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2004 Banquet 400

Oct 19, 2017|

The MRN broadcast of the 2004 Banquet 400 from Kansas Speedway.

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This is MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength this is Ken Squier. Time now for MRN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing network and grace are gone. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom from. NASCAR Nextel cup series is coming to Kansas for the fourth time. Hendrick Motorsports has been expelled from the mile and a half tracks Jeff Gordon won the first two races here but knows that getting win number three today won't be easy right now I'm very intense. Championship then balding and everybody and send you an intense high level competition related. Our engine in it Marvin can get him the very. Jeremy Mayfield has been passed this weekend and is ready to put the past two weeks behind him into tell you this is going to be try to survive and we didn't survive so come hair's breath of fresh air and with seven races to go to Tony Stewart believes the chase for the Nextel Cup is far from over we're close enough. Right now on the point still where that theoretically if he'd be leading. Your beat second in the points at the end of the day so it's not out of reach. You have to take these next seven weeks it one day time. She's 43 drivers 43 strategies. 400 miles from now we'll know which Joyce was the right one night and you'll be able to say there's no place like Victory Lane and from Kansas Speedway race thirty for the NASCAR Nextel cup series and realm for in the chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. The banquet 400. Next on the motor racing network. Hello and radio free since. NASCAR today. Canucks lose. One globe in NASCAR. Aren't Nextel cup series comes to Kansas beat. Late today around four in the chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. How big what the banquet 400 hi everybody I'm Joseph Moore along with Barney hall welcome the motor racing network and our live coverage. Of today's event the 29 race of the year. And of course with the chase for the Nextel cup series the play itself running this year these final ten races take on much more important than they have in years past. And it seems like every week it's almost like the last race of the year. Yeah we've got three down and we're counting in a run for the Nextel Cup. For some of the ten contender Joseph there odds have gone down already Jeremy Mayfield Jimmie Johnson Elliott Sadler and even run Zealand have had problems in those first three races. But all those guys know that anything can and usually will happen in the next seven it could be good he could be diet. For a couple of contenders in the chase for the Nextel Cup this is a very great place to come. Because former winners here Ryan Newman who picked up the victory here last year and Jeff Gordon at two time where greater Kansas Speedway. Both in the thick of that mix of drivers in the chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. Her Jeremy Mayfield talking at the day after all bad luck he's had so far. In the chase the first three races anyway of course he's down the tips position right now some 280 points out. He sits kansas' a racetrack he dissident come to light may be Richmond where he won this several weeks ago. He says this is one of his favorite racetracks and I think a lot of the guys in the top ten agree with them. There we we have reached a stage in racing right now Joseph toward the end of season where every lap is going to be run almost like the checkered flag is coming out the next time around. It will be 267. Laps around this racetrack and weather wise joke we've not don't have quite sunshine we have yesterday although the temperatures should go up somewhere near the seventy degree Marcus afternoon is partially overcast right now. As far as chance of rain. There could be a chance maybe later today but everybody's hoping that we will be able to get this thing into its distance without any wet weather. The cool conditions of course something that drivers will like a lot here going into the dates banquet 400. Well we talked about how everybody looks for to come to Kansas maybe one of the reasons. Is it just let everybody was glad to get out of Talladega with that that more problems than they had there. Lastly the Nextel cup series race there were Dale Earnhardt junior again showed his dominance in restrictor plate racing. Junior is finished first or second in the last seven races at Talladega. It led the most laps of the E. A. SPORTS 578. However Earnhardt junior fell back to eleventh in the field. After taking field in taking fuel and two new tires on the right side of his car while the rest of the leaders took fuel only. During their final round of stops. The gamble paid off for Earnhardt junior when he grabbed the lead for the final time with three laps to go he then held off Kevin Harvick at the finish by point 117 seconds. Chris Smith went at Talladega. This ring manufactured moment it's brought to you by Jasper engines and transmissions. Jasper for the race of everyday life. They come out this time the white flag will be displayed dude Dale Earnhardt junior Kevin Harvick Tony Stewart and Greg. Rest of the field as they scramble to collide Tony Stewart gets shot pulled out of the grant he falls back to 31 laps to go but they're chasing Dale Junior. Kevin Harvick Dallas the man at second you get right up next goal off the ground. Absolutely. And its mind on the back shoot don't shoot. One part of the all of turn to Greg Biffle gets dirty collect water to other receipts put out the back straightaway as Dale Earnhardt junior. It Chevrolet have brought Kevin Kerr. Harvick is trying to try to do everything. Dale Earnhardt junior trying to pick up the planet Talladega super speed like Kevin Harvick doing all they can. Can't it can't always get newest followed behind it follow the Budweiser Chevy across the line of sugar dust they did an apple wine Elliot Sander come. They offer. Glanced back all the all port tires. Continues to roll lawn of the particular Earnhardt junior has won at Talladega. Dale Earnhardt junior's win at Talladega super speedway Marcus fifth NASCAR next. Nextel Cup victory of the season and the fourteenth of his career Earnhardt junior also reclaimed the points lead after winning at Talladega he held a thirteen point lead over Kurt Busch who finished fifth. However a slip of the tongue during a live television interview in victory line and it cost him dearly and points two days later NASCAR officials handed down 125 point loss and a 101000 dollar behind Earnhardt junior for user data for. Appropriate language he's now second in the standings twelve points behind Busch and Jeff Gordon came at Talladega as the points later but Philip third in the standings after finishing nineteenth. Gordon is 48 points behind them. Mark Martin moved up one spot to board after finishing fifteenth and Matt Kenseth trying to fill positions. After his fourteenth lifeline Johnny stewards of the biggest jump of the standings Stewart finished sixth and looked up three spots to sixth in points Ryan Newman finished sixteenth. Moved up his seventh while Elliott Sadler they'll hate after finishing 22. Jimmie Johnson took the biggest hit in the points Johnson suffered engine failure late in the race and ended up finishing 37. Fell from fourth and ninth in points Jeremy Mayfield finished 38 and remained standing 267. Points now separate the top ten drivers and we get ready for the a fourth race in the 2004. Jody reject his other foot pole here this weekend this is too in a row he's reeled off polls are nice but he needs a win a Winston Kelley is with him. 180 point one class six miles per hour two and a robot calls about a road victories ago that Busch Series win yesterday does that tell you like them my whole army crews pumped up right now in not just. You know we can't we just honor set up this morning changed a few things did this hopefully we we hit it right but does. Fun racetrack Picard drives right we'll be in the front. How about the setup visit similar to yesterday's yeah very similar we freed it up a little bit more today enough. Yeah I I think we're going to be all right NASA thought that journeyman tech as the US army Chevrolet on the bug call starting along beside him the gentleman is going to be standing by with madam Alexander. And Kasey Kahne has been unbelievably good in his rookie season a mile and a half racetracks recording three top 52 runner up finishes outside her role on today what's it gonna take Casey. Well are gonna need to you know deacons this holiday be there at the end of the race. This keep the car there's enough thanks to tackle tighten up a good bet we need you know just keep the car freed up all day long. Be that they and everybody sand wins Kasey Kahne got a good getaway and could beat today he takes his dodge from the outside row one at Kansas. So there's the front row that though we'll start here they at a banquet 400 we'll talk to more than drivers. And B and introduce you to the ground at Kansas Speedway then loaded up on trucks and taken around this entire one and a half mile track the two drivers who have won in the first three races here at Kansas Speedway or Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon Jeff won 2001 and 2000 Ryan run at last year. And in the years they didn't win they both finished in the top five. First time the Nextel cup series ran this track back in 2001. Jeff took the checkered flag Newman finished a very respectable second. What was so interesting about that it was only his sixth Nextel cup's or restart. When we came back here for the second time at 2002 new Gordon once again led the way in the final laps. And again it was Newman just behind him in this addition of Nextel doers of the past. Down on the bottom of the track Elliot looking over me. We may have to wait for Gordon and make a mistake which is unlikely as the leader now has about four car like pleaded to turn green Rusty Wallace runs third millennium. Billy. Bill Elliott makes that car stick to the bottom of the racetrack he moves around Matt Kenseth has the white flag comes out for Jeff Gordon Jeff Gordon has often turn of one mind you would have one left. Final dive into your number one in the gap continues. Reminiscent of his destruction of the field for weeks ago at Darlington Jeff Gordon took the lead just past the halfway point has been a challenge ever since taking. Jeff Gordon comes back every. Mean to the 2002 season but Jeff Gordon will win the the protection one. Nextel is proud to salute the doers in the past NASCAR and Nextel partners and speed. Jeff Gordon is in the way back starting spot today he'll be starting all the way back in thirtieth the plus for Jeff Gordon is he's a two time winner at the speedway Daniel Fries with him well mart is his worst qualifying effort here at Kansas Speedway Jeff you're starting thirtieth. How good race car practice yesterday. And more importantly Harry got to work your way through traffic. Was incurred Citigroup really wind now you say in the Busch race so we're gonna use every square inch back group to timidity isolated it from but. We Euro came practice who are great we are bad down we made some adjustments are towards the end I thought we got better. And now they're really get about what arriving in the guys did down you know the last night this morning to to get a set debt did that next level and close at. Yuck to the speeds and those guys are firm running back that we we also had to set this talk to be of the past so probably gonna start up a lot looser than and we wanna be. And healthy as we get to the front we can tighten it up from their. Two time winner here at tech Kansas Speedway looking for number three that's Jeff Gordon now to Adam Alexander his with the current Nextel Cup point. Later. Kurt Busch has a twelve point advantage over Dale Earnhardt junior in the current Nextel Cup standings consistency has been the key in the chase for the Nextel Cup three consecutive top fives including a win. You go from 42 today what do you think her. It's a matter just staying out of the big travel Kansas is a tough track on restarts and as far as our race we think we can drive to the fronts it's gonna take some time so we're gonna picture sharp report stays out of trouble and just the way that. Our team has to stick together was third at seven races ago so still very early. Kurt Busch best ever finish at Kansas was ninth the year ago but a test session here two weeks ago may help him get his first ever top five today to the man who's chasing him. In the points Dale Earnhardt junior is with Winston Kelley. Had Dale Earnhardt junior stopping off on his way up his race car to talk to Tony Stewart one of the gas he's drafted with so successfully. At Talladega see if we can slip in here. Get a quick court front and Ted junior ready to bounce back from all the attention that it had over the last week. This is a situation where puts a lot of extra fire under the team to bounce back with a win and take that championship chase. Lead over again. Well we're gonna Davis lieutenant I don't know if I'm Kansas with a place that did not consider taking a lead in the points from the debt. We got rid of color real hard and it's instigate the car better. That we had last year and hopefully. Let me on network Madoff out you know a lot of good guards is we don't really know where we fit into the mix that where Jon Karl days they. After a dominating performance last weekend at Talladega he starts number eight Budweiser Chevrolet off in eighth today. Lot's been said about that sign that was leaded against Dale Junior last week again the points the in the biggest part of that took away the championship point late in. A lot of the drivers have had various comments on that here this weekend will. Cover some of that as we get into our broadcast here later today right now though it's time for our driver spotlight brought you by MD NA. The issue were of the official NASCAR Visa credit card that. Here's Mike badly with Brandon gone. Let's flash back one week ago leading five to go at Talladega who. And you finish for us your thoughts after that race at had to be quite a heck of a morale boost for this race team how great morale boost in the thank god we didn't and I guess. If we noticed it was a great day we may we took chances we we showed up with a really good dodged the first one built on that doesn't. The new Penske super speedway program. It's the first untested troops are made a concerted effort on super speedway program and that's basically the first full car ever done from those guys in the body and everything's been massaged bunch and they went to Daytona listen one bad what Talladega wasn't bad they keep taking those is often going to wind tunnel and you don't do all that. Rub in the they do a super speedway cars and it ended up being a great dodge cars completely guys degrade on pit road driver did horrible on pit road at one point and then just a great call me and you know Shane did a good job Collison at lap 146. We'll run intent to top off the field 41 last probably still can't make it but he'll still topped off with fuel and that decision right there was was what enabled us to make it all the way to the end. The lot's been said this year. In the last couple months that is about the speculation in this race team and Don Miller stepped up this week and put that to bed just this minute distraction for you to DOS then and Andy is don's announcement this week that help free you and and this race team to get focused on the rest of the season. I talked about it right now live sports reporters you guys got just hired John Smith the menu of course thanks. Other guys that tend to tennis on those rumors you know and just try to job somehow and just like Dan rather eat they don't check the sources you know we we I'm not worried about next year the year after whatever right now. The Kodak team we feel we're good enough to win no red vest is rookies one this year we feel we can still win and we're just trying to trying to do we let them try to win the teen thing get better we're getting ready to move into the new shop at the end of the year in the pit in the new big massive. 200 and some odd thousand square foot you know shop this can be Penske and Penske Jasper racing and all are looking as a positive things trying to keep things roll forward hopefully many luck Ryan Newman and get which you know back towards the front of the chase for the championship everything will be different rescue. And as we look at the papers this morning qualified thirteenth. Second and happy hour you guys look good on paper how's the race card that I'm kind of bummed about qualifying we get the wizard laws on and the scarecrow pieces straw that stuck in the car rare something. We end up with a with a back qualify and run and I let us know things change real quick thirteen few weeks we've been saying hey Kate caught up eight. This week we're saying dang it we actually had a shot to pull an anytime he can have a shot. You gotta go for it we said you know little thing Texas. Happy are was great shame and Luke my engineer Lucas won that tell daily totals we have that data this week he's not allowed back so pressure is on Matt Lucas had a great balance number the race car started I don't think we changed much we've done a few camera changes come very minimal changes and things just. It keeps getting better is this track's getting hotter our cars get better go look today thank you very much next. That's Brendan god he will start from the thirteenth spot in today's banquet 400. Time now all foreclosed starting lineup. Roughly you applied to knock your tackle Athlete's Foot with tougher action tonight. Ford drivers failed to make the starting field for today's bank report WR Kansas Speedway those were Mike Garvey Mike Wallace Carl. How long and Morgan Shepherd. Here's the 43 drivers in the field for today's ranks 43 will be faster Barrett in the Americas in racers therefore vote for bush four. Fertility and start 42 41 starter Fermi settlers in the store motorsports Chevrolet for MarketWatch incorporated board Larry councilman boarded the driver goes forty. 39 starters Kyle Petty in the Georgia Pacific and brawny Dodd and Bill Davis racing dodge pushing me you'll go 38. Scott Webber starts and 37 he's in the caterpillar dodge 36 starters that'll be Rusty Wallace in the middle like god presidency wrote Chevrolet were Ward Burton 35. Scheduled to go authority board will be Kyle Busch in the car where Chevrolet we'll Lucas Oil Chevrolet would convince you start 33 in straighter roll off thirty seconds. Kitty drives this one's home service dodge ties Chevrolet with Bobby Hamilton junior goes 31 six. I'm Kansas Speedway winner Jeff Gordon starts way back in thirty today driving the familiar DuPont Chevrolet. 29 Kevin Harvick even GM Goodrich every. Does Sterling Marlin we'll go from 28 he's in the Coors lite dodge alongside Jeff Green the Cheerios Betty Crocker dodge starting 27. 46 today Michael Waltrip heat of the battle auto parts Chevrolet rookie driver Brian Vickers alongside started 25 he's driving the GM AC Chevy. Play fourth starter Tony Stewart The Home Depot Chevrolet 23 is Robby Gordon. He's at the Cingular wireless Chevrolet 22 starter is Kurt Busch Series points leader in the sharply for the flight vs Casey Mears driver of the target Energizer dodge. Play a starters going to be tough vote but he drives the Arnold development company Dutch Kellogg Chevrolet would carry the body rolls off nineteenth eighteen starters going to be Mark Martin he drives the black report. America Online Chevrolet with Jeff Burton scheduled to go seventy. Sixty starter Carl Edwards in the Roush racing forward to it all power to sport event Kansas just fifty. Scott Riggs will go off from fourteenth to rookie driver about Helene was above Chevrolet. The Kodak Jasper wizard above with friends and going with a thirteen twelve starters Ricky rode in the keep continuing forward. And the eleventh starter will be Elliott Sadler in the pedigree wizard above full. Starting depth Jamie McMurray that Texaco Havilland died. Dale Jarrett as the UPS four lined up for the night starting spot Vijay coming off a couple of top fives in a row. Dale Earnhardt junior the Talladega winner has his Budweiser Chevy lined up today. Seven starter Ryan Newman who won this race last year. Before driver of the Alltel dodge it six today is Greg's death toll for the National Guard subway board this is spotted the bodies in the interstate batteries Chevrolet. Jimmie Johnson starts his Lowe's Chevy and Ford. Jeremy Mayfield of the dodge dealers UAW dodge we'll go from third on the outside of row number one of your at least teammate Kasey Kahne at a dodge dealers UAW dodge. And all the bud pole for the second week get a road kill me but check driving is US army Chevrolet at the speed of a 180 point 156. Miles per hour. Pretty impressive starting lineup here and it's always interesting for us at least and the fans I think sometimes when some of the better teams don't qualify that well have to start in the back of the field to watch him early try to work their way up to the front real quick without getting in trouble especially guys like Jeff Gordon that we talked about a set so much success. At this racetrack over the years got a new stories from the week Tony Stewart. Apparently involved in a bit of an altercation after the conclusion of yesterday's Busch Series race here at the Kansas Speedway not a lot of details on the situation apparently. It was between he and fellow competitor Mike Bliss NASCAR says they're looking into the situation we'll have more details on that for you later in the week on NASCAR today. Dodgers bringing the charger back to the Nextel cup series next year the charger ran a NASCAR from 66 to 77. An accumulated a 124. Wins John Andretti returns to the Nextel cup series full time next week it's Charlotte. And will run full time next year dropping afford for PPC racing sponsored by victory brand and eighth plus at sonoco. Joseph Gibbs will make an announcement this week about this third at Nextel Cup team. The Chevy will be sponsored by FedEx Jason left clerk is expected to be named driver of the new number eleven. And Terry a body announcing his semi retirement on Tuesday this week Kerry expected to announce a move to a part time schedule. In a car numbered forty for the car he first race they came into the Nextel cup series Kyle bush expected to be named to take over the number five Kellogg's got no Chevy. Next week that some of the news stories coming from this past week. And of course we'll keep you posted throughout the week on the NASCAR today. Right now though we're getting set to go track side and get those famous words the command to fire the engines and get today's banquet 400 underway let's go to trackside. Now. And now race friends for the most famous words in motor sports car grand Marshal. Dennis cancer. Gentlemen. Start your engines. NASCAR today is produced by Umar and radio. Sponsored by mechanics away or blow the number one glove in NASCAR. From Kansas Speedway this is MRN radio the voice of NASCAR. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day bush o'clock time for relaxing Amanda blinding. With friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in racing but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. It's bushel clocks and grab a six pack of Busch beer for the cooler start to grill and relax. Enjoy responsibly Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. Citywide took countryside. Whatever you drive wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection and industry leading war teed it gets you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more visit Hercules tired dot com. Hercules tires ride on our strength. Feel ballroom radio presents. The NASCAR Nextel cup series. Today you don't banquet 400. The NASCAR Nextel cup series cars are on the track here at Kansas Speedway beginning the first of three face laps when we get the green flag. And start today's running of the banquet 400. Along with Barney hall I'm Joseph Moore today's race 267. Laps and making up 400 point five miles. The complete distance in today's race cash awards for today's race over five million dollars that Nextel Cup leader bonus is at 5000 dollars alone and and the MD NA mid race leader bonus is 101000 dollars and of course part of the most important part of this whole deal. Is the fact this is the fourth round in the chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. And all the guys that are at the end the F tin for the for the run for the couple wondering this afternoon we'll get through this race without any problems as we sit for drivers have already had some problems in the first three. They're coming off turn before the lake about three laps around this racetrack before they'll put him under green this afternoon. And give us time to swing out around turns and bring in voices who will be covering the action force. Over and turned over to right behind the at Kansas lottery sign over there he feels lucky today let's go to Dave moody very Vermont. All right thank you Barbara good afternoon everybody turns one and New York Kansas Speedway thank fifty degrees. Past races here any indication. The fast way around at least in the early going will be at the bottom of the banking right off the white line that separates the eight were probably racing surface. Those on the wolf diesel racing. It's just stability will be here. And adapt fast today they have a solid chance going to Victory Lane what it's all over we'll watch it all unfold this afternoon from our vantage point hot outside turned over to. Yesterday's NASCAR Busch Series racer Kansas Speedway off turn two is where a couple of guys really showed their courage. Pulling all the way up to the outside line trying to pass a couple of times it got three in nearly four wide racing down that long back straightaway. The follow some of that exciting action this afternoon from Wilmington Delaware is Mike Bagley thanks Joseph good afternoon everyone position on a billboard hot it's not turn number three it distracts a very fast racetrack it's a good run off turn two it. Really put the pedal to the metal and open the throttle wide open but by the time we get off the end the back straightaway that's for the handling of the chassis takes over. As the quest in the early going is to find that bottle blame. Get your car all the way down the inside of the racetrack but a state mentioned as the race goes on the lane gets higher and the driver that can find that magical line to the corners of the wanna beat this here this afternoon high atop of the aborted turn three I'll cover all the action. It turns three and four this afternoon field should be getting to want to go signal to come back to the start finish live and hope you enjoyed today's pre race activities. ST he remind you the same fuel that powered the jet flying over today's race is founded every bottle of STD. ST deep fuel additives are made with jet fuel to help you get the most out of your car. Got a full house here this afternoon ready to watch the action unfold in the banquet 400 here at the Kansas Speedway fourth race that they will run on this racetrack. Today's broadcast to the banquet 400 brought you an exclusive radio rights Brenda for the Kansas Speedway to MR and radio solely for the private non commercial use of our listening audience and publication reproduction or other use of the description of accounts of this event. Without the express written consent of memory and radio is prohibited. Field is not getting the one to go signals across the start finish line. Let's take one final sweep down the pit lane and see what some of our reporters are saying about cars at their particular in the pit road first down towards turn one Winston Kelley. Let's talk to Tommy about a critic bond Kasey Kahne car the gas in the garage area and the Las Vegas oddsmakers at you guys. As the odds on favorite today do you share those thoughts on. I mean you know it's 42 other cars out there today and you never know what they dreamed up last night try to make the cars better. You know we we got some form today I think this dodge dealers UAW dodge is real good all day yesterday and Friday and we just made a couple of small changes for today and hopefully everything will work out. Lot of times you can tell the guys as an his smile at these look at Clark today's race Tommy Baldwin has that look with a grin on his face. They believe they believe they're gonna be one of the gas debate this afternoon an enemy excessive Adam. None of your casual fan of NASCAR you have to think about Ryan Newman this afternoon three Kansas Speedway starts one way out into second place finishes his average finish at Kansas. One point sixty starts seventh today and being seventh in the points a good run this afternoon they get a bride wearing each debate with six races to go in the chase for the Nextel Cup Danielle. And downstairs best finish here at Kansas Speedway it was the thirtieth and that was a couple of years ago tonight today starts tonight. His crew chief Mike Ford you guys seem to think you've got a really good car this weekend can you take it to victory line. Yeah there's a lot between here and there we've we've got a good race car Dale's favorites are here. Feel like we have learned some things on Friday ends. We're in racers ride a horse while I'm still managed qualified top ten so. We know we've got a strong race car and that enabled us to trust things that the UBS source yesterday that we would normally try and and now hopefully got to get back John Morgan Wright State. Coming off back to back top five finishes except Mike port Dale Jarrett Virginia here comes a field working off turn for the fort pace cars on the pit lane and for the call for the start of the banquet 400 here's Barney hall 200. A 67 laps about to unfold here at the Kansas Speedway green flag is in the air and Joni were checked takes into turn one KCK Jeremy Mayfield and Jimmie Johnson jockey with a for the lead spot over to. General David Jack slides up the inside lane don't take the lead. Alex you ever an empty baseball. Side by side for second Jeremy Mayfield download Casey came topside Jimmie Johnson. Waiting for a lane to open up here's mayfield getting the advantage. Or come back around a start finish and see the caution flag waving because Sterling Marlin has a problem. His car off the pace rolling on the apron in turn one that. Running very slowly Joseph down on the inside it looks like the lights are out under the hood of the Coors lite dodge a tough start to the afternoon. For Sterling Marlin he's gonna need some assistance to get back to pit road. Thurmond started at 28 here this afternoon it did not come up to speed body when they drop the green flag try to get it wrong woman now it's just barely coasting over indiscernible one. As the caution flag is out Joseph Nevis check leads after lap one that problem lies on the racetrack and fun and they've voting. It doesn't beat Joseph or at least half of what happen drive shaft out of the Coors lite dodge lies in our beat safety crews out to attend that. Sterling Marlins got a big problem or. That causes our first caution is Geneva checked hangs onto the top spot that completion of lap to Jeremy Mayfield a second. Kasey Kahne third Jimmie Johnson fourth and Greg Biffle fifth. Field is getting the one that goes signal here my Sterling Marlin they can't lose against drive shaft at the start of the banquet 400. And take this car back behind the wall rest of the field gets ready to go again here. At lap number three it is Joseph need to check after starting on the whole getting a really good job body with a great flag drops people went for everybody tonight. Pretty good on restarts he was yesterday in the Busch race one card it's gonna gain a position Jeremy Mayfield slid up right behind him dropping Kasey Kahne started second back to third. And back through the tops in the way that restart not many changes in the front to end. Jody the check is who is the leader after merely feel second Casey Kate's third Jimmie Johnson fourth Greg Biffle fifth Bob and bodies six. Baylor heart junior seventh Ryan Newman eight team that very night that. Ricky Rudd make up the top ten an awful lot of guys wanna get to Victory Lane here this weekend Joseph was made comment. The twelve cup drivers have won races this year but twelve and 43 leaves what 31 drivers that have yet to visit Victory Lane. And for every race we're winding down will be six to go after today. The pressure just builds and they ultimately cause these guests take a little more chances than they normally would. This nine drivers who made all 29 Nextel Cup races have failed to even score top five finish this year. And that's who drivers who failed to even make it into the top ten so far the 2000 foresees and again we're getting down. The final seven races so everyone's cell want to throw up with a little bit. And then at least polish off the season with a good finish for the guys in the chase for the NASCAR Nextel cup of course a lot more is on the line. Never go back in action to Kansas Speedway green flag is waved and again Joseph David checks. Got the US army Chevy pulling away once again for Jeremy Mayfield it's a couple of car lengths out of punish him. Little bit further back body the body under attack Dale Earnhardt junior's on the loose and that's the battle for the number six position skater takes a quick. Now. Those detail on the back straightaway first driver out of line is Brendan gone trying to make the pass on Scott Riggs at the entrance to dream. There comes thought charging hard now. Your net bottom groove it's where you need to be here's the battle for the lead at the start finish line it is Jeremy Mayfield diving underneath still leave the check they are still side besides going to turn one. They fields got that advantageous low line but. Don't they reject keeps it wound up tied to the outside lane advantage now. Don't pull away by two Carla X make it three car legs at the end of the back straight away now is name except settles then. In the second spot DC can. Live earth. Jimmy Johnson looked momentarily for a shot at making a move underneath Kasey Kahne saw it was not going to be able to do it feel fall back in line to cross the start finish line in single file. Let's go to Daniel fried the garage. Let's show it published her own monster early that it did. We found your drive shaft up on the rat race track bed new journey back in the writing any idea what happened. That's something was weird going up next regularly come in the green and you know radioed to produce something right. And two and a bid to thank you get better it now what's taken grains Stiller second gated just exploded Greg guild broke off greenhouse and coming up jump. And I actually flew out and. This may have decided verve I don't sort of I think it's the big brewers thought mark that here in little won't run good in that's right stuffy tent. Besides it's packing and the bride on deck fans but does colonel mark their opening of our big thing get back out there not really good year overall for Sterling Marlin his team was picked up the battle for second place going to turn three Johnny to check has it Kasey Kahne who wants it looks low now looks to the top side. More meanwhile back straightaway problems Rusty Wallace apparently off the base but to pick that up in turn three rushing offense some of the track free fall into the field and try to be passed why can't straighter off the corner nearly scraped the wall coming off turn over to Barney checked out momentarily didn't lose a handful of positions. The looks like now he's back up the speed. The leader is Jeremy Mayfield by nearly a full second. And how much it up from second on back though and turn three Kasey Kahne has got to correlates over Jody attack Wednesday the second. He sees a fast. Greg Biffle. A big breakaway at the front of the field ever for the leader for the moment as he crosses the line it goes back and want your everybody feels full lace them 1520 Carlin so again the scrambles going to be for fourth place it goes to one. And it's Greg Biffle on the movie dials up the inside lane drives underneath Jimmie Johnson still a little sports car. Then they OK Jamie McMurray I thought I saw Ryan and Illinois now. And I got a stack of three wide Ricky Rudd had thoughts of dotting down low gets back in line behind him and credit still. Hello Bonnie we'll go we'll. Ford cars stacked up behind now handling their for the eight position body the body would love to get back down over the laurel racetrack before he could do it though here's Ricky Rudd dropping down under beat Ryan Newman. He gets five new Leonard Rudd goes after Bob the Bonnie Ford and Chevrolet side by side. Room robotic. Well we don't really care racing for the eighth position run and love Lonnie art Ryan Newman waiting. And also a side by side battle behind Newman to teammate telling our own lives Dale Jarrett now lowest Brendan gonna just they're too. That's the hottest place on a racetrack right now back from eighth place on back to factors seven cars lock definite scramble plot and a lot of funny breaks out of it takes over a physician Rickie called back tonight than. Ryan Newman now trying to move up physical return to. Really OK position followed their violin. Took a look to be a sign had no movement falls in line and follow Lonnie oh yeah. Back straightaway Dale Jarrett losing one a lot different and why he's losing another for Jeff Burton and on the back. As far away. Second caution. Flight of the day waiting here at Kansas Speedway this time for Carl Edwards is that a very long week here close to his home Talbott. Carl crashed a car during the practice session here on Friday afternoon. And now has spun coming off turn four single car incident aboard a check of the Nextel Cup vision it appears that it just kind of lost it coming. Off turn four in a car just kind of took off it lost traction coming off the corner spun down the frustrate related appear to make any contact with anybody also is we'll look at least be a single car incidents in the early going. Unfortunately is put us on the yellow flag for the second time this afternoon came out that left fifteen to get ready to hit pit road I assume quite a few of them might. Jeremy Mayfield Kasey Kahne Joni were checked Greg Biffle and Jimmie Johnson of top five we look up in turn four and we see some cars peeling down to the bottom of the racetrack. And here they count let's. Just about everybody comes down germinate field of one who does not come down the pit lane though. Is Kasey Kahne he will stay on the racetrack everybody else comes in to make a stop here at lap number sixteen let's go over to Daniel Ron. Jeremy Mayfield CNN has not say they're good kids are Smart and you'll only know Darren can't tell I think we made learning. Robby Gordon and Michael wants. All of these guys coming from either taking just two tires or fuel holing out from Winston. Jeff Gordon gonna pull his Chevrolet had to pit road just in front of the founders nor does need to check the polls that are manually. Just getting the only Rusty Wallace very low is they're gonna tank sports. Harrison ninety chassis adjustment a couple of times on four tires for a lot of money losing entering and half and tied the medal. Kasey Kahne deciding they're gonna stay on the right track just a little bit tight ends and getting better all the while not out of. Various schools of thought on the midsection of pit road some guys we know that yet feel lonely the rye new machine. Fuel only for Jimmie Johnson Elliott Sadler and Ricky run that same category also on pit road points leader Kurt Busch came down Dale Junior was in. Greg Biffle made a stop and a machine that caused the cautioned Carl Edwards came in. Four tires fuel edit chassis adjustment for his four. Apparently Jeff Gordon have come back down the pit lane they left the ranch in the back window whether adjusting the wedge of Le Carr and soft probable that road. Is going to cause Jeff Gordon even more trouble got off to a bad start today starting back in thirtieth. After four qualifying effort here on Friday afternoon and now more problems luckily it's early in the running. Also think with 400. Kasey Kahne against Baylor racetrack and bought it looked like he kind of got snookered they were everybody else came down the pit lane it was a little bit if they can go on on any think the wrong way. Owns about three or four cars it came down the apron of the racetrack like they're going to pit and started back out on the track and for the time Casey get past the entrance to pit road it was too late to get in there. So well right now he's showing as the leader few of the cars played on the racetrack Brent she played out there so he is going to be showing in second place your mayfield beat everybody off pit road did hit. So he is third Jimmie Johnson is fourth fifth right now is Elliott said. For getting ready to go back out of the green flag though with Casey came leading the way it yet he was one of the few cars that did not come down the pit lane on the restart however Scott whoever. Is on pit road we'll cover that stop and a moment first the leaders race off of turn one. Kasey Kahne and his teammate Jeremy Mayfield at the rear view mirror rob wanted to see Jimmie Johnson brought to bird Elliott Sadler live. Side by side midway down the back straightaway here comes Jeremy Mayfield charging hard to the inside lane a dander up alongside. Definitely quick way around Kansas Speedway in the early going is at the bottom of the speedway as the branding changes from the field right now Jeremy Mayfield rip believe Casey calls back the second Jimmie Johnson has thoughts of maybe try to take second place away they go to. Side by side battle now on number six position don't David Beckham Louisville. Dodge and Chevy are side by side now with the Seve and Jimmie Johnson wound up to the inside lane a he'll get offender out of. Early in the race all the crippled racetrack is demo the inside lane and that shows big time for Jimmie Johnson. Susie powers by Kasey Kahne grabbed the second spot. Little bit further back Ricky running Greg Biffle have a good race going on that's percent of the third one that little bit of smoke up the rear of the match. Onto the back straightaway single file the leaders come to the entrance of the corner again focusing on the rookie running battle that is the race for the seventh position. It's tough to break the far right line. Single filed a come out of the corner not much racing right there for the second there's that is sadly that's a tough and I don't let the leaders get too far away to throw him over until it's got women. Roughed up to the cockpit realistically get a quick update their hard left prayer tax cut down. Time it's not Chris got swimmer got the Kyle left side tires change returned to the right track. To get the field out there raced down the back straightaway and at the turn three Jeremy Mayfield is the leader for a car lengths in hand over Jimmie Johnson. Jimmie Johnson took that spot away Kasey Kahne would like to get it. Fact it's a scramble for second place can't do it this time here in the front stretch is they go single file back to turn over one. That's the way they run all the way back right now Dale Jarrett as a man door to door trying to grab a position away from Michael Waltrip in turn one. I'm tired I'm. Her bush making the move down the inside of the race track you Michael. After three meals on wheels while Tony Stewart behind the winner for a way to open up plus grab bottled water and serious tire rub prevent him that that's a problem that they've booty was referring to a little wall power tools Ford Sterling Marlin has returned to the racetrack although he has 23 laps down. Race for second as it turns into. Johnny Mac I. Traffic stacking up from second on back five cars most detailed Jimmie Johnson Kasey Kahne John. The high side of the. Don't call Jimmie Johnson makes it work though and at Highlander will hold off again one more time Kasey Kahne. Ryan it was a man on the move right now he's in that mix trying to pick up third places they go back to turn one and two. He pushed his dodge up to the number four position and he's not dead yet apply the back. They out. Ain't gonna have to do some defensive driving now Ryan Newman is on the back bumper. And looking for room to race against Johnson up the racetrack. He probably down slowly it's a three way battle for the second sponsor come pouring off turnover for a get Jimmie Johnson has seconds which is that full seconds behind race leader. Jeremy Mayfield. Kasey Kahne right behind David Ryan give it to the knicks as well came running a little bit higher on the racetrack right now. Newman huh. All sorts out into a single file formation into the back straight away as Jimmie Johnson his rear view mirror full of Kasey Kahne and Ryan Newman. Everybody just try to find a group that works right now not lose any positions make sure if you can't game one don't lose anything if they were affected at turner won 27 laps or on the board Jeremy Mayfield continues to lead this problem further back in the field were Tony Stewart. He showing an eighteenth position that's been a good tussle there was Michael walker Kevin Harvick carry the body involved in the body to go to two. And offered few laps. I'm watching I haven't army material monitor all about it. They're nobody quit his brother Bobby. Greg Biffle is picked up a position they got five holes that are Joseph divas check and laugh but no it biffle now lose himself back up to the six spot. Jeremy Mayfield shows the white continues to full life by just over a second over the second place machine at Jimmie Johnson Jimmy can't not shake Kasey Kahne. He righted third Ryan Newman his fourth and Elliott Sadler is fifth Greg Biffle as we delegates picked up at six spots to be the Jack has now fallen to seventh. Ricky Rudd has moved up to eight JD but various ninth and tenth. Is Brendan gone sticky for the back of the field here Casey Mears has picked up a lot of ground he's now eleventh Mark Martin this twelfth Jeff Burton is thirteenth. Dale Earnhardt junior back in fourteenth and Kurt Busch is fifty. Sixteenth is Dale Jarrett met into the seventy Tony Stewart JT Michael Waltrip nineteenth and Kevin Harvick runs in twentieth. When he first sterile Bonnie 22 spot of the body Robby Gordon's 23 JB a 24 the Jimmy Spencer when he bit. Went back through the rest of the field Kyle Busch is 26 Rusty Wallace has fallen back to 27 ward Burton's 28 Jeff Gordon's 29. Thirtieth this Carl Edwards 31 Bobby Hamilton junior thirty seconds Scott Riggs 3030 stuff behind 34 and Brian Vickers 35 in trader 36 Kyle Petty. Spreadsheet the 37 from 738 Scott swimmers 39 to make an unscheduled pit stop your phone bill with a three he's dropped back there. At fortieth is Jeff Green Larry consulate cars in the garage shown in 41 Sterling Marlin. That's some time back there replacing it drive ship he's come back on the track and he is 42. And 43 fertility who was also in the garage talk about team has come alive here in the last few races Jeremy Mayfield and his group really happy leads right now by a full second half over Kasey Kahne battled for second place in turn three. Basically got that one lap felt my easily. Finally make the pass around savings. Your fire even more often corner. They come down off sort of reform back the start finish line Cuban looked to the inside Ritchie it's the squeezed by Jimmie Johnson pulls up alongside that fight is on and turn one. Ryan Newman on the inside Jimmie Johnson on the outside Greg Biffle look at Brad is right behind them but all of. Okay change lanes off turn two trying to run down to the inside of Ryan Newman. Can't get it done of the back straight away but at the head of that pack Jimmie Johnson again slots on the racetrack. The parent Ryan Doumit trying to take a sample goes lower returns. For every team just as hard as they can and it. Trying to keep the leader inside he has almost half a straightaway on the battle for third place on back right now that continues to shape up over in turn do. The battle continues to be for the number three position Jimmy John. Moments after breathing room. Reliability for. I know that. Don't lie but can't close the deal off turn two has the run. But has to now fall back in line behind Ryan Newman so for now Jimmie Johnson is in third. Two over Ryan Newman the same record breaking tackles and an. We're closes then fear it may feel that has a second and a half lead however there's a piece of debris of some sort possibly if they're all from one of the windshield on the front grille of the scarlet if they'd that he can pick it up and turn one. Absolutely can't known advocate may have failed and it looks like a piece of clear plastic wanted to win the plug Hawaiian air into the we feel. Mr. candidates didn't see if they're deciding what they might need to do well Fareed I checked we keep secret they are. The real hot. No okay. Least he's out in front their offline self and not fox did say in a heavy packet traffic we're with the heat would go up in a hurry and not only in the oil to appear but also in the water let's just back to that battle for third place here comes off turn to perform one more time it's been three and four cars locked up and that was the last few laps around Jimmie Johnson had to find new and has tried to get around him a couple of times man on the move now Greg Biffle. Therefore once again testing the waters and man I gotta get a good run down all help complete the pass on. Their number two. Back he'll pull away by Arlington maybe two and set sail for Jimmie Johnson this is the race for the third position going into the back straight away. Johnson stays up the racetrack. This law has. As his sport glued down mother's side by side for third biffle pulled up trying to challenge the air but Jimmie Johnson swings around and a lot of them want to come off for the reform will hold them off yet again those two were moving away from Ryan Newman. Is now fall back the fifth Elliott Sadler is close and an old now. Economy out of here's beautiful again looking for a test the waters army. Don't get it done falls back in line follows Johnson off the into the backstretch Ryan Newman Elliott Sadler making this the Forman fight for position. I hit most definitely can't try to squeeze. Inside the Johnson. Great start work in -- that he can make that cut down toward the inside of the turn but it's not enough this time to grab the position away from Jimmie Johnson got a lot of horsepower that machine. It's gonna have to get a clear run at him to get around they go back over to turn to. Jimmy Johnson a car like Greg Biffle or running your. You've rooms higher on the race track. Play around me. Obviously Johnson's car better to the outside lane Greg Biffle is comparable now wolf see how they sort it out. Traffic cop daddy's lap car directly ahead and of course Johnson up the racetrack that affects the water water as well off the corner of the cup now racing off turn four they hold their positions. As Mike Bagley describe the slower car of Kyle Petty forcing all three to go single file and take the outside outlined so far there's been three lead changes among three drivers give me the check struggled but holier this afternoon. Jeremy Mayfield took over at that number five Kasey Kahne stay on the racetrack and everyone else pitted at lap seventeen he took over then that. And mayfield chased him down quickly to go over the top spot again at that number twenty. I was thirty laps ago and now he enjoys a 22 lead over Casey. Yeah that we're coming up on well actually fifty left it just been completed a leader Jeremy Mayfield if you the united how quick he's running he's about kids detail into the field he can start lapping cars and I mean it within 45 laps and advocates for five. And start putting cars already a lap down. Have a pretty good race there for about five or six laps and still not that bad back in eighth place and actually seventh. Joni wood shake hands it. Ricky Rudd is there Jamie McMurray it's been an attack console has Mark Martin and Kurt Busch has moved up quite a bit. In the early going here he started way back to about 22 position he's currently shown up and left. Ricky Rudd and a good job he started the twelfth position here this afternoon and it has worked his way up to seventh right now trying to hang onto it off turn two. Located outside camp fire rains came here. Mark Martin and lives cars all stacked up for behind Ricky Bryant first of those not a lot is Joseph David Jack he's gonna take a look at. The racetrack JD degree looks hot hot as well off turn four. And Ryan Newman thought he had the flu played just committed to go on Jimmie Johnson as a came through three and four they ran up on one of the left cars out there he had a really checked up. And now he has lost almost everything he had he's got about 1520 colleagues to make a full return to. Peter Elliott Sadler floated right out fine. At daylight on the back. Ryan Newman has been trying so hard to get around Jimmie Johnson about the last twenty laps herself almost have to move made lost a whole lot of real estate. And now rivals are all back. Clutches of Elliott Sadler feathers they are trying to make the move off turn two but looks like now Ryan has pulled away by a couple of car lengths for now. The bit further back that battle we talked about with that Ricky Rudd he hangs on the seventh. With Jamie McMurray back in the eight spot Joseph David Czech parliament night. It Kurt bush now rides and chance let's make its way through the Pitts brought to you by craftsman the official tools of NASCAR will start the Winston Kelley. Let's talk about some of the guys going to the front go into the bank Jimmy detectives started up front dropped by. Thank plus six possessions are still just go over the list for his life he's got to the line started fifth dropped all the way back when he heard. The tides the word from the interstate batteries for Kasey Kahne started second. Roger. Pit road he should hit another six or seven. A little bit tight and fast and started back in the Wallace started 36 Buffett when he sank and even this far has been very loose Jeff Gordon started the scored his weapons when a fourth but still extremely. Not liking how his car running and Tony Stewart started 44 these might have seven possessions for seventy heat to Baylor. Look at those next round of pit stop and make suggested judgment to the midsection and out of Alexander. When drivers came down pit road on lap seventeen which and there are various schools of thought the midsection of pit road. Kurt Busch the Nextel Cup points leader came down the pit lane got more tired topped off the field like. Made a chassis adjustment. He restarted twice curtain is made his way to eleven so we obviously is a man on the move his teammate Greg Biffle got to retire three started ninth. He's up to the third position so four tires and two tires obviously beneficial for those two guys Jimmie Johnson and Ryan Newman. Came down took fuel only and it's been somewhat of a status quo run for them since the restart Johnson currently fourth. Ryan Newman rides in the fifth condition though those drivers recording tight conditions on their race cars Danielle. Well later here. A problem earlier maybe that's the reason debris on the front grill loved your we've made real god. During BP previews at the paper's name right there and you never know what we need are there any good today. Mean he on the first I'm telling you only that part good they had no adjustments at all Jelena Larry Craig today's race in the did. Maybe. I think we're only no thank you. Last year at his feet right. Is it Nancy let me make everything here. Thirteenth position. But then he kind of Barea and very alive and actually in the not far animating everything. Here's Kasey Kahne coming off the banking to make you stop as much to Taylor reported a few moments ago remember he did not come and what everybody else made their stops back at lap number sixteen now he's on that road Atlanta number 58 back down the Winston. And Kasey Kahne won the ball away and I company attention and his crew they've got to work on the right side of the machine began just a little bit tied. Are gonna make a quick track bar adjustments. The left side of the dodge on the Lam. And camels and I've been killed in. Fourteen point 4%. For Kasey Kahne. It says Joseph told me he has his fifth stuff a little bit out of sequence and everybody else when now they came out on the came on pit road that early caution and he stayed on the racetrack we're left 59 Jeremy Mayfield leads Greg Biffle is second Jimmie Johnson third Ryan Newman's fourth. And Elliott Sadler is fifth pick you back to the top ten real quick Ricky ready sixteen McMurray seventh mark mark may Kurt Busch night. Do need tickets today. Greg Biffle comes in fourth different driver to lead the banquet 400 here this afternoon it just the first 65 laps he took over the top spot from Jeremy Mayfield a at lap number 63 and already has pulled out 288 tenths of a second lead. Over mayfield Ryan Newman runs in the third Elliott Sadler is fourth at Jimmie Johnson. Has dropped back to fifth Ricky Rudd is up to six mark marked the seventh Jamie McMurray it's eight. Kurt Busch's night that Casey Mears is stance after the top twenty here at lap 66 include Joseph David chick he's fallen to eleventh Tony Stewart's up to twelve. Dale Jarrett thirteenth for the goddess fourteenth. And Dale Earnhardt junior fronted fifteenth sixteenth is Jeff Burton Mets into the seventeenth Michael Waltrip eighteenth Rusty Wallace is 98 that Kevin Harvick. Wanted money. Particularly for the bank Jeff Gordon Tony first you're the bodies to a second body the body is 23 Carl Edwards shows that point fourth position than 25 this Kyle Busch Bobby Hamilton junior 26 Robby Gordon's when he seventy mile 28 Jimmy Spencer 29 and Scott Riggs is thirtieth. Brian Vickers is back there and 31 position can traders 32 Ward Burton 33. And Kasey Kahne remember he made pit stop out of sequence with everybody else please stop a minute ago and he has fallen back to 34 position Scott swimmers 35 36 is Jeffrey Kyle Petty 37. Todd but I'm being posted in 38 although he's showing in the garage right now. Sterling Marlin brought his car out on the racetrack after spending several laps behind the walrus. Replacing a drive ship shows 39. For me sadder sound of the event in fortieth also out in 41 to Stan Barrett Larry Johnson is in the garage posted 42. He perch over dean is 43. That's where they run left 682 of the city you're wondering how in the world Jeremy Mayfield lost the second and a half years almost second. And six tips ahead of the field and all of a sudden Greg Biffle ran him down and took the lead. There wasn't traffic had to deal with an a for awhile it was racing along with a couple lapped cars are prospective double light and fun of him. That allowed Gregg takes a downloadable clip that was all the that maybe he just used that car up. There that long run but he pulled out with 22 lead ticket standing to the chase for the Nextel Cup right now Kurt Busch still leads. Dale Earnhardt junior as of this moment by 32 points. So movers of the top ten right now include Mark Martin has picked up the opposition he's up for the third spot now Jeff Gordon has dropped to the fourth position. As of this moment Ryan Doumit picked up two spots he's fifth. Elliott Sadler is sixth Jimmie Johnson has picked up a spotter duke he's up to seventh Tony Stewart has fallen to the eight spot that hints at this night to Jeremy Mayfield is tent. There are 225. Points among the top ten as of this moment. Ever since 67 among the top ten. Coming into today's race at some of the drivers this week in the garage boarded a talking about maybe some changes they may have approached NASCAR on for next year this chase for the Nextel Cup. What the ideas was to have sort of a race without a race to where OK if the highest finishing guy in the chase say finished in seventh. He would be the winner solely those guys with content with her own set of numbers Jeremy Mayfield was talking about that change and maybe some change this course what tracks we go to. We'll say is dream world I was my children and I said I just make changes were wounded upright with the top ten in their own. Points race you know where like at some happened himself or Tony myself and well who would be that far behind and I keep things tighter when this. And that way it would matter really what happened you your generation and own your own gas an insult in and that it first and then Ambilight. Daytona Talladega just for sure and Martinsville honestly what else loud and I'd move a lot of around my. I think I've Kansas. Chicago Darlington Mahdi -- Rockingham back for a Rockingham. California. Charlotte. You say what else is down like things like homestead. We'll settle. Result for sure is indeed a threat to richness that BT and our ticket. Your days you'll talk about some changes he would make. In the format for the chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup Michael Waltrip just made a stop let's cover that. He came down alive sending one. Michael Waltrip in the infant formula. I have. Greg Biffle still leads the way any leads now by three point six seconds over Jeremy Mayfield Atlanta 73 green flag pit stops under wailed that road it's gonna have a head of Alexander. And the later was then Greg Biffle came in for tires and fuel slight chance C adjustment to. Can I help us light snow a tight condition on his race car. He's been pretty good throughout the afternoon he is down and away Jimmie Johnson. Carl Edwards at Atlanta 783 and Bobby Hamilton junior came in Atlanta 72. Daniel fried. Yeah I mean Jamie McCourt Mary. We're tired and you'll mark Martin's is now coming down here about 76. More cars in front of Winston Kelley. Rusty Wallace went seven for fourteen point nine seconds a track bar adjustments. There's just this past lab Brian Vickers came in this Barcelona tied to the minute chassis adjustment there. Sports fans feel about clothes that are journeyman tech just completed a four times not to yell out gently plus Jeff Burton comes down pit road. This machine. Little bit loose but it's getting better they make a wedge adjustment it's gotten a complete service on his machine port tires and fuel there. Ryan Newman is bringing his car on the field. Also new right now. Kevin Harvick Dale Earnhardt junior is coming on pit road discover more stops than you know. Thank you have gambling panel I'm 77. Working on the right side at the right side tire size. First hand and had no. Elbowing and also making another stop. Well Dale Earnhardt junior having some problems getting on the pit lane the Budweiser Chevrolet. He's got four tires and Cuba when he was coming on to pit road. Ward Burton responded at 316 entering the pit lane. War is complain of a problem where there's breaks these load up to avoid getting on the infield grass and waited that junior had to nearly stop his race car. Getting on the pit roads no problem there for junior. And a extended stopper Ward Burton. He's having brake problems. Casey rather act Kurt Busch had taken over the lead here at Kansas Speedway but now he's made his stop let's cover that they stayed out to legal lab got the five bonus points brought it down pit road for tires fuel a slight chassis adjustment. And he is returned to the racetrack so with the school board shows right now Kasey Kahne as the leader Atlanta. Number eighty Greg Biffle second Kurt Busch third I think it's gonna change Jokester just made a stop here a moment ago. And Jeremy Mayfield should move back up toward the front of the field along with Casey Mears Ryan Newman Mark Martin Ricky Rudd now they stops. A run on schedule they're coming under green flag conditions Casey came one of the few drivers that was out of the sequence and everybody else there for awhile. That left 81 now we recycle and Kasey Kahne is a leader Greg Biffle is second Jeremy Mayfield mr. Casey Mears is fourth Ryan Newman its fifth. Mark Martin is six Ricky Rudd is seventh Tony Stewart is eight Elliott Sadler nineteen Jimmie Johnson tipped. That is after the latest round of pit stops you make Mary is eleventh filters twelfth two need to take thirteenth Kurt Busch is fourteenth. And Jeff Burton is now fifty Michael Waltrip sixty Rusty Wallace seventy Earnhardt junior's eighteenth. Nineteenth going to be Carl Edwards at twentieth and Jeff Gordon. 21 two Brendan gone 22 match chances Kevin Harvick 23 Bob and bodies 24 and turn the volume make up top 45 Robby Gordon. June 26 of Bobby Hamilton junior 27 Brian Vickers 28 and Scott Riggs and play tonight change deal once thirtieth. Can't trader is at 31 with Scott Webber thirty seconds Jimmy Spencer to be Spencer's 33. You get to a Kyle Busch in 34 now Jeff Green 35 at Kyle Petty 36. Ward Burton still sits on that road after his imprint that Adam Alexander told us about he shouted 37. Top but not it's 38 Sterling Marlin. About 41 laps down at least 39 out of the race for the cars of Harvey Sadler Stanton Barrett. Larry canceled and and Kurt shell predate let's go back data that covered that situation and close call their for Dale Earnhardt junior and again that's still problems lingering for Ward Burton. Problem with the right front brake line Joseph this occurred earlier in the race Gordon radioed and said he felt like there's a problem with the brakes and obviously it came to parishioner when he tried to get on the debt rowdy actually wrote completely through his pit stall. Bed around two or three stalls down crewmembers did push him back in the pits the hood is up now on the net zero Chevrolet trying to repair that right front brake line. And is towards the title on the pit lane he's going several laps down of the leaders Ricky Rudd has have been scramble on the speedway right now I just including turned over to Ricky has six placed Tony Stewart there Mark Martin is there an Elliott Sadler is there also is a hit for three and one of the best battles. Racetrack Barney Ricky red trying to hold off the advances of Tony Stewart thousand drivers have. Products over Mark Martin. Look great in their for the six possession Ricky Rudd brings out port up off the corner. Tony Stewart just to follow him for now that's quite have the power to pull to make the pass right behind them another fort delay and a couple of of that matter of fact. Mark Martin they're trying to hold on eight. While Elliott Sadler is not at all the door for a lap 85 of 267. Kasey Kahne to lead is not grow to one point 36 seconds over Greg Biffle as we've reached lap 8267. From Kansas Speedway this is MRN radio the voice of NASCAR. It's almost push your car this time for relaxing and then winding the crisp cold Busch beer. It's the most refreshing time of the day. Wake Forest. 321. Chris cool. Book. Enjoy responsibly push for your former bush who's doing. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuel for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust and hope go to veto fuel that feeds you go second camp putts and I've got to feel going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of links it. Welcome back it's been quite a send them over the NASCAR Nextel cup series is running the banquet 400. That nine lead changes among seven drivers right out Kasey Kahne is out in front. By a second and a half along with Barney hall I'm Joseph Moore Dave million Mike bacteria that turns this afternoon. On pit road rebar and Winston Kelley and of Alexander and Danielle Frye. That caution flags have played so far lap number one but Sterling Marlin lost that drive shaft. He made the repairs in the garage they brought the car back counties some forty laps down but also our second caution came and left sixteen with Carl Edwards spun coming off turn four. On to this front straightaway partly cloudy skies this afternoon got a cool temperature here's a very nice day for racing on the cool side indeed much different than what we've seen earlier in the weekend near. As the NASCAR Busch Series rant here at Kansas Speedway yesterday afternoon judge need to check got the win the mr. good sits 300. Over Greg Biffle David strictly Ashton Lewis and Ron Hornaday. Martin Truex junior leads the championship point standings in the NASCAR Busch Series now by 149 over Kyle Busch has the series skips next week before moving on. Actually no and actually they do move on the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina for their next race on the schedule but I championship points battle going on there in the NASCAR Busch Series. Let's talk a little bit about some scrambling going on on this racetrack right now it has to. 93 laps Dale Jarrett Jimmie Johnson Kurt Busch and they will separate little bit for the moment Dale Jarrett leads that packet traffic back in the turn of one. And they booty looks like some of those guys have trouble keeping it down the bottom of the speedway. Yet Jimmie Johnson is okay Harding has had a tough time keeping it okay. It lives DJ we're. Relief about Kurt Busch. At ten consistent away from Jimmie Johnson Johnson and eleventh Kurt Busch did well Jamie McMurray. Thirteen and they're all taking different. On to the quarters here. In the cup foreign off turn four and indeed Jimmie Johnson looks one blade right behind him Kurt Busch looked another is Dale Jarrett maintains a spot about five Carling chatted follow that back. This is from tenth on back back up to turn one. And garlic advantage. He's got three more back. I do my entire. So far able to keep put your career. You only offering these drivers with this time as they exit the back straightaway Dale Jarrett aims for the bottom Johnson doesn't like two and a half. Cruise I think Kurt Busch as I have to prove all the bottom so again drivers taking different lines and turns green. The attrition rate is sits several cars to the garage area top vote but is out of the event Hermes Sadler is parked his car for the they Stanton Barrett is out so was Larry councilman. And perch over these are all in the garage now Sterling Marlin lost to drive shaft early in the event here this afternoon. He spent several laps in the garage but he is back on the racetrack right now showing in 38 position. Lot of cars after this round of green flag pit stops kind of got way everybody's spread out around this racetrack trying to make up some ground to get back up there inside the top ten. Jamie McMurray we talked about still scrambling Joni Richards who started on the bud pole here this afternoon Jones up to fourteenth he's picked off a couple of spots as they make their last pit stop. Jeff Burton's back their 53 Hart junior hasn't made up a lot of ground neither has Rusty Wallace for Michael Waltrip. And we are now it left numbered 97. Dale junior's not like it up a whole lot of ground here this afternoon coming off a win last week at at Talladega super speedway and of course losing the championship points standings. Not after that for the language that was used off that road lot's been said about that this week. And that we talked to Dale Junior about that it's it's that particular incidents. And he said he kind of understands both sides of the situation but really didn't particularly like the way the penalty was handed out there finest. And it. It's offensive and it was a mistake you had known him anything that I intentionally playing it's pretty. And it's like Huntsman is little more severe than the crown. That's only my opinion though he does not I don't think put but I believe it is always correct obviously in. If that was the case out of their ballots have been a situation before it's kind of feel like I'm. I feel a little bit thrown under the bus and and now I'm getting drug out liberals now filled night until. It's hard it's it's really artists. It's ardent. Have a one sided opinion owner because nothing is number one it's just not correct you know it's not it's not right to do it. No it feel a little bit like. No the point thing is what bothered me the most is taking the points the way I feel like taking points off the scoreboard is is is very tough deal with the hard to understand. Providence that's only part they have probably it is just trying to understand. Where you can take points off the school board after after how hard work now they we earned every one of you know. Of course they have appeal the decision we talked Tony Stewart he agreed with Dale Junior I think what happened last week is highly blown way out of proportion. I think we're certain. Nitpick and scrutinize we too much in this series coming. Since when does something that some audiences have an effect on one championship when should have that effect them. I think this fellow competitor that I spent lot time with this week's probably senate that's from the time that Carnoustie tech. The time the checkered flag drops any time in that period. Where anything that happens can affect how the race was run. That's when point should be taken away not something happens before that period. Anything that happens after that period. My estimates that we had freedom speech correct. Since when does that change now so I knew the constitution changed. Between the last couple weeks. And since wonders what some ices have earned him. What he said didn't cheat anybody on the racetrack I didn't have any effect on how the race was run that Kendrick would have an effect on millions of dollars and how who their sponsors had analysts now and the pressure to put on their team I think it's been totally unfair to him and his race team when it's been assisted him. You know it's like we're where's this process and. Stop Tony Stewart his opinions on that fine handed down that they'll figure vastly Talladega both dealers and and that probably had dozens due to thoughts on that the president had been set by NASCAR way early in the season and drivers had been told that this would happen if they did. In the use of inappropriate language. I guess it and it's they say you know everybody has a different thing. Kasey Kahne still leads Greg Biffle the march announced he crosses the start finish line has shrunk somewhat the polls close again to now have second margin between first and second. Jeremy Mayfield is third Casey Mears fourth Ryan given his fifth. Ricky Rudd is now on six actually Elliott Sadler moves up and take six Mark Martin is seventh then Rudd falls to eighth. Dale Jarrett is night that Jimmie Johnson his chance dilemma this Tony Stewart twelfth this Kurt Busch Jamie McMurray is thirteenth you'll need to check fourteenth that Dale Earnhardt junior's and fifty. Jeff Burton is sixteenth president gone seventy. Michael Waltrip eighteenth Jeff Gordon nineteenth Rusty Wallace fronted money if and a pretty plain right so far guarding the except those who cautioned. Like that we had Orly we had a caution come out on the first lap when Sterling Marlin car stalled on the racetrack do the fact that he lost to drive shift in the car and in the second caution came out of left fifteen when Carl Edwards spun. Coming out of turn number four here in the front straightaway but other than that. This ratios remain under green flag conditions so hopefully we'll stay that way. The does the banquet 400 here this afternoon at the Kansas Speedway and ConAgra Foods parent company of bank which. Is not Chris scorcher the vice president corporate telecommunications. ConAgra Foods that have with a this afternoon what a beautiful day for racing. You're Kansas Speedway. Thank you very much I know I really appreciated at this Yeager got second year and involving your can't Steven Wright it is it's our second here that's a great way to reach out NASCAR fan through. Oil to the sport. Oil tobacco products as well so we really enjoy you guys have been around racing while other than this time several years ago I think Travis Carter. You were involved with the race team members heard tonight that's right our are our affiliation with NASCAR goes back to the 1980s in fact that we sponsor carry Aponte. When he would repeat the air. And we used to sneak up on that truck. Because they had all kinds of the banquet products on their like the chicken pot pies and different things like that if you want something neat that's where you went. Well it's the product we think everybody likes him we sure appreciate. Everyone's support out here at the race it's a great event. Lot of new companies have come at a NASCAR racing and found its popularity can be beneficial to their product distribution and sales over the years but again you guys have been in this for a long time. How has the growth in over the years as a continue to climb like the popularity of the sport does. It really doesn't even at this as the sport continues to grow you've got a lot of bomb. A lot of housewives and their kids and families come to these events and that's exactly what this product banquets all about so it's a great way to. Get to the consumers who who love our product Chris thanks a lot for your involving her Kansas Speedway with us here at the motor racing network and glad to have you with us again this year Kansas Speedway thanks so much for having. Chris archer with the icon agri food to get the parent company for bank with the sponsor of today's banquet 400 here at Kansas Speedway. No change in the front five distilled Greg Biffle Kasey Kahne Jeremy Mayfield Ryan Newman and Casey Mears mark Martin's been trying to really and get up there but he's still some thirteen seconds behind the leader. Elliott Sadler running fairly close to him Dale Jarrett back in eighth place is also in the mix of cars along we Ricky Rudd and Tony Stewart. That moment having a pretty good tussle for positions 67 and eight here in the last. At least the last ten laps around. Jeff Gordon not have an upgrade today so far the guy has won here twice before Jeff is currently shot of the nineteenth position is not that much closer to that in the fifth spot here today. And Dale Earnhardt junior off that win last week at Talladega currently runs. Back in the fifteenth position currently they're showing 21 cars on the lead lap. Later on today's broadcast morning and I will select the winner of the rate best this break of the race award. The driver who experiences the best right here in today's race posting a 500 dollar donation. Awarded to the motor racing outreach children's ministries on his behalf for investors breaks the official breaks of NASCAR. Kasey Kahne is on pit road let's watch him hit down his bit and cover the stuff. The last thing on lap fifty and come down on lap number one winning hearts go out just to take tonight. Now they come around the left side. The machine the car stalls now. Fat wallet cards jacked up on the last lap to. Point two seconds and stuff that I stay there. The question is being asked him has been all year long and Kasey Kahne as we have in the world is he gonna win race I think he finished second five times and several other top five finishes he's run good over half the season been run up in the top five. But just can't seem to put it together to get to Victory Lane with as they say if you keep running that good every week sooner or later nothing else the law of gravity for the team. Between that eventually it's that got the half but the Greg Biffle takes over the top spot here at lap 128 after Kasey Kahne comes down it makes his pit stop. Jeremy Mayfield Lucent the second eats four seconds back. With Ryan Newman third Casey Mears fourth. And Mark Martin fifth. It's gonna bid race update brought to you by Indian latest instantly changes among seven drivers so far today. The vet caution flags wave only two times in the first 122 laps first but came out flat one and starting marvels the drive shaft than the last sixteen of the Carl Edwards. And one car incident coming off turn force fun. Here is he hit it down towards the start finish line after the race of the cars of Kyle Petty top vote died Herbie Sadler is out. Also Stanton Barrett Larry councilman and Kirk shell over data. Right now twenty cards are shown up on the lead lap this mid race update brought to you by Indiana eight. Apply for an official NASCAR credit card issued by in the an eighth with a photo of one of more than eighty drivers. You can lock on the Ambien may dot com or when you come to a NASCAR event. Stop by one of the familiar green Ambien a Buddhist and receive a free gift. Just for applying. It's been a strange season in Nextel Cup racing for a lot of teams a lot of drivers and we sit there have been a dozen drivers that have gone to Victory Lane but there's been 31 who have not been Victory Lane. In fact some of the best teams in the business have been in a slump in the last ten races kind of looking back through statistics this morning. Michael Waltrip has only had one top ten of the last ten races Rusty Wallace has had two top teams in the last seventeen. And Joni Richards Lucy Jones hit two top teams in eleven races sterling month only had three in the last fifty. Lot of money it's only had one top ten of the last thirteen races. Robby Gordon's only has three top tens of his seventeen races and Jeff Burton had two tough hands in his last fifteen and these are good teams it's not for lack of work it's not for lack of the talent on the team and everything else went to Kelly you're down there every week watching these guys down off pit road and so was adamant Danielle. These guys Arab of these teams that we just talked about there. They haven't been to Victory Lane that venomous wolf more or less this year than it's not because of lack of effort and everything else is just it's so tough to win a race in this business was to. They want a lot of it has to do with momentum it seems like as far as I am from I believe if you went up and down pit road for the 43 names that are here the effort would be. What the same for all of the themes this get all the right things. And line and momentum has so much to do it if you you'd think about a guy like body the body had a good first one of the big. Offer him. Hasn't been the victim. Been running extremely well still waiting to go to victory. Thank thank Pepsi Center Jeremy Mayfield last year. The first part of this year they got on the road just before the chase for the season. It's got under way it started running up front got the victory. Running second today the momentum thing they had just a whole lot more to do with that then they have heard that the floating around in the garage area and on the right track. Green flag pit stops under way Jeremy Mayfield on the pit lane Ryan Newman has taken over the top spot let's cover some of the stops first went to Kelly. Rusty Wallace came down pit road on lap one when he had changed course prior to feel about it. And I think minimum Gaza just came get a break one of the right side when does it keeps the aerodynamics wheel calamity car. Out of Rusty Wallace car fell off when he was Lavin pit road. Head of the front. O'Brien he came down 131 wins this flying everywhere you just did what I got over again because he really liked the white cars handling the scorecard. I don't want to OK now I went 31 and he's making here these these guys thank you. It definitely on the wall board when people are. Mark mark now pulling me. I don't love 133 for Ricky Rudd Ford tires and fuel no major adjustments he's been satisfied with his race car. Jimmie Johnson Scott hello Chevrolet and right now 34 tires fuel and a chassis adjustment lap 131 Greg Biffle gave up the lead. He came down pit road for tires fuel they did make a chassis adjustment. Bobby Hamilton junior at lap 131. In Atlanta won 47. Carl Edwards brought his poured down the pit lane. Hit side now offer Kurt Busch the points leader and a man who's running right behind him for the Nextel cup series. Dale Earnhardt junior both bringing their cars the pit lane right now bush making a snap. For five dollars and Brennan junior got the win ranch going in the right rear windows gonna make it chassis adjustment. On the Kurt Busch machine did a very quiet afternoon on the radio for Dale Junior right side tires on both guards second camp you'll knowing and left side tires on her but she's a life they live off the grill for Dale Junior and that bright red Budweiser Chevrolet racing back down the pit. Pit lane. That's gonna move Ryan Newman up into the lead Dale Jarrett at the second Elliott Sadler the third Tony Stewart fourth in June need to check fifth these are green flag pit stops they're scheduled stops and we're having a car spin out of their own pit road don't get looks like gash same meal comes off the racetrack a photographer for very similar move to a Ward Burton did earlier spins it around pulls that Arafat Danielle Frye. I'll do my time at an upturn port down on pit road different you know thank I guess yeah. Right exactly I'm. It's not that you're going him could be a little bit. Thank here on. You know almost look like they're came in a little bit hot and said you know proud of what down probably lock it up looped it around but it it's played up his favorite ones since because then after the speech is simply grew into his pit depth here comes the leader Ryan Newman comes off the banking at lap 137. Tony Stewart will come down the pit lane with Ryan Newman. To get service on their cars that should turn the lead over to Dale Jarrett Ryan Newman slows down the pit road speed at 35 miles per hour. And it's down Adam Alexander. Ryan Newman a safe bet it Kansas to win and two runner up finishes in three starts with a smile laugh racetrack gonna make a chassis adjustment bridges in both the right. Atlanta rarely race car right side tires are on the left side tires going on second can appeal it and great stop her Ryan an enemy Alltel dodge. The pole sitter Joseph need to check stopping in front Winston Kelley. They both think just in front of Johnny scored Stewart's tail very loose car play. Like the chassis adjustment criticism service fifty point 06 seconds to work for US army. Time. Being all four tires make it a slight Jesse adjustment and their Bradford just. They know Al champion Jeff Burton Burton making his way down pit road there and a little bit loose for his liking. Elliott Sadler is on pit road Jeff Burton is on pit road also it looks like. Brandon gone is in and here comes Jeff Gordon back in mr. McKenna Winston. Headlines pro Bono work on the right side of his car's been a little bit fight bad then let. The word from Jeff Gordon proved they're gonna make it another way Magic Johnson. The track bar just the last time they hardly change the right side tire will. Why are we wouldn't want jedi. People away. Four cars come again the leader Dale Jarrett as in there's debris on the racetrack. So the caution flag is coming in. Maher coming out that is Mark Martin is back on their road he was just did a few laps ago as we told you Dale Jarrett also came down that plane to make a stop here. Just as the caution flag waves for the third time this afternoon at lap one hundred forties. Apparently was a brake rotor from Kyle Busch's car let's go down to Daniel fried because it cost Mark Martin a lot. Natured it is going to be costly for Mark Martin because he actually ran over what he's it was a brake rotor from Kyle Busch's car completely stranded traded. Both the right side tires on the fiber forty came down there just as. NASCAR displayed the cautions so loud that's losing a lap mark Martin's solo bit costly new setting a solid top five run here at Kansas Speedway. Kasey Kahne will make you stop feel give up the lead didn't make his stop here at lap 143 let's coverage. Bar love and all sink but he's been coming in earlier than other guys last on lap 120 Richie Tommy Bowden said we're gonna lose track position. Well make it up later got to keep adjusting on the car as good as teammate is. And the machine of Greg Biffle because the way they changed four tires and track bar adjustment still just a little bit tight. Geneva Jack brings his car on pit road they're gonna make another wedge adjustment on his machine more cars in front of out of. That's aired a Bonnie did not come down in that cycle of green flag pit stops of the Kellogg Chevrolet comes down under caution on lap 1434. Tires and fuel for him. His teammate Jimmie Johnson who has fought tight tight condition throughout the afternoon as the Lowe's Chevrolet back on pit road for tires fuel and chassis adjustment there. And also coming back in Ricky Rudd four tires fuel and the same for Kurt Busch Danielle. Jamie McMurray was the only one on the tail end of the pit road section Adams to not come back down pit road he came and all at 135 came back down just a few minutes ago lapped 143. Four tires and fuels like Jesse adjustment pulled the windshield a tearsheet often not who is down and away. Those are tough break for mark mark. He was having a very good day and of course we've talked a lot about how is set career has improved here this year since he won at Dover. In the spring this year seems like every week you know mark's been forced to deal with course got himself into the chase for the Nextel Cup by. Getting up there in the top ten after the race at Richmond and he's that been a contender practically every weekend. And that this weekend at a very good run unfortunately getting in some trouble here. Getting a cut tire after running over that piece of fabric rode rough there it. He's a lap down but it course has 123 laps to go supply it time to try to make up some of that lost ground. That's a more cars coming out of that lie in most of these cars not on the lead lap but that's cover some of the stops let's go to Al first and went to Kelly. Brian Vickers one of those we mentioned Rusty Wallace having to make the extra stop. When one of the right side windows came out the Plexiglas bell also he had become. Back down pit road brother up by ten trader and changing board tires and still make it a chassis adjustment then Sterling Marlin had problems earlier on on top of braving danger the green flag gets service as does Jeff great handful of other cars in front of madam Alexander. Bobby Hamilton junior back and the they're playing Carl Edwards spitting distance running and each getting four tires until. That's a great afternoon for Dale Earnhardt junior the Budweiser Chevrolet last time he came down lap 135. A lap down here so they come down at 1444. Tires fuel and they also make a chassis adjustment. And it shouldn't be that too many more laps or cleaning up up and three and four we had a problem a moment ago when Kyle Busch apparently dropped some debris on the racetrack if there. It is the reason for the yellow flags debris on the speedway. Where it lapped 146 Jeremy Mayfield is a leader Greg Biffle is second Casey Mears is there the you'll hear his fourth and Ryan Newman is fifth wheel set to rest of the field for in a moment right now let's go downstairs. I'll publish it made his regularly scheduled pit stop on lap 127 just a few laps like he had some problems what happened Kyle. It is you're underage so hard and you know you hear in the Nextel cup series and you're on the edge all the time but you know I was over the adds a whole race and just trying to hang on to and trying to do fast lap times earlier on in the best possible times they had all that had been all day and united can hang on to it anymore I got a list and I thought I had let's head over corrected just like yesterday night Iran a stiff stiffer springs and back in the soft on an affront. It tent at odds are better there right now does that left. And the thoughts of how bush has yet exit the race literally today and his teammate Jimmie Johnson made an extra stop at a met Jimmie Johnson not a lot of track position Jana haven't totally satisfied with what the race cars doing they. Internet coming down under the caution flag just eight laps after they'd been under green changed four tires and fuel. And then they dove in the window net to see what might be wrong with the race car not exactly sure what they were working on the we will follow up. And report back in moments. Cleanup efforts continue all the way from turn four clear now through the front straightaway and also over in Warner. Two NASCAR taking this opportunity to pick up all the loose debris and lose reverend things out there that got the jet dryers in the blowers on the speedway to clean it up right here in the front stretch right now. So it will be a few more laps before we will collect three. Scott when her heels off the racetrack up in turn before the caterpillar car will come back in for a pit stop let's take you back to the rest of the running order. Again Jeremy Mayfield is a leader Greg Biffle is second Casey Mears is third failed terror this fourth brand new and its fifth and Tony Stewart six. Elliott settlers seventh Kasey Kahne is they buy his Joni reject two of his Ricky Rudd eleventh this Kurt Busch in twelfth right now that is Jamie McMurray thirteenth. Will be carrying the body of fourteen to Jimmie Johnson fifteen has Dale Earnhardt junior and these cars are on the Palin believe laugh Michael Waltrip Jeff Burton and friends golf. Jeff Gordon showed in nineteenth right now twentieth as Mexicans thought the body's 21 Mark Martin 22 Scott Weber 23 Kevin Harvick 24 and Carl Edwards. Is 25 Brian Vickers 26 Bobby Hamilton juniors to like seventh Robby Gordon twenty eighths Jimmy Spencer 29 rusty Wallace's thirtieth. Can traitor shouted 31 chain meal thirty seconds Scott Riggs is 33 Jeff Green 34 Kyle Busch out of the race has heard from him he jumped 35. Ward Burton is that a number of laps down 36 as his Sterling Marlin in 37 other cars out of the race include Kyle Petty top vote nine. Partly sampler Stanton Barrett Larry councilman Kurt shall retain. Under the caution flag with 120. Laps to go field and give an indication. We're going green next time bye and see if you cars ducking on the pit road right now the top off fuel tank can and Alexander well one of the guys gonna come down below Chevrolet Jimmie Johnson running the tail end. Of the lead lap cars just gonna top Voltaire Barney. We talked earlier about the fact that climbed in the wind down and thought it might be a brake problem that not the case everything is OK there's a tide handling race car Jimmy Spencer on the like Carl Edwards also came down pit road. Well get ready to go back to agree let's take you back through the top twenty real quick Jeremy Mayfield leads Greg Biffle is second Casey Mears gonna restart third Dale Jarrett fourth Ryan Newman fifth Tony Stewart six Elliott Sadler seventh Kasey Kahne eighth Julian chick nights Ricky Rudd tipped. Eleventh will be Kurt Busch twelfth is Jamie McMurray thirteen to ceremony fourteenth as Earnhardt junior. And fifty would be Jimmie Johnson sixteenth. Is Michael Waltrip seventy this Jeff Burton eighteenth is Brenda dawn. Nineteenth that Jeff Gordon and twentieth this Matt Kenseth public monies 21 Mark Martin 22. Kevin Harvick 23 24 Bobby Hamilton junior and Carl Edwards 25. Only eighteen cars on the lead lap as we go back out the green flag at lap 100 and the 49. For pace cars on pit road here comes the field now working off turn four as we get set for the green flag to flag and here over the banquet 400. It is flying in here we go back into action as Jeremy Mayfield the race leader behind the car president on the four other cars scooped out of the inside that inside lane as they race off to turn one. Michael Waltrip Jeff Burton Brendan gone all trying to cling to detail into the lead lap Jeff Glor are. Jeff Gordon dies for the bottom Burton in the middle Michael Waltrip up top Brendan dog comes and as well Gordon with a bold move down the inside. Jeff Gordon wanna get himself to get one of those laps back that he is down as he races real hard at front of the field right now leads him back to cross the line Michael walker trying to slip there also put the leader is Jeremy Mayfield Casey Mears right behind him he in second place. May feel trapped to be outside blame right now. Who plotted the bombing us drone attacks right away why tar specks around right at the face of Ricky rocket expert flux. Slide but like the back straightaway everybody taking evasive action Jimmie Johnson gets gathered up. It spot doubted the grass caution on this beat when it'll come out of left 51 analyst elected backstretch Kurt Busch got turned around and happy packet traffic at the accident term effort to party spot book. Half but like the the back straight away. Ricky rod forested walked up the brakes to try and avoid it brought very fortunate to get through without getting tacked Jimmie Johnson also get turned around and be evasive action. All the cars have now gone on their way. They're the body slammed on the brakes to avoid that crash there but two guys who were in the chase for the Nextel Cup. Involved in the crash there on the back straightaway Kurt Busch the championship point leader is now on pit road. Been a pretty decent neighbor Kurt Busch but unfortunately. Trouble on the back straightaway is day many mention neighboring net sharp before down that road voting right side tires on the machines and left side tires going on as well good job while the fields like. No sheet metal damage silly should be just trying to continue meanwhile six or seven pit stalls and brunt of the sharp before him. But Lowe's Chevrolet of Jimmie Johnson on the deadline he will also come out and make a stop. Four tires and fuel on the stock for Jimmie Johnson and I believe now and ask. Are signaling some sort of penalty on the eighth Kurt Busch machine he may have to come back down the pit lane we will wait and see follow up about a moment it was good luck cover from Mark Martin we talked about. Is bad like a few moments ago well he gets a free pass. And it's back on the tail Italy left as a result of this most recent caution. Championship point leader Kurt Busch involved in the spin on the backs right away which brings up the caution flag for the fourth time this afternoon. He made one stop home pit road and out of Alexander came back a second time Leo it's not. Am I have been a penalty joke because it's all the NASCAR officials signaling that he would have to come back down the pit lane not a penalty at all what the problem was when he spun on the back straightaway the roof flap on the car to keep the car from going over his bidding situation had flipped up. It didn't get turned back down when he made his pit stop. So they brought him back in topped off the fuel tank. Put the roof flap back down and Kurdish returned to the speedway more cars coming down that route now as the pit lane is open one of those the Budweiser Chevrolet of Dale Earnhardt junior. Go get our tires and fuel Carl Edwards is and Jimmy Spencer and Terry love Bonnie. Also coming back down is they Jimmie Johnson machine and more cars making stops in front of Winston Kelley. One of those body the body got his lap back he was running in front Jeremy Mayfield the later saying thank. For Jeff Burton getting his lap back the balls that are journeyman tech not fit right. Complaining aboard tire stop for that team Brendan god on that right along let's just bring in Ali starts getting bored tired and I've got to go. And a number of chassis adjustments then yeah. Well it's a lot like it all was going to be a gloomy day for Mark Martin turned out to be a little bit of sunshine as he was a wanna get the free pass under that are constantly came down took on four tires and field. Michael Waltrip and meg kids at along with Scott Riggs all to all of likely to come down to take on four tires and fuel. Feels a little over half laps from going back onto the green flag this afternoon at the Kansas Speedway Jeremy Mayfield still the race leader with a 112 laps to go a lot of things happening over the last few laps Kurt Busch the series point leader. Involves this then they're bringing up the caution flag for the fourth time here today Kirk will restart back in the fifteenth position. And for those guys Barney who while the tale of the lead lap just have a leader like great break that one. Us the other going to be able to stay. And not lose position not lose another lap right now the tip is going to be can't Kurt Busch get back up there and pick up some Nextel points. And all the way back in fifty positions going to be a mad scramble there were past the halfway point a 112 laps left to run. Jeremy Mayfield is had a very strong race car all day long nobody's been able to do anything with him we slid a great deal of the event. Casey Mears all of a sudden they're second question is can he stay up there for a while Dale Jarrett moves up and eighth place cargoes on the pit road feel comes out of the line looking for the green flag. It is in the air Kevin Harvick is the first car left out the inside. He's been erased Jeremy they feel the turn wanted to see if you can get itself back up there and get out the tail end of the lead lap. Harvick right alongside the race leader you'll drive underneath him at the entrance to charitable want to Harvick gets himself back office. Rusty Wallace go to work on mayfield midway down the back straightaway tried to ease down in the low lane. Try to take that inside went away he'll do that. So mayfield now with two cars directly a hander Kevin Harvick who is on lap himself and Rusty Wallace who gained one. Of his two laps back. But suddenly we have a race for the lead Casey Mears is all over Jeremy Mayfield intern was going to study inside squeezes it that well why editors shot I saw. Now. A couple of not just side by side believe may feel defender out in front. But here's as the preferred blow laying downstairs. Making a full swing. Everybody feels probably thinking where in the world did he come from and he still there Casey Mears about a half a car link up on him right now to get back return number one door to door he did he could turn one. Beers drives it deep and return ever Wada uses that low lighted match he'll take over the lead. All that racing for the lead is allowing Dale Jarrett a close intimate this that the revamped fight for the top spot and about three complex behind Jerry. I knew but just behind that battle he writes about five car lengths behind a fourth place car for Newman is in the fifth position. Tony Stewart just behind him in sixth those guys seminal work through some heavy traffic if they get back to turn Wanda. It through the corner and they go rears goes up the race. I now. Challenging again for the lead here comes mayfield started a rundown of the inside of the back straight away I thought better of. She goes a little bit high up in turner before but. Jeremy Mayfield cannot take advantage and get offender up alongside night drops back a couple of car lengths he better look at that we Revere you gonna have company in the form with the wheelchair and Greg Biffle very shortly. Jared Jared on the move for apple to get right up underneath it. Now the leader has to. Kevin Harvick bubble coming off turn two matter of fact he's gonna lose a whole lot of real estate here's here's why mayfield goes wide to work. Thought let's. Given heart losing ground here is seed loses that a spot on the tail heavily laughed the leaders come streaming by. Casey Mears now by five car lengths over Jeremy Mayfield of the races for a third. Greg Biffle on the boom dials up the low line drives underneath Dale Jarrett he'll take over the third. All turned to the leaders come to the back straightaway one card now ahead of race leader Casey Mears that's Rusty Wallace three car lengths ahead here's spears and Madonna. He flies landed. I lane open for Jeremy Mayfield. Clearly not going to be able to do anything within however talked about Kevin Harvick who won't go getting back on the lead lap he is way off the face right now on the apron of the racetrack you'll likely be coming on the pit road here. The problem for Kevin Harvick let's jump back to the front of the field and turn to. Casey Mears now we'll try and deal with the slower car well. The last now are. At the same time I. Can't quite shake mayfield is Beers leads the field to three mayfield again these are the inside lane charter. Can give the 400. Kwame Harris runs two grooves up from the bottom right field again looks retreats to come back and grab the top spot T quite pull it off in Beardsley to back the start finish line. Still it probably is for Kevin Harvick on their road. Running away sue my now it. Why it's kind of cool this thing off but. Little too hot down here for Kevin Harvick slight. While Ryan Dylan on the move the ball turn over to takes the third spot away for an Dale Jarrett so Ryan Newman now back to the third position has come Casey Mears the front of the field trying to make. I Rusty Wallace. At the front of the feel right now it continues to be Casey Mears have a very strong run Jeremy Mayfield and everything he can't get back up there and take the lead back not able to do it fact he's lost a couple of Carly this time so it lap 103. Casey Mears Jeremy Mayfield Greg Biffle Ryan Newman and Dale Jarrett or your top five. From the Kansas Speedway this is MR and radio the voice of NASCAR. And. 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I ended the Nextel NASCAR wield it. Let's go places to learn more visit we auto racing dot com NASCAR's a registered trademark of the national association for stock car racing. Casey Mears and Jeremy Mayfield showed this crowd what NASCAR racing is all about and Greg Biffle has slipped up there to make it a three way scramble Casey has the lead Jeremy make the has been inside and outside has been able to do anything within the scramble continues in turn to Apple's app. The best seat that houses that are. These are the action here. So after may feel for second. And white dodge at port side by side for second here comes Greg Biffle to the inside of the racetrack he'll blow by mayfield coming into the corner. Hot pursuit of Casey. The outside lane through turn four BC to a lot higher for the coroner the other two guys are in a three way battle but it seems to be working for him he's got about a 45 garlic lead. Over biffle who just grab the second spot. Further back there racing for the fourth position Dale Jarrett there trying to get fire Ryan Newman Newman and Jared both make their way. And pulls down it gets them. Right now continued nose to tail off to they'll Jerry has been waiting for a lane to open up Ryan Newman passive a few laps ago now Jarrett is not every gathered. Closing in on Newman again racing for the fourth position. Greg Biffle has gotten second place a whale a seat he'd get up there and do anything with Casey Mears right now he is right on as golfers across the start finish line and go back in the turner one can't decide which race to watch Tony Stewart locked up with a pretty good scramble let's go back to the front. Tony Stewart in a scramble as well look for the lead now it. Apple Juliette side. Two side by side down the backstretch Greg Biffle again using the inside lane a seat what Mears can do that he's in the top lid of the racetrack biblical. Here's three grooves up crippled kids only get three beautiful. Brings Ford back to the front here this afternoon in the banquet 400 he shows the way over Casey Mears with just by inches. Beers may not be content to stay the area looks first to the outside then to the inside meanwhile further back in the fact. Tony Stewart slips a little bit Kasey Kahne gets bike and now Ricky Rudd gets by Tony. Yeah the inside lane literally trying to fight back up high. Okay. You're behind. Tony Stewart doubles plowed the walled out last time. Free the car got away from it that allowed Casey came to his client see what happens this time it's similar to can't go to the racetrack that you routed Cheney may very will follow through. Kevin about Carly between those three as they work out turner before come back to the line that's for eighth ninth and tenth positions Graham what's going on on the racetrack at the front of the field Greg Biffle now the leader by a couple of colleagues off turn two. Temple head for the back. I can now make its way over Casey Mears rounded second Jeremy Mayfield and third two car lengths behind meters using different lines again although enough. It was change lanes go to the outside of follow mayors in the corner. So Greg Biffle picked up the top spot here at lap number 173. Still 92 laps are remaining as he starts pulling away let's see if he could take charge like some of the other leaders have done earlier here this afternoon. Casey Mears had been doing a good job leading the event here he lost the lead a moment ago now he's fallen all the way back to third place as they work out of turn number four hit back down the start finish line Jeremy Mayfield scoots back up there in case he falls back in the third. Fourth places just changed hands right now Baylor Jerry takes that away from Ryan Newman they all go to turn one. Student Jarrett and do it would've had a pretty good tussle over the fourth or fifth position. Along pretty good. Great move for Dale Jarrett making the move around Ryan Newman his car coming to light here the mid stage that this event pulling away now from Ryan Newman by team. It's the senate is lifelong. Casey Mears slick guys have not been doing very well today start a move up now when it really matters Dale Earnhardt junior. Has moved up to the eleventh position and Jeff Gordon has not had a whole lot to talk about today. He's just taken over the thirteenth spot Greg Biffle continues to pull away it's up now to one point seven seconds let's check in now to come across the line it's up to full seconds. His lead over Jeremy Mayfield Casey Mears is riding along in third Dale Jarrett fourth Ryan Newman his fifth. Kasey Kahne is currently sixth Rickey brought his seventh Jamie McMurray eight. Tony Stewart night that Elliott Sadler chant. The dug a couple of guys who like Kent had they can't have bad days have finally started disable the line up here one of those is Jeff Gordon. He has currently shown at the seventeenth position which to Kelly's death of the department's. Arriving limits just comment the times stood Robby is not that Jeff Gordon like dated Kansas for the same beginning hello. Let's examine the car now. Much about it right now is having trouble getting the field work. It's been very loose all day long have been getting just a little bit better about the they gave them points. Please Santa. This event is now. Right now just kind of get to try to get the best finish she can all the way back there in seventy position for Greg Biffle everything's going his way right now 185. Laps go up on the scoreboard let's check in his fifth. Well outside of the rain ever hand cars Casey Canadian Jeremy Mayfield the most consistent thing on the racetrack today has been the car Greg Biffle. Doug Richards the crew chief and not give guys have been solid throughout the afternoon have a cigar right now. Inside. Right now we're just a little bit night. And gorgeous thing we're just a little sort of negative one more stop so we're gonna drive through. This is big on that and again as regards that well but some board. We hope we can now. Make content might all right who might play in our hands did though you never know. Last came in at lap 131 would you expect to see you next. Asked about the thing about like 96 when ninety seven's a winner. Thanks Jack Richard crew chief for Greg Biffle on what he's referring to some guys came down under the caution flag. Just about forty laps ago guys liner I guess it's been about warning yet about forty laps to go Jimmie Johnson was in Dale Earnhardt junior came down pit road tested in the seat of Kurt Busch those guys could do it on one more stop. As you heard Doug Richards take great bit. All going to be just a little bit short of being able to build off one more stop to that state drained all the scenes are hoping for another caution flag fall in their favor and with the odds being what they are. I got a feeling we'll see another yellow to for the day is over. If they had for so far that cancels the appellate. Fort leading here Kansas beat plays pretty big deal because Ford is the official car. Of the Kansas Speedway and a bit busy here this weekend for voting to seat Susan G. Komen. Breast Cancer Research Foundation as they do all the time of course they provide the pace car here at the Kansas Speedway. And they gave away one of the popular F 150s here on Friday afternoon at Ford's F 150 as the official truck of NASCAR the winner was Richard hankins of Edmond Oklahoma. Talk with Richard aunt of mark Grover the F 150 marketing manager. Well we just are the program a couple months ago and we had a sweepstakes on the Internet that customers could enter in the fifth they can identify the built Ford tough bump moment of the race. They could do you want to do well lucky finalists to come here today and see if they're he would start the truck. And now Richard was fortunate enough that is do you start the F 158 at missile struck a mascot are he's going home with a brand do I have 150 right. Right we're gonna talk about a program you have coming up so vs doctor Richard the lucky winner became now the U and one other contestant here today you got the lucky he how it feels awesome. Totally awesome. You enter the contest early on several months ago talk about that telephone call when it came at that you think of the bundling up and as my body all America this is somewhat and his family. And it's about support. I actually thought it was a telemarketer. You have to act act act act after a good thing answer the phone up yeah oh yeah. Had you ever thought about it via want to be sure they're great trucks wanna wilder decals on the side of the flames volume Alina just like it is. Absolutely it. And can't act and act and act and Eddie talking of bam again that I know about this. No not yet. And is given a sacred. I believe secrets out now and a half after it Marc watts are next contest and a chance for a lucky race fans to win a vehicle like this. Well up the book and ads are on board vehicles not count for a chance of winning it 2005. Forward F series super duty and that'll be given away in homestead for Ford championship weekend and I encourage them to get out there and it might be down. You can't be a matter right. Absolutely. Richard hankins of Edmond Oklahoma picked up that that pitiful F 154 truck with all the young NASCAR emblems of logos of the flames on the side. He was one happy camper now they're etiquette you go to fort vehicles dot com for the next contest. To win one of their sport utilities points you win that we built truck racing next year well I tried they'll work something out there but it didn't seem to go my way they had a two contestants the air. That drew a hell hockey out of the held out of Mark Martin was there with us as well. And that Richard had the key that fit the ignition start of the truck but he drove home. Let's get let's check in quickly with Daniel fried. Well Barney tape the American had a pretty solid the holidays start. Any pertinent to let a few last night drop back and forth in the Ellie is briefly columnists not giving what is take even think about that part today. The work that it carried in on an old age is really really night and flood tide from start to. I don't bring up a bit more and now. Would you be able to make it on one lord god I don't think so or about three laps for lamps are right now but we'll see on earning. I've read here in Canada. Thanks should be coming down pit lane in Atlanta Atlanta to make another stop but that's stimulants like making your free CD apparently in the four. Position. Greg Biffle gives up that number one spot in this in his pit troubling turn of early on Casey Mears started getting outside the walls Vannatter right front tire. They it. All field rolling on the apron aren't like for Casey Mears caution on the speed when it comes out of left 196 let's go back to turn to single car accident Barney at the it turned over to Sears target shopping rankings in any outside walls. Mary Hart leg for Casey Mears and the target Energizer dot Hughes limping his way back to pit road. Tough break for Casey had a good car today was gonna finish well I think that now all of a sudden he's in the wall over there in the yellow flag is flying at lap 196. Pit road is open and just about everybody is on the lead lap is in there that's been evident in a prize for. Down the senate Democrat Barney and they'll very dynamic content you get that right side tires on panic coming over to the left side. I'm not tired going on thank you can't let them feel more American children they'll do it Jamie McMurray right hand corner and beyond okay. Thank you for iron and then we'll let you might want to mark them down the Winston's. They'll just a tick time as Kasey Kahne remark on the left side of the car they going to be dale chair and out they come late in the last five times changed neither are not big giant killing a first down. And Brian hammonds doing about it Jeff Burton bought funny Jeff Gordon is all getting warm tires and go to the midsection and Adam. It was four tires and fuel the theme of the midsection of this crowd as well good stop for the Alltel dodge of Ryan Newman he got four tires and fuel a chassis adjustment Jimmie Johnson was on the pit lane Elliott Sadler came down Ricky ride Kurt Busch. And also was seen at Dale Earnhardt junior on pit road for tires fuel and various chassis adjustments at 198. Caution is on the speedway at lap 198 reason again is Casey Mears he hit the wall just going off turn over two and clean up efforts are under way over there so it's going to be a few more laps before Rugova a degree Casey had a great run going here this afternoon what a shame that came up a little bit short here this accident he's taken the car back to the garage. We'll try to check in with him here in a moment 200 laps it just rolled up on the school. Board 67 laps to go about to be 66 is the place harboring to feel let down start finish line. Greg Biffle is the leader's second is Jeremy Mayfield third is Dale Jarrett fourth hysteria about a fifth as Kasey Kahne sixth is Ryan Newman a seventh is Tony Stewart. Jamie McMurray as they Ricky Rudd as night Dale Earnhardt junior is tenth. In eleventh right now they're now showing Mark Martin back in eleventh Elliott Sadler twelfth thirteenth Jimmie Johnson fourteenth Joni which has. And fifty to Kurt Busch. A lot of bodies sixteenth Jeff Gordon's seventy Terry the body is eighteenth and nineteenth is Michael Waltrip and twentieth would be. Bobby Hamilton junior let's go to the garage. Well you can probably hear them working on Casey Mears who died back here in the garage pacing an awfully strong hearted today what happens at a higher looks like it's. Lately shredded every year. Gamma early sir you know they have that last caution because there is some breaker on the track. That's not a matter over something. But the previous that was kind of the same you know I kind of felt a little little vibration of the McCain in Adelaide this time a couple of them about race and I had to go more laps to make it around. To the pits and I would in the collar background self I don't know if it was the same type they steal or or if it was some different but it. ST that you know it in Arkansas harder and get it in and that's that's a big improvement over last year also honored is growing kids you know an and that's an alien adrenaline Welty that didn't bring it home that. You know we're working on it we're gonna Wear and get things refine this here and be ready to get Alexi. He certainly let everybody know here that he was that out there and competing for a win that's Casey Mears back in the garage. Casey's at some. Good runs this year but kind of snake bit like a number other guys at NASCAR or became quite get the break they need. Put it altogether from one day to get a victory but it will come soon for him because they are running regularly better and better. Time now for a mid race update brought to you by Indiana as we get the want to go signal here at Kansas Speedway and at twice lead changes among ten different drivers here today. Caution flag has played five times. Al the race are the cars of Casey Mears you just heard from. Kevin Harvick sap also Scott Weber Kyle Busch Kyle Petty. Top but not behind the wall along with Harvey Sadler Stanton Barrett. Larry councilman and Kirk shall retain. Apparently on the lead lap we are showing 22 cars. Again Greg Biffle the race later jacket the championship point standings as of this moment Dale Earnhardt junior leads Kurt Busch. But by only three points Jeff Gordon is third 62 back Mark Martin this fourth. 94 out of the lead in this this Ryan Newman. He Smith a 112 points out of the top spot Jeremy Mayfield still on the tenth position and points but now this 213 out of the lead. He was 267. Back coming in to today's race. This mid price update brought to you by MD NA Ryan Newman was in the lead of the official halfway mark he wins the 101000 dollar in DNA mid race leader award. If Ryan wins today's races well. MB enabled award an additional 101000 dollar bonus if that bonus goes unclaimed it continues to grow by 5000 dollars each week until a driver when's the halfway awards and the race. Feel forming up for a restart over in turns three and four before they come down real quick was to kill it's in the go the distance. But I just had three cars come down that road Jeff Gordon Rusty Wallace body to body has one of the crew members from Gordon's team said no. We're still gonna have to come back in with 65 laps to go so don't anticipate that anybody can make it. They start pulling back onto pit road getting ready to go back to green they'll take the green at laps to go three and that'll give a 64 laps remaining here this afternoon in the banquet 400 green flag goes in the air Greg Biffle says sales return of one good start forward. You'll get away from Jeremy Mayfield like a couple of car licks got a lot of cars down the inside try to race if they get back on the Taylor in Italy left the go to two. First of blacked out line Brian Vickers causing some problems for Jeremy Mayfield. Biffle not as strong on this restart as he has been in the past that affect mayfield up on his back bumper but Brian Vickers racist out of the inside of the race leader. Might be at three wide race off turn four or calls Dale Jarrett goes all the way to the bottom of the racetrack. Instead he pulls up alongside mayfield they race for second while biffle gets a likely late. But Vickers gets back all the silly to believe lap side by side and an opportune position now it's Dale Jarrett left side tires below. You know Jerry goes to second Jeremy Mayfield drops back to third there side by side reported. Here comes Tony Stewart changing a glance at the back straightaway we'll put. Tony got his car hooked up pretty good at the bottom of the racetrack he's not going to be able to get around Ryan Newman not at least through the corner he hasn't given up Phillies got a little help right now little pushing health from behind Jamie McMurray also trying to get underneath can gain a spot as they all go over to two. Tony Stewart on the movement's ability inside of Ryan will be okay. Rarely get. Following the battle for the fourth position Ryan Doumit hangs on till they'll swing around and dropped down in front of Tony. Eric biffle shows the way but not have a lot of success in pulling away from Dale Jarrett the second. A place man right behind him as Jeremy Mayfield. That a vital gap back to Ryan Newman a rise in fourth appearance got a rearview mirror Paula Tony Stewart. David normal. Meters to off the end of the back straight away here's Greg Biffle on the back Brian Vickers. Military. Hardscrabble with the front of the field act now the start finish line good hard racing as we go into the final sixty laps here this afternoon running back to the turn of one Greg Biffle hangs onto lead Dale Jarrett Jeremy Mayfield Ryan Newman Tony Stewart all fun chasing down. Greg Biffle got to make its way underneath a car makers. Drops out of the inside lane and he and Vickers will race side by side to the entrance of the corner that we'll completes the pass coming. The Landis left. I behind right. Our breath I'm Fred Couples. Eight market trader at some problems looks like commit yet cuts higher well we had a spin off turnover for Ryan Newman. Loses its coming off the course fans around goes down on the grass and we'll spend the car up at least four or five times to hopefully be made contact with anybody else. And we'll keep them straight line in the yellow flag is out yet one more time. So caution is on the speedway. All the contenders for the Nextel the chase for the Nextel Cup file looks like maybe a cut fire for Ryan Newman as well. Now as we see passes by the start finish line the right rear is down there are some damage to the rear. Of his Mobil one machine. And Ryan Newman won the contenders in the chase for the Nextel Cup with problems that just told you can't trader apparently had similar issues coming off turn two. His car load was off the pace and came down pit lane. To make a stop the defending winner of the banquet 400 Ryan Newman is on pit road with problems he calls that most recent cost. And spinning off turn four Adam well I came down gel and try to repair damage on the right career. Of the race card that's where some of the sheet metal is wrinkled up also on the left prayer is Ryan Newman departs pit road opens and here come the later Greg Biffle hit pit road for the final time this afternoon gonna chop off the field tanks same situation for Dale Earnhardt junior. Hello Chevrolet of Jimmie Johnson has ended gonna make it chassis adjustment to his car trying to bring him up. They also talk a little hill thanks. Smart cars in front Winston Kelley. Nice failed Smith College athletes. Just top it off with still no tires that they can go to this as bad rather than yells. Same thing down on the senate there read Winston Dale Jarrett Mark Martin and Jerry make all coming in just popping up the fuel tank. Ryan Newman's car back into the NASCAR Nextel cup series garage and a Alexander I guess the damage little more than they thought well. Obviously some things broke loose underneath the race car when he sits led to that wet grass and a front straightaway joke he went to refi iron pull out of his pit area. And the drive shaft fell out of the Alltel dodge to the current hustled him behind the wall. They have pushed into the Nextel Cup garage. A guy was a contender for the championship. Evidence up after. Noon today. And he said problems in a couple of races this year remember at New Hampshire a few weeks ago when we're up there he lost an engine and lost quite a few points he's gonna lose quite a few more here today. Left to eleven is on the board Jamie McMurray is a leader Ricky Rudd is second Elliott settlers third Joni to check his fourth and carry the body is fifth. Six is Michael Waltrip several is Kurt Busch. And that's the back and eighth position they had friends on other unit dropped him back a bit further some of these cars did not come on the pit road and they are getting indication we're going green next time bye. Thieves have completed what could be their final pit stops of the day let's check panel that wrote to find out what kind of strategies are being planned the brought to you by sonoco the official fuel NASCAR if it's good enough for NASCAR. Go to for your car was that. Well for Kasey Kahne it was going to be out of gas and go and get back out on the racetrack but it's not right rear track. Change his strategy for Tommy bought one of the growth they came down changed four tires are open to those four tires would give up. To propelled into his first Nextel cup series victory had the midsection atom. Well one of the guys you stayed on the racetrack was Ricky Wright had been a great day all afternoon long Micah makes Rheinecker Jeep. Car's been good guys junior didn't go on field we have anything for Michael. I don't know it and rice what afforded to all day movement back and forth back more so. I admitted racist so they really close until. It would be very popular singer Ricky Rudd get a Victory Lane this afternoon you will restart second Daniel panel guys that did not elect come down pit road was Jamie McMurray he's had a solid top five top ten car all day long we're gonna get to work with his Richie died lingo but we're getting ready to come back to the green I did ask you about the fuel and he just kind of smiled and I think they're gonna roll the dice and here they're going to be very questionable. If they can make it. We'll have 54 laps to go when they put the green out there about to do that right now is they stories on pit road to come down the lines. Double file restart on lap cars out of the inside Robby Gordon is one of those up there with team. Married the leader. The wheel racing back into turn one Richie wrote gonna restart second in the shuffle is on toward turn two. McMurray gets a good restart but. Right down on added sideline is Robby Gordon did get a hard try to get himself. Side by side the back straightaway turn off turn three. So who's around and he slams at an outside wall heavy damage below Chevrolet for Jimmie Johnson as he does a wild slide down due to the ground. Asks does it feel comes off turner before they're gonna see the yellow flag waving it is the seventh time this afternoon of the caution is out it left. 213 let's go back to turn to. Again Barney trouble at the exit of turn two and heavy traffic at one of the championship contenders involves Jimmy Johnson got turned around the car spot a complete 360. Nosed into the outside retaining wall that went on a wild slot for life polite the the back straightaway got to be infield grass heavy damage all the Lowe's Chevrolet Jimmie Johnson just now re firing the car pulling away. About that within about five laps we have two championship contenders with problems Ryan Newman's car back in the roster working on the Alltel dodge and now Jimmie Johnson. After having problems earlier this afternoon they had recovered and worked her way back at the top fifteen and now having problems once again. Spinning off turn over to here come solo Chevrolet making. A run around the track down to the pit lane in the front end this cave dead on the car as he rolls down to a stop let's go to Adam Alexander. And Joseph the crew already making their way to the Nextel Cup garage and I would assume that Jimmie Johnson will make his way. Here shortly as well you'll join Ryan Newman. In the garage as you said two of the guys who entered today trying to get back in the chase for the Nextel Cup. I took as many believe would be very good at Kansas suffering problems in the like going to the race Neman already in the garage with a broken drive shaft. And Jimmie Johnson now pulling his machine and Ronnie and load up the hood sticking straight in the air crew members helping to push the Chevrolet into his garage stall at Kansas. About a half flat from going back to the green flag here Kansas Speedway with Jamie McMurray joined the way for the first time this afternoon he's one of eleven different drivers. Who have shared some time at the fun of the field you're fifty laps remaining. It's about Murray Ricky Rudd Elliott Sadler Geneva check it terrible body Michael Waltrip isn't six Kurt Busch's seventh. Jeff Gordon updates now met Kansas nights and tips. Is Brendan gone yet Greg Biffle Jeremy Mayfield Dale Earnhardt junior Dale Jarrett and Jeff Burton. Completing the top fifteen double file restart forming up a return three. For more doubtful. Wallace the inside lane and also got Scott race. Seeing meal Robby Gordon Jimmy Spencer and others as the pace cars headed for pit road. They start doesn't erode going to be interesting if this thing goes green the rest of the way which is highly unlikely the way it is wit here this afternoon as to who could make it fuel lies and who will not. Green flag goes back in the air rusty Wallace's first car a lap down the inside of leader came in the very. But Jamie's gonna get away from him and hurry and take Ricky Rudd with a. Guys not gonna get far away from Ricky Rudd though Ricky literally pushing Jamie McMurray had to turn number one sound. How Wallace gets a surge of speed off turn two charges out of the inside the race leader. They won't race side by side of the end of the back straightaway here's Wallace. Wallace gets back one of the two laps he is down from the lead pack McMurray still thanking all of the top spot. And is trying to get away from Ricky Rudd although Ricky stays there with about a car length behind him at turn one Ricky Rudd is right there at an opportune position it's just about a car length back Elliott Sadler is there. Just come to the back straightaway or running in single file formation no one stepping out of line in the front war here is Jamie McMurray won Carly. Hialeah center working right on Ricky rear bumper trying to get around him good to see Ricky scar up they're the team has really turned around with the addition defense vets flame going up there to the wood Brothers they go back to turn to. Leader continue to run run on the pop up the racetrack that's David McMurray he's cute car. All right Joseph. Meanwhile the placement or Terry the money's got some traffic to deal wit he's got the lapped car of Robby Gordon and Scott Riggs directly ahead. Here is Terry a look at the little lonely. Casey Mears is bought this car out of the NASCAR Nextel cup series garage let's check in there it's evening and hear from either Jimmie Johnson to Ryan Newman. Rather Jimmie Johnson machine sits on Jack stands he's inside the race car with a helmet on his group poring over Joseph they basically cut the entire front and off the race car. In the process now replaced replacing the radiator. So it's going to be short afternoon for Jimmie Johnson they'll probably get the car back out but obviously had not going to be what they wanted to hear Kansas and Daniels looking at the Ryan Newman machine. A similar situation Adam they the Ryan Newman machine is actually sitting on the Jackson back in the Nextel Cup garage. Trying to replaces broken up drive shaft is actually about ninety and Alltel dodge remember back you're working on that Ryan Newman sits inside the car. Very patiently waiting for their scarcity. To be completed he sits and they're just kind of taking his time and kind of above kneeling over what has happened to them both Jimmie Johnson Ryan Newman hopes to get their cars and. At least put back together come out there and complete a few more laps or 22 cars still on the lead lap as the laps wind down to 45 to go they will. Just as soon as Jamie McMurray brings it across the start finish line which he does right now. It's back into turn over one Ricky Rudd lost little ground leader Elliott Sadler has made up a little ground heats up and third. Right now five correlates behind the leader David McMurray cities. Sadler fast. We're right back for Elliott Sadler liking the hi Elaine in turns three and four or climbs the banking does the same this time. It's a federal alongside Rickey brought this. Present are trying to do it the hard white taken at the outside lane at Ricky takes the ball a little while also. Here's to get out of the gas momentarily and fall back in line behind Ricky Rudd. They race off into the corner this time those details right right on the bottom of the racetrack Elliott Sadler now a look at that I highlighted again but he. They'll remain single file. And Joseph David Jack running it for a start the tips of his way into this battle for the second spot Ricky Rudd second Elliott Sadler in third there are separated black. Any drop five back to Jody wood second floor. We told you there was a furious battle at the front of the field and indeed there is Elliott Sadler has just grab the lead Joseph need to check his scooted up to second Jamie McMurray a third pick them up in turn one. At the Forman Barrett doppler right now saddled with the leaders here. Ricky Rudd takes a long way around here we'll check. It's side by side Ford and Chevy out the end of the back straightaway beat the jets shot just hard coming into the car. Can't help a couple of Sadler fallback the second or willing to come back to the inside of four. Elliot drops down the inside crosses over goes back after Joseph need to check. And get supply heavier at the start finish line. But David checks not finished yet he pulls back along the outside lane Danny but it turned want to acquitted GI jealousy climbs flattered they outs. Outside lane said look at a lot of. My life sign off. Roles reversed this time now and even Jack uses the outside lane Sadler now low Ricky Rudd and Jamie McMurray factors here's they would generally. 36 laps ago with the way they're racing you'd think this was a final lap they come back down the line at Joseph David chick who started on the bud pole hangs on it'll lead but very little. Doesn't have much breathing room that's what I need to say as it goes over to turn to. Elliott Sadler is right Eric keep an eye out Ricky Brown. It went for the bottom lane takes a look underneath. Etc. are all these cars called a single file now is David Jack grabs the lead that pulls away black Carlin maybe two at best over Elliott. And that's the same over Ricky Rudd and third here Jimmie Johnson coming out of the garage you're rejoined the pack here but again well off the place after crashing. Your back collapse in thirteen joke need to check leads across the stripe. We've got 35 laps to go what does that bloody accompany a deterrent one of the Carling back his Sadler and other Carling Phil. I run it three more. Had ample theater you burial find her watching. They have had a problem for got a makes it anything can't afford a shovel up too much because Kurt Busch's comment for the fifth spot bump and run your delegates that. Changes lanes tries to run on the inside the falls back country. So at least some frustration back there for Kasey Kahne and probably Greg Biffle also along with Jeremy Mayfield they had been the front and feel part of the afternoon another way back trying to play catch up future we may fields back in. In the tenth position trying to make his way back to the front as the laps wind down to just 34 to go with the battle for the lead far from being over as it has to turn three. David jackass and for now but Elliott Sadler is not a whole lot of company on his back bumper in the form of Ricky run again sell off the track. Ricky ready use of the inside lane percent rate of lack correlate those front street cars David checked Sandler and Ricky Rudd start a full life of fourth place Jamie McMurray. Who was leading not long ago and now he's falling into the clutches of Kurt Busch. Bush is only about. Car lengths back the battled always here for second Rikki rocket. He was clearly inside of Elliott Sadler. Wolf horse racing for the second spot now Ricky Rudd changes lanes off the corner and dives down to Elliott Sadler is inside but Sadler strongly. Finally in full swing erotic heat the second spot now. That's a good site for Joseph and David chick who leads to look back and appears sees second and third place go on and it. To see you can get a thirty catching it allows him to open up a little daylight biggest breathing room recess make a three car lengths they go to to. Sadler once again running a little bit higher banking that the bottom side why don't we. I'm just here come on win one more penalty of sideline and tried again halfway down the backstretch they are wheel to wheel for second run down low Sadler. I run its offense around the clock at the end of the quarter but Sadler tries to charge back. Racing side by side for the second spot a bit further back. Greg Biffle is coming back to the fun of the fact that he has enough time it is up by Terri to Bonnie it picked up the sixth position. Upfront Ricky Rudd finally gets by Elliot Sander gets the second spot. But Davies lost a lot of ground to Geneva check. Do the job here. Right now for a Eli Lilly in the US army Chevrolet and even check my friends are planning for very. All that battling Ricky Rudd and Elliott Sadler been doing has allowed Jamie thanks very and Kurt Busch to keep that back. Arm's reach here's Kurt Busch closing in on the very report. Kurt Busch about two car unexpected Jamie McMurray as they get the start finish line work back in turn of one every thirty laps to go for the field Joni to check continues to lead Winston Kelley. But the fuel situation for most of these guys. When you know it's good we went down on top of battered beat Brian remember. And a penny gave us the cross finger size is going to be extremely close are crossing their fingers hope they can make yet but they obviously. Thank conserve feel over the US army team down here. Cautiously optimistic that they can make it all the way. We talked about another yellow flag we have one for an incident off turn two Kasey Kahne Michael Waltrip racing and awfully close quarters on the back straightaway Kasey Kahne losing control. Spinning down the inside right in front of Matt Kenseth he did a couple of loops that the grass here on the backstretch. No one else collected no contact with the ball and Kasey Kahne has been able to drive away from the accident scene near the back straightaway. Now who'd who will we see on pit road as at. They start bring some off turn her for a lot of breaks going on up there Joan guys acting like they're gonna fit but not so at least at the front of the field. But from Michael Waltrip on back here comes Earnhardt junior quite a few the other cars Mark Martin is in Daniel. You mentioned my a lot for me now finds his pit stall as has Mark Martin Jeremy Mayfield also making it stop for tires premium partners for Michael Waltrip as well. Right side tires on mark art machine and a move over to the left side so reports and save fuel for Mark Martin Michael want to think Jeremy Mayfield Winston. Gas alone it brother back in the bailout of the board tire stop will propel him up to a better tennis including Donnie stored body demonic Jeff Barton and Brendan gone. Also we'll definitely see Casey came as he makes his way. Down the road after doing that flying 360 they'll put all four tires a quick cash adjustment did go back to the racetrack data. Dale Earnhardt junior came down the midsection a pit road right side tires topped off the field tanks like chassis adjustments. And Bobby Hamilton junior whose several laps there is a lap behind the leaders came down pit road and they also make changes to that race gone. The guys up front stay up front Geneva check stays on the racetrack as well as that Ricky Rudd today Elliott Sadler Jamie McMurray it Kurt Busch. They'll hold their spots Greg Biffle stayed out visa currently shouted six with Terri the Bonnie and Jeff Gordon the others who decided to stay on the racetrack. When that caution flag came out. Going back to the green flag here at Kansas Speedway it was funny to slapstick. With a banquet 400 Joseph Nina checked leads the way. Pulls off from Ricky Rudd by two car legs as ruffles down the block a guard gets in trouble in turn one gets what part of Scott Riggs recede takes out an apron shaped the race car but no court. Pretty. Come to the back straightaway now Rudd trying to recoup that lost ground as there's a challenge now for the second spot actually Elliott Sadler facing a challenge. For the lap car. Let's let's show me. All. Agility project is long gone theory comes after report talked about a piece of driving a moment go Ricky Rudd did the drive. As did the deal of the day to keep that car from going right back up in the middle of the field. Now he's got to play catch up he still shown at third place is it goes back to turn one. Runners on the attack he has got that thing and the wind. I just went under Jamie McMurray. Behind writers a challenge for fourth but marry up the racetrack and Kurt Busch occupies the inside lane to also break that holds a little money there. There as well fears pushed out of me. Jeff Gordon also back there trying to pick up some ground he's up to the eight position trying to work his way closer to the front of the field. Jody the chicks lead is not thought second half already over Elliott Sadler Joe's got a lot of breathing room right now Sadler raced his. Equally accurate you ready. Both of those drivers Busch and apple have made the pass around Jamie McMurray. Now's the very looks back he sees very melodic. Also the car at Jeff Glor. Nineteen laps to go Joni reject right now with a healthy lead of maybe fifteen or twenty Carly took translates to well over a second Elliott Sadler is second Ricky Rudd is third fourth this Kurt Busch fifth this Greg Biffle Jamie McMurray is six chair in the body is seventh Jeff Gordon's late. Bernhard junior writes nice to Jeremy Mayfield is chance that's were all the scrambling is going on right now from about tenth place on back as they head over to turn three years. Dale Earnhardt junior Barney on the outside lane he makes the move around Jeff Gordon back straightaway at here's Jeremy Mayfield trying to do the same. Hi I developed brought again Geneva checked and I continued to keep that big lead it's it's now one point seven seconds. But we noticed was to Kelly there's a piece of paper or terror offense on the grill the US army Chevrolet is that calls they're probably at. Now they are a little bit concerned about a bad habits that anything on the radio not temperature adjustments are. Temperatures not gone out the journey to check system to roll the dice on the Terrell that's on the front of the car. And Roman gods on the fuel. Reinemund brings his car out of the garage area will at least be able to go back on the racetrack and make us laugh for two and they're winding down and hurried seventeen laps to go. Let's jump back again to the gravel at turn four Robby Gordon gets turned around right in front of hot button spends the car that they. They have some of the racetrack intern for caution is on the speedway at lap 250. And again Robby Gordon illicitly his car got some damage to that he brings out the yellow flag with a problem often turned before let's go let's turn three problem broke loose for Robby Gordon spinning down the inside. Right in front of Mark Barton tip of the cap to mark to a boy that's fitting race car. But Robby is bunt down the inside looped it around. But he does have damage to the rear his Chevrolet the ninth caution flag of the day is being displayed in the field here at the Kansas Speedway again for an incident involving Robby Gordon when the car got away coming off turn number four spotted around. Did little damage to it he'll be hitting down the pit road. Sixteen laps to go can we get a get a home under green you think. They want to get a wonder if it'll ever end here we keep up. Getting a green flag run going and suddenly somebody spins out over the last at twenty laps or so with had a few of them. Now Ryan you and of course get than Joseph Lech at lap 208 at 213 of his Jimmie Johnson's turn to both those guys bodily or out of the garage back on the racetrack that a number of laps down. Kasey Kahne spun it to 41 and now Robby Gordon the left 250 come off turner before he was not. Running on the lead lap at that time their currently showing 22 cars that are on the lead lap within this team collapse of the finish here this afternoon. Geneva checked out got to be kind of upset maybe it'll weigh the west and I guess. And what I'm saying it is these are upset because he had a big lead they got erase the air but on the other side of the Cohen this might help them. But aren't so close on fuel. Yeah I was that it would when we talked armed and at last. Caution flag does that. Any caution flag lap is gonna help them but just looking at Ryan remembered him as a crew chief pharmacy. When the caution came out the kind of threw his hands up and disgust in man they did not want to give up that long lead. Rusty Wallace is easing down on pit road is clean up efforts continue here off turns three and four up there in the front straightaway right now where the end of debris was probably dropped on the racetrack a moment ago when Robby Gordon had a problem there. We're down to fifteen laps to go Joni the chick is a leader seeing Mark Martin back on pit road discovered his stuff. Well Mark Martin sent off also at Roush racing teammate Matthew chance and he's thinking more tired than you all know is more and more. Guys that the hero Winston that he might have a pretty do you. Well Rusty Wallace did come down pit road let's get a quick thought from Brian. Brian good news bad nights ago there's ads that helped general view all the bad news this. Yeah he can play bad. Great restart and then some they'll like a couple guys got crossed up behind us. And felt pretty good their for a few laps. So we'll see hopefully get another good restart here feet behind us I know some cars that are about fourth. 67 place back there pretty fast right now on Carr's been pretty consistent all day has meant exactly who won it but to distill and held the job. And you know Lola we'll see maybe make it to and wrote thank you got enough home field but he got enough to make you don't feel. And I I really believe so let me know that they ran so fast there though those 2030 laps there they ran. You know the few months is way down you run fast laps like that so you know we're keeping our fingers crossed but I think we got enough to make it. We talked to him before the race he went to her on the blood flow he hopes to go toe in a row here at Kansas. And make it a Victory Lane both Saturday and Sunday. It's got a couple Fords running right behind and Elliott Sadler in Ricky Rudd their knitting and extort a one another down there let's check in with Adam Alexander and see what they think their chances are well I think both those guys still like they're good on fuel and one of the guys we should keep an honest well that's. Great comeback day for Kurt Busch but rarely has battled back Jenny fitting the crew chief first off are you guys get on deal here in our world here real good on fuel. If that's see what happens at the end here re starting for this caution flag evens the fil a little bit be editing those three in front of the not a pretty job on this all we hang on top five here you know they cars come and he got two tires but we'll see what happens. And if they are able to hang on for a top five it would be four for Forrest Mars top five finishers are concerned for Pitt Kurt Busch. In the chase for the Nextel Cup. Remember he was involved of Wallach cautions here this afternoon he spun them out the back straightaway. Back at lap 152 but that didn't do any noticeable damage to the car apparently it's not hurting. The car very much as he's currently running in fourth. Here's the way they're standing now is to get ready for the restart about a half laps from now it's Jodie to check leading Elliott Sadler is second Ricky Rudd third. Kurt Busch fourth and Greg Biffle fifth Jamie McMurray restarts and six. Dale Earnhardt junior is the best he's been all day he's currently shouted seventh Jeremy Mayfield who led a lot of the first part of this race is now an eighth Terry the body is night. And Jeff Gordon this champ. Brendan gone have a good day here as a rookie driver he's eleventh Dale Jarrett is twelfth Tony Stewart his thirteenth. Jeff Burton is fourteenth and Michael Waltrip fifty pressed the cars on the lead lap include Bobby Hamilton junior Bobby look body. Kasey Kahne showed an eighteenth Carl Edwards in nineteenth. Twentieth is met Kansas at 21 is Brian Vickers also Mark Martin Rusty Wallace shown on the lead lap. Along with Robby Gordon as we get ready to go back into the green flag with thirteen laps to go thirteen. Laps ago coming down the line Joni the chicks gonna have to really hustle and her he's been good on restarts this time he's going to be good again he'll try to get away from Elliott Sadler gets about a car length away from me as a go to turn do. But the key for Elliott Sadler and for Ricky Rudd they have cleared the first car a lap down one of the same meal machine. Or. Or not so fast for Ricky Rudd because it comes Sheen be old digging hard down the inside lane road losing grab the top duke faces a. Johnny reject gets a good restart once again pulls away a long way from Ricky Roddick. And a pretty good distance from Elliott Sadler although Elliott is still there within a four tenths of a second let's fumble leaders back to turn to. About five car like C advantage for general David Jack Elliott's. Olivia. Greg devils got around Kurt Busch you look behind bush you'll find Jamie McMurray also Dale Earnhardt junior and Jeremy Mayfield. They raise your grill. Well there's a lot of cars right now losing a lot of ground to the front to listen as the laps wind down to eleven to go this is a horsepower racetrack agility project proving right now he's got a tough evidence he takes a back to turn to. Ali needs right now party to keep Elliott Sadler in the rearview mirror and they have an outfield or. So far so good for John David checked midway down the back straightaway separation between first and second but that's about six violates. I mean that Jack Cassell now. Greg Biffle such a long and in the fourth position but he has the Shane meal car blocking his path just behind him of the fifth spot yet Kurt Busch. And Jamie McMurray. Here comes Kurt Busch getting by the last carted Jimmy Spencer but Murray further back up back and Ronald Hezbollah operatives Jeremy Mayfield. But Murray's got plenty of company may feel like they're Dale Earnhardt junior right behind me OK I'm fine. Ford and Chevy Wheeler the we will midway down the back straightaway that's were Dale Jarrett. Has opened the inside Atlantis CN Gordon almost make. First parade. And Greg Biffle did everything he can't pick up as much ground on the front three is he can't as he works off turn to report back into the straightaway Greg Biffle is going to be shown to me and sixteen seconds behind the leader he's only got nine left to make up that deficit they're over into may not have enough time. Actually. Caution flag. Mickey Wright has made up some ground is closing in on Elliott Sadler three correlates rod. Has to make up to get there and take the second. Away from somewhere in turn four. You McMurray meanwhile Natalie inside of the track trying to get by Dale Earnhardt junior and he will complete the task that is a change for the seventh position. At the fun of the fact though Jody the checks leaders struggle a full second over Elliott Sadler. The project flexing some muscle beginning to pull away down leaving the battle for second Elliott Sadler. Backhand and it watches over. You Rhode further back here's the challenge for the eighth position Dale Earnhardt junior in eighth. Dale Jarrett in ninth Jarrett started to run down the inside of earned Arnold's turn to. Has to get back in line. Right away now what flares out. I saw. First floor finding the comes out makes a couple of laps and now we'll go back on pit road probably take it back into the garage area. Joni reject may be on his way to victory got seven more laps to say at the front of the field and a big margin right now second places where the action is. Ricky Rudd. Died on Elliott Sadler. First. Rookie righty finally has caught Elliott Sadler now can get around then yes Debbie pass him yes we will make the massive turnover. Now Ricky Rudd my. I'm Ricky Rudd gets the second spot but still is a full second behind Joseph need to check. If you give chase him down gonna take six laps to do it might be fastow hobbies that quick as well they're back in turn want them don't even check out. Again I and a rear view mirror and there's nothing much there to say these definitely that he runs not a Ricky run home away from Iran's. We're Ricky Rudd has set sail he has left Elliott Sadler why read our legs he's got about ten or twelve to make up to get out there and take the wait until they would just. Lot can happen six more laps five more went across the line this time between Germany the Czech Ricky Rudd and Elliott Sadler. But for the moment Jody reject looking awfully good see what is advantage is a moment ago is more than sixteen seconds is just a pitch over a second right now they're back into. And a good battle going on a bit further back in the pack Germany maybe don't have the inside lane Kurt Busch has the outside playing and an upper body yeah. And around it brought for mayfield as they come to the back straightaway now here's Kurt Busch rallied back and now. Lane and they are side by side for news. Surely feel trying to make up all the ground he can't after a couple of bad weeks and to chase for the Nextel Cup began and that's gonna help them a lot. Here this afternoon you'll grab the fifth position to further back Dale Earnhardt junior sleeps to the outside of Dale Jarrett you'll get by and pick up the eighth spot. The field out work it off turn two Ricky Rudd is gaining ground on race leader Joseph David Jackson 5 car legs apart off the end of the back straightaway. David Jack one groove off the bottom. The same but Ron is closer than this between himself but the thing. Cherokees Joplin down about two just the second every lap around but every lap around is winding down to just three to go but he's cut it down to maybe five car lengths this time on Joni the chick he's still got time to get it done they go to. Do Basil and it's not over yet the lead down the three car like the lead data to. Certain number you are forming talk turned to. Hornets said he raised for the lead near Kansas Johjima Jack in the city Rickey brought in the Ford and Ricky Rudd is there to carlin's. It's not as soon as they raised concern for. Utecht up now turnover for Ricky Rudd draws an even more on the rear deck of Geneva check. Two laps to go and rod is they hear before is Jason down the Chevrolet back into our line. No limit Jack thank inaudible lead by news fingernails now Ricky Rudd write down of a white line here comes a bit probably Ricky around a little earlier I don't. Here comes Ricky rods out of the inside lane side by side bullied at Ricky rod Johnny jet door to door and neighbor jet charges via the harder. On the outside of the rough is still there and turn. For Joseph ran it real hard held off the lead for second and any drifted up a little bit Ricky was able to get a fender underneath him white flag they got one left to go and that would have been an absolute dead heat if it'd been the final lap but it's not there's still racing for the lead down at turn one. Ricky Rudd clinging to the white line at the bottom Joni project what that ride on the outside the final I want to interject for a half a Carla. He runs got to come out of the gas he falls in line behind me the jackal the end of the back straightaway this is the dash to the checkered flag. Neighbor Jack please why three Marlins quickly run loses ground to limit your form. Chevrolet has won the previous three races like Kansas Speedway looks like they're going to do it again as Joseph. One of the inside can't quite put up alongside. And Jarvis a Jack goes to Victory Lane in the banquet 400 picking up the victory his first since may of last year in Richmond Virginia let's go to his pit. And that's not a Bryson McKee and sit and start flying Ryan members and I brought the entire US army team high five and celebrating out on pit road. And Jenny did you go to Victory Lane for the fourth time in his. Prayers and movie go without a Victory Lane to hear from Joseph neighbor check along with the other top finishers when we come back. And. One out of every four batteries will fail this winter get yours tested for free during superstar battery month that O'Reilly auto parts. We'll help determine the life of your battery or the perfect replacement. 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Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of links it. NASCAR today continues at a bar in radio sponsored by the pool. The official welcome NASCAR is bill forward. Felt very popular way. Forward Joni rejects here this afternoon than 54 races since he's been in Victory Lane will go down there just a few moments right now let's see if we can catch up with some of the other top five finishers. Well I wouldn't popular whether rooted in Geneva check or Ricky Rudd Rick detectives of those last relapse I thought you handled well I did today you know we had to come from a long way back enough. Restart before that we got some direct to citizen back in and not turn this ways and I didn't think we can come back and we were come back and also Nick Collison came out we got lined up did in. I got hung up both hello Tony three Carolina senate Dick has gotten on a break and I'm at a lot of radical hours very very fast like the slain everybody did a great job on us. On a smaller craft for today but it just stunned. Atlantis is like away and I loved the one that we gave it all ahead along and take a cheap shot at Joseph I know he was on re do enough. It was just a great debt can send out by this man undecided have a good race going to be again. You got a dream and they need drop factored in what happened I was glad that last lap pentagon under I got on her but I broke loose and slipped in. There's if I didn't check out a little bit out of ten protecting him and I both bounce us not just regroup. Get another run at a man made another run out of come to the finish line just distraught had a labs. There was a popular winter journeyman tech would definitely a popular second place run for re zero I was going over madam Alexander. And third top five finish the year for Greg Biffle very strong race car and Greg you come in there at the end Telus so what made the difference today. I just track position was everything you know we got to. We're again a fuel mileage are teammates were we had to come down that road and you know the lap traffic was so tough to deal with today and not my carnal aero tight once I got back there about. It's really hurts to give away like this you not very often got cars like this and sadistic guards are down there's nothing we can do it's a decision we had to make an. So unfortunate the National Guard car really strong today in the guy's a great job in the pits. There's no mistakes and racetrack today just not enough time. Greg Biffle three or four laps short of being a contender for the when he does come home third his third top five finish of 2004. And let's direct them when securely. Realistically get a quick thought from Jerry make fairly had one of the strongest cars all day long. Jeremy you're strong probably the first half of the race or one of the strongest if not they strongest first half most of pretty good the last half what happened there. No just the strategy do you always come in and it still running it does scandal sell over a little bit different a fuel mileage we have it still had a great day you know this Eminem or sports on him he dodged issued site. Destroying good all day and then my hat's off to Gaza in the shop by get a shot they did a great job in the very cars and there's also great today and gaining in Gaza grade daughter lives good eskimo fifth. Jeremy Mayfield very happy when this place run. Adam but I Elliott Sadler has been more and more consistent throughout this season and you guys were balanced this afternoon and very competitive there at the end take us through your round today Alley. Clearly wanted to be done highest since it was and Abbas are near us are at the Kansas and eyes it's a great great day Todd made a great tell their DN a stay out. In Burma right front I'm trying to take the lead out really erase an 42 and 01 and ousted tied to racing embodying and let the Tony one go out of love the scene of wood Brothers car go to Victory Lane if we could mutt. Distant quite work out so a fourth place finish cause I think him and it's up eleven points all in all great great day for us and now Robert Yates and now we'll go to Charlotte. You guys have had some bad luck since the chase for the Nextel Cup started talk about the attitude this team. And the willingness to continue to compete week in and week out. Yeah holly with and it's a bailout last week at Talladega and also done them we've had some problems in not kind of dug ourselves a hole at this crisis is not all the way up. No Kurt Busch in his Gaza on a great job in these stand out front and we we got out. Try to beat him every single week we can't wait and and a half hard look we gotta try to beat him every single week Timmy put us as an it position like we did today in now we'll keep trying to do that. Anything can happen in this sport Elliott Sadler with a fourth place finish here this afternoon and then quite a run for him along with everybody else down there in the top five is just. The finish was great can't get yesterday kind of the Busch race was similar to that here this afternoon. Yeah it really wasn't of course Germany the Czech picking up the win here yesterday that was a big win for ms. well. And I think it's great hearing from downstairs ears so what's the Mets did as like you kind of wanted to see Ricky Rudd women coliseum on a long time. Couple number Geneva check as well it was great to see. Both those guys finish as well as they did here this afternoon listens. We get a word with Kurt Busch real quick standing near Hammond put it to OJ halfway you'd be still leading the points in finish in six what would you say it. Half you've got to make you mistakes early I guess it. I many mistake and I'm disgusted with myself and I did that same thing at Michigan and California. What did happen they just spun off its or two with a guy right on my tail and I just got too aggressive with the throttle too early and you'll run. So what does this finish we'll take it nice consistent day for us everybody in the top ten was was on was off but. Definitely hats off to the L one guys they were they heat when I see the US army team went makes me think a bush so vote for bush. I tell us about what you guys did to come back. We just made we made the right decision to come in a tight car up obviously is not driver was just trying to drive to lose of a race car. And at the end we had fuel strategy that helped us get back up to a front and we can make it the distance and he still an external point Nextel Cup points leader Kurt Busch finished a six this afternoon. Now let's go to the Gatorade Victory Lane well it's very popular Gatorade victory I'm Barney who needs any start telling you got an army of one journeyman tech congratulations on your way and I yeah that's right and it Brian Hayward and his crew chief. Any concerns about feel those last few laps. Well Ryan had me saving gas the whole time and I was I was doing my best to save gas and I thought I had a real big league and I just started backing up trying to save gas to Iran really fast lap times enough. Next thing I know that there's a white hood in a race car in my mirror and I'm like where in the world they come from and so I had to give back cancers. Ricky came up gaming experts now is their DN. Roman Bremer did my spotter awesome job awesome job managed just. As an incredible day I don't know what to say. What about this week near Kansas. Manage our never figure this nominee and Bud Black guy told Ryan until Jay Frye every one of these guys like give it everything I got. Every lap I'm in the star in the I do everything I can all the time enough this is great to be back in Victory Lane enough. To have this week the Kansas incredible. As a fill this team is formed. In 1996001. Season the first got to bring home a victory has that feel. And it feels really special yeah I I use got to say thank you to all the off all the army and now although the folks survey in. In the military. Man it is so cool to drive this army car you know we've we've had two polls we've had some great runs. But did not begin in Victory Lane it just means a lot I know a lot of soldiers' overseas stay up and they keep up with a racist. This is incredible for me not trying to do the best I can to represented the army. President Bush says when everybody. We're we're just trying to do a good job. Let us sell more in 2000 court as Johjima check bringing home the victory in the banquet 400. Our congratulations to Joni rejections the celebration continues now and Gatorade Victory Lane Gatorade. Is the officials forced beverage. Of the Kansas Speedway it's now time for Bargnani to select the winner of gray vest this break of the race awarded but award 500 dollars to about racing outreach children's ministries. Former investors breaks in the name of the driver who receive the best break. In today's event what do you think well watching Ricky Rudd say that car down there with a couple 34 laps to go and I thought he was gonna go right back up in the middle of the field when he gets tagged down there and save the card comes home in second place and it was a big break. Not to end up breaking that car that was a great job at driving down Michael's death is that anybody else would probably put it up in the wall or the middle field. And taken out of much of other cars so for investors breaks the official breaks of NASCAR awards 500 dollars in the name of Ricky Rudd. To the motor racing outreach children's ministries. Jody reject gets the win here at the Kansas Speedway this accident take in the banquet through its 400 again his first victory. Since may of last year in Richmond Virginia Joseph wins over Ricky ride that Greg Biffle finishes in third Elliott Sadler for us and Jeremy Mayfield finished in fifth. Kurt Busch survived a spin about mid race to come back and finish of the six spot that keeps them with a championship points lead with Jamie McMurray coming in seventh Dale Jarrett was eight Dale Earnhardt junior night. And rookie Brandon gone second we get a row with a top ten finish he finishes at the tenth spot here today. Michael Waltrip his eleventh Kasey Kahne is twelfth Jeff Gordon thirteenth Tony Stewart fourteenth Jeff Burton fifty spotted a body sixteenth. Matt Kansas the seventeenth Rusty Wallace eighteenth Brian Vickers nineteenth and twentieth to mark Martin's. Terry the Bonnie finished in 21 today Carl Edwards was funny second Bobby Hamilton junior 23 chain Biehl 24. It Jimmy Spencer finished at 25. Scott richest 26 can trader 27 Robby Gordon 28 Jeff Green 29 and Ward Burton finished in thirtieth. 31 Casey Mears who led early on this afternoon. Jimmie Johnson won the championship contenders finishes in thirty seconds Ryan Newman another one of the contenders for the title. He finishes in 33 Sterling Marlin 34 Kevin Harvick 35 Scott Webber 36. How bush came in 37 Kyle Petty 38. Confidant his 39 army Sadler fortieth Stanton Barrett 41 Larry guns on 42 and perch Albert they'd finished today in the 43 position. Today's race all 24 lead changes among twelve different drivers caution flag waved nine times here today. Now let's check out the championship point standings as we get off to around five in the chase for the Nextel Cup next week at a Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte. It is Kurt Busch still leading now by 29 points over Dale Earnhardt junior Jeff Gordon is now in third if he 79 points that'll lead. Elliott Sadler picked up four spots today. He's now enforce a 143 points out of the top position. Mark Martin lost a spot he's now fifth Tony Stewart is still six Matt Kenseth lost two spots he seventh. Ryan Newman loses a spot he's eighth Jimmie Johnson is ninth. And tips is Jeremy Mayfield coming in today it was 267. Points from first back to tenth. And now it's 257. Points from first. Back to tip that on both ends the names are the same Kurt Busch leads Jeremy Mayfield is in the tip position. That's how things shake down here at the Kansas Speedway Joseph David checked does this week. When the mr. good sense 300 Busch Series race here on Saturday and taking the banquet salutes 400 Nextel cup series race here this Sunday afternoon. The voice you heard our motor racing network broadcast throughout the weekend. David. Mike Bagley and Dave but he added turns one and two all the pit road was to Kelly out of Alexander. And the Danielle friar broadcast engineer on MR and talked just LO and Anthony bowers or satellite into the air. Is Mike Weaver our production assistant Steve levens David Brandt. Cape to expect and Tommy Gelman. Be sure to tell him for NASCAR today weekdays here the motor racing network we'll keep you posted on what's going on of the world of NASCAR also NASCAR live on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM eastern with Eli gold. And the world of racing with commentary from NASCAR drivers on the issues of the day. Again next weekend the cup teams and Busch Series teams aren't the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte. Will be with the NASCAR craftsman truck series of the Texas Motor Speedway for the Silverado 350 next Saturday afternoon. And from there on the final short track race of the year at Martinsville Speedway in Virginia for the subway 500. And the trucks at Martinsville in the crow over 200 that's the weekend of October 24. Now for Barney hall I'm Joseph Moore would congratulate Jodie to check and the US army they've won today here at Kansas Speedway. Here ballroom radio coverage of the banquet 400 has come to you from Kansas Speedway today's broadcast was directed by Ryan Moore and the executive producer of the mare news David Hunt. This broadcast has been a production on the motor racing network. This has been an MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by sonoco. Also sponsored by Hercules tire right on our strength.