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Winged Nation - September 19

Sep 19, 2017|

Paul McMahan and Carson Macedo join Steve Post and Erin Evernham this week on Winged Nation.

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Oh yeah. Show. You've got to live. Hello again tomorrow is wearing measures presented by Hercules butterfly got cars like we are larger enjoy those as encouraging art ever five of the week. And we can wait. The next thirty minutes the other just about what's going on in the world with regard racing Paul McMahon go to the need to find out what's going envelope from all. Not cause them listen don't. Who went in the big Canadian. Regard national but if we can speak with the way and he'll go in the later on the program of law. And remember now belongs suns' Steve posed you're not real husbands and get yourself all you dogs and costly if Eric and recover the league. Is now. You got in the car and had a deposit lab exact point and lose trust him on Thursday night. To do Williams grove on Saturday and then that Doerr class that man now we're out of this you're gonna irrelevant and I am going to rather then I'm gonna have a lot of good to see all of our friends are gone maybe even have a frosty cold beverage here. Yeah yeah. Here is exactly exactly it is going to be on all at a certain robbed of her classic which is the 20000 dollar to one race and it's like from social media. I'm not going to be alone going to Pennsylvania axle and look for royal couple weeks ago and Syria procured agree last week review the occasion a lot of attention focused and they're absolutely not Karl ice on an area map as you Perry Matsuzaka. Jim mum. And treating its little. So let's aren't REI and we were America that Brawley is there to act now on the race is exactly what you fix this write all this is a great radio transmission error of the class that pigs. An artery I copilot he buys a shirt from closeted about probably so he uses enough. What I'd put someone on Twitter yesterday I think it was a whole brownie you're selling T shirts because you need space in the drop the whole trophies. Yeah well seasons and cat Howell all up as awesome I'm I'm really happy for Brian as Nike was so excited to go to Pennsylvania and new how difficult competition laws but to come out there and win in anyway and raced the all stars and wanna get. I know Hubbell of the second in the yard score that. Mr. Biden though that the problem is not much looks excellent K cars happen to an army but but yes go to Brian brown you know you're gonna drop all the way across the argument as well Winston races. And but the wind in the gym news tomorrow what I thought was really really cool and we have Brian on a few weeks you know we talked about is gonna going to be big structural you're shot arrogant over. And I was not aware of us. But wrongly posted a picture it was legitimate news memorial in Charlie eager to build engines for Jim Nantz. In the connections and our sport the fuel in the personal connections in our sport. Is really cool and LeBron is the same way as them happy he's so good from Brian Charley win that race and there was them as well thought. Rick it's also brought out one of the hot drivers on the hot topics about the North Pole not. Yeah you're in saint although I dialogue. He won. Actually was there one route 66 on Wednesday inaudible last week that was where a number one red. And then he backed it up even Saddam wanna order for quite a long days he went clay county and one number 101. And you don't you're gonna win your first career fourth generation might just as well due to grow at one of the most extract a typical tracks and let late. A youngster teenager met. Campbell career first sports and when Williams grove about that accident. That is really really cool some good stuff other topics Karsums you know he's gonna join us a little bit later on the program and there haven't. Our closet is really important and embroidery. Hot topics T shirts out Powell's book is whatever it be they have it. Do what Brian brown does picture stuff at www. Closet and US they've got outlook stumpel was it all look. And he joins us now. What ever you drive wherever you go Hercules tires will get in there whether you're running on their. Are dependable high quality tires of a perfect fit your needs. Straw unmatched value selection in warranty with the industry leading road hazard protection there's only one choice. Hercules tires to learn more visit Hercules tired dot com. Or call 806779535. Hercules tires ride on our strength. It is BJ now. So doctor Tom what's your claim to fame will do to all of Toyota's NASCAR wins last year I wrote thousands of doctors notes for fans for over excitement hypertension a condition that requires a dale port to rest sounds like a responsible doctor doctor who are real doctor Breaux would a doctor get a guy a Ford for over excitement about the new camera because. I ended let's go and that's half the field let's go places to learn more visit we go to racing dot com. NASCAR is a registered trademark of the national association for stock car racing and. When your battery goes dead everything could come to a stop don't take a chance on getting stranded stopped by O'Reilly auto parts and get your battery tested free of charge if your battery does need to be replaced O'Reilly auto parts can help you find the exact superstar battery that fits your car or truck get a guaranteed low price O'Reilly auto parts better cars better prices every day. Or blogs and. Find winning nation on iTunes Google play YouTube. And in the MRN dot com media center. Obama it is a Marlins were initially presented by Hercules tires right on our right we are glad to join us. Joining us now via the hot lines from somewhere between you're error or maybe he's buried in Nashville Tennessee. Up all of the above the line hello Paul wall about the ordination. I. We're doing all right Paul big announcement this week stepping out of the driver's seat does the new motors Ford going to stay in the GMC. Wanna continuously in some way or another off how're you doing Abu rub your big announcement over the week. I mean you know it's it's gonna take time to get used to it it's. In sounding grown out since you know little young young kid was at all ever wanted to do is racial world of outlaws in Cuba. The step aside not vehicle and outlaw it it's. It was emotional Saturday night that. It's something that every day rule won't get easier. You know it'll it'll be hard. This weekend when I go to first race and now. BP spectator being a guy that. They're very human and not in the arms and so it not been injured IR and BB. Had to watch a race car before but I've been injured. And this weight to be physically able to drive race targeted at the watches is gonna be a little bit. Well couple. Well that's a driver has been like you said doing his there's a lot how difficult is it to come to this decision and well how long have you been thinking about is this something nice start thing about maybe a year ago or are you know when did when you make the final decision. Well anyone at burst or drive for Rick barber at motor sports is something we discussed. On the ocean state senate race longer and I want them went. When it was when I thought it was time just to step aside they would let me take over the the role of run in the raking being in day out. And them. You know it was summed that in my mind. You know it came a little faster than him what I really gets into disappear really wanted. But. You know I just think it was. App the last you know since 2015 it wasn't much on sixteen wasn't much on it and it's just. I'm you know when you're struggling and it is. It easier to step away. It is it's something let them you know are really. Long hard look alike about it and try to make down the bad vision or Stanley and you know I mean it it it all happened really fast that some odd that they can doubtful while. All you know the general manager role and I and I our conversation of the finest and resting as you and I we've spent little time a PRI last year and you work. In that general manager happy we're happy earth moved when you were talking about you need to get him you'll need to get as you get that. Our look. Do you enjoy role do you enjoy good though love those the management and over the GM has that resembled something that the you have enjoyed over the course of this year. Yet number I've really enjoyed them it is to have more hands on. It has to be able to be the guy. You know. Make sure everything is is role is going to wait days ago it is it's a lot of work people think you're just. You know he just call up the new order parts and you do that Mormon there's a lot more to it in. In just order parts and get hotel at. It's picture based take care of it make sure it you know quite liked her maiden in the truck trailers take care in the race cars motors. You know trying to eke out dart into the air to air. So you know just for every if it is a lot of work I mean I've enjoyed. Well I'll probably to a little bit more now that I bought. Have to drive also. You know there was a lot of skill and all trying to drop it actually got everything stopped at the trailer and my guy a lot. You know they also do a lot that don't mean you know what we eat up and what we needed. You know it some are real and Dolan are really look forward to. In the future. Well I tell you on an earlier and Leon social media and I've read some wonderful comments and notes that fans in. Fellow drivers and other families have left you how much is it meant he had to see some of those those notes people had. Our means the world you know I mean you're. Whole life great all wanted respective your your competitors. And respect the stands and everything it. And I think ever earn that I got everybody. You know it was kind of cool the other night or cal austerity you know that was still on hold for me it. The big man in the pit area and people just. You know I have one guy and he's at I don't want only view. You want to lead tonight in arrows. I'm like looking at a like amp company. I'm just you know I'm not in on my I'm nobody famous I'm not I'm just got to got to do what I look to do forever and these fans appreciated mean that much Q I'm. So wanna just. Spin the lap. You know whatever went. Wide well ordered up it was kind of cool. Really really neat that's that's a fascinating and interesting story. All one of the one of the things that I just truly loved about getting to know you're is your friendship would you always Obama. And obviously Joseph always been through a career change over the course of this year maybe not as they're just happened differently than yours did along the way. Off as you see Joey surviving enrages him actually picking up where we've been getting beat me the BB hard drive along the way agency Joey. Have you talked to him is that altered your prime lying ignored decision at all. You know it made me think a lot more this year when you know we've talked you know we hung out what you don't do everything was going through you know. We talked a lot I mean every night we ordered Williams Grogan and it was in mayor whatever it was. You know we give back has only gotten beat our Washington. It just sit out and talk about things and you know first I'm Joseph really have like heart to hearts always. We talked recently cup and we have guitar is that it was it really got me thinking when he finally you know when when his. Whatever him and made him go home. And be with his family and everything else we got that that's really when I start thinking more more more about it. Our kids are older who is young source perfect opportunity for him. But yet topic Joey really got my bring donors you know we joked Allah you know that or it's going to be a lot of our. And we vacations what Al banner without rate in the. The and then yeah. Party you found in Jessie motor sports have chosen Parker price Millard to sell your C and I know that you've always spoken very highly of him. Was that I did it make your decision any easier knowing that you can give some like. Opportunity. I don't know. Or. Let. It was a no brainer for me it was that was at one when I guess it would mean Rick first heard it when Parker step for me. Why you're on record. You know I just I've watched it along for the last few years and really been impressed with what he does race car. And just the type of person is and you know he's he's very marketable he's very. It was Strahan so. It was one of them deals. Experiment in the in the all the awards you raced. And you know I mean. I've kind of electorate like you know hope I'm Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson thing works out you know it. You beat down her jet bound Jimmy or we act on our opportunity. And. Really really neat that's for sure final question one of the things you did state in the relational stated in their places that you certainly wanna arrange a little bit more. Mom lives a living kind of jump up pop up on the radar screen maybe you can tell us maybe you can't tell us what's going but. Are there were good good does it look like some some opportunities may present themselves for Uga. Well how about Donna knew a little better racing as you move forward. The editors there's. You others have been and where do as the duration I wanna do this year that. Intolerant short track nationals already tricky up and wanna run uncle Arnold. As long as. You know I gotta I gotta make sure that my bosses and now I actually have a job at. Required leader reports somebody and you know have to be saying is long that they. Let me have the time off to go down I think I got in three races are sorted out SOA. What aborted due at some of those in this year and at it you know finish up this here in the minority. You know might have some things work to produce more recent book fair a pure random mind throughout the year throughout the next several years to our. Bikini race and colitis actually. Wanna hang the helmet up then and now. That are home. All the brand fans across America are happy right now children elders a couple of computers this year and maybe some down the road. You're watching real car on the racetrack at all as always a pleasure to job with a bunch with a time enough. Thus the about the fourteen this weekend as the GM for that to him as you go race at el Dora and learn all thanks for joining us. I got banks have on the show and just wanna thank all my fans that support me out throughout the years. But ordered future. That's just does go to the great that's for sure Paul McMahon joining us here on the program. Great stuff. Often I'm excited emissaries from the world final hug him again yes and like honey give us some specifics about it exactly felt. Get those tickets for broke up the but for the world final ball is going to be there. Going for Victory Lane let's double speak of it related Carson as a ghost but a little time there on Saturday night to give it up we'll talk to him met. 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Plasticky USA dot com. That's classic eat at the track. And on your back. It's O rewards member appreciation month that O'Reilly auto parts stoppage today and check out storewide savings plus earn double points over 250 items it's our way of saying thank you if you're not already a member sign up today during all rewards member appreciation month it's fast easy and free O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day. I don't guards. As Tony Stewart who was in between nations. Motor racing network dot com. Welcome back it is MRI and when nations for them by Hercules Cyrus ride on our strike looks correct but the the hotline joining us Russia and the trip that rely on Saturday night. As we can speedway in the Canadian tire or the Canadian. Rick our national. I'd look three Goodyear racing car Carson doesn't draw those folk artists and our Errol. And I got them yet aria. Then we're going well congratulations tell us about that went on Saturday night. Really get we noted that the Canadian nationals who. Bigger through these guys especially are you know it took courteous in Norman added. So oppressive they aren't you well liked I think it'll was really thrilled. Obviously. You know the big grade and you know obviously the competition are makes we the land itself. We Alamos the rate at and we Turkey. He's done really well known record that you earned this year in LA it is national tour and everything so. The battle that haven't come out in history optimize I think I think Aaron thank him out the race about and ago and it's made some good news in traffic you know luckily our crew is really really didn't. Guys at all then. You know we were the first on the proper stride though are pretty often and it's just a great weekend drilling. Carson not a little file I was looking in all the wrong places but I couldn't find much about the race other than a lot of fans. Now we're there and even some competitors wrote how is like some of the best racing they'd seen all year. Tell us up how the track was on was it racy top to bottom tell us a little bit more about the races now. Yes or actually in speedway is I think one of the best tracks. In the world it was not I'm I'll watch rate or whether as well I'll highlight or past Canadian nationals I'll write notes to. It's that detract always really lit up atop the alternate on. You know eyes usually they're a little bit of a pop at it are really like at all recollect her position at or just. Moisture on the edge of the racetrack off Italy has spent it on the pressures accurate so. You know eventually accomplish rule which over the edge they had ever you know it. It is counted just hole right on it I think early item rate of eat it really just create router on the arm and really how it out at age that it certainly you do you keep your Limbaugh. Yeah he's you know very you know obviously. Daughter out of our pen and keep momentum up so. We got you got it started thirty or married they every year so we got it and got to traffic. You know fairly early and really had to move around I doubt that Hillary should you know they go anywhere. Tom but our our you know that Friday diary is brought into it they it went features so it's basically like a Greenland nightly air ready for the or an. There they they actually start their cars they split the field up and at duke features. And basically how works its 215 lap features and out of 3015 car starter and I think that was just a show that showed that the next I would. Gonna be you know it's also great and I I think you know I think and ended up went in the first feature and and we started well and won the second one you know and just. There's a lot of racing a lot of after everything you see there just are all over the racetrack in I mean there are ordered earlier for a lot of I think partially indeed you know doesn't it quite the credit that it deserves sometimes it's. You know it's not up there in Canada and com Natalie like like just saying you know it's our debts and not get results are not just because. You know you can look and earned a spot that. One and also restrict it to have really really good job Kirk and it's always smooth and slick in the ever aren't a lot of Ohio track to be honest you know it's it's kind of a small or eat. They don't like it's on a race. Good racing Indy that's for sure I'd surgeons up there one time and I was so impressed with everything now that the whole facility. Everything else. Cause I'm about to hear the dogs PRI and would watch and an interracial there. I don't Jason Myers and he was just raving about you. And wishing you moved to Indiana knew little work would keep going to drive in the dirty car you're you're doing everything your dog I sell up my question is. Where are you that worry you going how how is this group out from California to the Mitt was the the Canadian nationals. How Portland golden era and what lies ahead Oreo as far as that group after work and. Yes army. Eventually you know our Michael the run with a little dog only gonna dream of mine as you know on another look it is not. Jason's been a really big mentor DeLeon and help me a lot. A long way you know he took in a pure I didn't a year and inserted into a lot of people let you know I are talking. Pretty preclinical and on the phone obviously now that it is seen as much as I didn't know that whole bit. You know I had that that's why aren't fired beat some billion. Let Lee you know what they're now open and the other part. It's good gracious especially. Now they're well aware equipment early or an. You know it's it's just. It's it's so competitive you really have the main thing I think it can separate yourself to surround yourself in people and you know our first impact that it lets now aren't you. And he will be a Jason setting up with great instant and less and then I got to run you nine colonel I don't look at last year. And it from now I I'd bet that you know Joker Ian. In Norman and and really in Italy we without me have a couple ride this year today we put a deal together and it was about or. We have a lot of it. Learn a lot a lot. It's just you know whether their level of intelligence in children not vote for awhile and and picked up Landon and hammering himself here so. Yeah analog sets in this in an. And I think. You know I think that's what they say they know how to. Make the planet and fail on their own without them the main thing is to let you know that are perhaps appetite. I happen in other racers. Now well. Decorate and just more than anything learned and I every time we go to the racetrack that's the most important thing I think. If you market panic out. Indeed it is it's one step at a problem there's. All real quick replica of the brick global balance of the season what do you have coming up between now on the end of the year. I'm just look at all that's an event I think now I think we're gonna get you all sort of working. Of October work or to the future of economic future of actually further our Charl great in that back home about Purdue wolf Arnold in the street corner. You're just gonna try to hit ever in ever brought out this week end or anecdote to there was also an Illinois. Well you are or worked our engine or or. A motor so we can race Saturday Sunday you know this. Trial we don't think it'll be done quite Black Friday so where does it right it certainly haven't. And go from there but hopefully the feeling this in our criticism out successfully. Indeed let's open does caution regardless of on the went up in Canada. It's different I'm always a pleasure to chat with the. Yet they interpret you guys coming on appreciate thank you. Ergo Karsums you don't young talent or good shape. The youngsters like your wheel cars are on the racetrack lets step away Mormon mission in just a moment. Only the past three abreast. Coming to a track near you went to seventeen children or your grand the American sports car series is near you. It's when you see us and yeah I had TV commercials it's. Yeah. There's no 150 it's crazy to choose from its. Had seen him. Earnest Graham for a tasteless and watch on. Race of boys dot com to get the full rundown and has seen as racing stock. The national sprint car hall of fame and museum's newest feature exhibit is our salute to champions semi swindle June 9 through October 15. But the only museum in the world solely dedicated to sports car racing that national spring car hall of fame and museum in Knoxville Iowa. Stopping in check out he would send his original race cars and sees trophies uniforms and more. Or as you learn about his outstanding career the salute. With the champions Sammy window is only this season at the national spring car hall of fame and museum in Knoxville. Today tens BJ next time and is done. So doctor Tom what's your claim to fame will do to all of tunis NASCAR wins last year I wrote thousands of doctors notes for fans for over excitement hypertension a condition that requires the day off work to rest sounds like a responsible doctor doctor who are real doctor Breaux would doctor get a guy a Ford for over excitement about the new Cameron because. I ended let's go and that's how the wheels let's go places to learn more visit we go to racing dot com. NASCAR's a registered trademark of the national association for stock car racing you. Like every year she's doing nation on motor racing network dot com. Welcome back it is a monthly measure presented by Hercules goes right out our strength and put a look at our national sprint car hall of fame and museum birthday calendar kind of a quiet week. Wednesday tomorrow court Krugman Thursday Bob asked these. Don Edmonds and Charlie Davis junior have birthdays later in the week Thursdays. Oh what about Bob asked these birthday you have your little one and got me into the sprint car hall of fame board and Los Angeles. After WW June got into the car dealership business. Love NASCAR. We've got mercker engines. And Indianapolis. Trying to raise simply off. So much success early on but he ultimately what the team owner building cars and IndyCar argues that Mike speak Mexican road races. And a whole lot more stopped moving goers in 1960 remained very active in the sport. As a car dealer owner in Los Angeles and not just Greg Greg god I'm 1950. Picture. All of Clark Gable into his car. Is ultimately how I was of that is that you are able to Garth Clark without any building area the real movie. And bigger picture of stolen cars so that's another one of the great stories contained at this brick all of favorite museum turned over to. And Knoxville Iowa sprint car HOL dot got that we're covering up your obligation of Breyer Monty you're gonna join us on Butler is back and Erin I'm telling you border recorded Saturday chauffeur map TV. Crew ever god and what a car racer in studio. Oh a personality all of my gosh oaks Saturday morning 8:30 and 11:30 eastern time mounting a big. This isn't bossy I know some of Algiers to save a sinking me. This is mostly TV with the cruiser in the house we were down coming up. And we're actually work or is so two of us are going to be bothering rabbit rabbit right it's must see Mo Williams grove. And the fabulously good legal. Oh my gosh that big a big break here from all. At one stuff in his career and cars and on the other we have great stuff more important than all of thank you for joining us here today. You've been listening to win nation presented by Hercules tire right on our strength you can also find win nation on iTunes Google play you. MRN dot com media center. Wayne nation is a production of the motor racing network all rights reserved.