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MRN Motorsports Monday - Sept 25

Sep 25, 2017|

Joey Meier and Woody Cain talk with first time Xfinity winner from Kentucky, Tyler Reddick on this edition of MRN Motorsports Monday presented by Outback Steakhouse.

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Howard Simon Jeremy you. You'll remember we used to talk about this game and say hey you know let's flip games yup forget your flippant forget why you're taking an off the board put it down in ink. Mean on a reasonable it whatever you call it you think this offense will have mine that that they're they can't move against that defense and they really can't go I'm not I'm not that they're telling you that you can't stop Trevor Simien and CJ Anderson and Thomas Sander they're not going to be anything against that defense if they win it and in the line. And dude rock group that the the according to the stand Ximian stepped up. It's away from breast your roles he was left looks downfield players over the middle and it's. It will do it with a minute 47. On the clock. It's all bill's old days. Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. For what that idiot. He was fired after that was they yelled itself. And you still only depict the bills even though I wrong all the time now you've got to make good on it that's it should do yet you got it wrong ha so now you've got a changer picks. Failure to get these jobs for correctly taking what the bills won't do that and ultimately you know to picking them seven and I'm getting the wrong seven in the wrong not. It's all you know in the wash depends on how they play. So I pay they're going to be good before anybody thinks they're going to be good and maybe this is that year or maybe Denver is. Overblown two weeks and no it's maybe there was overreaction if they beat Dallas Carolina had one of the best defense is in the league yesterday they give a thirty for the saints to the saints were all into and their defense was no good turns out. They can go and beat Carolina rattled. I think we're still. You know we we had one of those weeks where we always have in the NFL we try we opened the season trying to get a handle on teams. You think you might have it then have a week like that in September and you look around and go. I don't know anything anymore because it was a confusing day in the National Football League but the good news is bills and they really strong win yesterday over the Denver Broncos. Tyrod had a good day the defense had a good day I thought I I wrote the semi common I really mean it I'm not. This wasn't some you know warm Fuzzy melancholy feeling after after a win it truly was a team effort yesterday I thought. The defense played well the offense got it done on a day when they weren't able to do what they do best run the ball. Special teams contributed house it was great yesterday. At 55 yard field goal right before halftime. Was a good broached you know even if he doesn't get it you're still looking at a gaunt man it's a three point game were right into this gives there for the taking. He hits it it's tied to get the ball to start the third quarter. I thought that was a really big boost for them and coaching you know again I you know they. I don't I don't know with Danny cross religious may be was players on the field being aware but they said after the game. They saw they they saw the personnel on the field they thought Denver's gonna try and fake this fun so they caught that. And how's it was good and and I thought again Rick Dennison I thought that a really nice job on offense yesterday. Moving Tyrod around. Putting in some crossing routes that tyra was able to work into the passing game. Letting amuses lags. The play calling the play fakes the misdirection I thought they did a really really nice job. With the offensive game plan yesterday and it truly was all around a team effort for the bills in the victory. So we're breaking everything down for you. It is bills football Monday. Presented by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living and we wanna hear from you will get to that and the protests and not not just here but around the league. You saw them at every stadium he saw. Varying. Degrees I guess you saw. Three teams that did not even leave the locker room Pittsburgh Seattle Tennessee. Some players kneeling down. Some players sitting look like the raiders were sitting on their bench last night. Washington's players some of them were kneeling down some in some cities all the owners were on the field. Locked arm in arm with their players for the playing of the national anthems so it was a variety of protests around the league yesterday and we'll get that. Michael in buffalo you're on WGR with bills football Monday go right ahead. Hello Michael. Michael that they don't. They're about that on call they listen to what the weather Alexander says after the game. That kind of disagreed with two point that he made one of the points was dead he said that the president. That white supremacy or you know. That they worked fine people ever said that and the second thing I. I disagree with that he put he said that these were put in the box but what the present that I don't agree with what president that would sit Cecil B. He's he's said that they were put in the box but I think that talent what talent Japanese did put American. And the majority of prophecy in the in the box because. I don't agree that. A majority police officers are our debt but that's what I think that. Because of what a few police officers did Americans have to be the one to think that a I disagree with this so. You know what I've tried I can get my point across by. But I just don't understand why. He's saying that would he put these people that present to them about when I feel that Americans the police officer opened about because of what few handful of cops that. I think you feel that way because it but he just it's easy throw blanket statement over the all of the NFL and called players SOBs and that's putting everybody in the box. I mean thought institutional racism and it's not about just those couple cops that spot institutional racism that's what these protests that's what the whole concept was about to begin with. And the president did say that about. The people or at a white supremacist rally that they were fair very fine people that were caught up in there with a where they're. He did say that. You don't have to be partisan have an agenda these are words that were sent. So anyway. Let let let and what Lorenzo Alexander did he said he's not gonna Neil again he said he did it to stand with his teammates and right. Like you probably won't see the same level of demonstration each week going forward but this was just day Kate. The guys on this team that are deciding to do that. We are with them I'm not acting this way I'm not gonna do it. But I support him what do what ultimately happened was the NFL which has kept. Collar government out of the league the rest of them decided wait a minute maybe we should wise up here and realize that. We should support each other and supporting each other having a voice in using our voice to have to do good and that's all that happened. Was hey I support the people here the wanna use their voice to do good. And I thought I'm I'm just trying to find. Something for the next caller you know and I'll try and look at up when he's making his point. You know yeah I thought it was handled find I I'd though the bills coming out on the field as a team. And linking arms and what may be about a dozen players I think ended up kneeling on the ground. The Broncos had a a handful of players they stayed on the sideline didn't come out on the field that they had players kneeling. I thought it was handled fine I saw photographs and clips of stuff going on around the league I was watching Washington and opened last night. Live when I got home and turn on the game and saw there protests and and it was a mix again as it was around the National Football League. I I don't think I think you're right Jeremy I think it was. The bill the league felt players felt they were called out on polluted Friday when we try to remain announced Friday night they were called out and they were called SOB's. And they felt they had to do something about it I don't think it's going to be as big a deal next Sunday. Let's see what's said what transpires over the course of the week but I had no problem with a we spent the whole pregame show talking about it yesterday. And I I still respect the rights of the players to. Protest and show their displeasure in whatever form they decided to use it in yet ultimately tried drawn attention and change things for good. Yeah and an election I mean you know Vince is gonna bring the common over the middle one. And I'll share something else Vince go ahead you're on WGR. Yes good morning. You know I am just sickened by what look treated it and appeal yesterday there was completely. And utterly disrespectful. Especially when you hear a goal for our motto moderates in the audience first ceremony yesterday I I thought that was the grateful that food disgraceful that the bill didn't find him to earn him that. Remember this is the with the organization represented mother and father were lost. Our son and daughter in Colombia. In to have him exercising on the field during a National Anthem okay I spoke with them. I what he and he felt sickened by what the president said about him what he wanted to do about it. I I think I think you'll. Often find him why you miss the whole point of yesterday they're not gonna do that. Well yulia boats finally Aaron. In the audience for builder put to a vote and take on the field the National Anthem I. What will turn up okay I'll I'll say this article one McCoy did I out I would I'm not surprised. That McCoy Iran's people vote the most heated Neil he didn't stack he's he's he's clutch he stretched a key. Actively did not take part in the month he acted as if it wasn't happening. This guy at this semester question. What do you think of the players that knelt. What did you think of the teams that didn't even leave the locker to come on the field for the anthem and what I did that we I'm asking your question vents. What did you think of the players that knelt what did you think of the three teams that stayed in the locker room. Rio understandably I know you're about that I wanna ask you about other demonstrations that happened yesterday what did you think of votes. All right should. Okay united tonight and my question look Vince you're unhappy again there's nothing wrong with that you're allowed to have your opinion. I don't think what McCoy did. Is any different from anybody else first off I don't think it's I wouldn't do what I think you should stand for the anthem but when McCoy did is. Them if the message Vince okay. Don't get hung up on the way they're protesting. Because it it. The debate should be about the issue they're trying to bring up and yet we spend all this time talking about the sky sat in this guy knelt and this guy put a fist up in the air and this guy was stretching. In the meantime we're not talking about what the issue of racial injustice in the things are trying to bring to a discussion level because we're sitting here talking about he sat. What she did. In my opinion. Was no different that it's his way a protest and he was upset. He had some rather pointed tweets about the president used some. Some disparaging words about the president he was upset about what the president said. So he decided to stretch during the anthem some players now. The raiders sat on the bench right and again whatever it's all the same thing it didn't matter to me how he did it it's part of and overall the and overall protest. And Israel quickly and it you don't like any at a protest you're gonna be upset it bullish on and you're gonna be upset and everybody did you like it is that you're allowed to do that. Also Berkeley yet the irony of a caller complaining about disrespecting gold star parents. Mean that literally happened yeah the guy who's in the White House did that it literally had a sixty definition what happened. Blatter are right on and on the game chess like you know ultimately get tired of this stuff but. That that the league decided the league that we came together. And by the way I I don't anticipate the bills doing anything and it. The east technically. The Steelers and the Seahawks in the titans didn't break in NFL rule but apparently there's something in the game operations manual that says you're supposed to be on the field. For the anthem. I wouldn't expect the league is going to find any of those three teams. I wouldn't expect any of the teams are gonna find any of their players. So I I I Vince you're upset I get it and I think you're just you know if you if you just feel that this is disrespectful of the flag. It probably doesn't matter whether it was stretching sitting kneeling or raising a fist you just don't like the concept at all and I understand that thank you vote for your call this morning. Mike in Pennsylvania you're on WG jogger right ahead. Big guys good morning Gelman I'm gonna this sport and what sort you're certainly not and they are in the sixty minute that I watch football when it from. It did the one thing that that stuck out to me and I I couldn beat one but. It's secondary I I mean it's unbelievable. Gonna beat the overturn of the players in the secondary and how. They haven't managed and and work as a cohesive unit I am I mean I'm very very shocked at all. That the willingness of the street the quicker we all Porter and like I can't opt in and help in run support which. The bills have been you know sorely ya message and when airwaves went down with an injury armed with a neck injury port. End to the growth of that the rookie cornerback previous white. That's the type of that I wanted to I don't know how good the bill to gonna beat this year. I'm obviously group formed to be good at their. When one now. I am very very happy what I look back and that's. And arm and I think they're all pretty young players who so very incurred in what I saw a quarterback. And this week yeah. Yeah I. Think the secondary is one of the big surprise stories so far. And even note you know players been the story in the first few games. But Hyde made a nice play yesterday early in the game he broke up a pass wanna say to Emanuel Sanders would have been a third down conversion. He hit them in the ball came loose the safeties were were were making plays but I can't say enough. I don't mean to single out tray wipe busy. I really can't say enough about how impressed I was with a rookie quarterback who. Could've gotten down on himself after that rough first half and true light bounced right back right quarterbacks always talk about short memory. Forget about the place but they're human and I would think it's hard to do that I mean a countrywide. I would be sitting in the locker room at halftime re playing all these plays and thinking about I got I gotta make plays I got to help my team out. And he came out and he was tremendous in the second half so. This could be and all the guys that over time the real deal over time show last night. Ryan Nate. We're talking about. The two safeties together. And when was the last time you felt you know Aaron Williams is doing a good job at safety but that other spot was always up in the air. Well the last time you thought you had two really good safeties back there at the same time. It's been awhile and I think that is the biggest surprise on on the defensive side of the ball at these guys have come together rather quickly. And are performing as an effective unit. There are couple plays I thought that one play for sure I think it was on was on that deep throw that eventually the bills challenge that was ruled incomplete. I think there are a couple times reporter. And Trey white Republican at each other maybe there were some communication issues in some some. Somebody messed it up something but for the most part through three games I think those four guys have been tremendous even Leonard Johnson yesterday amid a couple nice place in the nickel. 8030550. Join us. 8885525. Or everyone it's a minefield of out there the it's the okay let's go to a little thin buffalo you're on WG. Are right ahead. You know I I'm getting ready for work I can't wait. Commented in in my congress and about the game that happened yet they have what you don't talk about news politics and our sport said. The reason why I wanna listen you guys wanna watch or is it get away from it. Lewis it can't be ignored an entire National Football League did this yesterday. Everybody is affected by that. But it not. Put our weight on it that's that's just the way it goes Lewis I'm sorry Mike gotta wait till the teams you have to bury your head in the sale of the team issued a statement that talked about extensively in post game it matters to the players they had a meeting as an organization Saturday night talk about this you can't bury your head I'd I'd like sports as an escape to Louis somewhat skill. Doesn't mean you bury your head in the sand and ignore. Let me just wonder when you're watching their game to begin in the game. Although owners of the team had their statement. It showed I mean I hope they think like that obviously you should think like that amenable want to look at it. The world demand negative way right she won't go to watch art get. I'd get away from the ads it says enough football game slide is what I'd like about about the paper's gonna like this site. OK so we have a nice one or two and one will go to played off Atlanta he looked good a good. A good challenge that our defense I mean we're gonna do good it got brought him back let's play this using child okay yeah they make big point out Lloyd. Various means that a team whether it is work pattern that we're knows but it didn't do it it shows that big. I'll child adult opening in a middle bet that's something that epic pebble seem to get so it's going to be a where. Coleman and Freeman. This upcoming game but I think our defense was good and we don't apply and be at least read into I mean our team is playing a lot harder to me. With all that heat last night we got great during the game over right and treatment seemed like. They would've done. Kinda giving up this team's playing different they look different on the. Yeah I thought the runs right Lewis they didn't when they ran the ball they had two or three really good runs in the game two were by Charles are right I think Anderson might add one. That they went right through the middle there are holes between the tackles right in the middle where you'd think Daria as would've been but I'll say that's. Pretty much for two games downing Doris had what seventeen snaps in Carolina. For two games they've pretty much play without them and they let god. So. I think the bills' defense I I think Doris is a tremendous player. I'm not sure is going to be here because of the whole you know McDermott just the other day having talked about sometimes Daria spies and sometimes he doesn't. But doesn't bode well for him staying here after the season. So I had there were a couple times just that I thought about him because of the runs up the middle. But for the most part for two games now they've been good they've been fine and I think there's something. I'm not gonna say they're like the quickest defense in the NFL but they look good in pursuit they look like they've got guys Ramon Humber early in the game yesterday was chasing down players. They look like they've got guys who can pursue and get to the football. And and the secondary helping out with solid run tackling especially up from the corners. I was really impressed wit with how they played yesterday and I think we've without darkness this defense showed. It can be very effective without the big stout up front at defensive tackles. You might want sports to be your escape the reality is that sports is and always has been a vessel for change. If it's your escape congratulations. You've probably got a pretty good. But the greatest opposition that the North Carolina bathroom bill ran into was sports. The greatest opposition Iran to a sports and Bruce Springsteen point concerts are constant pulling out economic dollars Super Bowls have been refused to states because they will not. Recognize our Martin Luther King yeah so you might have a as your escape and that's great you've got a good. But if it's working for people that needed to do more for them. If you let it do more for them. And you can still have your skate in the NCA in the NCA pulled German games that are North Carolina I think basketball tournament games at some point pulled out of North Carolina yes. My thought something happened with South Carolina too with their. Confederate flag of the NCAA might have pulled some events out of South Carolina. When the confederate flag was flying the reality is there are people that can't get away from their injustices and someone needs to speak for them and for them. Like we in the modern times it's become their athletes they're sports players the people that. Have a voice in their can have a big forum and have a juror following social media and can an hour on national television host so. They can make a statement and it it it it gets out there are a lot more and more effectively and more people. Then it could so I I again Louis thanks for the call it's an issue it it should be discussed it it was an issue in the NFL yesterday probably will. Continue to be an issue. And you know I. Believe me I would just like you know me I just like to watch sports and have fun but you cannot ignore something I just think Denny and if you can ignore it. What age you can just choose to north about the way well. I don't see how you can but no at all. I wouldn't I'm not but if you want to say sports is my escape like it's the same as I don't know if fuel. By a sandwich and a sandwich shop you care the owner has politics of a certain nature as a big con controversy around here this weekend right. You do have to know. If the pothole place at the owner shares my beliefs or can I just eat at taco right you have to agreeing. With LeSean McCoy you have to agree with any player on the field or can you just watch football you know because by saying I'm not gonna watch football these guys are gonna be political you're doing the same thing you're in rejecting your politics in your sports so. If it bothers you tune it out or maybe pay attention because it is a vessel for change and it's an important one and it has been for decades. 8030550. Bills folk. On Monday cells on the way your calls are on the way hey let's give you the name of our kids hot player. When we give you an acute appalled. Probably in the next hour. Remember the name Jake Kelly sure why not he had a 61 yard field goal yesterday at the end of the game for the Eagles to beat the giants so Jake Kelly at the Eagles kicker. Is our tenth top player of the week. The next hour we give you the cure to call remember Jake Elliott and hopefully you'll walk away with a forty dollar gift card from Ted top dogs bills before Monday on WG. Out of the shotgun takes a look he was left him away from ranchers keep balls still. Support the political opponents. And its doors. At their forty feet avenue. But it goes up fourteen yard sprint overtime the other. It's all bill's old days. Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. These sound comprise TO. Well cup unsealed federal government CEOs. Go bungee don't sound technology yields down coupons GO. I'll go Ponzi elves around go to Lazio on WGR. Woman runs. City itself took the program. It was left looks downfield players outfield hit. Went about shotgun. It's a handoff. General Richard. Where's it. It featured traffic they don't bring up the. Highlights on bills football Monday are brought here by Clarence kitchen design studio highlight the heart of your home with a dream kitchen from Clarence kitchen design studio visit. Clarence kitchen design dot com and start dreaming yar bro man with a nice play on the true Davis white interception coming unblocked. Getting the pressure on Trevor Ximian. Simien throw that ball while he's backpedaling basically just lost it up in the there was an easy pick for tray like so many Yarborough mix gets credit on that plane on the interception. The BellSouth coming up in a moment bills beat Denver 2616. Tyrod 213 yards and a couple of TDs. Those not able to run the ball LeSean McCoy held a 21 yards and but he still won again the defense allowed only one touchdown they had two interceptions you just heard immersed call on both of them came up at three sacks. Big day for Stephen how bush got becoming the first bills kicker ever to connect on two field goals and at least 53 yards in the same game. He hit from 5553. And a chippy from 49 other bills are at Atlanta on Sunday. The falcons won yesterday. Literally hung on at the end of the game against the Detroit Lions thirty to 26. Matt Ryan had a couple touchdowns but he was picked off three times Tom Brady at five touchdowns New England rallied late game winning drive at the end. And they beat Houston 3633. Jets won their first game. Oh they beat Miami twenty to six take Elliott 61 yard field goal Philly beat the giants if you didn't step last night. Oakland got crushed by Washington who's 27 attend a really dominated Derek Karr had only a 118 yards passing was picked off twice. Green baby since you know over time by three. Say percent for players to Rochester including Brendan goalie and three outdoors where it's gonna have his contract bought out by the bulls. Speculation from ESPN is that way we'll end up in Cleveland. With former heat teammate commit to projects those your sports headlines the next update comes up at 8 o'clock ETT hotline times cells and the Germans tell how hollows on the field. It was pretty hot you know I. And I gotta get I get a good primer for last week though and Caroline it's so it was about I think a little bit warmer there wasn't Carolina last week. It hit apparently they get hit ninety at some point yes I know we set the record for the hottest. Hottest day they're September 24 whenever I think it hit ninety's so. We way to get through their about GO. So us in you know down and down the field it's a little bit hotter and tell her failures that whole thing with your turf. Texas little hotter study children in the grass which they were last week so it all adds to it actually when you're down there. So what's the significance of yesterday's win over the Denver Broncos now. Terming the significance is that this is a team that's going to be competitive this year I'm I don't know what the record they're gonna finish up with. But this is a team that as you know I've said and a lot of people appointed now you know they were never going to. Hit the reset button this year they were trying to get to the bottom they're trying to win try to win football games and they showed yesterday they can win football games they can be competitive and for me really. I think the biggest take away from me guys was they want this football team without the running game. And that's a huge deal right now their record you'll get a lot and I'm expecting that every week at the running game gets shut down I think they're gonna be a lot of trouble. But for the passing game to basically carry the profits and let's be honest obviously the defense did a great job and carried the team overall I think. But for the passing in whatever way they did to basically carry the offense I think just a huge step at a and a good indicator for this team going forward because that might have to happen once on at least you know that a chance when it needs to happen. Yet I didn't troops out of didn't think it was possible cell especially if the team. Like Denver was coming off such a big win over Dallas that and I heard you talking with. Nate and Ryan last night on the overtime shall one askew and get your thoughts about Tyrod because. He had a good day yesterday you know the the numbers and will not be eye popping 213 yards but couple touchdowns some really good decisions. Using his legs when he needed to even just to keep plays alive get out on the edging completed pass a body that really good game yesterday I was I was very happy to see that. I think it released are so calm with the opportunities he had they thought a good game was called from Rick Dennison. I think last week to mean I was questioning. You know play calling adding this week it was it was the issue or there are spots I could have done what it on some things differently. But I thought it was a good game plan a good team called Rick Dennison and tyra and opportunities he took care he took them and here's the thing. I think that. Even though he's played in so he's played some nice gains for the bills this was probably from decision making. She's throwing the football one of his top games of bills uniform he didn't throw government here sort of thirteenth major point now. I also think. Navy that four play drive they got in the end zone was his best drive as a bills quarterback that was brought from decision making again to the rose clinical leery throw. The decision Charles Oakley that's rooted Jordan Matthews to throw him open as he's running like that. I just thought that was one of the pasteurized me the best driver's seat from having bills uniform. The on the play of the quarterbacks could calls here to Sal witness drug holding on we have some lines opened 28030550. Let's talk about the play of the quarterbacks you put him in. You're arrow up arrow down column and I keep talking about it's I really really impressed not to diminish the role Eddie. Coming back rookie quarterback rough first half doesn't get down is in shell shocked just steps up and makes play after play. After play and it's funny I forgot to bring up the play or he's beaten or reporters being one of them is beat. And it ends of the bills are challenging that play the that it was Sanders who caught the path white recovers comes back downfield. And he's the guy who punches at the football that starts to dislodge it that leads to the challenge in the incomplete pass. Actually. He played really well in the second half he had to struggle the first half they targeted them they they went after they picked him. There was a communication on the back end and I'm not positive it was only you most certainly talk on the communication from the Jordan lawyers but I mean let's even assume it was trade weights. You know he did a great job recovery and a short memory that's something we talk about all the time with quarterbacks. They need to have that and look I will say this I understand it's been very system based why. They're playing so well together but through three games let's be honest. I think that you could make a case that that you'll they had the corner is better than the dual they've had for the last couple of years and again I'm not telling yet the third and they're better players overall. That's argue more or Ronald Darby but given everything the system what the bring to the table and how they communicate and their there's physical attributes it's not a stretch to say that this quarter group. Is better for this team than the others and I mean would you guys rather sitting here right now right now would you rather have tree devious way or Stephon Gilmore on your team and I think that's a legitimate question to ask. Well he's a lot cheaper I mean I love Gilmore but let's face besides who and what impact is I don't know clearly I don't besides I don't I didn't I didn't give it besides the money hoosiers have. Like I would take Gilmore I like what I shouldn't try right I felt I tried it again I don't think it's Eddie's Dallas three games are gonna jump I am not gonna go into the guys headed for the pro ball leaves the nice player I like what appears that. I would think you'll and that I accept cargo or some nice player too I also know that he also as a ball player when it came to tackling people and I like that aspect of previous weight game you know look I mean. Maybe maybe I'm jumping the gun cartridge and ultimately to legitimate question. Judy what has played every bit as well as the regular board member did and those uniform for through three games on. Am and I'm not I'm not disagreeing but it's three games so I'm just not gonna crown him anything just yet. Okay and what doesn't talk a little bit about Von Miller what were they able to do because I thought he would choose the bills up and spit him out. Especially with courting Glenn not playing. What were they able to do to keep Von Miller from JJ watt in the bills if you will. While they really I think use play action nicely and use roll outs nice that it goes back to their Tennessee game plan in the play calling. For him to get out speech about Miller had to. Kind of slow his roll if you already couldn't just and his years back. And get after. Tyrod Taylor because a Tyrod Taylor is already you'll fast enough in elusive enough that if you do that he can make you pay. But secondly because they had him on the move a lot and I think that was a big part of the game plan after the first series the first active on Miller had I think we all said oh. This could be a long day forget Dawkins as we expected. They did a nice job and let's give credit to the communication up front it really does take. All those guys and I talked with Jordan knows about that after the game he said really it starts when everybody up front. Makes you making sure they know where he's lined up the communication all that it is nice job Bob Miller made some nice place he had a nice little stat line. But he never wrecked the game plan he never really factored into what happened in the end of the game. Right. So you know. Again it's it's an overall defense questions double the same concept through three games they look. Really gut. How you know what do you what do you start thinking about this bills defense not just the second there that you're talking about but overall as a group because. They they look more organized. They they played with more confidence self for whatever reason they look faster as the group they just look so different and so many areas at this point. I think that if Bill Belichick and knowing the patriots and coined the phrase do your job that we really is aptly fit to this team. Most impressive part about this defense to me. Is how they are unselfish and play truly as one piece of the puzzle and a member I've been saying you guys last week of martial artist he's just a guy. They elect I mean that's you know kind of I dig ourselves because of you know him not him being paid as highly -- and not be as effective but what it really is. He's just saying about what this defense about guys you just your 111 of the defense and that is what some accurate preaches and I watched their what you communicate our watch your selfishness. I just think the most impressive part about what they've done here in building this defense. Is how everyone is responsible for themselves to fit in the piece of the puzzle and understand your job out of facts or be around you. And they've done that very well now. They're also very much for 43 and they've gone back to that that's a big deal for this in the last two years they were not in the right places to be able to do that so. I just think I really like how they work together I love how they fit the puzzle and really everybody is just 111 and they're doing their job. Let me get a call for let's get going here and a reminder but it has cells on from ten to noon by the way with the extra point showed today. Adam your on football Monday without a right ahead. A good morning guys that you don't want to talk with or ensure that questions are now I'm really weird player in the game. And it was in the first quarter. Really kick up happen and over up Obama went five and it looked at and then make Albie unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. An early start on the 25 is a really bizarre. Do we know what the Whipple was what it was an error will own and not being stopped and got a penalty and we only start on a point five it is a really confusing. Place I would that you're used. I don't like October yeah Mike Tolbert raised his hand to say I got it. And the official said by raising his hand he called for a fair catch then you are allowed to fair catch a kick off obviously not just the punt. So they said that he called for a fair catch when he wasn't intending to call for a fair catch who's missing I got it and then after the play. There was some pushing and shoving or someone that someone Lleyton I think. Actually immersed said that one of the guys the Broncos are he thought he threw apart so that have been cross rejection and that's why you had the fifteen year penalty. All right well we'll listen port at 10 o'clock today. OK guys thanks a lot south arrow up arrow down column is available at WGR 550 doc comes now brought you by. I'll let liquor need to stock up shop near its only outlet liquor eagle 30550. Join us what stood out to you. In the wind. And if you wanna share your opinion on the anthem protest a lot of folks on hold hold on your spot to be canceling get to those calls to you can share your opinion on those as well it is bills football Monday presented by northwest. Make the switch and outlet and get back. To living a one line call of the day and more of your calls coming up on WGR. Six from thirty yards. Not right in the embassy equally down Tyrod active role players a little bit of the 40455050. Different territory. It. Why it's Stewart the safety. Jordan Matthews open over the middle of the and that pick up their first personally game at 28 yard completion. It's all bill's old days Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. I mean we got to you don't between the leak that'll get interception in India terror on the next play at that picnic shot like a good team would build. We knew we were in the bought all of the big dinner for a couple of weeks toppled. It would that we built. Of course we've won the law they didn't that the not a. I don't know which interception. Thought they had an interception they were at the twenty yard line I don't think and then you say take a shot at the end zone. And that could go through the game book okay our wireline column today brought you by the Amerigroup wind made easy. The murder when the league is hey maker sounding number logged. From New Zealand to 799 for 750 milliliter bottle only Foreman tonight aft mail in rebate you could yell at me as we view specials that relies Docomo also brought you by the premier group. Applause craft your destination and had a quick one. Yet change NFL rules against chi the end of the Detroit Atlanta game. I did see him making and I thought he was in the first viewing news super slow more down was a hand on the shoulder and I knew that talks to uncle and the so yeah anyway go ahead to god curry hunt I do have creamed into the game their salt. Halting it away any runs every two yards for a touchdown I need for 69 are Laura isn't where but does Bryant tonight anyway go ahead so they they. The call right Detroit things they get a touchdown with twelve seconds to go golden Tate's in the end zone they stop the game they review every scoring play. They go back and look at and hey I think that call on his knees look down before the ball crossed the plane OK so it's got the one it's Detroit ball. Wrong. You're eight seconds left on site in the play and 102 runoff. Game over Detroit had no time out game over. This is the rule where sometimes you see is with injuries you know to prevent guys from faking injuries to stop the clock. Right false start I think false start finally. Late in the game right I think it's a 102 run up they put the tense second run up to prevent teams from illegally finding ways to stop the clock. Well I mean Detroit wasn't trying to snooker anybody. They thought they had a touchdown but the rules will say. Every scoring play is reviewed okay now. Maybe Detroit is able to get a playoff and spike I don't know they have eight seconds they wouldn't they would it had two Golden Tate appease ruled short you let it get up. Get to the line of scrimmage get set spike the ball and yet eight seconds into it maybe they could've done it. Point is the rule prohibited that the rule hurts the lions the lions are trying to fake an injury and stop the clock with no timeouts. Baseboard. And then it's and it's an actual rule that you have to look at it on replay why is that and second run up your analyzing the lions when they were just following the rules of the game. We think we start now we got away our replay let us not we did or didn't. Did didn't 102 runoff that just it's not fair so National Football League do something about it you gotta you gotta Alter rule. Quick thing Allan mentioned we us and anti nuclear wines on the mentioned something so yesterday was hot. Where we are varied and an air conditioned press box very very was brought comfortable there and I just want to give a shout out to elected the guys in the sheriff outfits the police that are in the stadium near can measure. Full black like had to be sweat and soul art and where we work there was a bit of a dust up at one point. Between one set of fans and another and there is that he said she said she city there's an you do as we can do anything but we're we're very very close. And the two guys I actually get to Lastings I'm marina and an honest the other guy's name mood Jill maybe. Totally like put down. Every com putting kick anybody out it's it was just. Really OK here I think it was so hot people were getting cranky and there were things that you know temperatures to rise. Sure figuratively and literally and I am just you know credit to those guys that did such good job and they must have been sweating like. I mean sweating bullets death because it was so we were thinking about full gear. Who's maybe Mike said that to somebody pointed out. That state marching band at halftime in the end I don't know heavy marching band uniforms was really popular game. They would not that was just yet there was not a day to be a mascot. At a sporting event probably would have been really difficult yesterday was a shorts and short sleeved. It was the bills win so big bills went 8030550. To join us that is bills football Monday would take a break we got lines open we'd love to hear from you. We're talking about what stood out to you in the wind. And we're also taking your calls that you have an opinion on the at the protest yesterday yes indeed it was these story around the National Football League. 8030550. 888550. To 550 defense looked good. Tyrod with a good day the bills with a game when they can't run the ball and then maybe you're looking at the season differently than that's more of it tomorrow subject that you can talk about that too. A couple mud presented by northwest make the switch northwest get back to living more coming up on WGR. It's full veils old days. Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living.