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Football Forecast Week 3

Sep 20, 2008|

The guys are off to a hot start and it's only Week 3! Tune in because the game lines continue to get tougher!

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It's. Two weeks of football Tommy -- and -- and jay part of 92 and one of the combined record of seventeen -- one are you kidding. You better get on board now -- football for. Welcome everybody a week three a week three -- exciting football forecast I'm -- bodies on the ice and Tommy is Jason pocket and Tom -- Miami and Tom what a week we've had last week but. Combined total of 93 and 282. Unbelievable energy into after my first week I was three into an -- that she put on a week. You probation because I had did not when my pick of the week but guess what I told you had to win two out of three politics and you bested them -- -- I want all three so very very happy about that it's a pretty much. You know the big teams. And now USC -- came through ridiculous I don't care Volek at wrote on the website. I don't think that it -- was they had Maurice close rat backed or any running back in the history of Ohio State that would lost that game -- -- And it bad. Adrian Peterson LaDainian Tomlinson. And and now you're getting -- -- you know he football squad I love that I read this get to this week's -- Okay -- I'll get a start in normally we -- with Duke but right away and I started in over well this and I gotta go with 'cause the -- this week of course it was taken from where Tom that -- decide depending on the day record today we get Wednesday edition of the Boston Herald and I noticed that every favor on the board except for one. Is home and you mentioned that earlier and I know union numbers distaste got to stand out to you. Not every every favorite except Dallas and we'll get that game later of course every every for every home team except Dallas -- favorite. And I think -- put a little too much stock in that I did the numbers and it did the favorites the home teams aren't winning they got a winning record but not much. It's pretty even so if you look at bad. You think this -- go even down the line a bunch -- team's going to win this week. Sought to start right away I'm going to go stuff favorite home team and that is the Washington Redskins minus three versus Arizona I just you know I'd say truth. You know I watched this game I think that the Redskins have a very talented squad especially on the D -- to get. You know two interceptions from Chris -- hill a rookie from US UCLA has a group. So they know I mean we're talking about a team that apologize that -- -- are aren't that bad joke now we do we can allowed just a few -- or -- be productive RB who aren't we a couple of bad jokes so Chris Horton again last week's hero and -- Jason Taylor starting get a little bit more healthy he's you know playing better we get. Laron Landry who's not a great player and he's still hasn't really stepped out yet and you got your -- boy London Fletcher on loved him for years and he's always in St. Louis and -- and he's always leading every team he plays -- -- tackle so. We get a very good defensive team and I Arizona is positive test for good defensive teams UC worker Warner's the one in the desert the averaging a month it's 47 points a game Arizona Kurt Warner's you know he just looks like his old self again but their running attack Dolan and -- -- and it and the -- -- -- -- -- -- there. I mean look Arizona's final at the high powered offense that -- to put together and this will be kind of the tester yeah. I mean how -- of Washington's defense I just don't think that Arizona is going to be. -- -- Jason Campbell -- better especially to Santana -- you know he got Chris -- by the way did you happen to see those pictures and now I I I tried not to -- I heard about the my -- -- away from the island OK if anybody knows and really -- this Amare -- pictures Chris -- on that gets into school but I didn't exactly the game -- I would be inclined with the proverbial gun in my head to disagree on this -- okay well a lot on taking the Redskins I think it's gotta be about a 1014. Point -- Arizona -- is going to. Going to fumble the ball give up the ball a lot and I think overall the Washington Redskins need this game to stay alive and that tough NFC east Redskins finest. I like it. -- I'll start my first pick. I'm going back to the well that I went through week one couldn't go to Rome last because there are playing and Baltimore minus two against Cleveland to -- and it's at home both more than home. Cleveland. With a week off by the -- had a week off impromptu week off but still a week off. Com Cleveland hasn't shown any propensity for offense that Syria. I mean there really haven't shown they can score and you saw they only got six points in the -- Baltimore's -- gamut of each all the most of the defensive if Cleveland can't score against. Pittsburgh and they can't score against Dallas -- are going to score of Baltimore. Well it's to need this is like your guy you know feelings on the Redskins Arizona game. And stay away from this 'cause I need to see a little bit more to the Ravens and you know a grant to Cleveland. Everybody saw was you know all potential playoff team. They've really didn't show it in the first few weeks out. Tom I'm going to go in and you know -- it look at this one and and hopefully you went some other Archie Marshall in the first two weeks -- -- gather information like your strategy but I'm going out there and thrown -- with one in the wind. And Baltimore all right sounds that's our first two weeks. -- first he picks of the week we got that is okay you got this is where Vegas starts the comeback they've realized teams. Better than we do right now so as you look at all these old favorites my second pick of the week I'm going to go at the underdog Detroit lost four. At a very questionable San Francisco team you know what I looked at this game heavily myself I decided -- against as I decided to stay away from this game. But if I were going one direction -- go in the same direction as you I love Detroit in this game I think that go up top and get some points in the air against San Francisco. On -- Iowa Iowa the pick I agree that. I distinctive Detroit -- score more points. -- may have been in San Francisco I really think it's a questionable team overall acting they're quiet they're questionable quarterback JT O'Sullivan nobody even knew he was. Mike Nolan you know I just did not quite sold on him I don't think a lot of people are. -- -- not known for very tough place to to play and in the past few years article it's extra Detroit Lions plus four at San -- I'll like it. Are an -- up from my second pick and I'm going to go to a game you actually mentioned in New -- beautifully. Constructed soliloquy. About the home favorites and not written down not in the out of up the top of the head. I am going to take one of those home favorites right now I love Tennessee and five in Houston out Kelly YOK yeah I mean I know you gotta -- that rushing attack maybe that's why previewed its a given our right. Houston -- line give -- 183. Yards on the ground. And three rushing touchdown for Willie Parker so there a team that looks like we can't stop their run last year they were middle of the league sixteenth. Fourteenth to sixteenth and now rushing defense so the not the not really the rush defense. And you look at a Tennessee team right now is -- a 157. Yards a game and their first two games this year. That's that's just you know match men haven't yet soft defense to run out of and a great rushing attack that's going to equal points and and the other direction. Tennessee's the number two defense in the league right now. Total in -- and don't give up 202 yards again its second best in the league I don't need you know I don't see Houston's going to score on the nobody's and it was on the net. This game opened up its sixth and now -- is at five right right however. I'm -- touchdown game this can easily be you know need to spread can be so I agree Tom Tennessee. They just seem well you don't always well coached so -- with a Vince Young distraction there still are I think I think the Vince Young discretion -- -- -- -- because I think they're better off with Kerry Collins and again. Kerry does better national thrower better arm better decision maker on the team. Right in Jeff Fisher always gets is defects ready to play great coach there kind of every year he's up for coach and I and he should be great coaches that I've heard from people Houston had a week off they equated to a bye week it's not a bye week because they didn't have two weeks to prepare for Tennessee. They didn't know there are going to have Sunday off and they've spent the -- we prepare for Baltimore and then they still they never got that out of their system anti that you thought they don't even have a home team and -- yet -- -- -- have to play -- -- -- -- teams and price universe I don't know where they're practicing and it's not mean even if you have the week off does that help you that much after one week of football as a sort of thing that would help you -- to 789 weeks after one week you don't really -- -- -- -- that badly. I don't think that helps Romanov -- it's -- factor here at the Tennessee covers. Okay time normally we do plays of the week at the very end -- right. However right now and taken a college teams you pick of the week. Right so right now I'm going to move my college game up. My top three and I'm going to move on your busily trying to be an NFL yeah we did this are fantastic so okay every adult I'm talking about another game here that. That is -- -- and that's what we're talking about and I feel very hot in arms. Not until one right now so I want to stick. In the college I love college football and there's a lot of games and are very tough right now this week's a -- shuffle different it looked at the NFL little bit more this week however. My third pick of the week is going to be UCLA Bruins who just got smoked. While you do you why you Cougars. But did tests they are very angry they have a coach whose embarrassing he's probably wouldn't make it run all day and make you don't watch film on taken UCLA Bruins at home. Plus two and a half pursue errors. Well they got the right team at home to take out their frustrations out on if they really want to do it. Arizona's bottom of the barrel and -- Pretty bad conference if you look at what the whole conference did top to bottom last week and state losing the use -- UNLV Washington State on lose and -- and Baylor. It was it was a bad week for the conference and it was no more exemplified in UCLA just getting run over and steamrolled. At BYU so yeah you're right they are going to be pissed. And this is the team can take it out on Arizona's weak team. Mike stoops is that hasn't really turn the program around at all Tennessee volunteers are much better team the Arizona wildcats. -- UCLA Bruins at home. Plus two and a half -- the Arizona while I like it and I like you go to the -- -- pick of the week this week yes that's them switching and up of that -- ever going to win my third pick it's it's got to pick a little bit. I got Philadelphia given three to Pittsburgh at home and Phyllis and I know Ben Roethlisberger has -- Shoulder problem is going to separated so Woody's playing with. But I still think if you put the teams match him -- -- -- teams with good offenses -- -- Philly has the ability for the D player right now with DeSean Jackson if he decides to run all the -- the end nobody -- -- -- -- if if -- if the balls get -- -- and -- but for the last out of that run and I understand if the planes going -- going to -- low weight but I -- but the football would have made that much of a different balance out. You know what I love that the footage that they showed on ESPN right after him doing -- to the end zone and NBC and the senior bowl title or. And he fumbled the ball they got one -- so big play ability and don't want to show on in Philly and Pittsburgh has got a methodical offense have a good running attack and a solid receivers. But if you look at the defenses Pittsburgh's got it all over Philly Philly doesn't have they haven't shown. Much. You see -- Monday night Dave went up 41 to Dallas and Dallas got a powerful offense but still 41 points with 41 points. I think Pittsburgh has a team to go to Philly and to beat them and if you look at what you think about the that you think. I know and it reads better coach than common right now haven't seen that much from -- -- but if you give -- one game. Listen it's in Philly that's mostly a home field advantage there last year Philadelphia. Was. Three and five at home clock that's not good that's really not a no advantage at all. I just think you know more complete team and it's. Are going to go to fill in when it's not really it's tough stretch for me because I think -- bombed. You know Pittsburgh it would definitely go one and half for -- like that but you know it's a good line and I'm glad he's taken him because now I have some major interest in the game. But it would be it's tough place to play at that Garnett Tom Pittsburgh. Plus -- plus three -- are ready get. All right -- -- you -- -- he had Utah but actually this is going to be my last become confident these lines this league now that I don't know -- -- not not you know. Don't feeling as scared or anything -- -- smart -- if you don't like the lines don't force is a -- until analysts right now. You don't each day you don't hedge -- -- little bit more throw some. Throw flattened them out -- boxer units whatever you want to do on some -- -- you know some other games but right now it's just don't feel like I have been to actually go after five NFL lines because. I don't like to see when -- board. It is all home favorites except for one I won't tell anyone I. A five picks so you know I just did you want to give in other ones do and what what you wade sit on that particular week it's I'm excited it's it's our. This is a little bit obvious but who cares. Denver given six and a half to -- swap and that every team that Denver team is as high octane as big a Brandon Marshall back now -- too deep threats. I don't know what they're going to have for running -- this year but you know and figured out it's Denver. What -- -- real simple breakdown in Denver -- forty game nor Owens -- forward and that's more than six and a half. I think as though both of us you know it's -- -- you want to wanting -- capsule in the should be they should be but that doesn't that doesn't. Could be its penalty right that does there is the fact that they still put up a lot of points on a decent San Diego team listen. Denver's got the passing -- -- it's not like it was knowledge most is that are running the run first team their pass first team right now the got a quarterback who really looks fantastic coming into his -- The two teams they've played so far. Oakland and San Diego at least on those teams you -- not the last month plan for Oakland and you've got. Cromartie playing for -- San Diego but at least they each got one really good cornerback to stop one of their receivers want to look at New Orleans I see. Jason David and Mike McKenzie. That doesn't doing -- no. Jay color is averaging you know him well aren't. You know 250. Weeks of yardage and he's got you know he's got some really good. You know options formed and as -- -- -- -- -- -- real the secret weapon there is the tight end Tony Scheffler he had two touchdowns last week and he's become a little go to guys -- little possession go to guy much like Jason -- is for Tony Romo. Well -- that thing is that New Orleans. You know they. You know couldn't really get it going too much on offense against the Redskins last week. They were lucky because Reggie Bush runs out up our return for a touchdown. And -- -- -- -- and then those big play opportunities. If they're not. On which our first home. You know a lot going on for New Orleans write an article they got Marcus Colston -- the open Devery Henderson maybe turns it on Robert Meachem actually had a touchdown last week which is pretty big have. But yeah writes on Denver is a better team here although they could be one long but the chill and I'll. And their you know only given five and half which means that they can win by two field goals and that's that six and a half and I wrote that'll Darko machine yeah as a plus I have to according to again -- -- the lines of from the Boston Herald I feel better about that now. So plus five I have. For New Orleans he had taken -- I apologize your ticket Denver minus Mahendra. Which again make you win by you not even touched and they went right to view -- -- is absolutely particularly that particular week -- what he did UN first on the -- want to hear your particularly first object here we go and again Tom please explain to everybody why it was on probation last week. He made not not just the bad pick a legendary awful pic and week one he took he took West Virginia given aid to east Carolina in east Carolina I tried to talk a moderate twice off the air and again on the and he wouldn't do it so -- -- such an awful pick I said you can't make a pick of the week you're not -- I'm not telling you steer people in the wrong direction again and -- was -- -- you have to get your confidence back with the people and he took a told me the take three college games last week and if he won two out of the three he'd be back and well. He exceeded all expectations he won all three games and back. Well here's the funny thing that because we get the Wednesday's score and he the Wednesday. Lines. Some people got Kansas last week. Plus -- ended up losing by three obviously not us but I added -- in half -- that I. And you know I also took to use USC who I knew which is going to just take back Timo hurt and I I had the Wisconsin badgers -- Look like the best Big Ten team right now they're going to -- little while now a grown at five Penn -- looked pretty fantastic -- him back competition -- high powered offense that should that Big Ten you know division it's tough because obviously everybody focuses in on Ohio State obviously basically USC got smoked but. You know there's all the teams in that division that could win some ball games okay so -- pick of the week again and normally don't do this but. I'm sticking with the NFL. And I'm going what a very angry a very pissed off and at home San Diego minus seven and a half -- a very questionable in the jet team. I think it's going to be a blah I've seventeen points I don't you know 1417 points because under a series this team this test. -- terror again not a great coach but he didn't his place to work on this one -- they're gonna they're going to. Beat up on Brett. He's going to get the ball over a few times I agree I agree with the pick I think San Diego takes out all their frustrations on the Jets. Did they're going to try to run the ball and if you -- last week you saw what LaMont Jordan and Sammy Morris did by the way LaMont Jordan is our horse. Yet he looked fantastic but you saw the way they're around the ball like that and they're -- to want to do the same thing it's -- -- against the Jets and whatever we want to Monday Night Football. On again this is my natural so remember that we want Denver. At Oakland. -- who forget exactly I don't think that I'm passing in the Jets are Oakland. Digits are going to San Diego they could get smoked bottom line seven and a half tickets San Diego Chargers play like I like. On mine I would love to hear I'm so excited and think about. Brett Favre you get a couple interceptions right out of high scoring game probably lopsided. I just love it actually look at some I like it's him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Minnesota minus three and a half to Carolina. C Minnesota -- is an -- yet -- got Carolina to know Carolina. Then three and a half could reveal ensued though coach ever -- not. 21 Carolina's -- three and a half from Minnesota -- to Minnesota. Minnesota got ran over last week by the Giants. All they have is really rushing game and now switching to quarterback has Tarvaris Jackson's out. And just for does I had but the wall for -- then. And and looked Minnesota's running team that's it if they can't run the ball and that then their kindness group. And and -- for a good game manager who let's say -- a game manager game manager. Part of managing the game is having a good running attack and Carolina is the kind of team. They can neutralize Minnesota's running attack as much as you can neutralize a guy like a Adrian Peterson mean by -- neutralize it mean to hold on -- ninety yards or so. But. That's the success against Adrian Peterson and -- I dusty fits the source kettle on right Carolinas the kind of team deck in that can do that against the I mean Adrian Peterson a little bit all day and it's going to make it very. I forgot wrote operates is saying calendar problem this -- plus for half the kidney absolutely there Leno right. Picture like seventeen to ten type team. And I think Alan's going to win it should be a low scoring game at Carolina -- shouldn't have a problem and the women as once thought take those points again -- so businesslike you know commentary AZ commentary -- these plays of the week and just keep winning and and -- -- they will keep winning. Every week we you know there are -- of these picks in the gonna put him up on W yet dot com HE check out the twisted pair blog and that's -- you fund and Tom. Is always Uga Dixon. Now I look at and it looked like you don't play probably any as he's on the east top today project but there daily policies next week to week -- football forecast.