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Feb 8, 2018|

It's the Season Premiere of The Straight Line presented by O'Reilly Auto Parts as Doug Herbert and Marty Hough welcome the 2017 NHRA Funny Car Champion, Robert Hight to the program!!

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Strap in for the world. This half hour. You are the straight line. Presented by O'Reilly I'll walk. You fly her. At least I. You are you most Doug Herbert. And Marty. This is the straight line don't drag racing thanks for stopping by our half hour before the hour. Appreciate you being witness we kick off the 2008 he drag racing season and why we ended it. Funny car champion Robert heights we're talking offseason and coming back bruise on her own track. We're in the me set the launch our 2008. T opening addition all the straight line. Wherever you may because it goes round the world this is a straight line on drag racing at an all or in dot com. It is my honor and privilege for I don't believe this is the fifth you're on the road to introduce. Our four time I HRE top fuel champion anti NH RA national event winner Doug Herbert and noted. Wolf trap. Well the offseason. We had. We had quite a few things happen on December Teresa and me and I got married so. That credibility gap that I have that was need maybe his dad was the master of ceremonies he went and got us. What do you call your ministers. He's the minister united church drew America or some like. So we had a real and weighting actually in his backyard that was a lot of fun and we did that. And we took the kids went a little trip. And so kids when I'm in that wasn't right with actually goes again actually here in the last week your so some of the people that follow me and social media would know we went to new body and we've got some people interested in bringing breaks the breaks they've driving program to Dubai. In those who we were over there kind of checking that out they've got. They've got to meet up over there and they've got to Dubai auto drone which is like. I don't know what attracted. I'm familiar with I guess you know I guess really may be that tracked down there and in. In Texas the new an interest did you do jury in this as in Austin Austin yeah yes that would probably be the closest thing that I could feed to it but it's an incredible facility it's like a whole city they call race shady. And if none of prequel felt. At a good time over there we're trying to work out some details are few we go back you know they don't know maybe only familiar come along and the numbers yards on the board. It would have and we talk about the hit the brakes. Foundation brings charity a lot. If for those that may be just joining us for the first time explain what breaks it SO breaks there's a cheery. I started the break program in 2008 at my two. Sons were killed in a car crash and so we actually we what we are not is easiest thing that when we are not drivers that we teaching leaders advanced driving usually crashing noise we're teaching him. All the things that you know we as a doll ever ran into on the roads and we have experience because we've been driving for a hundred years teenagers don't have that so we're teaching him how to avoid. Skid out of here out of this kid. What do that oil breaks feel like when they're engaged how to recover from dropping a wheel off the shoulder of the road. Distractions and how that affects you. Whether it's you know text and obviously you're drinking and driving all the here and things in the instructors that we use are. Incredible like they teach these Secret Service guys that you spend the movies. You know all these different political things got an incredible female instructors. That does that do great job you should just it's a really really neat thing in and a premonition about it is it's not. There's not a cost to come with a charity it's on him and normally my boys and we train over 30000 teenagers all around the country known. And according to a study from the NC Charlotte 64% less likely to be involved in the crash. After going through very firm and so but on the brakes on org to learn more about. And you will be talking a lot about that. Through the coming year here in 2018. We going to be here all season long talking about drag racing here on the straight line. What are we re Turk I know we're gonna talk about the offseason and a lot of the changes that are happy that did happen from 2017. In what's going to be happening in 2018. A more of that here on the street. Being there matters. And you are United States navy protects and defends America on the world's oceans around the globe around the clock navy ships submarines and aircraft in most importantly tens of thousands of America's finest young men and women. Are ready to defend America. When piracy threatens global commons a disaster strikes or when called upon by the commander in chief. You're navy is there when it comes to protecting and defending America. Being there matters. And America's navy is already there. At victory junction it's simple we believe every child no matter their diagnosis or disability deserved the chance to just be. So we provide a medically safe environment where children live in a world of hospitals and doctors' visits are free to do everything from riding horses. Swimming fishing and bowling ball at no cost of the camera. The experience inspires confidence builds self esteem and change his life every child. Now let's change child's life and victory junction dot org. Why sports are the one true reality entertainment where a single dramatic moment had become time. In NASCAR motor racing network live broadcast elevates your senses to the sights sounds and struggles taking place on the racetrack. How did I extract its practice I don't care yeah. Pick up power of radios to the imagination of the listener. And for the motor racing network visit MRN dot com for an affiliate listed your local area. Yeah. It's the straight line in rock Dubai O'Reilly auto parts. Now once again here's Duncan Marty appreciate you being here witness on the bridge line here in the orange dot com. Coming up a little bit later on in the program Robert hike 2007 in funny car champion your own. Great line the things that happen in 2017. That may. Be surprising Caribbean may not heard of and will will run double let's right now Mike Neff if in kind of the the war crew chief so it's. Bitter battle over the last three or four years between John force racing. Don Schumacher. And in and and stealing each other's crew chiefs Mike Neff comes over from. John force racing now to Don Schumacher racing and back the other way Brian karate comes from intro on Brown's dragster and now will be on a coat on a funny car. Right everything and my enough you know remember I'd. It and I mean don't don't forget what that long ago when Gary Shelby won the funny car chairmanship at Don Schumacher racing. I never estrogen so Mike Neff is familiar with things that John Schumacher racing. Which is. They'll probably good thing and and we talked about this on the show notes one of like I like he's just a good guy like he's he's personable guy you can talk to me he's going. But he's also obviously very Smart he can also drive up like you can do just that if he's a he's a great guy. Right karate that was. You know I mean look at in front row they won all those races almost image of bring credit was there the whole time but don't forget who else was there mark ourselves and mark Oswald is another one of those guys you never have talked about before there's two guys that I know. That kid. Start in a room full of metal and in equipment and build a car. Go out and run the car test the car drive the car do everything in that would be mark Oswald Johnny west of the two guys that can do that mark Oswald still there's so and turn brown I mean I don't feel like. He's in it in capable hands yeah well our government Margo called has been an all. I think it you know gently used losing karate would you know that's. They had such a finely tuned machine now. When you little piece of that is gone. Would affect I don't know we'll see I'd I'd we've got that it probably won't because they've got a pretty deep. Bench and we if you look there's so I don't think we'll. I'm sure. Might go for brings something valuable back in the us are that he's probably learned over forces last year and karate will pride means that valuable over to us human yourself. Allegations Justin Houston he probably. Yeah and we'll talk a little bit more about my next departure from John force racing with Robert hite the president of John force racing when he joins us here in ministers so. If funny car. It's been rumored in and talked about. Widely but now it is official that the funny car headers are now not as laid back I think there's an 8%. Difference and that the angle of Anders. That's good is old and now little little bit A we were seeing you we'll including Louis loading up on targeted they're series should never go. Don't worry that our director always after you know who knows. You know I think the biggest thing with the funny cars and I've seen over last of the years when they moved to back the closure harder to drive the guys you know they're hitting more cones. In other does they're harder drugs are more dangerous so I don't know I don't think that's a bad thing really and at the end of the day they slowed down a little bit. What's big deal and pagan storm 332 miles and testing and so they're gonna go that much so I don't think it's a big deal if it helps the cars drive a little bit better. You know what that's that's probably better racing better you know better safety for the drivers for the fans. The good thing wrong with that. No ad and I don't either earned and like you said. And pranksters have always been. The the fastest thing out there that's what people come to see. I'm in doubt that that is going to rare forty miles and always a bad thing but it is escorted tighten that up oh a little bit and aide who were probably gonna see some some some better racing because I would think so. Yeah I would think from him you know you never know and but the big thing is I think it it kind of brings them back into the play cards work like it was noticeably they were faster than just. It's definitely week and yet doesn't make anything and felt. I I think that's a good move and then addition to another edition of the funny car to other right show might be coming back. And with the letters in running a funny car over there. Yes speaking of in top fuel. And funny cars John Langdon is spend his entire career running a dragster now all of a sudden. In a funny car we got to see that in spring training in Phoenix so well and that was really interesting. I've. Well I don't forget that clarify your team when they should gym only two years ago so they know what's gone on and doesn't let obviously in the dragster is there I mean he's a contender every single year and dragged into the and so. You know I don't know I'm trying to figure out what was the reasoning for that don't know I'm I'm not really sure. Sponsorship amid possibly lead him because. Global electronics comes from that right after he goes over the funny car who knows but. Whatever works for them. It will it will keep in the clutter camp. You're good friend Jim oberg hopper announced here just a couple weeks ago that he was stepping away from his general manager's duties. At lettuce and going to. Solely be the crew chief of Doug Collette is off fuel dragster which is little surprising rising in early. And you know I called demo but I didn't ask him about it or hear and talk about it some guys and it was it's you know I don't know maybe this undated may be done if I had to guess. What happened. You know close and tough. You know he's a tough person to work for Jim has been there for 25 years working for and so that's not a problem. But I would imagine knowing Connie and knowing Jumbo that. Tony was like you know what are growing awareness image and our view and Jim most of I got that he had somewhere here let me focus on it and I think I give it yet if I had to get. That would be my again and and that's totally an official Jim fundamentally and act on it and I nobody told me that. But if I had to guess I would think though that that would make it. And a real quick Bob Taft got back. In funny car full time this year running the entire 2018 season good to see GT re out there of that and you know you've got he's got some foreign support so you bring in Ford back into the professional racing. That you know they've been constant force. And I look forward to you'll be years ago so that's good to see Bob back out there good to see Ford. Yup and 21 of the things that. Makes the straight line go week to week. Is our friends that O'Reilly auto parts because then there's the one the sponsors that they wanted this program in and so we're delivering it to them. And with their support if new feature here on the straight line something we like to call red light. Green light. Red lights are bad green lights are good but we're gonna talk about what we think is bad. What we think is good during the the week to week processes of drag racing during during. 2018. So during the offseason. Probably. The worst thing that could ever happen. Is that English town. Ends up pulling out as shutting down the dragster portion of the facility and for those of you that I've not been keeping up eight English town is not a part of the 2018 schedule anymore. If. Just in English downplaying those of you that don't know it's probably. It's less than twenty minutes or maybe miles twenty miles from New York City like Manhattan. Actual New York street downtown. English it's a really really good markets over. The and a jury to be missing that market a lot of the sponsors love being in that market but should they eligible for Philadelphia they can ball from. You know New York City they can both new workers just on the so. That's and that's somewhere that NASCAR doesn't go film and an entry entry at that. New York market in NASCAR didn't have so that is definitely a bummer. How a lot of federation and English and over the years. And I just hate to see it go. There's unfortunately. It seemed like when they go they don't come back. And and that's a big problem is that that land was or that or the race facility. Was at least out. To another vendors so and and unless they break police there's that there's no way that that's me coming back or at least anytime soon the green light. Here though is that Virginia motor sports park. Richmond. Indian witty Virginia has stepped up and take in filled that slot. None and do what really good facilities of places you've driven out a lot. Oh yeah I was here. He is inaugural event. That they were whatever they call a backhand was. I don't know Virginia mortars towards our guests' names or lose but. Yet that was and I think it opened in 94 in the and they handled you know they had races on and off there than a trade even entry right at the races there's so. Good to see them back in the nature I think every drug that's the good markets so happy that they can be there in that. I believe that race has a hole I mean that's that's a big thing is we don't want Irish you go away many times the teams are. Are are actually compensated by. The events so they might be you know whatever that number is 44 bench. They're gonna get paid well they got their own their budget and everything down on some interest on that's what 44 of our budget is now gone because our sponsor pays us prevent. So that you know come back and that's good for the racers it's good for the fans up in Richmond. Nothing bad about them. Andrea and that in that is agreed life and what talk a little bit more about that with Robert hite you know because he's in those little bit nervous about the a behind the scenes workings of the drag racing and especially John force racing. In Howell that works as a matter of fact. He'll be coming up next. The 2017. Funny car champion Robert -- joins us on the street. Motor racing network canceled late you don't reach out express your thoughts and opinions on NASCAR it's the Mariana van pour on the Frontline it's right there. I heard yeah. A lot of what I heard call Anthony war for our door and ask him are him. Got a question or comment oh driver award AMR and personality and eight for chloroform. Ask him are hanging out in public again. An important hotline from your connection with the sport of NASCAR. In order to maximize the vehicle's performance and efficiency the proper adjustments need to be made based on the road ahead. That's true for both race car drivers on the track and for truck drivers hauling freight on the highway. But if you were trucks equipped with the Detroit DT twelve automated manual transmission with intelligent power train management adjustments are made on. Automatically based on GPS stream mapping. Maximizing performance and efficiency. Don't just want better business solutions demand them learn more demand Detroit. Dot com MRN dot com your online destination for all things NASCAR. Looking for the latest NASCAR news Ameren dot com. NASCAR stands for fantasy racing MRN dot com. Opinion pieces from award winning motor sports writers MRN dot com. Race scheduled series standings and photos Ameren dot com. Live brace grieving and audio and video podcast that you can't miss him are in dot com stay up to date with all things NASCAR cam are and. Dot com. In new. You're listening to the straight line. Brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts of the now back the morning off. And Doug Herbert. Going to be witness for 2018. To kick off to a. Brand new season. Kicking it off in Stalin's matter of fact the way we ended 2017. Would be funny car champion of the world Robert hite joining us Robert how Loria. Doing good guys argue. Real good actually it hit it great week. Right you don't you can sleep in your building go to the races out there are promoted you that's going to be an advantage. Exactly know it's nice that they get right back attic you know it's kind of funny when you win a championship. And you kind of go away from the fans. And everybody it's kind of get a little bit quiet. But and it's good to get back with the fans this week in and get back in in the ball game because. I know Doug you've been there were four lots of times. Three month offices is too much and you get back and that race cart go testing. And man like starting over. If it gets exciting in you viewed and it's so much fun to get the problem one of their cars and smell that I Joseph and all that stuff so. Here had a little bit about time would you do over that'd over the she's rumored. Well actually didn't I didn't have a whole lot of time I spent some time with the family you know and during the holiday that. They can't be run at all winner doing shows and appearances. Which. Not not complain a bit. And when I wasn't doing that I spent a lot of time in Indianapolis with that team than. You know trying to just get things get things situated unorganized Burke you know run out and again in 2018. Well that you guys you don't have just one championship to back out. Into anything you've got two on the back up so. And everybody. There they're your there's no surprise in many more they know when you're governor ruin your car and they're you know they're gonna work. You know without a doubt there's two Beverly to target on our back. Let Robert I did during the and during the offseason. You. You lose Mike Neff from your organization. But you gain Brian karate talk about the what you lost in what you gain back for the season. Well Mike Neff and I worry you know really good friend. He's in my crew chief the last. Few years I get I get to it have been from the middle of thirteen. Until. You know I guess the beginning at seventeen so. Four years Mike Depp was mine my crew chief and we won some races. We earned a ballgame but. When John which this backlash here I mean it was it Jimmy crock you know back and you know my crew chief by. Honestly felt like I'd won the lottery I mean. Jimmy the reason that I won my first championship and lot of the races I've won there because the Jerry crock so it was really cool getting him back. But you know my dad still a good friend. But he just decided you know he wanted he wanted to change. Maybe maybe use a drag street wonder and I don't know. But I definitely believe you know starting. At this point right now I feel more confident in our three funny cars. More competent than I have in the last few years. Starting at the and so frank prodding a great addition he and Danny good. You know I've been together quite awhile they're good friends that are away from the racetrack. And we all know what he's accomplished you know with you know and Tron browns so. And then we saw what they could be in in testing they where they were the quick car over their testing. So I really feel good and I feel like. It said the strongest. Well that. You know it doesn't seem like you made a bad decision there on on any of those things than Alexander might never as it is a great guy but boy you cannot. Discount the fact that Prague came over. This past year in and you guys at that Chris Cunningham obviously great addition to June and what you mean you you you've got your ring good all year but then when it came down to having the pressure on it and you'd used you and it really. And believe. Yeah it was amazing. I hate you know sometimes when you make changes like that you'd think well it. You know it's going to be a work in progress in its take some time they get up and run and then get where we need to be had become a look at at the beginning alas relook well. Seventeen going to be a rebuilding year but. To get to pull off what we did. I'd say we we definitely made the right call the right decision. And you know we know it's not gonna be any easier this year in him it's going to be harder there's probably more good cars out there than there has been in the past. And it's I'm gonna be beyond. I wore here auto club today. You know and we presented them with a championship trophy and I I told my spot. You know 2009 I won my first championship so I thought. My next phone while it won't take that long are another one here before you know. And you know in the way have to wait till seventeen at eight years. That just proves how hard it is out here to win not only race championship. You underage anymore is you've accomplished something. Oh there's no doubt about that you guys definitely did tell us. Robert wet. I know ways is in coming up from last year there was some talk about. In the monster energy wouldn't come back in NBA would John force racing but obviously we how can they say no when you when you won the championship and is good you did so did that have and I'm sure that must have some effect in. And you know being able to keep that team together and everything like it wasn't a should be another great thing to as president John force racing. Yeah monsters there they were ecstatic you know what getting a championship. You know they're they're a lot of other forms of motor sport and you know the title sponsor NASCAR so they're spread very then. But they're definitely proud of what Britney and her team accomplished. And we're we're very fortunate that I am back on board this year. That Robert we're just talking a little bit before you came on here about though the loss of English count. And it what that means to everybody on tour I if from the inside what does losing English town hall on the track and off the track and going to a facility that most have not raced him. It's a bomber. You know I I I look at them I call it you know majors and it really it just in my own head probably let. I look at and majors in drag racing and I would say Pomona. Gainsville. English town in the both of those here major races to meet because of the history OK a lot lots and lots of history. And English town really the one that I've never won every year going into the seat and I say I wanna win English town this year. Because there's just so much history so many. Funny cars to race there and match racing over the years just meant they could fill that place on a Wednesday night per match rate. You to do it all the time when I was a crew member on John Clark so. Unfortunately I never got out I got it never got to win their every got the final round. So pretty bummed about that. The fans are great. Just love love that race so I am bummed about it. But I am also proud of the fact that you know you know there were another racetrack stepped up and wants you know have in nature event. I've I have raced it Richmond before. So. It's not totally new but I understand that the folks that have taken over. Really got made a commitment and they're gonna make it a top notch facility. So looking forward ration in front of new fans. This year but they what it's kind of like a lot to a family member Linda we heard that in mr. Allen gone. Yeah that was a bummer a lot of lot of those funds that you know people would never believe on that Wednesday night how many people they could pack in there for that neither thrills deal and all that. Yeah most crazy it was so much fun and I can hear there's some passionate fans there and just kind of a bummer I never got two win that race. Well Robert I. Great job in the off season in the in the testing going into Pomona so now your your home track. Good luck on the motor this weekend that your your sponsors race and replace them in California. And I look forward to talking again maybe LC implement I'll be up on Friday. Definitely stopped by Doug. No it's good to be back. Nothing like you know Pomona and fortunately we we haven't had much weather this winter so it's not the same view that you're used to be in the timing here with. No capped mountains we haven't had much weather out here in California. But I noted that volume and there's a forecast it's going to be a beautiful week in. Hoped Oakley stand up act which I've I believe they will be and it can be good give back at a I really believe the you know this. The Camaro that I drive and this team we're gonna be good from start to finish this year. We're not gonna just hit our stride at the at the end we're gonna we're going to be good and win races all year. Good luck and thanks Robert. Thank Garrett is our. 2017 funny car champion Robert hi joining us on the street line and when we return we'll wrap up another great edition of the show. M Orleans throwback boosting the greatest races in NASCAR history Richard Petty company outside of many parts of the latest delegate will be. In that game victorious and the esteem these guys and Thursdays at 1 PM eastern Montgomery and dot com for the MR. As warm today ignore them. Live my. No world. On MON dot com. When the smoke settles the entertainment never stops all you know Stanley's blown race weekends your favorite NASCAR personality is an everyday superhero Brad Kozlowski will plant we'll when they leave the racetrack. They're just like everyone else we just have to find the value package that connects. The new generation of fans senses the Armstrong. Join me on a daily journey as we discuss the hot topics and engaging personalities. Of NASCAR nation midyear it's world of racing weekday on the motor racing network. It's not there a host of America's spoiled their party NASCAR USA. As every week. We didn't get the NASCAR racing if you lower the hottest gift this country you the motor racing network morning okay if you would NASCAR news. At Ameren pit reporters he followed up by the talk. We'll have featured in highlight you can't get anywhere else they'll be here each weekend for NASCAR US ban on motor racing. Your staged and ready for another run all the straight line brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts. Here's Duncan Marty. Big thanks Robert tied for joining us here on the straight line and it. As you've mentioned. We're getting done here on the set and then you scramble off get on an airplane. Hop overdue Southern California you get to be there for some breaks schools and you're going to be a promoter Friday. I'm gonna be out of the inning three races at Pomona on Friday we're doing that youth education service program that an entry called the F programs I'll be doing that with Allen right guard. And not sure who all else usually Tony Schumacher's there and and drug round so it would be a fun deal they'll bring about. A thousand teenagers there's gonna get today off of school to come under the drag races Canada opportunity. You know to get out there and see what's going on without a lot of fun and embrace rule this week and understanding. That's not a bad weekend out of everything that. And we're headed to Pomona in real quick I mean it's the whole look drag racing it was your home track Wednesday operable most everybody has their own. You know what the motive really good start of hot rod and Pomona national racing who. Big deal lucky I got lucky enough I got to win Pomona one time that was great we'll go from day. And we'll have the winners on form the winter nationals next week here on the straight line we'll see you then.