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07-10-08 Ian Thomsen, SI Hoops Writer

Jul 10, 2008|

Ian talked to Dale and Michael about James Posey and some other NBA Free Agent Signings.

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If you're a Celtics fan. The only issue you have is at the moment. Whether or not they will be able to re signed James Posey and joining us on the line to help us track that and other things from the NBA perspective. From Sports Illustrated and SI dot com is Ian Thompson -- and I don't. A good feel are you I'm doing great thanks I I'm a little worried about how opposing thing is dragging out should I -- A little bit you know. I was worried about it for the Celtics so yesterday. And then I'm talking to another guy in the week in -- you know. If by guaranteeing right now I'm saying all the people who worried about not keeping James Posey it -- he said. The open championship this year is the year that's. He went along -- guys he knows he's that the so they can close -- -- eat you know is being built by somebody else and let them and they won't feel like Posey but -- to a the Celtics serious. Really brand new position. -- like Eastern Conference Spurs where guys like Posey will want to come here and play you're too you know try to win. And that's whispers in the black guys on the way and so maybe that felt this could do the same thing. Lot a couple things for you here in number one. Do you have a sense of what the Celtics have offered Posey -- conflicting reports. I I don't but it does with makes sense Michael that they when one knows Warriors great. You to invest in these stars. For a long time and those guys probable -- be paid a lot of money. When you're too old to two in the wins championships like these these guys. I mean they'll -- did -- in the -- he -- that resembles work which is to win the championship with. We you lose your top three players -- ever happen we -- And so every every year along lie in it makes it harder than Paul again I can be wise it would go to work your Posey. I can also see why in the ambition to win another -- it would you know they've. Well I don't want to overrated -- here but I also don't wanna under rate them last year. When the Celtics picked -- -- James Posey already had a championship ring with the Miami Heat he was the starter on that team for most of the season. He was the guy seen throughout the league who could score who could defend a little bit who had experience so. Who is that guy I don't see anybody out here like that. I agree and they would I agree Michael it was one with and it was even more. We are born born in the Celtics to ship to leave school. What he did word Celtics he. Like shorter more productive -- -- while -- -- the come and cart is in. It's huge these. It hustle plays to smooth it. Yeah -- extended Kevin Garnett on the wars you know Garnett wasn't on the oracle was on or against them in. So I I totally Korean you'd you'd you'd guys on this team. He's never been more importantly. AN 99 the Celtics at the defending NBA champions and everybody's got to worry about that. But if you're Danny Ainge. Are you a lot more concerned today about a Philadelphia seventy sixers team. Built around Andre Miller you know Andre Iguodala and now Elton Brand as a more formidable opponent in the Eastern Conference. Yeah except. There and they're going to cross that threshold now. We're they were seen -- in the over achieving. You know very low expect people like when George Bush went into the to be you know expected in. In each state in the east that that was because it is normal that we're told all -- it's been this last year where he expected nothing out of every time they did something good surprised you know are -- -- that -- And if we're going to start realizing and elders of very and and the young guys. If they're not running transition -- view. I mean -- they have a lot of potential but it is going to happen right away and as Elton Brand never won anything is the player. You know all these questions. I think are going to come here now we'll -- via. It hit it also reminds -- of the ball Mark Blount was playing for the Celtics wasn't making much Corey. In -- -- nicely you know wheel well but everybody did he was it was really popular guy around here. A year accused me he would oh. And excited to the new deal in the pretty much the same player and all the sudden their basic. Terrible football because they expect it in in the but he is making now the expectations in Italy. And although it seemed that there and play in court have shooting and into a young guys to so. They're much better but. There's the free agency market it was not going to do anything. You know with the upper and changed the championship this season. Teachers what the Celtics do pose the LEOs diesel we can be more important. You know in the final fours in the playoffs. In I think we disagree on this when -- -- -- a huge Elton Brand fan. And kind of like another forward who came to the Eastern Conference last year people's that he hasn't won any thing he has good numbers but what has he ever won. And look what happened we are having that championship parade in Boston amassing of Philadelphia's government championship that brand. I think takes them into the top four you don't see it that way. Oh no -- it might very well and I agree I like don't analyze and that was perfectly well I mean. They they want to run and he has power forward them. He's the -- the -- he's very productive blocks and I hope he does a lot of things. And he gives them are out there though either number one players. For the on it's own but oh well ranked beat number one guy with -- number two in the world in excellent sense. Both and that you know Elton Brand had that was here where he was bill -- VP candidate. Two years ago he he's playing great for the Clippers. That was the real good year. You're not going to teams that he and the way Kevin Garnett Garnett was MVP. Lifted that team LL brand. Has never done that I mean he is an excellent player in great great -- fall well. I just don't see that he's on this team to your work work work people off the same they're going to be much better in the could be one. He went to Cleveland twenty were both trying to -- them. And they might get up there by default in the playoff years there he can. We've seen media reports about the possibility of Ron -- test. Being moved in we've seen some media reports that the Lakers have already made an inquiry where you think he'll end -- playing. So it is Lakers it is the ultimate to its success. I think it would -- passes were content but also can to a lot. And you know they would feel like. Between -- -- you know to the hole -- it is it is it is. -- in the dark our. Imagine if they had in Lamar Odom. And then you put it between Andrew Bynum whose team that the team their decent can be much better. Much more physically imposing -- excellent. With the lack of -- just for a second not him on the court off the court. What happened there. I mean we all thought that Baron Davis left Golden State to play with Elton Brand and and all obviously to go back home we went to UCLA. And then Elton Brand as a seventy sixer how that happened. And I'm just try to piece it together myself. And they keep clear appeared in one it all. I don't think he has degree at least with Mike Dunleavy coaches Clippers the there. One goes to be. And then -- the Clippers. As much as there is they're trying to change their ways you know in more money and give him credit for. One people there and Davis and -- ran. You -- and this is that way it would is totally with. There's still the Clippers is the oldest dysfunctional. Badly and he and I can you know they witnessed not negotiate they wouldn't it was. It was hurtful to oh well. Nonetheless they they clearly have the then there is the here. In that case -- how that case it was the. We talked Paul Pierce the other day in and Michael asked him. Who was his biggest surprise this year on the Celtics needed even hesitate he said Rajon Rondo. What do you think is going to be the backup for Rajon Rondo this upcoming season. Yeah another request to. And you know and a -- to me to be you'll. Because turns out this. Concerns we have -- -- wild -- all of this past season. Before -- about me and you -- in its first double. That they think is from rod though it is it would have can be better -- It should be an issue in next year's decision making much work is. And they were able to they were able to you know -- -- -- -- often is reality of all America. So it is they don't necessarily have to when Ray Allen all -- and exactly -- that it is very that they were -- because he was able to. Why -- -- wait for getting so involved in the early in the playoffs he's he's he is to be. Spot up shooter -- nothing more but. My -- believable in the these others as well -- -- He he found that you way to incidental and -- In do you think Danny Ainge has reached the point where people say about his late draft picks me anything after twenty well Danny thinks he's a good player. He must fit in I mean you bring in a -- like JR didn't who who did have some character concerns. And Danny seems thrilled to have a player of his talent level on the thing. Identity -- in place than here in those alive. And it kind of built on squeeze me sure all. -- does a lot of different things. Will be able course yes and then gave you know -- -- the weasel word work that is to transfer nonetheless though that was a particular group it. Yeah he has earned this season be great in. And that was always a worry before the -- last year was that you so there's the draft was he wouldn't see too much into that trap. World is built up the older players -- win. Turns out he let me use the draft value and players that work earned -- Yeah I think he's we think he has he's one of you know there's about ten -- -- probably. The have a lot of respect what he. When he thinks he uses son rely on his son for. Rest some of these scouting reports of this I'm going to be working with he's going to be working somewhere in the NBA I read that somewhere demand. You know I heard I heard few weeks ago it was going to -- he might have all the Celtics. -- you know if he's played pardon what they've done and then. More power in the bonds does exactly this is it to keep it very difficult. -- do what they've done. He can let go including James Posey. Have you been surprised at all with the rapidity of some -- That the quickness of some of these signings at the start of free agency period. There's going to be a lot of different -- -- you know. I guess not because there's so much pressure -- -- -- -- on the we have ops he's even if it's been. And they put all the pressure on themselves as a result that they official word which is like Golden State now and -- over a guy like Corey. And in the worst team because of it since we've treated toward it is between -- Davis. Corey Maggette and they pull out -- Yet they're in court because -- all the money to episodes of war those. It's supply and demand and there's too few places and has more money than the players. And so did so in certain hurry because he's been done with -- who's now -- next you went into the but we're where the championship is going to be one is now over the next few weeks and decently. And it'll happen between now and then the other day or something -- -- side Roger Mason. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the right back Lakers will. So in the team that really matters there are the ones there. Oh yeah and right now it's in the Clippers and Warriors. Sixers and in late hey we won't -- -- in the label. Formula to go gut feeling. -- James Posey be on the Celtics next year. I definitely yeah. He will it's easier -- it would be really intriguing the seat when he could use the -- we -- I mean. He really felt that he would he could pull this off now and you -- and Robert Horry go out all of these. Is he is the with the with the system perfect situation where rumors -- -- the guys can be winners that would be insisting he. The opposite close I don't -- state. And we always appreciate the time and and the information thank you for taken little bet they they -- -- -- -- and -- -- in Thompson from Sports Illustrated and SI dot com