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2001 Tropicana 400

Sep 14, 2017|

The 2001 Tropicana 400 from Chicagoland Speedway.

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This is MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength this is Ken Squier. Time now for MRN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing network actual race archives. From from from from from from from from from from from from from from. Love NASCAR Winston cup series moves into a new market this weekend. We're just outside the city of Chicago at the sparkling new Chicago land speed away health facility built to showcase the car racing again and the drivers here are as excited as the play. You get to drive. That experience I had very telling you and he's like the tonight Chris dragon couples move and it's got a lot of grip eight. You break it looks like it was. Nice facility and they hit that's right got some of them are rotating anyway you know bell Canada might know very exciting. Part of inaugural match. Race fans there are today I'll packed house readies for the first race at the air new street balance. From the Chicago land speed well. Their home all our. The ratio. Presents NASCAR learned today. Sponsored by a circuit so we know how you please that's why we're here Circuit City. NASCAR Winston cup racing is in a brand new arena today just outside the city of Chicago. Hi everybody I'm Joseph Moore along with Barney hall welcoming you to a bar and radio's coverage. Of the inaugural Winston cup race here at the U Chicago land speedway. Today's race just more evidence of the growth of NASCAR. Once only with the presence of the southeast now with races in major market areas like Los Angeles Phoenix Dallas Detroit. And today just outside Chicago white says a lot of outward NASCAR Winston cup racing is going. Yeah other they're already fractured picking up drawing thousands and millions of fans all over the country great turnout here this weekend had the same thing yesterday and as the Busch cars ran here. Two things quickly became apparent to the drivers about this racetrack for the last couple of days of one is it is really fast. The other is they found out in the Busch race yesterday it's very tricky it is not a forgiving. Anytime you come to a new racetrack there are new obstacles like finding the way and find a way out where the restrooms where as a concession stands. The racetrack facility here is laid out his perfect it has plenty of those fan amenities. But for the drivers yet trying to find out what the faster group this going to be trying to find out how the racetrack will change throughout the course of the event. And yesterday's race was sort of that a learning situation for everybody watching to see how things change during the running of the bush series events number. Just about everybody learns something whether you were in the race yesterday or whether you were down in the garage area standing on top of one of the trucks kind of looking to see what was going on on the racetrack there were nine drivers with a cup drivers in that event yesterday they may have a little bit of an advantage your day we've got a tight points race going up Lewis a cup championship. It is a very wide open battle among half a dozen drivers. And good track position today today will become an absolute must on the speedway for gonna win that's gonna demand perfect pit strategy all day a lot of things gonna come into play here this afternoon 43 drivers in the lineup here this afternoon qualifying very interesting top vote on and Jimmy Spencer grabbed the front row for the race here today a couple of teammates up there. It's first time that the same sponsor has been on the front row for the sort of racist I think back to 1984. When Neil bonnet Darrell Waltrip driving Virginia Johnson both had Budweiser cars in the front row so history being made here today. Also history for top vote on his second career but both and the first career but pull for Travis Carter as a team owner Jim Phillips of Newport Tennessee is just not put nine. 183 point 717 miles well for the bud pole winning speed of the spring news Chicago in speedway for Todd vote nine. This track is similar to Las Vegas and finished fifth there earlier. Did you back at it today. Well I like to think so you know on a happy hour we didn't have the fastest car we had a very consistent car this morning we. We tried to make it a little faster and hopefully not hurt the consistency but it's we have a good car and blue light special was was decent. You know. The key here is track position and it's such a one groove racetrack right now. Pit stops and in strategy are going to be key in. Hopefully we can do tolerate things is there on the front and have a shot at at the end you take the 300 miles of Busch cars ran yesterday will help Rudolph the troika. Well it definitely put more rubber on and it did widening group up a little bit but it's still very narrow grew it's still one groove. I think it's gonna take a couple of years and couple races to get a couple groups and that but that. It is are a fantastic racetrack the facility is a great the racetrack itself but you give it a couple years you're gonna see 23 wide racing. Well this is the man has got the best spot on the first race that's taught go to. Jimmy Spencer his teammate turned and a great qualifying performance your Friday to get the number two starting position. It's his best qualifying grown here and Jimmy is adapting this U speedway as quick as any driver here. He got 300 miles of experience in yesterday's Busch race qualifying good is okay but plain and simple Jimmy Spencer is Kmart team needs a win the Winston Kelley is with him. Prevent you have a little bit upon lining up for the inaugural picture NN that Jimmie lost this Bonnie on the front row with somebody is starting second we're gonna have to easing back in there. Jimmie ran the race yesterday what did you learn about this racetrack that you can apply today Netgear middle. So mr. secret. Now it's no secret it's it's it got a lot of grip and NA and the tires. Are such a good time they keep grip on the whole the whole run. And nice I mean I mean the that you need to put tires on at the end of the race team to be a factor maybe five or six laps but. Tracks roll the group started to really command checks start to move up we got a secondly almost worked in. It's going to be a great day today without question Mark Clark throwing good happy yesterday were really happy. I learned a lot yesterday got a two of the three little things today nothing major but that would be up there all that. So you're worried yesterday before the race about getting down and that lower group not as much of a concern today. No not really there are ways they've really got going moved out some we saw a lot of passing yesterday. Deathly chargers can be a trouble spot today just like it was yesterday turned force gonna be a passing zone we saw a lot of guys come down on the apron here. You know there's going to be a lot of different theories like god coaches really hard to get my car good in three and four. And you know I didn't get as good and do what they needed to so hopefully we can get a little bit better today with some adjustments. With Jeremy Mayfield these drop and it's an all costs Carter Kmart. Front row here at Chicago land. Ricky Ross been steadily getting better this season finding himself now third in the championship points and he starts third today Adam Alexander of Owensboro Kentucky is with Ricky and qualifying speed of 183. Point 156 miles per hour great lap on Friday afternoon Ricky. Can you put things together this afternoon for 400 miles. Well liked up our team is a big question mark we don't really know what to expect other racetrack we watched the Busch race a little bit so we got a little bit of an idea but. You know I think we're ready got a six valid sources up pretty racy was pretty race yesterday at practice and do the trick is trying to keep clean air. Keep your car out front as much as a cannon. That would normally. Would be a challenge in itself but now you though in the situation to get your tires so good at this racetrack we Celtic stars won a race yesterday. So tire strategies he'll be a big issue track position that they issue just big question mark right now no run well. We can't we beat calculate put ourselves in a position at you know right that's horrible that's what we're concerned about. Ricky you've been in the top 108 out of the last nine races you're third in points and growing closer to the championship lead. How much momentum does this race team have right now. Well but we're sinner really gets shaped we're tickled that with the way things are going and momentum on our side right now. Ricky road starts to clear this afternoon in the Texaco Havilland forward. And this afternoon the place has been jam Klansmen doing it here since daybreak this morning 43 drivers are anxious to see what they can do on this racing surface. Joseph is going to be a warm and here this afternoon to. Have three or four days we've been here at Chicago land speedway this is going to be the hottest temperatures expected at the mid to upper eighties. The morning humid side today that it was earlier in the weekend. Everywhere you go across the country out here it's a brand new marketplace like the Chicago land speed player wherever. If final lot of Bill Elliott fans and they're here as well bill starts in the fourth position today in the dodge dealers UAW dodge Jim Phillips is with the awesome bill. Well this we talked about earlier to. Holes Saturday Todd Vogt arrived in Las Vegas he finished fifth and this is similar to that racetrack in some ways billion had a great run going at that racetrack. The similarities seem to pitcher's stuff. Well it does not think the new racetrack a bit different than that I guess because that's quite a title but it added have a cure but. Yo here we you just got to get set up because. Got to worry about keeping your car on the bottom and keep an hooked up all night long and not try to get out that black group up and happened a lot of rice focal. That's what claimed to be the problem with the bush guys yesterday that. If you want to work week are mostly valiant and hope the right track continues WGA you can video your good. This is what you drivers because you run behind people look what you think more about how much time we got to make a move we got list time report. Well educated got a pretty good play up you know a lot of happy can't get linemen and it is only critical they keep it peaking yet again. Whenever you get may be able to plant giving go home because if you wife my child whether you're not be able to hit to Mike and I think you'll. That's what we saw the closing laps of the Busch race yesterday that's Bill Elliott. Jill we need demons chick made a great qualifying effort pay off yesterday car on Friday I should say fifth place start here today for Joseph having missed several races when injured in a wreck at Dover Downs he's bounced back very strong he got 300 miles experience yesterday like many other drivers did. He should be ready for this afternoon let's see if he's with Winston Kelley. Years he finished fourth yesterday as though we got some fireworks and something we're going off. Behind this and not funny just talking about you feeling good about two chances from talking big earlier this morning picking up pretty good shot today I guess. C a sellout crowd events down and a longtime mine happy hour we're really good qualifies this. You know on the whole Oklahoma City guys have been working real hard in. Really my first first Trace back you know that you really have to drive the cars hard enough. I'm great ago haven't gotten 300 miles in the lancet 200 laps yesterday what's the best place to finance on the racetrack. Hey it's going to be very difficult for us I think with a listening cup cars out there we're gonna get that second group moved up pretty quick fix. If he had a good Modi a mass and down the straight aways you just trying to set him up to be a mosque enough if you get a little bit at least give me and any give time. Barn bounced back strong from that injury you talked about qualified fifth hot off the heels of fourth place run yesterday afternoon. Kevin Harvick was also at yesterday's NASCAR Busch Series race hills Brothers coffee 300. Any same to adjust quite well blues racetrack Kevin was the man that beat Chile had a mechanical problem late in the race. That put him back behind the wall. And I Alexander what he learned from yesterday's race ticket help today DeVon needed have some problems yesterday afternoon that prior to the rear end problems on pit lane what. Did you learn making your way around the Chicago land speed. I think the biggest thing we learned is in other attacks devastated pretty consistent it was pretty warm yesterday and you gotta run around the bottom of the racetrack itself we learned a couple places to pass this delivery pretty tough to pass them. Now we got pretty much the same set up on our cup program or with Parcells have to see what happens. A lot of the guys in the back of the field talking about it's strategy plan a big role and you start six this afternoon you guys do anything different up there is it business as usual. Well I think part of its business as usual but you also have to think about track position so I'd say in our case it's if it's going to be. Too tired we'll probably go at no tires as the tire wears so good on the good years that. You don't you can't give up that three seconds at the beginning of around. Kevin Harvick qualifying speed 182 point 162 miles per hour they'll roll off sixth this afternoon and they GM Goodrich Chevrolet. Brett on ideas featured in this week's spotlight interviewed here's Winston Kelley. Brent fresh off you best run since maybe 1997. Last week in a Daytona another strong effort here today. Theme seems like it's kind of turn a corner big time what do you attribute that is. I just I think a lot of things they. You know we've had Mike Hillman is our food safer for a year now and then his influence in his in Baghdad and attainment there's really start to show. It organization and I get there right people in the right positions back in advance shop been. How we gained cars built how we want them. Eight you know the additional funding from a ralphs supermarkets a red cell batteries and Wells Fargo financial. Is allowed us that. There's go to the wind tunnel do some more off track tests and some more new cars and more people you know better people. It's it's all about. Trying to touch all the areas of the race team a little bit this time deceit day consistent. Steady growth. And our pick who's done just a tremendous turnaround in the last six months as far as they're consistent CN pit road it in all of those factors. Flee into the part of performance on Sunday and when your performance starts to improve. It's like a disease that spreads in the you know you're gaining momentum. You know we always talk about momentum and it in those are all those things that cause momentum to go in the right direction. Using a 100% as where you want to be in terms of summit as a 100% healthy. Where is the race team and getting 200%. Well I think war were really close to a 100%. It's a level or funded right now we mighty BLA are honored 10%. We're doing amazing things. With the funding that we hand. You know we're definitely. Better funded we had been in a pay us but we're still a long ways where we need to speak to compete with these guys week in and week out. First top chance. But. Mike does such a good job with less. You know is it crew chief. For the driver his communication skills Samir awesome we we did seem like we're both on the same page all the time. In as an owner he does me a great job. Watching our budget and taking care of it and understanding. What we're going through to try to make this business survive. Starting tenth this afternoon the car was very solid in practice yesterday. What can we expect today from new. Well half where we're hoping to be around at the end number one mile as your first thing. We hoped it bill to consistently race in the position where we're start now hopefully we can do that. This is going to be a very tough racetrack. To gain if you happen to lose for any. The reason for the bad pit stop for just get a little off on the setup it's doubly hard to gain it back self being consistent throughout the day is going to be the key and you know hopefully. Hopefully we can have a good solid run mrs. Probably not gonna be the prettiest race in the world but. You know it's it's pays the same model points as it did last week at Daytona we've got to put just as much effort into good luck this afternoon thank you. Really good to see a guy like Brett put nine get a break for a change he has struggled as a wanting operations still being an owner driver one of the last of those still around. Till the end of the day any put out a release that he has a sponsored field a car for brother Jeffrey goes on and two races this year. And said that could potentially turn into a full time deal he might be a two car operation next season gonna be great if you can if you can make it work OP is a good run here today and I think you will certainly sell you sell on a roll here of late. Coming up we'll talk to Winston cup champions spot at the body of Jeff Gordon. And last week's winner Dale Earnhardt junior welcome aboard 477. Radio stations in 46 states nationwide. Along for our coverage today of the Tropicana 400 at the defending series champion Bobby the bunny starts back in the 44 position today. Bobby still looking for his first win this year his best finish was a second at Rockingham. Jim Phillips everybody wants to win in an inaugural event like this but can he win them back in 24. Well most people like he's overdue to win a race in the last few if go to this pit crews in the business we'll probably through the top five anyway it can they be the biggest factor in this race for your basic you start putting forth. You a lot of lazy could be you know we are car ran right and we get down them where you pick up a position or do whatever in the end track position is going to be is going to be. We really imported here I mean I would be that is a perfect place to do it. The track position supported everywhere but a latest on the more important here today so like you do for some that's for sure we gotta get a RI we can't just. Good and not running good that we got knew would get do everything air residue are playing together and we'll soon begin at the end. Fifth last week worst finish in the last three races ago and they feel like this team right now is ready to make the run for the championship here. Well I don't know about that and another weekend we gap we keep doing. Good and we beat. Cars that we need to beaten. Let the winner race and visit top five and get consistency back wolf I would definitely be a lot better off than we have been so out. We'll talk about all this other stuff later that we got to run good first weekend and we down beacon system like win the past few weeks. We gonna continue doing it really from here on out if we dome has and again as it might have been elected. That's exactly right consistency that's the reasonably secure ways to get tickets. Jeff Gordon will start from 28 positioned today that's his worst qualifying run of the year but looking on the bright side Jeff started toy for the Las Vegas back earlier in the season went on to win there he leads that was a cup point standings by a scant 48 points got a lot on the line here today but this team should be able to handle the Winston Kelley is with him. Well and another bright spot form is he's won two of the inaugural Matsui to head of the eight over the last thirteen years since Jeff. About number three today. I have so we've got real strong car here at the DuPont Chevrolet and and now you know steams really been strong this year bad. Kind of murder suspect here I qualifying and ourselves think favors there but. I don't plan on same Medicare long though we got and we got to work through the traffic slowly but surely. And you know we got to get that championship we need to do that is to get strong finish in the stays over quick and happy hour sometimes it's over the long haul sometimes just one lap how about for you. Car felt really good on long runs just seem to get better better more comfort was who ran. But I wasn't behind 27 other cars either you know self knowledge in traffic I'm sure there'll. As an acclaimed big role. If we can meet get a traffic they were gonna have to make some adjustments it whenever you get a Franken cleaner. Certainly will give the fans some the listened to watch this afternoon Jeff Gordon moving up from 28. Lot of fancy watching Dale Earnhardt junior as well of course after his win last week at the Pepsi 401 of the most popular victories I guess in recent history of NASCAR Winston cup racing. But today he's gonna be very busy coming back from the 36 position starting spot. At Alexander is with Dale Junior an emotional win last week in the Pepsi 400 dale any problems come down off that high this week. Ghana really. We came into. Chicago pretty sad it's. Had a good car practice called analysts trying to qualify on an. The design of any chance qualify good but got a great race car hopefully just don't go finalist front again in race trim so little is fine and I'll wait him. That I think we're gonna get cars and at that don't happen I want which my grandmother Martha Earnhardt had to send the first birthday today's birthdays have had birthday. You guys were good in happy hour yesterday dale what is the pit strategies you try to make your way through the field from 36. Allies those rights real close as today just watching dad run lines sequencing group working and but give guys trouble why not and of course result Jimmy Johnson take two tires and went erasers and well thank you don't find here all day is aero push him how people so. Track position is going to be of utmost importance today in we'll probably college seriously don't see stops. With two tires as soon as that as tourists. It's anyone's got momentum on their side it's Dale Earnhardt junior they roll off 36 this afternoon. In the Budweiser Chevrolet we heard from about nine drivers let's get a word from a few crew chief sister what. Problems this new track might have presented to the team must go down first to Jim Phillips. Talked to Sterling Marlin proved deeply Nicole Lee brand new racetrack. Chicago Wednesday to in my own have what's the most difficult thing to come to reach new racetrack to adjusted. Well right now you know we're we're. This we're we're gonna be patient at the game and then you know the track right now is one group then. You know it's chemically hardened glass here to begin and then. You know hopefully. These guys who work in a second group so much to get rice for everybody and Tourtelot not yourself who did yesterday in happy hour and I am now. Look at port to get back to back. So good happy hour looking forward to good race today that's legal calls too early Marlins crew chief now to Winston Kelley. With Greg's infidelity crew chief for Tony Stewart. Diaz didn't test here so what kind of set up the good under the car when you start out how much have you changed throughout the weekend. Well we had done Thursday to people who are currently tenants or good is a there's a race full rates stable. 22 hours or more until I was never knew we discussed it and raise it up. But the lottery Saxon that were similar to this and kind of merge the months up together and then yesterday afternoon and happy our car was pretty good little we learn on on Thursday didn't change a whole lot so off. Look for a good day here today at Home Depot Pontiac. Tony Stewart who starred alongside. Jeff Gordon so look for those does that do us move towards the front now madam Alexander. Robbie Reiser the crew chief for Matt Kansas you guys start 37 a lot of crew chiefs talking earlier about pit strategy and track position what do you guys do with tires maybe early on to gain track position. And put yourself in a position to win this afternoon. Well I definitely got to look at it earlier to move him up to the field rallies have me get to their stopper maybe north tires I don't know off the CL a starts out here. You know we kind of been struggling with this racetrack a little bit here trying to plan a handle on itself. The first stop may be Fort Myers I mean you never know we are handling while it might have to do some different stuff. But sather has an opportunity here especially the mandatory caution at. Forty did do some different. We'll see what happens this afternoon Robbie Reiser the crew chief for Matt Kenseth. The team all four rolls off 37 this afternoon and Matt did learn a whole lot from yesterday's NASCAR Busch Series race just three laps and they have any attack the wall at turn number four had problems all throughout the day so. Probably made the one thing he did Florida's she can't get up too high particularly coming off turn Fordham there. Yeah it is not been a particularly good we can prevent insist either in the Bouchard of the cup brother struggled bit but maybe he'll figure things out before the day is over we'll find out here shortly for drivers failed to make the grid for today's Tropicana 400 Shauna Robinson Dave Marcus Kyle Petty and Mike Bliss or not the starting grid here's a 43 starters at today's race. Buckshot Jones will start 43 in the Georgia Pacific dodge the hills Brothers coffee Ford would have Strickland goes 42 Robby Gordon has the nation's rich Ford 41 fortieth his chair in the body of the Kellogg Chevrolet Michael Waltrip starts 39 he'll be driving the Napa Chevrolet. The Mobil one Ford a -- really feel will start 3837. Starter is Matt Kenseth. Matt will be in the dual power tools for the Budweiser Chevrolet with Dale Earnhardt junior will start 36. They Bellini has the AMOCO dodge 35 34 starter Johnny Benson about bullying Pontiac. The tide Ford with Ricky craven goes 33 32 in the sit Joseph for guard forward is Jeff Burton and Kurt Busch starts 31 in the shark be Rubbermaid Ford. Steve park Kansas Pennzoil Chevrolet qualified the thirtieth position for today's race 29 Jeff Green. In the America on line Chevrolet Jeff Gordon has the puck Chevy starting 28 Tony Stewart in his Home Depot Pontiac we'll start on the 27 position. 26 is Ward Burton the caterpillar dodge 25 Stacy Compton. In the Kodiak dodge body the body of the interstate batteries Pontiac goes from 24 while John Andretti Starks what a third of the Cheerios dodge Bobby Hamilton starts 22 he's driver the square. The 21 Rusty Wallace the Miller Lite Ford. Elliott Sadler will square off from the twentieth starting spot this afternoon he's in the motor craft forward the Kodak Chevrolet with Kevin page qualified nineteenth the AT starter is Mark Martin in the Pfizer's Viagra Ford to dodge dealers UAW dodge with Kasey yet wouldn't be seventy. Ron Hornaday junior goes sixteenth he's a comes in the Conseco Pontiac in the Cingular wireless dodge with Jason left for. We'll start fifty Andy Houston goes from fourteenth he'll be in the McDonald's Ford. And the Jasper engines Ford Lou Robert Presley starts thirteenth demonstrator has the M and m.'s Pontiac starting twelfth. And UPS Ford but Dale Jarrett will go from eleventh starting spot. Pre qualifying run for Brett but on the Ralph's a red cell Ford starts tenth today ninth the Sterling Marlin the tourist lite dodge Jerry Nader who has the UAW Delphi Chevrolet starting eighth seventh starter Mike Skinner driving the lows Jaffe. Kevin Harvick in the GM Goodrich Chevrolet goes from 65 starter is Jody that jacket the Oakwood homes Chevrolet. Starting fourth Bill Elliott the dodge dealers UAW dodge Ricky Rudd starts third of the Texaco Havilland forehead. Analyst brought wrote teammates Jimmy Spencer and the Kmart Ford. Easily outside of row number one and it's not vote nine in the Kmart Ford on the bud pole but the speed of a 183 point 717. Miles per hour. I gigantic American flag it's been displayed out of the infield grass just off the front straightaway here at the Chicago way. Start fewer and. In the end that is Illinois governor George Ryan give the command to fire the engines of the field of 43 comes to life here today Chicago land speedway as we get ready for the start of the Tropicana 400 did. The Coast Guard today has produced by MR and radio. It's sponsored by a surgeon serving. We know how you feel that's why we're here Circuit City we're reviewed. From Chicago land speedway this is MRI and radio. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day bush o'clock time for relaxing and and unwinding with friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in racing but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. It's bushel clocks and grab a six pack of Busch beer for the cooler start the grill and relax. Enjoy responsibly Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuel for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust sonoco to beat him you would need to go second chance plus America feels going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR's sonoco BS and so races. Doom and all our. Radio and residents stunned NASCAR. Winston. Cup series. I've got to plug troubled man hello. MR and radio welcome you back. Have you Chicago Atlanta speedway for the NASCAR Winston cup series is set to run its sixteenth to race of the 2001 season. The Tropicana 400. Edges of it fired along the pit lane in the cars now beginning to roll to begin a couple of race laps before we get this race underway Barneys we said before perfect day for racing. And an absolutely packed house here at Chicago Lance speedway. Now things have been if his seat in the place all afternoon they come to see what the NASCAR drivers do so well let's get down to business here very shortly in the Tropicana 400. Take a swing around speedway right now and bring in a couple more voices you'll be hearing that looked over the accident turns one and two and three and four from nearby Al Altamont Illinois down in turns one and two. This Dirk Becker. Barney is simply a magnificent afternoon for racing and already this weekend we've learned a lot about this call this speedway during the NASCAR Busch Series race yesterday. Drivers found out very quickly on this into the racetrack if you slip up out of the racing group chances are fuelled slide all the way up to the top of the eighteen degree banking and make contact with the outside wall. Though preferred line around this into the speedway is at the very bottom of turns one and do it. The drivers trying to hug the white line that marks the inner boundary of the 55 foot wide racing surface perhaps as the day goes on a second group may work again. And one of the best places to pass may be off of turn to look if you've got to hooked up down low somebody's swings wide a that could be a good spot to pick up a lot of positions. We'll have all of that action covered from atop the billboard it just outside of turn two with this afternoon at the back straightaway here at Chicago land speedily as. Not exactly straight but it's just rays thing here's a sensor used to calling it straightaway that's what we'll do again today. And they covered the action for us here today is the cars reach the end of that backstretch and haven't been to turn over three. Dan Hubbard of Rancho Cucamonga California by to join good afternoon everybody I'm perched high atop the Tropicana billboard just outside of turn three with a spectacular view. But the mile and a half Chicago land speed winter echo the sentiments of Kurt Becker turns one into yesterday's Busch race we observed that turns three and four very fast for the most port drivers kept it down in the bottom there's plenty of grip. Some guys tested the middle group and paid the price in eagle lost positions or scrape with the wall in today's cup race. We anticipate more of the same all the more experienced drivers will try to widen that bottom groove a bit. In an attempt for side by side racing all be here to cover the action has all these competitors. Take on the challenges of a new racetrack at turns three and four the Chicago land speedway. Joseph I think the thing is going to be very critical in the early going especially on the first couple laps is the cars that are starting in the outside groove. And that's not the place to be in many inside line as we sit it's almost a single file race going off into the corners everybody's going to be trying to duck down the inside the racetrack and if there's not a little give and take. You know what's gonna happen. Hopefully later in the running of the race today that outside groups who worked in somewhat we sought to begin the work a little bit late in the race yesterday the yen early stages of the race you better believe. You wanna be down on the bottom line particularly going through the turns here. Today's broadcast of the Tropicana 400 has brought you what are exclusive radio rights. Granted by the Chicago land speedway to MR and radio solely for the private noncommercial use of our listening audience any publication reproduction or other use of the descriptive accounts of this event without the express written consent of them are at radio. Is prohibited. Feel has a take one they'll take degree next time bye and start the Tropicana 400 here this afternoon at the Chicago land speedway looking back on our 43 starters. And we quite a bit of action going on toward the back of the field that's great. Teams back there that certainly would like to start a little closer in the front Michael Waltrip in terms of money are always Beckham 39 and fortieth spot Jeremy Mayfield back there and 38. Met Kansas is in 37. And Dale Earnhardt junior starts 36 and David Leahy and Johnny Benson and Jeff Burton's back intact. So we're gonna see a lot of those cars trying to work their way out of that traffic but they've got to take their time and be very careful about doing it. Detonations there's going to be a key factor here today date fighting will start at 35 he would go to the rear of the field because they went to a backup car. Another couple of machines with some early race problems Bill Elliott pulled a battle the group that first pace lap to tighten his seat belts. And also the end Napa Chevrolet of Michael Waltrip stayed on pit road for a little while. There were working on the radio and probably getting communication to the Napa Chevrolet will follow but hopefully they've got that problem settled. Couple Fords on the front wrote a couple of Kmart forged upfront tae Bo Dinah Jimmy Spencer. You got Ford and dodge of the second row that a pair Chevrolet is a road number three followed by another fear of Chevy's. And positions seven and eight. Feel now works over in the turn number three behind the safety car of machines work it back and forth somewhat to heat up those tires. And get ready to go to get as much grip as they possibly can on this start. And again the big question is going to be who could squeeze down the inside lane. As that race begins offered to turn ever want to try to get that favored group on the inside of the racetrack. You're on the outside you may get dropped back just like you would lead draft at a super speedway safety cars off the racetrack here comes the field for the start of the Tropicana 400 Tropicana. 400 about to get under way first time ever for the months ago scars on his brand new racing facility green flag is in the air and we are under way but to Kmart. Carted from the field Todd provided Jimmy Spencer get a good start to pull away a couple of car links on this second row with a hit down. Often the turn of one couple times good town in front of the field. A battle is on for second Jimmy Spencer tries to solve. Ricky Rudd got the good run off of turn two and on the backstretch you'll take that second spot away from Jimmy Spencer now Spencer. Try to balance Kevin Harvick. I've put on shows the way to the man who started in fourteenth is already behind the wall and beat Houston never came up to speed. The McDonald's Ford has gone behind the wall we'll get the story there a moment. Leaders go to turn a blind here nonstop vote on the race lead charging back into the corner. My side. Side by side in real we'll all the way down the backstretch for the fourth spot Jimmy Spencer up hi Mike Skinner down low Spencer knows. Breakaway at the front of the field already has a swing down the line tough vote I'm just pulled away from Ricky Rudd left five Carly Kevin Harvick yeah. And bigger yeah. Eight Marlins now back to Mike Skinner and sterling Moore. And would be Dale Jarrett right behind him and neither is Gerri thank you that's back. For the tenth position up. IMAX first. Side by side battle. What I need. They swept down the inside of the track to pick up the fifteenth position closer to the front here's Casey can't put on the move. He dropped underneath the face of let's put guard Kasey moves up to a level. Then the field come. This time. Well Harvick now is starting to make it interesting fumble third position comes up on the rear bumper up Ricky Rudd and in fact. Most of cars. I'm as they went off to our number two it was almost single file back among the top 47 positions everybody kind of taking it easy in the early going music go back. Won a free car breakaway about the flow of the field. And now here's the first driver to step out of line in the Dale Jarrett. Palin from the top okay keep it three wide down the backstretch is NATO had an ideal body. The inside of turn around cannot go to however may not be Elliott Elliott. Territory Vijay picks up the seventh spot may do it hates Bill Elliott falls back to the ninth position that panel settles down. Bob brought him some company for talk about nine in the form of Ricky Rudd a couple of porn. Lot of Dave but close enough in the corners Kenney sticks close down the backstretch he does right up on the bumper of toddler died as people live in the territory. But I'm will put six laps on the scoreboard when it crosses the line this time Jimmy Spencer when they drop the green went off and turn one and two Ricky Rudd. Phil black just a little bit had a shot to get down there but there apparently TVs pitchers are simply would not stick to the club. Veteran Gus he's fallen back in the field. Okay. Now Ricky Rudd goes inside and take over the great lady and now Kevin Harvick wants to take for the second spot and he does very easily down here. You're new litter is. Ricky Rudd this time leads the back off turn four back to the line it's Harvick in second toddler died falls to third. Fourth this Mike scanner if this now Jimmy Spencer but see what's going on it may be used it. Andy Houston behind the wall not in the garage area the crews headed back to the garage to get some tools make it work on the McDonald scored any what happened. Looks like something drawn in the ring and have the math. I started to come on the radio come into the land. Not kind to take the green flag as we've started to come up at turn four there started shaking really benefit from growing this thing happen to have plans are confident enough. Connected with the power down then I'll never be free there. And the crowd filled. Looks like something broken career here. I've never experienced something breaking the pace lap before that he had his good. Another nightmare for the the great thing. Andy Houston still sitting inside the McDonald's Ford his helmet is on the window net is that the crew were trading tools to work on his machine he's had a tough time making races he gets in the field this afternoon and already trouble. Less than five less than ten laps into the event. Kind of a hard pill to swallow to have something happen before you ever even get under green get going here. Kevin page Steve park Johnny Benson body the body and Jeff Gordon have been back there to packet traffic about midway through the field that would be from about 25 position on back they've had a pretty good scramble going and we. We fix that left as it heads over to turn to. They worked their way down to turn two and hit down the back straightaway right now sorts that a little bit as Bobby the body kind of drops back out of that I was. Five or six way confrontation as they went over in the church wanted to they had now for three. Thought we wanted to come visit current ratings got Steve park ride it while resisting morning. Everybody except. Nottingham are experimenting with higher. Is Tony Stewart making a movie is the high group but didn't get up they originally came off turn four it used to make his move around Mark Martin and pick up another position. Up front it is Ricky Rudd show in the wake Kevin Harvick again made the pass along with Ricky getting by polls that are top vote nine. Back on lap number seven that's where they stay Ricky Rudd down the line Harvick less than two correlates behind him. And they're pulling away now from top codeine who's in the third position that. Fourth despite scattered fifth this Jimmy Spencer six the Sterling Marlin seventh as Jerry may do eight this Dale Jarrett night this Bill Elliott. Intent now is the car Robert Presley the front of the field hits to turn what 33 coming in its current grades Ricky Rudd showing the way Kevin Harvick might be the fastest car but. Ask your Catalan. Art like this case it's tricky. You're working laps sixteen here at the Chicago land speed way the Tropicana 400 the leader continues to be Ricky run although Kevin Harvick has been close enough to put a move on the past but for the moment he'll pull right up on his bumper. Then back off about a Carly and that's the way they run single question. On top of mine has fallen back to third fact the whole field now back to back tough what he's kind of strung out over in turn one and safer now. Sterling Marlin has the spot he's got company bears carry this carry natives walk out a little wider coming off. With the ball now we look inside out backhand behind. That is the race for the fifth position Sterling Marlin has the spot Jerry native sneaking up behind him try to take it away further back now in a battle for about the gates' position Robert Preston writes along with that spot actually Presley tonight. And Bill Elliott start to close in on him in turn one here comes alien threat not. Right down the bottom of turns one and two following the yellow Ford tough Robert. Is facing. I scored ten coming off a corner and down about Robert Presley okay advantage among a half Darlington Elliott able to close enough. They worked their way out of four looking back that race we talked about a moment ago between Sterling Marlin a jury made huge areas Poconos and his machine down the inside the store and a couple of times not able to do anything whether it tries again over and turn to. Date this year I thought it's Poconos and Chevrolet up alongside of wireless dodge and how they go side by side door panel that door panel and they. Got away from Sterling Marlin. First carries a lot of it doesn't wash up high enough you'll nailed down at ten. It almost becomes a game of chicken Barney leading the race and haven't back straightaway candidate turned over three if you're forced up the the high sign the racetrack. If you're Smart you gonna come out against it this fall back in line because as we've seen so many times here yesterday in the Busch Series race if you get too high too fast. On the high side of the racetrack you're who have been the walls. Not a forgiving racetrack and off to get up out of the groove until they work that second group totally and you're not gonna see a whole lot going on up there. As they work out of the court Kevin page this time we'll dive underneath. This time Stacy Compton take a spot away from him. This is looking back seat with a lead group of cars is an away Ricky Rudd setting a place here very shortly Kurt factory's gonna catch the tail end the feel a lot of people that would go a lap down. Yeah including OK tonight buckshot Jones they are the course stuff but I had race leader Ricky run. Injuries right you're rod motors is way down the backstretch to go. Harvard and the gap was only thought. I would make it about three Carla from Rick you run. Car on the lead lap that would be buckshot Jones Phillip Arnold also spot here couple laps to go to Jerry may do he's in danger of losing yet another one. If they come to the start finish line and Dale Jarrett sneaks up underneath Sterling Marlin try to make a move of the Dutch made four. Behind him and now Mike Skinner right so proud of the group slams into the outside wall. Why the wall all the way from current one through turn over to the flames coming out from the into the front of his blue and yellow Chevrolet Skinner with a ten at the time experiencing problems here and turned it. First caution of the afternoon will be displayed in the field of lap 22 again what Mike Skinner wrote the wall for about 5600 feet cars come to rest almost directly in front court records. Act like a dinner party have been running up on the top five this afternoon they came at a turnover walk off the end of the front stretch. All of a sudden the car rode up out of the racing group slammed into the outside wall. And then the car to scrape the wall all the way down the turnover to a still there are flames showing from the engine compartment a safety personnel are now on the scene now. First caution flag of the afternoon here Atlanta number 22 is Mike Skinner hit the wall flames erupt from the funny that his machine at. And the caution flag is out we slope near Atlanta 23. The Lowe's Chevrolet sits up against the outside retaining wall at the exit of turn two let's go back to Kurt backer well safety personnel are on the same job they've got fire extinguishers flooded out into the into compartments. Thought Mike Skinner Chevrolet. About ten people right now are down tending to the situation as his Chevy continues to rest in the outer group of turn number two the rest of the field precautions making applied to the inside. Another caution car has picked up the feel right now as they continue to work around Mike Skinner car over in turn to. The curb Becker appears he's clap for the car yes he has but with some assistance he looks when did it. And right now at BS safety group continues to assist him there walking and gently down the banking he's gotti's arms straight up over the shoulders a few folks on either side of him. In fact right now just as a precautionary measure the going to bring the birdie out trackside. And give him further assistance to the ambulance which waits along the apron but twelve or fifteen cars dived on the pit road as an analyst Kelly. Some on the midsection pit road loose one of those that had a bad lose prob was Joseph naymick checked. Via phone from fifth all the way out of the top authorities say he came out. Significant chassis adjustments on the Oakwood homes Chevrolet Jeff on the page and you had mentioned he had a pretty solid run but drop back a few positions Jimmy Spencer. This card in just a tick list Barney had fallen back a few spots and they decided to come in before that mandatory stop. Mark Martin with four tires and fuel as well Jim Phelps. Not to be takers down there wasted on leap forward Elliott Sadler was in Ward Burton was there and Bobby nobody was there and it also. That's what moratorium down here to take on sports cars and you'll put that's all this in Dallas Iguodala had about a standout they get a lot of takers on is there. Yes several drivers in on this end of pit road trying to make some early adjustments running at the tail in the field really nothing to lose coming into the pit area Jeff Burton is in for tires 76 racing fuel also Ricky craven Johnny Benson. Matt Kansas buckshot Jones Michael Waltrip. Jeremy Mayfield was in also in complained at least tied to get four tire 76 racing fewest in trader. And Dale Earnhardt junior said the car's pretty fast little bit loose. They got four tire 76 racing gasoline that's what happened on this in a pit road everyone who came in took on four tires and fuel. Ricky Rudd did not yet he remains the leader Kevin Harvick stayed on the racetrack so did Tug boat I jury they do is Sterling Marlin and they are the top five let's get an update again over from Kurt Becker. Well the car has been towed away from the scene Barney again Mike Skinner was dealt to the ambulance sand in the meantime. These safety crews down trackside putting down the speedy dry also a lot of chemicals from the fire extinguisher pep run down across the racetrack as well and turn number two so. Cleanup will take just a few more moments. This like the F first half of the field decided to stay out the top twenty cars did not coming to make their stops the 21 on back that pack led by Jimmy Spencer Dave played eight. Bobby look Bobby and others did make their stop sticky DeVon apple leaderboard here at lap 27 Ricky Rudd the race later Kevin Harvick is second top but on third Gerri and they do fourth. And Sterling Marlin is fifth sixth is Dale Jarrett seventy Robert Presley Bill Elliott runs say. Casey Atwood is nice that Jason left Fuller is in the tenth position. Eleventh as Rusty Wallace twelfth as Ron Hornaday thirteenth Brett codeine fourteenth as Jeff grain. And 58 now Tony Stewart John Andretti is sixty eight's Jeff Gordon's 78. Kurt Busch's eighteenth nineteenth to Steve park in twentieth this Terry love's body NAPA Auto Parts where NASCAR fans get their parts. Only a couple of cars have gone behind the pit wall handy Houston was the first to drop out just before the race got under way here he has they're continuing to work on that car. Mike Skinner who has just hit the wall over in turn one into the other machine that is behind the wall. Yesterday in the Busch drivers and the teams predicted they might see some sort of equipment in that first race that they ran here indeed we did. Some of the drivers this morning said the same thing unless we use in patients or if we get up out of the group we're gonna see some wrinkled up race cars to. In early in this event just when he two laps and a first car hits the wallet goes out of the event. MR and radio congratulates veranda Clayton up rocks Burr a North Carolina Miranda is the lucky winner of the South Boston speedway dash for cash contest. For the month of June the Miranda will receive a VIP trip to the South Boston speedway for the NASCAR craftsman truck series race there on September 28. Visit South Boston speedway dot com for more details and congratulations veranda. Still under caution looks like it's gonna be another lap or so is a clean up structure still out there in turn wanted to getting this racetrack back get a green condition and while we have a moment Joseph. Lot of folks resting is down in the garage area how is Wayne torrents doing now Wayne Taurus is the director of racing at most of the tracks for the Goodyear Tire & Rubber company he went in for little surgery after Daytona to maneuver we're happy to report that to the wind is doing well I believe they were gonna releasing either yesterday or today to go back to his home in Charlotte, North Carolina. And when I'm sure this year broadcast this afternoon just about everybody in the garage. Was concerned about even we're delighted to tell them that you are doing well look for you to get back to the racetrack before too long and get your golf swing back maybe. That is a face that is a regular feature at any NASCAR Winston cup racetrack we go to it. We do hope to receive back the track real satellite Ricky Rudd leads the field off turn four coming down for the drop of the green flag to get the Tropicana 400 back underway at lap number thirty. It is Roddick Kevin Harvick top codeine Jerry they do in Sterling Marlin. The front five single file restart as we come to the line. Run not able to drive away Kevin Harvick five foot nine and third those steps to the outside ticket a shot there he does that Harvick who Bethlehem. I've played in front of me and now codeine dives lower like PM Harvick blew. I shut off. The leaders races off turns new. Coming off of turn two down the backstretch Ricky Rudd opens up a little bit over Kevin Harvick is just a little toddler died Jerry Nate you look very. Nine cars get a breakaway just we've been as they were doing back a lot of put 31 laps on the scoreboard Ricky Rudd is still believe Kevin Harvick as we said just before the caution came out looked like he wanted to get ready for the fit for a third time you couldn't do it could go back to here's heartache again it's gonna take. Drag races on down the backstretch looks like Harvick is gonna win it as they come and it turned three he will bring toppled onto win them over here. Does all the time. Kevin Harvick becomes a third different leader of the Tropicana 400 take it over Atlanta 31 day actually 32 Dallas public not behind the second. Jerry they do Ricky Rudd in Sterling Marlin rest of the top five in other side by side. Failed parent hey. Flakes and now here comes Ron Hornaday on one they would love to take seventh spot away from Robert Presley but for the moment. Presley has the slight advantage. Turn four back to allow animal would go Ricky Rudd in Sterling Marlin touched a little bit when they came through turn four Ricky had to get that. That car back down the bottom of the racetrack otherwise. Mean everybody was Google+. And squeeze is back in fourth place over. It's going to step up. Everyone knows single smile widens on for fifth now between Sterling Marlin and Dale Jarrett is Darren has made up a ton of ground in a hurry. Bob worked okay. Dale Jarrett Dale Jarrett could stick to those that Ford underneath Sterling Marlin dodge or until a couple McWhorter and block off the the past so they'll fall back in line single file. We're right about Jeff Gordon started back at what the Yankees for the seventeenth position about Dale Earnhardt junior who starred in the 36 spot. He's made some big moves as well he's up. Play first now that race for a fifth heads to turn three coming to turn gray and it will go to Dale Jarrett beat just barely be. Always good chance that middle group. See what passing we have seen is coming off turn over to over there if you get a little bit of run get underneath somebody over there Kurt you can make a move could. If you don't set them up coming off turn to your going nowhere yes so far that's. Drivers are struggling on this and Ward Burton and David Blaine needed to teammates both having problems staying down and everything proven they weren't there. Parents do not struggling but looking long and waterborne event he has really closed the gap now. Bottom Robert Presley where they started sixteenth now running in the eight position trying to grab the seventh spot from Robert Presley here they come across the line headed back into the more direct correlation between Presley and what a day at a. Dying. Kelly okay you took a brief look at the inside talk back in a line now he steps out of line once again you'll beat if not all going to turn three get. Plus it's very very. A long ways to go foreign get up there and rundown Kevin Harvick as he works his way out of the corner backed out of the line just a moment ago Dave Laney almost got into the wall down and turns wanted to be faulted harper crystal. Keep it out of all the nice. In the field Jimmy Spencer trying to get back toward the Friday just moved around. Working his way through some of that fact if you think you'll return. To now here's Jimmy Spencer Morgan down for the bottom groove racetrack he's got his flight that now one day. Only about. I have Marlins off the rear bumper of. Won't come at a different rate right behind them is bottled water and mark hit fresh three. He Spencer started early outside front row went straight back at the drop of the green now after making the pit stop obviously they might be right through. You just put the ball suddenly now. He's coming back for the fund picking up the number of positions. Given a hard they'll look at how good his lead one point two sec. It's over Jerry they do is quickly closing in race now boys going to be for the third spot it's a come off turn four Todd O'Brien has third place Ricky Rudd has just. Pulled up within a Carly could catching him for the moment that Ricky just content to ride they're the hardest throwing about as fast as anybody we'll assess Ricky was two cities may make passenger war. On weekends charging back into the corner guys found glasses finally inside the boat dock now finds the holes are down people who sell drugs takes over. How toggle winds look back to the fourth position he's gonna have to defend that from Dale Jarrett me. Hurry Jared able to keep his head. A couple times. Back further in the field for the fourteenth place battle that is were Brett boat nine hold the spot coming off turn four at Jeff Gordon is Jason and now the Morton tries to make the move by Brett O'Donnell also Tony Stewart that battle that recent crosses the line now heads to turn one and got a Ford. Okay enough money and called for fourteen position on back fret though. Yes Jeff Gordon still trying to find a way to get around him. Single file Dale Jarrett slipped down the inside me. Is that say a moment ago when Ricky Rudd made that move that Dale Jarrett has probably won the quickest cars on the speedway as he is working his way to the front as caution comes out of the speedway and this will be a mandatory caution put out by NASCAR. Coming to this brand new racetrack they want to give the teams time to get on pit road check the tire Wear. Everything else see how it's going in the early that's your so this is a NASCAR mandated caution came out a lap 41. They were told the drivers meeting this morning to expect this caution coming at about lap 4041 or south so they knew this was coming. Kevin Harvick had a lead of one and a half seconds over Jerry Nate do we told you Nate due to start the clothes and somewhat Ricky Rudd was riding along the third spot Dale Jarrett fourth and fifth top codeine. It was Sterling Marlin 670 Robert Presley eight Ron Hornaday. Nights Bill Elliott in tips Casey Atwood. Talk about a couple of guys who made up a lot of ground Dale Earnhardt junior who started back in 36. He had moved up that nineteenth Jeff Gordon who started back at the 28 position at Booth to fifteenth and Jeff Green had made some big strides he started back in the 29 position. And green driving Richard Childress racing's AOL Chevrolet. Had done just moved up the thirteenth spots a couple of guys that started way back in the back. The impatient but yet making those they saw the opportunity coming up through the field. Now here comes everybody dropping them off the banking of turn a before I say everybody Mark Martin does a comment. Also the car for Robby Gordon stays out Johnny Benson stays at a racetrack. Matt Kenseth and Jeff Burton will stay out but everybody else is making the stop at lap number 42 let's go to Winston Kelley. Todd but I handle ultimately succumbing in air pressure adjustment and a chassis adjustment. Well that's a sign of the machine Jimmy Spencer looks like it's coming. My chassis adjustment in view all along might come in chassis adjustment Morton Jeff Gordon he's got a tanker on anytime now they will grab the last. The male lord or not they run. Being a woman listens well and out of Jim Phillips. Well this simply got Kevin Harvick. His dad Tony Stewart is dead body the body only too tired for instance he's done it forty board Ricky Rudd was okay. Bill Elliott was tires and gasoline. Failed here it was then John Andretti was there plotted out the fifth play there was cars in front of madam Alexander. We'll cover some of the stops by at about Zander voluntarily is again everybody came man. Except for five cars Mark Martin Johnny Benson stayed out also the cars of Jeff Burton Robby Gordon. And met Kansas State's stay on the racetrack it. I would guess maybe it come back in this next lap around we'll find out about that in a few bullets. But a second caution of the day in the Tropicana 400 NASCAR caution at lap 415. Drivers did not come in and make that pit stop and they take over the top five spots Mark Martin Johnny Benson. Robby Gordon met Kansas than Jeff Burton that's the front five everybody else it governor make their stops Dale Earnhardt junior falls in line of the sixth position. Jerry they do will be seventh I'm sorry Jimmy Spencer in the seventh spot than they do in eight. But it'll Bonnie ninth intense Geneva checked Jeremy Mayfield at falls in line in the eleventh position within trader twelfth. Ricky Rudd thirteenth Rusty Wallace fourteen to Dale Jarrett fiftieth. Michael Waltrip front sixty to now with Robert Presley seventy Kevin Harvick eighteenth Todd but I nineteenth and Ron Hornaday showed the twentieth position. The field comes down for the restart a single file restart off turn four. I'm surprised it does several those cars are we talked about the five cars that mark mark Johnny Benson Robby Gordon Matt Kenseth and Jeff Burton stayed on the racetrack we'll see how that works out as the day goes by pace cars on pit road Mark Martin brings them off turned over for looking for the green flag is in the air. He comes up through the gearbox and take some off short term of one. Johnny Benson locks on his rear bumpers they get away just a little bit Robby Gordon practical way for. They buy about four. Want Gordon struggling because he's not dropping that is now he's facing the the challenge from behind here comes. The car breakaway continues down the backstretch would mark Martin's shown the way Johnny Benson and second then it's back to Robby Gordon in third. I can't see right there so. Public guys Mickey moves for their back in the back so Rusty Wallace dropped to the low side of Ricky Rudd picked up a position there. Even further back Ron Hornaday is still working on Sterling Marlin and that's a battle further back in the the fact what are they trying to be outside playing the bank advances fallout from the turn once people get. Today's report no foreign bypassing. Mac Kansas there's going backwards he lost about three positions coming off of turn two. Facetime out of that skyline a way to get back down the bottom of the racetrack he's gonna lose that doesn't sponsor more he was third at mobile until he came across the line Jeff Burton got them. He's out there that there he lost a lot of spots. 48 laps and the 267. That make up the total distance today in the Tropicana 400 near the new beautiful Chicago land speedway mark Martin's shows the way now coming off turn four. With Johnny Benson just behind him. By about maybe three or four Carla ex couple battle shaping up further back. Robby Gordon fans the third position right behind him is Jimmy Spencer look at her away by fear comes ventured down to drive down these. Looks like a classic Chicago land passes it comes off of turn to a down the backstretch. Takes away the inside really becoming the oh great gift that third spot. Anna Jarvis started on the Clinton told him to. And is on pit road let's get a report to make got to cut tire barn they're not sure exactly which one is are changing golf course. Road thank you Larry Carter says. They point. Top right for the holes that are risk and put him all the way back toward the tail of the field and now he's got to play catch up all afternoon. Working lap fifteen as they work your way out of the corner and hit back down the line change for the lead as they came through Turner's three years. He had back down to the start finish line let's go to pit road. Pray precautionary cat scan against Mike Skinner appears to be fine. It is going to be transported to convene a Saint Joseph medical center by helicopter. Hearing Joliet for a precautionary cat scan Mike Skinner who hit the wall over in turn one into a little bit already this afternoon. That is the latest report as you've been taken down to the care center. 52 left is about to go on the scoreboard as they work your way across the line of vacuum form of one Johnny Benson. He grabbed just a moment ago Jimmy Spencer's at the second Robert Jordan's third Earnhardt junior years in the mix now return to these are important Kerry may. Not sure what's going on in the Mark Martin machinist he backs led from the lead all the way. Back this next but he is talking back in line and back on a pace just. Let's call for Dale Earnhardt junior that time exiting turn ever to discard their shot a battle the group of the outside retaining wall together control. But not before he lost a position now changeup brought once again to go to turn one what do you know it's mr. excitement moving up. The nickname Jimmy Spencer died down underneath Johnny. Don't be Jimmy Spencer in the top spot by Carling and a half over Johnny Bench and look forward position is Robby Gordon that the way back to Jerry native. Court Dale Earnhardt junior Ryder. I leave us out of turn number four of the top ten or eleven cars run that way as they get back in return a woman Jimmy Spencer one of those. Those drivers you as if he has a race car capable of leading that's exactly what he's gonna do we takes the field like turn to. As he does that is tightening up for the cancer prevention that's where you've got body. I know. From Dale Jarrett Dale Jarrett showed some good early sprained knee shoulder again as well Bonnie just pulled out of the left and yet despite that. So while one may not knowing. Nor I look back I battle for the thirteenth position Kevin Harvick picking up a position as he makes a move by Rusty Wallace. Forward us 55 laps into the race morning already five lead changes. Among six drivers very competitive in the early stages. We've had like as a parent surprise this move it. Especially from the way they talk to us early this morning several guys talk like him you know our cars not gonna get it done whatever it a couple of those that this that they thought they'd be out to lunch today Iran into the thick of things no one of those Mark Martin myself when we have a chance at right now he's looked at in pretty good shape. Running in the sixth position at 55 laps into the Tropicana 400 it's Jimmy Spencer leading Johnny Benson Robby Gordon Jerry they do and Dale Earnhardt junior. Chase for second place Jerry they do is moved up into the number two position dropping Johnny Benson back to third Robby Gordon fourth and Earnhardt junior the fifth and Jimmy Spencer continues to leak case trader making an unscheduled pit stop let's get enough. Think he felt the vibration of the machine you're gonna make more tired but it's racing. He's trader came on lap 41 over the fuel only and. Seventeen point one seconds for kids greater good it's not a diamond an unscheduled stop few laps ago because of also a tire problem with the Kelly further update the story there. Would join the live in the left rear tire and you guys were talking during the commercial break about Ron Hornaday and one of the car went three flat between turns. One and two and I think that was the culprit that they got together with the Ron Hornaday machine. This is she's. I have nothing left rear tires that cost copper mine collapse. Cardinals back in the lineup trying to look pick up some ground got a good bit of ground to make up again after running in the front of the field starting the foot hole today I tried to. Will back candidates play catch at least 41 position right now. He's got all the way to get it done however pretty good race tricky reds really been having some pressure turned up on him he's over in turn three right now has any. Chevrolet of Kevin Hart back around the tenth position where Ricky Rudd rides try to get by Kevin Harvick who's at night just behind them the cars of Jeff Burton. And Bobby the Bonnie quickly close again. All of that traffic tightens up even more racing. Minus. Again Mickey Wright continues to chase down Kevin Harvick right behind him Jeff Burton got his hands full bottle Bonnie. Nobody else. Process strike right now 64 laps to go up on the scoreboard for leader Jimmy Spencer he hits off him. Want some pretty good racing going on back to the field for a couple of spots back there they you've been impressive stuff that it certainly. Ron Hornaday and have a great group of UNICEF who. To thank them coming. At corner this thought is going to rush up behind Tony Stewart trying every. I'm on the backstretch Ron Hornaday. Brazen and long he's clambering over the rear bumper. Ron Hornaday joining in the nineteenth position now again he has looked racing all afternoon they keep moved to the inside the outside one of the first person we. Look people we saw. Making moves off turn to think he'd get why don't fall quarter he picked up a spot there are several laps ago. There a couple of moves to the inside the game position as well. Talk about Jeff Burton Bobby the bombing they've got to contest going on in the third three I have five and wheeled away. We'll be Jeb Bush. Looking out rather than we know it's very good. The job done that way. They single file come out of the corner this time worked their way back to the line pence a little bit as they establish corner. Most of the passing that we've seen as I've heard from third to. Over in the with three people get somebody set up there and get a finger alongside you just literally force somebody to come out of the throttle before you hit the corner because otherwise you're going to be up with a high group got a chance of losing car. Lot of loops that may they are also coming off turn four it's in a couple of attempted moves. Right now we're about a C a battle for the lead once again so far we've hit five lead changes among six drivers. And Kurt Becker here comes another what drives just waiting to see what the moment we'll parents Jerry may do this within inches of the back bumper. Cup race leader Jimmy Spencer he's. The taste very nadir had been chipping away at the lead at Jimmy Spencer lap after lap and now it's not very much of a leader and all the Spencer Hank the tail out just. Entered turn three and it's right now why. Jimmy Spencer got a good handling race card during ladies' golf classic race car and its handling will also. A couple of times he's had a fender underneath him this time as they go off to turn them once tried to put a move on with Jimmy Spencer brought his third two. Spitzer sport trying to hold off the charge of the Chevrolet. Come off of turn down the backstretch those details Spencer tried opening up a little bit but under braking if you will they use the break and it for a 380 was able to close the gap they're headed back. This is the battle for the lead not coming back to the line Atlanta number 69 at. A couple of Carly this time separating Jimmy Spencer Jerry may do. Johnny Benson ride several car lengths back in the third position that a good race from fourth on back that's Robby Gordon Dale Earnhardt junior and Dale Jarrett at times difficult to know which battled to pick to talk about the now here that. How long can Robby Gordon keep and however dale junior's right there are short. Dale Jarrett they are knows the daily and it turns three junior able to keep the plus. Not just a little bit. Look at me. 74 laps on the scoreboard Jimmy Spencer continues to lead Jerry may do rides right behind me we try to get them. Fender underneath a couple times got close enough to get around what has not been able to do it as that's been able to hold him off Johnny Benson is writing third Robby Gordon is fourth. And Dale Jarrett his fifth. Bernhard junior is six Kevin Harvick is back at the seventh Mark Martin would. Each eight Jeremy Mayfield like that Richie wrote the top two in the weather. Matt effect of the change for the fifth spot in turn one here comes a guarantee that. Underneath the car this morning in fact. Right now but in the one spot and it is great however Robby Gordon has latched on the rear bumper of Dale Jarrett Gerald lawful way before position of the drivers saying hey. Out of the track gets hot and want to work to get licked my feet that morning appeared turns three and four a lot of on as they entered turn. Yeah track changed quite a bit yesterday as the afternoon wore on here in the sun beat down this racetrack. The routine to jazz were not sure what that attract some direct response to tip your. Hot sunshine worsen June yesterday they found that I heard this from real. Certainly so ever start a civil war side by side racing this ultimately make a pass going candidates turn over three and four slept champions out of the cart cleanly cut by. At lap number 76 Jimmy Spencer. Again the six different driver to lead today's event he's got a margin now will free kids the second show in Europe monitor over Kerry they'd do. Johnny Benson this third Dale Jarrett fourth and fifth Robby Gordon. Let's check out pit road to developing stories they are first to Winston Kelley. I think we can get a power real quick from. Everything is a good save Omar. Topic remark right now those guys came in homeland number one employer in the. The Atlanta. Giving out the tires holding up even picked Atlanta. You know we're just. Loose right now. What I'd like. Not to listen mark relaying a message. Go back to work. That's just next. Jimmy fitting if you're right there's they would talk to Mark Martin listing the Mark Martin relay information. They're just a little bit loose they came and left when he thought that cannot be stopped. And that mandatory caution. On that number 41. They believe the flyers are holding up pretty good so that may be something to pay attention to later on in the. Right cellmark has lost all that many spots he is just slid back to eight position at another driver that is really doing well hopefully be changed its tires is Johnny Benson. Hanging in there there let's get an update there can't Johnny Benson also came in Atlanta. Tony for a fuel stop rolling they did not come in Atlanta 41 came into the crew chief you guys are running on the same court tired he started the race 2010. Also fared pretty good the traveling I have to look at your Thursday we've only used two sets of tires right for. My whole life to. So hard work and out here. Johnny Benson moved from 34 fifth. In the game that we thought would pan out this afternoon and that this track position wheelchairs just lost spot over into the. Because Kevin Harvick and nobody inside guarding one they lost any of the day goes on turn one of its. Let's go into the racetrack Harvick was very strong got download many of my past Kerry than I thought the fourth edition. Continues to lead delta. Leave your line. Jimmy Spencer still shows the way over Jerry made do Johnny Benson Kevin Harvick and Dale Jarrett it's an update from Jim Phillips. Then we'll kind of we're talking about your. The big Bobby nobody through work so they work on the package yesterday. You know tired. Working with the right car up and down that's built plus the tech. Enhance the handling of the car. That's what they were gone the entire. That's why acquisition would make an effort. Back position very critical here at this racetrack and most of the teams till the second time they rolled in here on Thursday morning. We are 82 laps into the Tropicana 400 let's take you back through the field Jimmy Spencer leaves Jerry nadu second Johnny Benson's third. Kevin Harvick his fourth Leo shared his fifth Robby Gordon would be six Dale Earnhardt junior his seventh Mark Martin is eight Jeremy Mayfield is ninth in which you read this tip. Body the body is up to eleventh Jeff Gordon is twelfth you'll need to check his thirteenth Sterling Marlin is fourteenth Rusty Wallace is fifty. Tony Stewart show sixteenth Jeff Burton seventy Robert Presley eighteenth Ron Hornaday ninety Michael Waltrip has now twentieth. 21 would be Bill Elliott Kurt Busch 22 match since the 43 Jeff Green 24. Ladies drives 45 place Kasey Edwards 46 we keep ratings. 47 Elliott Sadler 28 Jason left reporting night Steve Clark is thirtieth war. Ward Burton 31 but Chuck Jones 32 John than ready 33 pivotal plays 34. Crippled 35 to turn the bodies 36. Then Bobby Hamilton put Strickland Stacy Compton Todd bovine can Slater Mike Skinner and Andy Houston. Runs there from 34 on back through 43. From Chicago land speedway this is of. Is your car not stopping like it used to restore that safe secure feeling with help from O'Reilly auto parts right now would you buy break best select brake pads and rotors you could earn up to 225. Vote rewards bonus points only during the whole rewards member appreciation month O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day limit supplies in store for details. Okay. I Mubarak's. It's almost a bushy clone this time for relaxing and then winding the crisp cold Busch beer. It's the most refreshing time of the day. Wake Forest. Three to. One. Chris cool. Book. I enjoy responsibly push for your fans about who can do. Jimmy Spencer leads a lap 89 days left foot nine you on the scoreboard and Spencer's car dialed in very well here this afternoon his team has done a good job for him as he has caught his teammate to Todd but I do had to make an unscheduled pit stop just moves around in the protestors become proview he's got to the. And he's just continuing rocket around the racetrack maybe he could use that marquee make top vote on the senate okay I thought Kerry. Great having Spencer is definitely riding the rails if. Well rounded down on the bottom groove Jimmy Spencer is actually able to put it left side tires on the white line. Nobody else. Public Garza did not come then I'll bet that cautioned back on lap 42 are now making its not good and Adam Alexander. Now the nation's red Chevrolet was then the nation's report excuse me of Robby Gordon may give more tires and fuel. They had not pitted since I'm 44 also getting set to come in the people for the match Kansas. The team for Robby riser up on the wall awaiting the arrival here we've got. I'm down the pit lane 45 miles per hour set to make you stop he's been complaining that the car is loose. Stuff they go to work on the right side. And we're also gonna make no. Adjustment in the right career firsthand you know knowing can pick up the right side now working on the left side tires now. You now LA sixteen point three seconds from Kansas a couple of cars down a total Kelly Mark Martin. As we heard him. Damien Ford tires. An air pressure adjustment. Point 57 seconds okay. You've got four tires and chassis adjustment on the left side in gasoline here comes Johnny Benson called. This to a couple more stuff over the Johnny Benson comes to a stop in front of the really gonna go work on the right side first ten. No adjustment. Right isn't the first Minnesota tired today on this. Governor Jon and. Thank Joseph who. Read readying call. So several cars coming in making their stops here and left side 99. Think 192 through 94 we expect to see some other cars making stops very sure. Again little bit broken up first half of the field came in back of my point Ford and that everybody says 05 C. Cars off much overtime to. Alexander some of the guys didn't take tires that either of those stops and we're really getting a little bit looser at this stage of the race so. For the most part the only five cars that are out of sleep for the rest of the field would have been Mark Martin Johnny Benson. Robby Gordon and also match. Also Ron Hornaday is hitting this it's the preferred stock. And Jeff Burton. Often for the fifth killed fourteen they got to work on the. For the afford tire stop for Jeff Burton. You'll go in for yet another come around worked the left side right now and maybe. Mandatory monsoons. They've got the last night Dan Burton. Every may feel. Mayfield also. A slight air. Feel bad about the mobile. Fueled second can go in and mudslides are on May feel. In the last 97 laps on the board Jimmy Spencer continues to set the pace jury made you ride right behind second Kevin Harvick his third Earnhardt junior. They're fourth they compared with the fifth Jeff Gordon still sixth and seventh position that while the body Ricky good thing. They'll articulate and nice food getting by Dale Jarrett got collapse doesn't it. Turn one. Joseph this kind of served notice that slowly but surely Earnhardt junior continued to work his way up. Ironically it's getting very familiar with the brackets came to know all the right places and do a number of the other drivers now the top ten out of work your way closer to the front. Of course not going on Ricky craven then also present time it's killing. And I didn't wanna work on the right side of this machine makes it. To Ron Hornaday. But jazzy Jeff and live outside the red. Qualifying run they will land the left side of the car look good on the right side and sort of like it's important to our top contending six rising fuel. During the body will also make a scheduled pit stop right now but Strickland is on pit road receive just about. Two thirds of the field peeling off here in the next three or four laps and I think it's your show me the check bringing his car you know these would be spiritual stuff there coming of the green flag. Tailored to I'd take Dennis Hester speaker of the United States house of representatives on hand here today in Chicago land speed quite impressed. Have very crass political great facility is great crowd out here tonight a lot of things that. Lot of excitement have you followed NASCAR racing very much its that you think for you that's pretty new 5000 Sears there that's done that North Carolina. He really exciting news here. How battle Mike Castle. Folks that memory of the NASCAR know what's going on. I think there's a lot of that as time goes on NASCAR car's gas pill. You know race days they'll likely get out and she's going. Passing where they can't racing shirt pulled toward birth today I guess well ideas like Illinois people here cohorts that doing a good guy we like to see if to a school and fire there pretty impressive the facilitated built near Chicago land speed Blake and pretty impressive the size of the crowd it's jam packed here today that some. Well as a lot of great their race fans Illinois and so we just never had attracted here we got one and I think you'll find the best. Feel I feel very responsive distracted I would like to see for. All right thanks for stopping by enjoy defused if you Wear this for a lot of the life I've led. Think I'd. I'll put Dale Earnhardt junior until they got to the left rear problems getting the blood that's on more than. 76 racing. More pit stops also Casey Atwood was in just a moment goes deep part brought his guard down pit road cut Strickland pitted and saluted Jason left where now we see Kurt Busch free. His car and along with Michael Waltrip and as we said these would be scheduled stops he stops coming his left portal free its killer Michael Waltrip and Michael Waltrip. Fires going on a quick way you just another maker. The Napa Chevrolet. Problems getting it re fired now. Anyone I. Excuse me and Bobby Hamilton and often. I'm going to be important tire change for him what John Jones will still pick in his best golf he will also get. Racing fuel and attract hard just gonna take place for buckshot Jones do Sharon came to pit road real hot nearly lost control of his car he's dead father Jim Phillips had a. It's not the other night four tires and a Mac card just before they okay. Let's just Kelly has Jimmy Spencer is getting more tired than half a pound of air pressure down on the bright red card just a little. And that's gonna last night and sort of like ninety point one million. Sixteen point 37. That's not for Jeff Gordon just a couple laps to go now more cars and try to develop the. Tony spirited out here and also we got no really you. Hard drive but more tired immersed got to do is dead second get without going dead judge threw his dad Phil and Phil Elliott is jacked up for the left. Phillies god every vehicle Elliott noted Dr. Phil is right for for Bill Elliott now Rusty Wallace fields of thought it would keep yelling. Wallace is an act goes to work on the right side and his machine. Pulls out right front tire off a couple of borrowed problem pitched balls back. Sterling Marlin got a track bar adjustment on the right now wedge adjustment. On the left James white's for the second chance but 76 killed and sixteen point 03 seconds. Justin well. Burden on pit road also Robert Presley and just won't go body to body is making its digital stoppers they don't get rid. It goes back on the racetrack. Another lead changed the Tropicana 400 has been eight lead changes among eight drivers this time it's Elliot Sadler. Going to the top of the list that he still will have to make it stop Elliott Sadler leads Atlanta 10 weight of 267. Jerry they do is second to be spent your third Johnny Benson fourth. And Kevin Harvick runs in the fifth eight lead changes among eight drivers so far caution flags are flown two times today. What's on lap 22 would Mike Skinner hit the wall at turn one pretty vicious hit like was taken to a local hospital let's say he was walking under his own power. Little bit sore the other caution came out on lap 41. Of the NASCAR mandated cautioned plant because this is a few racetrack. Stick together that the leaderboard you're flat 111 267. Jerry they do is the most recent may have to take over the top spot Jimmy Spencer runs second with Kevin Harvick third. Johnny Benson fourth and Jeff Gordon now it's up to fifth sixth Dale Jarrett seventh this mark Martin's agent Jeremy Mayfield Fund the body is going to the campus you need to check. Robby Gordon had a great day so far he's an eleventh. Tony Stewart is twelfth Sterling Marlin thirteenth not put on his fourteenth. And Rusty Wallace runs fifteenth sixteenth does Ricky Rudd seventeenth Dale Earnhardt junior eighteen his bad Kansas nineteenth is Ron Hornaday. Twentieth is Jeff Burton. NAPA Auto Parts were NASCAR fans get their parts. Jerry they knew leaves at lap 112 here he comes off turn before working his way back into the front straightaway and Jimmy Spencer has been busting through traffic really trying to get up there to catch you miss caution comes on the speedway. Caution is on the racetrack can be the third time this afternoon had just flown on the field. Coming out lap 113 caution flag coming out for debris spotted the racing surface NASCAR is keeping a close watch the cars have Casey Atwood and putt Strickland. There were continued reports of oil leaking from those two cars and chances are we're not sure the jets' star that's the reason for this third caution. Of the afternoon. Well we'd just gone through AS session of green flag pit stops and kind of sorted things out at. Straighten about from the that kind of mixed mismatch of pit stops from earlier in the day. Now this will watch the field up once again. And probably will see a lot of activity once again on pit road here at lap 113 is the stops were complete back around 105 and 106. And we ceremonial Jimmy Spencer was really coming up through traffic he was about one in six tenths seconds behind the leader when discussion came out of Jerry nadu and was closing in a hurry Spencer's car has been very consistent all afternoon pay stars picked up the field and we told you this will be the third caution flag today it came out of left won thirteen. As we look up toward turner before we don't see anybody taking advantage to dive on the pit road. And probably for good reason everybody was just in less than about three laps ago so as they come across the line. There's going to be a couple of lapped cars between Jimmy Spencer and the leader Gerry they do dispatchers car has been fairly good all day long. Certainly has you know the first drop of the green flag he went straight back they made a stop at lap 24 and suddenly he came straight to defraud. And spend their pretty much close to the front of the field ever since that time the man who started on the bud pole top codeine is on pit road it. Crew working on the right side of his Florida Pontiac of Ron Hornaday just finding like come around. The left side of the car they shouldn't get Todd back on the rotation. He had made an extra pit stop because I'm left rear tire iron again now thankfully there's services for the second can you. Aluminum rough on the left rare morning thank. I'm really sending back on the lead lap develops and having gotten Kasey yet and anyway. We're tired of rule four you're on lap one important. At lap 114 we told you had several pit stops they blame he was on pit road just a moment go Earnhardt junior to Matt Kenseth also Jeff Burton and a couple of cars or we've already covered let's get an update on Earnhardt junior Earnhardt junior came in for tires 76 racing Philly did it in sixteen point seven seconds also on this end of pit road match Kansas that you said four tires. And 76 racing feel along with Jeff Burton more cores are making their way on to the deadline as we speak. Gonna come now making their way down Steve park gives up a position along with Elliott Sadler Kevin the pages and also John Andretti Mark Martin back yet again Winston Kelley. Here comes Mark Martin who has not been running his real estate market is already there. Make chassis adjustment three rounds down for the Kevin Love makes machines that I got some handling problems. Brett but I don't pit road they're gonna make a chassis adjustment as well we mentioned Todd but I problems on the left Britain like London I'm on golf now for new rice fans the lug nuts. Par putt on the side with kind of a hot seat. And when they put the tires on the slopes only does not religious and pop song they're making it easier ranges. Tired wanna lug nuts fell off so they had to put it on with their hand that cost them a little bit of time on pit road. So more stops being made here under the caution the third one of the they have to get this thing coming up because of debris actually some metal that was found. Al all the racing surface in the groove and so the caution out at lap 113. Joey Chitwood the third vice president and general manager of the Chicago land speedway steps that there are both here. Whether huge smile on his face boy this has been a great opening weekend for joy. You know really has it's hard to believe that we've taken two years of work put into four days the real pleased staff has to work real hard great weather day and it seems like those guys haven't hero could race out there. Yeah I had a good crowd yesterday. Spoiler for the bush show also know most definitely I think get this market has been underserved with motor sports for such a long time you're NASCAR Soldier Field back in late forties. Now that would be able to kind of reintroduced back into the market. We've got a lot of excited fans out there and hopefully will be selling out for years to comp did a great job on Billy's racetrack immediately all the amenities are absolutely perfect the track is beautiful the drivers like it's getting worked him out there received some good race he couldn't ask for anything more could you nor really could knows drivers are real key the fact that it's a little bit like this track lookalike entered its unique. They seem to be enjoying it it is definitely a racers racetrack in the native cliff to fund the slide around there so it looks like there have a good time. You've got a lot of buzz and the city of Chicago about this race is seen in the newspapers television and radio. Obviously of Pakistan's just folks standing around the edge of the racetrack as close as they can get. See all they can't I guess you gonna have to answer more seats. Well let's let's make sure we get through this weekend first nine that's gonna be on our list but. Just real pleased a lot of hard work and effort to heartily that two years ago this was just farmland that they let it is a beautiful facility congratulations on a great job here. Thanks guys and we appreciate all your help this weekend that everybody has been very impressed with the media center down there in the corporation that everybody's received I think. Well one of the things to put on an event like this and it's real good staff and it's hard work and know everybody wants to great race we ought to work together on it so please there but it's been a real thrilled with. Joy joy the third vice president and general manager of the brand new Chicago land speedway. I should lap 116 is in the record books let's take you back through the running order before they go back to green here Jerry nadu leads Jimmy Spencer second Kevin Harvick third Johnny Benson is fourth Jeff Gordon his fifth Dale Jarrett is six Jeremy Mayfield a seventh Bob and bunnies back up to eight Joni wood chick is night. Tony Stewart would be tip. Eleventh that this stages Sterling Marlin Ricky Rudd is twelfth Rusty Wallace is thirteenth bill Elliott's fourteenth and Jeff green is fifty. Kurt Busch now I sixteenth Matt Kenseth 78 Earnhardt junior after that this operable to go is now back to AT. Ron Hornaday we talked about having a good day LeBron is in nineteenth place now. Jeff Burton would be twentieth top vote last when he first day blaming Tony second Casey Atwood 23 Mark Martin 24. And Robby Gordon make up. The top 25 robbers made a couple extra stops down there at Alexander what's the story well water hoses come off the bottom of the water pump then they went to get another hose repair that he's gonna come back in. And they get that done hopefully get it done before the green flag comes back out crummy drive tenacious. So maybe a developing story in the leaders pit dug Jerry Knight news reported back to his pit that is not failing well the team doctor Scott and mayors and you're. Talk and the crew chief Tony far about things that they might do to get some ventilation in the car for the leader Jerry Knight do so that's a story that we're gonna keep my own throughout the race. Keep you posted on that situation talked about that Robby Gordon is driving the nation's threat forage for ultra motorsports year again this weekend. Later on today's broadcast Barney and I will select the winner of the rate best as break of the race toward the driver who experiences the best break during today's race. We'll see a 500 dollar donation awarded to the motor racing outreach children's ministries on his behalf for investors breaks are the official breaks of NASCAR. Getting ready to go back to green here this time they'll take the green at lap 118 was changed jury they do Jimmy Spencer Kevin Harvick Johnny Benson is Jeff Gordon's. Re starting here as a top five. But hard to really pick out anyone car that was really that good Jimmy Smiths are now has led a lot of laps here this afternoon he's been able to work his way back up there a couple of times. But we've had a bunch of cars that are strong enough to get in their jury and they do also was powering up toward the front there just a few moments ago Kevin Harvick has been very strong Jeff Gordon continues to look very good as they come down on the green goes in the air. Crossing the line now green flag waves lap 118 Jerry may do Jimmy Spencer Kevin Harvick leads the pack could turn one Jimmy Spencer Verizon Center and he's got his hands full lap traffic Robert Presley and more important. Serenade you may not be feeling good he's got the right kind of medicine now that's a big lead over the second spot on Jimmy Spencer. Who's mired in lap traffic center. Work their way out of the corner big. The advantage right now for jury native was gonna only be temporary until some of those cars can break out of that traffic back. There and now Kevin Harvick in Jimmy Spencer's get down to business racing for second place turn Wallace. Side by side lap traffic is gonna come into play here he got Roberts and it's hard. And sure if I don't want to know. Continue to be side by side for the second spot as Harvard we've just a little bit not Johnny Benson wants to make that a free car why. Predated the race leader there's 123 and lap cars but play himself with a solid going second place battle with at least temporarily as one by Kevin Harvick Harvick and the the plot for now but he still had Jimmy Spencer right there behind in the. Well it's the tail off of turn two went down the backstretch it is still Kevin Harvick in the second spot with Johnny Benson and third Johnnie can. Be able to new at this time gimmick called Johnny Benson to a moment ago cut Jimmy Spencer a lot of slack he can force the issue up their juices that high line. Get back down Johnny Benson back up there. More on as a result coach Johnny Benson may. Point five. Gordon right behind Johnny Benson but Benson is gonna make his car very very wide Gordon cannot pull off the path. All of this going. Kerry made. Once again by Johnny Benson on a big way that's a fourth position he's trying to grab as they come down the line Steve park kept a close call last that it turned to. Now it's Ron Hornaday and turn formed its way up the banking gathers control clicking. Lose several positions plus second. A half that's the margin of lead Jerry made who has over Kevin Harvick as they had to turn the rate he's enjoying that lead into turn three as Kevin Harvick still has not figured out the puzzle. The trio of Robert Presley. Gordon just taken over fourth place he got around Johnny Benson working his way down the back straightaway and now moves in the fourth at 100. When the school board and hard racing going on further back in the pack right now to lose because you got shuffled back. You recover the body that groups who returned to think come down. He's trying to find a way to get around at the end not a cloud in the lobby when Marlins hale Bob little carnage shadows of all the way down. Behind him and Kelly. Ford is Jerry they do is not feeling that well but his lead continues to build now one point seven seconds apart. Between itself. Second place Kevin Harvick Jimmy Spencer the third fourth is Jeff Ford's fifth is Johnny Benson. In point radio glad to be here bringing you live coverage of the first race ever. For the NASCAR Winston cup series here at this beautiful view speed palace five Joseph Moore along with Barney hall covering action force in the turns today Craig Becker and Dan Hubbard. Along the pit lane Jim Phillips went to Kelly. And and a Alexander. For that might lead changes among nine drivers today three cautions that wave for a total of fifteen laps Jimmy Spencer has led the most laps in the event. Apparently 24 cars on the lead lap two cars out the event. Those are Mike Skinner eighty Houston possibly now third with Robby Gordon. Jerry they do leads Kevin Harvick is second Jimmy Spencer third Jeff Gordon fourth and Dale Jarrett his fifth. Six is Johnny Benson sevenths security mayfield at eight distributed check. Like this Tony Stewart and chant his Sterling Marlin. This met price update brought you by if CNA. Why for an official NASCAR credit card issued by the DNA but the focal point of more than sixty drivers. Log on to win DNA dot com. When you attend the Winston cup or Busch Series race stop by the familiar Ambien a green Booth and midget MR hand for its second free gift just for applying. They finally get to work done on Robby Gordon's car send him back on the racetrack he several laps down to the leader right now but at least he's back on the speedway. And also at the front of the field Kevin Harvick has been able to get around a couple of the lap cars now will be. Close military may do the leader Jimmy Spencer has had to read his way through there also love the leader down the sale of cool returned three finished. That's ahead one more lap car okay. And Kevin Harvick and that would be. Chicago land. In the come now working off turn a report back down the start finish line made news laid. Still just shy of two seconds over Kevin Harvick Jimmy Spencer Dale Jarrett and Jeff Gordon rest of the top five the return one male. Having just bypass Jeff Gordon to take over the fourth. Made a move it inside a fort coming into turn one last. They're on the my friend Jeff Gordon trying to close it out over ballclub Dale Jarrett there are a bit now have a lot machine of buckshot Jones. Dale Jarrett. Leader crosses lines urinate do and 134 laps go on the scoreboard that put us halfway home this afternoon of the Tropicana 400 we are half way. Through the event here this afternoon with jury may do leading. This pick up Kevin Harvick and Jimmie spencers and try to running down a return to. Kevin Harvick coming off of turn to still have a ways to go before it's close enough to make it past a Jerry native foot gap of about twelve correlates. Itself. In that second spot here. There clearly makes the fast coming up off turnover for again that was a lap car just ahead of him the machine of Robert Presley. Further back and ongoing race for the eleventh position Rusty Wallace has the spot. Ricky Rudd write up on his bumper Ricky stick it up big a couple of times so far hasn't been able to make the move to what could do it turn one. Ricky good night download. But who showed great speed. We know. Now they. Rick you know time in meanwhile just know the trouble is scary part is trying to free. Got up out of it's not too long the wall with the right side of the car I wouldn't call it heavy compact. Contact as Steve park just tries to slow the Chevrolet down by dragging along side the wall and now he steers it. I kept it up there I think by design partially because there is a lot of traffic underneath him once it cleared now he gets down the bottom of the racetrack and brings the car on the pit road he's in front of Adam Alexander. Danny turned his car back heading toward the Winston cup garage heavy damage to via. Right side of the machine we're gonna head back to the drive Jerry get a report on Steve park toasty markets back into the garage after hitting a wall of that turnover for a look like it is kind of shot up battle the group stand Hubbard did that this was taken up into the outside wall. It's even tire marks they begin right at the entrance of turn three. They go straight to the wall Steve Clark was lucky at least to steer away as much he could and he dragged to scrape the right side of the car all the way to link. Around turns three and four when he got in the exit of four he took it down the pants off wasn't a hard hit but enough to damage the car. That thing here at this racetrack Jobe both days we've seen the competition go out there if you get up out of that group was just so hard to say the car you can get it turned straight but you're gonna scrub that water at least gonna brushed the wall yes certainly so and so everyone wants a state got a lot of side of the racetrack as much as possible. Sampling and an update on the condition of Jerry and they do we got a report earlier. That he was not feeling that well but he's been leading by as much just his second Swiss and Kelly. Well he said that these are still not feeling very well but getting up there in the clean air and leading as much as he is the didn't say a whole lot during that last segment of green flag. Myriad tiny for the crew chief Rodney Combs senior who has his spotter has been talk until I'm the whole time. Coming just keep be allowed. Keep the focus and other coming down pit road so if they make it two or four tire stop reports are that many of the teams are gonna go with a two tire stop Jane it is. Now we're going to work on the right side of the season you are not changing that's why Brian Tyler aren't mom not testing running cam hard goods. I mean. Not my nine Jimmy Spencer my. Ford is a two tire stop and Goodman or. Kevin Harvick event he's got to go mourn your tires this time Weston Tony here's your record on nobody going forward Ricky Rudd Ford Dale Jarrett or. Got a good look at Bill Elliott Ford tires not I had about a examiner. Which Zimmer on this and a pit road on Adam's side they blame came in and got four tires also Robert Presley Jeremy Mayfield. Michael Waltrip all these guys pitted for tires and Joseph Jay Nady got forced out into the grass. And he and Jimmy Spencer were drag racing down toward the end of pit road seeing how it shakes out on the racetrack. In other kind of still a settling that way but while they were kind of going side to side off pit road I believe Kevin Harvick student back on the racetrack and he's going to be the leader. So we'll see how NASCAR sorts it out between Nigeria and they do and Jimmy Spencer. As Winston Kelley told you there as they drag race at the end of that road to see who could get out first it was actually three car stolen and it appears Kevin Harvick beat them off the pit lane. So he will take over the lead here at lap 139 Jimmy Spencer seconds. Jerry they do third fourth Sterling Marlin and fifth Jeff Burton. Played up the still underway here at the Chicago land speed play after the crash by Steve Parker returned for the taking the safety trucks all the way around the track doings at cleanup and turns one and two figuring while it got the caution. May as well take care a little extra debris that is out there on the racing surface and while they're doing that let's take a break and sail out of Tom Fox's vice president of the sports marketing. Fort Gatorade headquartered here at nearby Chicago kind of nice to have the sport you backyard for a change isn't it. It's great to see you Barney here it's it's unbelievable who would have thought she could get this many people the when NASCAR race south of the city Chicago we are ecstatic the weather's been great. And it is it's fun to stay home for a weekend that you guys have been involved with the sport of NASCAR for a long time your involvement goes back a long ways. We started back in in the seventies and it has been an incredibly gratifying especially the last. Five years or so to see the tremendous growth of the sport and our involvement is. Getting bigger by the day as is a lot of new sponsors and we we couldn't be happier with the growth in the sport right now Jeff known as hot weather going on out there is a good data use your product manager. I was gonna say party this is Gatorade weather right here the drivers and or sweating out there in the cars and we were down in the pits earlier in there's there's a lot of Gatorade being consumed out there today stock is that your folks this morning down on the and the jets and they had a big crowd on hand for your office I'm sure here does to the race. We do you know usually were worked out trying to find customers and other parts of the of the country to go see racism this is our headquarters we've got our office apparent Chicago. And we were able to fill our box and fill all the seats we had easily it's just amazing the amount of demand for absolutely top thanks a lot freer evolve at a NASCAR spirit evolve over that are in radio and have a great day great to see you both thank you are much high top boxes vice president sports marketing for Gatorade it is indeed a good day for Gatorade out there with the temperature being up in the mid eighties. So well right now we are under caution a moment ago. We had a another driver go to the garage here or simply get an update there Steve park in the garage areas cannot a lot of the street clothes on Steve can you tell us what happened on a speedway. This. Blow up I mean simple as that we just no warning no nothing on and turned freedom motor elect go in. You know I got it up and along this fortunate we were able to keep the car up there's so we didn't. You know get down some and add heavy traffic so just unfortunate day we've had a Iran bad luck here it's just Jonathan points and just really. You know not always been looking for its second half of the season tough afternoon for Steve marquis is out of the hauler and OK there it is a disappointing afternoon in the Pennzoil Chevrolet. There really is Steve usually has a pretty good run everywhere we go over it's not going to be the case here this afternoon Mike Skinner is out of the event might hit the wall a little bit earlier this afternoon he was okay and it took him to a nearby hospital. Justice to make some precautionary X rays but he apparently is all right. Andy Houston as the other car that is out of the event also everybody else is still running on the racetrack. Kevin Harvick is a leader Jerry may do his second writing third right now under caution while they continue cleanup efforts here is Jimmy Spencer. Sterling Marlin has been fairly strong all afternoon and all of a sudden after good bit more Comodo and some hard driving he finds himself up in fourth place. Jeff Burton continues to run well Jeff is in fifth. Jeff green is having a good outing here this afternoon he's been in and out of the top ten but currently is six strong car for Dale Jarrett strong car for Dale Earnhardt junior he is eight. Jeff Gordon is ninth and Tony Stewart is tipped to to back at least in the top 25 while we're still have time to do it under the caution. Johnny Benson's eleventh Joni Richards twelfth Jeremy Mayfield is thirteenth Casey I was fourteenth then Ron Hornaday fifty. Rusty Wallace sixty Bob and Bonnie seventeenth Kurt bush eighteenth bill Elliott's 93 Q wrote this toy if then Matt Kenseth 21 top load I'm 22 they blame the 23 Robert Presley 24 and Mark Martin is 25. Let's talk with Jeff Gordon of the day about that coming here to Chicago land speed play it out. His racing roots around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in that area this kind of his backyard got to his cell stomping grounds that it was talking about what a delight it was to come to this part of the country. You know our race all right in the midwest and you know little bit around Chicago and it just such a great area. You know the racing and I think they're well we're gonna see in this weekend is just how many years. What race fans there are hand they love all types of racing lately dirt track racing just really short track racing NASCAR Winston cup racing. I think Ben yeah they're they're going to be proud of what kind of facility they have cared to showcase their stories and but I think they're also getting cannot really tell others. And Jeff went on to say although a lot of teams are saying you know everybody as a rookie at this racetrack because no one has experience here. He said you'd better believe it's gonna come down to experience. As to find out the teams that can make the right adjustments to come up to the front of the field. Absolutely I think you know. Keep it up fresh mind is important you know it's so they you don't sales I have to have this I have to do this. So that's it that is important that the same time experience to meet key because when you've been in new tracks and you made it didn't and I'm great thank you start comparing your nose to nose drags. Any (%expletive) payoff more in the long run and yeah that's why things aren't ride this race team and as. We've been success by new venues you race drags I think a lot of it is because. The preparation and can't approach that we take any racetrack we just going to can't do it an open mind when it started back. The 29 position today Jeff Gordon right now is running in the ninth position. Feel about half lap going back go to the green flag. Here's why they're running Kevin Harvick is the race leader Gerry they do is second Jimmy Spencer runs and third Sterling Marlin fourth. And Jeff Burton is fifth sixth is Jeff Green seventh this Dale Jarrett eight this Dale Earnhardt junior at night this Jeff Gordon. In Tampa's Tony Stewart rest of the top twenty include Johnny Benson Joseph David check Jeremy Mayfield Casey Atwood. Ron Hornaday is fifteenth followed by Rusty Wallace at the sixteenth Bobby nobody seventeenth Kurt Busch is eighteenth Bill Elliott nineteenth. And Ricky Rudd now the twentieth position double file restart now forming up in turn four headed down the line they'll take the. Read lapped 144 Kevin Harvick. Has had a strong car with CP can hang on to lead green flag goes in the air and they collect data heart racing Jerry may do latches on news bumpers and cases Harvick now. This is not a basket often show up he's like they're also feed. Ask the third position then Sterling Marlin and fourth. Sterling is trying to. On the outside the we have a three car breakaway over the front when Harvard join the way natively second Spencer in the third spot Sterling Marlin is. Yet to come now working up off the corner Kevin Harvick join the way stretch about that lead. As they crossed the line now by about half. Half a second. Over Jerry they do one I hit the club but traffic back near the rear of the field. Kurt Busch Terry the Bonny eagle and and it is about seven more cards stacked up behind them. I I find any. Don't know if I'm gonna be outside lane hey Ricky run at one. But hard tonight mix he's now monologue with Matt Kenseth and now they're really wide enough. Trying to get this sorted out their cup at each other little slack because it was getting kind of ticklish hepatitis they worked their way through the corner over there one and two but they've settled down just a little bit for the moment is Ricky Rudd breaks out of that packet traffic let's jump back up to the front of the field. As Kevin Harvick continues to set a pace jury may do just three Carly expect a return three calls. Regards Barney are pulling away when Harvick in the top spot. Followed by Jimmie. Burton trapped in the outside lane coming off turn four he's gonna lose a lot of ground Dale Junior goes by Jeff Gordon goes by ward still over the outside play. Lose four spots at turn one he called Ford nine the inside line continues to expand this Tony Stewart went Miami and my first Johnnie fifth and also for Johnny but yeah like battle from seventh on back Dale Jarrett riding. That is Dale Earnhardt junior is hey hello Jeff. We are under caution again this is lap. The F fifth caution of the afternoon comes out on lap 151. Couple of Karzai having some problems chemical page came down made an unscheduled stop and also Ron Hornaday has gone back into the garage obviously it's oil for his car at a spin the that have brought out this caution for the fifth time here this afternoon. And the clean up battle the racetrack once again let's go to pit road. Analysts Opteron or days out of the Canseco Pontiac just pulled up near the hauler Ron obviously the end of your day what happened. Well let this year in the motor blow up about hail but I can't think the only guys that can take a cardiac got awesome race started speculator you can way to put four tires on. The magic card then and maybe did you get the car the baton over at the bar a little bit but. I don't know what happened dirty vibrator real bad I just yelling at the four cars over to blow up and we have a back to reduce that event though. I'm proud of these guys I've run that pushed hard yesterday coming here it can take Pontiac out. This birdie on three evidently had a good car today. That's Ron Hornaday we sell high attrition rate yesterday in the Busch Series is start them out this afternoon and the Winston cup race as well Ron Hornaday the most recent victim he blows the motor at lap 152 Bill Elliott makes a stop in front of Jim Phillips doesn't. Joseph worn tires and fuel more Bill Elliott a second okay. Now we're getting a splash of gasoline and two more stops in front of Winston Kelley. One of those is Kevin looked page he's got an oil leak somewhere they've got a good up trying to determine exactly where it was. We came down pit road the car was under power Kurt Busch also on pit road he got tires in 76 Tracy fuel. It's Layla to congressman bill Lipinski the third district here at Illinois the Chicago district upstairs with a watching. The Tropicana 400 unfolded today got a real very proud that what these folks have done near Chicago land. I Joseph I think this is an absolutely magnificent facility probably one of the finest if not the finest racing facility. I've seen in any part of the midwest. Cannot only will be of this produce some great racing authority plans in this part of the country it's also gonna help the economy and a great deal charters don't question it will help to academy and it's great to see mascara appear Michael Vick with NASCAR to soldiers feel when Freddie Lorenzen was running down there. Will be Andy grant of Elian being the sponsor. I've been a long time coming for mascara appear but there's a tremendous number of fans series you conceded date this is an overflowing crowd. The crowd that's very very enthusiastic and I wanna say one thing too about the people who work here it's trick I've never run into more courteous. People they have been enormously helpful in when you have such a big crowd as we do here today aid. For them to keep it positive attitude I think he's just terrific that a testimony to the people who put this whole program together. Very well sad you know Chicago has a lot of Major League sports the major city there's a lot going on. How do you think NASCAR fits into the seat near this area. Well obviously quite a crowd today it fits it yeah very very well there's no question about it this is they got big time city we have to baseball teams we have. Basketball team we have Chicago Bears were the founding team to the National Football League we got a hockey team. We have blocked another excellent racing facility in the area also what do you run knock. Cart parish with. In a few not NASCAR's but if you watched black Arab and so there are also I think that up there is no question in my mind that this will be very very successful I'm looking forward to reduce the number one they have thought. Open wheel racing here in the Indy Racing League. We look forward to come back next year hopefully victory senator congressman bill Betsy thanks lot for supper by it they enjoy your day at the news Chicago Atlanta speedway thank you Joseph thank you very very much Q sir. We are still under caution lap 154. And they are cleaning up this racetrack all the way around a NASCAR did the same thing yesterday. They have so it's the blowers out there blowing all with the Dustin. The loose for over the came off the tires down the Corrigan this racetrack back and absolutely perfect condition. Actually a pretty good show here today that's Favre had several lead changes Kevin Harvick benefit from the field Jimmy Spencer has been at the front of the field. That a lot of challenges from drivers like because Jimmy Smith has Sterling Marlin Jeff Burton has been up there Dale Jarrett and working his way up. This Jeff Gordon little left nobody has. Hi Gordon hasn't been up at the front of the pack but he's been close to the fun of the fact several times and remember he started way back at about the 20 April 29 position so much that. And so what is a fact that he's up there at the top since as a whole lot with that Tim lead changes. Among nine drivers today there was concern coming into this race. About being a new facility would there be. Side by side racing would you be passes for the lead obviously the answer is yes. It's been very good for racing here today with that cautions fly five times today first an Atlanta 28 to. But Mike Skinner hit the wall over in turn 20 and NASCAR caution on lap 41 for the team to check their cars. Debris of a racing surface on lap 113. Fourth caution on lap 136 and Steve park at the wall on turn four. At this time as Ron Hornaday explodes the engine that his car and therefore the real racing surface of lap 150 once a total of five cautions waiting so far today. Cleanup continues to and it turns 34 that say a word also about that Robby Gordon but to his name a lot of times today at a course you've probably heard there's been quite a few changes. Over the last several weeks Robbie through that part of a second place finish at Sears point. 34 weeks ago that drove Richard Childress racing's NASCAR Busch Series after the Rockwell Automation Chevrolet to a top five finish at Watkins Glen last week. He's proved his medal on the road courses. And hopes to be settling in to drive this nation Trent Ford for the rest of the season I asked about the situation there. Mean obviously Jimmy call may do to drive near Chicago. And those kind of pretty last minute deal I can happen you know late late Wednesday afternoon so I'm. You know. I understand the worm might sound inside you know owners do owners wanna do yourself. Hey guys I I feel for how bad I'm not you know. Not bad take his job where or anything like got you know Jimmy wants to make it changed me there's really not serious choice. Jimmy he's talking about this Jimmy Smith who owns ultra motor sports it's over this morning that they have some contracts to work out what their plan is to have Robby Gordon. Take the drive that up formally Mike Wallace was behind the wheel of the nation's threat Ford and by the way his NASCAR craftsman truck series team. Won again last night I'm losing count I think they've won seven races this year between Ted musgrave and that's Scott Riggs who won the race last night at Kentucky. That's that dodged even a NASCAR craftsman truck series is very strong. Yeah they've been they've had some great success this year they're still. Cleaning up around the racetrack going to be another lap or so before we go back to green let's get an update on Kevin the page's car it has been sitting on pit road for several several lapses they continue to work on it. Barney it is up being an oil line that they had to replace that have a little bit of a kind but just enough to blow all the oil out and other top and off the old school the old. Thank dislocated. In the rear of the car actually in the trunk section to take top and I'll. In the violence window which is right behind with a driver's side window is another reattaching them when they put the oil line back onto the Kodak Chevrolet. Should be good together. I committed in my view that the chase for the 2001 NASCAR weekly racing series national championship is under way at nearly 100 local hometown racetracks in 36 states drivers in ten regions around the country are competing for the coveted NASCAR weekly racing series national championship. With more than a million dollars in points fund awards on the line. To see some of the nation's most exciting weekly short track racing. Contact NASCAR public relations in Daytona Beach, Florida or visit NASCAR dot com or America Online keyword NASCAR. 100 at ten laps ago of the Tropicana 400 Kevin Harvick leads Jerry they do Jimmy Spencer Sterling Marlin at Jeff Burton under caution. Played up trucks are still out there racing surface here Chicago land speed like couple of stories developing along the pit lane let's check of one of those bottle Bonnie we told you earlier had a problem Jim Phillips. Well they're gonna try to live around here but suddenly be at full power because. They have a vote valve spring problem lived. They've broken valve springs in the engine it will run. He just will be up to hold power in their bodies coming off three straight top eight finishes top five last week so what. It's going to be a tough way to get this thing today for Bobby. Still analysts think Kelly safely can get a follow with tiny fir the crew chief on Gerri nice days cock. Tiny Jay's been talking about not feeling well well as he said he thing under the over the last fifty laps are side. Well it says hello apologist right now. Directly from the bottom up settled with a real well I'll let down. He's doing awful good job UAW. Monte Carlo is really up front and renegade and Jerry's doing a good job like say hello to Papa Joseph. And hope he gets royals they're into the bunker into the shop. Talk about Papa Joseph Hendrick recant vick's father who had some heart surgery just a few weeks ago good work back to him. And what Jane they do not feeling a 100% have to agree with Tony he's doing a heck of a job in that Monte Carlo Carly running in second he's gonna try to tough it out over this last. Hundred meg Lance. Clearly usual stop us made by Bobby Hamilton barn a few moments ago it came down the pit lane went into the garage band at bats aren't. They've made an adjustment all the car he came back out and now he's back in once again let's see if we get story there belly was incredibly tight Joseph and they came in they had a change of spring so they took a behind the wall they did it and at the clock on 29 point five seconds they came in again to make sure everything was adjusted just right made a slight wedge adjustments. He's back on the speedway and hopefully for this group. These are loosened up for the rest of the event. And Dale Earnhardt junior dived on pit road they're just a moment ago also that it'll work on his car looked like they changed a couple of tires to send him back on the racetrack. Now's the field crosses the start finish line they get the indication we'll go green next time bye. It is Kevin Harvick at the front of the pack cheering they do lineup second Jimmy Spencer third Sterling Marlin fourth and Jeff Burton fifth. And Jeff green was restart six Dale Jarrett seventh Jeff Gordon hey Tony Stewart tonight consuming chick can't. Johnny Benson would be elevenths Jeremy Mayfield twelfth Rusty Wallace thirteenth Ricky rose fourteen tugboat on his fifteenth. Matt Kenseth is sixty's they blame you would be seventeenth Mark Martin named chief Robert Presley nineteenth and Bill Elliott twentieth. Kurt Busch Tony first Bobby ramadi 22 daily December 23 Earnhardt you 124. And Ward Burton 25. Three cars dive down with that line Brett but I came and also cut Strickland and Dale Earnhardt junior. Pulled off the racetrack can't and I gave up his 24 position to make a stop here just before we go back out of the green flag. At the conclusion of today's race Gatorade present the Gatorade front runner award 101000 dollars to the eligible driver who leads the most laps in this race. Gatorade is the official sports beverage of NASCAR. When they go back to green there will be 44 cars showing on the lead lap Dale Earnhardt junior will be the last of those and Kevin Harvick had Jerry they do Jimmy Spencer Shirley Marlins Jeff Burton will be the top five. Harvick had a strong car here today they do is as strong car Jimmy Spencer has proved that he has a strong car he slid a great number of laps. Sterling Marlin has been kind of hot toll be able to get up there and then it seemed like when they really got to racing heart a couple of times he slid back let's see how he fares this time as you get ready to go back to. Green he's in the fourth position as we get set for the restart pace cars on the pit lane here comes the field back to the line at lap 161. The get back underway Kevin Harvick shows the way. What hurt on size they've raced to. Burton this stuff for and they almost not coming into turn number one apartment company outside lane cash out against flair for. They move off turn to Kevin Harvick will lead them down the backstretch the second spot of Jerry Nate you'll have to deal with a lot machine you know Ward Burton right behind nadir is Jimmy. Burden right now as the pick between the leader in the second and third place stars as they try to scramble at their kitchen Jimmy Spencer has thoughts of getting under Jerry maybe in years. The start finish line got to figure out there and send it back over fifty go to one here they come back in the corner may do is still hanging on the second position or Florida hey Spencer. Behind me. Kevin Harvick tried to run away and hide it Jerry nadir when Jimmy Spencer trying to chase him down. Ward Burton although a lot machine running all the pay. That's a looked momentarily the high side kind of loosen the car up now dives to the low side but can't make your Ronald Jerry they. They vehicle fleet goes lowest well then. Sterling Marlin closes then from the fourth division this becoming therefore. They shuffled for the second thought this carrying eight new and he's got a hole. Kevin Harvick trying to pull away trying to stretch out his lead down the backstretch here is Gerry native and outfitting inside award very much grip or. It'll ticklish out of turner before and Ward Burton squeeze a little bit wide and what little legal filing didn't want to go by and because he is only one left off the face more. Stay up there. Only mom turned to Jimmy Spencer Edouard making contact them. Mark MacPhail now he's frightened sport now Spencer was distracted by Ward Burton Sterling Marlin trying to take advantage. Side by side real the real problem. When you. When he had to wrestle that car I'll hold it down keep begin out of an outside lane Jimmy Spencer picks off the third position. Sterling Marlin right there put pressure on again doesn't go to Wideman seeing the Marlins gonna do spend. Why markers down low. And I got quite for the first watch Jimmy Spencer has a Sterling Marlin watch that marlin now riding me. Jimmy Spencer Jimmy Spencer here. How strong is those front four are the next four just about a strong also they're closing up and her into the next two cars we. You Jarrett Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton. Do they go back one years Dale Jarrett now he's in the fifth event and he's trying to get. I'm John and I hate. Sharon would like to get around John Andretti because breathing down his neck is Jeff ward and Jeff Burton. Jeff Greenfield. I start my son off. He found out the only way to get by and so Jared goes wide open the lane there John Andretti goes down low and here they go marching behind the outside lane. This position on back you've got Dale Jarrett Jack soaring glass is on going back. Train that's Gordon tried to keep the Chevrolet down low coming off a corner and down. They get a good run on Dale Jarrett but nothing no. Fort horsepower telling me. And a page and take his car behind the wall for the moment left 168. Comes up on the scoreboard as they raced back to cross the line and get him. Wanted to Italy Kevin Harvick Jerry they do Jimmy Spencer Sterling Marlin and they wheelchair so you'll know that bother nobody had a problem slow go. Who turn one is too easy on me through when he's down pit road now he's gonna take hardly grunt we'll follow up there in a moment left. 170 on the board Kevin Harvick leads in Chicago land speedway this is MRN radio. Citywide to countryside. Whatever you drive wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value. Selection and industry leading warranty to get you there no matter where the road takes you. To learn more visit Hercules tired dot com. Hercules tires and ride on our strength. I. When your battery goes dead everything can come to a stop don't take a chance on getting stranded stop by O'Reilly auto parts and get your battery tested free of charge if your battery does need to be replaced O'Reilly auto parts can help you find the exact superstar battery that fits your car or truck get a guaranteed low price O'Reilly auto parts better cars better prices everyday. Oh yeah. Oh marks. 173 laps run the board Kevin Harvick continues to lead Jerry may do ride second Jimmy Spencer third starting march 4 and Dale Jarrett fifth spot and Bonnie. Through the garage area. Yeah we just getting in just a moment on the money just now crawling. Out of his car an update on Kevin to make his situation they brought him down pit road they had an oil line problem. Then they changed it but they bypassed the oil cooler and that was called north temperatures go up today bringing back now. New can career matches through the oil coolers and you'll go to the old school. Keep the temperature down. Their cars that are now in the garage conclude by the body of Ron Hornaday Steve park Mike Skinner. Kevin Harvick continues to show the way here the Santa that we can't 93 laps to go Tropicana. 400 margin between first and second is just over one that second. Jerry native the second place man the sticky Downey Napa leaderboard here Atlanta went 74 it is Harvick leading with Jerry dated second. Jimmy Spencer is third Sterling Marlin fourth and Dale Jarrett runs in the fifth sixth Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton a seventh Jeff green is safe. Tony Stewart front night just need to check his tenth. Eleven this Ricky Rudd twelfth now is Jeremy Mayfield you've got that just need to check in their houses 400 changes rusty Wallace's thirteenth top united fourteenth. Johnny Benson runs fifteenth position. Sixteenth mark Martin's seventeenth at Kansas. Eighteenth the state lighting nineteenth Kurt Busch and twentieth is Elliott Sadler shelling out 23 cars on the lead lap rest of those are Robert Presley. Dale Earnhardt junior and Bill Elliott. That auto parts where NASCAR fans get their parts. 176 laps on board and give us 91. On the go away. Probably you. A tough race. Club ready to battle of the bands so we'll we'll see. If some of these teams will try to make you or one more stuff let's look at award with the Kevin have a. Kevin Harvick. Would really like to run. They end this next round but we still has to feel the main force apps. While they're pretty good rival. Thank you know the first thing weird CDs afternoon. Max level that they. Kevin Harvick they have the guys we have come up with Bobby Bobby Bobby. Hard to get to me wasn't that. I guess a leg on the topic of the motor everywhere across the line up against Yucca Mountain and it misses all of a sudden oh that is phenomenal against Brinkley good. And it's like I've appears based on December 11 maybe earning years art itself right now at the same feel to it thanks now. His client of every season. Point being put. Maybe. It's pretty good race course rollout let down play against. Something they didn't have many have last year you have legs here is a matter of fact the engine problems for a lot of controversy behind. That information. It is amazing what their season's been like June compared to last year over the last few they could doing. Good solid race team. This goes to show how. There's so many aspect of making race team runs. With team members with yes financing you've got to have that as well obviously they have that Joseph Gibbs racing for the support of interstate batteries they have great people that Jimmy make car and all of the folks at work on the interstate batteries team but everything has to go right takes us. Like this teammate Tony Stewart. Koppel thanks straightaway there. And then that got off to a bad start got my point tastes it's that time it's been that sort of up and down their best finish of the year was a second Iraqi can't. And as we said at start of the broadcast still looking for their first win of this year but. The championship caliber team like that it's so they'll come around. Pit road and did just that we talked about it of money leaned over and say you know a lot of people were talking about. And this year and they probably are. In points. All those problems. Indicative as the other guys having trouble. And now Soledad race team is so up pretty good point there from Bob and upon. It in the last three races I've lived looking back in this deal with this morning and they have had three top ten finishes in a row and thought they. Around the word love. The yellow flag is being displayed in the field for the sixth time could be for an incidental return to me is because buckshot Jones came back into the corner shot up out of the racing group. This car bounced off the outside wall spun back down the banking and now his machine sits with damage down along the apron just inside of turn two and same. Time there's a problem for Jerry may do thought they saw smoke coming from the rear his machine he was running in the second spot a contender to win today NASCAR is just radioed. Good for him to keep this Carl the apron of the racetrack. So as not to spread any further oil all the racing surface they've got enough of mass over at turn one. We're buckshot Jones hit the wall there's a problem for buckshot Jones and for Jerry may do. Who is running second at the time. Yeah this is the sixth caution flag today comes out of left 186. So we'll keep Brian and Jerry they do he is down on the apron of the racetrack is Joseph told you over there. Caution car has picked up the field we're waiting to see if honey in the front of the field is gonna dive on the pit road. And see who Jim wildly like you feel that justice will they can't obviously they can't there's no way they're gonna make 81 laps if they make pit stop right now. No way Barney got 65 relatively few over that took no they could make. Failure so laps on a particular field on this phone have trachsel well we'll seek to pit stops if they stop them. Everybody's gonna stop now that's exactly what they're doing off turn before the peel off the banking Kevin Harvick cheering they do Jimmy Spencer. Charlie Maher on this company and so is Dale Jarrett so is Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton. It's an analyst and killings. Sterling Marlin comes to a stop the midsection of pit road Jimmy Spencer. Running him a couple of things vows and Jeff Gordon Rusty Wallace talked about I'm. Mark Barnes got to squeeze in between Jimmy Spencer and the Jeff Gordon machine trying to determine exactly where the problem is. Ford. Got Dale Jarrett and Bill Elliott did. Ricky Rudd is death toll security gives. Right our leadership in my. Having given hearts mentality is back home the million okay. This in a pit road Jeff Burton running in the top ten a comes in takes on Saturday six racing fuel and for fresh tires also when Johnny Benson Matt Kansas Jeremy Mayfield is running in the top twelve was M Robin Wright. No end and it extended stop for Dale Earnhardt junior he was running at the tail end of the lead lap several adjustments on the Budweiser Chevrolet. Joseph David Jenkins taken over the lead was the first off the pit lane at. And will become the tips different leader of today's race Kevin Harvick comes out second Jimmy Spencer third Sterling Marlin fourth and Jeff Gordon Smith. Meanwhile Jerry they'd is still sits on pit road west of Cali what's the story. They believe it's an oil line now that are trying to plug auctioning Arsenault received. Working up under the hood on the right side under the engine compartment trying to get it plugged also a similar problem that itself. Channel page as the following. Jerry native. Below return a reform we're waiting to see if they get the indication one lap before we go back to green and hopefully we're going to because they're still working over in turn to let's get a quick update over there buckshot Jones has been help from his car he was placed on the stretcher and loaded into the ambulance his car has been towed from the scene as cleanup continues so as we wait for the cleanup here at Chicago Atlanta speedway let's say a lot of Tony George the Chief Executive Officer for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And a partner here with raceway associates as a Chicago land speed like what a beautiful facility guys have put together tonight. Think it's you know it's really a special weekend to be finally kicking off the race finished Carnoy and race play. Speedway and that's been four years and really two years of intense preparation. I know the facility has a little bit of everything the parking is good. There's the sidelines here I was down the grandstand the first day we came here just kind of checking everything out because it was my first visit this racetrack. Even if you're sitting on the front row here your fourteen feet above that racetrack you can see everything well that's the beauty of start with a clean sheet of paper we really where it. Does incorporate a lot of nice features from a lot of great facilities around the country and this one. How brand new facility so from what I've ever been able to see and what I've heard from people their comments. Everyone seems to enjoy what they what they see here apparently didn't have any trouble at all selling this place out this first NASCAR race. Well as it is it's a market that both NASCAR and Indy cars have been an interest in the end they're and so. Chicago is a great sports town and and this area's been devoid of any major motor sport for quite some time and we're happy to be here and kick it off with a start to care for her. You've done a great job here this the fine facility and of course a couple weeks now we go back home to Indiana the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the brickyard 400. And I know everyone always looks forward to that event of the schedule. Well it's become very special event for us in Indianapolis and we look forward to welcoming the Winston cup series every year. This has been a good. Prep for us a lot of our guys are here this week and actually working to help them you know throwing them where they can they get this this race weekend behind his that it will be rolling around here pretty soon moved three weeks of rules committee but Indianapolis. Race to Sunday this year are there tickets remaining available. I don't think so I think Kara. We're sold out again it should be a great weekend with that was to pursues her opinion MacArthur. You know it's just an after your weekend right here are unsure of you know people are significant time warn that we're sold out we've been sold out now for that are here. Look at port to get back up your way Tony Scott thanks for stopping by to get greater congratulations on this great job you've done here at Chicago land speed like thank you. Study Georgia Chief Executive Officer for Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And what do partners and raceway associates the folks who have put this fine facility together here at Chicago land speedway. They indeed really have done a great job this racetrack you can't they're very few negative things about this speedway it's a good racetrack as we said the sight lines for every seat in the house couldn't be better the grudges are laid out. The drivers and there were and the crews really like what's down in the garage area. And I think the fans of like what they saw here this afternoon. Jerry made NeuStar has spent quite a bit of time on pit road it is about to go back on the racetrack and it looks like it will be. Probably no more than a couple laps before they get the indication we'll go back to green where we get a few reports out of the pit let's go down it was too jellies and Joni checked it. Well they had some problems early on in the race after starting in fifth position they dropped all the way out of the top thirty in the car had been extremely loose at that point in time with Chris Perry. The crew chief. Chris you guys that battled back to you fell back a lot early in the race and now up there leading how about the car now. I he's real satisfied with the car now Leah Iran's first or rice I don't know whether week. Discuss trashing the tires were or whatever we were just aren't really loose scary lose you know for a a lot of laps in we got a Carlson I think it was about laps when he cloud invaded. Change tires about that Tom Clark got to come back soon we might couple minor adjustments since the end though things have been a lot better. You know just trying to turn his season around you know that it's Oklahoma City in Victory Lane gas back disarm the gas you racetrack I've been doing a great job. Just really proud of Joseph man needs. These impressive Mayo thing. He has been impressive as these come back from the injury that he had we stopped doing. Earlier on today at her fourth place run yesterday and that team looking for a sponsor for next year what better way to the league possibly win. Jeff Green jet and a great run today driving for Richard Childress recently announced just yesterday that's going to be a full time deal next year. He's right now showed in the eleventh position Jim Phillips. This is his crew chiefs Todd barrier. Pit crew chief for Kevin Harvick also doing double duty this week been this team did a great job done. They want just gonna get down the sale el Monte Carlo with a little time now I started banging in little ways its trying to play him little by a little bit of ground. So they were guests of only gets atop many women itself outsourcing have played them. OK at least a top ten or top five that's good or bad issue for you. First few races this deep. Look at good right now Jeff great in the eleventh position here's why they run now there about a half slapped from going back onto the green flag Joseph David Checketts the race leader. He beat everybody off the pit lane Kevin Harvick falls in line at second Jimmy Spencer third. He gets Sterling Marlin and Jeff Gordon rest of the top five followed by Jeff Burton he's up to six Rusty Wallace and seventh. Elliott say others have a good day he's safe right now Tony Stewart is ninth. And Dale Jarrett now the chance position will be double file restart carved penetrator or lines of the inside lane. Along with Ward Burton John Andretti and Michael Waltrip clearly inside lane. As the face guard now makes the hard left hand turn on the pit road. Here comes the field off turn four for the restart at lap 195. Ricky Rudd that was really make it's a moves through traffic just put caution came out he's been restart Bakken field in ways now the green is out Joseph Louis. Inside lane of traffic. In the race and try to get a laugh back then left. Art can Slater is there to the end side now and needless. I haven't Harvick is. Image Jack's got the lead but how long can you hold onto it got two very fast cars behind him and Kevin Harvick and Jimmy Spencer. Harvick now has cleared my. Jedi reject breaks of about the quarter down the line to complete lap one to 95 Kevin Harvick is for. Ward Burton and wardrobe buried deep into the corner who's. A third place in the third. While Spencer is mired in the traffic so too is Sterling Marlin in that fourth spot he rides behind the lapped car of any trader. Meanwhile. Kevin has jumped all over Joni to check trying to get around him up 53 and four got a finger alongside couldn't do. Like top post nine stands up at third ever four Robby Gordon hit the brakes hard putts for them also tries to swerve to avoid. But the bud pole winner for today's race in trouble that turnover for. Didn't appear to make you to contact Dan Hubbard and now has on his way neither car make contact which each other bolt that got. Sort of top guys make their way up. Caution is on the speedway it comes out at lap 197198. As they crossed the line is that. Julian chick brings him back down that this will be the seventh time we've seen yellow flag this afternoon both those cars will be able to continue to not codeine and Robby Gordon. Ward Burton and now the car John Andretti work really hard to try to get back around the race later joked even check to get all the talent the lead lap. And it appeared that Kurt Becker that war there is little upset with Joseph for not let him get by. They look like that may have been the case that right now Eva Jack's got the same submit content to be up at the front of the field he's got everyone behind him under caution look like they're maybe a bit of contact. After they came across the line between the two. So Ward Burton once again we'll have to fight try to get back with Taylor it'll lead lap and then hope for another caution. So he can get back around with the top 22 cars. That are now on the lead lap the caution flag for the seventh time today with top of the ninth spot over at turn number four. At federal good day for him Barney it's art and also good beyond the bud pole he was strong in the early stages of the race. There was a three wide battle going off a deterrent ever want about midway through the race I guess actually before the midway point. And our reports that came from pit road was to Kelly was telling us that. He cut a tire that answer that they came and they lost the lead lap at that point did have been struggling every sense back and heavy traffic at the back of the pack trying to make there way back up front the. I could feel a couple of times in the early going here this afternoon and there was able to work his way back up inside get himself back on the lead lap there was moving up but does a couple of times there is the brakes are certainly not gone his way let's go to the pits. And an update on buckshot Jones who's in the care center complaining of knee pain no major injuries they're gonna need them inside. And get them hydrated did not shut Jack Jones fine after the incident earlier this afternoon and now we're seeing so few cars peel off the banking and dive on the pit road Mark Martin is among those let's get a report from the fifths mark. Marge just gonna get CEOs say he may be able to go the distance we've had a lot of caution flags but certainly not. Then he may be able to go to Destin tables that same thing for Kurt Busch Johnny Benson today blaming. Ricky craven Robert Presley caught just topping it off the field top but I it's gonna get four tires is a flat spotted these. And 76 racing filled up believe there's a cartoon in front Jim Phillips. Best Stacy Compton down here wisdom also. Casey Atwood who's been in that like you said fuel like here they should be able to make 68 laps. It's so you cars ticket now the opportunity here to come down and not make those adjustments top but not scar still sitting on the pit lane. As Winston Kelley tell you he spun down at turn four possibly flat spotting the tires they're checking if there's any other damage on his Kmart forward. So we're back under the yellow ago shouldn't be along when this time there. Clean up crews came up to to look up there at turn number four where the incident sort of only go atop the alliance fund down across a racetrack in the onto the interest pit road should be able to go back to green here and at least and maybe another laugh and a half. Buckshot Jones the latest to go to the garage. Lot of the body out of it for the day Ron Hornaday is parked his machines Steve park has had problems and also gone out Mike Skinner is out of the event along with a Andy Houston everybody else is still out there and running. There have been should they have been showing 22 cars on the lead lap Robert Presley would be the final car. On the lead lap but now as they crossed the line to get the indication green next time bye and. Four cars come down to Atlanta make stops Michael Waltrip present here comes a terrible wanted to make a stop. Jerry debut back in let's cover some of the stops first data Alexander. Any talk about Robert friendliness and. You'll only same time mrs. Wasn't trying to topple the fuel tank to go the distance met Kansas did the same thing as did ten straighter and also Ricky craven support cars in front of Winston Kelley. Thanks Jane they do is one of those man Benson gets topped off the field. So all these guys just hoping to go the distance. So stops made here at lap 200 as a shield now works off turn two it down the back straightaway coming back around for the restart. With what will be 66. Laps to go Jody reject the race later. There's been a lot of activity up front here today eleven lead changes among ten different drivers Joseph took over on lap 188 after pit stops beat everybody off. The pit lane. Kevin Harvick his second Jimmy Spencer's third Sterling Marlin fourth. Rest of the top ten include Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton Tony Stewart Rusty Wallace Dale Jarrett. And Jeff Green are questions going to be Barney how hard to Ward Burton has got a race he's tried several times to get back with Taylor at the lead lap. And thank he's going to be a handful for Jodie to check on the three. Start slowly if he can stay with even straight away and before they get to third and keep that inside groove he's got a good chance of getting around Julian chick and getting himself back on the lead lap now if need reject these seemed to the number one corner and he gets the inside Bruce going to be awfully hard for me to do it we're about to find out what happens here they come down of the line green flag goes back and here in the tropics. Can't 400 is under way. On the restart Kevin Harvick really. Where to go they go to war as a result he's now wrestling with Ward Burton that's going to allow Joseph and even check the leader. To get well. Around Ward Burton. Top two cars have cleared the lap traffic all Ward Burton it'll be Joni the judge showing the way Kevin Harvick in the second spot. Jimmy Spencer wise a. Come now off turn four back down the line three car lengths between David jacket second place Kevin Harvick. But the fact that Jimmy Spencer he's got my. The Marlins in the fourth position back in my lap car John Andretti Dan. That's a good battle for the fourth spot Sterling Marlin has a Jeff Gordon wanted Gordon so far riding in line shadowing sterling. Track all the way. Gordon really trying to get on the move now and get around Sterling Marlin get up chip chip for the lead free for cars as they work your way back in. I think pounding in every step of the game Harvick right. And Harvard riding in the second spot very very close to the leader John name a check let though he will not pull the trigger. Tried to take every. Night races going on upfront for the lead to Kevin Harvick right above the bumper of Jodie to check and further back Sterling Marlin trying to hang on the fourth spot. And Jeff Morgan chase is now let's follow these battles back. The third one here they come back for the quarter and outscored the the way behind bars. Front Harvick got a thousand backed off he's. Haven't got a great run coming off of turn two but is it close enough he'll step bottom line looks to me inside now he backed off telling me. Later Harvard trying to scare off America. I had to get underneath him coming through the corner couldn't do it come off the corner in the straightaway he's there Kevin Harvick gets underneath Jody the chicken meals grabbed the lead to. Before they get to one Harvick goes racing fighting inside he's the believer keep the car pinned down low in the quarter. Even Shaq gets relegated to second hand why aren't my thing. Right display of clean racing Kevin Harvick takes the lead Joni and attack now Verizon's second about six darlings back to Jimmy spent. Jordan say is that also a navy starts to smell opportunity here's starlet try to rid himself problem lap traffic. You'll live to the inside of John Andretti scored twice and likewise at fort Gordon can. Lo and shut off so it's just it's can be. Off the corner for the moment Sterling Marlin can breathe a little bit easier in that fourth position now to. John Andretti and bringing. Sterling Marlin. Did the hard way too. Went around on the outside they didn't pass on the inside they went around the outside as they were. The free now we've got clear sailing and even though the leaders except for one more lap cars they still got to work. Kevin Harvick continues to set the pace 212 left in the record books 55 to go to Tropicana 400 Jimmy Spencer has taken. And over second place now he's got 182. Ten seconds to make up before. You can't Kevin Harvick there off turn two and hitting three Jimmy Spencer wanted to force the issue earlier he got around don't need to check easily enough but you're right forty got to work. Kevin Harvick winner stereo ports every. Jeff Gordon got by Sterling Marlin brought Jeff Burton with them so Burton. Our other Gordon moves up to fourth Burton the fifth at Sterling Marlin falls back. Into the sixth position for the fact you've got Rusty Wallace at seven. Also the car Tony Stewart indicate that behind him Ricky Rudd bearing down at shaping up to be one of the best battles of the top ten here comes. But good faith plays when he's okay and this is the fight for you hasn't written much wind way out of line. Let me tell. Okay. Did you keep your eye out. Ricky red because Ricky had a good car all day he's had to overcome getting caught a wave back in traffic for half a dozen times. They were afraid his way up there and want to get clears from the traffic you can maybe get up in the top ten. Have a good run here this afternoon's tilt at the time to get it done 53 left to go Kevin Harvick is the leader Jimmy Spencer second Jody rejects third Jeff Gordon's fourth. Jeff Burton is fifth Sterling Marlin is six rusty seven. Ricky Rudd is late Tony Stewart in ninth and Dale Jarrett make up your top ten. Jimmy Spencer is level a couple of different occasions today now he showed in the second position. Although a second half behind Kevin Harvick what is the long range plans there which is Kelly I was find out the. All night long they need chasing down. They can thank you know mostly. Eight Nike I think people have coordinated in making. Ask the thoughts of Donnie winning the crew chief on Jimmy Spencer machine that's been out there all day long after starting in second he currently runs tonight. The chicken that Alexander he's had a chance to talk to a couple of teams down there about their fuel situation. Also Robert Presley one of the teams that feel like they can go all the. Tiger would mean they would. Relax on this motor fuel. Everything that was end. Seventeen machine a Mac can tip came in Atlanta 200 heat topped off if you think they also think they can go the distance we'll see plays out this afternoon. Particularly Jim Phillips. We doubted they would hear them up here. Right now through this tough you can't refuse not very odd ball. Thank you know more men out yellow bit I'm here and back here and it dirty air cars picked up a good job good so imagine my. It happened yesterday to mind you but you got behind the car. Just give you extra. I was Seattle plays out of no moment ago Michael Waltrip. On pit road. Took on fuel and went back on the racetrack we're left to 1849. Remaining here. Kevin Harvick has been very impressive all you can always become the Iron Man running full Busch Series is also running full Winston cup series and doing extremely well in both. Yeah he let that leads points standings of the NASCAR Busch Series was the man to beat here yesterday before they cannot. Mechanical problem that put him behind but. He's a contender every week for the NASCAR Busch Series and he's a contender every week here at the NASCAR Winston cup series win against the Atlanta Motor Speedway holding his third time now. And felt once again here today he's in charge of this event which. 48 laps to go. Jimmy Spencer may have some before at Jimmy's been cutting down the deficit between first and second for awhile. But Joseph David chick has loosened some ground he was leading up to about thirteen fourteen laps ago now it's fallen back to third it is a danger of losing that. Jeff Gordon is called him now let's follow that race was taken that turn one. One has to wonder once Gordon gets why he won't have something for the top two but the big task is getting around me with Shaq and most he's been trying to now here Philip Gordon down. On the backstretch in the game of chicken is not as they hurry and Jeff Gordon will win that game he beats Joseph need to check into the. Those are not sticking in the corner like just some of the cars brother getting underneath you believe he's put only two tires on we made that last pit stop then that might be part of his problem. The reason we can't protect the bottom grew. You raised just lost another spot right now to Jeff Gordon. Just 41 laps to go the Tropicana 400. Fifth place man as it troubled Jeff Burton slow going through turns one and philly's penalty for the racetrack lets think back around. There is a bit of smoke coming off the back of that forward and obviously the end of the day for. Jeffords in the fall by the wayside as Kevin Harvick continues to show the way. Jimmy Spencer the second place man now the margin is 2.3 seconds between first and second. Jeff Gordon is third joke even check fourth. And now Sterling Marlin lose up to the fifth position and here comes Jeff Burton slowly working its way down the pit lane with its follow that stuff that was it comes down the stop. He comes down to. In front of the crowd at the right front tire going flat tires shatter they ripped the ball particularly in new tires and fuel the crew working in the CNN tomorrow. Down eleven point six seconds Jeff Burton down and away and he should have. While they appeal to go the distance Evans can't get a break they've they they're season been kind of hot and cold they've run very good several races but it seems like something like this has caused him to two finish out of the top ten more times and should have that's for sure. And that's got to bring out the caution because of the tire shred it sent a debris all over the racing surface so our eighth caution flag comes out here in the afternoon. The 39 laps to go so Byrd is able to continue a cut Tyrus the problem we speculated possibly an engine problem because we did see some smoke. But they are able put the tire back on replaced sent along with another it's sent him back out on the race track although he'll lose a good that a ground. Just look at a couple of guys are doing pretty well with talked about topic night's problems today he still on the lead lap right back to the eighteenth position. And I've seen him picking up a couple positions over the last few laps or south he drove by now Robert Presley got by Jeremy Mayfield. And that Johnny Benson who is now the last car on the lead lap. Kurt Busch and southern rookie doing quite a good job here today. Kurtz of the sixteenth position has been solid all afternoon long. And Elliott Sadler is evident very good run after a great finish at dead Daytona last week he's now running in the fourteenth position. And obviously that motivation is up the wood Brothers team another have a great day here at Chicago. Been very steady all day long done great it worked in Elliott has driven the wheels off that car to stay up there in this caution flag has taken the fuel right out of the equation here as to who might be able to go the distance and have an advantage. And right now everybody's there appears to be peeling off the banking up in turn number four and hitting for pit road these stuffed full comet left 200. And 29 which would give us 38 laps to go. And out of pit lane brought to you by McDonald's drive through. Got a ways to Kelly and here comes Jimmy Spencer and you know Louis stop it looks like it's going to be a ghost lab won't let her Jimmy Spencer and they're one of the right side. Gordon's car there's no only three point 72 seconds for Jimmy Spencer who's gonna win two tire stop for Jeff Barton have a clear even in front of Jim Talent. Your liver Kevin Harvick Harvick get away. Getting a lot of big spreads around Specter on. The lead out of lipstick slows down on the bottom of the racetrack also had Elliott Sadler Rickie revenues then. Bill out it is then Tony Stewart present all these cars getting fuels and Ricky ready option retires all this stuff a little bit slower because I had about a better. Dale Earnhardt junior was any takes on the right side tires and also 76 racing field extended stop for Jeremy Mayfield the Mobil one Ford. Have a great run this afternoon and the problems with the left rear are probably getting that changed. And problems also for the bubbling Pontiac and Johnny Benson he had to put up on pit road were in a row we'll check on that story is well. Now Matt Kansas stays in the race track he Kurt Busch Robert Presley Elliott Sadler. Toddler died some of the others that probably laugh that stayed out. And we'll have to wait and see if they're gonna decide to comment but again we heard from our pit reporters earlier couple of those guys are Robert Presley B and one of them. Who said they can make it the total distance from that point that these days out. He's out of the contention here if the tire shall hold up in the closing laps here coming on a few cars working off the banking of turn four these are cars not all the lead lap. Drivers like can't trader coming in also cut strict notice and here's Ward Burton John Andretti is in Jason left -- Brett both dine. Carry the body is and Ricky craven all these cars not on the lead lap let's cover some of these stops to head of Alexander. And down in front of us Michael Waltrip was then they immediately got to work on the left side right side tire change for Ricky craven in trader also went to aerial bombing is in hand. Strickland Johnny Benson okay road. Not a moment ago we heard dead Jim Phillips Ellis only a couple of cars down their that he brought up there may have been more but Jim you did say. That Jimmy Spencer and Kevin Harvick both only took on fuel right. I don't know about take time. Just enough fuel left driver running. Are thought to learn more just to. Go to the track position and so. And I don't think it's been a gamble we didn't we worked pretty well thank you over to yesterday for Jimmie Johnson so we'll see how it plays out went to Kelly. And a situation here Jimmy Spencer the only one that just took home feel Jeff Gordon came out in eighth but he was the fourth one. Offer pit road to the guy as a team and here he took on the right side tire Sterling Marlin also with right side tires here on the midsection of pit road and the guys that are up there. Toward the front they're the ones that came down pit road with a bat. 6869. Laps to go awhile ago. So with a run for the resident of the gamble here Mark Martin Matt Kenseth Kurt Busch at Robert Presley they stayed out did not comment. And take this opportunity to refuel change tires any thing. They will remain out front and will pick up the top four positions clears the way their running at lap 230. It is Mark Martin the race later thirteen lead changes among ten drivers today. Bartlett earlier in the race back on lap fifty money took over for a while Matt Kenseth is second to Kurt Busch is third Robert Presley is fourth. And Jimmy Spencer will pick up the fifth position six is Kevin Harvick CeBIT this Bill Elliott eight this Jeff Gordon night this Dale Jarrett. And tense now Sterling Marlin rest of the car a little late lap include Tony Stewart he's eleventh Jeff green is it twelfth. You got that Tony rather Dale Earnhardt junior is thirteenth fourteenth this Jody the check fifteenth as Elliott Sadler Rickey brought a sixteenth Rusty Wallace or seventy. Top but I'm running at the eighteenth position now nineteenth estate planning and twentieth is Jeremy Mayfield back to pit road. But I imagine Jerry may feel he's back on pit road once again thought maybe they were having problems of the alternate they change the battery now they're back in checking under the hood. Johnny Benson coming back down that road once again they were checking plug wires the last time down they think that perhaps they've lost a cylinder. In the valve a link Pontiac ending a great day for both mayfield and Benson coming from the rear of the field. This racetrack and green condition every 34 laps to go field is coming off turn or four they will see the green flag and this is gonna be for the win here this afternoon assuming he stays green you can't afford to lose anything. The shuffle Mark Martin brings him down. Now the restart get. Dances like a couple of colleagues as they get through one now the lap traffic comes in the play racing to the inside of Kansas. The second place driver. Family inside that Bobby Hamilton proving to be very very stubborn Jason Loeffler is also there are cans of having his hands full. Trying to chase down the leader Mark Martin. Thanks for the third place Robert Presley blasted by the car Kurt Busch he picked up the third spot he's not going for a second. Presley family inside the racetrack barely old favorites Robert Presley is yellow cord makes an ample. Inside if he grabbed second away from my. Claire the last. Bobby Hamilton Robert Presley wasting no time at all trying to make his way up to the flooding looks to the inside of Bobby Hamilton will he be a deterrent for. Yes you guys talk. Robert Presley is lucky got stuck Ronald man he is running through both ends of the racetrack one and two and three and four he clears Bobby have a the sets his sights on the leaders that no one here comes Presley now by. Reporter he's gotta make Smart deficit to race leader Mark Martin Martin don't flashing smile shark food. Lastly at ten vs Shawn Mark Martin is in the top spot Robert Pressly and second or third place managed Kurt Busch fourth has not Catholic but not for long here comes Kevin Harvick. Yeah yeah. Person click on the move now working its way off turn to report trying to close in on Kurt Busch who's now running in third if meanwhile Robert Presley starts cutting the gap between himself the leader Mark Martin is down the six car lengths now that. Mean the top two further back here's Kurt Busch and third. Find a way to get around Nottingham. And Harvick that's got to frustrate Kurt Busch trying to get around the lab machine a Bobby Hamilton does Harvard now Clemens all over the rear bumper of his Ford. But bush tries to. As the third and fourth place start looking for running room to get up there and chased down Robert Presley and Mark Martin laps wind down 32 ghosts of the best racing of some of the hardest racing today going on the back into. Here comes Kurt Busch east third tries to rumble out of the pocket. Hamilton can't do what Gary come. The sport over the left to get the inside of Bobby Hamilton down the backstretch and article make it three wide as they come at. Great panel and that's not a back side by side of the. Bush drips hi here's Kandahar the portal this dean he'll pick off the third position. Now his next big guy inside is Robert Presley he's the second place man and Harvick it's close NN peddling hard trying to catch Presley. This is not behind him at the corner. CNET review and error all of that white Chevrolet on the. Gobbling up ground in gobbling up in a hurry as Kevin Harvick is a clamor not tucked up now underneath the bumper of Robert Presley. Will not cool looking record. How long can a whole lot. Mark Martin looks back in the rearview mirror in the best we can see is a side by side battle going on for sport second place that's allowed here how will allow him get away just. It's more second place changes hands of turn one is. Going to be Kevin Harvick going the second of his shabby now trying to reel in the Fordham mark Martin's old. Lay down the backstretch. How good job as clear ten Kevin Harvick in the second position run down a Mark Martin who has about a leader. Matt Kenseth Harvick is flannel board different occasions at this afternoon nobody wants to lead the most important occasion the end of the race just won a seventh lap. That's the way. He's trying to shut down between himself and Mark Martin got to buy a car length deficit for the race leader Harvick does he is joining us. Three clear of third place Robert Presley. For a birdie obvious that Kevin Harvick is chipping away at the lead of Mark Martin here comes Mark Martin into turn three Harvard jot that down. Robert Presley still carries all over. As we have said before catching the leaders sometimes is one thing getting around him is another ten Mark Martin hold off Kevin Harvick. There just to Carly back into the swing over the two. Mark Martin's blue and silver Ford about the face of failure. Here come carving. Again taking place later. Just cut it down outlook Carling and I have now it's only half a darling says Barbara takes a brief look down the inside. Very very patient hearing. We'll try to yeah. Aren't Smart money five laps to go the Tropicana 400 here's the battle for the lead department makes the move to the outside. It takes the top spot at the start finish line Harvick comes racing back into the corner now with open racetrack straight ahead. Had a famous Mark Martin. Kurt Busch running down Robert Presley that would be the fight for third Presley we need a little bit comebacks that's not allowing Kurt Busch to get. Three Harvard happen. Mark Martin 44 laps to go and across the line this time Kevin Harvick leads Mark Martin a second riding along and thirty proper press. Athlete Kurt Busch's fourth message that this fifth Jimmy Spencer rice six Jeff Gordon would be seventh day charity starting tomorrow night. Rawlins turned to Kevin Harvick kept. Quarter inch one would expect Kevin Harvick to pull away the slope but that's not the case mark Martin's right there in seconds and only about three Carling behind him again. Third it's no. Not vote on spends off turn two nearly as collected by Elliott Sadler. And caution flag is gonna come out for the nighttime here this afternoon at the same time a problem for Jeff Green that he was running in the top ten heat is off the face. It's gonna reportedly spent by top vote on it turned to Pete came off of turn number twos bunt down the backstretch Elliott Sadler had to change lanes on the run to get around them spending more to. It's just a that was happening Jeff green was coming into the quarter all of a sudden his car drop way off the pace. Three managed to get behind the banking clear of all the other traffic everyone has since continued on away ten. The complexion changes in a hurry here at Chicago land speedway. And guys that might a gotten lifted just a moment ago are back in the thick of things Kevin Harvick back up front. After making the pass working its way through the top five Mark Martin now back to the second spot Robert Presley Kurt Busch. And that's Kansas now the top five of the courses will be a big break. For the guys who did coming that make the stop found themselves at the rear the pact may be. Trapped behind some of the lap traffic the second have a chance to catch up a little bit and make that run for the final will be twenty probably play laps but the time we at the Greek flag. Al once again. The ceiling get a report on what happened with Jeff green's car Jim Phillips. It's a religion problem we'll restore some sort. And shuttered around endeavor to children sit. Radioed in the did a great job. Today and he did for two more races that he was ruled that you. So Jeff Green will park it for the day when an engine problem here after having a good run and we are under caution left to 44 that'll give us 22 to go as the leaders crossed the line right now. I am listening yourself can be anybody's. Taking a couple different search it's a very interest it starts here this afternoon here's a couple of guys who were all the lead lap come again. They're near the tail little late laps had nothing to lose Joseph need to check is and he was running back at about the fourteenth position. Also Elliott Sadler who nearly got collected at. Went toddler died spun their the back straightaway Elliott comes at for a stop and Todd both died Azam was gonna Jim Phillips to cover the Sadler stop. Its average group putting your right side tires Joseph track bar just before Sadler in order as we rather go to Jason Gore tires on Eliot settlers Ford. Johnny Benson has been in the pits several times in the last 25 laps here also let's get an update there. Johnny Benson has been and they believe they lost a seller of the last trip in was because they've cut down right side tire they change right side tires and Johnny Benson back out but he is down a cylinder. Flex going to be a brief caution is the safety trucks come out take a look at the racetrack should be able to go back to green here very shortly just won a few laps remained showing on the scoreboard. NASCAR officials say the cautious because of oil possibly coming from Jeff green's car. And also Johnny Benson not possibly with an oil leak is well so that's a reason for this ninth caution of the afternoon. But it says that up for a period for stinging final 21 laps are gonna get to want to go signal. It appears this time by the start finish line if not that's what the next total B 20/20 one laps to go for the finish. It Kevin Harvick hang on he spent the man all after Dodi was the man yesterday before they had mechanical problem. In theory is working its way back to the front of the field. With a lot of heady contenders behind him though Mark Martin with all the experience he has every kind of racetrack at the world. Robert Presley had a great day here towards the end the racially up of the top five Kurt Busch as the rookie doing a fantastic job as well he's up for the fourth position. And the cause of some of the pit strategy that Kansas finds himself up at the top five. Let's go back to the pits you guys talked about the American online Chevrolet of Jeff Green there out of leave it just. Back near the hauler Jeff what happened the machine. Is some happened to the motor. You know they try real hard to make all the pride they can had a great motor today and assailants general I was pretty good witness can't get track position you know whenever those guys write some Arlo is gonna end up was trying to post adopting an estimated type Orson. Four miles need to be about three AD against animates goodnight bush a. That's Jeff grainy America Online Chevrolet making their third start of 2001 this afternoon for more before they go full time in 2002. It can have a lot of success or Rita Rita do Jeff Green and Richard Childress yet Jeff of course that made an excursion of the NASCAR Winston cup world once before things didn't go all that well. He's done fantastic a great job over the NASCAR Busch Series win the championship. There last year is PPC racing I spoke with him this morning decision now one of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make leaving PPC racing. In moving over to Richard Childress racing is that they were a great organization as well. But he said it up 38 years old. I need to make a move out one of the of the west a cup series in a deal like Richard Childress an offer from him doesn't come around that often I felt like this was a time to make this move. Now you think that. That when your candidate had a choice it's pretty easy decision to make but he did have a good relationship. Over in the bush team. And do you have mixed emotions about leaving those guys as you said it's an opportunity he cannot turn down. Feel crosses a line to get the indication green flag coming back out next lap around. We're looking at scoreboard every nineteen laps to settle with Tropicana 400 is it going to be Kevin Harvick Mark Martin Robert Presley Kurt Busch met kids as Jimmy Spencer Jeff Gordon Dale Jarrett Sterling Marlin and Tony Stewart or Ricky Rudd. They're all very much in the thick of things. What is it eighteen car still showing on the lead lap as we get ready to go back green next. I'm around toddler died as the last car on the lead lap and after all he's been through they is it vaulted to a three act cautions us fans. Cut a tire one time it's still assault rig on state on the lead lap now showed in the eighteenth position. It's been a a pretty tough day for top but not as he has done a great job. And his teammate Jimmy Spencer probably one of the best run he's had all year boarded that up near the front of the field he's led a couple times are today that its second. For a good part of the race and right now they're the sixth position. Was a solid chance to win this. Right just Jimmy's not out of this thing yet as we said his pit crews on a good job all day long here for an Ngo Jimmy's been on top list steering wheel all day long he still pretty much in the mix here showing in six positioned for the moment. But the man of the hour right now and has been off and on today he's probably been the most consistent of getting caught back in the pack a timer too and worked his way back up there is Kevin Harvick. Seems to be one of the few drivers who can make moves to the outside to the inside no matter a lot his car is just looked up. Like it's on a string here today and he's at the catbird seat right now it's going to be nineteen laps to go the Tropicana 400. And Kevin Harvick leads the field to the line as a green flag comes out once again I'm Theresa. Long side the left are Michael. Momentarily and Michael good of a hard time raising golf and at turn one it's going to be tough maybe for Harvick to clear himself of all that traffic now Kevin brings it up. Find anything outside of Waltham. Setting sail off the corner Kevin Harvick just left turn to like he was shot out of a can battle is off for second as Mark Martin Robert Presley lean on each other. A couple lap cars Robert has he needs to get around to get up there and stay with a leader as they were here way back to the line goes left cars being Michael. Now Kevin Harvick getting away from the don't want to hear comes Robert Presley he's back in second try the long shot at the last car. I'm actually looking to the inside of Brad Cohen died you'll bring Mark Martin went on batted second and third. All of this is playing in the hands of. Has a full 12 lead over Robert Presley Presley racing for his best career Winston cup finish. Best to date was third and is it nineteen. Today trying to hold on the second. On one hand checking further facts got Mark Martin the third a couple of more lap cars and Jeff Gordon you can Flores hit side by side for the fifth but that's it. Great fight for that fifth spot between Kurt Busch and Dale Jarrett they are we'll we'll we'll pray. Okay okay okay. Effort takes advantage I got a really scramble here in these final laps or sixteen to go nobody cutting anybody any classes and work your way back. The hardest lazy today Kevin Harvick gets a little further away he'll return to Nancy continues to draw out checking further back. Side by side battle for a six positions here's Jimmy Spencer and inside of Kurt Busch from Jimmy Spencer and Kurt Busch riding all the way to one hour and a half track. Right Kurt Busch finally bring it into middle. Don't hotline at Kurt Busch is gonna lose several spots here they go three wide across a wide Ricky Rudd died Saturday Sterling Marlin and if Jimmy Spencer. Rickie run with a great movie goes up to six feet while Joseph David check just lost two positions he tagged the wall the last lap ball turns new fell from sixty. To eighteenth. Just ten laps to go the Tropicana 400 Kevin Harvick looks for the get control continues to build up the deficit when Intel and turn dude Tony Snow. Contact between the end Sterling Marlin and it appears that Martin got into the back of Stewart and Stewart slams into the outside wall and spins down into the grass on the backstretch. They're running at that night. Exposition at the time their morning what that they had to have occurred there at turn two. Which will bring up the caution for the tenth time back packer backer this was going on from about seventh through twelfth position a big line of traffic against Stewart running back in not the night spot. Sterling Marlin right behind him and it looked like the Marlins may have gotten into the back of Stewart started it and there was vanity. He slammed into the walls of all the way down the backstretch into the grass. And that is the reason for this Washington. Caution is on the speedway is Tony Stewart took a hard shot into the wall over there in the corner just won't go the tenth time that the caution has flown here. Definitely Chicago links between this afternoon. Cannot always gonna have be home free here under green all the rest away but. We're that the final ten laps of this race and not hopefully that'll be a clip back quick peck played up there at the back straightaway. As that Tony Stewart got spun coming off turn over to tackle wall pretty hard. And again now from our reporter there at dirt do it appears that a Sterling Marlin. Made contact with that Tony Stewart he glanced off the law that spun back across the racetrack before winding up on the apron of the track and he was running in the top ten let's go to pit road. Who is a problem on Jeff Gordon's been seeing he was running up in the fourth positions of the NASCAR Winston cup points leader. They believe they've dropped the cell under on that machine so his Chevrolet has dropped back. 211. So problems for the Winston cup points leader. Let's not get a word I he was given him right quick cure. Would go back to green. Get it let's be elected differences over your card you can run either played outside or inside. He sees Billy goat just file or rainy stood on the racetrack. We didn't really wanna handle Costin when other leaders lined up their finest this field let. I think we get a pretty strong parent if everything goes good we should go hopefully come Wang needed victory at a saying. Kevin Hamlin crew chief for Kevin Harvick this'll. We get under Jim every single file restart which will certainly. Via a good advantage for Kevin Harvick and and I think what he said there is very true we watch a car all day long and he can take it just about anywhere he wants to go. But let's see what they think data Robert Presley spitz he's the second spot as Jim Phillips said this'll be a single file restart the lap cars around the leaders. And a bucket native now Ryan remembered in the crew chief you guys started a single file second place the emanating for Kevin Harvick. Well I mean the way he's running and it has an appears so. That anyways getting any form but don't we are are really seem to come on right there would maybe just a little bit off of but these you know with seven laps ago. I left to go on the restart get a good restart. They'd be puts pressure on first collapse. And that might be on it while we need. That's front never to the crew chief for Robert Presley trying for his career best finish today previously it was third. At the Michigan speedway a year ago this team was thirteenth on the starting grid they were thirteenth. In happy hour yesterday and they have car number thirteen perhaps they can avoid all those thoughts and find their way in the top five here this afternoon. Where was it that Robert Presley rents are good during this year and was in constituency Michigan yes Michigan and it last year is and it was mentioning and a third place primary at the right delight he was leading. And if it'd rained he would probably want the race but it didn't rain and therefore he wound up in the third position. Also back at the Texas Motor Speedway several years back he was another tough three set. It's good to see those guys do well Ryan never didn't he have really jail they put things together at the Jasper motorsports team. And Robert says the reason they're doing so well this year is the fact that he Ryan worked together all year last year. And that is carried over to this year whereas up till now released up till then. Every year he had a different crew chief in the operation and it really takes a while bill the chemistry between. Crew chief and driver when they go solid race team right now and that he would just give any indication as the leaders crossed a line there just a second ago that they're going green next time bye that'll give us six laps to settle the Tropicana 400. To see if Kevin Harvick can hang on for a winner Robert Presley can get around him Mark Martin or do you care receiver that you top five. Jimmy Spencer will restart six Mets into the seventh Kurt Busch eight Sterling Marlin night and bill Elliot tipped. Jeff Gordon is eleventh Dale Earnhardt junior is twelfth Rusty Wallace is their jeeps they blame is fourteenth. Fifty this Todd Vogt landed Elliott Sadler is sixteenth and Joni the chick is seventeenth in those cars are all on the. Lead lap to dig further down the sample leaderboard here at the eighteenth position is Jeff Burton one lap down Brett put on his nineteenth Ward Burton is twentieth. Yet there the body of 21 Ricky craven 22 John Andretti 23 Jason Lambert 24 and Stacy Compton 25. Michael Waltrip at 2627. As Johnny Benson 28 this Casey Atwood 29 can't trader and thirtieth. Now it's Tony Stewart out of the race here comes the field now working off turn ever for getting ready for the restart their got a wave that this start off they get the one that goes this time by. So one more lap but the caution that is gonna give us say five laps chewed out and really gonna make it exciting here for Robert Presley. Try to score his first ever NASCAR Winston cup win at. And for Kevin Harvick trying to score his second victory in the NASCAR Winston cup's a series what a fitting conclusion. To the first race here at the Chicago Atlanta speedway says Sylvia echo finished pretty good race all day long truth let's say the two cars that still have a good shot to win this thing Iraqi elected he was Dale Jarrett Richie wrote that they don't get shuffled back on the restart their losing ground if if Harvick can get away real quick. They don't have much time running down the Ricky and they'll both in the last few laughs been about as quick as anything out there every. He's been taken off position is that I just think it reflects caution came out if there were caution. And he did get up there with an eye shots of the race later you might have an opportunity falsely look back to get Jimmy Spencer don't. Out of alleys of the sixth position. Stranger things have happened and that Jimmy's got a guy who can make sometimes strange things happen. Well as the front of the deal we could see some contact him with a card real easy in the could change the complexion that we're about to find out as they get ready to settle. The Tropicana 400 Kevin Harvick had a good car all day Robert Presley. I have been pulling up the airline T seem a little bit here as a get ready to go back to green over in terse three and four. Mark Martin's hand. Pit strategy has played off for them today plus market driven a pretty good race he lost the lead here about 1520 laps to go before the caution came out they still a very strong third Dale Jarrett read lines up fourth then Ricky Rudd and Jimmy Spencer she said. So he could be anybody's race here's the paste are peeling off the the viking up in turner before. Coming down the line is they get ready to look for the green flag it is in the air and Kevin Harvick comes up through the gearbox and hurry Robert Presley. Even pulled out of the inside like you can. And plan for the move on just the start finish. Why couldn't do this they go to war on problems on the restart for Mark Martin he dropped out at third got shuffled back Ricky Rudd drove past divot. Mark Martin continues to back. Chases on down the backstretch Kevin Harvick has the lead but he's not pulling away yet Robert Presley a very close second. Ricky Rudd moved his way to third. Carol tire tracks come. Part went from third all the way back to the seventh position but up front Robert Presley is putting the pressure big time on Kevin Harvick crossed the line. Four laps to go here they come back. The corner here expressway trying to find room down low he runs on the racetrack. Let mark make. Apartment leads the pack on the backstretch Kevin Harvick alone Chevrolet being chased down by three fours of Robert Presley Ricky Rudd and Dale Jarrett. Now article forgot maybe. Finally got a very close. Ricky Rudd jumped up there in a hurry he is third Dave's gonna have to do it horrific gonna get up there and challenge for the lead their only three laps to go to work your way back into the corner Ricky Rudd is all over Robert Presley in that will be for second if he can get around. Yes Presley and shoved back closer Kevin Harvick. Presley tries to guardians. Find a way to leave the Blanco went off turn to Kevin Harvick able to stretch it out just a little bit down the stretch of days when they come into the corners Presley able to close the gap. Body is sitting down near the Chicago Atlanta speedway as the field comes across the line sees the signal to laps to go we'll Kevin Harvick. And on Robert Presley has the second spot Ricky what is putting pressure on from blurred here. Round Robert plus myself now. I he follows the tire tracks and it looks like if Ricky Rudd could clear Robert Presley he might have something for Kevin Harvick. But for the moment Presley has pulled me. Off turn four down to the flag they will see the white flag one left to go Kevin Harvick has an advantage of about eight to ten Carly to Ricky. You run try to take second place away just one final shot to get it maybe get up there to believe there and to still trying to catch Robert Presley is like eight. That's happened though Kevin Harvick is often. Last time down the backstretch and into turn three Kevin Harvick who has bad luck in yesterday's Busch race what are great car in today's cup race car. Harvick will get the honor of being the first letter at the news Chicago land speedway he's stored away and let drop like a 400. Robert Presley gets his career best finish. Coming in second. Ricky Rudd is third at. Dale Jarrett fourth and Jimmy Spencer come sit in the fifth position but I'll thrilling race here today let's go to pit road and then again. Okay great team. Regulations. I'm merely just ahead regulation. Legs legs is that is a good day pretty GM Goodrich through India. We're gonna. We're gonna celebrate this deserved victory we're gonna we're going to be excited about it you know our last victory we we didn't quite know how to feel. What did GM do your service was team we're gonna. We're only added an eyewitness went. That's like Bobby elected to the gay will help you celebrate tonight as your code was not eyes watered up go on you have an amber and he's got to get the bat boys. We'll go to Victory Lane if you called let's take you down there to join part of the party at your from the others at the top five in just a moment. The racetrack to the road home. Philippoussis mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuel for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the fifth. You can trust sonoco to beat him you could beat you go second camp that's America feels going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR's sonoco BS and so races. When the nation on MR ON dot com Steve posts and Erin ever him. With the latest sprint car news and interviews with the top driver team owner for two of the world I'll go blue. Foreclosures Casey. How are you ma'am great to be here thoughts go to college and joining us now welcome back to Iowa thank god I'm glad to be here. But we suit up here a few hours north of the house the man Ariel man at all. I thought we wings nation Tuesdays at noon eastern on Ameren dot com the Ameren app and FaceBook live. NASCAR today continues on MR and radio sponsored five poor. The official truck of NASCAR is built Ford tough. Gather the get article does it again the wedding that Tropicana 400 it appeared that new Chicago land speed play does donuts all the way down for the start finish line. Back towards turn Ford to a thrill a crowd here at the Chicago land speedway he picks up the win his second career went of the NASCAR Winston cup series. When he earlier this year at the Atlanta Motor Speedway Robert Presley comes in second Ricky Rudd third Dale Jarrett fourth. And Jimmy Spencer finishes in the fifth position let's go to pit road. Well with Robert Presley Robert. Career best finish second and perhaps first off tell us about that restart looked like you almost had something for Kevin and he pulled away. Instead you always have I knew that the only chance I had was made him in turn one and how many these marketers down there eight backed out there and made us not just hurt the momentum a little plaque and got a undergoing him on. Thank god rode him for an am I think we're gonna count him out but I mean emanate they were strung out David they're desperate and implored. There were then get a lot of racetracks that. This can finish today and we finish it today. And you held off Ricky Rudd that's no small task to hold off the Robert Yates motor he did a heck of a job their tell us about that. Nomination into Jasper engine is about as good as the next murder but the main thing and we had a good handling race started we were just Jericho new tires and but while we opted just keeps them out code we were faster or low power who has news. Career best finish second for Robert Presley great run for Robert you're disaster unless your from Ricky red. It's his seventh top five Barney congratulations on a great run Ricky right. Not to relatives that still Matalin today Michael is playing not much everybody on the same Raymond fox hill wood over the line everybody involved. We come back from a long way you know we start off we had a lead early on enough so we had a great race car. Found out through we waited die we pushed all day and now they can create a car freed the car up and I thought we might have been due there are nearly up four times most everybody else got to win. It is not turn out to be a way to do it in the race. You guys made the F thank but the fans on their feet a couple of exciting news down the bottom of the racetrack can you tell us about how you made your way to slower traffic there late in the event. Well there's an apron down and we used it out daylong and it's amazing night there's so much grip there I don't know if we can do we come back because a lot of rip down an apron enough. That it Yates horsepower really get strolling down around the start finish line and we do that apron enough. If not few cars I'm not sure what happened on that restart does somebody misty gear they all jumbled up and I had nowhere else to go but down to the grass to get by everybody. Ricky run a solid run it's his seventh top ten of the year and also his ninth in his last ten starts. Siva in your Dale Jarrett. The new tears just crawled out of his car TJ we talked a time when you back into position with about fifty laps ago and in. He powered up there does not five tell us about it. Down where good guard all data guys did a great job engine department great. I just got a little tight there at the end I just couldn't get through the center of the corner like I had been inadvertently getting off the corner. And problems that Jeff Gordon hand made up a lot of ground maybe even took over the lead. Yeah guys are good points day course and now Ricky had a good day so log creates racing right up there that's what we're after Robert Yates had a great day today Dale Jarrett was fourth. George grizzard had a pretty good day comes moment fifth listen forget a word from Jimmy yet top five finish for Jimmy Spencer restarted on the outside of row one Jimmy your comments on this afternoon drunk. I'm Kmart teamwork performer slate. The great performers forma mean. Rihanna real loose race card beginning in gonna make some adjustments and we gave our track position got it all back in state a top five led a bunch of laps. And I had a good day really top five finish flat custard it's up there at the end. I mean I raced in to gain positions all slow and we're trying to gain in positions in. Describe the last ten laps it was single file restart and that helped us how to function in a second top five finish you seem like you've been pretty confident Jimmy has this team continue to honor roll they were than a top five how confident is just raced in. I feel we should have bought three to four more top fives top ten finishes this year about ten of them total really got sixers haven't. Ever been a top ten top five points to mean the guy threw her work while we gather. Good race car got a through new car to test tomorrow and Indy and I just really excited about the team you know run. Carl on hot Carl Haas and Travis is just doing that. I'm here and myself on this iPhone. I guess Jimmy Spencer he comes on fifth this afternoon had a good run for Jimmy good day for let's go to Victory Lane well Kevin Harvick. Gets his wife and you have your shoes organic breads tortillas Kevin. Started six today you would have done the hard to do expect that. Well I mean we thought we had a good race Connolly and think it was dominated town. And it was it was a lot better in traffic and other people's cars and I think we cannot come to seal him off guard that's in the race running three wide and but our car would run on the top two on the restart itself. The credit these tutors guys and Jeff Green mile car they can have been tested we use everything they've gotten. What did you figure out that you and I thought that was the difference in the race that you could ruin the top of the racetrack for the bottom oyster acquitted in the race the deck camera important. I mean it I didn't really tried to laugh about halfway through and went down to restarts and and we had to try it so. We declared Mandela that would really help us out declared tapping the car's oil tightly enough. Awesome day of this good instinct you seemed to be that I don't ever restart get that good start to get to deter reportedly was out of their pursuit down in a car you can almost run it through their wide open. Enough Robert presage a day and get this little bump there and intimidate is so we just jam on the brakes and went on with it so well. Just a credit to the motor shop has guys' abilities cars back its shop but it is that you won earlier in Atlanta the city maybe you know how to celebrate you don't have celebrate this I know we know how to celebrate I guarantee you that all right hit regulations to Kevin Harvick finished Richard Childers led group. As they weigh in the first race the Tropicana 400 at the Chicago land people. And so fittingly here for the first NASCAR Winston cup race at Chicago Lance speedway at confetti. Rainstorm is taking place I'm not quite sure what you call this a confetti thunderstorm at thousands of pounds of confetti was a shot out over the grandstands here. And it's still falling is probably gonna keep it played a couple of matches death. All the main ground. It's time for party in the to select the winner of the rape best this break of the race award it will award 500 dollars to the motor racing outreach children's ministries. From rape best this breaks in the name of the driver who received the best break in today. Events will elect Robert Presley and although the as several other guys got about same breaky did an effective before that last caution flag came out Joliet to a three lap cars he had to get around to get up thirty could have a shot to win this thing. And then when the caution came out. They went inside ten laps although left traffic disappear he lined up right behind the leader was able to hang on and comes home safe and like Robert. Wrestling I'll go with them his career best finish in NASCAR Winston cup race coming home today second. Read best is breaks the official breaks of NASCAR awards 500 dollars in the name of Robert Presley. To the motor racing outreach children's ministries. It's like a look now the fulfilled run down. Kevin Harvick wins finishing second is Robert Presley Ricky Rudd ran third Dale Jarrett finished fourth Jimmy Spencer was fifth sixth will go to Mark Martin Matt Kenseth was seventh Kurt Busch finished eighth Sterling Marlin was night Bill Elliott ran tenth. Earnhardt junior finished eleventh they blame you finished twelfth Rusty Wallace has thirteen top but I fourteenth Elliott Sadler was fifteenth Joni Richards ran sixteenth. Jeff Gordon will finish seventeenth Jeff Burton eighteenth Brit but I nineteenth and twentieth goes to Ward Burton or Ricky craven came home Tony first. Michael Waltrip Tony second John Andretti Tony third Jason left for 24 and turn the body make up the top 45. Stacy captain David 26 today with Johnny Benson 27 Casey Atwood 28 can't trader 29 and Bobby Hamilton thirtieth. 31 was what Strickland 32 Jeremy Mayfield 33 was Tony Stewart. Have a debate David 34 Robby Gordon missed 35 Jeff Green 36. Jerry nadu was 37 buckshot Jones 38 the body to body 39. Ron Hornaday finished fortieth with Steve park at 41 Mike Skinner 42 and eighty Houston 43. Fourteen lead changes that they among ten drivers ten cautions for a total of 56 laps Kevin Harvick led the most laps Kurt Busch was the highest finishing rookie. Coming in in the eighth position seventy cars finished on the lead lap nine cars did not finish the race. And check this out not officially a championship point standings show Dale Jarrett and Jeff Gordon tied the with that toy 550 points apiece Ricky Rudd is third just eighteen points back won a championship points race we have go on. Rusty Wallace moves up one position to fourth and Tony Stewart falls one position to the fifth spot. A great way to break in a pretty racetrack ardea very exciting race all throughout the day here today about how well deserved win for Kevin Harvick. Yeah I think everybody likes this new racetrack they like to facilities and they saw some great racing here this afternoon and probably one of the best finishes we've seen all year and Kevin Harvick pulls it out. The equal displays will be a sell out every time NASCAR teams come here type. Excel it's a fantastic facility as we've said so many times a day they did a great job. It everything putting this place together. Well next we give our radio moves under the New Hampshire International Speedway or bring you live coverage of the NASCAR craftsman truck series the New England 200 next Saturday. And the New England 300 NASCAR Winston cup race next Sunday afternoon. Also next week the NASCAR Busch Series at the gateway international raceway. In the car quest auto parts 250 ticket offices are open join us if you can. If not we'll have the coverage for you here auditory and radio the voice is heard our broadcast an acre Becker at a church wanted to Dan Hubbard. At the action force in turns three and four. Along the pit lane Jim Phillips Winston Kelley and the Adam Alexander. Don't forget the lesson for NASCAR today with daily news and information on NASCAR racing. NASCAR live up to you tonight for the Eli gold and the world of racing with. With commentary from NASCAR drivers every day almost at these aren't radio stations for Barney hall lined joke war. Say congratulations to Kevin Harvick gets so long for the brand new Chicago land speed away. MRN radio. Coverage of the NASCAR Winston cup series has come to you from the Chicago Atlanta speedway. The executive producer roughly a bar and radio is David hi the national sales managers do you ever sung. Traffic manager Stephanie Allen's affiliate relationship roll bars alone director of production. Fred Armstrong. Director of operations PGE mail stop G venture there Perry a Howard. Broadcast engineer Joseph Cooley. This is Rick look this broadcast was a production of a motor racing network. This is then MR ends throwback through the front by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength.