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The Straight Line - Sept 14

Sep 14, 2017|

Allen Johnson & Terry Vance call into the show and join Doug & Marty this week on "The Straight Line" presented by O'Reilly Auto Parts!!

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Were staged for another run the nitro fueled DN HR eight talk. It's the straight line presented by O'Reilly auto parks with a Marty off. And ten time NH RA winner Doug Herbert. Brought to you by Hercules tires. Now you're your coach Doug and Marty. This says the straight ought to drag racing thanks for stopping by our half hour or hour appreciate you being with us. The countdown to the championship begins this week could be back right way and today we're talking pro stock. Alan Johnson shares his memories as a pro stock champion. His career comes to an end we'll also chat with the legendary. Harry Benson both stop book site. We're The Beatles and took a lot to another edition of the straight line. I Dylan coast goes round the world this is the straight line on right briefing at MR and dot com along with four time I HRE top fuel champion intent I'm NH RA nationals event winner. Doug Herbert I am Marty health and into the countdown to the championship but it all starts right here in the next drag way. Tomorrow afternoon we're looking forward to it of course Doug. When we come down to the fall race here is the next great way that also means the brakes gala. We're looking forward to great breaks gala coming up this Saturday is loaded never we've normally done on Thursday night going into the weekend. It in the guys in early and have a little party and this year we've kind of change it up a little bit. Feel it's about us as host of the and they said that you're not gonna raise any money in congress on Thursday night great we'll blogs ago you gotta come down to. My aide. My club in Charlotte so we're gonna have the breaks gala this year. The big club quail hollow at quail hollow club down in south Charlotte which is like it is at the PGA there if you read this thing into a big deal breaker in Florida that Felix has been really really generously donated they are to us when I'm up on the website now with the Plymouth prowler like. Think Brandon I think it's got a couple thousand miles on the car looks awesome. I might need to know and that means that she might have been so we've not been against the cars really cool excellent that that is really need along with some other incredible items we've got. A car. Package which includes a behind the scenes tour the Petersen museum a behind the scenes tour at the several of the other car museum job in Southern California it's really really cool like private museums like the mall museum. The that you can't get into. And if the Fairmont Hotel we've got. To get through and all messed. Football game. You know like sidelined and they're there I think Ron Rivera will be at the deal and usually offer like sidelined for others. I mean the list just goes on and on we just some little best prosecutors. So pretty much anything we've got a lot of bidding. On our bidding on lying on the brakes website put on the breaks short for all of our silent auction and you can belong online. If anybody that wants to bid on any of these live items the live option big time. All they have to do is go to our website and information they've got a call it love it pre approved. So then we can we'll we'll call him on the phone and they can give all like dating a miracle. Very cool now of course the brakes kill us off and obviously. A fund raiser for. Your organization breaks. Tells an infirmary and those that may not know what breaks is in what it. Why we're raising money for the the brakes is a charity breaks breakthroughs that charity that I founded at my two boys were killed in the car crash that 2008 and since then we've trained about 30000 teenagers all around the country. About defensive driving we're we are not drivers that we are defensive driving like visually it's a a performance driving experience that oh we just talk about safety always do each. The teen years that we've ought. Are proven to be by a college. Professor and five year study 64% less likely be able to work so for me. And a good example of one of those schools is in Memphis. That you did last week with that would your body the enclave Milliken and you guys had a really good Thomas all the pictures on lighted I mean that look like a blast. We had a great time we trained a couple hundred teenagers there in Memphis. It was just a great weekend very emotional obviously for Clinton went that we. A lot of the students are we're friends also. Milliken a lot of volunteers that we had out there were friends of of clay and on and of their son Dalton. Was just super neat weekend I was really really happy now clay and we're gonna have that may appreciate this you're really an elementary on Saturday night. And the big bracket race at 50000 or when Gregory who remembers ended up. Going to like 4 in the morning when they finish we can't stop racing to do a show. So clay and I ended up having a little drift off basically we use our skin pad cars and we go through. I'll. And it was a lot of fun we didn't we didn't officially crowned. Adrift out here again but we had a really really good time and and mean a lot of resentment. Yup and so what if if anybody is in arrested in still trying to get too because it is on Saturday this year and not on Thursday so it's a little bit different a situation. And there is still time so if you wanna get it app to the gala out of the idea. Just go to the website put on the breaks that org there's information about on their I think there there's still a few tickets but. Pretty close this or that you want to go you better jump on it right away. I think you're going to be there a way. They got Marty's gotta be really busy market cap Y did person. Well we want to look you only show up so you don't good nevermind BB their but that's why is going to be a lot of fun and a lot of stars in the NH RA will also be there they always are and is so if you want. I did Tony Schumacher and he's coming in from brown eye doctor and they come and Alan Johnson president Ellen Johnson coming on the show are a few minutes. Of course he's been coming ever since the first game who has not missed one. He'll be there. You know John fortunately now he watched them last night and her hard to say but anyways there will be a fun time had by all NASCAR personalities you're two bottles will be there are no Mike Wallace. If common. You know who knows who will be there but trust me it'll be it'll be a lot of. It's always a lot of fun and so well we hope to see you at quail hollow. This Saturday night if you're headed down here to use Charlotte north Carolina's they've got obvious. Knew that they obviously to Felix about it for hosting this event at quail hollow. Felix's. Is just been an exceptional believable person and very supportive of what we're doing his all of his grandchildren have been through the break glass and so he. He sees the value of an affect anyone that goes for his Mercedes dealer in Charlotte when they go through. They get a flyer and it says if you have a child or grandchild that would like to go to brief us we will pay for so that's. Pretty new escalade on that in Helmand folk art because sometimes that you just do the right thing. And that's if they. Looking forward to seeing you at quail hollow on Saturday night when we return we'll talk pro stock would Alan Johnson next. 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App. Why sport for the one true reality entertainment where a single dramatic moment had become time. In NASCAR motor racing network live broadcast elevate your senses to the sights sounds and struggles taking place on the racetrack Danica Patrick developer of the they are side by side. At least on the power of radioed to the imagination of the listener tune in for the motor racing network. Visit Ameren dot com for an affiliate list at your local area. Yeah. Welcome back to the straight line brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts here's more foot smarting off and Doug Herbert. Thanks for being with us on the freight line this afternoon here on MRN dot com as we headed to Charlotte week. Round number to 2070. When we come here in the spring it worldwide racing is competition. It's a lot about the show when they're going four wide. You come back here in the in this in the fall. In it's there's a lot on the line well this is the race that they you know that we started out with in 2008 the first. And a tree national event that we had here in GMAC Bradley and this is the continuation of that I guess is there and then here at GMAC dragway pretty impressive. For anyone that is not into the track here in. Concorde in Charlotte, North Carolina it is an impressive plays though it now it is deadly days we want that's on your but yes I would suggest maybe going with a four wide. Saying just because it's a one time deal but. You know I guess the list of people have for right now Las Vegas or give up its eye on him on the phone I think we've got Alan Johnson are. Our buddy pro stock and and I just made a pretty big announce we'll talk to him a little bit about that is as the show goes on. And driver of the marathon petroleum pro stock car. Alan Johnston joins us a first ball that they for your time now on we really appreciated ending congratulations. On an announcement that was made back in India a couple weeks ago stepping down. After this 2017. Season what were says some the thought process of of going through and making that decision. Oh gas thank shram mind you know well. We were really got a couple extra years should from parents aren't. Couple years ago and help or side deal on a different direction that you know it was. Marathon golf stepped away in. And nerve just just felt like it was time with. You know with CSI predicament no smoke or not being caught as competitive as the you know just just a lot of things went into that gosh we've had 22 great years tunis and been able to share Richard and money in to your dad be so successful it sisters and you'll. Allen with that penetrate championship and numerous. Wins and championships in in any tray and of course a lot of and I hatred is well. Is there if they leave didn't miss it coming seems to me like you have a list a whole lot of long play like you know there's not the one thing you say well I sure wish and then that I I'm not sure you have with. Well you know we've we had a great career my dad curse then smacked of the sixties. So you know he won two super stock world championships and I sure didn't. And and we sit out Obama and you know to give him the opportunity to do this and you'd always be one of the they're standing out there out there given the opportunity and he should threaten them mr. mark so. In no one's been able to do this without as and we are here I am I had just been complete blessing. Obviously you liked it finished the season out strong. In went and I was really a press release that you're talking about up or white we were just talking about or wise we are coming. And you said back in the spring you're Karl wasn't more than paying. It's now picked up a lot of performance since the spring and and considering everything you've probably got a good shot his last six races to. Come out with a win somewhere down along the line. Yeah you know we're world war rat there I'd like to have about two more hundreds that. That you know old sector round and knew we should have beat ten and he'd been consistently the fastest car. Lately and believe we lost but to 101000. So the second. And and actually the driver hit the limb and earned second geared all going to be. So you know wore wore red haired. We've we've got a dodges even with the limitation of does rim hundred deal. We've got some really close but perhaps I can pick up just another hundred. We have a way to get a chance to win this championship. You don't put any more hours or I'm guessing he probably worth about whether it's worth about out of a message it and there's really there's not much extra eighteen days are they did everything. Well you know we we work with two or three different animals also lessons in the end we just how. I actually can't fund its thing else we've we've we've got all of Gupta and you know without some sort of blew reconfiguration. Of the silver had. It's this thing we've got all we can get Al east Indies that. You know we're still big engine and drug just loaded up and ready to go over Charlotte and what started out just like we ended an Indian hopefully you know well with Paul and talk perhaps for first round. Maybe you know maybe had a chance to it to goes from around the weather. They Alan you and united talked about this before but you going to the races with your. Dad and mom and and your wife Pam and it's really. You know it's kind of a family thing what you gonna do it. Keep your family together you gonna have picked in February candor I mean you need that's a lot of time that you get to spend with your family. Yeah no it sits a little differently done for so alone it's going bailout change and experience earliest but. You know Hulu work work. Thinking about might be run. A little bit sportsman's. You know who we may even more remote Oren and I beat track other. Run that factories stop bill it challenged do a little bit out of I don't know just a little sign on the non law. Just. Locally in and you know it's been couple straits but the yeah desk the you know Oakland to keep their little son and dune and not keep a couple of employees work and we've got some changing customers and you know we're we're still available to us to do some plan that dislike he's had been with your family or to report dated every week in 268. Week in the years. And then not go to all the Sunday Nazi of one there leaker to. That's familiar really differ that. You know just after two let slow with the it. And it broke wake up and back it in the NH RA implemented this burnout contest which is really got fans' attention. I do what is your take on that. Well you know it's cool and that's why we burned tires and more test and that will go to our scouts in motor inn and no you know Greg had a good point. It's hard to do it I did one semi new book out. We need to have also Arizona's three runs on and so we need do a little bit of a burnout and wiped out stretched it out a little bit. You know leisure I think it's a motor a little harder to get set tires a little harder the part of practice saying and it has some notes so it's hard to do and grace that you know couple people has some big unlit that the and that's cool. And loved it. Yeah I was a fan favorite. And Allan one other thing I'd buy one of talk about his. We're looking forward a great night this coming Saturday have been and one person has been there for every one of our brakes do is review and the contributions that you. Made that helped me and and also for the period is just an incredible I'm I'm so lucky and blessed to have your friendship. Or these past seventeen years and I can tell you how much I appreciate it. Well you know I think the sign of that tune and what you've accomplished what this year it is that have been amazing in and each year rouge and and it's for good reason has become the site and Hobson. You know I mean you for that and you know everything you went through in my attempts. It's just it's just a blessing to be a part of. Well we're gonna have to get together and go to the mound again when he's he's had a hopeful that where would we go there and play golf and have a little extra time to get the hang out that we did after and we went up there. Yeah we we concentrated on American won the. Yeah. Oh is that what we did you know that. I'd imagine I'm very well imagine that we didn't know time. Wholesale much better model with the knicks. Yeah I'll do plural. That's for sure Ellen Johnson. Announcing his retirement but I just a great friend of the sport of drag racing and any straight week we appreciate you coming on the show we'll look forward to seeing this weekend and Allan good luck the rest this year I hope your Hideki go out there on another championship. Absolutely I would. You know that the big grade and no we're going to be big enough promise Sheila. Alan Johnson driver of the marathon petroleum pro stock car joining us on the street line when we return we'll talk pro stock motorcycles with its. It's O rewards member appreciation month that O'Reilly auto parts stoppage today to check out storewide savings plus earn double points over 250 items it's our way of saying thank you if you're not already a member sign up today during all the rewards member appreciation month it's fast easy and free O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day. Okay. Auto parts. Part of why this might back would join me every Tuesday night for NASCAR live that's what our interactive show. Think she beyond the typical story lines in NASCAR with the stars for the sport the celebration before I mean afterwards. Get it in the back 1130 like oh. NASCAR live off of YouTube in depth analysis with the opponents off personality because for me the decisive moment of the what Blanchard about NASCAR live this Tuesday night at 7 eastern on the motor racing network. When the smoke settles the entertainment never stops it just supposed to be and fun on race weekends your favorite NASCAR personality is an everyday superhero. Just. It went yeah I believe they leave the racetrack. They're just like everyone else so I've killed myself or Steve balance with the with a person's personal items in the Armstrong join me on a daily journey as we discuss the hot topic. And engaging personalities. Of NASCAR nation majors world of racing dates on the motor racing network. It's a straight line brought to you by O'Reilly auto parts. Now once again here's the Marty. They Della Johnston for joining us on the straight line this afternoon and it's back in the day an engine builder by the name of Byron Hines got together with one of the top drag motorcycle. Racers in his day. Guy by the name of Terry Vance and you probably recognize the name. Vance and Hines on it as one of the biggest aftermarket motorcycle parts companies in the world. And now right now that legacy. Continues in the stands at Heinz brand on the Harley-Davidson's. That we see running up and on the track at national events and joining us right now on the telephone line. Is one of the legendary drag racer of all time Terry Vance joins us Terry thanks so much for your time we really appreciate it. On Oprah at all. A Terri live freedom I'm doing great. I gotta tell you I might have told you this before the first time I remember seeing Terry Vance I was a young. Yeah I mean I was I know it it could have been lowered me you know. But I don't offense that orange Guinea international raceway and watching you run that I'll go by and you know what most people haven't even seen until bites the that was I know I was blown away. Yeah talk on one of those. Pretty special kind of you know we were just kids so I did have a lot of greens and so that's why I was doing so and so right now but. It was it was like a 12100 CC big east supercharged on nitro and we we made a couple of runs where it actually made an art through the crank shaft on the bottom of the motor and underneath tires so. It was so there was ample a lot of times but we eloped when we were actually the first guys to go to a mile an hour and we did not quite like you saw don't count. While. You know look and yeah that was that was publisher got his second they they've they weighed a lot in there were really hard to ride it. They were up while the ground pretty it was a pretty unsophisticated at times so it made a lot more challenging right. Well there's so that takes that takes a real driver Adobe actually threaten you could settle and we had we have about 5050 now. Ride motorcycle guys solo home theater writers and some on here their drivers I think they're probably drivers that would what do you what mr. Davis. I don't have a good question you know when you look at guys like Valentino Rossi are the guys that right flat track motorcycles those guys are more draw writers you know those guys rioters. A guy like Andrew Eddie trainer Rick Andrew Hines guys are more like drivers you know so it you've got to be real technical outposts are quite. And I don't know if you could argue about that forever but. I know for sure would drag racing they dug its its street tunnel by you but for me I've always felt like he got out of power in a most important thing that's why I was. Always nice to have a guy like arm around because he made power and even if it takes to get by with a win. Think the Byron you wouldn't Byron have obviously been together for a long time in the Benson Heinz name is just you know I mean that's like I'd gone where cycle. In in the in the motorcycle brands how did you guys get together and and get that whole thing kind of started. Well you remember what stretcher Doug is not Long Beach, California and we met out there are kids just bracket racing. And I ended up going to work for kinda marked on Gregory's guy and fire was actually work and are so. We are project just got sort of manner and then. That was back in my I think 1972. And then or and I started damp and kind of 97 not. Rest oh is that they are right I mean there's very very few people that are. Are in business would each other for forty plus years and then you know we're still even talking to each other but I consider Byron my best friend on the planet a lovely guy and he's just. Is that that guy ever been so fortunate to be around him associated with a you know. While invincible and does so many other things besides what you guys started in drag racing. I mean it's MA it's well. All over the board with. Don't Suzuki and build Harley's and in some of these different things both about some of the different things advancement is involved with and what your dated a involvement. Well opera stars in the beginning and our and I ourselves and we just kind of started you know growing the business and so on performance products you know we don't lot of motors race like guys and I do want to go post a crazy so more popular and so that's kind of how we get our routes going and so they collect out of that metric business she knows it he's got psyches. Things like that and then probably maybe like about a hundred employees I would think it the end of may be like eighty worried side. And then we started looking at the Harley-Davidson. Market and how big it was and we had a DNA because that we want to grow our business the only only direction we could go so in 1994 hum we started looking at early David's market. Heard a group of engineers are working on development project management. And put together a program to sell some products through one of the stringers which is called drag specialties and not in the United States their own accord on limited. And they became our exclusive supplier of product and we kind of took off and I mean dug it is just like. It went crazy amount as we could not make up about and there weren't a lot of our. Companies in the market kind that would really making quality product so. We were trying to make really high tech stuff with heat shield them up and you know just not just slept together thing but an engineer exhaust does that make more power and great sound and was engineered car so. We went for about 7879. Employees suit I think our peak was somewhere around 700 so there really. Willy really like crazy and I mean we got robots and lasers and three foreigners in it you people in the engineering department. And it turned her crazy and then in 2002. I sold the business to a company called Morse worked aftermarket group. And a guy named the head that up was earning Ackerman. And they're really great guy and urged mark up finance side of the world and also an enthusiasm motorcycles so. We actually shook. A large portion of mice sale proceeds and kept it in the business and we acquired in other businesses and then. We grew those and then we ended up selling to a company called go Leonard green who's one of the larger private equity. Houses on the West Coast they don't get code Rite Aid and you know budget big pharmaceutical guys. So. We were really important things than we had the capital and the knowledge to really lay out a really good business plan. And these guys you know a great job it is everything we needed to grow the business and I mean we just kind of took off so. Fortunate for me I try to step to witness stated the operations about five years ago and now I just an involved in the racing in cart development. A really really enjoy it or because collapsing and what we're about an hour in Allen and you know. Stated you know looks employees issues and well it's really a nice time for me because I get a just aren't straight on raising and I don't know you know dug a couple but you're Apatow sort of work closely with Harley-Davidson do their flat track motorcycle racing and Dave are kind of retired the old XR 750 which was the staple piper. Flat track is now we're developing a new platforms called the GT XG. And we're working really hard to get. That platform established going put electrical issues. The world so it's been a real exciting project I'm working on a lot. Oh we've been been really really busy so sort of order but that kind of morals Everett last year's. I'm out of breath. I Minnesota have been I didn't know all that. That is who I know you use than a lot of your time now we can go into these various different restructuring in the country build that new Harley-Davidson program you know I did little. Yes absolutely and it really excited because it's it's a lot of young people and they're just great razors and writers and we're in Williams grove Pennsylvania just over the weekend and I mean. They had a capacity crowd they could let anybody else in the place it was so packed. And everywhere we go we get a big crowd like that and it's really exciting got three writers. Kenny called Jake Johnson and Brian Roberts and and we're just in the program up and running. We've been struggle a little bit but we're just start to get some podium finishes and so important doesn't. I'm real excited about what's happening so I'm really looking for the next couple years real exciting time. While one thing I gathered. Today is I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and involvement would break. Your daughter gave a bribe her fan and and then your. Third and they're very and then then they you rip the whole blood bath that time about the whole baseball team out of Pomona and and I just can't say how much your friendship and and hope for the security is meant to me. I really appreciate that there are but what you're doing is more important than just about anything else I mean it's like he got young guys young people. You know young individuals that are driving cars and we both know how serious that can become so they need every opportunity to understand that where they actually. Spend a lot of time behind the wheel and or encourage anyone that has a teenage son or daughter choose. Put him in Rick's program because my boys have been three times and they looked at every time this is great but. I tell you they have a deeper respect for you know two or 3000 pound vehicle moving down the street so. It's it's a really good things are that you're doing and I think it's affecting and will affect thousands. Outline a course years so I really appreciate you doing that and anything I can do or you go forward without our help. Terry thanks so much for your time in in your knowledge are pro stock motorcycle and two with. How weak and come here today in 2017. Heading into the countdown in. And everything that means to NH RA in what we're doing here on the straight lines up at thank you so much for your time we really appreciated. Hello Mohammed all over the and you heard they're finished in Pomona and a report. I'm really well they've they've called on all time great guy in my book were first a word federation and they threw into. And thanks. Thanks for being here on the straight line this week and now we'll talk after next week and what happened at the Max right way to go for everybody involved. We're talking next week on the free. You've been listening to the straight line presented by O'Reilly auto parts of the straight line is these show for drag racing fans. It was brought to you by Hercules tires. Tune in again next Thursday on MRN dot com and be a Moran asked. The straight line is also available on demand in MRN dot com's media center on our FaceBook today on YouTube and an iTunes or the Google play store. The straight line as of production of the motor racing network.