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1994 Meridian Advantage 200

Aug 24, 2017|

The 1994 Meridian Advantage 200 from Nazareth Speedway

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This is MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength this is Ken Squier. Time now for MRN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing network actual race archives. Following the presentation a few more in repeal them celebrating 25 years of great in NASCAR coverage. No weekend off and NASCAR Busch Series returns to the northeast today for a visit to the one mile Nazareth speedway in Pennsylvania. Four years this site was home of one of America's trickier. Now hopefully crave but still five distinctly different turns Nazareth speedway what that is more of a road course and it's true oval by the drivers. I've Dave Mazur decided crazy racetrack we go to coming downhill down the back straightaway he has the characteristics of real stuff but that didn't really didn't. Are you going uphill through trial and didn't do really going under bridges to turn one around we're Obama this week it's everything to make and I. NASCAR Busch Series point leader Kenny Wallace this afternoon from rob your friends he's beautiful Nazareth speedway that's NASCAR Busch Series race. The meridian I've managed 200 coming up. Doom and far beyond radio. For Israel he's the most hard today. Sponsored by it. Goodies headache powders and pain relief tablet. Leo officials pain reliever of NASCAR. Last. Not at 11:15 PM eastern time we bid you goodnight from the Charlotte motor speedway today we welcome in the continuation of MR and radios wings across America tour as we greet you today from Nazareth Pennsylvania. Haven't Nazareth speedway for the Busch Series race the meridian managed 200 race number eleven on the 1994. At NASCAR Busch Series schedule alongside album best record on Eli gold graduate Asa was beautiful Sunday delivering coming up to very state of Pennsylvania for so many years for. Many different races via the pocono raceway core here were worth celebrating our seventh. And Busch Series visit ever. How that would ever have a day that will rival this one of the cloud in the sky and temperature in the mid to high seventies it is a magnificent afternoon for race and. Fans of turned out in record numbers for this race here today they've actually added almost a quarter more grandstands and they've ever had at this racetrack before and they are just almost slam full of people they've come for two reasons one because. The weather is gorgeous it's a great data be out the racetrack and too because this is turned into one of the most competitive racetracks on the Busch Series circuit. In the six previous events here. We had six different winners. And you have to say that today's race is about as wide open as it's ever been there's only one former winner in the field here today. And in the ten previous Busch Series races to this point in the season. Nine different drivers have won it's anybody's game this afternoon. The speech here 128. Point eight miles an hour that was the pole speeds for Kenny Wallace the man from whom you heard as we saw it on the air. But it's interesting and important to point out that the top fifteen of our forty qualifiers. Have broken the existing track record here at Nazareth Pennsylvania for the speech will be high. And the battles will be outstanding as they always are this uniquely shaped clients turn racetrack. One mile around. Just a few moments away from firing the engines here at Nazareth speedway for today's meridian advantage 200 and when the field comes down to the green flag Kenny Wallace will be on the pole. Kenny Wallace currently the man sitting atop the NASCAR Busch Series point standings yet. He has not won a race yet this year is today his chance let's find out Jim Phillips at Newport Tennessee is down with the Busch pole winner. Well he's got the best starting position the bush poll what are 128834. It's very obvious you have a fast car Kenny what was the key to you winning the wishful. Well I think when we unloaded we knew we had to do some work on these up Penske shops and we did it in we get to car stuck pretty dead lets us in us 200 laps is pretty long around here and we can stay out of trouble and just done called the good lord put us and make you lined a nine. This Fisher has been a third of the 1991 but you haven't won a race a lot of people expected due to one but I'll. Did you do it today Pollyanna we can do today yeah I mean I you know we've been pretty good all year long. It's been a situation where we had ourselves and shape to land. And they need to capitalize on enough for little reasons here they're so on I I really feel like we can do today I'll put on jinx himself and now. Usher robot talking in particular engine. Getting Wallace Eddie's team seem very confident about today's race. David green is currently third in the NASCAR Busch Series point standings he's been here to the Nazareth speedway twice before. And each time he is finished fourth spot does he have enough to pick up those extra positions. I've had to Victory Lane today Winston Kelley is alongside David Greivis seat straps aboard the slim Jim Chevrolet. The doors run out of my mouth Eli a couple of good runs here a couple of course David Green. Can you make this the second victory of 1994. We sure hope so Winston Smith didn't kill like an awful good since we've been out here now. He has a heck of battle for the qualifying here to Indianapolis. Hillary was set up to go the very end did your tires are great and Carl Wagner is that we did motor and I got the golf is here Bob thing involving enough food on this thing to that. Very unusual layout here at Nazareth what's the key to getting around for the slim Jim talk. Well Bobby stomach one thing about despite just being smooth you know we thank you six opponents is an argument that that they're buying. About a road courses and some right hand corner kick out of this thing and smooth the place in the paper or match with the Penske people keep distract us. Sadly she knows it's really pleasure. For the tenth time in 99 Ford David Marie starts on the front row he goes all second this afternoon. You'll hear a lot of different descriptions of this racetrack today some call at three turned some call it seeks weep for our purposes we'll call it five turns it because it's so unique you don't expect a rookie driver to do that well in his first visit here. But Dirk Stevenson general as rookie challenge candidate from Tel water Washington is qualified third this afternoon let's get his thoughts. Well Turkey can record just to lay the ninth did that make the difference on the starting position. They know we did come up your test test and that stand. We really actually have done a good test session up here and came home with a good qualifying yesterday hope will run from all day long we had a little misfortune that allowed them to go and hopefully today will be turnaround man. Well his best finish this year with a twelve to the Atlanta Dirk Stephen rolls off third this afternoon. Mike Wallace ran yesterday in the Winston select open at the Charlotte motor speedway at barrier qualifier at the FDP breaks Chevrolet at six spot. But with Wallace now driving it today about the goal from the shotgun start earning a spot on the field Winston Kelley its a long way up from that spot. Joining us on our wings across America tour is Mike Wallace. Mike are you concerned about getting lapped early in the race having a start in the back of the pack. I am really not right now Winston you know it very resort here yesterday and qualified yet TTP breaks Chevrolet in sixth position. So another car drove fast is the same car had allowed two weeks ago and ended up getting tore up and guys rebuilt since that time so. Of course again be very careful Lauren try to get an affront are least in the middle Pakistan because we can you know can he's going to be sent a pretty wicked pace at thinks sent start up on the front there are so up. No being LAPD is a concern. I think we're going to be pretty decent shape and Edwards Mike Wallace who says it best running here at six. Qualified sixth avenue raw material into the field. Solar closing in on the start of today's meridian at that X 200 the fans are crowding into the grandstands just a moment or so away from starting the engines we'll have a look at starting lineup. What's always a very entertaining Nazareth race for healing just moments. Bill Carr didn't radio. Preserves the NASCAR. Busch Series. But today. Club Olivia and an advantage and move hundred. NASCAR Busch Series according cars strong having rolled off the pit road. Read these labs here's the starting lineup. Starting fortieth from Dallas Pennsylvania it can't Wallace Jeff Barry of Norwich Connecticut will go 39. 38 Robby crouch from the Georgia Vermont genres audio back awhile Massachusetts starts 3736. Martin Truex piece of may have a New Jersey top holes at Ellington Connecticut starts. Let's let the Porter of Greenville, South Carolina. Problems that are Conway New Hampshire dale Shaw starts 33 32 Brian Ross of Boston spot New York I'm Michael Faneca Coventry Rhode Island starts 31. Thirtieth will be dale Williams of Sacramento California Rodney Colmes at lost creek West Virginia and go 29 NEC anti Arab cherry field may move the 28 with Sheffield lake village Illinois 27. 46 capital nature children Vermont Steve green so speedway Indiana 25 neighbors and he's the son of Massachusetts started winning awards like 23. Kelly Moore Scarborough Maine to get a sense there of new North Carolina goes 22 and Larry Pearson of Spartanburg, South Carolina will start 41. When he it was Ronald Cooper when Tommy Houston starting nineteen. Eight teams starting racing last week joined by Robert Presley you'll start seventeenth. Sixteen this to veto on who was the top finishing rookie here a year ago. Fifteen starter Randy LaToya Elton Sawyer will go fourteen room Johnny Benson starting in the thirteenth spot. Twelfth belongs to Bobby Donner and Doug have probable starting eleven. And the top ten Hermes Sadler of Emporia Virginia he in the tenth spot night Kobe Ricky craven of Newburgh Maine eighth Jim out of Portland Oregon with Chad little at Spokane Washington seventh. Six will be Mike Wallace of saint Louis Missouri in the lineup he will fall to the end of the field on a pace that he's doing that now the fifth starter Jason Keller of Greenville, South Carolina. Mike McLaughlin of Waterloo New York will go forth you heard from Dirk Stevens at ten rows rookie driver he's from Tel water Washington he'll start third and on the front row David Green of Owensboro Kentucky this slim Jim Chevrolet and the Busch pole winner Kenny Wallace at saint Louis Missouri the GICs financial system Ford. The field not getting the one to go signal from Carl Simmons atop the flag stand on one mile racetrack which many call a road course in the body of little old Trenton. Call it what you will of the. I was tracks groceries want to engineer the return numbers to win. In turn number one being right here perhaps the start finish line turned to win three and go anywhere near Bradenton and you know warm and then Virginia. Wednesday morning and afternoon everyone turned to runs and in turn three it's almost like to never ends two wide sweeping turn it just kind of continues gradually audit turned three and did you hit the back straightaway for the drivers referred to this backstretch going downhill on towards turn 41 the other factors the deal with here there's double strand of card rating on the inside of the racetrack. Offered a new artists say what's ahead. What's to come off turn three. It's been a very quick trip down the Backstreet way to turns four and five Mike Bagley of Milford Delaware is there thanks Alan good afternoon everyone positioned on a scaffold on the inside of the racetrack at the end just to turn over three that downhill slope to back straightaway leads to turn four. Which is a downhill twisting turn the object is what the card out this application can. Without getting on the brakes and protect the inside lane. It starts and restarts are tricky here at Nazareth there's a heart ninety degree left hander right past the start finish line. Getting through these first couple corners is always an interesting thing 200 laps. 200 miles to the NASCAR Busch Series the meridian advantage 200 about to get under way. Green flag about to be displayed in the air and quickly and we hear lots. Okay greens pain when. My client. So nervous I'm single wild. The man on the moon now Steven she'll drop a couple of correlates moving there's nobody in the Goodyear bridge they'll settled. Sounds a little wild off the thirty. Up front hallway and. Two cars a broken away now three car lengths the event especially third season. Sorted out single file now as they worked through the long flat sweeping accelerating up he'll turn number five across the start finish line it's. Clean first lap so. Why Kenny Wallace leaving leaving the Green Line currently. So earn money Donna ray's lawyer goes to the inside. Thanks outside lane and then final. That little holds that position now see streets amid wide Hermes I was seasonal Libyan side room. He had a really great home run in my fast but here's the start finish line. Great minds and rightly so. Let alone the right I don't think so many good things for the my sand little car you'll satisfy the old Mark Sanford made while not have. In the rough battle for. For urgent. Round try to make it stick to the bottom of the racetrack there's almost no banking in this corner in fact it's a little bit off camera he. The drive wedges way everything is even as they come back hard dogleg turn one. Oh wait they also lose what's wrong. On the outside Jim found its life. That's a tough in single file drew Stevens my football. Third place Jim bound not surprising he's driving the Hensley family then the last. More races here at the Nazareth speedway the head spinning cars and one they have finished third we have women weren't. They're running third right now is the battle behind memories. Reunion Bernstein and final hole on the next. Massa stuck in single file for. Facility. Yeah. Right to getting away from third on back which is what most of the other drivers in the field fear that. Getting Wallace and David Reid had very strong race cars and all that scrambling for word on back. By almost three seconds. Can bring you know. The race later meanwhile. Third place that is Jim bound behind me. Harvey schaffler is still out there. At the back of the field Mike Wallace has only picked up warm resistance at the start zone five laps ago in the going to be joining us and barrier while Mike McCarthy Mike Wallace who. Charlotte last night not playing you know. I mean Don lemon and it's. Something that I'm going to need the fringe. Paul you'll lose one spot now to be out. He went out got to be inside a body daughter down the backstretch passive time in single file for their crazy. Offered turner reporting live now listing underneath candles car when she gets jumbled the outside here at Nazareth it's awful hard to keep up. When you can find a way down back that inside lane. Your Tracy Leslie hope another. Hello we let you know when random enjoyable trying to get underneath the. Like it's far back out on the enzyme might help finally accomplish that it will be able long haul but no playoff. Single filed out the back straightaway in the joint talk. What happened 82 point nine tenths unbelievable for the gulf now a bit over three seconds of the front soon. And pretty well spread out a long way back. Then Bobby not a good movie. Carolina and I have one. Cars name's Kelly Warren county on the outside retaining wall duke free cars others involved Stevie Reeves tags lead prior. Or who basically had blocked the middle of the racetrack. And everybody else lows here at this stage coming through them hard left hand turn it just past the start finish line. Like Kelly Moore and Denis Thatcher got together just a little bit to trigger that off and ending when Kelly more scar got sideways across the racetrack all those running behind had no place to go. Any San Terry had to lock brakes and speak to the inside. Now everyone is driven away except Stevie Reeves he was the driver who came in pop the passenger side door on the killing more car. Is it sat sideways across this racetrack. We are under caution for the first time in the meridian advantage 200. Pit stops under this caution flag unexpectedly early for one of the front runners not involved in that accident Herbie Sadler is in getting service. And Bobby gave the crew chief is out first you look at the Y career. That there is look for the smoke coming from that area now I goes up the right slot and he's taking a look there. And he's got a brake problem saw brake problem for Harvey Sadler early in the race a few days those breaks your advancement. Of course currently being wary is in the point second right now you don't need to have a problem ten laps sit with 200 lap defense. Others have for service in front of Winston Kelley include Robbie crowds at the Kelly more car involved that accident. There might be a chassis adjustment to Robbie Rogers park George. Charged in the rest of the crew under the right there and our. They're a tank damage to the primary and I'm Kelly Moore Chevrolet now arriving crowd. And Kelly more LA the damage to Kelly more scar concentrating just behind the right rear tire should not bother the handling of that dale Williams also want. Pit road surface there he was involved did not accident all the Stevie reed's car being glamour girls special. And still make them into by the cleanup crews out there in turn number one and we are early never leave meridian and managed 200. Under caution Kenny Wallace continues to lead with David green's second Jim Brown run again the third spot this first caution flag a multi car accident in turn number one. Which appears tools and only Stevie Reeves in the garage area. New attorney Sadler get again down pit road the Virginia is for lovers card has Jim Phillips reportedly brake system probably just bleeding the brakes now Jim of these repeated stops are they determine exactly what the problem lynch. We'll armies. Tell you the great that he has some break but not enough to race where they can stop the cars stop putting guns in the fifth. But he does not have a doubt about Bobby game. Has some bright blue right there got to look at very. Master cylinder museum it's all there right out of the hood on the left side and didn't seem to be the problem there I think they might have a league alive somewhere but they have not had flooded again. Tough break for Herman Sadler who is made now three pit stops under this first caution flag. Field comes off of turn over five and gets the one to go signal so we'll go back to green flag racing next time by today's broadcast of the meridian advantage 200 is brought deal under exclusive radio rights granted by the Nazareth speedway to MR and radio solely for the private non commercial use around listening audience. New publication reproduction or other use of the description of the counts in this race without the express really instead of NASCAR an MR I am radio. I was talking with the army Sadler earlier this morning news there we arrived here from Charlotte trying to catch up on the news. Mommy was actually fairly excited because of he qualified it intends starting spot and that did so what they've broken valve spring in the engine and they were kind of laughed and among ourselves and imagine how he would not defend it you're at an all six cylinders there it was exciting about a stand here today. At least for the moment. He has a brake system problem he has now caught up with a tail under the field what's the latest good transmissions from inside the card gym Richey having more satisfied now. He hadn't studied you more about it so but value just gonna try to go as far as to give a comeback in the next time they get a caution and work on it more. Big day for him is going to be did not get lap now in this segment of the race can be way back here behind all the traffic dead last with the exception of the one caught it's out of the race still. If he can stay on the lead lap until we get another caution that's going to be a big accomplishment for him to this point. Green flag into the air Kenny Wallace brings back the start finish line painted green and around there's even wanna win. We don't really bring. Single mile away it's spot now really annual marine inventories kind of don't want to welcome aren't going to be the bring. That's going to watch a whole. I don't turn three but Robert Presley family getaway. Join us slowdown could eventually pulled away now facing. Houston off the corner here's a challenge for the lead David Greene gets a good run off of turn ever live Kenny Wallace and. The green room George Wallace why didn't turn one dog leg. I'm Jim Chevrolet leads downhill. Why don't hold up get back on line. Well. Larry did not have thoughts of going to the inside again that turnover for. Actually now don't go single file all the way back into the 35 position everybody trying to just feel out there race cars here in the first thing. The man on the move this point now the story you know look we don't think any spot you need to be inside of knowing him run. Also inside rumor running downhill. Real mess right now I'm not have run directly. Until I have I'm going into the corner to try and slide up underneath freshly pressed and the only winner. Heat wave that feel today he won here you're going towards the outside you re really enjoy another spot on in relief healing healing Presley tries to come back in the Garland so I. That battle ongoing news they weren't returned to her I'm not the start finish line me leaves little sense I don't mind winning. And when joy and pain while wrestling and a decision on running. Mean it was brought up the rear deck from Tommy Houston following that really hard time working on. Ronald Hoover again. Also trying to root flight data we. This time off turn three pieces are slow final corner it's time now Cooper's on the move working out. Trying to take the tough way around your manager and outside line you really brave enough. A lot of his bat saves the way Jason Keller Keller got his hands full with a lot of work hard now to. Like knocking on the door. Finally it. There's not so. People out of the back of the field Kelly Moore has problems again after. The accident earlier that she can handle that contain the same thing coming loose on the race card I think I am good pit road here shortly and we'll. There the last second on the road. It's. A lot of damage to the cars leaving anything you're okay. At this point seven bargain turn around and everybody kind of standard and I was in off the brakes the missing just got down from behind it's fun you know the glamour girl I was gonna get this weekend. There's some thoughts or not necessarily. Coming up the the brunt of the car it's okay back right. Vienna driver in his first season NASCAR Busch Series racing wanna I wanna 200 laps around the course. Okay read the second leader of the meridian advantage 200. Here in the Nazareth speedway and pencil maybe at 26 miles. 200 completely marine advantage 200 welcome back to an MRI radio alive. Great job NASCAR Busch Series here in Pennsylvania the lead held by David Reid right now Jacobs didn't turn five back to the start finish line. When Kenny Wallace Jim Brown dirt Stephen's fine waffle and Ricky craven next line and believe now is six tenths of a second in the first on back to the end. Not that I mean granted if you will that a lot of racing a lot of the we'll running room up next pack of traffic here in turn three right in the back. Going on okay. Thornton is taken up. Nobody daughter brought in Iowa. I think making better on it. He tries to put. Set the field we David Reid the leader Kenny hall a second Jim mound of dirt dirt Steven's fourth and Mike McLaughlin fifth. Six this really great in the seventh is Elton Sawyer Doug Cameron is eight Bobby daughter runs tonight. And ten on the racetrack taking a walk Randi enjoy eleven Tracy last week twelve channel. Refreshingly news fourteen. It's wild Cooper those fifteen cars are pretty well spread out all over there are couple battles for position going on back in the mid point of that. The middle that pack we've seen from thirteen or fourteen I'm. Can't believe I'm a little while ago Robert Presley like wiser now here comes running cooler. I have against 85 turn Opel. We're working me so I'm Robert Presley got good John Paul wouldn't wanna build bypass and while right behind Dennis sensor also makes it will be. Bringing Larry garrison where they set zero appearing at a brand new racetrack where handling the sales. Sears next time he's got a good track he's never run I've been warned that he works on my back straight away. Every one single file. Reform Peter David Green meanwhile in some heavy lap traffic down into. DreamWorks family and finally bottoming out climbing up real close to. Kerry made the wife lived around him I like. Wallace is on the my mom we're not paying. Robbie brown seemed to be slowing down the racetrack we're also singled telltale smoke beyond the just revealed automobile. How they work around for thirty. Hundreds of other cars on the racetrack that was. Mean NBC and its parent not to mention that I might back me moments ago he and network neighborhood racetrack will auto racing pavement. Clearly going into the top two drivers in my mind. Join the way Kenny Wallace but first fifteen laps David Reid has led the next fifteen to be checking on the road. The army drop back a little bit more than. That's what it is not like amassing might be banned. Drill bit right now. Keller started fifteen back tonight. He really working. Really bad it does not want to turn when he. A tough way to be here. I'm glad you need breaks in your recent earnings to be discarded turn. When you get around this racetrack that we mentioned when we went back to green while violence that was in the back of the pack. Staying on the lead lap was going to be accomplishment for him he's not done and just going a lap down the front six cars. Just like cash in on the back straightaway turns 45 not a good day warning parents second place banning NASCAR Busch Series points. He's running around two turns the page right now we'll continue to look you're not just want to caution flag and multi car accident coming out of turn one. You can't turn this past the start finish line here at NASA rather. Otherwise wouldn't clean and green and I would expect to see moments and now her excitement heading down the pit road getting everything being bypassed. Hi everybody here she'll be going many many laps down. Believe I'm still being been raining for running a solid 30 thus far. I'm really takes. A lot of different locations if there's only one step away from work well let's go where the car is working that's especially true here at Nazareth. Are running in the second inning Wallace. Now poses in 2007 great car lanes now on the we've just found under Steve it's right there and roll that's the good battle everybody's watching because now that second third and fourth place battle. Among themselves and also calls annually or any brand name and bring it right now. So why not have run and is working on Elton Sawyer okay. Are there any area can't run and daughter bug made the move by Elton. Or it. So we are now standing up the back bumper about a daughter. On Warner music and scrap over second spot still third Stevens Jim Brown both try to chase and find away around Kenny Wallace Stevens walked inside and outside chases them down the hill. What's most people look why don't read out the clock on substance and a mile. And cannot make a little bit turned more. Right now here at the start finish line at Nazareth speedway one card comes. By us and dale Williams car he is not how they're scholars he ways and a handful of a problem moments ago the leaders came up on him. That and I very honestly don't think he'd do because I was right there and the leaders in all sorts of problems getting around him. Now failed Williams cars top the leaderboard again the caution flag. Caution for a bad car dale Williams out of Sacramento California. Who's lows coming down this main straight away and was not on their power became one of the start finish line this is also going to be a great Winston for the Jeff real team because the smoke. Was continuing to pick up from behind that locks hair. Ford yesterday as the crow not sure exactly what the problem is they do have a bad sign out of things number one. That they're planning to put out more Jeff mail to bring him in so if I can determine exactly what the problem is a crew chief standing up on aloft talking the young driver Jeff nailed. Just joining the Busch grand national series as soon as we can find out what the problem it will pass them along may have. Taken Hermes Sadler scar behind the wall if they're not able to make repairs you'll be the second car. Out of today's meridian advantage 200. What Samar and radio leaves here today will kick off this summer NASCAR broadcast schedule in a couple of weeks at Dover Downs International Speedway a big NASCAR doubleheader they are coverage begins on Friday. Nguyen pushed all updates plus a special edition of NASCAR live if you're going to be in the Dover area come on out join this admission is free to that. Saturday we'll have a good French don't go 204 in the NASCAR Busch Series in action there. That's 1 PM eastern time and then on Sunday has two weeks from today the Budweiser 500. Carl Winston cup series all over downs International Speedway their ticket office open today if you would like to join us at the monster mile a couple of weeks. Running order here at this caution flag David Green ahead of Kenny Wallace wanna get the third spot as Jim bound fourth this Dirk Stevens and theft Mike McLaughlin at six Ricky craven. Currently Sadler scarred now going a lap down and outs we've met cities got behind the wall seventh spot on the racetrack now is Bobby Dodd or eight belongs to Elton Sawyer. Ninth the stampede July and sent this Randy LaToya and here comes some of the leaders while others stay off the racetrack. First man inning is the race leader David grange what's them. Yes yes it is going we're. The right side of the they're not changing. I'm tired this time. They have one tire her position under caution looks like they changed a little bit of air pressure put gasoline in the car champ littlest fan along with stark statement. Mike McLaughlin and Rodney comes as an Ali's heart just getting gasoline Ronald Cooper and for service along with the Tommy Houston. Gasoline only for these cars. Meanwhile others do not make stops but somehow they are but I've Jim Phillips right now. You can Ricky craven is dead bodies on your statement has been a Manuel is bad. For army Sadler who did used to semi. They have the right out of his car jacked up they have two hands of great good. Not on the front of the car we're gonna get a word with a Permian and see exactly what the crews doing things for everything isn't a bad place to write without Reich what's crude doing the Carnell. Soccer. And earlier he says. Sailor and he's got to work on every week and then if a lot of kidnapping of a button. We had a break from all and not the finish coming up for a couple laps you can go around now for my brakes on the bench and myself and everybody else there's a little thing we can. Do you think president can't giving don't want him. What I try to do it. We'll check product and don't. My client and back to the comical battle planes taken aback at all. That's army sadder still sitting behind the wall he's the second car behind the wall Steve Reeves went out in an accident on lap number nine otherwise everybody is on the racetrack and some 34 of the forty parts. Start of the event are still on the lead lap. Not getting Wallace did not make a pit stop among others so drew up Michael Wallace saw Mike who had to start shock on the field after the right last night in the Winston select open net at Charlotte he has moved up considerably while many of the teams have pitted. Marty call Ellis stepped into the Booth joining us vice president of marketing for. Meridian bank the folks who have sponsored this Marie had managed to knock it's great to see here. I don't know how many people are here with meridian bank ID you must have every single employee he had met some of it the entire community is here. All of your customers are everywhere where we talked about the marine team and I think that can mount a full force today that's really been a very popular don't talk a couple of employees to skip confident that it reduced themselves to me earlier this morning. And may have taken on a personal pride at having the company name and you don't often see that you don't always see that from employees of a big company or big bank. Well it's easy to do when you come up this year racetrack of this quality. And these kinds of fans to come out here really support this is not the typical to do that. I'd like yourself pretty good race apparent thaw excellent race and this is this is so wonderful. Marty we appreciate your being involved we're about to go back to green here in a moment resulted. I don't look folks here at the racetrack we're so thrilled your involvement in. We applaud you for that and hopefully it's good to get many many years to come reviews have to be involved Marty coil vice president of marketing for meridian bank good to have you with us here on the broadcast this afternoon. We'll tell you what the judging by the crowd that's here today we've had reports that we've been talking with some folks who say that the folks at the bank you don't know a wonderful job in promoting this race in this area. And certainly it it shows the job they in the racetrack you've done this place is is jammed here today and what a gorgeous afternoon to see racing guys here in Pennsylvania. 45. Laughter in the book to go back to green at lap 46 Kenny Wallace let the first fifteen laps today. Native yielded the lead to David Green coming out of turn number five and across the start finish line on lap number sixteen. Then David DA gave up the lead just a moment ago on lap 44. When he made his pit stop Kenny Wallace goes back in a lead on lap. 46 as he crossed the finish line. And that's where we stand at this point as the field gets set to come off of turn five and go back to racing. Marlon right brings out Pontiac Firebird trans am. Pit road green flag run Carlson mentioned. I'm very quickly this time Kenny Wallace gets the gearbox brings jet bound women when you're gonna tell them so where they left from the last time this might help him face right there with the leader. Lawyers modern tale in the third veto why it's important to him now ready to kill health. Front five cars now single file until regulatory breaks out. Sawyer tried. I'll try to get the second slot away from Jim Brown looked inside didn't have any room now here's Jim Brown Jordan. The strike has hit by a boy forces Kenny Wallace the outside. Jim Brown takes the lead now the trick is you want to be able to stay in second Wallace tried to homely and finally get down whole wall moment. Sawyer is on her feet. Let's sort it all along we're now. Sawyer had thoughts of again going to the insides further back Mike Wallace got. That's titles are now off turn number five back towards the start finish line. Everyone holds their positions moments here comes Stevie Reeves car back on the racetrack he's 38 lap. Released back out there running you know what I'm Ron and then will resemble you want to live in an old bodies abandoned. Along this road Robbie crowd didn't reservists this car painted up like that Mark Martin now believe Carl Winston cup visit red white and blue collar and he's been off the pace of late here working through the 49 and fiftieth lap of the race. Here at Nazareth speedway 54 laps of 200 relief for the NASCAR Busch Series there are a lot of great to be here. It's time and if we're serious career that Jim Brown hasn't landed Busch Series race and he's come close to doing so I'm okay. Winning your races but that's the first time he's actually been around one point we have a car running on May well. I'm dying breed dog can't run gets final round Ronald Cooper got in the back into the car Pavarotti hit Smart and outside retaining wall and now Robert Presley fans he goes belly up side of the dragons Barzani the outside wall. Three cars are really good. Right away off turn three. Caution comes on the speedway for the third time in meridian advantage 200. And that caution they made worse by the fact Joseph more that that is a blind corner when the cars coming off of turn to come around there they can't see the backstretch until they're almost at the point of the accident. Pucks up they don't understand that the pit lane actually get these back onto the racetrack here in turn three. Practically on the backs right away and there's a double strand of guardrail the inside separate that pit road exit. From the in field. When you come off turn two you are going uphill and it is a blind spot you can't see what Santa until you get to the top of the hill and make the third heading down the backs right away but Ronald Cooper got to the back of Chevron that was just passed that point where you can't say. Robert Presley came up to the top of the hill he saw it hit the brakes went one way residing went the other way and both those cars a brief fired and driven away Hooper got away but not have run jump out of his car. Through his ailment Natalie asphalt and now he's walked back around the city can catch Ronald Cooper. Johnny Benson's car also involved as he lives around here to the front page area that comes to the attention of that staff American crew. The bird in the group wanted to do whatever they catch. Think yes that car back on their way as a matter of fact the crewmembers now running up the Atlanta. To help push the offensive guard towards their pit stall but. It has a blind turn it. And again not to be confused you're so used to figure that turns three if you look again at the start finish line is over they are your upper left hand. Would anyone have this base replays itself it's start finish. Here turn three is where normally turn to would be on a super speed right because we cannot turn here just past start finish as the five turn old ball. And it's tough because many of those turns are uphill and downhill and blind and that's what happened everybody managed to pull away and out Joseph. No I have brought scar still setting up against the outside wall high it. He's out of the track chasing cars and finally the safety personality and it is arrive they walk him over to the ambulance Maggette is walking along under his own power for the car pretty well used up. The nickel and hatreds yelled out I'm back chasing cards. Kenny Wallace on the pit lane having lost the lead and then second and third spots in this last stretch of blue green flag racing lets follow his stop. While those tires are just have noted that a little bit tape on the front devolution the car definitely find. They're checking the air pressure on the right side but just that really gonna put fuel. Gil Martin knocked comes out with a right to do usually a chance to judgment. Had like Joseph Wallace will not change tires he was concerned before the price started to Hillary got falling on Fort Myers. What position today is we're gonna take care album and that's what they're doing right now not changing tires Tom volt is getting ready to pit. Played a pen. Now here's a Robert Presley that I saw David after his crew chief. Didn't go to one of the NASCAR officials he's at least five request bothered tires and I can see what elements flat spotted career. It's always gonna take the ball more tired Robert Presley. Here at Nazareth Pennsylvania 61 laps complete movie leads to a memorandum Jim not a big concert. Probably attrition list continues to grow leaves coverage begins to reach the boiling point let's go to the garage area. Walk along with I have Rondo got a pretty decent runs on today what happened out there. As those guys treat DTS might buys everywhere golf go we're just ride along early in the race. Many guys jerks like the 56 cotton Carol there I think it rains a cotton but. And I just doesn't make no sense not even halfway to erase become out of turn 234 whatever you like bottleneck. And run NN's Tony outplayed in offense and not in your eyes faster and get by an icing claim that. NIC is some morons not Davies cam rays went after a good round today Doug have run very disappointed and understandably so. He's out this afternoon. Better product Tom's Tom bottom damaged the back your car what happened. Mazur are common in new line that turn overturn two we were colony. Some with a 75 dire in somebody else there is a hole by enjoy all of the trash can now. I didn't it was nothing much I can do extra and do everything in my possibilities stay out of it and I stayed away from them guys and ended up back in it and at all. Let's go to short day for him as a lot of damage the backers are the smaller area particularly in area. It's not very careful to. That oil possibly coming from the Johnny Benson junior car he was trailing a stream of something when he came down the pit lane now that cars up on Jack stands. And the crew is working underneath it and trying to figure out tell what it is that they can do to plug that leaking get him back in the race they're also showing the black flag to Tom tolls on the racetrack now. What happened in case of Tom Bowles was that he thought he would come back to the start finish line and beat the leader back to get a lap. Back at an actuality he did not. So we really oldest NASCAR laughed at this point they're gonna bring a bit of stopping burlap that's not going to be a penalty. They just putting him back to where he rightfully belongs he thought he'd come back around to get a lap and actually did not to go to stop for a full circuit. Just to get his score and everybody else back there on the same page if you will. Here comes the Rodney Colmes car being pushed in from behind we towed the car. Seem to have the after just expired to do his work number caution here and the group got a neighborhood earlier we'll. Checking Gammon. In just a moment there NASCAR Winston racing series a busy weekend across America these eleven and I'm 44 speedway in Lebanon Missouri River 30 Rock for what Larry Phillips. How many times Winston racing series national champion in Springfield Missouri and getting the win over Ken Dickinson and San Antonio Texas late model stock cars urban Wright junior from San Antonio. Takes home the winner of that forty elaborate Rockford speedway in Illinois running a couple of forty lap first John dogs out of Rockford gets the victory there. How the vikings speedway at Alexandria Minnesota. Tom Thompson was the what areas from greater Minnesota he want the twenty lap late model event. And coming up later today 7 o'clock this treatment to be exact the Toledo. Archos 150 of Toledo speedway in Ohio we automobile racing club of America. With the there's going to be the 45 barker super car series race held happened Toledo speedway and Bobby voucher. This part of the uncle the all time record of wins they're decrypt them break that stranglehold at 7 o'clock tonight the darker cars in Toledo. As here in Pennsylvania the NASCAR Busch Series cars have been the one to ghost signal that go racing here just another lap. Set the field for your leader is still Jim bound took it over on lap 48 for a lap 64 now. Elton Sawyer running second regular joint third team to beat a while Ford in Tennessee answered GM sixteen's favor sandy Steven green is up to seventh. Good run for Brian Ross that NASCAR Busch north series driver he's trying eighth right now nine Bobby daughter Michael blubber runs 1011 days. Is Martin Truex twelfth on the racetrack Jeff Barry and other Busch north driver Ronald Cooper runs thirteen champ littlest fourteen convert Stevens is fifty. And Larry Pearson Tracy Leisle. Looks like our Robert Downey got Ricky craven scar and trying to see that far down the racetrack without my binoculars can Wallace next in line those cars followed by the Kevin looked H car round out the top twenty machines at this. Point this is America usually shaped racetrack is the cars are. Disappearing we need that Goodyear bridge looks as all of the black flag has written this should not my NASCAR but by. The team itself to the black flagged car of Rodney Combs. That car is now being pushed back to the garage area you'll join Doug have Ron. And Baton Rouge shoddy every garage area has the field now I get set to go all grain car. Carl summit has backed up on the flag stand by Billy Ryder advocates for. NASCAR other my mind I'm sure no one here later. Underway and we Mars coming out. First car on the lot is gonna censor back around fifteen spot trying to get back a fine. Apple's turn over five challenge for the lead just ever so briefly Elton Sawyer look. Like he was getting in Iran on Jim baba had to fall back in line single file nose to tail right rebound. We'll break before one place to be a lot near the body Donald moved back in about tonight's convention he's dating champion tied. Get quite a while. Okay wow now knows who. And while he's trying to get around Rafah opening day outside. Todd has been running gravel we'll stay on the button going why don't Ross coming to return to her why lottery is now at the top ten win. County speedway and again in New Hampshire right now 011 worst spot finally hearing Brian Ross knowing. Turn and number one really Nazareth Pennsylvania for NASCAR Busch Series racing radio. And I'd be lying all the battle for the lead in good. In one now it turns. Elton Sawyer had a great run going until now. Sir great company inside that now puts the block. 10 wow good for hits now thank Wal-Mart. Plus a little while Robert Presley has evolved I don't know like Jason Keller. Police outside while all star ever do a lot of damage the superstar the only thing we'll look at that you're wrestling requires NASCAR and Jason Keller rule went into. Even when I was able to drive away. Caution on the speedway for the fourth time in the first seventy laps at this race says leader Jim bound comes across the start finish line. A big big plume of smoke or where we are our broadcast Booth at the start finish like we can actually see the racetrack over and turns to a three Joba we can sure see the remnants of that accident. Ronald Cooper may have got a little help but that coming out from underneath the Goodyear bridge suddenly hit hardest had a shot to the right he was working on my layman's. He can't nose first into the outside retaining wall again it's tough to CF this portion of the racetrack. Here comes Robert Presley and unfortunately both times when there's a blind spot and Bob. Presley has been involved. I retaining wall to hit several cars available scattered to get five. On his first ever visit to Nazareth here comes Jason Keller. Front end all current stand on his car. I'm now coming down the view of the main straightaway grandstands the Ronald Cooper car. And he did that bother with pit road he'll turn directly into the garage area seventy laps complete Elton Sawyer making a pit stop Martin Truex likewise I believe we. We gonna check it was Winston telling. Problem culprit behind a while what happened on their own. Late night just thrilled tiebreak and after you just gotta give Bob love may have enough drag you know I just right. You're involved in adverse facts are close to it you know what I mean Amanda would come up bad crime and I've been given matte all I can give you know that while nobody and we got together and now I don't know if we did some didn't largest yet in your private little heart out. Behind him you know getting still knows Robin my volleys. But Ronald sent a tough day at the office. And I certainly has been the first 71 laps for Ronald Cooper Rodney Colmes Tom residing in Dutch camp run their on the garage area Stevie Reeves was involved in an accident back on the ninth lap. He has since returned from the garage area. He is several laps down. The second place car has made a stop on the pit lane Elton Sawyer was Ian took on gasoline only in his sport he's returned to the racetrack now Jim bound still the leader that puts ready to enjoy up to second. Tim feet while we'll now go to third Dennis sets her fourth. And they present DC is now fifth from Nazareth speedway this is MR and radio. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So who makes high quality performance fuel for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust sonoco to beat them you would you go second campus and coach Phil going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of great. It's almost a push your car it's time for relaxing and then winding the crisp cold Busch beer. It's the most refreshing time of the day. Wake Forest. 321. Chris cool. I enjoyed responsibly with your former bush and we're doing. I'm Steve look tar ST the auto expert and former crew chief. I know it takes heat engines performing at their best. STD's latest breakthrough additive. As TP ultra five and one plus fuel system cleaner plus fuel stabilizer delivers three times the amount of cleaning agents vs premium gasoline. And helps keep fuel fresh during story. For over sixty years as CP has been on the cutting edge development products to help engines run better. It's longer one bottle contains three times flyweight the amount of cleaning agents compared to twenty gallons of the leading premium gasoline. 72 laps or complete here at Nazareth speedway in Pennsylvania. The NASCAR Busch Series running here for the seventh time the track that was formerly known as the Pennsylvania international raceway but not take the main town in which. It is not located Nazareth Pennsylvania let's check back given Winston Kelley. Ronnie comes talking to crew chief. OS then you know we've run novel Billy are very small final lap to get more run stickers that he's no target is Brian we come pouring ninth about nineteen they're very short time that. You know it got to this and they're pretty early in Atlanta last seller not say broken vows spurring into. It might want and dropped on his nervous. In other French car truck novel business. The law say hi Richard Petty back arrow please listen we're gonna get this thing up front you know we have the brewing get up barely got Hanson left man. We won't be able to do but that is top ten finish from 1993 Rodney dome behind a wall. The lead car has come down to pit lane Jim Brown is making a stop we get the story from Jim Phillips they've chased the right side tires on another working around the left side. A routine stop for him. Miller worked on the spoiler if they get the gas away so it's a routine stop for Jim bound a lot of work to develop the Robert Presley cards within three times. The left rear quarter panel is an attack stepping into the air goes across this poorly pushes down. They're trying to get that braced they really after the crew worked hard care. Get Wallace is within a couple of times for service they don't Shaw's also open and for service and he's back on the speedway. So all of those stops seem to be fairly routine Robert Presley has just taken discard the garage area and until we hear definitively from my Winston with Robert Moore went after assume essentially. Crash aftermath as he was caught up with Ronald Cooper and Jason Keller out there at turn number three and that is what is like we said Robert Presley to the garage area. And Doug have rob rob they called toddler's body Ronald. Cooper and Robert Presley the car the current cars in the garage area. And Randy that joy has taken the lead here at the minority of an advantage 200 very excited we were talking now that mark of the race at New Hampshire and how nice it is for a a native of Norwalk Connecticut to come back to the north. Have to run well he was high in the standings still is an area leaving another race for the northeastern quadrant hard. You know there are a lot of drivers high in the standings if you stop and look back at his Mark Martin the third place NASCAR Winston cup series driver. It's 240. Year 227. And I don't the Winston cup series numbers in front me but 200 and some points behind. Dale Dale Earnhardt and Ernie Irvin that's the third place car. Here in the NASCAR Busch Series that tenth place car Chad little. Is a 188 points behind the leader that's the tenth place car that's incredible. To be exploited the season a third of the way through the schedule and only have a 180 points and it says two things about this series first of all it's been very competitive. And second of all. All of the drivers at the top of the standings have had some trouble in at least a couple of races this year there's not a driver out here that's had a clean season so far. And that also partially accounts for the tightness of the standings. What think you look at the map like Bobby daughter. Who after ten races a year ago was fourteenth in the points and and now he is sixth in points just a 136 points behind Kenny Wallace. Kevin Gregg that's like ten feet away who is only one of thirteen drivers to qualify for all of Busch races this year and it's it's been that tough just to get into the events. Let them eleven racism only thirteen drivers men and women both have managed to me every amendment right now on ten feet of water running in second spot. Behind random enjoy it was a good talking to him standing in the morning at what speed luck in the garage areas have I don't watch us that we finished seventh here last year the top finishing rookie. To the scars they're good enough to go to the front and he is right there right now Winston Kelley still on the garage area what's Leo work look like I'm. I'm Robert Presley car. Whether still working on the car robbers talked and it's pretty tricky paerson put army broke. Got that backwards he's out now with a Ricky Pearson team anymore but Robert still talking of the crew chief we'll get back with the imminent moment. So leave Robert Presley car becoming the fifth one behind the wall Ricky craven Dirk Stevens making pit stops and this caution left side tires Ford George Stevens Jim Phillips it looked like craven was the first article didn't take on all four. It took on all four tires on that stopped just like Jim bounded just a moment ago routine stop for and they filled it up with Unocal you'll think back on the speedway. So little track position gambit for those cars when the others comedic take on their new tires they're hoping to stay out and make the ones they just took on last night game a little position in the hopefully not have to pass anyone at the end just have to kind of protect their way around the speed. Way at this point they're showing 24 cars on the lead lap when we take you back here on the media running corner right here going to have this time during the caution period. The leader was the worst moments ago the Egypt bound car he has pitted and Elton Sawyer and of this is as a lab number seven decent six laps ago. Regular joy at that point which thirties now leading the event next and why they were showing tubes speed or running in the fourth spot. Fifth belongs to Dennis cents or six Thursday present these seventh now David agreed with the eighth place body daughter car running very very well. 94 walks to Mike McLaughlin and sent this chat a little in the eleventh spot they'll post Dirk Stevens. Twelfth position will be the Larry Pearson Carr's thirteenth this Tracy lastly fourteenth Jeff Barry could run for the door which Connecticut driver. And running at a fiftieth spot as Randy Porter sixty it's Ricky craven seventeenth spot as the capital page car eighteenth just Mike Wallace with nineteenth Kenny Wallace. Happy twentieth belonging to Mike's defendant 21 position. From NASCAR scoring his camera while much of the northeast driver. 42 position notional Brian Ross and ahead of Jeff neo running 23 and 24 is Tommy Houston knows what he's worked Carson. Plus now they say dale show also on the lead lap running in 25 position. He'll always caught up now at Robert wrestling. Roberts had a tough day at the right track what happened. Well there's I don't know the rear end is locked up in the car right now I'll love and have a boy got in the warrant. Netting garner out there not because journalists. Although effect ever we just don't wanna carried out no more and what it is now. Past Robert Presley he's happens happen and so Robert Presley depict car in the garage joining Dutch Everett timer Saudi Rodney Colmes and Ronald Cooper. As those are out of the race to this point Stevie Reeves and her eSATA Merkel spent time behind the wall they are both back on the speedway. Memorial Day weekend next weekend always a busy one of the world of motor sports and for those of you will be out of the Florida area. NASCAR slim Jim all pro series will be visiting the volusia county speedway and Barbara built Florida that's about fifty miles west of Daytona Beach Saturday night the Florida 200 you might even find me there it's always a good show and a come on out see it. The NASCAR slim Jim all pro series visiting Summerville speedway at South Carolina on June 4. Lanier raceway in Gainesville Georgia on June 11 and 411 motor speedway in Knoxville Tennessee. On June 21 upcoming events are always some good racing for the NASCAR slim Jim all pro series. Come and cars bringing some blue and around the racetrack and Somalia race cars have just come down the pit road Roxy and escape road if you will leaning towards the plane behind the safety car and Aaron helping disburse some of the speedy trial apparently to show the most. Look at me. They farm all of speedy dry out there and do it turns green because everything into the clouds kick up even under caution. Had a large break up big tonight like coming from underneath the Goodyear bridge all the playoff turned green down the backs right away. For a while the cars are coming through here and we're getting almost the same thing again promote voter rooster tail he will help speed drive throwing up behind the cars is they came but I still quite a few of them working the outside lane. Try to get all this dispersed so we get back hundreds of fleet street racing. Regular joy of a fourth different leader of this meridian advantage 200. Lot of apple apple away from getting to restart and seeing a fuel strategy being played out on pit road Jim Phillips. John Watson since the crew chief Ricky Greg and John what a lap 78 to give import gasoline go try to make it all the way. Well worth thinking about it if it's worth the gamble at this point to get our tires a little early track position so important here it's difficult to pass. So and I think we make the right choice will soon athletes. But I got tired and somebody five the last stop for gasoline on lap 78. Stevens also was trying that strategy used to talk on the fuel tank green flag in the air regulatory leaving me a man everybody single file the entire field everything in your premiums paid off follows that in the second spot Florida's tennis. Have you had to deal that is also going for the let's let's go with these dry for. It is Randy the joys ten feet a lot Dennis censored they present these that's the top four. About five Carling to a racetrack active David Green after making his. Earlier you'll he's worked his way back over the top five he's got all kind of heat on his back bumper from. From Bobby daughter Bobbi daughters bottom line road get my and also they're knocking on the door and watch my mom and mom for him. He's look at me I'm fine. Rated single file till Bobby daughter had multiple. Bobby got a ghost of the corner looks at the inside at turn to for five he can't make a move deploys his car handle it very well as compared to some of those others. Near the front we're having some problems and even point. One man on the move may present these new look for the design it. I think the new rates here are my number 82 love 200. Randy join up to speed of 101 away now I'm Dennis sir runs a third spot neighbors and these morning David Green there. Six now good run for Bobby Dodd and Mike Wallace on a number. May not channel well. Then little followed. There airlines belong in the fifth position race mostly behind him and eleven had a great scramble Wi-Fi they'll offer. Any chance the spot. Unscheduled stop for Larry Pearson his Chevrolet coasting down the hill ladies on a lap down getting anything done another lap down as the car just now reaches its golf. No it goes up we'll get a report here just a minute breaks for me. No doubt he'll. Side by side coming into the terrorist bombing not a wide on I'm David grange good wide pulled out you'll follow tiger right. Ari Pearson was finished in the top ten and six of the last seven races now up by Jack stands Jim Phillips but probably Larry here's the Braves weren't. Underneath the left side trying to bring it up. Milwaukee gonna solve the problem when Larry Pearson. We go far without that clutch your Nazareth. Any racetrack for that matter Larry Pearson on the pit. Playing heat too now goes down a lavish gym bound gets into the wall in turn number one. He was slowing coming down this main straightaway being bypassed by several cars maybe he felt the tire going down but he went off and that ninety degree left hand turn that kind of kicks this front straightaway around the went straight off on into the wall scuffed up the right side of the car. And Al trouble on the back straightaway it's one car goes around Jeff O'Neill had to be outside retaining woman's car. Along the long. Steve DeLong what they underside of the car brought this along. He's got the card out faculty NASCAR continued to drive on. But the maxim about cars out of line McCartney is not tracking correct me around the racetrack now. As it looks like he's on ice game suits me well let me just take it very very carefully now lead of the racetracks are just realized problems here now. The jet bound car went tiebreaker as well as they can we family car wasn't running here today the entire right right we automobiles Broxton. I wouldn't hurt I would guess my vantage point here in the tower there's got to be some suspension damage there as well as he looked outside retaining wall. Coming through that right hander here at the start finish line. Tough break for it Jim Brown having led a NASCAR Busch Series race for the first time in his career earlier today. Tough break for Jeff Leo trying to get that lets see your team on a whole fault line for the last couple of races after. He had some trouble and it shows in the early part of the season now qualifying consistently. Not having any luck in the race here today he has his car on the pit lane. And the crew who were trying to figure out the damage which is mostly confined to the right side of the race car. Believe continues to be held my Randi let joy he is the fourth different leader of this event. Kenny Wallace took off from the Busch pole starting position led the first fifteen laps and deep green took away led laps sixteen to 45. Wallace to get back after green maybe yellow flag pit stop. A couple of laps and Wallace gave up on the restart to Jim Brown who led from last 48 through 72. Bound gave the lead up to Randy the joy on a pit stop and enjoy his lead since we've gone back to green. At that point that's the way they sit right now the choice not been able to get away from ten feet of water all. A little point and now he has been running well he's maybe trying different alliance but veto has been staying right with him tennis perhaps Charlie it's separating the two. Into the garage knows Robbie Roush engine failure will end his day. Kind of look just over Jim Brown car will want to wreck your assistance and eventually get into the garage area. A lot of work there Jim Phillips on the right side of the car beside you can't save but it looks so the cruise gonna hang around waiting for some help to the garage area. As you have a real hard lick the right to arrive Friday live that we paid on the fifth play in the right front cut tires got a good turning it was turned it all out for life. He Amazon crap it's hard sitting there. Let's get some help getting through the garage area Larry here's to you back here. What problems still a problem for Larry Pearson had the last five guys working on trying to get him back here. The lead cars now working here at the Nazareth speedway Randi enjoy it ten feet away. The NASCAR crew chiefs just been informed that they caution flag is going to be displayed here for a good three on the racetrack here come the leaders out of turn number five and but cautioned against being displayed by Carlson it's hot lap number 94. Or so debris on the racetrack. Let a couple of cars got together also it's a telltale debris coming off the Jason Keller cars and actually went down pit road upon being black flags. That's NASCAR told all the crew chiefs have only come back to the stripe. They'll throw the caution that it would be that's what they've done to the lead. Your hand most of the other leaders on pit road under this caution first to Jim Phillips glad you look joy was then tires and gasoline from a joyous first good look at life Bobby daughter's been in he's got bright line. Sales job right side tires might pathetic right side tires and Tracy Leslie all four tires on his Detroit gasket Chevrolet. Now Mike Wallace comes out on the racetrack behind Marlon writer drive to safety car. Tim feel what did not pick on that first caution lap after lap 295 he will now pit at lap 296. And and he ruled that a lot when Jason Keller and other cars all hitting herpes Sadler and now the dale chalk Kerr Kelly Moore's automobile fallen for service here at lap number 96 old Kenny Wallace ran around a Mike Wallace I should check the who ran the Winston select open just tonight to go at Charlotte. And I didn't barrier qualifiers car here for an. And then when they change drivers have to go all the way back at the end of the forty car starting field. He's gone from last have merged in 96 laps relapse. She may get we get sent the whole tactic rain we've never give it managed to a hundred we're valid investment John Ely gold. Kenny Wallace brother Mike Wallace I should say it again. Off the field of Kenny Wallace right behind him with two Brothers now jousting for the lead held at Sawyer running in the third spot Ricky craven now. Now for the fourth recession those cars went around a slower lap this year is they had to turn. To all sorted out go single file coming off turn two again. Mike Wallace able to get three Carla it's a font brother thank you for the sacrifice Elton Sawyer search because. Out the back straightaway off but it turns four and five the field rumbles now and off the corner here they come down towards the start finish line a little trouble for Brian Ross the fifth place car getting off turner replied you. Just live your Tommy use. Indicting his inside. You'll pick up fifth now Ross try to protect the inside from dirt stevens' burden statements on the move trying to get my back car. Outside of plotting not a runner up. Here they come out of turn five halfway as a signal the crossed flags atop the Flagstaff from karlson and so. Do you still held my Mike Wallace. Holloway now might later I'm Carly over. Her brother Kenny Wallace the Larry Pearson goes to the garage area of the Stanley tools day. There's apparently Don is that Carr retires after many believe that many many visits the pit road. Meanwhile running back and eighteenth position now is to veto on he was running second but chose not to pit earlier when all of the lead cars came in on lap 95. He paid about 196. And this cost him dearly Winston Kelly what was the strategy. I would just ask crazy when let me let me name. Okay what happened. Well we're not sure what happened there must have been a mixed up summer NASCAR. Nothing beneficial held in the red flagged down that pit road is closed the week came by so you know we had to go around one more laugh and incidentally went map. They brought the flag and everybody pitted. It's not three duke street cars ready. Back here Kevin look nature involve several others getting together. Every one goes to the outside again find the page try to reason why is garden a lot of stuff from another car on the first floor on. You know a lot of the speedway for the sixth time Atlanta number one the whole to again it is tricky turn number three that has brought the yellow flag out here comes Dennis sensors car via the start finish line he's up to speed. With the right front fenders all smash hit on the tire smoke trailing from behind that machine once again that flattened. Very high speed and very low visibility corner over there off the backside this racetrack Joseph Moore claims a couple more cars. Soft spot net assets are one of those who was involved in the crash of a lot of damage to the white tigers starlets like the tires eroding capital page's car looked to be the one that broke loose first. Justice seat cleared to the turn gray area and hit the Max right away game center came into the area and most others able to avoid the crash go into the outside. It's too bad for predecessor Mary comes again out of turn over five we have mentioned earlier that this is the sixth brand new track but he has visited this year and his Busch Series inaugural. Have had over the last number of weeks actually four times already finished in the top finishing rookie. And the pen rose rookie challenge but not apparently today over cars running fairly well it as a good but it sheet metal bats to the right front. They live I would like nobody got a got some bad damage as well we'll put that on the part of as the Walt still Chevrolet has kind of slowed up a bit so he may have made some contact event as well. And one other car has stopped at the head end of pit road. And for the moment is blocking the entree the bail Shaw automobile. From senator Conway New Hampshire has stopped right in the church road above pit lane and he's going to be put some of the way while. Mike Wallace is on pit road the leader is at about one O three and we're going to war. Married okay. Like I'm more tired changed things up late in the right side Robert thanks. Gunmen the first ten units now gasoline now my story around on the left side of the car then will lay up more tired change. The later the net Florida's out. We're Dennis that's our Ricky fairs and on the crew waiting on him to come in as dale shops is push stand by the record in his goal Pontiac. And just a back up just for a second before that caution came out we are talking with cliff champion Tim penalized crew chief he's talking about the that the flag hit the open and closed flak for pit road at the end of the speedway there. The interesting thing about that is that the joy Randy the joy the first place car came down pit road. Anyway so obviously a little miscommunication there somewhere and it has cost him feel law bunch of track position and that's so critical. Here at Nazareth speedway he's going to be way back in the field right now. And other cars going behind the wall now it just me Olin Maalox air car he'll become the ninth car behind the wall Doug have Ron rot they called stomped Razali. Ronald Cooper Robert Presley. Robbie crowd should Jim mountain Larry Pearson and now Jeff and the only as the night driver to go behind the wall us that a sensor on the road all. So and at dale Shaw's card that attrition list he also just pushed behind the pit wall we mentioned he was stopped up with a pit entrance the record came behind in his pushed him back into the garage area. So attrition mounting. Very quickly here in the middle stages. Today's 200 lapin 200 mile event Dennis sets or repairs being made to his car Winston Kelley is watching the stop there. Further work owing to the right side of the car they're pulling off some of the sheet metal a lot of damage to the front end of the alliance trying to senator. Chevrolet Ricky paerson in the crew working on it Jeff mail is pulled behind a wallet his locks airport. Jeff what's the problem Monica are. I don't know when Jim Nagano while there I got by him then this thing went straight talk. So there's some relatives friends right now is to get the looks air force thunderbird back out and try and finish this race. That's Jeff. Mail as a crew is jacking the car up on both sides putting it up on Jack stands to see if they can repair and getting back generates. May soon affect the month of may is all wrapping up now for a warrant radio because in the month of June we get our summer schedule underway with a visit to the monster mile. Dover Downs international spy. Eight weigh in Delaware the the big NASCAR doubleheader on Saturday and Sunday. They open up league month of June the good ranked dog going 200 for the same NASCAR Busch Series cars at 1 o'clock eastern time that is on the Dover Downs schedule coming up on the more it. I don't know that that's certainly true that the Budweiser 500 and NASCAR Winston cup series. All of that coming up but the monster violent over actually our coverage there'll begin on the Friday would push pole qualifying have a special edition of NASCAR live. You can call Dover Downs for ticket availability. You can also do the same for the June 11 visit to the Carolina Budweiser to fiftieth Myrtle Beach speedway in South Carolina. Let the Fey is what fifty Watkins Glen International June the 25 of the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State. All that coming up on it but NASCAR Busch Series at at foreign broadcast schedule. The lead has changed in this race for the eighth time Kenny Wallace has worked his way back to the Friday after the front there a couple of cars Mike Wallace particularly his brother went off on the pit lane under this the sixth caution the event. To Kenny Wallace comes back to the front he last led. At lap 47. Now at lap 104. He's assumed the lead you come off of turn over five now to take the green flag at lap 107. It is Wallace leading oil Sawyer funny you. Great thing dirt Stephen that's that's on fire them Brian Ross ready rejoice and David Green weren't doubting over the bridge. I didn't until I already can't work here coming deterrent to try to make some moves serious trend line. Further up now Kenny Wallace who's to be excited Dana Williams he. Williams a Sacramento California driver who had many problems here today he's running directly ahead of the race leaders right now he'll go way wide and it turned over five. Hopefully we can sign for Kenny Wallace. Williams comes down here well there Wallace's guard coming rings not number one Kellyanne is again on the Braves they're just a bit to avoid hit Williams can't get by him. Getting balls back in line you'll find myself. New software. Like everybody up without Kenny Wallace had sent the final Williams at first performed ultra affluent and at times looked. Trouble for Brian Ross the former NASCAR modified driver turned NASCAR Busch north series issue. It's come off the pace of the back straight away he was running in the 6 o'clock. That's in trouble getting off. Relief lost now about ten. Vision meantime Kenny Wallace in heavy lap traffic wanna get a lot of know why this Lakhdar he does dale Williams goes why. I almost. And concerns now Tommy he's to the third place car trying to deal look at dale Williams car they entered turnover for Ricky craven is behind Houston. Here I believe battles now out of turn five Elton Sawyer got a good job going into turn five he'll drag racing Kenny Wallace front of the strike and give Sawyer I believe him. I'm number one on I know they're going downhill hard left hand turn number one know the story of the newest leader here in mastering. A rash of that bush and then shot and we saw last night in the Winston select his broken out here at Nazareth we had to spins. The last two laps and neither resulting in a caution mikes defending got turned around at 368 kept on going just. To drop off of turn one. And then off of turn five Brian Ross got turned around he and Herbie Sadler getting together and beat it at 360. Kept on going we're still under green and Elton Sawyer is still the leader of the race. Here at Nazareth Pennsylvania synchronized swimming continues does dale Williams and Dirk Stephen just simply beautiful synchronized into turn one and Pope meant to stop the moment right in their cars and continue to weigh the so we remain on the green despite the best efforts to bring up three caution flags here and the last handful of outside of fifteen laps around the lord Winston Kelley to the garage area. Caught up when Jim Brown had a great run including relating Carlyle wasn't a problem on the talk. Well we had a tire going down only change tires it just got worse and worse is that we're gonna pit next time by he came out group Oregon have cars. Fortunately you know that Lysol products are really good. Jim found out this afternoon. Now some eleven cars behind the wall in the garage area out of this event most of them coming in this last little stretch of race between same lab number seven feet. And where we are now Atlanta number 160 news. While all the synchronized. Spinning as you still call it. That's been going on at this last several laps. The leaders have got quite a bit of stretch out of the field now because all that's getting started around the fifth and sixth place for the first couple of them happened. Elton Sawyer is open up a pretty good sized joke real estate. Spread the top top top five out pretty good now Kenny Wallace is right on his back bumper. But Kennedy's two point eight seconds back to third place Ricky craven another pretty good gap back to fourth place ready the joy and another nearly three seconds to get placed David Green. Now there's a story on the Kenny Wallace car that we shouldn't overlook Jim Phillips. Let's go right now. Iron strategy going got really absolutely OK Omar district didn't get all gathered today tired yeah when you find it okay. I sing somewhere around landed there 1:31 morning everybody check got panicky. Nice right there around lap 100. A lot of candy bar named to run pretty good about an hour hello hi tech amount about one learning but do you feel part of the strategy for Kelly Wallace. Now like there could be. That Elton Sawyer who's leading the race right in front of Wallace right now maybe trying to play out that same tire strategy Winston Kelley is checking on that story for us. Now we do step into the then we could take lots OK Robby got I guess I'm gonna know what he's saying its entire town got the strategy. Well I haven't changed tired and our drives down about a lot more authority. I'll tell you know big cardboard or property you know here because of their things trying to debug. Right right probably thunderbird really good job failed to your job until if you look at our fire burned right now we're up fifty degrees and now we're hotel tonight. This announcement saying anything about the handling of the car with the tires being worn pounds that everything's made I feel like you can probably go just so tired but not only. Plus I'm a graduate on how desires lord help. Ban on lap 71 for fuel only electing not to think I'm tired of that inspection without lap 120s okay. A little quicker cheaper hearing among most clean automobiles and about eight or nine laps away and not that we know when we would like to make their pit stops and green are cautioned not withstanding. To get the new rubber on the automobile right now Sawyer continues to takes the field to news of all the way were fairly comfortable lead at times. Right now he comes off the corners and it could wipe variables and one more time on bail William. Holds its wrap. Cause problems going to get caught and has Williams car spins around an album and a super job and make sure he himself didn't go around. And another one of those steals just talk comment about a half. I'm Mike Holloway as Sawyer came up. We have Kenny Wallace a number two car mob that wrapped a lot of vitriol of dale Williams had a chance they spend this time Williams find himself. Sawyer did great driving the state point in the right direction. Caution on the speedway for the seventh time. It has been a tough afternoon for dale Williams here Nazareth that's the third or fourth time he's. Then spun around and most of that has been in traffic and in in this turn over one area right here this stuff left hander. Very very difficult corner we won't understate that at all and he's just had some trouble working that corner in and around traffic throughout the afternoon. He sold itself brings out the caution flags. About seven great slap shot of that window you heard Bob Sutton Hilton's lawyers crew chief a couple of minutes ago say they wanted to change tires in. So now we'll see if they come in and make that tire change now or if they leave him on the racetrack didn't try and hold another caution comes out maybe another ten or fifteen laps. We'll see what the crew chiefs do hear what their strategies are here come the lead automobiles. Bought into the pit lane and they will hand believe that turned Ricky craven Elton Sawyer will lead from lap 110 through lap 124. Actually won 23 complete Ricky craven will take the lead at lap 124. But now the attention of the cruise as it comes Elton Sawyer. It comes up very smooth stop pops and and the crew worked around the right side of the car it's Kenny Wallace towards my brother down pit road racing lastly got a lot. They're cranking and one wound their way so far. And in her new album desires car dark statement. Atop that well they'll more tired staying chorale and fire dark Stevens getting there right side tires not a Jim Phillips. He'll bark in the crew they're already around the left side dog they need get a Wallace car. I do remember Ricky craven changed tires on lap 75. B gas last on seven the eighth. And this is going to be gagged. Well they have trouble although you left rear down goes the Jack 47 point 50 the stop port Kenny Wallace but it's going to be good enough to beat Elton Sawyer out of the pits. So now these strategy that we discussed a little bit earlier on in the race will come to play Ricky craven having come in and topped off that fuel tank can take an honest tires and you're hurt you say a minute ago at lap 78. Hoping to stretch that to the distance for track position. Everybody else the guys that just took tires included they've got to pass Rickie if they wanna win this race. Debt except to go racing lap 127. Will go up on the board has Marlon right takes the Pontiac pace car down pit road Ricky craven with a green flag and. I was I was running a lap back chant we can't do it. Money well I'm Obama and carving regional leader craven and second place Randi enjoy and. Challenging back tried accelerates Ricky craven day. Joins us now Mike Wallace on the Booth for the back of the pack you'll sleep around. So far that pit stop miscommunication. There for Tim penalized team has not cost them greatly they're still running right now in the field positions so they've been able rallied back from. Call Mike Wallace starting dead last today running. Morton now we know he'll return to run five cars single filed against San little separating the leader Ricky craven for granted a joy. Brake why why. Wallace a man but attention he looks to be inside the. David Green comes through turn number five holes are inside group Mike Wallace right behind him. They are Carly back to the regulatory audit. Feel now about to correlate the path back to veto on. Who really hasn't. It hurt my stopping a lap later than everybody else earlier in the race he is scrambled back in the top five B a lot trying to make its way through traffic for the. Ricky craven is the leader off of turn over five then the last car Chad little but it's raining the joy David Green and Mike Wallace ten feet of water running next in line. Then Mike McLaughlin. Car much advantage lobby daughter that's the way they run downhill breaking. Right good breaks it off turn over to around the turn green. Further up Mike Wallace had gone to. Yeah Wal-Mart I'll turn three the cars right along the wall now look back. Right away a lot of never looked at her car that he putts it's not a good Stephenson turnover forced Stevens is forced wide. Drives away capital made including opening is like you can discard any side as well everybody else will also. What made extensive right side damage Stevens goes fives you're gonna. Dale Williams automobile will go around look may have took no evidence of that right there. But it tough break there Kevin look page had been running well they'll have the black flag can't treat choose not to stop of his own volition here a lot of sheet metal damage to the right at this car. Here comes Ricky craven the DuPont co. Colors in the win right now. He's got an exact 12 lien on rainy and enjoy them enjoy the moment and probably more concerned with the two men nipping at his tales. Let me answer chasing Hillary weird one of those Damon green line is that. Tonight the love with well. Really look for the outside I'll forever grateful. A single file every one. Forbes is second third and fourth Brady the joint David Green and Mike Wallace in that order also watching the progress of Kenny Wallace and Elton Sawyer the two leaders before making that stop for tires under caution a minute ago. You work your way around Martin Truex car knowledge of pretty heavy life traffic now set off after the okay. We're helping to close things I'm fine. Hard to make no wipe out of the located just Mary Karr he's about five cars in front of Kenny Wallace further back Tracy last I have his hands full battling what Reggie Corner off the corner. But it worked off and turned back towards the start finish line area while David Reid makes a move. In and around Mike Wallace still pick up a spot moving in the third now here comes Wallace trying to pass again going under the bridge he wants third Wallace and the lineup we have a lot of things. Great help complete the fast coming up Mellon. Now he has a science now on a regular joy that's. Pace car. The page headed for the pit lane his car still damage he made a stop on lap ago they try to get themselves in the I've damage repair on the right side without losing too many laps he had been on the lead lap up until that point. Because Walt back straightaway. But things are not doing so good that for a little ruffled on the Teddy bear this afternoon maybe once again on the pit lane now going to. Am more laps down as they continue to try to get that car straight so he can finish the event. Ricky craven the leader second place regular joint third place Mike Wallace fourth David dream team feed a lot the F. Mike McLaughlin sixth body daughter's seventh those cars on the lead lap now having broken away all the lap traffic could scramble for eight. Three wide as they crossed the start finish line that's not gonna work in the lap car mikes defending. We outside alive car Jeff Barry and Elton Sawyer slicing around Kenny Wallace can almost lapped cars that was Clovis. Paulson bug that affirmative action pick their way through the corner without any incidents. Kevin page are back on this role he was running attempt putting if the wall. Well what gas by the way they're working on the right side may have broken ball joint about the car the way of ram be outside retaining wall. Here comes Ricky craven now past the start finish line. Hilton the last number 136 on the fortieth in two and Eagles and second advantage and having the human race going we don't seem to be more cautious that I didn't stop me man I'm 78. How long you'll thank you might beat these story of the afternoon here at mastering. We'll find out as these laps continue to wind down in the meridian advantage 200 here this afternoon. Ricky craven for now looking for yet another win the NASCAR Busch Series this season he picked up the victory earlier in the year they Hickory motor speedway. An outstanding run for he and DuPont team that afternoon. I think. Looking by my stop watch anyway Mike Wallace is the fastest car on the racetrack that's a pretty amazing story when you consider the fact that. He never sat in that race card to this morning never practiced it. Didn't qualify that barrier did those duties while Mike is put us down in the and the NASCAR Winston cup series. Driving a highly Meyer's car down at Charlotte yesterday sat on the car this morning had to go to the back of the pack his first lap was when they drop the green flag. He seems to be trying to chop a little. Little bit of the gap Waugh Ricky craven advantage. Snap suing for ten seconds we advantage for Ricky craven over Mike Wallace's car is working here. Turn 12 and three here at the air right hand portion of this racetrack we will. Really this car had planned to run this race savvy out some of the season and be a sponsoring company and the MVP brake systems people are based up nearly. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And they said this will feel exactly like to see our race car in attendance so that's why Mike Wallace has had the busy weekend he runs in the second spot. The joyous third even read more than ten feet away step. Six belongs to Michael McLaughlin at seven dollars and Bobby got under way along. A month to pay for health Sawyer okay lap of 140 years on the border seventeen tires still on the lead lap here at Nazareth Pennsylvania. Behind media race leader Ricky craven who is still showing the way. He craven Mike Wallace Randi enjoy those who are part of the top three positions they've increased being shown a fourth defeat to a fifth Michael Wallace next. Tough spot along for the Bobby daughter card eighth result of Sawyer tonight currently have a good run for Jeff Barry here today and I'm being posted at ten this Kenny Wallace. Eleventh position don't show large Truex. Twelfth position now is leave Tommy Houston carnival thirteen plays from being rainy Warner fourteen. Tracy less sleep than Dennis censoring in the in July 16 launch Dirk Stephens. Seventeen right now is the Brian Ross car eighteenth eighteen car. My number. 100% to 46 of 200. The lead for Ricky craven has been caught buying a second. Licensing point four seconds about ten laps to go it's now one point four seconds of Mike Wallace definitely eaten up the ground. Although it looks like to me Elton Sawyer has the fastest on the racetrack now after making Nathalie this summer's fires a lap of 124. He is rattling his weight back up through the field he's just worked his way around. These Bobby Dodd or Mike McLaughlin cars now down in turn five he works underneath your feet and blocks and how Elton Sawyer has returned to the top five. Remember he has a well. Fifty laps less on his tires in the other drivers he's attempting to. Can't tribute to enjoy it still out there running and running well at all. It's not quite as. How many times French say there's not a lot but I was. Impressively as surely we still see a little wisp of smoke coming out of the car as he goes through turn number one particularly the card leans over that hard left. Can't sweeping turn to hear from this past start finish line and Jim I can't see that side of the car you can from the pit road there enough damage there from an earlier arrest. Sean and to be causing. Tire Wear you. Like the looks like Tylenol thanks to my career of public left here. Later it was good enough. Find out your car right now. Today Freddie you know talked a little bit of god intended this kind of see what happens. Do we got. I got electrical every little while ago. My halo Tyrone retirement and modernization this. They have they don't get anywhere from two. That's his critique Bob Johnson isn't quite ready to join start. Third place battle is under the bridge and felt the fire in the one place aren't final hole updated rain rain and no it's only they. Yet another position. Single file down the backstretch cheese but. This site so. Top three cars Elton Sawyer. He used to mark match march back towards the brought after yielding a lead on lap 123 when he made a pit stop. You worked his way now back up to the third position. The lead for Ricky craven over Mike Wallace continues to shrink in just five laps Wallace's cut another five tips in the second offer that we. It's now just one point 09 seconds. They continue to wind their way. I don't want to upgrade Jeff Barry gets up for the presence fans to watch together the car back. Exactly outside. That wall down on the inside. Going in the right direction luckily there was no other traffic in the area. We'll continue away out of everybody's way ever may not agree now just 49 laps to some conclusion here in Nazareth Pennsylvania everybody chasing Ricky craven. And had been alive and Mike Wallace leading into that league. Here in the Nazareth speedway in Pennsylvania. Along without fast becoming entire MR I grew Eli gold with the Alaska we follow the NASCAR Busch Series in their eleventh stop of its 1994 season. We are seeing Kenny Wallace leave this event. David Green Kenny Wallace again. Then Jim Brown ran really enjoy Elton Sawyer and and now Ricky craven took the lead lap 120 more weird now on lap one that's been born and ravens lead has all but evaporated news just about a half. Half seconds over the man who might well be quickest on the racetrack Mike Wallace there with a ten correlates of each other now having returned to. Great slowed considerably last few laps trying to get my support traffic can't get by the dale Williams stark also likes the Vatican now why why. Like the leader fire line for Ricky craven as the pivotal in his car in turn fine. It is tough to find places to lap cars here in Nazareth you really need the cooperation of the drivers that you're laughing. See you coming in their mirroring gives you room to race right now Ricky craven has the disadvantage of leading and having open that door first for Mike Wallace here. Right now I just minutes Alamo the pregnant but now it's got to worry about a man's world that Wallace who again live Darlington separation it's the front two cars of cleared all the plus then don't you know anything can Wallace. Lawless southern driver this Kenny Wallace along here in the northeast he is right now running. About the sale of the field the leaders bearing down on him. Ricky craven who makes a left hand turn through turn number one the lead now down eight correlates over Mike Wallace was finished ten. The Rockingham earlier this year for his best finish of the season. Here's a good third place mat about coming to the third Elton Sawyer right it's always as a dominant. I saw it again tomorrow. On the back straightaway the cars worked around again. Are ready to join me back bumper of Elton Sawyer Sawyer's. Elton Sawyer running some. Seconds behind the front who weren't nearly nose to tail on the racetrack surprised that Kenny Wallace hasn't run a little bit better since that last pit stop. He was in the front too with Elton Sawyer right in right counselors tale as a matter of fact when he went to pit road for his tires on lap number 124. There's really not running up to snuff in fact he's not even really challenging Bruce bodies all alive still just kind of laps on the board he's running now some mud nine spots out of the lead and almost a half a lap down the race leader Ricky craven down almost three quarters of a letdown of the race. Later on I've talked his crew chief gill Martin did this at a tire is very high. Party wanted to turn the corners and another set of tires don't work very good all the way down completely evolved this net the harder it is just too tied. Right now 42 laps to sell beer and get on you I'd like to see it caution flag at some different. Tires on the air it you're only allowed to make them want to hire actually happen one tire blew her position on the racetrack. Want to write a lot went right rear left front left Regan swapped around looking like your round today on the correct side of the race car we really don't have a whole pack boxes. And play with here in Atlanta where NASCAR's been so very carefully trying to limit the tire usage and consequently keep the bills there with a check. Get a call to they present Venus who is now on the racetrack about to crack its way into the top five Mercedes is standard six races so far this season. And it's not finished in the top ten in any of those six events but he seven a whale of a run here this afternoon. He's working all over the back call Brooke David Green trying to get the fifth spot away. He finished second here in this race in 1990 trying to rack up another top five finish in the meridian advantage 200. We've got a whale of a race for the lead on the racetrack Mike Wallace tried to use a live card to get around Ricky craven. Brady used the web part equally as well to keep Wallace back and they are nose to tail as they fight for the win. In the meridian advantage 20167. Of 200 laps around the books from the national speedway this is MR and radio. 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Hercules tires to learn more visit Hercules tired dot com. Or call 806779535. Hercules tires why don't our strength. We cars running up on some lap traffic in turn to Ricky craven finally gets. Our branding quarter and I held up there it's allowing Mike Wallace the clothes and even more than it's a long tailed one car off the. That's the Tommy Houston car. Tennis off the pace might loss to the shot of the lead their nose to tail. They've run up lots of race traffic leaders have to. Here comes Wallace going to the game so I want everybody goes quiet they'll run a lot slower cars know try and squeeze the inside of prison Wesley well one. Gardner Stevens gets the ball Stephens of the wall in turn want real spin. Everybody else avoid civilian side. Cautious on the speedway in my number 170 dude dirt Stevenson hits the wall that hard right hander coming off the start finish line area. Caution for the eighth time this afternoon. And there's Dirk Stephen sideways across the racetrack. Coming off the wall and starting to drift across the racetrack and that's that critical point the driver has to decide OK why go right or do Weickel left. And just at that point when they need to commit Stephen's car snapped back towards the outside wall. And they had to clear racetrack we go through but that was closer than either one of those leaders probably would like to admit. Dirk Stevens who probably use 250 dollars right now should he be voted the what are the goodies headache award that's going to be voted on by the members of the print media in attendance here at Nazareth this afternoon but. Spoke to goodies manufacturing goodies pharmaceuticals that are fans that are giving away a good he's got a court here the staff. Good news when just talk to Rick ran the red tape on the Carson start Stevens is okay. Now right front tire lasts the causes of the accident right front tire cut down but Eric Stephens is all right. That's not a place you want to do that net hard hard left hand turn without Wallace staring you right in the face and Dirk Stephens after starting third this afternoon. Is going to wind up on the hook QB that fourteen car behind the wall. In the running of the meridian advantage 200 Tommy Houston we mentioned slowing on the racetrack a minute ago came down the pit lane service from the crew he has rejoined the race. But Tommy lost a couple of laps in that exchange and also need to correct something I said awhile ago wanted to give they present these great perimeter good race but. Now we're showing him some three laps down as we recheck our scoring so tougher day that I fought for our neighbors and he's a Waterford and announcer can get a release heading toward. I don't know but debt that's been my kind of a weekend a lot of travel involve them. They it's been a week we're certainly seeing some buy equipment stuff round Weber opt for the bills on Mosul is that unusual night last night it's always the Winston select is seven dead Jeff what I'm gonna congratulate him what a superb event. We can't he had he's putting this afternoon with those 100 young burn victims in North Carolina camp celebrate. As he's part of the race care program that's taking place there today at what a treat it is for those folks to have the winner of the Winston select as their special guest at camp celebrate tonight. Also need to follow up on a couple of things last night we mentioned at the end of our broadcast from Charlotte about Michael Waltrip being taken to the hospital for an examination Michael did go home last night he was released from the hospital after some X rays in the a crack in one of his shoulder blades was the end result of the damage I'm sure he's bloody sore today. But don't Michael did crack a shoulder blade last Friday did go home last night from the hospital after being checked out. And of course a little early to make the decision about what will happen. And the up both Winston cup and Busch Series races next weekend. But Michael Waltrip OK other than a cracked shoulder blade also we understand that Lloyd Allen who was taken to the hospital force of X rays and observations he also. Which checked out sent home last night. So are that the follow up report and we hope that those gentlemen several feeling fine today on a day off for the NASCAR Winston cup series carry a lot of. Us is among a handful of drivers who elect to pick here what 25 laps to go trying to. Take care of that partially out of the car tight feeling race card gym. Well Gil Martin came around they thought down the score just a bit about your book gorgeous Atlantic air out of the left rear tire I'm with John months and the crew chief for Ricky craven John yours early pit strategy is still paying off your still the later. I just so that pays until until hundred so I think we have to worry about cars real good I think it's I think he's got only shown we're just concerned about the field. If we can make it to the end we're not really sure we'll win the golf course but it hasn't cautions to play in this picture to yeah that first segment had your thoughts in this. Only we hope to get the same lounging on the first segment that we do we have real. That's John monster crew chief for Ricky craven as they did it as reported out. Lap 78 they'd top it off with a fuel they have it within cents. So caution there's a break for Elton Sawyer two he stopped later than the other two gave up the lead on lap 124 to stop previous four tires and now he's worked his way back up to third. And the caution allows him to close what is was a sizable deficit between the front too and himself. So he and those tires that are about fifty laps fresher than the front to make come into play as we close down towards finishing this race as well. 122. Lapses that distance up the Ricky craven team is going to have to go us. He made his fuel stop packet lap number 78 before we check in with Winston Kelley at the moment Jim Phillips what should they be saying. As far as fuel mileage here how many miles should you be able to go on a full tank of gas here. I'm thinking you go at least the 120 laps on a fuel it's a mile track together Matt cautions play in the picture here. I think you can make it. All I do allowed you have to of course. The body keeps dame army Sadler didn't make their projected goal but they had to pick up problems with the pick up his rather that fuel cell. Left hand corner deep in the fuel so we should be all right. And on the left hand corner at this racetrack is. I'm not sure because there's not a lot of banking on this racetrack it's a flat racetrack so. Where that fuel pick up his position in the fuel cell if you get right down to try to drain those last few drops out of the racetrack that could turn out to be a factor in. How much fuel you can take out of that 22 gallons sell well believe year old. Pick up is on the right side not just ask John Moxley said we have replaced on the right side for this particular racetrack and it wouldn't because says that the car leans over the right that's where the fuels get dislodged as there is no banking to force it down the left. Let's check with listed Kelly. We're in the crew chief Mike Wallace Mary Joseph and the crew chief this talk and towing. And as talk and that occurs that we can get a comment from Barry's talking to some of the rest of the truth. Very apparently might not being able to practice the car has an affect the performance now it's everyday lives. Bears probably Stalin Marx must be put to close the son Mike felt like he has enough to get around now Ricky craven. Yeah he says it's likely candidate obesity just looking at the long run he thought that it was wanted him but. We've got my eleventh we're getting past the start from Mary Ellen now will step down here in a moment get a comment from Bob Sutton to say if Elton Sawyer thinks he has enough to get around by the mostly gentleman's. We also talk to you about Tommy Houston before it topic came and made a pit stop prior to pit road being open so he is going to have to go promised ninth running spot. To the tail end of the longest running traffic department restart but Tommy's problems apparently. It Huard for the time being the let's go back to pit road with. Bob sat in the courage they've gone out and fires are locked in an app to get around Britney and mind. Not take a lot of candidates won't be a tough race arterial done a great job good runner and down from the fact about defense allowed the latte would you can't you guys. These are tough racers and they definitely not you know use up racetrack. We're discussing what else got for a man I hope we can do it eat. I just red carpet for credit card thunderbird really got a good job Derek Curry's been great in just read super good enough but really tickled death lesbian third. That's Bob's on the crew chief on the cause will be the first time since Darlington that they finish a race a lot of little nagging motor problems Bob Sutton and the crew optimistic. That they can get around Ricky craven and Mike Wallace of the traffic works their way. A little quick scene set on tires the lead car Ricky craven stopped on lap 78 Mike Wallace on lap 103. And Elton Sawyer the third place car lap 124. Wallis has 21 laps less on his tires the craven Sawyer has 44 laps less on his tires that break and we'll see if that comes into play as we get set to settle it. Next man in line Elton Sawyer and Helton can't get around a lap automobile us know Brian Ross runs between he and second. Sandra then behind the wind wrong signaling that help for the coming down fine you'll. Now won't turn green hills and around the last Clark takes a lot of hard sham little way that you want to go away five and. It's running a lap down taken a stab at getting back on the lead lap before the end of the race knowing it's not gonna happen moving over and let the leaders go through one car in the wall in turn four Hurley Sadler. Around backwards into the concrete in the middle of the corner the car coming to rest they are now as it. The field motors around precaution will come out the leaders do not have it yet they're on the backstretch. Tricky grape that's only my two calling some. Fired wedding my morning. Mike Walters went up on the machine single file into the corner everyone is back Donovan felt Wallace's mother thankful for pregnant again having won a step down and Ronald. Fermi Sadler is the only Virginia is for lovers caught off the wall for the safety of pit road the car is running when NASCAR obviously had no choice but to put out the caution. They are going to look at the track very quickly when there's no debris there should be rather speedy caution period here. Let's give us a chance to get back some pretty good racing down the stretch from Herbie Sadler. Without the charm damaged and leaning heavily into the left. That's just a crushing end to our crushing day for that Virginia is for lovers car caution for the ninth time this afternoon. Craven now brings it up to speed green flag and aired craven gets a good start. Wayne Freedman Mike Wallace but again Elton Sawyer or no work Aviv's out of Brian Ross while Wallace worked the inside a little pat Seb site so I believe Ricky craven. Has a fork garlic legal Mike Wallace now a quarter. Little while free it's. Single file cyclone fleeing why don't turn over soon as this nice little Ricky craven three Marlins. Nice smooth like Chad little took a quick run to try to get around rave craven on the restart when he saw that was the case moved over a let Mike Wallace and Elton Sawyer finally embrace after the win what goes around. You'll remember that when it's their turn for Chad little race for the win leaders in two lane and with a strong lead the battle for second Elton Sawyer trying to get around fine. Homered album Wallace went from 3000. The food delta Dodge City it's not as nearly downhill in the tournament for all good news bad side by side battle for second spot. Ricky craven looks in the mirror and says keep it up fellas go ahead and battle your heart's content because craven now begins to pull away. The battle for second spot it was right side by side no little Sawyer takes advantage of that wobble like Mike Wallace given all the second Mike Wallace is running third and Jim Phillips. The army son Gordon. I made on the way to end the day for you what happened out there. It's gonna cost how does that Santana fans to racing don't appoint a good man a seventy laps damaged and it stayed away and thirty fast call climbing on and it's our turn and editing a new chance I'm fist Arafat has l.s gonna matter race comments are in this roiling. Everytime we sits on the wall as he watches the right to go by a beating and banging going on back in the back. Are now rocketing down the backstretch Ricky craven brings up off turn over two minutes away. This business they have cleared themselves the top three have a ball the last traffic he talked about. I'm so returns to a moment ago Brian Ross completely sideways almost took out half. Wanted to get on stopping gold medal to my true actually lined up correctly on the restart and it. Get news correct position to stop and go penalty is now near the water relief. Great cares he's now one lap down only ten cars on the lead mountaineers were wrong turn delivery. On the back straightaway Ricky craven the bottom ten car length lead on Elton Sawyer that it's about another three car links to Mike Wallace. Now remember Sawyer has 44 laps less on his tires that craven right now it's not helping them all that much how I think that in the last ten laps at some traffic gets up there. That might help love Sawyer himself with a free racetrack crave it looks to be in the win easy to. Breivik is still strongly leaning a lot of running win over health and I don't and is getting away from Mike Wallace but again not able to close that mine don't right now. They air traffic ahead I should say they're racetrack ahead for the top three cars it's Ricky craven Elton Sawyer Mike Wallace is kind of. Precipitated greens Ricky craven last want wanna aren't carried it Michael microphones so the Hickory motor speedway in North Carolina. Here we are in Nazareth Pennsylvania and greatly Simmons. And a second if we can make it hold up Vernon. Laps over second place medal of Sawyer. Great to bring in a lot of turnover can swing it wide open fires they're closing at Belmont maybe. We'll raise the legal colors of the DuPont Chevrolet running downhill different upper floor. Thanks Jack. Craving Ricky craven currently fifth in the NASCAR Busch Series standings only 136. Points behind the leader Kenny Wallace. Even now what about five Carling as the advantages they swing through the left hand turn one and head down towards turn to know lap traffic coming into play the race leaders about a pregnant. One wildcard for the flavor here right on the spot my lately overflowing your saw itself. Saw your now trying to close enough at the end of the backstretch this is his strongest point of this racetrack. Everybody holds that position about a four car lengths up to sit still for Elton Sawyer had a super run here today trailing the leader craven. Coming off turn number five and going downhill this webcast sleeper here and let her raven managed to pull away just demands that seemingly Sawyer close is that going to be the Braves. You're tied it up more than your return to. That's my mommy daughter nobody's running this. Chevrolet car. Sawyer trying to track down Ricky craven looking Sosa. Offer for the big question now in the last seven laps will look fuel hold up for Ricky craven. It looks for the moment like his lead is stabilized over Sawyer. Building gasoline hold up you know what tires hold out he's down into right out of the inside of the track coming through to heal suing and why does he approaches during every three. They are still maintaining about it. Now shutting it down down the backstretch those two again still single file close call last time I play. Brian Ross had to thank. Here's Elton Sawyer closing it off turn to revive it to correlate deficit that's all. Downhill will go with six laps to go ahead at turn number one they'll make that left hand turn my Carly gonna happen now com. Are lame separates the top two. Real solid are definitely closing the gap now and don't try to break rejoin the final with a lot Chevrolet single file Darlington now the separation Larry Pearson about far schools open local leaders find those. Tale in turn four. They'll be five laps to go this time as the leaders flare off of turn number five down to the start finish line Elton Sawyer is there one car length behind Ricky craven yeah. He dogs into the left hander now they feel their bumper to bumper into the corner opens. It's all you're looking for a chance to make the loop right there's not gonna get at the end so I don't have to go out on the outside. Obama Sullinger is there almost pushing him off turn number three down the backstretch Sawyer on the Mac loan relief right to remain single elephant Sawyer looking to make. Moves lawyer describes been so deep return to revive goes a bit wider through the corner here they come out of a turn downhill start finish line four laps to go and I'm not gonna turn number one he has Elton Sawyer tries to cut the corner cravings like habitable wider line where. We're starting at five. Maybe once again closes the inside line he's not winning why does why does he. Actually go and not allowing ultimately could look down blow up to now on the back over again and Ricky craven way. Position at turn four. Break a little stronger on the backstretch solera little stronger on the front side of the track lap traffic may be a factor but it does it'll be in the last couple of laps. Across the line 197. On the boards three miles the golf Sawyer bubbles the return wanting loses to. The scarlet. So Ricky craven stretch. I live now making it three. Looks like today. And thirteen back when they do Marlene how he's just trying to show that that's the one Marlins clear racetrack for about. Straight away playing tennis leaving reason far. The time big open he'd make middle has helped Sawyer just follows the tire tracks of Ricky craven returns five. The start finish line Carlson says two laps to go. Two laps remain as Elton Sawyer again tries to cut the corner at turn one as best we can't let. Traffic still not like coming up back to remain the last lap but why now there all alone and rectify my early summer album saw your now saw your press ahead. Flies to bear down on Ricky craven one hot night. The number is an intern for. One mile to get it done here comes Ricky craven all Paterno replied near his lap traffic ahead. White flag at the start finish line one car like than one more elaborate Sawyer Jaycee is brave and across turn one down until they come out on the lap cars or anything else. You raise the first. I don't know three's gets on the white lights come wildly excited Rickey trying to put. Like Philadelphia flyer they're closing Reynolds can't Wallace a backstretch Sawyer doing every. So let's break it wobbles Theres going to be his way to make clothes and on traffic. I'm Carly but I have to practice Elton Sawyer here they come return to revive Ricky craven for the second time in 1994. Wait on the NASCAR Busch Series a strong second for Elton Sawyer yeah. Mike Wallace comes all the third spot but David great going forth and I'm Mike McLaughlin will come home and theft as we go to pit road. About god resin that pit strategy paid off boy I gotta get so much of the credit to Ricky craven and Scott maxim. He is also not a thing as a guest most of the problem so. No I didn't really zone read everything worked so well then we can win good Icahn may have here. Not coming before this race if you figure you're really mild for the things you never know line. No legs and I'm just so glad we could not Diane I gotta go on tonight's money and jobs. Lot of that is true had a victory Labonte Ricky grave but he's got to go down towards the Victory Lane area with there'll celebrate their second win of the 1994 season will. I don't desire climbing out of a car with a big smile on his place but one of those premise is that looked like the one that just about got away helping you just about chased him down then. But they did not getting guys did an outstanding job isn't ours really been running well that's a rotor off the trailer here on out. Friday morning which are one one ball Donna now is that last bit style they were a little bit tied him you know I had a guard evaders are down on Matt Ricky did a great job but on this priorities gas but the way they've handled himself the last couple weeks we have our city and the red carpet always important credit Mike goes like. Edsel Ford for hanging in there with business of the good race team we just plea deal of time Magellan. 'cause we were on a rebound that wasn't just a matter of not having enough laps there at the end. Well yeah I don't know Ricki resolve was strong yen where it. Did a good places on the racetrack he was good so we're way it I really needed to get up pondering coming off the I don't know just belongs we've been to Arnold I don't know let him down yes I had her running down the back straightaway goods you know I keep Norton did a great job of our motor ran well. And I can't say enough about these guys sort of insider look at Kershaw. Like there's masks and it's that's marginal several years ago the red carpet place lord comes on second. Talk about a morale booster for Elton Sawyer and that team they missed qualifying for two of the last three races they're best finish to this point in the season a fourth. Their only top ten finish of the year to this point so great run to come home second today for Elton Sawyer. These news media here in Nazareth Pennsylvania today a vote of the goodies have a court 250 dollars to Randy look joy you have himself a final run throughout the early portion of mid portion of the race. Before finally having to retire his automobile so Randy takes home 250 dollars. Ask the folks at the Brenner Children's Hospital in Winston-Salem North Carolina let's go about a victory blame Jim Phillips with a very hot. Happy and deservedly so Ricky craven. They certainly of that event second word of the year for you Ricky but it'd dummies it didn't come easy you know you really appreciate these. Hope we're so close some fuel and these guys calculated it perfect and so happy for the DuPont automotive finish heavily team. What I need to her tremendous who put guys these guys are so young and energetic and the other kids they're capable of making mistakes but they're so Smart they rebound from a the mistakes and they understand what it takes to win and I'm really proud of. About the strategy though you had to go a lot father the rest the guys on tires and gasoline you took on the gasoline lap 78 Joseph last pit stop that was a big gamble. There was a big gamble you know Jim we went out. We get our first stop for fuel. Typically this place front a long time an agreement. When I went out track position is so tough and that was evident and I talked to John and and the crew came up the idea hey come on in the southern office Gillis get the tires now and Wesley has left to be behind it before they have for the race is over at least to get tires and fuel and just perfect tragic as the Goodyear tires are awesome they never went away and elements come on Dan. As concerns still for different till the end of it there and then the last time outs and have a choice you know we had to run. Well first Mike Wallace he came up with a two shot IQ and then you had Elton Sowers or do you guys wanna get first spotted. You notable call. Yeah I feel like Holyfield you know they took a club that mean and Michael was so strong I think he. You know use up what they had into me and then Elton had some left I was worried about Elton. But fortunately we timed right into the laps wound down and get the coupon on more efficiently the Australian. But we have real hot sun here today it was a hot day here Africa about the track condition. They were awesome this track can be a lot of fun of me a lot of aggravation it depends on how the competitors approach it today these guys are terrific. You know there all great racers used good does sensing. When they came to lapping cars they're very generous and my hat's off to hold Busch Series. Congratulations. To Ricky craven is second run of the year as his team celebrates in Victory Lane Ricky entered the day fifth and NASCAR Busch Series points spread the joy fell out of the race ahead of the match did Herbie Sadler might move them up a couple of spots. When we get the official standings tomorrow morning from NASCAR check back of the garage with Winston Kelley. Mike Wallace let's say you lied. Started fortieth on the failed came home third on maybe 45 hours late but the best a good run Gloria thank you wish there was a greater unfortunately ran a Winston open last nine Charlotte just had an average day you know high marks for ran pretty good down parents. We come up there rosters good not to bring us up and is playing this morning we got here in night at bear come up yesterday and help qualified car get to set up and like to thank him because he had a car really close. Really get it was a solid tigers starter race that. It's like to thank ever by a very owns my whole crew you know they did a great job and as far as his car was real fast allow undue weeks ago we are fraternal Iraq enough. Ftp breaks Geron you know we haven't had a whole lot to brag about this year and this is a good run source who were thrilled to dust enough. Chris have to take my hat off to Ricky and held nearly ran a good clean race and I thought I had a rich yet they need to caution because I had enough. Harry malware I thought I could beating and he was slow slower news a little faster to other and it racetrack but that race never chamber and peanuts away goes summarize those last last thirty laps you just about did get under Ricky and then you drop back up to got a brand new car seemed to slow and just a bitter today helped him pick well I think Elton was guide they tell me Al was right about the same speed we were we just kind of want to distance owning you know. Through traffic and not what really hurt me as I come off return foreigner in an era he was gonna restart rarely need did not try to stay with Siemens. I don't know had a motor and a two time or whatever but when you go to third gear and a jump to just force here and got smacked in the back and you know from second forcibly deer drop so where we we lost a lot there and drove down and call earned must not at all drummer clean up the tires are slim and I got loose off the three and child got up underneath us and he went on you know. Nonetheless it was still an outstanding run for Mike Wallace starts shot down the failed and becomes own color people that grows rookie of the race for the fifth time. Season his predecessor so we continues to. Put pressure on met Johnny Benson who is currently leading the primrose rookie challenge damaged but that assets are today's pet rose rookie of the race our congratulations to him and his first ever visit here. To the Nazareth speedway. Go back to the garage now Jim Phillips. Then another fourth place finish third time he finished fourth here at bat with they degree and I'm stuck on fourth and that's like you know that. I guess I'm Jim Carr Rand novel did Aaron eighteen and I just kind of priced as seven total way and in I was afraid to touch the car you know somebody's body and therefore only today does that make a little bit adjustment to blow away death. And now what about have as much as he wanted to say nationalist and Abbas they announced that that I just got to tie I guess it was a heated tracker was that. You know the car ran off Libya and where we gained some points hopefully and a hooded guy here didn't care method. Well as close as those Busch grand national sports or any time we get a top five finish going to be good chip less than playing you know and then Bobby Israel instrument don't have many figure that out keep down a man that this car asks. Sounds we needed to win this race we had a car to win event you know things happen and look on Charlotte. David Gray fourth place finish this afternoon. The checklist and jellies with our fifth place driver Mike McLaughlin who's been. Had a 68 and a couple of weeks ago a stand and a fifth this week Mike McCarthy's crusade to become an around. Well the truth always been there Tom Garner on get a better feel it's gone on in everybody the crew did the crew and now my sponsors and fiddle flat on tied to a less than. They've been great to work read them they know what to learn and curve and nation and then I had gotten their help me along and I've got a lot of good people behind me you know ran harder put in power under the couldn't Charlotte Reynolds wolf. Give me fast race car on the big tracks and then I just got the right people around me and it's all coming the other. Mike you sawed back and forth and then is same the backup just a bit and then later on in the race it picked up some did you make any changes on the car. Well we've made some changes done to stop trying to freed up awaiting go far enough the only jays who made that point with me on the racetrack is to move my line around. And now I you know I pick up some and then I'd start overworked and the tie and overwork the car run an avalanche trying to move around a little bit more right behind fix back up again so I was just me from moving around on her shirt actions. Mike McLaughlin in the federal final group come home with a strong fifth place run this afternoon final rundown a cent from NASCAR's timing and scoring the race winner Ricky craven here this afternoon with Elton Sawyer finishing second Mike Wallace comes home third fourth goes to David Green. Have fifth Mike McLaughlin good run for the body daughter Jamie finishes in six to defeat what two years in a row comes on the seventh here in Nazareth. Can't allow us finishes eighth ninth spot goes to the data center car attempt was the Tracy Leisle automobile Chad little comes home eleventh twelfth position today Martin Truex Tommy Houston finishes thirteenth. Fourteenth goes to rent reporter at fifteenth place today will be the Brian Ross Clark coming over sixty position as mikes to panicked. Dave present these finishes seventeenth eighteenth ghost and Vicente air nineteenth debate Jason Keller had twentieth will be the Kim Wallace automobile. When he first was scanned Wallace 22 dale Williams 43 Kevin the page 24 was where Dirk Stevens ended up an army Sadler was 25 regular joy 26. 27 would Stevie Reeves 28. Is Jeff Barry. What a night Larry Pearson and thirtieth dale Shaw 31 went to Johnny Benson 32 which Jeff Neal 33 Jim bound 34 Robbie crouch. And 35 Robert Presley 36 which Tom bulls' 37 Ronald Cooper Rodney Combs 38 Tom a Saudi was 39 Doug reverend finished fortieth. The first car out of the event. Thomas scoring loop today Paul Horvath junior at least so Bryce our production assistants Paul or rap sheet here on the entire. Pennsylvania posse great to have them assisting us here at Nazareth today. Who wanna thank Joseph Moore and Mike Bagley they covered the turn as Jim Phillips and Winston Kelley who we have heard so much from throughout this weekend down on pit road. For our investment climate Eli gold congratulations to Ricky craven. Winning here at Nazareth we will talk to throughout this week. At a given two weeks from now in Dover Delaware told them so long everybody. DeMarre and radio coverage of the NASCAR Busch Series this company. From the Nazareth speedway. The executive producer of Amara and radio host Jon McMullen associate producer Alan best way to chief engineer Terry Howard's production record. Her place although affiliate relations David Hyatt Cheryl items Stephanie Allen. Production assistants Clark mores sandy good and Sherry L this is Rick blew. This broadcast was a production of MRN radio by the vision International Speedway corporation. Celebrating 25 years of great NASCAR racing covering. This has been an MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco. Also sponsored by Hercules tire right on our strength.