just we just missed the coverage. And we knew we weren't all plants -- thing couple. One goes one on one coverage goes plan differently yeah we get mixed up there and and and then on the the fakes slip screen. -- got overplay its a -- you know club position on. And he's opened back inside on -- That was you know another kind of you know gadget deceptive play news -- line week. Inflated to as close as any to it and that's obviously he says here. Official Ewing team defensively and that was not a little warmer unfamiliar. Well it got a lot more coverage on on on Austin at the coverage on Moss and the image down in the -- blissfully. Against their zone against its -- and all over it pretty interest or Thursday they played Randy. You know with much much more depth than than that plate in there's. So was boo boos could -- was involved in the early. Early on the game was all of the involved in short the short passing game was that by a desire by reaction which were saying. Well when he's on one of those routes up and then then that becomes part of the quarterback's read because. You know he's on -- route against against steeper mentors but there were times when I say they roll up to Ohman and and plays cover two and which is something they hadn't done a lot of although we anticipate that every week Newsweek -- you know we've seen plenty of it but. That in blitz that was that puts two or three times in the old game but there was a there was lot of coverage over to operate. Coach always talk about gimmick -- refusal monologues sometimes -- you know people that familiar with him the ball. Anabolic with. With brown. We'll play like that comes -- his -- who plays same fundamentals and -- of those things that shouldn't be that much to repeal. Well right it. It's certain but it. They they executed the plays well they weren't a little better as a better job on that we did they. So -- Newman and Crayton and we just. We've got to the got to coach it better we don't play that actually -- it wouldn't put not to much gimmick so much about playing the fundamentals correctly. Well at the can be you know combination of both. There were -- one time we were really out leverage on one play. The -- the Williams. And there are times story can I had enough people there or you know missed the tackle or we didn't. We didn't fit correctly on the on the run and play. And -- that was because of them below gore. In just a mistake I'm not sure -- his combination vote. If you appeared to choice and that is what is the schedule where -- choice would you rather play the three didn't destroy a -- inches from right away or is it worth to you have to wait around them by -- Well it affect -- certainly. -- things that we can work on and I think that that'll that'll do us good. So to spend some time gone back over. You know any problems we had the first three games or or working on -- than that we just -- little more time on. Like the greater offense like they're down the fence. Things like that or and you know to just little more time to San Francisco. Which is team that we have played while we don't know very well so I think -- the times an official force. In a number areas and will try to just make the most of it. It was their minute changer and emphasis put on the quarterback in the grasp it seems to me that. That was very very quick yesterday and yet I'm seeing that around the league right now there seems to be an emphasis on protecting the quarterback. And whistling a lot quicker obviously remember the Super Bowl last year. They -- let it go for a while I went what happens what happened was there thankfully it. Is there going to change or an emphasis on we gotta protect quarterback more -- and a little it was a workers anybody told you that. Well no we've gone through that rule. The says there has any change in the rule and that that a change in emphasis that span between. -- issue officials officiating department. Between. Not not all clubs but actually they don't -- in the -- but who's in the grass -- nose wouldn't stop toward motion that's from the rooftop pool and so. Well all of those with the way the rule. The interpretation of the rules I understand it is. It's not so much in the grass the that is when the official feels that there's another guy common man. And then the quarterbacks and the council's position -- -- an -- Pretty much free shop net that's I think the situation where they really want -- dispute in progress by itself. Like for example the play last week in with it the Jets. Where Thomas. Far in the grass former. 23 seconds whatever was. Wasn't related in the grass. Situation because there was nobody else there wasn't some meals coming in. The clinch now so. We've nor that's my understanding the rule you know it goes goes on around six times. And they would never call and progress so it's it's once the official -- that is common. Sure what you know what they saw yesterday. In any case that's true there was some room -- This looked like he thought he was going down. I can't I don't that they would grow -- appropriately and you've been. You better games before where where things have just snowballed Britain and it is simply nothing you can do to stop it. What does it take in that situation to. To turn the tide specifically our office we were defensible. Well I think offensively. Yesterday Steve we really. -- we missed couple opportunities in the red area and and you know -- the one turnover on the screen pass and but. You know we had good field position we moved the ball council's fifteen Tony. It which certainly -- like -- had more points but I didn't feel like the game was get away from us on offense right and we played very competitively in the kicking game. Defensively had we've been able to. You know make a couple stops anywhere along the line in you know holds a couple field goals or. Get a turn over somethin' you know said that the -- -- point 16 point 86. You know than than half that. Then you know it's one score game or maybe it's two score game -- kickoff return and you know it's it's a different deals I think the big thing is you know defensively we. Only give up some big plays we gave up touchdowns and and you know when they get 35 points in the third quarter that's that's not good position it was meant and what what does it take turnaround and and we need to stop on. And offensively we. Need to take advantage of our you know over trips into the red area close the goal line or. Alternatively you know cope with the big play something the covers 4050 yards and and you know. And that kind of opportunities platoon partners so I didn't have any of those -- Do you find yourself as a coach maybe. Reaching in trying to make something happen with the play calling with a do you -- maybe on defense do you find yourself in that situation -- we've got to find -- way. So make pissed off one way or the other. Right -- -- -- you know my philosophy defensively is always been those kind of situations Steve does does -- go back the plant something that you know how to play and went well. I think that sometimes is that Tennessee. As a coach to. The kind of grab for call and hope to stop of a team with a certain call. And then there's also sometimes tendency by the players to. Guess that the play and and try to stop the play by just planned that one play and and fans be anything else than. You know it's bad play or some bad calls so. They were you know for the most -- better off just plan that the fence that we know how to play and and plan well. A coach who talked earlier. Not only a few plays that was you know -- games to a three plays it kills some games five or 69. Plays that was how much. It was a 250 to fifty in nine plays you know 112. Missed tackle one mr. Simon and his stuff one of those but. If that's how a ball becomes competitive game we take for those plays -- -- that so -- closer convict. Iowa I -- I -- defensively their number plays that we. You know -- pretty well and and Pennington made couple good throws on the sideline were werder. You know real close to the coverage but we couldn't quite make the play but you know where their. But it mean the nine the big plays they count to -- I'm down not -- anyway from. Miami they made those plays that we didn't so they they certainly count but there there -- -- you know decent number of plays that. I thought we we did a pretty good job on. But the ones that we didn't make you know -- so. It's you know when they scored thirty points. -- those those plays so override. The ones that -- that or competitive the pizzas. You can't went -- project long. It's pretty good he sees a group Wheeler who just put this game because they were up -- -- have the past they can run more which is more chances to trio. Well I mean I think that's probably true for any rookie tackle but I think Jake Long as good as -- tackle from his first game against Gaines Adams against Tampa. All the way through -- Yeah he's given up -- pressures here and there but overall I think he's blocked well has done a good job. And Andy's you know one of the better left tackles that that will face I think he's. Different but similar to Joe Thomas we saw him as a rookie Cleveland you know that kind of quality of players that run blockers physical. Certainly hold its own out there he's going to get better. And you know and he's a big man he says he's smart guy to get around he's good technique player he he doesn't have. I'll say this he he gets beat like every offensive lineman does but he doesn't have a lot of bad plays. He's got you know old couple that Annika belittle the that are. There aren't very many bad ones. Maybe -- maybe different yesterday but I know we've talked about a real -- a bigger factor was that Laurence Maroney didn't hear the -- when that game. Well we're we love to have Laurence Arnold noted that he live. And who would change that outcome of the Ronnie Brown runs or. Or help -- -- but just another dimension on offense that you know there well there wasn't there no there have there wasn't but that's. Again that's football in the unfortunately. Are -- any team has all the players every week and so but I thought our backs ran hard and and -- That that was you know they problem. But Sammy had a good run Moran -- you know Kevin was Kevin. You know he's in his role in -- was was solid so. We just we just have to make some we get down and scored areas in scoring zone we got Californians don't. I'm more than we've been -- we got to play better defense against -- that -- defense on third down. And block and tackle and -- connection. That's what it could Dolan and Charlie. Definitely Charlie gasoline on his. On the TV CBS TV yesterday it was brought out the video and they were showing plays which. And -- opinion Randy Moss was taking plays off. It was a play that we were talking about earlier here today early in the third quarter. But the ball was thrown to Moss and he seemed to have his hands down by his side I don't know if he could get make that catcher. But it did give the impression just looking at it is if he did not make that exerted effort. To make guess that -- what went on that and a -- Well we had a area that was a player of one of the plays -- Miami blissfully. How to route just I'm sure for any -- solve all the -- the plate just didn't come -- the way. It should have. The timing in the route and everything and so. I think that that we just did you know we just didn't have a find out the way that it we want to that -- then the ball kind of gone on before really saw what was. We needed -- and was giving up monitor. Randy spend root -- and it's then one of the most consistent players that today here last year practice games. Long route short routes running game. You know you name -- it's been very consistent force -- so you know as far as his play I think he's he's -- a good consistent level. Plays everybody would like to a little bit better of course we all those. Amounts and it is perfect that you can't find a player or players and make a mistake or. Could play it better but he he's -- he's been very consistent player for the. One McAfee ducked down on me think that the post post because -- got behind them. But his crossing the ball came out of last instance -- kind of ducked like. Topic -- get up Lowe's and other one that. It was kind of quick snap play in and yeah I don't I'm not sure that he was. Now I'm not sure that he solved but the thing in the whole way whether. -- thought that was momentum as we did have another guy you know it comes on the items you'll see him duck. Now I don't think you know. Now I -- can't say exactly when he saw. I don't think the plate that was play it didn't really get it timed out executed the way that we like -- and she -- making improvements as far as really views -- -- Pretty well. -- they squad Nolasco from the quality and trying to prevent the short because on like is that the short passes it jumped from real quick. That's -- well it. Were seen some of that at Wright were seen some. You know an aura of the first you know to really have a good efficient passing game you need to be able to do. -- pass protect and then run the routes and attack that defence at all three levels short intermediate and deep. -- so until all those things come in the play then in your passing game trying to going to be as efficient as you want to protection. Short intermediate and deep routes throws Katz's and then execution so. That's it's really a team. It's a team execution. In situations. That plays that are called and it's the team's execution of those plays so there were times where. Protection was good and we got the ball while Oden and completed it and you know a good solid plays at times where. On the protection wasn't as good at times or the the Ralph's and throws and catches were. Quite what they need to be and so you know get all of that done and get done efficiently is an -- worse though. Not quite were one of the others father's influence and then there's other ones that could be. We're a lot of attempts to throw the ball on the field restaurant because the way Miami roots. We're sort of on Narnia camped -- -- a combination of things that that there were -- there are times we had guys down their sometimes we. We weren't able to hang on the ball long enough by the times their coverages deepen and that you want to be thrown it down there when they're they're tenured -- for the New Orleans you really need approval underneath and we need to if you -- those. You know can we get most of those in the first half. And and in the second half in the game gonna handle little bitten. And so the pass rush was better and sometimes -- at times throw at times the you know -- have as much chance that pattern -- you know one past week you know money at a shop on. -- Randy you know -- got -- -- he threw the ball went straight up in the -- so you know it's. There's there's little bit of that do. This team has always been good at being able -- games behind in the rearview mirror even performances where they've blown teams out do you have a good feel. About this team and when a finally play in a football game here Miller wrote almost two weeks now differences. Sure well I feel like we play sentences goes the scale be wild on us. As it should regardless how it turned. We've we need to we you move on move and we can we count one game affect the next. -- learn from the corrections that this man and move on sword and expects. To have -- via. That same thing as players -- got -- -- going to forget the big wins you know to line up against the big losses for a tool it's all -- -- Leaving he would play football doesn't matter -- go from the experience. Right there's no points up there on the board left over from the scandal where others and could this forty when you do what you do for the week now Aaliyah the bye week you against them. Oh global work through Thursday and the players the weekend off. In the week -- week off usually two weeks -- the week you know these guys that -- supposed -- sixteen drove me vacation and one half sacks I mean we threw it it. I don't know we'll all take in -- Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday pretty much like a normal week and then. And then start back up you know month -- month on. I did -- -- the players. After the game yesterday and today -- they wanted more. Then we did mean obviously I don't think you have any debate with that question in the effort -- their own effort -- On you have to. Yet talk to them you have to say that about their effort at all. Well August say the major well we we had some mistakes in the game. At every level you know I maiden. It's the coach's name players and that over thinks it could have been better and -- to be better we only do better job so. Let's say there were a few plays where we didn't. Things didn't about the way you on and do for combination of reasons and and those plays. You know -- big plays in the game and and then as the game got away from us then. You know that that I became one dimensional game we've -- or the or really able to. Panel that offensively and and it defensively. The damage had been done and and so. Reche made mistakes a lot of fans always ask him I'm more curious myself continuously just loads of what you think. A mistake that you made particularly one particular got to show quality throw besides but I never let you know they -- -- -- know what I'm playing because well -- question I get from a lot of fans and friends with that you know occasionally you have said that. There was like there will can you give us an example what he thinks might have been a mistake that he made. Well one -- head coach in team goes out there gets beat 3813. Whatever wasn't. And that's that was scorpion three quarters early in the fourth quarter. It's hard to feel like what did a great job yesterday of his employees all or an execution delay everything you know everything preparation -- to political analyst. You know should we have spent more time on. On. You know some gadget plays who has spent more time on. The gadget formations we we spent time on some things that they didn't do as much. But again that's always going to be a case you know should we give. You know talk more about. You know certain plays or shall we had you know looking back on it -- -- event this the fence and that D fence and because that would that a good thing to have. As it turned out at some of the things that they did. You know we didn't want to waste time on the fences were -- -- think would be able to use those so. Different calls in -- we have. Not been in a -- safety coverage on the you know pass down the middle -- Camera you know we should have been you know so yeah you second guess a lot of that stuff. I don't you talked a lot last week about them Carolina offense in handing him. Is it more difficult early in the season with teams that have gone through coaching changes and a lot of personnel changes early on in the season. Is it more difficult to prepare for them. I think. It any -- classic it's still really gets back down to how well you execute what you're Dillon. I mean anybody can draw a bunch of plays and run triple reverses season. You know nine foot line splits and all that but then can actually go out there and do it and I think the big thing yesterday was. The Miami Dolphins did things out there on the football field you know better than we did some combination of you know better coaching better preparation that are playing. Better blocking better tackling that are throwing in better catching better coverage. They they just did some things in the game better than we did and if they had called different plays and done them just as well it might have been the same result and if we had called different plays and not done -- better -- and we did the ones we called it probably would have been same result so you know you've got to go out there and Phillip Bloch to -- -- supposed to block got to be able to go out there and and defend the guys that your cover and our. You know throw and catch a pass. Inability execute those plays. And that's really what when it comes down to and that's why we've won. A lot of games around here is because the players have gone out there and and done that and yesterday it wasn't our best day and certainly if -- part of that's my responsibility. And I'm sure the players are disappointed in the way that overall that they played yesterday -- so you know that that was a team loss in those know. One thing or one player one call or one locker one missed tackle. Me Regis. We got beat by a better football team yesterday and that's from top -- off. I strive for our clean energy action dot net coaches question of the week this question is from Jeff brown Foxboro coach Jeff -- Every year brings new. Or changes in rules in the NFL over the past ten years what do you feel was the most significant rule change. In terms of how we -- as well. Both -- curve ball right there at the end -- the most significant rule I was says instant replay. And how the game is played well. I guess I would say that I think the one rule that really affects the game. Is the two point conversion and it changes the strategy. Not just the Denver San Diego play with -- go for two to win the game but. You know all along away went you know went to go for too. You know in the fourth quarter sometimes teams go for earlier in the game and you know -- is that they go for too -- not some so I think there's a lot of strategy there that. Wasn't there when -- kicked the extra point -- contract. Well data both ways it's that it adds that adds a dimension to the game that you didn't have before whether that's. And I think it's exciting it's good for the fans that probably you know fact that the sixteen point. Game is potentially two score game and send it has to be at three smaller game and this you know keeps in and a more competitive balance on the stove. Make those he's so good score get the two point conversion but at least has the potential for and that's. So you know I think that's that that's changed the game in terms of strategy which then changes -- in terms song plays that you you run in certain situations. I'd every Patriot money this year we talked with a curriculums the chance to see that your question. At WEEI. Got counts football page -- your question shows and you automatically -- -- -- -- the older -- obvious -- your Patriot place. The coaches question is power -- season season more like clean energy action done that. Catalogue on the clean energy actions that you that he strong win. And -- lot more than -- them when he field goals through the upright and going to move you specialty rod that he kicking -- was great threw great field position yes that was the want what is cumulative positive. Repetitive it feels that extra that your what's the coached at the Internet who put. Sort of over the outfield Osama -- -- we did ignited by -- visit -- I was stupid question that. Those who I have an effort to Owens that of the -- superstar want to definitely definitely and it's like my you -- that they certainly -- here -- -- always -- for two. I -- coach we'll see you back here row Monday animal so look at boards and what the efforts of our accents we look I've the United veteran team and it.