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Nov 2, 2017|

Marty talks with Doug, who is at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, before welcoming Greg Anderson and Eddie Krawiec onto this edition of "The Straight Line" presented by O'Reilly Auto Parts!!

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Were stage for another run them nitro fuel daily Dario talk. It's the straight line presented by O'Reilly auto parts. What Marty off and ten time NH RA winner Doug Herbert. Brought to you by Hercules tires. Now you're you're hosed the dog and Marty. This has the for a lot of drag racing things for stopping by a half hour horsepower and appreciate your being with us. They were talking horse while Clinton two wheelers Greg Anderson holds a slight lead in pro stock after his victory at Las Vegas. It is freeway froze the knockout punch but is Wally is. Breath willing the games and stuff along with the addition of the brake line. Where you may be coast to coast. Around the world this is the straight line or drag racing at MRN dot com. My name is Marty got here in the MRN studios. In North Carolina. And glad you're with us here on MR and dot com as advertised coming up we will talk to any Cray wake about his two we'll win at the strip and will also talk that reggae interests in about winning in pro stock and heading into Pomona with a slight lead. In the championship. Heading into the last. Possible race here in a couple of weeks also. That the future of pro stock and now it's looking a little more bright. And that it did hear just and maybe this day and a couple of weeks ago. I also congratulations to Matt Hagan for winning is indeed a funny car category and also Terry McMillan. Getting his first. Ever top fuel Wally and a huge celebration in Los Angeles for that we try to get Terry on the phone. And to to talk to us. About that wind unfortunately. He is busy at the Singler show in Las Vegas he along with the everybody else in the motor sports world. Seem to be a Las Vegas for the same show and that's war or we'll find. Also. Our co host here at. The straight line is via or time I HRE top U champion ten time NH RA national event winner Doug Herbert. I know word we find you in Las Vegas Doug. Well Marty get the guy you guys glad I'm on this you know I'm actually here at the homily oil group like this that topic Gerry McDill and so. I Terry was so excited then rightfully so really really really happy group. Curious game. Yeah and you've gone through that your first I each carrier RA waited your first NH RA wind so you gotta know what that's like what is he feeling right now. Well. He's on top of the world and you know that period and racing here for several years and he's put a lot of effort a lot of blood sweat and tears into their. There for him to bring home that where it is amazing he says he was overwhelmed. Just even walking through the show people coming up like 08 ballot. Almost certain you know everybody he's great he's nervous rigor relaxed Dr. Phil really really happy arm problem and kidnappers when AdAware is the experience. Yeah ID no question about that. I let me bring up a couple of topics that were brought up this weekend out Las Vegas there's there's so much stuff going on and it will never get it into a thirty minute shell. But I wanna hit some of the highlights. Of first off in pro stock. It NH RA has. Essentially of done an about face. Are on their schedule or pro stock next year couple weeks ago there was eight. A press release out that said that nine events there were going to be eight car field for pro stock. This week they come out what they announced business saying no were backtracking on that. All. 44 bids have sixteen car fields I'm not sure where this comes from but Judy show a little light on that. You know I can't but I I don't have eight he exact call it cover art. I know that the pro racers PRO. I was on the pro racers or her fifteen years would you know Don Schumacher iconic let and you know John or they're in it's it's a pretty good group of folks and I'm actually in that the pro stock members. Of the. Pro racers or got together. What what's going on here we we don't like this and we're going to be so about it and I'm suppose in. I I can't imagine that they wouldn't have increased appeal to sixteen at the pro stock racers that we got together until they were gonna guarantee you. That we're gonna have told the field so there's probably get a decent team work. There's going to be something happened I just I can't imagine that. The nature they would have been about days like data they worked fairly certain that there are gonna apple heels of that everywhere they don't want to greater or your retreat shingles up. Up there during our nation that the thought of that show that doesn't make them look here. So I'm I'm guessing that penetrate pro stock racers got together and they were gonna make sure we got arts. Yeah also. John forces in the news NBA probably not in the way that he'd like it to be in the news a couple of different incidents that I wanna get your take on bowl. On Friday during qualifying. Forced or a I don't know how many time that's happened this year but it happened multiple times this year. Where. Either out the finish line or past the finish line forces crossed the federal line into. His opponents Wayne. In April the chutes which obviously. The opponent has a real. You weren't gonna go. Yeah I saw the video I look at it several times and and I mean I'm I'm a big John force there are reluctant ores. And always have always lol let. It was really. Heartbreaking to watch him drive the car into the other lane with that throttle wide open pick in the comes out and actually write it into the other lane and then. You know I mean to shoot I don't know yet control that does that shoots are now deployed automatically return our biggest and greatest idea bridle at any rate. Or did drive the car under powered you know into the underrated front I think it was John built. I mean that was out of that was banana I've got a question or whose judgement and you know we've talked about it on the show what we are. Barrett with other drivers arbitrarily you the most important thing about driver or these cards and knowing what Sharaa. And OK what worked in north shared about. On that particular road map structure I think you try to beat you pride he wanted to try that but hopefully. You know if it's you know I mean where no spring chicken it's not. Usually here or maybe he's in the point where you know he's. It's sure. Hurts the operative anymore I don't know he's still great obviously goes on a winning it oh he's good point here is terrible I'm so. Either we were in the can make that decision but that was disappoint here and then the next day. You know army would embrace and Robert I. I'm sure that was an extra your organs doctors here that there and get out there were just and then they can validate data they wouldn't show up every coach. You know back. I mean the the stack is force known all those cars and right I don't know that I disagree with that I think. You know I mean it is what it is and member chronicler wartime was racing's Scott Cohen back in the nineties and I was very content when the championship and cutting whatever restarting let it shut the car off. Agent Debra backed up. Pulled up you know pulled up a little bit and shut the problems started when I have record eight Conrad my show love music and runner. I mean he didn't polity part Akita and look I'd say I gave birdies guard Armon chart of I got need to win this championship implication and you know what you got their fair. And I don't know you know or to get obviously back to you back to back. I'm you know I don't know I mean that we'll never know what happened at horse that inside that it happened very well you got factor. I'm starting right up Carla what do. You know that is possible on port you know when the does that. Yeah up and is so right now while. In the news for all the wrong reasons and just wanted to do Europe take on that good luck with all of what what all this happening for a preview for breaks and and everything that's happening at the same show in Las Vegas and we will see you back here back here and now our Concord, North Carolina studios. I next week when we got talked about the Mona. I will be back here next week will report to it and we had a I just went by and try that. Cedar top fuel car that Larry Dixon urine. Are you that he's got married and people want him to the upper right now I can tell you I'm not one of them not. The vomit vomit up you'll grow an epic yet but look like it. Yeah understand that I may I may mean number eight so alleges that's big here and I just paid their Doug thanks so much trade double talk to you next week. Arcade dog outside. Congratulations to now be looked at or shouldn't we will do Greg Anderson is on the line he just heard that sell well when we return we'll talk to the winner out the strip Greg Anderson joins us next. Whatever you drive wherever you go Hercules tires we'll get there whether you're running on their. Or running a job. Are dependable high quality tires of a perfect fit your needs for unmatched value selection in warranty would industry leading road hazard protection there's only one choice Hercules tires to learn more visit Hercules tire dot com. Or call 806779535. Hercules tires why don't our strength. Driver safety is the number one priority in racing it's also the number one priority and trucking. The Detroit assurance suite of safety systems helps to protect drivers their trucks and other motorists like helping to mitigate the severity of collisions active brake assist adaptive cruise control. And lane departure warning. All bringing a new level of safety and protection to the road. Don't just want better business solutions demand them learn more demand Detroit dot com. When the smoke settles the entertainment never stops all you know our families are blown race weekends your favorite NASCAR personality is an everyday superhero type stuff allows you will gladly leave the racetrack. There's just like everyone else we just have to find the value package that connects. New generation of fans senses the Armstrong. Join me on a daily journey as we discuss the hot topics and engaging personalities of NASCAR nation dangerous world of racing weekday on the motor racing network. It's the straight line brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts. Now once again here's Marty can't. Appreciate you being with us this afternoon here on MRI dot com and joining us on the gas line right now the driver of the summit racing equipment Chevy Camaro and the winner at the script this week in a Las Vegas. I don't think we can. Understate. The importance. Of the last round win against both Buttner in the implications that it means going into Pomona. If you righted its. It was deployed well forty point swing right we will be deadlocked side right now Borg won that round. Take a whole different disciplinary or go to Pomona but still bottom line is forty points doesn't read a whole lot of only got thirty points around your point and have other. So to get their way it was big. But basically all it comes down there you go a little overwhelmed. Advantage don't go out there could still wide open is they're gonna progress have a great races in outfitted it was developed a drag the other night it was a great weekend agree win. What I do feel like come on and have a good opponent will bitty meant to be the world champion it's going to be you. Another knock down drag all the ball and it's not just bold Jason's just slightly back behind him so. And all kind of equipment they got the particulars what I got so it's it's just gonna take all look. And those going to be my next question sir you lead me right into it live what this is what the strategy is coming at a Las Vegas headed Pomona. With that obviously the last round or though the last race of the season is points and a half thirty rounds. Pretty points per around Ed so Europe. A strategy and and and mindset going again. Is just eight when it and we're good. Yeah you gotta go for broke here you have really got to rigor attribute it to be. In this class the way it is you sure did receive future can't be conservative and just try to withstand a few rounds. I'll tell you right now 88 if you get fortunate enough to quote one the top two or three spots you may have a slight advantage going in the first round but other immediate effect around. It's like every car in the second round going on is within the heart of a second so it. It's like all around everybody the second round for you never know who's gonna win. Each round you never know who's gonna win the race and and for that reason. No idea who's gonna win a championship yet. And your strategy heady years you'd mentioned it in the press room. After the race. That your strategy heading in was to knock knock it was do not knock yourself out. Knowing that you're there was no way that it's mathematically. You can win a championship at Las Vegas it was all gonna come down to Pomona. So don't do anything foolish and knock yourself out early right. Yeah exactly and it did you know he obviously one of what you can anyone who believes he can put if you would love spurred ground out there you can go to the mall owner points out. Then that's a tall order you know even with thirty points around. Basically if you lost first round the other guy wins the race he can make up a hard 18. What does the drastic scenarios so anybody we're going to be within a 120 had a shot right well boy you hate to have to make a peck on the ground award race. Yeah I've been that the narrative durable position that's for sure and not that there wasn't any good news for you guys obviously you won the race but got some more good good news came out of NH RA this weekend or wanted to get your thoughts on it and it basically an about face from the NH RA saying. Hey aero well this whole night raised eight car field staying ever get about it we're gonna go all sixteen. For all 44 of bad. As I understand it there was a meeting did Dallas during the during the Dallas race and we don't need to know oh in early and indeed the deet tails. But can we assume that there were some compromises made between. The pro stock people in the NH Eric. Yes absolutely we did have very constructive meeting in Dallas where that are reading your biggest it. You know I at least got that part of the discussion settle horrible back of sixteen. Garfield you know the bottom line is there's just. There's way more than eight. How much cargo there right now there there's a dozen cars that can win any given weekend without even batting an eyelash he would take the field. It car show in his own good cursed on the sidelines so. Well I really don't understand that and we came up with some other ideas and some other thoughts to going forward you know to make sure we sustain. The unity of the car count is being brutalized have a dozen races that we've had no trouble getting sixty car incident like this whole. This whole controversy here where we want all of this. New package is there's gotta release are Libya there was excited duration broke stalked him I think some of the new thought to do ideas we've got going forward which I can't. Give executive yelled on yet we're still working out hiring out people don't look for the future absolutely a 100% believe this question can be started ever Bradshaw. How positive are very positive and excited or go on record sixteen cars would be even more positive but some of these other. Adjustment continue we're gonna make of the class in a full compliment that is gonna make. It's your post are very very very popular again and and have a great future. That's great news. Besides. What what you did on the race track wanted to get your take. On both partner's car I've within the smoky the bandit became a dog it's Saturday bow of the hole. Cast and crew. From smoky the bandit dollar maligned I have again we're talking about making pro stock fine today I mean they've got a pretty good job but that that car. Was pretty cool. Don't pretty go to get a good job Lester you can do whatever test cleared out they unit would predict that yet but you see one up himself this year with a smoking abetted car in the got to Carriker go along weather than in the bottom line is. Because I agree racer bloodied likes to help on the enjoyed life. He likes self funded either exactly what we need on this race seem good we certainly have been pretty it'll do serious about what's going on out there and you lighten the mood every race he had a blast. Win lose or draw and it is just a good experience so wherever Boris would have. Real quick nine Indy wins on your career. Six away from WJ. I know you don't get too much into the numbers but. These are pretty significant numbers once we get past nine. WJ and the all time. Leader in pro stock wins Ryder right around a quarter. In triple digits. Not too far down the road I mean these are really big numbers Greg did the economy about it ever. You know not really cool it'd make hero a number like that put as far as look at dollar what I need to do that'd be afforded. You never know when your last twenty going to be your last winter so hard to do anymore. You know we had a great year last year we had a good year this year but. 92 hard it's it's a big big step for the pole lotteries would have been they get harder every day every year so there are no longer and if you didn't have a keep trying to. And hopefully one day I can pick you call myself a triple digit winner put. You know what we're told him that I get 91 but I would keep trying. All right the driver of the summer racing equipment Chevy Camaro winner at the strip and points leader heading to the last. Raised at Pomona Greg Anderson thanks so much free time we really appreciate you good luck at Pomona thanks appreciate it very. Greg Anderson joining us on the straight line when we return. They guy who threw the knock out punch at a strip in Las Vegas in the two wheelers any great weight will join us next. It's time to replace your vehicle's headlights stuff by O'Reilly auto parts seek better drive safely sail for a twin tech Pennsylvania silver star ultra headlights and get a fifteen dollar O'Reilly gift card after mail in rebate seemed farther and more clearly with silver star headlights at O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices everyday restrictions apply see store for details. The guards. M Orleans rolled back loosening. The greatest races in NASCAR history and make up early outside of but apart from their latest governor will be. Betty victorious and the F Stevie Johnson Thursdays at one. Eastern on Hillary and dot com. Noble. On Hillary and done. MRN's wind nation on mad TV legal waivers and I'll Florio not afraid the other man. Every nation Brian Brohm got you so much free nation in general for sport itself. It's also we take it to the next level and it's just often have such that the professionals run show that it's. Is represented our sport something we're real proud and grateful for the I'll yes thanks for what you're you can I thought you can't you guys make hard court thank you. Saturdays at 8:30 and 11:30 eastern on mad TV with Steve post and Ashley ceramic. You're listening to the straight line. Brought to you by Joseph Robbie alum mark. Now back to Marty up. Big thanks to Greg Anderson for joining us on the straight. Lyonnais. Right now on the gas line with this is the winner in the pro stock bike category. And well beyond. World with just just right at. The level that he needs to win another. NH RA mellow yellow championship he has any Cray wake Eddie thanks so much for you to I would really appreciate and now congratulations on a big win a Las Vegas. Thanks Marty analysts that was a huge blunder on the Vegas and it in the W there you know. Honestly I had a little bit a lady luck on my side at air via battle. You know nonetheless it happened and yet we managed you capitalize on it every which way to because it. It. It make year old loch a lot of times in this sport especially when you've won as many times as you have been. What is many championships as you can have big. You and Andrew and everybody over at the in the Harley pits. It do you think that. Sometimes that. You you create your own luck well a lot of time for the success and you guys have had. Yeah I you know I I I kinda do agree you know there's that saying it's funny no. I keep using it you know on is actually my crew chief Matt and that it let you know on it is basically. You know he'd rather be a lot you can get it out well you'd rather be good and lucky sometimes lack. Because you've injected into the situation that we are without. So he hit you yet it every happened eager. Got to have luck on your side I'm on these got to fall your way back. Yeah I think we have a very motorcycle laundry and everybody knows like that you can eat there each round after round you know that they're gonna have a good reaction. That is the key I think because like you said you create your own luck sometimes and they know. It is not better than thirty on the 320. On the entry. They're not gonna have a chance so I I try to be that one year thirty guy. On reaction time and then that way I know I don't really began under illegal rumored probably get on the they know that. It but the extra pressure on them not me so I just try to go up or do my job and turn on one month. It's uncanny it to me any of that I had a lot of times. When the bikes not there the drivers there and when. One that when the drivers not heard the bikes there any of it. It it just it do you kind of shake your head sometimes ago. Well I really had a bad lighting man might I was honorary you know sometimes boy I'm glad I cut that double O whatever light because that that this thing you know wasn't runner while they you've but it Bolton UN Andrew is seem to have this uncanny ability bid to be able to make up for each other or for the bike or or or vice Versa. Yeah I hear a 100% correct on that that it's funny in a way that that works but. I'm relieved that thing is it's. I have I have the utmost confidence in my whole crew and all my guys that stand behind me and support to you do everything. So I elite field bike is going to be there and you know I know when I Reese. There's probably certain individuals when I rate now. Now mom I know it's like OK I gotta get after year because if I leave any bit illegal room and up spike is not there then I'm. So. You know there's there's guys I tell most people I don't double lower seed against it don't you. Don't be mad that's just that's. Petition sign of respect. Earn it right. We had you gone. Not long after you guys ended up. In making some adjustments to your bike and it is well chronicled that you view. In the middle of the season at that at English town debuted her new bike. Came out and in congress struggled with it and so went back to the drawing board. Took some parts and pieces and and things necessary to make a new bike from the old bike in kind of combined the two. When you're in the middle about process that you were you thinking anything like this you know him in this. 'cause that's got a patent. Hey you know wow that Erfurt edit and I'd get if they occur any ready at eight that that this had been about that that I in Indy. Com is even possible. Down they knew it. You know it's like you say there's no way you're gonna put up motors by other other X ray you're gonna win. You know potentially sick son you know mine and and moving forward top man no way I would that you're crazy. I have a great motorcycle under the iPad one for years and but. Chad you're right that except that had I honestly don't see anybody in their right mind would think it. But. I knew it possible a capable and we had. You know we've we've had phenomenal runs where we won you know obviously our 2000 well when it's you know even. Now that I needed it it's great but man are they I would. Never have believed I'd have now now that I'm having right now I'm really glad that it is because. IIAA. And I paid a lot usually like well you know the way Elie you know went early on in the middle. RD year. A lack and you wanna do is get it now and then your real law you know I Szczerbiak are you know ye EE got it locomotive contract green hundred miles an hour and then next thing you know it you're out so. If it is there. It kind of just a lucky being in sometimes. Sometimes you create your own luck and other times seekers need to be your lucky and most of the time we just need to be good so they've without a little luck on your side I don't think I'd be where I am but. I I definitely. I have no regret on the later this even gone then not. I think we learned a lot in neither really better team by opening motor bike on the track struggled lit. And we are who we are now because so. Yeah. With points and a half. Being the rule at Pomona how does that change they insurer how how were you approaching. The race of Pomona because obviously there's more humble lying around. Well I'm I'll look at it hopefully when we're gonna we're all mattered Arum on air 200 that point yet do you write you know extra I'm. Honestly and honor to win. I am going there to hopefully he you know what grade are you make a final. You know there's the there's always an interesting development that can happen. I'm but really I'd look in my union and the opera he kept number is whether Iraq will be honored not a unit. It stopped you know there's Newt there's a great racer right in front of being millionaires many great racers a motorcycle right behind. So I'm the categories just act right now I can go anyway. So our goal is as we'd like to finish 12 but. I still wanna go to water land you know I loved owner backtrack on. There's a bit picnic that. Has never happened and I've never won the championship and wonder rates any year I believe I won the championship and lost the race or one rate a lot. Championship. Though. I wanna go there and be all hot. And the best way to say it. Though he's headed with values headed the promoter with a 150 point lead. And would dearly love to win trophies. One big one name one smaller one when there done that a couple of weeks at Pomona and he pray we paid so much free tablet really appreciated. Congratulations on the win and and good luck with everything Pomona. Thanks Marty academy. Always you know I mean you'd use and under our big part of and the cherry Molly O drag race and straight on Cheryl thank you very much driver. Other Vance and Hines screaming eagle street rod. That is anti freeway and when we re when we return will live wrap up another great addition Michelle. Restore lost fuel economy and eliminate rough vital with Lucas you inject your clear right now and O'Reilly auto parts by two bottles of Lucas who objector leader and get one free clean plug conjecture is an increase fuel efficiency with Lucas film projector cleaner by to get one free at O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day. Limits apply see store for details. Marks. Wind nation on Ameren dot com Steve boats and Erin ever in hand with the latest sprint car news and interviews with top driver team owner for two of the world outlook outlook. We'll put cart series this. How are you ma'am great to be here Knoxville and Kyle Larson joining us. Now welcome back to Iowa thank god I'm glad to be here but we suit up here few hours stored in the house the man Mario may at all. Right wing nation Tuesdays at noon eastern on Ameren dot com the MR NM and FaceBook live. It's not their host of America's failed the Harding NASCAR USA. Is every week. We get to get the NASCAR racing who you are the hottest hit the country you. The motor racing network morning okay if you would ask our news and hammer and hit supportive people around the father taught. We'll have pictures and I'm like you can't get anymore Elsevier each weekend for NASCAR US on the motor racing. Welcome back to the straight line. Brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts here's more with smarting off. Big thanks to Greg Anderson and Eddie freeway for joining gets on this week shelf. Throw quick let's take a look at the top fuel standings as we head into Pomona and how big was the red light by Brittany force. In the final at Las Vegas. Sheen red lights. What the opportunity. To come even with steam towards heading into Pomona but you red lights. Terry McMillan gets the win and Brittany force will go into Pomona. With a twenty point deficit the Steve towards Doug polite about it sitting at 84 back. Is gonna have an uphill climb but again we mentioned. Point and a half being buried in point are very important. And in. Hot topic you are excuse me in funny car Robert hi Ron Capps fifteen points championship on the line basically. Aid half around separating the two drivers this is going to be. Really interesting congratulations. Do Glenn crawled well he is the new NH RA president and Peter Clifford who stuff. UC EO we were talking next week here on the straight. You've been listening to the straight line percent of vital wildly auto parts of the straight line is the show for drag racing fans it was brought to you by Hercules tired. Tune in again next Thursday on him or N dot com and be a Moran asked. The straight line is also available on demands an MRN dot com media center on our FaceBook today on YouTube and and I. Tunes for the global flight school. The straight line as a production of the motor racing network and.