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2004 Ford 400

Nov 16, 2017|

The MRN broadcast of the 2004 Ford 400 from Homestead-Miami Speedway.

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This is Ken school wire time now for MO RN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing networks race archives. Eight marks the end of requests. It stands 27 inches high. 24 pounds of sterling silver NASCAR's ultimate prize but Nextel Cup. Today five drivers have a chance to take the first one and each of them wants it bad late this is a wonderful opportunity for our team did to come to a level that we've never seen before. And whether the outcome is positive or negative we have definitely made a stance for the 917. Compete for a championship. Growing up in Southern California. Racing in the deserts whole life would do is watch him at the time it was Jeff winning his championships and I thought how in the world am I gonna get there that's for wanna be. I don't like it I've accomplished one ever dreamed that I I would ever accomplish him in racing in general and I have in this championship John Madden and need. To win our need to win a championship situation come into pure desire want and that's what is driving me being as soon. Dale Earnhardt I just tried everything I did not embarrassing in my career. As the days go to war will try to achieve. Three in the world here. I think everybody in this sport knows how hard I'm willing to work through this and how hard. Through this at the same time not desperate I've won a lot of championships just not one of these cuts. 400 miles from now all the tightest championship battle in NASCAR's modern era will be complete and we'll find out whose name will be added to a legendary list. From homestead Miami speedway. Race 36 for the NASCAR Nextel cup series and the final round of the inaugural chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. Bob Ford at 400. Next on the motor racing network. And radio presents. NASCAR today. Having smooth. One globe in NASCAR. Thousands more season here is the sunny South Florida at homestead Miami speedway it's the Ford 400. At five drivers are vying to win the championship this year. Hi everybody I'm Joseph Moore along with Barney hall welcome motor racing network our live coverage. Of today season ending race the Ford 400. It is beautiful weather here in South Florida and up packed house on hand for Barney what should be a very exciting day of NASCAR Nextel cup series racing. Joseph the going to be enough drama to go around here for the whole season I think just lost what happened here this afternoon as you said five drivers have a shot at the Nextel Cup. Now outwardly in the garage this morning I walked through there and all five teams were just going about getting the car ready. With remarkable calm the real emotion of course will surface when it green flag drops a little bit later this afternoon. And everything the driver does had better be right in every pit stops they make had better be right now all five drivers and old at the odds of going through this race today. Without something happening to may be one of the five or three of them or maybe all of them. Is pretty slim. Kurt Busch recourse is the man who leads the championship points standings that lead though only eighteen points. Over Jimmie Johnson if all goes well for him and he wins the race. By most scenarios that play out we won't complicate chip with a whole lot of these have very scenarios but chances are that would I mean the championship for him. For Jimmie Johnson for Jeff Gordon for dale Earhardt junior in mark Martin's. All the further down the list she goes the more thing. I have to happen in your favor yeah mark knows that for any chance for him have a chance at all. He is a longshot but as he said yesterday when I talked him down there he said a long shot is better than no shot and indeed it is. And the way we have seen things happen in the last five or six races. Anything can happen this last and that the excitement is there I think the tensions won't show on anybody into electricity at when they dropped the green flag and it showtime. Joseph toady that they. This race has drawn a packed house are gonna say what it is a sell out they they announced that a few several days ago actually a couple of weeks ago so everybody here to see how. The chase for the Nextel Cup comes out. Including us that a very festive weekend already here at homestead Miami speedway with the NASCAR craftsman truck series wrapping up their seasonal Friday afternoon the NASCAR Busch Series season finale was yesterday. And now of course all comes down to these five drivers vying for the championship. In the NASCAR Nextel cup series. Let's go track saddened to visit some of the drivers who will be running for the Nextel Cup Kurt Busch certainly could be the most important race in his young career winning the Nextel Cup if he does it does today. At age 26 and doing it in his 100 and fiftieth career start that would be absolutely amazing was that Kelly is with him. Well a lot of times we coming to these races and he got to finish excerpt madder but in this scenario there isn't one to start boasting finished second and not win a championship lot of pressure but. May make it a little bit easier you just guys have to go out there and writes how is the car. The cars very good and then the crews boys were all focused and this is the final then it's been a lot of fun to come this far to be in this position. And now we've got to go and race our car for two under 67 laps and that's all comes down to is his race and the best we can and and stay away from mistakes lab number one normally doesn't mean a whole lot but it does today he make besides Ryan Newman behind you what he expects that first lap. Newman now or in Iraq a lot for your last years penalties. I know he's gonna play colon and now we've got biffle who is a great teammate. And in the not worked it out together side gets five points and we'll see how it goes from there as I got a great cities and I'm not matter how it comes out this year Kurt Busch rolls off from the bud pole. And in search of his first Nextel Cup championship Jeff. Gordon is in the third spot in the championship point standings 21 points out of the lead in this is what he's been calling this whole year his drive for five. Adam Alexander meeting going for five championships it's gone for a fifth championship at a racetrack where he finished fifth one year ago it's been a good season for you Jeff what does it take to cap it off with a win. And it title here this afternoon. It's got a fancy Heather's attitude guys that we're we're ballot then who knows what that's gonna take offense here lately has certainly been taken a win. Yeah I think we've got the car on the team needed to do it in this this racetrack. That's it's a change it is certainly been better for us in the old configuration. Got a great starting position. We're just gonna work hard until that checkered flag waves and see where all how it all unfolds. Last week at Darlington look like a chance late in the race you could want it didn't work out you talked about how frustrating that was. And how that desire was burning even deeper coming into this week talk about the competitiveness. And what it takes in the final laboring on that championship. Well I think you know that's just inspires Emmett smarmy we still came out there close and points on on a liter or twenty points out got a shot this championship. Which is what we really ultimately want to come not a dollar ten. And I think knowing that we had a shot at winning and in you know I had the problems that we had it just is gonna make us fight that much harder this weekend. I hear homestand tonight checkered ways to act again get this championship down we want number five we want it bad it got there are shown here in a few minutes to money one point. Behind Kurt Busch in third position if he wins the championship Jeff Gordon should become NASCAR's first ever seventy million dollar man. Mark Martin is fifth in the Nextel points he's 82 behind the leader that his truly today being realistic or reveal longshot but as he said earlier beauty shot as better than none Daniel Fries with mark. They still think in LA Barney any shot is better than no shot at all marking you're nodding your head you're starting eleventh today rice talking and this morning an all weekend long you're the guy to beat you guys been fast in practice you've been testing your test how good your card today. We're better in the tennis then and we practiced yesterday. But this car I've raced it twice in its had a history of racing better than practices so. That's a comfort I didn't see anybody that was really bonus or lay out their eyes in biffle enough we don't know that he can maintain that kind of pace over the long haul. Our car has a history of being real good on them and along friends in uncharacteristically. See it seems pretty quick on the short runs. Two that you know yesterday in practice room. We're ready intervention I am so proud of this team. An opportunity at hand and in all remember 2004. Forever for being. Very very. You know gratifying season. In racing for the Nextel Cup you volley so that your. You're not you're not desperate you've accomplished a lot does that mean that you will not do any desperate groups out there on the racetrack. Now I mean I predict I won't play you know I'd sometimes I'd do things that that I don't seek coming. We wanna win this race real bad we really. I don't expect to win the championship. But we do you wanna pick up ever position that we can in the points and nine and that's very possible as well. But you know I wanna do on the racetrack what I'd do every week which he's getting everything hacking it. But not try to do more than than is possible. He may be a long shot but obviously a very sentimental favorite among fans and among the garage that's Mark Martin and you'll start eleventh. Dale Earnhardt junior has had the ultimate roller coaster season at times this Budweiser Chevy team has been brilliant other times they have really struggled. The west Achille it all comes down to today with junior fourth in the points. Well he's definitely the fan favorite rolls off 68 today to a more just talking about it's been a bit of a roller coaster season. Maybe a longshot for the championship but it makes it easy to just go out there and race hard today chances are going to victory tonight. Well you know the chances 202 lane. They've been better. Better chance at this throughout the year but the cars a little bit all who work on it distracts us via bicycle today distraction at a little bit more grip but I. You know this year's been awesome for my team we had a great time up Bandana and the many and sometimes that's. It's just been honor you know race and operatives produced Jamie share price and caliber drivers we have in the series. Some of the characters and personalities. Just hard to beat that's you know look forward this to the end of the season and I'll seasoning get ready for next year. Your dad one of the few that didn't have to lose a championship before he wanna you believer and one of those deals that you gotta be close. And lose it to them put yourself in the position in 2000 and. Violent incidents. It does it does it does have you learn how to. You know adapted it to the system. Whether it's sold under the new and you know you. You learn as you go in and I yeah I think lives in one gives you a lot more respect for her what it's like to win one especially the guys that embrace and going against consider all my friends you know so when. When they went in you know I enjoy seeing him celebrates. Whether it's a change of a race or whatever and I think they do the same way from mesa. Will race have signed whoever gets it to is the best man this year and now will put up a hill finex your. He may be a long shot for 2004. But a day when I don't think anybody in the garage area believes that there won't be some point. Dale Earnhardt junior does waiter that Nextel Cup championship crown. Five drivers contending for the championship. One driver who is out of that mix of guys who have a chance to win a title. But still looking for a win is a former two time winner at homestead Miami speedway that's Tony Stewart went to Kelly is with him. When his nickname is smoke you smoked them here a couple of times of those two wins and then finished seventh here. Under the new configuration how do you like this configuration. In relation to the other went on. I like the other a lot better obviously with two n.'s you know the first two years that we ran here Diana. Now I don't know we just haven't figured out exactly what are Carney says Tito did in his new configuration that they the facility did an awesome job the guys that did construction on their great job its release news there's. Just a couple of bombs but it's a really nice racetrack now it was nice before they even made it better from the from the standpoint of how well the construction went so I just which would fare how to goes fast on in this configuration is needed before starting eight the strengths and weaknesses in your car today. That troubled unit to turn it into the first third of the corners just cart as a wanna cut to the center Aron. And then that once we get to that part it's been a really good race car so hopefully he has to be found some things that today in our Home Depot Monte Carlo to make a little better today. The man who was drinking champagne here a couple of years ago as a 2002 series champion. Rolls off site today. Kasey Kahne qualified fourth overall Casey's or just a great year especially for rookie the only thing he hasn't done is win a cup race and some say that he might be the man to beat here today he's been awfully quick in practice then you'll Fries with him. Well this car was certainly very good last year and Kasey Kahne has been strong all season long you're starting at forest today. Great did you guys have to make many changes after yesterday's happy hour. Yeah I made some changes hopefully make it better we were we were Rogen and I don't practice or off a little bit so. Well clearly better and now a shot at keeping keeping and not see as you had to be Dodd's upfront and have a shot when an end. How would you describe your rookie year this year I mean you've come so close to winning but you've also accomplished a great deal. I think he's been great here I think the other team and everybody's got an awesome job and you know they've done it it's been a lot of fun to drive to these guys each week and really that's an ups and downs and we've had pretty much everything on the series that's been a it's been a good learning here in you know I figured out. Take a lot whether it's for next it'd even be better than we were this year. A runner up five times in that. No one would probably want to win more in this season finale thing Kasey Kahne you'll start fourth today. Hottest driver in the NASCAR Nextel cup series in the last a fourth of this year I guess is Jimmie Johnson driver of the Lowe's Chevrolet. In one place in this chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup he was back in the ninth position. He bounced all the way up now to the second spot just eighteen points out of the lead but today Adam Alexander he's got quite a task ahead of him. Yeah I starting 39 Joseph that's the bad news the good news is for his eight season wins have come. In the last five races you gotta come from 39 today Jimmy what's it gonna take to come in the tail. Win this thing and bring home a championship Hendrick Motorsports well there's there's a lot of things can work out a miss there's you know it's hard predict what's gonna happen in the race. Everybody race for the champs have started up front and yesterday at they're gonna have a an easy start the race that. In a pit strategy. Cautioned that inane it's all up and those guys may have to fight back from some track position see the stock now. But those those cars and driving great we had a problem with qualifying. Out on Ellis Ellis of the shocking attic corrected cigars straight unfortunately it was bad when it counted on for it but so will be in good shape from moms can drive Smart cling to the the front. And I get the most race there you mentioned strategy review in crew chief talked about the fact that you may have to do some little bit of a little bit different to get your way to the front. Possibly new it's really just depends on how much progress in May cost them you know off the start if we get up there pretty far and nine units along the green flag run. Wolf price sticks stick to the basics but if we have let's quick cautions. We may mix it up just to try to get ahead on the next next topic comes along itself. Pause play of wiretaps. Jets crunching numbers and ideas and and that's what he does best on skewed and will this thing Jimmie Johnson starting thirty yards after an Iranian teammate Chad just gonna do whatever it takes to get up front. Wind today and bring home a title part of most of these drivers will tell you going into a championship situation like this what they have to wryly. Concentrate on is going into this race like they go into any race just trying to win. The other big thing is everybody pretty much talk you talk to most of the championship teams that will have a run for the Nextel Cup here this afternoon. The majority of say two things one is you don't wanna make a mistake that beat before you beat yourself the second is. If you're running a packet traffic that you slip somebody might make a mistake that you go to get a piece of that you need to back out of it. And kind of not take yourself out and also not let somebody else take you out that's what it almost little to it's kind of. It did it can't keep a level heading go into this race just trying to do the best you can that is. Trying to win time now for our driver spotlight brought to you by MD NA the issuer of the official NASCAR Visa credit card. Here's Mike Bagley with Terry above the. Terry announced earlier this season they should scale back in 2005 go to a part time schedule terrier Fox's. You start the final race of your final full time seasoning cup racing. You know I don't know I just. Be lines if I had mixed feelings about it because I don't know I'm excited about the decision that we made in the I'm looking forward to running a limited schedule now. Dubbed on this for a long time I still enjoyed it's still enjoy the sport alone the sport still enjoy go to the races up but I'm also. Tell look at Florida have a few Sundays off and maybe doing some of the things so. I don't know I just. Scott you know I guess only thing I can look at this year I'm disappointed that they're season head goddess goddesses we hope for it you know. So maybe just make it easier for public and I guess there were some of the jobs in a mug a little bit government have. Mixed feelings about him and ushered out right now and I'm looking forward to. Next year in revenue of a limited schedule I was say 2005 as we get tested as a result of Smart labour had that well. You know I don't I just. You know like I said earlier what my main goals is to help Justin with his his career and he's I think he's got a bright future ahead of it would cut to help him. You know in his Busch Series they're for next year and some of the Florida. Sharon has some some of your fond memories of love Nextel Cup racing obviously we're out. Talking you into retirement right now that reflect back forests and and give us some fond memories obviously winning the title in eighty four's all of them. Well you don't win both of titles and you know the first 184 and a nice six. That is without a doubt the two the two fondest memories probably brought the second one maybe middle or Jimmy in the first one didn't. Because I realized how hard it was to win a championship. In the net data plan when we won the championship and Bobby won the race that was this this one of the coolest things up together than it's ever happened to us and it was an exciting days of I don't know of bella Bob May resist who have my guess. You mention only gonna have a chance to work at Justin and then work with him in his racing career is that. Is that something that that means a tremendous amount CU being that obviously we're on the road a lot about the season takes away from your family. What surest Kennedy did stood. You know that can help you open that's problem number 11 goal is to try to build just it was his or her picture. But I today thank you. The bike downstairs right now Kevin Harvick qualified might still looking for his first cup win this year Adam Alexander with him and it's hardly Barney to Kevin's not visited Victory Lane and 2004. Bit capped off a good Busch Series season yesterday with a victory here at homestead Miami and I'm sure would like to do the same this afternoon and what's it gonna take Kevin. Well I think it can take a Lotto we did yesterday have just got to have our. Our car handling Gooden and keep up with an all day and that's that's going to be the most important thing for our team leadership right so. It was it was mediocre practice and hopefully Allen made the right adjustments info gets started. You obviously went ahead in there you made your way through the field in the early going but once you got that track position were able to stay out front how important is track position going to be today. Well I mean is definitely important expressing after the restarts and and things. That happened there. I just need to be evident to get out and and take off and ended things needed needed to get that in mansion and be up front so it's it's deathly important. Top ten into the last four races for Kevin Harvick he starts. Ninth this afternoon Danielle well done here or run off 27 they have he's only got six top five just kind of heartedly. Down there's five guys running for championship today you wanna wanna 1999. We cut those guys he's like can you kind of know what they're it they're emotions are right now. And and damage to your question yeah I'm I'm racing those guys they don't get a little more room for me. Yeah I was very fortunate in 1999 and a couple of obvious when I was racing for championships that. I found out big guys really. Gave me a break and I wanna extend that same courtesy of those guys have biggest down they hands and knocking get the Victory Lane we know how important that is they better think about their position at that point dumb but. But now which all the fob on the very best and that should be an exciting day for them. Getting giving a little bit respect to those guys but also wanting to get his first win of the year. As delta air like I said he'll start 27. We're closing analysts start of the season ending Ford 400 at homestead Miami speedway have beautiful Sunday afternoon. And that grandstand completely packed with fans coming to see who is going to be the 2004. NASCAR Nextel cup series champion temperatures in the eighties you this afternoon scattered clouds will be got hot Delhi are racing surface. But it will be a great day for racing lets go trackside at. And now ladies and gentlemen please rise and remove your hats and direct your attention to the area near the start finish line. We welcome the honor guard from the 482. Fighter wing of the homestead air reserve base who will present today's collars. And now miss Florida a USA Melissa would make. Has today's invitation and then please remain standing for our National Anthem. Performed today by capitol Nashville recording artists Trace afternoons. Please guide airheads. Heavenly father thank you for bringing us together today at this wonderful event at the homestead Miami speedway in. For this beautiful Florida whether we think he'll. Please watch over our drivers and their teens today keep them safe their journey to victory in. In your name we pray. Amen. Polls say we look at news. Team. Glad those dawn through. The U. Eight. Who wants me around. Knew the fair. As boot to and you guys Blair's. The name mean. Who's broads for it's. And number it's. There's through though. Removes. Being go around. Guards. We. Words sold. The stream. And Lou are it is true. Good and. Bull mom deserves. Being and but. Today he prove. Moves through. Loom. Eight. Nat glad they're. Lawns do move. Pulls say we. Lose demands cars. Paying ruled. And lose it is all. And. Wu. Command. Dole. And you. And moved me. The. But. But. We hope you enjoyed today's pre race activities STP remind you the same fuel to power the jets flying over today's race it's failed at every bottle of ST three. ST peat fuel additives are made with jet fuel to help you get the most out of your car. Time now for those starting lineup brought to you by ten and I should tackle Athlete's Foot with tough accident and there is a huge field here at homestead Miami speedway trying to qualify for the port 413. Drivers didn't make the cut. Those included Kyle Petty Johnny Sauter Mike Garvey and Tony Raines also not thinking that he'll have a debate taught both sides. JJ Daly Larry Foyt regular joy also Morgan Shepherd Kirk Calvert saint. Furlong and Jeffrey both sides here are the 43 starters and the Ford 400. Jeff rader will roll off 43 informed home servers dodge the 42 starter will be Terry love on me. Terry is driving the Kellogg Chevrolet in the target dodge with Casey Mears get to the ball 41 fortieth starter Jeff Burton in the America Online Chevrolet for Lowe's Chevrolet would Jimmie Johnson all the way back in 39 position and we'll be watching to see how quickly. He could make his way to the front. Starting Marlins start 38 he took the tour life we'll start slick health the aaron's Chevrolet was Kenny Wallace's 37. Very sick daughter will be hurting Sadler has the drive for diversity slam last Chevrolet. Enterprise rental car carefully report Truex junior's 35. Starting 34 that will be Greg's accident by the Coco dodge. And 33 Robby Gordon Cingular wireless Chevrolet. USG pure rock Chevrolet would force that goes off the 32. At 34 starter that's Jeffrey that your party makes god champions it has to. For all power tools Ford started today in the thirtieth position. Bobby Hamilton vigor in the five Chevrolet we'll go play by Mike Wallace start flooding hit the driver of the Lucas Oil Chevrolet Dale Jarrett in the UBS sports we'll go bloody seventh. But what a six starter Travis squabble he's in the Mobil one dodge got a hit he's out racing rookie driver Scott Craig for the traveling Chevrolet don't start today's race and wanna bet. Like fourth as Michael Waltrip about their bottom part Chevrolet and placed third shot and ready for VP eight plus it sort of go for it. Twice second Carl Edwards of Roush racing Ford and going to blink first rookie driver Scott Webber he's driving the caterpillar dodge furious starter will be Jeremy Mayfield. Here we may feel drives the dodge dealers UAW dodge the US army Chevrolet which we'll be rejected the nineteen starter Jamie McMurray would Wear off the eighteenth starting spot today in the Texaco Havilland. Seventeenth position that we Brenda dawn of the Kodak Jasper engines and transmissions god. Budweiser Chevrolet was able prosecutor goes off sixty affiliate feathers start this season in their sport which we have lacy Chevrolet with Brian Vickers start fourteenth. Thirteenth position she's feeling the Bill Davis racing dodge and it's zero Chevrolet with Mike Bliss is twelve. And Mark Martin. We'll roll off from limit starting spot he drives for Viagra for. Rusty Wallace we'll start today's race in the championship the Miller Lite dodge Kevin Harvick and NASCAR Busch Series right here yesterday at homestead Miami speedway. Today he's at that GM Goodrich Chevrolet at Richard Childress racing you'll start at night. Hate starter this time homestead Miami speedway winner Tony Stewart in The Home Depot Chevy Ricky Rudd goes the seventh driver of the motor craft Florida. Bobby at the body last year's winner of this race for the interstate batteries Chevrolet by the for the six starting position alongside Jeff Gordon won the championship contenders. Driving with a plus Chevrolet Jeff we'll start today in this. Fourth starter Casey gave these in the dodge dealers UAW dodge. Five runner up finishes this year hopefully cap off the season with a victory here today alongside Ryan Newman starts flirted in the Alltel dodge. Analog front rows teammate Greg Biffle what National Guard for the alongside the points leader. They have a 2002 winner here at homestead Miami speedway Kurt Busch who's driving the sharply forward. Very impressive field cars as we say in the few new names in the field here this afternoon from what we enormously Boris says specifically be one of those will be interesting to see how he does he's all pumped up about this thing he's going to be running up part time schedule for MB Sutton motor sports next year his teammate the Geneva jackets got Rick's got to get that. That's our whole deal started here today at homestead Miami speedway imagine Mike Bliss driving the net zero Chevy not several sure what's gonna happen. With that team going in the next season course Ward Burton was released from that car here several weeks ago also the Kodak dodge a Brendan gon is behind the wheel up well with a what's gonna happen there has been some hints he may be out of that car Travis squabble could be gone over the it has a lot going on. We'll talk about some of the possibilities for the 05 season. As we go through today's broadcast. All maligned a championship for five drivers. Also as usual lot of money in NASCAR Nextel cup series racing. 5130338. Dollars plus the NASCAR Nextel Cup leader bonus that's worth 70000 bucks. And the MD and a mid race leader bonus worth 101000 dollars for the Ford 400 and you realize that if whoever wins the Nextel Cup in New York we get a bigger check than nine tower purse is here today. It is grown every single year and yet reached an all time high going into New York for the yet NASCAR awards banquet coming up in just a couple of weeks. Five drivers go on Ford here today Kurt Busch Jimmie Johnson. Jeff Gordon Dale Earnhardt junior. And Mark Martin 82 points among those five drivers it's the closest race in NASCAR history now trackside for the command. And now ladies and gentlemen here's our grand Marshal from Ford Motor Co. Edsel Ford to recite the most famous words end re seeing. Then start your engines. NASCAR today is reduced volume are in radio sponsored by mechanics away or blow the number one glove in NASCAR. From the homestead Miami speedway this is MRN radio the voice of NASCAR. Teachers know. So doctor Tom what's your claim to fame. Well due to all of tunis NASCAR wins last year I wrote thousands of doctors notes for fans were over excitement hypertension a condition that requires a day off work to rest sounds like a responsible doctor doctor. Cutler real doctor broke into doctor get a guy have worked for over excitement about the new camera because. I did that's gonna mess I think we'll let's go places to learn more visit we do racing dot com. NASCAR is a registered trademark of the national association for stock car racing and. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day bush o'clock time for relaxing and unwinding with friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in racing but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. It's bushel clocks and grab a six pack of Busch beer for the cooler start to grill and relax. Enjoy responsibly Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. Being Maureen radio free since. The NASCAR Nextel cup series. Today you don't Ford 400. Welcome back to homestead Miami speedway where Ford championship weekend rolls on I get I'm Joseph Moore along with Barney hall already this weekend the season ending race for the NASCAR craftsman truck series the 4200. Friday accident Kasey Kahne got the win their Bobby Hamilton. Got the championship for the NASCAR craftsman truck series yesterday the Busch Series event Kevin Harvick got the land that was the fourth 300 Martin Truex junior. And Ari clinch the Busch Series title last week at Darlington raceway. The day 43 drivers set to go for five of them a championship on the line 82 point separate Kurt Busch. From Mark Martin the fifth place man in between there is Jimmie Johnson Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt junior who's it going to be. Have motion you had like a little bit here but have no idea field getting to roll on pit road race cars and take him out for about three face laps around the homestead Miami speedway before the cut him loose this afternoon. So what we take a quick swing around the racetrack and bring in a couple of voices who recovering action force. Over in turns one and two his state Modi of Barre Vermont and Davis had a hard not to get caught up in the excitement this championship chase. I challenge anyone to do a party we haven't found anybody out all weekend long list hasn't bought into it. And it should be a great finale here at homestead the new variable degree banking Eric turns wanna do will be fully and play. Banked eighteen degrees at the bottom ninety degrees in the middle twenty degrees up talked. It's a configuration that guarantees a full afternoon of two and three wide racing. A perfect scenario for deciding the 2004 Nextel Cup championship if you're cars right. There's plenty of room. Plenty of planes to drive it to the front it's a perfect afternoon to decide it all we've got the best seat in the house to watch it unfold today I atop the billboard at the exit at turn number two. The other end of the racetrack turns three and four ferries seller it turns one and two but Mike Bagley his watch in the action over the air today as he has been all weekend long. It seems to have been the trouble spots turn four I can't have like eighteen caution flag somewhere that neighborhood. In the truck series race in the Busch Series race and others eighteen there's like 9/11 happened there and volume what's what's the story there well it looks. Like that it has to do with the way the 2018 and nineteen degrees of banking twist back to basically flat Joseph the high side of the racetrack intern for. Has scooped up a lot of trucks and cars so far this weekend at. You'll see these cars come into the corner running the inside lane in the middle group but. Once you grab that top blame that saw one of those cases of grab a handful luster in whale. And hope you have enough Kirsten hanging out there because you're really going to be tested when you swing at why all these corners and make that run off turn porn now the front straight. What. Take a quick minute to remind you that today's broadcast of the Ford 400 brought you an exclusive radio rights granted by homestead Miami speedway and AMR and radio solely for the private noncommercial use of our listening audience. At a publication reproduction or other use of the description and accounts of this event without express written consent of MR and radio is prohibited. 400 point five miles a total distance in today's race on this one and a half mile racetrack that's 200 and the 67 laps. The field now working behind the pace car coming off turn four back to the start finish line couple laps before we go one of the green flag this afternoon. And get this race started so let's take a sweep through pit road and get the story of what some of the crews are planning for today's race will start with Winston Kelley. Well Judd won't be hard for the top three in points to keep up with what one another's doing in kind of a swing tip our circumstances and what you'd expect. All three of armor in the first great pit stalls bets on number one Kurt Busch. On the but Bono surprised there Jeff Gordon qualified fifth and that's our number three the reason for that there's an opening right behind it these drivers like to have openings first. In front of O'Brien no imminent and it's not a reformed the opening there but qualifying 39 and a pit stall number two is Jimmie Johnson says these guys I've bit be able to keep a close around one another. To add to the excitement on the senate pit road. Dale Earnhardt junior also on this sand so we'll have a lot to talk about this afternoon at Miami homestead that O'Malley and midsection. The chase contender in addition to those four that Winston Kelley just mentioned is of course Mark Martin he'll tell the midsection a pit road today. Only 82 points out of the lead their circumstances played out certainly Mark Martin can win his. First Nextel Cup championship but Martin has said all along he satisfied with the season he has had and we'll take what plays what her place he may finish and. I think the fans would love to see that number six car go to Victory Lane here this afternoon we'll keep an on him all the others as we go to attack 267. Laps at homestead Miami Daniel who. I think Adam the big deal down here on the senate pit road it's just watching. How they opt out these guys are going to react to on. Those guys racing for the for the Nextel Cup we've heard Dale Jarrett say that do you wanna give those guys plenty of room. And and given the currency policy going for the win and Dale Earnhardt junior settled Friday. That best wanna be a different store for him he's gonna give a lot less and take a lot more so we'll have to see how this all works out as a race goes on. Lot of lot of different stories down pit lane as far as what the drivers plan Al they hope to kind of keep their cool throughout the running of this race. Kurt Busch I guess you figure Barney is a guy with the most to lose he leads the championship point standings but just by eighteen points he's got to have a perfect race today and try to win. Slowly starting in the perfect position certainly at the front of the field if he can lead of the first lap around here grab yourself five points that will be out of the way real quick. And running in clean air does make a big difference no matter where we go so he is in and great position here this afternoon. They work your way back down and maternal one gets the indication we're going green next time around. Jeff Burton actually Carl Edwards comes down to that line making a unscheduled stop here before we get the green flag three cars are going to the rear of the pack it. It will be Jeff Burton for making an engine change Mike Bliss also an engine change on the net zero Chevrolet and Casey Mears. The policy went to a back up car those three will go to the rear of the pack. We'll find out momentarily the situation all Carl Edwards as the rest of the field works off turn two and hit the back straightaway they will go grain. Next time bye for Kurt Busch on the pole leading the points. Who would Roush racing does he laid on them. Well Kansas has been instrumental with what he did last year and in just a different clues in the different nick next that we picked up from his team on how to win races and what to do is that. As a championship effort but Mark Martin has got to be the backbone of Roush racing and what he's done to help our teams come this far to build this or organization. And to be in the championship chases many times as he has he's still an eighty's that this this that this race and the awaited the outcome could shake out he can end up with a championship but everything's gone our way in this deal on mark is definitely taught me a lot about how to be a leader and how to race my car. And it's Kurt said mark of course also a player in this championship run the field works behind the pace car the Ford Mustang up in turn number four. As the crowd stands here at homestead Miami speedway held a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. The final race of 2004 about to begin and the Ford 400 at homestead Miami speedway it's live on the motor racing network here's Barney hall. One of the most. Signing championships about to be settled here at homestead Miami speedway this afternoon green flag goes in the air. Head off to sort of walked Kurt Busch immediately tries to get out there make sure he can lead at first lap as it goes over to turn to. The first order business get that five point bonus for leading a lap and so far so good he'd take relief. You certainly want to like it's. All boils down over the infield grass. And also Hermes settlers become involved two cars tackling at the very tailored to the field on the opening lap. And it didn't take long to get yellow flag the caution is out a couple of cars like goodness back toward the tail end of the field most of the field had already gone by so it will be a two car accident let's go back over to turn to. Like let's just pulling away party that is not appear to be any damage on the net zero Chevrolet. The army Sadler machine has re fired people come flipping by now damage on the left. Front corner of the drive for diversity machine sat was gonna need some time on pit road he's got damage all down the left side of that car. And Jones and as we said is a good thing it did happen back toward the tail end of the field has had it happen right up toward the front of the field we could collected eight maybe nine or even ten cars who knows yet tough break for Mike Bliss the at a very good qualifying effort was started in the twelfth position. To tell if you moments go had to go to the rear of the pack for the start here this afternoon. Because of making an engine change the netzero Chevrolet he's caught up in a crash here at the drop of the green flag. In the running of the Ford 400 let's check and see what the story has all Carl Edwards. Well Joey mentioned that he had come down pit road before the start of the race it seemed there was a problem with the break Palin was hanging up on something. Under and in the cockpit of the car or not quite sure what it was but they spent some time on pit road several guys now their work on it and it appears that it is being. Is six but there was a problem with the brake pedal Carl Edwards machine. And they did get the car at a time to take the green flag however Carl average is 42 on the field after one lap in the Ford 400. Jimmie Johnson is on pit road west to Kelly. I started 39 deals behind that situations I just wanted to double checked things they look around the car. Made a slight chassis adjustment track bar. Lauren that a round and a half on that machine. Keep that solves down we midget Mike Bliss was involved in the accident they're doing some work on the violence of his car not too much cosmetic damage he'll be good together. Mike Bliss army center involved in the crash on lap number one the and amp it up in turn number one Kurt Busch leads with Greg but Greg but Greg Biffle second Ryan Newman third of Kasey Kahne fourth and Jeff Gordon fifth. Feels I have to laugh from going back on the green flag here in the running of the Ford 400 homestead Miami speedway Kurt Busch. Led that first lap about a fact he's led the first three laps and of course picks up that bus that could make the difference depending on. How things shake out with the running of today's race is teammate Greg Biffle fell in line and second with Ryan Newman third Kasey Kahne fourth. Jeff Gordon picked up a spot he's now fifth Ricky run a sixth body the body a seventh Kevin Harvick gained a spot he's up to eight Tony Stewart night. And tip this Rusty Wallace. You're getting ready to go back jury may also lead up to you that turned a body also must of got a piece of that action down in turn want it to their just won't go he made a pit stop that were taken a look at his car but he is able to continue. And we'll go back on the racetrack pace car behind the pit wall heading down the line looking for the green flag it is in the air and Kurt Busch takes off. Greg Biffle was right behind Atlanta in the single file restart don't think it's like that play very long for go to two. Spur of the moment everybody in the top ten remain single file first man had a lot will be Brian Vickers he goes to the outside. Okay. Puyallup writers Jeff Gordon breaking out of line this is the race for the fourth spot Chevy and dodge side by side. Here's short but. For free the back Kevin Harvick on the move pulls down the inside a body the body but the body has his own business at hand that he's got to work on Ricky rod pulled out of the inside of that car as they come to the start finish line Greg Biffle goes around takes over the top spot he now leads the way at the turn two bit further back the battle for six fax plus. The following very troubling turn to our status around Jeff currently around. Rocky Mountains around it once again Mary LaMont in house don't walk down the Kellogg's Chevrolet demand through. I had the money and everybody read fires and cars. Yellow flags up for the second time three cars involved back to turn to bat again Barney it's in the back of the pack Jeff Burton has got some damage on the AOL Chevrolet for fire. Primarily to the left rear. And the left front of that TARP Boris at a has pulled his car away Robby Gordon took a standout through the infield grass he is also away minimal if any damage on the Cingular wireless machine. Joseph has been trimmed all weekend long in the truck grace we had three or four caution flags in the first fifty laps in the Busch race we did the same thing looks like we may have the same thing today here in the cup race carrying over here this afternoon just out six laps into the event. And already this is the second caution flags a coming out on lap number five involving Robby Gordon Jeff Burton. And Boris Said and again up in turn at number twos on the field slows down yet again. And they Maria gets everybody's going to be public content if. It looks like you know I think. Reasonable seriously damage. Machine I would expect he'll continue one another product continues to circulates Casey Mears has more on the right front. There aren't that target dodge apart he's gonna have to come to pit road as well. Robby Gordon is on pit road let's go down there now well having left side damaged Barney on the Cingular wireless Chevrolet kind of a sad deal because that. Oliver Ronnie sticker we know the Robby is going to gun into a new adventure next year in all this being her manager on the says it's a shame the band's. All right yeah. Certainly not the way that they want it to us start their day or in their day today that Robbie as a driven off from his pit stall as heavily Jeff Burton has made a stop in front of Adam and. Damage to the left side of the America Online Chevrolet all they could do is change left side tires hammer out that left front fender. He is pulled away so it is not lose a lap that you can expect that blue and gold machine to come back down several times under caution. As they try to repair damage to his car as they admitted his drive most of the damage to the left front. And eleven reared his Chevrolet Casey Mears now bringing his guard down also coming down the machine it came trader both cars were involved. In that last incident. If you remove. We'll make you stop now they're also in the favorite things particularly causing them over their turn to now Barney I can't really pivot point on anything or anyone it's just. Cars toward the back of the pack trying to get things sorted out. He threw the green flag of course everybody trying to get. That are advantageous line most of them here dearly going door to the bottom it. A couple of people going for the same reason that's all I know they're the same time it's probably knew. Gentlemen Winston Kelley. I Casey Mears one of the guys involved. That actually looks like the right front fenders addict and an eye opener applied to me that is a sheet metal peeled away on the right front where the tire is. They're going to work on that cutting the sheet metal away and trying to put some take to hold the rest up and own. Barnett was a very close call for Jimmie Johnson Matilda he started back of the back of the pack because of a port qualifying effort here on Friday accident but Paul qualifying. He barely snuck through when those set three or four cars got crossed up there in turn over to close call number one for Jimmie Johnson. He's currently showed back in the 36 position. Becomes the field work it off turn number four they should get the one the go signal this time by. As the Ford Mustang pace car stays on the racetrack and Greg Biffle holds the top spot after Kurt Busch led early on teammate swap positions. And that now biffle leads Kurt Busch Ryan Newman third Jeff Gordon fourth and Kasey Kahne runs in fifth. Back in sixth place right now will be bombing the body seventh Ricky Rudd eight this Kevin Harvick ninth will be Tony Stewart tenth Rusty Wallace was coming out of pit road. And coming down the pit lane my wall is gonna bring his machine and gonna change right side tires their scores and it got a little bit of the accident. Comes back down pit road also Jeff Burton comes down this time gonna change right side tires and beat down the trump on the left rear because it was poked out when he got involved that accident another guard for the Winston Kelly heavily Jimmie Johnson. That would be an American changing right side tires this time of economic and a four tire stop last time as a wedge adjustments. Just checked things out this time they're gonna go into an all or fresh tires just to make sure nothing was flat spotted. So the field works up ball fly at turn number two on the back straightaway about a half lap from going back on the green flag and off to a slow start here this afternoon. A caution flag fell a lap number one and Mike Bliss and Hermes Sadler got together going in the current number one. And most recently here at lap or five Robby Gordon Jeff Burton Boris Said it involved several other cars with a bit of damage. As a result of that crash at turn number two including can't trader Terry a body. And that Jimmie Johnson but all have not made repairs pull back on the racetrack we're about to go back of the green flag. And see if we can get this thing rolling for a few moments we giving back through the top tale is running a little further back Dale Earnhardt junior's is eleventh right now mark Martin's twelve Brian Vickers is thirteenth Jamie aquarius fourteenth. Brennan gone as fifteen chain mile sixteen Elliott Sadler seventeenth to him check his eighteenth Jeremy Mayfield nineteenth. And twentieth here's Scott Weber green flag goes back in the air and Greg Biffle leads off turn one. Serves bush right in the rear view mirror that a couple of car lengths back to Ryan Newman. He's followed in fourth by Jeff scored at the Kasey Kahne machine everybody. Side by side for seventh here's the GM Goodrich services Chevrolet to the inside of the motor craft for the real the real. For Tony Stewart pulled right down the low side of the track tries to challenge for the next position closer to the front Jeff Gordon does all the little. It mostly inside Iran and human flashes by and Gordon's off the third group the DuPont Chevrolet up the position number three. Ryan Newman that drop kick back. Kasey Kahne went way up the racetrack that open the lane down low for low Bonnie is so mobile Bonnie the fifth Kasey Kahne back to six. You rats freefall. Jeff Gordon is a man on the move and he's also on a mission here he wants to give up their get himself five bonus points and take the lead is just see how strong that car is right now he's closing Yemen or Libya a chance to take second place away through the championship contenders ready to go nose to nose up. Contraception. Ford Chevy and dodge battle for second Kurt Busch looks back at sees the rainbow colored Chevrolet of Jeff Gordon on the back up. Here's bush again on the racetrack. I thought Jeff Gordon good business in the early running here this afternoon down the inside of the track he goes challenging point leader Kurt Busch. Side by side across the stripe and Ryan Newman in the mix as well it's our one Jeff Gordon drives it deep and return of wanting a pick the second spot away. I'm topic. Ryan Newman charging down low try to take third can't do it on the back straightaway instead they'll fall on the tire tracks offer plus my dad never. It's sexy about it. Our floor and it drives now to the bottom of the racetrack trying to get underneath Kurt Busch and you can bet all afternoon for what's at stake for Kurt Busch every driver out there's gonna put all the pressure on him they can't neglect or one. We're going to be at the sideline he will take her away from Kurt Busch now plotted and step up to. Challenger. Bob the bodies yet to break out of line and said he follows curtain back to the corner see little bunny does this time. Kurtz takes a lower line. Audience size is the. Under the bonnet looking low coming off turn four CC yet quite pull even with Kurt Busch this time he'll get back in line. Kasey Kahne rides behind him that comes Kevin Harvick the next battle is Rusty Wallace all the movements are one that's the battle for eighth place. Guys to the end the only. Budweiser Chevrolet forced to the outside of the racetrack and Ricky Wright is there to help hold down lol thank you routed rocker rod plus Earnhardt rallies. Watching Greg Biffle right now pull away from Jeff Gordon Jeff was gaining a little ground in a moment ago back here from second place now he's losing ground affect you may lose even more Ryan Newman has turned up the wiccan is chasing him down. And will be challenging for second very short. I humans back loaded for Carlos now. I continues to Whittle away at. Finally another camp backpackers. Greg Biffle is in the when he has dropped the hammer his lead half the distance of the back straightaway over a tightening second place battled and Jeff Gordon hasn't been Ryan Newman's star. Talk about it try to take it away. Greg Biffle lead is just about a second and a half. Over what shaping up to be a good second place battled Jeff Gordon has a spot for now. But Ryan given indeed is closing in and he's maybe ten car lengths behind Gordon at turn one now. Following in the tire tracks we're biding his time try to close in the oh OK to make that number. On the back straightaway Gordon Newman that's the battle for second and soon Kurt Busch is gonna make that a three man battle last night by. Problems remark Barney almost collected Jamie missionary and almost flat the safer barrier over here and turn three important part got very close almost run around the barn that was Kevin hang onto it. Now which is several cars and kind of skating around not taking alive through the corps that lost him in practice for the last couple of days and they put you could tell who's got to hit the setup of who has. I deep mourning and part of the problem and serious alcohol can be long till today words about just. Now let me use different with the Eurasia. There comes a race leader Greg Biffle off turn four back to the start finish line completing lap number sixteen the of the four to 400 Jeff Gordon is behind him again up one point three seconds it stays up pretty much the same as it has been the last few laps. Right given us and third Kurt Busch is fourth body the body is in fifth. Casey cane rods and six Kevin Harvick it's moved up a couple of spots. He's in seventh Rusty Wallace also on the move after starting fifth rusty now runs in eight Tony Stewart's ninth and Ricky Rudd has fallen back to the tenth position. Dale Earnhardt junior now runs an eleventh twelfth as Jamie McMurray Brendan on its thirteenth and fourteenth is Mark Martin. Fifteenth Elliott Sadler sixty this Geneva check seventy to Scott Weber with Brian Vickers and eighteenth Michael Waltrip nineteenth that Jeremy Mayfield is twenty. Particular bit further back Shane realist 21 Travis waffle is 22 Scott Riggs 23 Dale Jarrett 24 and John Andretti 25. Starring Marlon is 26 27 Bobby Hamilton junior Carl Edwards is 28. Jimmie Johnson has laid up some ground he is up to 29 position Martin Truex junior. Make up to the rest of the top thirty Greg Sachs and her reset are the only two cars that have gone to the garage area. From time to time we'll update on where the top five in the neck the chase for the Nextel Cup he is running right now Jeff Gordon is the best of those up in second place. Kurt Busch is stuffed on fourth. And back in his eleventh is Earnhardt junior Mark Martin chose fourteenth Jimmie Johnson was really trying to make up ground assault went back to twenty night pick up the eighth. Place battle that is where Rusty Wallace is trying to hold off Tony Stewart there halfway down the back straightaway that's. He and heating up that is show for the last few have spied Sony certainly closes on rusty then fall back by coming to. Between a good stabilized at about three kind of like. Then back into turn number one Greg Biffle right now I didn't. You walk through the garage ever Sunday morning Joseph you talked as many teams can about who do you think it's going to be really good they are who's been good practice. The three cars that we're most mentioned to me this morning that would likely be really good in this race all day today. Was Kasey Kahne was one of those Kurt Busch was another and Greg Biffle was the other. Now for the most part Kirk started all the bud Holman has fallen back to fourth so it's obvious you know each staff and lead as many laps as he could because that pays whoever leads the most laps gets five bonus points actually you know his car at present is off just a little bit so the only one of those predictions. For the guys that we talked to his Greg Biffle. It Greg Biffle this going all out he has the chance of winning the NASCAR Nextel cup series championship but would like in the season. With a victory here this accident his car is very good. The spoke with Mark Martin this morning about how Kurt Busch is handling the situation. All the pressure on a young man like he has in his first battle when NASCAR Nextel cup series titles. Well her very young man is doing enough fabulous job he's been really strong this is not his first championship these he's raced sports is the first. Nextel Cup he's raised for so. He's incredibly talented young man and and they're getting it done. And I'm sure that act Kirk listens to about price from Mark Martin and some of the other teammates at Roush racing mark said the key to this whole thing for Kurt is just keep your hand if and so far that's exactly what he's doing he led a lap couple laps the first part of the race now fallback for the fourth position as being very very. I guess you call it conservative in the early. Running data won't get in trouble and if the cars a little bit off in the early going that's no big deal because several times this year he's like some of the top teams that we've watched at the car's not. Exactly what it needs to be admitted to hit pit road they've been as good as anybody making adjustments on it. At putting him right back to the ballgame were costly to jump ball game right now but he is right along factor fourth. As we say if you could leave this thing is certain though he'd lead as many laps as he could. Atlanta over sixteen well it's either a little bit further on that left 29 right now without it Greg Biffle was the man they're still chasing. And chasing is that correct deal with is that the interval between himself second. Third of the rest of the field is getting larger every time around as they hit the straight away and work your way back off into turn one and two. Let's say what would you get a car hooked up at this racetrack we saw last year when they reconfigure the speedway. You can really do some business and reverse the whole field sometime. Yeah just a matter of having the right setup to start with the course will see adjustments made. As pit stops pop up here throughout the course of the running in this race at from time to time cart will get better that weren't so good to begin with the cars that were good. Early in the race started cattle fade away right now let's pick up the battle for the third spot it's up at third ever wonder that a Dave Moodie. Ryan Newman now feeling. Put it right on the back where they Alltel dodge. Pilot slow coming off to a close call for the race leader just a moment ago coming off turn two went three wide in the middle two lap cars of cancer later Casey Mears pregnant my back. Hang on to his sport to get through that pack of race traffic. Out of turn before moving back in the front straightaway right now Greg Biffle has already cost some cars at the Taylor in the field and put on the left out and it looks like he's gonna do even more that scramble for second continues. Battle of the night while Jeff Gordon all the little packet. Battle for third hot and heavy at Ryan still feeling that we need from her. Rather gingerly try to work to back buffer for. Ryan Newman taking a lower line off the corner while Kurt Busch is almost rare running is way off the turn. Can't turn never drink again Newman splitting the difference to the racetrack and this time bush take following is a hard track to the corner. At this time both of them doubled and higher coming off turn ever four and bush does not make a run that you'll stay tucked in the air behind Ryan Newman crossed the start finish line. As a hand off a deterrent ever won. Here at homestead Miami speedway 38 laps in the Ford 400 here this afternoon executive championship points standings as of this moment Kurt Busch leads Jeff Gordon has taken over the second spot. They get this sixty points back to Gordon Jimmie Johnson has fallen to third. He is 74 points out of the lead to Elkhart junior runs in fourth in the standings. He's 107 Alan Mark Martin is fifth a 129. Points out of the lead. Hunter who has really made up some ground though is Jimmie Johnson we told you a little bit earlier probably eight or ten laps ago that he was back in 29 position he is really gain since that time he's only up to eighteen right now. So that's only wanted to do is take his time stay out of trouble and we had a couple of caution flags a problem overturned 12 in the early going. It was back toward where he was factor that drove through that had no problem. And continue to work his way to the front of the field the leader is Greg Biffle at lap 39. Jeff Gordon is second Kurt Busch is third Ryan Newman's fourth Bob the body is fifth and Kevin Harvick has six Tony Stewart is now seventh Rusty Wallace is up to eight. Kasey Kenny is mine and Ricky Rudd is tip. Earnhardt junior is eleventh Brennan gone his twelfth thirteenth as Elliott Sadler fourteenth as Mark Martin and rounding up the top fifty is Jamie McMurray. Battle right now is for the ninth position that a fact ninth and eighth Rusty Wallace the air along with Kasey Kahne. And Ricky Rudd meanwhile Bobby Hamilton junior is all that rode that tide Chevrolet on. Undoubtedly would be. Stop at lap forty now right side tires going on come around eleven cyber. You felt the vibration but obviously something wrong. Good morning I'm glad. Expected driver bond pit road for. It's nicer. Reliable reliable follow follow up to see exactly what the problem was copying and. Georgia and everything he can't run down the leader right now Greg Biffle he has fallen back to add three tenths seconds and he's gonna have to even if he gets up there. To get anywhere near Mike Bagley got about three or four cars he's got to get through to get there. A whole lot of real estate and a lot of lap traffic these guys Jeffords he's also. Robby Gordon Mike Bliss and a lot of racetrack between himself for the race later. So Jeff Gordon on a mission here trying to chase down Greg Biffle who has his own visual and mission that is trying to. Really make a laughingstock and everybody else's he dominates in the early running here this afternoon. Kurt Busch is 3.5 seconds back in third Ryan Newman not too far for him you got Bobbitt a funny move it up a bit. And Kevin Harvick picked up a number of spots from the start of the race this afternoon he had started in the ninth position. They got back and forth right now he's running in the six spot Kevin fresh off a win yesterday in NASCAR Busch Series race here at homestead. Miami speedway look at back of the field to see where Mark Martin is he out kind of work in his play from the back of the pack it has been moving up. Stanley here this afternoon Mark Martin with a chance albeit kind of an outside chance to win the championship. He's currently in the thirteenth position panel hold as well right now as we said Barney for him. Have a chance to win. Not only must he win the race but a lot of other things must happen to the other contender yup that's going to be got three or four guys that have all kinds of problems out there for mark do. As we city there's a very long shot but that is even that's better than no shot at all so. For Marco is really that concerned that obviously you'd like to win the championship but he knows that is not a pretty slim let's go downstairs. And one follow up on the Bobby Hamilton junior story admiring a problem with one of the wheels felt the vibration and wanna come on man maybe if we say take four tires. Junior on his way Atlanta forty. Greg Biffle continues chopping his way through the field getting by more traffic over at turn three final lap Ontario. Nobody also laps on Kenny Wallace up close and I'm Mike Wallace at third fourth. It is way off to remember for a back to the straightaway Greg's car is about absolutely perfect the way he's lapping traffic. In the straightaway didn't get to three wide same thing almost over the corners. Greg Biffle right now okay hurt bush ever had. He leads of the last. And rear view mirror Kurt Busch oil and garlic and act now here's Greg Biffle at the entrance to turn me on the back bumper of Mike Wallace Wallace live to the racetrack lets. Biffle happy yes I play the market is now two point seven seconds that's Greg Biffle lead over Jeff Gordon. Caution flag is waving here at homestead Miami speedway apparently for debris on the racing surface it's a third time we've seen the yellow flag here this afternoon it is Greg Biffle leads. At lap 48. Yellow flag comes out on lap 48 for debris on the racing surface senate lap 49 everybody is on pit road let's go to Winston Kelley. And Jeff Gordon and me the first win on the senate pit road a couple of vets all they had having cart bush crews are on the right side of the top. For bush he's been tied him running third for Jeff Gordon. Tied in turns 13 and far. Here comes Jimmy Johnson squeeze and in between he's been tied in and lose off for Dale Earnhardt junior losing and tied in the metal and loose off. Greg Biffle gets this sport prior stops his car's been very. It's got ahead. And if I have finished at the end of pit road between reveling card bus following them it's going to be Jeff Barton. Then the camp and Harvick car Ryan Newman was more tired than bill. His car's been running very got to look at Lausanne and tied in the middle of the rest of the guys on this and a pit road Martin Truex junior John Andretti Bobby and I'm Bonnie. I'll pitting for tires and tonight I feel that I'm Alexander. Most guys the midsection a pit road saying they've got a tight handling racecar are among those on the pit lane Rusty Wallace was in for tires and fuel for his car. Elliott Sadler made a stop Ricky Rudd was on the pit lane. Kasey Kahne came down championship contender Mark Martin was in Jamie McMurray also made a stop along with Scott Riggs these drivers getting it chassis adjustment. To help the handling of their race car. Four tires and topping off the fuel tank Danielle. Many guys down it's an apparent that we're fighting a little bit of a loose condition want loose condition while those with Kevin Harvick he came and they made an air pressure adjustment or tired and feel for Kevin Harvick. Others it might stop. Include Tony Stewart he due to look less than one into handling everything just now I'll leave those are relying more tired and help him. Also grinding your way you guys limited chance he had just been on his disease heart attack and field. Jeremy Mayfield mentioned that Carl Edwards and pregnant gauntlet along with Dale Jarrett I'll live report for our field as those cars a lap down now on camera. Greg Biffle is gonna win the race off pit road Kurt Busch to line up right behind him a second then Jeff Gordon Kevin Harvick and Ryan Newman as a top five. That second wave to cars that are -- Bordal will make your pissed off right now they'll make their stops at lap 51 years so it'll send everybody else back out on the racetrack and as we say they'll be chasing Greg Biffle placed our hits pit road green flag goes up in the air Greg Biffle comes up through the accelerator try to get away from Kurt Busch and Jeff Gordon little left traffic out of the upside deal with the short walk. First car of a lap down line will be Robby Gordon Greg Biffle dispenses what it was no trouble Kurt Busch will do the same. They Dorn slides right at the line behind Jeff Gordon that Gordon doesn't take that for very long hearing comes charging down the inside. Kevin Harvick makes his way down below sign of Robby Gordon's Laura machine also here's Ryan Newman. And Tony Stewart completed in the past further back Rusty Wallace goes after Bob it'll Bonnie this is a race for seventh that are one Wallace on the inside bother nobody on the outside rush to complete the pass. Rather about a totally tightens up Greg Biffle got awfully high and turn over duke. And that's a Kurt Busch that close then she'll attend three car. Kurt was up there but he didn't make a bigamist or does it become big enough mistake for him to get around Greg Biffle and take the lead to ways to Carla expect Jeff Gordon is closing at right now let's travel go off for fourth place to watch. Ryan Newman it's got a rearview mirror for the GM Goodrich Chevrolet has Kevin Harvick now don't zombie attack. Our third Ryan Miller makes. Ryan Newman to Darlington Hanover Kevin Harvick that's the race for fourth then you've got Tony Stewart further back are stacked up double live near there. Junior trying to make his way around. Earnhardt junior running in the ninth position trying to move up they are and get a little bit closer to the top five. Jimmie Johnson make it's a nice progress he's up for the fifteenth position. That's the best he spent so far this afternoon Jimmy close again on Jamie McMurray as they race off the one thing. John Wooden floor progression. Opens the outside lane momentarily knocked off the line off. It's very here's Michael wanted. That's really try to gain all the positions he can't he's done pretty well moving up in the field as it worked her way across a lot of hit back to the current number one. Had a good race inaudible would go between Mark Martin Kasey Kahne is kind of evaporated little bit right now that's and took place on back but they've looted still some hard racing in the packet traffic. I'm okay. The back straightaway and now Mark Martin trying to close in on. Closes clapping sheet metal on the Robby Gordon cars calls NASCAR with the black flag out these on that road. Your head that way in rotting hornets now back out on the racetrack. Race for third is halfway down the back straightaway and it involves Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman Gordon trying to hold off the advantage of them and fears going in the water physical. Top to bottom I knew I was gonna try to squeeze in. Front tries to make car stick to get around underneath Jeff Gordon couldn't do it in the middle of the corner can't do it off the corner now settles in right behind even trade him off into turn one Jeff Gordon for the moment it's fought off the challenge for Ryan Newman but. It went right back on the comeback trail takes a look at the my heart to. Jeff Gordon hit. The offer and instead they'll fall back by about a car like maybe to follow Jeff Gordon off the end of the back straightaway to intimidate us again this time pixel. Flows into the turn off Florida's about a lane and a half off the bottom of the quarter. Further back Mark Martin picking up a position they got by Bob and a bunny last time five markets of the the tenth spot Jimmie Johnson gave to another position. He got by Jamie McMurray Jimmie has now moved up to the fourteenth spot trying to close in next on Elliott Sadler who is next in line actually now Jimmy. Is up the thirteenth. That battle for third again forms up off turn to Jeff Gordon Ryan Newman nose to tail losing ground to the top to look at again Newman's applying the treasury. It around Jeff Gordon. Good at the entrance to the corner but born again. Can't sideways at turn four. Jeff Gordon gets up just a little bit high Ryan's got a fender up there this time has got enough horsepower passing not only doesn't he was there just for a second and Jeff Gordon just out horsepower and down the frustrated laid back you don't want. Ryan Doumit still right there are those still try to force an 030 no not yet decided. Art machine they'll try it turns Norton again pulls away. At some awfully strong horses under the hood that Chevrolet for Jeff Gordon trying to hold off Ryan Newman so far so good for Gordon and see what happens this time definitely. Charges at the corner is up along. Before they come out work it off turn four the race for the third position at it again Jeff Gordon a little bit stronger coming up off the turn. Ryan Newman has to fall back in line while Jeff Burton has taken his car to the garage championship contenders move it up here's Mark Martin at work he's trying to get by Dale Junior. I city inside. My proud of my life. Now that's across there. OK Mark Martin now up tonight he's trying to get paid for Kasey Kahne but he's got Fort Collins of racetrack to make up your Smart in the corner. I've got away. I guess within about 23 Carling so it was a hit the front straightaway and head back down into turn over one got a little ways to go yet before it catches you tell the coolest get out there right now lets Jimmie Johnson Jimmy started back in 39 position. He's up to twelfth doing exactly what he needs to do teach has been. Marching through the field that once again it's not some more traffic and turns in the F. Only funny if we can't and in fact there are not going to be able to make the pass though falling in line behind applauding and here's Bobbie the money sitting outside of there. Do you read your dream. That's not Jimmie Johnson trying to do the. I have fallen about is that pretty strong car simply opening bell here this afternoon beginning to prove it as he's picked up a couple of positions are Hart junior. Really have a handful coming off the corner and in the middle of the corner. Haven't give your run them a while we're left 63 Greg Biffle is your leader Kurt Busch is second Jeff Gordon's third Ryan Newman's fourth. Tony Stewart is fifth Kevin Harvick is six Rusty Wallace is seven. You know I hate this Kasey Kahne mark Martin's up to life into it does bother the body Jimmie Johnson grabs a couple more spots he moves up into the level. Her heart juniors twelve and Elliott Sadler thirteenth team in the Mary is fourteen to Michael Waltrip is fifty. Written gonna sixteenth seventeenth as Dale Jarrett eighteen Joni reject nineteen Scott where we're headed twentieth right now is Matt Kenseth. What are we take a sweep through the pits right now brought you back harassment the official tools of NASCAR Winston Kelley. Well let's start with a championship points contender Greg Louis Kurt Busch who started on the dot com. An awfully hard but he's pretty satisfied with how the car. Can lose all these courts as well they went through the night. Jeff Gordon not quite dissatisfied with his car that's been looked at Liz Sanders very tied. Aussie dropped back from. Your head then all of lose all started sixteenth currently running third possession and for Greg Biffle very. I was fine with his car out front and I'll match first run a lot of heat buildup on the right. Long. Every holiday for Mark Martin started eleventh his work the Viagra Ford ended the eighth position. He's been fairly quiet on the radio moments recently said need to free the car that's probably what they hope when it is. Under the next caution flag for the next pit stop we'll see which opportunity can. The first for Mark Martin pretty good day for Rusty Wallace started. The seventh made a slight adjustment to help put tight handling condition under the caution flag when they came down pit. So no word of the green flag was back in the air and Kasey Kahne for the first time. It is to let outside the top ten he in the early going save his god was handling on the tight side Danielle. Well it's time winner Tony. Back pain pain apparently in the end. And I need to be like yeah. I'm failing to envoys to be tired yeah I would change and not lose the minute I haven't. And now there. And one of them unhappy as people I'm gonna assume out on the racetrack Joseph would be Dale Earnhardt junior like the city confiding that car the better part of the day you know shows back in twelfth position that. Isn't positions over the last ten laps or so and it's obvious. That act cars just not setting well in the corners. And sent drivers continue to pass them out element coming up now Jamie McMurray closes that'll junior. As they come up off turn number four let's check the championship point standings of the chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. As of the last laps completed Kurt Busch's lead was 36 over Jeff Gordon. Jimmie Johnson is 3055. Back Mark Martin is support a 115 back and Dale Earnhardt junior is fifth. 120. Points out of the lead that's as south LAPD number 77. Greg Biffle still look at good here this afternoon the late now one and a half seconds over Kurt Busch. Ryan Newman Jeff Gordon Tony Stewart rest of the top five Tony's been moving up over the last few laps Kevin Harvick had a good run Rusty Wallace at the top ten. Mark Martin has worked his way up after starting today back in the eleventh position markets now on the eight spot Jimmie Johnson. The biggest mover today after starting the race here this accident back in 39 position Jimmy's at night Bob middle Bonnie currently has stepped. Jimmie Johnson's marches in front of the field continues he's just picked up another spot getting by Mark Martin. Jimmy is now up to the eight position. It's Greg Biffle continues to lead from the homestead Miami speedway. This is MR and radio the voice of NASCAR. Countryside whatever you drive to wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection and industry leading wore Tina gets you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more visit. He's tired dot com Hercules tires bride and our strength. The racetrack to the road home fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So filmmaker high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether your pulling up to the pump. Or into the fifth. You can trust Sunoco DaVita fueling you go second campus and it does feel going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of races. Back at homestead Miami speedway 82 of 267 laps now complete. But couple Fords up front Greg Biffle Kurt Busch and that's a big smile on Edsel B Ford the second the grand Marshal for today's running. Of the Ford 404 championship we can't get this idiot make it's great to be here what a great weekend you guys have put together we talk about this all throughout the weekend. But the truck finale on Friday the Busch race yesterday and Alan Nextel cup series finale this Ford championship weekend has become sort of like a speed weeks at the end of the year. And it's worked out great I think that depth from the that the Peter perspective and from Ford Motor company's perspective. There's been a great weekend and as you know it's been going for three years and I think everybody's very happy wouldn't you never lost your enthusiasm for this morning. Now I love that idea I've known these drivers they are my heroes and you know that I had dinner with bill France last night and it's. It's just exciting and with the France family has just done a magnificent job. I don't think you missed any of the awards banquet in new York and what I've been there I have favorite memory view one of those bankers with. I introduced you miss one of the special guest there that night as the president of Ford Motor Co. And I found out later that you were not the president and I apologize to you after the race he says Hank Randall we're about to and I appreciate the promotion. Hough I probably should have had a promotion to let now I think the final line of the final than any horse it was a special time and it's a great to see all the drivers together. We're talking yesterday you know with some of the other Ford executives came up here mount some of the the cars that you guys have come out with a recent years and they are just so sport yet. I've got a couple must things that I enjoy driving but let's say that you and salute you thunderbird and a couple of years old now those are just outstanding cars. Well I just had a chance to drive at the the mustang pace car earlier today it was the first time might actually bid in the mustang and I was really impressed with I thought it was really a beautiful car. Mr. Ford dies you guys at Ford Motor Co. have always made NASCAR racing a big part of your marketing effort and apparently it's working quite well for you. Now it's worked great it has worked great for all the years that we've been involved with the NASCAR in doubt we're happy to be willing participant in. You know we want a row which sport for a you'd involve the fans as well we're talking to sell you folks down there you gave away a super duty. I hear yesterday I gave a wave won back to Kansas up late it was you get the fans involved in the sport as well. Well I mean we have to look at the finances as potential buyers at this owners of our products and they are the most important ingredient of all so I think that's why. You'll see from now on now all of real focus on the fans and and they're integral part of the whole marketing program. All the racing side of things I you're effort here course I've very much intensified this year but the fact that Jack Roush and Robert Gates got together and pulled their efforts. And it's up proven to be a very successful Lou. Well it's been a great move and I've had a chance to actually visit with Doug gates tonight than the engine shop in and in spoken with with the Jack Roush and in a lot of the team owners and I think they're very happy in the wood Brothers I was with a wood Brothers today and they're very happy with it. I guess that question and you're pulling for today no sir I'm pulling Elwood almost any car that has a portal or that. We got a couple of in charge right now Greg Biffle and Kirk bush heads will be for the second grand Marshal for today's Ford 400 thanks a lot for coming by thanks for all you do in the support of NASCAR racing thank you very much we're really glad to be here sing Bjork yeah I'll be there thanks. But it's not just a moment ago it looked like Dale Jarrett was down off pit road to see if we get an update on that one yeah. Heartbreaking I don't care I don't. Early and maybe pick became downhill lip read felt the vibration. Let me. Let us. We're at lap 89 coming up on 91 more circuit around Greg Biffle continues to show the way Kurt Busch is second courage lost ground to biffle he has three and 310 seconds behind now that translates almost a half a straightaway. Ryan even runs third Kevin Harvick fourth Jeff Gordon his fifth Tony Stewart's up to six. Jimmie Johnson continues to knock them off one at a time Jimmy started thirty night he's up to seven. In the eighth position in his body the body Rusty Wallace is also in the top tier of the night Mark Martin is still up and running back quickly through the top twenty. Elliott Sadler is a little Jamie McMurray is twelve Earnhardt junior's thirteenth in the August 14 but it's at fifty Michael Waltrip sixty. Scott Weber is seventy Joni Richards is a piece Scott Riggs nineteen Kasey Kahne that's the tough when he. Caution is all the speedway and is a problem for Kurt Busch and Nextel Cup points leader has started the race today was my goal return to get an update. Their party and near disasters Philip ten. Disaster for Kurt Busch got about it lately dirt wanna zoo and the cardinals simply would not turn it. An amazing job sixties talk off the walls. Randall literally two inches from the concrete all the way around through turns wanted to do kept off the wall immediately headed for pit road. And Danielle Lee had a problem even when he came on pit road get that disaster almost became man and big time disasters he's trying to come up their road the casing on that's our right front. Came off thousands of fall back on the speed might actually went Dale Earnhardt junior was coming by the filler here. Actually came off. Bounce back onto the track in front of Dale Earnhardt junior he had to do a little bit of evasive driving it well but Kurt Busch has nominated at Abilene in front of Winston. Mavericks and right side tires only the entire way okay mop the middle section of the whale was broken loose at this that the hub. Was still attached to the are the tire was still attached to the will be a completely came loose they brought it down just changed right side tires and sitting back on the racetrack. This caution isn't just about everybody to pit road west Achilles is a busy place Greg Biffle the farce to pull down and away his machine have been a little bit tight so a chassis adjustment there. Next out dot. On the senate veteran Jeff Gordon came out about fifty was Lucent tie it in the middle off Ryan Newman with a good pit stop he comes out second. He was tied from the center off they're still working on the card bush got. He's just now Mosul what they've got some cosmetic damage where that wheel popped off so that been doing some sheet metal work to the right front of his machine. Jimmie Johnson with service for tires and fuel here. Everybody else on the senate pit road like Dale Earnhardt junior John Andretti all the rest of the jas body the body with four tires and fuel to the midsection and Adam. Good day at work once again for championship contender Mark Martin he gets four tires and fuel and returned the Viagra Ford to the speedway Scott Riggs join him out of Atlanta Rusty Wallace Suzanne. Elliott Sadler seven iCloud comes over the track and tightens up this race car something date many. Indicated earlier in the race he got four tires and fuel under the caution flag Kasey Kahne got man. He was black backsliding on that last run because of a tight handling race car had problems with the Jack. Made wholesale changes you know the last cars are. The Miami got four tires and fuel also in the machine of Jamie McMurray and Scott Webber making stops here under caution. Check in the championship points right now because of the problem for Kurt Busch who now runs and 28 as of this moment Jeff Gordon. At stake at the championship point lead over Jimmie Johnson by seven points Kurt Busch because of the problem is now fallen to third he's 27 points back. Kurt Busch could have been completely out of this thing really easy had he smacked the wall over there and after all his problems he's got to restart to 48 as the last car on the lead lap here they come down the green flag Greg Biffle Ryan Newman Kevin Harvick Tony Stewart Jeff Gordon top five. Dale Jarrett will be the first car down the inside a laugh out they've raced off her line. Greg Biffle gets a good start puts Dale Jarrett in the rear view Mir beats Ryan Newman about five car lengths back hit a beautiful try to get away. Yeah. Kevin Harvick has got to work on some lap trapeze got Jeff Green down to his inside and they also has. Dale Jarrett directly Soledad. It got Tony Stewart right behind him that comes Jeff Gordon as they work around the slower traffic occupying the inside lane. Everyone flaring up against an outside retaining wall here goes Stewart diving down the inside of the track try to get by Kevin Harvick kind of extra room on our car wrecks Liza. Well. Tony Serra will grab third Kevin Harvick back the fourth maybe not for long here's Jeff Gordon charging cars. Jeff Gordon trying to get up there get all the points securities fifth right now works his way a little bit closer to the front of the field were cannot Tony Stewart right now. Try to take that spot away from Tony as a go into one. Stewart maintained the advantage Spybot Carly both drivers running. Right. Looking further back here's Jimmy Johnson trying to get around some lapped car since Jeff green's car directly ahead he has Mark Martin on his back off first there's John. I thought the way. He's got the seventh position Mark Martin has the eighth spot both getting by Jeff Green slower machine here is they come pouring off turn four back to the start finish line. Further back Bobbitt the Bonnie who was a player in the early stages of the race working his way back into the top ten he's up tonight now there. Do far below Bonnie down low trying to get by Mike Wallace's car they will race side by side at. Plotters had a good race car all day he has not had track position he's had to start back there and work his way through traffic I even on some of these cautions when they make pit stops he's trying to have to. Read his way through the field so to speak and get back up to the front of the pack. Greg Biffle leads a lap 100 and won his advantage is a little over half a second over Ryan Newman. Tony Stewart is back in third Jeff Gordon took third and fourth Rusty Wallace now lose up to fifth. Kevin Harvick six Jimmie Johnson up to seventh Mark Martin late father Bobby Knight and Dale Earnhardt junior. I'm beginning to gain some positions I think that last pit stop that made me if you just. It's on his cars helped him estimates of different circuit the Budweiser Chevy is looking a whole lot stronger now about Kurt Busch and he started back into wanna yankees picked his way through the field. Has now moved up to the 25 position so apparently they taking care of the problems they are encouraged. On his way back up but again because of that problem when the wheels came off in body check in the replay on the next television screen when he came down pit lane. And that wheels came off of his car he nearly hit the end. Of the pit wall clear that would have put him out possibly here this afternoon but he's overcoming it just like he has all season long he has dodged bullets as we've talked about all season long he's just dodged a big win here a few minutes ago. Mark Martin Jimmie Johnson locked up some pretty good scramble for seventh place in turn one. Back there mark Martin's sliding up the line in front of Jimmy Johnson grabbing the spot is Smart is falling in line as Johnson. Johnson's gonna try to get that spot back into the water on the high side of the track but mark is just so strong now loan. A couple of championship contenders here fighting it out for the seventh position as they come back to the start finish line they'll be nose to tail. With no one step and analog to try to complete the pass and then work that way back off into turn one. Closing. Dale Jarrett not on the lead lap so Ryan Newman has the buffer of about 56 car lengths. Let's go to breast milk and now he's on the back bumper of the nobody to turn pour. Remembered and laid an unscheduled pit stop a little bit earlier got a laugh out right now he's trying to get a third just a leader get himself back on the Taylor in the Laffey won't be able to get around Ryan human. And closing in on Greg Biffle is a go to one. Tony Stewart just sitting back watching what happens here hoping that he can cut a hole for a pocket I'd characterize. That played out of it worked for the Newman slid way up off the bottom and turn over to that open blamed for Jarrett the Jarrett lapped car we'll complete the pass on Newman's. Another sideline shot her second was Tony Stewart did and are down wall. Stewart goes all the way the bottler racetrack there's no place or Ryan Doumit to go because Dale Jarrett slap Karr sits right in front of him still side by side coming across this drive historic completes the pass before they get to turn one. Tony Stewart to and number two position and Ryan Newman problem not over yet right on his back. Plus Chevrolet here's Jeff Gordon looking. All that battling has allowed Gordon to close in so what was a battle for second is turning into a race for third Newman in third floor. In Florida to Carly took part this time of the corner. They're pretty good racing at the front of the field as well as back in mid pack and all the way back to the Taylor the field since they dropped the green earlier this afternoon still got a good scramble going on Jeff Gordon is right on the bumper of land you wanted to go to one try to take away third place. Ought to take a little bit of rare op that rear spoiler movie about the brain activity does exactly that. Thank you hear Jeff Gordon to the upside for. Side by side Chevy and dodge wheel to wheel midway down the back straightaway Gordon download Newman topside here's part of the better. Charges Barnett around par to keep the spot momentarily the date continue to battle without coming off turn number four there's a problem for Casey Cano returned to his little thing. Lauren off the left front corner that machine Joseph the motor still running dictate he came well off the pace as he works the backstretch. Nearly tagged the wall coming off turn four that last time by these dropping down a low lane over the back straightaway coming down the pit lane to make a stop. One of the drivers that many thought would be a contender for the win here this afternoon having some problems as Kasey Kahne. Comes down the pit lane. Greg Biffle leads now by 2.2 seconds over Tony Stewart the third place battle continues matter of fact now it's up three way battle. Is Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman have been called by Rusty Wallace here comes Kasey Kahne onto the pit lane let's see what the problem is there. Well look. I around. And it changed four tires right side tires are on swing around the left side left front tire of the problem. They pull that off your tires still okay easy Cano way Atlanta 109. Honestly unscheduled pit stop for Kasey Kahne he was one of the favorites according to the garage scuttlebutt here this morning that might have one of the better cars out there but now he's got to play catch up. From way back Greg Biffle Tony Stewart Jeff Gordon Rusty Wallace Ryan Newman that's the top five. Gosh for. For five has just been displayed in the field came out of left won thirteen when Jeremy Mayfield apparently had a problem scrubbed the wall over betweens turns one and two pit road is open and it is a busy place right now Daniel fried things. OK. I don't think that's Chevrolet right I'm wearing the complaint. Coming around we'll have signed thanking fans and. Mark just and I'm Home Depot Chevrolet on the violently and given arming ordinary. Okay yeah. Machine is completed well ports are the feel like you sit here we mayfield and heavy right front damage he has started pulled into the next up the rockets don't have. Down ambulances. Posted to attack stopped Ryan Newman Elliott Sadler Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson leaving that border we solve it does Newman Gordon. And not Johnson definitely taken on only thing. It's not for Greg Biffle he comes out bad the rest of the guys on this an event. All of a pair of second four times and both feel Martin Truex just now leaving as does Dale Earnhardt junior. Restless body the body now just leaving burn. Us getting four tires and still still doing cosmetic work for the right front of his machine to Adam Alexander. The gambler on the midsection a pit road Elliott Sadler fuel only for the evidence for joining him on the tip line Scott Riggs Rusty Wallace was in. The Ricky Rudd car came down pit road. Also coming down Mark Martin and Jamie McMurray Scott Weber also came in most of these guys getting four tires and feel but. Elliott Sadler fuel only and he was away very quickly from the pit lane dose of the caution was out because there was a problem over in terms. If you wanted to again just a few minutes ago which Jeremy Mayfield. Let's go to Dave Moodie for an update on that one. Carter shot up the banking at the entrance of turn one party made a pretty good hard contact with the safer barrier. Midway between turns wanna do scrubbed the wall the wall all the way to. The exit of the back straightaway it's heavy duty damage on the dodge dealers UAW dot for Jeremy Mayfield. After the stops Ryan Newman comes out with the race lead Elliott Sadler with that lightning fast top picks up the second position. Jeff Gordon is third Jimmie Johnson fourth and fifth is Greg Biffle back downstairs walk along Jeremy Mayfield back and the Nextel Cup garage fear me. You took off a hard hit out there what happened and now are you okay. Yeah I'm our waste at work or not you know orders rove tied and now. Though isn't going Ontario guy go and get a high and immediately. Cut a right right right down and I'm not sure what I'm just. That's a thousand chairman may filling guys if there's it then anyone has been snake been since the chase for the Nextel Cup began. My vote goes to Jeremy Mayfield. He really has you know an anonymous really bend his doings you know he's got caught up in three or four different crashes it says certain speed ways. And it just fell almost automatically eliminate him from not being asked is contender for the Nextel Cup having those problems in the first three or four races of the final ten. It's been not luck just like what we saw here this afternoon kind of ironic also. That just a few laps before mayfield had his problem Kasey Kahne also cut cannot fire. Although Casey was able to keep the car going in the right direction and continues to run let's check back here with Winston Kelley. Quick correction on Ryan Newman stopped it was still only not to tires feel lonely was the first out just in front. Of Elliott Sadler against two tire styles for Jeff Gordon and a machine of Jimmie Johnson of the gods taking. Four tires and fuel here on this and a pit road. There Lucy probably quite a bit of that gambling as the day goes on here on the laps wind down we still got an awful long ways to go racing here 152. Laps remained to be run. At lap 160. Which is about what's there to put on the board here and across the line Ryan Newman Elliott Sadler Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson and Greg Biffle the top five. Rest of the top GM Matt Kenseth has six Rusty Wallace a seventh Joni the check is eighth. Tony Stewart is ninth and intense right now is Earnhardt junior. Mark Martin is eleventh Kevin Harvick twelve Sterling Marlin thirteenth fourteenth his body the body and and fifty. They're showing Brendan gone. Jamie McMurray sixteenth Scott Weber seventy Scott Riggs is eighteenth to nineteen to Scarlett works for twentieth this Michael Waltrip when he first Martin Truex junior. John Andretti 22 Ricky Rudd 23 Travis awful 24 and Brian Vickers complete your top 45. Kurt Busch has made its way back up to 26 now 27 this Jeff Green and change meals 28 those of the car show on the lead lap Mike Wallace on lap down and what a night. With Kenny Wallace and thirtieth Mike Bliss 31 Kasey Kahne thirty seconds Casey Mears is 33 of Bobby Hamilton junior 34. Fortis said 35 Dale Jarrett is 36 demonstrator showed in 37 Terry the Bonnie 38. Jeremy Mayfield now out of the race but still scored in 39. Robby Gordon is fortieth Jeff Burton is 41 also out of the race are the cars of Greg Sachs and Hermes Sadler. After today's Ford 400 here at homestead Miami speedway all the NASCAR Nextel cup series teams have a chance to look back and sort of evaluate their season in preparation for next year. Driver Scott Riggs in the traveling team will certainly the back of the success they've had. In the latter part of this 2004 season. Rick's hopes this team can carry that momentum into 2005. As we go on the inside track with team valve Elaine. Brought to you by about Elaine that racing is salad make their products better or not just on the car there and it's. The first half years to really thought we wanna do over I feel like that I was in a pretty big learning curve trying to figure out cars and they're like about half a few years things started. Really role in the right direction. I feel like this. And working on trying to figure out what the car really wants what we need to do to be faster and the same tell me figure out what it is now or feel. Some wishes he had something new relish that glass half of the year was the first half. Half a season ago feeling dollar cars and in. I think you'd better than nothing that really breaking through new ground to figure out where cars need to be set applies to be comfortable for me. To be fast food it's been up and downs and emotional. Pretty highlights as far as qualifying will run and well being competitive few races but a lot of low lights of struggling laps down get involved in accidents so it was enough a lot of the team this year to leave you sort chocolate is taking your licks and perspective. Still working under the caution flag here this afternoon this and coming out on lap 112 with Jeremy Mayfield hit the wall over at turn two so that he had cut a tire down. On his Dodson as a Barney said this kind of continues the kind of luck the kind of rotten luck he said since the beginning of this chase for the NASCAR Nextel cups out. He had goes to the garage along with a cars Greg Sachs and her resent throughout the race with Ryan Newman John as the leader under the caution flag. And clean up going on around a racetrack plus we had a brief shower over the back straightaway turn two and our number three but. It's practically cleared up over their discount of world weird South Florida cloud. Floating over the homestead Miami speedway it has cooled things off considerably here this afternoon we should be back of the green flag shortly. Here today let's check the championship point standings as part of our mid race update brought to you by MB NA currently Jeff Gordon is the point leader by two. Over teammate Jimmie Johnson Kurt Busch is third 54 back Dale Earnhardt junior is fourth he's 82 outs and Mark Martin is fifth. 96 points out of the lead. The show and 28 cars currently on the lead lap in today's race we've had two lead changes among three different drivers and caution flag has waived. Five times here's why the top ten looks Ryan Newman Elliott Sadler second Jeff Gordon third Jimmie Johnson fourth and Greg Biffle fifth. Met kansas' six Rusty Wallace seventh eighth is Joseph David Jack night's Tony Stewart and tip is Dale Earnhardt junior. The man who's really been in charge today Greg Biffle he has let a 110. Of the 120 laps run so far. This met race update brought to you by MD NA. Apply for an official NASCAR credit card issued by MD NA for the photo of one of more than eighty driver's log on to MD NA dot com or when you attend the NASCAR event. Be sure to visit one of the familiar green Indian neighbors. And receive a free gift just for applying. Give you the rundown real quick Ryan Newman leaves Elliott Sadler second Jeff Gordon is third Jimmie Johnson is fourth and fifth right now's Greg Biffle rest of the top ten Matt Kenseth. His sixth seventh Rusty Wallace Judy the chick is safe Tony Stewart knife and Dale Earnhardt junior is tenth mr. felt it rove who was to Kelly. It was tough to do anything real quick victory for Kurt Busch Jimmie are very break situation happened how about the damage the life out of the car how is the damage on our front office right now. Got off picks up ball were ready to go here. Past the handling on the cost collar work verticals right here just got to get back brace and what causes a situation like that to happen to Brooke we'll. Always don't know yet the whale was tied up look at the whole folder or oblong soul. I don't well look at it Monday. These guys battled back last weekend they were out of the championship lead at Darlington but pull off a couple of killer pit stops. Right at the end of the race and got Kurt Busch out of the top five to maintain a championship played. And one thing we can say standard pit area. There's no concern on their faces just business as normal a long way to go here just a 121 laps and took 267 lap event. So they've got some catching up to do but no worry on the faces of the shocking report pit. Looks like he's going to be at least another couple laps before they will get distract back in a green condition and wheels get back to racing so it's gonna give us time to go down pit road follow up on a couple of stories and of Alexander. Pit strategy going to be key this afternoon and get that call but not pair got Elliott Sadler out in the second position fuel only talk about the golf to stage of the race done. Yet we just I carnal signal wanna go go after bad when he when he found last. And it seems a pretty good so. Entire seems to be staying pretty consistent. Can wrap around back bared camp and eleven and really didn't do any banking. Seeing a couple cars get up front or about a half a second a lap down this track diseases that left. We bigwigs that you can't scandal right now clothing or half way and now it's really does work. All like this late in the race could be the difference for somebody do you think. Oh yeah absolutely right now. We did everything to lose I have like 1215 laps on the tires and now like stated that while rising you're going to we just see what happens. Good call for Elliott Sadler has him out in the second position listen Kelly pavlik jackass crew chief for Jimmie Johnson you guys went with two tires from 39. All the way up in the top five tell us about the handling of the the car and the father. We just want to try to maintain some track position you know we were pretty hard obviously to get back up there to the front Jimmy did a really good job got back into the top ten. Before we even get sixty some laps I thought that was pretty incredible. Lowe's Chevrolet is running really well today were not as fast as on the other guys but we're just about to start in a work on announced. I tell you what they've done a young woman's job so far just a 120 laps into the race this go to the us the other end pit road and Daniel fried. Well Tony Stewart and exhibit daily call the shots down here you guys were the ones that took four tires are we surprised should we be surprised. That some of those guys you know gambled in the fifth nearly alien needs to. Track position obviously argument second and you know sometimes you have to. We could get a good a good run in our pit box of figure we'd lose 45 spots that no we wouldn't lose at times you know of your fourth fifth sixth and you lose even more when going to be an agreement so. We're literally Bob Marley you put bar we need to but still honor feel lonely at the end merger acquisition nom we love our paradigm really good. I wanna get off. You know what adjustments as early and very sound we just like in in my. Lauren and got a very good handling car inside. Very good like the late Jeff Gordon made it up in front of Winston. Again I think they've got a left rear tire going down rather be safe than sorry you know his running in the third position had changed the life. Just lost there. Hello we go. Thanks thanks for cards first they're just gonna bring it down check the sheet metal on the right front top an office and I've got to feel so bright. A good one and I'm glad when the fact that if they did have a leverage aren't going down they caught it before we went back to green flag condition but they did have to give up tremendous amount track position on Jeff. Gordon going green when they come back off turnover floor they'll chase Ryan given as a leader this time Elliott Sadler second Jimmie Johnson is third. Fourth is Jeff Gordon in fifth is Greg Biffle. Now we see that NASCAR says no we'll make another lap caution around this racetrack six is Matt Kenseth seventh is Rusty Wallace eight to Joni the Czech ninth his Tony Stewart. And champ is Dale Earnhardt junior and Ellis is Mark Martin Kevin Harvick is twelve starting August 13 bother nobody is fourteenth. And fifteenth is really gone and children talking so much about the guys that brought the championship contenders and other guys are rough they're racing with a there have been several drivers who were having a great day here and this final race of the season brilliant golf as one of those president's been somewhere between about 62 and open topped him all day long been watching Scott Weber. They've done good network keeps got out there he's also been running well up toward the top ten right now. I showing back there in sixty position good day for Scott Riggs along with Carl Edwards some of the guys are having a decent day here. Also you can not mention names like got John and dreading it brand new team they'll be going full time next year that has started several weeks ago he's ultimately left now shown a 21. Travis Walpole who that's a lot of rumors about where he may go next year. Have a good run here it's he's done it is up previous Nextel cup series Alex Travis has now show in the air in the 22 position course you've mentioned that Brendan on. Some questions about what's gonna happen with him next year whether they'll be back at Penske south racing the Kodak dodge or not. Brentwood cal I hit it the other day that day he may not be back but that's not been made official as of yet feels a half left from going out of green flag let's go back to Winston Kelley. Rather still looking at the left rear tires if they can find out if there is a problem they are currently gonna pump some air into the tire there spraying it with a solution around the rim of the tire to save anything bubbles up also around the section of the tire they think might have gone down topped one of the Goodyear engineers say they haven't found anything yet. But Jeff Korn screws one and all over the cliff retire received a chance but if there was a problem with Jeff Gordon certainly didn't like what he felt. Here apparently distill some light showers around the racetrack so we're not gonna get the one that goes signal this time and we will let continue to circulate here under the caution flag. As Ryan Newman. Shows up as the race leader again that it was Kurt Busch only bud pole here this definitely led the first four laps before Greg Biffle took over. And lead until lap 115 Ryan Doumit at the top spot then. And still is in control of the Ford 400. As a closing and all the halfway point of today's race later on today's broadcast party viable select the winner of the rain vest this break of the race award. The driver who experiences the best break during today's race. We'll see a 500 dollar donation awarded to the motor racing outreach children's ministries on his behalf Jeff Gordon is back on pit road went to. And it just checking everything on the left side they did finally time. A small cut on that left rear tire and I guess we're talking or commercial break that's why the column a four time champion it took them five minutes to find. The cut portion that he felt in the race car a little bit of a situation I'm Greg Biffle car he thought he felt that he had a right front. We'll a little bit Lucy pulled up Ryan Newman looked at data in the thumbs up the group believes they got all the lug nuts tightened so. Breathe a sigh of relief for Greg Biffle has been the dominant car all day long Jeff Gordon now lease pit road they topped it off with fuel these good ago. We are running under caution because few raindrops just had a few clouds a move overhead nothing of any great significance but they want to the cloud the raindrops to move out before they put it back under green here's a shouldn't be too much longer Ryan Newman is the leader Elliott Sadler second Jimmie Johnson's third. Greg Biffle is fourth keep Matt Kenseth is fifth Rusty Wallace six Joni the check is now up to seventh. In eighth position that's Tony Stewart Dale Earnhardt junior is ninth and tenth this Mark Martin. Kevin Harvick still eleventh starting on this twelfth father of August 13 minute gone as fourteenth Jamie McMurray is fifty. Scott Weber is sixteenth seventeenth is Scott Riggs. In eighteenth is Carl Edwards ninety Michael Waltrip and Martin Truex junior runs him twentieth position Ricky Rudd is on pit road which reports there has stopped and. But off the field things aren't they came down a one Tony boarded the same thing but then waved off the restart NASCAR did so this time they elect come back down. Not really losing much track position Kasey Kahne won the other cars that came down. And topped off the fuel tank says Jeff Gordon made those extra pit stops and now as the last car on the lead lap for the restart. Jimmie Johnson has taken over the lead in the championship point standings. And Kurt Busch has moved back up to second Kurt is 51 points Adelaide Jeff Gordon is 62 outs in the third. Fourth this Dale Earnhardt junior who's 81 out and Mark Martin is fifth 95 points. Out of the latest farce the way their running on the racetrack Jimmie Johnson the best running of the championship contenders he's in third. Dale Earnhardt junior is ninth Mark Martin is stamp. Kurt Busch is 24 and Jeff Gordon is 27. We would've been going back out of the green flag but NASCAR again as waved off the restart so they'll continue to circulate here under the caution flag. And Ryan Newman will lead the field here off the corner is the pace car bring some. Back down to the start finish line. Thirteen different winners this season on the Nextel cup series. Jimmie Johnson the biggest winner he has picked up eight victories this year Dale Earnhardt junior has scored a win six times. As they get the indication going green one more time around thing we'll see the green flag come back out. Jeff Gordon is a five time winner this year Kurt Busch has three wins Tony Stewart has a couple. Other drivers who have won races Ryan Newman Matt Kenseth Elliott Sadler Mark Martin Jeremy Mayfield Rusty Wallace tuning the chick and Greg Biffle. As impressive as that list is Joseph. It's almost equally impressive of the guys have a points. Yeah eight drivers who won races last year still have not won in 2004. Also another factor that will throw and quickly a rookie of the year candidate has won a race every year for the last five years and so far this season that has not happened let's check in quickly on pit road. One additional change Jeff Gordon's crew made when they brought down pit road pulled the left side tires off they pulled a rubber. Out of the left rear of the car car's been just a little bit stuck on the tight side so they wanted to pull a Robert out of the left rear so they can try to loosen that machine up. Getting ready to go back to green Celtics green left 131. And Ryan Newman will be the man up front he says strong race car all day long still I think Greg Biffle probably has the quickest car out there but he's gonna restart in fourth position and he's right at the front of the field Sify and get round Jimmie Johnson and Elliott Sadler. The two cars between him and leader Ryan. Newman's face car leads the field after the turn of reform that beautiful Ford Mustang pacing the field all throughout the weekend. In Ford championship weekend here at homestead Miami speedway he pulls down all of the pit lane here comes the field off turn four look at for the green flag to wave. At lap 131. Ryan Newman's getting all the guess now's a great waves at homestead Miami speedway. Tries to pull away from Elliott Sadler Jimmie Johnson Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth and at what they accompanied out of the inside lane with a lap. Cars a leader players the last Regina Bobby Hamilton junior everybody else having trouble getting by Hamilton. Oh. Ryan who has got some breathing room now he's got the lap Karl Bobby Hamilton junior Dale Jarrett between himself and Elliott Sadler. I Elliott Sadler knows he's gonna have trouble holding onto that spot as the come out of the corner hit the front straightaway. Down the inside goes Greg Biffle and Jimmie Johnson's seat if you take just plod away before they get to one. Greg Biffle on the march drives it deep and it turned over one a Jimmy Johnson had did nothing but watching bill. Now lap traffic double wide in front of Elliott Sadler Elliott has nowhere to go and is that Greg Biffle behind it now plotting. Now what a junior gives way. Bethel a little blow to the high side of the track now he'll go to work a little slower car of Bobby Hamilton junior and that'll also be delayed Ford Jimmy Johnson. The filters out from the outside lane to get by the traffic Greg Biffle moves around Hamilton that Jimmie Johnson will be Hussein. Elliott Sadler. Quarterback Rusty Wallace trying to get around some lapped cars he's got Mike Bliss and Kenny Wallace there as rusting uses the inside lane almost back. Meanwhile the back straightaway. Furious racing from fifth place on back Rusty Wallace met just as Tony Stewart Jody reject hand Earnhardt junior all of that packet traffic as they head back off indiscernible one liability is about to drive away. Bryant electronic check out of place. Back five. Lima check on the bottom Earnhardt in the middle. Can't get enough. And marvelously kind of in the senate Earnhardt does it the hard way going around the outside lane the pick off the spot and even check settles back in line behind him. Matt Kenseth and Kevin Harvick all over him as we are just past the halfway point you're back in turn want. That's right now. Rusty Wallace loses a lot of ground yet. Apple flops. As everybody runs well. And for the moment everybody's forgotten about the front three or four cars wallet hard racing is going on back in the middle of the pack as they hit the front straightaway Tony Stewart leads a pack of traffic he is fifth look behind him Dale Earnhardt junior Matt Kenseth. Who else is locked up and I don't know Kevin Harvick Harvick is it tell. Hillary just your friends audience nodded Stacy came to sleep around and get that spot the latest left open. To lose a lot that myself back. Jeff Gordon his job and his wife through the field he re started at the tail end of the lead lap. He's already up to the eighteenth possession hurt Bush's pick up a few spots but nowhere near as much as Jeff Gordon. Kurdish show back in the 22 possession the leaders off turn two. It's gonna happen. Sox got a break pain why here's the challenge for second Greg Biffle is on the move in terms for a. Greg may have pulled out of the bottom of the racetrack puts a good run on out of this quarter up there listen to get the job done you're the front straightaway Elliott Sadler had thoughts of maybe try to take it back away from him maybe not turn one. Greg Biffle able to drive away by Carly Luzader turn number one film beautiful. Okay. Three now. Darling see advantage over. Let's see what Greg Biffle can do with Ryan Doumit about fifteen Carling zevil lapped car of Dale Jarrett between second place Greg Biffle in the races. Coming back to the start finish line with 128 laps to go Ryan Newman has the lead by just over a second over Greg Biffle. The 2003 NASCAR Nextel cup series champion with a problem Daniel fried. Well Johnny was one of the guys that is trying to utilize pit strategy and they came down last night before they set your own clothing. But then you have a few laps later I had my front left front tire that front man in the back down on them they're road and then NASCAR penalize him. Yeah I mean. That's a long day for me. Do belong they also return the money I would speculate that Terry's made some twelve or fourteen pit stops but he is still out there running. As we look up in turns three and four the federal between the leader Ryan Newman Greg Biffle is shorten down to maybe a couple of Carlin accent coming in a hurry. Is Greg Biffle chasing down the leader Ryan Newman as they go to one. Samples had a dominant car all afternoon long and it doesn't look like that is changed now Newman running. The racetrack before about midway closes at one car like Natalie grant. The battle for the top spot most detail Ryan Newman Greg Biffle see at the bulls put the brakes on the line so far in the tire tracks that run him in his fifth full. But again Newman skates at the racetrack here. People's gonna test the waters down. Low just drives it right to the bottom of the racetrack tries to get that fender pulled up alongside the dodge of Ryan Newman. And does that at the start finish line air goes Greg Biffle again now. Do believe don't Greg Biffle describing underneath Brian Billick says sales of Atlanta now won't drive away fighting. Backstretch is more car like Ryan Newman now falling back from Greg Biffle is the full picking up where he left off earlier this afternoon three may before coming. I won't let them. A barrier like card comes to a stop nobody else involved it's hard when it works for quite pleasant turn to. And caution is on the speedway again over and turned over to let's go back over there single car incident part of looked like it just got out from underneath my last yeah. I'm on the steering it could not chase it down. The car spot backwards strong first it was safer barriers are hard lick Mike blast try to re fire on the car he's coasted down probably 81. These compact to the left rear corner of the net zero Chevrolet. I started off a pretty decent day Barney qualified twelfth for the event had to go to the rear the pack because they did an engine change to the net zero shabby. Worked his way well actually to work his way anywhere you got a certain what the drop of the green flag. And got tangled up with army Sadler crashed the air got backed up by into the top twenty. And it's been struggling being a lap down since that time in now with that big time trouble. Over and turned over to he hits the wall of we see the caution out for the six time here this afternoon. It is lap 147. Looks like got a leaders are dropping off the banking of turn at number three that's where the efforts. For the pit lane is here at homestead Miami speedway. And all the leaders are coming down pit road to make stops here on lap 100 and the 48 most were in back at lap 114 several others had been. In to make stops at that time but the majority of the field. Again coming in most recently at that 114 were at 148. Now as a come pouring onto the pit lane let's go first Danielle Frye so. Tony you're the very thin on this in America. Can't an alarming thing I nine NN I'm really Hollywood. Well Carly OK. Ali and then ranting on now on to win. Jimmie Johnson Ryan Newman Dale Earnhardt junior here and outcomes and Jeff Gordon and Kurt vs an airport tire stop. First blush on the right side of the Johnson machine has Tony Stewart going to be the first Diana white board tires for Ryan Newman corporate Johnson former Gordon. Bottom line with a quick stop look like that final minute. There's been a good drive. The midsection and allowing. Van and Greg Biffle more tire stop and National Guard subway army board they get off the pit lane four tires and fuel. Good stuff for him he got out distant front Jamie McMurray quick stop for the halve or not they may have taken only right side tires Rusty Wallace was on the pit lane Elliott Sadler came in for tires and fuel for him Ricky Rudd back down the pit lane Mark Martin was in and as we said a quick stop for Jamie McMurray Scott Weber also came down pit. Wrote all the cars that are left bored out are now on pit road as we told you Tony Stewart beat everybody back on the racetrack Tony is a leader Kevin Harvick comes out second bother the body third Greg Biffle fourth and Jamie McMurray fifth. From the homestead Miami speedway this is MR and radio the voice of NASCAR. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day bush o'clock time for relaxing and unwinding. With friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in racing but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. It's bushel clocks and grab a six pack of Busch beer for the cooler start to grill and relax. Enjoy responsibly Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So who makes high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the fifth. You can trust sonoco to vita you'll let you go second campus and I've got killed going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of races. We're getting ready to go back to grieve right now we're lap 150 let's quickly set the field for you since they made that round of pit stops Tony Stewart is the leader Kevin Harvick and restart second body the body third Greg Biffle fourth Jamie McMurray fifth Ryan Newman six. Jimmie Johnson settled Scott Riggs eight Michael Waltrip might still be chick is tip Rusty Wallace eleventh Dale Earnhardt junior's twelfth. Elliott senators thirteenth minute and gone is fourteen to Mark Martin is fifty. 68 this Travis awful seventeenth is Martin Truex junior eighteen to skirt bush. And back in ninety position right now is Jeff Gordon then Sterling Marlin is twentieth. 21 that's a Carl Edwards 22 Scott Weber 23 Brian Vickers 24 Jeff Green and 25 as John Andretti. So Tony Stewart gets up but for the top spot that delayed the race here this accident for the first time today the only multiple time winner. You're at homestead Miami speedway he'll be the leader for the restart at lap but 151. That'll give us a 116 laps to go. In the running of the Ford 400 here today. So far and that today's race we've seen four lead changes among four different drivers. Caution flags have played six times that as we get ready to go back into the green flag we have 27 cars. That are being shown on the lead lap so watch it Tony Stewart duke would not talk about him a whole lot of this afternoon he's been back deaths in the top 1520 or so not make it a whole lot of noise but now. He's a leader of the pack as the come work it off turn four and get ready to go back out of the green flag Tony's all the gas pulling down the start finish line of the Korean flag waves hit. It's a real good jump out of chronic Kevin Harvick is a race off to turn want to be a lead by three car Lexus Harvick continues to wrestle with a lap car back cancer. Harvick gets a little bit why they don't three wide around the candy. Battle for the lead tightens up in lap traffic Matt Kenseth lap car down low will yield the Kevin Harvick in the outside lane now heart it's gonna go to work on. More than Kevin Harvick to lose a position or two before they get out of the corner he stays in the gas did a great jobless claims that carbon Greg Biffle gets by. Hasn't worked often the turn of the water Bob and bodies pressing Kevin Harvick took third place car wrecks problems are not over yet he's got black Mercedes hey. Hi nobody got McMurray and Newman also allowed Karr Dale Jarrett then get back to Jimmy Johnson three wide further back. Here's Rusty Wallace. The father of the field. That's for the tenth position Rusty Wallace right in the bottom of the racetrack gets by Geneva check gained the position. While upfront Greg Biffle trying to chase down Tony Stewart first he has to get final lap cars and you've got to get past backhand that kept it running right in the middle of the racetrack. Can't do anything with cancer here's biffle he'll follow him down the back straightaway. No one stepping out of line everybody in single file formation you're fantasizing. Let us try to recover and get his bearings back to get back in the fray right now would be Kevin Harvick as we said he lost an awful lot of ground apparently got. Tag but it looked like health. He got rush to move it up there but let's just a thank you enough clout to prove that he's doing everything he can't think we'd get back up there. He's got a lap car between himself hello Bonnie but that's. Tight racing there. The racetrack and partly. Wal-Mart flash is on by leaves the lane open for Bob middle body to come through as well. Meanwhile championship contenders Jeff Gordon and Kurt Busch attracted some heavy traffic they're back in seventy. An eighteenth position here's how it's ever spreading out of control off turn ever for. Delta's off the outside retaining wall the car rolls down the grassy apron here crossed the start finish line. And the caution flag waves yet again. Elliott Sadler in trouble coming off turn number four he spun down try to gather control Barney ethnic when he hit the grass he'd lost control and bounced off that wall just across the racetrack from the dark. Finish line yet it looked like he could steer the thing and he did hit it on a driver side but he's OK because he's still under way he's coming back pop up pit road right now. But he's done some heavy damage to the car tough break for Elliott had a good run going today. So the caution flag waving here for the seventh time here this afternoon to selling its ever gets in. Trouble here and now is now working its way down the pit lane go on the wrong way. Back through his pit stall or maybe to the garage Daniel fried. Well I'm back here and it projects and at Mike Bliss might get a great qualifying effort but what but yeah today. Well elitist Smart Baghdad around the back where we are gaining on it there. As we're gonna let this get ready to get on the radio and sailor too tight and I back and also that very well. Summed it up we were just fighting two different things lose died Natalie is we're starting to handle I'm but I guess. And I backed it off. As you can tell from the and it's yours. Machine heavier heavy damage to the rear end of that current like you said Joseph Elliott Sadler has pulled his imminent Ford back here into the Nextel Cup garage and trying get to work with him in just a moment. Elliott had had a decent day going here at homestead Miami speed when it comes up a little bit short. He has well as Jeremy Mayfield talked about earlier not had a real good run this chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Kelly it was running and the 27 position when that incident occurred coming. Up ball and turn it number four has a lot of things going on in the offseason and of course you're the motor racing network will keep you posted on NASCAR today. Also our NASCAR live show continues throughout the winner months at one of the things that's coming up about one of check out you're the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Is he fifteenth and able stocks for tots it's double the lakeside business park in morsel North Carolina. For a canned good or eight toll you get admission to go in check out some of the shots see some of the drivers get autographs have a very good night of racing fun that. And it's to help a needy calls and that is children. The couple little bit short at Christmas time the Sox for tots will be held on Tuesday December 14. Six to 10 PM. In morsel north Carolina at the lakeside business park you can find out more by checking on line at stocks for tots dot com. Under caution again the seventh time he came out of lap 155 Elliott Sadler standing off turn number four down in the front straightaway got into the little grassy area between the pit road wall and the racetrack and buying into it. And it's taken his car to the garage area there under caution Tony Stewart right behind the caution car having a little fun with the driver I guess must draw this problem driving he put a bumper up against it was pushing him down the front straightaway here. Under this caution just kind of having a little fun there now they're getting the indication the green flag will come out when they come back off turn before next time around check in the garage with Daniel fried. Well my they've had a tough time trying to get this imminent poured upon the Jackson they've tried a few times now they finally got. The cards jacked up that I'm sitting off cortex is you rally here in cutting away the sheet real heavy damage to the left side. Elliott Sadler has gotten out of the car but it is a little bit upset right now and has declined to act to talk to us right now. And understandably so because I'm like you said that he very may feel this is Jason and he's another woman has been snake that ever since it started. Sometimes you get to the point like the season like this morning when things go wrong it's like OK let's just get this over with. And I come back next your star all over again I'm sure that's the way up both Jeremy Mayfield and Elliott Sadler field right now. Let's check the championship point standings and get ready to go back to the green flag Jimmie Johnson's lead. Over Kurt Busch is only five points as of this moment. Jeff Gordon is third in the standings he's 34 out Mark Martin this force 83 behind them later and Dale Earnhardt junior is back to fifth. He is that 94 points out of the top spot as we go back under the green flag at lap number 160. In the running order Jimmie Johnson is running best of the contenders he seventh Mark Martin is twelfth. Kurt Busch is fifty eight's Jeff Gordon sixteenth and Dale Earnhardt junior is in nineteenth. At a pace car's about to ease it behind the pit wall off turn number four who are getting ready to go back to green flag conditions they'll take the green at lap 160. And that will leave as 107. Laps yet to run of the Ford 400. Green flag Israeli air Tony Stewart pretty good restart he'll race again with my tips of the first lap car down the inside. But his big concern is going to be Greg Biffle for second place back there. Back Kansas beats him to the corner well actually get back collapse. Tony Stewart behind Matt Kenseth on the back straight away they re single file now the top two in lap traffic still great car. Never break up. There comes Tony Stewart trying to pull away from Greg Biffle knowing biffle got a very very strong car Matt Kansas did get back around and got one of his two laps back. But now Tony Stewart's chase it down again in turn one Stewart looks at a rear view mirror seeing Greg Biffle five car lengths back and besides it's. Tiger dispensers. Can't make the move Stewart falls in line behind cancer appears the battle for third Kevin Harvick Bobby Gilani. Nose to tail off the end of the back straightaway. Kevin has the bottom groove Bobby the bodies in the outside lane Kevin mind maybe you have to garlic over the body of the front straightaway and now they go door to door and it looks like father money's gonna take the spot away. At at the front on the field it's pro cutoff start for two cars get turned sideways Travis squabble. And Kasey Kahne are involved squabble bounces off the outside retaining wall came spends delving inside. He's got some severe damage to the front end of his dodged the caution flag waves here at 162. Again Kasey Kahne at Travis squabble it crossed up coming off turn number four and looks like gobbled up the worst haven't. Morning we talk a few moments ago about the a good day he was having running at a point position at the time. And that all goes out the window is he sitting up against the wall and safety personnel come that tended to try to squabble yet not a. Good day forum all of a sudden right now they jump out of the safety vehicles run over check economies against the outside wall here at the grandstand. And apparently he has. Kind of pinned at their so to speak right now we see the wind and it is going down you should be able to get out of the car here in just a moment candidates Kasey Kahne. And Travis waffle having a problem right here in the front straightaway to put this under the caution flags for the eighth time. And we have had a rash of caution flags here in the last few laughs we have one out of lapped 147. Double and came out of left 155 and now we're back under caution yet again. At lap 162. Kasey Kahne is heading up pit road. Anybody know make you tell much damage has been done his car. Heavy damage to the nose on the dodge he's driven by his pit stall Barney and he like Elliott Sadler just went and looked in the pit road on the turn one and grow it back down toward turn number four made the right hand turn into the Nextel Cup garage. And the good news on the front straightaway after a hard hit Travis while fullest cat climbed from his dodge. We'll make the walk to the ambulance and ride the infield care Saturdays under his own power and appears to be just fine. Partly there for a Travis waffle and his son run here for Penske south today at homestead Miami speedway comes up but a bit short as he is out and let 162. Atlanta won 64 some of the leaders come down the pit lane let's go to Winston Kelley. The last 164. I. Many men ninety cars down on handling of this not. Geneva Jack came in for tires and feel for him along with Earnhardt junior's teammate Martin Truex junior all those guys got four tires fuel and chassis adjustments Adams. On the midsection a pit road one taker the caterpillar Dodgers got winner came in. Four tires feel limited just bet on an adjustment on his machine also went Carl Edwards Brian Vickers was in. And Jeff Greene these drivers getting four tires fuel. And adjustments at lap 164 they have not loaded up Travis. Waffles dodge to the lack of a roll back. And just now getting ready to pull it back into the garage area. Given a clean up going on from the exit of turn four down this front straightaway the other car that was involved there Kasey Kahne he was able to drive away. And that continues running here actually is I think going back into the garage area Tony Stewart is a race later under the caution flag. The eighth caution of the day let's check in with Daniel fried. According trying to work with Kasey Kahne back in the Nextel Cup garage here right Kelly did drive his car back here. Heavy damage done to the road the up front end of that machine and a tie all of the guys are looking at and trying to see if they can make any repairs but there is gonna take a while I don't. All right so than a couple of guys to lower contenders we talked about Kasey Kahne coming so close to winning here last year and having a very fast car here this weekend and unfortunately. He'll come up short again trying to win in NASCAR Nextel cup series. The field just received the one that does signal public cars haven't backed up the pit lane including Geneva Jack and Jeff green's let's check in the garage. Well joy comic comic Kasey Kahne Casey. Along they've freed just got a little bit longer what happen. As this death has a tough day written inside out again out of Gloucester it there but in the law and you know. And one good way to finish here but we've had a pretty good season and you know what think about it will get better over the winner and erratic connection. How disappointing is it freed it in the seasonal on this kind of note knowing that you came so close to winning so many times. That's disappointment in when we we came close of a lot of time insisting it down let. Either way we had a good season the guys today did a good job and will be better next here Fisher. He does have a little bit of a half smile he appears to be okay he is going to go to the infield care center just as a mandatory precaution but Kasey Kahne. His season certainly not how he wanted it ended today so it. Problem is for Joseph David Jack. By the prisoner of war on the right side of the car they've been having some handling difficulties on that machine they've got to cranked up. On the left side doing some work up underneath the machine now they're getting ready to put the left side tires back on and returning to the right track. Okay and it waved off the green flag and so will get the one to go again this time by. And sent Tony Stewart leads the pack back around the start finish line so again we rack them up then I get the one that goes signal with 98 laps remaining. In the forward. 400 Ford Motor Co. gave away another one of those beautiful super duty pickups here this weekend the winner was Jim Bryant of Chicago Illinois he explains how you found out he was a letter. Whole thing is just felt like god looks upon me shine and as saying yesterday. Because. And I had clients coming into my own job on Sunday and if their flight had me canceled push off later Nina I would have been able to watch the race. And then on Monday morning when the call came. I had them in the car with B travel around Chicago land area Laguna our alternative education program and and phone rang and saw they're go to like. Whose is gone and you know it pisses somebody and I don't know size and hang up. Amaze us super Jennifer Miller school district homey talk negative south somewhere I answered the phone in scales told news she was less excuse me. And she said again I simply can't give him on his own travel many years later Chicago seven so they come out and our clients were talking. And it is this gas or go from there. Jim of course one that super duty truck he was one of seven finalist here yesterday afternoon. They each got a key. With a chance to try their key to see if it would start the truck he got the last key. And actually offered to trade the heat is somebody else like him maybe wouldn't be the one. Got in these super duty it fired up and he is the winner of a brand new super duty courtesy of Ford motor company of course the sponsor of this weekend's. Championship we can't at homestead Miami speedway. Are back out of the green flag now stony Stewart brings it back down the start finish line. Trying to get away from the left car meant Kansas. And of course prime real hard to get five fast Greg Biffle. And if he makes his way around collapse Katrina Bobby Hamilton junior is not able to get past Mac championship. Traffic stacking up from third on back now as Bob the money trapped behind the tide Rodham Bobby Hamilton junior. Here's Hamilton he'll give way down low. Here's what life. Market. They went through NASCAR's gonna black flagged Tony Stewart. For the way he restarted the race he pulled over williams' side try to push met him and found a way. Didn't come up to speed in time. So black flag for Tony Stewart Greg Biffle will be the race later we'll see if Tony answers the black flagged the field as it turned to. Tony Stewart comes to the back straightaway he's still at speed down the back straightaway no move to the pit lane so for now he's still leads the field off the end of the backstretch. Well we said a couple of times at Tony Stewart hasn't made a whole lot of noise this year I imagine he's gonna make some before this race is over here comes back down a second time the black flag is displayed to him. As he crosses the line and hit a Greg Biffle. Working back into workable one bothered by Kevin Harvick hit Jamie McMurray racing for third place all but that's a furious racing behind. Ryan Newman steps up trying to make that pass is now Tony Stewart started. All the racetrack also caution flag is coming out for debris on the back straight away. It's just getting crazier and crazier the caution flag once again Johnny. As that well let's go back to Mike Bagley for what nearly happened over there well Tony Snow was on his way to the Atlanta about that time a piece of debris. Was spotted on the backstretch right in the middle of the racetrack. It has since been picked up by Jeff Green and drop here right on the racetrack beneath this a bagel piece of sheet metal now as everybody's found their way through but Tony Stewart a close call was headed to pit road the same time the caution flag was coming out. We have had a ton of yellow flags here in the last little bit the sixth one came out of left 147 the seventh when it came out at lap 155 just a few laps later the eighth caution flag lap 162. And Tim laps later we've got another one. Atlanta 1729. Times today we have seen the yellow flag pretty wild stuff here at the flag and now has the black flag with the X across it. For Tony Stewart if he doesn't come down pit lane this time now he'll be taken off the scoring system man that looks like indeed he will drop down of the lower Elaine. And not come in and answer the black flag again for the way he handled that restart not coming up to speed and not kind of pulling over in pushing met cans without the way. Steward and he does come out of that line along with everybody else practically on the lead lap they'll make the stops at lap 100 and at 74. Again Tony Stewart will lose the lead Greg Biffle will lie in here at the top spot at the I gets good service on the pit lane. And that will lead them back out here under the green flag when we get back into green flag racing. Let's such second downstairs. What Tony Stewart is now coming down there road is Regina gray exhibit Elliott had some heated discussions with a NASCAR officials. Tony is not going to stop this Ali and he's still has to complete the pass through penalty so Vietnam and find out another and a good friend Kevin Harvick however is happy to report card and you'll. And different and gone but not very happy down here and Tony Stewart did have a high right and I'm not. Just want to NASCAR officials and their four down and it is trying to explain what happened now to Winston. Jimmie Johnson gets a chassis adjustment tops an op woods' golf. It's going to be a foreign tire stop working on the right side of burden for us. Remember Michael Waltrip. Greg Biffle the leader of the guy who assumed the lead when Tony Stewart had to come down that road also peel off the banking comes in. Four tires and fuel on his fourth Mark Martin came in looked like fuel only for him. A couple of other cars are made their way down the pit lane the far end Jamie McMurray came in and Sterling Marlin also on the pit lane body the body stays on the racetrack it will pick up the race lead at lap 174. You're at how instead Miami speedway were getting ready to go back out of the green flag yet again after the ninth caution flag of the day this time for debris spotted them back straightaway. And body the body shows up as a race later for the first time here this afternoon. He will lob become the fifth different driver to lead at the running actually this six different driver to lead today's Ford 400. Ryan Newman lines up behind him at second rusty Wallace's third Jeff Gordon fourth. And John Andretti is fifth now not released guys did not come down the pit lane and that's why you're here in NASA names up front that's not been there for a while Andretti fifth Ricky Rudd six. Kenny Wallace's seventh eighth his Dale Earnhardt junior might this Carl Edwards and Tampa's Scott Weber Martin Truex junior's eleventh Jeff green is twelfth. Brian Vickers thirteenth Jimmie Johnson fourteenth and Mark Martin is in fifteenth. Sixty to Scott Riggs seventy Mike Wallace Greg Biffle SAT Kevin Harvick ninety. Michael Waltrip his twentieth. Rest of the cars on the lead lap for Sterling Marlin Brendan go on Jamie McMurray Kurt Busch and 24 Tony Stewart 25. And 26 place Dale Jarrett. Paste are behind a pit wall to come down lime green flag goes in the air body nobody's gonna get his turn to problem. He'll see what he can do with the rest of the troops out there. He gets away from Ryan Newman's second place car by a couple of Carlin still trying to put a lap car between himself and do without leaving Casey Mears receipt of a lap down line. Not get a federal alongside the race leader is Casey Mears and that allows Ryan Newman. To close in on the back bumper of Bob and nobody. She's a little bit stronger than Casey Mears is hold him off for the time being as they come off turn four and come back the start finish. Further back Jeff Gordon all the charge people for the inside of Rusty Wallace battling there for third rides underneath rusty takes over number three position. Panel drops hit Wallace back. Cannot find its way around Casey Mears he'll follow went down the backstretch and Newman can't afford to waste any time because now that Jeff Gordon's got around. Their despite all the problems that Tony Stewart had a the last few laughs here he is still showing Bakken 22 position all believe laugh it's across the start finish line chasing Bob and applauding Ryan even. Even lost a lot of ground to it was Jeff Gordon tries to make up some more variety of what goes to the bottom of the racetrack we've got a flat car. Now what about. Behind Jeff Gordon the lapped car of Mears then get back to Rusty Wallace and John Andretti is facing a challenge. Further back Dale Earnhardt junior at some heavy traffic making it three wide at turn four can't shredder happening outside lane. Ricky Rudd in the middle racetrack and junior goes all the way to the bottom trying to get five right behind him is Mark Martin and teammate Carl Edwards in turn one nothing chaotic you. It's. Here's Mark Martin heat to try to make some moves down law only gets up alongside Ken Schrader. Trying to make up Dale Earnhardt junior brings that back. Dale Earnhardt junior has kind of struggled all day long he hasn't had track position at any given time six position for him right now trying to move around John it ready and get back up their break Ritchie route within this field switched over to turn to sanity inside lane dale earnhardt's future. Right here right right. Ford and Chevy battle for that spot neither driver willing to open the inside lane make a move down the inside instead we'll stay on the out. Lane because they're still still. The stars. I don't watch his progress they watch modest want to Tony Stewart Jim that a car between traffic machines out there on the racetrack and worked his way back of the pack he was the last car. On the lead lap on this restart after being black flagged by NASCAR he's worked his way all they have to seventy that is try to get some more often turn to. Right now finally allow that Chevrolet and cornerback Robert OK why do any signs of all the way to the inside not. Behind Scott brings. Backers instead they'll follow rigs. Third floor we're about to heavily change at turn one. Ryan Doumit dived low on popular moderate and give Ryan Newman the lead now. He immediately pulls away biases. Jeff Gordon. Jordan's guts and correlates between himself to Levine that's the battle for second further back John Andretti still trying to deal with some traffic and also a couple of lap cars racing side by side there are some. Everyone decides to settle at a lot of single file just got through. Ryan Newman back and ahead of the fact he led earlier this afternoon back in lap 115. And now takes control again at lap 184. With 83 laps remaining in the Ford 400. Already pulled away from second place Bobby the money he's got seven. On any gap ahead of Jeff Gordon. I knew was let that fly now on the back straightaway opens up 1015 car lengths over Bobbitt the Bonnie the front or spread out. 1001 finds them racing lines in the middle of the racetrack. The championship contenders this is how they run Jeff Gordon is thirty he's running the best of the bunch right now Earnhardt junior is six. Mark Martin is eight McEntee at this Jimmie Johnson and Kurt Busch is all the way back in seventy. MR and radio live at homestead Miami speedway bringing you the season ending running of the Ford 400 at. You're in South Florida along with Barney hall I'm Joseph Morgan State million Mike back there in the turns here this afternoon. Alternate roads went to Kelly out of Alexander Daniel fried we've seen seven lead changes among five different drivers today advised caution flags and waved. Currently we have just 81 laps remaining determined to NASCAR Nextel cup series champion. As of this moment Jeff Gordon is the leader in the points he leads teammate Jimmie Johnson by 24. Kurt Busch is third in the standings 27 out Dale Earnhardt junior is fourth 66 outs Mark Martin this fifth. Eighty points out of the lead caution flag is flying again for debris a look back straightaway it came from Jeff Burton's car Dave Moodie. Problems going into turnovers Cleveland Casey Mears trying to make his way of pit road joke he has not cleared but Jeff Burton Richie let me at least contacts. The right rear tire cut down on Burton's car he made it all the way around this. Two before the casing finally went on its own and it lies at a local racing group the accident turn to. And Jeff Burton is down on pit road Jeff Burton working on the right side of the crew rather work on the right side of Jeff Burton's car just the a lot as long lot of problems for Burton this afternoon got involved one of those first cautions damaged his car had to go on the garage to make some repairs on the toe was knocked out. They brought him back out on the racetrack and that America Online Chevrolet. Battered and just when it looked like nothing else could go wrong Dave Mary described the incident over in turn number two. And had occurred continues to work on the right side of Jeff Burton's car. Not a good end of the season for the number thirty machine as other cars make their way down that road not only the stops will be and a friend Daniel fried the. Sunny and certainly the person it's zero. Everything in your long and in every sense not to. Tony has come over to the Nextel cup series when you make you mad you'd expect him to do pretty well the car is outstanding no changes to The Home Depot Chevrolet. Fort Harrison and he is down and away yeah. Harming your thing right behind him back. Bring on board hired hand real well. Reports Paterson go for the Messina Jeff Gordon Zain thank. Ryan Merriman a lot of the body's gonna. I LaMont is gonna drag race between teammates Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. It's gonna win that race card first just completing just serve a four tires and go Budweiser Chevy four tires and go to the midsection and Adam. Right side tires only for Greg Biffle has been good all afternoon Scott Riggs a two tire change. He got left side tires it was two tires as wealth for the Rusty Wallace machine good stuff for Jamie McMurray came down pit road. Mike Wallace also brought his machine down and Scott whoever came in as well. Getting ready to go back to green real quick Mark Martin Martin Truex junior Sterling Marlin Michael Waltrip and Rusty Wallace on the top five and right now let's take a moment and update for the Coca-Cola racing family drivers are currently running. Brought to you by Coca-Cola the official soft drink of NASCAR fans Michael Waltrip this fourth Greg Biffle is seventh Bob and Bonnie is tip. In fifteenth Tony Stewart. Ricky Rudd is eighteenth nineteenth is Kurt Busch twentieth as Kevin Harvick 21 is Dale Jarrett and 37 is Elliott Sadler that's a quick look at where the Coca-Cola. Racing family of drivers are currently running as we approach lap 195. And. Again the championship point standings Jimmie Johnson had a Kurt Busch now by four points. He exchange and here course as a position as change color racetrack Jeff Gordon is third six points out of the lead Mark Martin is up to fourth only nine points back. It's nine points among the top four drivers Dale Earnhardt junior has followed the fifth ia sixty points out the top spot this. Chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup is getting more and more exciting as we come down to the wire here today in the final race of the year will be 72 laps to go the Ford 400. As the field follows the pace car after the turn over foreign Mark Martin did not come down the pit lane. That's why he is the leader at this point Martin Truex junior behind him with Sterling Marlin Michael Waltrip and Rusty Wallace rest of the guys in the top five. At Ford Mustang drops off the banking of turn over four hits the pit lane and the flags standard everyone looks there to see where that green waves it's out here they come. Mark Martin all the gas and Viagra Ford if he gets pulled away from Martin xxx as they race for the third one. Through exit hot pursuit he won't be able to deal with a lap car again it's back can't look at the bottom of the racetrack. Truex will have to follow him. Further back there wheel to wheel back there were Jamie make Mary and Rusty Wallace just outside the top five now. McMurray is gonna get back in line and further back here's Jeff Gordon almost that I can bring law. Jimmie Johnson. Cardinal bombing. Straightaway Jeff Gordon's been really frustrated here for the last hour on fiber restart he hasn't had any kind of track position affair to get up there and get in the top five and maybe pick up some points. He's scrambling again as they go off to sort of want to get out of eleventh. Position cavaliers side. I'm. And they're gonna count of the lap car cancer rate that comes up in Lyon right in front. Make the move down low move move by Hendrick teammate Jeff Gordon gets violate his left open for Jimmie Johnson. He opened the door for Bob little bunny as well as what stamp on the inside to get my kids or later everybody make their way underneath a three. Jeff Gordon now goes to work on Ryan Newman side by side shabby at dodger wheel to wheel that. Let me. Cardinal with a better on that front no. Side beside their work their way through turns three and four Jeff Gordon down the inside run given the high groove it's almost a dead heat usually hit the front straightaway and raced out to turn number one who's gonna win this battle as they hit the corner over and turn to news if Ryan Newman and outside lane Firefox. That's soon to be a Forman fight Bobby the bombing and Jimmie Johnson waiting in the wings. And the caution flag. Will greet them when they come back off turn four for the eleventh time this afternoon. Debris on the surface without a lot of that here today and once again it slows down the field in the running of the Ford 400 Mark Martin in the later. Was able to get away from Martin Truex junior Sterling Marlin Rusty Wallace and Michael Waltrip but there was some fierce racing going on back there. Between that championship contenders Jeff Gordon and that Jimmie Johnson. Bob little bunny who's not a championship contender but he was in effect of that battle with chip became nearly three wide a couple of time. Slow and Mark Martin up in the lead right now three check points as he worry if you can hang on a third slate somewhere that rays got to move up the spotter to I think he's the fourth position only fourteen points out of the lead it. It's so close at this point Kurt Busch as of this moment leads by four. Over Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson is third eight points back Mark Martin is fourth fourteen Al Dale Earnhardt junior's death. 71 points out of the lead. Let's check our mid race update brought to you by im DNA so far today we've seen seven lead changes among five drivers this is the tip caution flag. In the Ford 400. Car in the garage include Mike Bliss chain meal Greg Sachs and Hermes Sadler also a Casey came back here although he's come back out the garage Jeff Burton spent some time back there. He too has come back out to join. The event cars currently heavily left or shall and 26 of them with mark Martin's currently as the race later this bit rates update brought to you by MD NA. Ryan Newman was in the lead at the official halfway mark of today's race he was a 101000 dollar in VNA mid race leader award. If Ryan goes on to win the races well MB and they will award an additional 101000 dollar bonus. If that bonus goes unclaimed it grows by 5000 dollars each way can I guess it's a moot point now because this is the last week. Anyway if he wins the mid race leader award and the race to pick up an additional 101000 dollars. Pit road is a busy place right now let's go to Wesley Kelly. Track bar adjustments for tires and still trying to. I did well on the Dale Earnhardt junior car my philosophy just calls the why behind him Martin Truex junior sports tires and fuel there. The midsection cars weren't running back. Scott Riggs field only the same for Ricky Rudd Mark Martin comes down four tires fuel for him Sterling Marlin was on the pit lane they topped off the field tonight. Scott Weber also making a stop at lap 200 Danielle fuel only for Tony Stewart and Kevin Harvick and others that make stops at lap 200 included Jeff Green and Kenny Wallace. And it was just a fuel only stop for quite a few of the cars that dived out of pit road we still have 67 laps to go. Shouldn't be more than a laugher so reform will get ready to go back to green as we told you we gave the front five Rusty Wallace Jamie McMurray Jeff Gordon Greg Biffle and Ryan Newman back in six now on this restart when it comes will be fought in the body Jimmie Johnson's seventh Carl Edwards eight. Kurt Busch ninth Scott breaks tips Jon and pretty eleventh Dale Jarrett twelfth. Britain and gone thirteenth Brian Vickers fourteenth Tony Stewart continues to knock them off one by one he had his share of problems and a bit earlier. When the NASCAR penalize him sit in the pit road but now he's back up to fifty. Kevin Harvick is sixty tricky route seventy Scott Weber hangs in there in the top twenty all day long had a good run good pit work ethic that just might fuel stop on him. He is eighteenth Michael Waltrip took to nineteenth Kenny Wallace is twentieth. Give Philip one source Sterling Marlin mark Martin's only back 22 Dale Earnhardt junior it has been a frustrating day for Dale Junior he's 23. Martin Truex junior's 24 and Jeff Green his 25. Thought would have made some of these guys to win the championship this year you talk to any other they tell yet. About stuff following the sport for all her life his kids at all look it up the subtly he rows of NASCAR racing it. Open one day they could be here with an opportunity to do it Jimmie Johnson. Championship to this level is all that other ones since I was a kid it's. Going other Southern California racing in the deserts all I would do was watch in at the time and it was Jeff winning his championships. And I thought how in the world am I gonna get there I'm not here in the Nevada desert it's 120 degrees. Beater on and off road track. And that's why wanna be how to quite get there so I have I worked and sacrificed a lot like everyone else you know just given everything that I've ever had for it. And I wanna be a champion. Jimmie Jeff and several others are all that road let's go to Winston Kelley says. Gordon they're gonna top Bob Whitfield I think they may be within their window they're gonna change the right side tires went around in the last night the talk you all only the call on Jimmie Johnson hitting Jeff. Art courses are getting more Pleasant Hill now Earnhardt junior comes back down top software deals it was going to be Johnson Earnhardt junior guard. Kurt Busch in that order. Can't live in the pit strategy being played out there among those cars as they get ready to go back to green here in May be another laugher so. They should be in fuel went to jail when they won't listen they'll have 63 left to go there under caution and use that much gas that's terrible do it for the course when things are gonna sent to delegates of any cautions. The pop out and opportunity that our good chance it will have that. To happen later on in this race as well for Jeff Gordon were talking about now want to win a championship based out of four times report said. Even though he's done it four times you still have that desire he wants to win number five. I've accomplished more never dreamed that I I would ever competition in this. Series or in racing in general one. You know have in this championship some not and then and needs to win our need to win a championship. Situation amendment pure desire want. You know. And in and that's what is driving me I have experience what it's like to win. You know championships I know how awesome it is unknown how special it is and and and this team. You know is has worked really hard to get to this point and we're gonna work extremely hard all day on Sunday tend to try to get. Number five and it's been about the drive for five for us this year. And for Kurt Busch of course a dream come true that he could pull it off. I was a kid growing up you see things and everything's fun and and it's a goal that you have set forth. When you really don't know what it takes to put everything together and we're having fun doing it and that that's what I think is the biggest key. When your kid you're always having fun at this level you have to have fun to have success and to enjoy it. And it really would mean a tremendous amount for our team to be able to piece something like this together to go into the record books is such a tough year for our sport in general. And just all the different transitions that we have seen as well it would really put an exclamation point around Kurt Busch in the circuit team. Right now Kurt Busch is the leader in the points by six. Over Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson is third eighteen back. Dale Earnhardt junior is fourth the 112 back and Mark Martin this fall on the fifth he's a 153 points out of the top spot. Field work around this homestead Miami speedway under the caution flag is that we're waiting for cleanup to be complete there'll the back straightaway. It's set up this anatomy thinking about 2005 of the Daytona 500 speed weeks tickets are on sale at the world center of racing. You can also find out more make your ticket plans by calling 1800 bit shop that's 1807487467. Or check amount on line at 1800 pit shop dot com. Stick around xers and see how cleanup efforts are progressing over their terms wanna to date Moody's. To help Marty ever think cleaning greed ready to go back to the green flag here momentarily. Like Michael's brother just second off some of the caution lights over here Barney and now right now the safety trucks are pulling away so shouldn't be that much longer over here and three and four. 62 laps remain to be run here Rusty Wallace is the leader Jamie McMurray is second Greg Biffle third Ryan Newman fourth Bubba the body is fifth. Back in six this Carl Edwards and seventh as John Andretti eight does Dale Jarrett Brendan gone is night and Brian Vickers is twit Jim let's go down to Adam Alexander. 62 laps ago Rusty Wallace later Larry cart of the crew chief you guys came in at 190 two's how close is it on field can go to district she got a couple more time. Now we want we were Mike you from here waft come in in my can stop and get some fuel but I'll. Wasting going today there Connick channels more cautions coming out we'll just say how important is that being out front. They Hillary's well it looks like everybody who's been out front today has been really fast and been able to stay up near the front salami not you know track position been real important today it looks like. Larry Carter crew chief for Rusty Wallace known for his second win in 2004. Championship contenders are back of the pack now the cost all of those guys came in Diane made a pit stop there of that caution flag. Mark Martin is the best running of those he's an eighteenth Jimmie Johnson's back at twenty seconds Dale Earnhardt junior's 23 Jeff Gordon is 24. And Kurt Busch is shown back in the 25 position that race later is Rusty Wallace as they come working off turn four let's see if we get the want to go signal this time by. As they lineup but coming off the core Rusty Wallace Jamie McMurray. Greg Biffle Ryan Doumit Nevada Bonnie that is the top five it'd be they will get the one that goes signal it six this Carl Edwards seventh giant ready. Dale Jarrett runs in the eighth position night they're showing Brendan on. It's at this Brian Vickers elevenths Tony Stewart twelfth that's Kevin Harvick Ricky but his thirteenth Scott Weber fourteenth that Michael Waltrip fifty. It's sixty this Kenny Wallace Sterling Marlin seventeenth. Mark Martin is 828. Bite to eat the Scott Riggs and twentieth now is Jeff Green at Jimmie Johnson moving up now for the twentieth position. Dale Earnhardt junior twice first Kenny Wallace 22 Jeff Gordon 23 Kurt Busch 24. And Martin Truex junior 25. Mike Wallace's 26 Bobby Hamilton junior is now 27 Matt Kenseth always back to 28 kids trader 29 Boris that is thirtieth Casey Mears is 31 Johjima checks 32. Robby Gordon is 33 turn the body 34 Elliott Sadler 35. Jeremy Mayfield shows that 36 positions 37 as Jeff Burton. 38 to strap a squabble Kasey Kahne is 39. And from there back all the rest the cars are in the garage Mike Bliss fortieth change meal 41 Rick's X 42%. Or forty there. Meg Kansas lines up alongside race leader Rusty Wallace he has not gotten back one of his laps he was down now as just one lap down from the leader at. He's been battling there for the last half of the race here morning against trying to regain Atlanta lamp that he lost early on here this afternoon. And he's been given the guys that there are all these restarts that are leading the race a pretty hard time. Because got a fast car they're out of by the Roush racing stables let's say what they can do this time. And that now they say they're gonna hold. Up the restart. The green is indeed coming this time as they come rolling off turn her for pace car hits the pit lane and Rusty Wallace gets in the gas. Here's Brett can't have both alongside try to challenge there. Big hurry up on the outside latest Rusty Wallace makes his way past the black candidate received here comes McMurray. While slides lied to block what Barry Siegel McMurray does this time we'll go to the inside Willie go to the outside at the end of the back straightaway. You'll stay in the tire traction. Right it was a man scrambling back there in fourth place try to get around Greg Biffle as they hit the front straightaway also lessen a pretty good races and worked her way back down into the the corner. I'm not making up much ground this time with the chase leader Rusty Wallace Greg Biffle actually puts them back can't the flat carbon free himself. Okay. Further back Tony Stewart the highs for the bottom of the racetrack inter to those three wide with lap traffic now here's Stewart. Racing side by side and shot it ready they are still. That is a race for the eighth position. And Stewart is sewing all that we will chop against white through the field determine the show he's got a car that can plant even though. He had to answer a black flag further back here's Jeff Gordon working down the inside you'll go three wide at turn one totti six joy. A lot of. Do Jeff Gordon bold move down to the inside the green law. I'm not gonna. That's three championship contenders are not enough. That's only back there in seventeenth and eighteenth position Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson and they still go ahead of either the fronts right away as they know often the ones are still don't matter what candidate second. It's. Crazy now following Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson returns wanted to here's Johnson's gonna make the move around the outside the Ford would change lanes. Fall in line behind Johnson all of the. Napa Chevrolet. Johnson's now for the sixteenth position he had Jeff Gordon right along it's handled Jeff right behind it at seventy certain marlin that separates them the from other championship contenders Mark Martin Kurt Busch and Dale Earnhardt junior. Funny how. Drivers try to cover all the while he had the back straightaway bottom line make the move to the inside of Ryan Newman there side by side. Door to door coming out of the corner down the bottom of the racetrack is while the body outside group belongs to run human bodies have a good day he's about to lose a spot there was a go to one bottle of auto loses a spot to Ryan Doumit. Field and around the outside. Battle for the lead tightening up Rusty Wallace two car lengths ahead of Greg Biffle those two have about four maybe five. Over Jamie McMurray who rides the third picnic lunch and the hardest are the plus this car here in the half first half of today's race that we get that out. And apparently it's still pretty doggone tough these chased it down Rusty Wallace is across the start finish line. With 54 laps to go Rusty Wallace created a field lady from Greg Biffle now that we'll just a couple of Carla. A bit further out in my. Ryan Newman's team. Ryan Newman Bobby the Bonnie single file look back here soon. Check race it was about cars and even. Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson really hit like a pro. Grab your heart making them. Not gonna work this. The car that's the fine. Laps wind down here at homestead Miami to close out the Nextel Cup season for 2000 for the racing seems to get more furious every lap but Rusty Wallace is the leader. Homestead Miami speedway this is Itamar and radio the voice of NASCAR. Countryside. Whatever you drive wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection and industry leading wore Tina gets you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more visit. He's tired dot com Hercules tires bride and our strength. With friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in Racine but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. It's bushel clocks and grab a six pack of Busch beer for the cooler start to grill and relax. Enjoy responsibly Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. 219 laps on the board Rusty Wallace had a little breathing room a moment ago Greg Biffle took them away in a hurry probably its breath to Barney. Back bumper Rusty Wallace and it just. And for Greg Biffle to make a move down here at three and born he's been he's at the inside he's been he's in the middle even the top slot but so far. Our Rusty Wallace has been able to keep him at bay there are now 47 laps to go as they come back to the start finish line. Let's check the championship point standings Kurt Busch leads by two. Over Jeff Gordon. He leads by five over Jimmie Johnson. And he leads by seventy over Mark Martin Dale Earnhardt junior its fifth now. 74 points out the top spot the battle for the lead all of inserts news Greg Biffle look at any and saw. Trying to squeeze it down the inside can't do it can't get alongside the Miller Lite dodge here it is again that's. For the quarter again biffle slides up the racetrack there's. Cars are about equal have been three and four it seems when he gets up turns one and two that Greg might have a little bit of an advantage try to get underneath Rusty Wallace just a couple of college separate the two physical back over to turn to. Rusty what's the point trying to hug the bottom of the racetrack now begins to draft up midway through the turns out. Closing at a riding on the back bumper off to. For example very strong it's either even on the back straightaway and did three and four years biffle again going to work on the race leader. Think we'll dive deeper into the corner and put to Karl links between. Kind of battle shaping up for the fourth position as well why Newman has that spot working to try to theory of selfless of lap traffic right behind him. Is Bobby the body more on the state that again for the fourth spot they crossed the start finish line and we're back up the turn want to. Popular body the tail end of that Ford car grass racing for position what Bonnie running the highest office. Sorry at the front of the I don't know a lot of those leaders come to the back straightaway looked Maria and third got Bob and applauding in Florida. Ryan Newman in there as well Newman around the bunny and they all make your way around. Corner can't get a scramble to lead off turn two before it gets even tighter Greg Biffle try to come around on the outside of Rusty Wallace when they came off the corner couldn't pull it off their back overturn one. Vehicles or whatever they get Rusty Wallace we yesterday's newspaper he's riding high he's driving a lot. Aussie well not yield to a full throttle again nothing there. I'll probably stay single file a nose to tail the once stepping out of line this time by one lap to go Jeffrey Hopkins spoke at turn number four. Jeff Green pulled his card out of the inside of the racetrack tomorrow. Lot of slope for the serial. That is cause of the caution flag to wave yet again lap 223. To caution coming out for a problem. Ford Jeff Green let's go back to Mike back a lot of smoke from behind his dodge show we came into turn three and all of a sudden a big puff of smoke began to fellow front without behind his machines at the pilot of the racetrack and eventually pulled it out of the inside obviously off the case. Jeff was actually have a pretty decent day here this accident. In that machine he was running at the 27 position at the time. Then he blew the air but have been not considerably better. For a good part of this afternoon they announced a Petty Enterprises that they'll be running guy ever to him motor sports engines going in the 2005. And I'm sure that will help solve problems like we're seeing here now. For Jeff Green. So here's the situation we are at lap 244. There are 43 laps remaining championship contenders are Internet that is Jeff Gordon. Jimmie Johnson his fourteenth Mark Martin is fifty Kurt Busch's seventh street the Dale Earnhardt junior is twentieth. Where they stand as far as the points Kurt Busch leads by eight over Jeff Gordon. Fourteen back is Jimmie Johnson in third Mark Martin this fourth 76 back. And Dale Earnhardt junior's best 86 back. So let's check on that road to find out what that strategies are being planned to brought to you by sonoco the official fuel of NASCAR. If it's good enough for NASCAR it's good enough for your car. What Santelli. Well the gas for good to go home kill at least a three on the senate pit road that we've been tracking most closely Kurt Busch Jimmie Johnson's. And Jeff Gordon also Dale Earnhardt junior they thought they're going to be close but they're handling condition that's the last thing that they were worried about. Just talking to some of the crews that had not said anything on the radio but it looks like everybody's gonna come out and changed four tires if we'd been there to the end of the race. Whether rather than 42 laps out bleed they were left to map there for track position but these fresh tires are going to be. Medical solid form to come down pit road. But the keys going to be who's gonna go to who's gonna go nun who's gonna go forward I'm looking for some two tire stop how about the midsection that. Guys but I definitely think we'll be on pit road here Winston Greg Biffle. Rusty Wallace and Jamie McMurray the top three last pitted at lap one ID to an all. Are desperate for fuel so they will come down the deadline for sure other guys who were somewhat questionable way those guys that came in. Atlanta 202 go to guys like Ricky Rudd Mark Martin and Scott Riggs Sterling Marlin and Scott Weber the other guys who came in around lap 20202. But I would anticipate like you tires being at a premium over forty laps ago. We'll see everybody come down for some kind of pitched up here Daniel. Adam and also Tony Stewart Kevin Harvick to that questionable list they also came down lap 200. But Kevin Harvick screws just kind of sitting looking along no action as is that Tony Stewart's crew not a lot of action in his pit stop. But burning on Lance came download 19 to 47 outstanding run they currently in the sixth position. But they're looking like they are going to come down because he had last stop on lap 194 and they would be a little bit. Short on fuel these this possibly made a lap 226. And they'll give us 41 left to go as we look up toward turn over four. Looks like just about everybody that's definitely packs will make an appearance on pit road here so let's go down Daniel fried. Well versed in on this end of pit road as Brian Vickers morning also bringing on the adjustment in the Atlanta an Atlanta one night or. Greatness is ringing candidates haven't had a great run hasn't. I'm in court feeling comes down and check he had just been on here okay okay I I really everything on. Edwards and the reports our cover him and Brian Vickers makes us. An appearance on your right well have a different view when Citi bankers. Well the big business got that didn't come down pit road including. Jeff Gordon was a man on a mission the last time card just a little bit tied but he opted to stay out not so for Dale Earnhardt junior. Michael Waltrip and they get bored tires and golf four tires her body the body. He's been better on the sports cars that you Weiss have a lot of good clues they made it chassis adjustment. But bush Johnson and Jeff Gordon follow electing to stay on the racetrack for track position Adam. Mark Martin stayed out of it section a pit road the once it came down Greg Biffle was in. He got four tires and fuel also joining him on the pit lane Jamie McMurray came down pit road to make a stop in deadly that's always had your limit section of pit road. It's gonna pit road and check up also stories first Winston Kelley. Well as possible Robbie Loomis 55 Jeff Gordon machine he was a holiday mailbag. Understand the car was just below that night but that got just got a phone a whale what's he saying about the car and how about the hottest thing out. Our Chevrolet and get better better off day closer we get Brett get clean air on the note Jeff Gordon like you were talking million in the mall. And you know we just gotta have a good day you're good lord will appreciate your home glad that mr. vanderveer was like no worries about Mike and all the way outfield out. That's going to be tied it look like we were leopard due to the good side for sure all these cautions that two of them. You know we just we gotta have that track position is real important here homestead what a great place. And one time Mark Martin would have been the sentimental favorite but right now believe this Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson with Rick caught Hendrick. Sitting here in the Jeff Gordon pit malice Gaudin to the midsection and Adam. Well Europe to get or pet tries in crew chief for Mark Martin he's running in the night position that a problems develop fellow left front tire going Napoli one of the other drivers on the track. Spotted the incidents south mark Martin's gonna bring his car down the pit lane they played the pit those pit strategy game we're gonna stay on the racetrack but it does it come out. So Mark Martin going to be forced to come down. In the latter stages Danielle. And I'm Tony Stewart's kernel running in the second position exhibit either crew chief you guys last stop on lap 200 can you make it on. He'll yell or fine is so Home Depot Chevrolet and other isolate. This kind of split up announced it would you know we get a caution and wouldn't 180 dollars on the anatomy. Thirty or 35 laps and Arizona made its decision to make at that time but. Everybody had believe they're growing they're now can make it to the end so loved. I'd like to see one long ring around. You guys received a penalty from NASCAR couple laps earlier. Well let's go an explanation that you receive from them on why you receive that penalty. I'm religious center restart where he was in and out was we've and I guess didn't pick up from. I know they had warned us about them I'm staying close of the Negroponte them. Advances that are really not quite sure what a 100% of what that was badly who has read them but there's there's no we just we took a penalty and put her hired gun and then work their way back to front. And then bounced back quite nasty nicely running in the second position right now and Mark Barton was just back on pit road that we talked about the fact he had a tire going down Barney so he came down the pit lane they changed all four tires cinema on his way. Tough break for Mark Martin who played the pit strategy game had a solid run going here in the top ten of the latter stages. But unfortunately this pit stop and put him back in the pack for the restart the like cleanup efforts are about concluded here so we should be going back to great effect they should get the indication this time by their open turn three right now in the come down the start finish line should be one more lap and we'll go back to green. Reinemund as a leader Tony Stewart's second they'll chairs third Kevin Harvick is fourth Jeff Gordon would be fifth Ricky Rudd six Scott Weber seventh. Jimmie Johnson eight Sterling Marlin night Kurt Busch would be hit Martin Truex junior eleventh Scott Riggs twelfth Kenny Wallace thirteenth Rusty Wallace fourteenth. And Britain and go on make up the top fifty as we get down to the concluding laps there 38 left to be run 37. When we get the indication going back three. So doesn't look too good for mark Martin's chances of winning a championship accorsi was that fathers back we came into the race here this accident but. Mark have had a very good attitude about himself says he's happy with a season even if he doesn't win the title. Or a 102 behind it and anything can happen. Incredibly proud. Of our team in our performance this year it's been. One of the biggest honors of my career to be. A part of this chase and to be competitive in this as well so I'm really grateful for the way things have turned out for Jack Roush. Hooking me up a pat crisis and in you know for the effort that's been put forth there have been times when you know I wish we could head. A little bit more good fortune but as far as performance goes in the been very pleased it's in more than I could've expected. Mark Martin's currently fifth in the championship point standings he has a 131. Out. Up front though it's his teammate Kurt Busch who leads at this moment by five points over Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson this third fifteen back. And Dale Earnhardt junior is fourth. 96. Points back at what happened to this next segment of green flag racing Barney could very well make the difference and Luke the 2004 Nextel cup series champion is. Well we're about to find out the fans come to their feet as the cars move up in terms three and four anticipating a restart this time around as we we gave the top fifty has run a little bit further back real quick. Earnhardt junior's sixteenth Michael Waltrip seventy Mike Wallace eighteenth Colin resign Jeep and Greg Biffle is twentieth. Here they come down a lot of let's hope this thing can stay green to the checkered flag green is in the air. Reinemund tries to get dog from Tony Stewart and Dale Jarrett is erased over toward to. Do what's gonna have to deal with the car being sidelined that's what you don't need to check machine. Probably getting killed and beat it jacket actually has a nose that is. Kevin towers Biden on the outside the car joining image that Tony Stewart trying to do the same further back Jeff Gordon weaving its way in and out of traffic. And high side. Gordon dropped Natalee inside of they can't apart a car blasted by him pulled down on the low side. Of Ricky Rudd has lapped car blasted by him as well. And Jeff Gordon on a mission closing on the front of the field to further back teammate Jimmie Johnson as well choppers went through traffic get turned to face a. Jolene Joseph Jimmie Johnson that is and Kurt Busch all the around the outside of the has faced now sacked him three mile. I didn't take this feel long to spread out a wee bit as they put back under green just two laps ago Rusty Wallace still has that. Own a ways to go to get back up they're chasing Ryan Newman Tony Stewart get real close and turn to. Stewart's dad got it down to about six. Okay. Both drivers now with the pedal to the metal as Ryan Newman looks back at sees the orange Chevrolet of Tony Stewart looming larger in the rearview mirrors they work their way. Fighting app indeed is a comeback off starter before the race for the lead with Tony Stewart trying to prove something here this afternoon he's got a problem whopper now without Carly that laced. All Ryan Newman tied it up even more and go imported blood. Out of the bottom of the racetrack here comes Tony Stewart. Ryan Newman drifts up to thank you. Oh man of the moment but Stewart is Mary's trying to pound him for the lead midway down the back straightaway at the entrance to the corner Newman a little higher line. There were just drives it deep into the. The more. Want somebody needs to make Tony Stewart my head every race the way you run right now. Just can't get that lead went from Brian in the laps one now the 32 to go but he is there in turn to be tough customers white knuckles on the wheel right now it's Ryan Newman up high. Tony Stewart. Eric contact. Nothing to do Ryan Newman's sliding off the corner all the hot lanes Stewart right there on his back bumper racing for the lead at homestead. Deep into the corner yeah we're not talk this isn't. It tries to get offender alongside Ryan Newman for the top spot off turn to berth or finally. He gets up alongside they are side by side at a lion at Stewart with the advantage going of one Tony Stewart takes over the labor Ryan Newman might not be cardiac. X crossover return to. Factor yeah. Also burst Alice Stewart sliding up the racetrack then bounce off each other on the back straightaway nobody is there still roaming outside the racing off the end of the match. So yeah race and most. Nobody is gonna give an answer this one has come down with a lot the last will go down to just thirty to go Ryan nearly double the outside Tony Stewart on the outside of this is for the lead and it's been that way for five allow. They go back a return to not but don't hold back for they've got all wondered effects of popping. Tony Snow. Around why. Family finally he grabs the lead of the back straight away but Newman is not done yet he is right there I have to Carla behind them. Racing for the lead in first place just. Do Dale Jarrett got the UBS board wild up these this battle as well lousy plausible the rear deck. Of second place Ryan Newman. Stewart leads them off the turn one Stewart's lead just tap a car like Newman still right there trying to regroup for another chance that it. Behind. The camera. Now it's a three man fight as Dale Jarrett joins the fray the UBS board is the tail end car on this three car battle Stewart. Jerry single file about a cloning McCarty says that work. And try to run down the front three is Jeff Gordon trying to gain another spotter to it may be have a chance to win the Nextel Cup he still got time to get up there and do it 28 laps to go. Gordon is just a little over a second behind the front three at every position at this point could mean the difference. Battle up front and out further Kelly Johnson. Kind of squeeze it down the inside Jimmie Johnson had a lot to offer duke but instead as a follow Kevin Hart retired tracks. Bush has a lot of smiling behind Johnson. Jeff Gordon need to advance at least one more position to have a chance to win this thing because the way the other players are running Kurt Busch right now leads by four. Over Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson is third at these fifteen back Dale Earnhardt junior is fourth. A hundred points back and all the racetrack that is the way their running right now Gordon's fourth Johnson the six. Kurt Busch is eighth Earnhardt junior's sixteenth and Mark Martin is back in the twentieth position. Upfront that race for the lead is not over yet. Tony Stewart's up there over the top spot at Ryan Newman is trying to regain the lead coming back down the line just to Carling separate those two. With now 26 laps to go. In return of her one night comics Tony Stewart less than a car like on Ryan Newman. Yeah okay he's got a lot of data can spot and. Today Ford and Chevy race for that position there occurred at a federal alongside their momentarily. Had to give back in line he'll follow market. Off turn four and back into the front straightaway the fans have not been able to sit down here for the last fifteen or twenty laps are for the better part of the day for the most part Tony Stewart. Peggy got the lead run they would try to take it away. Laughs are flying by Derrick what they want to go here's the situation Ryan Newman is the leader Tony Stewart is second Dale Jarrett is third. The appoints contenders Jeff Gordon is up to fourth Jimmy Johnson his fifth Ricky Ross is having a great day Ricky is six Kurt Busch has picked up two positions since they went back to green after the last caution flag he is up to seven. Greg Biffle is eight Britain and gone as much Kevin Harvick has stepped Rusty Wallace is eleventh. Scott swimmers twelfth starting march 13 Scott Riggs is fourteenth in Martin Truex junior is fifty to Joseph we've talked about all day long. But the point championship they're just so that he doesn't it have really need to get the season. Winding down and come away with a good run here today dale jerked one of those Ricky Rudd another and a half a dozen of the guys. Al lot of guys out looking for little success here at the end of the season. Championship contenders if things stay the way they are right now Kurt Busch got to win this thing he leads by twelve points over Jeff Gordon. Jeff do it all he can't the pick up and a couple of spots to have a chance here that Jimmie Johnson as well trying to come up. Again Jeff is twelve out Jimmie Johnson is fourteen out and we over the the final twenty laps of the day's race so they're gonna have to have a combination of something happening to Kurt Busch. And those two guys moving up a little bit at this stage of the race to have a chance at beating him. For the championship at west think Kelly out of work from my Jeff's crew back car not handling real well right now. Now I spent a lot of time all night long and you really gone up on the way. That last green flag runs it's made up some ground with a three guys that meant having. We're battling for the lead. You're facing each other down. That card just continues to get tighter tighter he's voting also it would like you said those guys the end Jimmie Johnson are both going to be something to happen. And debris as he works his way around this racetrack watching Kurt Busch he's been awfully tough all day long as it comes down there one more time. The only thing happening to Kurds were okay and he's passing aren't these moved past he runs he's got. The looming large in the early. It's. Sharif. Busch's night got up on the we will hear the last few last month right now is being pressured by his teammate Greg Biffle not going to work on women's doubles titles for the. Biffle trying to allow open align their to the inside of the track if it turned for what cars up against the wall at turn number four just momentarily that. Appears to be Martin Truex junior with some momentary problems but. He keeps a car Roland we stay under the green flag. As a leader Ryan Doumit is not continuing to pull away from Tony Stewart. Mike back Agassi got about three Carly side now have three maybe four looks like Ryan Newman's cars coming into its own near the place. Is as you start to open up his leaf. Not caution flag is coming out with soda Martin Truex had a problem at turn four but apparently he's got more problems of interns do. Beatty does Joseph yes. Patty has appealed the entire bodies. Just behind the number one all the way to the back it's just flapping in the breeze the right rear tire is flat and he will want that car back to pit road. 252 laps are now that gives us fifteen to go the yellow flag is waving for the thirteenth time this afternoon. Bullet with a new damper on things have really does we talk about that Jeff Gordon that slept but it's modeled it try to chase. Those guys down a pic of a position now we re rack come completely here. And depending on how quickly we get the attract cleaned up it could very well be a single file restart that is if it's for the in the final ten laps right now they're showing. Fifteen to go early fourteen to go with a come back around us next time it. This should be yeah quick caution flag all the they have sent out one cleanup truck up had charged three and four where Martin Truex junior. Yet the wall here's the picture of the standing is as it is right now Kurt Busch's lead over second place Jeff Gordon is now sixteen points. Jimmie Johnson third eighteen points out of the top spot it. As senate right now Barney it's it's three man battle to the finish to see who's going to be the champion this year. Analysts check dental pit road recruit the Winston and likely anybody will pit. I think it's none of the lead lap cars none of the Dow's that are in the championship chase can afford to all these guys. On the lead lap Jeff Gordon currently running in the fourth position he can't afford to give up track position nor Jimmie Johnson. Nor Kurt Busch so they're just gonna leave them out there on the track. Maybe some guys a little bit further off back to back just trying to make up some track position. One of those Dale Earnhardt junior of course he struggled all day long nothing to lose company taking all four tires and got a just. Make a quick access is just the same thing for John Andretti. Behind the antibody by anybody you have. And Mark Martin does the same thing no track position no reason to stay on the racetrack so it comes down. More fresh Goodyear Eagles and he's returned to the racetrack Danielle. Brian Vickers and Kenny Wallace elected to come down or fresh tires and feel for them as Martin Truex junior has taken his heavily damaged machine back into the Nextel Cup garage. Photo this chase for the Nextel Cup changing the format fourth this year has accomplished just about everything they expected it to it came right down the wire with the tightest race. A fun now five drivers running for the championship in the history of NASCAR of course now we're down into the final. Few laps of today's race and get the green flag will be eleven laps to go and the really have a three way battle to the finish to determine the champion. Kurt Busch in charge right now thinks they good for him. And it doesn't fall back any further than he's in Iraq this thing Gupta Jeff Gordon is twelve points out in the second spot Jimmie Johnson is fourteen points out. In the third positions out. We're about to see how things got to shake out the course we've seen so many times bought it looks like what just look back at this race last year bill Alley it was almost like the win. One lap to go about effective is all the last lap wake up entire body the body came back and won the rice that was just a race were talking about championship now. And it needed to think it happened this kind of scenario as well. Yeah I remember that the deal last year don't guerrilla leaders that he started racing this way back in the seventies and I don't think I had ever seen even his whole career. On a race that he lost thirty many more than that when did that really really got to veil can you imagine. What a situation similar to that for a guy running for the championship would be like if Kurt Busch on the last lap or last few have had something go wrong. And one of these other contenders goes on to win the championship that really would hurt. But let's hope that's not the case as the field is now given the one the go signal here at homestead Miami speedway in. Indeed we're just about to wrap it up for the 2004 season. Again this rider of the leader Tony Stewart a second that's been worth watching here for the last 15120 laps around. Dave moody over there those two just. Either one of those who got to give an inch to anybody. Now Barney ethnic they're having flashbacks to their dirt track at sprint car days because they've just that point slide jobs on each other. We saw the change Walid twice between turns one and sealed as our Ryan Newman and Tony Stewart gave each other real flat fashion sprint car slide job. How would be surprised seals played this game before this looks over at the rose. Was to kill I don't that road how is Kurt Busch's team Massey Jack Roush and Jimmy think there are they handling business. I tell you why that does look like they've changed their expression and all day long they do point every now and then to a piece of debris that they think they say. On the racetrack. Go to the game but adding Staten mouse to try to get a where there's a single file restart. But they like Jimmy has been com cool and collected as as the entire through the whole time so they're just looking forward to getting this thing done. Well they just the job at hand is to get up there and finish where you are pick up a position between now and the checkered flag if you can't hold what you got even that if they can do that Kurt Busch is going to be the Nextel champion. Feel doubling up up in turnover for getting ready to go back to green 256. Laps on the board didn't give us tend to go as they were back to the front straightaway. Not only will be watching the chase for the Nextel Cup will be watching to see who wins the final race of the season. It's going to be Ryan Newman are Tony Stewart Dale Jarrett or Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson and the top five green goes back in the air. At L race off to turn over one. Tony Stewart his. Really the other. Try and take that lead away from land it was before they get to bed I have to deal with Jeff Gordon first Jeep Dodge City it was sidelined pays all the way up to par with what they. Thank you marine life and you know David I thought I. Lord we want you guys. Bold move for Jeff Gordon he's very loses the spot to Dale Jarrett. And ahead. And I come pouring off turn four back to the line nine laps ago Ryan Newman pulls away from Tony Stewart. Dale Jarrett slurred. Jeff Gordon is fourth. Jimmie Johnson is fifth there in our blog about it. Greg Biffle and a man on the blue ribbon gone who's running the outside lane. Here is Greg Biffle on the outside lane Jimmie Johnson download now as they raced side by side into the corner. Therefore very strong. Whenever Greg Biffle Scott left even do it hurry because it's going to be a eight laps left to settle it here too easy when gotta get up there and finished in the top three. Ryan Newman takes a back over to turn to get data hammered China homestead deal leads by three car lengths over Tony Stewart. That is the fourth positioning Greg Biffle would get it on the backstretch Jeff Gordon falls back in line in fifth Jimmy. Four how about this Jeff Gordon is down only by eight points now. Is Kurt Busch continues to lead they crossed the start finish line here at homestead Miami speedway they are just seven laps to go. Single file at least for the moment Kurt Busch are wary needs to be that he'll take another. It's. Yeah but can't they. Slot up the racetrack in Brendan guns tire tracks is Jeff Gordon needing every position he can catch what it's. Losing ground. Jeff Gordon has done everything that you're supposed to do we just does not have the the bustle right now to get up there and do what he really needs to do to win this championship and here's Kurt Busch diving down to the outside of a couple of cars try to close them. Doubted our wanted Kurt Busch and. The inside okay. Make another. Here's Kurt Busch he's got Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon directly ahead and bush is not. You can't five laps to go in the four to 400 to determine the championship your homestead Miami speedway. The lead now for Kurt Busch is thirteen not. Over Jeff Gordon they return to Busch has gotten everything he needs to. Others thought. Stay out of. He's now no one else. Racing for the third position Dale Jarrett has it Greg Biffle tried to take it away Jared at the racetrack turn three Greg Biffle has. That's why don't. Jarrett couldn't keep the card out of the center of the racetrack and Greg Biffle gets a fender underneath the but you're not gonna go down easy in fact he leads him at the start finish line by half a violent physical launch for apple drives it deep and return number wanted to be able take that number three professional life. I try to win. That battle. Jaw dropping back to seventy or skirt but she's closing in on Jimmie Johnson Johnson's losing ground to Jeff Gordon seeing what bush does this live off. Straightaway plus is. Follow Jimmy Johnson's tired. Bush indeed closing in all Jimmie Johnson now for the sixth position as a come back to the start finish line only three laps remaining it. Ryan Newman meanwhile busy pulling away. One minutes later and zip on wall right tire it down on me it's. That's caution it will come out onto the racetrack at lap to 64 let's go back to her too much else. Laura wrinkles aren't elite. Down the left. And the Michelle and homestead Ryan Newman went into turn number one at Tony Stewart close and it all of a sudden they Alltel dodge just took a lightning. Hansack shot up the banking and slapped the outside retaining wall the right front tire is down for Ryan Newman. Very much like Ryan Newman's year has been Varney coming off 2003 when he won eight times. This year this is kind of the way things have gone for Ryan Newman on a day when he had a car that could of won the race something goes wrong I crash a mechanical problem. It's gets about a victory blame on number of occasions throughout the course of this year although it did pick up two victories. More often than not this is the way his days have wild up here in 2004. But the winds have just not come like they did the year before debris should be short caution over there. Yeah I think so corny that does not lock to be locked into any debris went down by the alliance villages. She'd been given a quick look I'm sure but after that we should be able to heal quick courts. Is it ironic that all the year that we develop the new chase for the championship system. With a chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup and end the year that we switch over to use in the green white checker it comes down to erase where that system is gonna determine our champ. Ian it's come into play several times this year and it's in the second half of the season. We see it now that the jet. Blowers are coming out of the racetrack they may need to to sweep the track up there in terms wanted to. Before they put him back under green so this is how they are running at present Tony Stewart leads Greg Biffle is now second Dale Jarrett moved up to third Jeff Gordon's fourth. Jimmie Johnson fifth and Kurt Busch is sixth and seventh is Brendan gone eight does Rusty Wallace might as Jamie McMurray of chip is Ricky Rudd. Eleventh will be Kevin Hari. Twelfth is Bob and nobody's got Webber's thirteenth mark Martin's fourteenth fifteenth starting on the sixteenth is Carl Edwards. In seventeenth position as Scott Riggs Michael Waltrip is eighteenth nineteenth Brian Vickers and twentieth is that cancer. Championship points standings that Kurt Busch's lead is now sixteen them over Jeff Gordon. Jimmie Johnson is eighteen points back and I think it's pretty much at the situation now Barney with the position Kurt Busch has out there unless something breaks on his car. He pretty much has got this thing wrapped up the other two guys can't do anything. Yeah all Kurt needs to do right now to tell what he's got doesn't like to gain anything he could he could lose a spot that are so here and still go home the champion. Was to Kelly O'Donnell pit road thinks critic who wellness lastly they wanted to see was cautioned that no. Yeah that's definitely the case here in Kurt Busch is not dip because they knew they had the championship one they were counting the laps down. But annualized Jimmy fanning just hasn't changed. His expression all day long just stayed up there. Fairly stoic talking to his driver and bright that they got of the day was when that wheel broke early on in the race and they. Miss hitting the wall they missed hitting pit road or miss hitting the wall that separates pit road racing surface so they got a huge break. Early on Jack brown sets up on the pit box his expression to not changing every now and then he'll crack a smile but he's knows it's not over. To the big lady sayings but we can hear the vocal chords warming up in the background. Let's go like we talk about Ryan Newman not the crash there while he was leading characterized. His 2004 season well. Kurt Busch with that near miss that that was to Kelly described panic characterizes his hold on this chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. There's been not to a three times where he's really dodged big problems the only big probably had that got him was at Atlanta when they blew an engine but. What's not to every time he spun in front of the field to not call up lost a lap in traffic work displayed back in every time bounced back. And that that situation west of us talk about that we'll came off he nearly collectively in the pit road down there that would probably done him for the day it cost of the championship. He missed it by the thickness of a sheet of paper out there. Yeah there was much space between his car and the wall. General and watching Kirk this year now he's done everything he's supposed to do he senator good strong race car that a good pit stops. Not taking anything away from him but he has Dotson Lotta votes couple times I've never there he was right in the middle. Of two or three cars that spun out and hit the wall and bounced all the way around him he just drove away without a scratch on my sheet and when that happens. As you consider that part of winning the championship Jeff Gordon used to say you know it's good to be good but she also reluctant to be little good to look. That's I think everybody will admit out there that a lot luck does play a big role in what goes on it there's not so much you can do as far as preparing these race cars. And and putting together the people that that make the decisions it and work on race stay in through the week in the test sessions and whatnot. The whole plan I mean it's I think the best way ever heard it described it was that ray ever hams say it's it's a Rivet skewed deal you just keep twisting and turning. Do you get it right but after you get everything perfect. Yes still got to have some luck to go along with a ales. Well the field is coming off turnovers four than they may get the indication for a green white checker finish one more lap around the for the agreed will come back out. Although flexed lenders are not duel for this take a lot via the folks here at homestead Miami speedway the fans that I had to get as a sellout crowd. For the season ending Ford 400 they have been standing up practically all afternoon it's been a very thrilling race throughout the way. Keep them close tabs on their favorite drivers for a chance to win a race and of course also in the yet chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. It while an unusual turn of events for Tony Stewart in case you weren't listening earlier in the day. Johnny Ellis black flagged by NASCAR for not starting them the restart correctly. Went back guy had to make a pass through penalty started at the tail end of the field worked his way back up but now is in control leading. After Ryan Newman had this problem here few moments ago Tony leads Greg Biffle and Dale Jarrett that's the top three. Steals and a good job bounce back today to lead was down laugh at one point Jeff Gordon is fourth for the restart Jimmie Johnson his fifth and Kurt Busch is sixth this year. Title contenders right there together Brenda dawn will they coming out of here with a good finish and he hangs on the seventh. Rusty Wallace's eight's Ricky Rudd nights and Jamie McMurray champ. You know there's a problem with the Dale Jarrett recede on the back straightaway he has pulled down battle wide wide open car back and forth a timer to. He may be out of fuel on the back straight away. Let's check it is that. Well that may be did the exact concern. Joseph we're gonna head down that way and trying get confirmation right now. Neil Jared rolling slowly down the backs right away they are gonna wave off the restart because he is off the pace. Working his way around indeed they will go one of the green flag let's say the field works off the corner Dale Jarrett has been pushed off the racetrack it is on his way to a third place finish. Here this afternoon instead he'll finish the race on pit road there coming back to the green flag for the finish of the Ford 400. Green flag goes in the air Tony Stewart set sail let's talk about a flat gravel from second place all black it is all that term loss. Nor does off the pace around the outside of him comes Greg Biffle they're gonna go three wide body and Stewart has finally. Okay. Stewart down on the inside here's Jimmy Johnson up top Jeff Gordon as well Kurt Busch there are two triple. I'm sure drug running back no home. They are coming now the white flag this time out of turn over for Tony Stewart try to get wound up one more time was Greg Biffle leads a bucket it's sort of a lot. Griffith rippled out on the inside lane Jimmie Johnson's second Jeff Gordon Tony Stewart Kurt. And. For example all by himself up front leaders are single file most detail Kurt Busch not being pressured your schedule coming here. Our Greg Biffle coming off turn four Dallas start finish line he's been the strongest man all day. He'll win the season ending four to 400. Can't afford it Jimmie Johnson crossed the line in second Jeff Gordon third at Johnny Stuart finishes in fourth. And this this Kurt Busch and he is the NASCAR Nextel cup series champion let's go to his bed. And the sick and they celebration begins Jack Roush coming top of the pit box jacked. You'll want to look battles and you want Hornaday congratulations. I just look these are famine business you know event and a dog fight today and it worked out OK I wouldn't have given five cents for our chances gone in. Asked Jack Roush as it gets ready to go celebrate. In both Victory Lane. And the championship trophy. And we'll talk with a winner Greg Biffle along with the champions shortly. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So who makes high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust sonoco to beat him you'll let you go second campus and a coach feels going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR's sonoco. Yes and so races. Whatever you drive to wherever you go. Hercules hires has the value selection and industry leading warranty to get you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more this. He's tired dot com Hercules tires right under our strength. NASCAR today continues at a bar in radio sponsored by full. The official welcome NASCAR he's been moved forward. A wild day here at homestead Miami speedway. Finally all over Greg Biffle win the race the final woman this season. And the championship will go to Kurt Busch. Let's go track side right now chicken with Daniel fried. Well I simply trying to work with any of the guys that finished. Second through fifth in the championship. Jeff Gordon is a little bit tied up right now it I think in trying to work with him right quickly we can. If we get a word with. Jeff Gordon. Delegate Jeff Gordon's thoughts animal when I tell you what you gotta you gotta take after all these guys that were in the top five coming in here today that their for the championship because everybody you did what she needed to do. Clinton another group really had bad luck today Dale Earnhardt junior just struggle with this car all day long but still he went out there and aunt drove his heart out to. And now Barney Kirk bell won the championship by the closest margin. In NASCAR Nextel Cup history. Only eight points a separation back to Jimmy Johnson. And before this the closest was back in 1992. When Al uncle Wiki won the title by ten points then over Bill Elliott. Let's go back downstairs. Well let's say Jimmie Johnson's down here he's just got out these talking to some of the crewmembers same thing for Jeff Gordon. Kurt Busch continues to kind of ride around the speedway let's say if we can slip in here and get a quick comment. Jimmie Johnson gets a hug from Kyle Busch. Jimmy. Within eight points has been a great season your final reactions. It is and it's been great seasoning congratulations occurred on on a championship in any assault the entire. The entire bit in definitely disappointed I was hopeful that we would get the same beach of one ourselves but at just wasn't meant to be we gave it everything that we had just came up a little shark. It was an outstanding run all league yearlong. For the team of Jimmie Johnson heavily Danielle has caught up the Mark Martin. Mark Martin finishing fourth in the Nextel Cup championship giving my giving us high fives and nine giving thumbs up to is that rest racing teammate. Kurt Busch Mark Martin. Yeah overcome a lot of adversity today he gained a spot the points yet be awfully proud. Yeah I'm just down. Just proud this race team and what they've done for me this year up this so special about the big contender. We could and a little bit better day Billy couldn't align it with the way way things turned out so. I think we did as good as we could have expected if those guys we're gonna have any trouble then now the best we can do sport. And not in this team pulled it off. The point saints' all throughout the course of the race Mario kept aware of the situation and what you needed to do. In order to gain a position or saved. Now earlier this race and is it you know do the best we can't we got that flat tire. We're lucky in that respect blood if it was on a caution so. You know I guess it all balances out we got back activities that any show him a bit better car than that. It certainly leaves you with a smile the size that's Mark Martin finishes fourth in the championship standings. Realistically catch up with some of the other top five finishers may be well it caught up with Jeff Gordon who finishes third in the point standings. Simply slip in here Jeff. Oh so close how difficult is this one for you to swallow and know that you were that close you've won four days how difficult has it. Yeah you know I don't think we could have done much more army with those such a great effort on today in I'm you know Don got good results. You know that cannot be semi strong Ford gave a strong and I knew that they would be like at all throughout the day and you know you gotta eat you know look back at those last ten races and yes say oh what could we have done that. You know we did everything and we knew I had to do in I'm just so proud of Chevron the DuPont Chevrolet team it. Donna thank you Condon and Betsy GM AC Quaker state led lays. You know Hoss CDS say it was a great year forests and Yahoo! which we could've won the championship but now we get and everything manager promised guys for coming back from our our problem with the tire and get back up there and and a good finish. Did you find yourself taking more risks today after the racetrack. Well not. Yeah I mean when we got behind it takes a risk. You know then there at the end on those restarts were taken some risotto I had a great run a second the last restart dove down the inside they seem to get bottom front of me. And now they know one young guy he got released in the bottom and held me up and we learn able to get you out there were we needed to put down that last one. I took another shot at him and I got inside the sixteen authority was inside of me it was pretty wild out there. And now and then Tony had some kind of prime grown into one and finalists all Upton and we don't. You know came out their size three wide Acxiom also like to Jimmie got outside I mean. You know we just did what every kid to get back in Monte city. Ended up in third. He certainly gave it a great effort today that's Jeff Gordon did that let's go down now to Gatorade Victory Lane second win of the year for Greg Biffle thicken up the season ending Ford 400. In your four congratulations. Thanks a table but it's. It does go to show everybody what to sixteen teams capable of doing now we got an awesome car all day long I just awesome Jack position there because of fuel mileage and not. You know latest spot back and thought back in these guys is great pit stops and there's gonna take it since I think everybody is supported us this year subway and Coca-Cola and Kraft Foods everybody's just been knocked in of course the National Guard on stand beside us a whole year. And all the soldiers everything they do for our program enough this excited to be in army carried Victory Lane here. Tony Tony Stewart off the pace on that last run talk about your thoughts there and being able to get around him for the win. Yeah I really felt. Had a car to beat him you know I is really good off the restarts I thought I was gonna be out of passive and up almost ran into him down there. When his car ran out of gas. And restarts are so I was really close for us and then have a Jimmy wants the Florida. You know ran into a guy and then unfortunately. I didn't happen this unfortunate enough. Greg Biffle wins this afternoon at homestead Miami and our congratulations to Greg Biffle down in nine Gatorade Victory Lane as the celebration continues now there. Gatorade is the officials fortune beverage. Of the homestead Miami speedway hey let's take a look at the championship point standings to fully gonna have on the main stage and hear from the champion Kurt Busch who. Is just now climbing out of a sharp before Dan the start finish line. He wins the title by eight points over Jimmie Johnson as we said before that is that closest margin in NASCAR Nextel cup series history. Jeff Gordon comes in in 3016. Points back Mark Martin finished in fourth. He's a 107 back and Dale Earnhardt junior. Finishes fifth 138 points out of the late Tony Stewart winds up in six of the standings Ryan Newman seventh met Kansas eight Elliott Sadler ninth. And champ is Jeremy Mayfield. Morning as we're waiting for Iraq Kurt Busch to come to the states just like a look at the fulfilled rundown from today's running of the Ford 400 Greg Biffle. The winner Jimmie Johnson finished second Jeff Gordon ran third Tony Stewart fourth Kurt Busch fifth Brennan gone had a great day Brendan finish six Jamie McMurray was seventh Rusty Wallace say Ricky Rudd ninth and Kevin Harvick Jeff. Mark Martin gets eleventh Bob in the body twelfth Scott Weber had a great day thirteenth Carl Edwards fourteen Scott breaks fifty Sterling Marlin. In 68 Michael Waltrip friends 72 as Brian Vickers eighteenth. Matt Kenseth ninety and John Andretti twentieth. 21 will go to Bobby Hamilton junior 22 Kenny Wallace 23 to Dale Earnhardt junior 24 to Dale Jarrett at 25 to cancer right here. Finishing 26 today was Casey Mears Geneva check of the 27 position Boris Said 28. Robby Gordon finished in twenty night Ryan Newman thirtieth and 31 to Terry the body. Martin Truex junior is 32 Mike Wallace 33. 34 Elliott Sadler 35 to Jeremy Mayfield Jeff Burton finished at 36 Jeff Green 37. Kasey Kahne came in in the 38 position with Travis awful 49 Mike Bliss fortieth shame meal 41 Greg Sachs 42. And Hermes Sadler finished in the 43 position. In today's race we sought publicity fourteen lead changes fourteen they JH is among seven drivers. And the caution flags waved fourteen times here today the finish of the race with 23 cars on the lead lap. The unofficial winner of the wakes lap leader award for today's forward 400. Greg Biffle was the eligible driver who led the most laps in the event brought to you by wicks filters the number one filter. In NASCAR biffle. Very commanding out there with his performance in this race with the Atlanta total 100 him. Of the 200 and that's sixty year to a 34 laps run in today's. Four to 400 so. Theory I convincing his performance in this race that first part of the event is very strong got a fell back of the second half but bounced back when it really mattered at the end of the course. Amazing the way things twisted and turned in this race with Tony Stewart look at to be on his way to the victory in accorsi fall for the bit on the restart their late in the race. And that Ryan Newman cutting a tire up and turned over to resulting in Greg Biffle getting back to the top spot. Analysts say the best car should land and that's apparent is the case here as that biffle indeed picks up the victory here today in the season ending. Ford 400. So quite a celebration going on trackside it. Kurt Busch is they are talking to the various members of the media will be with him in a few moments to talk about. The pressure being lifted off can you all magic. What a relief that is after all he's been through here this accident after all he's been through in the final ten races of the chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. All the near misses and finally he comes up things go his way today let's go track side now to Winston Kelley who's with Kurt Busch. He gets a big hug from his golf but it wasn't that many years ago that he was on the gong show with Jack Roush and now. He's the 2004. Nextel Cup champion and first Nextel Cup champion congratulations to our. Thank you so much it's unbelievable to build put such an effort into what it takes to make a championship caliber team many things have to fall into place. Jimmy venting his truth has a leader gets any really help me understand what I needed to do with a race economy to go fast but our team our sponsors are beer weren't. All of our associates it's wonderful tell us what happened when that wheel broke how it felt what went through your mind man. It was an odd problem and it was something that hadn't come up all year we feel like. We Don it's a huge huge. Devastating proposition that was taken us out of this championship and we pull through. You told us early in the day that you just had to go out race your race that took it away you had to race extremely hard. Tell us about working backed up. To the top five. So look out for the 2448. And we stayed on the same sequence that's what it's has that started to sink team. I'm almost not his right now because it was that you the floor but it wants him unbelievable. The 2004. NASCAR Nextel cup series champion and is Kurt Busch. I imagine after all he's been through it will click that little little time for that to settle land for Kurt Busch. Wrapping up this first ever NASCAR Nextel cup series championship it. Doing it for the first time ever in the system we entered its this year the chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. It is time now for Barney having to select the winner of the very best as bright of the race award. The award 500 dollars to the motor racing outreach children's ministries from rate best as breaks. In the name of the driver who receive the best break in today's event at Barney says he's gone with Kurt Busch because of that near miss that that they rehearsed talking about them there in Victory Lane. Coming all of that lightly lost that wield nearly hit the wall. He out herded to. Tragedy once again at a course it paid off with a victory. At least winning the championship in the 2004 seasons that rate best this breaks the official breaks of NASCAR awards 500 dollars. In the name of Kurt Busch for the motor racing outreach children's ministries. A day of great excitement and great drama comes to look closer at homestead Miami speedway as we wrap up the 2004. Season. He gave the sport with five drivers hopes of maybe winning. The most prestigious title at all NASCAR Nextel cup series racing maybe in all of motor sports in general of course everyone knew only one. Could pulled off that one turns out to be Kurt Busch who wins here this afternoon by the closest margin in the history of the sport. Only eight points he wins the title over. Jimmie Johnson. The great day of racing and a great season of racing racing network wants to think a lot of the people who made at all possible throughout the course of the year. Special thanks to all of our stations along the way radio stations across the country that carry our broadcast throughout the year. All the racetracks that we travel to in broadcast from throughout the course of the year law enforcement officials who have helped us. In an album of all those racetracks. And a stake as a moment here and I think some of the folks behind the saints were back in our office at Daytona Beach. In sales and marketing Steve Harrison Stephanie Ellis thank you Butler fan McCorkle and Robin Vander graft. In administration of the motor racing network Emily government frank Beers and president David Hyatt. In our engineering department Julian Vega antley bowers Chris durocher typist LO and Greg Moore. In the affiliate apartment Cheryl might Peter DiGiorgio Steve mussina and sandy good. And it production TGL stock Daryl Smith Barney half Chris Ximian Steve Blevins Amanda Troutman and Ryan Warren. And a Nextel vision the folks who work very closely with a clear Fred Armstrong Brooke Foxx Josh Lieberman Eric Morse Calvin casters and Lauren live say and it. Debbie rate lot of folks have a helpless throughout the course of the year and I'm sure there's some names probably a lot that we've left off the list witnessing here. And and list them all afternoon. That be impossible that we deuce and that Oliver's thinks of the course to all of our listeners who have not followed our coverage of NASCAR Nextel cup series Busch Series racing. In NASCAR craftsman truck series racing through out the year it's not over yet. Will be back in New York on December 3 with the NASCAR awards ceremony. From the Waldorf Astoria in New York City hope you'll join us then as we crowned Kurt Busch officially the 2004 NASCAR Nextel cup series champion. The voices are heard our broadcast here this afternoon the throughout the weekend Ford championship weekend they moody and Mike Bagley on the corners all the pit lane was to Kelly Adam Alexander. And Danielle Frye. A broadcasting engineers of the motor racing network again Anthony bowers talked a fellow Greg Moore. Our satellite engineer the good doctor Mike Weaver and her production assistants Steve Blevins Kirk Snyder. And the Carla Snyder. Don't forget to get didn't keep double what's going on in the world of NASCAR daily with NASCAR today here in the motor racing network NASCAR live continues throughout the winner months on Tuesday evenings at seven. With Eli gold talking to the stars of NASCAR racing and the world of racing with commentary from NASCAR drivers on the issues of the day. It all comes to a close here at homestead Miami speedway as the sun sets in South Florida. It's teammates take home the big trophies today Greg Biffle gets the win in the Ford 400. His teammate Kurt Busch wins the 2004. NASCAR Nextel cup series championship. Now for Barney hall hi Joseph Moore so long from South Florida and the homestead Miami speedway. Am already in radio coverage of the Ford 400 has come for you from homestead Miami speedway. Today's broadcast was directed by Roy Horn the executive producer of the mare and his big tonight. This broadcast has been a production of the motor racing network.