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1984 Warner W. Hodgdon American 500

Nov 2, 2017|

The 1984 Warner W. Hodgdon American 500 from Rockingham Speedway

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This is MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength this is Ken Squier. Time now for MRN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing network actual race archives. The motor racing network resilience NASCAR today. Wears on you lineup it's life running of the warmup an American five hundreds of field already fired. Getting the ball on the racetrack lets you run you up to the starting lineup because clearly going green here very shortly. Starting at fortieth position Mike potter Johnson City, Tennessee 39 starters Carey school over from Fort Myers, Florida 38 as Marc Staal San Diego California at Dick clay starts. Back in 37 position Watertown New York 36 starter newcomer Bobby thought. From Bremerton Washington Joseph militants charged 35 lease or rent the North Carolina. 34 starter Jim Angle to Harrisburg North Carolina 3030 Jeff Cooper of north bridge bill Ohio 32 body while lack of middle and North Carolina. In 31 its bloody airing the Martinsville Virginia thirtieth this Trevor boys of Calgary Alberta Canada 29 this Jerry ball one of Aberdeen Maryland 28 Clark wire Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dale Jarrett starts 47 today from Conover North Carolina 26 starter is bloody boys of jittery South Carolina. Quite fit the Jimmy means of forest city Tony court JD McDuff people nearby Sanford 23 upland California driver Joseph Rudman. 22 is Tim Richman of Ashland Ohio when he first Ricky Rudd a Chesapeake Virginia. Twentieth this Kyle Petty from ramble on. 92 when he caught the Chester Virginia. In the eighteenth spot Morgan Shepherd of con over seventy Bobby Nolan junior Midland Texas sixteen from Wausau was cut to the Dave Marcus. Fifteen starter from Charlotte Buddy Baker. Fourteen from Saint Louis is Rusty Wallace thirteen dramatic talk New York is Greg Sachs in the twelfth spot Richard Petty from rattled when an eleven from Albemarle is. It runs the top ten back into position Bobby Allison doing town Alabama starting ninth Rollins who shard of Pittsburgh last meal money goes from the eighth position this afternoon from Bessemer Alabama. Seventh position lake speed at Jackson Mississippi at six starting spot is Dale Earnhardt and Apple's North Carolina fifth this Harry Gant a tailor built North Carolina. Starting fourth carry the body of Corpus Christi, Texas Darrel waltrip bill to the third spot in the field this afternoon he's from Franklin Tennessee. And the front row is Bill Elliott from Dawson Ville Georgia on the pole Jeff Levine a few among New York that's the starting grid. One laps from the start Jeff quote I was on the pole and no they wave it off now they're will be a hold on the field they will not start next time line. Let's check and a pit road with Ned Jarrett and Benny Parsons when Mike joy all the cars yeah are there out make him their parade lap to run at the moment everybody's sad mirror on my pit road should be a real good day for racing that they know that this in the long afternoon 500 miles there's very tough being apart. It's not the deadliest dragnet I'll bet in now is get him back in position he evidently had a crummy. He's due in no position in the back of the dump. We like old mark nearly cover the actions of the turns today our motor racing network. Under partly cloudy skies a packed grandstand the North Carolina motor speedway forty cars set to do battle in one lap. They'll get the green flags stay tuned for all the action lodged an American 500 book deals in front of Eli gold will be covering the action and wanted to do. 23 degrees of banking in the turns your one and share with a wide apron and a wide racetrack it looks like you have five claims to work where but I was parting shot only really one or one and I. Half the field is double file heading to turn. Sorry that's the most critical place on the racetrack and there is Marc Carroll it has been critical all weekend long the wall as mark where cars got out of the groove that you talked about it want it to the same goes for three and four. A lot of contact there are we get a lot of wrecked race cars it should be a hot spot this afternoon the banking to 45 degrees to drivers who already had problems in practice this week Jim Richmond demolished his car here practiced. And Joseph Rutledge did quite a bit and damaged his ride first time out for Rudman in the Larry McClure Morgan McClure Chevrolet were ready to go racing pace stars off the fourth quarter dives down on the pit road and forty cars. Are watching Wayne Robinson who was the honorary starter Gil this afternoon. They're almost out of line and he waves the green and we are racing a good job on. You all by himself and turn one there's a man revels in the corner. On the low side at a racetrack Elliott. Hannawald Jim final vote not able bodied vehicle Portland how. Harry Gant to the inside Natalie Wood Dale Earnhardt that that's what goes the only car side by side heavily at the high side Bobby Allison battling for what would want to pretend Geoff for violates Bill Elliott single file off the corner Walter was third nobody is fourth in their breaking away from the in the field Earnhardt haven't. Terry and seven just like speed and it's real honest my inbox. Bobby Allison since Dick Brooks low on the racetrack grabs a love. Everybody single block from slamming out of turn number two and rocketing down as 1000 foot back to their led by Jeff put on the point affiliates there are apparently back. Very good start here at North Carolina motor speedway and wisely the drivers are stringing it out single file at least for the first minute fifteen left the field as we see no point giving you trouble this early. Back in one vote I'm still in front. Morgan Shepherd held off a challenge to Richmond back. And had a million. Not for parent of broken away from Dale Earnhardt Earnhardt I'm feeling pressure from Harry can't get down to the inside the school Chevrolet takes over again. Mary gets stretched the rubber band coming off turn two and got a good jump down the back straight away it got him underneath there and arguing in the corner. And Earnhardt had to give way to battle now over the third spot in turn one. He's got a third going to the lows I don't deal or at least Darrell Waltrip to bring. Funny sets his sights on the back over the course Ford Thunderbird that's great Karl likes ahead as he tries to hold on to Jeff what I've put on creeping away back to Darlington turn for an awful lot at stake today for both carry the body and Harry get along with Bill Elliott and the rest of the gentleman running for the with the kids. Championship they're still single file. You turn one LE. This leading. Still in third that's carry the money they're turned. And sixth earnhardt's seven. We started a couple of Darlington that lake speak Geller. Wouldn't be a recharge your doubt that number six spot surely earnhardt's ride tying third floor. But he doesn't lose. Just want to like speed here comes Elliott for the lead in the fans come to their feet as he challenges vote I'm. On the inside line shuts the door on anyone else I'm laughing some of the smaller cars Mike. There is next in line because. Military coming into making the so they'll chase download. Think you know that never quite caught Earnhardt in the the outside with your charge no I'd give him now they're trying to kick it back to seventh Rashard Bernard going to great side by side but none of the bottom hoosiers got the advantage of and that's why the real scrabble is in sixth position on back back in at 6 o'clock that's like speed seventh is in charge you. Right right now between Earnhardt in the a lot of things go door to door in and one of the most time comes up on the Mike hired actually asked. And an eighth spot. Thanks very quickly breaks away from that battle who charged in tow they'll try to track down a five week cars are running nose to tail of the 45 degree banking insurance. Contrast to yesterday sportsman race it's been a good clean start your Rockingham what I'm Billy Elliot is second third is spotty record this Walter do was carry candles. Lake speed seven runs starting this Dale Earnhardt might feel fine and everybody else. One driver has had trouble Jimmy means let's go to turn three. Jimmy needs to. Came down the back straightaway a couple of laps ago. The big puff of smoke came out of that car he still stayed relatively quick speech he made all around it was back hits they opened up the bush took a quick look. I believe they're looking at the valve cover gasket they shut them that he's back out on the racetrack. There'll be several developing stories here as well Mike potter of the fortieth starter is on the road and behind the pit wall down the backstretch Bobby Allison yesterday involving an axis. Turnovers three caught the wall very hard walk away from crashing it's dark car today net but he can't be 100%. No I cannot help me this morning I can do. The grandchildren there was injured at Dover Delaware several weeks ago certainly that late yesterday didn't help maybe just moments ago we tell your son Davey running down who. It's okay flip up helmet in hand man with the crowd in uniform. No intention of putting it. There's a good possibility it is a long race at North Carolina motor speedway about four and a half hours at men's 101000 has any discomfort or pain at all you can bet you'll come out of that car at least. The heart of the race here this afternoon. Leaders still carry the body as the field continues to get pretty well strung out around this racetrack. And that is good clean racing and nearly killing because the drivers so little bit leery about this place Mike joy you we saw equipment more up and practice this week. And they won't do that let's hard nosed racing and at least the first fifty miles or so. Macquarie especially those drivers it's only come over coached 200 here yesterday they had ten caution flags six multi car accidents in three single cards have to knock the wall now so. Anybody that was here and saw that knows what it's updates are going to be today. A couple of cars that are coming up through the field and hurry Ricky Rudd who started back in 21 position has worked his way up through about fourteen. Another car that is beginning to move business here more about a moment ago is the Joseph right. He's in the Morgan McClure. Motors car before that formerly been driven by Tommy Ellis as he begins its way to the front Jeff Levine is the leader. Riding second just carry the body the third place cars waltrip fourth this bill Elliot tipped the scary here. It's exposition is Ron blue shark seventh is like speed isn't working off turn four. Backed out of war and toward the start finish like coming up on one laps complete here at the North Carolina speedway making seventy. Right now. NASCAR has informed the I like team tiger team. Davey Allison as a rookie is ineligible to relieve his that'll maybe get. Being yesterday in the sportsman race here so it really drivers to be found we'll have to look elsewhere in the garage area. The feel pretty well struck out here in the early going at the North Carolina motor speedway I know. A lot of you heard our broadcast yesterday Kentucky about Samar being involved in the crash early in the race and Ned Jarrett in the latest on Sam's condition. It's still in the hospital were having a little overpass North Carolina. Had a concussion but it rains again this morning here at some swelling there. Members of his family and talk to about 1130 today and they say that all of his battle plans are well ahead of dislocated shoulder. And they're just hoping for the best of them. I'm waiting for the swelling to go down from the concussion. And all our prayers and good wishes go to sell hard a hole first you. She's likable people in this business it's a possibility you might win a grand national. It was back with a salmon already mentioned the national sportsman driving title in fact you've finished ahead. Every race this year he'd finished according to Tom Higgins article out this weekend in the Charlotte paper 96%. Of the last. Enforcement competition all season is the first racing failed to finish which speedy recovery. It is becoming very overcast here at the North Carolina motor speedway and that is good just they simply overcast and we can keep the moisture away because it was cooler racetrack talent and more racing room in the home. I'm still in front. About you Carly back to the second place car is turn the money they want to turn three Terry the body's been inching ever so close to Jeff Levine over the past few laps he's got the gap down at Freeport garlic. His cars just as quick as codeine they've worked up. Turn toward one car that is really flying is that Tim Richman may have come back qualifier in the second round Richmond restarted 22. The team did not show to work on a race car yesterday till about noon and then they went to work and they did he's already moved up into the musician and a closing rapidly on. About 28 laps into the war hunt and American 500 North Carolina motor speedway and there is a good battle going on upfront for the lead is just glad it's really feel. The pressure can carry the body and Darrell Waltrip and Benny Parsons that's the best thing Terri the money could do for kids having a 59 point cushion. Last three races he hasn't really run that hard try to maybe protect his points lead. But he needs to get up there race. Money he does and I'm. It means so much. Johnson really got to stop knows now what you do princess stopped in the Piedmont airlines this putt I ask Billy Hagan. They were strong consume and laugh. I just can't believe are these women but they want that he has its I don't believe if the victim to a real. Good attempt to get around and in front of me like you'll get a. We don't want to be inside room. He's kind. That could pull off the change this time hello single viable leaders will around the slower cars. Great start working out two or three scorecard today. Now Jimmy V it's come back out of the Bakken area back in the competition the body just a few feet away wallets are also there at the shark gets caught lap traffic is hard to follow its battle you wanna watch one for the lead at one for fifth sixth seventh and eighth. One for ninth and tenth and caution is on the speedway here at the North Carolina motor speedway Jimmie needs down on the apron of the track a lot of smoke coming out of his car. We'll find out for the reason for the caution in just a moment but nevertheless it is the first caution of the day here in the American 500. Caution is out for giving me to comes out on lap number thirty here at the North Carolina motor speedway and the threat of ominous clouds out of bringing Michael's position at turn number two. Checking weather radar and it. It's confirmed that it is moving in this direction but of course NASCAR's gonna attempt to run as much of this race as possible and all of it if they can today so. It was such a beautiful day here yesterday not a cloud in the sky for the sport and rice but now it's a whole different story and it is on the road never. Capital that is coming. They're very nobody was looking for that puts him in the lead he'll get those loud bonus Winston cup point standings. Our problem is watching in the Winston cup point standings at the time comes in Portland arrives at odd hours on the northwestern security cards and other Syrian Harry Gant. Ricky rag. Let's there are. Rusty Wallace that he has down pit road victory within its. Greg thanks very Smart goes then Morgan Shepherd taken advantage of this early caution here to change does not take a look at them most of them are changing hope for now though dynasty. Completed yet there. Didn't know what I'm Kerry camp right in front of us getting all the horsepower. So manic Marciano is Ricky Rudd bill check the top ground. Think now they're doing measure the temperature on the tires at the need to make any adjustments on the cars then they'll know what they need to do later on. Quite a few of the cars elected to stay on the speedway although they may peel off this time coming out of foreign go on the pit road Terry nobody did stay out there as we pointed out wisely to pick up his five bonus points for leading a lap and he will continue. To stay on the racetrack your run through shark moving on the pit road at this time along with Bobby Nolan junior. And Lily pond the leader under the first caution of the day in the Warner Hostin American 500 is turn the body Darrell Waltrip did not yet he is writing second third. This Bill Elliott as they work back in turn one the fourth position should belong to kneel on it and Bobby Allison will be in fifth spot. They have red flag the field out in the first turn and the crews are coming out to put the tarps over the machines to keep them as dry as possible. That's what might blow through barter the way that the wind has come in here suddenly the rain is not falling vertically it's it's coming through almost horizontal like it might just fly over the speedway and and lands a moron on route 177 so it was a possibility that this could not be too long enough over the lives we'll stay on motorists to network and take a look at that NASCAR weather radar. And see just what exactly has the forecast is going to be for the rest of the afternoon yesterday here was an absolutely perfect Dave. Denny and I talked on the broadcast to the comfort coach 200 about it being. Perhaps up each day. But here today the rain and the wind is just suddenly in the last minute we've gone from overcast guys do or condition where rain is pelting the speedway right now. Well this morning the forecast really look good most of the rain there was quite a bit rain in the southeastern part of United States but it was supposedly gonna stay west to the speedway and as we said. They latest report that we had just before we went. Green here this afternoon was done down around Darlington, South Carolina Florence in that area was arrange our about forty to sixty miles wide. And at that time that was the only rain in the vicinity and apparently we're getting on the fringe of that right now so hopefully she said if the wind keeps picked up like it is to move it out here very quick. Lay and Jeff go by on the pole sitter led all the green flag laps thus far when the caution came out for Jimmy means who is apparently losing some fluids down just before I got on the track apron. And with the rain approaching they did toss the caution flag and now the red flag is out most of the drivers of storage for cover there goes Dick Mayer running across the grassy air for that separates good road from the speedway there in the body though. Under caution when Boeheim pitted it stayed on the racetrack out of its five Winston cup bonus points it. Boy are those single points and five point little multiples are they becoming important just three races ago. Just three races to go it is extremely critical and I think this is the race and I'm sure many you won the championship so you know what I'm talking about Rockingham. Is one of the toughest racetracks that we can't do one of the most demanding and the reason it is is this bit is this is a track that you can get into trouble not of your own making is so easy here you're in the turns. Way this racetrack is laid out very tight turns very narrow corners as you go shuffling off and if somebody has a problem. You become a part evident here you almost have no control your own destiny to a point. One of the most. Unbelievable Winston cup championship pool final races they've ever had in this since Winston has been involved in the championship was in 1973 when I won the chairmanship. And I crashed on the thirteenth lap. A car spun. Coming off the second quarter. And I'll just ride and along Mon and Mon Venice Vick goes to win the championship that they had to run abroad when 300 laps. How drive along. Exactly where I want to be the lead pack it went away from me I wasn't them in position all by myself and a car spun I was the next Carl Long. I could not dodging it was impossible to miss it. And I'm sure a lot of fans were here a lot of the only you emit remember that. I just just totally destroyed my car not the right side off about it so you're right if trouble happens your rocket man. The corners are tied enough that you can't see in front of you and you come along and there's trouble when you have nothing do except give the trouble. The situation of the north drew a lot of motor speedway is this rain is pelting the speedway right now. Terry the body is the race leader of course we only completed just 34 laps according scoring. And it would have to go to half way to be official red flag coming out of left number 35 us. So the NASCAR officials are watching the weather on the radar it is as Barney Mets in the localized storm. And with the velocity of the wind is quite probably will blow through and will be able to get this race restarted. They do have directors in position ready to drag tires on the racetrack. And get some heat into it and dry up quickly once the rain ceases. Well they told us that the radar we're showing. About a forty by sixty mile area rain we kind of caught the friend Janet there are some more localized showers drifting around South Carolina and hopefully the wind will keep it west of us that we do we should be pretty well home free for the afternoon although there is always a possibility. That there might be some more but it has stopped the ceiling is gone up. And there's a couple of patches of blue sky through the breaks in the clouds so hopefully it'll be. At least another thirty minutes because this track is very very wet the rain came by didn't last that long but it really wasn't Delhi's there for a while. They have the top of the tires behind the trucks are out dragging the racetrack right now that little lot more heat in the surface to make you grotto that quicker but it's still going to be firm thirty minutes or so away before collect green. For the team to start the come back on on the road and reset up there pit stalls and drivers have come out of the garage here in their standing by waiting to be called back to their cars. Just prior to the red flag coming out Kyle Petty 7-Eleven Ford drove into the garage area for some repairs let's get an update from Ned Jarrett. They explode on the right racetrack from my joy and they came in had a good up on pit road they decided to thank him into the garage air there was something wrong with the carburetor on the 7-Eleven forward so they were going to change it of course when the red flag was displayed that myth that they had to stop working on that car. The minute that they have the caution other green authority and they can go back to work through their standing about ready to change the carburetor on that car and get him back out. Dale Jarrett had a little misfortune over on the backstretch. In the fifth he went in for they pit stop during the early part of the caution. Something malfunction on the clutch on the bush. Emanuel tracker Chevrolet so he lost an extra lap or two over there he did don't get a repairs and he's back out here on the line now would you say the crews are coming back out now. Beginning to claim the fifth south and dropped their tools they grabbed up what they could because the rain came so quickly where our situation here in the pits his rod at the center across from the start finish line and Richard Childress. The Dale Earnhardt Rangel crew were sitting right next to us there and they had a windshield. There's most of the teams will have. Windshields so standing by just in case they get one hit and with out of same change windshields of Serwer races in the past anyway they had one cleaning up against our broadcast Booth there and had a good bit of wind associated with early part of the rain. And it blew over a birth to their brand new windshield before it ever got in the car so were just little extra. Our calls for the my guess you would say their. No solid comprehensive claim my guess I don't know this guy has really lightening up there are some patches of blue sky here in the weather is moving away a look at the NASCAR weather radar which about a year ago NASCAR began carrying this to the track. Not only so that they could could trying to predict the weather or second guess the forecasters but so in the case of an impending rain situation they'd have a better handle on whether or not to. The color race or make Jefferson dry the track horn also so in the case like has happened here today at Rockingham make it more on the bridges up and down that road that the rain was approaching. And they were able to predict that within a space of about two minutes when that would arrived and that the race would have to be stopped and put on the red flag. Temporarily it looks I would say our chances getting a straight back underway are about 90% the rain has. If it's not stop completely they're just a few scattered drops falling throughout the infield area and they are dragging tires around the racetrack and we hope to get under way. What before too long here at the North Carolina motor speedway. This track is drying rapidly now as the sun has come out very brightly it's going to be very warm out there shortly. They're still under caution the cars putting as much heat in the racing surface is they cancel it shouldn't be too many laps before we go back to green. We've got a microphone in the civilian court of Dick Brooks the Judy Don living card number nine million we've been conversing and Brooks on and off throughout the season so we will. Check in with a right now up there at running around under the caution. Dick Brooks this is MR addicts a year and Jenny got a free car wash today. Finally cured and not giving up a little bit rewarded at all. Back up and all of that let it like our dog on the part of everybody. The commission aren't. Not a color black envelope cannot let I think all evidence to him that good or drop it hard rock at all. Layout and I get up there. Did you want to jump and all the children that don't want them Robert Reich need to get a little bit about. I think it's gonna make an eight. It's you know a little bit like do you have any water on all done. And right after they early look at that I had the boards an envelope to sort of have a right. That's Dick Brooks reporting live from the cockpit of Kart overnight B what were you thinking about it she came in return want each lab and saw those dark clouds getting closer and closer. I think you're probably going to then home then they like it go. I don't I it's. You're going good. I don't want us out wanna get I don't I don't know I'm confident thunderstorms over what is now I don't want it now. It's been about a half point road and you look at alternatives. And get a lot of drive and an Obama I heard confident and it stopped about a California is a joint. Well there's not a lot but I at all but on paper they look at the Bob theology arm. And it's really going back to green flag racing before too long as Dick Brooks reporting from the dubious sunglasses board and will be talking to a lot of off. Throughout the afternoon there's. Still several wet spots around the racetrack at the apron of the track and coming out of the corners for a report on the condition of the track over in turn one into let's go to Eli gold. Obama like you said it did turn itself as bone dry they could go racing but this is one of the super speedway is unique in the fact if you do head on both the back straightaway or as well as the front straightaway about inside groove the apron of the racetrack is used here for interest towards pit road. And that was an area that was getting a good bit of concentration from the track drying operations but as far as we racing surface itself excluding the group leading into the back. Good area and everything else is ready to go. We understand that the wet as part of the track would probably be over in turn three near Marc Carroll. Well it is very wet down the bottom of the racetrack at the exit of pit road it's going to be a tough afternoon now that much standing water down their for the cars that have to pit on the backstretch alike. Right now they're racing groove just as it is in turns one and two is a very drive when the sun came out instantly it started to make dry and really made a big difference. And the track is fairly dry over here in the category of the most embarrassing thing ever to happen to me. For one of these at drivers out there the tow truck he was throwing tires to try to drop the racetrack. They're going clockwise around the racetrack as opposed to taking left hand turns of course they were going around the track taking right hand turns. He came out of turn three to the back straightaway did a lazy spin and hit the inside guardrail. And the crowd here are soaked to the borrower still had enough enthusiasm to stand up and give him a standing ovation he tennis golf office quickly secure it. It's a tricky race. Racquet we told you all afternoon. Travis Carter who was the crew chief for Harry can on this cold and it machines. Has been a real good mood this week he's very happy with the driver all season long he felt like they were contender for the championship. And as we said this would lead to critical race for them in just about every team now that is running for the Winston cup feels like this might be the race that even makes them or breaks them. And Travis knows just how hard this racetrack is going to be on equipment. Well it's extremely hard you know we talked about probably five hours or running Pamela motorists he attire Lott RPMs is a hard acceleration going the corn outta here they show you run. He had back on a dollar wherein they Stearns and the car is really on a powerful long time. It's it's a situation it that day everything off holiday but it's it's Rockingham that's the way it is eight. Going out to win a race you have to really punish a caution undernourished to do that so it's it's a gamble every race is a gamble really. Big gamble for the top 45 for the Winston cup here today. The racetrack is about 90% drive at the bottom of the track in both corners are both ends of the speedway there is still some puddles of water right now different dragon they will not put this field under green. Until that has been cleared away. And there are certain it is in green condition does this racetrack is tricky enough as it is. It is when it's dry. Let's update pit stops work on the garage area would Ned Jarrett. Let me just came in the last time around took on the right side tires a little while Smith car number one to fill them with the unions have mystics gasoline in the lab look forward Bobby Nolan junior had come in for a pit stop he also change drives out arteries crew did. And Phil black car with gas we mentioned. Earlier remove one of our pet hamster and the rainstorm here that how many had pulled his car into the garage area of course you have to stop work on it once the race was red flag. But admittedly as soon as the cars will outline his crew went to work. Change the carburetor on the car he's back out there Monica thank you lost about five laps and that they encountered. NASCAR surveys showing a five laps down one week ago big shakeup in the Winston cup point standings Terry the bodies lead almost a hundred points diminished to just 59 tallies right now. Gary GAAP picked up a second place finish well body was night that caused a big drop in the bodies lead and it was a cup standings and also gave quite a boost for Darrell Waltrip. Walter started the race not so much at a disadvantage he jumped out with the lead that was quickly overhaul by Neil bonnets that look like Neil was going to go and take off from the field last barrel if he was worried when he saw Neil scrambling away. Then you know demolish me. I'm glad for him. They need to run well and I veteran no matter lightly. We were having some problems in the car on the loose then. I spun out there were no may have another car got together coming out of turn two and that put me in the rear of the field. That's. I'm pretty well neither wants I'll work my way back to the front which takes limited time on the short track it. I'm always as good as anybody's as a race is going on a neo modern revenue from when your name and all my blood cancer to a lap. So I knew that even if there was never another caution sooner or later I'd chase now and how would be a factor in the race so well. That's all matter hard hard came home well like it normally does in that wherever the wind race. And his waltrip think he still has a chance at the Winston cup championship. If you helping drivers keep close tabs on a number of points with some of the numbers of Walter toss is just off the top of his head here. The more medal in mind this you know we're going into this race. They can we can gain a 140 points they start forty cars in this race. It's either that or to leave cars should have problems early and call out and we should win. All of a sudden we're sixty point 9000440. Points behind Jerry. Same situation Atlanta. Start forty cars where these two races are very different ball hard to finish hard to stay out of trouble. So obviously we got to do the same thing we got to finish his stay out of trouble but the odds are better and it says something can happen that would change this situation here in Atlanta both. Will we get down under a hundred points going into the last race at Riverside. Hawaii. No way we normally run at Riverside I'd still like we have an awfully good chance and I'm like don't give up there were mathematically eliminated them we always go before that happens. To. Here's Darrell Waltrip coming out of pit road is Harold candor the official flag and for NASCAR indicates to the field that they will go green in just two laps to cover the pit stop let's go back to zero. Also coming down pit road for derided the right move then the Gatorade car. I remember any day now rescue must need most cars and only took one gasoline just the thank god no. Laughter we'll find them in the bud Rogers detective project gentle way of getting up towards our change what he was leading the race not. We expected him to come in this is not a surprise that he Kenyan born without him I would come in a little bit earlier when they want to stay out there are certain that every ounce against them there that possibly get however he's got a lot. Lot of traffic to go through menopause is one thing that I noticed as I came down pit road they were doing a month ago this bill that there. They were tipped to one regressed you also need to golf in the Gatorade car. Spawned the and he knew he was trying to take go slow and just could not be gone because the room was so slippery. Again another caution flag is not a big problem but if some of these cars have to pit. On the green flag situation in the next few laps it could be different kind of situation on pit road. Want to go as a signal being given to the field as they come by and they will line up double file in turn two in front of Eli gold Sears now. You lead. Honest lineup Bobby Allison right behind the pace car then Dave Marcus second jump quote I'm very. Third Tim Richmond for a theft this Dick Brooks what Harry gives sixth seventh as the Morgan Shepherd car ahead of Greg Sachs and run Rashard. Grew Bassett to go as the field is working into turn three. Pace car now the lights out goes away from the field stretching itself moving onto pit road Bobby Allison on the point with Dave Marcus there. Never boils it down the inside he's gonna try to recapture what collapse he had lost the later he'd decide Bobby Allison. Here is the place star off the fourth turn down pit road and we're ready to go back to green its appeal comes out of the corner Alison takes that green gets a good jump on everyone. Or five I'll explain how they market chasing down in turn. Roy is could not stay with the leaders is my guess is right on the sale of Bobby Allison and some Ford car. The most nominated last. Two cars duking it out for the top spot three cars European after the third spot led by Bobby Allison markets as they are just a net just a couple of feet from his back we'll read to report Morgan Shepherd has joined that lead pack as they come off the fourth quarter of their two by three by doing that we actually carve in rotten shark Dale Earnhardt. That would get Trevor voice breaks tax Bill Elliott Terry nobody in that second back labor market. Toledo low on the racetrack off turn two lead grabs first live from Bobby Allison now the time comes the challenge for second. Allison was forced up to the high side you'll try to tuck it behind codeine at feet Richmond to battle opening and he does he is now third Richard is fourth with just a bit. Morgan Shepherd is an Levi Garrett car here this weekend as the field comes back line he's up in the top ten leader as Marcus. When I drive second and worked back in front of one single file through the top eight. Positions callousness third Richmond Ford trucks have six this can't seven. Sport leads back to push and a very hard. Jeff what I'm trying to go back to the head of the field looks to the inside of Marcus indiscernible three doesn't have enough time he tucked in behind it Alison slide toddler to a challenge report. Dick Brooks having a good run here today he's in the fourth spot Gary can't go as Ryan a lot of golfers they come fast start Venice and Ivan one I'm with Harry again. Tell local hi Bobby Allison Allison relegated back for the six. Morgan Shepherd now look to the inside of Bobby Allison try to get inside of him going to turn over three can't do it behind shepherd now what we started our mark there fourteen cars definitely packets that come out of the corner here's what I'm making his move down the inside. That's why he would markets go door to door in turn one all time wins that battle while Harry get. Should take over fourth spot. It's called doing market. Extraction scampered down the extra weight the only car out of line is Morgan Shepherd you try to get by Bobby Allison again not quite enough horsepower he gets squirrelly the reels it back units are great. Fourteen cars single file come off the corner just put out of the front of that fact Richard Petty and the tail end. Relapse leaders are Carolina motor speedway. They're back and one old Milwaukee flexing the muscles are regiment goes downstairs and they've markets Richmond right. Marcus I'm going to match Harry Gant has got some muscle under the still manage several ways that he gets that spot and Dave Marcus. Tried to apply Brooks gets through that also does Bobby Allison and Morgan Shepherd markets is being kicked in the back of the preemptive. Comment outside line going to the corner you're gonna lose some positions that's where you live at the start finish line 46 position make that seventh as they worked back in in the one corner mom who shark. Is there now. Inside the racetrack prevalence bravely got a smoker down the back straightaway it is Jeff smoker the car what he had to let gonna halfway down the back straightaway he did a good job guiding the car down the inside of the racetrack out of the groove so I wasn't dropping down any oil water everybody's bar without incident but just under the second caution flag in the afternoon here at the North Carolina motor speedway and Warner Hudson American 500 Geoff hooker limping onto pit road. Apparently has put quite a bit of stuff on the racetrack and we'll go under the second caution of the day. Matt Perry can't lead the battle back to the start finish line beating both five by just a car like the net is important forget. To lead lap here and pick up those five Winston cup bonus points as Terry nobody did earlier. Beautiful weather here right now son is propped up the racetrack isn't real good condition. And I think the rain might have helped the corners from the hard nosed racing we've seen since they put him back under green two drivers came into the event here this weekend. In a new car for the first time all Morgan Shepherd has been in the league like here and Levi Garrett car on occasions. But it is the first time this season he has been in the car he's given it a good ride here so far this afternoon he's managed to stay at the top five or six positions and has been one of the strongest cars on the racetrack. Had a good run for Joseph rightly is a little bit frustrating when they came here Thursday. In practice they were out just kind of warming the car free running less than a hundred miles an hour in the car spun out east slam and who Walt. Did mostly just cosmetic damage to the car to post a pretty good qualifying run he feels very strongly about his chances are there's a lot of speculation. In the garage area that he may be asked to stay in that ride for next year. Although and I know for a fact there are some other teams actively seeking the services of Joseph wrote and also we'll talk within about that for the day is over. Moriarty went strong candidate for the goodies Citic award here Rockingham and that's costs Ellington the honorable broaden its Chevrolet Hossa was giving her out of dinner the other night. And these are the Aggies is not a have a lock on the duties headache really dispersed obviously as a week ago I lost my sponsor. Apparently his sponsor pulled broaden its I have other plans for next year it's just came Iraq an MS McKinney lost his driver the lake speed. Now apparently he's had he's going elsewhere next series of Benny called a laundry. Call the crew told Goodell the lottery pick up the victory universal bring him to Rockingham and the laundry had burned down in Wilmington, North Carolina so. Haas is at got a rough start to the week. It is headed toward Koss also is kinda looking for driver for 1985 he talked with a few people here this weekend but he's. This is important as a driver is also the fact that he is looking for a sponsor on the car and just exactly who comes up with a sponsorship may be the driver that ends up in the car. Feel coming out of turn to perform once again body X safety car addresses itself to pit road. Perry get a break off the corner he's the new leader in the lives of American 500 and quickly the deal goes double file its boots are on the move him. So alongside the thickness automobile battle worn spot in turn 100. There's a lot of Harry Gant pulls away and believe Tim Richmond second single file line. On March 6 and market. My foot down hard Harry Gant pulls away by the workaholics and Tim Richman who started 42 has climbed to second he's my colleagues behind and five heroics ahead of Lodi gets car has been awesome this year when it is really dialed in on occasion at Darlington in different places. The late payment card and writing his wife we feel that looks awfully strong it was after losing pulled away by six Farley. It's stretch right now when he. Lay off one chairs singles final until Friday. To make a slowly Richmond starts you really knew we can't run which are the heat's on him right now the crooks in the civilian court and Dale Earnhardt the Wrangler Chevrolet are there. Out of turn four the overlapped two vehicles in just a moment slipping out of the inside groove we'll. You wanna find a place like why do we Morgan Shepherd and Terry the body toward the end of the lead draft. And it's not quite right Carly Simon Richmond Richmond has six lanes and we Rhode Island. It's seven Morgan Shepherd. Everybody stay single wild wolf Roddick several of lake speed had some ideas like get my Dave Marcus that battle the eleventh spot if not better but he's tucked in behind. Unbelievable racing in the early going here in the former Hudson American 501 of the quickest cars out there isn't. Our licks the busiest knocked off a couple of positions already takes another one way as it goes in the little one feel the stuff is really going to me it's like. He's got to us everybody single file they snaked down the back straightaway come from final walk down the inside of the racetrack to negotiate turns three at fort dance studio later. Mary gatherings of alternative more back to the start finish drive but not a complete lap numbers 74 right behind him Tim Richman about a quarter of Arlington. General I'm running strongly as. I'm so very well before the rain delay members aren't important step further backwards or they feel shuffle things but my Elliott Elliott. Back in line. Richard Petty on the market moved up the twelve Buddy Baker now side by side with another Ford Thunderbird at Bill Elliott you'll get the spot Elliott trying to get back in line but there's John Rocker he's gonna kick back one more spot rubbing running well here this afternoon there's a good scramble going on back there for about sixty to seventy. Buddy Baker Bill Elliott and they worked back into the corner. Don't enjoy it's. Fresh and drive the running water off a corner is make sure that. Remember Ron and Elliott Elliott is still hot outside now Ricky Rudd finals. Youngsters from doesn't know George has been doing his darnedest to get back to the inside of the racetrack for blood forces of applied you're going to want to watch what they want to try to put it back one more spot. Many cars. We saw yesterday it was four straight to get up that high groove there's only one way you're going that's backwards. Exactly right for the first hundred miles of this race that I grew was that an up close to midnight. Leaders in the back straightaway here again now negotiating some slower trapeze coming up on body airing that he works up with a high sided dirt Great Britain is closed in within your garlic. That's where it's very critical here in North Carolina motor speedway as when you have to pass a little lap cars up in the corner here that's a good job which was still right sec. Can live his third Lucia artist for the looks good run this afternoon. Fifth spot there and wanted to. The leaders going my body Arrington now around the Joseph American car passing Jimmie go. Here's these single file damage he's done by the slow lap cars is a lot written to close it just the minutes your drivers who battled. Very hard yesterday afternoon going at it again for the third spot it's one Rashard and Jeff what I'd battling for the third. Close call for gold pride as he went into the corner bloody boys cars that don't approve of what I almost collected all the bloody boys. The Enron who started running nose to tail just like they were yesterday in the sportsman race there into its enrichment. Clothes and money wise goes higher again he now have to go. The free as he makes contact with a Joseph Miller can automobile and everybody avoids some pent up rage driving a bloody boys well off the pace on the backstretch. Here's a good battle going on for the third spot right now mode is still hanging in there who shocked works on him as a go into the corner door to door. All night shoals Hawaii Bouchard. Room lower on the racetrack just can't quite sure. His wife something inside at single file. We started they would get a good jump on the inside of the racetrack coming out of turn over Tippett doesn't have quite enough power to be codeine candidates are great he puts the inside of the store how they can not climb up to the outside with codeine. It's almost an instant replay of the battle for the lead in the sportsman race yesterday we. Who started it was decided by a car like in both sides favor. Deviate further update on that report later on. The whole Wright brought out buddy boys car is pretty well ripped up in the caution flag is out as boys comes coasting out across the start finish line. Lead cars are in the back straightaway they'll hit around toward start finish again we'll comfortably lead to a caution flag Richmond will be second. Third now will be the Bouchard car fourth will be Dick Brooks and then we'll leave Jeff Conine with the actually brought out the caution happen out of turn two out by your goal. There was Joseph Milliken you on the low side of the racetrack. Buddy boy is was wavering back and forth that you got together and some debris was put down on the racetrack that's the cause we caution. We've got to give honorable mention of Terry love Monty was right behind named those two cars as they got together and Terry did a heck of a piece of driving to avoid. What could have been a major problem. The Kyle Petty 7-Eleven Ford is in the garage area Ned Jarrett should be there before reported this time. They're working on a barn a cal what the problem that's. I don't need this afternoon we only had traveled throughout most of the day if they lose your pressure. You're right in front of the band practice so we thought it was just up the development level but evidently if my life especially. Whatever the repairs they've made they've told how to get back in the car so he'll go out sick they got to fix this time. It's been a frustrating day here at the North Carolina motor speedway for young Kyle Petty. We've been talking to Dick Brooks in the community and sunglasses for the Judy dial the car the go to get more on the Golan close up the fields of him and I get a chance to talk to Brooks this time around or just about set to go back to racing here the track debris is cleared up to turn over duke and the pace car only been out of drug Eli gold. With the white out of topped the pace car Bobby Allison and housing outside groove in this double file restart. His you read Jeremy berg V Obama talks and second then Richard Petty third. For the movie Buddy Baker on the restart followed by Ricky Rudd and bad. Didn't drugs next Harry Gant will line up seventh ahead of Dale Earnhardt eight. Nights will be jump quote I'm telling Tim Richmond everybody else following it right behind British I'd love my. There's some really good racing here Rockingham this afternoon the rain shower apparently has made the track very reasonable as we have been watching it your sense that put them back under green athletes. Red flag them a little bit early this afternoon have been going into the corners double file and really getting with the program they're about to do it again pace cars on pit road Carol gender waves the green and Bobby Allison. Bring some doubts start finish line Allison. Only look back in the field from third on back that's words that Ted Richard Petty holding off Buddy Baker from the our number two was one car looks pretty mark stall stands now the apron of the track let's go back to Eli gold becomes the the banking market stall thus taking evasive action or Jimmy Ingles and lobbied hard to win the loan. Need to get out of everybody's way total field works off turn four as marks all nose first. As this car. Related greens. Get out of racing lanes. Awards back in the turns one and two it's still Bobby Allison. Lot of behind the second Richard Petty. Got to drill Ford thunderbirds trying to chase down the top three cars led by Buddy Baker. Richard Petty never planned move into the relics of the second place car build on it. We'll stay under green as Marc Staal moves away and turn to a three cars tied together just by about a car like. It's about time dialing back the maker and Ricky Rudd leaders in one Marc Staal pulls away from the scene and probably leaders. I asked him Bobby Allison will be no fun. Hot spot back here in the pack the eight squad Dale Earnhardt Jeff what I did Jeff I want Bouchard battling for that nose to tail during the body is also their they're trying to reel in the later. Two good races going on the street whether seven cars run up in the lead pack in there six more back and seven composition back as hard as they work for that spot back in turn over one vote I'm really get a good job at taking away. We'll go by slower. Very smooth over that forces. Let me right behind showtime can also opens up and I think LeBron do you make the top seven cars and now tied together well put it up without Jeff Levine a rod who shark take off to give chase Madonna now looks for the insider Vernon Martin dirt floor. Out of four back to the start finish driver Buddy Baker. Now hello Richard Petty is the Pak who's back deterred one they'll type it up quickly your leader Johnson right. Arlen Specter return rate on his tail me. Thank you get through the field they'll learn Marty just lost the plot terror in the body also Tim Richman looking to the inside of him as they died return of the greatest lake speed the bull market several like they make contact slightly treading thank. Speeds got the spot. Here's a leader back across flat at Bobby Allison still second. Flirted with competitive good run for buddy thank you get this afternoon wood Brothers Ford over the years has had very good success this racetrack and baker wants to leave wood Brothers team with a another win for them. Morning thing in my rights were out right away. I'm a bit in the air out there plant back enjoyed it people and I. There would rather you know you may not really mirror name in news. I now have a lot of right. I can't happen. We'll get things they have mathematically from my next here. But it makers have a good run with a and turned to him. Moneymaker just right after the match. America actually works off. The corner lot which are goes after jetliner that battled weight doesn't have quite enough with the car broke loose on him as he came out of turn of material out to get it. Content to stay behind the north western security like Chevrolet sent the field as they come up to complete lap 93 its Allison in front Monica second. Third. Fifty Ricky Rudd secretary GAAP. Seven is the crux eighth now paid on immigration are doing the 10 o'clock PM and there's different. They're an iPod hi Rusty Wallace and fourteen. Buddy Baker panel looks either the inside of Richard Petty designed to better of it. He hangs on the here's the deal out of turn four Alison so look good separation now has about 45 car lengths ahead of real fun. Still Ricky Rudd as they worked back in turn want Kyle Petty has taken his car back and watch here and it's a frustrating day for the shelter now. If you want and whatever the problems are they didn't get a cure that John Glenn and look pretty good where you're laughing then apparently started cutting all started back in the Roger there were. Once again. He's pretty high in the point standings that he needs to stay in the top 25 so they'll try to get the car back out there if they can't here's a leader Alison back to life still. The battle right now is for fifth position as they worked back into turn one and as Dick Brooks down the inside jokes we. Remarks the home run. You can lose I think it. Right behind. Rod Bouchard to get looking to the inside of Jeff what I just doesn't quite have enough to get there they're single file streaming off turn four. Here's Alisyn he has to read his way through the corners up and reinforce this time against a lap traffic there's you. I all the cars are working real good and believes that when we first came back on the air after that range out the contract might be a little bit slippery. For the twentieth thirty laps that sets late drop. That range out they have really been hanging in the corner and apparently it has helped this racetrack it has morning I have seen no sign of it is good to settle the cards are sticking very. They just went another missed on a moment ago don't quit fresh tires and looks like there you go for another on the mound wanted to. Harry Gant he's right in the thick of the point battle for the Winston cup championship worth over half a million dollars do you think gantt is out there and never won raceway is one that they're charging through the pack he's off turn. When you look at the inside a Buddy Baker put a slower car make him pull up the go back to the outside lane it's still militant leaders took joy I have endured. Four out of four back for the start finish line Allison leading off the corner and second will be bonnet in third as patty and here comes Jim he wants another. Nobody gets a good job down the front straightaway. I want me all the room he needs to take over fourth relegating moneymaker. Eleven cars and that Mac single file lately trying to reel them back into making a twelve car freight train. Any return to Madrid the leaders coming up on five slower cars. Depleted North Carolina motor speedway Allison leader Ron Gant that he undoubtedly turn on the medal to move now as you chart the reared back and play makers can't. Kids are not detect the way back behind the valley forty go to work if he gets on the racetrack with baker fends off the town which I don't have to be content as Brooks finds that his back corporate turn for the shot may have the fastest car on the speed. You working his way up through. Now we'll see. Can't just some of the cylinder cars and Alison is fourth time in turn one. Richard Petty for rookie license your cars throughout many thought the pace now the leaders working by JD the company had Jerry bomb an open territory they grew up to the high side and while they are stalled just a bit their bit to get around a lap cars the pack. Tightens up on the here comes Allison. I am just three cars now on nearly every car lengths then paddy and Bouchard and again particularly strong. Shooting down the straightaway is getting into the next corner you can now bring in Richard Petty. Shards on fire department due primarily to Richard Petty he's pushing penny to the front of the pack. They're battling for fourth meanwhile wanted to get what he announced an intern for. Still about twelve or fourteen cars definitely packed with Alison pacing the feeling he's getting around the racetrack and about 47. Plan that's. But you're in race traffic you haven't. Pick your way through the corners now. Imperial picked up possession. Trying to challenge it ran up on slower track. They'll have to go single file Brooks baker. Along with let's go to our look Johnny Richmond and now finally lake speed is not bad back at seven cars battling behind the leaders and then I'm sure Allison is running hard for a couple of reasons. The ratio to begin with the here Allison again kind of bruise that show were guests. He said this morning so story couldn't stand for anybody touching them when you can leave the race and do what he's doing takes your mind off. It makes you feel a whole lot better part of your question about having that Buick is working well for him today and that's certainly. Record that still sitting in the airport about our running hard and they're running out there right now I'm the only tactic. Okay and now you. A lot of good memories and bad memories of this racetrack while Leo well. I have had a lot of success here and I want my. Either way win in my career back in 1967. Since then have won some have lost some of them. You know it's been. Kind of both ways but I don't know. Good racetrack. Play well going up for. Second clock gets down to the inside at turn one. Broussard says thank you. There again you gave me shot and a Hebrew to the inside but somehow why it is able to hold on that's what we'll slowly slide client turned raise their side by side. Can't had to make that move down into Iran whose charred would have passed the ball. Now at the start finish drive Mattel saying again placard like he's. Rashard is underneath you want it for third bush holding serve as they go swinging my. Also leaves the club turned to break right there I mean the way they whistle down the backstretch. Sixty miles back in the battle for six still raging between that looks to Buddy Baker now live journal bunny moves and as to a spot ahead of Ricky Rudd as they work again and turn gray behind. You hear that rode out. Why have it wrong. Never really felt good article. We know in front of the NASCAR. Get back now hitting them right here don't like. Aren't aren't sitting in the thinner thanks now. Let's lately by. They are now car into the garage area they go to Iraq's not a we'll all miss. Number one that's gonna ultimately is the laughing at a time one play at home that car. Okay very strong right now. Scramble for the lead just a moment you'll coming across the start finish line again trying to taken away from Bobby Allison got better things going into the turn. And number one he's working on and in the backstretch gutters down to the inside the racetrack will be announced again Alison just like inches is able to be here for the answers to turn right Alison still hold the top spot here again looking at back. Camera costar sticking well right at the bottom of the racetrack we will have a live Dale Jarrett across the start finish line could lead lap 100. Team they're back at one pigeonholed into a good shot liking to make here. Backstretch she'd be on the front stretching return number one this time either manage Madonna jealous. Good battle for the it's why downturn in the body works and a money maker he's been picking our cars one by one play at very conservative but still aggressively climbing his way to the front but the finally beginning to put some daylight on the rest of the field as they come back the line. Now and again get sort of yours ago. Again this time Harry. Believe here at Rockingham and are not push it back to me and Simon. George again. Did you read new leader and immediately he and Bouchard also for growing to everybody else they quickly explode. Down into turn gray they're pulling away your legs feedback and Eminem may have loved Redmond carver. Are going to the left side so it's good very costly too it's not clear politely sometimes in. Can verify this if you have a vibration the car you think there's a tirade blasting north tire problem Vinny your life better off we didn't change at all forward and take chances. You haven't well that's exactly right it is better than James for that so many times people it's so. Isolate them frustrated. Oregonians have Harry can't they'll never have a slower car. Buddy boys in Reshard most of you'll find links. Are just coming up to speed on the return of value fit for the top spot by the wayside he street heroin behind gain some of the best racing. Here is going on here at the North Carolina motor speedway as the steel works around this racetrack in the racing surface of. That work their way around leave mom's car at the moment things seem to stabilize. Mean Alison. Nobody is awful quick car right now he is moved by the who do Richard Petty petty back covered by some sixers have acknowledging running very quick. Nice place to ours on the contract limping out of turn of the foreign on the pit road that is Ricky Rudd in the rank affordable but more as he comes down and in the vicinity of Ned Jarrett. This coming down very slew of morning holly had moved to the inside of the track but moreover I know we're ready glory. They wanted. You know my radio. I'm going OK does anyone thinking linemen. Okay. More and some of the other when they're in on the news there right now runs. They want the problem might be. And doing all flow into work at but more shop in recent weeks they have problems Buffett north we'll sperling also had some problems here this week in practice back well finally he went out. Wheldon. All fine causing them to leave the second day of qualifying the car back and feel good you still love the car and it might be a for Ricky run. Get back in their efficacy still has the good shot at finishing very high on the list that points. Marty Gary gets starting to run away from the field Ron Bouchard the second place cars one point nine seconds back of data to come across the start finish drive the distance bill. You start back at third place Bobby Allison is 2.3 seconds and Allison has his handful of the third possession. Gloria doesn't make us very well they just went right beneath Bobby Allison takes that's my life. And at the same time closing on the real flying cart field. They'd show it's getting. Right in the middle of the pack also mentioned lake speed he moved around while we shark ever get a problem hero but he's running very quick final score fresh tires he's starting to pull in like Harry get an event to get back one of those laughter. Kyle Petty coming out of the garage going back on the racetrack about the fourth or fifth time this afternoon as. So return to how we talked earlier it reminds you. Over at pocono win against cars right he's lost. Am moving down into turn and we just got rather clever voice Carlson Dave Marcus here comes like speed again moving struck try to do when his lap back. Which are moved up beside Dale Jarrett also getting on him another lap car. We chart there was not gaining any ground on leader in Iraq nobody is can't goes back to turn over one Bouchard has a lot of lap traffic and two seconds to make up. He has Trevor boys directly ahead Libya many lakes. Stephen Dave Marcus you're waiting here. One of the final push Arnold picked his way through. Wanna feel now Richard Petty dodge into the inside the Budweiser Chevrolet of dale a lot of he's got the spot they lined up nose to tail try to track down the card directed at them. That's the real highlight you look at Bobby Allison that is another driver you always great as a strong favorite. Heat wave because he has one attribute that makes him up here and that's patients you've got to have that this race he's Smart enough not to get up there. Over extend the car had a little something left at the end finally make repairs to their anger bordering Iraq and it's. It's going back down pit road right now I left off for crowd laughing. Tough break for Richie wrote the book more team. They were very strong contender for the championship this year and and they just had more than their share of problems seem to kind of crawler hit all at once. Lost quite a few laughs here this afternoon with ticketmaster's going to find out exactly how many here in just a moment gift winding his way. Carolina motor speedway as Buddy Baker a gentle giant swing down in the turnover one door to door and that's for position. I would vote I'm hoping those on the racetrack he'll hold off. The money maker challenge right there. You've got a chance to battle for the eighth spot. Just put my hands and now they're moving down by JD picked up beat Richard Petty now pulling away from me applied he's getting a taste of Bobby Allison. Ricky Rudd has lost five laps and that's very Parsons at the moment we'll have a story of why as the lead cars have back to the south and the freeway. Yeah they weren't off turn over to we want further back where they're pretty. It shows going on involving Rusty Wallace she's run himself a very conservative race here today conservative what do. Leaders now working at turn four now almost slamming into each though there is why would start in lake speed they're trying to get by some sort guard John militant. They almost ran into each other they did run into each other right at start finish as they headed for turn one Bouchard trying to come up to the high groove he caught the left rear at speeds Carville CB suffered any damage the backstretch while Ron Rashard. Looks okay flakes. Slower cars now moving to the inside they're not blocking a club way to the racetrack. There's maybe relay to this racetrack what is really usable the other when you have to be careful. They're certainly not three as they just found out. Always said many a time that there's about a lane and a half you can race in the conference here in North Carolina motor speedway that theory was right after eleven day because they've been going through turn more. And reinforce to breast with no problem at all as they worked back in the turn one. Richard Petty pulled away from the Obama. I have a slower. Greg Sachs now between those two pretty good job. Ricky Rudd is back on the speedway and that has been five collapsed he hasn't lost in the pits making repairs getting parts of the story. Yes I went down and talk to the crew landed. You attend I don't know that it. Came in they changed its mission there. And find them. A lot of ignition problems in 1984 for quite a few. The driver. That may be looking at coming up to something a little bit better for 1984. Here's Terri LeBron he's been riding around this racetrack and running hard all afternoon has been racing door to door with quite a few drivers. As we set I think his crew chief dale Inman says hey let's go out there hanging out zero we can do. I think a lot of pressure off this young driver who's out we'll. Winston cup championship as he takes his guard down and turn more. He has about a Connolly and a half the money does not Bobby Allison as they swing around and slower car. Little margin on Richard Petty one time is made with a little bit more comfortable than that is Bobby Allison starts to close at Richard Petty smoking the tires just a bit in the terms right now. That ftp cardiac down at the bottom of the track. Maybe try to gain some ground meanwhile Harry Gant has extended his lead he is three point six seconds. Out in front of the field here again really opening things up on Iran who started Bouchard he's having it. And through the lap traffic as well as. Scattered up and down the racetrack high side low side third right now as the body court does Allison there's this Richard Petty six his field line. Long way back to seventh place that will be the difference automobile. This Jeff Conine in the night this difference. In the tenth spot they're posting buddy Baker's car back at eleven is Bill Elliott in welcome Joseph right on thirteenth. Would beat Darrell Waltrip and those are the card was said Rusty Wallace and fourteen at Morgan Shepherd 1516. To Dale Earnhardt fans everybody that's on the lead lap. He talked about during the body how much pressure has to be on this young Texas driver former driver from Texas. About winning as Winston cup championship and he knows he needs to get out there and run hard but he also knows that he can't really over extend the car and do. But I know again they're you know every man alone and it didn't really run very well. You know we really get got to run doesn't arguing man man in the news again and I had and we know unavailable and gone you know I've got to have that do not know. There's an art auctioneer on the racetrack lets really like nobody fox content Brady's experience as he goes off the number one and you caught it. And it's just that point in transition. From the flat need part of the racetrack up under the 23 degree running game it was just a single car accident the card do looper made no contact with a the other car. Or for that matter with the retaining wall he gets the car right it and pulls it towards the back then area but does bring up the caution. And Harry Gant slows the field over in turn over three and a half plus Iraq pit stops coming up and look at those we come back from North Carolina motor speedway this is MR and the motor racing network. It's time to replace your vehicle's headlights stuff by O'Reilly auto parts seek better drive safely sail for a twin tech Pennsylvania silver star ultra headlights and get a fifteen dollar O'Reilly gift card after mail in rebate. Seemed farther and more clearly with silver star headlights at O'Reilly auto parts. Better parts better prices every day restrictions apply see store for details. Ultimate. Oh Mubarak's. It's almost a push your car. It's time for relaxing and then winding the Crist called bush fear. It's the most refreshing time of the day. Wake Forest. 321. Crisp cool. Books. I enjoyed responsibly what you hear about who's doing. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the fifth. You can trust sonoco to beat him you would need to go second camp plus America feels going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of great things. And a rash of that activity during this caution flag most of the movie routine let's go to admit this morning everybody take an advantage on this car and then. Everyone that we have seen coming in from the attempt then known all of Ford cars of course Philadelphia union 76 gasoline if you all of them have made chassis adjustments on the cars. So they should be set for another hundred miles here. After after this round of pit stop something this was a good caution for a lot of drivers know Walter was about the record and left behind Harry Gant is garden didn't make me want to do well. Several others were admitting we have to get held up and make an adjustment on their car here Buddy Baker coming back into the pit bailout just come on the guest actress nominee Bob. I want to watch and they'll learn our vulnerability has been having some trouble with that Wrangler Chevrolet and I didn't watch his good stuff and delicacy. And they seem to be having radio love problems. They were that he was booed the radio and Richard Childress was born in doing so I think they got a real problem with the communication in the second thing is. He had on some smoked glass is some real dark goggles when this race started he change Internet itself a bona you lighter Rory. The goggles would not as much chance to actually get a little bit better visibility on the racetrack. They are holding the Buddy Baker car on pit road apparently he ran a stop sign and did not get them down pit road quickly enough. To get out ahead of the pace car so they will hold of and that'll put him one lap down. And it one lap will be going to racing let's quickly let's check in with Dick Brooks in the comedian sunglasses sports deck looks like you've got a lot of power under the hood of the car today. And even a moment like quarter. Ordered up a good you can have done a good job setting up an. You're gonna go. Our eleventh. And what I can get up on a little about what. We're only playing I'm gonna run along Greg Oden. Their front seven a pretty good run here he's reporting live from the cockpit experience unless escorted Jimmie Don Levy were set to go racing. The leader will be Harry Getty got out of the pits ahead of everyone on that round of pit stop Richard Petty came out right behind him he'll be the second place car during the bunny has moved up in the third as the fields over in three behind Terry let out a run Bouchard then from the civilian court and Dick Brooks Bobby Allison Neal bonnet. Jeff what I'm Bill Elliott. The good run for Joseph Robin and Rusty Wallace with Darrell Waltrip and Dale Earnhardt just behind them here's the place car on pit road get leads amount for Harold Pinter waves the green and they come up through that gearbox in the last. One thing. Tomorrow in the corner they run late speeds staying inside of camp trying to get back when it collapsed it lost earlier. And second spotted Richard patio. They squeeze out of turn ever do not very much daylight between the two cars lake speed at the bottom of the racetrack hair began working at Midas gold managed several like they can't recollect retell their side by side Ricky Rudd very slow down toward the attack paper here comes Richard Petty head -- a little lead. The crowd to its creative they were already standing can't we'll hold an internal one at the same time links Reid still occupies the inside groove. Richard Petty right behind Steve basement off. Lake street Richard Petty trying to get rid of that car separating him from the leader he can't do it he tucked in behind makes me carry the bodies there. We sure are looking for running room. And Ricky Rudd has trouble again he's battle pit road let's go to bed as if the call going dad wasn't enough morning Ali had a flat. And back out more when it rains it pours and enhance Ricky Rudd here today leadership back in. The sharks still strong field goal ask Hillary. Moving up from the first and get the lead. Behind them in the back of the pack when a scramble going on as Rusty Wallace and Darrell Waltrip trying to work their way up through there looking about money money Greg Sachs as they battle for those back to block quite a few of the good. Strong cars are far back in the field have been on every restart this afternoon. Work your way back from the front of funny he is one of those back there right now they were back in the turn of the one feel pretty well strung out among the top seven gently. Which are very funny fourth trucks Allison checkbox up. Allison got a good jump coming out of turn over till he gets down to the bottom of the racetrack he's battling with Dick Brooks Brooks now gets a little bit higher at turn three Allison will battle with a hit download. Back behind them maple we've load time tonight we'll leave Bill Elliott back to the deaths by two runs and eleven Rusty Wallace while whose Darrell Waltrip thirteen is Dale Earnhardt. Morgan Shepherd fifty this Tim Richman. Bobby Allison got a good running start going passionate. Entering turn number one. Mexico shut the door on the old hundred try capacity. Don't want to start to pick up his way through the field he's now side by side with rusty while she's badly that's why we are not looking over the best seat in the house he works the audience out of Wallace to try to move up let's walk through. Our hearts and try to get up. Paula it just has not been in the cards for him to put right Chevrolet at the front of the field Harry Gant still leading here North Carolina motor speedway and the Warner Hudson American 500. And can't totally swears she anybody who last in that he is not concerned for the points championship he's taken the race is one at a time he's going out there a little ball. Defenders don't you know Terry Carmichael there are about to sign in no way I can win would be if they have trouble mail maybe having built this last week yet program. You know we're the only thing he may come back and moved back its been like get you for your call now lives saved in that in your back. And it's really like doubly pleased that companies like come on board about the home loan when re not good luck. Early in the I'm I'm always people who lie you know learn that you raise some of them then I'll think about JJ Warren will be there you know it would. Which he seems more concerned. Against finishing. At least two mini is Terry appliances. The way right party you've got to believe he's out here to win this race forget who pointed to finish up by one point 91 seconds. Over second place runner run. Shia wish I can't shake Annie Le Conte. Again in the back in the pack they're good they're racing Dale Earnhardt has not fired on anybody who has moved by Darrell Waltrip also want to seem to be off the pace going by nit tip regiment along with. Morgan Shepherd and Levi Garrett Chevrolet so there may be something wrong with the Budweiser shot. Oil Walter. Problems here before the North Carolina motor speedway last year remember he's been a lot of time on pit road they repairs are putting back up there for a finish Atlantic crossing. Good shot with the cup championship. Just got in a position going and we didn't need. You found himself they didn't wanna be an either he would come out a lot of great car dealer Tim Bridgewater arrive in the middle. He gets back completely out everything get out there laughing at Fort Collins slowdown and apparently it's one of the smartest race driver. The car out there. A lot of Smart race drivers in this business. Him all the credit in the world and Betty Parsons you run against him week after week over his career for the last few years. He knows what the car can do we've said several times last few weeks he will not. It's hard to get the front if he can stay in the league lefty it always feels like he's got a shot to win and he has. I think that's exactly what he's doing today I think he just trying to stay in the lead left. Trying to keep that all live. 375 or whatever number that Bill Walker thinks is the number of the other two I think you've been good to win the right. All those big play in the 300 miles sports rights that they had a couple of weeks ago my brother finished second to. He said at the right we found ways that learns and then if you follow there. Will you will be somewhere around. That is one of the keys to his success he knows when to push the car run hard. He knows when to get there and get out there and just ride and I ask him how do you determine the difference when you're out there a lot of it has to do. How we're doing in the race. Necessarily run as hard as you can all make that takes its toll on the car and the driver. He got us pace yourself to a certain degree. Nowhere as a driver you still flourish and can play well and then when you know you're around. All your ability righted the he also won. On par and have to keep battling and when you're trying to make up points or whatever this situation dictates you need to do. Sometimes you don't really worry about the first half of the race which you do like to take control of the second hand so you lead the most laps. And easily can. Look at the competition over and know who's trying to well I. There is trouble in turn 11 car skaters up and bounces off flawlessly like old. Money boys who gets in as some smoke and oil and grease laid down by Greg Sachs I haven't heard 51. Sacks just came by just to have about money boys. I was putting down all sorts of fluid on the racetrack but they have no place to go for. He went up made little contact the company back down out of everybody's way nobody boys limping around so too is great checks. Part of the caution was already out NASCAR had noticed the problem on the Greg Sachs car. There was fluid out of the track is reported by NASCAR observer that area and they had called for the caution flag. Before body voice and data turn one and got into Kyle Petty comes back on the racetrack. As Greg Sachs glimpse into the garage what a frustrating season it's better for this young talented rookie off Long Island. Greg Sachs is coasted into the garage areas they clean up after what was apparently blown engine down at turn number one buddy boys. Who ran up into the oil and hit the wall has taken his car and market beyond the pit wall for the afternoon we are under the caution flag it is the fifth one today. Here at the North Carolina motor speedway Ned Jarrett with Greg Sachs. These out of the car Barney hall and Greg ArcelorMittal over further back. Well yes that you know moderately all of these and did even not across that rather rather guard Lou it was a bad I just gotta look like in a little fortunate to be held to keep it together and make you do that first turn and I'm glad no announcement came from I mean. Prospect that you should be a candidate for the time as mayor of the race because you did get the car slowed down and look now watches going to and that turned look like you're ready to work hard. Administration get a slowdown before you got the corner but they didn't and it was military gonna Nanette president of Asia that front straightaway is this marks the whole way and not a straight. Trailing after. And that's what got no Ellen needed I love meant no lawyer but I'm glad to Megan. I get back the amount of time nextwave gonna Martinsville might drive them relative or a Democrat and I'm married and don't play one guard combat ready got it now development honoring a good Soledad. Well you have merit. You've been here and had one of your better runs noise near you qualified all their oil for this prize but just want to think well if it does wasn't to be today. Greg Sachs one of a number of drivers and car owners that are locked in a battle to stay on the top 25. Because the first 2.5 car owner positions that they do pay some appearance money as part one of the NASCAR plans. And right now there are about ten cars and have a chance of being on or off that Elmo Langley 64 car is twice first in the owner points buddy Arrington testimony seconds. There were near car that doesn't all the races that's one kill Yarborough drives his 23 Greg Sachs 24 in owners points and two they won't help Jimmy means is Tony Smith. Larry McClure of the owner of the report card by Joseph Rudman is 26. The wood Brothers running all the races this year to try to get back on the to the top 25 in anticipation of next year. They are 27 in the car owner points parade. 28 just Johnny Hayes racing team that's bill Parsons car and all of those teams have a shot of being on the NASCAR planned repairs moniker more often depending on where they end up. Just three short races from now. We're getting ready to collect green with a jam. It in the lead let's go to the pits quickly in Ned Jarrett. We're spending and we'll. And everything running hard out there are you concerned about the. Love. After all what would. Regulate all the laps and again troubling turn on deck Brooks got tips sideways and six cars are headed in front of the like all more than six now O'Neal not a tactic. Looks as automobile Bobby Allison as a dad Bobby Helen Jerry Coleman so Toobin Joseph what many car left rear damage to Tim Richmond. Limping along we told you have Jeff pulled dying Vick may Buddy Baker meal my that they all found themselves sandwiched up against the outside retaining wall. It looked as though Dick Brooks who was on the outside of that restart. Might a gotten a bit of attack from the Obama who in turn got tagged himself. From the rear. It's always a chain reaction of three cars. They began shooting and all sorts of directions and not as well you can imagine what those neighbors they were very close to the front of the black. Mayor came the rest of the world behind them spinning and every which direction is a lot of. Should appears at emirates who will suffer the worst damage. Quite a bit of front in a sheet metal Bannister is Carlyle smoke out as he lives around the racetrack he's back and probably like all the elected to the pit road. He'll make it around but two cars remain stock down here they are two guys you have big plans for this day meal bar that it just won't dime. Both of those cars have suffered badly damaged but its cars pointed away from us. But we can see the collapse. Thought of that car is nowhere near. What the shape should invade and Jumbo Diane scars pointed towards the inside retaining wall and it has stopped coming off turn number two so there is a good bit of damage to both of those cars as well. Here's Tim Richmond Olympic on pit road timber in the old Milwaukee drew go to work on that Dick Brooks was the first car to get sideways the repairing his card giving import tires let's correctly like you'll quickly about cleanup is taking place right now they're pulling me Obama's car away they're checking I'm adjust both dying kargil Rodman has gone into the rear pets here along with Jerry Coleman there's good bit of damage to the Bobby -- carbon he'll be able to continue the let's go to med journal pit road. We're standing in the near Redmond that's a part of that they can change all right I'm tired Muslims. Melt away from the whale they're waiting for him spectacular building come back and a dad. Carol. Elliott now I don't know pit road there right now trying to guide commitment. Ripped my dad there's a lot of data management eleven. I'm back farther one group. Then the right side and our best comment I know lamp the last time around they're pitching more than sheet metal away from the lamp problem from our vantage point diligent about that thing. Dangerous from the car very much like that the damage here. Just cosmetic fifty. Medals they're gonna no way. All run. Jerry moments cart comes pastor will run quite quite credits during special car has what would be about 3000 dollars were the body work if your take it down local Ford dealer. Dick Brooks was the first car to get sideways in that melee in turn one let's check in with them live in the chameleon Bordick I'm glad you didn't have the microphone keyed when that all started to happen. Yeah yeah. I don't like about four opponents and that nobody don't have. OK. PG and it's gonna go any earlier than they. I want what all of you know I had this thing. You can go to unemployed again. I don't fall in Vienna in the front I didn't wanna hold you want them and it at all I got. What did you feel happened out their victim trigger the incident. I hope somebody if somebody can't behave but they don't wanna come up with a pick I don't know I didn't. That I got an early enough and I don't want to let. I don't know I know I am it all happened after. That's Dick Brooks whose cars able to continue with only a minor damage let's go back to their charities still looked down toward the Tim Richmond fifth. What it don't work know that sheet metal out my joints but again it just got here is today's reaction medal at one away a portion of them live front manner so. Come and they do what they can't miss send it back out and try to get. From losing another lap meanwhile I helped pull the neo bonnet Budweiser Chevrolet another rod Darren there have that car looks like did is gonna do much damage they had. Continue the a lot of told me yesterday why the turns are so critical here at this racetrack like OK you what's gonna give up. Had a couple of rhetoric. It in the corner trying to get under somebody. Who are still playing here that would bar them. Worked real grown up on your daughter. The nose of the car. And then if you can ever get the nose of the sun up off the corner then you can you know drivers administer it away but you gotta have a car that's go on our part of the public order. There were fifteen cars on the lead lap of the North Carolina motor speedway three of those have in the garage area Neil bonnet. Jeff pulled died in the car Joseph Rodman the Rusty Wallace apparently had an involvement in that they've knocked the front end out of line and made repeated that stops for repairs let's go to Ned Jarrett in the garage. We'll check back within a moment as he makes his way over toward a meal products. Car in the garage area. Levin having Iran now mailing an out of his car melee looks like it that much damage to get back to enlightening but as the best of developments gonna go above his arm what happened and Aaron. About more breast ovaries garden OK he's gonna get ready to go to currently dropped while Bobby Allison. There was speculation they've been looking for a driver in case Allison needed almost as they put him under green here this afternoon as we told you Allison was involved in the crash here yesterday in a comfort coach 200 for the late model sportsman division it was very very sore here today but despite the fact that he has to be very very sore he's done just a heck of a job and talk to good. He really has guarding during the rain delay was walking around and he was carrying that right arm like it was in a slaying and just kind of favoring that right side a little but he's been quite a competitor out there. But the tough old bird feeder and a garage area nosy here as. This chair is making his way over to Jeff -- I had to get a word with him and find out what happened. Aren't they were here now Jeff instills that in Yemen north rafter at security car after they won the race yesterday in Victory Lane you said that you hope that he had not used always loved. But tapped it looks like each. Hello and evidently something you're here today because John what went through. Round I don't have Tagalog and added there's a number of guys out there I didn't cooling things at this point that are raised and not a victim of circumstance that is great behind them and relish game when he got got to do that but I guess you color red some like it's. Not a right make repairs and get you back here. Well I ever read try to get back out and run it may last weekend. You know that the player race and Adolph forging yet so it it just saw the body up mainly on account they're gonna check it out and try to get back out there. Now Vick just didn't that's got good depth but I'm here is our driving so well today we're looking for are clean slate did that make him the. A lot of times if you go in the core two and three abreast and somebody doesn't give it to wipe out an awful lot of equipment particularly on restart on the field as much here's a place car on pit road as they come down to green again Harold gender ways it. Gant is a leader who show artist second third his life. Bobby Allison played Tylenol. They shop in the corner of this time everybody seems to take a more confident Lima last time I believe cars on the outside swing thought. Right behind me. He's 3700 pound stock cars under a full head of state now Bouchard just a couple of feet away from Harry Gant meanwhile Ricky Rudd in between the doctor Carter the third place car during a running Bouchard who wants to lead he's been quick to the person or five laps after the restart. And then related just event. You would happen this time you see those afternoon and a one published yard strike to make it. That's a little more. Where Harry Gant has been particularly strong off turnover that you can. The ratio favre's arm. Which I've looked to the inside of the car broke loose so we have to be content the way back behind him now look Bonnie has disposed of Ricky Rudd is somewhat Charlotte behind the leaders. Here comes the battle for the lead off turn four Bouchard is there he's alongside. Worked out of line and come down. On the fifty yard can do at this time. Which are needed to get a quick jump on Harry again we need them between turns one and two and coming off the second quarter pushed. This second. Nobody here as a coach Sharon has finished off his journey that saw him start tonight guys up at the top of the field entirely separate Nevin Harry can't. Meanwhile Ricky Rudd battling would turn the bodies try to get one of his loss left back who started Jeff what I mean all the drivers to run yesterday's race finished 12. What I'm winner who charges one like racquet that sportsman races leaders have one behind Ronald. Deadly car against car look volunteers search the backstretch a car is not a true. It's Jerry comedy came out of tournament too late to be trying to avoid in his tent he slammed into the inside retaining wall they are targets by the rest of the field gets five. Now spinning completely around at 360 is lakes may not resting upside down it gets inside retaining wall is Garry Bowman the young driver from Maryland he came out of turn number two he was involved and at the last part of why the car's been beat up. They got squirrelly took a right hand turn towards the wall. Then it's turned sideways and then went upside down he is now crawling out from underneath the race card this standing ovation of the back straight away crowd the car smoking just a bit but he is okay. With just under caution for the seventh time this afternoon a scary moment for Jerry Coleman good news that he has climbed out of the car. Under his own power that has been the scene of some spectacular accidents your North Carolina motor speedway coming out of that number two corner. Bobby Allison somersaults in the car about 45 times all the way halfway down that back straightaway in 1976. And we saw a really bad crash your couple years ago in the sportsman event over there also. And the driver reliever Bobby Allison the very next race to Richmond was Neil plotted a course which we told him broadcaster reduce are gonna tell you gotta start grand national racing. As Neal who will now Neil modest sitting waiting to see if he may go in for Bobby Allison on this pit stop what's good out of any Parsons and Ned Jarrett. Because all everybody thousand hasn't left open the door quite considerably on that note I'm good. He's one in the best nearby and isn't this though we're up in our power down at the start finish line. And I had. Can't see they want change Benny Neal is standing well back of the pit wall anyone not get in for Bobby on this good stuff allies say OK maybe they're legit they're trying to fix the vendor analogous. That's the first thing. This isn't damaged and it only number one global broaden its car. What's he was involved in that alteration over the and I suspect if they want to make the driver change your Ngo more tired on the Miller brewing right now while now. That they wouldn't go back now I can't back up of the field because trying to do all of that work and such a short period of time and change drivers to. I would bailing them out and tell you they're gonna do it they'll send it back out and then come back and. We'll keep around that this the way they came off pit road Darrell Waltrip good pit work got him out first Harry Gant came out right behind him then Richard Petty then Terry the body then Buddy Baker and Ron Bouchard. And Bobby Allison. So were other caution for the seventh time today at the North Carolina motor speedway 1860492. Laps are complete. As Dick Brooks is assumed the lead here at Rockingham music are lined up directly behind the pace car and Brooks. Will be tonight's different driver to lead this race Ron blue shark but those last couple of laps under green. Before the caution flag came out for Jerry Bowman split down the back straightaway at the moment as mark your reported climbed out of the car. And he is okay here's Bobby Allison back on pit road and Neil body is set to go in the car he's standing over the good Walt let's go to net. They have torn their oil completely away you wouldn't know that that's a Buick automobile like joint. He had some damage in many marks mentioned there was blocking so they have taken it completely. Other grill out loud at that shouldn't hurt this make rubble of a killer doesn't do too much for the aerodynamics of the car that Neil bonnet is going and the car. Courses there's not that much different than the size publicly drivers and you'll find it. And Bobby Allison they're driving styles are very similar as well so I suspect that battle we have good move certainly with the soreness that Bobby Allison had a backlash yet today they're gonna have heard. As he tries to get up from the baseline and he does so you'll stay in the lead lap. Under the seven caution of the day Ricky Rudd making a late pit stop matured a volatile have worked with Bobby Allison who's climbed out of the Miller high life Buick. He put back hard and believe in Barney of for a fellow that. Cracked the wall as hard as he did yesterday he really had a tremendous run going here today he's in the. Tough race drivers we said I don't think there's anybody to better in the business and Bobby Allison and nobody that I love the sport of auto racing as much as Allison does boldly too much longer still cleaning up from the jury moment axis and then back straightaway and as we said Bowman climbed out of the car owners own power we saw him walking into the infield care center here just a moment ago for a precautionary checkup so. Jerry Bowman apparently is all right the shaken up after an accident in the backstretch. Austin up for the seventh time today were joined eleven cars on the lead lap. And the fellow who's at the head of the parade is Dick Brooks in the two million Florida right now leaving behind the Pontiac safety car I don't have to ask your race is going right now it's got to be going well. We're don't when I got my underwear bomber. Don't bring up I don't want they are yeah. Look at our best shot obviously I would imagine over the what are they like me to think well does he. Portland on the background hey let's Garland an upside down. Are you walk out talk everything was all right. And you have a while we're gonna. And abandon it's. Downhill breaking bad guys and I am hurt and mail. You know I was one of my all time favorite people in the world and I agreed to help me out and not. We'd guess that know how grateful I am proud that I really do appreciate him getting in forming new world the delay or radio they're talking mortgage. Well not all of that I'm not there body work off the front and every rally is gonna mess them up but just hang in there whether that's. Wait try to get that they're true to try to get him back going okay I have my doubts and I really haven't done it. President and you know can win. The term war on mr. French holds down second spot. I want to finish third and fourth Richard Petty thefts the top cars all those details are working on Lennie pond they work by him it took rid it got clear track ahead Brooks why do you paralyzed. Good run predict review this afternoon he almost won this race here in the spring he brings them back to the line and here's Richmond with a family. Left flat and hard one yeah. Turn want. I live in the or retrain laid it also allowed Darrell Waltrip could tighten up considerably. My fair and forthright to my. Top seven cars have broken away just a little bit from the rest of the pack Bill Elliott trying to catch up to make candidate in our battle they bring often turn to restrict money at 45 degree banking nose to tail. Eleven cars are on the lead lap Rockingham Brooks the leader Richmond drive the on the low side. And again in fourth many in the fifth funny and Broussard and Elliott behind those cars. Morgan Shepherd meal and Bobby Allison. Likewise Rusty Wallace. Instant replay that we saw this past spring at Rockingham going on now Dick Brooks at the head of the bill looking very stuff he's got a Carl likely have a regiment. Gary comes out of turner before that car working real well for him at Richmond just will not give. We have a sheet metal bands that will change fearful. Conservative running. You know those of the car and was cushioned maybe it's only lose their last person who's who's made this one time and a you don't really know do you get out there. Knows how you can wrinkle in the the miracle right weight for my. Right now seems to have helped him because he is running strong big guns after Brooks again down on the inside. Remember one. And Richmond has to come out of the throttle. Analyst Daryl. Waltrip almost out of the racetrack hold off a challenge. Either side my side. Wanted for the Budweiser Chevrolet download they come from the outside retaining wall down the bottom of the racetrack in third grade they're still locked together it's got the advantage down a lot of first eleven cars on the racetrack are the eleven cars on the lead lap waltrip. I know he won't because again has all that tremendous straightaway speed right there watching this story look. The blue shark like why is Bill Elliott all getting my Richard Petty and helps shuffle. Import contract also closing in there will be a factor just collaborative Dale Earnhardt with a mortgage jeopardy and so they're gonna make it ten current battle for the top spot there are no details single. Are you gonna trying to work his way around Buddy Baker to catch up to that. Lead draft. It's who's now taken over for Bobby Allison. Real were back in turn 12. An idea to drive actually inside and going and it. They're single file on the backstretch then line up against his red and white concrete barrier that dive to the bottom of the racetrack. We're still holding on the card gets a little bit loosen the turn which meant taps his back bumper in turn four. Rex getting good right here. Motor program and a car we understand your. The bottom Harry Gant covers the spot up either to wide receiver Richmond. Daniel stay on the low side of the racetrack get. Same room. My colleagues as well. For second. Jenna had some slower lap traffic is Harry Gant goes around the outside of Tim Richmond claim that second spot he rides a little higher than look around at slower traffic. Brooks doing a good job of keeping everyone back there but Dan has been the class of the field one of the car. Can keep him back there packet traffic in turn one behind the two week. Thanks again that's Richmond and third where we have no sign of a racetrack it's all just pulled. O'clock PM sharp Rashard Turkoglu Rashard hesitated trigger finger he got the inside of Terry Labonte he takes over the spot he nearly tapped the back up with a Budweiser Chevrolet at it. You'll want to be currently lies Smith Jon Corzine goes back to the rays minus all the front sheet metal except the right. Racing for the lead it is can't getting that slingshot run down the straightaway and the. I'm nick Brooks it was Bouchard living inside of wall took off for the fourth spot help. I just hope I'm the leader again that's what I'd start on the bottom of the racetrack out of harm's way through the body makes a run at don't want to doesn't have enough to get the job done. Don't have to be content for six can't. It really hasn't dialed in in the Senate Committees around Brooks now has pulled away by about four car lengths again. Are working on Dick Brooks for that second spot another car that is just about as good as Harry can. Is that a few yards he's just a little bit weak coming through the corners that's where he loses ground as the clock started down the back straightaway he's making a bid for a third. He got a good life down low on the racetrack his Buick outlawed the party activist Tim Richmond into turn over three he takes over the third spot. 202 laps completed at the North Carolina motor speedway is Kerry again and again he is opening up some. It's the second already passed by Dick Brooks how does that work their way out of. It's giving way for the leader Harry can't. Traffic they'll be no challenge here which are about to be content to get behind him they're getting it behind the voice Arctic may end. Nobody airing today welcome to the high side in turn four. Jeff Blatter came back on the practice reportedly 31 laps behind the leader right now the deal client. Here's Rashard underneath Brooks is a hit one. He is strong we're sure. Straight away going why didn't Brooks on the low side Joseph Borchard and second Brooks Justin. A lot of looks in the inside of Tim Richman as they move into turn over three they nearly touched there is no daylight between those two cars Madonna covered the spot he's for. Perry get rigs off the fourth quarter he's well a lot of evidence second back of cars we chart his second. Third nobody scored it is Richmond sixty waltrip seven does Elliott eight this patty Knight deserve our. Jumper most of the cars tied tightly together as they come. Officers caught again still pulling away. For the first time and a few laps they have nothing to clear racetrack ahead of them for about a straightaway about a thousand feet which are now pulling away from Dick Brooks looks like you. You really and danced slowly and steadily. No can't really has the class of the field that's for sure. Came from out of the pact took over the lead and he's pulled away from Bouchard again. It's only like oh my makeup my kids. Watch at one point 03 seconds. Us gasoline overrun Lucia. They're gonna continues its aggressive run he is now behind the rear bumper of Dick Brooks civilian Ford Thunderbird earlier and I went separate those two of the battle for third. Moving up toward the front straightaway whose charge is gaining fractionally maybe five. It was second or slap on the leader third place that battle is heated up as well eleven cars on the lead lap the president. We just gave you plus Bobby allison's car driven by Neil a lot of it really fair again. Walk away from everyone here the Austin American 500 at the North Carolina motor speedway in London and a little. This afternoon. Seven caution flags the race was red flag he joined our broadcast live late for some rain showers and came early in the event this afternoon. It's been a good race every time they've been up there a degree here's Dan coming out of turn of the forays about a second half ahead. From flu shot artist who shark dives under some lap traffic team. I think Casey turned one good man. And turn the money. The crux of the body were single file so it. You look for the you sign a. At least by staying single file moving up on the scorecard Jimmy means they work legitimately need to get down in the bottom of the racetrack giving these are valid that there's got playroom there in turn four. Harry Gant had a scary moment that I won't bother you won't waxed cars are good to get anything going into the you can open later so I really wanted to Travis Carter told us yesterday that one of the big things that he thinks is made the difference. Here's a driver is the fact that he seems to have more confidence in the whole team rallied. The team has come along way this year we've made tremendous. Drivers in a lot of areas that we were low weight I mean I think they want to driver realize this coast we'll run out front and he can do it comfortably. I imagine now. Good the first part of raissi had a good chance to men raised on charity doing the right in the league depending on occasion you know you have to do all you can. Eric part of the race to sort of learning after the latter part so. And make changes now a little bit of certain race and don't action reluctantly went out of me generation where we're not quite as good silly. Not organized an invitation back in the stab at a let you out please let's. Just happened last time. Looked like run from Charlotte rocket and Taylor and his guards got sleepy turned to. He's awfully strong coming off a corner shooting down the straightaway is telling us. Hello again to leave here rock. Asking him food giant went by like damn was chain to the ground but then game quickly followed and on his back up their nose the tail just a couple of feet apart internal war that is amazing because Bouchard was. Was one point two seconds behind and just tonight. Take that lead in three laps and that's exactly. Storm right into the front of the field. Benny Parsons are these guys playing cat and mouse or they didn't carry running as hard as the Kennedy made you decide Hollywood shark go you don't make up the second deficit in the lap. What happened again when in the third quarter and something vetted and has got in his way and he almost hit the coming off turn Gloria we all know that's another thing we all can actually stop the car Wally was doing them on the your manager and took the lead did. Only go on Lindell hospital. He was already inside those little. It was like talk to the take you through the broad immunity they said it was time he was talking walking but they did more agreement just as they take precautions do a lot of times check. What a spectacular accident in the middle backstretch just. The car went on its roof and slid about three or 400 feet down the middle of the backstretch. Here's a leader who shark. And again as an exciting stuff. You can't expect to see worked over in turn to. They're passing you mean girls going right Trevor boys for. Justin Richmond. Admire his tail with a Elliott and waltrip also closer. We Brooks running towards towards the news starts to tighten on him mr. Rick good start to apply pressure Bill Elliott is there and there's still want to Revver so common working his way to the front of the pack. Now rod who's charged turned to leave for a while he's got about four to have things on here again tonight. Want we're seeing some differing styles from some other drivers Rusty Wallace having him. Cars on the racetrack if you like. Turnover joked we're seeing him smoke them brings just the Mets Phillies using the miners have been born maybe because. Regulation of the cars were just driving styles differing between himself and Bobby Allison. Chart as a leader just puts a little laugh on the board can't drive second to third place car is okay for this. If it's Tim Richman as they were back into the corner of the sixth place. I've worked their way through the corner now we'll. Richard I felt sort themselves out what Dale Earnhardt and the Morgan Shepherd aren't close behind. They're very tightly kept it tight tied together right here again might have decided the revolutionary game and up lines going after him now those men. Do you work back in the turn of one million. And second just about the same here's Dan taking a look at on the outside but the F and ripped up and move around Slokar. I cover the spot they hope I'm letting my. Dan has covered all the daylight to run you charted built up as they were determined a great boost yards car slides a little bit hot dance a little bit higher he loses ground. Out of turn four back the start finish line is sharp now as one of these leaders totally evaporated one Carling difference as a direct. We've got together Jerry Levine. Eddie in order leaders will be working across some slower traffic once again on the hilly junior now they work by Joseph Milliken of return for. Feel like the line Jim wooten still out there running strong despite the damage left side. This is the last race car. Let me ask Jerry school. The players they get together and block the racetrack. Bobby Simmons lives about a Carolina this coming up sign of the racetrack he'll sneak by everybody won't follow a around the rim riding the racetrack. Also sticking by that where the leaders rod Rashard and Harry Gant Buick directly behind those cars they nearly came to a stop. Can't got through the gearbox a little bit quicker when they both started up he's got the lead right now as they head for the finish line. Back to start very very Galilee the cross to take the caution flag run move sharply to second place car nobody is third return scores Brooks is where. Six is Elliott seventy waltrip made this medieval Knight this Bernhard Ken Morgan Shepherd. At eleven Neil spotted driving the Bobby Allison car that's where they take precautions like in those are the cars on the lead lap 242. Laps in the book your Rockingham. Buddy boys has been the mystery had the misfortune to be the moving caution flag here today as were under yellow for the eighth time. Pit stops are suddenly a whole lot of smoke about the ride exhaust pipe but Dick Brooks Kamerion car weeks illiterate defective Brooks as a little different and Jim. In that car in fact it's why Bill Wilson engineered and machine. Why Dell who builds into its for kale Yarborough they've announced the switch to Ford next year and are trying to few things over the Brooke's car. In anticipation of their run in 1985. Brooks right now is talking to Judy Don Levy on their two way radio and he says that the water temperature is five so in a disgrace to sort of problem. In one lap to go back to green little smoke got a big Brooks is Charlottesville Benny Parsons for report. Well I've checked with Jodie Tom Glavine hasn't exactly what you thought as they're not really sure if they seem to think give it possibly get blown head gasket when a car. The run slow like here in the fifth when they rpm is bound car smokes are also like let's get our feel good isn't that bad. Field is up in turn number three let's hope Brooks is luck to zero hole Foreman who have a good finish your decision announced that. And so far here's the place car on pit road nobody is a leader who jarred right second chance third Richmond fourth waltrip is fails. And six is Bill Elliott single file to come down. File restarts single file on the outside playing for the love six cars as they hit turn one. And quickly got to move on Rashard tucked right in behind Jerry LaMont even race leader Harry can't make your way around some of the slower time. Place on the backstretch which are not to attend the live back behind the Bonnie too long he goes after a return to raise got the top spot he's back of the head of the class robotic bugs at the hit back Welker. We chart may still be smarting from that one car length loss yesterday in the sport right melodic come right back data on the low side in the body. Like he had his racing to win not to save points further back we check on Dick Brooks we do not see any smoke as he works seemingly. The leaders are on the backstretch. So troubled remarks follow San Diego California his car stalls and pit road at the leaders flashing clients are great again has found the league do well it's a three car battle for the top spot for a three breakaway from the rest of the pack through an open up about a second of daylight returns on the outside through. Would they were back in the the one that's the cost and time on the front three. And pray there pulling away in there working awfully well still huge. Shawna nobody and Harry Gant that it almost a full second medal the second. Walters Richmond is on the high side Dave Marcus is down low behind them another set of two cars Ricky run at the bottom of the racetrack and Darrell Waltrip. Picking the best way around this message to the outside he's following Richmond run as laps down just ten cars on the lead lap. Then eleven here in North Carolina motor speedway and start leaving the audience can't count and turned over water Richmond at the second. Behind Richard Lewis Moore at this wal chip theft meal and Bobby Allison cart. We'll follow my Richard Petty and the rest of the track. On its car almost eight some concrete coming out of turn over to the card up awful high was able to say that they're working on the lap traffic he again gets up my Alley it's challenging him for the spot. Elliott now to the bottom of the racetrack as they come off the corner door to door and driver we haven't talked much about. Sportsmanship he has really taken Levi Garrett car for a ride in the back in the field on a couple of restarts and able to bring it right back up toward the front of the pack. In a moment ago last right now we heading still only left about a deposition front runners are over in turn three. Right now let Joseph Robin cars tuck in behind Richard Petty Dale Earnhardt and Rusty Wallace is he tried to squirm his way up to the fact he's with Richard Petty upon the high side and turn core. Many thought that high groove and then he lets out of the bottle just a little bit not about the are coming off the corner and lose it in the straightaway. Eddie is another driver also had a good run here this afternoon on that restart maltego he's being shown in the eighth position in the SDP Pontiac and Richard will be the first. Don't even par so that all you need to do here Rockingham estate in that lead lap 500 miles a year is four and a half hours of racing. Why are limited a moment ago and then I cannot save the school. The scoreboard is not live up and knows I'm in levs has been completed. That means over half the races still to run. The other is no problem with the running fifth place right now that Dell waltrip is a classic example he looked like use on the moon moment ago. Richard Petty civil throughout and still am not going to win this race this afternoon. What's the most telling part about the length of this race Ron Rashard anyone that is things about 3:34 o'clock to get and I made good use of sand wedge and it's a lot longer. He's gonna need one before the day is over because somebody's trying to eat his lunch form right now and it's carrying the body as they work to turn three Bouchard is hungry hungry for that first win in 1984 he's got to leave I took garlic is what I tried to take a bite out of his back overturn court. Harry Gant right now to seems to be content to mosey along there and spot keep the front twosome inside he apparently has the power to go to the front if you need to do this. Really need to do at this particular stage of the race in the late Bouchard has come up there and asserted himself he has been one of the most aggressive drivers going back to turn it. Nobody else like a little bit high coming out of turn opportunistic are almost lost and as Neal Conan did that turn maybe getting just a little bit slick now for their cars the handling going away just the vet he still took rally behind who charged. The crux soulless pretty much the same thing if you start earlier in the week pieces and raised its title later today you do get about a hundred and we've been in general Brooks gets 200 lap two and a reminder for guide you to turn the body as the leader. Before scary moments Ron Bouchard who was in the lead going up into reinforcement. For what happened with little to mark hero rod Bouchard was not quite comfortably by a couple apparently troubled being pressured by terror in the body Harry Gant would quickly the car broke loose and car the front wheels got down on the flat part of the racetrack where makes the transition to the 45 degree banking intern Drake. And Rashard was on the car was ready for the country retaining wall stirs. You would bet on it you think it was a sure bet but somehow he held Arnie actually kept the car right here at the bottom of the racetrack. Never gets slide it into the oncoming traffic got the car back around as it Jack not back on the racetrack Tim Richman Darrell Waltrip ready to go live with the shark continues after that scary moment to run fifth knew just the centerpiece of driving. What was smoke just roiled up the tires up who's charged cars slip through turns three and force sideways and then just miraculously. Caught it and now. Ned Jarrett Benny Parsons we're talking about that yesterday and sportsman race when a car starts to go we said how it's just impossible to catch it when a car starts to slide on this racetrack. But it looked like you started. Slid along and stayed in the bottom groove many didn't get up into the high stuff the slippery stuff. Now if there was anyway. OK I want stronger charge for the last several years think they came on the Winston cup circuit. We'll let anybody out there winning. In the race car knowing what he needs within your particular situation in the all amazing careers and work right there and in that situation and look forward. It is virtually impossible to. Played many of you know tell you that at the shark. Jobs falling back and feel right now no doubt he gets something the entirety you must make a flat bottom with a bit. He's off the pace but he still running good enough to stay on the lead lap leader is Gerri look funny right behind him about three and a half to four car lengths back is Kerry can't. That is a good six or seven seconds back to Darrell Waltrip who has now taken over the third. Tim Richmond dropping him back and forth as the leaders get back to. And I'm Tim Redmond liquid iron seven Miller's second and a half over Bill Elliott who vanished while I'm Ron Rashard Baylor right near Obama and Michelle goes way. The wall up against the Rockingham US facetime between turns one and two everybody won't pass simply needs as the car. Straight away come back and overrun Rashard all of a sudden. Reporters the right rear tire let go as he went off in that quarter in practice wallop they're perhaps he flat spotted that Ireland are almost done in three and four. Before we'll stay under green is blues charts car will live. More the pit road. Yesterday's sun drenched race fans here Rockingham became a French race fans. Early this afternoon when the rain came in the sun has been out for about two hours but there is a game again rain on the horizon to the south of the racetrack. Will be at the halfway point of this race in the two laps so what will be official today but Marty they're going to be racing in the rain again this afternoon it appears. The crews are pretty much aware that also they can see the horizon. Fairly well here at North Carolina motor speedway and they've been looking to the west all they have weather situations plus the NASCAR race. You're trying to shop on pit road let's go to net. Coming down very slowly up Barney hall. After uploaded the right. Perhaps they went back to around the racetrack they're not really did not. Slowly wind them down and arrested the Jack Bibby who are ready for. Boy this coming off the cost. Side tires which of course having the right side of the car are apparently all right as far as being up there's no doubt. Take a slide like he did they have to do something the car it's a gamble with the car feels comfortable lefty spin like their. Sometimes you just say well on the stay out here and see what happens. JetBlue guy did that here about a year ago spun coming off turn of the Ford got the car sideways and in the tire just shut down going into one corner is just an. Kind of a camel as we were actually sent an email from safely apparently happened. Your brother came in the right side tires on it Bobby hill on Mac came in just a moment ago he's right in front runner. Getting right side tires on the car and apparently very candid with good Umar and broadcast about the possibility of rain. Last time around you kind of man. Always here. Can't we'll fix it now arriving for a little bit and now it's getting more aggressive about. Well they took the halfway signed last time by events of Danny is turned up the wiccan pursuit of Jerry the body. Who charged that stuff will leave us just ten cars now on the lead lap as they continue to work. Not who's charged with CNN. He tries to fired up little flames spurts out applied and now they're going to go under the hood so fellow who was in the lead had a terrific race going a little bit of bad luck now he's got a lot of that. When they get everything. Turn around this race team they've hired a lot of new people this year. Has hit cities have very physical race driver but he's smooth racetrack he has the stamina to stay out there and run 500 miles it's law ever goes their way. He's going to be winning driver and a consistently winning. Driver on the Winston cup circuit. We're just past the halfway point here at the North Carolina motor speedway with Kerry the body in the lead Harry Gant try to take it away phones a couple of car lengths back. 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It's the most refreshing time of the day. Wake Forest. 32. One. Chris cool. Book. I enjoyed responsibly tuition for your former bush who's doing. Carrying the body as a leader as the skies darken the west and North Carolina motor speedway and the possibility of some more rain moving in on us before too long here as the two front cars. Trying to see who can get up there and if that rain comes to make you red flag is raised again or even Chris Taylor for the day. Certainly who. Began is try to put himself in position to get in the lead as they work out of turn number four. Marty the rain is reported to be about four miles away from us the North Carolina motor speedway it is headed in this direction but not as quickly. As the last rain storm that came over the speedway is so. Everybody up pit road will be poised and ready NASCAR will update the crew chiefs by the two way radio. As far as the progress of the rain showers when they might expected so that if the teams will have to battle back to a caution flag for rain. Still be able to anticipate it. Ten cars are on the lead lap one lap down Rusty Wallace and Dave Marcus. Buddy Baker is the first of the cars that are two laps down. My body is the leader Harry Gaddis just chewing away at his back bumper that's not just the race that's the Winston cup point battle right there. Third on the race the fourth place point man Darrell Waltrip running for his Tim Richman running fifth in the third place point man Bill Elliott. Six the dale earnhardt's seven does Richard Petty eight does Neil body in the Bobby Allison car. Might does Morgan Shepherd and death on the lead lap is Dick Brooks. Still see that smoke coming out of Brooks is Garza goes through the corner it appears to be getting a little bit worse as he works out the back straightaway and he is way off the pace right now we're still out there running season from a Marc Carroll the smoke is getting heavier it is coming out the header pipes he rides a high and it turn I think he's slowing down preparing to head for pit road and Dave he drops down on the today for a because he brings a car to pit road Benny Parsons was down Enron was charged testimonial let's go to the pits and Benny Parsons. Yes some laws that went down to see exactly what Ron which has crawl on the right front tire was going flat. They step on the stay on the racetrack Copland brought caution flag that they definitely needed. And they stayed too long new in the first during the time I was so glad Ron won the racetrack get the ball. And then villain so when he hit the best seat role. It gets inside the distributor cap and it's very close on the lightest touch. Against the outside retaining wall a wall against the wall will be like playing. Everybody that's the delay they had in the car one night after they return everywhere they you know flat tire he's all that mixes is still. Would say the cars looks like walking up over 2005 and pushed the garden. We are record predict Brooks do because some of his best runs and come right here for North Carolina motor speedway and many people felt he would've won the spring race here had not been involved in the crash that Bobby Allison over in turn to. Monitoring as to a conversation with our crew chief Jimmy dot Levy let's go to Dick Brooks is he backs that that that's not the way to get to the garage areas they back that thing in. About 250 laps side finish in this thing. Wow yeah. I don't know problems Barton our Sara. One dollar wasn't run under strong end to Florida hello but they probably have been. I've Atalanta adopt it started Bob good heavy out the right side. That our body of water and whatever that wouldn't run a very odd about Dick van did that name but then I did that last lap. Did their I have crackers are all done but it struck water. Now that's a lot L Wilson adds to their plot we report back to watch Dell about how that engine ran today as he begins to look toward the 85 season running Fords for kale Yarborough. Why you don't do that I thank god one don't let it go you know I got are avid and have a whole lot of time to do them that. You know he's very capable laid out a very good job they've done for done enough battery alert donated time and not bought think they're going to be awfully strong medal here. Love about the possibility that the weather bought out loud enough. Not gonna go out there but does the beltway grant and empirical evidence related blog got a proud of it. So Brooke is of the garage area he's done for the day here's Ron Bouchard back on pit road he lost twelve laps earlier making repairs. Not a with a distributor problem has been reported let's go back to their road. Well this time is coming in let's say they're gonna go on to another jacking up the left side of the cars they're going to change the left side tires there capping off. It's everything I can't believe. That Jeff thank you can't just not perhaps Mike they. Tires and then early sideways position that he got in there and had a lot of runs. Tim before they start Joseph Blanton because of another problem you know we just think they're when you were talking. Room on the radio memory book one of those things and everyone they start out here have been played big enough run them down erode your name of Roger and everything they need. Well some day maybe. They outward Jacqui always a sheet metal from the left her Federer who's charged car maybe their rear end got moved over to left a little bit when he did catch the wall with the right side of the car often turn over want but he's now at least thirteen laps down. There's lake speed pulls off the banking and turn four to make a pit stop here on lap 264. My body comes across the strife and he's got about and Charlotte son Harry GAAP. And there are a straightaway ahead of Darrell Waltrip as they go into turn one. The situation there was married and got himself caught up the Braves traffic whereas what Monty did not let me go by Kyle Petty remarks. So all of a host of others and that's where about differential came. For the first time and a number of laps again the leaders have clear racetrack ahead that gap some seven right correlates as they work out of turn four that's the federal between first and second is about six and a half seconds back to the third place car which is Darrell Waltrip. As the skies continue to darkened do the western speedway Jeff Richmond. Has really had a frustrating day here got caught up a couple of accidents this might have been sheet metal Bannister car brought it back on the racetrack and has given the very respectable run and as we were about to tell you early this afternoon had caution come on the racetrack that Tim. Or his crew chief informs us that this is the last car they have they've rectum I'll have an awful lot of bad luck can wreck quite a few cars in the last six or seven races. This was there Riverside California card on the car he crashed in practice here earlier in the week with the car they intended to take to Atlanta. Jim brewer said he wasn't sure whether they could repair the car was never so severely that they might not be able to get it ready in time for. Going to. Atlanta so it looks like they'll have to take the Riverside caught on top of that this car that he's running here today has already suffered some damage its schedule for wind tunnel test on Tuesday. So they really had some some frustration in Richmond was the first to admit here this week that this whole year has just been the worst year of his life. We're really without a doubt and I mean. Really what that'd been the most frustrating and. Yeah I have hey it's hard to get me down but I'm down there's no doubt about that I've been. Hey it's kind of like you know you you Soledad O'Brien's up there but it's just. You know what do I have big get a better. Six sets of the second separate Terry the Bonnie from Harry gap it is four point nine seconds back to waltrip. Cautious on the speedway as it comes out as leaders come around the racetrack. And we are under caution this will be the ninth one of the afternoon as. Terrell Skinner puts the whole deal under caution let's slow it down with the leader coming out of turn before and back down the line journal bodies of you retain the lead. And we'll find out the reason for the caution and just what we don't see anything around the racetrack Eli gold. No it's clear that some of the racetrack Mark Carney explaining it is that there's a little with a sprinkling going on here down the back straightaway Jersey. And divert the beginning of turn over three just very light with some sprayed this rain nonetheless coming down the racetrack right now let's look Morse that yesterday told the NASCAR officials that the drivers meeting this morning and yesterday due east and I want I don't wanna say something seductive even looks like rain tomorrow as it put the caution flag out because he says you can spin on this racetrack it's been out sometimes that's true. Barney is just a light sprinkle right now and on the weather radar this does not look to be nearly as big storm is the last one we had in fact maybe the fans are staying right. In this in the grandstands. And they will keep the cars running on the racetrack lets go of the garage area Ned Jarrett. Well let me you can't pull out of the hole called Anton Hummer line. A lot of problem tonight I'm had a partner what was it. Well after I got snagged an immaculate bought flip on the backs right well there might slow down if somebody it may come back and spun me around. When I in the wallet man ripped the rare smaller alt plus question rear deck down. Know Aaron you know you are tonight at the bottom half all of foreign vita launch I've got no. And you mean you can drive it for elaborate there was entire scope but there's like iPod music and round according more. It's really a good rights are not talking got that right there that's it that's like to thank Baghdad. Shopping gift makes owing a back trying to win Atlanta would I don't know it thank here we just try to survive is that we're not in the points chase. Best thing to do I get a little frog it's car back to the shot get ready come back sit McCain won our last right policy. Well I. If you will just have one more race in this car and got some different plants Bernanke made about necessary benchmark in Robert Bailey with. What the right knock out that over there transmitted rather a car and we've put a deal together I think it would come out of the sponsorship to a NATO right now but potent package definitely know that. Well we're not coordinates then you're running a couple party race schedule next day air and Barney Hollywood announced here this morning. That the blown brawl may have quicker than what pledged maybe I'll smelling for the last couple years will form made me. We're everybody flavor as the driver though that's not something you will look forward to more details homeland. Well we don't Julian broadcast hostility to big candidate for duties heading toward the last two weeks he's lost his sponsor lost his driver in the laundry all the crew uniforms. Burned out were under caution for rain is coming in from the southwest at turn number one it appears to be just a light shower in comparison of the early ones but let's go to Benning. You're exactly right my can Bonnie and they're the caution was for Strickland of running. Race's halfway I think right now Taylor Bonnie and Harry Gant are afraid to pit afraid it will start run and they sent out Darrell Waltrip was laid out. The fifteen car Ricky rode of course he's proven through two or three laps down. Tim Richmond stay out of the cars that had nothing to lose that we're back fifth sixth spot. Bill Elliott the three car of Dale Earnhardt. And Bobby allison's car driven by in relief by Neil bonnet always in the pits but it by committee is good stuff the guys in front are friendly to this operator is is over. The reason is because of what's referred to is the Dave Marcus miracle a year and a half ago Richmond Virginia seven cars were running on the lead lap one caution came out just past half way. The the rains came everybody committed. Except Dave Marcus and he stayed on the racetrack they called the race official and it turned out that he was the lead car and ended up in Victory Lane. The sunshine is popping back out here so this will not be a very long cautioned the cars continue to run under the yellow at North Carolina motor speed why. And none of the front cars that are on the lead lap have made an appearance on pit road Buddy Baker came in just a moment go right in front of Benny Parsons. He did they were just change in the tires and check in the car over because again. There are a couple left them they are not in the race for the lead so they came in the fifth did you know right now is in the Rusty Wallace bit with the O'Brien and then he had a crime in progress report. Data got a break problem at Pontiac many positives coming back down that road right now they have the brake fluid out there they've lost some of them flew it he had been able to get the our stumble on the idea. But Obama nobody would not going to do so Darryl Bryant in the restaurant group go under the and a Gatorade Pontiac one man brake fluid this time they've checked if they want them late. From the time I won the French flag so hopefully they got the problem squared away that is called them to leave the right foot so that is their problem right now is break. Thank goodness are brave. Through war Tony near during the caution. Rusty had a tremendous drive last week in north book pro finishing fifth at what ought to murder route. But that team has experienced since just about Labor Day holiday. Did I really did last week and healer a well we're expecting good run here Rockingham that Khartoum well here. Mean we just we need to season and finish as we can listen come points four points out of I mean I'm not only thirty points are well himself he always likes get tough I mean adoption of points and the rookie year thing was to maintain your common now looks like is for you all on himself. No working connection right now. Dewayne Robertson here with RJ Reynolds the Winston cup racing team and wait. These drivers they say no we don't count points we just take Chris is one at a time but they all know exactly right to the point right where they stand. Well I'll tell you Mike is like a while ago when you have waltrip comments on or about the fact he had given up yet. Volleys drivers do they calculate points if you look down through there Darryl is just a dream launched a hand Billy Elliot. What's it. 20000 dollar difference in those two positions so you. While they do in fact. Can I calculate points even though it's not only just a championship but it really makes us do good when you look at they're so used to O'Bannon same. And the Bentley money airline's operation after running he had hit it. Those are big whichever team comes out wins this championship they're both true champions because they're run that way all year long and they can you want to lock it up right now because theoretically there's about three drivers right behind him should they both have bad finishes two races in a row. They could still lose it. Well I'll tell you nobody knows that better than no. Then Darrell himself goes barrels and after anything close to winning back from the newsroom with a bag or claiming he knows it. That he's not gonna give up I'm sure Bill Elliott out covering him as more and he definitely has not given up and all these guys are going to be in there and it's going to be there as always down to the Winston western 500 out in Riverside. That's the best place I've ever seen here I think you're well like yourself you've seen most of them here to North Carolina motor speedway at least since the early seventies and this has been little and I'll tell you what part of the plans estate after we hadn't we really did have a limb border and she looked in the battle like we've lost fifteen fans. They come back. And they have seen the list price that I have ever seen here to North Carolina motor speedway just has been a fantastic race here had a unique viewpoint for the start of this writes well I tell you. I was down got to be honorary starter and have done a lot of things and raising their analog when you hang over the the start that filled the way the green flag that has been one of the most exciting moments ever read my head ES special instructions you get from she started her candor about being up there and placed them. Well I loom around one of those. Paralleled the only problem ahead this morning was them. You know Carol's got his fan club and it was hard to start to raise low lands bombing have been flag stand trying to get barrels autograph please to have those facts have meetings and phone Booth. And I've grown men now. But they didn't we'll applicant trying to give the award for her when you have to to the Waldorf team to play off the championship and 150000 dollars for first place. We're not sure what that'll leave you were open to suggestion for Mike joy this is good courses down period I wonder why it is that the beginning Wayne Robertson on the radio network today that talk to us that the most beautiful rainbow you've ever seen would come in the sky towards these to be thank you Lisa blue the Winston cup. I don't know if there's certainly the pot at the evidence that this Winston cup rainbow at the end of it there is a big pot of gold they're gonna give it away in December at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Mike just don't allow us logos leather I've learned thousand dollars a minute the other in the literally no one of so literally gathered here gonna share in them. Had a point if you. Do decide to leave our heroes you have good job in black you want most masterful job of overseeing waving the green flies well have been. And has got news for Catholics are girls and scoop me now for a couple weeks. He did well. Quite a thrill stand up on that flag stand I have forty of the rest stock car drivers in the world come thundering underneath you of those 600 plus horsepower engines and all cuts loose at one time when we'll let you get back over who was allowed to know you were watching the conclusion this who were hoping the rain will go away. Because if the second half for the last couple hundred miles or so here's anything like we've seen it's going to be a dandy right down to the checkered flag. Well thank Mona you and Mike wrote sort of look forward to what's addressed this rice and getting down to Atlanta and now to Riverside Lewis wasn't 500 in the final race and criminalist to give JB. Carol Walters to vodka brought as the field continues to run under caution there of candor waving the yellow flag of cheese sandwich the cars they go by. Make new extended pit stop Neil bottom driving in relief of Bobby Allison did go one lap down on pit road so the number 22 car the Miller high life Buick is a lap off the base. Bait cars are currently posted on the lead lap after these final pit stops we're going to be going back to green in just a couple of laps Terry nobody. He is the leader of the Piedmont airlines Chevrolet he's also the leader in the Winston cup point parade. In second in the race ahead in the point standings Harry Gant was gold at a Chevrolet third is Darrell Waltrip. In the Budweiser Chevrolet he just made a pit stops scored as sports now is Richard Petty says DP Pontiac. Tip is Dale Earnhardt the Wrangler Chevrolet and here are also leaders diving on pit road once. I think get my body caught the bodies staying out that they have given that two laps to go sign up checked out three laps to go to the field so vocal leaders are on pit road in front of net. Yeah thank disorder try to take each other out Travis Carter had walked out on pit road they've liberated them sort of sneak back well slim it down pit road there about six or seven period between those robotic digging down towards. Turn one both on the amount knew that they were gonna make pit stop. The changing all the more cars on the gold and they're very dead indicate my airlines are. Bob there robotic. So like you know trying to thank you generously which was going to win this is the result the most famous thing down the road when now the Jack thank found erasing them pit road and pick. And nobody will win that battle. Make cars are on the lead lap the others of those are the Bill Elliott cooers Carr who was right now moved up to second place they reshuffled with the leaders making pit stops dale earnhardt's. He is now the leader and Bill Elliott occupies the second place on the racetrack. In one lap that we rising again here at the North Carolina motor speedway and the leader is dale earnhardt's second right now Phil Elliott third Darrell Waltrip fourth. Good run for Morgan Shepherd here this afternoon fifth position lost to Richard Petty Tim Richmond is sixth seventh Terry the body and hate this Harry gantt has the feel bunches intern do. The lights are atop the safety cars they swing off turn over to the slower cars they're jockeying for position on the inside lane and back to bite to restart. They work down the back straightaway right behind the pace car buddy Arrington is going to be a hit in the face dark. When they cut them loose as they work up in front Marc Carroll Friday air to have little bit of trouble lahood was up on that car. Now marched all his troubles the driver from San Diego California they continue pace cars on pit road we're ready to go. They're ready to get out of business again our hearts up there at the front of the pack lets see how long. Not enough to power all day long and in his had a couple Hanley calls on the car that put them under green and their turn to. I am watch Bill Elliott he's in second also Morgan Shepherd. Well they're single file leaders aren't. Leaders screen by those scorecard Geoff what I'd call by the wayside Kerry candidate not up to the high sides and moves around Jeff quote I know all the lead cars are free of slower traffic with a earned her on the point and one driver who is not with that lead back is Kerry can't can't has. Good restart the other seven cars leaving a battle for the lead Bill Elliott working inside of tailored. As the leave here comes Darrell Waltrip fort in the most of the racetrack real triumph. Earnhardt is squeeze through and the country retaining wall right next to watch abuses that could get himself wedged himself into that number two spot burn Carter's third petty is worth. Her heart drops back to the third spot that he's worked his way up for the position Morgan Shepherd it's film titles for 6 o'clock. And turn the funniest thing work back to when one door to door and nobody along with Harry can't pull. Low light I have a gym Richmond automobiles so again the defining moment together again they're running. He's up top five cars have broken away by some eight car like from the body at dinner on the chart they're looking to close in on the back up reported shepherded turned toward. Bill O'Reilly it's kind of been real quiet here today's been on the lead lap running back in sixth seventh eighth ninth position but still hanging up. You factory get the same thing at Charlotte motor speedway if you. The latter part of the race he was the dominant car just running away from everyone as they worked on the backstretch you right now hear the turned reality of passport card advantage Elliott's. It was long and asphalt that they're the 160 miles rock climbing up a little bit of a higher groove and dirt court he leads by Port Charlotte. Out of turn four back to the start finish line Elliott in command of that poor score line just about half a second. During one meanwhile I'm also watching Morgan Shepherd and let me get a car burning. I mean you get the job done and he's right behind Richard Petty about it. To make a pass and returned here after two. They are side by side as they hit return or a great many fifty people monitor the inside they touched waited Jarrett grace Jeffords cargo sideways. He holds on petty also writes his car but it allows the body against the closing at. Morgan Shepherd gets flipped going up to deter the three and a driving that artistry and I could just as easily have taken off from within the walls can be costly one for shepherd lost reposition your back into. Both body and again when prime mortgage up regulators okay. The territory throwing out the field just blew that want to apply Carly provide Elliott five more back to Earnhardt that you have five board a penny that you have a gaggle of cars and five of them headed up pilot gunning. But racing all afternoon your rocker Gavin just 200 laps left to run the odds and American 500. Leaders head back to turn one single line 23 degrees of banking about the lead cars those who are working. As many as low on the as possible. And all the lead cars free of race traffic there on the backstretch he stood up turned over to the hot spot on the racetrack is where Terry nobody is sitting right out just behind Richard that if I support my right. Kerry yeah wants a piece of that plot they're battling and four. Coming out of the corner and back down the line can't can't do anything just has to pay stay tucked in single file take part a couple of weeks ago at Charlotte motor speedway. The same almost an identical situations what we're seeing here this afternoon you dominated the race for quite a great part of it. Then all of a sudden from nowhere Bill Elliott came up to the front what does that do that to you in the rest of the field where a driver that you haven't released clean up the front of the pack suddenly looks like he's just gonna run away. Blackwell. Months ago when I looked up and soil it seemed like he had gotten a little bit faster and I thought about the show all of the. Bill Elliott. Your only shot after that first pit stop for food he did run pretty good because. Finally almost a lap down and yet we're fifty miles to the same spot he won't run in this class lower. I didn't think the same thing about the decision about laps of fuel windows media is running right now as well. Let's turn and he is pulling away from everyone including Daryl waltrip until enough. One point 22 advantage as they work back do you like gold over and turned it. It's nearly three seconds back to Terry love hockey so nobody finally breaks free when I'm Richard Petty took the weekend. On whether they'll trying to chase down the leaders. Terry nobody had a momentary were quite from the challenge from Harry Gant because he had Richard Petty in between the two of the game quickly dispose of him he's now took Alex behind about it they're closing in order to Mark Danner is up to speed the good restart nobody Arlington. Now back up running as well a lot of smoke out of Richard Petty start and a one out of Richard goes in the middle grove of turn one and soon we'll stay out of everybody's way. All the leaders over the slow cars going down minivan and I think he does first car along he'll look for the outside retaining wall. About drop it down local leaders go buy or not nobody again. Badly that third spot Teddy still smoking headed for pit road. Many down at the apron of the track slows coming out of turn four and we'll bring the FTP. Pontiac in the fifth then he had just told us yesterday that this has been a frustrating year for him also. Rice is the majority of the race and we've not been consistent is not been a consistent year. You know some bad when we even when you go a year no win races been consistent he's the ball and outer consistent finishes. Inconsistent then and they look real good one week in the next week and terrible this is he's been one years I guess so annoying and makes the terrible. Is that we have one little bit and you know messed them. Won't say well Lou and as bad as last year we didn't really million dollars to pity is on pit road let's go to the fifths. Omare Lowe anyway I hear a moment ago all of our viewpoint in the all the pit road. Sounded like a car and they run and then he was running at speed. I'd just speculating that he has blown a gasket there. Leaking some type. Then it shouldn't all the way down there that you billion report on the few moments. It is up and Richard Petty star as they try to. Solve the problem get him back on the speedway has a good shot at finishing very high in the points they're still working underneath the hood. These harnesses that Jerry gets in that facility will get a report. The leader here at the North Carolina motor speedway is getting a little heat on right now as again as close Ian Gold comes crashing down this line and goes back into turn one. The LaMont hero of the bulldogs host Carl wolf European closed and some five hundreds of that was an Emmy and now bill pulls away every. Leaders got my scorecard Jimmy Eagles in the hands swap jobs Chevrolet they weren't deterred great meanwhile that battle for the third really heats up her. And are holding up like two highlights from the body it yet wannabes and that's why. Earnhardt had a frustrating day here at the racetrack also as we said his car has not been up to par at all for the rank. And he's been a little bit frustrated this week they thought they had everything dialed in he told me yesterday he's gonna win this race today and killed deer hunting knife since they've gone for a whole week let's go to Ned Jarrett in the pits. Had one when Richard. Probably may have. Still spinning at that car originally you know what the problem and. Any eleven. I'm covered up like a woman Malcolm low road and losing the valve cover it went all the old you don't vote. Okay I'm in the water and nobody out and all of them over the Internet so there are reminding them all now and the cloud cover plus. I've been here tonight. A lot of cramming and famine glove back there in the battle we talked about a moment ago. Dale Earnhardt and Harry again as they've been really sheet metal going around the racetrack his Bill Elliott continues to set the pace your third party like old. The muscle your car together we're going to look fondly now has one final and it's tough to get. Battle earnhardt's first on their door handle to door handle is they had an attorney for three again they touch they go apply gambles on the race turn. And of course up even higher and now here comes dale wanted to Ricky run their doubts on lap but their running with those cars almost three wide for a moment as they crossed by the start finish drive here at Rockingham 307. Laps. 492 we'll make up the race here this afternoon. About a second half maximum the lead car. Which is still early and immature smelling Ford Thunderbird as he works down in warm up Budweiser Chevrolet. Walker has not been gaining any ground I feel like a lose lose. Well Walter tighten episode four of five Marlins have a deficit Elliott that managed to. And away that is continued to do show up right now lets you save so. In June 2 at this juncture I've met Kelly it is according to very strong raiser for the first time today he play in the Hillary could. Justin laughed C is using it every inch of the racetrack available to look what he can usually has more on the banking is possible there there's. Always able to get around traffic I have blown off for the vast number. For the first time today in the field leased the cars on the lead lap for a strung out around the racetrack as we have seen for the most part it's been one of the best races we've seen at the North Carolina motor speedway for. Through the years but at this juncture of the race and it seems to happen every time we come here in Dover Delaware a one mile speedway where race for about four point half hour 500 miles. There will be a run somewhere in there about a hundred miles of the field will kind of get stretched apart here. Darrell Waltrip told us yesterday you can't raise 500 miles away you do. There for others it's time to raise synergies and the thing. That's the way I look at this no win here he don't wanna do any thing it's going to take the other race. You know early owning the way around and after that last pit stop appearing in anything you got a caller ruin you thinking when their racing Bruno turned around. Don't leave some boosted to 200 mile mark when you still got three or more miles to go you gotta kind of patient sale. Mean if somebody running harder you wanna go let there be a coach in our pit stop for some middle bring everybody back together in an anything new way to union. Many a lot of race drivers will tell you that they wanted to drop the green they go out there and runs it's a channel David Walker content. Felt like yourself and few other drivers. What he's saying exactly very. And that looks to me exactly where these play the game today passing in the government situations going down in turn want we're. Did you have to back off. The racetrack that he did because he's only a hundred laps. And fifty laps into the race now it's 300 laps of the race gender and flag his insight into the home runs lesson. All you need to do is stay on the lead lap and that's exactly what he's doing with your quite a few car still only. Join their broadcast late here at the North Carolina motor speedway we've had a little bit of everything in this room including rain that stopped the race early this afternoon red flag. So finally they did get it back to under green we have had mud and caution flags to this point we've had quite a bit of equipment that has been torn up field line. And jetBlue line on this out of the event well let's take that back his cars out of the driving for Bobby Allison hit this afternoon. Injured again yesterday bruised shoulder all over again here at the North Carolina motor speedway in the sport and race yesterday afternoon as he said this morning he was very very slow. Just call the driver almost from the time they put him under green here this afternoon in the you'll want it is doing the job for him right now leader continues. Bill Elliott in the tumors milling Ford this is seeing that everyone's been watching the last five years. My Brothers one of the first place. I remember I think he started right here at the North Carolina motor speedway and he has become a contender told several years ago that was his goal in Winston cup racing. To come to the track and when he unloaded the car. Look around say hey. Speaks have a good run here this afternoon as he works his way around the speedway here he is Harold gender. Indicates another laugh blowing up on the board we still got better than a hundred. And about eighty miles to fill here this afternoon. More positive 500 missing work. Who's the lead cars are working there so steadily so to the ongoing battle between Tori like Monty he leads Harry can I just about a Carly. They have not tried to swap positions like. And we'll Vinatieri to retrieve the gap remains in the car like they're using a little bit different line in the lead cars are sliding a little bit higher. In the turn that to make cars that may be the reason they're not able to close in quicker than they are now. Barney about Bill Elliott and had a long talk for the Roger yesterday he said I didn't even feel I was really racing here until about 1982 races before that I was just riding in learning right. What did you say when he unload that car now he knows that he's taken his place. The front runners in this four point. Pretty much thanks so because of daylight right we've been run in this year and given the chance of not having any man who. They worry it is good as the majority of the cars here but still yet. Now what kills thing I was ever go as Diana feel like it's been so true because. We've been our a lot of times and we've had problems and I've been labeled an hour and an absolute right as we don't know any minute in the run in which you look down. Through our names. This seems like everybody has throughout tonight's. Have a good run here this afternoon he definitely feels here to stay there's no question about that he's under every race since been. Ford and if you continue to be as one of the strongest team in the business. Running all that running up the US navy funny actor Richard Petty race there again the question now pit road over. Running now come out real well it is having an awfully good run here. It's good or Iraq now back to have been. I don't want to hear about okay I'll let any of the ordinary again and then nobody. Really. Now they are they're running as fast as leaders right. You know I have my eyes listen to broadcast moments able you don't want to move on again because they've been dominating. Right they are run in this class really let Elliott. Walter had the advantage of not nearly erased when it rained a moment ago they pitted early and they started up front. Finally again stayed out instead on what. The race restart and they admitted they had all sports cars between them and Bill Elliott right now if you look at places like the last but the got to drill and make up. In all I can do is just ride stay in the lead lap and do exactly as well Darrell Waltrip said if they get away from a little bit let him go don't worry about it because of cost. He's gonna type the field back up present situation. When you go almost 200 miles of racing left. And if you shot to win this you can't count out anyone right now is at least eight cars are very much. For the American 500. Cars are more point two seconds behind leader. Bill Elliott as Eliot rounds out of turn number two and heads to the back straightaway Darrell Waltrip is 2.5 seconds behind the leader. And the next stars now four and a half seconds back so they are losing a bid to grab Elliott is beginning. Things up here. This guy has opened up to this time in the form of sunshine leagues. Fans of this North Carolina motor speedway there are accustomed to inclement weather that's been realized I'd say happy weekend so far today they've gone through one Washington one rinse cycle. Now have been spun dry once again SNC the rest of this month. Everything we hear McMillan. We'll all week except one little rain shower we had earlier this afternoon reporters that Richard Petty is backup just wait 23 laps down every. Rocker cover gasket problem with the to put Betty behind that wall for a while. Among the things we're talking about the drivers' meeting today were the amount of time and any team could work on a car on pit road without having to take you behind the wall. And now for that reason a car had to be pulled back behind the wall. There here's get out of turnover floor underneath there in the body defense relentless in his pursuit of Nevada's third place position that is. Championship they're looking at least as far as they're concerned billion waltrip may have other ideas but that battle remains a hot one another just to Carly some marketing for mark Garros there. Moving at quite an ounce of slower traffic that I have to go move up to the high side to get my body Ericsson Marx Stalin Bobby Taylor junior they're doing now and turn for the gap three Carolina. The race was moved up considerably since speedway as it always does in the hundred laughter so on this racetrack the rubber gets worked out breakfast. Continue to move up Travis Carter the crew chief on its Bill Bennett. I think he's probably one of the most overlooked crew chiefs in the business Betty Parsons of best I remember he was he worked for you for a long long time and he. Well here as an underrated innocence the people in the business no visibility. He's not talked about it but Palin women Junior Johnson. Get the job done he certainly can't mortality. We've talked about we have a lot of good things that they're Illumina and Junior Johnson have he just hasn't been around that long but he's learned his arguments we've. Well he is a student of automobile racing he'd. So that is the real team knows what makes a race car chassis work and unlike a lot of they're. Because that's a big sophisticated more. Rusty Wallace's. It's like you've got some producers will lose to. We're in trouble is record over. Carson this all the rear agree sound like there was going to let go out there may send it back out on the racetrack and it wiped off the back of that car seat and flexible work recently back and continue to finish this race and what a good run that they have had the last the last month or so guardian. They've turned that team around Wallace whose ride was admittedly in jeopardy owner of Stewart said he would make it change at the end of the season. Rest became audience Darryl Bryant got together other communication. On the race days set up phenomenal everything harder race. They've had some really tremendous finishes lately Wallace has been rehired the team will be intact for next year and even though it loss of so there's another sponsor. Owner of Stewart said that's OK this we can furniture mart he'd just get up there and he would still a whole lot of stuff but boy would they be in signatories of next year. They're in good shape and I think. Field just about a strung out it was a moment bill would kill really setting the pace here this afternoon Darren law. Number two position. Must change. The rest of the top eight spots. A moment ago Rusty Wallace one of the top rookie contenders for the champion spark plug rookie challenge. The garage here with myriad problems let's see if Betty Parsons is therefore report. Yes I have of the garage area with a Rusty Wallace the car the driver of the NBA com. Rusty you know what happened. Other opinion still can't volley I'm relaxed like it's. A rare and when you were earning it back out there right now but right now our chances are. Really look good at first family had an accident up there and a lot. Because they're going back to work and oversaw. Rusty Wallace and he's had quite an up and down season it's his every time he gets within about four points in twelfth place in the point standings something happens to come back a bit looks like. Again today among the contenders for the Winston cup let's update the way they are running. In this race at the moment the point leader is Terry the body he has posted. As the fourth place car the runner up Perry can't right now third place car they won't let the race. So that's five bonus points for each right now I can't. Went into this race 59 points behind the body of the checkered flag were to drop right now he would pick up only five points. Again depending on who led the most laps today that's worth about five point bonus Bill Elliott is third in the Lincecum Jason. He's the race leader he's not out of the point battle by any means nor his fourth place points man Darrell Waltrip. He is the race runner up right now. Dale Earnhardt is still running on the lead lap it's in the fifth position he's in fifth place point man. Bobby Allison is sitting on the sidelines it to a radio contact with the relief driver in the bottom monotone car crashed out of the race earlier. They are in sixth place in the point standings Ricky Rudd severed in the was to come standings bottomless need these out of the race. Jet boat ride as many laps behind after the crash with a lot of data turned one. He's tonight please point man on the chart and the State's newest copies at a variety of problems today after reflects a lot of new tire went flat and he gets along and Richard Petty. 21 laps behind after replacing a rock for cover gasket Tim Richmond is twelve appointees seventh in the race he's on the lead lap Dave Marcus Rusty Wallace is in the garage. Nick Brooks is out of the race now that he's been in out of the garage all day Trevor boys Joseph everybody Harrington and Gil Yarborough who's not here today roundup of the top one. Standing. The sun is beginning to panic. West of the racetrack in this put some shadows down and turn wanted to and is it continue. Should go even further wins this racetrack will cool down quite a bit and that I imagine that next round of pit stop we might see an awful lot. On the card because for the timely complete this in the afternoon which is still at least an hour and a half or so later this racetrack which probably changed drastically. We'll check morning no question about it and apparently apparently Harry Gant is running his one line. I'm alive will. Leo long. Now run their own Walter down under the battle for that position run and you are known as it works on the low side of the racetrack. Walter besides it was a drag race on the backstretch just so watch. Together side by side that's the way they would have turned ever break dancer got the advantage down the bottom of the rear end of this car takes the inside left fender of Walter but they get out of turn four okay Perry gets takes over the number two position dropping Daryl black the third. Still the fourth place card the end to close up homeless. Right here and also that is during the body he's only about four or five Carly to back the attrition rate here is always time for North Carolina motor speedway. Yeah accidents that we had early this afternoon blown engines bands and numerous other things have taken out several cars and four. They feel on both sides of the racetrack here at the North Carolina motor speedway there's a flip it section that's where most of the top drivers in top point five points and he's also quite a few drivers who pit in the backstretch. The cars out there let's go to mark here. Of the cars spinning on the back straightaway nine of them were out of the event today because. From Dale Jarrett they didn't use raucous Busch Chevrolet also out of the competition like Carter Johnson City, Tennessee the JD picked up the car. Bloody boys in Calgary Alberta Canada. Mark mark as a shortstop systems are also out of the event Bobby while waxed superior piping Buick. That the jury Foreman brought the car that flipped on the back straight away his car. And now being alert for the thrill out of the event that of course Joseph rotten in driving the first time today the Morgan McClure Chevrolet and now just moving out of the event Jimmy Eagles in the DK already struck youth group behind the ball a total of nine out of the event from the car's pretty on the backstretch. Phil Elliott has really opened up quite a separation on the rest of the field he's a little better than one half seconds ahead of second and third and fourth place car right now and it. This racetrack is really dialed in to his particular driving style right now at stake in the bottom racetrack. He's able to get away. That's about two thirds of the length and straight away years North Carolina motor speedway Iraq again let's recap the race for you Jeff Foote got was the pole sitter jumped out to an early lead. He held it through the first Russian flight 1132 when Jimmie being struck a bit of oil that it turned over to. In the red flag came out for a pelting rain storm to stop this. Produced about an hour here Rockingham the second caution came back after we got to wait bury the body was the leader Jeff look her lawsuit engineer turned three. What they laps later. Bloody boys and Joseph Milliken got together but debris on the track from there grass hot lap 82 with Bobby foxman of the second quarter on lap 145. The last 162 Greg Sachs lost a legend buddy boys hit the wall. On the 171. Slap on the restart from the Greg Sachs engine missed half going into turn one apparently for a breast. Involving Dick Brooks who got tips sideways was able to continue cars knocked out of the races that are on the field bottom Joseph Reitman. Jeff Rhode Island cars that were damaged were Jerry Bowman Tim Richman to Buddy Baker and Dick may. Then on lap 184 just after we got back to green flag racing moments car spun coming out of turn over duke hit the outside wall. Squad got up in the air and came down the backstretch cottage room like speed and optimism and got a job living inside retaining wall. Parents took over had a buddy boys and again eleven to 22. Involved in a mishap with a caution came out finally tonight one came out about lap 270 for rain and right now we're just. Just coming up on 11357. Here Carolina motor speedway in fort Reilly to will make up today's race. Bill Elliott just continues to put Eilat on the rest of the field as he's pulled away almost straightaway right now I'm Betty Parsons just. Passing along an observation to a sister probably why. Want to talk to them tell us stuff that doesn't talk them out and I said look what you guys going stroke and other brother right. He should know. Rockingham we have globally so unlike his Chevrolet. It's it was a lot of traffic out there we had our troubles they got in front on the range flag. Without restart. And they've been able to. Would imagine the. Kelly is still one of the drivers very much in. Contention let me before was to cup championships something he'd like to do very much you have some really good years Alaska. Comparison between Terri live audience Harry Gant answered 59 point spread come. This weekend at North Carolina motor speedway body has to win every game has three. As far as top five finishes there in the body is finished in the top 514 times military can. Only one is quite the player you're the money is only 1383533. Dollars plug in his pocket for. In the race here this afternoon as far as push polls here. Greek. Want so the comparison between these two in just a few. Aliens but they're pretty much equal all the way through except for the money on par. Marty looks like Harry Gant has got what you might call a sunny day car and any kind of like what happened to you at Charlotte motor speedway just a couple of weeks ago your car ran real well right from the gun Wallace son was out. Wanna clouded up your car wasn't quite as competitive against car after the rain storm kind of fell back a bit but now the suns back out the track changed a bit and Harry taking off again. Are that sophisticated. But in 1982. More weighty one when we went to these small. And it doesn't like. The sun is not aware that took a clear away the supply today at Charlotte. The race started on the there's a blood came over about a half way that temperature to love six safety. And my card. Last night right as it did the first. The fifth place car is on pit road right in front Benny Parsons and. And Dale Earnhardt is well frantically. Pointing towards something that maybe they mentioned they're raised no they don't matter Wrangler Chevrolet 100 no matter how. It's. Not like this one com. The way that Barack there right now Richard Childress talking to me Dale Earnhardt now the national. On the wall apparently they're gonna make more repairs than just the normal pit stop David Smith record check run for your time. They're now they're thanking the airplane Roth Richard Childress. Continue to work on we'll try to find out exactly. Really good racetrack for Dale Earnhardt loves it really well prepared more than their share of mechanical problems your wings here but more star. Crashed the car practice if you remember last year and it might have been damaged in the early. Here he is very sick and they started the race and they look for relief driver all day long and time and place because he's just had more than his share of problems it's funny how racetrack kind of get on your case to sleep here near race after race for awhile. Bill Elliott heads back return and what he's opened his marched up now to three point. A lot of Harry can't look right down the road bevy of front view they get the pit board out trillium. Yes he is going on the next level Ernie moved out with a bit more. Read in the guest room really million U 76 feel he's coming in this lab. Leave Karzai at the bottom mark hear about comes down off turnovers forced lives down the bank figure comes the red and white poor spelling. Thunderbird right out of pit road in front of any cars. Your good ideas then he's probably going to probably be shortly. Sitting in the next that in front of them actually wants this should have been able to get that meant anything on the stuff to move this year. It went in the wind chill attention arrives I put in Brandon long and haven't been known for making sure the cars feel. Stop for Phil Elliott has he drops that you were milling Ford takes. We'll see the other drivers coming in here very shortly and then there's no question they'll make. More pit stop after they make. This heavy oil marketing game might go all the way on gasoline from here on our advantage here in North Carolina my statement in which apparently is your fifth your workers. Very well we're still working on the Wrangler Chevrolet of Dale Earnhardt went down. Crew and they say that it is an ignition problem there in the process right now can. Distributor owned the car. I'll mortgage everything on the way back here no. They'll go to the right time about well there's been a little aliens are saying there's not Philadelphia you know it's gasoline have already given more than. Available on the Jackson now it's down anyway here no doubt but I'm in that thing. They and others coming in America. Sheppard is the sixth place car he's the last car on the lead lap now but Elliott has affinity to come back up will be a lap down for the rest of the field the other cars on the lead lap. Walter camp and applauding. Adam Dale Earnhardt lost excuse me Earnhardt the president makes only five cars on the lead lap right now so it's green flag pit stops the order today and you seem to see if any of the cars waltrip were handed a particular can stretch out this tank of fuel and perhaps make the rest of the race I want to stop. Of course caution flag that might come at any time. Was certainly indicate that strategy. I think this racetrack over the years has been one of the you're losing arrays we've seen it happened so many times a lot of times here pit stop. The North Carolina motor speedway I guess that you can go pretty close to another milestone occasions we've seen some of the cars the 508. You can racetrack and I think a couple of years ago we saw who has the Darrell Waltrip has stretched out about a 111 or twelve now. Then they love most things have continued to improve again I'll. Hard here. Probably getting poured gas mileage from the front running cars on the third. Literally only. You know right now we're seeing some others getting good gas mileage out there and they. On that one more stop look good form and that's exactly why there again Darrell Waltrip here and buy your round. Libby coming up on the 400 mile mark here sometime in the next 45 miles we should be working around lap 374375. Hallway in little slip out there are no doubt as long as they can't handle precautions like Bill Elliott the leader moment filled gave up that lead when he came on the pit road at left. Recently we should see some of the other front runners coming in very soon we'll Harry can't. You right now. From a North Carolina motor speedway this is an MR around the motor racing network. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day bushel clock time for relaxing and unwinding with friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in racing but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. 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Couple more pit stops have taken place. Commercial break let's go to the kids good kids up here in the run into the fire last team aren't they change the right side tires filling up with gasoline now they're waiting for their overall. Down that road here yeah. And then. Many find hard to come down that road while money with the numbers and also made a pit stop he made good when. They're going to the right side on it as well filling in for. That's gonna lose. You know the rest. What they got about. Well miles to go from here. Should be at least that they're probably a little more than that about a 115 there should be. Open pit stop also from all about thirteen seconds about a half second faster than there and nobody went in here knows if you ask them. Are planning on back. And when Walter it is one out of every 600. Dale Earnhardt Justin really loud and running for Chevrolet they've been working on that car I don't get rid. Then later on they got tired now it's done they're trying to crank it. And who he is had a frustrating day here at the racetrack lost an awful lot of laps and had a shot have a high finish but this still sitting on pit road so he's going to be. Far far back before the day is over most of the front runners have been in this Bill Elliott was the first to. Make his pit stop Morgan Shepherd. Now posting him at least the left now is that correct maybe more. Showing right now morning at least one lap down we'll get an update scoring right now they're trying to work on green flag pit stops. And that will jumbled look feel somewhat so we'll get an update from G scoreboards Metcalf just as soon as we campus there road. Well Morgan Shepherd did make pit stop moment though that would have made one lap down he was evaporate water left behind the leaders before him. Calculation here that you still have them now Richard Childers crew decided to get Dale Earnhardt behind the wall and he. They'll wearing beards and it's playing guard. They're clean immaculate so they helped me. Going the NASCAR officials have warned them. Anything that figure out there on it while they're at the end for. Garage area. Now they're gonna put. Waiting for Bobby Allison thank you stop for the Bobby Allison colonial Monica is relief driving for Bobby here this afternoon as the camera. As far down he was in just a moment ago when they're already brought here on coming here very damp down pit road funny if you then look at the magic mr. Blair and watch live there. Hello this gusted a game comes down here maybe they'll go to. Can't change in the. As a matter is they have anybody can make a premier home it'll be here again. You run through. He found a donor money back now on the racetrack. I think rather know that was the quickest way for Earnhardt to turn that car around just put one of those Hollywood that's been to just stop the throttle while. We came around that's exactly right Michael Jordan did you actually tell you wanted to go all around the gradually to. Back on the right track he could not back. What did at 360 right there will. I don't know again. In Minnesota race make sure they did not fill the tank jump when he left. Okay well we'll look. Could be a factor reports all over the benefit caution flag should come out of the next 100 miles all the strategy would go rapidly. That's going to be interesting to see how this one comes out in the sense you just got all the front runners have now been on the pit road in her back from the racetrack and that's. Your wallet is now back also want a home they change the reappearing in the Gatorade on yeah. In Atlanta now we're back on the right track. One lap down they are now posting a 98 car of Morgan Shepherd and also Tim Richman is one lap down that should leave us just four cars. On the lead lap cars and Eliot waltrip. I can't answer the money. Do you want anybody else it's. That's called here has consistently got to do better gas mileage than any other car and driven once again here today that it can get good gas mileage. They have lost a lap earlier in the we're in the hip under caution came right side tires on the car as well the Bill Elliott made a good pit stop but we have mentioned. And then on the weekend around movie after being running for love that. I'm there and do. But thank goodness stop by again this thing back out in front while we only know it. Here's can't coming out of turn a reporter's private lap traffic directly ahead and right behind him a couple of colleagues back in the number two position is real willingness a little better than five seconds back to Darrell Waltrip who is now being posted third after that round of pit stops here in the body. Those are the only four cars and NASCAR scoring is now showing. Many we've talked in the past year at this particular racetrack do in the situation the fact is cooling down quite a bit now that's change. Good handling characteristics of the way the cars will get through the corners here but the problems forced the driver. It is not going to be that bad that day but it could be if the clouds move away as the sun has its music goes down in the US shines right over the wall down and you'll. At times you go in that corner it's almost like driving in their line. Exactly like the one. Advantage they had today as we get them arrange our early on which settled the best that hits the windshield. Saying that that hits him more or less sand glass windshield once it does that then visibility. My job should get the dust down that they in this land so as the sun does go down hopefully this afternoon. Most of the cars off. Extremely well after that round of stops and change of Goodyear tires all the way around there. We've been speculating whether they will be anybody able to build this is the only car possibly that could certainly be here again as he was last wants to make you stop. But you heard Betty Parsons say that he did not apparently get fuel tank. Came out beautiful people. So announcer to be answering them I can make a difference in lap for so here to keep trying to stretch it. Dip as the leader Kelly drive second waltrip is third fourth. It's carry the body a lap down as Morgan Shepherd in fifth position and six is Tim Richmond Harry Gant now begins to pull away. Bill Elliott by a healthy margin and he continues to just get around this racetrack and and the difference is not so much. The fact if you cars are running pretty much the same speed but Gant can take his car anywhere he wants to the corners if he runs upon traffic he doesn't lose any time there's probably like no. Matter of fact the case in point he just told me Richard these cars between turns one and took. I'm scoops away when we haven't talked about who's still running rather well the Obama bed substituting them. Deal would give the car awfully fine run today he's got some problems with the aerodynamics in the cars give him a tougher time coming off the corners and possibly life. The back cars consistently run well leverage situation taken over. Rick you have problems. Right before you came in the neighborhood on anybody back down now they're pushing him into the Roger in many parts of the together with the men. Come talk to Bill Elliott earlier in the weekend Eliot currently running in the second position that's right restarted on the outside wall opposite Jeff quote I have. Elliott missed the pole position here at the North Carolina motor speedway by. Well just a fraction of a second in fact less than a fraction a second just about. 1100 of a second in fact if you total up all the pole position battles this year. There's only about six tenths of a second bit of separated Elliott from as many as four full possessions 61 hundredths of a second. For affordable positions. Yeah that's been true absolutely and you know you go use. The bad lie about me and to close is as you always go back in my hotel learn what you've been done by a little bit better. You when you why else do you need more you got this like you may. Hi Carlyle group. Fan drive to rice you know when you give may not just a little bit it's always wondered about what I have done regularly visit. Nevertheless he can't quite a run here today that a good portion just race and currently sits in the second position. Harry Gant is Gant come across the start for the strike to complete 404 laps. More variety to the leg of the race today Elliott has it been inside city and many in the net can comment when you can see that driver. Up ahead of you in your rear view mirror but no you're not CNN that's really got to work yet you. Well it doesn't work at your Mike joy there's no question about it and I think that there to pick up a little bit of me sometime in my country. Of course is not that many choices near the North Carolina right a little late surge around how to find a better way to. You know we mentioned in the gone into the Roger I think they're talking got to pay. Yes I have and it. And you Rhode driver of the liked your Ford Ricky what happened. Well many voters started at nine off Bob thank you started doing the barons and a lot of men. Never run a lot of cold temperature all of them all and not get the bears found I gotten out aren't out of the water got caught up before they exploded. The knowledge that don't want them. So maybe it you know work you've got it up before if they hadn't believed. Well we had about three different races are this year we've been out what Barrett rob that's the part I'm not caught early enough wedding completely destroyed the motor. I hope they didn't do much damage that could get Ryan enough. Another elaborate dude there was probably exploded on the bottom bad enough obviously on the car into the wall. Whenever you read mark this thing. Move on his part Rusty Wallace continued to have problems in the Gatorade on the active. Up eleven I've been working on it over there now they've drifted back down pit road. The Rogers the NASCAR. You know behind the wall now so Rusty Wallace apparently out I'm finally here. Again it's advantage as he leaves the Warner Hostin American 500 in the final 100 miles is now almost three seconds. Continues to pull away just a little bitty turn around on Bill Elliott. Third place car is still carry the body forth as Walter fifth they're posting Morgan shift six Bobby allison's car revealed a lot of relief driving here and Tim Richman is being posted in seven. And Tim Richman is just slowed morning Paula comes off but the point Ernie pulls down to the inside of the racetrack running at about six. Our close to the normal 150 or sixty that they would run down his front right away we'll get round pick right. Frustrating days at a frustrating year I've heard you computer broadcaster and this afternoon say this have been the worst year of his life. Yesterday one Justin racing either in cities had a lot of problems that people don't know about each that it really has been frustrating years looking for better things. Besides they're out there with a good court Pete Peterson Tim brewer and maybe trapped resident crew ready to pull right. We'll work on that automobile watching form coming around the speedway and he's slipping way down the bottom of the track apron. You'll know walking through there there are set to go to work let's go to the fifth. It's not going to. They're going to go ride tied it changed constantly have had a tire going down the court you can go to these turns here. Very fast and he got tired going fast that's what they're working on filling up against one group member back there doing a little bit of work don't they. Perhaps one handling and clear in how they're going around a little love who they are going to change at all. We'll Milwaukee. Apparently isn't tied. While Tim Burton's car is given a pretty good ride here this afternoon. The only race car that they have that is still running for Sampson back shop at the team just has not had time to repair. He's the season out in 1980 for the million have their work cut out for them to get a couple of cars ready for Atlanta for the Atlanta journal 500 new Riverside California. We'll run this car was living here. New ring if you run right at Atlanta they certainly didn't mean. In the first round. Thursday they have to take that car back. Replacing with the one that they were going to run in Atlanta and of course they still plan to run this car in Atlanta like us. Doing the repairs but we should be able you. Benny Parsons is down the vicinity of the Dale Earnhardt fitter are of course a lot of a lot of time on pit road just come back for the Bill Elliott Smith was go to Benning. Many of the only way back. Right now I felt about it. Your children emergency. Exactly want this situation brought. Then you're you're about. Richard Childress plus status there now all I don't know I just should not bend the finger at Richard as long runs it Jamont you Richard. Leon NASCAR finally fifty dollars a laugh reached excess lab tech cars out on pit road as they worked on a NASCAR told all week. Drivers meeting that they'd have to pull those cars behind the walls perform extended service over the meter was running on dale earnhardt's taxi. Repaired there here's Dave Marcus good Brothers go back to man. Little bit earlier energetic. I'm in my joint news coming into the slow wall slowly they're going to the last time you. When the others made their normal kids off the plane rides on cars on the radar contact and now he's back in Mauritania went side. They also they have enough and make them feel there might be able to go the rest of the way. And well they let the left side down then the car has. You down pit road so a little extra time now they're pushing it back now they have no load very modest in the right are you having some problems here that. Right now they're bringing Jack back and jacking up the left side once again OK not get the car in gear maybe being. You have great now look for something so they're having effective at all and then when the car and here it's not here on the green flag for Dave Marcus. Four under caution at North Carolina motor speedway the the diplomat availability like old intern one. Smoke all sorts pouring out from behind that marks. Stole automobile the California campaign eras pulled his car out of everybody's way into the back pit area. But it does bring out caution for the tenth time marched all out of vehement. And just about everyone will be in the pits let's go to Mitt well this strategy went out the windows did that make it from here all morning everybody available make it as hard field to learn very damp still standing room. They're changing alt border guards on his car farther down pit road is they Piedmont airlines North Carolina. They do what came gulf war god I don't Vinny margins in his Villa alien. Yes and JD import tires well noted lakers Jason Ford does one thing that really change that and I saw a couple of today a bit unusual he changed goggles as well I don't know why but evidently there was some troubles in afternoon. Well the sun is not shining right now there's no map love play out no more rain looking in that allowed to have gone over the in the longer run outs and maybe you needed a different shade of goggles as we get down near the end of the the race here those cars are back out of running their others have come in this time around at the pace car comes off of turn four Darrell Waltrip will be among the richter Betty. Morgan Shepherd and Levi Garrett car Ron Reshard Powell admitted jeopardize that they've market's coming back in need. It is far Karbala really want to. But transmission leverage problem I didn't get the car in gear when he was in their moment ago. They'll change Gulfport are on the web logical Darrell Waltrip they also make a chassis adjustment on that car after they he made his green flag pit stop a moment ago. They only change rights not powers that car was not working nearly as well as it wants earlier in the day he was a lot of blacks live beta feeling welcome this opportunity to come in and change those tires and make an adjustment on the garden. Not a pit stops are over and it's and it's a won't go all the strategy were talking about who might stripped gas mileage or whatever went right out the window but all the cars now they're four still on the lead lap gift came off pit road first so he is out front. Elliott still second in the body is third fourth is water there on the lead lap they'll be bunched right together on this restart one lap down and fifth position as the yield monitor in the Bobby Allison car. And behind him is Morgan Shepherd. Two laps down a seventh place car would be Tim Richmond four laps down and eighth places Buddy Baker and ninth place. He is Dave Marcus the rest of the field is five or more laps down as Morgan Shepherd makes another stop on pit road. What Harry get put into this race 59 points behind Terry the body and it's right now 54 point back because death has clinched the 3000 dollars 7-Eleven miles leader award. Perhaps more important of that team in the 3000 dollars is the five Winston cup bonus points for leading the most laps today Mary gets picked that up. Worth a lot of money they make quite a bit less money this year those 7-Eleven awards. Looking down a few statistics flower under caution here are some things that are blisters might find this it's kind of unusual would happen this year drivers yet waiting to win a race in 1980 four's a healthy list is some very strong teams that have never won or haven't won in 1984 including lake speed and Kyle Petty and Morgan Shepherd Buddy Baker Robin hasn't won neither has who shark meal products still looking for that first win this year's along with Dick Brooks. Dave Marcus Rusty Wallace and even David Pearson so. There's still a lot of racing left in the duke coming up in Atlanta and Riverside California based army pulling on the pit road as they go back to green and nobody up probably taking any prisoners from here to the checkered flag Carol candor ways it Harry gantt gets on the bottle and from Bill Elliott by a couple of colleagues as they scramble on one. Wasting no time his dad Billy Elliot a second nobody behind him in the third that waltrip import those cars went around me outside of turnovers turned on the backstretch. Sugar dark greens. Got their work to do the outside of Neil bonnet in the body Al cigars Bill Elliott he can't get the job done he sticks it behind yep the body and while there were still right there. The body right on the rear fender the right rear quarter panel of Bill Elliott now they go back single file lot of jostling back the back of the field police cars grim one. I don't know perhaps I can already it was random one lap left the lead packed up my car again. Villa coming in second spot not having to worry about challenge this time lobotomy at Walter overweight. He worked up side by side of he'll try to look grabbed a spot this time is served great. Nobody could get there in time he'll have to stay tucked inside part of want to just acknowledge the way with three drivers behind Harry can't really will have to do some scrambling to Elliott has lost already six car lengths back. A lot of it by the close up the gap to get as close to began it began back in one but he continues to pull away. Yeah it is awfully Saudi outside 56 Harley the medical Bill Elliott and seven. We'll see acute chest right now because they have their racetrack and Bill Elliott cut down the gap between himself the leader Harry Gant they're separate themselves Gerri about it Darrell Waltrip. Off turn four back to the start finish line at camp holds onto that said he was three car like the manager Elliott is right there at about him coming back to the third place car. Now as they work and turn number two's still everybody holding their same line again leading by two car lands over Bill Elliott on the backstretch. Kelly has slowly and surely chipping away at the leader Harry Gant he is closed within three Carl likes its third straight both cars hugging the bottom of the right track they had returned for Darrell walker trying to put a move on to earn money on the outside no place to go there tucked back in behind him. And he'll wait till. You'll find this time he's got plenty of time to do it. Got to get to the front of the pack the Perry can't continues to strengthen analyst. Better than a second half now back to the second and third. The third and fourth place car there in the backstretch and we look to the inside coming out of tournament to get said no way he slammed the door shut meanwhile want to continue to work to heat our Gerri look funny they weren't deterred for the gap took Alex. Bill Elliott sits right off the rear bumper of Gary gap how about a bill is there one place on this racetrack at one time in this race for your Florida. Is superior to those Chevrolet is that's. Hardest tightest race track changes so much and you know survival here means so much and are you worried about getting them to me in the right East Coast maybe that's the only car to even into the race then. We were you worried about so many thanks in the U I don't know that there's one point town and my car he met anybody else's but no I might just feel like Julius. There's still yet to race track changes so much. Will be Adalius throughout the Elliott try to put a move on can't offer. Looking on the inside that we can't pull off the single file Elliott has survived nicely all afternoon long now it's time to go after the top spot again ideas about going inside a hairy kid they can't edit just don't have the horsepower underneath the school band at the hold them off that it does he need to try to take the lead now artisan need to wait awhile. Guess who this attractive. Try to take Lee right now Voinovich. Once it does get out it looks like the then it becomes. The dominant car. Good as alongside okay no I don't know like. Good looks like good guys get out. That the third at Briscoe managed Luke Donald the next thing is once it does give god it's going to be harder to control my car he needs to do well tons. He's trying to do it right now he's trying to get underneath the traffic has been the factor in the last time around. All the time they've run up front and traffic and a squeeze him right in behind lady come out of the throttled it back and want also this is allowed what Bob did wolf just to close they were our second half. Now us. Your leaders are working for. Close call earlier just elaborate go to Q upon us look really ran into the back of that car that went into turn three get to the good job using that lap mark. The GAAP book now lakers to a body pulls away from Walter fight to. Put all the top car to start this race and have a strong chance to win it's ironic perhaps fitting that the four cars that have been the most consistent all year. Before the sit at the top of the points standings we'll decide this race among themselves Perry get have been trying every trick in the book to. Back in the second position but just a moment ago while we're in commercial break as they went in the turned duke there's really change of racquet company like no. It's Bill Elliott who worked himself around. Harry again there was to the pleasure of the crowd here and now coming in and pulled away by some great highlights. Behind her again sometime car lanes back hysterical about it he's not finished charging even. Nobody has been willing willing off the lead that has had separated him from the top two cars he just technology away from here again and moving closer every lap. That's side by side racing between Elliott and her dad has allowed a body to close right up Elliott is now half a second. About twelve car lengths ahead of Harry gaps they weren't even weighed devoid of racetrack. Again down a little sign of the racetrack officer number two Harry can't seem to be dropping just the bad news Eliot regional freight. They may be free of lap traffic now would they look up ahead they do see some trouble coming up in the next couple laps on 45 slower cars don't have to deal went. You really can't pick for the for sure was still quite a bit of distance to go affiliates in front right behind me here again about six garlic back it's less than two seconds about two and a half seconds back in the fourth place car Darrell Waltrip and when you. Running that close together on the racetrack it was still some fifty miles plus to go here you can't count out any of those front four. My whole being a parent can't prove Travis Carter rather complicated right next to our broadcast position here we looked over when that. Tonight there are no reaction whatsoever that you're okay all. Whenever I'm running out there right now I think. You want to stay there a moment ago. That the car seems after runs while. You can have some good man. And coming to affect how we are under completely cloudy skies cleared for release sometime down the track. We told you about earlier that can't are my insulin shots are coming really. When the sun was shining your neck but I think there's no. Around long enough. Elliott leads get back into the first corner by now about five darling senate's about seven Carling black. To Terry in the body don't count anybody out of this afternoon. Kelly it's run well on the big tracks Daytona and Talladega these improve this short track program but where he has really shine this year. Is on the medium length the racetracks the one to two mile speedway is. I don't know how big is why don't feel like we've got everything going together a lot better. We used to have been things like airplanes coming a little more easily. End Demorrio the more I learn. I'm now the racetracks that are not feel like a got a male I have now everywhere I go and I know pretty much what a cool morning and they like going to have to sort out what's more. When the race starts got a good idea unless it changes drastically should know what I need for each racetrack and that's tailed a lot. We don't have a lot today it's helped him into the lead and again as we've talked about several times today wanted to clouded over Elliott's cars on the front. When the sun's out Harry Gant is a card and run away from the field but yet Perry nobody's been right there on several occasions and party nobody is really closing up on Harry Gant. The lap cars held up just for a second there when he has steadily and gaining ground. He's knocked off about Carly the last five or six laps around he's definitely coming on the field Ned Jarrett has gone down through the school landed bits and is standing by there. Well they've got. We've never gets tired and I think barely. My guess available at this point made only thing he told they would let him know it can't allow. And a wallet. It may well that's what it felt very. Hey guys. That tired right now. Perhaps available at a later all let me know. Everybody knows but god they would is that white thing that's. But the general is beginning to stretch in Louisville. Right now much better than the second half while Harry Gant and Dan is losing a little ground but Perry nobody's catching up to Perry can't overturn it. While money is not chasing down again mirroring. Claims and nobody is also now one point 79 seconds ahead of wall Jim Joyce pulling away from the number. Dan goes by the Slorc are probably may now look funny we'll have to contend with him now again moves up on Dick mail. How to turn quarterback around the start finish line to complete 449. Laps this time by. I believe him just 43 laps left to run here in North Carolina voters street wide movement over the Bill Elliott fit now in the middle of the lead car. Ned Jarrett. Right now we're we're learning and never learned or did you have a crowded and I think not one that's. Well there's there's. I don't know man looks like. Right now me and coming up large glasses. I'm going out and actually get hard loudly and they have the right. No. California. No no word now. You know right now those. Well I don't let her own in a bad stuff that there. Related are you concerned that it might make the okay. Yeah I'm excited I'm alive. Smart card that. As hard as we can go with a pack lightly after. Its own brother fails coordinate our time. Slowing down a bit is Darrell Waltrip waltrip is the fourth place car that he's not he is not off the pace but Neil bonnet in relief of Bobby Allison. Has just passed waltrip and he's continuing your faith just a bit low hanging on to his fourth season. Harry Gant is closing interval hole goalies almost a second half behind he's jumping down about seven or eight Arlington but traffic was one of the reasons. That he was able to gain some ground on Bill Elliott as the laps wind down here at the North Carolina motor speedway who is it going to be bill Elliot for Harry Gant. Partner in the body or Darrell Waltrip there all four on the lead lap. And the separation between first back. Five seconds you heard from Travis Carter the crew chief funds doorman at a Harry Gant and also Ernie Elliott who's the crew chief for Bill Elliott Smith Jarrett is made his way down the Budweiser fifteen have a chance to talk with Daryl waters. They have no understanding and Kevin let me. He's a yes there right now lesson that you don't regard not enough military. Tigers had a great car back up here North Carolina there's been laying the car won't run a popcorn to. OK Bonnie again. An up and away let the cards operate we're gonna Goldman on the I'm just a moment this afternoon about his company. The racetrack has to be some ten phony degrees cooler and been even ten degrees difference here aren't any racetrack for that matter right through. In the grease mix up. It makes a tremendous. Last spring in Atlanta in the young middle of the 500 my car when the sun would it would go down behind the crowd. When the sun came out. He would get loose in the words it it only changed to a three victory. Oh my car so you can imagine why they didn't agree you can you can. Completely out ball game. Long ways to go in the sweet yet and Warner hot American 500 Elliott the leaders about separate car lengths ahead of Harry can't. And I can't really drove his tail off today told us earlier this week here in the garage area they eat one of his goals is to win one more race before the year's out. And it's a time when rice our winner right I don't really wanna go away wanna analyze five of them really wanted to nip. He's working on here this afternoon he's about so. Carly behind the leaders are working to turn. Right now Bill Elliott losing just a little bit of ground to Harry Gant dance are starting to work very well the Turkey day it will hold the stroke manager laid down in the bottom of the racetrack. And it's paying off for him because the Julie cart are pulling away from Jerry gone it just slightly into the body lets talk about his cabinet. Did Jarrett has been making his way down to talk with dale Inman who is to keep on Piedmont airlines car appear in the body we've heard from all the recruit. Three cars. And it get to work with the imminent perhaps he's talking with parent body on the radio right now because nobody's. The ball back to hear from the front two years. Leader out of turn of the four back down the line with another slap on the board can't still some 68 car lengths back it's about three seconds back to carry the body as they were back in the one. Harry had managed to find enough for a short while ago that drop. Cars working awfully well off the number two cornerstone of what's really key today the lead cars are really good handling well despite the change overall. Temperatures and dry conditions. Leader continues to just put lap after lap on the board here. Back to lie and get malice jumped off a couple of colleagues that in turn around as the leader got caught Johnson slowed traffic up and turns green for its a lot of the closing like golden he's there just a couple of comments back. He's knocking on the door at about three airports and planes down on the straightaway and again chases down Eliot. Tech campus and eight colleagues are coming up on the wrong sharks are Trevor Boyd along with Jimmy V today or America have to contend with the all for it just a few minutes. The committee has a big advantage your good friend of Bill Elliott have been for a long time along with Harry mailing anytime you get out in the leading. Word where you wanna go and of course the flag man working for you that passing flag when you come off on lap automobiles that's a little bit of the many many more that's all you knew. That's exactly right because anymore I've become business so explosive all you need is being run at you said the Bill O'Reilly came Kenneth Vick. All of here's the thing that would concern villain that is the traffic because of the again lays back even as his. Carlos behind him and bill gets in the corner and one of the slow cars moves. At the wrong time and the ES get out of well. Now again with that he is 67 college the moment your ride traffic from the rest of the race. Is the key to the Victor right now. Here in the body now 3.2 seconds behind the second place car GAAP. I guess it's just about seven maybe eight Carling behind Bill Elliott. Harry can't really get old program right now mobile Italy's three tenths of a second highest quality like all its economy. It's always correlate this to come off turnovers till it's whittling down even I have Carly. It is almost there you are likely just sneaks around they are not the last few times by bill Elliott's the left front. Left side tires and dropped aren't they go to the racetrack he's not handling back here as well as he wasn't hurt me at many will say that can't car seemed to get stronger as the tires heated up out there and it might just be back in the the factor villain and a couple times around it's cost him a little distance. But can't is there again as they work off turn over new he's been no more than a car length back for the last two times around he's back from a Marc Carroll they pressed up against the concrete wall now diving low on the racetrack again Elliott's cars dangerously close to dropping out of the track gate where he's got a car for economic advantage. Elliott winds off the corner a little bit too close to the wall here Rockingham coming off turn four that really don't get up near Philly come past the start finish drives it only takes. So right back down the track apron and he dives into one. There's a race traffic here to get to. Let mommy have a live Dave Marcus whose car heavily there's only work on the backstretch well. How Blake gets in the catching in the Terrance Taylor now just looking into midway between three and four that is where Bill Elliott catches up with him and he goes up tonight's it is four point six. Seconds back in the third place car now bury the body. As skeptical look on the outside of oil might wanna pass coming down the straightaway gets pushed high in turn one is Bobby Nolan came up out of the groove and he's gonna lose forty Darlington probably like no. Why is because Bobby helmet. Curry get a chance to chased down Bill Elliott getting close to a half later they lost it right. That's another sort Kurt Jimmie goes they've market just up and it quickly attract momentarily for the leaders want to have the first reaction that they now. I don't know anyway and then a common there than I was in trouble when he went into the turn O'Malley not a Bobby hill Molly Wood holding down on the inside blue area of course made mistakes. Or close them good good evening I'm low enough for the Clinton rude not to play for advantage theory anyway. They'll women while we were out there a moment ago then defense right now we're simply getting out run. We just hope that no we can hang on here to the end and who knows if something happened they would get back. The B seventeen laps to go over Bill Elliott and Terry can't succumb fast start finish. Yet from that little mishap out of turn one try to regain some ground now Elliott as traffic trouble as well Foley goes around Dave Marcus Marcus gives him plenty of room. This time have a base at full straightaway before they find traffic again. Of course now let's go through with the bottom of the racetrack. You're in trouble you gonna lose ground both cars are free of traffic now just four car like separate the leaders. Bill Elliott was sixteen laps remaining in the race here in the American 500 at the North Carolina motor speedway is about six Darlington hit a pair began about five seconds ahead of the third place card carrying the body in a little more than ten seconds ahead of the fourth place hard Darrell walker they're often. Five Connors had to believe automobiles building catching them somewhere near turn four possibly those five cards are scrambling for position and then all of those cars to get rich quick Jeff quote aren't flawless Morgan Shepherd and when he won their two by two the week they'll have to string out before the leaders get there. Fifteen to go home Bill Elliott continues to hold on that six garlic lead over Kerry gap. The distance back to the third place car is just about pulling for the straightaway four point seven seconds. Harry can still about running jump off a corner. They into the deficit and here comes the racetrack and. Quickly they start to really in the back our money on that for a five car lap traffic up ahead still actor turned four haven't reached it yet. Elliott you committees looking directly ahead in the Boston turned. Or across Ryan's clockwork graphic here isn't really that's a big factor for driver you need to drive here you need to know where the cars are that you're gonna pitch as the laps wind down but take. Right now as I mentioned a moment ago that traffic is one of the key. Imagine that traffic how we use a tragic tragic he has to. It down of rhetoric and make his decision had put down the stretch knew what he's going to do once they get the militant on right now been watching I haven't seen him make here in the states. This again. Commercial bill. You've got out they'll make that my mistake run them and right so far enlist in the super job. When you're running at about a 145 miles an hour like they are here you know. Up from three and four cars in fact he's not sure what those cars are gonna do it again that's something you've filed away in your mind over the years at different driving styles of driver children were. Former sometimes they're always do that if you misjudge and find yourself in yourself sometimes it behind a slower car. There Bakken term. Morgan Shepherd and jump and time again keeps the way it turned out he's George duke Carolina deficit. Off the corner racetrack a global one what are they others they had dormant or great. Morgan Shepherd drop for the insider elite gets by him get catches it no Morgan Shepherd started on the apron elect can't go why he almost lost Detroit can reel that back again. Bill Elliot looking that went to North Carolina motor speedway as the laps wind down about five to go when they come out of turn four and back to the line this time Elliott brings it right down the bottom of the racetrack the interval between first and second just about oil while we took off a moment ago. Got three colleagues as they get back in the. Racetrack now may have been sunshine again as Harry can't takes a bit of a higher line to return number one coming off delivered to corner though they'll take identical. So can Elliott still leaving. Temporarily free of slowed traffic trouble up ahead tonight ten or fifteen correlates to be made running this same consistent lie down on the bottom of the racetrack the leaders work in turn more people more laps to go that route off. Ordering again. Comes off the corner. His windshield full of the rear end of Elliott's poor's smelling thunderbird. They weren't gonna return this time without any race traffic as a factor. Again trying to chase it down and started to what I am the great Carly still. Bill's main highway on the backstretch Elliott a little bit more conservative now when it comes out of turn over to he doesn't put that in order for closer to what has caused the laws we had during the race. Again with a fork garlic lady works its third quarter. Elliott has really driven a Smart race he has not allowed himself to get pinned up in traffic in these final lap to this afternoon. It looks like traffic will not be a factor for him as the race back directly ahead Eli gold is pretty well cleared. Actually with the leaders coming off turn to the nearest tree. Like his Buddy Baker midway down the backstretch of these. He's not going to be a factor here again close within the gap to my legs then work in the tournament breakdance the last ditch effort for the school bandit Chevrolet closes in on Philadelphia PA is getting married is one car lengths back with two laps to go Elliott has a car length lead. Where do they go they have return number one Harry a running jump go. Great house where at least turnover as they work on the low side of the racetrack. Though he gets the car's fuel when he's drawn to sign Elliott on the backstretch. She looks from the inside they touched ever so slowly down the backstretch then takes the lead the tournament where he slides up Mike Palin comes back cutting inside their side by side door to door they'll come off the fourth quarter and down the line white flag for Harry again and Bill Elliott they race door to door touch a couple of times. They are still that way and turn on the remarkable my share of Rockingham you will not really true. I'm back on its Elliott coming out so let's get their side by side I don't turn to. You can almost playing to the outside concrete retaining wall when he's got the horsepower on the outside he beat Elliott to the inside at turn three again he goes up high in the top spot Elliot what's download Elliott I'm. Thank you. The. Yet I had to move may lead to very glad they got out to turn number one. Checkered flag flies. And Bonnie coming up the port turn I didn't think he can do it he was coming got a good job but he was on the bottom of the racetrack and supposedly get what get a better run off the top. Those two cars have been so close here all afternoon at least fans came to their feet cheering it on some of the best racing we've ever seen at the North Carolina motor speedway and Bill Elliott picks up his third win. In 1984. In the cooers Lilly Ford and is coming on the pit road. And there are thousands of fans on their feet cheering him on waving their hats to him as he'll be heading for Victory Lane and talking with Ned Jarrett. One of the most exciting finishes we've seen in 1984. A lot of collective head shaking going on right now in the grant status folks just can't believe what they've seen in the last two laps here. Kerry get coming not taking the lead losing the lead taking it back and as they came down the front straight away toward the checkered flag. The Bill Elliott by two feet let's join adjourned Victory Lane. We'll go back their ability. Bill Elliott have full course forward in here about Mike joy is now getting his safety paraphernalia unconnected were given just a moment to get out of the car. Bill Elliott team to win by a good a couple of feet no more than that at the start finish line and he did at the hard way. I've given no more and do great party weight came off turn number four. I thought surely the Harry Gant having me outside in the run off the corner we've set on this broadcast many times that equity come off the quarterly outsider turning a little more rpm it should give you a little better run down the straight away but. Elliott just it's definite step got right alongside Harry get in a deviant by two feet that was a lot to. There really wasn't manager standing by and Victory Lane and Benny Parsons is wandering around the Roger hopefully we might get a word with Harry Gant. And Terry the money particularly the finish that game ahead if there's any way to chase him down let's go back to Victory Lane and Ned Jarrett willow had just call out of the curse Florida and a very happy man built that way you like to welcome. Well look it's my nature mile mile and no matter who may have been I don't really know what could do we need a normalized fly out. I slid out blow me up I'll label we give back and makes our writer and Opel car had enough to get up off the corner but it did do it. Really didn't do it in just about whisper I'm sure you can tell how much you love Moneyline my eyes but it was enough. Bill you ran hard all days seem like there were points that his car was the strongest then there were at the time that your car works well as hard as. Lately my car for so critical is higher on a tired man has so much. And you know I try to help our want to have the car was working good with Chinese tires we got Steiger altitude works good. I took them but you know the ancient Iran here and I got a command Arnie and out of gas like an opportunity for job what is so hard again in my day this is prices and create. They ought ran into the ring master Reyes had him playing at a Milan nice. Well with a long day and they pulled it off near the North Carolina motor speedway his third win of imaginative courses like much name. Good run for young Bill Elliott here this afternoon as we talked about in a middle of the broadcast that is deemed to be reckoned with not only the remainder of the season but for 1985 as well. We'll run you down quickly on officially through the top seven right positions Elliott the winner gets finishing second finishing third should return the money fourth position that Darrell Waltrip. Unofficially the fifth place star would be the Bobby Allison machine that he'll launch it will be credited with driving that car here most of the afternoon for volley. And Morgan Shepherd has a good run and has posted in six position on a fishing particularly for the back in the field hopefully before we go off the air. Jeff what I'd as the winner of the goodies attic award the pole sitter who had won the pole for both races this weekend. And the one in the comfort coach 200 NASCAR earlier model sportsman race here yesterday will be credited with degrees medical ward a score around the turn and go. The nominations for the time next time we just move the race we'll start as usual laden turned to the our goal. Oh my kind of opened I've torn between two guys are rubber shark and Greg Sachs equipment virtue of the fact that I have a good clear viewer watched Sachs did. I'm didn't leave shame but certainly heard from the reports what Bouchard did. I would vote for Greg shacks when his engine blew back I'm a 164. Lap. He really have to work not to take that car to the wall. I'm not to take out the rest of the field with a mobile money boys did have some problems behind them but did Greg Sachs and a great piece of driving I'm furthest end of the speedway Al Qassam nomination in his direction let's go up to turn three and mart giro. But before I cast my vote for the top spot too quick honorable mentions the one to the whole field when they missed the Jerry moment coveted flipped over the backstretch he did that fund the lead cars only one other car was involved and an altercation occurred that much worst. Also an honorable mention to find decent drive by Morgan Shepherd what he and Richard Petty came together in turn three he got completely sideways you thought it was gonna go up and take a bite out of that car free while he didn't go my vote has to go to run bush cars just a tremendous piece of driving when he was leading the race got completely crossed up in the groove and turn three most of the cars that did that this week. Hit the concrete while bush are no not only did he not hit the walk but skeptical audience are the racetrack instill in competition at least for a few more laps he of that Gerris to. Online to get his vote we are Mike joy and I mentioned the fact. Greg Sachs. I agree with Eli gold that that was a very common move that he made getting the car really slowed down before I got into the turn where he admitted he could be in a lot of trouble got it down to the hands out of the racetrack so I'm gonna cast my nomination also for Greg Sachs. Let's see if Betty Parsons and switch wireless transmitter to the hall on the transmitting TV's online with a spending. We'll check back with him in a moment if we can't. Barney I'd have to get Ricky Rudd and honorable mention at least they've had a lot of engine trouble the bud Moore car of course you can't really what this sect an engine to well. When you got rods hanging up the bottom of it if one of them blows clean up but he he knew the engine was going minister set it off and save it and hopefully they cannot confine that engine problem but. I have got cast my vote to Bill Elliott when Harry Gant went Bible the left ago. Elliott he didn't give it up to get right down there and as he said. He just over the car had enough to get off the corner and be carried the finish line. He sat on tape earlier about fifty laps of before the end of the broadcast that. When you lose a race by offender you lose a poll by a hundredth of a second when you're that close then you're really wondered for a long time what you might have done to do better. He doesn't have anything to wonder about now up to now nominate bill. First of many drivers have made time to move here today and the everyone that we've mentioned certainly deserves. The award but obviously only one can get it and again I'll have to go back to Greg Sachs myself I think he made a good move over there in the corner and young man has had such tough luck this year he hasn't given up either. And he's a very had separate striving a lot of timely moves here today I think you have to cast my vote for Greg Sachs. Greg will win money from Timex for the timely just move out of the race 500 dollars. Do they Saxon son's racing team how to Matta talked Long Island. And what a day for young Bill Elliott the whole feel as we commented a couple of times this afternoon I don't think have ever seen a better race here at the North Carolina motor speedway and I don't think we're gonna see a better and we won't see a better finish and then if we run fifty more races this year I never have brought an out of this racetrack and the folks that. You know we catered around the don't want to go or instant they sat through two separate rain showers but. I would have gotten soaked wires to see a finish like that'll last Tellabs and up like that race did it was just. A tremendous. Show here at the North Carolina motor speedway. Bill Elliott is the winner of hops and American 500 receiving the accolades in Victory Lane underscores milling thunderbird. Harry GAAP finishes second in the school bandit Chevrolet. Gap we'll pick up on terror in the body five points for finishing a space ahead of them and five points because he led the most laps so gap will go off to Atlanta 39 the believe 39 points behind during the body in the chase for the Winston cup. Finishing fourth today Darrell Waltrip keeps his title hopes alive with a fine fourth place finish. Bobby Allison will be credited with the fifth position with a lot of driving generally sic we'll go to Morgan Shepherd and Levi Garrett car seventh his Buddy Baker and about leaned forward. Eighth to Tim Richmond in the old Milwaukee Pontiac knife to Dave Marcus in the rain mock racing Pontiac. And depth goes to Lennie pond. Driving the date marked his own Oldsmobile Trevor boys was eleventh Dale Earnhardt was twelve Ron Bouchard was thirteenth Richard Petty was. Credited with the fourteenth position here at the North Carolina motor speedway this afternoon will talk to you next Sunday. From Martinsville Virginia we'll bring you all the action of the cardinal 500 that really is racing's wildest doubleheader. 250 laps each for the modified Amelie model sportsman cars of NASCAR. Marta that point is just tightens up ten more points area managed to. Just chip away at Terry the bodies laid and there's no question we'll go to Riverside deciding what to cup champion but certainly Atlanta. Just looms as it even more pivotal race with just two races left ago. Well everybody thought they might leave here was just the two cars having a shot at winning the championship but Darrell Waltrip to still in it and so is Bill Elliott. You just can't ever tell it's gonna happen it was a cup racing is we've since so many times are we seeing here this afternoon. Next week you'll see the wildest doubleheader racing as we told you at the Martinsville Speedway for the cardinal 500 that modified and sportsman cars will be up there. And will be there to bring the action we hope you'll be there with a split if he can't do dissent on MR end. Our tax Martha BO Louise Frazier on the scoring loop Joseph Paul cam orbit runner. And Jane Hogan who offered her support services command sunglasses were Burkle nor are more Nelson Croshere but Nelson specially to provide the two way radio hook up. With Dick Brooks that we put to good advantage this afternoon. For Eli gold and Marc Carroll Ned Jarrett Benny Parsons on good wrote in Barney hall this is Mike joy congratulating Billy Elliot on his third win of the 1984 was a cup campaign. Here in the hot and American 500. But motor racing network coverage of NASCAR Winston cup series is from a North Carolina motor speedway and the general manager of the motor racing network is John McMullen. Chief engineer Brian Cooper. Director of affiliate Marcello. Assistant Bobby tanner and patted him. This is Rick Lewis she's at a stay from the most of these stations. For the cardinals 500 Glavine on the Martinsville Speedway next Sunday this broadcast with the presentation of Jamario Moon motor racing network. A division of the International Speedway. Corporation. This has been an MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire right on our strength.