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2004 Checker Auto Parts 500

Nov 9, 2017|

The MRN broadcast of the 2004 Checker Auto Parts 500 from Phoenix Raceway.

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This is Ken school wire time now for MO RN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing networks race archives. Guillermo rim radio presents. The NASCAR Nextel cup series. You've got Czech girl parts 500. The NASCAR Nextel cup series machines are rolling here at Phoenix international raceway as we get set for the start of the checker auto parts 500. Cloudy skies overhead some breaks in the clouds now and then. Every now doubles to the sun peeked through we have some rain here this morning but things do look good at. For running the entire event here this afternoon. Cars are running the first of three face laps before we get the green flag at get today's race under way again along with Barney hall on show more welcome to the valley of the sun today. More like the valley of the wild deer aren't. That's pretty much overcast and the temperatures down fairly cool so that might play a role in how the track just shapes up here this afternoon to get ready to go here very shortly. But Ellison displayed around the track can bring in some voices who cover the action overturned one and two and three and four let's go down now don't want it to Mike Bagley of Wilmington Delaware. Thank you Barney hall good afternoon everybody position at the west end of the Phoenix international raceway turn wanted to thank eleven degrees about three lanes wide of the reporters who travel with. All the drivers will be used and every piece of real face down here we have seen basically accusing racetrack so far this weekend but later and NASCAR Busch Series. Yesterday afternoon bedroom why doubt about five lane really played if he can win on the Victory Lane we'll see these drivers data from. Racetrack find that ideal line and then get that good run off turn to take it down the back straightaway and into the dog leg physician walked off with a buddy Jobe suites. But about a thousand race fans nestled in etc. go here this afternoon it turns one into this afternoon that's all sorts was also daring moves off turn two yesterday and also on Friday at the at a NASCAR craftsman truck series race. Salah gosh try to make it three wide a few times. And most cases they've had to come back out of the gas and fall back in line at least two wide but it's up my attempting to make that three wide move off turn number two. Once you make it down the backs right away you get turned number three which many say is the trouble spot here at Phoenix international raceway. Become the action they are from motor racing network this afternoon from Rancho Cucamonga California Dan Hubbard thank you Joseph good afternoon everybody. Well from my pumped up position on a scissor lift and got a clear view on a cloudy day of turns three and four. Turns which can be taken much faster that one into but the driver's seat making a pass here is all that much tougher in fact. Drivers have to begin their moves at the dogleg to the backstretch try to take away the inside lining close off the deal at turn four where there's plenty of racing room. They did only nine degrees handling and throttle control is the name of the game going from furthering the gas the flooring it and getting it right. For 312 laps that's the challenge for the drivers this afternoon I'll be here to cover all the action returns you. Under overcast skies they'll come down should be no one more lap before they take the green flag today's broadcast of the checker auto parts 30500. Is brought you an exclusive radio rights read about Phoenix international raceway to MR and radio. Solely for the. Private noncommercial use or listening audience and publication reproduction. Our other years of the description of the counts of this event without his express written consent of them are at radio is prohibited. There are nine former Phoenix winners of the field there today Jeff Burton has won here twice Dale Jarrett. Mark Martin Terry the bunny Ricky Rudd Rusty Wallace and Tony Stewart also former winners include Matt Kansas. And Dale Earnhardt junior who won here last year and again. The big guy interest in fact will be talking about throughout the course of today's race three races remaining in the chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. 360 points separating the top ten. And up close to the fraud are 150. Among five drivers that are closing in on Kurt Busch the series point leader a lot's gonna be decided here today with rice is coming up at Darlington next week. And homestead Miami speedway the following weekend to wrap up the 2004 season at a packed house or at Phoenix international raceway this afternoon. As the field works behind the pace car into turn number three now getting ready for the start the green flag will come out. And we began 312 laps 312 miles making up the checker auto parts 500 K here's Barney hall for the call. They struck pulling it behind a pit wall to come out of turner before moving on the front straightaway and about a 150. Feet went to the start finish line green flag goes in the air and we're under way. They raced hard to turn over one. File among the first two scrambles back a third place. And look grabbed third now go to work on Brian Vickers was second single file for the top five positions it's Ryan Newman opening up a gap over Brian Dickens of a car length and a half. Kasey Kahne and at first by Tony detective fourth everybody running the bottom. Side by side for the seventh position that is Jeff Gordon on the outside lane and Casey Mears delving inside sell side by side until they reach the start finish line. Finally sort slips by and grabbed seven. It's just a moment here's Kevin Harvick on the move out of joining the Jack Harvick looks at the inside as the go to the dogleg on the back straight away need to check shots off that move. In a check trying to lock down the fourth spot initially very very. Everybody wanted to get out of an inside groove not be hung out outside love to see what's across the start finish line at the glass. Ours is a joint. Besides I thought performed well the back straightaway Kevin Harvick still working over don't need to check for the fourth plot they are wheel to wheel better defender in the term break. Hardly gets a little bit. Margaret gets a good run coming off the bottom line of turn before he'll grab a spot closer look like Casey gave Alex a move he's trying to pass Brian Becker. Besides I saw. They had a long line Kasey Kahne looking very good out of turn two and up the back straightaway trying to pull away from Brian Vickers in that third position. Kasey Kahne now his second spot shots. Second and third place stars young rookie drivers hoping to get their first victory Kasey Kahne has been so close he's working right now. Good place to go to go to. Got a long way to go morning. Meanwhile Tony Stewart in that fifth position is closing in on Joni to check for fourth. Stewart takes a Home Depot Chevrolet through the dogleg now the term brief brilliant. About mid pack here's Jimmy. Johnson make it to most trying to come up closer to the front of the field. Shot of the fourteenth position going for thirteenth right now. Still Brevin is he gets to the inside of Matt Kenseth and makes the mass. Drop back even further almost three wide of the Mark Martin Jon I'd Redding and Greg Biffle Elliott Sadler look at him. Have a good race for the last three laps around in his fourth fifth position Jamie McMurray had to tell. Elliott Sadler would like to get tough way to. Shortly twelve overthrown. During fall back in. Battles fought for well. Jefferies doesn't want to back out and got Dale Earnhardt junior he's knocking on the door. Feel alive. Momentarily the Budweiser Chevy did pulled out of the inside of the track now back in line directly behind Casey Mears he's right satellite again turn one will really. Straightaway Dale Earnhardt junior takes away the eight slot kept in front of him if Jeff ward always. Talk about the top five in the Nextel chase for the cup and those drivers know that with three races left they cannot afford any kind of mistake he. Minor one on the racetrack are certainly on pit road. We don't laugh you right now last year. To pull away from Kasey Kahne Casey was reading it for a moment but now he's lost a lot of ground in turn three looks like a comfortable lead for the moment for Ryan Newman learned about five to six following table. There's Debbie Johnson trying to pick up a spot he's fighting for the thirteenth position with Jeff Green you've been following green for several laps quietly pulled from the inside. Picks up the spot they're just behind them it's Rusty Wallace try to get fired Robby Gordon the. Cars stacked up and no walk right. They are models and hangs on the spot for now the race. Finding the setting up listened patiently. Early going right now he has demonstrated way of catching sale of the field and after only about sixty. Laughter we'll start putting people on lap down this early in the event this afternoon Casey Davis second Brian Vickers his third Kevin Harvick is fourth. Back in fifth right now is Tony Stewart Jeff Gordon's got a strong car trying to work his way out of that traffic back there get a little closer in front. Tony Stewart confront with the position away from Kevin Harvick right now. Please report places that goes to war. Wore me out with the inside lane party coming in third one coming still strong now love Kevin my. He's the horse is long enough. Turn two you'll have the preferred line into turn three and I don't think anybody except maybe for Ryan Newman handling it well. Story really riding down three at Ford now. Couple fast movers both the Roush racing team Greg Biffle started late thirties just taken the fifteenth spot. As he's gone by Jeff Green and series point leader Kurt Busch started to lay back in the twentieth position. Kurt has now moved himself up and to be out. Since nineteen spot inspection a couple of positions over the last couple laps here's Dale Junior on the move again on the backstretch challenging Kevin. Side by side. They know Barbara is forced the takeaway. Dale Junior like. They want they appeared getting real aggressive in the early going here this afternoon wherever you can't just somebody you. He immediately puts a fender underneath the tries to get around to stay within two or more. Here is on the attack he's made that passed around Kevin Harvick. Tony Stewart on the backs right away there's about five to six car length between Tony. And Taylor. Spot on scrambling block. Kevin Harvick going away. Like Harvick got kind of pushed up there with Dale Junior pulled underneath it made the pass it now I can't get back down and Jeff Gordon is capitalizing. On the homeland. I know that Jeff Gordon there. Waiting in the wings now Harvick in garden but a lot of thought I thought I'll do this this this struggle first day in court vs Kevin. We're really in its current rate. Seat in the house for the. This race mostly physical all day long particularly for the point contenders because with. With three races ago there's nothing to lose you've got to get up there are finished top five Richard Gasquet in the case. Still a good friend will Farrell returned to parting gifts and. That's every a lot of yeah link between Harvick can have other acts right away millions contact made between John Warner. When everybody comes out of it I had talent might make good. Yeah the pop popcorn. Elliot Sander picks up the spot that now 40. It's a battle with Jeff Gordon Nixon Casey Mears and their two underneath Harvick. And here's tonight's download market. You're up alongside Martin and Harvick is practically pushing him on the backs right away Casey Mears kept the. I'll look forward to now it's falling it's. Just hard for. A felony possession again it goes wide next point. Johnson now one of. There are six stars locked up in the confrontation we're talking about Casey Mears just holds his way through the middle of it gets away from me. But for the moment moves up in the seventh place it's not over they go back to the lord we'll wrap this plot Harding goes why you're. He's Johnson helped take a spot away Amare coming back straight away Jeff Gordon look there there and perhaps he's afraid there. Johnson he needs one of these ball a lot to be paid position over the last two laps Johnson. Now he works over. Johnson makes a pass gets by Kevin Harvick scarred now they stack up behind them Matt Kenseth. Whose family inside of Jamie McMurray and turn one charges aren't coming. As long name a Jack now here's never thought I worked on the very blocked shots a drastic move on Norton. Up next car racing. The inside of Jeff Gordon finishes off the deal in the first place. Are beginning to settle down just a little bit right now so it worked out of the and you know it started with Joseph mentioned a moment go Casey Mears for economic impact and getting his way up from the front. He's about a quick it's anybody's home all the way up to six position he's off turn two. Comes off turn 25 college in Hanover Elliott salary and in the sixth this club back right away American news OK dog leg. Now is Elliott Sadler. Kevin Harvick still suck the outside lane and it's cost him big time he continues to lose spots. Now as McMurray goes underneath and it makes the pass other cars as well finally get biased article apparently having some handling problems with. His machine from the Phoenix international raceway this is a bar in radio the voice of NASCAR. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day bush o'clock time for relaxing and unwinding with friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in Racine but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. It's bushel clocks and grab a six pack of Busch beer for the cooler start to grill and relax. Enjoy responsibly Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuel for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust sonoco to beat him you would you go second camp a Sunoco fuel going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of races. We're Atlanta 31 here in Phoenix Arizona the NASCAR Nextel cup series today running the checker auto parts 500 at. Ryan Doumit started all the bud pole here this afternoon and still shows the way antley was an about two and a half seconds count down to two point one seconds over Kasey Kahne. Dale Earnhardt junior start to close in from third Brian Vickers has the fourth spot. Tony Stewart started closing in on him from the fifth position just like you for the back of the field you're running at six right now as Casey Mears. Jimmie Johnson the seventh Elliott Sadler eight. Jamie McMurray night that meant hints at this now tenth. Greg business worked his way up to eleventh Jeff Gordon is twelfth Joseph gave a check its thirteenth. Kurt Busch is fourteenth the Jeff green is at fifteenth sixteenth is Kevin Harvick seventeenth this mark Martin's. Eighteenth is Robby Gordon ninety Rusty Wallace and it twentieth now Bobby look Bobby Scott ranked 21 Jeff Burton is 22. Jeremy Mayfield 23 Johnny Sauter play fourth and hit traders at 25. 46 and Ricky Rudd to audit ready 27 probably handle that you're runs 48 Mike Wallace what the united Sterling Marlin is thirtieth on it which is 31 Michael Waltrip 32 ward Burton's 33. Dale Jarrett back to 34 now been killed 35 term bond 36 up women 37. Kevin I think it's gonna laugh now he's back in 38 million dollars 39. Fortieth is currently send 41 Morgan Shepherd 42 random of joy and one car has gone through the garage area that was being toppled. Talk about Dale Earnhardt junior Italian reeling in the leader Ryan Newman. Is it that is right now from Ryan's little over four seconds. Apart juniors returning anywhere from the tip hookup with him. Quicker every lap around this place fashion he can maintain that should be able to get up there and maybe have a challenge for the lead finally. We live Casey came right now he's a couple of second application. The second on the Jeff Gordon situation he's not currently show back there in the thirteenth position was picking up some spots for a while but. It's kind of like hit the brick wall for the time being now let's Achilles in his fifth. Well it's all about handling his loose getting in. Lose often tied to metal made in the car won't rotate through the senate seat got all kind of handling problems on the DuPont Chevy they've had handling problems. The last couple awake seem to continue to put up as they fallen back just a little bit so they're like embark. That first pit stop where Robbie Loomis and guys can make some adjustments to the machine. You're the fastest cars out there are gaining positions would be Earnhardt junior. He started back in fourteenth position he's worked his way up the third right now another quick car here at Phoenix this afternoon that's Greg Biffle break. Point third position last time in the future well now he's picked up and others bodies moved into eleventh it was a cars dialed in pretty good and my flag if they work through. Turns one and two older looks like about half the field being able to stay at the bottom of the racetrack the other half had the left toward the wall. Have mourning is over start to see a case of the haves and the have nots is part of the chassis department is good and you're able to keep their card now alone I have not been trying to find any surveillance plane. Thank you find him a lot of drivers stayed at the racetrack and chase them ray's car up towards the outside wall and try to hold that thing down. Like in the wall off turn two but we're definitely still a lot of drivers struggling early on there was only 38 laps on the board. Hey Aaron Murray ran more guys like why. There have. Right Winger Jeff Gordon Kevin Harvick. Why now why why the timing off the corner. A lot of Kevin Harvick. Very long afternoon. Got a race for fourth start to shake up a little let Brian Vickers NASA spot now Tony Stewart start to pick his way around some lap traffic and is closing in a concern to. Got a lot more car like to make up now Brian this is leading Tony Stewart on the Fred wins that fight reports against the tight enough. We're going to Phoenix club. In record make it about two. Tony Stewart got a good race started got a lot of miles under his belt here at this racetrack right now he is on the charge nothing. Fifth position until you know everybody talked all week in and out after what happened. Let all the different situations up there that affected some of the top contenders. Nextel Cup. That we'll see everybody racing conservatives have played. The first laugh they want their dig at the heart out there Dale Earnhardt junior trying to make up for his problems last week in Atlanta he's just picked up the second spot. Chasing down Kasey Kahne. And now he runs behind Ryan Newman by three and a half seconds motor racing network here with live coverage. Of these. Eight race of the chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. Ryan you over the course one of the contenders in the chase for the cup of Barney this has been a very characteristic year for Ryan given especially after what we saw from him last year with eight victories now course. He's one qualifying and heck a lot of times nine times as a matter of fact the only twice going to Victory Lane and. 2000 full I was looking at the fact that he won nine but. But polls and has yet to take the car to Victory Lane from the eighty hold positions stars usually if you stay afloat to feel affair for the better part of today's. And qualify well up front he's just not been able to capitalize. Almost good qualifying. Played decent run here this afternoon however he has already. A moment ago he was about a full second ahead of Dale Earnhardt junior now Dale Junior. It down to one point five computers getting quicker clients getting a little bit. We'll tell you who else is coming on strong if Tony Stewart talked about it a moment ago Tony got around Brian Vickers dropped him back. And the leader Ryan Newman's. Caught the tail and feel he's already put some good cars a lap down and just went around Dale Jarrett a few minutes ago they are expected 34. Physician but now he's gone left downtown heading to let them Scott Weber is Terry the money Kevin page and read and don't give me an idea just how quick he's getting. Here we're just barely coming up on fifty laps he. Got a heck of a lot of traffic just ahead and announce it works over the turnover for. Pulls up behind Bobby Hamilton junior the tide Chevrolet another car to left to deal with twenty passes now there's a group of about six or right directly ahead and open certain laws like. In the joy and laughter. Off revolving have a junior closing in on Morgan Shepherd Ward Burton and others but anyway why you know I'll try to play a game of high. Dale Earnhardt junior and his mom work they'll learn. If you pick him back to 52 on Ryan you were part of that as a fashion line if hung up behind some of that traffic and he's trying to put a lap down let's watch that over and turn to right. Of course the high side of the racetrack he's trying to pass the car bombing element junior followed the same time Dale Earnhardt junior goes off the racetrack. Passes Dale Jarrett slap on the back. And nobody does clear body. Now only. And later Bryant talk yesterday Ryan Newman that is about why it is he spent qualifying so well. But not racing so well. I guess I can't I don't I don't think there's a specific weakness weaknesses I think it's on it's just variables so we've had some. The world look you know thinking back to Charlotte when none of the first I think it was a source recyclables and started to and of his last four. You know the first of the four holes in the last four races we had a columnist potential capable of what plenty capable of winning. And I got caught up in the reckless for and and and Jimmy Spencer their Myanmar foreign ended you know that was the first choice is a curious week. Vernon third Debbie got away for a second and then the deer and and with resting at Martinsville. You know Orlando we we struggled with the balance a little bit comment ago community efforts are that was out of balance which was kind of shocking but you know just says. Outside variables that sometimes you just can't. Can't eliminate her get around ten. Hopefully don't and those types of things this time. Ryan is currently seventh in the championship point standing some 126 out of the lead. And says yes he is still in the chase. Especially in the chase mathematically as I said the last two years is long as we have mathematical chance some consider cents. It is a long shot I would say it's a long shot but it we're not going to be. Hum. Because music golf analogy that of don't know enough about the clubs. I think we're you know we're not we're not out of it but we're not you know. I won't say were in it but we shall we have a week we saw have a chance and that's all that I ask for. Can't force if he wins today what's next week at Darlington wins at homestead Miami speedway in the six guys in front of them have some bad luck. Like many of the did last week in Atlanta he could very well be a contender and maybe the champion. Yeah the way things have changed in the last few weeks anything could happen but pick up failed to put Earnhardt junior right now he's trying to run run down Ryan Newman. He was about almost the second half behind them over the Phillies chop it down now to maybe 810 college. Atlanta got about 01214. Yards he's got the greatest place proof they refuse. Able to catch it there's no traffic between himself and run with a go to turn to. Ward Burton Michael Waltrip John Andretti and a host of others. Inhaler users look at all the rights leader on the back. Mark they're now I'm Dale Earnhardt junior and. What happened car. This traffic that it was gonna have to negotiate his way through should help Dale Earnhardt junior. Some pretty good cars appear first of which is Mike did a few moments ago Sterling Marlin. Brian Newman not able to initiate a pass on Sterling Marlin and here comes dale. Here for a Harley back as the head of the match right away. Still had not gotten around. Will be Ward Burton. Who views like they're all you can do now get a fair plan makes it kind of mistake. He will have a shot at grabbing the lead until trial on the outside going to turn over one time charges aren't coming. Sit back Eli. They're one Carling. The market. And they'll. I think a lot of them just. Plus the car started Marlins occupying now flying lately so I could pick up any ground there anyway. Cross the start finish line and it it turned one juniors all the moved out. Marlins. Don't try to hailed Dale Earnhardt and. Anyone who you've got a race car you drive just about any. You worry more studious putting the foot or two below the white line that's not good the cars in the quarter plus now let's see what he can do with a all the traffic directly ahead each other. Throwing marlin turned to start the Pastor Wright Palin on his back bumper is an area. Traffic on the backstretch curling par. Look I'm from drivers miracle. Of course Ryan dividend wanna give up the lead Barney but really the concert deal with all this heavy traffic it might have been the best favor in the world junior could do for the health now. Triggers a guy that's got to cut his way to the draft night one factor right now he's okay. Home run in the got to do is to stay on as well frugal with him as he passes some of the strategy puts more cars a lap down into the third turn three. Dale Earnhardt doing all the work for. Also worked out first look at all the blogs work. Pinnacle work an off turn four back at the start finish line junior works its way. To the inside of ward Burton's car at Ryan Newman goes quickly down the inside of our number one. Second some of the guys above what throughout the field so far Kevin Harvick has lost twenty spots in the first 62 laps. Jeff Gordon has lost seven spots Jude need to check its fall back thirteen spots. The big Gator so far Dale Earnhardt junior now leading he's picked up thirteen spots for the start of today's race. Americans of this gained eight positions. And championship point leader Kurt Busch. Has picked up seventeen spots Dale Junior leaves closing in on some pit stops coming up. For the next fifteen or twenty laps let's tackle that road and see what's developing their we told you if there's some guys picking up a lot of spots of all the guys fall back in the field. As they can sweep through the Pitts brought to apply craftsman at the official tools of NASCAR first to Winston Kelley. But I tell you mentioned Jeff Gordon sliding back we documented his handling problems teammate Jimmie Johnson going in the other direction. Still a lot of tigers started thirteenth early running and fitness. Have a home. Knew I don't have some remaining brought handling problems Elliott Sadler started tonight drop back just a couple of positions eleven and Casey Mears. And started seventh. Carly running in sixth let's go. The corner and think why again are tied in the middle of the foreigners as let's say it may take quite get off the corner as good as they would like to make do. Hard to make it's and Jesse adjustments but not nearly as much as Jeff Jeff Gordon started day. The fifty positioning really takes to make up ground points wise to the midsection and out of Alexander one of the. Great mover on the midsection leader and fan favorite Dale Earnhardt junior started Gordon made his work his way to the lead. Atlanta 72 he says the car a little bit tight but so far balances pretty good on the Budweiser Chevrolet he's one of the and while the others Tony Stewart started sixth currently running in the fourth position. He set The Home Depot Chevrolet a little bit on the tight side in traffic but once he gets free and clear traffic. His door Chevrolet seems to be handling pretty good. And one of the guys who has laid back in the early going the guys who qualified third showed me the check best ever finish here in Phoenix was. Was an eighteen he said tight handling race cars what is got him going. In the wrong direction Danielle. I'm Kelly okay. Point later I. Okay. When he. Kevin Harvick he was strong early. And fierce battle with the important Atlanta. You are feeling right. I have fresh tires. Caution flag is coming out for the first time this afternoon for a car that has rolled to a halt in turn three I. Sadler is all here knows loves Perino not that you just slowed down plus. Inside a foot Maria great. Tennis and play well for just about everybody 'cause pit stops were pretty well schedule the next ten laps where everyone out there for Dale Earnhardt junior he should be coming on pit road in a few minutes. The one thing it's impressive about Dale Junior not only was he able to run down Ryan Doumit take the lead away. As the laps wind down we're 76 right now his car has gotten stronger fitted thing hasn't fallen off that much and left streets. So that's not good news for the rest of the field but we aren't the first caution of the afternoon. Again army Sadler with problem's size car slowed it initially coming off turn number two we thought maybe make it back around pit road but. Not the case it stopped completely over in turn three putt and Dan Hubbard and that will bring out the caution for the first time here this afternoon. Only one lead change so far the Santa of course Ryan Newman started on the bud pole for today's race. It was laps sixty when Dale Earnhardt junior took over the top spot continues to lead a and now will lead the field on the pit road to make stops at lap 77. Here comes Earnhardt junior peeling off the banking of turn four. It's surprisingly not everybody comes down the pit road whether. Ryan Newman comes down all the leaders do cars that are not on the lead lap stay on the racetrack there's only 26 leaders at this stage of the race let's go first to Danielle Frye. And in the. I'm not making any hint on Ryan. Coming down the road making adjustments to your heart thank you I'm fresh start in real. More tired than Ryan baker. Fort Myers Scott Riggs or senator from all of the all of these guys this in the pit road heard what did not only candidate on the plane. We'll track bar adjustments for Ryan Merriman a lot of red tide is going to be a wedge and a track bar adjustments. Both sides of the cars Dale Earnhardt junior visually the first player Ryan Newman reports. It feels like and JCJ. And follows out journey started. Everybody on the go just making life just now plus Jeff Gordon. The rest of the guys here on this in the pit road for tires and Joseph Elliott Sadler Casey Mears. Mentioned Jimmie Johnson and a machine again traitor to the midsection and Adam. And as you said later Dale Earnhardt junior are the good pit stop for tires and field a major adjustments on the Budweiser Chevrolet. Joining Dale Junior on the pit lane Joni the check was then Jeff Green got service. As did Bob Miller Bonnie Rusty Wallace brought the Miller Lite dodge down the pit lane Tony Stewart was in Kasey Kahne. Matt Kenseth Mark Martin Greg Biffle all making pit stops under the caution flag. Worn tires fuel and chassis adjustment. Quick pit stops for everybody they'll get back on the speedway this is being made on the first caution flag of the afternoon. They're getting ready to go back to green flag racing they're getting indication down next time off turn four the greens will come back out after a full round of pit stops for just about everybody analysts at the field quickly. Reporting for the collection green. The Illinois junior beat everybody off pit road he went on the leader becomes alpha leader like even when Enron exec it comes out and second. Kasey Kahne gets back on the track and third Kurt Busch fourth Tony Stewart fifth Jimmie Johnson's six net kids at seventh Jamie McMurray eight break. Biffle is up tonight Casey Mears is tenth eleventh Elliott Sadler to get ready to restart Mark Martin twelve Brian Vickers thirteenth Jeff Gordon fourteenth. Bob and a lot of make up the top fifty. Sixteenth as Jeff Green seventeenth is Robby Gordon Ricky Rudd has eighteenth Jeff Burton and I think that rusty Rusty Wallace. Runs and twentieth at Scott Riggs Geneva check Carl Edwards Jeremy Mayfield and Mike Wallace threw 25. Two other cars on the lead lap those are Ken trader at 26 and Michael Waltrip who runs and 27. They struck is on pit road feel comes out turner before green flag goes in the air head again they'll race off. Strong if you want to. Liabilities like where they. Challenge him on the outside might. Trying to get the lead not gonna work. Earnhardt I thought could not turn to hale junior trying to block the efforts of Ryan Newman as they come from the dogleg it and that's currently there are those details shadowing each other line the rolled no life. Lots of slower traffic just had to let them pick their way by that machine that's Morgan Shepherd it. Right ladder and Earnhardt junior he pulls over her heart to do and go to the outside lane of one. Carl thanks but it's. Not so little play one a difference off of turn two is Dale Junior now opens up a lead about five Arlington all the Mariah who. Third is still Kasey Kahne feels the heat off Kurt Busch fifty. Then Jeter continues to put more daylight between himself and Ryan Doumit to second place cars and it's frustrating way of land right now I have news. Here very shortly with Kasey Kahne. Patients rely. It's why you know men under serious attack from the dodge of Kasey Kane they write nose to tail and it turns green. You're just not pushing the issue right now stays on the rear deck of Ryan Newman's car but now going into turn one does start look at family and five crew chiefs of. Through the dogleg they go and approaching turn three at speeds of over a 160 miles an hour here comes Ryan Newman. Slower traffic could play a part of his term satellite. Sales pace he's. And again Dale Earnhardt junior gave a little more. Last couple laps around pulled away now by about a quarter of the straightaway but was even doing everything he. Very surprised to hold off for second place. Clark junior why at the same time from the hole off easy today as. And at duke our fight for second could soon be a three car battle as Kurt Busch and join the party that is why. Right behind him. Kurt Busch's clothes and I think that's why Kasey Kane decides he better. Wait did little moron selective of when he makes his move because he goes of the goes one way Kurt Busch's lap of the building other. Three man tied for second comes to turn to for. The card slot by all of this action happens to about fifteen car lengths behind your leader Dale Earnhardt junior don't. Was in the early going here. That's still three car fight for second place Ryan Newman. Even have to Kasey Kahne and Kurt Busch and striking distance fifth that there is that Kansas Tony Stewart hit. Would be 2008 and Fred. Laughter spotter to ease back tonight from Casey Mears is stiff. The leaders who over the three nominated turn three is still Dale Junior going quite a man Ryan Newman doesn't look like. OK okay. Check the championship point standings as of this moment he retreated this afternoon Kurt Busch leads now by 73 points over Jimmie Johnson. Dale Earnhardt junior five leading. Has picked up two spots of the championship points standings. He's third 73 points out of lead. Jeff Gordon is in the fourth position he's dropped one spot Mark Martin is also lost the position. He's in fifth Tony Stewart is sixth seventh this Ryan Newman eight this Matt Kenseth ninth this Elliott Sadler in Jeremy Mayfield is Sam. And as of this moment he's mathematically eliminated from drivers. Who can win the in the chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup standings fans of this moment last night he won here in Phoenix. Jamie McMurray Casey Mears. It's travel back there for my position that's been one of the best races on the speedway. That's why don't we take you back through the top 45 real quick Earnhardt junior leads Ryan Newman second Kasey Kane is third Kurt Busch's fourth meth kits of his fifth. That's a lap 91. It six's Tony Stewart Jimmie Johnson with the seventh Greg Biffle was safely return nineteen Casey Mears is this. Elliott Sadler is 11 o'clock mark felt. Seventeenth is Robby Gordon eighteenth as Jeff Burton Scott Riggs is nineteenth until need to check his twentieth. Rusty Wallace is 21 22 is tricky route Carl Edwards at 23. Mike Wallace doing its job keeping that car on the lead lap through this afternoon. Larry McClure racing team like 724 positions still on the lead lap was within 45 pitcher they can. 26000 Michael Waltrip 27 the skin traitor when he this Kevin Harvick and Johnny and Freddie plan. Kerry the money runs thirtieth. 31 as Bobby Hamilton junior 32 a Sterling Marlin 33 to Ward Burton 34 this deal Jarrett 35 Scott Webber Kevin the pages 36. How many as 37 Johnny Sauter is 38. Brenda dawn shot 39 with rain in the killing fortieth 41 of Morgan Shepherd forty seconds Irving Sandler and only one cars out of the race now that. It's taught hooked on my money for all the court for currently killing 47 cars. Still on the lead lap Dale Earnhardt junior's latest now three point one seconds over Ryan Newman not a whole lot of change their Kurt Busch. Is that the third position Casey came forth and back into thrives in this. Jimmie Johnson is six Greg Biffle seventh at least you were eight Jamie McMurray ninth. It can't it's Casey Mears and Marty you know when they practiced and qualified here Friday and now the practice sessions here on Saturday afternoon at Phoenix. The weather conditions were considerably different today as we talked about we get rain early this morning it's been very overcast today and very much cooler today than either Friday or sat. Ridiculous reference should be completely different today weather wise and what it wants as far as the handling on the street whether it was Friday and Saturday. It's good at these teams are with just do whatever conditions prevail it's time. It's tough to make a chance to change do whatever they need. Could get their driver back to the hood right now everybody's doing pretty good job there's still some cars that will be looking to make a few more adjustments to get from slave the bottom of the racetrack. And then run a little bit better than they are life. One of those would be Rusty Wallace Ricky blood would be another answer and Kevin Hart feel like you watch Kevin Harvick and every week and I've said this. I'm going. You have to race drivers who. One of the best known car owners and teams in the business it just seems like the if you wanna have a problem is probably will be not being able to keep the car down low in the turned what this short track. Big Mac for whatever it is just assume it's amazing that they haven't been able through that problem. Maybe inequality does drives itself Marty is one of those younger drivers who you are really pushes it to the limit. And that may be still trying to get that chemistry to fly between himself and his crew chief is drew. What kind of set up they need different racetracks. God had a very stellar year the foresees the guy we thought. Would be considered for the championship the course that even make it into the final top ten in the chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. Started off pretty good today started slipping a little bit now he's an outlook back off the lead lap back in the twentieth position. Front straightaway Mac not to have to probably lose is the tire coming out of turn number one. The model of the car and tired chasing down hole. Captain has a follow what they've left. Rear tire off the end of the front straightaway and that will bring up yellow flag for the second time this afternoon caution is out it laughter. 104. Back to turn to Barney the cart Casey just came loose on the Matt Kenseth car and came totally away and slapping inside wall Matta almost lost control of his machine. But a heads up he's a driving prevented him from collected the concrete down near the corner about a big Oman Qatar Hastings sits cross went to the racetrack right in the middle of the group here at the interest attorney want. Practice and we'll bring his car off to pit road let's cover his stop. And as he comes down Bonnie we talked about the fact that it was the left rear tire. Obviously giving way so he brings that he walked toward them the deadline was running in the fifth position. When that in particular incident happened they got to work immediately on the left side. Little bit of damage it looks like may be on the left rear this machine that left side tires on he'll pull away I would expect he will revisit that. This round is not continues a little bit of damage on that left rear fender nothing major in Kansas pulled away. Pit road is closed for everybody else says they worked their way here cross the start finish line and back in terms wanted to likely we will see pit road opened the next time around again this is the way they run the top ten as they get ready if they make the pit stops Earnhardt junior is a leader he has been very strong all day long run in the second. Kurt Busch has gone and gotten up to third he's got a very strong race car Kasey Kahne is fourth Jimmie Johnson is fifth Greg Biffle six Tony Stewart would be seventy humanitarian aid. Elliott Sadler thanks Casey Mears hit. Best of the top fifteen mark Martin's eleven plan Vickers his twelfth Jeff Gordon thirteenth a lot of bodies fourteenth. And Jeff green is fifty in the attrition rate for the low thus far we're a 106 laps into the 312 lap event top Levine is the only car out of the event. Talk about the championship contenders course Matt Kenseth is one of the of the defending series champion. Things have not been going well for him as of light had engine problems last week at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. And now having the tire come off by the Casey coming off the wheel here going off that at turn one. Again it's got to send them back at the bit and as up Arnie said he tried fifth at the time so very very costly for Matt Kenseth. Fortunately though he did not hit the wall already thing was able to get back out the racetrack and after some more adjustments will have a chance today to make up some for that. Everybody else is on pit road let's go first to Danielle Frye. I'm anything. Okay well I mean than any illness they're right I'm working. Signed a four iron gaming right behind me. Kelly I'm right. Our team like my second time tonight marking the end I think I saw him more time in the field. Thank you very authentic. Okay now what do Winston's. Stallions. I'm gonna guess they just got sick and tired Jeff Gordon. Tom Coughlin young he gets outside have gone by Brian Vickers Ryan Newman with the lord tires and golf. Dale Earnhardt senior I'm always back. I think Norton saw a lot of strategy going on here on this and a pit road how about the midsection out of. And I wasn't more tired summer Dale Earnhardt junior had the rush to get in front a Kasey Kahne he made the exit off of pit lane. No changes on the Budweiser Chevrolet he did take on as we said four tires and fuel Joni image Jack was in he got four tires and fuel Jeff Green in the pit lane four tires fuel and chassis adjustment for Bobby La Bonnie Rusty Wallace was in Tony Stewart made a stop. Kasey Kahne came down. Back it was met Kansas they got right side tires this time Mark Martin and Greg Biffle also coming down that road. As those cars one lap or more down visit the headline Elliott Sadler will greet everybody off pit road and thus he has got to read the leaders. 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Well I don't even want to break bad news but some weather has moved in over the speedway not real heavy rain just to kind of spitting and drizzling like it did earlier here this morning it is coming over from the turn 34 area out in the desert outrage over the wind was blowing. In a good direction earlier now the wind has changed and is moving what moisture apparently is in that area of the desert into the racetrack they shouldn't be too long NASCAR's gonna. Red flag this race. And try to wait out the rain shower so while we do that. That's keeping have a tough point five we'll stack up after the pit stops a moment ago. Elliott Sadler beat everybody out of pit road he took a two tire change just at before Jeff Gordon took two tires he comes out second. Brian Vickers made a two tire change and he comes up third Ryan Newman gets up fourth apparently he took all four tires. And from Brian on back Robby Gordon makes a good stuff he gets out in fifth. He apparently took a two tire change also Earnhardt junior's gonna tell up sixty Winamp leading comes out running sixth. Several Kasey Kahne eighth this Greg Biffle Jamie McMurray nights Jimmy Johnson tip. Our Busch eleventh Mark Martin twelfth thirteenth to Casey Mears fourteenth Tony Stewart 52 Jeremy Mayfield 68 Carl Edwards seventeen to Bubba the body. Eighteenth would be Joni and check nineteenth Jeff Green and twentieth Jeff Burton's point first Rusty Wallace 22 Scott Riggs 23 Michael Waltrip point fourth Ricky Rudd. 125 Mike Wallace. Running at 26 now's met Kansas twice about this can trader 28 Kevin Harvick and those are the cars that are currently show on the lead lap. It's one night this Bobby Hamilton junior thirtieth this terrible body. Scott Webber 31 Sterling Marlin 32 Kyle Petty 33 at. Ward Burton is 34 and John Andretti is in the 35 position. That's the way their show and as of this moment as a red flag comes out at lap of 11036. Is capitol page 37 Dale Jarrett 38 this Brandon gone. 39 his Johnny Sauter has fortieth is Morgan Shepherd regular joys out of the race in the garage along with top vote died early Sadler a number of laps down but still running. He is currently shown in the 42 position. The cars back on the racetrack they'll run a number of laps here before we get the track completely dry and hopefully soon. Be back under the green flag at the checker auto parts 500 back on the green flag at Phoenix international raceway the field heads off to turn grades a free car fired up with a flood Elliott Sadler leave the field and it turns three Jeff Gordon said. So come off turn four hit the front straightaway it on the front three changed only two time. Well you're traveling pulling away vodka tonic. Comeback turned wanna do Jeff Gordon getting held up all right Ellen has a problem he is off the base just a moment coming off turn duke bottles below headed to three. Elliott Sadler had. Only sound we just a two car length lead over Jeff Gordon in the seconds. Ryan Newman still slow working his way through turns three and four years coming on the pit road at. The pole sitter for today's race. Having a problem. We'll follow up there at the moment meanwhile the field as it turns news. Still over six Ers is they've learned a lot. Traffic on the back straightaway Elliott Sadler trying to pull away from the rest of the field Jeff Gordon won't let it happen. Brian Vickers filling his nearest the top three cleared the last night. I rolled back to the start finish flooded. Dan Elliott Sadler leaping across about four or five songs ahead of Jeff Gordon run the my goodness of his heart out in the fifth outfielder now there's a ride my mind that was my down the. A lap down. Costly cut tire for Ryan Newman's been put in a lap down a scrabble battle for the lead coming off turn before. Elliott Sadler about two to three car lengths ahead of Jeff Gordon just doing everything you can't just stay with him right now. It's fine. Sorry Dennis Wright machine that credit able to keep it going. Caution flag will be displayed for John had already running back about the 34 position. At brand new race team this is only the third time out of the box let's go back to Dan Hubbard a bit of a solo has been on the part of John Andretti right in the middle of turns three and four got loose try to correct. Tapped the wall with the right rear quarter panel there some damage there but it dreading was able to keep his foot in the gas and he has more daughter rejoined the field. There's a little damage sheet metal banished to the rear of the car on the right side of the car but it is brought out the yellow flag for the third time this afternoon. And again it comes out of lap 118. Very unlikely that we'll see anybody going onto pit road here because they are just in the pits a few minutes ago maybe some of the back markers back there you have nothing to lose. Might ease at all pit road that are very likely everyone we'll stay out there. Bobby Hamilton junior will get the free passes a result of the caution flags out. He gets added to the list of drivers who were on the lead lap and give us 28 cars on the lead lap here Atlantic. 100 and the nineteen a Elliott Sadler showed some strength there again he was one of three drivers who came down that road is to gone. Two tires at silent most everybody else took on four tires. And so far showing up pretty good but of course the stuff free laps into the run before the caution flag comes out. Knocked out far enough and the Rhonda tell what the result of that will be several cars are making pit stops let's go downstairs first to Winston Kelley. Well we expect several of the guys to come back down including that of Ryan Newman we expect him to come back ram this one of those pit roads and will then does swing is always around. Want to midway between turn one and two Sarandon and had to cut right front tire expecting him to come back down pit road. Also Bobby Hamilton junior on this and a pit road expect him to come back after after he's able to regain that lab. How about downtown and Alexander anybody in front of you. Now a couple of guys who did have a lot of track position decided to come down take on four tires and fuel that would be Joseph Nina jacket qualified third Saturday's race also Magnus. Came down the pit lane and John Andretti spun and caused the caution came down. Look like some damage to the right rear of his machine he is sensor rejoined the field in May make one more trip that back down the pit lane under caution Danielle. The only thing on this and they're wrote analyst Kevin Harvick came down hard time and really heavy jacket just like Siberia and the back to green card been super I don't say they're trying to get that feeling back on the car. And suddenly I'm Ryan Newman is now making his way back down Nero or not they weren't done mark Langston. Yeah he's swinging around not like we said this fits well this pit road goes all the way between turns one into. And he's bringing his guard down the up pit board is out. The great gonna go to work to change the right side tires on the Alltel dodge a little bit of a different thanks team this weekend. It's wide color. They've got an electric blue bell on the right side of the machine. Now like to be up many blue in the white numerals it's going to be a board tire stop they're gonna win around the left side might just like chassis adjustment. He's been a lot of inside and he's got to follow line alongside Bobby Hamilton junior. So the field get ready to go back to green here very shortly shouldn't be but another laughter Q should be a very short cautioned. John Andretti will be able to continue their bats to get the indication one more lap around. In the green flag will come back out. Elliott Sadler again the race later Jeff Gordon's second Brian Vickers third Robby Gordon fourth and Dale Earnhardt junior fifth. Rest of the top ten or Kasey Kahne Greg Biffle Tony Stewart. Jimmie Johnson and Casey Mears. It's been a busy weekend here at Phoenix international raceway the NASCAR craftsman truck series ran on that Friday afternoon the Chevy Silverado won fifty. David Starr picked up his second victory of the year. Beating Jack Sprague and Kraft at the same meal at Johnny Benson Bobby Hamilton leads the standings in the truck series. As they head off to Darlington next week and at homestead Miami speedway the week after that Hamilton's lead over data center is just seven points. And the Busch Series cars stranded buses 200 yesterday Jamie McMurray got the win and that went with Kyle Busch finishing in second Martin Truex junior was third Robby Gordon fourth. And Greg Biffle came in fifth yesterday. In the point standings of the Busch Series Martin Truex junior leads Kyle Busch while 161 points course they too go to Darlington next weekend. And then for the season finale Ford championship weekend at homestead Miami speedway the following week. And of course a Nextel cup series next week at Darlington than at homestead Miami speedway. The tickets are still available at both those racetracks to see the final two events of the year but you come out and join us if not a course we'll have all the action for you here. On the motor racing network next week at Darlington. And the final weekend of the year at homestead Miami speedway. As you play the joys of the track you'll find great travel packages that many NASCAR events including race tickets. And hotel accommodations this call 1800 pit shop that's 1807487467. That. Or visit on line 1800 pet shop dot com. Deals took a wave off their own that restart now they will go green this time by. Cruise wanna go out and check turned over to their lectures there was no more debris or anything in their before they cut him loose and put it back under the marine. This truck is leading him down the back straightaway Elliott Sadler Jeff Gordon Brian Vickers Robby Gordon and Earnhardt junior of the top five. Kasey Kahne Greg Biffle Tony Stewart Jimmie Johnson and Casey Mears make up the rest of the top Sheehan as they get ready to go back to green thirteen winners this year. That leaves an awful lot of guys that have not been to Victory Lane. And some of those are running up in the lead pack right now. Off third floor place truck going on behind the pit wall Elliott Sadler about to bring him down to the line Brian Vickers looked like to be the first car laughter. Just thought this thing headed back straightaway top you're able to break away Brian Vickers still have a problem during the lapped car of total body now he does so it turns brief Robby Gordon got fourth spotted a single file formation. Later LA. Orton dive to the inside of drug ever for pulls even with Elliott Sadler can't even. The start finish line the race for the lead at Dow closes settled the lap traffic at third watch. Elliott Sadler on the line Mohammed in the second and Brian Vickers and third. Definite bold move by Jeff ward around the outside of John and ready he took the lead away from Elliott Sadler Brian Vickers still right now. Jeff Gordon is not having a good day in the first part of this race now has. Jeff Gordon Elliott Sadler Brian Vickers top three turn to. Junior is fifth driver rubble out of pocket can't do that. Lap traffic occupies the sideline in the best five on the racetrack right now is for the fourth slot Robby Gordon has appealed junior wanted Kasey Kahne almost make it a free car quite enough. Find human recovered well from his problems they are the cut tire on his machine. He's currently no one laughed off the pace back in the 35 position. Long ways to go 186 laps remaining here at Phoenix the leader Jeff Gordon and Dan Hubbard he's checking out he hits. You know make it about 78 correlates with a second place Matt Elliott Sadler who's now getting a challenge for Brian Vickers. Vickers looking very strong lap after. Still a hot race going on back there for fourth place is they hit the front straightaway. And above should do is to pick Murray Mark Martin. Fred Ward Burton everybody hard on the byters lots of white smoke. As the rest of the field picked their way through I don't think any serious contact was made we had 456. Cars and this kid they're PX and. The turn 40 being checked drive through that Mark Martin drives out at a Hermes SATA drive through it also it. The flight left Kevin Harvick was in that there Kevin went sideways for just a moment you start going. And it looks like everybody will be able to drive away let's go back quickly turn three. Play now as an amazing mailing considering nobody hit the wall and nobody at each other start with Kurt Busch who was in the middle. Of a pack of six car she might have gotten some help from the back or Ryan Newman Ryan Newman tap in just a little bit. Kurt Busch was in a spin in the Palin was on everybody's part of the breaks the everybody Abrams report away. I would've been big Kurt Busch after have an idea problems that he had with the engine last week at the Atlanta Motor Speedway coming back. In golf and a crash here could've just spelled doom for its chances to win the championship but it's funny reported. Everybody able to drive away amazingly not a whole lot of damage to any of the cars that might make Kevin Harvick got the most damage the right side. Caves that have been on his machine. He continues to roll the rest of the cars as well stay on the racetrack now here comes Kurt Busch several others making pit stops let's go first of Danielle tries. Well for myself and good good pit stop. Not a lot of guys are surveying the card not a lot of damage they're just going to change right side tired the first candidate and had enough fuel and I don't really quite casino on the right I'm now asking Barak never did come. Really neat that she's no way right maybe there. You can't learn I'm going and they we'll wait and see middle on the lip where kids are. And so is Jamie me hearing he too was involved in the accident but just minor damage his heart wasn't now. Home leaving him room. Atom. Lap 128 it was you talked about the fact that curt Busch came down pit road and that Kurt Busch and Jamie Murray. Involved in a race down the middle lane but I was trying to get around McMurray and McMurray was blocking was he came down that road a little bit district interesting X. Or curriculars as those two exited the pit lane but the guys who came in on the midsection a pit road Mark Martin got four tires and fuel as Roush racing teammate Matt cancer was in. John Andretti came back down the pit lane. As did the US army Chevrolet and Jenny magenta Winston. Michael want to the only one on the senate could run the lead lap cars coming down changing tires. And Tom and off for Sunoco field still looking for Ryan Newman is a lap down to come down this time as he may have flat spotted. This tires are deciding whether or not to bring him down pit road as well. They struck about to move onto pit road we're going back green flag racing at lap 132. That'll give us a 180 laps remaining to be run here deal comes off to. To turn over four. Green flag goes in the. Here Jeff Gordon that's long gone going live. Never mind that there's probably Jordan should things they wouldn't. Three why they. Back straightaway Robby Gordon trying to get around that lap traffic any does so he sets his sights on third place man Brian Vickers is chasing down Elliott Sadler. For the entire field was chasing down Jeff Gordon and. Jarrett working hard down the inside ladies trying to get back on the tail in the lead lap racing along there with wine given trying to become the last. And Robby Gordon who's trying to advance rob he's running in fourth and all this going on right. No one on the back plus plus. They had all soon Dale Junior looks right now left you follow Ryan Doumit threw the dog make up the back straightaway there comes liability can be inside a live. Robby Gordon who has. And I'm determined to get himself in a position to get back on the lead lap cars park creators says he's got a quick car I think I'll stay with him they. A place to turn to. These are still leads the cast off turn two and now. That's sales collapse. Lap car Ryan Newman Robby Gordon wasn't quite finished what Dale Junior but finally junior walks down the deal into turn three. Don't know detailed Puerto. We Johnson has won the last three races that are row is having problems these old pit road. The good and go to work on the right side of the Lowe's Chevrolet to see exactly what the problem is we're head and leg it's your board here. It adjusted its service quickly pulls back on the racetrack but. Has lost at least one lap. His teammate Jeff Gordon shows the way Elliott Sadler is second Brian Vickers third now Dale Earnhardt junior has moved by Robby Gordon he's up to the fourth position. Kasey Kahne also going buyer Robbie he's in fifth Robby Gordon falls back in the six spot. And is under attack whereas they have off of turn one right. Little things round pick up the. Never look okay card called the. Greg Biffle has been picking them off one at a time all after. Knew he gets in front of Robby Gordon now don't try to chase down. Casey came. I. Front three run Clinton while about Fort Collins separating them and there's two lap cars with clean birthplace and and fourth and fifth pick it up again over purchased. Jared Lyon. Cars between third place appliance makers and forced plays sailor. Even building our lab machines they're running on a pace with the leaders were vastly improved. Proved to be very difficult for Dale Earnhardt junior Jeff Gordon. Jeff Gordon's lead to seven tenths of a second over Elliott Sadler not getting too far away Brian Vickers however start to close in from third out in the battle for the second. It's easier. Plus now line up the back straightaway once again Jeff Gordon continues to increase his lead put a seven car like. Elliott Sadler rides the long life insurance reform that's. Did you press right away Jeff Gordon continues to pull away and looking at the side of the important competitive he's. Latest little better than a full second over at. Nobody else Elliott Sadler being everybody else and Brian Vickers right now with two cars closest to it. Fifteen real quick Earnhardt junior still fourth Kate Kate is fifth Greg Biffle is six Robby Gordon is seventh. Tony Stewart's late Casey Mears is nice to Bob and bodies tips let's go down pit road. Well it was a right front tire for Jimmie Johnson just like Ryan Newman the Goodyear engineers have swarmed over the tired not sure if it's a wheel problems he ran over something or not they didn't see anything really run out. Or something. Now when we talk to Jeff Byrd before the rice is that one of the changes that we expect the cooler temperatures in the rubble while walking off the track. The track's going to be tighter gonna get a little bit more. This tire Wear problems and there's going to be on the right front solely Singh met with a couple situations with Ryan Newman and Jimmie Johnson threw the guys in the chase. For the cup. Do you work back crossing my hits in the turnover one we took you back through the top films like little further back Rusty Wallace. Jeff Burton has picked up. Jeffrey. Hill Jeff is up to twelve militants of his thirteen. Fourteenth this Mike Wallace fifty is rusty sixteenth is Kevin Harvick seventeenth as Mark Martin. Bobby Hamilton junior's eighteenth Jeremy Mayfield nineteenth Michael Waltrip his twentieth. Since raiders when he first heard was just 12 cup races when third if you loved 14. Completing the top 45 showed leadership all of which wasn't playing six now looking. Of course. Do you watch out everybody goes to the high side to avoid the spinning car Scott Riggs. And boy they everybody gets buyer's critics make contacts like contact with Swedish traitor. And that will bring up the fifth caution flag of the afternoon again the problem up in turn four that's been a problem area today let's go back up there almost a carbon copy of the last has been that we have here Barney. With just good hard nose races. He later going to side by side yeah. Bridges got shorthanded at Lockheed down plenty of white smoke and the high side that stock once got rid he's able to require. Fourteen laps at the halfway point of the checker auto parts 500 checking all the guys who were in the championship points race Kurt Busch is running at 23 at. Trying to recover after that spanned several moments ago. Ryan Newman is thirtieth he's a lap down Jimmie Johnson is 35 he's also a lap down and met Kansas had some problems here today. But he's made up of those quite well he's now shown. In the thirteenth position in Scott Riggs haven't probable cause of the caution for the fifth time he was running twice third at the time the incident occurred coming off turn number four. And here comes rakes now at the machine rolling down the pit lane at the right front tire cut down all the battling Jenny let's go to was that Stahl. Well Valentino is working on the right side like you said. Trying to get the jacket underneath the car to pull off that are right front tire putting on it right fronts right right side tires. Outrage it's pulling away in the later on here. Or Palin I learned Ryan your right in the lane and it's not grinding your last game I want to senate hanging right side. Only our minds. One OK. Okay. And others from making her way down zero happily. And the later Jeff Gordon just comes on the pit road just got ten hits balls down that Elliott Sadler road crews working on the right side of the car expect aboard tired changed. But these guys this is out Bobby Hamilton junior just got back on the lead lap. There's not many road rest of the guys Casey Mears. Local Y a big guessing when to stop I'm guessing it's around the corner but I'm guessing that the entire style then Gordon. Then Brian Vickers an Elliott Sadler out of that order around the midsection and out of. No name to check you got some damage on that last caution flag across the US army Chevrolet in once again they changed four tires top off the field thank. And make a couple of adjustments Jeff Green out of the vying for tires fuel and an adjustment Miller Lite dodge of Rusty Wallace was in and Mark Martin brought his flag. Reported first service here 144 then all of a sudden we're having a lot of yellow flags we had one at lap 104 had left won eighteen of them won 27 and 142. Definitely one of those slaves again the pick up here as we approach the halfway mark of today's race. How about the effectively chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Jeff Gordon has taken the lead in the champion but it was championship points standings as of this moment. He leads. Kurt Busch by thirteen points Dale Earnhardt junior's third of the standings Mark Martin and Tony Stewart. Rest of the top five at MR and radio live at Phoenix international race play along with Bobby hall I'm Joseph Moore Mike Bagley Dan Hubbard Winston Kelley out of Alexandra Danielle Frye have more for coverage. Of the checker auto parts 500 going back over the green flag at Bryant it was all the Palin believe laughter. Directly ahead of they are not the leader Kasey Kahne Greg Biffle Tony Stewart active for five straight with the computer over to turn to. We are gonna work on Ryan. So far one carmike. Like come on them as they had to backtrack. Truman tried hard not to go a lap down to Dale Earnhardt junior they breakaway from the rest of the field Kasey Kahne isn't that second spot thanks Greg Biffle was involved with. Fri 6 o'clock this way. Singer for the major terrorist chasing Ryan Newman then it was for the lead. Now lets them build and trying to stay over at Taylor will lead lap junior about to. Our lives behind it and turn one so far so good for Newman is one. The fourth Carl lightly over Casey came. And now Greg Biffle at her breaks free as a lap traffic but it Dale Earnhardt junior in the top spot with Kasey Kahne now closing up some ground in that second position. Greg Biffle in the. 151 laps to go on the scoreboard we are about five laps six laps away from the halfway. Thought I'm. I'm a bit earlier apparently is gonna call of the day he is being shown out of the event right now he'll join Randy with joy and thoughtful mind. The leader hits returned three it is Dale Earnhardt junior for the moment alliance building is able to stay on the tail end of that lead lap. Feel. Met kids of my behind Tony Stewart Matt looks like his thinking about trying to make a movie had a problem earlier this afternoon have recovered nicely. Now it's all the charges are well. Facing a fast closing Jeremy Mayfield the six spot in Macomb Jeremy Mayfield going through the dogleg right behind him he's got every Jimmie Johnson is also there. I want to Jeff Gordon worked his way into traffic back in the pack team win in as the lead you know. That round of pit stop he came out running well. On the ninth position well. Let's turn one out. I don't want a smoke began flying from this Ford Taurus on the front straightaway. Could not steer the car coming get a turnover of one penny has made hard contact with the right front of his car here at the end of the front straightaway who's it going to be a yellow day here pick on six caution flag of the afternoon is out of lap 153 back to turn to had to be a tire problem for Elliott Sadler Barney had started midway down the front straightaway smoke began to billow from the right front when he got to the efforts of the quarter. No breaks or no turning capabilities he plowed into the outside wall here at turn number one wrote the wall about midway through the corner. Dropped out of the inside but he has got a lot of damage on the right front at his Eminem's pedigree Ford Taurus. Elliott Sadler another one of the contenders in the chase for the Nextel Cup at. Well this is how lucky sand over the last several weeks Elliott was running thirteenth. When he cut tire apparently hit the wall up in turn number one cost flags displayed we're halfway through the checker auto parts 500. Is this afternoon with Dale Earnhardt junior shown as the race leader cleanup still underway after Elliott Sadler is probably going up at the turn over one. Apparently cutting a tire he slammed in the lawless did severe damage to the car let's set check in the garage Daniel Fries there. Well they're surveying the damage the right side of Elliott's Eminem synthetic treat Ford back here in the front placebo against Stefan is safely get to work with Elliott. Doesn't make sure that he is OK LA are you okay he slammed the ball pretty hard out there. Gam I'm fat and related that. Hard to guess at turn one I just I guess it'll run out of room or. I've just gotten us a little bit but just let's out of the car to sustain myself. Racing two and three land I'm back there but just a big mistake on my part no one race and when not to race so. Put us in a hole here at Philly fixing get back and get some points. You got Ron had such a consistent role there and also in the past two weeks you run into a string of bad luck. Yeah just so whether syndicate's on the racetrack we just wouldn't have an amendment last few weeks so. Just up and stuff to swallow us up to live live but we will keep doing domestic Tama Gaza working their butts off as just a shame but right now I'm man enough to say I messed up it's just someone who steals. Taking the blame back here for a the accident that happened out there Elliott Sadler back here on the rise and they are working on this party get out there and. And part of the cause of the problem there he's now followed the scent for the championship points standings Jeremy Mayfield has moved up tonight that. There called journeys been there the tips position over the last 45 weeks I guess a good news for him if you could put it that way Elliott a total of 329. Out of the top spot. And that's the fun of the fact of course it's Kurt Busch back in front of Dale Earnhardt junior by 54 points. Jeff Gordon is now third 75 Natalie Mark Martin this fourth he's one of nine back. And fitness Tony Stewart he's won 31 back. Jimmie Johnson came in here a second of the standings it's all going back to sixth position and he's a 135 out of the top spot. And we still got almost half race left to run so who knows what's gonna happen before the checkered flag comes now three of the points contenders have had problems here today. As judge Joseph told you Ryan Newman Jimmie Johnson and Elliott Sadler all. I'm running out of the top twenty here at this stage of the race getting ready to go back to Greenfield is just give any indication the green flag will fly when they come off turner before. They'll chase Dale Earnhardt junior he seems to get stronger as the day goes on Kasey Kahne is up to second the question continues on Casey every week went as this young driver gonna win a race. He's finished second half a dozen times this year just can't seem to get to Victory Lane. Greg Biffle very strong still Greg is gonna restart third Tony Stewart's now up to fourth. Fifth as Matt Kenseth Jeremy Mayfield Kurt Busch Michael Waltrip Jeff Gordon Terry Rabbani will make up the top ten. Green flag wave and again here at Phoenix international raceway the field comes pouring off turnover for the Budweiser Chevy. Show the light it's Dale Earnhardt junior. Trying to get away from Kasey Kahne. Bring influence the top three racing off the turn one Jimmie Johnson. Example. That's almost we've got caught up those two car for the. Right OK Jimmie Johnson just trying to get back on the lead lap not having much success of the top four cars pull away. Dale Earnhardt junior flies in the territory. They want to wait erased all day here Phoenix you'd think this was the final race of the season they have not let the thing. Think more Eilat on Casey dated Greg Biffle. Greg Biffle right hand back the Kasey Kahne hasn't had the back straightaway it'll be Tony Stewart applying the pressure to the Ford of Greg Biffle that would be the fight for the third position store looking very strong. For bush back in his seventh position trying to pitch sixth place Jeremy Mayfield all the while half the field a lot of heavy traffic. He swings wide to the outside of what are now try to advance at turn one. How close or call stop and let us try to catch Jeremy Mayfield that would be the battle for the sixth decision mayfield come through the dog legged out approaches. You right behind him would be Kurt Busch now. The hardest racing is going on in this pack right now today. Position that's where Michael Waltrip Jeff Gordon. Bobby Robbie George. All right just about a foot par thinking about conservatism. Double wide net. Sauter side by side now they give way and guard makes the move down loan Jeff Gordon still has not cleared whoever however they are. Really getting liver is the last. Most of the thought here's Jimmy Johnson diving underneath Tony Stewart afterwards running along in the fourth position. Jimmie Johnson still work and get back looked a little lead lap driving. The corner just a few laps to go Stewart was chasing down Greg Biffle for third that is no longer the case hasn't fallen off patients. Trying to get on the. Jimmie Johnson is a man on a mission right now he comes out of turner reports got a ways to go before you catch up to the other cars that. After the close again they are no details through the dogleg it and turn three get medical fight for fourth Kenseth. Really. Looks to be outside momentarily thinks better of it comes Tony thinks of all the way up to the wall authored a report actually pulls back in line looks to be inside internal. Coming into the water and has met its generals alongside Tony Stewart. The floors perhaps the handling going to weigh on The Home Depot Chevrolet Ian Stewart got his reckoning was on the restart meanwhile. Casey's been run on his bumper here for the last couple laps this kind of sizing up maybe. Try to see if there's a weakness going into the corner workers and one or two or three of four let's watch that we don't. I want chicken wire line. He has returned but then diamonds in the corner I'm Kelly Wallace and. Kasey Kahne has managed to do what no one else have been able to do all afternoon and that's get within a car length of Dale Earnhardt junior they are riding I can't. Theater comes off turn four back to start finish look at back to Carl links to Kasey Kahne and Guatemala folks said that if Casey's never got a winner raise your place. What he does win the very well could come at Phoenix but he's one of many drivers in the Nextel cup series level. Lot of laps under their belt at this racetrack in other types of rice machines. He said in the garage W talked to some media people down there yesterday and I heard you say you know I like this racetrack I've got a good feel for in my wind could come here but he set out to win at any racetrack and that's very true when he's running could win anywhere but right now. It only looks awful good you know second place stake which failed. You know the kind hearted feel junior panel thing wrong if you can run him like I mean pretty quick. Dale Earnhardt junior's been awesome all afternoon long guardian right now Dale Earnhardt junior it is. You hear it. Earnhardt's flows there. Actually for the length I should say by about ray Carling says that the key Kasey Kahne. At arm's length we're now paying jobs down the distance once again about coming off turn to reports I get the start finish line. Back to three car lengths the separation from junior to Kasey Kane junior drives and end. The race track at turn one it's new. Ford car lengths behind the race we. Straight away as soon as Kasey Kahne got to go to Carly could junior junior apply the gas a little bit harder he's trying to work a cushion between himself McCain got an up robot to the. What Michael. Tony been driving the wheels off this hard try to get up there and have a shot at leading some of the things afternoon liftoff indiscernible. On the fifth you have to what you can do Tony Stewart and bring them. Your Home Depot Chevrolet on the low lying in front wanted to do. I've heard much closer. Tony Stewart in the Chevrolet Jeremy Mayfield in good guide to all world. Inside there. 441. Laps to go in the checker auto parts 500 we get deeper into this green flag run through your start with Jack now. Separation nearly a full second back to second place Kasey Kahne Greg Biffle is third met cans of its fourth Jeremy Mayfield is fifth. And Kurt Busch is on the move again he's gone by Tony Stewart he's now for the sixth position after having problems in the crash here earlier this afternoon Tony Stewart rides in seventh. Eight the study right about Jeff Gordon is seventh. Tony Stewart is Nate Robby Gordon tonight. And all that money is running in thin. A little bit further back here at lap 178. Back in eleventh position as Michael Waltrip Kevin Harvick his welfare of the bodies thirteenth Casey Mears is fourteenth. Jeff Burton is now up to fifty Mark Martin sixty. Jeff green is having a good day Jeff is seventy Bobby Hamilton junior is eighteenth rusty Wallace's nineteen combined with the twentieth. Scott Riggs is going first Ryan Newman's Own was back there 12 13 is Jamie McMurray Tony the check to plea for. It's a way to run here. FF 179. With a 133. Laps to go. Dale Junior strong suit all day we'll actually get to fill I think. One is he to keep the car at the bottom of the racetrack he could move up in the groove when he sued to block challenge take the lead away from a the other is on long runs his father's not fall off that much. It gets better as a matter of fact you know there's talk about the fact that Casey stayed with the quality as we got into the run juniors just check it out once again and Dan Hubbard one of the things we've done as a return. Coming off that that position where you're healthier. Lot of guys having trouble they're juniors not had a problem all day long. Nobody is running within. He's enjoying your. I we got four cars showing in the garage area LA Sadler is back there Carl Edwards machines back there and they try to get the police back in the race now. Joy has been out since laughing. Five room. 181 right now and topple my park his car after eleven laps of the problem here this afternoon. And so the attrition rate despite the fact that we have several spend thousands and contacted some sheet metal pin up. And some six caution flags here this afternoon. Surprisingly just about everybody's been able to continue. The damage has not been as severe send anybody to beat Roger and put them out of the right. Stand still showing 29 cars on the lead lap battle the forty Greeks started late race. Will pass halfway mark we have a 130 laps remaining Jimmie Johnson has cleared everybody except Dale Earnhardt junior Kasey Kahne. He did hear earlier Jimmy had a problem cut down a tire had to make an unscheduled pit stop that cost him a lap. He's charges laid back to the field now has two cars to pass before we can get back on the T eleven lead lap and have a chance to continue the Santa. The course Jimmy coming off an incredible streak of three straight wins after a number of problems earlier in the season. Isn't really what made the difference in those three wins when his team turned around a which is getting things rolling in the right direction. You know it's weird win in any team this happens all teams win one thing goes wrong it just isn't like. Breaks a leg and creates audio legs start crumbling and in we looked at Indy we look at it now walking is when the mistake I made there just was a look you know some things that came up that. We couldn't shake we can get rid of going to the next week ago the next racetrack it's a little sort happening and sell you know it's hard look back and say that we. You know why implying that those things happen. But we're just glad they're not around anymore and everything that's thrown we went through them in and luckily we're back in this championship race. But in the way it was looking before I thought we're out of it's I'm just just fortunate to have these other guys have smelled like Tim. He would phone now my position Barney in the standings and course bounce back up the second coming into today's race but having problems now via a lap down. Courses they tend to make it up he's currently in the fifth position standings. Yeah he can still be in the fight going to lose a lot of points here today was no question about that assuming he's going through because we only got a 126 laps left and even if you go a lap down with a reform more pit stops it will be coming up here at least help. The only way. So we can see if you get back on the Taylor on the lead lap and get himself up there may be finished. Well patients could watch you know winnable battle a little bit further back in the field of seventy. The last seven or eight laps around mark Martin's laugh at him now so is Brian Vickers Jamie McMurray my movements and all for over two cents. That's the best battle the racetrack morning Rusty Wallace won the battle for now now it's time for Mark Martin to race sidelines so I was quite records and getting their money's worth. But he won't come right. Martin next. Icing near the eighteenth position Mark Martin trying to get five Brian Vickers Jamie McMurray right alongside. And Ryan Newman back near who now is on the lead lap children when he first prize winners this. Around Mark Martin now here comes Jamie McMurray he'll use the outside Atlanta believable work Smartphone third do. My great. As we've said many times a nice thing about NASCAR racing in the accident she even if it's. Scrambled goes away for relief sometimes are in the top four. Or five you can always look. Look back in the pack. And final flight of racing that's what we're watching right now between that group of cars were talking about they're Rusty Wallace Brian Vickers Jamie McMurray and Mark Martin at the front of the field Dale Earnhardt junior league gets bigger. One in six fifths seconds ahead of Kasey Kahne now have kids who is third. Greg Biffle was fourth Kurt Busch and worked his way back up the fifth derby mayfield is six to afford the seven points to defend. Life is Robby Gordon. Now let's take a moment and update where the Coca-Cola racing family of drivers are currently running. Well if you like Coca-Cola official soft drink of NASCAR fans Greg Biffle has shown a fourth Kurt Busch's fifth. Tony Stewart is eighth Bobby look Bobby is it can't. Michael Waltrip its eleventh Kevin Harvick is twelfth. Jeff Burton is fifty Dale Jarrett is 23 Ricky run isn't 25. Kyle Petty its 33 and Eliot sent around the base of the garage he Sheldon forty. That's a quick look at where the Coca-Cola racing family drivers are currently running at left. One night. Elliott Sadler cut a tire slammed the part of the wallets our number one of the and another chase contender having a problem here today at Phoenix international raceway he's taken his Eminem's Ford back to the garage will hear from him in a moment. From the Phoenix international raceway this is MR and radio the voice of NASCAR. The racetrack to the road home. Fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So filmmaker high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the fifth. You can trust sonoco to beat him you would you go second camp a Sunoco fuel going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence races. It's almost a bush replied yeah it's time for relaxing and then winding the crisp cold Busch beer. It's the most refreshing time of the day. Wake Forest. 321. Bush. Chris cool. Book. Enjoy responsibly push for your former bush who knows what. It's at a few moments ago how the longer the green flag run went the faster Dale Earnhardt junior got. And certainly proving to be true he now leads by 2.2 seconds over Kasey Kahne Matt Jones at third he's three point nine seconds back. Fourth is Greg Biffle a full five seconds back. Kurt Busch is in fifth. Nearly six seconds behind the leaders. To BC of some pit stops coming up shortly let's check on the situation of several of these teams dental the pit lane with its thickest sweep through the fiscal Q black freshman. The official tools of NASCAR Winston Kelley. Were kind of spread out as far as winning came down pit road we had a good cars that game and I left number one of those seven. 'cause we expect to come in anytime now than we had another group coming around lapped 145 among knows on this and pit road Jeff Gordon Elliott Sadler. We've documented behind the wall and Casey Mears and they've got quite a while they expect could well pit when they somewhere. In 92 laps because those guys at the end. Until lap around left to 35 another group of cars. Many men on the pit stop ram 156 Ryan Newman among those. On this end of pit road than we documented the problems it Jimmie Johnson and he came in on lap 134. When he had a problem. The real that caused the right front time to go out there all kind of spread out on the senate pit road but I am. They get on the midsection of pit road a lot of guys say that should become an end anytime now how about that now the. First guy guarding hold off the banking and made his pit stop on lap 198 for the rookie Kasey Kahne for tires fuel and it's nasty adjustment to help what has been a tight handling racecar our other guys know. Wrote the last 9107 year later Dale Earnhardt junior also. 107 and grab them. You guys probably coming down the pit lane sometime. Kasey Kahne Yemeni questionable but I think guys some of these other guys and young man. Their final stop of the afternoon. How would caution flags fallout Danielle. My friend Amy. I'm running morning. Let's do one for the ride oil company. In a tight race car and a tires fuel and. And Tony still. We will see quite a few pit stops coming up. Very likely in the next fifteen or twenty laps I was surprised to see Kasey Kahne diamond there when he didn't flooding in second position. So you know he made a stop for. Beautiful second place and certainly was was you want pit road here comes Dale Earnhardt junior in to make his scheduled stop peninsula this coming out of left to. 03 and we'll do these is down pit road he's been all went down. Noble want you put him awhile to get down to his face off. And listened to get there you go down and pick up his best stuff into that right now. Right side tires you're. You know on the bottom line. First major adjustment of the afternoon they turn a red one time the right rear right side tires now they swing to the as we said going to be close on fuel perhaps the final stop of the afternoon to the left side tires on and that right. Live your life has rejoined the field his me. Murray and now magnet school come down to the Siri. Everything. Inside so we also get a chance he had just been. Right side tires are. Is made the left side tires are on second chance you'll join hands and brush off the grill and. Or pulled one day. At distances now the leader because he came back around when Dale Junior went on pit road Kurt Busch is up to second. Jeff Gordon is still third Jeremy Mayfield now moved up the fourth Robby Gordon's fifth spot in the bottom. His special and they took him six. Kevin Harvick is seventh Michael walker played Casey Mears and I can Jeff Burton make up to talk to him very likely we'll see some more cars on pit road here shortly. It will also put Jimmie Johnson back on the lead lap because the only can't Dale Earnhardt junior to pass before getting himself. All the Taylor holding Atlanta to her greatest offensive Jimmie Johnson joins those on the lead lap he's back in the 24 position. They shouldn't notice earlier today we have a problem for a couple of a contender for the championship chase. I am given kind of tired out had to make an unscheduled pit stop he's back on the lead lap right now back there running. In now. To try to find him in the field in the fifteenth position Kurt Busch was involved in the crash at one point spun his car. He's now running in the second spot and enforcement against Boston fire early on battled back again lead lap. And he now is the race leader although it is not about to make you stop actually Kurt Busch made it past climate Kansas. Encourage Alice taken over the top spot and I. Seven gives a false the second Jeff Gordon's of the third and he's in a long day finding ill handling car. They've made great players they've moved above he fell back of the field and I can't stop at one point furious in the third visit. You know and it really matters that really does and they had struggled all day in the air and help them save for 200 laps we were. Way back in the pack prime minister to the front they had to do quite a few. Changes on pit road with the Phillies told us a little bit earlier couple's two tire stops. Real quick stops got to keep track position out there who testified for everything he has gained here all day long but he knows he needs to do that because. Time's running out if he's gonna stay up there in the for the Nextel Cup. Let's run to the top did before and likely most not Kurt Busch is now the leader but he's just. Determine the bounce back here and finish he has talked to quite a few people Buffett may finish ahead last week. Flew to the Internet for the Atlanta won about fifty and it's not only for now some left. Forty lives and lives and lost a ton of points. Determined to come back this week in right now he's looking good he is a leader that Clinton's second shift toward third surely they feel fourth. Elliott centered just come out of the garage the evidence forward to going back there after crashing into the wall but our number one. Kind of fire early on in the race seized 61 laps down on the but of course try to gain as much ground sinking into the championship points race and Jeremy Mayfield was on the road a few moments ago let's cover his stop. I played Palin did. Same partner. Quietly running you can plan is turning pain. What position anymore to win the Pataki in fort are feeling. Kurt Busch continues to set the pace right now hitting around a racetrack he has one and 110 seconds ahead of Matt Kenseth Jeff Gordon is third he has about a second half behind the a leader Kurt Busch. Robby Gordon a full five seconds back to bother the bodies even further back in certain. About six seconds Bobby Schilling. Carl Edwards came back out the garage also. You what to do love to spend some time back there working on the car he brought it back home racetrack along with a lead sentence of two drivers had problems. Now back in the event still in the garage here. Ward Burton Morgan Shepherd. When you look joy and thoughtful fine. Federal money is now on pit road and put on Danielle it's. Fine. Okay I'm here Richard definitely doesn't. There is running back about 25 position. Off the lead lap not have a very good day here this afternoon at Phoenix international raceway good battle going on for the second spot could turn two here's Jeff Gordon now. On the racetrack makes the pass or. It's just pulled over and let him down now it's Jeff Gordon turned to track down her blood sport make short work backhanded. Okay enough I hit my body can. Kurt Busch doing a great job as we said he was determined to bounce back here we can't put the team back in the position to win. The Nextel Cup if you could do it and so far and not exactly what he needs to do the collector wants. Kurt Busch is closing on the lap car. I'm Brenda dawn Bob many Johjima. And see if that holds it up as Gordon tried to track down the back straightaway into the next Kurt Busch thought OK. Okay not been able to. Bush is slowing down. Comes Kurt Busch coming off pit road to make it stop at lap 221. Giving up the lead at handing it over to Jeff Burton. Kurt Busch championship point leader in for what could be his final stop of the afternoon let's coverage. Now in a way to lose an extra three or four seconds they're trying to get the car fired up before you get back from the racetrack. Now let kids who is. His pit stop with cover him. Last time that yellow and black he Walt Ford was on pit road mark in 1 morning eight may come down here Atlanta Tuesday morning to. No major adjustments right side tires Iran and face my pillow at night Jack none of them are left side tires going on his wife's office. Well the second can't you all again. Gives us another good stop. It is these drivers hitting right now should be able to go the distance feel alive because what Kelly I think the when they hear somewhere between letting a hundred laps depending who talked to. Yes that's exactly right Bonnie we've seen infected just got a hundred lab. As long as 9697. Laps but not they generally come in around 95 lands a bit more going out for Jeff Gordon. We are very good. Think noticed during the rain delay early on in the race they've been able to get that thing tied back out we look for Jeff Gordon come down pit road here momentarily. Nobody here right now listed Kelly halfway down the pit lane making his way to do around that corner stuff intern Wanda. As we talked about there's look about look goalie colleague here on pit road where they head. Between turns one and send Jeff Gordon and. A warrior make right in on the right. Here. I Walt little bunny Brenda to a halt on the. Caution immediately on the speedway comes out here at lap 245. Terry LaMont is cars skidded across a racetrack back in the inside pitfalls of these kids. It's the right side and the rear end that's the backup to turn three there was a solo spent by terrible plot it let it was prompted by cars and. Together a little bit of smoke coming off both. Can cause a lot of good body of money back down. Was enough to sentiment that was then again it's like front end damage. For the turtle box for his. Brother Bobbitt a bunny had just taken over the top spot at the race after Jeff Gordon came down pit lane to make it stop. Bob in the Bonnie leads Robby Gordon that you got Kevin Harvick Casey Mears and Rusty Wallace to go back to Winston Kelley. Thanks Jeff Gordon just completed a stop it was a very routine stop for them by just under. Fifteen seconds four tires and he'll make a slight chance she doesn't begin the handling coming around on the DuPont Chevrolet. Win the spin tank they decided to keep him on pit road win complete that for trying to stop rather than just do two tires they darting up the right side up for the spent a cart. So they completed the stop getting back on a racetrack and it looks like guys he stayed on the lead lap. Cancer of the body brings his car on pit road he will stay on the lead lap Jeff Gordon will. So let's go to the killer stoplight now carries you how bad the damages. Well any front end damage they're not an easy when he was just how much do they mean everything nervous American family on the right side front hallway next email. Primarily around her right hind end of that wearing me I had the inside wall here at Phoenix international raceway material Ali sits idle. Here on their road. Seven times this afternoon we've seen the yellow flag here at Phoenix international raceway the latest one coming out when Terry the money spun off turn over four into the straightaway and hit it hit the car against the inside pit wall to some damage to it but he will be able to continue. The average guy is not this will be a perfect opportunity for them to not take advantage. Of the caution come down the pit lane they were waiting for the opportunity to come down the pit road against some have made their stops others had not. And based on what we've been talking about as far as the fuel windows concerned that from this point on with 85 laps ago they should be able to make it safely to the end at least on fuel. Here comes a liter bottle Bonnie Robby Gordon all the leaders coming down the Atlantic let's go to Danielle. And Ryan baker and Kevin Harvick like you said I think guys don't even though they didn't write a nine iron 100. Ryan thank you want anymore OK okay. Yeah RB Arkansas my late Friday morning guys get a mountain not a very. Maintaining great and it. Ryan Newman the only one on the cement road right now but pit board is out for cancer right also Bobby Hamilton junior. One round of wedge. Carter rolled through the senate. Just a little bit more of running Gordon Casey mayor. Like Jesse adjustment for the man it was lady with a caution came out that a good day for Bob Dylan Bonnie and that interstate batteries Chevrolet he is pulled away also coming down the road. Man he's been dominant the defending race winner Dale Earnhardt junior. Four tires and fuel on his Budweiser regime Rusty Wallace brought the Miller Lite dodge down for four tires and fuel Tony Stewart was in it was Mark Martin backed down pit road and Greg Biffle these drivers. Getting four tires and fuel and what should be their last stop of the afternoon if this thing stays green. Jeff Gordon is a leader feel comes off turner before green flag is about to go back in the air with eighty. One laps to go. Shots per flush Jeff Green okay. The race leaders on the backstretch Jeff Gordon may have believed but at the very crowded room Michael Waltrip in front of him he doesn't laugh machine here comes Robby Gordon second spot trying to challenge tap for. As for cars directly ahead of Jeff Gordon and one that he's really concerned about behind and that is walking toward the while these one and in the second spot Jeff gets by Jeff Green with a laugh on him that separates him momentarily from Robbie. Sort go to work Michael Wall Street car. As Robby Gordon gets trapped in traffic off to Jeff Gordon Stewart who dogleg up the back straightaway here at Phoenix Robert Gordon is second bit frustrated right now and. Robby Gordon is a pretty good race car all day long he felt very aggressive race driving. The state backed him. You can get out of it one way or another and hang with the leader Jeff Gordon. Gordon never greens. I'm plus lives and Robin looks. Back here's Casey Mears on the blue for the backtrack to a quiet there for the first watch Casey Mears rides in the third position right behind him but it's inevitable. It's not and a whole lot this thing about here the second it and faded but suddenly within 79 lap. Looking a little bit better he set forth trying to get third and Casey Mears and reporter Kevin Martin is applying pressure for the MacBook look at target dodge now. I want Arlington on the dogleg through the dog when they come nose to tail Casey Mears in the third spot Kevin Harvick important. Hard racing going on right now behind the leader back there in fact the leader may have some. Here very shortly before. It back to Jeff Gordon. On the war on Michael one plus 16 Clearwater he's got frankly attractive price. No question about it Robby Gordon driving very aggressively down the inside of Michael Waltrip that is they've lapped car. You know traffic a lot of work. 76 laps from the finish time now for a bit race update brought to you by MD NA. It breaks update with the idea Earnhardt junior in the lead at. Official halfway mark and Dale Junior wins the 101000 dollar in DNA did race leader award. If junior also wins the race Symbian they will win an additional 30000 dollar bonus. If the bonus goes unclaimed it continues to grow by 5000 dollars each week until driver wins the halfway award and the race. Jeff Gordon continues to show the way out clearing his margin now over Robby Gordon just about 42 clock back when he starts right now. Now Robby Gordon he has all the. So popular zoo should move by Kevin Harvick to be inside of Casey Mears who got a great fight off of turn to another wheeled me. Kevin Harvick coming out strong as the laps wind down just 73 to go 27 portico right now and classic case now before June and see if he can lead. Here this afternoon at Phoenix he's over in turn to. Let's talk a lot about him this afternoon but he's trying to make the fourth spot away from Casey Mears that there's a lot of back straightaway. Johnny's gonna get turned around double the the racetrack now on the grass makes contact with the inside while the dogleg edged Johnny Sauter loses control altered due. Caution on the street way at lap 23938. Time this afternoon the yellow flag has been displayed in the field back to turn to Johnny Sauter came spinning out of a pack of traffic towards the tail end of the field Barney he looped the car around good driving growth drivers at the tale of the field. Not to collect fifty get a couple 360 is bogged down on the grass up against the inside a ball in the middle of the Salt Lake which is halfway down the back straightaway. So the caution flag is out for the eighth time here this afternoon in the running of the checker auto parts 573. Laps remained. To run in today's race let's check on that road to find out what pit strategies are being planned to brought to you by Sunoco the official field of NASCAR. It's good enough for NASCAR. It's good enough for your car Weston. Well other just down here deciding whether are gonna bring them down pit road Dominic yes sit Jeff Gordon had an attractive position. Where he's run the best all day long as Robbie Loomis talked whose driver bleed American leave him loudly Gaza a little bit further back. Does like Ryan Newman running in the champ position. And it they've got their pit board out looking like they're gonna bring it down pit road now let's go to the midsection. How are the guys like Dale Earnhardt junior who's been dominant all day long but he's back into. An eleventh round how about an out of the Budweiser curry is up on the pit wall but not nearly as anxious as some other guys like Tony Stewart's crew. And also match Kansas through Greg Biffle gonna come down the headline Mark Martin will join a couple of pit stalls and frank M Kenseth is in. And also Tony Stewart these guys feeling like fresh rubber was sixty laps to go pay off. And it looks like they're all gonna get four tires for first and hurt more for cans at four for Martin and Greg Biffle looks like getting the first delight he gets four tires as. Well anyone please. Actually no I'm caught up with Robby Gordon's interim crew chief the regular street secret Sandra back home waiting on a lady Gregor when your fellow man. You've got that car tuned in today. Rob he's been pretty good today cars being good off truck makers do make great job. And and sue we got a long way to go. Can you get up there with the 24 or maybe you know take this up when I'm back to home. We can pace and we can run right Lou I think in the end we'll see we've got. Well we all know that Robby Gordon is going to fight to the very end and that messes I am Richie rig entry ranking earth wind. Saying OK so they've got a good car. If push came back down the pit lane as well and once again Barney based all the when they try to pull away from their pit stop at the second time that's happened today so a recurring probably earlier urban industrial tools garden. I've lost it here in the car couldn't really tell way but it is costing at least three or four seconds of extra time on pit road the last two pit stops and they do have a problem in that department. Now Jeff Gordon continues to lead Robby Gordon still showing second Kevin Harvick third Devin has made a remarkable bounce back here in the latter part of this event this afternoon. Casey Mears have a good day at fourth and Rusty Wallace fifth as we go back downstairs. Now let's talk to Robbie Loomis a critic wanna car this out front we talk to Jeff Internet not. Red flag during the rain delay Gardner an awfully loose early on you guys have made some adjustments. Got an up front running how much evidence track position how much evidence saying in the car. This is huge here Phoenix in the DuPont Chevrolet is doing great job. That's been a great job driving it this DuPont pit crews on fire right now. They what they have had a great day today after starting at just barely been able to hang in the top fifty they've got the track position. They wanna hold at the Carson and pretty good right now. Don't believe Johnny Sauter going to be able to continue looked like they hooked his dark to a wreck her over their alternative to it that would take him back to the garage. He will join other cars out of the fifth Ward Burton Morgan Shepherd. Megan joy and Todd and Elliott Sadler spent quite a few laps in the garage area making repairs to his car he's gone back on the racetrack. These many many laps down showing back the 41 position. And see who else was in the chill out with Carl Edwards just this kind restaurants also has been it would come back out. At 26 cards showing on the lead lap as we get ready to go back onto the green flag here at Phoenix with Jeff Gordon. Robby Gordon the top two Kevin Harvick is third Casey Mears fourth that rusty Wallace's fifth. Brian Vickers is Jun six spot in the body a seventh Jeff Burton is eight. Jamie McMurray in ninth and Ryan Newman is back up the tent big recovery for him today as well eleventh as Dale Earnhardt junior Kasey Kahne isn't twelfth. Thirdly this Ricky Rudd fourteenth this Dale Jarrett. Fifty this Jimmie Johnson in sixty the Scott Riggs seventeenth to Bobby Hamilton junior Jeremy Mayfield is eighteenth Greg Biffle nineteenth. And Tony Stewart is shown in twentieth deal works off turnover for the pace car hits the pit lane. And it's double file restart at lap cars line the inside lane Scott Weber the first of those laughed machines Jeff Gordon goes to work. As the green flag comes out gets five Webber and pulled away from second place Robby Gordon. Don't lose Carlin. The race leader of the backstretch battle with Gordon's resuming a deterrent rated Jeff Gordon in the top spot by Carla gonna have over Robby Gordon. Kevin Harvick still have a problem trying to clear lap traffic. A whole lot of love lost between the two Gordon's at the front of the field Jeff and. The year. Fight really over. So far. The market saw play Robby Gordon came off turn two stronger the last time closing the gap now to only one single car lengths on Jeff Gordon is right identical lines from. First week. He is indeed closing panel Jeff Gordon this time has come off turn a report out a couple of car lengths Robby has saved the best. Winner really matters that final laps of the race he's right there on his bumper in turn one. Really well. Also water fill maintain. On the back straightaway to Chevrolet is going out of for the top spot here at Phoenix again Jeff Gordon driving down Lloyd guitarist ray puts a couple left side tires off. A lot of times over the years catching elite drivers one thing getting away. Hi look. Right behind the back bumper of the things longevity from two cordons are taken so hard they are pulling away from the rest of the field Jeff scored in the top spot Robby Gordon's second. Kevin Harvick and. The fourth spot as Casey Mears he now has to clear the traffic with Kevin Harvick to stop by with just the Scott wherever car further back. Rusty Wallace and Brian Vickers also working heavy traffic at turn one. Water off the corner and sell. Set sail without lap traffic and the fight for position between Rusty Wallace and Brian Vickers may our nose to tail end of her three that would be. And where is Dale Earnhardt junior and all this news back here in seventh place trying to make up some distances. Don't overturn one and. I'm Karl Mike Wallace he's. Nobody came another ball lineup behind junior Dale Earnhardt junior who for most of the afternoon at the. Jeff Gordon leads with 63 laps to go here at Phoenix and the championship points standings. As of this moment Jeff Gordon leads Kurt Busch by fourteen points. MR and radio live in Phoenix Arizona the Santa did bring you coverage of the checker auto parts 500. Along with Barney hall on Joseph Moore Mike Bagley and Dan Hubbard cover the action of the turns for us today. All the pit road twisted Kelly and Alexander and Daniel fried. Nine lead changes among six different drivers with Fannie caution flags and a red flag flew. The rain that lasted twenty minutes long got out of the race of the cars of Johnny Sauter Ward Burton. Mortgage Shepard radioed Julian toddler died currently we're showing the cars on the lead lap. 25 cars with 55. Laps to go Jeff Gordon right now is in charge. Very much so at that he had pulled away now from Robin's short by about fourteen. The second watching Dale Earnhardt junior he's been committed to traffic back there Mike Bagley the only ways to get through that it's counter act like pulling. Elbows off the water got up forty. Now it makes the pass around Jeff Green but. Now it's time for Dale Earnhardt junior to go on the offensive rather than earlier on the rays of his playing defense. You're trying to get it fixed position right now trying to move up a bit to get into the top five at least here this afternoon at the tallest moves through traffic at turn one. It's a reporter watching the progress that Dale Earnhardt junior also Ryan Newman Newman right. Five Carla. Okay here for the better part of the afternoon here Phoenix's head that is put for par to anybody to live a great deal. Laughter this racetrack but right now he has really have to drive the best race of the day to get back to their have a shot to witness the he is 708 fifths seconds. Mike he's got a lot of factors go through before he gets there. Hewitt army will start. Told raising some drivers are really getting awfully possessive of the piece of racetrack that they possess and in order to make the crash you've really got to get physical. Help we'll laugh off the end finally. Necessarily intentional but you gotta do what you gotta do as we were down and closing stages of this race today. My third grade are very definite plus something going on as we near the closing stages today at Phoenix per flush seminal work his wife in the field for signing up. Problem and not now being shelled back in the 21 position but dad ever I guess his biggest problem is finding some of this lap traffic trying to work his way back up through the field. Hard. A lap down some of them were. Bush is not a bad. Her car at the end of this company in Hartford this afternoon a couple of times making pit stops installing the car on pit road and had a crew had to push it to get fired up he lost about him were from. Three to 45 seconds of both flu shots. Right now it has cost him a lot of real estate Lucy is showing twentieth position. Conclude if you can stay back there should be a victory for Jeff Gordon and also much JV games. Here's the gain a couple of points anyway need to Scott Byron Rusty Wallace picking up the fifth position. So junior moves up one spot Casey appears next in line for junior as we continue to circulate around here fifty laps to go. Up front though Jeff Gordon's lead over Robby Gordon has not changed a whole lot Mike Bagley still about the seven tenths of a second what we're seeing Jeff Gordon get a lot smoother through the corners usually ends. This thought through turns one and two Robby Gordon to lose a couple of Carling since Jordan starts to open up his lead. This plus up every now and again he's just trying to keep step forward this time. Jeff Gordon is the leader Robert Jordan the second Kevin Harvick third Casey Mears is for the Dale Earnhardt junior is fifth sixth is Rusty Wallace my view that shows seven. Bottom bodies late Jamie McMurray as much from Kasey Kane is here. Eleven of his unique job to Tony Stewart runs twelve or thirteen has cancer has moved up to fourteen. And they don't care if not killing 535060. Point mark seventy. Kurt Busch who's moved up another Monty is up to ninety he's got great make up top twenties. When he first Michael Waltrip placed second Bobby Hamilton junior can't traders 23 Geneva checked money fourth. Is Jeremy Mayfield who shouted 25 26 now Brian Vickers Jeff green is 27 Sterling Marlin equity Scott Weber 29 over the fate thirtieth. 31 Kyle Petty thirty seconds Mike Wallace turtle bunnies 33 John Andretti 34 president on his 35 and Bernie Sanders 36. Johnny Sauter is now the race now shown in 37. Carl Edwards down a number of laps he's 38 Elliott Sadler back in after being sub 61 laps down the cult of the crash early on this accident. For the help Ward Burton Morgan Shepherd Brandon Julian top O'Donnell behind the wall now what happened to Brian Vickers Daniel fried. On the flip side I didn't back down. Great day for the right treatment is he CNN news. And I'm fifteen I'm saying it's. Not politically where. Right now you're right. Pit stops have hurt a lot of cars here this afternoon put him way back to the field either were they had a problem on the pit stop or whatever. Right now there's a lot of guys that are trying to make up my. Among that group Michael Waltrip probably would you. Until he came here in the field. But Jeff Gordon's incredible right now a minute ago it was eight tenths of the second Robby Gordon is tough for them sixteenth right now he gained some ground nobody can't get close enough to do anything would have. That's pretty strong at the stage of the race remember the first part of the event USANA handling problems they work they did just that after a number of different stops. The DuPont team went to work on that our car got an all straight down announced look at good it just told us yesterday he felt really good about his chances. In the chase for the Nextel Cup the next three races he says would be good for him. Really good you know especially for these last three because we tested here in end things are going well for so far this weekend. We're test in homestand next we can help the net you know things will. We'll alone goes well force there's an. Here in a Johnson's always been a great track for us we ran well there earlier in the season course that's not in Iraq. And none yup some things this time around on the better for us and down. You know than than I think that they will and then you're in this you know we we had three great tracks. Force and how we can do is do our best and and try to win and finish Messi can and then see where the ending just finish. No doubt about it that's a championship team and Jeff says the reason for that is that they have chemistry when you're successful or not anyone thing it's a combination when you're not successful let's not anyone thing it's dominates in the things and I think the reason why things are going well for Russia announced because that combination. I think communication. With the team. The title race cars but now there. You know I feel like I'm on top of my game I'm focused some you know feeling dead an end to end you don't. We get to the racetrack and we're all happy to see one other relief in Florida next race no idea that's sound. It's pretty down again to Jeff. Gordon's latest suddenly gone to three full seconds over Robby Gordon the reason for that Daniel Bryan. All of the military readiness. If you didn't. Thanks and I think he's now Eleanor I have to thank overnight. Robby Gordon had a probably dropped back to the fifth position now Jeff Gordon leads Kevin Harvick if you second place fanned by three and a half seconds. And another championship contender has a problem Matt Kenseth who smoke coming out of the wallflower who scored and an Alexander. And it could be an engine problem joke running soured you guys stand slowed on the racetrack he had battled back nicely. To be in the early going that it doesn't look like he's gonna pan out for Matt Kenseth is right around forty laps to go in the afternoon and. Dropped all the way back now to 21 position. This private nursing home. Is this afternoon he would be the fourth of the championship contenders to have their share of problems have to do Ryan Newman. I've found little unscheduled pit stop lost part of the fun things couldn't get back up there so has Jimmy Johnson for Elliott Sadler. Kurt Busch the championship point leader had a problem he got caught up in the spin back at lap 127. Placement. Continually chopping its way through the field told he had some problems Atlanta traffic while but finally has got rid of a good bit of that he's back at the fifteenth position. The combination of him being at fifty. It coming in with the lead that he can't get over Jeff Gordon. And Jeff Gordon leading right now. Has Kurt Busch in the lead in the championship point not only by ten points as of this moment. The other part junior's third Jimmie Johnson fourth mark Martin's fifth nineteen points separate the top five. But the course this race is not over yet still 33 laps to go Gordon leads Casey Mears is just gone by Kevin Harvick. Article the third to Dale Earnhardt junior fourth. Robby Gordon is still looking around there in the fifth position that is a whole lot about Casey Mears think he's now very good run in the car into persona. Couple times out there inside the top ten when they've made the restarts he was able to stay in the well listen. Through the pit road. Let's not materialistic they keep on Casey Mears car you got just November 2. Let me say about the car and that takes down Jeff Gordon Kate. Came came up behind me. Dining in large city doing his job right now we are quicker than a point lower messier. I think they get them back up now on I'm kind of there. I'm really happy about that Jimmy Allen he believes they can against Jeff garden but I can't say how long Dale Earnhardt. I'm Rick Casey Mears. Caution flag is out for probably turn three. Sport forgot Kansas went out this time of the night. Plume of white smoke on the back straightaway Kansas pulled it down the inside is now make his way down the road. That will be the ninth yellow flags afternoon coming out of lap 281. And the thing is done format cancer he brings a car down pit road makes a left turn into the garage area. And as we said for the championship contenders. Now have their share of problems here today Ryan Newman Jimmie Johnson Elliott Sadler and found that kids. This is two weeks in a row that Roush racing has had engine problems Barney last week it's Atlanta Motor Speedway back kids have had a problem there the courses taught us so much today. About Kurt Busch's engine related problems last week in Atlanta. And now by Kansas again with problems he's taken his car right back into the Nextel cup series garage will find out more. On the situation here momentarily but the defending series champ. With another problem here today could take him out of the running. In a chance to win a second consecutive NASCAR Nextel cup series title Jeff Gordon leaves out the caution flag we'll see who decide to come down the pit like this time by. As they come off turn number four to the pit road is not open this time. So LaMont find out this time of like another trip around the track a formal seat if anybody will come down at Adam Alexander is anyone likely to come in here with just thirty laps to go back. Some of these guys running at the tail end of the lead lap that don't really have track position Joseph don't have much to lose by coming down here but I think it's gonna be a similar situation what we sought a last caution flag those guys running. Top five top seven probably stay out on the racetrack to maintain track. Position those other guys probably tried again man. And improve their race cars and I'm really be surprised Dale Earnhardt junior came in simply because he seems to get better betters the afternoon continues. Another 26 cars on the lead graph also so don't feel the front runners. Come on pit road there's an awful lot of cars on the lead lap of the courses we start with the yellow flag out so much everybody right back up at the front of the field. Gonna get interest. And really well let's we get the closing laps and start to get darker and darker here the valley of the sun the what the hell out of the shadows of the San today it was had a heavy cloud cover all afternoon. Rain showers early this morning event in the other race we had rain that started back around lap 110 and the we were red flags for twenty minutes because of that not a very hard rain shower at that time we've been okay as far as weather is concerned. But heavy clouds covering this Phoenix international raceway. They're got the leaders off turn four pit road is open note takers at least up near the front first got to come in will be Kevin Harvick. Who's running back in the fourth position and looks like instead he decides to stay on the racetrack. Further back bottle bottle wielding a parade of cars down the pit lane including Jamie McMurray Kasey Kahne Tony Stewart Jimmie Johnson and others. Let's go to Danielle. Can you make clarion also star race Jeff Burton down and let these guys running in. I'm missing something important and I wouldn't live on everything that game I'll take you more tired and feel that I need anything. Final Bonnie is is getting more tired of the interstate batteries Chevrolet actually right side tires only from a Bonnie Tony Stewart gonna give more tires former game. Getting more tired for Mark Martin also landed right this moment mean making a stop. Gas Jimmie Johnson decided they're gonna do the opposite of what everybody else does because they were running eleventh nothing to lose. Bobby Hamilton junior also Michael Waltrip Ricky Rudd on pit road along with a against writers to Jimmie Johnson trying to get those four fresh tires and make up some position. We're still working this caution flag cleanup crews are on the speedway right now cleaning up after Matt Kansas dropped an engineer just a moment ago. And we might be if we get a word from him with the drugs you're very shortly from the Phoenix international raceway this is MR and radio the voice of NASCAR. Whatever you drive to wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection and industry leading war team that gets you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more visit Hercules tired dot com Hercules tires ride on our strength. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day bush o'clock time for relaxing and unwinding with friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in Racine but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. It's bushel clocks and grab a six back of Busch beer for the cooler start to grill and relax. Enjoy responsibly Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. They're showing toy five cars normally left Brian Vickers would be the last of those as they get ready get finished cleanup efforts here on the racetrack should be another lap or two before we go back to green as darkness is beginning to settle into the valley here. In Phoenix Jeff Gordon will be the leader Casey Mears is second Dale Earnhardt junior is third Kevin Harvick is fourth Robby Gordon's fifth Rusty Wallace is six. I'm human seventh Kurt Busch eight. Greg Biffle ninth and Bob and the body as champ. Eleventh should be Dale Jarrett got raked his twelfth Kasey Kahne thirteenth Jamie McMurray fourteenth. Tony Stewart 5060. Jeremy Mayfield seventeenth is Jeff Burton. Eighteenth as Mark Martin Jimmie Johnson ninety to Bobby Hamilton junior is showing in twentieth. When it first right now Michael Waltrip Ricky Rudd is 22 can traders 23 Geneva check 24. And Brian Vickers a show now on the 25 spot 26 to Scott Weber 27 this Kenneth the page 28 that's Jeff Green 29 Sterling Marlin and the Kyle Petty. Is shown thirtieth 31 Mike Wallace 32 John Andretti 33 is Brendan gone and turtle bunny. Is at 34 Matt Kenseth back in the garage but you'll hear from him and a few moments army Sanders scored and 36 with Carl Edwards 37. Johnny Sauter SATA the rice scored at 38 Elliott Sadler is 39 other cars out include Ward Burton Morgan Shepherd. Regular Joseph like. It's hot boat died. Next with the NASCAR Nextel cup series along with a trucks and the Busch cars. Go to Darlington raceway in South Carolina it's the Mountain Dew southern 500 weekend the last southern 500. Going to be a big weekend for everybody going back to Darlington, South Carolina and of course the triple header weekend the trucks from the Darlington 200 on Friday night. The Busch cars in the violent 200 on Saturday afternoon. And the mountains in southern 500 Sunday afternoon at 1 eastern time our coverage here on MR and radio actually starts on Friday afternoon with bud pole qualifying. At 3 eastern time from there it's all the homestead Miami speedway it's Ford championship weekend that. With the homestead Miami speedway hosting the fort 200 truck race. The four to 300 NASCAR Busch Series race and with the Ford 400 NASCAR Nextel cup series event. That's the weekend of November the 21 our coverage starts on Friday November 19. With bud pole qualifying at 1:30 eastern time. About the stick and offices are open at both Darlington raceway. Am homestead Miami speedway as he is still have time. The buy tickets to come balancing the last two races. For the three top series and NASCAR in this 2004 season. If you plan to join us at the track you'll find great travel packages to many NASCAR events. Including race tickets and hotel accommodations like calling 150 jobs that's 1807487467. Or you can visit online at at 1800 pet shop dot com. Clean up efforts continue here at Phoenix shouldn't be too many more laps before they will go back to green to settle here this afternoon 23 laps remained to be run Jeff Gordon last thing he wanted to see was this caution flag let's go now trackside. Well I think we documented before the caution flag came out fastest car on the racetrack Dale Earnhardt junior's crew chief Johnny eerie scene here. Downey was coming awfully quick before the caution flag came out had goods that Budweiser Chevrolet for the stretch run. Well it's been great all day we just we got behind wanna go back caution fail we will have rated important. Ended up I think twelve or something they would have a kind of lap cars and night just definitely not you know way of just a road block back there and we don't answer that could lose the Jeff just got gone so far we we didn't actually think we they're running down on the start looking like we might might get it done there go to. I guess all different now so let's say laugh. I hit I'll moist out here. Hold while. You mentioned look. Look guys would. But fresh tires how long would the the conversation deciding to stay out or come down the pit lane here. Gary Player you know. A record all right. Wouldn't they be back here. Why have proved last week but if we don't need that against. The late late in my car. We keep one of the barrel on the. Closing in on Tony laps ago we'll see if Dale Earnhardt junior's got what it takes to get it done this afternoon so that we talked a couple of times the longer they run out there Joseph the faster that car seems to get that long green flag runs just once played at their favorite this accident of course that's not what we've had a over the last really this last. Fourth of this race. About a number of caution flags have been popping out every you know 1520 laps or so that's not giving him a chance to really make up a lot of ground type situation Kurt Busch we talked about. How much trouble he had had back in the pack trying to work his way through traffic finally kind of cleared himself. But some of the traffic and is up there in the eighth position now with not enough time. But it moved closer to the front they're all hoping that we can get the track completely cleaned up and back in the green flag conditions. So while these guys will have a chance right now the blowers are working. Over in that turned over to the outside Atlanta you're talking earlier about that Robert that accumulates in the outside of the racetrack we had a lot of that here today at both ends of this Phoenix at a Nash. Always let you get up outside much outside the second group out there you're gonna get up to what they call the marbles and you're going to be in trouble because what it'll do you lose traction in the car to simply take off and you'll be bouncing off the wall. Several drivers that have been mentioned back they're coming on pit road a moment ago taking on four brand new tires bobbled a ball he was one of those he is back in tips Dale Jarrett is eleventh he also came in. So does Scott Riggs Kasey Kahne Jamie McMurray and Tony Stewart. So they've all got fresh rubber but they don't they're only gonna have about 9819. Laps I guess. As the field comes down to get the indication this time one more lap around the room for three children between laps left the set. Jeff Gordon has later Casey Mears could be in position to score his best career finish and a NASCAR Nextel cup series race. He's currently the second place man Dale Earnhardt junior's third. Kevin Harvick fourth and Robby Gordon is fifth. Still with engine problems we described earlier this afternoon Rusty Wallace is in sixth Ryan Newman a seventh. Kurt Busch's eighth Greg Biffle might that bottle bodies tenth. Dale Jarrett escorted eleventh he was way back there early on this accident Barney's made its way back up on the lead lap but now is in the eleventh position. Scott Riggs its twelfth Kasey Kahne thirteenth. And Jamie McMurray is fourteenth Tony Stewart to shut down on fifteenth position. Jeremy Mayfield sixty Jeff Burton seventy bark and march 19. Jimmie Johnson ninety to Bobby Hamilton juniors and twentieth 21 is Michael Waltrip Ricky rightist twenty seconds can't trader 23. Geneva check 24 that Brian Vickers 25. And those of the cars on the lead lap going back out of the green flag now and. We can get this next ninety laps in Nevada caution flag now will be absolutely amazed that come off turn over four looking for the green flag it goes in the air and they go back. Rapid and Casey Mears whose second place they write what they. Traffic free why Taylor are generally. I don't just flew off three break away from the rest of the field it is Jeff Gordon in the points. Casey Mears in that second spot Dale Earnhardt. Our junior looks underneath Casey Mears the opportunity not present enough. It all back in line behind while Jeff Gordon opposing player might break garlic. Do you want to. The Budweiser Chevrolet swing model third zoo philosophic. Calling small corner of the without a doubt Casey Mears knows that Dale Earnhardt junior is there contact made last time around let's see what happens this time. Gordon leaves the mandatory rape cases. Here's what separates they'll do your from some other drivers here he's running back there it. They can't run and can pick up some points but he's not confident that he wants to win this race and conflicts and this is the Bruins over to. Coming off of George and Casey Mears shows some surprising strength for the last previous lap this funny closes in on Jeff Gordon. Casey Mears unit got a good run here looked at the end. Is he pulls one up on the rear deck of the app machine at Jeff Gordon Gordon those stretches around your home. It's still there with a car like the third Jeff Gordon. Yeah. Straight away Casey Mears tried to drop alongside Jeff Gordon does not do it through the dog like let's see if they'll try to pull the trigger into turn three no. No talking behind Jeff Gordon. They'll turn. Don't think it makes a bit differently than Casey Mears defected to the point contenders who he is racing failed jitter goes to the other side facing. Can pull off Dale Earnhardt junior drive fifty. CNN's Jamie McMurray spins at turn to the car flags most taxi outside retaining wall everybody that. Vote mobilize. Yellow flag comes out yet another time for an accident this time again over and turned to let's go back over there intense racing at the back of the pack Barney Jamie McMurray in that packet traffic. All of a sudden the Howell dot snapped around slit up the racetrack and everybody had to go it's a base of maneuvers to avoid collecting Jamie McMurray who made contact the wall and turned over to you since tropical wave but it's got some damage to the back of his notch harder with running camp at the time bought and of course he's trying to hang on to the eleventh position at the championship points standings. That pays a million dollars this year. And it's also a trip to this stage at the Waldorf. When we go up there for the banquet. Jim times we see the yellow flag displayed this afternoon currently that's what we're working right now when Jamie McMurray spun over and turned over to. He was on pit road and still is Daniel fried. Actually I mean this is there some on here wrote a lot of kidney damage cents. I'm cents a Havilland got guys era. Trying to knock away a lot of sheet metal Dale Jarrett also received and some damage when it goes to make contact bill Jerry came down to dump for tires. And he's got the less side damage done to his that you he has scored both cars are now. Can we see Jamie going back on the racetrack right now honest Joseph city needs to finish as well as he can he's got a good shot to finish in the eleventh position. In the points this year that plays well over a million dollars and I want to run for depth he. Leads Dale Jarrett day as of this moment by a pretty big march at a 185 points about a fact separating him from Dale Jarrett who's at the twelfth position. In the point standings but of course that they are run a pretty good here in the late stages could make up good bit of that ground. As we leave here this evening right now the field comes at the start finish line they see them on the go signal and we have twelve laps to go it's going to be eleven laps. Actually it's Atlanta shoot out on the town again at full speed and get rolling here this accident so this should be interesting after a very exciting day of racing nightly changes. Among six different drivers Jeff Gordon. We've got to Los grabbed the championship point standings a couple of bad weeks for the punting that suddenly they are back in the hunt and leading this afternoon but. Involvement of a whole lot of ground on Dale Earnhardt junior college juniors a lot of second. Yeah they do tying him right in their fact he may end up getting the lead the way now with this caution flag is put him right up on the bumper of Jeff Gordon. He's got Tim laps to get it done but so is Casey Mears Kevin Harvick Rusty Wallace Ryan Newman Bob and a lot of those of the top seven. And some of those have brand new tires on the car and a whole lot fresher rubber than Jeff Gordon and Earnhardt junior do. We're getting down to earth and it's good because darkness is gonna settle it here on the racetrack here and another half hour or so or maybe less than that. So it will be a single file restart with ten laps to go should be anyway. Jeff Gordon Dale Earnhardt junior Casey Mears Kevin Harvick and Rusty Wallace. Will be the top five and looks like it's going to be a double file restart has the place truck fleets amount of turnover for and gets ready to put it back under green. Let's hope we can get these ten laps Ian without another caution. They come pouring off turner reform look at the flag stand the green flag waves. Again here this afternoon at Phoenix and I played Jeff Gordon gets on the gas pipelines and cartilage so over Dale Junior. Look at how crazy what people believe the Backstreet. Way Dale Earnhardt junior is right there it looked briefly to the inside as they fly for the dog leg of the vaccinated for it. I think it's followed Earnhardt junior office make contact reportedly. Will be a dead heat at the start finish line door to door with the bracket. This is for the win five laps to go with the black churches. Still aren't sure. Jeff Gordon ball bin Laden's second. Casey Mears started that from thousands. Stern fans are stomping up and down in the grandstands the Phoenix with Dale Earnhardt junior tries to open up in the black Harley over second place Najaf warned. Here comes during your off turn four down on the start finish line will be eight laps to go he's checking out volatile right now I'm here. Only a second over Jeff Gordon Dale Earnhardt junior let him. Mears has a lot to me. Does love a not just the real race is not. Back straightaway and stay under grain as Dale Earnhardt junior continues to increase since late now it's eight Marlins over Jeff Gordon Casey had. Negotiators had a good car all day long with the competition didn't realize how good it is here in the later latter stages. He leads back to turn one with about seven a half ago with Jeff Gordon Kasey here still tussling for second place. See here SS two colleagues to make up. Just sort Jeff Gordon will probably drive the remaining laps very defensively trying to keep Casey knew replied yet here they come through turns three. Both Everett I am cars are having problems security mayfield is off the pace. Casey paints problem Mike Bagley looks like maybe if. And we're so proud of the hitting outside law. Casey Mears loses control the target not slammed into the outside wall. Don't want that we'll bring out the yellow flag for the eleventh time caution is on the field with just some six laps to go to collect turn to Casey Mears is and the wall and Robby Gordon Smith put a smokescreen out here it's our number one all almost simultaneously. Casey Mears candidates are one tire problems sent him spinning into the outside wall. The window that is down Casey is fine and that the same time Robby Gordon goes up for the cloud of smoke and it looks like he's just super mosquitos now has smoke continues to vilify the Cingular wireless Chevrolet looked like Jeff Greene might have lost an engine down. They want my guys haven't problems of the late stage of the race let's take on the situation on now the cars out of Everett and a motor sports utility Kasey Kahne had what looked like a tire rub it. Cause we only saw when he went through the corners and Jeremy Mayfield apparently with engine problems too it's gonna downstairs. Well on the Casey came in St. Joe look visit thank you said there was a tire rub is the smoke seemed to come. As he went through the corners but those last couple laps that looked like it had gone away checked with some of the folks in the career they indicated that perhaps his dodge is going to be all right so they may stay on the racetrack but only a handful laps ago. And for more on the Jeremy Mayfield situation we send down a Daniel. Drive actually am what happened on Jeremy Mayfield that it panic unless they are tired. Kind of a tough break but has he quietly made his way up into the top ten today but a little bit of tough break for giving him their sports today and how about Robby Gordon. Or Robby Gordon has pulled his. Cingular wireless machine to appear road he sits idle a lot of smoke like my factly described Internet is down who was talking Robby Gordon. And then come covering for the guys and also running in the second position was done a lot of smoke coming from all angles of this machine there. Cleanup crews are down in turns one and two might try to get this track back and agree condition as quick as we can't. Yeah Barney out there on the scene now Casey Mears a stepped up into the M let's go take a ride to the infield care center right now the focus is getting Casey Mears car up on the record. The records on the back up the car's been flat all the right side. And all the tires are flat to the gonna have a lot of big task of getting that car most up to the record they're trying to do that right now. Casey was running and a third position by the incident occurred there at turner one. While Robby Gordon's car is indeed being pushed back to the Nextel Cup garage red flag is out for the second time this afternoon there's so much debris on the racing surface in the cleanup. Trucks are out there all the way try to get it done NASCAR wants this race to end of the green flag if at all possible we do have five laps remaining. And that would prevent us having to go to the great white checkered south the cars have stopped all the back straightaway heading over to tournaments rate. And my clear to other cleanup crews have brought you their cleanup crews in the back straightaway and their cleanup crews always appear in terms three and four so it's going to be a few minutes before will get back looks like. Yeah Barney and if you're a stockholder in kitty litter then today's your lucky day because it's been. Put out all around this racetrack complete all down here turn one into a lot of speedy dry and the kitty litter laid down on the inside of the racetrack at. Right now Casey Mears car really having a difficult time staying attached to the record they've they've got off the banking there down on the inside lane of the racetrack but the cars come loose from the wreck further right now look at the car back up to get pulled away at this still has some work to do some debris on the outside lane racetrack here in terms wanna do. A heartbreaker for Casey because he's come so close this year to running in the top five maybe have a shot at getting myself win and get that close here this afternoon and then with what five laps to go now all over it's not best finish out this year was a fourth of Watkins Glen. He was running third at the time the incident occurred occurred at of course not just moments before that was running of the second spot before jagr got by Imus actually. Challenging Jeff Gordon for the lead south. Is it just fight this with sort of businesses today at one moment adult novel the world the next minute heartbreak like that suddenly you're out of the race back in the garage. This you know wife and a few tears that's that's what racing's all about. Can't Robby Gordon let one of the latest to go through the garage here with the engine failure here a few minutes ago how other drivers that around the event Matt Kenseth is in the garage. Johnny Sauter car it will not be around to finish its in the garage Ward Burton is out Morgan Shepherd is out rented the joy and Todd Vogt I had with a little bit of everything in this way here this afternoon. Including eleven cautions and a couple of red flags. But it's pretty amazing how quick guys some of the guys who've had problems throughout the course of the day. Have worked their way back to the front of the field here this five laps to go up speaking namely of like Ryan Newman who kind of tired commitment to stop Kevin Harvick. Who fell back off the lead lap of one point other drivers with problems like Jimmie Johnson he's back at the top ten now. It Kurt Busch who spun early on currently shown in the tenth position let's check it'll pit road. Actually we're back here in the garage Joseph caught up with Robby Gordon Robby what an outstanding day you're having today. And it's kind of how our year's gone on here you know I'm you look down over there to charge you look at the top tens and I just look at about ten of them let it slip away just like today's. You know got great race team here at our show are not a lot of fun driver informed last three and a half years in. I can't wait to get to next year. What will you as far as us next year you. This got to give me a lot of confidence to know how I like him out of time. We run up front pretty much every weekend something happens. You know it's just the way because you know we ran a frank has there ever star finished fourth and I. We'll try to build on that you know. Greg arrow when was the first time being appreciated for and I did a great job one of our engineers are still aren't. You know I'm. I don't know what to say this is the first engine failure that I've had in and three and a half years diversity ourself. They've got a really good job what their engines and I'm. You know just competition's getting so because you just pushing every little element out of it not unfortunately a push until it breaks trying to. Hey they do really good job engine department and I know they'll continue that. Like easy had a solid run yesterday in the NASCAR Busch Series event. Had a son run going here today before engine problems the map of the. Race there are 43 cars being shown on the lead graphic here this afternoon had fifteen internationalist way we have suffered from. You all around the racetrack and hopefully it will be too much longer because for the years for the because a player. It's getting darker and darker very tough to see the cars here in the late. Afternoon and evening hours here in Phoenix Arizona the secular western Kelly got a couple of guys in your area listen that's are contenders to win this thing. Namely Dale Earnhardt junior and Jeff Gordon won their thoughts. Well Dale Earnhardt junior or madam Alexander's there are sort of slip up there and talked to Robbie Loomis one more time the crew chief on the DuPont Chevrolet. He got around Jeff and was pulling away has Jeff got a thing you got one of the best we'll men in the business but it looks like that fake car might be. Just a touch stronger is the best you know they cars a little bit better here in what goes green white checkered. Rethinking Africa's water to laugh at. Right now we're sitting right or wannabe we just. We'll get this thing done for the people chip making. No and it's you guys have made up a lot of points today and what happened last week in which David junior had some problems labor race do you think Jeff gets any conservative should be made up Sonny points today which just goes all out for the win. Yes it was smartest race car driver after a lot of people don't realize that about him that he's gonna do what it takes. The big picture in mind in the you can get the win. Without put himself in arms like that. I think Robby put it right he is one of the most cerebral drivers out there he's got the car to get it done he will but he won't push it too far and his. But if a ton of points today about your section out of what's Dale Earnhardt junior crews say it. Well you mentioned at the Dale Earnhardt junior machine and I think the one word it's going to be Peter Dale Earnhardt junior's success in winning today. We're not coming away with a second straight victory at Phoenix. Is gonna be the word restart of he's able to get away on the restart the way that car has been on the long runs here this afternoon I think he got a like his chances with just. A couple laps to go and the emotion that was display the last time when we were under the green flag any past Jeff Gordon was amazing last week they missed an opportunity to gain points due to a late race accident. And obviously coming back with a win here this afternoon would get him back in contention for a title so that team. Feeling a wave of emotion trying to get a victory this afternoon and send themselves and these final ten races of the year with a check it chance to come away when that first ever Nextel. Cup championship. Casey Mears who was involved in this most recent caution flag is come from the infield care center. Looks to be okay. Casey first opera are you are right what happened. Gamma Daly had a electric Gaudin. I don't know that they've gotten back to me right where it past me now knows that cut the less fair or it is sad you lease ran over something. But I didn't really notice it until we're going to lines is this the very start the race all other cars a lot of on the inside. There really wasn't a good opportunity in the pits if I can have a delay Alec data. Is you know what's on his second point he knows a lot about like this year. And you know I was on a retard comment top five you know sassy it's cigarette he cares. And he says top five of the great south at least had to hang on clean it up wrecked him. And I hate it because it was a car but you know I had fun today we ran real well I think this is it's on what's gonna town in the future. And you know this is a party here that we're gonna go again next year for sir in this last series is. Looked to be in line for his best ever career finish but it doesn't pan out late for Casey Mears the field is rolling here in Phoenix Arizona off. Getting out back out of the yellow flag and SATA began to circulate around this one mile track and hopefully it just few moments we'll get the green flag abundant conclusion here this evening. But her from the pit that groove Dale Earnhardt junior now also Jeff Gordon about a third place man Ryan Newman what security event through a lot today. Manicure remember a couple of hours ago they were a lap down had a right front tire good Allen map or on the crew chief on a car knows how to coach about two hours ago you'd be sitting here in third place. With three laps ago you'd have been sent a little bit satisfied with that but if I told you two and a half hours ago you thought. You've been in the leave their cars and awful stronger banks have you got any thing. To get around those two guys in front and. Yeah I think we do that I think we're going to be out of time here. Relapsed and writes that two laps to get to positions as we've pretty tough but. Rising everything's gotten I'll see us six out. Ask the thoughts of Matt's going on the crew chief on the Alltel dodge had a good solid run today had some problems early on but they have battled back. As have many of the guys to. And it's unreal how Ryan has come back at one point on the same layout with a felt like if they would settle for a tenth or twelfth position to get out of here at one stage of the race and right now they are third third and maybe a shot to win them. Never know how this thing that'll work out a course it will be a single file restarts out. The guys that are only left up probably at their line up all by himself though lap traffic over the plate here. And it's a matter of you know who has the power left that a thing can't really hit a Wiki. Point of this and that while we've seen so far today is the long green flag runs Dale Earnhardt junior runs off but one about all of the short one or two lap runs. Which is what we're gonna after the finish here this accident. As Jeff Gordon have something account earth matter does Ryan Newman possibly have a chance to pull off they are of course Kevin Harvick still to make season fourth. It Kasey Kahne sitting there. In the fifth position championship by a picture right now as it stands sic jerk bush leads by just 36 points over Jeff Gordon. Dale Earnhardt junior is third he's 47 out forces Jimmie Johnson he's 56 points out of the lead. And fifth this Mark Martin he's 102 out of the top spot six this Tony Stewart seventh as Ryan Newman. Eight this Elliott Sadler night this Matt Kenseth and tipped his Jeremy Mayfield there's. 360 so 364. Among the top ten at least as of this moment. Should be about 24 cars on the lead lap field being given any indication they'll take the green when they come back it will. Well now they're saying they're gonna wave it off down there so we'll see what happens here. Earnhardt junior Jeff Gordon Ryan Newman Kevin Harvick Kasey Kahne. The top five can Earnhardt junior hang on to win this thing this afternoon that is the big question right now. Mac Kansas won the championship contenders having problems this afternoon with a blown engine he went back to the garage and now scored there the 36 position. Other drivers having problems Robby Gordon with a chance to win the race here today and accorsi had engine problems as well now shown in 33 he is now the race. And Casey Mears with a good chance to win his first career Nextel cup series event. Again with the crash into our number one now he's back in the garage and out. Of the event field comes off turn four let's see if they give the wanna go signal this time indeed they well so the one lap signal is displayed at. The field files by the start finish line single file of the look at for the green flag and come backer rentable sleep just to Hanson watched the last couple laps of this race. Dale Earnhardt junior can he hold him off his Jeff Gordon make a move around the Steelers win the maybe Ryan given him harvester Casey thinks we're about to find out. Far will have the feeling that compiles some sort of want in this racetrack lets hope that doesn't happen. Earnhardt junior sits at the front of the feelings have a strong race car all day we talk several times about how it seems because it has been good all day. Couple times he's been called wave back in traffic on pit stops are. Whatever cost him track position every time we've been able to work his. Work his way back to the front of the field. But right now green white checkers finish going to be coming up here very shortly they'll get to green this time by. As a former for a single file restart over in turn three getting ready to go. I like his chances yeah her heart. I'll certainly and you know he's a one of those guys who can drive defensively he can hang on that spot and make that car real wide going around these corners and obviously what he's got to do. But he is on here come the field off third ever four to the start finish line. Green flag waving. Junior on the gas trying to get a life and Jeff Gordon but Jeff stays right where that everyone single file coming into the corner and. As well partly it's. Us and he is pulling away by sold five or six Marlins over Jeff Gordon was under attack on Ryan Newman Newman Texans dodge down low. It turns right. Find it was gonna take second place away if he can't from Jeff Gordon Gordon got a lot of horsepower plus. Went away for cars locked up for second place was given Kasey Kahne Kevin Harvick they go to war. I want three Rosie first second third right. Jeff Gordon for the final time Jeff Gordon Ryan and Casey. But if all of north. And white woman who later. Budweiser ship becomes more golf turn four for the second you're a role he will win the checker auto parts 400 Brian Gibbons blazes by Jeff Gordon. He gets the second spot mark gets third Kevin Harvick finishes fourth and Kasey Kahne comes at a fifth let's go to Iran. I'm five congratulations. Tony your junior the car keys. Senate against Phoenix dad ready this is a great vice erase an eyewitness crusade donors throughout the plans out. Elitist goddess dress appears willing gain on Kirk of Illinois don't run strong so we gotta get this title for his fans here. Win number six in 2004. Dale Earnhardt junior a victory in the checker auto parts 500 at Phoenix Dale Earnhardt junior wins here at Phoenix Ryan Newman gets second Jeff Gordon third Kevin Harvick fourth. And Kasey Kahne finishes fifth in the checker auto parts 500 will hear from all of them in a moment. The racetrack to the road home. Fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So filmmaker high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust sonoco to beat him you could beat you go second campus and I've got killed going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR's Sunoco. The essence of races. Whatever you drive to wherever you go. Hercules hires has the value selection and industry leading wore Tina gets you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more this. He's tired dot com Hercules tires bride and our strength. NASCAR today continues at a bar in radio sponsored by full. The official cause of NASCAR he's bill forward. Always play where he'll learn. They get to win the checker auto parts 500 litigate everything. Brilliant if you volunteer from Dale Junior first let's see if we can hear from some of the other finishers at the top 512 time this season that Kasey Kahne is able to come home. In the top five guys battled throughout today. Talk about your afternoon Jason. As pretty exciting race up. You know a lot of bump and hang in there at the end out of we don't back up to there we got Johnson sticker tires and go back up there they're pretty good we got to in the wall off turn turn to Allentown and kind of been the car a little bit better. Still around fifth has very good road course. Look like some anxious moments here entering the pit lane any difference of opinion between you and Kevin Harvick or what happened there. I don't know I don't really know I mean yesterday we are all kind of bumping around out there and none he was laughing we are having fun with this up. Honest on the same thing today he pushed me all over it check I didn't even you know every day closer and closer rounds I don't know why would cement. Kasey Kahne in the top five again at Phoenix. Village here from Daniel fried Ryan amateur runner up finish today the way your day started he did things he can battle back and get a runner up. I knew we had a great race Carl also textile and Dodgers are generally well that's junior. He got up front before we did nothing can make the difference other reform that's on a restart when we get Carolina back we the pulled away from them but. Could what is pseudo left. Just go home with a second. Talk about that battled their way I mean you guys were all knotted up there for a few going for the same position. You know it was a tough runners the end but says he did a great job at a greater his guard units. Those mares and we just came up short. Really rallied back quite nicely that's Ryan Newman runner up finisher today as if we get a word Kevin Harvick good run for Kevin Harvick today's he brings the GM Goodrich Chevrolet home. In the top five we just talked to a Casey Cheney said there was some bumping going on your thoughts on what happened in the closing laps get out there just all racing. Are there at the end and you know I got into a little bit I think ticked him off but. You know it's one thing to have to racy things and agreements and anything directly and costs went up once you have to fix them but I just wonder. Stop and asked him if I did since I'm done Sudan some different but just dollar race car. What about your day obviously you guys had some problems in the early going. Adversity of which you battle back for a top five good run for you today yeah we battled back at his old team didn't serve my team. Did an awesome job and I told myself let's just fix its we can bring it back up there and it would have to do you did to race hard and I would raced their way back up there and got a little bit lucky with with the pick Colin. For once thinks always so it was a good day fourth fifth top five finish the year for Kevin Harvick he brings his machine home in the fourth position and a supreme catch Jeff Gordon who finished third. Jeff Gordon did finish third and not obviously probably not. Wanting to see that green white checker there at the end death. Now. I really didn't yeah I feel like we can release them on second Ted junior is it. You know a strong car all day long and and now we move we did it a great job I'm so proud around the lives on the dozens DuPont Chevrolet on the pit strategy did to get this out front like that and and have a shot to win and we just didn't need to constantly mediocre in all the way to the end and I saw them coming in my mirror before that. And after the concert on new air travel I try to hold them off at and that's the Foreman. I I got a really bad restart the last one I and I got real time opportune dug underneath me and we raced hard you know but down just in total monsoon is to get points staying what they. A third place finish that's the thoughts of Jeff Gordon as he does finished third here today. But I Gatorade victory plain it's few moments and hear from Dale Earnhardt junior first time for body in May to select the winner of the re best this break of the race award. Will award 500 dollars to the motor racing outreach children's ministries for red vest this breaks in the name of the driver. Who received the best break in today's event Bart it is a number of nominees for this you know that were Ryan Newman I think here is my candidate you probably don't vote for him and I've got to get it for far back as he didn't battling back to come home second a lot of good breaks and on for the penthouse to outhouse back to the penthouse starting on the Paul getting down a lap that coming back to finish second. I'll go along with yes the red vest this breaks the official breaks of NASCAR awards 500 dollars in the name of Ryan Newman. To the motor racing outreach children's ministries right now let's go to the Gatorade Victory Lane. They wanna believe look at the renamed this thing from Gatorade Victory Lane to Budweiser Victory Lane the Budweiser is slowing down here. Just like it was a year ago and I took. When you've got out of his car last year that's about as excited that it received after winning a race same thing today what is it about this racetrack you and as Budweiser T. Well Taylor it is it's that three appear in fact if you don't bring home the trophy it's a long run home and we just like you know we'll put a lot of after it when we come to the West Coast we wanted to really good and we wanna showcase our abilities and talents out here and these people are great fans they've had a racetrack owner and we've been coming here and they show up later here and excited as anybody we see on the circuit. And is just right away in front of me and my team did a good job in the great race car all day. I was really really surprised how good Carla I mean I just was cruise an all time. There and to get batting Gaza it was effortless I mean the car was as also men. A does that make sure to get right into spun out of anything pollutes like idiot lastly so we did a great car. Wanna race I'm real proud myself proud of the team and I can't say enough about their ridiculous. That thing was dominant right off the truck decision as you were connected to feel that they just drove through the car like a hot might do better but. When you're my back there in eleventh position with a little bit of time ago where you'll be concerned. Yeah I was really concerned for the same likely not what. We drove from the fourteenth starting position up to leave. You know relatively easy to car was really good. But once I got back there and it wasn't quite as good you know what they literally passed me doing that Thompson's camp coming out one after the other my car was really good after about three or four laps. And I needed some plants again Dolan. Let you know how how legitimate a couple of adjustments we have some awesome pit stops. I'm just proud I'm not saying there really really. Have signed their one home we all get along well great friends and I'm really lucky to be governor race and make a living with such great people enjoy being around. In the chase your fifth in points a lot of folks didn't think you could LeapFrog fourteen is now up to third with two to go assess your chances coming up. On Darlington in Miami. Well what is we day dominated any of those racetracks the with the team that I got now I feel like we go and Aaron and definitely have a better who have a better weekend than we've ever had any one of those tracks will the end. Homestead all leaking in there all week actually really working our guts out every day test and and trying to get right you know again and given it a good effort. You know it's. We thought about last week in an opportunity we give up last week in all week long and just really maintained try to be nice and all day. And I knew I had a car to win I just you wanna make another mistake like I did last week and a how to put ourselves back in position to to run for the championship we got a lot to gain. These guys think obesity. Definitely put seven acquisitions. In times in his Nextel Cup Korea and six times in 2000 and for Dale Earnhardt junior in Victory Lane. Our congratulations to Dale Earnhardt junior is a celebration continues in Gatorade Victory Lane Gatorade. The official sports beverage of the Phoenix international raceway it's gonna out of Alexander. Kurt Busch maintains the championship points lead for the seventh time in eight chase races you finish in the top ten talk about your tenth place finish and maintain the championship Laker. As a good finish for just never really lived up to our full potential with my mistake in trying to erase a 42 and twelve those guys aren't category that I categorize and in and then just have run out of fuel we are trying to stretch it off of that one mistake earlier. And then I just never attract position with a lap cars so is good finish tenth. Third consecutive top ten finish at Phoenix for Kurt Busch and his seventh top ten finish in eight races. In the chase for the Nextel Cup the fulfilled rundown for the checker auto parts 500 today Dale Earnhardt junior gets the win second year in a row he's won this event. Ryan Newman comes at a second spot after starting on the pole for today's race Jeff Gordon was third Kevin Harvick fourth. Kasey Kahne fifth and Jimmie Johnson finished in sixth seventh Rusty Wallace eight to Tony Stewart nights the bottle body and tips Kurt Busch. Jeff Burton finished eleventh Jody reject was twelfth Greg Biffle thirteenth Scott Riggs fourteenth that Mark Martin was fifteenth. Sixty to Bobby Hamilton junior seventeenth Michael Waltrip Brian Vickers was eighteenth Ricky Rudd nineteenth and can't trader finished in twentieth. Tony first to Jeremy Mayfield 22 Dale Jarrett Jeff green was 23 Jamie McMurray 24 at Sterling Marlin finished at 25. 26 today Scott Weber 27 Kevin page Kyle Petty was 28. Mike Wallace 29 that Brennan gone finished in thirtieth 31 to John Andretti 32 Terry a body. 33 Harvey Sadler 34 Casey Mears Robby Gordon finished at 35 met Kansas 36. Carl Edwards 37 Elliott Sadler started ninth and Johnny Sauter came in and 39 fortieth to Ward Burton 41 Morgan Shepherd. 42 rated a joy in 43 stop but died. Thanks Rhys alternately changes among six drivers eleventh caution flags waved in two red flags throughout the course of today's race. Checking the championship point standings as we head off to Darlington next weekend Kurt Busch leads Jeff Gordon by 41 points. Dale Earnhardt junior is back up the third he's 47 out of the lead Jimmie Johnson is fourth 48 out of the lead. And fifth this mark Martin's 102 out of the top spot Tony Stewart is six Ryan Newman a seventh Elliott Sadler is eight met Kansas ninth. And Jeremy Mayfield completes the top ten. Again next weekend we head off to Darlington, South Carolina race nine of the chase for the Nextel Cup from their old homestead Miami speedway. For the season finale the Ford 400 tickets available to both those racetracks should be great because we've got a super championship point battle under way. Voices are heard and our broadcast here today after the turns Mike Bagley in turns one and two and Dan Hubbard. Worked over in turns three and four on pit road it was Winston Kelley Adam Alexander and the Danielle Frye. Our spotter of the motor racing network today Terry decent hour broadcast engineers Anthony bowers and Julian Vega our production assistants cape to expect Steve Blevins. And David Brandt. Jenny and throughout the week for a NASCAR today here in the motor racing network we'll keep you posted on what's going on in the world of NASCAR NASCAR live on Tuesday night at 7 PM eastern time with the like held. And the world of racing daily here on the motor racing network. Now for Barney hall I'm Joseph Moore we congratulate Dale Earnhardt junior who for the second year in a row. Has won the checker auto parts 500 at Phoenix. GM already and radio coverage of a checker auto parts 500 has come to you from Phoenix international raceway. Today's broadcast was directed by Ryan Moore and the executive producer of the Marlins they even higher this broadcast has been a production of the motor racing network.