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Chris Landry, Fox Sports Radio & NFL Scout

Jan 24, 2008|

Chris talked about the Senior Bowl, which he's scouting, and the players to look at. He gave his opinions on players to watch. Chris broke down the SuperBowl, how the Giants would defend the Pats. Are the Giants on a roll and can the Pats be stopped.

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In the past when we've wanted to talk about the National Football League this has been one of our go to guys. From fox sports fox Sports Radio as well and and -- talking to us from the senior bowl in Mobile, Alabama is our buddy Chris Landry sacred site on. I am going again and belated happy near the appeal that. Never note rainy and but it some with you when it's been cold night it's been. But this week it's been an Iranian yet and that or so and it it -- it. You know what Chris we talked with pat -- earlier this week and he told us that the linebackers are very impressive there mobile. Has that held up or is there another group that stands out to you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't quarterbacks to all squad -- -- but he but he on the deep and to actually it really I liked watching. -- mostly these games because breaking down guys on a want to -- particular some in some respects -- safety. A lot of guys don't give him enough action away from which he put them in these 11 bills really separates in the -- those guys early. You know Chris I hate when guys do this in January trying to come over draft projections but I'm about to become what I hate I'm going to ask you if you see a top ten corner there. If you see a top ten linebacker there and if so where -- where those guys. Well you know. I really am not it is the corners just doesn't adults event opt out like Mike -- a lot of or that it's jenkins' rob states on the back to school you know I'll probably would not I think there's going to be better value there at linebacker I think -- the think there's going to be better you on the deep and -- it that's why it's so I think and it's the a couple of those guys in an area -- like organizer and honor you know would be -- data that would consider it -- our eyes yeah. Back yet well they're trying to start nature is that trying to out. Let's talk a little bit about about this game that's coming up a week from Sunday because the closer we get till it. The more people are going to talk themselves into the fact that the giants. Are are going to win this thing as is your -- your ten days before the game wc. Well -- -- have a big shot and played well in which to prevent the I think it's going to be -- secondly there's an -- that. It will matchup against hatred spread their own active you know lot help in the and sure the public about the -- plays secondary that he had in the wood seventeen match but you know I think that they need that you matchup -- well they can run the football and -- much to answer those of the keeping it to get it in a cute with a woman pressures they can have success there in compromised themselves on the back -- with the average I think it gets out of -- -- -- -- all irons in mrs. Mrs. order of their successes in their that would work my act in all established running game. And I think that you know that's going to be imperative that the -- -- -- You know Chris we've heard so many people talk about the maturation. And Eli Manning's what do you see specifically is there something technical that he's doing that he wasn't doing in week seven all week eight. Not a big differences just the way that offense has really matured and it with -- running. They have -- in the third short situations and he gave the linemen in time he can you make it easy to build there's reed regressed in well. And he didn't I -- -- wore -- -- change at work in the third mate third and situations it is much -- game play. It's much much easier Campbell -- -- so I think that's in the big issue -- two and a lot's been talked about. You know not evident Jeremy -- verses having him I think one of the things as helped him. Is that was shot he in the -- Seen -- when breaking down -- is that he is always -- -- -- he has kind of is that all black and I think now he's. Little bit more comparable or read for Russians and on the open guy in in May be now horse in the -- -- seen as much Seoul also is it. All I. But it's it's been an -- More after going through the reap abrasions one to which the outside receivers and -- it's a great. Ability to communicate if -- snapped with that both humor and and Boris on the outside. One of the things about the patriots hear the all of late. It is their ability not just game to game to become a power running team as opposed to a high powered passing offense. But to do what -- halftime in that AFC championship game. They Kamal in the third quarter go to three tight ends and just start pound the ball down your throat how hard is it for a team. To make that sort of changed not just from this game to that game but at halftime. Daily hard for the ultimate lie because -- They've run the football only when it it'll lead or when make it people in the that are there -- -- in the nickel packages and know the run on the spread very rarely have they act is -- It is not easy is -- all want it is that offensive line is are very smart or Wright they very technical stop unit. Aspect verses coming off all rolling in in in sustaining your black to run blocking game is is you know for example. I think the fact that they are still able all the football on any formation gives them an advantage to be able on the football. I think that that's one of the things that's helped them and when he needed to call one -- as weak as they were able -- it's successful. I think most people in the NFL and most fans around the country even even if they don't like Bill Belichick they respect them as -- the best ultimately. How did you see Tom Coughlin before this run and coming into the season where did he -- was he in the middle of the pack -- you top five top ten -- you see him as a coach. I don't know what top five ranking or if all of a always liked I war with bill Cleveland and so. That's you know a lot of guys on the fourth so Austria -- -- always. If you look at the -- it intact and they'll you know lead. It's amazing how perception of the actual back you know look at now ballot they'll -- now. Apple everybody or people sang about you know prior to assume that when they that was. It was built power was -- -- everybody guy -- want it. And I think that Thomas probably getting some respect. My feeling is. The key to being successful seen as the organization's coaches year ability to be consistent. It takes some block when -- when he you'd have to be good to be in -- position. And Tom has been in the position haven't won it out fortunate to be involved with the tendencies that we went in Jacksonville want -- -- keep it to game. -- racquet they were an outstanding team. Fortunate to win who knows he despite its second or third trip to Super Bowl -- -- like a -- differently. Very consistent note I think he's operate pretty much the same way he always as with. Very disciplined -- -- wills alot like -- it's in. Think the differences he's probably ironically alot like they'll as in his patriots. Is static communications skills oh well better -- the or real little more open mindedness and that's probably. -- improve the communication skills and ability to get things off the players which Israeli. Key to being successful two days to get and then now it is one thing -- the losses. You and help the opposite -- You know Chris who just took me back in time it's in that conference championship. Victory by the titans every time I watch the replay of that titans rams Super Bowl I know what happened -- all -- what happened I expected to get into the end zone one yard -- of what your reaction when you see that you see replays of that game. Now people ask all of you know oh you know I want to take it over like you know that is it's that's something that ever I think the toughest thing. Is when you get to the Super Bowl and everybody all senses. Well you know you always -- -- back but you know there's just so. It's knowing your it's as you don't know support so I was sick you don't store next year -- last -- you're. You start completely over again and everybody says. And he takes again it's a lot to be in a position it you know to me it's still billions guilt would be in a position to get. But it takes some luck to -- -- things happen happening goes your way and the did that happen. Reveals -- you know as Dan Marino while on the mr. Willis Sergio player and then not ever hear it would've bought that. That's I you have to approach it is this may be -- you know edged chance and only chance in need to protect. Tom Brady is the most -- quarterback in the National Football League this year he's probably better at throwing against the blitz than any quarterback in the National Football League this year. If you're helping design a defensive game plan to attack the patriots what do you do. Blitzing and -- and real problem. He does such a good job picking up I think anything you'd do against -- you have to -- -- I think that -- -- giants. They're going to rely a lot of or pressure they're going to apoplectic secondary at that Jack outstanding -- an outstanding job. With the deep coverage in not letting them they like the in making the patriots go you know eight and 1214 play drive and hope that maybe there's you know what -- play here -- there out of it. He kill the deal -- -- what I do than make up a lot play -- a lot of poverty public since Robert Horry. -- the giants have done. Very good -- the signals really with mixing up his arsenal package I think which a Tennessee. Is some zone blitzes. Word you'll see that I read where the heart -- going to be that's what result which is going to drop into that you're going to see some of that well I think -- -- -- -- a lot of lot of fake blitzes which has a lot of just dropping off after shot which pre -- you gotta keep the ball -- most importantly I think he got a rusher with -- report yet. If you're having to blitz two great pressure you're in trouble. If you can create pressure. Which brought war and then situated or that with the way it's been it's meant to be problematic the one of the things that. The giants can do much like Ortiz is a great great great great pressure off the image. In at what some I think some that one on one matchup inside if that's what you need to pressure Brady is up the middle. Well when you one thing like all the other so your ability to squeeze the edge. Put some pressure up the middle review interior line to be -- in the sides the it gap one on one and I think that that that out -- -- try to. Part of from an awful but you'll -- some of dots in. The -- -- rates and those wretched thing keep they're there there deep and I'll tell you -- reroute the receive result a lot of it is much as possible and they can did you both you know getting Austin motion. Whopper you know -- that would they it would in very well so I think. I think it's going to be imperative that they do its job of if things differently in the it's. My crystal wanna go away from his game for a second and -- to a -- question as you know Thomas to metropolis here working on the Scott pioli but the patriots taken over the falcons. They hire Mike Smith yesterday I wonder what the real story is now you're -- Byron Leftwich come out save Mike Smith was the man in Jacksonville. Marcellus Wiley goes on ESPN instead value I was just a figurehead Jack Del Rio was running things there and that wasn't Del Rio was Mike Peterson what's the real story from where you said. Well I -- certain players did in the in right but not Mike Smith ran. I expect bird it's a cheese I think one of the reasons why it's kind of on -- understated his Mike is very. Understated in the he's not a high profile. Prints you know Gregg Williams is the front line worked in the it will more apple on the some guys do that I think it has been like it would. It is something as simple as. It's -- coordinator -- on the field that the camera's always shooting yet verses that shot in the response Mike is day there -- -- role. -- -- Decatur and -- Demitra who. News that's first and held -- an -- office or is very very -- I think was the one -- -- like in this. It you know what is our it's really are I think it's to stabilize. It's not that -- -- that alter it would've made is he was gone looked respects that. It would owners and it is they don't know what all -- me they know about what is it PO are like that the Armenians winning. I think that the company -- Tommy I'd be very successful one. Now and -- for the sake of our discussion Chris say that this -- the perfect tire okay and and and I don't know all while enough like you do to to say that he's not. Why wouldn't chew wait at least talked to Steve -- no. After the the third why wouldn't should I mean there is -- with the games being played right now there's no game plans to prepare for why wouldn't you at least give yourself another option. Well you could that's one option and I think it really depends on how it felt like Steven capture lose would have to be is. I think he's outstanding and I probably would've liked -- spoke with them as well here's the thing that also plays into. Is very very competitive everybody talks other no other coaching -- out there so what the rights eat out wouldn't all the Russian I'm not saying I would have considered it. Why if you really likely. There is of somewhat of and the sense of urgency it is. Artistic -- extremely well there is it is very competitive and little -- one -- the real keys. As successful coaching ours is the ability to put together its staff. And you wait a little too long that it that it becomes more -- needs or problem so even. The really good -- go to our is handicapped by. Insufficient cystic putting hours and sometimes after -- that. A year or two from now and it in -- that the program back a lot so you like he it up with a you really -- -- and it -- your staff together. He'd go with the panel well think it necessarily -- to sold of people that might say well you you to do the same thing two weeks from now. Not necessary because in terms of the it tocchet but coaching staff that's something if. Chris I can't help myself from doing it again who's -- you the first pick in the draft. You know I think bill's going to -- that they think. You know I think he would like to be able -- that think when Dorsey Chris on a really good impact players then making earlier that the impact guys on the deep that it. Pride deep into one particular early Dorsey Ellis there's long outstanding act. I think that's the direction that they'll goal in. They traded to someone it probably in the to someone won't take one of those guys are if somebody desperate could be pretend that. Which you know I don't think Miami or he'll certainly an article that. Did Matt Ryan hurt himself by not playing this week. No I don't think he did -- His body work is an outstanding -- -- like it's. Out there I think he can -- -- -- help yourself in the situation I will say this I think that. -- -- -- Helped himself against you know he was there any -- -- in a lot of people's lives I think he can kind of help so what. Purchase up in the you get it to some questions of the net and it would be eighty years spoke with these agents probably certainly. The type -- back that I've seen -- sixties and probably going to be. Is he going to be able to step right in and plan on Sunday's run off the bat. I don't I don't believe any quarterback in the attic it's -- -- -- -- years or quarterback in -- really have success now. It's your question that depends on what to find himself -- the Ben Roethlisberger -- situation it's for sure -- -- it. The war quickly adaptable of the pro game involves. But this is. Lately did the quarterback position. Is a developmental position in the takes so much time go back on the and then at the at the success. First two years is -- -- week in years you know walked by six once you really need to gain any. In reduce speed in in opera and things so I think in most most of problems people say he should take quarterback to it. Not bad expect quarterbacks that are taken prior taken what that means they're forced into action quicker they're not ready and we want of course -- in my -- I. Is that happen. I think you'll they'll spoke like -- quarterback if he bills you know anywhere as I that think it will go but I think he's going to be good the quarterback is developed -- great -- Chris those -- talk football with yet thank you very much for taking the time and we'll talk against him -- I care that is Chris Landry from fox Sports Radio former NFL scout work with Bill Belichick in Cleveland and has worked for a number of organizations and -- football pretty