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Preece Looking Forward to 2018

Jan 17, 2018|

Ryan Preece talks about his 2018 plans with JGR and modified racing.

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NASCAR modified standout annex in any series winner Ryan Kris looks ahead to a busy 2018 seasons. I'm Kyle Ricky and that stories coming up next here on pot tracks on the motor racing network. A new season is right around the corner in NASCAR today takes you along for the ride I won't be a huge change. But I'm looking forward to it continuing drive for Roger Penske on the cup side has been solid on new nobody covers the sports like the motor racing network and NASCAR today keeps you up front go race and try to go for wins and keep developing our equipment making sure our stuff is good for the kids that are coming up get set for the green flag on the twentieth eighteenth season with NASCAR today right here every week day. M Orleans throwback Thursday the greatest races in NASCAR history. Richard Petty company outside of any parts of their latest delegate will be. Betty victorious and the esteem these guys and Thursdays at 1 PM eastern Montgomery and dot com for the Mariano. Or five months. No move. On Hillary N dot com. Pearl in Connecticut native Ryan priest is a former NASCAR modified tour champion. And Hillary sweater with Joseph Gibbs racing in the NASCAR X series 48 team will be a busy year again for priests. This week we sat down with him in the house and I discussed this season ahead and how it will look with has expanded schedule with Joseph Gibbs racing. Right like you said it's been it's been a short off season for you had a lot of stuff in the works speed weeks coming here quick but. I really wanna touch on this season went. Joseph Gibbs racing for yet he got a pretty full plate obviously with the modified I want and is something from a fellow driver first off. All season long last year everything about value was hash tag Mod Squad. Huge scary a lot of short track drivers on your shoulders. You know representing. Cleaning this season do you feel pressured tenfold knowing that you know you've got. I mean a full slate of racing in the expediting theories plus how we know you're gonna be competitive and that modified. Yes you know I'm looking forward. Are as pressure goes the quite dark with the I feel like a mobile numb to it. If there are gonna be a pressure seem that I would they would have to deal last year with those two race really. Hoping that something could happen from and ultimately it did they got and race this year. And and it's a good situation to be at right now but. As far as pressure goes live with me and raising it a mile of that is so let's just. It's I've never really I guess gotten any effects of kind of freed me up when when people get their pressure feel well. You know I'm obviously very fortunate that you Joseph Gibbs racing this year in and beat you other races that we're doing. And obviously with the outside it pump and I love the new I've got a lot more experience. The working side of it in the receiving side. So the car up but I feel like that may be that much better. The driver when I go to the racetrack and know what I I know what I need. Do to make it an up front running car so that that's what's great about Adam and I just. You know anything Agnew for monetary and being from here on growing up around that and hopefully kind of break in through those doors where it's. Kinda ended at the park trying to get back a pipeline up there again. You're one of the most hands on drivers that I know when it comes to you like he said setting up the cars specially modified. And working on the car you. I mean essentially crew chief your own car have you gotten to do that. While working through the extent Eddie team Horry you know I know an epic Medicaid has that been a little more difficult. I don't think I want to know I I'd love to know the cars. I think that that's why they have the job that they have there were hit hard it was actually funny it would. Slow me down. So whenever I come off the track for practice those trying to. The break it down in my head that I feed information the ham kinda how it would. You know what if I was crew chief in the car where I'm not that that's their job though. I had that I had to try to go back to being a driver of those races which is totally I would need. And but it's something that is fierce shorter period third. And you wanna sell to attract consistently knowing what you got knowing that you couldn't win the race. On the amount saying that you can't do it whether you have a driver crew chief Erica you know I've obviously been successful doing that also but. I just I like being him non Mike Wallace taught me a lot on preparation. And and basically on how to prepare a cart side to supply data. But when I'm setting car pile sort of defensive what I need as a driver so I've kind of fell. The different adjustments that I can do it to get those things so. You know it's nice showing up the track nor got knowing what I need and then usually unloading crates fast let. It's always better you'd benefit and you know I would definitely say X Ernie and dryer that's coming up right now to get started early can only help yeah. Not turn and that focus your first race out this season is speed weeks and that's not that far away. And are you looking forward to get back on the track in the season off down in Florida. I absolutely there's some part of my playground. My playground my team playground in my order playground we. We look the other half on. And to my way to get away from the now appear attic yet. And I think no repeat Brooks is really turn now hold the all around where I used to be free for all where. Now it you show up you know you are getting beat out some use cheating in any race or if that. That's what's exciting about it. And and you really can't eat five or racing in a row while rob sat up on Saturday two days for that so it's. Really. I didn't and and I always look forward here. For more offseason news including recent Joseph Gibbs racing teammate Christopher bell CO RN dot com. Or Wednesday January 17 this is contract on the motor racing network. I'm I'll repeat.