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2014 Goody's Headache Relief 500

Oct 26, 2017|

The 2014 Goody's Headache Shot Relief 500 from Martinsville Speedway.

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This is MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength this is Ken Squier. Time now for MRN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing network actual race archives. Long way home school racing network. It's the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Good very full of goodies and they really shot five hundreds. That is a glorious autumn afternoon in south West Virginia here at Martinsville Speedway and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series gets ready to start. The eleven later round up. All of that chase you heard the drivers talk about all but. Enthusiasm. All but the nervousness going into this race it's a very very important one everyone wants to get off to a good start. And pick up a victory and be guaranteed to go to homestead Miami speedway. And compete for the championship again Joseph Warren just regal trackside high above the grandstand which is quickly filling up. Looks like we may have a sellout crowd today here Jeff. Well the new format. In the chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup certainly seems to be sitting well with all the NASCAR fans we event. Pat it seems like Joseph everywhere we have gone up late today no exception. Here at the Martinsville Speedway and Joseph you talked about those eight drivers that want to become. The championship for by the time we get to homestead Miami. They've got three races in which to automatically transfer of course won here this afternoon that we move on to Texas and Phoenix so. Carl Edwards that it just a moment ago he said we are now in a three race season put the pressure is on at least for those eight. It's really on for them not only because of the fact that yet they wanna get ahead of the game. Get their hall passes Brad Kozlowski called it early in the chase and not have to worry about Texas or Phoenix. But this is Martinsville that brings a whole new list of issues to the table. When you talk about trying to survive. And win here. And we'll talk about those throughout the course of the day all the challenges of this track but you know the biggest challenge may be. But non chasers who are so good at Martinsville well you're talking about Jamie McMurray for one he's gonna be the driver that's gonna lead the field with a green flag Tony Stewart sitting up there and therefore starting spot it let's not overlook the obvious Jimmie Johnson. I out of the opportunity to win a championship but you know he is poised to set it just a few moments ago. He wants grandfather clock number nine he's already an eight time winner here now of course for the guys not of the chase they still wanna finish as high and the points as they stand. At the end of the season. But really when you look at these final four races it's almost like an all star race for those guys. There's nothing on the line to worry about it just going for the win doing everything possible. Whereas the guys who are chase contenders. Have to be thinking about the downside of a move that up might make it may be trying to make something happen that shouldn't happen. A guy they have to be concerned for Jimmie and Kyle and some of the guys we just mentioned that. That's not an issue at all though they don't care about it at all but Brad Kozlowski cares about it a lot he told. You post just a moment ago if you missed it Steve asked them about patience and said well it's hard to have patience here. Because I think Joseph the word of the day is going to be contact and he said flat out you have to expect it. You just hope that it doesn't ruin your day now appeared Jamie McMurray need you can contact him. Obviously depiction outlets disappointment but for one of those chase contenders for that could rule and everything in and you're championship hopes that. You're anger management but somebody's wailing on your bumper use a mob we call the old chrome horn let me know there they are trying to get by. It is very difficult to passer at Martinsville. And sometimes you have to use a little persuasion well it but you hit the nail on the head when he said manage it manage it it's going to happen you're going to get frustrated you're gonna get knocked around and just racetrack. 500. Grueling laps around a half mile paper clip. You're gonna get into the back of somebody and somebody is gonna get into the back to you before the day is over. Them. Lemon at this time we ask that all of you please rise and remove your hat. As a local law enforcement and public safety honor guard presents our nation colors. And police remain standing as track. Chaplain might get killed offers are indications. Let us spurring. Creator god all good gifts come from year. You have created all good things in your likeness. You made this family. And so his family we come together as race family. And we offer our prayers of condolences for the Raymond beatle family. Laura we also are family so we asked for your protection for our family for those who. Defend liberty and defend our way of life to defend lowered view in liberty for all. More we also ask that you just be with this race in these drivers in Jesus name amen. Here to perform our National Anthem please welcome the University of North Carolina marching band the marching Tar Heels. The pride of that ACC. The days fly over the war birds fly over team from Jacksonville Florida and we're getting set to go racing in Martinsville. I huge Geraldo on hand here today at Martinsville Speedway all awaiting the command to fire engines that's coming up shortly. You're listening to today's race and won a 418 stations in 45 states nationwide in Canada. If you're here at Martinsville Speedway it will then you're listening to his son super country being 99.9. By the way if you are away from your radio you can find your station's online stream and Ameren dot com. Or listen live on serious accident NASCAR channel ninety as well as on the tune in mobile app but we are also available as audio now it just dial one to. 8329991717. Artist talk about some of the challenges we mentioned early on here at Martinsville you're drivers talk about trying to maintain their temper because it's such. Close quarter racing here you have the curbing delving inside of the track at both ends of the track he can't go too low. Or could actually do damage to the undercarriage of the race car. Probably the biggest challenge for anybody here is this very unique pit road the. Well it's also one of the smallest they're roads on the circuit we'll talk more about that in a moment we take a trip down near joke but the smallest. Pit boxes we have. All race season long are right here eighteen by 24 feet which means when you do get the opportunity to come to their road. You wanna make those wholesale changes to the problem is getting into the pit box. And getting out without either disturbing your race car or somebody in front of you or behind you. Plus the fact that you actually enter pit road going into turn three and exit pit road coming off turn to number two vet gets complicated. Yes the slowdown of 35 miles per hour on pit road. There's not a whole lot of room not a whole lot of time in the course of your hitting down the very end. You're a little bit of a hurry to get your pit box let's make an example out of this one week ago we were at Talladega where you could actually hit under the green flag and if you did it right you could probably get back out and not lose a lap. If you had to come to pit road and pit under the green flag here at Martinsville Joseph you're gonna lose two maybe three laps. In the process and could certainly kill your afternoon just a couple of the challenges will be looking at here this afternoon these drivers. Of course trying to negotiate all those issues of getting the pit road signing their pit box getting off not speeding on pit road. And not making contact because the whole road is very narrow Clinton's second narrowest pit road we have. In NASCAR racing right now what we've been waiting for trackside for the command. And now for the most famous words in motor sports please welcome your brain. And Marshall seven time champion NASCAR road America do. Really turned the end. Atlanta start Suri. Here's the starting lineup for today's goodies headache relief shot 500. Rob do you buy Wrangler jeans no matter what you're doing or where you're going nothing beats regular comfort. Wrangler real comfortable jeans. Wrote what I do Mike Wallace royalty collections dot com Toyota. Road to Lani one Al powered Corvette sports dot net cord Timmy hill Chevrolet. Wrote 28 elites get your cart dot com Toyota drivers bubble little Joe's auto Chevrolet. The road ninety. Player Rogers Burger King after repertory. Like for this whole thing here though surely it wrote eighteen. Hold it you've been time for it Josh Wise Phil Parsons racing Chevrolet. Grossed seven feet. David yellen and have you all American food. Ford Fusion. Kevin Harvick Outback Steakhouse Chevrolet. Rose sixteen out of Bowman did your heart out. Reed Sorenson thing thing Chevrolet rose fifteen. Danica Patrick. Godaddy. Chevrolet David Reagan Wendell Scott holiday freebie board row fourteen. Lane in castle Newtown building supplies never left Erica merlot Smithfield court you. Rose thirteen. Mercury junior furniture row Chevrolet 5% rise Stanley's board wrote twelve. Kasey Kahne great clips Chevrolet Dale Earnhardt senior National Guard Chevrolet. He wrote eleven just in honor clarification I appreciate Greg Biffle 3M Ford Fusion. Wrote CN Casey Mears and I do Chevrolet Austin Bill Belichick like road night Rick isn't asking here. Florida ego boost for. Right victories errands for them. Kyle Larson's target Chevrolet did yell (%expletive) Clorox Chevy. Rose seven pulmonary written water heater Chevrolet Jeff Gordon drive in hurting your ship via cents. Rose six Clint Boyer primary energy. Carl Edwards Ford eagle moves forward and now the top ten starters starting champ Kurt Busch Haas automation Chevrolet. Starting ninth Reinemund curriculum Chevrolet starting at eight publish Eminem's Toyota starting seventh Jimmy Johnson. Lowe's Chevrolet starting sixth Brad Kozlowski alliance struck parts forward starting fifth inning Hamlin FedEx. Critic here. Starting fourth Tony Stewart bass pro shops Mobil one Chevrolet. Starting third reckons that Dollar General Toyota starting second through the got to show and billboard. Stand on the whole Jamie McMurray McDonald's Chevrolet. That's the field of 43 starters for today is good you had a relief shot 500. Rob do you buy Wrangler jeans no matter what you're doing or where you're going. Nothing beats Wrangler comfort. Regular real comfortable jeans. A ruling race but things happen in a hurry here from Martinsville Speedway 500. Laps around what we refer to affectionately. As the half mile paper clip and just now the cars exiting off of turn number two out onto the back straightaway it will take about four pace laps before we got to loosen get under. The green flag here now we talk about things that happen faster gonna need via expert eyes of somebody who is position. Over in the grandstands and turn that number three the other member of the motor racing network broadcast team. And please until what it is from very Vermont Dave Modi hi Dave. Hey Jeff good afternoon everybody from a high atop turnover of three here at venerable beautiful historical Martinsville Speedway. Absolute chamber of commerce guys could not ask for a better day for racing. The lay of the land at this end of the racetrack just twelve degrees of banking in the corners here at Martinsville. Not nearly enough to help you wrestle an ill handling race car for 500 trips around this half mile paper clip. The bottom two lanes of the racetrack got a fast way around those are concrete. The outside to waves are asphalt. If you're on asphalt in the turns here at Martinsville you're robbery that hitting the wall it is not a good place to be inside line is always advantageous. Driver that you get his car rotated the center of the corner and accelerate hard coming off will be in good shape to find his way to Victory Lane. Lay claim to one of those Martinsville Speedway grandfather clock to a cover at all today from among our closest personal friends here at the turn three grandstand at Martinsville. Our thanks Dave moody we talked earlier about how difficult that road it. It's at Martinsville may be more difficult on the racetrack itself. So what's that expands out there with a gentleman who will be witnessing that first hand this afternoon we'll start with Winston Kelly brought you five O Reilly. Auto parts. What Joseph and we talked to Todd Gordon who calls the shots for Joseph Billick got a normally we're talking to him about what the fuel wind is and how long they can go and he looked at me why asking the question. And he said. My fuel window at his tires. Because we're gonna definitely have to come and get tires before they have to come in for fuel like I hypothetically got maybe a 13540. Laps. But he did say that somewhere between ninety and a hundred laps if we have a long green flag run. We gonna get awfully slick almost rear tires and they're gonna need to come down pit road and Alex say when they do come down pit road. I don't think there's but one choice of what they do. No question about that that is for fresh tires every time down the pit lane the most important thing however. With these four tire changes and top it off with the Sunoco fuel is the fact that these crews cannot afford to make a mistake. It's more Paramount than any other track we go to two has just sprinkle pointed out just a moment ago. You can't lose an awful lot of track position here and it's simply not that easy just to drive you way back in the field. And a tight that are paper clip that is Martinsville Speedway but Steve post at the entrance of pit road. Getting the car slowed down a thirty miles per hour and get into like shoe box file pit stop I can be difficult to. Boy loses the challenge no doubt about it I'm not jealous he's compiled by about half of the teams because they pit. And the corner and the first three at Florida but once the pellet virgin wanted to do so. Visibility getting enough but that. Good kid that's Baruch College the driver down into the pit box but that's about to pit exits away before you can see you decide on. That's we'd limit you know when you drive through a small crowded border but it don't wanna get on that gave it a little bit. And the doctor. Football talk here at Martinsville there's pit road here without these speed limit of 35 miles brawler that it's going to be really really tough to maintain these drivers here for them. Good way to put it Steve very small town that's what we're dealing with here on pit road this free raceway the pit road brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts. Need new brakes find the bright part you needed O'Reilly auto parts. Break brands you trust like bright fast break best selection and Wagner thermal quiet guaranteed low prices O'Reilly auto parts. Better parts better prices every day. Today's broadcast of the goodies headache relief shot 500 and brought to you under exclusive radio rights granted five Martinsville Speedway at the motor racing network. Solely for the private noncommercial use of our listening audience any publication reproduction or other use of the descriptions and accounts of this event. Without the express written consent of the motor racing network is prohibited with. Have all the action orient throughout the 500 laps to lay at Martinsville Speedway we invite you to join a nanny as well though. On our social conversation on Twitter all race long with hash tag ask DeMarre and it. Get answers to your questions and updates throughout the race. Follow him are him on Twitter at AMR and radio and on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com forward slash motor racing network. Seven drivers in the field here this afternoon have a grandfather clock or more back at home Ryan Newman a chase contender he's won here so it's Kevin Harvick. Denny Hamlin he's won four times and Jeff Gordon. He's 18 over the port chase contenders also an eight time winner of course Jimmie Johnson Tony Stewart has three wins Kurt Busch has two. Joseph it's up for grabs here white flag in the air meeting we'll go back around a racetrack one time that kind of loose. Or 500 laps very important for those eight drivers you mentioned the chase contenders to try to score a win here today or make an up real good points day. But it's important for all 43 drivers to try to win the at Martinsville Speedway nobody's gonna let up cut anybody any slack no matter accurate chaser or not. The goal here is to try to survive and we animal paper clip and it is time rock and roll here at the Martinsville Speedway in Virginia up front Jamie McMurray and Joey like Gado. Matt kids that than Tony Stewart they're together and wrote number two here they come now off turn number four and for the start here's the motor racing networks kill more American ethanol green flag goes in the air and we're under way with a good he's had a good lead shot 500. Jamie McMurray Ali M so I blame it. Takes the lead early picking up a spot in front of joy like hello. What kind of rides the outside light in second maybe not for long road try to get down in front of Mac can't get. That's why have none of it didn't turnover free captain for the awkward second. That's the battle for the second spot off turn numbered port lap number one is complete here at Martinsville kick in the Murray is the race later. David McMurray I am not a car like Novak who watched him battle for second fans of Bosnian side you'll slide out regularly gone up. Take the number two spot but not how it falls to third Denny Hamlin fourth fifth and Tony Stewart. Brad Kozlowski right behind Tony beaten and banging already trying to let him know he's there he wants to get quiet and right behind comes Jimmie Johnson. Kyle Busch or in single file and burn one problem early for the mark. You like studio Regina furniture row racing Chevrolet got jumbled up the opening lap. He's got a major tire rub on the left rear quarter that was seen as key races back deep in the field. All the way back to the twentieth spot will follow Martin Truex junior right now he works for the outside of Dale Earnhardt junior's big drops his right. That higher rough that you point out they very prevalent in turn number one. Only a matter of time until that left retired gives up he goes he continues to run the outside lane. Side by side what Dale Earnhardt junior trying to. Turn to one car spends around as a traffic. Moves the area we see the caution flag help for the first time this afternoon days. Actually Alex moment receiving got turned around. At the midway point Bob turned over to he has right at backed are back underway no apparent damage to that machines. So the caution flag out early here at Martinsville it flies on lap number four. Alex Bowman a single car's vent over return number one has put us under the caution flag. Alex Coleman's bunt right in front of Kevin Harvick bringing out the caution flag and that is that breaks deep post for Martin Truex junior. Well bred for Martin Truex junior and leaders they were looking to get trying to rob the big blue describe your album that we talk about the payroll at a quarter to extra about draw but could. Erode this block because it has got a daughter who worked it out there clearly are here on the. Ball below brought in the look will have built on the founders thought on the road crew guys able to put it at a continue to pulled a bundle off Quebec cars off. All right good for Martin Truex junior then we're gonna have been on the green now without moments then. The details about what she's rose garden and calls it an update knows grabbed the billboard trucks and O'Donnell. LAPD number eight American ethanol green flag goes back in the air KB that Bernie Mac. Hit it up but the front of the field they are side by side they work got burned. You can't just try to hang on an outside group but he's not gonna get it done but. But Murray drives away at the back straightaway that here's joy like got out of the inside for a second. McDonald challenges they're coming up off the bottom of the track at turn number four you'll clear match Kansas. And now Denny Hamlin seasoning opening needs prayer alongside your. Oklahoma State driver Denny Hamlin to leak inside a Mac can't do it. We will wheeled out the back straightaway Pamela we'll take the spot that's why did alive he'll hold up the court that it's Tony Stewart side by side Jimmy Johnson and Brad Pitt. Wow pretty worked up I heard them report give the advantage that Jimmie Johnson Brad wants to fall in line problem is Kurt Busch is there. Jack Kurtz got another idea about Brad slammed minorities face as they race off turn two to the back straightaway front of the pack it. Eighty McMurray my car like overkill when we got out another car lengths back then it was third. One of the cars we expected to be a fast mover Jeff Gordon he's already picked up a couple of spots just got fire Ryan Newman last time buying. Trying to pick up yet another position. Carl Edwards adding and for Jeff. Working hard on the back bumper of the car when Edwards Ford is Jeff Gordon for the moment sales tax. I get single filed yet she's turnovers weight they've got Ryan Newman in the rear view. The front of the field pretty much single file so let's drop back and pick up Kevin Harvick he qualified in the number 33 position Kevin right now after 31 but gave. Eight is tough going early on here at Martinsville. What have been a couple of scary moments we already documented reality moment defense they have never occurred right in front Harvick. On that restart he got bumped from behind jumped way up the racetrack. Managed to recover feedback on the bottom now but there that's an elevated heart beat us. Thanks Kevin Harvick had already. Jeff Gordon picked up another spot he called Carl Edwards blew buying gamble would further back his teammate Dale Earnhardt junior on the move in three. He's working hard getting inside and Casey Mears and team. He gets picked up a spot for repeats and how did your. Right now Casey Mears running eighteenth nineteenth Dale Earnhardt junior on the move I found the bottom of the racetrack at turtle one. Tells of those vehicles I don't Casey Mears got those satellites that are side by side of the backs bring to life Jeter takes the spot. Fierce shuts the door we've got trouble up they have not permit number 21 cars around I believe it's the Josh why redeem. As he tries to kind of Dominic Travis wobble as he spent Zack Carr around it gets appointed back to the right direct. Same situation to have that Alex Baldwin a little bit earlier this afternoon between turns one and two and Travis squabbling below right the car getting going back along the way but it. We did see the yellow flag out for the second time Jamie McMurray shows the white he was on the pole met Kansas did lead one that laughter. But Marie back out in front now with Jolie Oregon Rhode Denny Hamlin. Matt Kenseth and Tony Stewart the top five at. Laps sixteen and race number 33 of 36 for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series this afternoon at the Martinsville Speedway the motor racing network here. To bring it to be alive the importance of this race monumental race number one of three. In the eliminate around and that opportunity. To advance yourself all the way to the championship or. At homestead Miami speedway were early in the broadcast and in a running only seventeen laps are complete. Jamie McMurray right now shown as the race leader Joseph really got to is currently in second Denny Hamlin third Matt Kenseth fourth and fifth is Tony Stewart. Jimmie Johnson's up to sixth seventh this Brad Kozlowski. Get late Kurt Busch Kyle Busch night. And Jeff Gordon a step Carl Edwards right now runs in the eleventh position Ryan Newman twelve Paul when our thirteenth and AJ all the bigger fourteen Brian Vickers under the caution fifteen. Kyle Larson is sixteenth Marcus Ambrose seventeenth he's not pit road at the moment. Clinton lawyer eighteenth Dale Earnhardt junior 98 that Ricky stand prosecutors want him Greg Biffle. And 21 just an all direct flight second Danica Patrick 23 landed castle 24 and Michael Annette 25. Casey came to 26 David yellowing of the 27 Kevin Harvick hasn't made of a whole lot of grounding still 28. David Reagan twenty nights and cold with thirty. Erica Morrow looked 31 Austin Dillon 32 Josh Wise 33 Martin Truex junior after that pit stop. Right now 34 Casey Mears 35 Alex Bowman 36. Mike Wallace 37 and Timmy hill is 38 kind of squabbles fun to bring out the caution flag. Right now Travis show 39. Kyle Boller forty resource of 41. Forty seconds to play Roger that JJ Gailey his 43 event they look at the AutoZone leaderboard are left over nineteen to get it does so with a also. Had a couple guys come down pit road Marcus Ambrose one of those a few others nobody near the front of the field it. Took the opportunity the year under the caution flag and we're going back under the agreement. McMurray and Joey like got other side by side but Murray download would not go to the outside it. And they're coming back to the American has an all green work it off turn over Fort McMurray waiting for the green flag because the air. It does he tried to get away from going again I don't know. Work my god knows today's whipped up side by side as they work off turnover. You nose to nose all the white threw wanted to do the back straightaway still little verdict McMurray on the bottom what John I want my. They are we'll we'll take it turned thirty. It can't just sit right behind us waited to see which Blaine will open opera now none not. As McMurray shows why buying here inches across the start finish line in fact a lot. So I like I'll hanging top banana outside claims this time it's McMurray by offenders they exit turn two. McMurray doubt well look I don't want I imagine that caught him I'll I'll blame Pete but so we'll have a let down. Purely gonna showing all content straight years he worked that outside lane the inside now in advance his fifth event. That will be the battle for second. It's a low lying to vehicles Toyota topside you'll look autos Ford nowhere to go for a joy right now as they continued to work against him and that won't mind. And that is there now Denny Hamlin to the bottom. Joey still trying to find a way to get back down the line that he doesn't do it soon enough Denny Hamlin they are to take advantage he's right up alongside Chile for third. Like I don't think it backs right now is that outside groups. Pamela Grunow on the inside he'll take over third gently slide back to about a report that Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson. Right behind Jimmie Johnson comes Brad Kozlowski now all of these cars running pretty much knows detail that comes Kyle Busch Jeff Gordon is next. He leads Kurt Busch at the front. The pack two man breakaway at least for the moment David McMurray shows the way back at the about a car length being sent it back then it. Or more to Denny Hamlin. Jeff Gordon knocking on the door of Kyle Busch trying to get the eighth position now as he continues to charge quickly in the front. Jeff drops down the inside of the long side of the Toyota. Yes sport really dive bombing into the answers to the corners we'll turn one and three and it's gonna pay off he'll take that spot away from Kyle Busch. Kyle now has her rearview mirror full of Big Brother Kurt. What Jeff Gordon making it look easy here early on it marked the fifth pick people off one car after another the next when no date being not be as easy because Brad Kozlowski right front above. Well he may not be that hard again either it's Jeff Gordon. I just got a great great stars that they rotated coming off the bottom occurred duke he thrives on it can't last week you'll take our lives. Started thirteenth he's already off to the seventh position and we're only 27 laps and Jeff Gordon on the move once again this time it's his teammate Jimmie Johnson drops down on the inside the back straightaway. Below is why don't buy you'll pick up the fifth spot. Five far so far in the race Jeff that looks like the fastest cars out there are obviously Jamie McMurray who has about a half a straightaway lead on everybody. Jeff Gordon is flying through the field. And Kevin Harvick whose comes alive in the last fifteen laps Kevin Harvick up to the seventh. T spot right now now remember they haven't started people in the field all the way back in position at number 33. Which Dick Kelly if you go back to Friday it was Kevin Harvick had had a problem during qualifying. And that was the reason why he started so deep. I'll we'll we'll follow up with the non that your little bit put. If you go back to upfront they killed Kevin Harvick tried to get our qualified. I believe got the outside the safer barrier that kind of thing the are up and it is that enough was enough. And they took the opportunity to start 33 but as you pointed out what he's not done yet he's up to seven feet. Put lawyer right now running sixteenth but Harvick put it very good. Part of trying to make its way through traffic trying to maintain a little bit off we talked about in the pre race. And that is the patience that you need here at Martinsville Speedway there's a long way to go 416. Laps remain. Why you talk to try to pick up spots along the pit lane and and certainly how the racetrack Jeff Gordon certainly not very patient though. He continues charging through the fielding got like Jimmie Johnson a few moments ago and now he's up on the rear deck of Chile like gone over fort. Paccar is absolutely. Also right now he could drive a car like that happens. Deeper into the court than anyone else. It rotates in the middle Betty back to the throttle are going to do Carling quicker than anyone else right now I added that news for Joseph and Madonna. Right now achieving victory enjoy a pretty sizable advantage but Jeff Gordon is what everybody's watching it right now he goes to work got Joey like got no. Burns in the middle drives up or whatnot and Jeff Gordon knows the position number four now and he immediately began to. Closing in on the back bumper of Denny Hamlin. But Jeff Gordon continued to charge on through the field any channel looks back at best. I'm out I'll hear pretty comes it's a matter of time before he will be there they're stacking up big time off turn two. Don't like I'll go away why coming off turn two is gonna lose another spot to Tony Stewart Denny Hamlin has taken a spot from Mac can't let. Then it's Jeff. Org right now they are stacked up from the second ticket third down back Kenny Hamlin has the third spot now right now running right behind him Jeff Gordon right there. Jimmie Johnson Tony Stewart Joey MacDonald there as well. It looked like pac ten that may have just like Denny Hamlin got out candy at the quicker car it's new I doubt if he'll extend the same courtesy of Jeff Gordon Gordon good. Gonna have to hurt. Pulled Jamie has a lead over Denny Hamlin is approaching four seconds and Denny may have a problem developing. Hello cover up the fact. Good start but they. No rubber on the track early on we heard a couple of drivers every race talking about that. It being a potential problem it's showing up right now for Denny Hamlin but. He is having an on the second spot however because of that that a company hasn't worked around this park we play. And a company has made Jeff Gordon he just got underneath Max and that's. Nor its. Mark he has all the way to clarity may not stay there Long Beach closing on Hamlet. While all that is going on Jamie McMurray his putt that Palin though the lead pack cars right now Mike Wallace getting ready. To kill one lap down the very flying through the field that comes Denny Hamlin but he's got company there is Jeff Gordon now works to the outside to try to do it the hard way. Around the outside knows Jeff Gordon wow power move up atop a turnover didn't score a second Pamela Mack the third here. QB Johnson on the outside. And he works the outside of the track trying to get by Denny Hamlin in the corner and will complete that Tony Stewart may make them fast player and well. 442. Laps remaining here at the Martinsville Speedway welcome back to vote racing live coverage. For the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series came in the very right now he is the race leader. 2.4 seconds the advantage over Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson is third. Tony Stewart fourth that Denny Hamlin is fifth man tent that the sick child put seven. You're really got to wait Kurt Busch. Ninth inning Carl Edwards Joseph rounds out the top ten let's check him a couple of our chase contenders. Some of going forward at some going the wrong way. In the former category obviously is Jeff Gordon. Started thirteenth went to Kelly he's now the second. At present early on in the run that he was a little bit tight just went back. And tech weapons that he hasn't said a word in the last thirty laps or so understandable with the one hour. Night after starting second he's a little bit tightness. Goes wrong. About the midsection Alex. Brad Kozlowski as one of those drivers that is going backwards after starting today's race in the six spot. Here we are just 61 laps in he's now running at position number twenty. Reason being the cars just to lose the weight into the quarter and then what she gets to the middle of the corner it simply will not rotate meeting EPA if picked. Reverse can predict you will think you'll crack down the opposite direction on this track that looks like a big paper clips and Brad Kozlowski. Has the backing of the car dancing around on him under braking but once it's settled down in the middle of the corner. Up front tires simply do not grip. Guess last cannot wait to get to pit road and app poll for the rest of his crew woke up this scene to try to needed to handle a little bit better speed bumps. The capital and one of the crowd was most important thing and I'm looking at the outlet followed. The car and started a little backpack it. Go to the arts bank this little dog for the sixteenth met privately reported it because a look at it taught me that no that's the slot at the racetrack. Out at the hecklers fancy backgrounds and with a few guys and he looked at the 68 when the president Barack. The girl and it's an adult content to bring it up these little bit you can back off peacefully through the yeah. That's the good the bad enough you've been talking about Jeff Gordon. Coming all the way to second Brad Kozlowski dropping back through the field and Kevin Harvick who started deep in the field and now up to the sixteenth spot. And every one of them talking about how this racetrack is changing and how important. It is to get to the quarter causing problems for a few of the drivers out there and other chase contender met Kansas currently running in sixth but he's complaining do. And as a living quarters have felt good stories we're but I the president will this problem. Little bit loose in the corners net sense almost like driving on ice out there right now again. That will change as we get deeper and deeper into this race Jimmie Johnson the totals in the pre race not a lot of rubber down at this racetrack which means there's not a lot of grip in the rearrest of that race card there's this race Weyers but at the rubber gets laid down their transition we'll go from the rear end to the part of the front into the car. Beating the field he would fight off the rear end and it will push the front into the car and Dave you get an opportunity to watch that transition from tight to loose the tight feel loose over and over 500 times. Yeah I would shirt encampment probably brace defense it's not just the race card that changes it's not just the tires the winner out over the course of a run. And track changes. Well when we started this race there was no rubber down whatsoever in the corner we heard Danny Antawn talking about that a few moments ago. Now the track has begun to warm to rubber off as we move on court seventy laps complete its midnight darkness. Read the Robert around the outside of that low lane where the right side tires or did he can't. It gradually wearing out that won't change the handling characteristic that every single race car on the track at magic continues to take rubber. Handling it didn't got characteristic we'll continue to game. And darker but concrete gets the better they will handle the corners and the day. 74 laps down 426. To go here at Martinsville Speedway. Jamie McMurray the pole sitter leaves Jeff Gordon to second Jimmie Johnson third Tony Stewart fourth Denny Hamlin runs fifth. From Martinsville Speedway this is the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day bush o'clock time for relaxing and unwinding with friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in racing but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. It's bushel clocks and grab a six pack of Busch beer for the cooler start to grill and relax. Enjoy responsibly Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. The racetrack to the road home. Fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So who make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the fifth. Don't feel you can trust sonoco DaVita fuel that feeds you go second campus America feels going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR's sonoco CSMC. Caution at Martinsville speed like count how Fowler making his first practice every start spun down and turn to pit road is open. And Steve post that's where the action at all. Everybody credited pro bush has the very first but actually that's panel also right next in line it particularly given Jackson reportedly because river dog's going to be a minor Jesse's desperate. And it lowers overloaded. And a crew arrived foreclosure Brian Vickers it never doubted that the little black Chevrolet. And I wonder what a significant yeah definitely haven't yet as they try to look at Carl. It foreclosed and although it's nowhere everybody wants the pellet. Some variation a tie or hear from everybody on the senate that I looked like track bar adjustments for Jamie McMurray. I am going like god it's going to be four tires are important for everybody Jeff Gordon a little warning so he's gonna get bored tired stop and things. Got off. Jimmie Johnson's gonna he had just been brought up a tiny store all of Imad cancer they saw this in the pit road as well Carl Edwards getting fourteen hour. Ours and Gil along with Denny Hamlin. John Palmer and are all those guys on this and a pit road everybody four tires and fuel trying to loosen those machines up. Alex track bar adjustment for Brad Kozlowski trying to cure the handling woes at that Ford Fusion. He also took on the pour fresh food year to top it off with Sunoco fuel Kyle Busch on the pit lane. Also Ryan Newman a sought tract are just went on Ryan Newman's car. Kasey Kahne Austin Dillon Ricky Statehouse junior among the others to take four tires and topping off a Sunoco fuel with a round of chassis adjustments. Jamie McMurray getting it done on the racetrack his crew getting it done on that road McMurray the first one off of pit road he does so in front of Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson. Tony Stewart and it meant Kansas and then to top five cars off pit road brought you by five hour energy. Five hour energy and a little white bottle with a big pink ribbon. Supports living beyond breast cancer provides a community of support. And valuable resources to those affected by breast cancer for more details at that five hour energy dot. Tom. So cautioned not just about wrapped up near the clean up by nearly come played and everybody gets to that road you heard us talk about several drivers who were really looking forward to that first stop along the pit lion. Let's reset the field here is we get sent to go back under the green here at Martinsville Speedway pole sitter Jamie McMurray back at the front. On the restart he'll have Jeff Gordon alongside Jimmie Johnson will restart from third to. Tony Stewart fourth Matt Kenseth fifth Kyle Busch's and six now jointly got a seventh. Carl edwards' fate Denny Hamlin night and Eric alma Rolen is fifth. Dale Earnhardt junior is eleventh Ryan Newman twelve Greg Biffle thirteenth Kurt Busch is fourteenth fifteenth right now belongs under the caution flag Paul Menard. Clint Boyer sixty day jail the bigger 78. Brad Kozlowski eight Pete Pace he paid 98 the Marcus Ambrose is twentieth 21 is Kevin Harvick David Hale a land 22. And Danica Patrick 23 Brian Vickers 24. And Ricky stand how's junior in 25. Austin Dillon 26 Kyle Larson 27. Reed Sorenson 28 just tall guy or 29. At thirtieth Martin Truex junior 31 KCB bears thirty seconds Alex called Atlantic Council 33 David Reagan 34. 36 hole with 37. Got wise Michael event. Is 38 Mike Wallace now being killed 38 as a leader for shuffles travels couple 39. I Kyle parlor of my alert is fortieth JK an important first to be no 42. It played Rogers 43 and to look at the AutoZone leaderboard get in his own bottles though field is coming back to the American ethanol green flag at lap 81 that. It is not borrowing and court. Side by side chasing down on the outside the racetrack. Vantage point off of the term bond. McMurray pulls away by a car like that the accident to Gordon would want your room to slide back down. On his rear bumper eight seconds the battle for third Jimmie Johnson inside Toby Steward of iron. Right here also is Kyle Busch right there also is a man hit the Jimmie Johnson could get five you'll get the third spot. Not your cup mile but the inside of Tony Stewart. Flushed out while it's Tony Stewart hung out to dry up that long outside blame. I'll look celebrity stamp he runs and dogs for sport lined up on his back my first pick up Matt Kenseth. Pity it's not Denny Hamlin try to work his way closer to the Friday lost four spots during that pit stop. Just made up pass by Eric Alva rolling he's back up tonight starts. The down low here comes back Kansas he'll take the fifth spot away from Tony Stewart Joey like got out. Tries to build a homeless spots left elbow Stewart can't Lockett here comes Jolie got download for six. Tony Stewart looking for a hole to slide down if he's got a downhill putt it right behind Joey MacDonald meanwhile got a battle for the. Always leave and it's not. I'm gonna last long Jeff Gordon drives deep deep and it turned never want he'll take the lead away lap 84 Jeff Gordon got the lead car. Gordon shows the way but Murray drops back in line quickly and second because right up on his bumper was Jeff's teammate Jimmie Johnson. Pennies Preston Clark for that spot at third line. Got to watch the number sees a lot Jamie McMurray just as determined to hang onto it. While they fight about that Jeff Gordon quickly opens up a car length advantage of belief. Without question right now early on here at Martinsville Jeff Gordon is the class of the field people's the way I want to make if you caught. Our lakes over Jamie McMurray yeah. Murray that he may have always giving doctors who rides his third. Sports belongs in the Kyle Busch received in debt that's backed into sixty jointly got a shot of the Tony Stewart Carl Edwards today. Can't we have one night McCain argued aircraft that. I can almost guys lined up single file you have to look way back near the rear of the pack when you see a couple of guys were coming outside playing in a first of those Brad Kozlowski. And it finally worked for him as he made a pass coming up off turn four. Why he took an awful beating knowing that I blame Joseph could not get down on the restart rocked a number of positions. Finally finds a way to get back to that one. Group and that is the hardest thing to do here Martinsville Speedway Tokyo is to find the opening that allowed you to get. On that I threw it down that ride and try to go to work on the car in front of you but. Getting off the upside down to the inside room that's easier said than done absolutely you can be stuck out there may be sick seeking opportunity and make it jump. Make up pass get by somebody if it works you're a hero which fantastic if it doesn't chances are. It's kind of like lose in the draft talent thank you you're gonna lose three or four spots. Before it worked her way back down into the U sideline and it just happened to Denny Hamlin first Dale Earnhardt junior got by him over. Then Kurt Busch got behind him and took Denny Hamlin losing two spots on the racetrack. And he polls now outside of the top ten pennies right now is a left. Jeff Gordon though he shows the way over Jamie McMurray and it Jimmie Johnson. We are just past 100 laps and an unscheduled pit stop for an eight time winner here Steve. Tickets yeah. So it's. Cola. We're we're getting is a vibration that's what brought Jenny to pit road he was running in the third and position at that time and now has that they get yourself out of a very deep hole but it is still very early in the race this afternoon. 397. Laps to go possibly. For the eight time winner here Jimmie Johnson his teammate Jeff Gordon continues to show the white I have second. Over Jamie McMurray Jamie closed end a couple of times kind of got my opponents Popper but that's opened up a little bit now Kyle Busch was third. Kansas fourth and fifth is Joey looked gone out. It's not about Carl Edwards back in the eighth position he talked in our pre race that they Jeff about. How he can fit to do well here he knew he had to get out on a racetrack where he's not. Traditionally done that well. Put up some big numbers this afternoon. The yeah you know for this racetrack at this driver talking about Carla brick that been a little bit of feast or famine he's had some success here he's also had. So race weekend that just have not performed the way he wanted it to your point. He talked to Steve posed during her three races that we have to perform this is a three race season it is now or never and obviously. What he's referring to is the food they got the bee championship for the homestead Miami speedway. And right now big voting runs that the night that they should panic just. Lockett left their behind Denny Hamlin. Running a very Smart great right now as he continues to just do what EDQ did he could stopping it can't just walk some laps. Maintain track position when I'm calling too far out of that top five or top camps want to look at that car right now. Running very well enough but also have a defeat a little heat they're right behind this Kurt Busch he's putting some pressure on. Carl let this moment that is the battle for the night position let's check in with the war on Carl Edwards went to Kelly. It's a grip on the first run at an air pressure adjustment. Hollywood pretty. Didn't say a whole lot of the cars. Most habits and their car was tonight. Carl Edwards. Minor fractures. Jeff Gordon continues leading the way here at Martinsville Speedway at all bow haven't picked his way through the tail into the field it. Just gone by David Reagan Jamie McMurray rides along in the second spot now Kyle Busch is in third. Bob I'm Matt Kenseth and Dale Earnhardt junior that's quite stacks up. At lap 190. We'll take this opportunity to welcome to the official starter of today's race to all who also happens to be a UFC bantamweight fighter. Talking about we should pay welcome to Martinsville Virginia. Thank you can't all right so what brings you as the quieter. Two NASCAR. Well this is actually first event so it's been pretty exhilarating for me thank them fit it all started with Kevin Harvick. Here on these ports management company. So he manages me and this assistant quite quite incredible X. Fans UFC bantamweight. Fighter fourteen and three is your record and who win are we gonna see you fighting in that it's got to. It hasn't yet but I'm hoping sometime in January February and. And how can fans of yours or new fans that want to follow you hope they do that. They can reach up to me on Twitter Amsterdam and Facebook apology after he should take and that's MI EU SH HTTP. All right now if you look at Joseph Moore his view I answered this question do you think you can take it. Absolutely. I thought it odd man. Whenever you present. Your favorite driver down here. Collapse lose steady Kevin Harvick you know he's been my biggest supporters so it I have. You know all of have a huge target and that. I'm also partial to Danica Patrick because you know she's she's obviously someone that I can kind of idolize isn't as strong female role model Linux. And man's world you know. Might we see you tomorrow NASCAR races absolutely I'm gonna taste visited this event. Really incredible experience I'll be back right stick around and show played loosely maybe Kevin or maybe Danica and pulled off this afternoon thank you thank you need to take. UFC bantamweight fighter any official starter of the goodies and a relief shot. 50024. Laps then Jeff Gordon continues to lead at the margin and start to grow a little bit save up to nearly a full second over Jamie McMurray. He has very good in traffic he is just what the Kyle Larson feet. One lap down. There are other pretty good cars that are in danger right now including Ricky stand out creator Jeff Gordon continues to be able to put back Chevrolet anywhere he wanted to go. He's been good for the first 125. Laps so far that's for sure Jeff ward shows as the race leader. Right now he enjoys these seven tenths of a second advantage over Jamie McMurray of the chase contenders the one running the worst so far today is Brad Kozlowski we talked about handling problems early on. It is crap the the outside lane could make it. It back down inside that the lower lane now he's saying there could be another issue. Believe or not well a lot of good spot and all that that was what faithful in hindsight gotten pretty aggressive here you know I don't have a very good that we got here this. That appeared Hibbert got auto prepared aren't sure what dawn thought that we the people that literally felt good. Brett says the camps are ridiculously. Hot now that's something you deal with a lot. Here at Martinsville Speedway maybe not to be ridiculous level. But that got hot temperatures because let's face it you don't get a lot of opportunity. With all the traffic here to get. Fresh air fund under the car well I'm gonna take you back what we could go Brad Kozlowski. Is that his spotter district chief had that same dialogue. And if you remember Brad Kozlowski won it Talladega so. We'll keep an eye out threat he'll be keeping an eye on the water temperatures on board that board. Right now brat running back in the eighteenth position no good fill up front for Jeff Gordon at Chevrolet. He continues to lead over Jamie McMurray Dale Earnhardt junior go up to third. Kyle Busch is fourth at his teammate. That kid that his pit Jeff crosses the line right now and David booty he is it heavy lap traffic opportunity right now for Jamie McMurray. McMurray has made the most of that opportunity he's close them toward the back call for help but can afford to retrieve it. So far hasn't been able to make good movies built this car like an attack back. They're spirited battle going on for the fifth spot Joey look gonna pull down to the end sonic Kyle Busch. In turn for the last time by they've made contact. Denny Hamlin is clear as well and now they wolf both live by Kyle Busch Denny goes to work on jelly. As Modano at Busch got together Danny Hamlin made may be demand that comes out with the juice box office feels like got a little daughter needs now and and on his back bumper as Kyle Busch begins to fall back. So moved Joey look I don't know up to the fifth spot remember when we drop the green flag he would backwards obviously that are beginning of the life now. Getting Hamlin right behind him then helps Kyle Busch. Sandy handle with a big time sideways dirt track maneuver off turn four last time I talk a little political round most of my car life. As opposed to join Madonna continues to heat that Ford went to the bottom. You know usually when you come to Martinsville Speedway you're talking about a couple guys all day long Jeff Gordon one of those obviously he's leading. But his teammate Jimmie Johnson is one who also had a lot of success at this racetrack as does all of Hendrick Motorsports. But Jimmy is way out of the picture right now because back in the 34 a lap down let's revisit what happened to him. It's laughable that I didn't feel to the taxi came down that road even the vibrations repel the hybrid sedan. Here is my. If you lose it's. A little bit have the right then one of the scandal it's. A little bit groundout in the field. It's. Awfully awfully easy right now yeah. Drilled. It went forward I was lucky and happy. Plus they who also has a really good race cars deep hosted at his Jamie McMurray. Battle for the race lead heat and Jeff Gordon worked the back straightaway. Now the back stretch heading returned three separated by only a car length. It's a major lap traffic and Vijay Gailey mark selecting your Boston Gyllenhaal and. Don't forget the order and just sense the car is not handling as well as it was. Go to work. I thought it. Look a little bit behind. You're in a three yarder early on. Jeff start to slip and slide a little bit Jamie McMurray smelling an opportunity went up one spot for a few moments ago. They've there's going to be some more opportunities they once again calling handy pack of traffic. Underneath that JJ Daley machine at the end of the charitable ones Jeff Gordon's car. We'll slipped that little slide but I think probably would apply to everybody in this field as we get deeper to this 100 VG ALA court it's maybe the lead by Carla. We got to believe that Jeff ward we'll show a lot of patience here with Jamie McMurray not allowed to lose of course kept trying to work his way. Towards homestead Miami speedway in a championship Dave for Jamie McMurray it's all about winning here Martinsville. It's about winning here at Martinsville it's about winning Texas and Phoenix. Homestead and Salt Lake got right now Jamie McMurray and how to prevent the second half of this season he wants to grab the brass ring before the. Let's send once again on campus Jeff closes in on the tail end of the field about a half. Half dozen cars directly ahead of this fleet battles. Martin Truex junior will be the next article a lap down then Danica Patrick and Austin Dillon of the floored me very methodical right now looks at the end side McCain find any room underneath relax. Art director Peter download Dave this pulls down the inside the racetrack giving a free pass to both Jeff Gordon and Jamie McMurray out it was no question. In the Jeff Gordon has the quicker car that Martin Truex and all you gotta do is get yourself beat up at that position Truex the veteran campaign gets all the little bottom. Let the leaders you know cork now wolf closing in on Danica Patrick. To the crops of strife 150 watt lamps go into the record books Jeff Gordon right now with the advantage just a couple of conflicts. Over Jamie McMurray they have really put some distance. We themselves the dealer Kirk junior back dale right now for full seconds behind but yet keep night's third and fourth Joey MacDonald brown now the top five. We are under caution lately. Brian Vickers goes to a state goes for a spin again turn number four. Courtesy of Kasey Kahne I don't know if there was not anything that happened between the two that collaborative prior written. Casey got it looks pretty solidly and answers at three gave up and another pretty solid wrapped midway between three and four. That's why did we can't finish it off return for. Both cars able to continue but we do see the yellow flag out probably a good break for Jeff Gordon. Do was feel that he hadn't been for the last twenty laps from Jamie McMurray and of course working for the tail end of the field we talked about all the traffic. They were dealing with the now suddenly bat. Is gone the question is now once they come off turn two and at the back straightaway if that road is open are we gonna see some action there's these post I. Live we will see everybody solid class cabin was lap 77 so we are forcing. 400 laps were run about. Syria had won their resume and has rebuffed the Bob Watson because what it won't stop them so we will see number one on the road as cars were held back. Aren't they are approaching it from the pit road to green flag is waiting in the feeding him. That pit road is open and indeed here come the race leaders Jeff Gordon Jamie McMurray Dale Earnhardt junior drops down on the inside of the track. All the leaders coming in at lap 162. Putts rent. Yeah her book says the very first pit box you're out on turnover of brilliant screw around the right side about automobile here is kinda large city and this Kevin Harvick. Been very quiet on this one minute he's been very had to look at Rose Garden in the middle of the minor Jesse Johnson and the outback several good record turn signal over. Feel good for Kevin Harvick as wild as they work on the left side tires on the car right now Lindsey's. Jamie Jamie McMurray pit stall number one the ranches going into the fifth track bar adjustments sane thing for joy and comfort food. Jeff Gordon's pit stop for six you heard him say it will ultimately since the beginning Jamie. Very I'll ask him hard and they all work. And I Jamie McMurray and Dale Earnhardt junior Matt Kenseth has had very little about his race car Joseph McDonald off pit road Denny Hamlin gets bored tired and and you know as does the rest of the guys on this and a bad drive. Including Tony Stewart Paul Menard Marcus Ambrose Carl Edwards. Danica Patrick can night down and anger I'll be 84 tires and fuel Alex. And Brad Kozlowski just off the pit lane get break for that team we heard the entire audio just a few laps together saying that these temperatures are rising the car running too hot. They took out critique about swipe all that rubber off the grill that was beginning to build up there also have put. Had a small piece of take off that grill to allow more air flow to the radiator and also the pit lane Kyle Busch's car very tight they changed all four tires. Topped off with Sunoco fuel made a chassis adjustment on Kyle Busch's machine is he's beginning to back slide. Casey james' team also look Atlantic pulled the pin drop the right front quarter. Of that great clip Chevrolet courtesy of the contact us at Brian Vickers around bringing us under the caution flags and Ryan Newman also on the pit lane four tires Sunoco fuel and some chassis adjustments on the car. Brad Kozlowski was too fast on that road a pass through penalty coming up. For Brantley coming from beat deep in the pack. And now a problem there for him after the stops and Jeff Gordon coming outburst Jamie McMurray second. Dale Earnhardt junior third Matt Kenseth fourth and Joey Madonna's fifth Atlanta on sixteen board. Back into the green flag at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia the race for the lead working through turns three and four it's Jeff Gordon. Trying to hold off Jamie McMurray took a very tough love. There's strong part right now trying to do with the hardware around the outside can afford those big game down to the inside still will the real for the race lead draft. Think their way off turn over to they are wielding wheel for the number one spot. Corn down 10 McMurray by half fill up my as they lean on each other's floor. Denny and off turn number four to the lined Gordon gets a bit of an advantage down on the inside the racetrack available. You're right behind that if Gordon hit the winner but Murray and he'd stated Rick Perry. Slips at the apex of turn wanna do now know I have to fight for the second spot. Here comes Dale Earnhardt junior he's much wield our corporate and number two position. Think Murray tried to slam the door on dale junior's that was the gonna happen now. Now here comes Dale Earnhardt junior looking for position number ten. You have a freight train is all lined up to the left elbow Jamie McMurray Earnhardt 34 seconds. Here comes Joey MacDonald for third McMurray tried to shut the door and whatnot how long have done it Joey is there a thirty. Rambling for us learn to walk the rear of the field Jimmie Johnson almost got caught up in a crash. Coming off turn four with Landon Cassel played all gets straightened out still what battle for the third rages on. But not a lot that you can't decide McMurray on the outside. Jamie McMurray had a good talk about how high but he still not clear yeah beat Joey MacDonald. Forward it no doubt about it Jake and a very very strong he's trying to do it the hard way around the outside of these drivers. Don't look for trying to get by Ford Ford junior but right now he goes to work got Joey let god I'll eat. It takes a third spotted me outside later he goes back to about twelve. And he won't do it on the outside lane McMurray gets the rock do. He hits third position now at least a parade of cars including Madonna over Kurt Busch and Matt. Cancer is trying to get five. And that is right there knocking on the back door of the Kurt Busch and nothing they are for the moment as everybody run single filed with the exception of Kevin Harvick he jumped idiots are not getting Pamela. Thought after Denny Hamlin is Kevin Harvick right now Denny Hamlin is seven Harvick tried to take that spot away. Nose to tail at least for the moment Dave. Headlines right setup Harvick is an aide tonight that Kyle Busch. Can't spot these Clint Boyer as he putts his way to the top ten for the first time this afternoon everybody for the moment running single file. Jeff Gordon pulls up to about 34 car length lead now over Dale Earnhardt junior another four car lengths back. Where you find Jamie McMurray that comes where it. He's not look got out Kurt Busch and Matt Kenseth. It's a conga line down the back straightaway Afghan. At the tail end of that pack here's a boot Clint Boyer drives to the upside you'll take a spot from. But goodies headache relief shot 500 under way at Martinsville Speedway this afternoon welcome. Racing network and our live coverage of the first race of the eliminate or roundup of the chase it down to it with Texas and Phoenix coming up. That Ford championship weekend at homestead Miami speedway. A 179 laps or complaint Jeff Gordon at the front of the field alongside Jeff streak alive Joseph Moore Dave moody has the action force in the third today. On pit road went to Kelly Alex Satan and Steve post so far seven lead changes four different drivers the caution flag is waved four times. 24 cars are on the lead lap. Race number one of the eliminate her round it will take this all the way down to homestead Miami to close it out everybody trying to be. Championship board a win here at Martinsville would make sure your spot. At the opportunity to race for a championship. Right now Jeff Gordon doing everything he can to be. That driver now real quickly his teammate Jimmie Johnson. No chance for a championship. And Steve posed the front end of that Chevrolet. Even though we assume two laps down and trying to rally back. The front and that Chevrolet all used dobbs. That he hasn't got it caught on camera he's got a blue Atlantic Council and there's a lot of them again you've adopted several like the hood of the LP and the boat back got. And the right side has damaged as well coolest if you can't honor roll bar but with binoculars look at out of there watching dogs left. To monitor and try to slip ups are nothing they put on the flyer sitting there. Got a lot of damage on the front and back. At Lowe's Chevrolet. He went back on the 29. Position right now it. Indeed is someone laughed off the pace here at Martinsville let's take a look at the chase contenders where they stack up right now Jeff. Jeff Gordon obviously the leader of the pack. He's doing very well today as it was being respected. Joel Connelly is in second he struggled early on but it's come back to life netcams it's been good from the start of the race today he's currently import Denny Hamlin seventh. Kevin Harvick started deep in the field Bakken thirty hurt fortunately at the top ten and currently runs and eight. Ryan Newman is in the fifth spot Carl Edwards fourteen and Brad Kozlowski and having problems. All day long he is the lowest of the chase guys. Right now 24 up and down the leaderboard for Brad Kozlowski the drop of the green flag stop Brad take it from outside of row number three. He dropped quickly through the field. Obviously the car not handling to his liking but Alexei they worked on that problem. Things look pretty good defense then busted for speeding and right now brats and pretty people. It says stay the. Lane gained some spots to read his life. Pacing and ride out this. Relief easier said than done being patient at Martinsville Speedway but Alexander a long way to go 313 laps. Remain let's take a look at the AutoZone leaderboard. Jeff Gordon. Top of the list. Jamie McMurray currently at second Dale Earnhardt junior is third at Joey MacDonald fourth admit him to fifth. Kurt Busch runs six Denny Hamlin seventh Kevin Harvick Kate went Boyer in ninth and riot near this Tampa. Not a lot to our number 21 car is around and that is they read stories that received. The think tank Chevrolet got married highs in turn four last time around went down the front straightaway into turn one and looped it at the exit of turn over to. So the caution flag out here for the fifth time here this afternoon it is Dave Moodie pointed out read almost spun off turn number court got it collected. Then looped it it turned number two should not pit road open and all of goal lead lap cars or they are Steve. But countless first big box go out of the writes I know across the sound of automobile an awful look good wanderers in April here outside orchestra play. Look let's get the first Portuguese coach Brian Vickers is that kind of how I look at them all getting bad service here on an appropriate forum Europe Martinsville Speedway Winston. Cemeteries is gonna get on and off pit road Jamie McMurray stops and pit stall number one. Right side tires went on it feels like you've talked a little bit better one into the lives of three and more feels very good about the car port tired. For Jeff Gordon he's gonna get all parts Dale Earnhardt junior. And look at Sloan Macquarie he's gonna get out math behind Matt Kenseth and join economy get out of running AM Denny Hamlin. Field as to the rest of the cars on this and a pit road Alley. At four tires still within the name of the game here at this stage of the race plant several 191. Kyle Busch still not happy with the handling his car still making another chassis adjustment. Four tires Sunoco fuel save the Brad Kozlowski again. This is where the patients try to pay off in trying to gain spots here on pit road also adjusted all the dire Kasey Kahne Ryan Newman Austin Dillon. All taken advantage of this caution. Jeff Gordon the first one off of pit road it does so in front of Dale Earnhardt junior and Matt Kenseth. Kyle Larson right now shows up in position number four I'm not sure he made a pit stop in fact I believe it was kind of tooling around. On the outside of everybody will follow up there in just a moment about this couple of chase contenders busted for speeding on pit road Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman. And now they have just dug up pretty deep hole especially for Jeff Gordon who's dominant. Through the first 100 in 92 laps Newman Gordon busted for speeding. We'll get back into the green flag when we come back from Martinsville Speedway this is the motor racing network. They'll voice of NASCAR. It's almost push your car it's time for relaxing and then winding the crisp cold Busch beer. It's the most refreshing time of the day. Wake Forest. 321. Chris cool. Book. I enjoyed responsibly push for your vote and who can do. Whatever you drive wherever you go Hercules tires gets in there and whether you're running on there. Hard dependable high quality tires of a perfect fit your needs. Strong match value selection in the warranty with the industry leading road hazard protection there's only one choice. Hercules buyers to learn more visit Hercules tire dug. Or call 806779535. Hercules tires right on our strength. Back it Martinsville Speedway still working under our fifth caution flag and a lot happened right there if you missed it. Jeff Gordon too fast exiting pit road save for Ryan Newman. Jeff Gordon will have to appeal up the racetrack and let everybody go by and unofficially until we see everybody cycle around. New race leader here at Martinsville. Virginia will be Dale Earnhardt junior so we'll wait to see how that all plays out. But more than likely it's gonna be Dale Earnhardt junior being shown as the race leader with Matt Kenseth. In the second spot in before I went to the commercial break up mentioned Kyle Larson. We believe that he actually took the free pass and then came onto pit road and made his pit stop 195. Laps then killed 305. Romania. Closing handle my halfway mark of today's goodies relief shot 500. And -- of Julianna joins us from prestige brands parent company or that he's had a routers what a wonderful day here at Martinsville you guys picked up perfect weekend. Yeah we can that's fair a better day and it's nice to see Ed Gelb and so well. Dale Junior is going to be driving your car next here in the NASCAR Nationwide Series selected events tell us about. I think yeah we're really excited that you know we signed gallop that about two years ago to help us but the campaign to drive you. People to try to get these outer entities headache relief shot. The campaign went really well and we decided we wanted to take her relationship to the next level and had killed driver for us. So between you don't drive from Verizon. Richard Petty we have removed eighteen. The cutting is heading relief shot now what about two years old and how how is that catch it on. It's doing really well I mean there's a lot of people that you know they don't they don't like the powder. I'm or are looking for something it's a little more convenient than that for those consumers that if they really let the headache relief shy and not just people. That have attracted these if you believe that the products so we were very happy. Feeling that we were out pocketed some of your folks before we came upstairs and they were telling us that in certain markets around the country this is. Really big like here in this area in on the West Coast like out in the Los Angeles area a lot of spots in between. And obviously you're hopeful with NASCAR to fill those spots and across the country. Well I'm good eases extremely big brand in the southeast and you know we think it's a special brand and we're trying to bring it in you places so. We think NASCAR is fantastic property for us it's all of that's beats those goodies. We think between NASCAR and in Dale Junior and the king we think we can bring goodies more people. Doubt you guys are certainly part of the tradition and history at Martinsville Speedway being tied in here for so long relationship with the king which I think every it was the first non. Automotive sponsor to comment the NASCAR many many years ago. And that the relationship lives on. I did it's it's an honor to be associated. Richard Petty he's a great spokesperson who really cares about the brand. There's a lot to help but so between. Richard. You know junior and the great products that we have you know we think is a bright future. While they while we talked to that your folks and asleep downstairs earlier today as Jeff mentioned to make sure we get some goodies on the truck. Because we have a lot of headaches here motor racing network because of Jeff's trickle. And that's okay. Castle where else that we appreciate everything you guys do really do that pianist for as long as you have. What you do for our sport you're involve the race fans and it means a lot. Well thanks so what we know we're honored to be part of NASCAR and we're gonna continue to be part NASCAR we want more more people use goodies and heading pattern and it leaves. And on behalf of goodies joint like to present you with this box of goodies cool orange extra strength. Just for you we're different thank you very much about indoors a bath hit does that I'll play it does a thud Giuliano weather's here today from goodies thanks again. Think he's. So we continue. Workarounds under the caution flag for a couple of reasons I believe one there is some clean up rather extensive. On the back straight away we'll get to that in just a moment we are just about ready to get under the green flag. And then NASCAR waved it off and there was a lot of shuffling on the racetrack and I believe just trying to make sure. That everybody was lined up properly. Now we talked about Jeff Gordon we talked about Ryan Newman busted on pit road first beating. Here's how to get a line up Jeff Gordon back in thirtieth. And Ryan Newman 31 so a lot of work to do for two drivers that were very solid. Inside the top ten and for Jeff Gordon the Dominic are here for the first 200 laps so that a lot of work to do there Dale Earnhardt junior. This take it over now as the race leader. With Matt has to enjoy the Gado Jamie McMurray and Denny Hamlin. Rounding out the top five so what was Jeff's reaction to finding out he was beating a very broad. But I get this sale or state staff and I know there are content that they can pick up my apartment I thought. Progress do you call this. An apology Jeff Gordon says he knew he was beaten down that road. And that and Alex Satan it's like when pit road speed is thirty miles per hour that's not difficult to do. No not at all because well let's translate that a little bit the runner and a 130 miles an hour down the straightaway. Jumping on the brakes they've rolled the listener these quarters. At 65 to seventy miles an hour so when you have to jam the brakes to get the pit road and go thirty miles an hour. That's brutal I mean it's tough to do in a street car let alone go to a race car when you've been running at high speed so yeah. When you give us it's being here at Martinsville a lot of people understand. But the competition what they're glad to see it for these two drivers however it's going to be fun to watch Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman worked there way back to the front of the field. I'll cite particularly Jeff as fast as he's been here this accident. Still working out the caution flag here for a few moments at lap 200 and jailed. Let's check up on today's new Holland Smart picks during our pre Wright showed today a motor racing network Alex agent. Pick drivers who might contend for the victory today. And those drivers were Jeff Gordon Joey what got Jamie McMurray and the Jimmie Johnson the MRN audience picked Jeff Gordon. Well they he's good and he's bad Alex Hayden is he's got Joseph really got to pick right now he's third good pick. Alex and Jamie McMurray he's fourth also a good pick but Jeff Gordon right now all the way back in thirtieth. It Jimmie Johnson couple laps Downey's 33 so those are today is you Holland a Smart picks brought you by new Holland. The official agricultural equipment of NASCAR that's new Holland Smart. Dave moody we've been racing at this racetrack now 133. Times all of them I believe that asphalt put. They all but turned this racetrack into a dirt track down the back straightaway. They did cap and I'm not exactly sure what the issue was there was a good deal flew it up next to the wall down the back straightaway up through the outside group. It turns three and four. They put down a time of a speedy dry they've made a couple of passes now with the vacuum truck to clean it up looks pretty good right now I have no idea where the fluid chain from. But they've taken good care of it. So we're gonna get the indication now we understand from NASCAR. At start finish line that pearl yellow flag it means one thing to the drivers were green in one lap or five point 26 of a mile just over a half mile here at the Martinsville Speedway in it is indeed Dale Earnhardt junior that wolf. Restart up front bottom side of the racetrack he was outside of the match Kansas. Jolie got on the inside of Rhode June Javed the query on the outside inside rose three Kenny Hamlin. Think his right Kurt Busch Kevin Harvick we'll have the inside of row four with a split foyer alongside. And Kyle Busch will be on the inside of row five with Greg Biffle re starting back at position number ten. And a couple of chase contenders the last two cars on the lead lap talking about Jeff Gordon. Who lines up thirtieth and Ryan Newman wave back in 31 this'll be fun watching them try to come through the field. American ethanol green flag waves again at Martinsville Speedway. Dale Earnhardt junior leads the way to the outside Matt Kenseth and he is working hard labor and on junior try to get by. That's not a very good start he's up by offenders they have to turn duke to the back straightaway everybody diving to the bottom of the racetrack let. Kept up his right carefully. Chevrolet to Toyota up up front here at Martinsville Dale Earnhardt junior crossed the stripe he will leave it. But that's not about to give up he marked the outside up day all. No I like Donald spills all to the inside of a black candidate received plenty to keep keep that they are battle for second. Her heart away with a lead but got out and a lot of buildup for second place. Fans here at Martinsville jumping up and down Dale Earnhardt junior is taken the lead and rallies are born David Reagan gets elected. Everybody scattered at Reagan goes through as bad as he got jacked up by Alex moment midway between turns three. More. Cost of like number six on lap 207. And gave. What could have been big was not for Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman because all of this happened right in front of them or. Took the words right out of my mouth they did a great job scattered to the high side. Made it past the spinning car of David Reagan wins no harm done. Reagan got caught from behind by the Alex moment machine it's been a rough afternoon for Bowman so far. He snapped up the hood sticking straight up at his face right after contact with David Reagan. So Dale Earnhardt junior leaves under caution flag for the sixth time here at Martinsville Joni got a second. Met Kenton is third Jamie McMurray is fourth that Denny Hamlin runs out the top five. We still got 200. 92 laps to go. Getting ready to come back to the indication it will be back into the green flag in a slap down this is a big break for. Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman not position on the racetrack as far as the leaderboard. But where they're gonna restart because of the last restart they head start at the tail end of the pack. Well there are now about that when he some cars behind them so they break. For Gordon and Newman about the way Joseph for Jeff Gordon it was the second speeding penalty. Since Charlotte. Back in October of 2012. Doesn't get busted curiosity about this Jimmie Johnson pulls off the racetrack it hits to the garage. He goes clear and a few moments not. But Jimmie Johnson like thing at Martinsville Speedway and now it's pulled off the racetrack we'll have more on that shortly. But we're getting ready to go back under the American ethanol green flag Dale Earnhardt junior Joey to Ghana at the front of the field it. Matt Kenseth and Jamie McMurray Denny Hamlin that's the top five they come off turn number four. And we are back candidate Martinsville 287. Don't pull for the race lead the battle be behind him for a second. Met this restart for Joel got a pushes him to the number one for decades battle for second. McMurray to the outside of Earnhardt junior at their side by side right. Behind them at Kansas than Kurt Busch they're battling it out here for the fifth position junior gets five with Murray still take over the second spot. Mare called the third and now here's Kurt Busch running outside these. Got no choice he had stopped it and I heard of at least for the moment try to lick his way to the bottom slides in across the nose of backhand at. That's up under the gun from Denny Hamlin. At the payload to the field Brian Vickers the hood and off over the week we'll trying to find. Roads need both that's tough to do what you can't see all my dogs and wasn't according to the net don't biblically Prince William board but you stuck it. Another bus you don't feel it and don't look what it over the window spotters talking about what's good and right now philosophical go to. It's. Now. Still on the track it is Jolie like god I hope boat race leader in front of Dale Earnhardt junior Jamie McMurray. Kurt Busch and Denny Hamlin let's find out what happened that Jimmie Johnson Alan. Well he had the heart contacted the back in the Casey Mears is our on the racetrack BK did. It's been that way for the better part of a few. You lapsed with the temperatures began to rise he's brought the car back to the Sprint Cup Series garage the team has. Right now the radiators where they're focusing their attention. There does not appear to be unique culture and if there's no water leaking but the problem is is a bigger radiator is being paid backwards and the fans that blow. Lowe's has been pushed up. Is it so that you did not able to cool down this team is working feverishly right now to figure out exactly what. It's. Going to be to get this car back on the racetrack Chad can Alison cart chief Ron Malick for the rest of the team continue to swarm around this race car eight. Grandfather clock sports Jimmie Johnson there will not be a night at least not here this afternoon about that could be one for Joseph and again I'll. Right now he looks very strong out front but we are linked advantage. Joseph with a piano back to Dale Earnhardt junior. Three more pact that Jamie McMurray another four back paid to Kurt Busch shirt. March riding a very solid score right now fifty Denny Hamlin. Six and act. I'll probably didn't turn everyone Brian Vickers rate retaliates against Casey Qaeda. Program right in little wall at the end of the front straightaway we're under caution once again. For the seventh time here this afternoon and it comes out on lap number 200 into quade. And Kasey Kahne that are used up he made heavy contact with the outside safer barrier now it lights that throttle spins that car around. Why accident in the right direction we'll keep an eye on Kasey Kahne and as he works down the back straightaway. These two got together earlier in the race this afternoon. Brian Vickers got the worst of it we told you just a few moments ago Steve Coz the fact that Brian had to come to pit road they have hoods popped up on that they got him back out. He went straight for Kasey Kahne. Daddy what's good for Casey to lose the issue of the work we're looking at right now watching it on the spread prohibit all log static Bryant put the it was Brad just loves good there either but what does loved in the pants actually the fallout happens out. That's Bart is the one day. I don't want let another another another. A guy that's an innocent bystanders got packed up as well Martinsville Virginia but you're right. It looked like midnight counterterrorism right that was the most of tomorrow that Barry has just gotten living laps and he got a little back isn't it. Stayed there is damage on the left front corner of the Brad Kozlowski received. Right from our left front fender little bit at the door quarter panel as well he would shake it Nektar back and forth right now trying to make sure he's got tire clearance on map or. Well don't think that we have seen the end of this by any stretch we're not even halfway guess what here comes Brad. As does David booty pointed out steep post talked to Brad earlier in the pre erase he said expect contact. But Alex tape and he also said it's long as it doesn't take you out. Yeah I do it and that's what the geology student grant was right he expected contact. And he got contact with the car right now Paul Wolfe of the crew chief Bob inaudible bill. And market under the delta dividend typical look over. That's what she's edited out the jet that it was a big wouldn't describe yourself is that right now there's another odd number of other cars that there's water on lap to 23 event. I wanna make sure Bratz doll and a way to help and that's the bright yellow colors on the car here Brent downwind had to back out of his frequent looks like it. Academically and able to repair its second at Weston Kelly. Great day on the finger came down that road he got surface on his Chevrolet same thing for Carl Edwards on his sport. The team we got four tires and fuel outside of the top ten. He's been struggling looking for crap all day long not been able to get it. So he's a little bit further back in the pack so it decided to come on in and get four new tires on his. Forward now ironically Brian Vickers Steve posters come back on the pit road after that. Tangle with Kasey Kahne. Casey hated the garage area right now directly beside his Hendrick Motorsports teammate Jimmie Johnson. As they continue to work on Johnson's car with the window net up still on Johnson's machine. Kasey Kahne well they've got his car Jack stands the back of the car has literally been pushed straight down home folks. Tires after hitting the wall in turn one flush southern got the jigsaw about the cutting all of the sheet metal away. From the back of this race car the truck has been taken off of it the fact well first taken off all of the crush panels pushed down on the rear tires. They're being cut aways above her braces the bumper bars there is significant damage on the back end of this race car Casey came still sits aboard the machine. As CF Todd I guess it's projected. With the steering wheel Rick withhold payments. Why advanced two weeks it's been for Hendrick Motorsports all four cars. Last week this time we're in the chase only one that is left in the chase that's Jeff Gordon. He got busted for speeding on pit road he's been digging in the back of the pack. Jimmie Johnson's out of the race announcer Kasey Kahne is back there they're trying to get both those carts back in Dale Earnhardt junior though he's about the best of the floor for sure he's gonna start on the outside of the front road Joseph with a kind of got the point. Lucky for the American I thought green flag he. In the air yeah he is gone with Dale Earnhardt junior gonna try to stay wet stuff they were the back straightaway. Jamie McMurray lucky to fill the hole on the back upward javy up Bob joined McDonald's car. Not able to do it kind of gives Dale Junior reveals why exactly why in the number keys. Five look out on the outside lane Kurt Busch is hooked up he gets fired Jamie McMurray sets his sights on. And here drops to the inside of the track. You're gonna slam the door about three cars get together Kevin Harvick just want to bounce back candidate is the other. We are under caution again for the eighth time out on lap to 27. Kevin Harvick involved with. Matt Canada the involved and not able to drive away but there is definitely significant. Damage on that outback Chevrolet. Of Kevin Harvick at work towards you Dave Moodie. Smoke boiling off a left hand side of that machine right front or left front damage left rear damage all the way down the left side of that car as Kevin Harvick. Mac can't let that Tony Stewart all got together in turn one. So here comes Kevin Harvick and Steve post there's definitely a lot of damage all my national political left rear looks like we're the bulls get at least part of this resident. Absolutely. Shocked look off to the benefit of the NASCAR officials pointing out potential for more coming out from under the car as well itself. We've got fluent and I'll put on to the cause demons they did bullet for bottles of little car but it puts it behind the wall governor article. Plus a car behind the wall full rob robotic her mother wanted to eliminate or Nader of the joys that's cabinet out of school Bush's. Several behind the wall. When you would break out eventually first part of this race for us up pretty calm I think for the most part and I hear the last 3040 minutes is one thing after another. It's a big names having some big. Problems wallet cleanup continues out there let's take a look at the auto zone leaderboard with 200. And 68 laps to go Joey MacDonald is the leader with Dale Earnhardt junior second Kurt Busch third Jamie McMurray important. Denny Hamlin is fifth. Clint Boyer sixth Greg Biffle seventh Martin Truex junior eight. Aaron album row one night. Jeff Gordon is all the way back up to ten. So there's a quick look at the top ten as they continued to work underneath the caution flag here. And we'll give you complete run down here wants it re cycled through round so. Working under the caution flag and Dave there's going to be extensively in up back here because again they have got to turn the back straightaway into a dirt track here. Yes second time in about the last 45 laps they got the racetrack itself pretty well taken care of probably is what Kevin Harvick went down this road trail left flew all the way behind it there's a big plays down the oil dri all the way down pit road the vacuum truck is now. Fleeting most of that up hopefully it won't be too much won't. All right let's not go back and not check the AutoZone leaderboard now that cycled round will start back the fraught with Joey to Ghana when Dale Earnhardt junior first and second. Kurt Busch was third at Jamie McMurray fourth Denny Hamlin fifth Clint Boyer currently runs at six Greg Biffle seventh Martin Truex junior is eighth. Aaron gal moral ninth and Jeff Gordon's chance Danica Patrick right now eleventh at a track that she always runs very well and Ryan Newman is twelve landing council thirteenth. Kyle Busch is fourteenth hole and are right now fifty to get under the caution flag. Austin Dillon six feet Marcus Ambrose seventeenth Brad Kozlowski. Still back there he's 188 jail the bigger ninety. And just an all Dyer is twentieth Kyle Larson is funny first Ricky stent how's junior 22. Casey Mears won a third Cole went 24 and David Reagan 25. Carl Edwards is back at 26 Tony Stewart 27 Matt Kenseth 28. David Galloway and 29 and Josh Wise thirtieth Michael of that 31 thirty seconds Mike Wallace trial. Boller 33 Brian Vickers thirty or Travis bubble 35. 36 than in the garage that Kevin Harvick Alex moment 37 Kasey Kahne in the garage he's 383 Sorensen 39. Jimmie Johnson in the garage he's fortieth JJ yeah elite boarding first. Timmy hill out of the race 42 player Rogers out of race 43 and that's a look at the Arnold's old leaderboard Atlanta 200. Seven improvement. Your last break its brakes on NASCAR assault only an AutoZone get in his own models bill. Three races remaining after today the Sprint Cup Series goes to Texas next week. Motor racing network picks up the schedule. At Phoenix international raceway the following week and then we'll take it as South Florida homestead Miami speedway for Ford championship weekend you'll hear it here. And only here on the motor racing network getting ready to go back to the green flag at the Martinsville Speedway 237. Laps third down. 263. Remain the American ethanol green flag is waving once again. Long gone Joey MacDonald the battle will be for second. Kurt Busch on the inside Dale Junior on. Outside another tremendous restart for like got Al bush and out of the inside of her heart these kind of running got a you'll take the second spot here's Denny can't. At one diving below us. Murder Hamlin gets an advantage of off the corner gets offender out in front of Dale Earnhardt junior at junior for all see that again. Halfway down the front right away and he's big here in turn want. I have to try and add outside lane at least for the moment as Dale Junior Hammel went through for a third juniors why did down across the notes at JB McCurry. They'll hang onto Fort McMurray is that they break up on my employer. Top five or single file good battle behind them Greg Biffle now we'll slide in mind it snakes can win. Lawyer Eric Bell Motorola they're wheeled a whale. Now we're almost at the bottom of the racetrack you'll slide underneath Clint Boyer. To pick up that position Boyer back he had lied your product Martin Truex junior Danica Patrick can't champ Mort. What did Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman again having problems earlier this afternoon busted for speeding on pit road. Nicely working their way back up through the field. Without putting up Smart bombs that DuPont Chevrolet has is that the dot a couple of bullets coming up from the rear of the field for the moment. He's gonna to follow it a tire tracks are Danica Patrick at Danica works aren't true. What she looked down the inside to try to get the run up alongside Martin Truex junior got that kind of thing. Moved once again and again I've found contact what Truex junior Adam. Then the bomb but Iran for Danica Patrick moves to accept the right track she'll take the spot here comes the. According to the bottom these guys Ryan Newman now leads now. Norton gets by he has the chance position Newman squeezes down to the inside of Truex in the eleventh spot that further back Paul Menard and and Kyle Busch trying to work through the traffic. Bizarre double bottom now on through axial trying to move underneath them on the back straightaway it. Kyle Busch is right there Brad Kozlowski right there along with Austin Dillon. Brad Pitt making that outside lane work Dave the problem is he is now accused run up right behind mark. Truex junior mark tried to come down but Kyle Busch is there. Have a lot Sam right now that I threw Gil Martin Truex theater he finally we'll find some room to get back to the bottom of the racetrack. That'll lead Brad Kozlowski to the outside off the villain. Picking up Ryan Newman worked into the inside of Brad Kozlowski go on and it's side by side effects. For the eleventh position as lousy swings around the outsider we'll pick off the spot. When closer to the front your captain Denny Hamlin. He makes a little luck Kurt pushed back so a lot of us open corner you'll take seconds away. And now here comes Dale Earnhardt junior's gonna try to do the same thing on Kurt Kurt Kurt gonna throw the block so right now Denny Hamlin falls in line position number two. Then Kurt Busch then Taylor. Brazill walked by bush last night and third floors to shut down they attacked by Dale Earnhardt junior. Judy is not done yet that all over Kirk won't shoot three of four couples drivers having. Problems earlier today handed out of the garage Jimmie Johnson on his way and Kevin Harvick won the chase contenders evolve that. Crash it shouldn't. 28 feet made ratepayers they're gonna bring him back out and salvage what they can't meanwhile Jeff Gordon picked up another spot getting by Danica. Rope underneath Danica Patrick about the same time it's. Dale Earnhardt junior brought the grandstand to its feet by picking off a spot from Kurt Busch. Few past halfway down 200 tickets to away from halfway want to you 48 down fifty. Name like Donald over Denny Hamlin Dale Earnhardt junior third Kurt Busch north. Change in the query around now the top five let's get a complete mid race update now rock you've by Geico. We've seen eleven lead changes among six different drivers so far today thirty cars are still being counted on the lead lap. Caution flags have played eight times since the drop of the green and earlier this afternoon again to 51 still ago. What does it mean McKnight no sense just fifteen minutes to think 50%. Or more on car insurance. Think you probably shut up on the back of dot com that. Minutes ago I was thinking around the racetrack right now at least for the top and they kind of give you an idea of how the separation is purely gonna right now. There's about three hardly feel the race leader Ricardo links over Denny Hamlin. Another five back to Dale Earnhardt junior he's third. That what about seven back Kurt Busch David networking got a lot of home. But it's. Tied to company knocking off the back door right now Jamie McMurray there. The Carling back if Greg Biffle. Half a car like Erica album roll up 1 morning went going gonna come off turn a number of former marine trying to get my Kurt Busch. Who's the leader of that particular track in the course in that pack. Is included Jeff Gordon went to Philadelphia. At the tail end of what's now let's say. Are dragged down the back straightaway there's a priority I think we'll all again trying to find her room under Kurt Busch can't get down and three. And record an out right back again through right now Dave Clark you execute your Austin Dillon Marcus sales rose eight. Last laugh off news. Here's the thing is settled again maybe some frustration there they were back porch you know. Yeah they were beaten and updated this right right now where everybody is willing to be angry at everybody through it atlas blog for a moment. Ambrose is right here yellow and it's right there a moment later in all tired. That's the battle for the fifteenth position we're watching. At some moment it is Truex. Who has the bottom we see the caution flag come out justice Kasey Kahne that. Comes back on the racetrack going to be V8 are actually one night. Caution flag here so far today. Not a surprise. Debris spotted on the racetrack that's gonna slow us down once again like Joseph said for the ninth time here this afternoon that road is open the race leader Joseph really got all making a stop pets. On number Tuesday Munich America Obama one had to go around main thing is get. Get golf course he's gonna make pilot pilot Jonathan. Dale Earnhardt junior then McMurray. Think Kurt Busch I'll listen to pit road error count Motorola Jeff Gordon many along with Paul Menard Danica Patrick with a good solid run. And just staying out Matt Kenseth and Tony Stewart who were to end on that last caution flags people have. Check out here we had done Dale Earnhardt junior post solid but service. Like Cuban vote when I'll go to the cars the credits and Dale Earnhardt junior was eight Forte is the exhibit little adults without a car. All the drivers get a good service here this day workload Boyer Bob Martin Truex who. Right rebel Kyle Larson and her once all that is good service or near the midway point of the Sanford. Does that sound you are just joining us and you didn't hear the name of Kevin Hart factors good recent air cavity is in the garage he is being shown 38 that involved in the crash. Several laps ago let's get an update on that. Jeff the car still sits on fort jacks stands in the garage stall. Significant damage when the car first rolled back here it didn't look that major but once they started taking the wheels off. And accessing the damage the brake lines were shattered on this on the left front corner there's a lot of fluid. Leaking out from there they've also puncture the radiator that taking care that they had to replace it. It terror out. The outbreak dot poses that tried to cool the breaks down. They were plastered up against the engine they got those he wedge. And by the way he hit what the left rear quarter as well. So they had to come back and all essentially rebuild the left rear of the race car it's important because the fuel hose we get taxed again asking in this. Trains down into the fuel cell that was shattered as well ahead replace that could be some more significant work there it. Harvick still sits aboard the race car they're about to put the window and it back up. He's got to go back out on the racetrack minus the entire front end body work car's gonna look like one of the NASCAR we live modified when it finally it's back on the track. A tough way to start the eliminate around for Kevin Harvick again being shown all the way back in 38. The other chase contenders now match candidates have to go from fourth Denny Hamlin from six. Joey MacDonald from seventh Jeff Gordon from thirteen. Ryan Newman from seventy. The threat of last April 18 Carl Edwards the other he's set to go from. What he's six and we are set to get back under the American up and all green flag. Port drivers did not pitch. Just an all Dyer will lead the field of the green flag Casey Mears alongside. And as Winston Kelley pointed out Tony Stewart. Meant pension not getting there together in Rhode number two. Here we go on lap 216. American. An old iron. Just heard one anything. These players outside of the racetrack download Tony Stewart Stewart underneath meters Stewart underneath I'll dire here don't smile he wants bullied into turn three mark Vaile. Tony Stewart on the bottom side of the racetrack the crowd here on their feet side by side Stewart and all of guy or give the advantage. He's doing he'll leave the field back at turn number one. Tony Stewart bottom of the racetrack now begins to pull away he's got the lead on the back straightaway second spot belongs to all dire their three wide petty returned great. What do not want auto. Really can't I don't do they're trapped on the outside lane and. Naked eye contact big time off turn number four hit work for Kelly MacDonald but here's Denny Hamlin he wants more right up on what's gone on. Bob returned one. Internap trap that that high outside blade like god help makes his way underneath him to take them. Here comes Denny Hamlin still plug the hole or sixth place. Denny Hamlin on the bottom Dale Earnhardt junior topside right behind him look that is. David McMurray got a big good grief hard battle make it even more than that date they are also backed up from fourth stock. Back no I like got out got shoved Mac cams that senator dewine. It took up the banking what got out of the end decided they don't go side by side for fourth place. A couple of chase contenders bank and off one another off turn number four right behind them Vinny can't let it. These prices at the needle drops down to the inside of the track and draws even with Kansas. Alex Mack ten says there's no man's land like got no underneath that your towns and and what he's got her heart in the rearview mirror he's got McMurray dale as well back to the fighting for his life up. I watch the battle from fifth on back Denny Hamlin you've got mad men that they are beat down on the the racetrack because Dale Earnhardt junior could pick a whole big minded side. Down to the bottom here comes Dale Junior. Side by side with Kansas he'll take the spot Jamie McMurray got dive bombs on the low side they're just getting shuffled back. This is the battle for the seventh position it will be one that's why they. Murray in the drive to the end not a candidate Barack album rollover next customer before he gets their kids have tried to slam the door there's contact. Make eye contact not do smoke spoils not political reporter of the Mac can't get receive any thank god. Andy holds that spot but I like Erica overall us it's all over. Over the bank and all the way around the racetrack Tony Stewart right now is the race leader the last time Tony. Led a race other than restrictor plate race was Michigan. In June question is David booty race leader right now how long. Steve Malone announced not long if you'll let us get anything to say about it. These tasty daddies all over the back Bob Burton Denny Hamlin right Derek Dale Junior right Erica yeah. He has plenty of company what's gone on to list outside Jeff Gordon actually Denny Hamlin right here on his. Well rob turned to. What got a long long way around and it makes it look easy jelly back to the lead. Can't let all following around the outside group just seconds Tony Stewart trying to hang on. At Tony not putting up much to look like panic giving these drivers the sport drivers kind of a free pass Joey MacDonald Denny Hamlin Dale Earnhardt junior. It Jamie McMurray. Sorry around the outside and Tony Stewart now have a little big Mac to the number report plot. Smoke back there. They have little further back their captain Kirk bower he wants the six spot to be exotic ATP here and you'll get a coming off turn number four. Forecast is next in line Jeff Gordon is back. He goes to work on meters and turned on how to if you want to write it talked about how to race at Martinsville Speedway. Followed Jeff Gordon on the. Sunday afternoon. He waited for things to come down and waited for everybody to get settled and now he's on the blue travel clerk do Brian Vickers of around this I'm able to keep it off the wall. Punches the clock read fire him Holloway. Kasey Kahne just got payback by a payback I believe. Exactly that's exactly what happened they've Kasey Kahne was clear and I looked up he was another side of Vickers. And the retaliation for the retaliation. For the retaliation under the caution flag after it hit between them once again Kasey Kahne and Brian Vickers some of the leaders from that road west of. Tony Stewart Matt Kenseth Jeff Gordon Carl Edwards AJ on the bigger Paul here on good drive on the lead lap and all of getting import tires and chassis adjustment. Little bit longer on the left side Tony Stewart's golf. Few possessions Alex right. Kozlowski just an all Dyer who is running in the second spot for a few laps he's just let the pit lane and Ryan Newman all of them down here taking advantage of this caution. Topping it off with Sunoco fuel and heading for fresh Goodyear tires to get that run to get back that valuable track position steep post. I watch it down here. And our junior voted what they expect the terrorists Dolan just lets the widgets in the car. Delta has been really happy with the response and people target in the portfolios of no adult on the car wreck but almost. Kyle Larson was pro bush were also out here on this for three and four of them that we don't. Now jointly got to stay it'll attract so did Denny Hamlin Jamie McMurray Aric alma rollout and Kyle Busch those cars will be the top five from the go back under the gray and this trip to pit road brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts sign up to the you know rewards member today at start earning instantly. Or five dollars back for every 150 dollars you spend it. It's fast easy and free. And only get O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day same store for details look back under the green flag an exact. Play one lap with Joseph and I gotta set to go from the point bottoms out of the race track he was outside it. That is Denny Hamlin who wrote who's going to be Jamie McMurray. And Eric helpful role haven't talked much about Eric this afternoon but he is quietly and methodically moved his way up the leaderboard right now. He set to go from port. Kyle bush set to go from fifth and Marcus Ambrose sixth another driver Joseph that we haven't talked much about here this afternoon but solid right now it's not the top. In looking good but a long way to go 218. Remain in the as the fielder comes off turn four and sees the American ethanol green. Fly out again at Martinsville Speedway much stuff fights resume. Jumping the gun oh please don't play often is our number one night with Denny Hamlin who was outside. Sample is trying to tank top banana outside blame it. Don't like not too strong he'll drive away the belief Pamela MacKey applied secondly Murray third Al oral form at the outlook. Austin Dillon just try to jam it up the outside still believe in what Marcus Ambrose and trying to do the hard way. Won't work but that leaves the bottom open Danica Patrick is there. I'm standing here running and gunning for the number seven position trying to make a hold of the inside of the possibility can't get it down in front of the pack. I thought booed by Denny Hamlin could not get a piece of relief. Handled the contract nearest date but that that offer right down the inside and fill in Madonna trying to get about all the a lot of a lot of the track these wanna put his father again often. Still run nose to tail this time missing at the back straightaway like Scott Linehan went. Bed three car lengths back to Jamie McMurray car like Derek album relevant child looks. And while we had this opportunity NASCAR letting everybody know they are coming up five in the. Enough so. Apparently. NASCAR watching Brian Vickers then Kasey Kahne they have been the reason for a handful of caution flags here this afternoon Joseph. They've had and now than the other message has been sent come down come down that's the message being delivered by NASCAR. As we certainly don't wanna see these guys get together and take out some of the chase contenders up front it's Chilean like got. Denny Hamlin they're applying that pressure from second Jamie McMurray his third. Aric out romo's fourth Kyle Busch is fifth with 214. Laps to go. From Martinsville Speedway this is the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. It's almost a bushy clone it's time for relaxing and then winding the crisp cold Busch beer. It's the most refreshing time of the day. Wake Forest. 321. Chris cool. Book. I enjoyed responsibly foolishly and as the bush and move from the yeah. Yeah. Improve visibility when you replace your board wiper blades with a pair of Michael force bosh icon right next latitude wiper blades during O'Reilly auto parts see better drive safer sale. Must get a fifteen dollar O'Reilly gift card after mail in rebate gets premium blades at O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices everyday. Limits apply see store for details. Oh yeah. On Mubarak's. Back at Martinsville Speedway with a new later Virginia's own Denny Hamlin goes to the point but it wasn't really easy. Now Dell hill wasn't done. Billy Dave maybe they could do it because right now we just skill set the Babylon back out of the fight continues. And whether it be at the front of the field with Denny Hamlin. Further back with Martin Truex junior they don't all get adapter here now. Yeah that was apparent not only need to say the least Danny Hamlin. Got into the back upward Joel Otto. Coming off turn over more and literally took his rear tires off the the ground going to have a front straightaway he's got a lot for his life now he's long gone and now Dale Junior under what got to take second. Feel works off turn number four Hamlin with the lead this is how much it means. To try to get a victory in this eliminate around to try to score at a track where you know you. You are good in the case of Danny he's won here four times before it's one of the students home practicing out of wood. Mean Richmond international raceway he wants to lead any wants to win product. Heard ever do Danica Patrick deals around she had been free falling in that outside line adapter re starting in the top did. She's got turned around and goes all the way to the back of the pack. The four week firing the godaddy Chevrolet. Tough break for Danica Patrick who had been running just inside and outside the top ten but up late as they boarded out. Starting to slide back through the field that's gonna put this under the caution flag they're keeping score at home. For the eleventh time here this afternoon it has been a good one and it has been physical tempers have flared. This week. Half expected right now Denny Hamlin. Is the race leader over Dale Earnhardt junior alongside Joseph Moore. My name is Jeff struggle with David booty working force this afternoon. Out in the turn three area on pit road which didn't Kelly Alex teton and Steve posted Steve. Speaking of you pit road opening cars stopping in front of you. Can't pit road and don't get a close look at the weather all around the street what you do it doesn't work out after the street quiet the talk. The roads the middle of it cause what that I wanted to know well frozen credit what's the telling him. And here comes Joanna got a reason pit stop number two and again pit stop number one does Jamie McMurray McMurray has the whale around a sport. Public got a close up. On this pit stop the track bar rich is in on McMurray again here's what economists say you can get off first time I got up. There's Paul Menard did. We're all our kids. Besides maybe make very enjoy like I'm Erica overall with a pit stop Marcus Ambrose on this in the pit road the Richard Petty motorsports cars. Having a very good round match against that and also getting four tires and fuel Alec. Child bush in just caught fire back in as well just nineteen laps to go to our last concert like he was in. But they are when it came back and it changed four tires another time. On not just an all tires Harry Scott owned Chevrolet also Austin Dillon taken the opportunity come in and Steve post anybody stop down their front of you. Now don't get you brought Lewis got a couple of all the collapse again with the beats out CNN. That's not continue to work on not far end of the bargain Wednesday. Our eleventh caution flag coming out lab number 294. By the way the record number of cautions that Martinsville. It dates back to 2007. Were the yellow flag waved on 21 at times and run page joked. Yeah I could very easily happen. Especially with all the action we've seen it on the racetrack this afternoon typically at Martinsville you expect a lot of contact we talked about that from the very start. Of our broadcast coverage today in Baghdad anger management is a big factor here trying to keep your cool out there and trying to do. You know keep from people when an ending you wouldn't you run and and other people it's part of the game. Usually evaluate for about the last 10000 laps. Heat right now. It's been going on to the drop of the green flag today and expect. More of it we're getting ready to go back under the green flag here it just up half a lap with Dale Earnhardt junior upfront and how bout this for a rebound. Jeff Gordon is deep it's 32. Is now on the outside overall what he's set to go from Sackett. With Kurt Busch Clint Boyer at road to look for the American capital great flag. 201. Remain Dale Earnhardt junior Jeff Gordon's door to door for the race played Darren Clarke fell. A couple of Hendrick Motorsports teammates battling for the top spot it's all juniors. Pulls away and turn you to believe battle out for a second hurt Palestinian side of course he'll take second pick up ten laps deeper third. Kurt goes by gets the second spot now Kozlowski dropped from the inside. I'm Jeff Gordon behind them Tony Stewart makes a lot of clever lawyer. They're all lined up try to take advantage Jeff Gordon Bennett has. Stewart had Boyer get into it that allowed Gordon to elaborate a slide to the bottom guilty fourth Stewart underneath her fans then Boyer and Ryan Doumit. Behind them they are side by side with the right built bullet and Casey Mears who has. Great day here this afternoon they go wheel to wheel behind them it's eight. Here right simple bottom of the racetrack Casey Mears tank in right where that money outside everybody else wants the bottle racetrack. Apple takes the spot here comes all the bigger underneath here. Off turn number four headed back down the start finish line Denny Hamlin looked out of the hands on the right tracking. Senator Carl Edwards and Mike can't buy into turn one. Am on top to bottom and a wide open group bought the topic turned to him he'll take the spot. Edwards now to the outside lane he's at the mercy of jelly like god help next in line help number tile floor. All of this going on just outside of the top ten watching Carl let we're trying to get out of the problems on the racetrack what it's going to be tough to do. Kyle Busch is their right behind the business teammate at. Not gonna happen yet Kyle Busch underneath him Mac and that underneath that there comes JV that. Murray know where they don't like backwards for Carl Edwards right now. Back to the start finish line charging back into the corner Dale Earnhardt junior trying to stretch out his lead. Over Kurt Busch the battle now for a third. He's got about 34 car lengths over bush and equal market back to the third place Regina Brad Pitt flat feet. Vehicle wiring can't afford not to back up. Look Jeff Gordon may have some bigger concern that concerned about the possibility. Of face Burt perhaps that will run towards the left rear tire believing that that could possibly killed cut down that left tire Kurt Busch got a really good look at it. The I want it Lauren let aside from Canberra and broke a rear tire. Had to think like a kick out of I got tired perhaps I think what's great is a good thanks. But the problems. Let's let them on fire wood Jeff Gordon but that is not slowing him down nowadays I don't think it's a problem for gaffe I'm looking at it as a problem for somebody else because. It flares out well it front and rear tire it's certainly hasn't slowed it down he gift basket wildly on the outside could learn. Well you're exactly right Dave Ridley we had thought that it may have been a problem. If the problem for the contenders. That may give up there and explain that Dave if you get up alongside the issue for the other drivers is. What pilots like they're revolving. Acts on him Villepin heard Jerry and moving it's just that it could get inside and maybe. Make Dallas ironic. Senators are maybe take a valve stem out of the wheels right now there's no concern because nobody beard Jeff Gordon he's all by himself pulling away with that number three spot. Kurt Busch still the leader of an opening in second place man Jeff Gordon went highest teammate Dale Earnhardt junior once again Jeff it was one of those cases of okay go ahead well Dale Earnhardt junior realistically still have a good 180. Laps to go maybe feeling like there's no reason it just that spot. At this particular point let's jump up to the driver right front of him. Who if you remember early on we've had yet car audio of Jeff Gordon saying man I do like got busted for speeding. He was busted for speeding on pit road that radioed back who's who's but yet I do like hit it. No reason to panic even though he started thirtieth on the restart. It is pretty slow steady climb all the way up that now the runner up spot behind Kurt Busch east player where he wants to be in the second spot. Money and time ago. No use to push the issue. At this stage let's focus on Kurt Busch as I mentioned before he won here in the spring it's only victory of the year he's up front now Steve. Most fans wore on hurt that hurt doesn't get brought new good weather. It was running game because it's boutique what happens next week vigil low ball the real good team going into Texas gets well. More expensive and yeah. Then nobody else. Danica Patrick's car and get paid for it could teach Tony that the political over the but it's far. Let's look at the latest. It's easy to restore confidence and then it looks IndyCar background was equivalent engineering. Group Jeep and all she is known. It's a good note you can engineering based multi activity that might be the spark any good good good and right and so we'll look at that next yet. On the other side of the sequence didn't. The bugs don't make six yankees chipped it to a broad look a little all school through tidbits in the big hit well. And Obama old school more than don't have good. Yeah it's good. Three weeks of the season to try and wanted to get a head start and it's. Yes I have mandated no tested but. The feet and wanna hit a three week head start seed at least and the nation's work going into the off season. DC I can't look at what steps. You might put bush gets his game up. Let's get over cookbooks and click here to snap again it didn't go to school teacher and I'll probably call the shots. Of course that last win was right here at Martinsville event and did it 83 race winless streak now that's the good news but that day. There is bad news for Kurt Busch and that's in the rear view here. Gap and it certainly can't score media right there at your lap traffic Shanahan is trying to fight their way out of a Michael event received. Kurt Busch by a couple of inches over Jeff Gordon. Can't put the pressure on and they both make their move five Michael unmet. It had down the back straightaway to yet more traffic. Yeah port traffic battling the re sort of receivers he has that I had a number of others precluded. The well the modified looking receipt of Tampa apartment complex further ahead. But don't expect Jeff Gordon just that she evident there and try to find a hole or make one obviously Jeff this that this thing for the long haul looking for. A championship at the end of the year but what are Kurt Busch not racing for a championship so he knows he's there he probably also knows Dave that. Jeff more than likely will not force the issue. Haven't had a tiny gap the difference between a solid second place finish. And a win here at Martinsville it's two weeks of absolute misery Jeff Gordon we'll have to sweat it out. If you can get one more spot kick that checkered flag this afternoon when he's got a two week vacation from worry as he walked into the title run hope. Especially when you look at the fact that Jeff Gordon has won and all the remaining tracks on the schedule. It feels good going in the homestead where he's a recent winner but yak picking up the victory here today. And makes Texas and Phoenix a lot easier well what you think about the fact that you got eight drivers right now all retrieving them all even with a shot at winning the NASCAR has written off a win here this afternoon. You've become the first and at this particular point. Only driver. Where the shots again there's a lot of the line for Jeff Gordon who right now due partly behind Kurt Busch harness look at the numbers and see how they stack up at. At this moment the eight guys that are in the chase right now between Jeff Gordon. Who leads and Brad Kozlowski imports are only eight. Points eleven back in the fifth as Ryan Newman Matt Kansas this sixth in the standings he's also eleventh back. Carl Edwards this 123 back. Kevin Harvick but most of the time he spent in the garage at that trash heap is eight. 39. Back so he's the top of the list of doesn't have to be concerned. Very concerned at Texas and at Phoenix with the only two to go at that particular point Jeff Gordon right now looking at Kurt Busch quick yet to make the move. We're gonna give you a full blown up full field run down should GM must not allow to go after Kurt. Will look pick that that left and actually right now but David looks like it's gonna happen at turtle one. You promised that talent depth beat Boston analyze it he's going after Kurt Denny upside comes Jeff Gordon out of turn over duke Morton. Back to a point on lap 330 poll. All right perfect timing now we give to the AutoZone leaderboard at. With Jeff Gordon and the race leader Kurt Busch falls to second Denny Hamlin is in third to Dale Earnhardt junior fourth and Tony Stewart runs Beth. Sixth is Joey look on 07 Clint Boyer Brad Kozlowski is eight. Ninth Kyle Busch and champions Jamie McMurray Ryan Newman right now eleven event content that this while they jailed a bigger thirteenth Greg Biffle fourteenth and Erick gill Motorola is fifty. Six feet his Marcus Ambrose seven feet Danica Patrick. Just did all dire eighteen Casey Mears 98 the court threw a few here is an audience Paul Menard runs funny first Kyle Larson 22. Austin Dillon money third Carl Edwards has 24. Ricky Stan announced that 25 David Reagan placed sixth planet Cassel played seven. Cole went 28 David killing him when he Knight and Mike Wallace runs in thirtieth. 31 Josh Wise Michael event 32 Brian Vickers 33 pile Fowler 3435. Alex Colvin. Reed Sorenson 3637. PCP Jimmie Johnson 38. Kevin Harvick 39 he's not the racetrack for the soldiering. Along the have a squabble fortieth 41 JJ Gately giving up 42 place Roger's 43. That it looked at the AutoZone leaderboard on lap 338. Improvement tough through last breaks the official breaks for NASCAR. They are sold only at AutoZone. Yet in his own. Bottles filled. It's a bit distinct color schemes on some of the race cars here today we talked about David Reagan. In the Wendell Scott tribute car that'll powder blue collar that that Wendell Scott from nearby Danville Virginia. Drove many many years ago that's a great when Greg Biffle in the in the peak. Colors were up Breast Cancer Awareness Month how about Clint Boyer with a similar paint scheme. And Mike Wallace that's a lot of we've not talked about a whole lot today. I believe that's the best looking car out there well you took the words right out of my mouth and work the back straightaway to renovate blue orange. Raised in Hawaii has the chrome rims. On that car India if but not the prettiest race car up there's certainly the top five. Be a good run for Mike getting an opportunity to drive here right now running thirtieth that if nothing else Joseph would give him best of your car. I'll go to event Jeff Gordon doesn't care what it looks like. However it is relatively plane here went up only a 158 laps to go he shows the way off the corner with Kurt Busch Denny Hamlin. Dale mark junior and Tony Stewart the top five. Let's talk a little bit about Jeff Gordon who has about a two car length advantage right now over a very fast closely Denny Hamlin. It was night curfew now for check that 1996. The first time yup got to win here. We wanna get the following year killed that did it again in 991 of both the 2003. Did the same thing in 2005. Have been a long drives pilfered Jeff. Before getting back to Victory Lane. One year ago eight times and all Jeff Gordon has been the Victory Lane. On this very top half mile now so far today he's led the most laps of any one a couple of 126. But that's not necessarily good news the last five times he slant over a hundred laps. He has failed to go on the Victory Lane let's check of what went think Kelly who's Janet Jeffs fits. What's the big picture for them at 140 for the government. Well I think date movie set it right just about fifty laps ago that they definitely liked to have. The breathing room to refinance if you will to go to homestead Miami. They're handling all of ours been pretty good today in the senate nomination. I'd just sooner and lose all. Lucy and tonight senator loose off the last minute I'll. So it's been night. And up on that point where he's gonna want to retire in the next ten or winning Lance could not. Name what he has really put on a clinic today the way he's gotten around this racetrack. And it was ten years ago this weekend. As we'll come back then as it looks like we have a battle for the lead heading. Hamlin Jeff Gordon's side by side on the back straight away not prolong well this one last Danny Hamlin got a great race car Beers chase down Jeff Gordon. Right underneath David Stern want to finish in your pocket do. Apple and have a lead on lap 358 so Denny back out front Gordon in line in the second spot but the bad news there's up packet traffic directly ahead. Heavy duty traffic as they race their way all you do that back straightaway. David Reagan repeatedly aired repeats an announcement seated there Alex moment and while leaders are gonna. Have to get this big. And a lot of things that change here just in the course of the last couple of laps Tony Stewart is now. Rallied back east third Kurt Busch board Dale Earnhardt junior is a bit but right now it is all Denny Hamlin worked at the back straight away. Pamela it's gonna have to begins reading his way down into that lap traffic Alec Baldwin will be hurt your life. Then David Reagan and every three Y right in front of the leader right now. Working their way up I'll turn that number for a lot like every action going on getting right now do it here this afternoon. At Martinsville Speedway in Virginia Denny Hamlin is the man on the point right now can he stay there we saw earlier Jeff. He's won here four times before this is one of his favorite racetracks they felt like they had a really good car they came here and tested prepared well and right now they're in the cat. Virtually well you know you gotta go all the way back to the pre race when Denny was talking with their own Alec tape and handed. When asked about what is been your secret to success here. He summed up in one word. Patients in the fact that he allows this race to lay out. Save the car save the best for last. And that's exactly what he's doing right now and Joseph we're down to 137. Laps to go there's not a mark on their race car. Did David booty if you've worked back toward feud doing exactly what he needs to do. Very simple equation. Fifty minutes. And all the vendors and now. The back bumper of the north all the keep battling back on your rates are you all will be. Certainly be in the top ten or twelve feet. Run that gamut of perfected here though aren't you proud a moment ago I backed everything up way I have heard more and he would back Paula very quickly now. At us and thank Kevin Harvick was underneath that coming through turn three and four day kind of shoved. Matt off the banking but thank you gotta wake cleanly and back that Denny Hamlin he has a very clean race car but. Certainly directly ahead plays in the mid level now some opportunities to mess up. Yeah opportunities to get a little fancy here there's no doubt about it. Daddy don't need very methodical and we've got about five carlin's words believe that the sixers play over the lack receipt of David Reagan. And Jeff Gordon buying back five more fact that Tony Stewart that if your top three minutes away eased back to Kurt Busch and Kurt got property there. Dale Earnhardt junior yeah that's a quick look at the top five Denny Hamlin didn't wait out the back straightaway traffic got ahead. And he Hamlet is working his way along now he's bypassed David Reagan. A couple of conflicts ahead relief for the luckiest day of the house future. Little bit further back in the field Kurt Busch want to play off the corner he and Dale Earnhardt junior. And a pretty good battle go on honestly worked your way back end to turn number one aspect that went up. Dale Earnhardt junior and Kurt Busch. Battling for spots not only inside that top camp and raced down the back straightaway didn't turn three for the moment nobody knows details. Often turned up before they come watching it good battle for the worst spot Kurt Busch has got it now Dale Earnhardt junior set to make his boot. Drives it deep into turn number one if he could make your turn at the center you'll get the spot he goes. Anywhere else Dale Earnhardt junior rides underneath Kurt Busch. Want to Brad Kozlowski struggling a bit at that stage of the race teams that I've put lays back behind. This Alabama we're just talking about Democrats back in the ninth position would like to have a little bit of trouble get under the terms days. Gag really is still not able to get back to the throttle. He's got that hit it appears at least that tight blues condition where the cardinals wanted to turn to keep putting more steering wheel went to a more steering wheel into it. Finally what the magic takes us there. It can't still alive so hard that the rear tires brakes Lucy gets lost that night fly JJ all the bigger Marcos Ambrose one stamp. Marcus Ambrose is right there right now we're following Brad Kozlowski threat right now in the tenth position behind them Marcus Ambrose behind him. Kyle Busch so it's been a hit a cold afternoon for Brad Kozlowski. Who literally stole the show stole the headlines in a must win situation one week ago it. Talladega he had nowhere and Alex played in order to it'd be hit that but today's a different story. Yeah it isn't as big movie hit I don't hit it looked like he had that. All day long and wolf has made it to. They build this plane and they still can't get rid of it tight loose meaning that the front tires aren't ripping the racetrack when they come into the corner. When he gets back from Ronald the rear tires are spinning too much and not ripping ticket lost album long straightaway. It's been a frustrating day but if there is a silver lining to it he's been running. Outside the top team in the eleventh position but its competitors but he's racing for the championship well after those. Those drivers have had some major problems today. Through that got just that knocked out of the top ten ran it five Marcos Ambrose whose cabinet very good afternoon here at Martinsville Speedway so. Grab it back here in the eleventh position the second total picture here of the chase contenders Denny Hamlin leads Jeff Gordon second. Joey MacDonald is in the six physician practice laps he's talked about he runs the eleventh. Ryan Newman inching back up the leaderboard he's thirteenth Matt Kenseth have a hard time right now he's nineteenth. Carl Edwards has fallen back 24 and of course Kevin Harvick deep in a hole in 39. So summing up this way there are eight drivers that are in the eliminate around again this is the first of three races only three of those eight. Are in the top 102 of which are running 12 that Denny Hamlin Jeff Gordon. Which showed the kind of the other driver inside the top ten kind of ironic because when you take a look at the way that they qualified. All but one driver qualified inside the thirteenth or better. Kevin Harvick was the one who was well outside he was 33 after qualifying. It's been a rock. Weekend for Kevin Harvick. Absolutely starting out so poorly in the race after Dragonball on qualifying day here Friday and then battling all kinds of demons tonight including. Contact with the turn one wall in his way out of the championship picture and we'll need something. Really good to happen. Either Texas or at Phoenix we're down to 122. Laps to go the top three right now it marked filler nose to tail they've Denny Hamlin Jeff Gordon. And now Tony Stewart also right there. Smoke on the rise as you might say Tony Stewart has had an up and down afternoon he'll let the race for time. Now back deep in the pack but now he is right they're popping the back proper vehicle. Org Connie one of several non chase competitors have a good day here today talked about Dale Earnhardt junior he's let a couple of times. Kurt Busch has been in front of the pack several times he also had a top ten things like. Clinton lawyer AJ Hellman thinker Jamie McMurray and Marcus Ambrose so Winston Kelley has recently came on here. It's not just about chase contenders trying to do well. Everybody's trying to get a win at Martinsville. Yeah it looks like about half a little bit better half of the top ten are competitors who would like to beat James buster. No surprise to Marcus Ambrose. It's going to be leaving Richard Petty motorsports and we're going back to his native Australia have a good run this weekend he was fifth when we are here in the spring. Currently running in the top ten with a good solid run. In ninth position Richard Petty motorsports innocent moment bigs and off. Night sending their team. The NASCAR hall of fame also you talk. I'm a stay on the name he was eleven here with a sprained. He has played very steady run going currently running in the eighth position they've been adjusting on the car all night long passes for eighteen. Learns there's never been to fall there's never been exactly like eight Jay wanted it they can't force one of the drivers that they did tonight. Cup championship. This exciting win but for Marcus Ambrose ironically. At the race earlier this year in Watkins land and just outside. Up 10% pretty solid run for Richard Petty motorsports air down overall. This year caution flag now again for additional insurance and a problem for Reed Sorenson joke right front tire is now on the zigzags Chevrolet. That's advantage throughout the body of work black tires well he'll let his way to pick wrote. Our caution flag for the twelfth time here this afternoon slowing the pace. With 113. Laps to go and we're about to get busy on Iran it was going to be big right now would Denny Hamlin Jeff Gordon Tony Stewart Dale Earnhardt junior expect all of them upon their road. Next time around we are down to 112. Laps when they crossed the stripe so. Well within this opportunity to try to bust off a good one get to track position. May be a gamble or two what do you think Steve posed with these cars come to pit road and went out and. And an awful long run for gambling addict like it does support violence for everybody because. There was disagreement real right now also on Monday alone yeah. So I think we will see everyone on the wrong. But I believe we'll see what it's got dressed for the. Guard takes the field down the back straightaway green flag is waving. At the end of pit road and laid off down the lower side of the racetrack and make. They're white they're led by Denny Hamlin Jeff Gordon Tony Stewart junior and Kurt Busch back distinct house. That hurt what's that coming in the mid eighties got season that good first pit box right at matured over brilliant. Who were on the right exactly that's the sooners Dale Earnhardt junior the National Guard several I. They're on the right side of the automobile yeah. Really haven't had militancy among its. And the ability. I was at with the elements and Patrick out pointed out of Santa Barbara. Yet they've dropped a Dale Earnhardt junior got to the white looked like a good looks down particularly those who wins it. No question is going to be port tire stops only because they can't take anymore. Jeff Gordon not pit road saying thanks for joining me on the track bar rich dessert and ports management deal. Then I am. And the first off all of my camp court. Tiny storage Baylor. Employer thank. The war on Jamie McMurray gets out just in front of joy and gone out there now overall Marcus Ambrose Danica Patrick. Matt Jansen on the senate this rise among those getting. More tracks chassis adjustment and Sunoco fuel Alec. Kyle Busch on the pit lane Brad Kozlowski. All Kyra Ryan Newman and that's. This is Austin Dillon as well these teams are taking on the board fresh tires topped off with Sunoco fuel. This may very well have been the final pit stop on the race should we go green all. Advertise them. The latest grace is gone the way they traditionally go Martinsville. Chances are they going to be back on pit lane. 107. Laps remained looking for the green flag hit Denny Hamlin Jeff Gordon out front Tony Stewart. It Dale Earnhardt junior they're often have looked at the end side of Jeff Gordon car. Trying to hang inside the outside lane and it's not gonna work Pamplona where it would believe Gordon wheel drives alive in line Tony Stewart don't wanna let him back up quite open and they pop. Gordon gets sideways. Stewart back 32 bit off my uniform. There weren't there to challenge again halfway down the front straightaway he has the position down on the low side and Jeff Gordon and the race is on for second. Stewart now with a nose off first second he'll take the spot at the accident turned over to the battle as the third Dale Junior looking wild kid get it done it. Pork back Q why did the third spot. What looked like Dale Earnhardt junior just kind of need him that opportunity did dive down and brought Jeff Gordon deferred don't followed Tony Stewart further back eight K all of the bigger on the move and it. Areas down to the inside of the Kurt Busch received they're gonna run side by side that's for sex life. All the bigger down low perk up I would tell you got to leave snow. Costly Lampard Jamie McMurray he was running eight last time off turn four. Now he's back in six feet washed up the banking and turn number four and see exhibited. Now back up to speed but Denny Hamlin start to stretch it out in turn three. That's side by side battle for six continued to JJ all the bigger gap while. Kurt Busch shop pot advantage off a bigger deal out of six that here's what Donald. Join the count down the inside of Kurt Busch Ryan Newman gonna try to follow him right there also was Brad Kozlowski. He lets not out of the inside Doumit lined up there Brad Kozlowski as well. No rest for Kurt Busch as he tries to give it back in Apollo Group Newman won't happen out of it. It puts only wanted to meet him. Great place they're fighting for and I mean fighting slamming and banging on each other. Brad Kozlowski on the same now caught three white Batman returns as. Kurt Busch really got a good run off turnovers or was able to duck back give live by the time they got to turn number one. So they've backed a single file formation what Donald Lawrence Newman missed last game. Right now Kurt Busch running in the eight position he has some contenders right behind him Brad Kozlowski and Bryant who went home looking for a weight room. Both of them trying to rebound after problems earlier closer to the front. Change for the second spot Jeff Gordon dives under Tony Stewart. Tony Stewart immediately feels another threat from Dale Earnhardt junior he is right behind him. Those four cars Hamlin Gordon Stewart and Earnhardt and start the check out of the fifth place car plant. Lawyer had a broken away by about five or six car lake camp went lead is a good three right now over more. Carly back to Tony Stewart fan right there of course these are hard. But another three report back to Clint Boyer who backed debt eight K all the bigger have a great run here this afternoon two more back to Joseph the got all. Won back to Kurt Busch. Out of the pack is all that he can't water right now hole went past won't know challenge on the back proper for the moment. The top ten seems to have settled down as they ride single file. Feel works off turn four back at the start finish line and again we look at Denny Hamlin start and check out a little bit left. I think up action now is the third place that's utter contempt and I'll turn to. As Tony Stewart got his chance Paula Dale Earnhardt junior. Junior sees that leader beginning to slip away real dive giving up inside it turns thirty. So moved Dale Earnhardt junior opt for the third spot Tony Stewart back deport Clint Boyer round top the top five. But the rock solid car right now update Modi belongs to the Toyota of Denny him. Look at it should be no surprise to anybody getting out on a long banner pops Martinsville last service. A look now have another pretty good at Martinsville driver beginning to close in on the back bumper. They're way off turn number four coming back to the line where under a hundred laps to go 96. Remaining Denny Hamlin trying to hold off Jeff Gordon. That five car like the advantages Mary quickly. Dwindled down to just do as Jeff Gordon is closing in on Pamela. Who's good on the short run who was good on the long run that made it to urban who goes to victory late here right now. Now it's Denny Hamlin fight too over Jeff Horton. Both of them right now on that faith. Offer that border down on the bottom of the racetrack but Kirby here at park fills a needed to make for Breast Cancer Awareness Month they're both continent and it separated by Q. Carolina border picks up a piece Bob. Position that is off turn number four as he made his move around the Tony Stewart and here comes AJ almost think a lot of great run for him this afternoon. Now he's had a good afternoon very smooth very methodical Donna Barton comment race car Tony Stewart got a great car for about ten or twelve laps after a restart. And as things start to go downhill right now he's got all the ingredients hip pocket. And remember now at eight. 2012. He likes this racetrack lets follow eight. I'll keep the tire tracks up Tony Stewart employer in front of them pulled away by a couple of car like if Stewart. Commentator like John Allen and Kurt Busch home knows details. So it's getting close to showtime here in 92 laps to go blue hands watch for these remaining laps. Think his weight down pit road and see in each section of pit road. Who's hot and who's cold start first and went to Kelly. Lot of gas hot on this and a pit road with the two top ones running wanted to Denny Hamlin Jeff Gordon probably the coldest on this in a pit road. Carl Edwards won the championship contenders these back to 25 he's fought a rip position grip contestant. I'll stay long just doesn't have a grip. Forward bite and he's running a lap down Alec tape. Now on the cold side near the midsection which could I think Brad Kozlowski currently. That's good position. But they just haven't been able to get the handle that race car that's about as good as they going to be all day long so we'll see how things progress from here on out now on the hot side. He'd say that about Ryan Newman he's one spot closer he's running night. Why don't I say that's hot provided no way because that's been done all season long. The top teams all season long they've done. Now that right now they're sitting in. Now the last four elevenths people. I'm gonna do my hockey called the store passwords in the hot department it is good. There hasn't been strong all game long was inside the cap back. That's happened at the rose right now in the second set up the cars that are on the long runs off expect Novosti it and you've got to over the final 100 knapsack code but the. Oh good I'm Nicole Santa. We'll ebitda and now look at the victims asking that they didn't get that weekend qualified people in the field get a good plan. There are its old COLT broke up in Canada right now. 38 out of that we wanted to know loaded nobody out next April is so hot because it is as good as Cold War didn't have. So that is who is hot and who is not with the 87 laps remaining maybe the hottest driver on the racetrack right now it is 52. That's Jeff Gordon he's all over the back end of Denny Hamlin. Just can't take that tire tracks of the FedEx Toyota right now about a car length back it. While they continue to plate via my shadow Dale Earnhardt junior's creeping back into this thing for third place. Little bit further back Kurt Busch on the move matter fact is rampant AJ almost snicker. Coming up off the corner trying to get five and grabbed the same spot. They're both try to get around Tony Stewart right now I think Obama bigger hand bush have a better car let's hope let's Tony will not give up that well played it. A little bit of frustration building idiot rear view. Tony Stewart right now riding in position number 58. Those three cars Stewart home and ignorant bush running. Nose to tail off turn two and down the back straightaway Clint Boyer was back there with the have a few laps ago these blasted away pulled away by about eight. Our life our look at Denny Hamlin here comes Jeff Gordon he snuck up on the rear deck he's an attack mode off turn two. He decided to go outside now Gordon is not the art. The Palestinian side and it was nothing there last time but he's right on the back bumper as they get her full. Jeff Gordon has shelled the patients have an eight time winner here at Martinsville but now 82 laps to go when we go back under the caution. For the thirteenth. Time justice things Joseph worked beating up up front I'm talented Jeff Gordon like he was about ready to make his run. But the caution flag comes out yet again Ford debris this afternoon and it. With 82 laps remaining and it is debris that was spotted on the back straightaway Denny Hamlin out brought Gorton Sackett junior third. Clinton bought airport Tony Stewart rounds out the top five lap number eighty pit road is open under caution Denny Hamlin race winner is then. These infants on number eight points going into turn number one around the corner join Madonna on pit road waiting for Jamie McMurray. The asked to stop score around joined McDonald's car Jeff Gordon. These skid more tires and fuel and listen to fit right. Clinton's lawyers gonna be out first then Dale Earnhardt junior then Jeff Gordon. Clinton lawyer and I'm Jason Taylor. We took them all off the pit road Alec. Track bar adjustment for Brad Kozlowski also for just an all guy there who's quietly had a good afternoon right now running inside the top twenty all the guy with a track are just make. Kyle Busch make that team made a wedge adjustment on his machine and all of that took four fresh tires topping off with Sunoco fuel. No visible chassis adjustment Paul Ryan Newman on this stopped. Steve vote. Yeah you watch the body language didn't know what we're screwed didn't go to one it got there just all bowed out put out your hat. But each other at plus get up at Ford drivers that know what to expect. So that already signaled what I expect that blip blip. Also it's got the Dale Earnhardt junior school just equities go to one of the grew up looks up to them as well. There really good the bullet and do we had Collison Kirk was all just put service like purport to want to hear this afternoon. So Clayton Boyer rip it off let's stop where the crew did down on pit road Clinton boy here. Out front Dale Earnhardt junior Sackett Jeff Gordon is third we have 79. Laps left to go. From Martinsville Speedway this is the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day bush o'clock time for relaxing and unwinding. With friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in racing but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. It's bushel clocks and grab a six pack of Busch beer for the cooler start the grill and relax. Enjoy responsibly Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. The racetrack to the road home fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. Don't feel you can trust and hope go to veto fueling. If you go second camp that's an okay field going fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of races. Lawyers crew decided it was time to go they've ripped off a stop. That's deep post documented Boris just a moment ago and then his kind of folded. Clint Boyer for the race lead now again we are under caution. 77. Laps to go bush had just pulled off the racetrack and headed to handle the garage Dave you saw from your position they're in turn three. And that card just be replicated what appears to be stealing and it looks like they've blown either the radiator radiator hose. Something has gone wrong under the hood of the Kurt Busch machine. As he rolled up her number two just waiting in line for the restart. All of a sudden she went. And a big a trail of fluid I had lots automation recede as he goes straight to Iraq. And a a trail of fluid hood is up Alex patent is there and there's a fire that erupted underneath the hole out of this Hossa automation Chevrolet. Quickly the fire crews down here have extinguish that. The teams to get their heads down there waiting and trying to use their arms to clear that the smoke to see exactly what the problem was that. Lots and lots of oil trailing up underneath the race car simply running down this white concrete that is inside the Sprint Cup Series garage. This is certainly at terminal problem occurred. Bush unbelievable. Rate Burton Kurt Busch who has had any. Kurt Busch and a year he was here at Martinsville often turn to under caution. That car erupted inflame it. As the Alex pointed out in the continued down and they're wrote about what season show. It has been for Kurt Busch got his victory here she sent back in March had been up and down throughout the course of the year over it says Stewart Haas racing. Today he's benefactor all day long he'd led 21 laps early on in the race. And pretty much has been a top five or top ten contender all afternoon. Here we got a 75 laps remaining and suddenly the car gives up the ghost he's on the garage. And out of the event prematurely that's just how quickly. Things go wrong. It has been fast it has been periods were smack dab in the AutoZone goes on but Joseph we sit patiently now. And wait for the red flag to be removed because of a multi car crash working off turn number four involving two. Of our chase contenders Brad Kozlowski and Carl Edwards. Up still waiting to find out the extent of the damage on not Carl edwards' car of what's going on with Brad Kozlowski but. All of Dade vet that things were actually going pretty well for most of the chase contenders other than Kevin Harvick suddenly you're the last 100 laps Steve posed to start to jump up and bite everybody. Well real and we still a lot of those whose contenders in the garage and we teaches bolster the front of the field that is closed Borders Group to the Bryant had a first off Brian. The pit stop the last puts up because look like the Boston won pretty good here. Am proud of India. It is adequate job dump it you know thank god in the box it now marks in the picketed their jobs have you know learn the system and now. Peggy Carter in the spring in you know four laps to go in the las leads it was. We'll try to reverse at this time how is the race car what types of things have you worked on this there's a bullet that. The whole thing but the motor in the driver we've we've worked their tails off. All around the car track bar wedge air pressures that unit we've done it. Pre prism of what we've done past racism that you worked hard for 200 laps and get ready for the and so both Lew made prevalence. We'll see what happens to appropriate that the bottom is doesn't the afflicted with that awful darken maybe NASCAR caller right now. That's gonna happen but dog that doesn't mean you don't ask the questions at a. The guy anyway yeah I try to be up front straightaway. All in shape now save for turn one and two is the sun setting out back behind the main grandstand. The back straightaway turns three and four still they it bright sunshine so the chances of us. Checkered flag the release right now because the darkness probably not gonna happen. Alex take we sit here under the red flag granite the teams can't touch the race cars but. He's a Smart guys they are able to eyeball the race card try to determine exactly what went wrong with so what is the latest on Brad. Well there right now they're. Formulating a plan you've got Paul Wolfe the crew chief he's got Travis deisler. He he works at the competition department they're all around here and the crew members know they cannot work on the race car but they can get up underneath that take a look. They cannot kind of assess what they're gonna have to be first. And figure out what the biggest damages we heard on the in car audio just a moment ago from Brad Kozlowski he said he had some gears so they may feel like it's a broken axle went. In order to get to the Jackson brother after terror away some of the sheet metal here on the left her corner where he was absolutely. Pile driven here on the front straightaway so yet they're not allowed to work on the race card just Jeff I think it certainly formulate a plan to. Get under the attack once the a red flag is lifted. And it shouldn't be very long before that happens Alex because they just about to complete the cleanup you're on the front straight like cars have been pulled away. The breeze that picked up state drives that put down it's been blown away. And so there. Kept checking on a couple of areas around the track to make sure everything is clean and green so we can go as I say that the pace car pulls of the position. In front of the field and they're about to withdraw the red flag. After about eleven minutes and it is back that a fact right now they do it. Yellow flag is back out so we'll get the cars line back up again those jets to give you a look at the AutoZone leaderboard. After a day like we've had today with sixty some laps left to go in this race. You just can't imagine what's yet to come up. You know I ever did stay up is down. A little bit of everything yeah I think that's exact. They well organist C we're gonna to be an AutoZone leaderboard here in just a minute first though let's hear from Kasey Kahne tasting. What happen I don't know racetrack at you see it unfold. Man I had. I think seeing how has fallen Sanjay I see him start hit his brakes and by then it was blatantly. Just in that clear that anyone was stopped at their dancing through the cars sailors. Is loud and their desires you can at Martinsville happened on the straightaway. Locate several incidences early on in the day were Brian Vickers what happened it. Okay. Maybe this isn't on the whole racetrack. I would go and high anywhere five and I've just got to go low and he went low and spun himself bottom on my front end. Not as confused by David wanna do that and then later on he cast me aside I don't know what is. Dillon he's he's got a hold back commitments get a woman you know get all them. Asked to talk to Casey Katie couldn't tell exactly what caused the accident. Earlier are in this last caution flag and his perspective of what happened was Brian Vickers. Casey Mears also out of the infield care center would get a comment from him adjustable. That may be the lineup today right varies but himself out on my front end and I'll walk the line that Bobby Allison had many years ago after being provided they Johnny said that he hit my business basement and I thought I can't plays into that site Lotta thing and I gotta love it KCK and unfortunately it out of the race but still able to add a little humor here. As we winding down Carl Edwards around the pace car I believe picking up. 83 pass but remember now he is gonna need to probably come to pit road because of damage to go back to Winston Kelley and her. Alex tape gap Brad Kozlowski Steve started to push this car to the garage area but they had to stop. And wait because pit stops were ongoing for the competitors that were pitted around them but right now they are pushing that bright yellow Ford Fusion. Down towards the turn one in there is an opening in the concrete pit wall. Just before turn number one gonna make that hard left hand turn and go to work there let's go back to the infield care center wincing Kelly. Casey Mears who gathered thank god in the back hard. Read his last deep Dallas what you saw from your drivers increase. I notice that that he stops you know I'm announcing I'm 43. He'd imagine driving limit its pilots and air excellence analysts like on our car. And now I saw 43 Akamai belong I was very committed to tend to use use all the track and added no it's news out of there and my spotter acted pretty get Davis Scott's. My tiny sad I was in the back on so. I unfortunately had to create actors are related aviary and it from an earlier deal oriental some debris out the back in regards. And now I am a backward navigate name before then it was a wild race the whole time. And now this plays a lot of fun to drive on this. Upset that we're on the they're on site at this time. We've talked a lot about having no place to god that was absolutely the case with Casey Mears pared down role on the inside. And Brad Kozlowski stopped in front of him on the front strangling that's what happened to him. Point thought it was wild last week Talladega. I think this actually rivals that. What's what we've seen so far here this afternoon. And still more to go here in the AutoZone and goes out let's take a look at the AutoZone leaderboard here Clint Boyer will restart with Jeff Gordon. Alongside. Dale Earnhardt junior restarts third. Denny Hamlin fourth and Tony Stewart fifth. And they're getting the signal once the gun this time by Joey MacDonald there at six Kyle Busch seventh major element thinker eight Ryan Newman ninth at bat Kansas fans. Marcus Ambrose eleventh Jamie McMurray the bulls that are right now while Erica hill Motorola thirteenth Greg noble sport keeping Kyle Larson fifteen. Sixteenth just little gutter hole when art seven feet Austin Dillon eighteenth David Reagan in nineteen. And Ricky stand how's junior is twentieth Carl Everett Scott back on the lead lapping at the free press that time but he is in the 25 position. And we are down the 58. Laps to go pace car hits pit road and turn number three Clint Boyer and Jeff Gordon. Yet ready to go at it here at the American ethanol green flag goes up in the air once again at Martinsville Speedway here let go on the gas. Why are definitely outside lane he's so long side and that's the way they go to church as. Side by side and it turned over to employer now by half a fender try to sneak away at the bottom. Court what's gonna slide in behind it not gonna do what Dale Earnhardt junior his hair looks like. What they are jammed up behind Clint Boyer you got Dale Earnhardt junior and Jeff Gordon they're side by side right behind them pity him. George let god. All right Lou I have want to get down to that it was sidelined and it's not. That earned him a number three spot as he powers to the inside a champ ordinance they're all lined up to Gordon's lap down. Now on his hair like I was there Tony Stewart as well. Junior didn't do jabbed his teammate any favors and all into this bucket down the most sought a crack in a while Denny Hamlin to go to third. Now they're stacked up her fourth I'll turn to pass. Pamela does bird like god go to forest finally coordinated well to hang a left the crop photos or Tony Stewart. We'll hang on of the replies. Are well how good is Jeff Gordon we are pumped up by now because he is back at the fifth spot in heat watch sports I. I think down to the inside of Joey like out of like. I was looking allow water and I wanted to. Gordon realize that was gonna make it three wide move but he backed out of it but Jeff Gordon very aggressive right now ought to have looked back bumper he wants accurate reports. Why Clint Bowyer leads off turn number four has a two car length gap back to Dale Earnhardt junior to more. Back to Denny Hamlin and then as word Kelly O'Donnell is getting aggressive. What got us got a little aggressive on him as well no doubt about it deals all over Denny Hamlin. As they raced off to a data back straightaway Pamela does hurt when I got no more the car went back to coordinate them. What change inside the top ten Ryan Newman off turned over to build down with the inside of Matt hit that the pick up the spot there booed Bryant off the night. Meanwhile the battle from third on back is a good one. That's where the logjam is steady and went toilet Ghana Jeff Gordon. Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch and an eight day holiday here's what I know what people want to have fun. Beaten and big enough turn number four what kind of getting into the back of Denny Hamlin gets in shaken up just enough to where he can nobody inside line. Here comes jolly. Later begin and a sneak away like got to decide it's time to go underneath Denny have another number three spot here comes gore download reports. What Tony Stewart. Rearview dude chase busters out brought up three hits the vendors Clinton lawyer Dale Earnhardt junior's show the way that it's what got all Hamlet that Jeff Gordon. Danny Hamlin may have run out of town on a rail right now on an outside lane. Trying to shut the door on Tony Stewart smiled what happened out of it pays to the bottom of the racetrack it very. Fifty laps to go as they come down to the start finish line it's Clint Boyer certain feeling heat from Dale Earnhardt junior as we continue watching the battle from third and fourth. And fifth on back. More than a second back to the third place receded Joey do what god help these Jack Jeff Gordon all over him. Front of the pack Dale Junior is haunt Clinton. Owner without what did he is Clint Boyer our crossed the strike talk half car length back. That red blue and it Y eight Chevrolet of Dale Earnhardt junior nearly. Pushing my boy Iraq turn to back times. Employer the leader of the Toyota Earnhardt give it Chevrolet the Ford and Joey MacDonald writes a different. Bird Jeff Gordon trying to still put up a lane family inside of Joey look not oh he was there at least with the nose of the Chevy. Underneath McDonald's Ford off turn four he's there again off to. Walking to the inside Jeff Gordon nothing there there's times. Front of the pack it's Boyer and our heart are part gives him a little bump up lawyer Hank followed. Ruby shakes them up off turnover pour across the strike may be ready to make his move junior founder of the inside a boy error. Dale Earnhardt junior but don't really exotic Clint Boyer we're outcomes to XP they are side by side got back brilliantly. It's believed Taylor are you. Dale goes right to the bottom of the racetrack posed by Clint Boyer that crowd comes to light that Martinsville Speedway. Junior is in the lead with 46 ago. Now the focus is on the battle for third going like Gado trying to hold off Jeff Gordon Gordon looks like a lot of parents do not think there. Well again Connecticut street it's got to this guy Jeff Gordon and number three spot. Like battle back deport Tony Stewart rioting in the fifth position and it comes Denny Hamlin Kyle Busch. Or excuse me eight. We're still working that back bumper of the AJ all the bitter defeat that's a good five cars battles Pamela. Plush Allman Boehner and Newman running nose to tail right now. That battle again from Denny Hamlin on back that's probably the excitement spot on the racetrack pennies and the six spot. Kyle Busch eight. Lot of highs right now Jeff Gordon receive his wells after passing ability like Donald he's pulled away by two and a half maybe three car like that he's beginning it. Excellent lawyer. Well collapse are winding down though down to 43 laps to go Jeff Gordon one point three seconds riding third behind the rates later. Dale Junior. Tony Stewart. Now let's talk a little. He has arrived on the back up where I was feeling like I've probably seen these guys to the end decided great yeah I heard the race got a diploma not a lot but. Terminal problem horn off turn number four. Tony is reminding jelly that he has backed theory and once again by. Jolie playing defense fund and an inside line keeping Tony from getting the opportunity at least the opportunity down while. Tony Stewart's week why not turn over to it I think Joey McDonald decided I cannot hold him off. Stewart around the outside vetoes of sports. And the kind of now back to you that this five point you know what Dale Earnhardt junior leading right here we go back to the pre race win. Joseph junior pulled Alex tape that he is reflected many times about races here at the duke got away at how it. Important it would be. The pick up that. Big prize at the end of winter in the race you're one of them wants one of those grandfather clock time that we want to be shooting for work. And again the most unique. Trophy in all of motorsports the grandfather clock. Here at Martinsville Speedway dating back then 1964. Advantage in the probably that's been handed out. To the winner here company was called Ridgeway clock company. And play girls decided that would be a good idea to get my grandfather clock. Soon the race winner. Look at the guys who have all the hawks these are very comfortable people Richard betting against twelve grandfather clocks Darrell Waltrip has eleven album. Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson each have. Eight grandfather clocks and Dale Earnhardt junior. Where do you put a 11813. Grandfather clocks health they right now Taylor hurt you if you would like just one of them. He's been runner up here are bill Weis in his career. Right now he shows the way with a 37 laps remaining. Let's talk about a couple of cars trying to run them down what being Jeff Gordon. Another being Joey MacDonald we'll start to. Running chase contenders. Court third like cattle fifth which definitely. What else they can a toilet got out of his car's been Ty come home second after this race and he's been decent on the shorter runs but longer it goes the tighter against. It's very forward Jeff Gordon seems to take about 1015 laps before that car gets hooked up. And depending on which swinging restarts in this last time he got pushed out to the outside. And then once that car started to win his only get around. The Hamlet you saw him get around. Knowingly gone out now he's knocking on the back door before employer he won't floor and he loved to have that night grandfather long. For the time being Jeff is the air right on the bumper of Clinton lawyers had a couple of openings a chance to look to the inside curious now as a matter of fact. Off turn four got a nose of the Chevy underneath lawyers toll it didn't work what it might work this time day. At the end decided turn over one he's got that hey life can't score from underneath what lawyers will take over the number do. Spot box lacrosse players now on a distant Dale Earnhardt junior. Money for laps remaining Hendrick Motorsports came in today wanting to make a statement. Obviously number one trying to get Jeff Gordon to get up victory so he can punch his ticket to a halt massive move on for the championship race at homestead. But today's the ten year anniversary of the Hendrick Motorsports plane that went down. On the way to Martinsville Speedway they're all carrying specialty count on their cars. Warning don't honor. Their fallen comrades and family members right now doing a great job Dale Earnhardt junior leading him Jeff Gordon running in second. For the media take them right straight to Victory Lane because we are down if you pointed out out just what these three laps remaining. And Dale Earnhardt junior you know we thought with Jeff getting pie went maybe he would just absolutely run down Dale Earnhardt junior. Hey dad has been anything at all that accurate Dale Earnhardt junior rock solid up front right now. If you maintain that second half lead pretty solidly camp but there are problems on the horizon. And Harris lap cars up plenty if front and Dale Earnhardt did in the next 567. Collapsed. Could be critical review here he's gonna lose in the outside of resource and you'll see him going into. Harry as a group of six more cars directly ahead of junior that's gonna slow him down. And that's not allowed Jeff Gordon the clothes and even more in the auto zone goes on we're gathered 21 to go. Lap traffic is Dubai do feel proud of Dale Earnhardt junior he's still got about another five or six car lengths to catch up with a even if these guys there's nowhere to go right now future needs of all last fall. Separation right now between Dale Earnhardt junior and Jeff Gordon let's put it about ten car lengths they work at the turn one as you've pointed out Dave. Heavy duty lap traffic right it run the race later. Lock jam that a deal went for Dale Earnhardt junior. Nothing but fastball between himself and Jeff Gordon they are two bites do incredible leader there's no winner Bernhard to go. This will get tricky in the closing laps moving handled some of the slower traffic a pack of about. Six directly ahead that some moving out a way of others right in front of the later. David yellow lands hole high gives way to the leader Dale Earnhardt junior yeah. Next dateline at Bryant makes his life underneath JJ ailing. But he's not able to just global weigh in fact he's gonna have the race have now back at her number one big advantage now less than a second between first and second. And now Jeff Gordon is gonna have to try and negotiate those same black cars. Little bit of daylight now Earnhardt and Gordon jumped to a lot of does portfolio lightly David get homeland. Coming up off turn 417. To go which junior Jeff Gordon. Clinton boy hearings all the way back two seconds behind the leaders Tony Stewart fourth Joey McConnell fifth. Rest of the chase contender from looking at Ryan Newman he's in the seventh spot right now but Kansas is night. Carl Edwards has made up practically. Another round back in 23 quarter Brad Kozlowski and mechanical problems he's 31 Kevin Harvick is currently jump in the 34 as far as the championship point standings. Gordon McConnell Denny Hamlin and Ryan Newman that's popcorn separated by only seven. Going to be fifteen laps to go and Dave let them make. One thing very clear to our listeners we talk a lot about lap traffic get that opportunity. Exists that for Jeff to run him down but we need to remember that. While Dale Earnhardt junior has to work his way through it so does everybody behind him and unfortunately. That has not paid off at all for Jeff port. Now it hasn't because Dale Earnhardt junior did perhaps even a little bit better job that Jeff Gordon spreading its way through that slower traffic. He's gonna have to deal with my culinary right here heat down so we deeds at the entrance of the corner. However Jeff is closing in on Dale Earnhardt junior right down to write and I sat and it was nearly two seconds five or six laps ago so champions close again. But time is running out we're down to thirteen. Laps to go anticancer. Well we'll find out Dale Earnhardt junior heads off at the turn number 11 lap car between himself and Jeff Gordon and Michael event Michael will give way. Clear sailing right now. Out date for Jeff Gordon. Violated its new name stands for the checkered flag that Mark Ellis. Dale Earnhardt junior with the advantage like Jeff Gordon tried to close them. They come across the start finish line twelve laps to go. Junior wouldn't clear sailing. It turned over to rob turn great partners Ambrose goes around. Build cars beta as he tackles on Austin Dillon and a couple of other. And browse normally and eight I actually don't do it turns more and that's caution flag in south wind gusts one all the laps remaining. And it's kind of making it out and say yeah that changes everything so we're changing everything making it dangerous things. Almonte. We're down to just eleven laps to go it will be and when they watched the strike caution flag fifteen to. Maybe the biggest ones certainly going to be the biggest corner of the afternoon now let's break it down Dale Earnhardt junior though this is assuming. Then that nobody comes the pit road tonight. Giving up odd track position I'll run the little thing and something else. Dale Earnhardt junior would restart on the inside Morton on the outside. On the outside on the restart it not where you want to beat even though worked late into the race and run. We're told us early on that the more we got into the event purity more rubber laid on the outside lane. Don't know if there's going to be enough rubber out there to make the difference. We're down to less than that Chandler lap run let's go back to Dave moody for an update on us what happened over there between turns three and four. Marcos Ambrose and Kyle Larson got into a three wide situation with a lap car. It will only ten or twelve laps ago nobody's got a little bit and they did they get in return of her dreams contact was made Larson's. Love love community outside safer barrier wearing his car remains Ambrose did a whole smoking 360. These back underway it would damage to that machine. And let's point out dear Dave and I think you can see this more clearly that what we can't from the power. This may be a bit of a link the clean up because that looks like a lot of fluid has been laid down underage try. Dad does appear so Kyle Larson had a big hit into the outside safer barrier. Looks like they've knocked the radiator out of that machine so it's gonna take some time for clean up in turn four. It'll be the second red flag of the day yes it has been brought out once again that first one was ten minutes and 45 seconds hopefully this won't be quite as lengthy but. How Washington's car is still setting up against the wall they've got to pull him away from the wall. It could take care of all bit the fluid that has been spilled they are on the racetrack that you just heard date but he talking about a few moments ago so. Red flag all the cars lined up on the back straight away. And we wait. For what's sure to be a spectacular run of less than ten laps to see which one of the Hendrick cars wins or maybe somebody else makes a clear we talked about dealer hurt. Junior reflecting on coming so close he's in position right now the question is can he close it out. Here at Martinsville for an update let's go to Steve broad. Well let's get a puppet parliament called the shots stable dark just trickles up third so it can Dale Earnhardt junior close it out tonight you content with a driver what do you think. I think we have part of the driver enough to Willa but if it's not decided here a little bit let the pickers go not a mono in my Ozzie comes up first an analyst. Quick little sprint to the finish so you did say that stops I think so tire Wear has been high as fifty laps on these I think stand out this point you're just gonna be the next cost. I'll going to be fought at Steve looked argues crew chief for Dale Earnhardt junior enough. Well thought this stuff to do the potential strategy here to be a pretty wild how about all the 24 watched Jeff Gordon candidate. Matt looks like he's gonna come down pit road Alan Gustafson it's come down op the pit box. And allies he's comment back up on the pit box he's come down to talk to every one of the crewmembers and he said he liked to stay focused. With those guys he went down date each one of my half found a little bit of a pep talk consent just like Steve looked art says it's going to be mono mono. Pit crew against pit crew Hendrick Motorsports against Hendrick Motorsports. One of the things is going to be very interesting looks like we've got 22 cars that are on the lead lap. It's not gonna surprise me if somebody a little bit further back to roll the dice and try to stay out. And see if they can make up some track position or even still the wind here Mark Russell. Red flags going yellow flag back in the air. In what could become the winning moment is now it just moments away and the question Joseph is very simple. With ten laps to go working under the caution flag. Who hit us and who does not well we heard from that wrote some of the crew chiefs said they wouldn't come to pit road but those crew chief Sam lied to us that board. And they could've done it again we're not good enough until they get the back straightaway. And find out who assured that pit road is open and then. We'll find out why is going on the picture here at Martinsville. Nine laps from completion to car crash turns three and four. Red flag now for nine in the menace Hendrick cars of Dale Earnhardt junior and Jeff Gordon. And battling for the lead to their crew chiefs say they'll come to appear rodent. We're about to find out if they really well right now the pace car brings the field off of turn number two of course under caution the green light is on at the entrance of pit road at. Who comes to food is not Dale Earnhardt junior right now. Easing his way down there and here he could prompt Jeff Gordon will follow. Clint Boyer will follow who stays out till it got out does it here comes Denny Hamlin and Brad Kozlowski used day. It's not not pit road speed yeah. I would argue look we don't get rights had no doubt Palin look she's trying to Arizona for the National Guard several go right yeah. The complaint that's going to be important does not look Miller are good don't get out of Chicago loves god. It's. I don't know what it better equipment that lets intelligent. Here comes Joanna got a pet store owner to Jamie McMurray spitz Florida's out Jeff Gordon. On pit road they're gonna make their tire stop on Jeff Gordon's car it is going to be a four tire stop for Jeff Gordon. Who's going to be off first just to make Clinton lawyer's gonna get off first then Dale Earnhardt junior big Denny Hamlin and Jeff Horne so fast time. Then comes Ryan Newman. Jamie McMurray gets off with four tires same thing for joy like John L Allen. And we have got right side tires only that call from Luke Lambert for Ryan Newman. Gain them some track position so right side tires only guys we have got all kinds of strategies we're gonna have ourselves a pretty good finish. Pretty surprising what we just witnessed I think so. I think so I am amazed that everybody. But a couple. Came on the pit road those cars that we talked about it seems that the tail end of the field. That could go bus stayed out and picked up monumental. Track position. With only a handful of laps. They elected become the pit road but killed some decided to stay out like Tony Stewart Tony Stewart stayed out he'll be the race leader Ricky stand how's junior. Who missed the race a week ago it. That'll be the top three then the lineup is Clint Boyer Dale Earnhardt junior Danny Hamlin. Jeff Gordon Ryan Newman back Kansas NAJ all the bigger than the second half that room did. Company that runs deep post help us make some sense of this whole thing. The government to make something yankees got a problem into what happened when floodwaters got the its. Fighters rights Taylor's football is that we'll put it almost hard. All right well we'll find out who made the right choice and who did not. Stewart upfront the last time he was in Victory Lane was back in 2013. Has been a long. Time coming for Tony Stewart Ricky stent how's junior along side. David Reagan then Clint Boyer Dale Earnhardt junior that your top five with five laps to go Denny Hamlin Jeff Gordon Ryan Newman. Matt can defend AJ and all of a bigger joke that your top ten in the auto zone goes around five to go Martinsville Speedway near lake golf. Real good job he gets out in front of leads the field who want to hear it. Gets the break standouts cannot hang on up high it's going to be David Reagan brought a lot of firsts seconds they'll do. You're lucky very wide it. Hey why didn't breathe that's got out O Dale Junior goes to the second spot. Puerto go and apparently Dale Earnhardt junior wants that grandfather clock he's set his sights on the right Winger Tony Stewart. Jeff Gordon Roger in the third spot they had three wide all the way through wanna do you think it's. The bottom Dale Earnhardt junior yeah Stewart they debated theory and art as they're back again didn't work hard it's really important. You're glances off the side of Tony Stewart what I can't believe it. Even Jeff Gordon goes to second Tommy balls I fired him. Do car lengths clear advantage for Dale Earnhardt junior homered Jeff Gordon as they get away doubt about three million. Laps to go Jeff Gordon started to close down but will he have enough time with junior across the line three car like that. Let's go over Jeff Gordon. Lord not sit down that news like Dale Junior is the wind. The bottom off the top but her numbers do down the back straightaway the ladies don't do car lights for Dale Junior. Dale Earnhardt junior works off turn number four his dad was very successfully here finding it looks like he's gonna make it. One more lap but why is out at Martinsville. My leg that. Dale Earnhardt junior try to beat a chase plus there aren't bailed out the back straightaway checkered flag ready to hi Karen hardy. Every runner up no more at Martinsville Dale Earnhardt junior off to our off turn number report for the final time. And he has warned here at the Martinsville Speedway. He gets the win over Jeff Gordon. Ryan Newman Tony Stewart. And Jolie leg got 08 grandfather clock on its way for Dale Earnhardt junior as we go to pit road. They are celebrating halts and high at flags for Steve looked at it crew chief. Dale Earnhardt junior scores the world that the senate was it looked at let's talk to you won't recommend that risk. Very special players Martinsville anniversary of ups and sit down about Dale Earnhardt junior who you get to the reliant. That's right dale dale city wanted to talk so. You know Jay came out it was good points we jabs been a great day. That for circle celebration. Yeah it's Rick Hendrick guys get out there what folks very emotional out there take your dog you vs the plane crashing. And that motorsports Dale Earnhardt is one of the related to the team has knocked up at you have to go sooners for the terrorist act get it right there at the start because a lot of things. The post congratulations. To Dale Earnhardt junior the winner of today's race. He was out front at the end of the AutoZone goes solo with every NASCAR driver knows the play at a closing level the braves are with the tensions mount in victories within sight. With the laps counting down it's time to make your move they get to the front door in the AutoZone. Goes so. 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It is all over here at the Martinsville Speedway Dale Earnhardt junior has wind and he has been celebrating ever since we dropped. The checkered flag at one of the longest smoking burnout I think I have ever seen for the crowd. That is not going anywhere they will celebrate with dale and you'll hear from him. Coming up shortly right now let's hear from some of our top five finishers jelly like got out fifth place finish. It was three wide across the striped come to the checkered flag third. Iraq the fifth place finish Joey. Walk us through the day if that was Martinsville for you. Different compared to help. It's you know and other labor is customary before around and come there is there at thirteenth and got back up to that there's some. You know as a solid point says what we needed the coming out of here is that. Really wanted to win is that they feel the pressure toughest but it's getting Nady one that that really is the limit of pressure you know as far as needing a win in. No we don't be consistently present women top Ivan a heck out of the states so far some physically doing that. To really got a fifth place deep post. And it Dick Gordon holds court talking to some of those coworkers get him talking to some of us who does get out. You're deceiving excitement in his face assault at Georgia still to close. That bug on the front straightaway at Villanova junior celebrating and just showed up out here on the front straightaway. I've sought the court continues to carry on the conversation down you know wolf that's up with a lot of the materials he saw a wreck but don't hear let's go to would jump Gordon jumped. Greg Greg de flew all you are near Tikrit a little motor sports as well I'll walk us through your afternoon. Yeah outburst by just got a sale an incredible attribute data is once you finish the muy not much of fans not to see judging your win. And in that down yet they certainly got that today did a great job. But down yells for all those giant Hendrick Motorsports that it lost friends and in Stanley members. People that played an important role in Hendrick Motorsports in this sport. 12 finish is the best we can pay tribute to them and knives great effort for us our guidance. Hunger Chevrolet today. Proud of the guys who got behind I made a big mistake. On their road was speeding and I knew it and now we had to go to the back in claw our way back up in there in Saddam's as a great comeback but in a total team effort by everybody. Big picture we know win moves you want you should you really bitter about it the the point congratulations that's second place finish pretty solid Oreo as we look at the next two races. Well the big good news is that a chase driver did not win the race today self. You know and finished in second down. And isn't as as big of a deal today it's actually really good finishing good points day. Impaired if the chase driver would have oneself you know I want to get down when he getter says locked him though we got two more great tracks coming up and yet today's great points it just a great overall I. Bird's final team go to court sickened close look helps Tony Stewart a fourth place run it's a big hug well maybe Jarvis down here Tony. Gutsy call by you and crew chief Chad Johnston. Comes only the top five finish today described the decision making process and how difficult was on old tires to hang on the top spot. I don't even think it was a gutsy call like this think to me it was a no brainer. You know fleet if we are in that scenario a hundred times that's it that's the choice and Wanamaker I wanna. I want to get there get ourselves. The chance to fight for like that so. You know it. I was open a couple more cars would stay in that put him in big key and let it. I would rather be in that position a hundred times over. You know that's that's what you want with five ago you wanna be Heatley in the race in and have a shot at it that way so I. You know it wasn't like. It wasn't like we were 25 place car and stay down and got a fourth out of I mean we're fifth before that caution and still gained a spot so like I look at it is as the Gainesville. Tony Stewart the bass pro shops Chevrolet comes home in the fourth spot Steve post yeah. We'll talk to Ryan Newman your a lot of smiles started earlier Quicken Loans due it was all right Elizabeth gets the Chevrolet Iran. Solid strong incredible afternoon for you guys hear what would those last few laps like the. You know this kind of chaos there with the guys that some. That kind of stayed out and now we had two tires some guys and we're going to be coming on board like that going to put up good enough adequate amount Chevrolet a great start to this part of the this is a bracket of the chase and out. Don't think all the fans come out what beautiful day here Martinsville and a lot of farming I think it went RC RD CR Crawford for giving us a good piece of work with enough and were big and we'll keep digging. They're not it's a process of what Ryan Newman and his crew were doing here and I got here there all the tech fought that issue. At Martinsville this afternoon. Mr. consistency strikes again Ryan Newman is second in points only three out of the lead. Going to Texas next week it's all over here at Martinsville Speedway and a chase buster is in victory blame that. Dale Earnhardt junior celebrating his first victory in its take that grandfather clock home. For doing so. Jeff Gordon come to that second. Ryan Newman third Tony Stewart fourth and Joey look got a fifth. A wild afternoon of racing they gave you a little bit of everything and Jeff again. This is the kind of race you expect to see at Talladega Daytona a place like that it Morton still yeah a little beaten bang in the here and there. But this this race when it all kinds of different directions. Today while thinking of someone up and any word and that word might be wild it was wild here at the Martinsville Speedway. With Dale Earnhardt junior getting his 23 career NASCAR Sprint Cup Series win. At a track that he is always wanted to win at. He wanted the grandfather clock he has got the grandfather clock after being runner up here twice before. And then celebrated in grand fashion for. What seemed like maybe a ten minutes for the crowd here and by the way a very big crowd of very happy crowd deceit Dale Earnhardt junior. Get the win let's go they're now down to Gatorade Victory Lane. Let's say what Dale Junior there so many things to talk about about this victory let's start with that last restart and then. Your past but Tony Stewart as Rick Hendrick comes in he gets in a big. Courses minter one of his best friends in life but in years. From mile when they lost a lot of beer special people with Hendrick Motorsports so this is a very special. Very emotional win is Ricky Hendrick comes in. And that congratulates Dale Earnhardt junior for the first time that he's gonna take on a grandfather clock they've got a whole bunch summit Hendrick Motorsports but let's talk about that pass for the win at and that last restart. I just had to really get an aggressive underneath Tony and I think you've done to say thank you got ago I had a Tony for the had become her heart couldn't give up any thing so we had no real hard right there. Dana great job on pit road it's this stuff today went down it but it just DOS not it seems that state team a parent that's getting a great car. Obviously thought it lost me when we need to run hard cards there. They didn't hit job on strategy put in a position to bid. Be able to grow and make a run at the end. This very special mile race and here I came here I came here says so early eighties is the kid. Never miss a lot of races here always wanted to win I grew up in the house of the grandfather clock in it. From this place and always wanna want. I did take one home that you always have loved the history of the sport and this is the only track that's been on the circuit. Since its inception what does it mean for you to score your first victory and a comment first grandfather clock I'm I'm was ticketed on a senator but I found it out with. The great combination of guys that we really work well together we're have a great season. It was the pit stops man of his saucer it right on the day the car was right there we need to run hard with a run hard. We needed to save good save the car the car made a job a lot easier to does compare automated job a lot easier. They put Iraq they're either Friday for a taken and I was able to hang out that there are thought Jeff was gonna get there but. Lire clean and and and it's the lesbian. You've got a very special relationship with mr. Hendrick. Course this is a special week TNT in years ago. They lost a lot of people what does he say to you here in victory line does those prayers as it was tracking and winning here coming here many here on this particular weekend means a lot that a hole. Organization. I've come to know exactly how how much are always people are myths about you know being around written. And how I tragedies really affect organization they come here and really try to get this win every year this is a difficult weekend but yet they wanna be victorious. I've watched all the other drivers win here. Jeff and Jimmie and now I'm able to put my name in that list. Now it's your turn joy joy as they got a I don't know that let you down Earnhardt junior may be as excited as I've seen him in Victory Lane analog time. He got out of the car he got up on the stage cheered you get about half out jumped up and down and let every one of his crewmembers then at the end it was stiglitz art. And Rick Hendricks. Opportunity there he's gonna put his fourth sticker on this out of his car for 2014. Tailor our team. I went to thank you very much our congratulations. To Dale Earnhardt junior is the celebration continues. Downing Gatorade Victory Lane Gatorade is the official sports beverage of the Martinsville Speedway. Aggressively attack the press very nobody got a clock there a couple of seconds I think it's a great group and found I don't mind. I thought but. I got a split it up and deadly. That is Dale Earnhardt junior the race winner with today's wedding moments brought you by Advance Auto Parts. Order parts online and pick them up in story in just thirty minutes so you could get back to the garage do what you love order online ad Advance Auto Parts dot com. Let's take a look at the final full field run down brought you by Outback Steakhouse Dale Earnhardt junior celebrating down in Victory Lane. That's gonna go on in till dark that's for sure in fact half the crowd still here celebrating with him much. Jeff Gordon finished second here this afternoon with Ryan Newman rallying back to third Tony Stewart fourth. And Joey the Gado was Pittman had to finish sixth spot today Clint Boyer was seventh. Denny Hamlin was 88. Kyle Busch winds up in eleventh twelfth today Austin Dillon. Greg Biffle got thirteenth Paul Menard fourteenth and Ricky stand how's junior at fifteenth sixteenth with a Jamie McMurray seventeenth just about dire. Cold wet was eighteen Lenin canceled nineteenth. And Carl Edwards winds up in Wadi. When he first was Eric Gilmore roll a 22 went to David Gill a land 23 Marcus Ambrose Michael and that 44 Josh Wise 25. 26 Mike Wallace 27 Brian Vickers Kyle Boller finished 28 point night Alex Bowman and Kyle Larson finished thirtieth. Brad Kozlowski winds up 31 today a big hit for him Jimmie Johnson 32 also not a good day for Kevin Harvick. He winds up in 33 Danica Patrick got 34 Reed Sorenson 35. Kurt Busch was 36 Casey Mears 3738. Was Martin Truex junior 39 JJ Daly. Kasey Kahne who fortieth. Travis awful 41. Timmy hill forty seconds. And clay Rogers 43 that's a look at the finishing order brought to you by Outback Steakhouse Kevin Harvick didn't finish inside the top ten today so we won't get a free and bloom and onion on Monday. But will try again next week Outback Steakhouse. No rules just right aren't I checked the championship point standings brought you by car quest auto parts that may end this thing it's building up big time over the Texas next week. And then the Phoenix the last two races. In the eliminate around it Jeff Gordon leads the points among the eight chasers Ryan Newman's second only three out. Joel Donna third. Four out of the lead met Kansas fourth five out of the lead. And Denny Hamlin fifth only seven out Carl Edwards is sixth east funny back. Brad Kozlowski seventh 31 back and Kevin Harvick eighth. He's 33 out of the lead it. Get your car ready for the cold weather driving that's just around the corner and park west auto parts great people great products great prices race number one. India eliminate around it's over and we did not transfer with a free pass somebody all the way to homestead Miami speedway. They'll have two more races in which to get that done Texas coming up next weekend. Then a motor racing network will pick things back up again when we head off to Phoenix so Joseph. Hard to imagine but we're down to the final three races up next Texas then Phoenix and we. Pulls it all out with Ford championship weekend. And of course motor racing network picks up the schedule at Phoenix we'll have all the action they are a few weeks and then we'll bring down the curtain. Ford championship weekend at homestead Miami speedway both those tracks are near sellouts already but. They told us there are some tickets still available at this moment if you think you join us Phoenix or homestead now's the time to get on board go to Phoenix international raceway dot com. Or go to homestead Miami speedway dot com or MR IN dot com. And get your tickets today to join us for the last two races of the year which will have right here in the motor racing network voice chart and our broadcast coverage today date Modi. Out of turn three on pit road it was Winston Kelley. Alex Satan and Steve post now for Jeff strangle I'm Joseph Moore congratulating. Dale Earnhardt junior yeah junior dead at at Martinsville. Gloriously network's coverage of the goodies headache flu shot 500 has come to you from Martinsville Speedway. Today's broadcast was directed void Friday an officer associate producer Tyler burned it broadcasting junior Sam Williams. Audio engineer Todd Costello oh. Satellite engineer Mike Weaver they get ticketed for those who forum already here's David behind him. Please broadcast has put up production and also won't go crazy math or. This is Ben MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco. Also sponsored by Hercules tire right on our strength.