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Preseason chat with the defending Daytona 500 winner

Feb 1, 2018|

Kurt Busch eyes changes for 2018

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A week away from speed weeks and we chat with the defending winner of the Daytona 500 Kurt Busch. I'm would be Cain this is fun tracks on the motor racing network. Join MR and as we traveled through the life of NASCAR's most popular driver Dale Earnhardt junior Dale Earnhardt junior comes back of the Daytona International Speedway. Leading the battle won races and I never thought I'd win a growing up under the Bernhard need to super speedway wins to whiskey river we dive into everything Dale Junior and bring me. NASCAR no it's the same thing that got to sit down to dinner together and in did you use dirty available on iTunes and download only on. Motor racing now. Everybody this is my bag please join me every Tuesday night for NASCAR lock. This one hour interactive show gives you an inside look at your favorite NASCAR drivers have always certainly believe the time I'm worried about him. And hurt and stuff down to him as well let's give you a chance to talk with them one on one of my perfectly capable her perfect iron you can say. I think Baylor and I didn't wanna congratulate you on your first YL only got higher it. NASCAR live every Tuesday at 7 eastern on the motor racing network. Kurt every season starts off this way a whole lot of new stuff new people in new places and some new rules to consider. But I wanted to ask you specifically about. The the new inspection station because I think everybody was kind of hoping things would progress there what are your hopes and expectations for that disease. Daddy LS has been quite a work in progress over the last few years and teams perfected it in some ways to find each week here is an hour I have a news. Laser inspection Hawkeye. For the body's side so it's not just the chassis in every skewed. Wheelbase wits and all that if it's gonna be a full on body is going to be down to thousands of an edge and so. Old school guy like Tony Gibson goes negative story tape measure away. I mean everything is getting so accurate. And I'm sure to be a learning process for a lot of teams. I'll see how plays out I mean it's close to being super accurate and keeps everybody in a tighter box. Figured Tony Gibson he's gonna kinda hold things down into the shop this season and you'll be working with. Billie Scott have you worked with Philly before and know obviously you've seen around the shop from working with other drivers but how's that working you guys of it's been good then it's great to have Tony Gibson leads all four teams with some of these new body procedures is. Everybody looked up to Tony Gibson for super speedway bodies in the downforce that he found on the other tracks remain. And so that'll help all the teams and then saint time Billie Scott. Working with him and all the team meetings just listening to talk. He's now got a really solid grasp on what it means to be preachy at this level. And crew chiefs duties and his aide Z 24 hours day seven days a week crew chiefs have the toughest job I believe in our sport. And there's a lot of responsibility put on crew chiefs at Stewart Haas racing and so I think Phillies up for the task and I hope to teach him things I hope to learn new things from him and a whole new group of engineers will be working on the forty one's. This year and that I get my same pit crew had a great especially with having won my style pit road. I'm thankful to have that veteran group still stick with them. You seen any of the shipwreck decision how do you think that might play out this year. It's gone well I think out of our group the 41 has adjusted to it the quickest and I'll be out at practice tomorrow and Thursday driving the car and changing it for them. Right now they said the car demonstrate. And it's. Regiment stop and then they go off you know they're lap time. For themselves and each of the positions now we getting into real life situations with carpal cricket. Par round of cars coming in nosed in nosed out. Overshooting the pit box by a little bit we've got to do that make sure we're ready for anything that comes our way it is Super Bowl Daytona it's hard on the corner. And you're the defending champion of that racing going back this year. A little bit different of a different aero package but that racist it strikes me that it's not all the physically demanding when you guys but I got to imagine your brain probably tired after running things. It is a strategic chess game at 200 miles an hour and the handling of the car hasn't been as important. Over the last two years but. We were seen some guys that Hendrick Motorsports and car since so much drag taken out of them qualify well that they were having trouble with the handling. And for us with the Fords we were dominant last year and all the players in. So I'm I'm really thinking we'd there's no reason that we'll take a step back going in the neck this year. There's no reason why we can't defeat her defend our Daytona 500 title with all tools that we haven't especially having a year under our belt way forward in Doug Yates. Speaking event with the U guys coming of the season and Dominic you're on the on the plate tracks as you mentioned. But now Toyota's got a new body for the second year ship you bring in in a new body. It does does that make you guys have to work extra hard because yours of the last one so to speak truth to update. That's kind of a bummer I would have loved to have seen everybody. And 2018 have an equal opportunity to upgrade. So here we sought Toyota year last year. Will we see Camaro you're this year. I supported Stewart Haas we're here through everything wrong we're we're gonna go after harder than ever. To make sure that we're doing a great job currently as well as designing the new car that we're going to race 2019. But I also this is the most PC answer but I'll surprise that Toyota got to run its when he eighteen car into when he seventeen and make a lot. And then many played Fossum to start the year and then what they went fourteen you know last nineteen. Toyota had a game plan. And GM's got theirs and I know for live there. Here before we know let's talk a little bit about your offseason because you've been spending a good bit of time in Florida. But understand you've been doing some kinda unique training to get ready for the urine and thinking about for some different tracks. Bob down in Florida with my wife she placed polo and yet weather's pretty good down here at the that there whether there though with that being sea level you get good quality area that nice moisture from the salt on the Oceanside and I've now jumped into more of restrictor regiment of training because the first part of last year. I was a bit fatigued. Because of the altitude and I am like Jimmie Johnson. He's up and talk about these schemes in this tournament to win that exercises and high altitude training. So down in Florida love whether I were one of those training masks that restricts the airflow and you can change the different styles that you put on it to change the elevation. And you feel. You go run three miles of sea level everything's fine go run three miles tweak it 3000 feet. That's the elevation of Vegas 3000 feet and hit it Wear you down or changed to 7000 feet. You can hardly even make three miles at that set up such a great way to substantiate in Florida and enjoy the weather same time. Speaking of Vegas two triple headers coming here this year in an NFL team about it to come there. What about the the way things Republican for your hometown it's exciting to see the sports world really kicking off in Vegas. I've grown up as a kid. I saw like the family themed era. Then there was the nightclub gear then there was the restaurant. Era on every chef is going to have a a staple restaurant in Vegas and now I think it's gone through sports days. You know the NBA all star game was there a few years ago. But now with the raiders. Golden knights hockey teams and then of course NASCAR to kick off our playoffs. In Vegas second day in September it that's fit that's pick for the city in the city has infrastructure. For all of that mean it. Just go off Cochran tangent if you're New England Patriots fan. And you're playing the Las Vegas raiders in a few years of course your area. If you get all the shows the parties the restaurants and you get C football team play for four hours on Sunday. Yet not a not a bad way to to kick things off. The other thing that was it for today and and talking here about his. Coming into the season with what we saw last year it seemed like a lot of guys. At the beginning of the year we're kind of skeptical about how. An important stage racing might be in by the end of the year the light bulb went off and everybody says all man this is where you can really make a Lincoln. Direct certainly did that approaching it this season as everybody on that same mindset of men we got to get everything we can't early. There's there's a lot geared up towards winning stages when he races. I just recently went through contract negotiation and I'm pretty sure fire. We're around on the driver's side check and everybody were Augen handed the same thing which is race for stage wins. Race for race wins everybody wants to go after that those points that go with you all year. And it's tough that your wrecks that game plants and everybody else but. They were rich and they got richer with all those phones and it I used Daytona July. I was in the media center has as much guys passivity is going to homestead now. And he's going to be the car to beat him homes that. But what you have to do is a top tier team like us Stewart Haas you've got to put yourself in position to get. One of those invites homestead and we came up bit short but Harvick was able to go there and came up just a bit short you know want to positions news right there. This is contracts for Thursday February 1. Keep up with what's coming up each day with us on Twitter at MR and radio or meet at WY came I'm woody came in Concord, North Carolina.