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1999 Exdie Batteries 400

Sep 7, 2017|

The 1999 Exide Batteries 400 from Richmond Raceway.

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This is MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength this is Ken Squier. Time now for MRN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing network extra race archives. The following is a presentation of them are in radio voice of NASCAR racing. The NASCAR Winston cup series is set for Saturday night chilled out running the Exide NASCAR select 400 tonight at the Richmond international raceway. Kids being renovated to expressive three quarter mile layout in 1988. Richman has come to provide double the season's best racing. But cars running side by side at all for the fact all light bulb. Jeff Burton defending winner of tonight's race at Richmond just may be that perfect racetrack for Winston cup cars this is a great racetrack but it's. Without the built a racetrack somewhere I think god buildup. A one mile version of the north little heated just like it is more people have a chance to win this race cars ECB equaled his strength is hard to gain in. It's just a perfect great. Terrorism must sellout crowd of over 100000. Is ready for the 25 race of the NASCAR Winston cup series season. The Exide NASCAR so like 400 rich then fly by motor racing network next. Film cars and a new radio. Friends lens nose guard today. Sponsored by goodies that I cubs. Sports fans really hooked up hadn't tried goodies that they copter get gets the job done. Used as directed. It's a beautiful September evening in Virginia's capital city where anticipation runs tie over the NASCAR racing excitement about 21 full. At the Richmond international raceway. Hello and welcome to motor racing network live coverage of the Exide NASCAR so like 400 Allen vest we here along with Barney hall. But as Jeff Burton said at our opening and the last two nights of racing has shown here this week. Richmond indeed may be the perfect racetrack for Winston cup competition we celebrate show. Your last night I think we'll see the same thing tonight it is a racetrack that we talk about this does have four grooves to those very usable racing door to door side by side here no problem at all all the way around the racetrack through the corners in the straightaway is. And we saw a lot of three wide racing last night on occasion might have been by design we saw some four wide racing. It is just a great racetrack in the night there's so many guys as hungry for a win as the season winds down that have yet to go to Victory Lane. The points battle is pretty close to the guys that need to catch up to Dale Jarrett I know it's time to pull out all the stops to get with the program. Had a great competitive group that looked like they were going to be the lead pack after happy hour practice this afternoon as many as 689. Cars could be up there slugging it out throughout the 400 laps the championship is a big story this evening. Dale Jarrett has lost a 146 points at his lead in the last two weeks is advantage dropping. From 314 points two weeks ago to just a 168 points now Jarrett won this year's first race here in. With just ten races remaining in the season he did good mistake free run tonight to keep the momentum from going all the other way. They don't end I've talked to dale that deceit he said I don't even need to think about that I just need to go out there and concentrate on winning this race if you start thinking points you make mistakes and whatever. But how can you tune that out from what's at stake the kind of money is at stake the prestige being number one in this business. But if anybody can do to feel like you can't. Mike Skinner will lead the field of the green flag in qualifying here last evening he won the bud pole. His second of the 1999 season and fourth of his Winston cup career Mike led 67 laps so be a bit here back in May. But wound up getting caught up in an accident finished thirtieth is tonight the body gets the break through first victory in the Winston cup series Jim Phillips of Newport Tennessee is with Mike Skinner to ask let's ask 145. Point 465 the book pole winning speed. You have a lot of last year earlier in the spring. Is tonight that you could put it together for 400 laps and win the Winston cup break. Well I really don't know but now I know we got a good race car and we'd like to lead a lap and then we'd like to fallen or somewhere in and then I'll run a lot of laps and and hopefully toward the end of the race. If Carlos Chevrolet is good enough to win would give back to the front when erase that stuff we need a good solid round we've had awfully good car several times this year that we didn't finish did and we need to get finished tonight. Covered a lot of guys say that that the bottom is almost impossible to pass on that sometimes during the situation. A few drivers have been working another cruise to try to find a way to get by these guys especially good in the last car situation. You know mark Karr could pass on the bottom and and happy hour. But the top is better and you know it's just a sailor thing later on in the race talk might not be as good as bottom we descent say is tracking group news around on him. I think the temperature or play a role in Napa hopefully our cars didn't pass through want to. Mike Skinner and that's what do we what are the keys tonight who can make it on the bottom of the top and make it work. Some awful lot of passing last night both inside and outside the crew will tonight too. Tony Stewart will start second tonight he's an incredible year as a rookie driver he's fifth and was to cut points has seven top five finishes and fifteen top teens he's done everything will win a race in that first win has to be very close and even he has to feel that way. Was to Kelly is with him. They've done historic. And they say you've got to win the chain appear to lose a championship generates before you win one you've been so close this year and cars good today as tonight tonight. Connolly got though lose and erased part down that's for sure so I'd like to think this is tonight in the car's been really get all day in that. You know we had a great while trying to free a semi rigs have been done Ali guys and how deep but team. Really did their homework in a vacuum immigrated here in the spring race in that time. Nozzle military back coming back here as a framework RNC get Diana the cars and I'm really did this week. You've adapted well to all the Winston cup tracks how would you rate Richmond in terms of difficulty. It's real dip economy this weekend in particular era and you know I never seen attracting this much as far as the way to seal has been wearing off and now. He and his new new compound tire they have horse here it's that made any more critical so I think you're gonna see a lot of guys are tempered response and racetrack that's gonna make their cars were tonight. Now the front row start third quickest in practice today look for Tony stored content for his first Winston cup win. When you come to Richmond you have to talk to Rusty Wallace does he will be a factor in deciding who wins the race tonight rusty spend the Richmond Dobbin leader over the years six wins has led over 2000 laps here. The next closest lap leader is under a thousand. That is how strong Rusty Wallace who's been at this particular speedway. He starts third tonight Marty Snider is with Rusty Wallace down at the pre race stage and no doubt that in the ninety's rusty Wallace's mister Richmond six time Richmond winner rusty. Can you make you win number seven tonight. I think still had a great car tonight it is generally get a practice a qualified good selloff. I'm feeling better I had a long time about distract the night itself it's got clicking in we're just like the way I like it. Cannot comp pumped up. We've seen a lot of different groups here though obviously the low way around is a fast way around the top has more grip that's probably the better way around. Is it difficult though to make yourself trying to run that top line no not really your but ten laps in the bottom and you want to get it adopted the top to establish better right now. But I think it when everybody gets an atop the top think it's linked to within probably half within the race to modify gonna come back in again. Why is he mister Richmond he has only one finish out of the top ten. In his last 22. Starts here and that dates all the way back to 1989 tonight Rusty Wallace will start third. Unbelievable record at this. Particular speedway rusty will be one of the favorites for the victory with a green flag lead shortly. Yeah Jeff Burton going across the stage PS seventh place driver in the introduction line. And so while the next to the top four or five drivers make their way across the stage when we got. Take a little detour and bring you are spotlighting interviewed for the evening we're gonna talk with a driver who is really had a great deal of success it is briefed NASCAR Winston cup series career at this racetrack and that is giving her win three top tens in four Richmond Winston cup starts he is in ninth place in the Greek tonight. Kenny is our Outback Steakhouse spotlight meter deal sponsored by outback NASCAR's moment favorite here's mark Snyder walked. He about this racetrack and for some reason you in this racetrack have gotten along from the second he stepped here is this your best racetrack and is this the best chance you have to win this year. Yes I'd say so. I mean this definitely is my. Best place that we run good I feel the best that. You know for whatever reason it's just I've run over oil cars here in and had success and the first time I come here in the trucks. It's just been a very good track to meet so I say. Our best chance to win we're driving tonight. The situation that you're in right now with this race team doesn't bother you knowing that you're not mean to be back next here and and having a work in that environment it's does that make it more difficult for you. I don't think so I mean I think everybody is is very. Through the week so you know that that's the third goal is to win races and and that's definitely my goal. We they had a press conference scheduled for Monday when all that's ever with a bullet will be better and in anyway. Nice is better for me when me and Robert had our talk a month ago and I knew what I was gonna do then. And that's when I feel good. I felt better about the situation. Now I think after. Monday then everybody will everybody 120 Robert. And all his people feel better tune out. Mind. Feelings. When I felt better about knowing what I was gonna do was mean when me and Robert how are talking. You'll be driving this car for the rescue what can you gather as the season just experienced always racetracks or what he'd planned out. I don't achieve for the rest of the year I'll just to get that twenty cars I happen and points is as we can get it. I mean that there's no different focus than what it was. In 97 when I come in on four races mean the goal is just to be competitive in Iraq good. That hasn't changed it hasn't changed. When we were just run in what I call exhibition races. Then soon when we're gonna lead at the end of the season so. There's really no different focus for me. He's had some time in these cars is this home fee is this where you wanna meet the rescue career yeah. Yeah I mean. I mean it's tough deal but it's definitely. Where I strive to be in and want to be very competitive. I don't think there's any better I think I'd be disappointed. I went somewhere else and the competition levels not there I think watchers here you go anywhere else. It's a little disappointing so this definitely where I wanna say. Our Outback Steakhouse spotlight on Kenny Irwin tonight who has run particularly strong at this racetrack it is brief Winston cup career in. As you heard they are seems like he's got the weight of the world lifted off the shoulders now that I guess that the pressure of making that 48 car winner is kind of no longer his. It was a hard drives stepped into particularly coming in like junior wins it we did a good job and confident and I agree with it I think since that pressure's off. He's kind of relax and loose because he better performances out of him that's for sure. To back down trackside now and hear from more of the drivers is they make their way from the pre race stage toward their machines on pit road the fourth place qualifier the seeding body the body. The interstate batteries Pontiac a four time winner in 1999. Finished third in May you know he's never won a Winston cup short track race I found that kind of hard to believe he shot at it tonight let's find out Jim Phillips is with him. Well before the spring race eight was about the best you could Muster and it wasn't consistency your Richmond third place your first race this year. He's definitely more places tonight. Well I'll sell you know this interstate Pontiac and ran pretty a practice qualified fourth as good run Forrest a nice guys and a great job enough. He'd always looking for a good night you know me if we can have that. Past couple races that we run game. A surrounded in renegade Darlington Murrah pretty universal had bad luck here in south they're a good night now fully committing detention Mattel will get a better shot. Allen is one that's you there one short track poison. Grace which kept racing that's kind of hard being believes achieve that bring good to diesel. Yeah I MA and when we started Busch race and I didn't run gun short tracks in a ring bit on the big tracks so. Whatever reason is kind of turn on us which one bad that death. And you already get runner last time so failing NS you know run top five. Tonight no cigarette towards in the race to make make the right adjustments for the end. Give him make charges slick guy couldn't make those rod adjustments that's Bobby the body he's starting fourth tonight. Jeffrey Gaudin got himself a good qualifying run here on Friday he will start fifth tonight he's been close to winning here finishing second three times the tough year for Jeffrey. Only one top ten finish all year he'd look to change that tonight he certainly do for some good luck to the top five run. Let's see how he feels about running Richmond tonight was an Achilles with a full. Bonnie was very confident after qualifying yesterday but the car just looking at the sheet. It was thirty this 31 quickest in that final practice but you're telling me that's really not indicative of how the cars running. Not really isn't. What happens in in happy hour. Teams that drivers put new tires and then down that Ron Turner really fast lap and and they'll look get out of shape. How we put new tires and a new beginning happy hour overran us tires always through. And to see what the power is gonna do on the all the tires and at its very consistent and then pretty quick so we're happy with a car even now. We're not an entire planet seed in our last practice. I now Darlington. Practiced real price of long tires not so here you think we might say some fights with two tire stops or maybe even not come in during some of the caution flags. I don't think so how does new tires are faster than no doubt about it I mean attire do you slowdown but so it. Larry the caution. If we've run out laps you'll see. I think I'll leaders coming in tired because. If you don't you get blown way out there. Chip for but I'm a great qualifying run hopes to move up one more slot from his best finish here at Richmond. A little farther back in the starting line up is Jimmy Spencer in the eleventh position tonight I think to really come along for Spencer and team which than any recent moments Jimmy till we got four top tens in 99 with two of them. The outcome of the last three races this thoughts on tonight's race let's get him with Jimmy is Marty Snider. Enrichment has never been Jimmy's best track point two top tens in nineteen starts here but a good finish last night in the NASCAR Busch Series third place. They take the momentum from that kind of translated into a good finish tonight. While we had a heck of a race last night but. We've not had the best a look at this racetrack and now. You had a really good car in the spring and last fall we had a really good car and you know it's basically the same car we bring in the spring and how to flush the radiator out not. I that we have a top ten race card or manner I really feel that way in nearby and you're tired or nine casinos run off the insider racetrack and that this second group is going to be where it's and everybody putts today so. I need and have the medium and grow well on long runs tonight I think that's going to be key here. We weren't last night which we think that helped us I ran the Busch race last night Oakley it team was the car. Donnie and myself and the perfectly good set up we can be a top. Ten nights over since you reopen Travis Carter for the next few years a couple of weeks ago things might have taken an up swing is that the case. I think it's just change your home morale of the team. Yeah we're working hard and they were running good but that's like now they know everything is coming back and to be a long term deal enough. Nothing goes your specialists done they gave me Rene have only announcing the breast going. I think it's a positive note and that in this I'm excited about next year because you've got a new announcement coming down there's a lot of things are gonna happen not in respects to. I'm gonna gonna further there's a lot of kids gonna happen. And I'm excited about it. But things have certainly been good this team went in with three straight top fifteen finishes including a second at the last short track race tonight Jimmy Spencer will start at eleven. Time for tonight's Remington top gun many competitors in the NASCAR Winston cup series enjoyed getaway to the racetrack to relax in the great outdoors. And we meet some of them all throughout the season here's what Stan Kelly. Dale earnhardt's seniors hunting exploits have been well publicized his brother Denny a mechanic and Jack men don't they would junior's team also inherited the affinity don't hunt from his father Ralph. He'd prefer to stay around home when he hunts. And his bosses Dale Earnhardt Inc. It's hard for Dale Senior to take a passive role even when hunting with his Brothers. While I'm gonna or big linemen trying to line up I want to hug the dog you know just around the house this. Rare home. Get out myself you know yellow ensemble playing and and other commodities. We just weight gain stories about hunting would dale had come to mind. Yeah. Not really did hurt at certain times David Page the top first Ethiopian. Relax or they weren't new orders didn't you know what to do next redact have person. This you know to stay out. For his commitment to responsible hunting and the outdoors Remington presents. Danny Earnhardt with a Remington 87 shotgun America's most popular shotgun. Let's hear from a couple of more drivers as we continue our countdown to the start tonight Exide NASCAR select 400 here Richmond back to pit road and Jim Phillips well Dale Jarrett the last two races started 25 to 36 the results have not been good either. Last race here at risk we took the lead on lap 369 he went on to win can you win tonight. How got a good race guardian now but kind of a guessing game for everybody who got a new tire here. The trachsel different does this stomach tells of the sailors down here pretty much got. Sticker is definitely the high group looked like is pretty good there's going to be instinct say practices in eighty degree heat in now we raced tonight than me anything that we got a good race car. And that's always important here especially when it does start that lengthy process starting thirteenth. The ports leader Dale Jarrett go to Winston Kelley. Dale Earnhardt junior last time we talked news and Victory Lane yesterday last night anyway. And edgy New York quickest in practice today is a win realistic tonight. Yeah man it sure would be nice. Leah hope so I don't know you know make the car running good and it's a little title long runs. I don't think that. We quite got to figure it out like I need to be. Mark in his guys seem to really be great on long runs so infanticide by hang around only laugh while not that big an accomplishment fully. And I'm sure we knew then as your sales of the mid tough team maybe the top five finish. Fresh off a win last night his fourth of five Winston cup starts tonight. Is Dale Earnhardt junior back further in the pack with a man who hasn't been failing to do it this week is Marty Snider. And Ricky Wright has been suffering from food poisoning fresh out of hospital yesterday in an ivy feed about an hour ago. First of all Ricky start way back here and 31 how do you feel and are you can mail to make it all the way tonight. Well Martin not really sure if I can make this is not I have felt much better before but now like thank Dick Trickle up and Sawyer to stay in about to discard the feel first of all does not. I was in no shape to do it yesterday but to really get raced we can protested in a week and ran good long runs enough. Went out and practice this morning ran a couple laps McCain minister I guess we got more car we had driver right now let me go get some rest. And Mickey did only have one hour practice in this car in the park him for the rest of the afternoon. He told crew chief might miss when he makes playing it's perfect but yesterday out of this 31 place all the night Ricky Rudd has a long way to go. And in fact he's gonna have to go farther than that because the time trial speed that we've used to get that car into the field was set by Dick Trickle yesterday. Because of the driver change Ricky Rudd will drop to the back of the field. On the pace laps. DeLong not a hit on him that's for sure. Let's take a look at the starting lineup for tonight's race now five drivers you're unable to qualify for the event Jack Sprague Dave Marcus touch Strickland Stanton Barrett and Tom Baldwin senior. All unable to get into the big hero the 43 who will be racing tonight Robert. Presley will start 43 in the Jasper engines Ford and the Kodiak Chevrolet with David Green will start 42 41 will be Brit bone I'm decent paychecks forward. The big Kmart Ford with Darrell Waltrip is the fortieth starter 39 will be Steve Grissom in the wc W Ford. The Eminem's Pontiac which during they do will start 38. 37 starter will be Elliott Sadler in the sit still for the Philips electronics Chevrolet with Michael Waltrip starts 36. 35 this Ron Hornaday junior he'll be in the track phone chip Reid. And the state fair Pontiac the tugboat minus 34 starters 3030 stay alert heart. The GM Goodrich Chevy and John Deere forward which had little starts thirty seconds Ricky Rudd. He is qualified 31 but it sounds OG in this time machine the board he would erupted detailing the field. Starting thirtieth tonight Johnny Benson in the Cheerios Ford between Mike Wallace in the field tonight in 29 in the ultra wheels BI she Brothers who were. 48 Joni reject the BellSouth Chevrolet with Kevin McCain starting 27 in the TV guide forward. 46 Wally gallon Beckett Budweiser Chevrolet Sterling Marlin starts 25 deceiving he's in the course like Chevy. Putting forth his John Andretti in the SDP Pontiac game trader lines up 23 in the skull racing Chevrolet. According sickened Bobby Hamilton in the Kodak film Chevy and 21 this Dale Earnhardt junior in the Budweiser Chevy. Mark Martin will roll off from twentieth position in the wild leap forward caterpillar Pontiac with the Ward Burton starts ninety how many starts eighteenth tonight in the hot wheels Pontiac and McDonald's Ford and Bill Elliott will be the seventeenth starter. Sixty position that's rich masters Universal Studios for the Kellogg's Quaker state Chevy. Which carry the body was sort 5040 position belongs to Jeremy Mayfield Mobil one Ford. The quality care Ford credit for the wheelchair at the start thirteenth and twelfth position that's Ted musgrave. Indeed for larceny TV's board and was supported Jimmy Spencer start from eleventh position. Steve park disqualified can't afford to buy Tracy's in the Pennzoil Chevrolet nine. Texaco Havilland forward. A pitch Kenny Wallace in the square. With Jeffrey bovine lined up fifth in a power team Chevy. Thwart this body the body in the interstate batteries Pontiac with Rusty Wallace lined up third he's in the Miller Lite Ford. On the front row Tony Stewart on the outside of The Home Depot Pontiac to the bud pole sitter for tonight's race Mike Skinner in the Lowe's Chevrolet. Qualifying at an average speed of 125. Point 465 miles per hour. Here at the Richmond international raceway a sellout crowd of better than 100000. Settling into their seats they won't be there along. They'll be all on their feet very shortly when they steal the 43 is cut loose to the Exide NASCAR select 400 tonight in Richmond. The 25 race. The NASCAR Winston cup series season there are ten remaining to decide who will be the champion for 1999. Down trackside now the various dignitaries for the seedings are better being gathered around the a microphone in Victory Lane to command to start engines. Is just about a twenty seconds or so away from being given to grand Marshal for tonight's races mr. Robert Lutz the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Exide corporation. He will give those famous words here are just few seconds should now. And get this field cranked up as well as this grandstand crowd. And get tonight's Exide NASCAR select 400 under way let's get out the Victory Lane now to the command to start engines. Gentlemen and this guy. You are and. It's. No stars today is produced by Ameren radio and sponsored by safe goodies that they thought. It's like half way to hear headache before you even take goodies that they cover if it's good job done uses direct. The green flag is next from the Richmond international raceway this is AMR AM radio. The racetrack to the road home. Fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So we'll make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust Sunoco a repeat of fuel that feeds you go second camp that's America feels going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR's Sunoco BS and so great. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day bush o'clock time for relaxing and unwinding with friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in racing but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. It's bushel clocks and grab a six pack of Busch beer for the cooler start the grill and relax. Enjoy responsibly Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. They dome all are in radio. Present some NASCAR. Wind Sprint Cup Series. Tonight the excite many stars so like batteries well. The field of 43 starters in tonight's Exide NASCAR select 400 is rolling from the pit lane at the Richmond international raceway to make three paraded pace laps before the green flag. At the beginning of the chase for the winner's trophy but the racing effort here bring you live coverage on it absolutely. Magnificent evening. If Virginia's capital city temperatures were in the eighties today. They'll drop down into the sixties tonight but. As far as the race cars are concerned he just couldn't ask for better weather under which to get some great reportage and some good side by side racing mr. Just fantastic racetrack when the drivers first close speedway like they have right now on the first lap around the racetrack receive flash cameras going off all the way around this racetrack almost. It's like lightning bugs out there. Fans really get into it here not only are they close to the action there's always plenty other. They've recovered in years since what 9:10 o'clock this morning the parking lots began filling up fans have been here all day long. What some practice this second round qualifying happy hour practice went out did your tail skating lit up the old barbecue grill and had a couple burgers or whatever but now they're all on their feet getting ready to watch the start. Tonight's race as the deal begins forming up in setting its 45 mile an hour pit road speed. Behind the pair of Pontiac pace cars. This racetrack three quarters of a mile round shaped like the capital letter. It's a continuous turn around for when you crank wheel to go into turn three. All the way to what you couple awful turn over to its. Tight as far as it's not a mile and a half track it's less than a while so it's technically short track but at the same time (%expletive) a little bit about characteristic of the super speedway in that it is pretty fast. And it's pretty wide there's a lot of racing room here. They get bored bruises he says two very usable data room door to door with no problem at 31 on occasion. And four wide if you read it really needs youth they're coming off turn four about a lap or so away from the green we'll take a swing around the racetrack and bring in another member of broadcast team will be telling reaction from turn two over through three afforded the back straightaway from Hampton Virginia it's over until more. Thanks starting up here at the end of the backs politically looking back up that it turned over to it what we saw here last night and again on Thursday night the NASCAR craftsman truck series race. Was the fact that the outside lane is the one seems to pay off a couple of bombs turned over to. Drivers try to draw I didn't try again Natalie inside it never seemed to work the outside lane was the quickest. And drivers who drive the move down the inside sometimes get a little loose and got in trouble about halfway down his back straightaway. Same thing going into turn number three they wanna go into high import the outside lane. Good challenge someone to make a pass the outside. Is where you need to be doing it we'll follow all the action off turn to a Dallas backs right away get a nice putt up beautifully they get Richmond Virginia. Right has dropped to the tailored to the field as we discussed a few minutes ago he was started at 43 position and that set the pace car comes to the opening of pit road and hangs a left behind the wall. Mike's veteran Tony Stewart on the front roll Rusty Wallace and body the body and wrote to win ready to start the Exide NASCAR select 400. Green flag is in the air and on the break Mike Skinner jumps to close just takes off returner one tries to get away and up front all by himself he may be able to do it but Tony Stewart comes back in the Ronald. And they race for the lead off turn two Stewart pulls up the high side the fast lane coming off turn number two and challenges getter once again. Why don't look back. Why it's still all the way back through most of the field as they come to the strike Skinner leads by hood with Tony Stewart hang and talk to the outside for the race lead nickel double wide back to why there weren't goes a little thing for this time down bulls defender out in front of what's interesting exit turn over to the but significantly depressed he saw the back right away. To see a lot of single file racing the first few laps here Richmond tonight now it is Tony Stewart grabbing the lead he's by himself out front on the outside going into turn one body the body trying to take away second place from Mike Skinner Skinner has the inside lane covered once again so far it's not paid off Florida to the outside of him as a model client side I saw. Audio hi Mike Skinner down most Gator hang in top of the inside Tony Stewart slipped to the outside lane here Skinner back underneath him for the race lead Skinner back in broad body the body jobs at the bottom lane to try and follow him through round Stuart Skinner wants to come up the racetrack that's what Tony Stewart. Of course he can't Stewart's back up alongside. As some strong cars behind the front two or three and all I can do right now once the front three race up there door to door nowhere to go even if they got a car that can get up there there's just not proven up the past still hot battle police scanner inside Stewart outside officers do an Intel about the quarter battling for the lead while Bobby bunny has now taken sole possession of the Tony Stewart and Mike Skinner trade at least three times in the first five laps of the event announced sorting out single file. The race will be for fourth position Rusty Wallace inside and Jeff Gordon outside of scoring drives and markets and knows of a Chevrolet out in front Rusty Wallace at this fourth place battle a lot of front Breivik can't. Sort car breakaway single file then back for fifth place Kenny Wallace and Rusty Wallace who added. Jeff Burton's on the outside and then expect traffic as they worked their way off turn over two and hit the backstretch he Wallace gets another senator Obama's younger brother at this time it above the quarterback Kenny again closing the back straightaway. Somebody try to work his way off of turn four up underneath skater but won't be able to make it look up these slides Beckett lined single file behind him. Front five now lined up in single wild side by side for six on back a couple of boards going and it varies Jeff Burton to the outside Rusty Wallace downloads contact now Geoffrey by the and why. Or here's the battle for second place off turner reported the straightaway bottom money going after Mike Skinner this time. My body to the bottom of the racetrack stands on it takes it on the quarter is gonna be able to pull it off I'll turn over to sign by sign above the water for the second spot just behind him Jeff Gordon witnessing which is going to be the best way to go. Skinner looking like he's trying to hold the body right to the bottom of the racetrack off the court heard it works is these words out in front of Bobby and here's Jeff Gordon. Try to hang up to the top side of the body in turn want to try to follow the time. Are tracts of Mike Skinner Jeff Gordon is Leon finally leading model money download by himself. He has a big advantage right now five may be almost eight Carly still to scramble going on back there for third place Mike Skinner has second until for the moment. Now Jeff Gordon trying to get away from Lotta money he'll get third places they go off into the turn. And now a single file but through by the tenth position off turn two a lot of bunnies a squeeze back. The deadline for the next Clark comes up. Rewrote the first bombing that happened when Rick mast had to check up off of turn over to the outside lady get off the gas and try to collect his car which almost got away from him. Dan Burton and mark got tangled up kind of in the aftermath the chain reaction of everybody jamming on the brakes they've all got no way okay. But as Joseph said some damage to the Ward Burton and Mark Martin cars here just eleven laps into the race. Tip the cap do Kenny Wallace who's moving up well in the early going but Rusty Wallace is falling back he started third. He's dropped to the seventh position in the early going so we'll keep an I'm rusty and see if he's able to kind of hold it in line there were his car's gonna lose a few more positions in these opening laps. A couple of times moved into Richmond recently when rusty start did not really come up to speed in the early going delayed a couple of adjustments on it but you can bet before the night is over you'll be a factor up there in that lead pack for. Early in the Exide NASCAR select 400 at Richmond for the NASCAR Winston cup series Tony Stewart leads. He's out in front by about fifteen car lengths over pretty good race for the runner up spot to turn to. Jeff Gordon hang on to position the funnel money to pull even with the last time they made this trip down along its. Three cars lock definite battle for second place a lot of money takes a look at only store music came off the corner then to expect in single file Mike Skinner has now fallen back to. Fourth place as it works it way off turn over to Bob and body takes one more stab at getting second position. I racetrack it's. Jeff Gordon. Shall report back to third Mike Skinner took fourth Jeff Burton the fifth Kenny Wallace sixty Steve park is up to seven Jeffrey bovine meat can. Can't even remember win. I'll run to the ninth spot and Rusty Wallace is back to tip. Just behind them side by side for eleven spot into the corner as Jerry. The corner. Worked their way up while the quarter on the front straightaway and work their way into the turned out as the leader Tony Stewart has completed. The 23 lap of the event. Let's get down to pit road there's a couple of stories you wanna follow up a lot I believe all of them at the moment in this intersection of pit road with Winston Kelley. Well now all the way the cars and god knows it's like fine I'm fine line. When. Very little bit better he's picked up a spot but he radioed in and notice Reggie did. Now an arcane. Moved pretty good in the early going is Dale Earnhardt junior Tony Stewart setting a pretty good pace also he's due to an end maybe a quarter of a laugh with catching the tail end of the deal and already start putting some cars down if left now if this graciously agreed to select pit road. Talk about Rusty Wallace losing positions. Turn to really hasn't been his right side so far it's not a good thing. Am very during the. Like this we watch the cartoon by the start finish line here not even know mark significant enough in the paint for us to see here which I never felt. It's slightest little did in the Evander can change the aerodynamics under the sheet and even at a track like Richmond. That does come into play. Tonight's broadcast of the Exide NASCAR select 400 brought you wonder exclusive radio rights granted by the Richmond international raceway to have our radio so we'll. The private controversial use of our listening audience any publication reproduction or they're used to be prescription accounts of this event. Without the expressed written consent of a morning radio is prohibited Robert. Presley is the last started 43 position as a leader bears down on him about what Pamela down here very shortly but Tony Stewart got his hands full right now Bob the body just seemed to come from nowhere Tony had a big lead Bobby is going after the turn of one. Just drove right down underneath even lobbied the body is the leader of their out of two's. Can't hurry and passive and her into this went down the bottom right. Speculation on my part and just speculation but they are teammates and Bobby being pretty much up there in the fight for the NASCAR Winston cup championship third in points Tony but it said come on up get your five bonus points for leading him. We may see Tony drive right right back around Bobby here in the next several laps again just speculation on my part but certainly not an unreasonable thing for the teammates that do and. It'll be possibly that could be the case right now at any rate Bobby the money is the leader out of turn. And before Tony called back half of Carly goalie Jeff Gordon's maybe eight or nine colleagues back in about say the equal this inspector Mike Skinner who rides and fourth position. Fifth for the moment we'll belonged to Jeff Burton they're all out of turn two. Check out the six. Getting walloped Kansas squad steep markdowns wonderful. And off of turn four here comes Tony Stewart back underneath body the body try to get the lead back away from me and he will clear doubting her number one and Stewart back up top we grip once again back to the race for six its nose to tail on the corner those cars. Don't watch. I'm Robert Presley fans. She stay that way is there work their way through the corner and hit back into the straightaway what Robert Presley is down on the apron of the racetrack he may be coming to fit rodeo is Robert has problems are for sure. As he brings it into the attention of his pit crew. It becomes the first car to make this stuff here in Atlanta number 33. It is Tony Stewart the leader Bob bit of money rise in the number two position still hanging on to third is Jeff Gordon. Mike Skinner fourth fifth this Jeff Burton. Back in six it's Kenny Wallace Steve park is still seventh different load on his eighteen year when is ninety Ted musgrave and that makes a very tough team a little deeper. Heard of the field Rusty Wallace is eleven to everybody twelve Dale Earnhardt junior now thirteenth Dale Jarrett his fourteenth. The Bobby Hamilton runs in 15 July 16 Jeremy Mayfield Mark Martin 171000000018. Jimmy Spencer it's. Great. Any moment. It's. The right side of the place. Cars down the apron of the racetracks it'll smoke coming out of McMaster machine is he too will be hitting the pit road but this race will remain under green flag conditions 35 laps complete. Tony Stewart has caught the tail end of the field slicing up and threw some lap traffic he's gone three wide to get by a couple of them Joseph Moore kind of little bolder early in the event. Over the back right away. A lot of smoke coming AJ will face right in the middle of turn one to two Germany coming out of pit road and the sparks are flying out from out of the car a lot of smoke behind it also. Going. Break for an in the early going I should say for Germany field in the Lola Ford as he is trying to get down (%expletive) and have the crew services are getting back out there without losing to relapse. You know all of a sudden several cars are having problems here at Richmond in the early going. Let's good out of pit road kept the Jeremy Mayfield stop as well as the troubles for Rick mast who's been on pit road the last few moments. Tony Stewart continues to lap car to setting a blistering pace in the early going only 45 laps are on the scoreboard and already he's left several cars working right now the group. The traffic he's about to kids. Ward Burton hasn't worked their way off into turn one he just goes door to door with Darrell Waltrip visit go through the corner having little trouble getting around Burton at least for the moment I'll turn to. Those five available for cartel's okay. Right Tony Stewart does a great game. That's dies Stuart clears those cars go into the garage and find out what is up the Robert Presley machine he's going to Rogers what was Rick mast here in the early going Marty Snider. One wireless off me now okay. Robert friendly. I've Robert. I thank god that I remember for a laugh. Thank you start going oh we broke back or. It's broken axle from our friends we have Jim Phillips mentioned. It has been a tough Sears Robert Presley in that team along with a half a dozen other teams it was too tough circuit has been nothing really New Year's fourth bad luck. 48 laps on the board Tony Stewart continues to dust everybody's riches here at Richmond Bobby the money hangs in there and second mommy's been about as strong as he has at times this. Plus the lead back and forth within Jeff Gordon has now moved his way up to third position. As he comes off turn number four and worked his way back into the corner lot of traffic going there as they get to the backstretch. Guys had a hard time. A little funny watching him now. I could make the little boy. What's ours wouldn't want my. Why it's. Now while those front runners were there race through some traffic that struck back to pretty good race for fifth position Jeffrey bovine he's just taking the number five spot back over he started the year earlier in the UK he's just passed Jeff Burton to grab that position. He's got right behind him Burton Steve park. Kenny Wallace hit that Drew Brees well there into the car. Not a thing at the back straightaway. There's. It's just single browser work the way back in front straightaway looking back toward the front of the field right now between Bob and Bonnie and Jeff Gordon that's heating up a little bit off turn to modify. Pontiac while Jeff Gordon. Worked so. We'll have to cut down underneath Ward Burton off her board follows Bobby the body through the traffic. 52 laps complete let's set the deal for you now Tony Stewart leads body the body about two seconds behind him now to Stewart with a pretty sizable advantage in the early going. The body check it Jeff Gordon third Mike Skinner fourth and Jeffrey bovine fifth. Seat Steve park his sixth Jeff Burton seventh Kenny Wallace eight Ted musgrave night. And Bobby Hamilton runs into position. Kenny Irwin his eleventh twelfth is Dale Earnhardt junior thirteenth his Mark Martin Terry nobody is fourteen to Dale Jarrett has not made any progress forward in the early going. He runs in fifteenth position Rusty Wallace has fallen back to sixteenth spot. Pillow leading seventeenth Jimmy Spencer eighteen Dale Earnhardt nineteenth and John Andretti twentieth. When he first is Elliott Sadler Sterling Marlin is 22 jab little up to 23 spot Kyle Petty he's 24 and Johnny Benson runs 25. Michael Waltrip was 2610 trader 27 Jodie to check 28 Mike Wallace 29 and Ricky Rudd is the last car on the lead lap at thirtieth spot. A lap down get of the PG 31 Ward Burton thirty check it. Darrell Waltrip and 33 Gerri debut at 34 at the top photo ID 35 that we got a car in trouble over in turn over to. It's terrible blindness came on late night. It's saving us now claim money. The car. Chevrolet this Jerry this is why it's alive. Caution on the speedway first time for the U need comes out of that 55 winter in the body had a problem over again and turn to quick update against Joseph Moore thank. It's like everyone else is another club the night morning going in and federal law that targets that would blues doesn't live up into the debris. Wall Kerry try to make it into the ride for the cars caught fire here at the end of the back right away Kerry is climbing out of the car just shy of the garage it. Hard shot into the wall in turn number one has the right front tire went down on the machine as he went into the quarter. And Terry the body now bailing out of the machine as Joseph Moore described as deep back entrance to the NASCAR Winston cup garage right in the middle. Love turns three and force up what effect of the may race here we had a rash of flat right front tires didn't Jeff Gordon have a couple of them himself to dropped him back in the field that for some Rees to begin tonight receded one more time. Telling them. Probably the first 4050 left we had about the report cards that got in the wall down in turns one and two in the early part of the race may be seeing the same trend here tonight. At Richmond that we're under caution for the first time cautions speedway coming out of left number 55 we are now it left 57. And no doubt we will see everybody diving on the road here in just a moment. Motor racing network live coverage of the NASCAR Winston cup series continues tonight in Richmond Virginia with the Exide NASCAR select 400 we are under the first caution of the race Atlanta 55. With Terri the body cut down a right front tire bounced off the wall in turn number one. We've had five lead changes already among three drivers in the body joined Rick mast and Robert Presley is drivers in the garage. In the early laps of this event all the leaders arrived at broad under the caution Jim Phillips. There are loaded on this day and we got leader Tony. Rusty Wallace Kelly Wallace. Jeff Burton say OK. Steve Martin Jimmy Spencer. Jared ball. We all. The Kelly has hosted but here. Jeff coordinate for the first down like fifteen point 75 seconds an excellent stop. Jeff good but I fell out behind him and Mark Martin and Ted prospect. Who's had a good run now still just coming down pit road this award burn out of available all the rest of the cars midsection of pit road. Four tires and gasoline boards talk. Just a tick tied to just a slight air pressure adjustment Dale Earnhardt junior thing also the good stuff down the Marty's night. Brand new car. Now there's a little bit tight surveillance. Running eighteenth when he came in volleyball match and lost a lot of spots on the track this cards really. He has fallen all the fact the 34. And Ricky Rudd just a little bit Lou feels fine and to depart for Ricky much. He's gonna stay out there for a lot tonight and the race off pit road is going to be won again by Tony Stewart Jeff Gordon gets up right behind him followed by Jeff Conine good differ vote on good pit work on Jeffries part. Jeff Burton would get out fourth Mike Skinner fifth Mark Barton will be six Bobby the body seven death of these pit stops did musgrave team puts him back out and eighth position followed by Dale Jarrett and Dale Earnhardt junior the top ten. Sold mark Martin's group picture about some spots typical grind to gain some spots on pit road Ted musgrave and Dale Jarrett Stewart's well looks like Bobby the bodies team had a little bit of trouble on the left side tire change there. That dropped him back to seventh position here as we get sick for the restart. Well let's just turn to who has lived up his reputation as it has stood over the years your Richmond it is a tricky spot on this racetrack probably see more guys in the through the wall over there. And any part of the speedway and it doesn't take long tonight for a few to have scraped the wall over there Gerri the bunny the latest one to have problems coming out of turn over to. Still under caution cleanup efforts going on or around the racetrack at left number 63. Going to be a couple more before we go back to greens at. Actually be one lap to go and get the start to decide ticket sale of a cliff peddle the senior vice president of marketing for. The RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company Winston gave away another million dollar check last weekend cliff. I you folks got to be thrilled with the way that program is turned out to global flight. Allen was no bull five program has gone extremely well when and last weekend at Darlington was no exception. You know Jeff Burton now must love the rain and none of Phyllis farmer from Missouri was glad to be paired with him because both of them went home with an extra million dollars courtesy of Winston. Somebody said to be this week what they must be getting antsy about given away all these million dollar checks but I mean. That was the idea when you develop the program wouldn't. Oh absolutely I mean it was the program works a lot better for for us from a marketing standpoint certainly from a driver and fan standpoint we give it away so. We're headed to Talladega for the Winston 500 the CFO we can't give away another 200 two million dollars courtesy Winston. Flip for the forward to it and perhaps another big payday there come the Winston 500 at Talladega thank strongly support of the sport and continued success to you Allan thanks June Barney and everybody of them are in for what you do it's a great night of racism and return. Thank you cliff cliff that'll probably stint as we get ready to go back racing. Three flag goes in the air Tony Stewart takes off sleeves and down there. Her warm water lapped cars down the inside your everybody feel one of those trying to get his lap back to work golf to journey won't be able to do it. This time it's Tony Stewart swings around and now Jeremy sits in between Stewart. Off the corner down the start finish line the field rubble since we checked back into the garage with Marty Snider and Bonnie has. We don't care center in what happened out racetrack you'll find them. The outline I guess it blew a right front tire the borrowers lose early you can imagine that a drug czar but does. Does it did and I got the wall pretty hard really try to fix it get back now I don't know we get around. And that Syrian alliance should be able to get this car back out. It's a great future in the body in the early going here good scramble for second place right now Jeffrey codeine is working on Jeff Gordon as they worked their way out of turn over to me that's a good scramble. Your side by side is against Turkey would hit the back straightaway the Jeffrey photon looking. But fund for the power team in the early going here Richmond starting in the fifth position gave a couple of spots on pit road that stock now up to the runner up spot and but the CD you chased down Tony Stewart for the lead Gordon comes on the high side of the racetrack trying to swing back around Jeffrey but I'm not able to do it. Further back. It's a good scramble to from third place on back Jeff Burton actually is from fourth place on back Jeff Burton holds on them for a moment Mark Martin has his hands full with the Mike Skinner as they work to the corner and all of a sudden we look at him there and here's Bobbie the body he's a player in this scrambles to get careless concentrate on my mark why. They try to make that bottom lane work off of turn number four or not can do at this time in fact Ted musgrave pulls up the bodies outside it draws even within the city for seven spot. Backed into the corner and allow sixth place Mike Skinner to get away someone while they raced side by side behind him for the seventh position. They say is don't know what musgrave as they come out of the corner now here's another scrambled jets. Gordon again has his hands full this time they worked their way back into turn over one. Door to door confrontation there. We need to give a call also Jeremy Mayfield Jillian and good Lugo just left the building get himself back on the Taylor in Italy the lavish. Update that Jeremy Mayfield scoring just for a second barred. He is on the tail end. Two laps down you lost three laps on the pit stop a little while ago so he's actually. Almost three full laps down the race leader Tony Stewart flat tire here tonight at the green. It's gonna cost you a whole bunch belies a good enough to get one lap back maybe somewhere along the road you can get the other with Stewart now threatening to putting the Atlanta game back home again won't go as deep pools around the outside has been a quick way around this racetrack lets see if Tony can get around it yet he's gonna do and I'll turn to these links final turn average dude Jeffrey load time now the second spot and plus why do you call Tony Stewart. Now he's got a little of the crowd make up. Wakefield now three laps down into the race leader back in fortieth position at this point 8400 laps completed in the Exide NASCAR select 400. At the Richmond international raceway Tony Stewart has been the dominant driver in the early going here Mike Skinner who started on the front row together traded the lead three times in the first four laps then Stewart went out in front to slap 29 checked out the latest teammate Bobby the money leader coupled between thirty and 32. And it took like 33 to where we stand now that over 81 he has been all Tony Stewart including a run of caution flag pit stops in which The Home Depot crew. You want to pit lane pulling on the top spot and. You've got to earn a win here tonight that car's handling about as good as anything out there give at all the different bovine to that you do put. It worked to get it back up they keep even contention he's moved up to second place is not that far behind the leader right now maybe seven or college Robert Presley. Has brought his car in the garage and gone back from the racetrack he went out and well 41. We're now I'd gladly do so he just wanna get out there getting kind of finish you can. Double for the back of the field back to fourth place right now Mark Martin and it looks like Jeff Burton and Mike Skinner all of us to go let it down in turns one and two was they hit the backstretch. Almost cars trying to get my machine and Jeremy Mayfield who want utilizing outside lane and mark Karr cleared its. Amnesty race for fourth fifth and sixth positions right behind them Ted musgrave its seventh in the Polaris star he's feeling a little bit under the weather here today. Some sort of a virus in intestinal bug something. He thinks may be similar to what Ricky Rudd was suffering from yesterday so Dick Trickle standing by. Downed navy which want team's pit area in case musgrave each are relief he's had a terrific run so far early tonight. Being up in the top seeded seventh spot after starting in the number twelve position and we've. Admitted that some of the times the best medicine you can have given good handling or good running race car and be contingent run over the top can't seem to forget a lot of your heels. Atlanta 85 Tony Stewart leads Jeffrey gold mine Jeff Gordon second Jeff Burton is third Mark Martin make up the top five we talked a few minutes ago about some of the guys having tire problems going off indiscernible once breaking the law a little bit. Marty Snider what are they saying down there. More than they've brought the tires. Airlines are trying to get also the time here we made it's far but that was too destroyed to see actually what happened McIntyre from Terry Levine's car. Appeared that the heat from the brakes because the heat and now from the inside out and called CNBC cal and Allen Paulson tired of. They did ask him other teens on pit road to breathe new life and times now. Pit stop and all those teams checked out fine then make it might be an isolated incidents we're just giving me. Because they're hoping for right now on the. Being his where the tire seals to the rim on the car and if that does not hold the air than you're gonna have a problem going off into the quarter. But perhaps brake heat and you can use a significant a lot of breaks here Richmond getting into the quarters here baby factory in some of those early incident. Shanda is almost any team can tell you or anybody is in the tire business or whatever else there can be a multitude of reasons for having a tire problem we can use. The chassis setup on the car you can be too much heat in the break she can be a half dozen things submit your checking to see what the problem is right now. 89 laps Tony Stewart still leader very much so nobody's been able to do anything witty not really he's been past couple of times but bottom of the body's been challenged the few times but other drivers. And every time that you lost the lead he went right back to the front and for the moment he has not held the advantage of one point two seconds as he works his way up through reforms the service. This line Jeffrey Rhode Island has an inside. Jeffrey looked back in the mirror. As Jeff Gordon insists there about 23 car lengths back now we scramble that we talked about from fourth fifth and sixth it's separated out just a little bit. The Senate's hottest of the battle will be now. It may feel free laps down after cutting down the right front tire earlier and going to pit road. Atlanta number 42. Center field for years just giant one quarter mark of the race reflect 91 now it is Tony Stewart leading Jeffrey bovine. Jeff Gordon third Jeff Burton fourth and Mike Skinner fifth. Mark Martin is six Ted musgrave seventh Bobby the bodies just take it needs spot away from Dale Earnhardt junior putting junior back tonight Dale Jarrett rounds out the top ten. Eleven to Rusty Wallace John Andretti twelfth Kenny Wallace thirteen Bobby Hamilton fourteen did Kenny Irwin 5060. To Steve Martin Chad little seventeenth. Hi Dale Earnhardt is eighteen Sterling Marlin is nineteen to Bill Elliott is twentieth. When he first Jimmy Spencer Kyle Petty is 22 Elliott Sadler 23 Michael Waltrip 24 and Jody reject 25. Johnny Benson is 26 Mike Wallace 27 Ricky Rudd 28. And can traitor to the last car on the lead lap in 29 spot. A lap down jury anyway thirtieth Todd provided 31 Wally gallon back in thirty seconds. Ward Burton 33 Darrell Waltrip at 34 Kevin looked aged thirty tip right provided 36 Ron Hornaday and 3738. Place Steve Grissom. And David Green. In 39 spot. Fortieth place. He's Jeremy Mayfield three laps down Terry the body and Rick mass start in the garage after problems early in the event and Robert Presley back on the speedway. After some forty. Early in the event. At the Richmond international raceway we just passed the one quarter avoided tonight's Exide NASCAR select 400 for the NASCAR Winston cup series Tony Stewart is the leader. Got somebody new chasing him now well. It is Jeff Gordon who has made the move around Jeffrey vote buying into the runnerup position he does have a pretty good bit of ground to make up kids start so well. Hard. Gerald. They've made. We'll bring out the yellow flag for the second time tonight it comes out at lap one note to caution on the speedway back to Joseph Moore. Darrell wolf while many may contact going to turn of one may have them coming. Gulf Coast Guard is definitely don't want another win on the outside retaining wall raise the wall. This backs right away. And I caution waiting for the second time with a minute left over 100. And tool. No doubt we will see all the leaders come to pit road here four another stop with the last what's coming back at left over 59 for the race leaders in sixty for the cars a lap down. Quick reminder that later on tonight's broadcast now I will select the winner of the rapist is breaking the race toward the driver who experiences the best break during tonight's race we'll see a 500 dollar donation award to the motor racing outreach children's ministries. On his behalf bravest its brakes so the official breaks the NASCAR and here comes everybody on the pit road right now. As Tony Stewart to leader leads him down to the pit its way down toward the aliens physical while another very slow pit road speed. Military look the money as we said a moment ago has gone behind the pit wall Rick NASA story is how the event Robert Crist. Did come back again as the leaders are on pit road in front of Jim Phillips. It's. Kenny Wallace. Are OK Jimmy Spencer and Dale Jarrett call getting four tires do and we'll carry crews around the left side where you know. It's hard to look. You know Jeff Gordon gets not just in front of Mark Martin picks up a spot things everything. Junior and Bobby Hamilton ten last night Sterling Marlin. It's look at a managed to the last citing how many scarf but not do is significant now on the Marty Snider. Channels haven't pretty good luck tonight he's a little bit loose they're pretty happy they made no adjustments on the stop. He was running in sixteen when he came in Myanmar make note congrats on the last run because he's losing and. Tied off and got tighter off the longer he ran he was not happy and all of my time and an airplane. And help out on why he was running in nineteen again that you might still feeling good right when he hanging in there we've got a little bit of pushing race car right now. And the race off pit road Tony Stewart let everybody back on the speedway Jeff Gordon came out right behind him followed by Mark Martin Mike Skinner and Jeffrey bowed out and that'll be your top five. Feel getting this Siegel will go back racing in one more lap Tony Stewart out in front he has led all but five. The first 108 laps of this event pretty tough so far the CD. Two audience looked awfully good and we see him do that not just. Tonight we see him do it half a dozen times this season as we said when you first came on the air that first win for Tony Stewart cannot be too far away they're just running too good. Not to do individually before the season's over. Hundred late last year on the board we'll put him under green Atlanta 109 with Tony Stewart as a leader. Not only to get the job done a racetrack that team is doing his job for a month pit road to. Outstanding pit work all night here they come off turn before going to be a lot of left dressing down the inside of the leader Stuart going to be trying to get a lap back is they worked their way to start finish line. Here is they do will be one of those cars up there but Stewart's gone like a Jack rabbit no return to. Stewart gets a good jump going into the quarter Jim Morton now climbs the banking just behind in the second spot. Do trying to clear some of the lap traffic first pulling alongside Jeremy Mayfield. Teradata running in thirtieth position first car one lap down as they come off the turn force but I doubt the start finish line. Jeff Gordon now got a couple lapped cars to deal with the Jeremy Mayfield slides up and part of Gordon won an award nominee to be outside playing the blood even when Jeremy Mayfield further back Mark Martin rides along in third at the Mike's got. Should cars kind of taught back in traffic back there trying to scramble out get some running room. A rundown of leaders again Dale Jarrett even that I believe that around this offseason moves closer to. The front that he was a moment ago. Now the scramble again is on I'll turn to do sport goes on the outside plane still trying to shake the car and Jeremy Mayfield. Farther back Mark Martin is free of lap traffic to the minute don't you quickly run up for the back of me feels that she. Then you've got Mike Skinner feeling good challenge for Jeffrey vote behind the airport I'm looking to get fourth spot away in turn one every drives and one of the bottler racetrack alongside my scanner hunters traffic sitting just ahead so he'll have to quickly. Yeah. July Jeffrey bowed out of the whole team that pumped up all weekend here Richmond and he's driving the wheels off that thing right now he's been back throughout the top five or six positions all night long still going to it was Mike Skinner down the inside Skinner on the outside they'll come off the corner door to door racing for the fourth position outside by signing Jeffrey codeine swings around and fun. I succumb more turnover for can't quite get alongside Skinner falls back in line behind chipper and you've got Rusty Wallace Dale Jarrett. And body the body next in line all single wild stars were announced I'm playing now trying to clear the machine of title nine which is down on the inside my. Jeffrey vote on continues to work his way up through the front of the field trying to get absolutely left traffic back there won't be good for the moment has come back pulls him off down the reporter Wally and high groove again Jeffrey at the bottom of the speedway. He's had one of the car's been good at the bottom of the racetrack all night long there in the backstretch works again. Farther back in line Rusty Wallace clears the title line card Dale Jarrett Bobby buddy John Andretti is well social leaders starting to work their way around the traffic can. See they get chased down Tony Stewart they want Stuart. And his team been very impressive so far tonight Stewart the last time the Winston cup circuit race that a short track which was at Bristol of the last weekend of August. Led 225. But the first 250 laps did not wind up getting the win that night. It was very impressive that evening he looks just as strong tonight having led again all but five of the first 117. Laps. Can we stop and consider this is only Tony's second visit here as far as Winston cup car on this racetrack and what he's making you do here tonight. Even more impressive here he comes off turn report back to the line. He is a hit of Jeff Gordon now bias. About eight tenths of a second as it works it way off turn one and two feeling getting to sort out a little bit at the front of the field as it worked away. To Joseph moreover in turn 33. Place Mark Martin now trapped behind the lapped car of Jerry hey you. Jeff Burton digs down underneath Mike Skinner for that spot behind them pot in the body is taken eight spot away from Dale Jarrett. Let's move back up now to where Jeff Burton looks for some running room under Skinner but there's traffic in the way Skinner climb to the high side of the racetrack I'll turn to. Shannon hearted do spit out the name's Jeff Burton when you look at that race car around because it has changed is called persons of color scheme on is just a little bit off from what it used to be you know what I wanna say for second round is that you know. Can't take awhile to get used to. They've got because I always car sliding up the banking and one that is Dale Earnhardt junior might get a little nudging traffic but he gathers a vacuum without hitting anything it continues on the way. Back to Jeff Burton because of the night race here. And now maybe perhaps because it's their sponsors races well the front and on the car the good and up front quarter panel stated very neon purple here tonight. Julia of any trouble they get it out from a distance on the racetrack that's for sure yeah sure you can see. Still got a good running race car works when the bodies the way he's been able to run behind groovy and they blew from the low groove this time he gets underneath Mike Skinner out of turn number four. She's a little bit. A closer to the front of the deal puts him up in fifth position Tony Stewart still leads the pack over and turn three. It's. Dives down underneath mayfield off the corner table cleared him has figured out the turbulent farther back Rusty Wallace. Feeling some heat from Bobby Gilani who try to take the seventh spot. We'll wait for him 123 laps in the books in the Exide NASCAR select 400 Tony Stewart has been the commentators so far this evening. Richmond international raceway this is MRN radio. She. Chicago land speed wade turns up the volume September 14 through seventeen. Here's Sunday September 17 for a fundraiser concert by country music artist Josh turner. Followed by NASCAR's best racing tickets for details of the turtles 400 are available now. And every race ticket is a concert tickets get your tickets now at Chicago land speed wave dot com. Chicago land speedway the monster energy NASCAR cup series playoffs start. Whatever you drive wherever you go Hercules tires we'll get in there whether you're running on their. Running a job. Hard dependable high quality tires of a perfect fit your needs. Strong match value selection in warranty with the industry leading road hazard protection there's only one choice. Hercules irons to learn more visit Hercules tired dot. Or call 806779535. Hercules tires right on our strength. Leader Tony Stewart crosses the start finish line of the Richmond international raceway completing the 130. Of 400 laps at tonight's Exide NASCAR select 400. We're racing network with live coverage for you the 25 event. The NASCAR Winston cup series season's been all Tony Stewart so far all but five of these first 130 laps The Home Depot Pontiac has led. You're wincing over there when you're looking at. They learn it goner there for secondly got free why you start finish line looked like he might have been contacting the car was hit it down toward the infield out there you know suddenly straightened out there. Scary when we're there for just second. Up front Stewart leading Jeff Gordon by about fifteen car lengths about ten more darlings back to Mark Martin who is third. Then pretty decent gap back to Jeffrey bovine whose fourth the races for fifth now. Body the body was running eighth a couple of laps to go past Rusty Wallace for seven past Mike Skinner for six. He's trying to pass Jeff Burton for fifth intact to complete that moved before they even get back to turn number one money. Pulls up but what Jeff Burton has become for the quarter and now Mike Skinner my. They settled back in single file off turn two before it back in the straightaway. Jeff Burton got a strong race car but it seems like cars kicking up a little bit reporters giving us just get along side racing in the and even there he's lost a couple of why does not mean. You keep that car up in the groove and kind of make blocks I guess is this would include some of the guys are getting around 133 that's a 133 laps or complete. They still chased Tony Stewart. It's kind of scary to see somebody get a race car dialed in as good as he can't we see it all the time at a given practice normally do that Carly good or whatever. When you get one as good Steward is I'm guessing the driver worries about it is it is this thing that'll last like this all night. Tony said we talk to him during the pre race portion of our broadcast tonight he said the trick is keeping it good all night. Making the right adjustments. Was to work that he and a couple of other drivers use in our free racing because the conditions. And what the car needs to run maximum speed on the racetrack would change over the course of the evening. B and right now at lap 135. What it takes will be a little bit different than what you need to be bright Atlanta 335. We've set up for the final sprint to the checkered flag so that a lot of that rests in the communication of the feedback that Tony has to give back directive Billy's crew chief for the rest of the team. What they do to the car on pit road after getting that feedback can make it the right decisions to have that cars still be perfect all leaping long. He's perfect right now I knew what to say that we're not if it does he's going to be a hard hit. Chance that's for sure here comes Tony off turner reform back into the straightaway about the rundown Taylor into the field one more time. Jeff Gordon was a whole lot closer maybe 1520 laps ago that he is right now Joe Horn he's losing ground to the game. Yeah ground before Stewart does catch after the Taylor of the field so let's give you one apartment grace updates here at this point we're working at left over 138. Stewart has led all but five of those laps Mike Skinner and he traded the lead. Three times in the first four laps of the race before Stewart went out in front except for giving his teammate Bobby the bloody chance to get a couple of bonus points for leading a lap. It has been all Tony Stewart so far. To caution flags left 55 Terri the body cut down right front tire bounced off the wall in turn number one he is retired from the evening. And I the only driver out of the race so far up 102 Darrell Waltrip and Kyle Petty get together a return to meet one. Crashing but the caution being thrown at that point he has second yellow of the evening. Robert Presley spent time in the garage earlier tonight with the an actual problem he is back on the speedway Rick masters in the garage he had a flat right front tire is well. His car is still being worked on hoping to get that machine back into the race a little bit later in the evening. And also Jeremy Mayfield kind of flat right front tire back about forty to go caution there but mayfield has fallen three laps. Behind as a result. Of that problem. On the lead lap both the 43 starters we have 25 of them at the moment with Tony Stewart heading your way. Army recently he's been brought to you like she saw finished each week the top drivers in the NASCAR craftsman truck Busch and Winston cup series. Pete on the track to provide the best entertainment and motor sports off the track competition ends in NASCAR's leading drivers agreed to supply their fans with the best of Maryland racing. Tayshaun that it the authentic trackside apparel of NASCAR. Now back to the race where the chase is on. Just like Jake's been on most of the evening still trying to run down Tony Stewart Jeff Gordon isn't losing all that much ground to him again. But he isn't gaining anything either and that's Tony has caught the tail into the field one more time over in turn brings. It's. He's your go to work on him. Behind the leaders Bobbie the body is chased down fourth placed Jeffrey boat ride off of turn toward ducks to the inside to try to put a move on and take that spot away. So after having some trouble on pit stop and losing some ground earlier the body try to rally his way back to the brought under green. It's time it's. Like going. She's on the money would be looking for his first win here at Richmond or on a short track for that matter. He finally gets around different what I need Jesus way a little closer to the front of the field has picked up leader in heavy traffic in the backstretch. Tired towards. Ballclub the quarter but remember feeling under the weather. I yesterday had Dick Trickle practicing and qualifying his car Elton Sawyer also helping out a little bit there in the early morning practice tricky hope would be able to be strong enough to go the distance tonight. Trader. Stewart and very heavy traffic they're three wide just in front this time he's kind of take it easy a little bit as they work their way off into the corner I'm sure looked straight ahead. Takes the high groove around now they break it up just a little bit the leader. Might lose some ground to meet Jeff Gordon you'll be able to chasing down because he's being held up for the moment and traffic can turn three. The one added David Greene hit trader on wall. That package broken up a little bit Stewart drops out of the inside lane beginning to try and pick his way through those cars. What it's 947. Laps in the book to the Exide NASCAR select 400. In Richmond Michael Waltrip gets in trouble on the racetrack because we'll smoke out from behind his machine and keep up off of turner report. He has slowed and is heading to pit road Michael in 22 position on the lead lap at the time not been a good couple weeks for Michael. He has not finished the last two straight races. After running into problems the crash that wasn't his making at Darlington a week ago. Michael kinda start to hunt around for that four leaf clover TV confided. And you'll find a rabbit food or something in the start of the season off so good at Daytona everybody thought they were really got to get it done here he is in the pits of Belize and take part of the garage. And we'll get an update there as to what the problem is and just a moment when Michael is taking the car into the garage area for the building through for the evening you know we'll find out your minutes. Tony Stewart continues to set the pace here at Richmond Jeff Gordon rise in the number two spot Mark Martin still hangs in there in third. Bond and money is fourth he's got a good race car difficult time. Now I can't say enough about him when they have done their work here tonight as they worked their way often determine who won the leaders about to exit into the backstretch. He's doing now working its way don't turn him down back right away Jeff Gordon find that behind for the Stewart's gone wild night. Farther back he'd change for the sixth position Mike Skinner put around Jeff Burton for that spot to put the pole sitter for tonight's dinner. Are they position and Jeff Burton who. Has set had a pretty good bit of success here in 1990 got in the NASCAR Winston cup series including a billion dollar win at Darlington we can go. Back one more spot may lose another what is Rusty Wallace goes after him. Just as a fixed. So you. We will play. Maintain his position on the racetrack this can look and see who believe it was about to laugh I think he just put Bill Elliott a lap down and he. He would be the 24 place starting give me an idea he has almost laughed about half the field right now he's getting it done. Tony Stewart sitting a blistering pace in the opening half. I'll tonight's Exide NASCAR so like 400. Next weekend motor racing network follows a NASCAR Winston cup series to the New Hampshire International Speedway for the durden Kmart 300. Our broadcast weekend begins on Friday. But bud pole qualifying at 4 o'clock eastern time then next Sunday one week from tomorrow noon eastern time our broadcast of the tour Luke Kmart 300 at New Hampshire. Then we move on and a couple of weeks of the monster mile Dover Delaware to begin DNA gold 400 on Sunday the 26. Also that weekend but pole qualifying on Friday September 24. The NASCAR live special edition that evening the NASCAR craftsman truck series of Orleans 250 from Las Vegas Motor Speedway. And in the NASCAR Busch Series in DNA gold 200 on Saturday the twentieth so it's going to be busy weekend it a couple of weeks off the monster mile in Dover Delaware. In three weeks Martinsville Speedway in the Napa auto care 500 October the third tickets still available for that event gets called the Martinsville Speedway ticket office at NASCAR Winston cup series. Short track racing in Virginia on October the third let's go to pit road. I like what happened. If they did they really got to live problem. It came up with a guy a great job great cars that. Right now because. We were doing the path. Michael did have a pretty good run going. Once fancy yellow card having a good evening but not the case right now. At 163. Laps there's still chasing Tony Stewart as a leader he has an advantage of about 1810 seconds over Jeff Gordon mark Martin's third body the body is fourth Jeffrey vote on its fifth. Mike Skinner is six rusty Wallace's seven Dale Jarrett late Bobby Hamilton tonight Jeff Burton. Make it tough team. Maybe a little bit here in this segment of the race the rest of the lead lap cars getting your what is elevenths deep march 12. Chad little is up to thirteen after starting 32. Fourteenth right now is Ted musgrave and Sterling Marlin is fifty. John Andretti sixty Jimmy Spencer seventeenth Kenny Wallace C team Dale Earnhardt junior nineteenth Dale Earnhardt twentieth. 21 place Kyle Petty. Is the last car on the lead lap. Side by side for sixth and seventh spot to deter one Rusty Wallace on the move he'll pick up a position there. Straight away. I'll watch. Soldier trying to get as many. Points as he can here this evening he has seen his lead sly little bit in the last couple of races from Bristol down Darlington tonight he wants to get back in form. The kind of finishes they've had all season long top fives top threes and wins as he works his way out of turn over to. Once you Stewart crossed the line and hit back off and term of one. We're sending you thank you a moment ago you always see some. Places down in the pits and different ways to come stock car races that you sometimes don't expect to see you on a high prices help down there a couple of hits tonight so to speak. Not a beat. We held counting the hits particularly the Petty Enterprises teach it to let hole. Troubling turn one jab little hard into the outside wall sparks trailing from behind the machine is he went up into the quarter perhaps the right front tire again for this one. Chad little brings out the caution flag for the third time in the event with a hard shot into the wall. In turn over one. Joseph Morton have a look at that. Gephardt just kind of found a snapshot of while he's brought along the wall for the image of turn one all the way to the end of the first zoo where a car now six Janice tropical weather event that. While the car off and on. Speedway as the third 1 of the evening at lap 168. The yellow flag is waving when Jan little smacked the wall in turn one he wrote that wall for maybe two or 300 feet the leaders of all that on pit road for stops Jim Phillips. Tony George within the source Rusty Wallace. Lot of nobody has been. Spring river alike when his car was tying Dale Jarrett and many gazans spots. So that's the story here wasted Kelly has more in front of him. Jeff Gordon's. Still the first down and away followed by Mark Martin Martin made a little bit harder I think there are. Florida now comes out cars Martin's second. Starts back with the at times feel now about Marty Snider. Dell and arcane and running toward. To listen Elliott Sadler had a pretty good run in twenty seconds apart for a bit then made no adjustments. On Elliott Sadler is going to Sonoma Chad little scar. They just have a car or Chad wanted to run a pretty good moved up close to the top ten but now obviously I had an accident around out there on the racetrack. And Jeff Gordon wins the race off pit road he takes over the lead Mark Barton comes out second Tony Stewart will come out back in third. The body the body of Jeffrey go to I'm rounding out the top five. That race off pit road we told you was won by Jeff Gordon lest you be briefing the tough kid after this round of pit stops Gordon is now the leader Mark Martin second Tony Stewart's third bond and money came up fourth Jeffrey vote on his fifth. Rusty Wallace will be six Dale Jarrett seventh Jeff Burton is eight Mike Skinner ninth and Bobby Hamilton in the top CN right now so not a whole she's at the front of the field. Not a race goes by here at Richmond where the State's chief executive does not drop by and participate in the activities here at the racetrack always a pleasure to welcome governor Jim Gilmore the commonwealth of Virginia who are broadcast. Thank you for having a senior find state once again and and welcome to our broadcast. Alan Barney thanks very much for having on not a big NASCAR fan this is a big NASCAR state and we just great delighted to be here at this great event tonight to be here with you and all fans across the United States. Nothing had an event like this does not happen without cooperation from local county and state government side I imagine a lot of your folks who work underneath you have a big hand in all the coordination of things like traffic and safety and so on that make this thing a success. We have all that but you know we're very proud to Virginia's big tourist stage. It's not only are NASCAR stated to tourist state we like to welcome people here and let him sleep some of the great history and some of the great recreation. And our NASCAR just plays a real important part in time. And of course Virginia being the capital city the state I imagine you've been hearing all the buzz around town in the build up leading to the race it must be pretty significant. But again I've been doing this for a long time I've been a fan for a lot of years we have a lot of Virginia drivers I had a chance to go and visit with all of before the race. Saw your Ricky Rudd and Rick mascot glam dot think understood that Rick mast may be history kind of start then its direct. And of course warden Jeff Burton who do so well land. And you know we're very proud Elliot Sadler we're proud of all of them laughed my personal. Drivers is Rusty Wallace but I think that the we will we're hoping that all the Virginia drivers do well tonight then and we're excited about the success of this race. Governor always pleasure to have you listen again thanks for all the you are the folks senior state do to make his welcome here at Richmond Allan thank you we're very proud of this facility here at Richmond international raceway we think the sort of famine does a great job in and we're most happy when people come and we're delighted to so many iron 3000 fans here tonight and we're just very very happy about it here Virginia. Governor thanks governor Jim Gilmore the commonwealth of Virginia here witnessed an idea at the Exide NASCAR select 400 as we get set to go back racing. Like when the governor Gilmore comes in because he he slept most state who your favorite driver is you don't wish him a chance to play out like a ball. There every everybody's got a favorite driver we're glad you're gonna do then thanks for stopping by to see if we're not ready to go back to green flag racing really chasing Jeff Gordon this time Mark Martin lines up right behind him followed by Tony Stewart who gave up the lead and falls back to third after that round of pit stops. Lot of the money is fourth on the restart Jeffrey vote on his fifth. Believe Joni which it is going to be the first car a lap down down the inside of the leader and he's gonna try and race Gordon turn of one but Gordon is gone I mean he gets non real quick down turner. From one. Gets out front single file all by himself out of turn two. Mark Martin the second place man not going to work on Jodie detected clear get your back straightaway. Behind him his third. I've Stewart's been behind just about all leaving long receive pressures Mark Barton tried you know put around him but I stole into the garage to Marty Snider. Capitalist making great progress on the racetrack and then what happened can I heard the reference are going internal one and the John Deere car hit a wall I guess that's all I can say you know this is. Unfortunate because there really early we're running good we cannot tenth thirteenth from. 32. They don't really movement card and the sort of the car didn't even have a bad person. The tires still blown. And Chad little and goodnight covad he's done for the evening. It's only zero wasted no time in getting out of all that Pak strategy was in he's gone from third to second right now about. Ford car lengths behind the leader in turn three if there was ever any question she. Both local and now let's start Jose called Jeff Gordon. Now body the body try to find his way around mark Martin's. It's TV you get up there and take third spot away injuring two on it takes to the outside of the racetracks coming up off turnover Susie if he can put this car up alongside mark. So money finds little running room out of the corner shelves of fender underneath Mark Martin he's gonna racing door to door in turn number one that's the way they go to the bottom of the racetrack is the money to the high side as Mark Martin that when isn't over yet there in the backstretch fueling the third spot here side by side of the facts she. Sort of door of the body inside Martin outside Bobby squeeze is about half of his car out in front of mark at the start finish line but mark draws even with the again as they go back to one side by side coming back in the desert now the traffic behind them start to close it somewhat. Jeffrey good sign seeing right here behind him. Shana served notice he's got a strong race guard Jeff Gordon's very strong right now Tony Stewart got out of that packet traffic. Put itself back up for the second place but the interval between himself from the leader Jeff Gordon. But as Jordan's maybe a Carly this time around as they were off to donate clothes that someone Bonnie Bonnie now starts a real win Tony Stewart this. Stood behind ducking down but the bottom side of the racetrack continuing the terrific running this ad throughout the first half of this event. Coming up to lap 250 laps are now. I think crossed flags the leader collects the 101000 dollar Gatorade front runner reward for Gator radio officials weren't string of NASCAR's. I'm. Basically the plan was to make it all the way and he couldn't go all the way they were just gonna park the car because they wanna take this part of Loudon but Ricky cities got a great race car. They can't stay there. Change for the lead down in turn one Tony Stewart chase down Jeff Gordon finally found a lane and opening up at flash dot by Zurich gold that I thought. Like you found a passing here in that car as quickly as he ran Jeff Gordon now we caught him coming off turn four simply drove underneath even now he's pulled away by a scarlet. He's not shaking Jeff all that much however. All of a sudden here's spotted the body he has three comics and getting up there and being the third car in this equation. Plotting a little light here at this stage of the race to get an explosive somewhat harsh. So I'll be the body closing quickly on him Mark Barton kind of fading a little bit back to the front three maybe 1012 car lengths behind in fourth. Now Rusty Wallace in fifth position try to close it on market. Jeffrey bovine all of a sudden it's dropped back to the sixth position. And he's feeling pressure from Dale Jarrett. The chair Starr has been pretty good all night but he is not putting it any kind of precarious position he needs to come out of here with a top ten finish right now he's the sandwiches that come off turn over to mixed in between a couple of cars putting the heat on. I show. Also Tony Stewart leads tonight's NASCAR Winston cup series race at the Richmond international raceway in Virginia. He's about to come across start finish line and completely 199. Lap. Next time back around we'll be halfway through the red let's follow the leader as he tries to collect the 101000 dollar Gatorade money tonight. Nancy Grace of back up off turn every few. It was five car late last time they passed be returned three. Feeling golf tournament before we see the cross flags and indicating we're halfway home in the event here tonight at Richmond Nancy is just picked up 101000 dollars a day. Gatorade is now until he with the Gatorade front runner reward leading at the halfway point. What they have noticed about Tony's car ahead it does not fall off and has all night we're halfway in this race and every time. He's running. Nobody's been able chasing down minute car seems as good enter runs fifty lapses and that's when it runs first to agree on brand new tires there. Steady all night long we're Stewart who has about three Carling son Jeff Gordon isn't able to get away from Gordon Mike gentry pastor at this time though. Joseph Gordon can hang it right whether these last several laps. Under the boards about five Carly just seven Carly channels free throws a little bit as. Fire up again as they entered turn. She has to carnage between first and second about three or four back to third place star Bobby the body but it's a long gap back to Rusty Wallace the fourth place machine rusty is almost still probably 2530 carnage behind them. He's gonna have company here very shortly Mark Martin closes in on him off turn two. A little bit further back as Dale Jarrett trying to hold off. Okay I'm listening to the race. Tries to dive a party chair and gets the fender up to the inside as they come across the start finish line now tries to draw even with a as they died down real deterrent one side by side racing. The fans of Dale Jarrett. He'll pull even. Anyway can't draw for the outside my. They love Bob he's really picked up face and because the whole team's turnaround they've run strong the last two or three races and right now they're going edit here Richmond trying to get around they'll share right now I think we're still way off into a corner that will leave for seventh place this diligently now turn to. Dale Jarrett hangs on to the food. Up ballclub turn number four the leader complete slept over 205 in the race let's take you back to the field lets you know where they run it half way. Tony Stewart leads Jeff Gordon by about three car lengths Gordon closing in on Stuart Little bit right now. Bobby the body back in the third and now Rusty Wallace up to fourth and Mark Martin back to fifth. Jeff Burton is in six Bobby Hamilton around Dale Jarrett for seventh kicking DG 88 Jeffrey codeine is slid to the ninth spot now with Mike Skinner rounding out the top TN. Eleven to Sterling Marlin street parking is twelve Kenny Wallace thirteenth Jimmy Spencer fourteen to Dale Earnhardt fifteen. Sixties Kenny Irwin Ted musgrave is seventy John Andretti is eighteen Dale Earnhardt junior is nineteenth. Kyle Petty is the last car on the lead landed twenty inch line first Carlyle downers Ricky Rudd and when he first Johnny Bench in his 22. Jody rejects 23 Mike Wallace 44 than title by just 45. 26 is feel lonely it can traders 27 Jerry needing 28 delegates separate 29. And bully down and khakis thirtieth first start two laps down his rental lying 31. Ron Hornaday 32 Steve Bruce and 33. Kenneth the page 34 and David Green in 35 position 36 place held down by Ward Burton Darrell Waltrip runs in 37. The only car three laps down is Jeremy Mayfield in 38. Michael Waltrip and Robert Presley now back on the racetrack after time behind the wall for repairs. They are running in 39 and fortieth spots chat a little Rick mast and Terry the body. We have Bob we'll actually Rick Nash back on the racetrack after much time in the garage earlier he's 46 in Chandler voluntary the body are right now the only two drivers well I love you man. And that is the full field just fast halfway there appears to be a lot of. Plus the smoke out the rear of the Chevrolet and he is well off the base. Real heartbreaker for different voter I wanna be his best runs of the year going it's the ninth circuit with a possibility of a good tough solid top five finish. And off the pace right now not good news for Jeffrey gold mine after the kind of runs in his head all night long here he is out of. Turner before in the front straightaway and indeed he is way off they still working his way around the racetrack I have no indication you don't see any smoke got a car. But he still I'm still out there running load up travel off turn four. Ward Burton stands just where the leaders come through Stewart takes to the eight bring Jeff Gordon and body the body all the way to the outside wall is Burton's car seat passenger side door facing back to work traffic right past the start finish line. Caution on the speedway it comes out of lap 211. Again a scary moment for the leaders and everybody else who's running that close to him not to make some contact we have Ward Burton he sits facing traffic on all the way down the yellow line at the inside the racetrack. Caution is on the speedway as everybody comes out of Ronald leaders all on pit road for stops at lap 213 Jim Phillips. Later told Fuhrman went out and playing the. We're using and real feelings and you've just been hearing you felt like giving. It's hard to go to win. Kelly. Thank you Jim Gordon are marvelous line air pressure adjustment on Jeff Gordon's car a slight chance it just took one round on mark Martin's cart Jeff for about nine. Loses a couple of spots here if they think the motors going sound on that car. Bobby Hamilton and Ted musgrave among the drivers getting four tires and fuel economy section pit road Marty Snider. Dale Earnhardt came in running fifteen his cars that tiger and finding out all night long. There was any injury he Roddy was standing by but at the last minute. Think Michael was also standing by in the cards thick it's funny and right now Rickey brought us climb from the tide Ford. And the strapping it trickled into the. And the race off pit road is gonna war be won again by Jeff Gordon's team they're doing their bit work and homework tonight to get him back out there Mark Martin comes out second Bob the bunny rides third after good pit stop Tony Stewart falls back to fourth. Jeff Burton would be fifth Rusty Wallace will be six on the restart Dale Jarrett seventh bombing Hamilton eight Steve park nineteen typical dynamic of the top ten for the moment. Jeff Gordon will lead on the restart with mark Martin's second body the body there at the double the driver of the night Tony Stewart now back in fourth. With Jeff Burton fifth in the rest of the top ten off pit road. Rusty Wallace Dale Jarrett Bobby Hamilton Steve marquis and Sterling Marlin. Tony lost a little bit on that network puts you back in fourth place for the seat he'll be able to get back up there's a green goes back in the air and Jeff Gordon takes office. Our number 11 car a lap down the inside again will feature everybody feels he's going to try to get one of those laps back he works. On Jeff Gordon while Mark Martin works on him mark my itself. Shields relapse now try to get one of them back as they come up off the corner he is underneath Gordon at the start finish line with Jeff trying to hang in top of the outside that are on check up furlong mark Martin's right behind you may feel pretty strong look at him sidelined this time miss Johnny added getting back one of those laps he races dead even with Gordon at the end of it was a shame that Germany had the problem in the early going to put in three left behind as good as the race car is he's been able to stay up there with a lead pack can still race is door to door with Gordon has just trying to get one of those laps back it is not for the lead. Come off turn over suit now on the back straightaway with Jeremy Mayfield again racing alongside Jeff Ford's. They both speak English. Yeah here's David Green can be soft introductory green flag stop while the leaders still buying him Jeff Gordon skill. With the Latin card Jeremy Mayfield of the he has inside Baghdad to court seems to pull model that out of club mayfield coming into turn one but the timing and turned over to lose though Wakefield again pulls even. Does it racing at the front of the field is allowed Jeff Gordon to pull away from Mark Martin who has now stewed up into the number two position. He's got plenty of company go for the second spot right now. Bobby LaMont even breathing down his neck the last four or five laps around our city to get final lap car Bill Elliott this time down bottle funny. I'll waffled turner report at this time Jeff Gordon leaders completely clear Jeremy Mayfield the last car. Bobby the body the fourth place bribery on CB third place is clear all the lap traffic as well the triangle after Mark Martin. Tony Stewart trying to go after him teammates to a battle near the factory she. Has nowhere to go wheels up back in single file behind Bill Elliott Tony Stewart not making any moves for the moment I don't know he just continued to ride their with a feels sort out and then see what happens before he makes the movie did that before. We swept back into believe they hit for three plus years sure yeah. Due to downed Dallas fort Jeremy Mayfield could use caution here while we still incredibly important to completely get that lap back. Behind Gordon. They all run single file this time back in the front straightaway we talked about Dale Earnhardt junior he is back in seventeenth position. Chicken move was seen Delhi what's going on in the T. Right problem going there lose in the right. Right front of the car so that's why they can't be extra pit stop getting back down pit road Gloucester numbers spots after having a good run tonight. And on different but I'm they've lost this Eleanor. Tough luck here use of the top five most of the night for every night. He is the last car on the lead lap down in twentieth Dale Earnhardt junior in sixteenth position also on the lead lap scored in the garage curriculum walking us. Taller first of all you okay. I'm hurting I got the common denominator I think it is coming up man. You're gonna marketing. Right why ammonium. Well I don't know how these guys weren't yardage this thing all talk no you know what I really don't really need to run of the warnings about then President Clinton much hard work and doing. They deserve zero. As we sit there and they're standing by the last minute astounding fact that's an and they wanted to leave no time. So if you Rhode having a good race car veered currently showing back in thirtieth position with the triple aboard as the driver. That's shuffling of the top five party from second spot on back off turn two minute ago Tony Stewart made the good news working on Clark mark. Sam could have a battle for the lead here very shortly bottom Bonnie look like this time out of turn before he's gonna try and dive underneath the leader Jeff Gordon. Thought Fedorov and see what he does off turn two right. Their record this time is it to the corner but they are closing in on the look hard at Jeremy Mayfield again just didn't want to help. To get third wave from Tony Stewart off turn four can't hook it up falls back in line single file behind him while Bobby nobody is right on Jeff Gordon's bumper start to put some pressure on to believe I'll be sizing up Jeff Gordon for a chance to pass meanwhile Jeff Burton does complete the massive Tony Stewart. So we'll get. Set a good solid race car all night long hasn't really over extended atlas was this enough turner before Bob the body gets around this time fender inside the leader as he works his way down into turn one gets the full body of the car up there door to door. In a car directly ahead holding up right now might be the pitch for him to get. The league champion Pontiac don't have a side by side. By side of the race leaving the start finish line Gordon with a nose out in front of the body tries to believe it would have been recorded eleven car Jeremy may feel just the brunt of the side by side race. Bottom line again on the attack trying to speak gently inside to make the pass to Jeff Gordon look at Sean early outside later. Start this directly ahead of the leader is Jeremy Mayfield who got one of his laps back in Germany's driving the wheels off that thing to stay out there hope the caution comes out you'll be able to maybe get in the position picked up another left should they go back. Because she's up there to prove the field with a shot to get around liter one more time on the body again as bus to take the lead away and three. The third position you're telling you. Why go to break. For start finish line nobody inside Gordon outside and Stewart does pass Jeff Burton for third this time and won the body hopes that knowledge out in front again. Closing at a lap cars Jeremy Mayfield be sitting just in front of Jeff Burton Bonnie Bonnie hopes he'll stay there for a while. I signed. She's staying up sort of in an outside group club and bodies are very strong at the bottom of the racetrack so it would be an advantage if you can stay up there where he is maybe the but nobody has a lead for the moment it's almost a dead heat off the corner between Bobby the body and Jeff Gordon back in three. He finally talk show. That race for the lead got pinned up behind Jeremy Mayfield it is changed hands nobody has gone by at the top spot Bobby Tony Stewart's got a second we've got trouble often turn to with a caution flag is out. I think it's not a race track glanced off the ball both cars it's. And the caution waiting for the fifth time of the event tonight here at 11240 the top five is completely shuffled around. The body the body finally pin Jeff Gordon in behind the Jeremy Mayfield car it's now the body Tony Stewart. Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton and Mark Martin your top five. The leaders are all on pit road for service that's go to Jim Phillips. On Easter was okay. Follows Bobby the money also do you Murton. And also failed chairmanship retires twisted Kelly had Jeff Gordon Kennedy was fast off that Jack. And he was a first down and away the midsection pit road one more time Mark Martin call in line behind him. Gordon's car just a little bit tight that time so we wanted to bring it back up a little bit as Gordon comes out with Billy Martin to second behind Mark Martin was cars. Maryland marlin and Bobby Hamilton followed him out Ted musgrave coming Greta how many are still working on the long. Earnhardt junior now the Bill Elliott and more coming out there right now on the Marty's night. I'm down okay. Dale Earnhardt made great progress on that last run when I'm 1918. Rather beyond tonight. I'm very happy with the race car right now for Dale Earnhardt also Elliott Sadler infuriated me right now among other. And again Jeff Gordon's crew does the job on pit road he comes back out first followed by Mark Barton and Bob and the body fourth call it. Pit road would be Jeff Burton Tony Stewart comes up fifth Steve park six so Steve have a good run and I saw another pretty good the pit crews doing a good job for a month pit road. Surfaces in sixth position Rusty Wallace still have an autopsy and he is seventh Dale Jarrett is eight chip remote sign his ninth and Dale Earnhardt make it tough to end. How valuable this pit crew well how many laps to body the body work Jeff Gordon to try and get the lead away from him. Like ten laps side by side to get the lead work and work and work and work. And now and one stop on pit road all of that is negated because Gordon's crew got him out first. Mark Martin's crew got here about second now bodies back to third and he just trying to get by both of those cars one more time. So was Gordon's crew tip of the cap to them the rainbow warriors doing their thing all night long tonight they've got him off pit road first. In what we've had 1234. Or five sets a pit stops for the leaders. And Gordon's crew is getting about first but he didn't go in first the last three times. Good work on pit road for them they don't miss a beat not too many times today making any mistakes all the pit crews are good. But the these guys just seem to do it week after week back to the pits us talked to break at Delhi the second here. And. The driver. We've been there all night. Yeah we've got a good darling just. Meaning it may now. Atlanta man. My okay. Drivers that they should dead today a lot of laps tonight the young rookie. Bad they're looking five entered the pits also. Capital blade. Yes your vote I ended despite the fact of having a few problems are back country road and a couple of extra stops to really get under the hood and can take that car over. Still staying up there would just look see and have a good finish after having. As good a run isn't it nearly going. Gonna lose a lap here though with the hood up on that car the pit road as the green flag waves and leaders to ought to report back up to full speed. This time it's Jodie reject out of the inside of Jeff Gordon trying to get a lap back and scored leaves a Mark Martin Bobby the money back to one coordinates of those that are automated Jack between turns one and two that need to check pulls back alongside. Once they get this back straightaway. Song plus some of the hardest racing we've seen all my December lapped cars trying to get a lap back for more on the leader Tony was just going ahead again with the Jeff Gordon is a get out of turn over to determined to get up there and get ahead of the leaders he can't. What is going to be able to get away from this time finally as we get the facts right away now Mark Morris. He reject running in twentieth position the first car one lap down and see is unsuccessfully getting back on the tail end of the week laughter. Jeff Gordon Mark Martin now we're hit and run nose to tail for the lead at one bottom line the next guy who tries to get by the traffic he goes behind sign the racetrack cleared Jody detection machine to. They're stacked up behind him. Scramble again out term reform this time Mark Martin dives down inside the leader trying to take it away from Jeff Gordon he's got the position hasn't got the horsepower to good enough to handle on the car to get away from me they are still signed the sign off turn two mark's got a stock analysts on the racetrack. That was scored physical. Off the corner nearly making. Contact. I've car flying formation for the lead Mark Martin gets a really good run up off turn four. Just quite doesn't beat Jeff Gordon the start finish line Melbourne and still not get as little lap and collected those bonus points tonight they're side by side coming off turn over to Jeff Gordon with the outside lanes covered Mark Martin living inside. Jeff Gordon a lot of acceleration in the Chevrolet down the backstretch pool Martin into the corner it hasn't come off turn reform mark that's where he gets this strong run. Again he's inside the leader down in turn over one but that's about all they can do is they go off turn to Jeff Gordon gets a little better run this time it's turned over to pulls out in front of Mark Martin and Clark still Natalie inside my. It's. And Jeff Burton runs at the top side of Mark Martin offer journal reported try and take third position away Tony Stewart right behind. Burton clears Martin here goes stewards of the outside aren't just lets all get by some fun for machines get my point all I can finally get the problem for Dale Jarrett. She did a good job given a car from really bouncing off the wall lost a lot of ground but he's got the race card want peace and plenty of time to make it up as Dick Trickle and Ricky Rhodes targets tank coming off the corner and we almost handed jam up there. Coming off the turn up in turn four back to front of the field and turned three. Stewart trying to get authority Jeff Burton and take the third spot away from he import cars now information racing for the top spot Jeff Gordon leading the body Stewart and Burton. Bonnie and scored the high sign the racetrack Tony Stewart all my himself down low right now racing alongside teammate Lotta fun. Shares fell all the way back to fourteenth position here comes a four car group authored a report live by Jeff Gordon hot scramble for the second place right now Tony Stewart working on Bob in the body they almost my little contact getting into the corner Stewart's going after the lead off turn two Stewart goes final body pulls up alongside Jeff Gordon looking at it gets a very good. Tony Stewart on the move trying to run from fourth up to the lead in the space of just a couple of laps he's got the standard the inside of Jeff Gordon crossed the start finish line. He draws even with a return one tries to run about the racetrack a little winning two side by side I'll turn over to the stewardess they are trying to get the good run off turnovers new halfway down the back straightaway. They were sitting so the best racing at night here Richmond right now they work their way back into the corner again Tony Stewart determined I'm gonna get the leading U. Pushes Jordan of the racetrack just a little bit this time uses up that roof makes it real wide he's got he might have for Carly but can he stay out there finally clears it now. 261 complete 139 to go at Richmond Tony Stewart leads now Jeff Burton and Jeff Gordon running side by side to load figure out who's gonna be the runner up at this point. Bobby the body back in fourth and Mark Martin holding down the field position. For the Richmond international raceway this is a morning radio. I'm Steve post cold most of them aren't we mentioned joint air and over him in the every Tuesday at noon he sure none of them aren't dot com payload on the Omar left. And join us was drumming in the on Saturdays at 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM eastern all male team game. We thought the Biggest Loser for cars and give you the latest move the greatest results for the third drive around the country. MRI and wingers should not have armed guards on the beat them aren't half bad mouth the. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So filmmaker high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump or into the pit. You can trust Sunoco the speed of fuel that feeds you go second camp a Sunoco fuel going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of great. At the Richmond international raceway Jeff Burton has tried for about the last dozen laps to get second spot away from Jeff Gordon but unsuccessful. In trying to make that little group work for a People's Bank it's like in third position we're now. Tony Stewart leads Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton and Bob anybody's fourth Mark Martin is being Steve Martin six. The man of the move in this segment of the races Dale Earnhardt was ripping his way up through the top ten in the seventh spot Rusty Wallace is seen Sterling Marlin night Kinnear wouldn't stand. Looking at the rest of the nineteen card lead lap eleven this Ted musgrave John Andretti is twelve. Mike Skinner thirteenth Dale Jarrett fourteen Bobby Hamilton 58 Dale Earnhardt junior's sixteenth Kenny Wallace seventeenth. Jimmy Spencer eighteen could Kyle Petty nineteenth right. Now and all those cars are on the lead lap for us we Europeans Tony Stewart worked his way back into turns one and two. Talk about a strong race car he is head and all evening long as we point out a moment ago he doesn't get any slower when they run forty left runner fifty left runner until left rookie card receipts. The as consistent as anything out there has to be awfully hard to beat you may get his first win was secure racing here tonight a lot of racing left. As a matter of fact we have a 132 laps left. As Tony again is about to chase down the tail end of the field left that caution that round of pit stops she's out of turn two. Don't forget he's got a big lead over second. Like Jeff Gordon Deal. Again Burton tried and tried and tried the bottom lane couldn't make it work to get by Gordon silk. Right now what appears at the topside is the way to right here return tonight here's a really don't pit road. We'll be an unscheduled stop at McDonald's machine Atlanta to 69 Winston Kelley. I am five right. Wow my whole life it is not resent the engine off if anything might think something. And drive line. Forward looking like you're gonna bring you behind the wall. What party Dale Earnhardt saw the movies try to get a spot away from Mark Martin here and had a good run and coming off a turnover or couldn't quite get defender underneath in their off turn two at this time they alleged the moved. Secession aren't aren't just flash Stanley slide it's. Started 33 on the evening did Dale Earnhardt now to the sixth spot and closing next car in front of you will be Steve park. We had a super run all night Steve running it fifth position here's team really its during the quarter to be part of this season party. Last several races Stephens finished anywhere from eight to fifteen to five of the last seven events in most all of them. From thirty seconds or worse starting spot. He ran for 39 to ten that Darlington you know last week he's really. Begun to turn the corner this whole team past the second half of the 99 season and mark right now with a solid top five run going tonight here in Richmond was yesterday told us the loss when Dale Earnhardt to committee opposite. We need to pick a place of him. Yeah yes it's a dozen good save give up all of the real they've really been coming along the roadways a lot of folks forget them all the time Steve park Vista 98 due to the injury he suffered early in the season. Halfway through this year which really just the completion of his rookie season. In Winston cup racing. Now we still under wraps up the racetrack for the second and third time's up for example tonight is third Winston cup trip here to Richmond and I think some of that experience plus. The experience at that team that was a brand new at the start of 1998. Beginning this show up there. They're beginning to understand what you once in a race car and how to get it get there and get. To the point where he's comfortable in the car than he can get on top of that steering wheel and do some business and good run here tonight. 274 laps completed 126 to go to Tony Stewart leads Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton by the money and Steve Clark as the top five. Dale Earnhardt continues to get a little bit closer to the front he is six mark mark has fallen back now the seventh starting Marlins have a good run haven't talked a lot about starting tonight. He's showing up at eight position they've done a good job for him on pit road to get him out they're keeping them tough here. Rusty Wallace has been up as high as I believe that six he currently is back tonight and TV work early and having a decent run also needs to. Rusty has not been the factor nearly tonight than we thought he would starting in third position he started dropping positions right and waving the green flag. And has been hanging around just to the backside of the top ten here for most of this latest segment of the race so rusty done nearly from red to get up there and win that we and heat. Thought he would be during the appearance portion. All of our broadcast tonight stories of this evening. Well Tony Stewart been the dominant guy so far he let all the flying above the first couple hundred laps of this race and then. And I even though we they've had a little bit of trouble on pit road and hasn't been able to hold believe they've come down with a pit lane for the last three yellow flag stops his quickly. Moved back to the traffic can re assume the top spot each time by. Had a little rash of right front tire troubles on a couple of cars in the early part of the race Jeremy Mayfield Rick mast and Terry the body all suffered some problems with that section off their car in the early going by Chad little also had a right front tire cut down on him. Mayfield and massive continued the body and little are the only two cars in the garage and retired from the race. Leaders tonight Mike Skinner started on the pole let a couple of laps early Bobby the body is spent some time out in front Jeff Gordon had this is well. But it has been Tony Stewart who has been in command for most of these CP. Arbitration update has been brought to you by chased off that takes each week the top drivers in the NASCAR craftsman truck Busch and Winston cup series. Compete on the track to provide the best entertainment and motorsports walk the track competition games in NASCAR's leading drivers agreed to supply their fans with the best apparel. In racing taste authentic the authentic trackside apparel of NASCAR. Now back to the race where the chase is on. Jeff Gordon continues Jason Tony Stewart Gordon Beckham number two position Tony leader Jeff Burton runs third over the bodies more than Steve park his fifth. Not much going on among those five right now the. Racist and a sitting down and spread out just a little bit as we work your way around the speedway. One of the things that we see throughout the weekend here this weekend at Richmond party is that the outside lane at this racetrack is superior Life Party inside lane. Back before we came here for the first race and maybe apply a coat of sealer to the racetrack and the drivers all crazy city had a lot of grip that he was fantastic. Far better than any sealer there's been applied to any other wins. It took track on the circuit what happened was through running the first race weekend here back in May and that this race weekend at the bottom groove would that sealer. As ward off. At the top played actually has done a little bit more grip to it which is why we've seen some guys really unable to finish NASA's united talked with that. How would Jeff Burton about that a little earlier in the weekend. Sealer they use on this racetrack isn't it they just do a great job Reseda matches danced all perfect disorders just know what they're doing a man. As a sealer aware results of the bottom ruse. People start to look for the top groups. Because you won't you won't around the sailor a lot of racetracks they Sealy you don't wanna be on the sale of the stretch thank you do one of the only. So as as a race goes own and you move higher and higher and higher the higher you get the more opportunity there is some mining in laundry. So again that was a lot of side by side racing. At the Richmond international raceway closing in the final stages of tonight's Exide NASCAR select 400. The NASCAR Winston cup series can underneath laps to go now and Tony Stewart is the race leader over Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton Bobby little buddy Steve park. The rest of the top ten or Dale Earnhardt Sterling Marlin Mark Martin Rusty Wallace and can either win so I want to use. Tony Stewart get around this race right now he's been in traffic heavy traffic for the last five or six laps around two wars he works over do you. There's this thing does not even seem to be a factor for an easy go inside he does he needs to go outside does. Trouble for companies guys don't lose that really out there. It's my clothes that channels. Sharif who worked in the no room. You think did Tony Stewart is get it all go his way so far tonight to see ducks underneath Jeremy Mayfield. To put that driver went down may feel the couple laps down already after cutting the right front tire back at my. Number 42. Take a minute say hello to mr. rob plus the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Exide corporation watching over tonight's Exide NASCAR select 400. The Exide NASCAR select battery I assume there's been a bigger success for your company then maybe you thought it would when you first rolled it out. That's right it's. Doing real well chorus is continuing to do better month after month. Excite involvement in NASCAR racing it's been growing and growing over these last several years why. Well because where the aftermarket battery customers this is just it. It's a great marketing avenues for us we really touch the kind of customers. Who come into auto supply stores. The big retail outlet shopping for batteries so. It's exactly your target market. Your company has to be thrilled with the success that Jeff Burton in the exciting individual contract this year. Yet just done real well of course he always does real well and it's beginning to look like that we spent top three finish tonight. You're okay it's certainly look at that way he's very strong at this point ahead in the event. Not chief executive officers used to wield a lot of power. What's standing out of that Victory Lane earlier tonight with a 103000 fans looking on in 43 drivers waiting for you or command. As the grand Marshal leave it there had to be thrilled. It's a thrill and it's aren't intimidated remedies you can fix the power that it would be this much we appreciate all of excite support NASCAR racing game in the sport in the event tonight here Richmond and congratulations and very successfully. Okay thanks very much great to be reviewed Perez thank you we appreciate it Bob Bob Lutz chairman and Chief Executive Officer the Exide corporation the grand Marshal for tonight's Exide NASCAR select 400. And they well should be proud of Jeff Burton he's having a good road you're currently in third position he's been up there challenging on occasion for the lead tonight he's still got plenty of time to get it done to pull out of victory we have. 100 laps to go we just turn 300 lap mark here. Tonight at Richmond it is Tony Stewart the man they've been chasing. The better part of all night he has led every lap except one about five or six or at stops and somewhere in that range. He's holed a few farther behind when they they lost the lead a couple of times to detected some time to get back up front but but basically yeah he has been the guy all night long. Let's focus on the championship for just a minute. Dale Jarrett current point leaders running back in twelfth spot now the man chasing him the top spot Mark Martin is running an eighth neither driver. There's little left to do tonight to collect a bonus points toward the championship. The third place banning in the point standings Bobby the body is fourth. He has led a lap tonight. You've got Jeff Gordon the fourth place in the standings running second he's a little flat tonight. And a fifth place driver in sixth place driver points Tony Stewart and Jeff Burton run first and third each and also having led laps and collected bonus points tonight. Think Jim Phillips is down in jail chant we got trouble concern over three. One car hit the wall hard and as Jimmy Spencer the car. Your round and hit the driver side first against the outside wall. GM Jon and ready and Dale Earnhardt junior had been Kana. Getting two and three wide going through the corner you can almost see that was coming in Spencer into didn't look like my little contact up there he has smacked the wall all the cars come to rest and the outside group cautioned immediately comes on the speedway. Back to Joseph Morris. Car spun completely around Kearney after all of machines got together got squeezed up to the outside lane. And he gets spun around the middle of the race track that slammed driver side first. It'll Walden bounced off the wall it sits just a few feet away the wall now as did it against moving around inside the much support as. Struck the window and it will climb from the car which you be OK but there was some contact there between Jimmie and Dale Earnhardt junior. When Spitzer went around here come the leaders to pit for all the stops will be at left over 304. At peace could potentially. Be the final stop so the race Jeff Gordon running in second behind Tony Stewart on the pit road. We go to pit lane brought to you by the McDonald's drive through recovered a Jeff Gordon stopped. They are now working on the right side of the uneven bars and around all night long and I'm gonna make meaning Jesse adjustment when I'm around the last by the DuPont Chevrolet the rain coming tomorrow. On the last but another good stop for Jeff Gordon satellite. Thanks Spain's second flat. Another I thought well they. And he's all about development now well Tony Stewart is. Auburn news room so far we've come. Rusty Wallace is really bad. I've gone bad have performed the competition Stewart is probably the best at all like the last run Dale Jarrett. But they suggested just on his car lost a lot of spots that last time. Getting Wallace still up on the deck down here let's go out Marty Snider and Illini haven't had a great run and I came in running sixth when I was just aluminum lose. There pressure. And the race off pit road is going to be won it again Tony Stewart gets up first this time he'll be followed out by Jeff Burton. And Jeff Gordon and Bubba the body and also Dale Jarrett and read your top five after this round of pit stops we have a quiet that in the caution flag let's go to Winston Kelley on pit road. When you started to talk earlier about some of the big Fella isn't stars on pit road boot William Blair and LC Greenwood. Willie involvement players they what is it how did you get involved and again in the head examined. Both players they give the mark do there's another development of those patient. I got there with that taking the faith miles off the players involved in promotional activities throughout the country so from the NASCAR perspective. I think they've been. O line look Petty Enterprises. Well the last few years so they've walked six guys in. The film both sides of that is politically but fought for car and help raise money for charities baseball which one will win. The race that evening Paul finished. I have one another. So NFL players they are raising money for needy charities than night you've been involved in getting a NASCAR team together how's that coming. Well we've been working on it all year as you know and it's always difficult so we're continuing to talk took the took the plus responsive. No one has agreed to thumb on the line yet but it doesn't all going up front in a very good throw my knife to raise over here. But if there's one of trying to do the same thing everyone else is doing and that's trying to find a commitment to look forward. Mets Paula Cramer. Willie Lanier LC Greenwood this is not your first right how did you get involved with a paced and players think. Well I've guys ratified this is. My third time been out here on the car races where you really need. And our real love in the well aware. Players they have done this you know there's just want the front sun to be out here at city competition. And competition that we got blood on. But I brought the bottom line is the charity to benefit. And that's. That's one reason why I'm here. The competition and I were both good at five Super Bowl rings between these two gentlemen. LC Greenwood William they're also here in doubt that he spent his Dick Butkus. Quite a turnout down and see some of those guys say they are being gentlemen. And give it. Fight breaks out wanna be on their side. Problems for Jeff Gordon. On pit road a second time and discussion gives up third spot to do what the car was up on the Jack he's coming back around the racetrack very slowly try to catch up the field will get an update on what the problem is there an admitted I'm gonna suspect may be a clutch or transmission problem. From what they had the car jacked up on and is slowly PCs come around the racetracks of Courtney in trouble as the pace car hates pit road and we go back racing. Tony Stewart the leader green flag goes in the air right behind it is Jeff Burton -- the body and Dale Jarrett as they worked their way often determine who want one lap traffic down on the inside they'll probably dispensed with most of that this time as quick as Stuart's story is nobody challenges him to get the lap back is a hit three. They're gonna dispense them Jeff Gordon in the come. While. Gordon will go to pit road very slowly as the leaders complete lap 312 to scratch Gordon. On the list of potential winners tonight Stewart and Jeff Byrd clear the lap traffic let's go into the garage to Marty Snider. Nobody that Jimmy Spencer for a few moments Seaway is now I have got the infield care center so we're gonna wait here until Jim comes out infield care center. PS fine there's a check now. And Jeff Gordon's car turns into the garage does not go to the pits all this time he is skating through the garage so Jeff Gordon a moment ago a contender to win here tonight. Now all of a sudden the candidate for the goodies headed toward he's gone in the garage area will get an update there in just a moment. At the front of the field same story Tony Stewart turned three. Glued to the bottom laid up off the corner closes to within one car length of Tony Stewart now is they steam off at the turn over one with 86 laps to go Stewart will look like voted no this time going into turn over one little off the corner on the backs right away here comes Jeff Burton. Signing up once again. The battle for the lead continues Jeff Burton trying to run down Tony Stewart was spotted the body waiting in the wings on the eight comics back. Stewart gets a little bit high out of turned over to. Mean Jeff Burton gets close that's only can do it tries to close at nearly evacuated lately I can't. She'd get some sort of update on what the problem is that is put Jeff Gordon into the garage here at Atlanta number 370. I'll bubble above that in just a second club while he gets out of his car in the garage first on the racetrack. Nose to tail of the race leader Tony Stewart and Jeff Burton Burton putting about as much pressure is anyone has on Stewart this whole leaving long day he's not been able to get away from him every time we cinema would go to Tony Stewart after he got the lead back he was able to pull away and make a big gap but they're anywhere from a full second to Peter didn't comment not the case this time was ticked in the garage. Tonight Jeff what happened. You know I'm not first second and third here I was born here and I'm now planning imminent and there. I'm spending my name in the crowd in. In the lights went out. Now mind you know years mounting design makes it feel. Jeff we're not count you as many points as they can't. You're bad loan forgiveness. His hand he had a couple of bullet proof fears so to speak but not the case in 1999 as many cars are still running and running within a couple of laps at the leader of the best Gordon is gonna hope to finish even if they get it fixed in the next. You know thirty laps to get it back out there's going to be about 37. Still alive going to be a tough blow the airport Gordon. Here this evening they somebody who's turned around all of a sudden began to rally toward the front is Dale Jarrett. DJ finds himself before a position was and just a couple of minutes ago we talked about it being back in twelfth and fourteenth and now here he is in fourth. And pulling away from the group from fifth on back so he's got it rolling here in the final hundred laps and Jason down from three right now he's cut it down on Nevada the money but maybe you are three Darlington. It is Tony Stewart leading the Exide NASCAR select 471. Laps to go Jeff Burton has slipped back to the point now the body the body is challenging him for the second spot. Funny looking slowly sweeping passed Burton for that position in turn one he pulls up and thought jetBlue. Kirk do a lot of money so this. It's the third position. Place. She and Tony Stewart moved cross the line and looking at the computer here about one point on well more than 22 lead right now. He has a 22 advantage plus on Bob and Bonnie so Tony get away from home. This race stays green and he's able to go the distance this that make up one more round they are right now joke more than I've been chasing down. Tonight on the seventh. If I'm Mark Warner. They join the full field here at left 331 Tony Stewart leads Bobby nobody sickened Jeff Burton third Dale Jarrett for the Rusty Wallace we have. Sterling Marlin six dale earnhardt's seven mark Courtney Bobby Hamilton nineteen Kenny Irwin his stint. Ted musgrave eleven steep mark twelve. Mike Skinner thirteenth John Andretti fourteenth Dale Earnhardt junior's 1560. This Kyle Petty. Kenny Wallace is the last car on the lead lap in seventeenth spot. Elliott Sadler the first one a lap down at eighteen Jerry navy was nineteenth titles like twentieth. Jody I checked 41 and can traitor 22 two laps down Johnny Benson in 23 Mike Wallace and 24 Wally Della vacuum 25. Jeffrey ball running 26 and Rickie drug scarred now being driven by Dick Trickle in the 27 spot. Three laps down Jeremy Mayfield the twentieth given the PG 29 Steve Pearson at thirtieth. Right provided 31 Ron Hornaday in 32. Darrell Waltrip in the 33 position is four laps down let's make debt port PW he's the only 14 laps down. David Green in 34. Is eight laps down Ward Burton in 35. Is up until laps down almost action a little bit over. We see here I'm 48 laps down is Ward Burton in the 35 Jeff Gordon Jimmy Spencer. Channel little Rick Nash didn't carry the body you're in the garage bill Elliot Michael Waltrip and Robert Presley are back on the racetrack after spending time in the garage at various points throughout the race and that's the way they stand with 65 laps to go. It has been a tough night for some of the drivers and Allan just talk Jiabao right there Joni was checked. Ran pretty well but Joseph got himself behind trying to get a lap back all night long kiddies raiders had a tough night here at Richmond so as Wally don't look back Jeff Conine had a great run going in the early part of the event. In the problems lost silver in the car engine. Gone sour on him and Jeffrey has fallen way back in the field Jeremy Mayfield had about a quicker car as anybody out there are several segments of the race. Got three laps down got one of those back was able to run with the leader he's never been able to make up the rest of the left to get himself back and be effective win. Ward Burton. Now facing even nearly going east. Got up toward the front I guess up about fifty to sixty Bill Elliott had a problem with a behind the walls of the tough night for those drivers. Here's a challenge for third spot in turn to Dale Jarrett is on the move. And now to join a new way. Inside the racetrack. Trying to play DJ up a third. He'll Jarrett has channel linger around in the top ten top fifteen in the first part of the race now as the race is coming down in conclusion just sixty laps to go. The cars getting a little bit stronger when we get a report out his pit. Paula good place. That they don't care. Todd you know. Bad call but you've been there. Doesn't bring out the next feedback on the backstretch just feels it's not that good race card and we'll plant hello. Connecticut and it's not Afghanistan where we're and make up pretty big test Jane didn't obviously didn't learn. He's got a little. Yet I've got to have ridden out about this morning I don't know what he's. I mean anything bad thing. Apparently. He deserves credit to Todd parted company for making the right chassis adjustments to pit crew for gain at dale a lot of track position and Jarrett for kinda negative they're not giving trouble when he got pulled the couple times early in the race made a couple of nice saves behind the wheel of the car one in particular. But he got nudged by Dale Earnhardt over turned over to that was Baghdad what about like 252. But now they're all the said that the third position in what was. A bad two week stretch for them point why isn't there to gain a lot of that positive momentum back. Tonight he's got a good run going he's worked his way it's set up the third spot did you just come out here with a top five finish. And can get the team back get the momentum going tonight after having two bad races and road well not really bad Bristol was bad as. Darlington wasn't their best run of the year but for the moment tonight FISA bill could be effective when this things works over last one was in a hurry right now they're 57 to go. Tony Stewart very much in command all evening long riding in the number two spot is above and Bonnie Dale Jarrett a second Jeff Burton this. Correctly Dale Jarrett his third Jeff Burton is fourth and Rusty Wallace get a little closer in front rest is up in the fifth position Eric. Quietly moving up through the top ten Sterling Marlin Dale Earnhardt Bobby Hamilton Mark Barton and Ted musgrave. Round out the top ten positions and start your appetite to race into Outback Steakhouse where you can with a trip to the Outback Steakhouse 200. At the Phoenix international raceway after the race at the invitational leave out that woman favorites bash. You can meet Dale Jarrett Todd parent Dale Earnhardt junior and NASCAR's Brian France while enjoying lots of outback who. To take first place in the weekend about back proportions by. Every either online or not back dot com or write your next visit to Outback Steakhouse NASCAR's blooming favorite. No purchase necessary void where prohibited. 48 laps to go tonight Exide NASCAR select 400 at the Richmond international raceway is that all Tony Stewart so far this evening. A couple of times and caution flag pit stops they've had little trouble. I would say they've had trouble a couple of other teams got their cars off of pit road first each time Stewart has powered his way back to the the front this last set of pit stops back just fast lap 300. It's true god healed out first and he power to weight to the field right now though he's been hung up at a lot of heavy lap traffic there's a lot of his teammate Bobby the money to close again. Nobody shouted down there maybe 23 darlings think it's only one car between the two right now left machine hasn't worked her way alternative to. The C plotting to get around him pull upon. Cars talking Madonna working out flyers played here. I've never been. A quarter down two at the start finish line that the 45 laps to go as leaders come across a strike. Let's look a little bit farther back to. Into the field Dale Jarrett at third try to run it by himself fanciest ship Burton in fourth Sterling Marlin had a great night tonight. He's just moved around Rusty Wallace into the fifth position Marlins started back in 25 spot behind him. Wallace's gets in cars on the lead lap trying to get through traffic to him there on the backstretch working around. Jimmy Spencer. Hello again finally. Amber also Bobby Hamilton Mark Martin what I saw I could hear the traffic warden. Trouble coming off turn before a couple of laps to go Kart kicked around like it was just turned down toward the end feeling it get out its rival for just a moment got it back and straight line is still open at packet traffic that we talked about. 44 laps to go Tony Stewart leads now by. Almost a full second about eight tenths is what it is over but for the money Dale Jarrett still hanging up there's Justin third he's let it break come back here tonight. Protective point lead pick up a few on everybody else Jeff Burton. Now in fourth about Jefferson really run down the leader delivered their for awhile he did for about fifteen laps but all of a sudden the car started dropping back. And that's been Tony Stewart strong suit all night matter how he runs as we said he gets stronger and stronger or at least stays the same. And when everybody else their lap times start pulling off stewards don't. And he isn't able to pull away the farther you run that we've got the only time we sit been checked up all night. Easy lap traffic or win he's got a little bit behind on some of the restarts. Let's go to pit road in check it out a couple of the teams having pretty solid efforts here tonight Ted musgrave is finished hanging around the top ten all leaving long. Not been the best of seasons for the butcher block racing team at Richmond has certainly been a bright spot for them. They started 41 and finish eleventh the main. Which the Kelly they started a whole lot closer to the front tonight in despite the fact these kids feeling under the weather looks like peering through solid finish. Out all night long time. Tonight. I haven't had a tough season also and they need a good run here tonight looks like they're really get more. A lot of money trying to chase down Tony Stewart as the laps go by the wayside 38 to go as Bobby now has lost in the ground get hung up so that lapped traffic off turnovers two behind the leader Tony Stewart. When chicken has been heavily. Jim Phillips has been down there. Here and I really not matter. Coding and about it when. You know all night long. Got to bring your breath away. They got along good run we made. We don't know what might happen later. Mark Barton is on pit road the lid is up on his machine let's go there Winston Kelley. It's down. Earning a grade I think they've got the oil coming out the brain and Mark Martin Lowe. The high road. Marquis is about to make that turn through the field wall taking him behind those pit wall and will work gonna try to get him back out there's of Dale Jarrett. Not only puts together a good run of course he's far from being home free what do you think could happen in the next 31 laps. But he's not only gonna gain some points it's going to be even more out of Martinsville behind wall 28 laps to tell at Richmond let's go to the garage and Mark Martin finds out about. What in the dimly lit and I. And Marxist beyond just a moment and I. Tried to see what exactly the top news out. Truly drive anyway getting back out there because you know laughter Q can make a difference a few points here you know they're winding down 27 to go forward Tony Stewart and risk the field. Tony still leads Bob and the body he is about eight tenths of a second hit of the body the general Blair hasn't changed much Dale Jarrett still lives third. Fourth would be Sterling Marlin Mason you know with a good finish if he doesn't have any problem Jeff Burton's back to fifth. Dale Earnhardt is quietly sneak his way up front a couple of times daily as prove his career enough to get up there in the top ten years six. Bobby Hamilton having a good run tonight he has seventeen year when his eight journalists brave. Talk about a moment know what good night they had head they need. They're season's not in the best he is night and John and ready. As hung in there in the top ten Jeff Burton losing positions Joseph board Dale Earnhardt sure shuffled around him. Yeah she. Jeff star apparently falling off here on this real long run this will be the longest run we've had tonight under green for any of the teams out there are so. They were not sure exactly what the cars would do or a couple of guys on pit road saying. You don't know what Carl's doing a long run because we haven't had one. And now there are 24 laps to go for Tony Stewart emotionally during all kinds of noises in the car right now saying man I wanna get that first win. They could come tonight he's not gonna have a better chance any tendered. Yeah little with 67 laps of the 377. That we have run so far Stewart maintaining a 12 lead on body the body. Has chipper looses another couple of spots Bobby Hamilton and Kenny Irwin bold goal by him kicking Burton back to eighth and here's Irwin up underneath handled him. Try to get seventh spot away all turf war across the start finish line back to turn one those two drivers go side by side. So I'm attracted to murder one plus. Are down in the bottom speedway at all when he goes in the corner of curious corner speeds are way off what they were a little bit earlier because that's where everybody's making. Move on his right in the middle of turn 21 laps to go. Tony Stewart continues to lead looking for that first checkered flag is it was a tough driver. As we sail to tell you get a better chance he would be a shame for something happened the car right now for. Absolutely he's been so dominant all evening longest chick up and turn toward trying to put a lap on Mike Skinner. That allows Bobby the body to really closed again beat on him down to just a couple of car links we'll get an update on leave Jeff Burton car for pit road you're shortly find out why he's pulling back so far so fast but first. The leader Stuart try to let the eleventh place car Skinner in the backstretch I. Tony Stewart does something else do as he looks directly ahead he's just at least eight or ten maybe twelve cars and he's gonna have to grit his way through. Whether he can get inside or outside a lot of bodies cut down in a row between himself the leader right now a couple of car let's let's watch that one turned trichet. Jeremy Mayfield those machines. To go for Stewart as he crosses the start finish line his teammate the body just a couple of cartilage behind it now waiting their way into that heavy lap traffic this just be a lot of money. Want to be presented plans to close little Tony Stewart plays I think. Tony's probably as are several of those cars that are racing side by side directly ahead. But as we said earlier he's been able to run inside and outside considered rude no room wherever needed to go that's just how good their car is. He dispenses with the couple of those machines now above the body's got to get around some left traffic to stay with the leaders. Why don't look back at your game mayfield racing side by side. The chick quickly into the garage once again with Cory Schneider and mark Martin's car. Close probably done tonight what happened mark. Wow I don't know allowable. Weight Libre Chapman need gin up this dinner about herself. And I. It's out now at Martin done for the night and I it is an engine problem and not now. Tough luck there for mark we'll finish probably back around 36 the 37 spot at the end of the evening. Eight laps to go in tonight's Exide NASCAR select 400 make it seven as Tony Stewart flashes across the start finish line. Five car lengths on body the body off off turn two just. Sooners had just an outstanding race car. Ever since they put on agreed earlier this evening news now pulled away from Lotta money by almost seven or eight Carly she's got about three cars directly ahead and he's got six laps to go he's out of two. Yeah it's. That are bought the quarters she's the signal from the start finish line flag stands five laps to go. In the event seeking a win in his rookie season in the west that cup tour Stewart back in two. There's still Ali. Architect behind lane to make that work. The facts straight away. Gotta give Collins Stewart he hasn't cracked the throttle all night long and linked it to somebody he'll get around him juices and it really driven very Smart race she's been in some heavy packs of traffic. Let's go down the floor he's about to get about 45 cars directly hit off turn to show. So I can find. Sorry six. I. Live just ahead. 3 to go this time as they come to the start finish line Stewart led at the white flag at New Hampshire then ran out of gas back in the London July. He's out in front of his teammate Bobby the body now with the checkered flag insight once again. Hard gracious. The price later. Plus gray hair she's. We're gonna see a first time winner here in Richmond tonight looks like Tony Stewart's out of turn to report back to start finish line two laps to go as he works his way down in the turner won that big. Packet traffic we talked about. We'll have to see what he tries to get through a shaken by the the body pretty good now my report card ninety hitting returns during its final first show. The airport source. Stewart hitting out of glad to see the white flag on his way to getting his first Winston cup victory ever he is doubt in turner one behind that Ford car pack that we talked about Bobby the money is some four to five car lengths behind it. He's off turn two and heading for Victory Lane. Your car all night. Just his 25 start of the NASCAR Winston cup series Tony Stewart is a winner. Checkered flag Stewart wins tonight's Exide NASCAR select 400 at Richmond. Five Carling silver his teammate Bobby nobody. Point leader Dale Jarrett comes off of turn a report checkered flag for him third place finish tonight. It'll be Sterling Marlin finishing fourth. The Dale Earnhardt will round out the top five the wild celebration is on on pit road for Tony Stewart's team. I am not men and I'm getting better. Anything like an expectant father hey I got diet that is not. Ignites or any I was so proud that nutty buddy art everybody how big dog congratulations. Bobby Kennedy is accurate. I can't Laura Bush is that the right now and I can be happy that day it errors on the big thrills in my mind. I know you can't pull for one of the other good. Toward the end its capital return for his first. Well you know popping idea I just think that Tony tonight. Aren't good even now front all night Sony had a fail and it I thought it was gonna happen I'm so happy for him these races get down all year. He's the winning car owner and the second place car owner Joseph Gibbs. Tony Stewart with the window net down came to the start finish line pulled a couple of victory doughnuts now he's due the old polish victory lap. Backwards around the Richmond International Speedway racing now waving his role left arm out the window to the fans as he circles around. European victory late shortly and we'll hear from him in just a minute stay put us post race coverage coming up tonight. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day bush o'clock time for relaxing and an unwinding with friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in racing but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. It's bushel clocks and grab a six pack of Busch beer for the cooler start the grill and relax. Enjoy responsibly Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. Online and on the year MR is live from the drag on Ameren dot com and the Mariana. Check out Paul MRM race broadcasts pole qualifying and practice. Plus exclusive motor sports programming live or your computer or mobile device. N dot com to find your local radio stations online streaming don't miss this second NASCAR racing action. Listen live online at MRN dot com he'll mare now for your local station. Now scarred today continues on MRN radio sponsored by forward. The official truck of NASCAR is built Ford tough. Tony Stewart is just rolled into the Richmond international raceway Victory Lane. His first NASCAR Winston cup series win in just his 25 start. He becomes the sixth driver to score a victory in Winston cup history in his rookie season. Shorting Rollins had 1958. Earl Ross in 1974. Ron Bouchard to 1982. Dale Earnhardt in 1979. And Davey Allison twice in 1987. Now Tony Stewart in 1999. Winners in their rookie sees it. But everybody finished check it Dale Jarrett third Sterling Marlin fourth and Kenny Irwin nick. Nipped Dale Earnhardt for fifth at the line we will hear from the Tony Stewart in Victory Lane shortly first let's get a work from body the body tonight's runner up. Well I don't know how many times and it's been 12 pro car owner but it is tonight a lot of money down you're talking a lot of folks. The obvious to you why did he got to finish second I guess to leave you brother you see may can be that there. Downey now hey Terry had that problem early on others like it pretty hard but stuff. You know our our interstate Pontiac grand great tonight does best round ever had here at Richmond net Carlin flies in the Miller corners Sony's was but done. You know we try to get their unending gratitude right there at the end the race in nuggets closed and that he just didn't whenever we were out of traffic. In traffic is look tough but does. Yeah I can't complain or venison or say Connie acting delegate race and did a great job tonight not. He noticed that it we came home on a second first and second place finish sand down and try to get close enough to rattle his cage that's adjustments today. The bigoted. What was the difference there at the end you were able to catch team but if they could collect. I just a little more Ford might not get off the corner now and knew we thought that all all day. Today and still fun. Joseph Gibbs racing suite first and second Bobby Bonnie is second. Then they injured salaries then go predicted his point lead picked up some let's see if we get a word male and a smile on deleterious face as he comes on third tonight and boy did you come on late did you change your line it was of the changes to the car what changed. I'd chase the car first off wanna congratulate Tony Stewart just incredible job he's done it all your long he's been trying to win enough. He's just great race car and as a great job tonight that. Tonight a lot of adjustments. We'd make the car better and I got it down in turn do. Sammy back for awhile and now and then I turned I just incredible pit stop that's what they've been going nuts what is about to get a great job. Todd Perry because they semi urgency meeting Thursday morning before they can appear to Richmond to that make a difference and it's kind of standing this time. Well we know we've been meeting about every week but that was a little more to say yes we're don't when she can chip and now he's got to focus. And it was a definite momentum builder for Dale Jarrett tonight he comes on the strong third. Solid effort for Jared and his team in after a second place driver Mark Barton had problems in fifth place driver Jeff Gordon had problems. Jarrett beat everybody took third place driver Bobby the body to the strike in Bobby is only gonna gain ten points and DJ. 15 per position enough five for leading a lap when dale didn't but still. It's not too bad at least deal with a pretty healthy advantage heading to New Hampshire next week. Without a Victory Lane. The celebration is spin quite rockets Tony Stewart got out of the car jumped up on top of the roof through the Gatorade bottle through the Exide batteries that they had on the roof through a couple of bottles Coca-Cola and a little bit more. And they used to have a quite a big time but we'll get a word from Tony in just a minute. Fourth place truck tonight for Sterling Marlin let's see if we can hear from him. Mr. Annan Marlins called up in the Coors Light collar and will get a comment from him in just a moment. And will also try to hear from fifth place Kenny Irwin in just a bit at first the members of the media covering tonight's Exide NASCAR select 400. Go to Jeff Gordon the goodies heading toward 3600 dollars to him. Gordon falling out of the race for the much troubled Atlanta number 310. And eagle finish in fortieth spot. Now the winner's circle and let's hear from Tony Stewart. Well a lot of. Heartbreak in the Winston cup circuit with a field of dreams for a rookie tonight Tony Stewart when your 25 start your thought. I don't know what saint. Sees me. Hello this Virginia racetrack that's cursor that's for me and it's been a great day for us now on defense team and always fans I'm glad you guys are here to share with me means a lot. Tell me about this race started like he started off like a rocket that it didn't seem like good one time this race and bubbled a bit. We never changed a secure online all we do visit us on the air pressure and a Venus was great it was great for Conakry for Joseph Gibbs racing in town Daytona interstate batteries through it was a team after I mean. This is what we're working for was a one team finished on this 10091. Tonight. But yeah do you ever think about you have drew good. One knowing around steel analyst for sure I just was look concerned about the lap cars at the end and appreciate all the guys professionalism and heightened. They really count down and let us know and let us let Bobby Harris for the win so appreciate it up. Not there Rick rookie winning the rookie crew chief to that's a pretty stout combination to to win what's the difference these days and it's nice embrace infidelities know or he may be a rookie as far as the stats and everything that has no Ricky knows and is genuine and now. You know it's muted his abilities and nano is guys don't user Azinger made his car and waited tonight. This new unite this summer and no one time when the racing effort put abusive look at real hot dogs are great racing your run of the. And you know. The part of being Iraqis are gonna make mistakes and make mistakes and it hits all time the guys are doing a great job changing tires even feel on the car on this little the weekly on the pit stops and you Guinness behind like that we knew we had the car on eyewitness had to be patient and a picturesque bus go by about the last two lips. To story about lap traffic to know yes we knew that we were at least match and Bobby's concerts and quicker and we just needed to make sure we didn't hammy trafficker really holds up. Grounds let's thank you. Tony Stewart who wins his first race and Winston cup races. For the Exide batteries forward. It really isn't thrilled to see somebody get that first win in was secure bracing over the years as a low against the independent. He's a kid that appreciates his you can tell that his voice and he is lucky to be worry isn't he knows that but he got the talent to go with the team and he's got Tony Stewart led 333. But the 400 laps that I did scoring the victory here in Richmond to backed out of the garage she if we can hear from Sterling Marlin and Kenny Irwin first Winston Kelley. We're we're Sterling Marlin they will you best finish of the year fourth he kind of came on strong there at the end tell us about your run tonight. Their local Chevrolet we withdrew the long run enough started rice who's really loose in ten in the front tires and just our prayers are just ways. Just aren't everywhere you know Lexus after 34 Lance who's really good so. Court has got to look golf Cynthia if he had any more time you think you really a couple more intense it was so good on long runs. I don't know that deals between 1988 lose lose bats ninth and it gets. Does not only raced on them don't look telethon Soledad and San hootie made a great job the pit stops and fuel coming around we have a few. Feel on Banco have been tough team points but we do at the mysteries here Richmond equals his best finish in 1999. Sterling Marlin fourth. Pretty good run for Rosie bring your engineer with the engineering worked as hard in the last two laps in the either don't I want him to get around Eleanor would be deeply geeky give him first of all and how close was about the line. Both Daytona ten laps to go in then they tell me five and I've lost a little ground since then in. You know the rules you know blast of laughs we just puts a little harder now and the tire stuck these guys did a great job all day we kind of went back in court. One time we'd be running mate thinks I'm we'd be running fifteenth. And but the guys worked on the car on nine did a good job so I'm glad that we ended up with a top five. He told us before the race and is it your best chance to win all year long but does this qualify as a good run and happy run for your art does the does you know we just it. Couple times in the middle of the race sound I could see that it was slipping away from us when we. Weren't getting the track position that we needed so. But it's a top five in and had a hand haven't had a top five and while some thought that we take it here. It has been since Daytona since he had last top five Kinnear Lauren comes on fifth to ninth. The winner party continuing your Victory Lane Tony Stewart. Take the pictures and hold the trophy and now Bhutto is probably yes Levinson backs and kiss and some babies and all the rest of the care it's kind of a wild scene it's celebrating got their first NASCAR Winston cup win together Stewart Home Depot team. Dudley had were thrilled to get him out a victory like Tony hasn't been so close all year long and I'm curious heart was going 200 beats a minute the last 1012 laps thinking something might happen out there to Costa that first win and to be as dominant as he has all night. It is they deserve when he's back in this when he beat the field. Before giving the final ride down type of party B to select the winner of the very best this break in the race toward 500 dollars to motor racing outreach children's ministries in the name of the driver who got the best break tonight. Fellow junior when the comes to mind eat. A couple of times he battled back there got a couple good breaks his pit crew did a good job to get him back out there and keep him in contention as opposed to the top five finish passing and Dale Earnhardt on the final lap. Not a bad candidate I don't think so we'll send 500 dollars to motor racing outreach children's ministries in the name of Kenny Irwin from greatest disgrace the official breaks of NASCAR. As to break the race award winner tonight. Take a look at the finish Tony Stewart gets his first was to give victory he is down to Victory Lane is still celebrating his fellow soldier moment Obama the money game and everything had just didn't. Like in a thirty give him a challenge on those final few laughs above we will settle for second Dale Jarrett to a secure points leader good finish tonight he finished third. Running fourth was Sterling Marlin great run for them junior and his fifth. Six plays we'll go to Dale Earnhardt Bobby Hamilton was seventh eight to Ted musgrave John Andretti ran night Dale Earnhardt junior picked up tips. Mike Skinner who started on the good poll finished eleventh that was Jennie Wallace twelfth Jeff Burton finished thirteenth Rusty Wallace was fourteen Kyle Petty. Fifty positions Steve park finished sixteenth Elliott Sadler seventeenth eighteenth we'll go to jury and they do tugboat I was nineteenth twentieth was Joseph Nina chick. Just trader ran Tony first Johnny Benson placed second 23 different go to I'm 24 to Mike Wallace. And finishing 25 was Jeremy Mayfield. Kevin page finished 26 tonight Ricky Rudd 27 woolly gallon dec 28 Ron Hornaday 29 in Steve Grissom thirtieth. Record August 31 Darrell Waltrip 32 TV green 33. Ward Burton 34. 35 it was Mark Martin and Bill Elliott was 36 Jimmy Spencer 37 Michael Waltrip 38 Robert Presley 39 Jeff Gordon gets fortieth tonight. But Rick mast 41 Jeff little 42. And carry the body finishing in 43. Tony Stewart led five times for 333. The 400 laps we had eleven lead changes among four drivers. 39 of the 43 starters running at the finish with only eight on the lead lap six caution flag to total 45 left behind the pace car. Time the race two hours 53 minutes. And 32 seconds margin of victory for Stewart and officially one point 115 seconds. The unofficial championship standings at the conclusion of the night tonight Dale Jarrett. Will hang on to be a championship lead by and so much 275. Points to lead jumping up. From 168 back to 75 over Mark Martin Bobby the bloody 310 behind in third. It'll be Tony Stewart 350 behind moving up to fourth spot. And Jeff Burton will overtake Jeff Gordon and moving to the position 442. Points behind. Dale Jarrett. Tony Stewart let it halfway collected the 101000 dollar Gatorade front runner reward. And I believe that about wraps it up for tonight geared Richmond two words come divine dominance and deserved. When the press been brought the scoring it's that help tonight our spotter was Charlie Crist in production assistant was nick global. The voices you heard call the action of our Richmond broadcast deceiving Joseph Moore had the action on the back straightaway Jim Phillips Winston Kelley. Marty Snider patrolled the pit and garage areas. For Barney all this Zell investment bidding you good night from the Richmond international raceway where Tony Stewart has scored his first NASCAR Winston cup series win he takes the seedings Exide NASCAR select 400. Him RN radio. Coverage of the NASCAR Winston cup series has come to you from the Richmond and I. Let's get hold great sway. The executive producer of a bar and radio is David Hyatt sales manager Rick threw me. Senior producer Mark Williams producer Steve usein defense there Harry Howard broadcast engineers Cameron Smith. Hilarious we need traffic managers Stephanie Allen's executive assistant Sam Greg good affiliate relations Cheryl Marcelo. Peter DiGiorgio and Chris Fleming on the remote operations David brand and that low road production assistant Robin van their draft this is Rick Lewis and this broadcast was a production up MR and radio a division of International Speedway corporation. This is Ben MR ends throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire. Right on our strength.