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Jan 4, 2008|

Peter made his weekly appearance to talk about coach Belichick winning AP coach of the year, the NFL playoffs, Bill Parcells and other NFL matters...

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Those are good questions that any reporters and one death -- At -- you know like at -- -- I enjoyed competing against them -- clear Ortiz and our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- FA Terry Francona even pat mean that's sad I live in shame that he probably did lead his team but I it was mine which. Is basically -- it and forget that not really pretty much the. Now know just the opposite he had about three or four different general managers that he took over himself down the stretch where Jerry stay out of -- I don't want to want to worlds I mean think about that -- at the World Series -- That the think about it what would you excuse. I had no excuse at all I just I think -- bad that I can't. It picked -- I can't pick players of news that I know a -- of. Let me -- Well -- -- Ian wrote an exhaustive piece in yesterday's Boston Herald in which she -- many of the AP voters for coach of the year including yourself. And and in her exhaustive piece she basically said bill -- the coach of the year evidently the -- said well it's already out there what the heck they announced yesterday they weren't supposed to announce it until January 12. Were you surprised they all of a sudden out of nowhere -- ballot put out there today. Are you know those when they put out there at the list of times that and eight they're going to announce things. They don't really mean any I mean pretty you know they -- whole thing is anytime they feel like they're -- trumped by their own news you know why not just put it out they're because clearly Harold knew I mean it was it was a good idea I'd I'd seen. Writers do that before carrying it did not Albany or email me. And he had me three questions like that yet yet and yet is the first one ones I think -- -- vote for Belichick echoed in the year that among. I gave have anything to do with -- -- it was the third one I answered yet well. Now we've been over this before Peter with spike a camera gateway or whatever you want to call it. Why did -- spike gate influence your coach of the year vote. All because I think it had to be a factor in the I mean Bill Belichick that's sanctions heavier than any coach as in the history of eighty year history the NFL. The stated that wouldn't be at bat four or competitive violate. So that stated that shouldn't be a factor in your deliberations for coach of the year I think. You wouldn't be doing your job as a -- Yeah out -- that but it's pretty interesting because you said it was a factor for you and you turned around and you still vote perform there were others is that it was a factor for them. Therefore they were -- form what -- -- why did you go that route why did you decide to -- -- -- long and hard about it I've I really went back for the last two or three weeks I I came close the vote for Mike McCarthy but at the end of the day I think I mean they -- three basic things number one I I think deep down that. What Bill Belichick has done for however long you'd done it we've gone around and round about that I still have no idea. How long he's done it I still think he goes football team in the country an explanation about why is it how long did it and you know all that that we been around about that that I -- even though all that have. It happens very early in the first game the in the -- happening and he's. And in -- satellite but in order so I mean clearly and this will not in any coach. Who didn't radically change what he's doing in terms signaling the end in -- is is the says the is players on the field. Now in the sixteen games the patriots played -- repeated is that you're just flat out oh -- and eight in any case I don't believe that it plays any factor. In where the patriots won or lost games here -- number one number two. The patriots went sixteen you know and add in my opinion significantly better regular the in the Miami Dolphins and in 1972 is in 1972 Miami Dolphins late none. Of the top seven teams in football. In the regular season they played no one's more than eight games along with a better city -- New England Patriots played the second best even with all the Indianapolis school on the road one. The patriots played third best team in football the Dallas Cowboys on the road once again. They played in my opinion that if that football at home water in the deterred. So even though they had EU might argue -- why you know an -- division. And you know on probably been the heart there but they didn't have a tough division -- I think -- schedule out of the you know playing the -- in. How -- all play up the eagles which might have been playoff if they have a tough schedule only one all and I -- -- -- -- except on principle of the he's certainly in denied -- it certainly. There isn't a head coaching football who does more in Bill Belichick in terms of coach. In terms of being involved what is. Special teams play. Telling Brett you -- you know hey you know look out -- -- you know the Gunner on that side you know that is so and so it. Yeah he's involved would not think Scarnecchia in in oh Abu. But for the line in you know if and got me. He saw against the giants where. They kept putting I was Wesley Britt I forget who was split in their help -- -- because right now Allen was. This guy is more involved in game. And in week coaching in any coach in football and they went sixteen now. He is the about the easiest selection for coach of the year that I ever had make. The only reason it became competitive thing is that I thought about the sanctions and out here really is that if a -- coach of the year after. Are more harshly than any coach in history with. Peter I know how sincere you are about your concern for the integrity of the game. Did the Indianapolis Colts Sunday night -- the integrity of the game. That bothers me alot it really bothers me not that I think that. Year front line guys I think with the cold it was wrong I think if any informal agreement that the two teams had either down on the stretcher going into the game. Is wrong and I think it's definitely on the record it goes going to address. You think he'll do anything about it. I might gut feeling is. This is going to be it'll be it'll be a warning I don't. And do anything and -- and I'll be honest I was traveling yesterday and today panel Washington -- on her and BC pregame -- -- so that. I'm my -- party protocol both Fisher and in the league so I'm Nicole here her off today I'm getting on the minds of the now but I didn't -- answer I don't know but my gut feeling is that you have means that this will take the form warnings have anything more severe. Peter I think you're very thorough and you're in your. Your reasoning for giving Bill Belichick the coach of the year not what I don't understand -- you can help me out with this one is how no one. Thought that. Romeo quit now. Should be the coach of the year and -- get a single vote. I yeah I think that's ridiculous but if you're not going to vote for Belichick. He would have been third -- let but the problem is Mike of this is that like the baseball MVP. Where you vote for ten guys it insult. My outrage -- year was. How -- got screeners could joke. Have only got three an apt quote offensive review the year now -- -- vote for that. They you know and advertising here I voted for Yotam. And the reason I voted for -- promised I wouldn't -- I don't care in. But the only way I would have voted for Adrian Peterson -- if -- in for. 2200 yards because. These awards. Near awaited our our part too heavily for skill position players like I had terrible in my opinion. In it should herbal because Adrian Peterson really I can -- Adrian Peterson but. And bedie won doesn't surprise me at all but 46 and after three and -- near the point -- that. Obviously the most valuable position on the offensive line left -- What's important about left tackle that he's durable -- he doesn't -- that obvious. Joe Thomas played every snap. In sixteen games for the Cleveland Browns. Joe Thomas allowed one back as a rookie elaborate in the first half of the first game. Pittsburg when Charlie right held the ball too long at that we were of the -- in. Who won their coaches about it that securely right held the ball too long. And we credited effective although you might. Rated it is -- right over the ball. Any other thing. The Cleveland Browns last year was hurt most -- team in football if your favorite -- -- back but. So what does a -- have to do to beat a rookie of the year this guy had the best rookie seen in maybe that anybody's head and ears. Yet every -- here right now in -- you look at Joe Thomas and the had a great year and then you look at the Cleveland Browns schedule. Over the first -- hope we thing going into the year their first six games are brutal they can be Owen six what they want to know insects and they were. I agree AME Romeo held that -- together he's -- classic. Guy who knows exactly what buttons to press and he never does that in. He way I agree totally Michael I think he -- a fabulous job. And I you know I almost think I'm going to bring this up is that people with eight seeded here I think. That may be the better idea because it just it looked ridiculous -- Romeo Cornell is shut out in the coach of the year vote. I think at the very least we got to vote for three guys who won 31345 whatever because. It's almost like you know you're vote for presidential election. You know. -- or you your vote your vote in the primary well you know I like Chris Dodd but this guy Obama I really like -- -- -- it's nothing anabolic gets. If everything is it. Yes I would agree with the I think Romeo definitely deserves more dues and then then what killed in that -- Peter this is going to sound contradictory based on what I already set about what I saw Indianapolis do on Sunday night. I think the opposite extreme is Tom Coughlin and I I was doing BC football when he was there. I know all that he's not genetically capable of playing any other way than what we saw Saturday night as a fan I'm appreciative. As a giants fan I'm sitting here today -- the three guys who got hurt still are practicing the -- probably not going to play did he play the thing the right way Saturday night. Absolutely totally 100% laid there right way. If this one of those cases in the line where it's like second guessing. Trade I remember when. One and Lenny dykstra was treated for wants well. And everybody at all my god what a great trade the Mets got this guy with twenty homers last year they gave up this little. At least and it the other leadoff hitter he's not that great. Current that I -- are sufficiently great later his career but anyway. After two years every columnist in New York when wants them while with -- And Lenny dykstra stirred his home runs in being an MVP candidate everybody says only got the Mets are stupid he can't do that Egypt. Is that you have to make your decision time and a week ago in my opinion. Everybody was saying other than a -- People we're saying you know Coughlin -- got to do what's best for the sport of football in not only that. Dale it is only what's best for the sport of football. It's what effort is. They -- that five straight weeks of course -- offensive. And he is they're going to go into the playoffs with the light inning player like some combination of Bob Timberlake and Ryan leaf. I mean Eli Manning looked arrange it. And so he comes out. He plays great if -- feeling great about it though and they lost one player who's going to be a big factor in this game on Sunday who is you know obviously sent -- -- who probably won't play. Now obviously we can sit here -- and they would see if they lost 423. Didn't play their guy is. But still had shot -- -- they'd be better off going in the Tampa Bay there's only one loss in -- logic. And that is this. Tom Coughlin Chris Palmer the offensive staff Kevin -- right. Probably would have rested other players. And played shot -- error in this. For two reasons. Who snapped the ball that you -- -- inning every snap in practice in in game. -- -- Who is that guy who's most responsible and that offensive line and not -- like meaning hurt shot no error. It's the 43 degree night it's been nice night for football there's no win and they are dying idiot like me inning off night on on the good track playing well going into the playoffs. Sean O'Hair written in the late in the game. So if you're going to play Eli Manning you're playing Shaun O'Hara. So if the only way that you can say that Coughlin was an eighty. And plane -- error which I think is. Terribly revisionist history the only way you can say that is if you say okay. In the game for all the marbles for pro football history in the game in New England Patriots are trying to become the greatest team in history. They're going to have to go -- Jared Lorenzen to do now. How would anybody have like that really what would you guys have said on your show. You guys would've said it's bush league they gave it to -- -- are diving for straight and that's which you would've said we all would have said that's not in stead. We got instead of twins you know pirates in great. On March 12 we got seventh game of the World Series. And sports is all the better for Tom Coughlin has all the better for the patriots are all the better for. They were you for a after the game they were in. Up fire fight and they survive in the one and it was one of the best sports events any of us have ever been that. So because the giants lost the manner in that game might not be able to play in the playoffs here's what I say who who. Peter I'm sure you know the inside story here. Why did Bill Parcells hired Jeff Ireland to be -- general manager and why did Ireland slash Parcells ditch cam Cameron after one year. I've heard I've now part of built three times in the process that -- taken that job after he took the job and I parked in the game yesterday. Andy emphasize I am not running -- day to day operations this. Jeff Ireland is in I'm going to hire a general manager in the now. He knew if he hired empire and you know you can everybody can be skeptical that and I think I am with some good reason. But I will tell you this. This is one of those deals where he told Wayne I think pace that would -- you on this team on whatever happens whoever -- this. We're going to put a system in place for this team's going to be -- for awhile and in my opinion that includes Bill Parcells getting yep fire when ready. To run a franchise for the next ten -- fifteen years now. Who knows they make those six and thirty years you know the next couple years so -- you know he did you don't know what's at. But that is the idea that they have in mind right now so having said that. Now -- US yourself this question. A if you're gonna put a guy inflate. To pick in new coach and fire the current. The guy -- you know well. Don't you think that it's a good idea and I asked this question rhetorically I'm not asking it is a white guy. But don't you think it's good idea for the guy who you planned. They have in place an X and -- running his team. To at least stayed on eight what do you think about in. I can tell you this for a fact is Jeff Ireland love. They might have eventually fired him but he wouldn't have been fired today they would have taken a lot longer than -- -- and Currie in this the but I can I can tell you this Parcells hired Ireland because Ireland things like ourselves. -- things that churning on the roster from the bottom he. The 53 players 47 player the 43 player is vitally vitally important -- long terms of the success your team. It's white pony it's like Tony Romo is the is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys right now. Because Bill Parcells taught in the scouting combine in Indianapolis. They spent 10000 dollar signing him any like police like the spot you know what who weakening it is better third quarterback in this -- They take on the hang on its -- it you know in other words. Parcells is Monterrey is the same thing -- bed that Ireland's Monterrey is which is. You know and it's the same thing if Belichick and pioli think so I mean. Belichick and pioli work out guy is constantly toward the end of the -- Because -- -- view is a lesson we might find some guys early in the -- -- new ones out there so anyway along way of saying. He wanted Jeff Ireland to have some whether it you know I think built all along -- change the approach. But he wanted Jeff Ireland the look him in the giants say I agree we got a -- to vote that's what happened yesterday. Did ravens owner Steve -- Scotty called you want to apologize for making you look bad when he fired Brian Billick. Eat it in a way if -- one of those guys who who I appreciate because. He knows what he doesn't know he doesn't pretend to be -- no at all when he comes instantly and he had met with Brian Billick and about 22 and a half weeks ago -- him. Work and they agreed that he was going to make. Changes Billick was and then what what was going to happen is that there and -- this right after. And it's it's funny that this happened Rick neuheisel I believe beat the pot yet and I think he's going to be one of firing but anyway and neuheisel obviously ended -- -- the LA but yet you know the ravens. You know quietly allowed this story to lead the people like me. Was more than. You know or nose and around about it the last couple weeks and allowed it -- week that Billick was safe. And they were just going to make some coaching. And then on the last weekend of the season. Started to get more input from players that this thing is -- -- -- the after we get. You know you'd need to make you change you know if you want this thing -- they're going in the right direction. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is police -- -- on HBO the other agents say hey you know I just want to explain you what happens and they went on to say -- -- simply changed my mind. And so hey all spirit love and war. I understand you know it's it's it's something that that I think in the long run at least for him. I think it's smarter I think they need to go if there. I'm Peter I have convinced myself. That Tennessee Titans are going to go on to San Diego and win that game tell me why am crazy. Any crazier talk a red -- in the world. Hey you know what they got a shot away so that you did back up yet gone. I mean yeah a year your -- your mind that first of all first of all I think. I would really kinda like your chances. If that Vince young who played in this game of the Vince young who played the ball game two years ago this week. And what is the exciting electric running passing superstar -- but Vince young both because of his leg injury and because I think he's got no confidence in themselves right now our very little confidence. At least see that's -- it looks like plain I don't I have no even if he plays I don't think he's much better Terry -- right now. You know he needs it -- OPEC. And I think. With -- chargers at least test the open act now recently on the defensive line. Giving them another kind of still in guy a guy dispelled them off and I just I don't know what. What what Tennessee really can do and the other side of the ball Albert means word of week six was the defensive MVP. Albert means sort of wild card weekend. I don't know what you're going to see out there he clearly hasn't been himself -- an intense it in spurts. Since he came back from hamstring injury I'll like in the very much like. Okay now the other game I was gone with the crowd. Jacksonville you know Jacksonville. After the patriots -- people are talking about -- like the second best team in the league Jacksonville Jacksonville I was on that jaguars bandwagon. I have jumped off and now back on Mike Tomlin and in the Steelers bandwagon -- how do you see that game playing on Pittsburgh. -- three times they've played quite in Pittsburgh Jacksonville want. In those three games. Pittsburgh quarterback if completed 45% of their -- And Pittsburgh got 38 for them. So you can guess which way am leaning I don't think right now that a leopard in this cases can change its spots. What bothers me about the Steelers right now alot is the left side of their offensive line third string left tackle Trai Essex. -- at the plate along time is going to be church is. Playing -- of defensive line. And and a better you know a better defensive line right right -- Steelers -- offensive line. They can a lot of sex this year I just I just don't the I'd I think -- -- -- that right now plot David Byrd told if a couple of weeks ago that. They are a northern. Even only planes or right they get the running passing game in the pleased very well whether. So basically we don't see the world the way out I don't know like back to you know I think you're out of your mind I don't I -- not brought. Here not thousands and happy new tactic and next week -- Peter Peter K brought you buy 1800 mattress the most comfortable mattresses on -- To phone call 1800 mattress. Yes called like kick off for deliberate bias our game shell. I -- post game not halftime -- His post game show -- -- listen to the spot that sponsors -- 1800 ME ITT seriously about the last desperate things on line mattress dot com and we all the active -- items