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Aug 29, 2017|

It's STP Throwback week on NASCAR Live! On this edition of NASCAR Live, Mike Bagley and the MRN crew get you ready for the Bojangles Southern 500 at Darlington and much more!!

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The following is a production of the motor racing network. The voice of NASCAR. Wait a second this is STP throwback week on NASCAR life. Let's state this week show back in 1991. I. The horns are back and sell or the singers and sell as STV throwback week all of this week on motor racing network. We're that wraps up Sunday with a vote jangled southern 500 at Darlington. On today's show or highlight some of the paint schemes that we'll see this weekend also NASCAR expanding series driver Jeremy Clements will join us done. Talk about is upset win in the job to go 180 at road America. Plus some of the MR and gang is gonna stop by to discuss the 2017. Season that and a whole lot more. SDP throwback week on NASCAR live is brought to you by Granger no matter of the job the Rangers got your back. Granger for the ones who get it done. By Hercules tires right on our spring and by road to race day. Road to race day is now streaming at godaddy dot show slash MRSA. From the MRN studios in Concord, North Carolina here is your host Mike Bagley. Thank you so much threat Armstrong good to be back with you folks on another addition of NASCAR live. Too much and it's ST EP throwback week and well for some this is the most look forward to week of the year as we get set up role into the PD region of South Carolina for the boat dangles southern 500 race weekend as we mention. Will be talking paint schemes and the throwback nature will be getting some memories and recollections from some of the M boring crew that's gonna stop by. And of course Jeremy claimants will be by as well but before we get this week's get together. Running in full song let's bring in our social media starlet came through and who's here they are checking of those. I am alliance and extend or make him look. I'm ready gets darling since throwback weekend accident starlets rays who have youth absolutely excited for darling ten and I got even more excited wind and they. Heating teaser for gaining Murray's car that will be driving this weekend I'm Chip Ganassi racing's whip Eric count if you haven't seen it very cool. They did this video of this team working on the car putting on deep house insides but they didn't mean that it feels very 1980s and that's what we're throwing backs this begin Darlington and and it's got you know the the timing date Stanton says DHS and the top. But it's going to be here since 1980 race winning car. On the scene he's going to be hard into this weekend so I get into the ankles video if you haven't checked it out anchored UT it just in the mood for this 1980s are back with. I can't wait to get down their currency. Definitely a lot of paint schemes from yesteryear and I guess the odds and asked the question what rating would you give that paint scheme let. Ratings of another sort of cropped up on social media square feet. They have a snow Dale Senior and on and hating a couple. With his over ratings now are familiar with Hoover if this app where you can get guys. Like you would if taxi but at either ride you rank the driver for the driver can also ranked. And rider and Dale Junior is having a little bit anxiety because he was only a four. Out of five stars in his ratings even dipped below export to three point 88 he says he kind of followed the trials and tribulations of Dale Junior on Twitter it was pretty funny but the best part was that Hoover John stands. On all the action and we dale saying tit stuck up your rating ideology you're one it don't ask us aussies the driver. To less pit stops. And three used the doors at no extra gains through the window so I like that number jumps on board and had a little fun with young junior. I'm hit I hit in his quest to get five stars. Well what was better is Kyle Busch jumped in on the conversation and bragged that might Cooper rating is better than yours. Yeah Palin it was a lot of fun and I thought you I Wear my greetings and you know this isn't just Dale Junior a lot of people look at their rating in the try to update so again it was a fun little banter and whether it's. That's awesome I can folks follow us on social media give a symbolic acts and art and radio and of course we always love hearing from use it we just using that hash tag asked in our. I Cabell C this weekend at Darlington coming up on NASCAR live first time NASCAR expanding series winner Jeremy Clements is gonna join us. Later we'll give you the inside story on some of the paint schemes you'll see in the boat jangled southern 500. I'm Steve look tar ST the auto expert former preaching. I know what it takes to keep engines performing at their best. SDP's latest breakthrough edited ST he ultra five and one plus fuel system cleaner plus fuel stabilizer delivers three times the amount of cleaning agents vs premium gasoline. And helps keep fuel crashed during story. For over sixty years as CP has been on the cutting edge developing products to help engines run batter. Longer one bottle contains three times by weight the amount of cleaning agents compared to twenty gallons of the leading premium gasoline. Race fans. Visit camping world of Concord for convenient one stop shopping on Al Gore accessories top brand RVs and quality service client RB and enroll in the good Sammy elite loyalty program. Hopefully he incentives valued at over 2000 dollars. Browse over 101000 Camping World products and accessories in America's largest RV dealer network plus shop for top manufacturers. Such as Coleman keystone newborn Ford Motor coach Winnebago and many more America's number one RV dealer has something for everyone thinks it Camping World until a court today see you perform these deals and disclaimers. On the heels of his first ever win in the NASCAR X but he series Jeremy Clements joins us next. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. It's as TP throwback week on NASCAR live. They left the bottom of the ballot not the. I don't let them know. What I'm doing a good yeah. Don't let the round both Bob and of the big trouble here that I'm not trying to get back. The drive so as the two leaders bandage on number fourteen. Michael hunt down. All eleven seconds behind him. Running back in the third possession but Clemens back on her way he has righted the ship and I want to thank you want that Jeremy Clements comes up the hill there loosen their minds in Spartanburg south Carol. Jeremy Clements probably the checkered flag filled with the Johnson bill 180 now back to your host Mike Bagley. That's how it sounded Sunday the spin and we infer Jeremy Clements first ever win for Jeremy in the NASCAR community series. And Jeremy joins us now to talk about that and a whole lot more Jeremy welcome to NASCAR live congratulations on becoming a winner in the NASCAR X unity series. That's amazing thank you get so much so good to hear is being. He'll be here and they're awesome. Well it didn't come though about some some issues along the way let's back up. Before we got. Into the the situation coming to the white flag and the one to go let's back up before that. Obviously some pit strategy played in your favor. Have you guys dissected and and found out specifically. Where the turning point was in your day and when you knew that you had a shot to win that thing. Yapping in declaration allies Spain is. I don't know it is Canada July. I welcome you got decent car I don't know what got a winning car. And then we were able to make some adjustments first pit stop and animated that are. And then we. Led a lot of laps there after the fact inspect. And I saw one out where he are we. Really didn't list and then. I didn't ruin their ministers yeah honestly thought this was Stroud and then or about it my remarks and chipped it break your restaurants the little. I let any ill and my bad toting word about that and they just told Maine that it's here at. You know it is lap like guy let's do it and then. We came back ally eight then. I'll just drop my heart out that point. At all. Well it might get a call from true whale and it we didn't somehow. Notre courses or races are there are so while you you know what you call an end but. I'm so glad we didn't and I really in main main view it and you're there and spin now let's go now make that happen he's starting him by. Sure it was very exciting for the saints watching labor. In plant that we it would get vocal and and then won the race car and believe it amazing. So both ideas spun out. Both of you were able to regroup you're the man that left turn fourteen in the lead and you look up and you see the white flag and you're the leader. What's going through your mind what are you feeling at that moment from spinning and sliding off the course to regrouping and taking the white flag is a leader and then. That lap that long lap before miles to get back to the checkered flag when all that feel like. There are a lot of emotion. First off when asked fun. I had that engine. Turned alternative. Act act kept turning it have fired up in it and actually are pretty quickly but I seem like an eternity to me honestly. I don't know. They're part up and despite mean you're an idiot you just skated straight I mean not you're one shot at winning more races and you David solemn man myself. We got back door and cross lying at the white flag and they stood at. Still got a big lead just bring your home and now like oh my gosh it's for real power that impossible. So it's been now and still have that big of a gap of our elected him mayor at the time that they used by Hamid audience air on new outscored their after the leader. So that fast lap. The 78 in blue attire and errors robbery everywhere and going into turn pop in a doll well I hope they don't call option or anything crazy happened so. Colleges there's a couple of laps or affirmative disrobe and then took it easy and came back and got the checkered and it was the best sharing in my life. Jack would Jeremy Clements first whenever in the NASCAR X Kennedy series over the weekend in the Johnson the 180 at road America. Jeremy tick you fourteen years to get to Victory Lane and win a race in this your New York. Your team your operation how many employees do you folks that because that comparisons obviously with what you did Sunday that David and Goliath vs story. The little team that could mean all those stories have been written and spoken but. But what about this race team and the resource is that you have I remember you saying that. Your race cars basically nine years old I mean it was built back in 2008. What about the resource is you guys have. Yeah the church. We get that car we've been read it since. A thing or that our our car this generation had to switch back in to about eleven. And proper phrase and I doubt very and then I didn't race again in and the net purposely kept pulling until 07 in those seven RMR races. And they and and then we start all the time in 2011 so bad bank that went let you know we've been full term by. Yeah we've got very limited resources we built our name didn't square demonstrations. Farmer. So after our. A phenomenal job they have tort where. You know our budget not being able to do everything we need back in use on all parts. But. It's just incredible. To me to be it would. We are NASCAR race with with who are bringing in what we do it the way we've got. Probably three or four are airport full time employees at JQ are there we have a couple. Beckham and part time you know and his health panicking and like my effort Blakey default file all times are are. And he'll come and here in the air. And gain. Yes gal like that that make it all happened and then. On the it's the shop business is one big shot but it's outlaw that divide it from. Pretty harsh part to the the convenient shopping in shops actually has. Roughly out of fifteen employees in it and but they don't just they are in the bill a lot of dirt late model engines and other stuff and that's the bread and butter there that. That's the moneymaker fur for my dad and uncle were and they keep it going and so. They're the ones aren't out played they bust their tail they were mourning buyers in my alliance. It's just. It's just incredible for them are appreciate what they've done for rain because without their mosque are wouldn't be able they got that victory. As is the case of the NASCAR X but he series if you win a race your playoff qualified as long as you stay in the top twenty in points well. You wanna raise your seventeenth with three races to go before the playoffs began. Has it sunk in that you're in the playoffs and what's next now for this race team as you will be a part of the group of folks to run for a championship. Off ourselves breathing coal I know what dale it would be able to run for a championship. Obviously election win. We were so far back and point that it wasn't an act and or so winning we're going option but we did it worrying and got very great and they get our stuff better. We are in many. We've got a new car that. Were run for McCain. Maybe if there's not a built in music or an NPR news Koran and a new car and over three years so I'm excited it shouldn't have. Better earning you know retrieval with a new rules package or at this year and hopefully should handle weather so. I'm anxious to see about that and that it does that Byron tracts and I think Kentucky will be our first. What steps to outplay operate yet but on the other thing. David Davis Cup but much is our strength. So first what operate. You never know what's gonna happen graces it would disk hero and do we do in. Java net charge it the best finish is McCain obviously trouble then market we what could possibly advance so that's what we need to be. Or let you go I'm sure it was quite a homecoming coming back to Spartanburg. But even more so it's gonna be quite the homecoming going to Darlington this weekend your timing is perfect my friend. I'm not simply wow that's that's amazing. Darlington is this week in weeks I look Darlington I have a love hate relationship with our its former favorite track. Robert Darlington is. Every lap of such a battle your eyes. I love this place despite let's put it by now that it's it's frustrating drag but it's fine now thank makes then. And for throwback weekend and or wherever terribly it was not come on the car and are at bank in grant in Jeff dollars or payments for everything that downforce than. Managed just excited right now I'm on cloud. Appreciate all the pain their prized waited being. And take me come out shop called meaning thing thank you so much and by a better tune into explain it or nap this link up at all actual. While. Congratulations. On behalf of all of us here motor racing network to put on. Quite a show and he gave us up to talk about this weekend. We'll look forward to seeing you in the rest of the team on your home turf at Darlington raceway Jeremy thank you so much for joining us we'll catch up soon. Some are. That's Jeremy Clements winner of the Johnson still want to eighty and road America in Elkhart lake Wisconsin. Coming up we'll get the inside story on some of the paint scheme shall see at Darlington this weekend and later Jack arugula Jonas of the page from the pack. Your check engine light and the AutoZone we have the tools to help you troubleshoot the real problems for free whether or something serious or something simple like blues desk yeah. 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Let's get what you need get in the zone AutoZone. This is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. It's best TP throwback week on NASCAR live. Back to your host might affect. Welcome back NASCAR live it over the last two years Darlington raceway has showcase a throwback theme to pay tribute to racing heroes from the past. A lot of the cars are gonna look different and there are some great stories for everyone for a little more on what you'll see at Darlington this weekend. And for what will be describing to use Sunday night here on motor racing network hears them aren't what McCain. Thanks Mike this weekend in Darlington you're going to need a program to know who's who was most of the field will have special throwback paint schemes. One you won't have trouble with is the famed as TP number 43 Ford driven by Erica Motorola. In 1984. Richard Petty won his 200 cup series race at Daytona but those familiar colors. If the judge anybody else watch that anyway didn't know hundredth career NASCAR back. Hey guys you know and there's a lot of great stand there. From what we'll have ruin everybody's in the sugar in your car back at Darlington now. Mean you know have its low scores. Pain and effort new cars kind of like oh scores great but marine navy for baggage he brings a lot of good memories. Life great school and it you know every neighborhood to win. Admiration from the prison United States from July the fourth when a very quiet nice green flags. Deal than it did you do if you win there can be no better man. 1984 was also the year Eric Al Motorola was. They would be weird after all these years of nine of the king has won seven championships and he's 200 races. Com if you go back in time any didn't win at 200 win right like 200 such. Disclosure. Like you just kinda 199 is still one short gray Nike even. Even all that he's accomplished if you have one just a 109 and races. Even himself. Says that. They were you know they they would have fell incomplete without wind 200. And now here I am you know. Didn't address this race cars it's really cool this as 1984 is a clear for me do that was born a year. So I was three months old and Richard won now what one is 200 to raise self. Really excited about this ST feet. Does a great job with the whole throwback theme that at Darlington. The cars are so iconic a night it's a NASCAR fan you recognize that. Teddy moving day glow red when you see it you don't even have to put as dvd cal sonnet you know it's an SEC tire. So really excited about it. But boy here's number fourteen Ford will look a little different this weekend as well. With Carolina Ford dealers as the sponsor he'll be driving a paint scheme made famous by Mark Martin in the NASCAR extremities series from 1988. To 1991. Really the Carolina Ford dealers was the first sponsor that had. That did marketing. And television marketing. You know fool players that you know I had done some TV into the if they did you know lots of radio spots and lots of television spots and it was really my first sponsor that that did that kind of world we are. And then I think about. You know the cars and I look at this car and think about the chances that was underneath. That brings. What it was life and it is kind of its kind stand for me. The move can think about. Boy your sense that's a perfect fit for this weekend it's all about Mark Leno and think about it. My heroes and the people that. You know that I really looked up to this quarter mark was at the top the list he was 1980. 2012 and it's so much meter race alongside him back in the NWR days and end just. Friends and and knowing. Through a lot of different acquaintances. Some things so really really excited honored him in this Carolina Ford dealers that car was good guards in this sentence it perfectly fit. Then I'm excited to have. Dale Earnhardt junior's paint scheme will pay tribute to his early career. In 1998 and 99. Junior won the NASCAR trinity series championship in the AC Delco Chevrolet. Still showcase that look again this weekend. You know this is a car that you know as a catalyst for my career. Up until I had the opportunity to race in the next Indy series. From my father had really in my opinion. Denny thing to just sort of anchor myself into the sport as a driver. And once I got into AC Delco car in a in 98. I inherited this car from Steve Clark. This scheme actually originated from my father racing in Japan. So it's sort of inherited this car this team in the team. They took me in as a unproven. Ricky. And they taught me a lot about how to drive race cars and we had a ton of success when in the two. This city series championships and win about thirteen races along the way. It's a grade of paint scheme and a part of my career that. I I really hope here. Don't miss Darlington throwback weekend motor racing network will have live coverage starting at 5 eastern time this Sunday night. Thanks ability and that's just scratching the surface where all that will be going on this weekend. In Darlington coming up on NASCAR live Jack a route has a page from the past and later somebody AMR and gang is gonna join meet to discuss the season. And some of the story lines as we enter the playoffs in two weeks. I'm Steve looked car. ST the auto expert and former preaching. I know it takes to keep engines performing at their best. SDP's latest breakthrough additive. ST he ultra five and one plus fuel system cleaner plus fuel stabilizer delivers three times the amount of cleaning agents vs premium gasoline. And helps keep fuel fresh during story. For over sixty years as CP has been on the cutting edge developing products to help engines run batter. Longer one bottle contains three times by weight the amount of cleaning agents compared to twenty gallons of the leading premium gasoline. Introducing the Wrangler performance Sears. A collection of jeans and pants featuring the new comfort flex waist band and for weight flex technology just moves with deep. It's the flexibility you need to get more out of every day and type in the year unrealized potential. See where more range of motion takes you. Wrangler performance series. Less restrictions no more living. Why have a page from the past next this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. It's best TP throwback week on NASCAR live. Time now for the Granger inside track. NASCAR hall of Famer in championship car owner Richard Childress says winning another championship is always the goal of soup and whoever it was championship. Someone. Felt to me about my Linksys Boston that's true you won't. Assuming that monster energy crew that's that's what I'm looking for and that drives me in heaven. The people are employees are our fans. The sport itself. I mean that's all I've ever known since I was just a little kid you know is just racing and I'm still doing it today. Strangers inside track has presented by America's number one source for safety products visit safety dot Grainger dot com. For ideas and info to help keep your facility safe. And your people safer. Because the Rangers got your back. Thank you for spending your. I'm with us on this week's NASCAR live this week is the tenth and final week of the MR and podcast Richard Petty rode to royalty. This week will continue with the legacy of Richard Petty Jeff Gordon is on this week's show talking about some advice the king passed on to him many many years ago. I'll never forget one time in Indianapolis I qualified on the pole. Let these black streaks off return for. Coming to it to the checkered and I and I was on the pole. That he made a comment in the media about how foolish doubtless that Yahoo! so much faster I didn't need to do that. And end and I heard about and I later talked to him about it. He's like yeah would you and that SS well I know is that fast Andes where you should have and and yet told me a lot about. Richard Dick competitor. And in the U Howell. Knowledgeable he was about what the driver's mindset and mentality. And in how he pushed in the things he accomplished on the track team and how where he was of those things but then also. You're talking to me at times. Not very I didn't talk to my lot but when I did and it was always a meaningful conversation. That's Jeff Gordon on this week's Richard Petty rode to royalty podcast. You can hear the rest of that show as well as the first nine shows at MRN dot com and of course it's brought to you by ST EP. Help keep stored fuel fresh for this TP ultra five of one plus fuel system cleaner. And fuel stabilizer. Richard Petty won only at Darlington three times in his career. The track is not called the track too tough detained for no reason but for one driver became a little easier than most for more. Here's Jack Rupp with this week's page from the pack. Thanks Mike. Darlington history and the southern 500 in particular is filled to the brim with legendary finishes. But no one driver his first career victory and his last several decades later stands out. Back in the late seventies and early eighties Terry love Bonnie was a young driver from Corpus Christi, Texas. He came to NASCAR's cup series with car owner Billy Hagan after running the Texas Louisiana short track circuit. And right from the start he took it Darlington like a duck to water in fact. He's rookie season in his first career start in 1978. He finished fourth. But it was the 1980 southern 500 that earned their future NASCAR hall of Famer his first career NASCAR victory. David bears and ran into the wall hit the ball one more time and they checkered flag I've come out and and waved. And a word win again that is why people are scared of Omani style number reported four out of four about scripting attack. Rip Gary went on to win 22 races and two cup championships. But Darlington always goes home to look bond in fact. His final cup victory came in the 2003. Southern 500 after qualifying third. The body fell off the pace and in fact we and is lowest eighteenth in the first half of the event. But when it counted Gary and his crew chiefs Jim long we're running with the lead pack and used a quick pit stop under caution to put him in front as the laps wound down car. Eighteen point 11 seconds this stock for Texas to carry a body becomes and gets four tires and pioli beats all the guys up the midsection of pit road. It had been a 157. Races since the body tasted victory. And when that checkered flag flew that day Gerri Levine he drove his Kellogg's Chevrolet into southern 500 Victory Lane. Charitable funding comes off the court in the bottom. At Darlington winless streak dating back a 156 races end to the latest terrible Bonnie wins at Darlington in the Mountain Dew southern 500. I'm Terry continued to racing car. Full time and part time until 2014. But the southern 500 and the name's Terry LaMont and we'll be linked forever. Their pages from the pass I'm John Roberts. Thank you Jackie coming up. Next MRN's Dirk Becker and Dave moody would join us. And later will preview this weekend's boat jangled southern 500 at Darlington. No there's really not on the body and this the last day. All things you can. Anybody he's all out. Oh. Race fans do you have an old car motorcycle voter RB just taking up space. What that vehicle was good news by donating it to the NASCAR foundation. George donated vehicle will help kids and how racy communities live happier healthier lives simply call 84 fourth NASCAR nine. If your vehicle will be told an auction you've got a tax deduction and the NASCAR foundation gets the proceeds. Again to donate please call eight full force NASCAR nine. MR and skirt Becker and Dave Moodie joins me next this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. It's best TP throwback week on NASCAR lives now back to your hosts my fans. Look back to NASCAR live we continue on this week's get together and ready for the vote tangle southern 500. Adds Darlington raceway joined now by M Lawrence curb Becker and Dave Moodie boys get ready go to the PV regional South Carolina. In probably what some term as the most favorite weekend of the year data on. For me yes absolutely may be may be short of speed weeks you know when you've been going on around my house for a couple of months and you're just ready to get back to the racetrack to meet. This throwback weekend at Darlington is the only question I have about Curtis why somebody didn't think of this. Decades ago no question about it I've this is what the third year that that we've done the throwback weekend and you know anybody that appreciates the history of the sport you go to Darlington. You think back god what 1950. When the first southern 500 with Ron. Qualifying was spread out over the course of something like two weeks. It was remarkably that we we've all heard stories we've heard our own Glenn Jarrett talk about how when his dad net. Would take a car he would he would take a coral for dealership lot in drive it into a local service station and get the front in the line the way he wanted to for the southern 500. You talk about history like that it's a fun weekend. You know when you look back at at at races and tracks from years gone by the two that immediately come to mind to me are Darlington and Martinsville. And it's amazing Kurt how in this day and aids have brand new and shiny things there's something to be separate tracks that have with stood the test of time. Yeah and I think that part of that is the fact that. He'll look while ball were all for a progress we understand time marches on the thing about Darlington and also about Martinsville is they have found a way. To maintain those traditions and yet remain relevant as the saying goes and that's remarkable that's not an easy thing to pull off but I think a big part of that. Is the fact that folks respect and understand history both. Looks correct for some of us that are old enough that we actually called a race at Darlington when the front stretch was the backstretch in the backstretch was the front stretch and and I actually walked out on of that old. Core gated steel. Overhang may they called it a roof by I don't think roof. Did quite justice but actually I actually sat on a folding chair in my corner that overhang and called the first race I ever called a Darlington. And the neat part about it is both their hand at Martinsville. They've maintained that old's school rustic charm. But they've also we've bowled with the times because you know. Modern fans are gonna sit honest when three board for seven hours and a 107 degree heat. Hoping to maybe get off our warm Coca-Cola and cold hot dog about halfway point. They want more and both of those tracks of evolves but they still kept that old school flavor. Let's not let's get into some nuts and bolts of what we're deal with here Deb junior has not set the world on fire and quite frankly. Hendrick motor sports has not set the world on fire compared to years past Dave where they right now. Well Larry they're not and they were good Jimmie Johnson right now who is in acknowledged I think by everybody to be the standard bearer Hendrick Motorsports. Since his last win at Dover. Eleven races. Average finish 22. Over an eleven race span. Jimmy freaked and Johnson seven time champion average finish of 22. It's been a struggle for Hendrick motor sports right now Kasey Kahne has struggled terribly Dale Earnhardt junior has struggled terribly. Chase Elliott has been pretty good but not as good as he was last year in his rookie season not as good I'm sure as an as he himself thought he would be in his sophomore season. So I gotta tell you it's it's getting to be nervous time for Hendrick motor sports. But that said though we said the exact same things about Jimmie Johnson a year ago at this time and look how wrong would work well. I think it's safe to say that chip can actually racing leads the Chevy contingent. But the Chevy contingent and the fort contingent. It appears Kurt they had to work twice as hard to look half as good against the Toyota contingent. Right now down that the Toyota camp I mean there's no getting around the fact date they have. They started the season strong and they've been able to maintain that throughout the course of the year you look at Martin Truex junior in the furniture row gang I mean Martin was the guy that. When we started the season you know he was up there up front still is up front he's he's good everywhere he goes he's fast everywhere he goes. And you don't and the talk was well Joseph Gibbs racing hasn't been to the winner's circle well once we got into the heart of the summer campaign. Once they finally got over that hump all of a sudden here's Denny Hamlin here's Kyle Busch now the dominoes are starting to fall into place so no getting around the fact Toyota's been tough. The rest of the Toyota campus finally caught up to Martin Truex junior. Unfortunately. They did it way too late because he's got a huge advantage going into these playoffs with the playoff points that he's accumulated there's another fifteen more coming right up as the regular season champion. He and Kohlberg and 78 team have played this game perfectly in Tony seventeen they figured out. Which side of the bread the butter was going to be on very very early and won a bunch other teams are saying yeah you know playoff points or nice or not gonna change our strategy to get them. Truex and current sad were our grab him by the handful and by the time these these these guys figure out that we're way ahead of them it's gonna be too normally. Gentlemen thank you for the time was in Darlington this weekend at a portrait you bet Alex Hayden Steve posed from the pits in the garage and MR that are coming up next here on NASCAR live. 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First this is NASCAR live on the motor racing network the voice of NASCAR. It's ST EP throwback week on NASCAR lives now back to your posts I say. We continue along this week's NASCAR live so ledger spending your time with us who already heard from -- Becker and Dave moody ballads. Bring in the gentleman who pick about them put it down on pit lane and in the garage Steve post and Alexei during her boys aria and doing well how how things are going to stay there is good month you'll remember your world and he's gonna run where my 200 purely kidney I've gotten poverty got to be twins it's right. Probably got brought America the rear view mirror and now all sites are set on the boat jangled southern 500 race week and we've already heard from. Kurt and Dave what did your guys insights on the throwback weekend that we're about to have at Darlington raceway. I love the throwback weekend and in and it's great that we celebrate the greats like got. You know we've had David Pearson being schemes and killing our roving teams of Darrell Waltrip poll favor paint schemes what I love about it is some of those awkward ones that we have that are that make us go look at the history books and make us go look at things. Look at the number on Denny Hamlin car this year the number eleven the Ray Hendrick number eleven car. Now my car doesn't mean much to a lot of the world. But in Virginia. In the sixties that was the car that what everybody would that number eleven on and of course Denny's or Virginia native so. I love when we get those obscure ones those unique ones that make us look at some different things. That are that are not the standards that we mixed together enough of their of the big name popular ones but the ones that kind of helpless to embrace another aspect of our sport I love the fact. That that or celebrating history and I understand. That you weren't they were always about progress in this we got to move forward you always look into it to continue. To see what's gonna happen tomorrow see with the future is. But how do you know we are going if you don't know where your bit and and when you get a chance to look back at the history. And and take a trip down memory lane when you see some of these paint schemes or. Visit with some of the folks who come to the race that are veterans of our sports that aren't in the garage every weekend anymore. Took to talk with some of these NASCAR hall of famers and some of these mechanics that come out to the to vote jingle southern 500. Now because it is a throwback type a weekend and you get to just sit back and listen to these stories it really is something net and I think it's pretty spectacular. You know when I was growing up one of my first recollections of Darlington was watching. Darrell Waltrip and Richard Petty fight it out. For 500 miles it would come down to the end. Driving those big goal land yachts that he had no 438088. Going toe to tell and have pharmacal correctly Donnie Allison was hovering there. And just to watch these guys. Take these big cars and sling and these course although it would no power steering there yet and muscling them and you know richer would driving deep slot that Darryl would cut the card to the bottom he shot up there Richard got back to the bottom. It was it was to meet poetry in motion what are some of your memories era postman. Well I I think that's funny part about it when we look at this weekend is our memories at Darlington are going to happen this weekend because the racetrack is still the same. They still I mean I know they're not the land yachts and we know the high country scars that they that we have now. But they still slowing amendment slice him up to the wall and cut him down and they'll have Darlington stripes and black Marshall Romer Drexel I think that's the fun part about Darlington is. Witt our president. The way that race of the racetrack. Reflects our history and when I think back through history I think that some of the very races just like you talk about some of the some of the runs that you know David Pearson my gosh I'm calling you the silver fox that's where he got that name. I mean you don't file order miles Russell on that racetrack wolf we just crouse for the first quarter miles on the last summer lousy lot Russell by grizzly bear when the women with a brace so. I want it's good Darlington is just an amazing place but I like that is it races now what you're used to was it has lived very historical and that. One thing in images that constantly come in my mind about. Racing at Darlington in this southern 500 is hot is South Carolina they admitted he's up for it's it's 9000 degrees outside. And I just have these images of the peer since the eighties and. The Bobby Isaac everybody gets out of the race car and their warped. This is what makes them heroes to so many of us and their face is just covered in. Dirt other than what they had the bubble goggles on over their eyes and held the rest of their faces just dirt there white uniforms are just dirty. Those types of images of of these ordinary guys doing extraordinary things. With machines. It made them heroes to me really did know those images stick to my mining billion year old today's drivers still after 500 miles at Darlington. It's the track too tough to say they still get out of a Carner kind of what. There wore out you know I was within about an image came on just you were talking about the juror number and it wasn't wave back here's drew remember that you're the Jeff Gordon had a car. That was blowing up for the last a few laps public water to they have and it so yeah it's a constantly low talker to recruit guys we love human drivers. But it's a touch to these cars and and a car Gordon a few years ago just to that car to the nth degree because that thing that was that was old faithful geyser for like the last thirty actually. I look like he's got to be our water's got to be our water but that's darling could attest every aspect of our sport. Speaking of things being tested let's transition into this database what we're about to do this weekend. Alastair opinions. What team is being tested the most right now as it either gets ready to make a run for the championship. Or a team trying to make a run to get into the playoffs to run for a champion. I think there's there's. Queen here and it's flip sides and I'll start with Matt Kenseth and that team he seemed Denny Hamlin have successive series teammate he seemed Kyle Busch have some success. Daniel swears the rookies having success. Oh as a what a rookie is doing but Matt Kenseth who for all intents and purposes is looking for job next year. In the same equipment I think he's one of those guys and he's right I'll let that cut lines of either being inner being out. Kids that this is a driver and he's got a race team behind that they're capable of winning. They really are we so we talk about it every week that some of these drivers and teams that are capable of winning he's one of them now. He needs a good we get on the flip side of that I think it's gotten to a point where we've seen Martin Truex junior and Kyle Larson. Be they guys that run up front week in week out it doesn't matter what type a racetrack it is. As we get ever closer to the playoffs I wanna see these two teams now staff often and sustain that it what you've done to this point has been spectacular no question about it. But nobody remembers the regular season once it's playoff time. So once we now get close to the playoffs so to see if these two teams in the 78 of Truex at 42 of Larson and their their teams if they can sustain what they've got going on. I agree and I think it's going to be fascinating to watch off you're seeing Truex is team been very very resilient over the years. Can we talk about the relationship blessed cavaliers and Joseph Gibbs racing will limit for the final four back with a Shelby's the year before they made the transition soak. That team has really shown a lot of sharing power. I'm anxious to see what color shouldn't Chad Johnson and those guys do that they're so good or shall talent of the Guthridge could race cars. Now the rubles or fly into the playoffs with a championship run so I'm anxious to see where they are on the other side of the spectrum as far as ration their way and my gosh who knew who thoughts become one homestead. Joel O'Donnell would be in a spot or he's got to win is always the Richmond. Absolutely amazing and and then if it was so don't pre season so who's going to homestead. I'll make you a virtual large percentage of people we're joined Adonal and he might not even reborn to Chicago land in the playoffs. I had Joel and I know winning the title this year. And of course after Richmond that's for the wheels came off the wagon literally and they've been fighting for everything they can get I mean. It's about working hard look working twice as hard look half as good young right now Joey MacDonald Tom Gordon's backs are against the wall. No doubt about it's it's amazing to see or really does. And it's just an end here we are going to we've talked rolled all the challenges of that well good luck boys you wanna we're going to them. You win okay. Port Richmond they did what in the spring but that was all an encumbered nonsense and I'm not on the hill and industry that they have their self. I mean they've it's on the line with the which oil O'Donnell an argument I get a measure the pressure going to Darlington and Richmond have to have to get where. That's Steve post and Alex Hayden part of the broadcasting crew for Sunday's. Vote jangled southern 500 at Darlington raceway and of course your hero here on the motor racing network. Before the winner's circle. For the engine start. The chase for the checkered flag in begins in the garage. Followed Dale Earnhardt junior and Jimmie Johnson Shea silly Casey can't. Ground breaking news seriously goes behind the scenes but Hendrick Motorsports. Road racing is now streaming conine he does shows flashes Ameren ducks go nine you don't show slash MO RN. We're will UV when NASCAR comes to Chicago's fastest loop four days of racing. The music come to Chicago Atlanta speedway September 14 over the seventeenth. Tickets for Sunday's Chicago land 400 are available now camping spots are available and selling fast ball kids tickets like five dollars off the gold price and free on certain race day. Get your tickets and camps like now at Chicago. It's being played dot com Chicago land speedway a monster energy NASCAR cup series playoff start here. It's as TP throwback week on NASCAR live now back to your host my flag. Welcome back to NASCAR live coming up at a few moments we'll preview of this weekend's vote jangled southern 500 at Darlington. First let's take a look back on the events of this week in NASCAR history. And this week we begin in 1982. The Steve Miller Band has the number one song with abracadabra. The box office movies like an officer and a gentleman and fast times at Rich Bond were among some of the most popular and NASCAR was at Bristol. It was Darrell Waltrip. Winning his fourth restoration around in the plus 500. Lap traffic will be a factor here is waltrip in the backstretch for the last time James a couple of other racetrack waltrip goes up around him you'll have to get there'll stage at turn three is five college political. Before walker coming off the fourth quarter of Bobby Allison comes close very close about five colleagues that they crossed the line and walk away in the bush 500. Who poured in 1988 Def Leppard has the number one album of the country with hysteria. The fortieth annual Emmy Awards were being held Thirtysomething took outstanding drama series. The wonder years to outstanding comedy series. NASCAR was again in Bristol and this time it was Dale Earnhardt dominating the bush 500. Earnhardt takes a viable the racetrack it turned number one on the very number two here's Elliott again looking down on the low side. On the backs right away Elliot takes a look at going at 33 he's got the inside groove hasn't got the stuff though he does not you take a shot at it but Bernhard will win the bush 500 Kelly we'll finish second and. In this week in 1992. Brooks and done are on top of the country charged with boot scoot and boogie. George Bush was in his final year as president. And NASCAR once again it was at Bristol Motor Speedway this is the first race that the concrete surface and it was again for the twelfth time Darrell Waltrip winning in the bud 500. Look for a moment when he smoke coming off turn two but again he's back up to speed with that side of the checkered flag down for his 83 career victory at this number twelve fear at Bristol race right. Darrell Waltrip gets the win of the western auto show. Brian just some of the events of this week in NASCAR history this weekend. NASCAR is racing to the track too tough to tame. Darlington raceway for a preview. Here's our Susie Armstrong thank you like the monster energy NASCAR cup series teams go retro this week. For the boat jingles southern 500 at Darlington raceway. A one mile eight shaped oval their lives up to it's a rough and tumble reputation. And remains universally hailed as one of the toughest tracks in NASCAR history. Runner up for the 2014 Darlington clash Dale Earnhardt junior will make his final attempt to capture the checkers at the track too tough to tame. Festooned in a throwback wrap targeting to his back to back extended these series championships. Bernhard junior is the key to Victory Lane is to follow his late father's sage advice. It's dry the track and others when you never I never really heard. That expression until I went to Darlington. Everywhere everything everything I'd ever done before that was racing the competitor's Trace and other cars on the track when I want to Darlington he told me. That if I raced the other competitors competitors like again in ever in my acres attract them might. It's really slick and as the tires fell off the car slides around running necklace so all you can get into pretty easily for not paying attention. Seeking his first top ten at the lady in black. Paul Menard will sport the old Dutch boy paint scheme on the hood of this Richard Childress racing Chevy. And hopes that he can roller in the Victory Lane despite the challenges of the notorious oval. Really fast really narrow and different both and so journal wanna do is. There's almost wide open qualifying trim. And really slows up in the race. What you need early in the runs if so what you need to lay in the Iran and I was Iran about a fence. For 500 miles get figures from. Here's our CRT made Austin Dillon makes his fourth Darlington starts this Sunday. Driving the iconic number three Chevrolet with the historic Dale Earnhardt senior for Wrangler color scheme emblazoned on the hood in quarters yeah way to get there. They'd throw back scheme with old Wrangler car that looks bad that bone. And I put our showers and do what I throw backs and Di's close places you've. You got a race track you always do you try and get too much there are turnaround by chip lady in black. She can that gives you quick the boat jingle southern 500 takes the green this Sunday night at Darlington raceway just after 6 PM eastern. Live coverage on the motor racing network begins at five. For this week's NASCAR live race preview I'm Susie Armstrong. Thank you Susie is gonna be a special weekend in Darlington. Throwback weekend in all. And of course catch right here on the motor racing network and at MRN dot com our thanks to Jeremy Clements for joining us also heard backer date movie Alex Hayden and Steve post. At the Cancun and what he came. I'd like that. Thank you so much for joining us on this week's NASCAR live we'll talk to you next week right here so long everybody. NASCAR live as a production of the motor racing network with studios and Concord, North Carolina and Daytona Beach, Florida. And was brought to you by Hercules tires. Right on our strength and by Tom Johnson's Camping World. America's one stop shop for all of your RB. Today's broadcast was produced by original. He executive producer of them are in is David Hyde remember to visit MRN dot com to get all of the latest NASCAR news and information. NASCAR live that produced under and exclusive license would NASCAR. Any use of the counter descriptions contained in this broadcast. Plus being with the express written permission of NASCAR. And the motor racing network.