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NASCAR Live - November 14, 2017

Nov 14, 2017|

Matt Kenseth, William Byron, Daniel Hemric and others join Mike Bagley on this edition of NASCAR Live!

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The following is a production of the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Everybody but again a lot of hard. Stay focused. There are the motor racing network presents. NASCAR live net net net they don't look forward to Thanksgiving Arizona desert. NASCAR live is brought to you by Hercules tires right on our strength. From the motor racing network studios and Concord, North Carolina. The theory your host Mike Bagley and though hello everybody welcome to another edition of NASCAR live my bag we hear the rest of the boring group. So thankfully you've joined this. Or this next sixty minutes. And the championship for an all three NASCAR's top divisions are set for this weekend in South Florida. And on today's show we're gonna hear from two drivers that will be fighting for the NASCAR X thirty series championship. On Saturday William Byron. And Daniel hammering out those drivers qualified over the weekend at Phoenix. We'll talk with them about their final race of 2017. And the possibility. I'm becoming. The 2017 NASCAR X thirty series champion. In the monster energy NASCAR cup series realm. Matt Kenseth showed the NASCAR world that he still got what it takes at the tender age of 45. At the checker flag on the can't amp 500. Not a journalist talk about his win in Phoenix and a whole lot more actor and singer Heidi Camille was the grand Marshal of the can am 500 at Phoenix over the weekend. Our very own column Ricky had a chance to chat with him about his experience. Would hear that conversation coming up give codes also got to stop hyper social media minute preview this week's junior's journey podcast. Preview of this weekend's race at homestead Miami speedway and all whole lot more on today's NASCAR lied to get us going. Let's look back at this past race weekend at Phoenix with a NASCAR live back tracks. I'm here we go for five drivers the opportunity to build a final spot and I got to the championship and up front for the start. If you will build five driver Ryan Clady. I think great job qualifying got a default look at Bob up and everybody that's about favourite stop. School board you're gonna get you very about it at great. I always. However I have thought here we can't walk a very quiet lady jumping out my Atlanta games I had off that thermal Jimmie Johnson at the Lowe's Chevrolet in. On cars a little bit tight in the middle of the great growing at a federal payroll it early part of I hear that purpose but everybody all these other guys screwed up the track wildlife advocate moved up and I forgot the rug out from dark background. Everything I've heard about the flap back 5% front. Have a but we got at it we're here Denny Hamlin is still an end the race leader Winston Kelley worked Tyler sing go. Well right now looks like he's gonna go into the garage Gary came down pit road and went up underneath the hood. Through reporting that he thinks he's loose in the motor home embassy. Here wrap up pretty bad. I can't think that it got go out or out into the ground don't journalists now. Tonight wolf. Tire may have gone down on the right side Johnson's right in the all the Lowe's Chevrolet. It went. Don't work higher and therefore hold on America by the public. It was dark area and work is done. Denny Hamlin will come across a wide view wolf for the wind up upstage. Number two. I'd read it but I thought it quite evident so our our budget I don't straight up what I call ourselves. Until. Beat those guys that come aboard another way to hurt well coordinated and I'm about Atlanta what. Jeff Templeton. Mears Denny Hamlin yelled come to the mark up that box is wide open he's got it. Three actually it's got an exit that will be there as well only fuel the adjective and it would stop them older he's gonna lose took the lead. I would do big government after a career ago. Yeah the problem is that the personal support myself. I'd walk right up and it. That driver as bush are now coming down the bank need everybody to the homicide globally contact. Yeah that don't pay a break. The times. It's. Currently being outsourced paint until we offer our product guys irrigated. They've been up there have been up there perfect. In the net charge off about it below realized. Bob Becker about whooped. It. Up off. Any handling herself anytime you're seeing is not what happened. We got rain and it's at a point where we were running up front all day we had a bad hit stop. Didn't we didn't really make any adjustments here are going to be really tight. We're just battling all we needed to keep our track position worked. And we allowed our competition again but that captain. They come into the spoiler today giving Arizona desert people win the Fannie and 500. I. I. Good I'm hoping for a baby girl Heidi thanks. Birdie. Porter. And that my friend used to some of the best in our audio from Phoenix this past weekend but this week's. NASCAR live back tracks coming up next Saturday's NASCAR it's gonna be series winner William Byron will join us. And later Matt Kenseth will be here to talk about his emotional win in the can am 500. When you're hiring you like qualified candidates fast and it can be hard to know where to find them more than three million businesses use indeed got conned the world's number one job site where you need entry level or highly skilled employees indeed helps you find great talent and make the right higher. Indeed is offering new users a fifty dollar credit to get their first job closed premium visibility as a sponsor job. Reading this offer and indeed dot com slash promo that indeed dot com slash promo terms conditions and quality standards apply. Drug cantor and NASCAR USA is giving one lucky listener a trip to the 2018. Daytona 500. We'll tell you this country music artists who performed and a driver who won the Daytona 500. You tell us what year it happened if they Daytona 500 re why. Log on Ameren dot com forward slash NASCAR USA we've your answer. The entry site for details and for tickets for the Daytona 500 call 1800 pitch up or visit Daytona 500 dot com. Saturday's NASCAR X Kennedy series winner William Byron will join us next. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. Carlyle and had threatened that it finished down as bad. No traffic in front can't rear view mirror getting smaller fire rent an active part that failed. Exiting turn four William Byron please the checkered flags now back to my back. On the motor racing network that ticket galaxy 200 for the NASCAR expect any series. William Byron to get a trip to Gatorade Victory Lane and punches his ticket. To fort Jeb each weekend at homestead Miami speedway coming up this weekend and William joins us now to talk about it way to welcome back to NASCAR live congratulations on that win Saturday. Yet they keep got her army. We're excited about this weekend and hopefully. Arms dealer gets the homestead and haven't ever really get we get. Well let's talk about Phoenix first and let's talk about. How your day began one of the bigger news stories that broke loose during that race was. Gina motor sports basically was without pit crew members because. Of some sort of a plane issues plane had him make an emergency landing when did you first find out about it. And what was the thrash like behind the scenes trying to find folks to work on your race car. Yeah really when we got to the racetrack. Yet they've told me about it and they cannot aegis are told us so the situation that was going on with the pickers and you know really at first I was a little bit concerned that we would have any guide there anything on injured motorsports as a really good job of having development pickers. On the side that can step in whenever they're needed and are we really rely on it got a lot admitted they did really good job or that and without any crack sister or any awareness that they're gonna beat burst into the spotlight that. That afternoon that was really cool our defeat and step up and on disagree. Great time with them so hopefully on bacon I enjoy batting. You prepare for an exception. I know that Hendrick motor sports is capable of of having qualified individuals on site but. As one that is generated in her an event with a lot riding on it. Did you at least think about. Wonder how this is gonna go I mean you have your normal setting guys and now you got brand new people that's gonna be hitting your race car in. What would probably be the most pivotal race of the season. I yeah I was definitely concerned I mean you're always. Concerned about what can go wrong and it definitely attitude that put. You know they they get a really good job like at that but also you know I knew we didn't have that make it stop you know vinegar and I'm really long race for us so. I'm we only had a few times now eroded and duplicate biscuit burgers. On situations we be able to make a response armory track there'll. Our cars fast which would get we're really expecting to have a a good day going into that there'll. I felt like his attitude the adversity that we are able to know that we can overcome it with our race car and I'm hopefully just make it right also we can get up there. Thirteen race winless streak winning the ticket gala seat 200 at Phoenix qualifying you. To run for the championship this weekend at homestead Miami speedway what's going through your mind right now and on that. You've got to heavy lifting of a week ago by the way but you got a lot more coming at the windshield and get to homestead they're in South Florida. Yeah hey you know we're we're excited boarded and often marketed need to get out there can be very chippy chippy don't. Really get that opportunity every year very. That she can get out there and have a shot at a running competitively at at being at top pork. So I feel like that a great chance thrust to go out there reach our goal this year Alice to compete for a championship so. We've got one or we can do it. We're gonna put everything we can't it do and it. I'm hopefully discuss that parent be electrocuted. Put ourselves in position away and so on I think it's going to be about just doing what we normally how to deal. And count pointing to details and disputing. The national map for that we can't just cannot make it every shot count down there and and hopefully secure that result. You're two junior motorsports teammates and Elliott Sadler just knock Tyre will be joining you. Running for that championship I know there's been a lot of collaboration this year the teams working together the drivers working together. At what point does that stop this weekend when you try to win that championship for yourself. You know I think it is I think we always share for patient. I don't think it changes really but you know really we just got there and compete hard in every other green I always been around each other all year whether tolerate tracker operation accept it like we just being puke. I continue to be that and hopefully. One of the period of up can win that championship in Brea offered to get our sports. And Chevrolet. It's gonna be a lot of fun down there we know we're gonna have your car so we just have to go out there right sort. What is the personality of that racetrack you race there before. We only go there once a year what is the person Alley what does that track like to race on. Yeah on stated it's so it's split it wrong very. Many lose that slogan. I'm you know you're flying around a lot so it's gonna take a lot and I'm a lot of are controlled at all and Orchard Park aide. As director of the art so as an important adjustment during practice because you the tire Wear off so quick that you gonna have to make the first couple rock cal. And then kind of see where that particular race so we're just can make sure that practice because efficiently. Decent thing during the week here that we can prepare ourselves better feel like practices that stretcher Russian. And or are in a big hurry so. We're gonna Q3 spring but you know home at the very challenging track it. Per aren't they the perfect racetrack being seated on. Appreciate the time has always saw all the bested. Getting what will be your fifth win of 2017. And at the NASCAR expert any series championship trophy along with that way appreciate you joining us. Yes thank you guys I appreciate it. That's William Byron he is one of the Ford drivers that will run for a championship this weekend. He will be joined by Elliott Sadler just an all Dyer and Daniel hammering as the championship for. In the fort eco boost 300 live coverage begins at 3 PM eastern Saturday afternoon right here. On motor racing network coming up Pimco a Jonas whether our social media minute. And will preview this week's junior's journey podcast on MRI and dot com. Introducing the Wrangler performance series. A collection of jeans and pants featuring the new comfort flex waste and for weight flex technology that moves with deep. It's the flexibility you need to get more out of every day and type in the year unrealized potential. See where more range of motion takes you. Wrangler performance series. Less restrictions. More living. It's not there host of America's failed at Harding NASCAR USA. You'll notice every week. They give consent for NASCAR racing if you lower the hottest hit the country view the motor racing network morning okay if you would NASCAR news. Ameren pit reporters he followed up by the talk. We'll have pictures and I'm like you can't get anywhere else they'll be here each weekend right Nat guard US that. On the motor racing. Cancun is next with a social media minute. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. It's NASCAR lie. Now back to Mike Bagley. Welcome back NASCAR live joining us now to get us at the speed of this week's social scene is our very own Cancun it what's the latest on our social media minute. Thanks Mike well every one is talking about Mac Kansas win at Phoenix. Obviously man has no plans to race in twenty teens so that victory was nice though on his 2017 season. And it seemed like everybody jumped on Twitter to celebrate Max. His career as well as that Phoenix Wayne. And I solidly from Dale Earnhardt junior said that when I just Mac tip his hand after the race today and said quote one of the old hag and that's that was pretty funny. Also as many young guns came out to congratulate Matt Ryan Lee actually went to victory links to Matt's hand under the picture of that kind retreated that along with the continent. Always looked up to match my dad told me that the best racing in her eyes. I was a kid. True statement but I think my favorite tweet that I saw aftermath claim was on Mario Andretti. Now we're talking about one of the best racers across all motor sports. He tweeted hey Matt candid if I had a team in NASCAR's you'd be my driver great job at points race they no doubt you've still had so again. Great to see Matt win before the end of the scene then I remember we still have one race left for heads to homestead Miami and the championship. And if you want to follow along to do that at Kmart and radio using them and tagged humor. Thank you again and by the way folks if you haven't had a chance to stop by MRN dot com yet check it out. We have the very latest stories in NASCAR we've got comprehensive stats for your fantasy teams as well as original programming. This week is the final week of our ten part series called junior's journey this week. We explored Dale Earnhardt junior's legacy. Lot of expectations. Coming in and committed in my career. A did. Know what I was capable I. Only wanted to be able to make a live and as a driver and what I mean Matt that is that I didn't wanna. Path item one a half to worked at the dealership changed Doyle was a McCain Aiken and get bad in progress through that part of the business. And as it was enjoyable but it wasn't racing and I wanted to be able to race well enough to do it for live. I think he is the last of a dying breed. Real old man you know I'm saying I hate to say that the like real. Authentic. Blue collar and now called build your blue collar people that long wanted to take it they can debate me on that because of what is bank outlets like I got it. But the fact of the matter is Dell doesn't even know what's his bank. He's the broke his rich guy I've ever met in my life. Dale still needs to borrow money we go to the talk about dropped him. Okay in I am convinced. It is he had to do it tomorrow he could go back and change all of the dealership in and be okay with other people around him included might leave I'm making myself. We might have a problem let it but the fact that matters dailies that humble. I mean doses gonna go down. He just says you had gotten X store I mean anybody that talks about. They obviously in them and they love them because he's just honest he's real he's a minute you open. And they describe my dad like that you know my dad was like. Everybody's working man got them but Dale's a sore back got it today. Hang out have a beer wit her. Or whatever Dale Earnhardt junior is say hello again. He's gotten that I look up to. From we've had our differences. But he's never shied away from tell me exactly how it feels bad. I think it was four pay attention to I have a lot of respect for him and whatever decision he makes its. You know. Back on that legacy started long before him you know and he period of flak for that legacy for a long time Tom kept that fan base alive and that's not on his shoulders he'll do that and it's just not it's always I've felt this little bit unfair for him to have you have them workload on in that. He's done a good job with that. The likelihood of me going iron or out there and accomplishing what he. That if I did race I was gonna have to. Deal with that compare us and him being in the shadow bit. But it was worth it challenges that that brought. With it. The success in this the fortune and in the the enjoyment was much much more worth. No deal with the comparisons stuff like that after awhile people started seeing me for who I was and I was realizing that nothing like like my dad. We're two different people and in the started kind of appreciating me for who was in and seeing it differently says seeing these separate person and it's. Speak to the her legacy and I've just they're proud. Try to uphold name really whale and the good things scored add to that legacy. Father already established and not let my father down there. When a Stanley damage your budget for. That's all from this week's junior's journey podcast you hear much more the show as well as the nine previous shows and MRN dot com. Coming up on NASCAR live we'll hear from actors singer Heidi Camille and later another NASCAR X thirty series driver that has a chance to win the title this weekend. Daniel Everett was joyous. And raised full throttle. Who's gonna leave it all out on the end. Question. Who's gonna be champ. Playoffs on it. Drug cantor and NASCAR USA is giving one lucky listener a trip to the 2018. Daytona 500. We'll tell you the country music artists to perform and a driver who won the Daytona 500. You tell us what year it happened if they Daytona 500 re why. Log on Ameren dot com forward slash NASCAR USA we hear it. The entry site for details and for tickets for the Daytona 500 call 1800 pitch up or visit Daytona 500 dot. Folks we've got a lot of NASCAR coverage coming your way from South Florida this weekend. Our coverage begins Friday with practice for the forty eco boost 400 for the monster energy NASCAR cup series. That practice session can be heard on MRN dot com and on the AMR and at beginning at 12:30 eastern time also here qualifying. At 6 eastern followed by. That NASCAR Camping World truck series season finale the Ford eco boost 200. Motor racing network air time Friday night 7:30 eastern Saturday morning in heavy to practice sessions actually won it 10 in the morning. And one in the afternoon you'll hear those cup series practice sessions at Ameren dot com and on the MRI and app. Later on Saturday that NASCAR expect any series season finale the Ford eco boost 300. Live coverage on MR 3 PM eastern and on Sunday. We are back to drop the curtain on the 2017 monster energy NASCAR cup series season. The fort eco boost 400 will hit the airwaves of motor racing network at 1:30 PM eastern time. The grand Marshal from Phoenix raceway hi any Camille would join us next. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. NASCAR live. And now for the most famous words of motorsports. Please welcome your grand Marshall star of CW's Jenny in the virgin and the upcoming Disney Pixar film Kokomo. Hackers later primary Camille. The Mike back. But I got to go one on Sunday that is highly Camille as he gave the command this past Sunday in the can am 500. Amare and scout Ricky had a chance to catch up with Heidi over the weekend to talk about his experience of being the grand Marshal. This is isn't your first raised went to fifth or sixth NASCAR race what keeps bringing it back here this and I just love the sport but I love. The organization and I love how he cools it NASCAR is with the fans got them them to think that I admired the most and there's you know because you can go to to a Formula One race argue. And you'd be royalty practically to have some kind of axis it's ridiculous. So I love how NASCAR really opens. Its doors to the fans at that you know that this system that to the feet area and and how they can of the drivers and an hotly pace car. Writes would it would actual drivers and hand in hand and touch their cars in this at their trailers. I think it's just beautiful what they do to the pants it's incredible understand it's a good pace car ride this morning with Daniel Suarez how was it a listen listen back you used to be my friend. And out thanks thank you NASCAR. Thank you because now thanks to you were no longer friends. I laughed part of my mental and that car. I was really really stressed and scared. Because I don't even noticed this but they get really close to the wall. The video. But it it is a good brain had I had the privilege to marry. Dreams of NASCAR's when you can ask. And he was just the super cool good to reconnect with him he says really good friend and he's an amazing driver. I mean these are very gifted driver and I think this he knows he struck pretty well. So he felt really comfortable about you're a camera. Not so much myself I wasn't that comfortable but but he was fun it was. The truck race here a year ago is done well NASCAR Mexico series here in years past as well what initially sparked your interest in the sport. I was actually by the alias and the like your car support night I'm Amanda I want Carson. And what's bad and I watched it last. Amazed by that by the sport. I can't buy how inclusive we are we defense. Game and how we were really get to know this porridge. Really like it to really connect with the sport. And an answer reading about the history and and you know that the France family and how they found that NASCAR and why did NASCAR. Even existed in the first place and you know the necessity of having like some rules and sanctions and cabinda from the driver's seat what they. And it it's incredible to see they'd be steel rod for private profit of at least eight. Sold about not model is perhaps how upstate without any seizure four or sixty years. Absolutely so what you for a moment lot of folks know about the CW show. Isles have a small party he's the feature score quite believe that kids other. But I which is Miguel's that. But truly that will be you know the heart and soul of the movie is on Benjamin Bratt and delegates yet and companies shoulders I mean these guys they'd be. They bring a beautiful movie to for families and it's so. Well Bonnie you know the thought that he takes place during that iconic Mexican celebration of the of the death yet it as much those that's just a beautiful decoration. But the movies so much more then about you know it's about family bonding and and respecting your elders a respect and your family supporting your family and local once you how we the UN never forget family members have left us. Just a beautiful morning to eight sites or real honor to be a part of a project. That's actor singer Heidi Camille the grand Marshal from this weekend's can am 500 at Phoenix coming up on NASCAR live Daniel Hamrick will join us. And later Matt Kenseth will be here to talk about his win on Sunday. No this economic. IBM (WSJ) did the last day. I want to thank you. Everybody's all up. Oh. Race fans. Visit camping world of Concord for complete your one stop shopping on outdoor accessories top brand RVs and quality service client RV and enroll in the good Sammy lead loyalty program. Hopefully incidents valued at over 2000 dollars. Browser over 101000 Camping World products and accessories in America's largest RV dealer network plus shop for top manufacturers such as Coleman he's don't newborn Ford Motor coach Winnebago and many more America's number one RV dealer has something for everyone visit camping world of Concord today see you perform these deals and disclaimers. NASCAR X thirty series championship contender Daniel Hamrick will join us next. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. Is NASCAR live now back of my thankfully we look back at NASCAR. Updating you on some NASCAR expect any series news looks like one of the championship contenders will be light a crew chief. Jason Burnett whose crew chief for just at all dire over their junior motorsports. Well it was found that they had an unsealed brake cooling hose and post race inspection on Saturday. Jason has been fine and suspended the team docs ten driver and owner points than they do have the opportunity to appeal. The status on this story and the appeal be sure to check out. And Lauren dot com that were talking NASCAR community series. Let's talk to one of the other championship contenders that got in byways of heart racing over the weekend at Phoenix Daniel hammering joins us on the hotline Daniel welcome back to NASCAR live that. Congratulations on making the championship round. Yeah upper upper cabinet backed and arteries who exactly what was he went into the day not Dolan. What to expect there that there we did but are sold online and it's only to our aperture. So let's talk about how the day began you're on the outside looking in you're below the cut line. And you had to get above that line you were able to do it when you started Saturday what was on your mind when you got in the race car. Like rhetoric or more let no and that we are as prepared as we get people all. Obsolete. Really steep uphill climb to come from AT ports back. Trying to advance the new round let alone make in the last round hole spit and due at eight A you know start off with aggregate acquisition and knowing that we had there really that much on our rules that Chevrolet but. That you'll look continuous does that kind of patient you know their front page who's just uphill battle for sure. That Blu-ray got big delay and under the our mind that was no matter who what can the word or do we get do are to get you ordeal quite sure that. We had capitalized on the and you must miss fortune that it markets and are gonna happen in the day we had just backed point ourselves and if we couldn't win that they did to generate. We had to do theirs and it's solitude and make every Al it knew that acute and doing all that stuff one allowed us. Transfer with a check or like lose so. Humbly go to Al and fate than that though and believe in everybody out everything it changes quicker that they did in the we're very thank. What are the strengths of your race team yet. He got a pretty intense race coming up Andy got some pretty intense competition as well. What are the strengths of your number 21 team and Richard Childress racing right now heading into this very important race. Really the strength or display content yet slightly after the group RC are still a work I've earned thirty plus employees are all between our CR New York. Injured being there'll campus and that many people who lean Allman a lot of them have been through you know it back to learn art days. And have been through championship round what like workers in the middle or right Allan just abdic are immediate and its support that's what's. That's what our biggest rate than. Whether or not so my idol still popped in a certain. Package or set up for or any decision. There's some might turn Tuesday that same situation at some point their careers. That's for the strength of us is important Oakland we can. I call those Olympic all of our supporters but Lawler Bakken and know that. We don't have a ton restrict together we state the other not so it. Course RCR stands for. Richard Childress racing what RC today after the race on Saturday Muni had a chance speak and speak yet. Back back there like it was book value of the first people up all night out our. You know you talk about trying to cart department lied all the by the we go through the emotion that India are all deep so. Completely choked up to static is but I completely overcome the group. The train Turk and in May that made that very annulled a proud of the U was it like it that the group at 21 group we banter so much. This year together our yard spent a lot of electoral we years so. It was just did have a hot moment to shared yet development team that they are with up all which chores. As did you know Annika I'm always sort of act I will also accept the Muster by involve more so that you felt some eluded to Billy gets a little tired. Jerry McDaniel hemorrhage called race with the William Byron Elliott Sadler just an all dire. But the that's correct but he series championship coming up Saturday afternoon at homestead Miami speedway so breakdown homestead Boras look at a track is that for you. What do you bring to the mix and how is your week gonna be like and what Europe what are your motions going to be like all week long as you get ready for this final race of the year. Yeah alcohol but actually the first place ever Ramallah at. Race at and truck. Back until fourteen and ever since then I'll always kind of felt like I noodle but no way you'll sit and actually achieve that two different things are really tough place. To get ahold just aired by searching for grip trying to fight group where he can. I weather deteriorate car just unlikely race factor on all cook that that's why the plate but also traditional and now we're able to test their couple months ago about self Coca circus for bell we're down there are a couple of the trucks. Manic cynic art altogether testing and I think that's going to be crucial policy. We did that get in preparation hope we will be in this moment there we are so that tore adage. And lead an upset plates gotta make sure our rate card ballot they go from. You know late afternoon into the night and you know eat there at the rate trigger strip between so we do all their practice to prepare for that and you know and knows that. The other cool thing about which is something that our union between whoever gets that experience. Or try to enjoy it a dog that got my final schedule for the week. I'm just about ten minutes yet so they're busy fight on there when they were going to Miami Heat gain at all of what Mona tortured series drivers. You know that we get media they elevate Thursday. You know this kind of go through the motions of what it means to be in this situation so try to take Ali and enjoy it I'm really not. Thank you much about you know what what's on the on the table we've got a race and and slow the rate from the Florida have no shot. While you have definitely earned that shot we wish you the best and tried to become the NASCAR expanding series champion for 2017 appreciates taken time to join us. Enjoy the week young man you have deserved it. Absolute thanks so much traveling alone and looked or talked also appreciate. Thank you that is Daniel hammering coming up next. Matt Kenseth is gonna join us later will preview this weekend's forty eco boost 400 at homestead Miami speedway. Or us batteries are proven tough for the most extreme conditions they're just to start and a 104 degree heat or temperatures of forty below you know there are that tough. So they can do that they can definitely perform for your nephew's soccer game. He worked through a scattered thunderstorm or be dependable on Sunday afternoon trips to the grocery store because no matter what the weather's like it's nice to know that you've got a proven tough girl last battery under the Durham last proven tough and sold only in autos. Let's get you what you need. For many businesses hiring is tough and you want access to highly qualified candidates fasting and you don't Melissa long term contract to pay upfront fees. That's why you need indeed dot com and delivering six times more buyers than any other job citing going to independent research. India is offering new users a fifty dollar credit to give their first job posed premium visibility as a sponsored job. Breeding this offer and indeed dot com slash credit that's indeed dot com slash credit card terms conditions and quality standards applying. Sunday's can am 500 at Phoenix winner Matt Kenseth joins us next. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. And Carlyle. Had this been hurt number one off. And volley we didn't tell me about my fight back panel protect. If you live in front of them terrorism and behind him back. As Martin third. And pick up the other the day of the Arizona desert heat Olympic mania 500 now. Back to Mike Bagley. That's how it sounded some day and Phoenix raceway we can't am 500 at day's end. It was Matt Kenseth celebrating and Gatorade Victory Lane 39 career win for Matt. Andy joins us now Matt welcome back to the show congratulations on winning the race over the weekend of Phoenix. Rob thanks so appreciative that premise. Later on in the race. Europe Toyota Camry came to life I know that things were. A little law I guess chaotic you could say they're towards the end of their race of all that was going on when did you know you had a race winning car underneath you when did you realize that. Wait a minute I may have a shot at this thing here. While felt forget about arc arc early in and practice. Our first brought up at the hour I was. Probably his status. That in my car is our steal ballots and speed altogether. As I really have Bennett in quite a while for sure probably all all you're really not so great about Ehrlich close to. He's a couple Lola. Little tweak to be a little bit better in a couple of areas that those are great peril developer predict that it wouldn't you know. Resolved through their rhythm you'd like that people could do that so I or special toward Bravo we're in a car here there are kind of hang in there where the leaders face. Really have felt like a bullet the whole race that you know what the crew got out front and Denny. But you know rigorous shot up out there are good enough or rappel down Al brought that was. You know big advantage and can you control the restarts which so which helped block. A lot of times we hear drivers talk about how different their car handles when it's out front. Verses when it's in traffic can you explain the difference and how did your steel in both situations. Well I mean you know it changes. You know sometimes subtract track early it will put a week to week and also depends. Dominic Carter try to enter rods that a little bit will be target. You're never sure how different it would be Leo are really you know brought so for us. You know we were there pretty decent or or or reduce that a little bit tight or idol also the time. And actually got out brought they are to loosen up. You know we're still able to hang on most of ever lose that restart it which he's got five. And I actually got back by it right yep but not to our section about decorum back down by what. We were seeing some lines used on Sunday that we hadn't seen used at Phoenix report specially. The hi Elaine in three import that track really widened how did that help you. By having another lane offering did that help Putin when that race on Sunday. You know op again helped a little bit early in the race. Before Robert got up that offer group you know when it. Cars boats specially. The most pressure are way way up there does that look of her career extracts so when you do that they're certainly more grip and it especially at the track ages. When nobody is runners on rubber to hit it that simple as it or break as more grip but it also your in the gas. Well a lot more better in low mr. liquidity under our ourself. I'd been wide now up operations forget there a couple of it is so boxes target. You know wrong about people not. And try to pass sure. Tenet and neck cancer at the winner of the can am 500. Sunday at Phoenix raceway was listening tearing car audio after you took the checkered flag and you made mention. To the head to the team that you don't see a bagel crying baby there was also the most an idea. At the start finish line which you're well and titled and we approve of that here on NASCAR live good to see a driver with passion and emotion but the emotions you displayed after taking the checkered like. What was going through your mind and what created what we saw. Well out there along you know frustrating trying see that you know. Or a lot of her reasons are a lot of different ways. Really a lot of probably started you know a year ago when hurt Phoenix Barack. You know twenty seconds away from deacon white Ford Reagan and bill two great search habits are almost better. You know college cautioned that crashed out on the restart and from there on our systems like. This art I'm close races irks. Lot of different reasons there early perform. Most of this year two what I feel like. We're capable performer and lead to many laps would be a position to win. In president have a wait until Sunday so. You know and also in all circumstances or so of not being there next year in all black outs also just stop. You know just got a lot of emotions and you know Europe the middle your racing career in order. However it's going to just art ever envision the end. And they wouldn't want it creeps up on rallies that day in and in and we haven't at a rate you know race when it ought that your app but think that. Get a win there and you know close it out over time they're at JGR. Where those guys. Worked so hard those guitarists is like Spock ears so that was so important. For me didn't secure and others here especially dirt that you're like this you know quote I don't. You talk about reality setting in this weekend. Could be your final race of your career depending on how the future. Turns out have you have you done a lot of reflecting heavy done a lot of having those reality checks that knowing that this could be the final time you get inside of a stock car. You know more so. Typically do that without much say you know we still have a race last. And or read to go there give it my all and you know try to get a win and it. You know race is ours and regret that last week's earlier. Chris Brown are still trying to look forward you know one instead of backward so. You know our our road for a weekend and look of torture. Two Sunday. It's been a lot of that a lot of farm and you know it's and so it's been a pretty. Pretty pretty cool earning some look at for two two run that last race really think forward if we have been a cynical political Richard open. Well you'll do that at the homestead Miami speedway. A track that's gotten thumbs up from a lot of drivers over the years looks like a lot Elaine offerings what does. What is homestead Miami speedway gives you guys when people onto the property and you pull out onto the racetrack what's at track like to race on. Have great racetrack very unique. Or some state reconfigured it. It's been real racy obvious early why it. Kind of a lot of while different options that there are the first sort of thing to kind of do look very or compound baking at the track and open racetrack are are really really different so it really unique really aren't that challenging track and you know it up or bedevil their right. Were you like to run there in you can run bottom middle top. Top of the racetrack what do you like to go. Where Carr spent so hurt you have proof you know I'll. Around that. Comment yeah a little bootable which are used to it but Fred up on the top but. What this aero package that most racetracks that are very very top duplicate spent. You know quite as good visit visit maybe one some you know in years past they just don't come looking for grip and a also depends. But felt a restart and he can really use those planes to. The big changes something like that. You know to try to to try to make your car handled differently so. Lot of it is the print book our art and art are enjoying it. Poster and find that the ball Smart grip. While appreciate you joining us congratulations on winning at Phoenix. It got one more opportunity to get it up on their feet and take another checkered flag home we wish you best to try to win this Sunday in homestead that again thank you for the time. There are probably ought. That's Matt Kenseth winner of the can am 500 at Phoenix on Sunday coming up we'll look back on the events of this week in NASCAR history. And bowl preview this weekend's season finale at homestead Miami speedway. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day. Busch's roots are racing but whether you're enjoying the racer going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax then a crisp cold bush. It's bush o'clock so grab a six pack of Busch beer for the cooler start the grill and relax enjoy responsibly. Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. So what is your favorite drivers really big game. We'll tell you each weekday on NASCAR today midday getting married has been incredible IE which I had. Figured all this out sooner get the latest news from the sport any opinions of NASCAR's biggest stars changing order Ford will open up some opportunities and possibilities and some just here potential for the teen that's NASCAR today that day weekdays on the motor racing network. Did NASCAR live. Now back to Mike Bagley thank you so much for joining us this week. On NASCAR live coming up at a couple of minutes. We're got a preview this weekend's sport eco boost 400 and at homestead Miami speedway but first let's look back in time on this week in NASCAR history. This week we begin in 1980. Blondie was all over the radio with the tide is high. In the news Voyager one passed by Saturn and sent back images of the ring planet. NASCAR was racing at the Ontario motor speedway in Southern California that day it was Benny Parsons taking the checkered flag. In the LA times 500. And Dale Earnhardt. Won his first seven champions. I don't think I thought I'd like to thank god act right away or back to flat spotted what does that and proud of our. I think I probably found that work well. As they come out alive Benny Parsons will win the Los Angeles Times 500 eerie as taking the checkered flag. John Borden 1993. Hattaway is on the radio with what is love what I Rico votes against becoming the 51 days in the United States. And NASCAR was racing at the Atlanta Motor Speedway that day he was Rusty Wallace who's winning his tenth race of the season and again Dale Earnhardt. It was a championship celebrated for his sixth time both drivers Quaker. And Davey Allison who rates. Rusty Wallace moment it's great to be here Dale Earnhardt went for 1993. NASCAR Winston cup series championship. Time now and trend of going the opposite way the race winner Rusty Wallace at the championship driver Dale Earnhardt each carrying the flags honoring their fallen friends is that gold Wiki Davey Allison Wallace and Earnhardt and side by side. Flags waving and making the victory lap. Honor their ball Brent. And we in this week in 2004 the TV show house debuted on the Fox Network. The 32 annual American music awards were held with the Kenny Chesney winning artist of the year. NASCAR was racing at Darlington and it was the only time the cup series race to attract G cup team this late in the season. And it was Jimmie Johnson that was in Victory Lane that day. Celebrating as race winner of the Mountain Dew southern 500 pairs Jimmie Johnson he's trying to win the last Mountain Dew southern 500. Seven actually talk to always. More Jimmie Johnson to accomplish that beat wedding the last mountain this southern 500 at making this week. For 2004 at Darlington he scores the victory. Happy birthday this week. Denny Hamlin NASCAR hall of Famer Terry in a bunny and MR ends Alex. And I thought this fellow. Those are just some of the events of this week in NASCAR history this weekend is the final race of the season at homestead Miami speedway for a preview here's our Susie Armstrong. Thank you Mike the monster energy NASCAR cup series championship round heads to South Florida. For the Ford eco boost 400 at homestead Miami speedway. And win the checkers fly one of four hopefuls will capture the 2017. Series crash. Driving for his second career title in 2015. Homestead winner Kyle Busch feels confident about his chances on the one point five mile oval. Regardless of starting position. We miss the opportunity at this racetrack presents of being able to move around bottom middle top and be all over the racetrack I think you definitely have enough time here's your 400 miles to work your way to the front itself. It's not a racetrack like last week at Phoenix or even now allowed herself like that hurts every single file harder. Past 2012 champ Brad Kozlowski will take the green on Sunday with a shot in the big prize after hard fought scrapped in the round of eight. I'll make subscriber it takes speed execution of luck to win and I think we've probably had some really sad excuse last week in Texas great speed at Martinsville a lot today except. In have you put Australia on any given day the wind and you know it we haven't done that and this round but we had one Abidjan in all three races and then that put us in position. To be here so. In I don't know I mean it. The karma works and does it sure does seem to get our allies and I'm not sure how means but. It's their reality is is that you know this year we've we've made it through this round and then I'm thankful for that. And then hopefully let them know we can make it count next week. Kevin Harvick hopes to repeat his Tony fourteen victory on the southern tip of Florida after a season that began with a host of unknown switching everything from. Are manufactured to two forward. Did you see in them you know the steady. Climb. Performance and and you know deaconess and playoffs started and running good on really never checked it we've been to and this is by Favre and Aaron. Our best rounds. All three top fives and and win so you know it's it's writes I'm here to meet peak and I feel really good about our. My map program homes that's been a great racetrack for us through the years and. Hopefully go down there and contend swelling his outstanding performance throughout the season. Martin Truex junior finds himself within reach of closing the deal and bringing home his first cup championship. A lot of respect for all three these guys. Here are two of them or in the final four when I made it Tony fifteen so. You're definitely have a little bit of experience in this position but. You know honestly just excited about the opportunity is some hill. I feel like we're we're a whole lot better response team knows where the first time we had a shot rather than in order for a terrorist. Just do the best job we can do so I've got a lot of confidence our team right now what we're doing and go down to Miami and have fun and just try to do we know how to do do do best show we possibly can and I'm hopefully to my hometown. The forty eco boost 400 takes the green this Sunday afternoon at homestead Miami speedway just after 2:30 PM eastern. Live coverage on the motor racing network begins at 130. For this week's NASCAR live race preview. I'm Susie Armstrong. Thank you Susie it all comes down to this one final race for the trucks. It's thirty series and a monster energy NASCAR cup series you'll hear it all right here. On motor racing network Aaron thanks to Matt Kenseth our thanks also go to William Byron. Daniel Hambrick hi Amy Camille. Tim food and how Rick he had for the rest of the MRI proof I'm Mike back please thanks so much for joining us we'll talk to you next week right here on NASCAR live so long. 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