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1979 Gabriel 400

Aug 10, 2017|

The 1979 Gabriel 400 from Michigan International Speedway.

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This is MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength this is Ken Squier. Time now for MRN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing network actual race archives. From Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn Michigan assistant GM Omar and broadcasting company with coverage of the Gabriel 400. NASCAR Winston cup grand national stock car race post for today's Gabriel 400 broadcasters Barney hall. Well hello reload from Michigan International Speedway it's a beautiful day here in the Irish hills and one of the finest racing facilities in the nation this two mile. Here at Brooklyn Michigan in the field it is by far one of the best we've ever seen at the speedway 36 car strong this afternoon. We'll go for 400 miles of competition. Neil lot of will be starting on the pole we'll run through the starting lineup will be here very shortly. Tell you a little bit about distract Michigan International Speedway it's a the backstretch five degrees Mikey over there. That's by far away one of the best tracks on the Winston cup circuit the drivers they all like to come merely like to run the strike because we're just sheer flat out and hard nosed racing. This is one of the toughest tracks in the world. To beat for that type of racing Jackie roots in the towel this is separate little will be talking back and forth to keep you abreast of the action. As long as our reporters out of the course also emit Jarrett who weed out of the pits to cover all the action for you. Today's field as we said a moment ago is by far Jackie roots of less directly we've seen here at Michigan the Obama the Allison Brothers Richard Petty field Darrell. Benny Parsons and Buddy Baker and in addition to that there are three rookies who keep showing up up front they would just not take a backseat to anyone. This is not the typical run for the rookie championship that we've seen in the last four or five years Arnie these drivers are running not only for. The rookie of the year title posted by Citicorp a buy NASCAR. But they're also running for those valuable Winston cup grand national championship points in all three of them are right in the hunt as it applies to that is well one drivers already won a victory at crystal international raceway. He is. Dale Earnhardt with the ouster when racing team and when you take a look at the battle. For the standings for the is in third position and Harry Gant is in fourth. Well they have concluded driver introductions out at trackside and Jackie just looking million feels by far the largest crowd I think we've seen it appeared Michigan for a NASCAR Winston cup race just another installment I'm. And on the great attendance figures that have been posted throughout the start of the season at the Winston western 500 right straight through to our sixteenth event on the 31 race circuit. Parnevik when they tally up all the attendance for 1970 Unita could shatter all records for American motor sport. It certainly has the stock car division for everywhere we've been we have had record crowds this year well you conceive quiet from the type of racing they've had on the Winston cup circuit this year. It used to be the cutesy and take off and race may be for a couple hundred miles an uncannily Bakken play it cool stay in the same lap of the leaders. And make their shot toward the end of the race now. That is not true anymore from the time they dropped the green they run just as hard all day as they do the last two laps and we'll talk with some of the drivers about that. Let's go back to the rookie thing for just a moment Joseph Milliken is about as high psyched up for this race I think is we've seen any of the rookies this year. Their crew late yesterday afternoon the final practice session. Changed a few things on the carpet to flee to us via suspension. He has adapted to this racetrack well and he told me late yesterday afternoon that if ever they had a shot to win the race it would be here today. Who when you take a look at the row. By Joseph Milliken since the initiation in the season Barney he has always been in the shadow of someone else first it was rookie Terry the body with a great wins in the way he burst onto the scene at Darlington. And then of course the story the last month or so the tremendous runs first that Charlotte. Then at Texas and then again at Riverside international raceway by Dale Earnhardt. Throughout it all Joseph Milliken has maintained is always the appliance wheels team from LG DeWitt stable and Rockingham North Carolina. They've done their homework and they appoint the car well up on the grid for today's Gabriel 400. And I would have to agree that if he has a shot at winning an event it would come on his two mile facility today. A lot of respect goes up to the crew that car also because of coarsely lost JC older than many parts of leaving the team. And quite a few the other gentleman who'd been on the team for number of years left of the group of young guys to piece it all together and they Obama. A heck of a job this year to try to keep that team where it has been. Let's get into the starting lineup starting in 36 position today will be sandy she too low from Avon Lake Ohio in the copper kettle marine a Buick. Starting 35 and car number 81 David saws B of Atlanta Georgia and the south be Chevrolet we understood and I think from Bernie Moore who will be working as a NASCAR official here today. That that is who oversaw as the son who ran so many years ago in NASCAR. Starting 34 on the field will be Dick Brooks supporter of real California and the bear finder Chevrolet this team is not jailed this year's they had hoped it would. And we talked to Brooks yesterday a little bit about that McGraw Gerri we'll have a chance to comment on that as the afternoon progresses also. Starting 33 incarnate or 09 bill secret from Arden North Carolina the CR seek chemicals Oldsmobile. 32 on the grid this afternoon is Tommy deal from north Huntington Pennsylvania and the sunny keying Honda Ford sponsored car. 31 on the field DK Aldrich from Harrisburg North Carolina in the midwest farm lines. Buick buddy Arrington of Martinsville Virginia has brought his brief trailer sales dodging the thirtieth position and liking him on the inside. Is a man they can do a heck of a job with a guitar he can also do likewise with a race car. Country and western giant Marty Robbins has come here prior to his visit to Daytona International Speedway for the firecracker 400. And he has blanked his car on the inside of the fifteenth row. And we asked Marty yesterday we say. You've always said that racing as a relaxation for you he does this rather than fishing and hunting are playing golf. And I just always felt that it was awfully tough to envision how somebody strapped up in a racecar are doing a 150 to a 160 miles an hour could call that relaxing. That's as good hearted claim that soon will you this is. The next bin excites me notes same time it's like it's like do the show it is like being on stage. Noble when that when the show's over oil and I can I just can't sit down for a long time. Fluent in men's just and it's the same thing you drive before say on the parade let you know I if I get excited you know Grady Little. What's it must this once they started seeing. I wrote really said and done because I know there's there's a place on the check for me see I'm not going to do. I know just about rugby field. When the race starts. And Barney can ask any of the drivers that are in the remainder of this 36 car starting field and Marty Robbins is no joke. He is an outstanding race series run for so many years whenever he could with the Winston cup grand national competitors. In fact a lot of them say that if he had devoted as much time to. Racing is he has to writing lyrics and performing in front of massive audiences that he could have been one of the superstars in the Winston cup grand national circuit. Well they don't mind running win at all on a couple of times at Daytona and Talladega he's been up round a 185 miles an hour that's impressive thing anybody we'll cotton Owens is this crew chief and they will be bringing that car with a new number number 36 they're giving forty you to Kyle Petty to Daytona International Speedway he's the first entry for the firecracker 400. And he's combine a little business with pleasure down there as you be performing in the Central Florida area on Saturday evening. And Adelson chipped the seatbelt and go for the pole on Sunday afternoon as part of the firecracker 400 weekend festivities. Starting twentieth on the grid from pleasant Michigan in the last deconstruction Oldsmobile has Paul fast. With John Kennedy a Villa park Illinois and the about TCB Chevrolet starting on the inside of the fourteenth row. The mr. transmission Chevrolet people bring Huntsville Alabama as Jimmy means to post position 26. And Bob Burch in my Ross filled Georgia making one of his infrequent appearances lately on the Winston cup grand national circuit. Has put his car to 25 position. Starting at 24 spot will be Harry Gant from Taylor is built North Carolina in the race hill farm Chevrolet 23 Richard Childress from Winston-Salem North Carolina the CRC chemicals Oldsmobile. 22 on the field as JD make Duffy from Sanford North Carolina. One of the most steady performers on the circuit this year he's in the Bailey excavating Chevrolet James Hilton of Grambling South Carolina starts 21. In the Palestinian automotive Chevrolet. Then in twentieth position as driver Frank Warren from Harrisburg North Carolina and the lady tend not sure we discovered a very special story between Frank Warren and Tommy Gail little side deal that they've had throughout the 1979. Season we asked Tommy about it before the start of the race. We had loosened do last year. Broad broad doesn't deserve solutions for new year and what's the score. Right now it's seven to five. Last year our big. Mormon mission to. If it. He's one of the most happy go lucky drivers on the circuit Tommy Gail from north Huntington Pennsylvania Lily pond will be starting from nineteenth position from Chester Virginia in the Ken coal mining Chevrolet and Libya's hoping to get that team together before the year's out in eighteenth position Roger can be a Ferguson North Carolina. In the keynesian Chevrolet he said more than his share of problems in the 1979 season. Starting seventeenth. Another driver who just continues to have problems every race the 1978 rookie of the year Ronnie Thomas of Christians Burke Virginia in the stones. Cafeteria Chevrolet driving the zoom incorporated Griffin marine MC Anderson entered Chevrolet is Benny Parsons ability North Carolina he has brought that car to sixteenth position. While going fifteen to state markers of Wausau Wisconsin. In the Shoney's Restaurant Chevrolet bill green of Covington Kentucky has brought the eight Casey carded share related position number fourteen. And rookie Dale Earnhardt. A disappointing run that they had an engine expired just prior to the initiation of qualifying the first day it was an untried engine that they qualified at under 59 point 81 duke. And that gave him thirteenth starting spot on the grid. The rust dogs Buick from the Harry Hyde stable with an arch a Pennsylvanian tie Scott at the controls will start twelfth. And starting eleventh is Bill Elliott of Dawson build Georgia in the nude scenes ski doo Mercury he qualified at a 159 point 887. We'll starting in tenth position is Richard Petty Iran and North Carolina pity starts the ES TP Chevrolet and many feel that he is due to visit Victory Lane here this weekend. We'll find out before the day is over are starting night Darrell Waltrip Franklin Tennessee the Gatorade Chevrolet. Talk about a hot hand this year he's won four races he's tied with Bobby Allison for four victories each and those are the two hottest drivers on the circuit at present. Ricky Rudd a Chesapeake Virginia has like the trucks more Mercury and eighth position. While running seventh is another rookie this one from Corpus Christi, Texas driving Billy Hagan strata Graff Chevrolet it's Terry love bounty. Starting sixth on the grid as Bobby Allison of Huey town Alabama hot off his win in the Napa 400 Riverside California. He's driving the Warner W Hodgdon bud Moore entered Ford Thunderbird. In on the inside. In the Busch beer Oldsmobile that's right they forsaken the Monte Carlo for Michigan they've dropped the olds from the Junior Johnson stable. Timmons bill south Carolinians kale Yarborough three time Winston cup grand national champion. Starting in fourth position the rookie we've been talking about early here this afternoon until Milliken from Brennaman North Carolina the appliance we'll Chevrolet. Then starting in third spot his Buddy Baker from Charlotte, North Carolina in respect for Chevrolet this afternoon. And one of the things that is so important about Michigan International Speedway is the philosophy that the drivers have about this facility. They all totally enjoy coming here and they all totally enjoy going to 160 miles an hour around this track Buddy Baker filled us in on possibly lie. Relatives because you can take it that stood three miles an hour off of this getting through corners good you can keep up with you race gone racetrack and it's not really diaper race gender wrong Carter's goes mountain and lapped the field wearing them because there's Gooden winding paths only part of racetrack and is that they operates and it's diverged jacket. As you say most driver look forward to the coach he had a lot of room for recovery of any thing goes wrong then and nine it's a good racetrack. Well starting on the outside front row Donnie Allison from Huey town Alabama on the Hawaiian tropic Chevrolet. And Donnie he's been off for a couple of weeks you know they've elected after Charlotte not to compete in the hole 31 race circuit for the Hawaiian tropic colors they're gonna pick and choose their super speedway races for the rest of the year. And one has to wonder if laying off for a couple of weeks hurts a driver as he approaches the next race. Well I don't I don't think you really hurt you any edge. You know we got a phone Iran every week here and you know didn't have a break cannot do not feel like I'm my bill more fresh and maybe some guys made a long trip do Texas then on out to California so. I don't know I think in my could be an advantage. Willow was advantageous and it came to qualifying his effort and under 61 point 853. It was just a tad short of the mark set by Neil Bana Barney hall. We'll bonnet over starting on the police to Huey town Alabama the new driver of the purely to Mercury and he's had kind of an up and down deal in the car. Thus far course at Martinsville and didn't do too well there they engine expired on him out at Talladega when he went up to Dover Delaware and brought the car home victorious there. But he turned into quite a qualifier for them accorsi with the Charlotte. And everybody was betting against him down there for them to win the pole for the twelfth straight time David Pearson had the pole eleven times in a row at Charlotte, North Carolina and bonnet. When out of the car came home did the test to put him on the poll there here they were betting against him again. That he would not get the pole but he did with the speed of 162 point 371 miles an hour and he's a pretty good qualifier after those efforts since he got in the wood Brothers Mercury. Well I've I've got to look good and you know when I drove very have very little audiences and sudden boom you know I finally got geared up to. Really try to go. Made a number I've got a real Preston. I thank you very good kind of take me to get pumped up and really go out there and really concentrate on this front and a few labs and nuggets were really enjoy them. That's the voice of pole winner here in the yield monitor will be starting up front this afternoon of the Gabriel 400 crowd continues to pour in the speedway this is the sixteenth race. In the Winston cup series for 1979. Course Bobby Allison and Darrell Waltrip to two top winners thus far on the search this year both have four victories under their belt former winners here at Michigan International Speedway kale Yarborough and David Pearson won the first two NASCAR races here back in 1969. And four other winners here Charlie blots packets came home victorious Bobby Allison is once it was Richard Petty. David Pearson kale Yarborough and waltrip in fact of the nineteen races have been run only six drivers have been in Victory Lane in those nineteen races. But Barney that was in the old days before the renewed competition the increasing competition that we seen on the Winston cup circuit for 1979. And when you take a look at the separation in the field a scant seven point nine miles per hour separates 36 position sandy sit too well from Neil bonnets qualifying effort. And that's the way it's been all year the competition is much stronger we've. Heard from people like junior Johnson and bud Moore and they told us why they feel that. The lack of a major rules change the last couple of years has given all of that and chief mechanics from the little guys to the top branches. An opportunity to experiment and get 110%. Out of their equipment and now it all rests in the lap of the driver's seat the fellow that pushes the button. He's the one that gets it done on any race and especially here in the Gabriel 400. Time now for grandstand commentary with the editor of national speed sport news Chris economy ID. Grandstand commentary has brought to you by goodies headache now. More people are switching the goodies because goodies cost levels down by Tony Tony I drugs and the only eye drops guaranteed to remove remnants. For today's thoughts from the grandstand here's the dean of American motor sports broadcasters. Domestic and I'm Maggie. Those who follow the sport of kings know there are horses for courses. Well in recent seasons that belief has crept in the big league stock car racing to the extent it is no longer are saying but almost a religion. In years past followers of stock car racing rooted for their favorite nameplate Ford Chevy dodge jolt you name it. With a need to give a driver exactly the right car. Crew chiefs now find that specializing would then name plate as a way of finding more speed. And more importantly keeping their driver and happy. If you seasons back when warmer stolen driver AA was Wheeling it Chevrolet. Was automatic that he was an issue of well. This body style was at the time ideal for super speedway where this optional slope nose and air dynamically slippery body shape. Then crewmen found out that the straight no shabby Monte Carlo both larger and wider but when its engines further back and chassis. Work better on the short track due to which balance. They should valves legend was a good way forward compared to the Monte Carlo engine location. And I Charlotte traction bishop Al Brad was quiet and desired go to the forward weight bias. So forty evolve but the top teams would run ship bells on the high bank super speed ways. And Monte Carlo from a flat half mile ovals. Then they slope nose of the ship Val was outlawed leaving only the blunt most version available. This triggered experimentation with Buick and Oldsmobile body styles the end you know underpinnings of all GM cars remaining essentially the same. But the crew chiefs kept working on the excellent handling Monte Carlo. And I'm pro bitch track ability to create a word to the big great it has become almost just go to super speedway car. As a snake holes and Buick body styles. But there's always a cost factor to consider but to have a body prowl for some traction a beer look at polls for others may steal cars and W expense. Pressed though they Chevy caprice appears on the city. It's a compromise between the money come out on the bureau calls shoval type chassis. Buddy Baker Richard Petty and our trip have all try to corrupt police are timer to this year. And the court development this just in its early stages have put aside for the moment. Of the 44 car Jennifer today's Gabriel 400. There were 27 chevys. All but three were my Carlos the exceptions being issue relevant way Warner Carter and nick prices of Dave Marcus and Harry Gant. When qualifying was over. The field showed 25 Chevy's 23 muddy Carlos and the markets and get to bridge just eighth and sixteenth fastest among machetes. So all the beginning of the caprice cracked in the market crowd dike has begun. Could be a year from now the money come out will be a rarity in the race field this distressed economy MacKey reporting. Did. You can grandstand commentary has been brought to you my goodies headache powder more people are switching the good news because goodies god blessed. And by Tony Tony I drops the only guy drops guaranteed to remove remnants. The opinions expressed on grandstand commentary or those imprisoned kind of Maggie and not necessarily those of the motor racing network. International Speedway corporation. Board miss radio station. Well here at Michigan International Speedway the field continues to sit on pit road there's been just a momentary delay in starting the race this afternoon Jackie to allow the crowd that huge crowd to fill this grandstand area there are very few seats left Barney in the main grandstand area and as you survey this massive infield out around this two mile facility. Camper city I'll lot Darlington, South Carolina seems to beginning to make its presence known here in the Irish hills of Michigan as well. And that's been kind of fun to watch we've been coming here for so many years. To see how these midwesterners have adapted to the southern style of stock car auto racing. And utilizing the infield is a great place to watch a race it's become a little city and it's beginning to grow by leaps and bounds and I think when we get back here. For the champion spark put 400. We could very well see another record crowd topping this one. Let's take a swing around this two mile speedway and familiarize you with the voices will be covering the action to turn to this afternoon down in turn one covering the action there will be Mike joy. The to set a car up for it at each end of the racetrack requires a very different approach. As you heard Buddy Baker say earlier it's a very wide racetrack 73 feet wide in the turns so three wide racing is commonplace and four wide racing occurs although rarely as it did yesterday in the international race of champions of grabbed the but coming into our number one you're actually coming off the from the start finish line it's a journal article all the way into turn number one. But the banking rises from. Twelve degrees at the start finish line. To eighteen degrees in the corner. The drivers sweet bit disturbed very high on the racetrack up against the wall they'll work together pit road and then try to bring the car data halted its lowest possible through the middle part of the tour. Of course are already steering the car side the left when they enter the corner of the car doesn't take quite a separate. To the chassis as it would if you're coming down the launch back straightaway out of turn two again it's a gentle transition from the eighteen degree banking to the second turn. Down the five degree back of the back straightaway twentieth 500 feet long which is where the draft really comes into play here at Michigan International Speedway back Q the tower. As they move down that long back shoot a sweep up in the turn over three covering the action in three and four will be Eli gold. But we heard Mike joy talk about that gentle sweeping effect in terms number one well that's not the case here in the in four. Because coming off that long back straight away it somewhat of an abrupt entrance and at turn number three. But that was the case on the other than the speed right the track quickly panned generally through at least about it. I'm not get out of shape and turns number three and four there's plenty of running room long sweeping corners. The groove in turns three and four. Everybody comes off the back straightaway and dives down low they ride low on the racetrack that as the apex of turn number three approaches they begin to float. Back up towards the outside retaining wall and an exit turn number of four out towards the outside wall. Exiting turn for it could be an interesting factor here this afternoon because a lot of the drivers. Point to this area as quite possibly the area where they would like to pass should come down to a last lap drag race to the finish line. It's interesting how some cars of their running and had to fight draft the cars running second and third I can crack down off the draft the controlled low on the racetrack. I'm in the lead car against a force outside of the gates pushing too hard to walk. Evidence could drag racing back to the finish line is that. Front sweeps around in the deep portion of the racetrack but right now Barney all of the field comes to life behind us we're looking for a break right here at Michigan. But the field has come alive on pit road 36 star straw ready to go the Gabriel 400 here this afternoon as they come down his front straightaway they'll be running into a little bit of a hit wind this afternoon they'll have a little bit of a tail wind going down the back shoot at times that has been a problem here in Michigan and making the cars shoot up into the number three corner a little quicker than the the drivers meant to. And sometimes we get out of shape there. Let's go to out of the pit area right now a chicken with Ned Jarrett and find out of there in late developments on the cars. Everything they've been pretty good shape aren't you as far as I know I'm walking along a little more than a little bit on the really don't work that betting on the won't let it like diamonds drugs in the yeah well. No I didn't got a bailout acted on them on and on. An online debate live and I'm going to go down then back again nowadays need to bow wow what an ever bigger around immediately went to come right then you have over the years. Did you get nervous before the start at one problem. Matter and not know what to land is my development. I don't really get that excited. You can manage it blocks away at and it doesn't care debate you're excited. All the drivers are sitting in the park near the voters in the background and they're ready to roll call will make covering all of the action hero different. There's been one problem developing on pit road in the starting grid back in the boards brought the outside the trucks or industries thunderbird from the Judy Devlin be stable with Ricky rode aboard his failed to fire. The crew is dive beneath the hood there's six of them working over the engine compartment at the present time guarding. We'll keep residency. At Ricky Rudd gets under way as the field will move out very shortly. Under the viking here at Michigan International Speedway just magnificent day for raising their view clouds drifting around this guy making it partially overcast. Yesterday the temperatures were almost of the nineties you're Michigan invective has been warm both Friday and Saturday and qualifying. And they could not quite dial in their chassis set ups as well as they would like to not knowing what the temperature would be today and it is probably about six maybe eight or ten degrees cooler today. But it was yesterday. Field against a rolled down pit road this is one of the finest racetracks in the nation. Here they do race nose to nose all day long. It's just 400 miles as like a sprint race but that's the kind of racing we've seen all year talking to Neil Monica yesterday said the world 600 at Charlotte was a 600 mile sprint race. As they drop that green flag this afternoon look for eight and nine cars deride that lead draft most of the day we've got another problem about pit road as well that it has gone up Bob and native to at dodger Frank Warren from Harrisburg North Carolina formally of Springfield Massachusetts. His crew is beneath the engine compartment as well. Tactical problems on big trucks Warburg real regular I'd have bet that throttle linkage why. Dug wide open so they're changing that Lincoln drive now that you're having going to hurt your eruption on the right want to try to get back to you while and that's. Arianna Ricky Rudd star Ricky who has. Not had the best of seasons this year he had hoped. To read how some good finishes in the trucks more industries garbage they have had their share of problems and I'm sure it's probably communication problem also their jacket go to a new team. Judy in the crew had worked for Dick Brooks for what about three of four years and it's what you do this young driver. But they have a lot of faith in Ricky run they wanted to and all Virginia team and that's exactly what they got beat engine has fired at a Ricky Rudd scar on the Chesapeake Virginia now takes up his position in the field. The same cannot be said however from frank warns native Dan dodge and for that report let's go to Ned Jarrett. And I were walking around that is gone right now what's wrong Britain and then again the blood wires crossed don't. Okay thanks to the wire they're working you know did mention they're joking about this thing if they can find exactly what the problem we have because when they cranked it up in building sitting on about forces. Islanders here at Michigan International Speedway. Frank Warren's car has just fired on pit road as he takes the native ten dodge down into the oval one corner is the safety car leaves the field. Out of the number four turn there should be a take one of the field meaning they will get the green next time buys that camera on cheers Ricky Rudd car. Black on pit road I really wanna take the last minute check on that we'll have Ned Jarrett. See if there is indeed a problem woman's car other than what they discussed just a moment ago we'll look cost him a spot as well Barney has now having elected to go on have been grown. After taking business. On the racetrack he will have to take up position shotgun on the field 36 on the grid say his qualifying efforts have all gone by the boards to do that multi throttle linkage. So lahood is up again on the front more industries car of Ricky Rudd back Duncan wrote the bill works its way down into turn to blunt let's go up to Mike joy and. Feel is solid so here Barney behind the AFC safety car and everything is much pretty well the track is clean. And clear there's no debris from bud yesterday's activities things look to be a good safer started this at the speedway. There aren't very happy to imagine the trucks more migrate back don't pit road. You're right want to get back out on the track with this carpet they're attempting to change the entire operator. All that Mercury that they have little time to do it and they think they can do it before the green flag drops to. Well looks like about half the crew is under the hood of that machine right now Ricky Rudd stars they're trying to get him back on the speedway before they drop the green flag this time around if they change a carburetor on that car getting back in that is going to be a record that's for sure. Field getting ready to go to green of the Gabriel 400 here this afternoon. As we set a moment ago they'll be facing a little hit win going down in the terminal one and a little bit of a tail wind down that back shoot. And sometimes if you have a six or eight mile an hour tail wind it can push that car. Up into the numbers recorder a little quicker than you think you're getting them there they can get you out of shape now the driver will be watching early in the race this afternoon of course. Is the rookie. And he starts back in thirteenth position dale earnhardt's is about as far back Jack you root I think is he's qualified this year his memory serves me correctly. And once they drop the green he's qualified seventh and a few times he goes for the front. We'll as we touched upon the opening of this broadcast the qualifying effort is not indicative of just how fast the car will go. The problem arose just about put in the last practice session prior to qualifying and that's when they had an engine expired they put an untested on tuned engine in the car without any benefit of practice they went out and qualified in thirteenth position they got a chance to work on it since then. And you can be sure that Jake elders provided a steady amount for dale learn how this afternoon he likes this racetrack he's never run here before and ironically on several of the speed ways we've been to this year than he has never been on the fortieth running as well or better than many of the tracks that he has some laps under his belt feel working up toward term for let's go to Eli gold. Well again as always on race some days the plush green met tranquility of the rolling Irish hills of Michigan shattered. As this afternoon the field rumbles through turn number of four. The pace car PMs to put away. The traditional welcome to the drivers here's the crowd stands waving how. How soon glory hound right now the field headed by me Obama that Donnie Allison on the front row they crushed the entrance to pit road and head to a tower. Our first start. Chip for a the official flagged this afternoon indicating hole. Up green flag. Nobody else on the outside a lot of things really. These lakers look to the inside had no room there is feel a lot of bridges purely to Mercury down low on the racetrack. He has the fast way around a bit inside the front row. Donnie Allison keeps pace with a but they swing out of her divert to vector is third Joseph Milliken fourth. Those drivers lined up side by side to lie down the backstretch Donnie Allison opens up I have to garlic that Bennett jump on it. But they iPod comes right back staying almost like a racetrack keep much that you're later Mercury back in whatever neighbor Donnie Allison. Try to take the free ride is what eight breaker achieved two goals down low auto racetrack and also sneaks underneath Donnie Allison they act took off the turn it's going to be Neil bot. Bonnet Buddy Baker Donnie Allison running about a donors they had brought to the line as. They come for the strike Neil bonnet will leave the first lap of the. Sport event is really good six of mr. They want sixteen cars in the lead draft that's where you live for fifth spot that's blitz on the bill Milliken. Work its way around Richard Petty to take fifth Betty is back at six. Terry love body is running in the seventh spot as they swing out of dirt number two Bobby Allison has moved up to eight and challenges nobody lot of good battles from the spot on back. Translators work their way back to the banking of turn number of great it's gonna be mailed Monica made in the front proof he takes and again the low side of the racetrack everybody will drift. Up towards the high side as they worked at turn number four bonnet in front Buddy Baker running second Donnie Allison running third. Kale Yarborough running fourth Milliken running fifth Richard Petty running sex Bobby Allison going so. As they come out of the strike Bernhard has worked his. They get back to the turnover one Bobby Allison works the other side of the racetrack. I thought Richard Petty Allison is seventy is facing a strong challenge to the bottom of the racetrack. Dale Earnhardt who has moved right up remember it's a three way battle for eighth position out of turn two Alison. With the thunderbird on the outside being investigated Bennett at Walter bit out of the draft and slipping back in the field then de blob to bring pounds now by Dale Earnhardt so Walter talks himself and product are up by now running to what body trying to go to the high shot up while Japan still. Dale Earnhardt goes way. A racetrack you're never bring in Fareed trust side by side at Bobby Allison meanwhile back up my packet to that racetrack client. The line until the battle to the line here. Would bottom out front Buddy Baker run second Donnie Allison a sandwich on the high side in the third in the meantime. Scooting down the backstretch is Ricky Rudd now he is on the same lap with the leaders they've initiated that carburetor change and they are on the same lap with the leaders but he is woefully back behind the pay. Save some money as a lot of leads the field down the backstretch for the third circuit in this Gabriel 400 let's go to Eli gold. Male product still showing the way he's running first now Donnie Allison closing on Buddy Baker ran a challenge for second place but makes no bull right here as they work guards the banking are they going down low again Richard Petty keep close. Was it now making it a six car trapped in a tight one up front it's going to be tight out of a tyrant with the battle still enjoy and victory meal bottom Buddy Baker. As they come back to the stripe across a lot of. Donnie Allison and Yarborough Jolie and Pitt Betty is 67. Years Bobby Allison and and coming up through the field like joy continuing around what was Dale Earnhardt. It's working well Barney he's keeping his car on time but to me he can run there only hasn't had a chance to get to the bottom of the racetrack he's. Have no Waldrop. You driver in the eighth position they're in the backstretch running first of bail a lot of money maker continuing to run second Donnie Allison third kale Yarborough running fourth. Up to turn a bit right it's got it Milliken running theft Richard Petty running sex. Bobby Allison seventh Dale Earnhardt eight Darrell Waltrip my running tenth of what Bonnie well or rather a lot of that money Parsons and local think Bill Elliott that's the front trapped. Well the rookie everybody's watching right now is Milliken he's hanging in there in the front. He rides and mortar position as the deal worked their way back to. It's good job morning he's stayed right on the back bumper of Donnie Allison Allison rotting in the third possession Richard. Try to look coveted draft and pull away the draft is very critical here here's tailored our deterrent to going right to the bottom of the racetrack running against Bobby Allison for the seven. Aren't they took out the back straight a live up Bobby Allison tries to step out here comes ray why Darrell Waltrip joins the battle that's gonna they waltrip and Earnhardt and Bobby. Alison crawling up the backing up to earn a birthright Burkhardt goes right down while we're still going to be a Shia. Go right now what Darrell Waltrip rob up quite as they battle for the eighth ready position. Six cars rightly draft as they come out of turn four and sweet back at the start finish line vomit and brought. Doesn't wanna stay there he wants to lead as they head back to the terminal one. Canada Grozny to speak to the low side on Richard Petty and it slips back up in the group against expedition Dale Earnhardt has gone on the bottom of the racetrack but it Boston to position. You fall out of the draft here's Greta coherence Yarborough underneath Richard Petty if they move out of turn two and into the backstretch. Job growth picks up the position and moves and a bit chaotic. The spot right. It is marked by an average brave money maker going for a shot and what can't. Quite make the Obama meal bottom so Buddy Baker talked himself right back. I can't betray me Obama and Donnie Allison as they run first second and third running for a bounce they work their way off the turn it got a big job applicant out right now as they work. Off the report caught our single file it's still not showing away. Waiter runs and second Johnnie L. Heard Joseph Miller. As bad in six of the STV Chevrolet every your. And running at seven let's go to Mike joy. Moving up that we had almost a battle for the second spot Jackie tonight I don't know. And Alison look below the Hawaiian tropic Chevrolet. It's very strong in the early going here it looks like rehab mentally to get out the bottom of the track to test Buddy Baker but nobody could. Roger how big cars it comes to ever play at port corner he can get this blog. And won't blow on the right track. Your leaders. As part of the Reverend Wright coming hours bail but still shows the way that single file running as they split the turn right down the metal body breaker running second running third at Donnie Allison. My bet about hired broke now for the fourth place run and that's going to be job applicant single file a lot before Carter it's gonna be quite make a lot of challenge. Speedway getting at the business of raising a battle for the lead in turn water and Donnie Allison on the most title Buddy Baker up hiding entered the first turn to Nebraska he along. Sitting at a third slated kale Yarborough for the two cars continue to stay hooked up side by side. Turnover to. Allison on the low side baker though it's a bit faster off the third and has a one car like that management wait out the back stretch I'm not male pop up steps on the spot and he dropped the outside coming out. Money maker text and video bottom going down while he sleeps half car length in front of pipe maker but maker takes the ice and tired he tries to take that number one spot right back. Excellent time. Reports coming double file for the players it's going to be quite right here now showing a Carly that in a bad joke or they Obama's. Thought it had all the power of the world coming down that back shouldn't hold up by about forty colleagues later we'll have. We'll have none of that he comes right back around goes back into the lead at one. The Chevrolet Monte Carlo ahead of the field here with a lot of purely to Mercury looking to the low side baker will have none of that. Baker's Specter Chevrolet itself I have a turn into. Bottom states about one car length back in Donnie Allison is right on his bumper Florida expect the kale Yarborough important spot. Memphis Darrell Waltrip being challenged by the sixth place right John Volek and running seventh Richard cutting. Hey good Bobby Allison Taylor I'm going to make more money running time. Benny Parsons eleventh but running twelfth the spelling of your leaders go single file through the brand for a cornered by extracting upturn is like golf often ever partner. And it's got a big play makers going away. Currently over bonnet there aren't you mentioned the fact that Roger and. Thank Gloria and then Jennifer. Junior Johnson for that car this morning they have probably there are only good at it. That it's showing a little bit of smoke out the group did trial that started. And related there has been a change in front of Mike joy kneel on it back to the bottom of the racetrack took the lead from bank to return to now an indictment Donnie Allison runs baker for a second thought they'd try to be. Weary here as it does not what I've dropped pick my a couple of possessions DL product showing a seven car. For the second place runner I've got I got. Allison Allison up Matt Lauer on the racetrack that has money maker in the fourth and fifth place prior now side by side as child also bottles look out for. Brawl at the turn it. At least we about a fourth quarter in fact the story that is line bottom now by just how. Donnie Allison. How did he goes after the lead underneath him and want them passing what has been turned on in the early going of this size Johnny Allison. Takes his Chevrolet to the bottom of the racetrack and that's the fast way around he moves around kneel on it into the lead lap traffic begins to become a factor here at turn two. At the field strings out. Buddy Baker running third support complex off the lead place Allison dispenses with lap traffic upon a closer flat out it's not forget that trapped in the back shoes. Mail closing tightly as they work up the number of break caught our half a car right now finally has the deficit working their way at 5 o'clock traffic purely. Closing now what's funny bakery makes a tight three car draft betrayed your leader Donnie Allison second place field a lot of money maker running third. Tommy gala just taken the Saudi king Honda Ford back to the garage area dog food. Could not be as up front and three cars link governor type graphical. Back and watch. The front three have about eight Carla Martin on fourth spot but they and the turn Donnie Allison seems to be heavily better than anyone to turn what he dives that car law the turn right to the apron. That gets into turn to the bottom. Court filing this man has done deal gonna be hold that margin out of turn two and into the back to put spotted a bloody power today the last time for. Also about my career back what I've met Donnie Allison automobile takes on the putting 500 feet of the backstretch developed but right now to try to single file thirteen again. I'm still not a Alison please feel Monica Buddy Baker running third. For fourth place and joined now by three cars fast but I can Yarborough and waltrip work at triangle formation. Brought three run by themselves have about a eight. There's a deadly battle going on among kale Yarborough back there. And Darrell Waltrip out of turn one. Yarborough sits in fourth but waltrip bill Milliken had a look on the low side of the racetrack. Could not keep his card out of the bottle and he slides up back into the drafted sixth spot Richard Petty ride seventh that they had out of turn two body out of that they'd. Carry the body not the Dale Earnhardt tent while the sort. Illustrating the topic comes you're number four slowly at work just right down the red road meanwhile your later after the great turn pitched Donnie Allison right now showing up at. After the labor market they have the last relapse group it's going to be real bottom continuing to run second money maker running third got bullets for a while took a step Milliken a six. Let's just say running seventh. Bobby Allison is being posted in the eighth position sneaking a peek to the inside at night this terrible body Dale Earnhardt. And Benny Parsons is the eleventh twelfth the Bill Elliott Lennie pond has shown thirteen. Fourteenth to Dave Marcus bill green and fifteenth ice got sixty. Seventeenth goes to Dick Brooks Paul fast is eighteenth nineteenth is they Harry Gant twentieth is to Richard Childress frank warn his 21. 22 is Jim beatings 2423. Is number 67 buddy Arrington as they work down the backstretch in front of Eli gold. Right now we're joined by Donnie Allison the largest of Nevada commission anybody how caught up. But again be a bottom but it read you're the rest of the trapped now I don't tighten up and begin the chase down Donnie Allison and everybody still sweating. Nice turns right now in the middle quick fix up about going on the high side for a lot of companies taking up. Hi airline and everybody else back to the line in a battle for second. There eleven cars now in the lead draft let's go down and it Jarrett. Part of one of the main concerns here and I've eaten in eight Michigan International Speedway area is turn one you're leader Donnie Allison is especially concerned in that air. He got a car so deep down in new. No more intern you know a lot of guys that get o'clock it feels so good you get fired at their duty. And and you get in a lot further than you thank you. Reinforces its offer was great sped away need to back off and and you got a nice. We can turn all out on their frustrated. We'll try to get sweeping turn as the Hawaiian tropic Chevrolet for loss elegant stately now has a port Carling advantage over Buddy Baker of Charlotte, North Carolina. Great comics back in the third spot is Neil bonnet that it's Darrell Waltrip kale Yarborough as they go to one. Allison Bennett is here assured wanna get down low on the racetrack that he picks up but seemingly out garlic every time through the first turn out second place Buddy Baker. The margin out to support our legs vs sec. Another eight colleagues back to third where Walter goes to the inside. I'm Neal walk down the backstretch of lap traffic in the back through ball to try to lose by half ripped across the plate trying to kill them working by camp right now male product trying to hold up Darrell Waltrip. Just steps on the spot me right clothes size. And sent it straight back and wanna be Obama Phillips gonna pay Donny Allison and Buddy Baker that eight car lengths back to Darrell Waltrip McHale wanted to play except for. They try to tighten up but draft and open up separation of the third place car that's the strategy here at Michigan. About as effective here as it is at Daytona and Talladega they go. Back into one but two money Carlos try to hook up they have opened up an eight car lights now on Darrell Waltrip. Who's tried it's grapple away from Neil bottle without success of Donnie Allison out of turn number two on the low side working grace graphics Buddy Baker for car lengths back. They move into the back straight is about eight college back then did to Walter and hurt running for a bail product being. By the fifth place kale Yarborough running checks the storm elegant Dale Earnhardt running seventh Richard Wright going ain't nobody going ninth Betty Parsons time. Bobby Allison running eleventh. Plus a report Connor had so much stuff about babe right airport Donnie Allison and Buddy Baker they run one until try to put some distance itself from the rough for the. I'm well the first man into the in the garage area. I want the car and the loyal fans really get what we're thrown to much okay black black. An accurate Portland comic and other got to try to get it back in the right. A lead change again here at Michigan International Speedway Buddy Baker planks his car back in front this time as they get up in the term foreign. What a great journey Elaine Donnie Allison meanwhile right now about the driver what happens next it's got paid. Water and Dale Earnhardt was right in there and it looked like a little contact among those five or six cars are running it. Like yours and they're still relied Barney what Betty Parsons looking played out of the low side as they come out of turn ever do for that spot. Kale Yarborough heads the group for them. With Neil bottom alongside Richard Petty right behind him Dale Earnhardt Terry the body until Milligan is a three rookies right in the thick of things have a great battled on the back straight away. We've got a people are we'll say it again they're racing here at the drop. There's the budget you guys CNN. Well good good code. Maybe what do. And the gloomy. Out trying to stay up front keep the card good shape that as many packed and we run and now the mobile. Common deal so other most of the role of the better present you that live there is a record going to be others. Game that is the wrong number and and to do that there's no such thing and run for political left and power couple left of it turns out to be just form our bottom of the draw. No trouble right at the start finish line Richard Childress has spun his car the CRC chemical cardinals flying off the racetrack and bites the dirt. And skids off Donna frontal Mike joy. Superstars come to a stop here in the grassy paper there's a cost of my defense just played he did not appear to contact the all party was sliding down. The grass on the par round to a stop and he's well out of the way oncoming traffic and that is a generous break for Ricky Rudd Barney hall because coming out of turn number four Ricky was about to be overtaken. And what one lap. And your second place runner Buddy Baker but chip warrants caution we'll move into the rear of the field and after all those like the problems on pit road. Now Ricky Rudd will be able to go racing promising life with the leaders. So scary moment ever Richard Childress of Winston-Salem North Carolina the car came backwards down the front straightaway didn't go off the racetrack and that's where it rested present about thirty or forty feet out of the grass in the first caution flag today. Has been displayed to the Winston cup drivers here at Michigan International Speedway. In the Gabriel 400. Like five laps. Fifty miles into the 400 mile race here this afternoon. And again Barney we've got to re emphasize the fact that it's just unbelievable look type of racing we've met the leaders are all taking advantage at this early caution to commit and make. And most probably chassis adjustments on these cars as it's been said time in and time again you have to hit the right combination you take advantage of these caution periods. To diluted to get it down a perfection. Everybody is on pit road and it looks that they'll be about five cars behind the safety cars that takes up its position in turn one in front of Mike joy it. John here Richard Childers is out of his car checking over the damaged the CRC chemicals all the took a look around at the right rear quarter the automobile and now you jump shot. Looks like he'll try to fire and bring it on a pit road. Children's climbs back in the car we'll take another pit road whether you lost an engine or whether the tires on the government. We're here in the front straightaway is the deal with sweeping by no contact with anyone else let's go to Ned Jarrett. Most out of our taken advantage this golf became Gulfport our party but they prepare Yarborough racing down pit road right now both of them having taken on foreign cars and the Ricky. Joseph Milliken. They get back. And on the bush here Oldsmobile driven back we'll Yarborough they were running up there with the leaders but it's a driver that wants to go to the front of interest and if they want to. That change motive or another will be taken this opportunity to make chassis adjustments to that would be changing the way for one we'll look the other directed at least to the practiced a little bit better. Back here at Michigan International Speedway we are working the first caution 26 laps have been completed at the 200 scheduled on us two mile facility. The behind the safety car come the fellows that have elected not to show on pit road. And that will put some of the relative unknowns like JD McDuff the out front but your current leader at the present time is Darrell Waltrip a Franklin Tennessee Bobby Allison runs second. Richard Petty runs third Donnie Allison is fourth. And then and his Buddy Baker after running second prior to display at the caution. You know Barney it's it's it's really good to see baker running as well as he has the team has been drift with political problems for the last couple of weeks. The vacation by herb nab there's a lot of speculation as to whether he will be returning to the team or whether they'll give the full reins over to watch L Wilson. Get a chance to talk to Buddy Baker about that yesterday afternoon. Well we there has been some internal strife in the Laker team for the last few races and buddy has been really kind of torn between a rock and a hard place in this situation and these were his comments about it. Brazen as a concentration game and it's. Grades and they talked much about David Pearson a very proud of because they could think again Richard Petty is certainly thinker ran a wheel Bobby Allison and guys that win. Our people are concentrated a lot of what they're doing then. Any fashion that comes them like. A problem if you have to. Contain lead dale lift they let them since they do to make you lose concentration what you're doing not think an urgent. From Michigan International Speedway this is the MR in broadcasting company. The racetrack to the road home. Fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. I don't feel you can trust and hope go to either of fueling he if you go second camp plus America is still going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR's sonoco CSMC racing. It's almost the most refreshing time of the day bush o'clock time for relaxing Amanda blinding. With friends and family over crisp cold Busch beer. Busch's roots are in racing but whether you're enjoying the race or going fishing. Nothing is better when it's time to relax with a crisp cold bush. It's bushel clocks and grab a six pack of Busch beer for the cooler start the grill and relax. Enjoy responsibly Anheuser-Busch. Busch beer saint Louis Missouri. Here at Michigan International Speedway the field is being the only indication they won't get the green next time my first caution flag today working LAPD number 29 of the 200 lap event this afternoon on the Gabriel 400. Here at Michigan International Speedway let's go to Ned Jarrett. Barn that had to be a frustrating situation for Richard Childress which caused this cautioned did you imagine that he'd gotten out of his car got back candidate didn't see any thing done wrong. And it took direct her awhile to get there and all he knew it was a push to get that article again the starter just wouldn't do it so Richard lost several laps there it is back out in the field running. There has been a driver change during this caution period. Roger Camby has come out of the since Chevrolet and Steve Pfeiffer has replaced tale. Here's how other running as we get ready to resume green flag racing Darrell Waltrip has inherited the lead Bobby Allison runs second Richard Petty is third fourth goes to the Hawaiian tropic team with Donnie Allison. Fifth his Buddy Baker six this kale Yarborough Benny Parsons is seven. Eight to Joseph Miller get ninth to Bill Elliott in tenth position as Lenny pot Dave Marcus and as Shoney's Restaurant team as an eleventh. Twelve to Dale Earnhardt in thirteenth position is the bureau later Mercury with Neil plotted aboard. Terry nobody is fourteenth and fifteenth is the rust talks entry with tie Scott at the controls. They're getting ready to go back to green up in turn four. On the double file restart its gonna be the outside groove is always the faster car cheerleaders had tart so I never backed generation. Here comes walker for the Gatorade car leads them out of the start finish line as we go back to green of the Gabriel former. Those three yard breakaway from the field and got about ten Carly celebration on fourth place Donnie Allison. We have played bloody plagiarism he'll begin to sort itself about. Dale Earnhardt came very quickly up through the field he's running in the tenth position right now still in heavy traffic. Brought three cars continue to breakaway out of her number two in a tight trapped on the backstretch. Allison looks for the leave it further back it up rock also on the Obama working back from that thirteenth spot on the race start back for really. Leadership going up close got to talk bit Bobby Allison he takes first place away from Darryl Walt get single filed out through prayer for. It's got to be Allison waltrip and Richard Petty the tight freight car traffic. The line as they jockey for position back through the field after this restart and agreed walker is back in second spot but he goes right back. Nobody else could. Stick on the bottom and it takes nobody. That's been a tough league allows for a place Donnie Allison to catch up modeling draft Buddy Baker. Rotting in the fifth position out of turn over to kill Yarborough at six Benny Parsons seventy. Joseph Milliken eighth with fellow rookie Dale Earnhardt in the night but single filed out the back straight regulators working at it yet but I get a challenge from Bobby Allison make closest to a half. Are laid out on Darrell Waltrip elects not to make a movie or meanwhile Donnie Allison has joined us here. That was funny maker has played tighten up on the rare sign of Richard Wright so right now it's going to be a tight five card dropped off an upper floor corner. Like that in my car draft for the lead as they come back to the start finish line coming up through the field Earnhardt on the tail in the. Yeah jump Milliken ahead of human. Go wild like this. Yourself into the track. Richard got a look at the low side room. Upstairs they did not make any time on Bobby Allison running in the second spot out of turn number two continues to be waltrip and Bobby Allison. Richard Petty Donnie Allison and. For baker. Sitting in the deposition and other back shoot tell you are. Our borrowers having sex Joba like him going seventh but he Parsons they haven't running mate there's Dale Earnhardt automobile how they work up the group now here comes Richard credit the high sign up Donnie Allison. He tries to pass. Some high side it does work just right back but now Donnie Allison include download tries to drop long side and now they do battle for third place. Six contests has enjoyed for the third position Richard Petty stares at this time I would third. He has the third spot and now fourth goes up for grabs the and Mike July Donnie Allison the outside with the maker on the bottom of the racetrack Joseph Milligan fills the spot in the local. Actor hearings are sure they are still alive filling around for that six possession. Out of turn number two battling respect spot in heavy traffic park bill Milliken I gets kale Yarborough. Dirt kale Yarborough going to the outside of a racetrack makes the book until Milliken and has the spot comfortably so what Milliken he's not going to back off and tries to catch up that might draft. How's that leaders worked their way through the reverend Graham for Carter they can to get this put it right down the middle but Darrell Waltrip showing the way out appoint running second Allison Curtis cutting. The novel continues the players are the same but the location is different Michigan international. Anyway when they're all Walter badly controls that night guard Gatorade Chevrolet leads the Gabriel 400. Right yeah and second is Bobby Allison then I contest to buy to the intern number do for the third spot. Rely on the bottom of the racetrack what the low groove away from Richard Petty. But coming out of through the draft is depending that attitude he's lined up behind the first to second place car and baker has gone out of the draft on the back straight. I'm moneymaker big drop kicked back to fourth now. Racked up left for Australia abroad and Donnie Allison both both by him. You're later is working it through the threat park corner here conflict at the going got caught a racetrack he sweeps on the eighth Bobby Allison folks black and fun attempt. Had a fractured right now in second behind waltrip. Richard Petty makes the presence of EST Peco are known as it comes diving down Obama right back moves up to second was. Totally down at one had their three wide for third spot now. Reliant other people alternate juror number one they are dead even it turned to Bobby Allison breaks away from them in third place battle these third baker scored Yarborough Smith. The battle literally out of it's heading on the low side. Coming up high at bat on the outside. None of the racetrack is Darrell Waltrip waltrip what's the most of birth go ahead of EST date prior right now Richard Petty good luck to all site tucks itself. Darrell Waltrip. It's going to be a single file that's time group for first second and third place. Not a fourth place battle shaping up between Bobby Allison and kale Yarborough Bobby Allison on the high side looks to take the spot he stuck shut up but that pets are. Eleven cars are imminently draft just inches apart now slicing. It's gonna wanna wanna be your lighter car as he tries to move up the Obama they were four wide for a second. That goes for an eight foot. That suits against rookie Dale Earnhardt data turned over what the front seven guards who strung out a bit has plotted and Byrd are from their own private battle behind Donnie Allison. Eleven car lead draft bottom of the almost bodies out of the draft Burkhardt gets the block. Meanwhile your leadership backup the turn of the Braves Darrell Waltrip has a garlic and a half but haven't managed all of our Richard cutting and running America. They make their fourth continuing debate Bobby Allison. But sharp or sex there's an elegant car segment this Donnie Allison eighth is Dale Earnhardt might this be Obama. Back in tenth position as Benny Parsons an eleventh right now. Headache goes after the lead again he's door to door back in turn one. Betty gets right down low indiscernible one of the law. They're all off to the waltrip has the speed of the high true that many cannot keep his car running fast and up download hold that lead. Let's turn to waltrip is on the high side so we'll have a bit more speed off the Florida he'll put up I have recorded a car like no. Petty but then they battled right back and banker makes it three wide as a brand lied to wrap up front straightaway playmaker oh here comes Caylee. We're already tried to get a free ride and sweep back in front so a massive change of possession. Yarborough won against like that now haircut director penny he goes to the basement triathlon type Yarborough. Battle for second. Hope you won't believe the racing at Michigan this afternoon there running three abreast through the corners and either way it's laid her out front yard run second walked a third and Richard Petty trying to get in there again but the draft is so critical. Nobody to turn one and many of them almost mine all alone. And that has cost to give a couple of feet into turn number one. He is still alongside Walter but rather than battling for the lead at the lab but no they're fighting for third slot has regularly the ought to turn Taylor's second. Waltrip has the power of the back straight goals started. Floors Richard running fourth running back. Now it's going to be a brother battle let's not get Bonnie Allison drawn alongside Donnie what is this particular confrontation books and placed behind Richard Petty that's a single files that's right now for the number of part time. What do you make your showing the way he's got away. But as they'd be a lot of turned up reported that the strive to complete the 39 circuit it is baker you're later Yarborough taking over second. Third thirtieth fourth and fifth the Donnie Allison Bobby Allison is six Baylor an artist seven. Lead tainted dirt line kale Yarborough was Oldsmobile goes downstairs and takes the lead from baker at turn two. Yarborough tries to come back up into the groove and sweeps up into the lead with lakers second while your shirt Betty Ford Donnie Allison try to movement remains in fifth spot running sex Bobby Allison seven. Hard to find the Dominican. And that's what Avon running a government. Those field bottom of the purely an American regulators have now back and I've ever bring it Mark Connor kale Yarborough feeling the heat from us but took our. Gregory baker well Lucent has no. You think this was the international race of champions but it's a Winston cup grand national event Annapolis. And so I Garber on the outside it got desperate first lap traffic Caylee Barbara tries to pull the boxer had a lap car and can. Taking a leaf through the first turn was Yarborough second Walter had delivered from the throttle Acosta five complex he's still third. That's turned to Donny Allison goes three wide at talent which is ready for fourth spot he gets sports but again he is out of the drafted that he moves up what they. Alert hard on his bumper I'm all male Arnott also rose by Donnie Allison Donnie losing the round rock Texas a couple of possessions. That's almost out of turn up at right now as they bowed back pop tarts a lot of turnover for a that's the growth sat here going how. The racetrack further back is Betty Parsons he chooses the higher rob as baker leaves the ten. Thirteen cars are in better. The third position trying to move up and knocked back and won Walter pit slope medi pot of horrible McHale makes them out of the low side trying to hold while. It's not gonna work at their off days. Lose to the bottom of the racetrack got just a bit squirrelly on the Lozada turn to now coming out hard Yarborough has not violated the advantage he'll try to box laughter. Again I'm the last car toward the end of the backstretch of course Walter Berry is showing some muscle because congress to open and earlier how lost to a great position right now walked up big drop kicked back because it's a race traffic out. Parker turned have a great record Friday goes I'm excited drops alongside Darrell Waltrip Dale Earnhardt trying to work with a free ride to take fourth spot makers don't later. As they race door to door back in the field and allows but. Five car length is they get back into turn one. Millsap to believe it's loaded three other drivers as they head up into turn three. I broke the first place it's funny side by side for second right. It for a corner richter bodies may learn down low wage running strong and drops on site Yarborough. As they come back to the line tailors up front running second late. While back through the field. And Mike joy so many times here early in the race if a driver pulls out of that rapping live in another car does not know whether he can go from about a third position all the way back to seventh. Its most critical Marty on the backstretch coming out of turn to if you get in the wrong lane you're gonna drop three or four positions the way they're running right now. They are too wide that's happening to Richard pennies on the low side. Donnie Allison and Dale Earnhardt bulletins I haven't dropped yet ready to fifth. The running on the right air Buddy Baker and first kale Yarborough joint second Donnie Allison third hit our number apart our great Baylor. It's not a sexist Darrell Waltrip. I'm gonna need the bodyguards explained this field bottom. Tenth belongs to when he bonded eleventh spot as Dave Marcus Gerri look body as well but trailing seven colleagues saw them lead draft is Bobby Allison of the Warner Hodgdon thunderbird. Feel sweeps back into the number one quarter. Dale Earnhardt continues to show strong years. To be outside of Richard Petty he was fourth pearl moment but many bodies are low moves back underneath it turned to. That it with the power off that corner is out of the draft but they're about twenty garlic is behind the front three also Bernhard will not have the draft pick advantage and it turns three. Artworks to the high side of Richard Petty trying to steal spot never far Earnhardt sweeping down low enough for the group takes up. Bihac fourth running spot meanwhile the type single file are the problem. Don't like kale Yarborough and Donnie Allison Allison looked at the down side. They're still running two abreast back through the field and Richard Petty and you don't. Love that last little if you haven't got a photograph would you do lose a quite a few positions bonnet has fallen all the way back to about tenth spot. Leaders are back in one. Battle for second what Donnie Allison underneath. The bush Oldsmobile kale Yarborough and return to their coming up on lap traffic. Similarly there to watch for the fourth spot petty has moved past Dale Earnhardt. Coming up is decision time as Allison and Yarborough go out at first second continental up pops a brace traffic as they streak by the it's kept me out of mobile making it three wide up but Robert Ray Conner now they feel like Kennedy and Johnny. On the plus side here comes kale Yarborough he stands up up but make calls himself black box I Allison but I also know how to push our way around. Second place coming off a court order. Well as they run door to door again that allows Buddy Baker to open up. Third Richard Petty is fourth. And Bernhard has them and Ned Jarrett has been dispatched to they purely to Mercury team to find out just what the problem may be done deal but it's machine as they were turned. Watch the leaders running single file that was race traffic gets a bit heavy Buddy Baker. That's the most comfortable that is the afternoon about five garlic but now the draft begins to come into play. Donnie Allison winds it up for the slingshot out of it turned praise bill secretive 091 of the CRC chemicals. Turn number four and had such a bad road to your leaders worked the most out of turn number three money maker. App violates Donna's Donnie Allison a car length back to Yarborough and third on the high side I have Carling private stricter fuel makes a decisive vote. Betty died down on the inside no place to go talk to. And again real 40200 laps it was after the battle fully back in one. Donnie Allison goes to the low side on baker Eddy has the lead at certain what Canada opera snuck a peek to the bottom but could not take advantage. He looked tired Richard Petty points his nose down low and turned to. That's the battle for third position as petty coming down the backstretch out of the draft try to use his power to take third he may not get it to turn three K. LER bro express as the possibly takes that third spot but now rector cutting falling out of a drop. And my what separates traffic. This being passed by Dale Earnhardt as well but how to use maybe right now while he looked to make it up probably Garret brown again that he is not gonna give up but cheerleaders took a turn dotting. Alison throwing away. They come squeezing out of that fourth cornerback was right Donnie Allison and run but he later second mile Yarborough. Went back and bit dessert cart things right now as Walter. They face single file that is sort of a lot of great traffic comes up. One together and get deprive the deceit petty run this hard this early in the race but the front wheels. Try to stay together at one driver gets away it could be. The end of the afternoon Donnie Allison two car lengths ahead of maker in the backstretch Taylor's third aunt Betty is more. Running fifth a sir aren't going sexual Darrell Waltrip Milliken run seventh running eighth appeal pot. Ninth visit Dave Marcus Carl running time funny parts and somewhat. Nobody running twelve plus what they find your way as part the aside and turn right and caught off guard I sign up cover Florida. Donnie Allison so on fought back half car length upper body baker. Stagnant apparently. Lamb back elevator right now. I'm Rick Martin probably. That's laying back a little bit when running attack package ray did not play a backhand right. That may have heard that soon before from the Carolina Mercury people it David Pearson was at the controls of their regime and thus far. That's been the storyline for the pure later efforts this afternoon as your leader continues to date Buddy Baker Charlotte, North Carolina Huey town Alabama yet. Donnie Allison has run against second Richard Petty irrelevant North Carolina runs third and then fourth this can hapless North Carolina runner and the rookie Dale Earnhardt in front of Eli gold. I was glad to turn over for a running that good at it debate kale Yarborough sex that's multiplying and Joseph. We wanted to leave the markets. Here at Michigan International Speedway they ink on the leadership board does need to get a chance to drive before the changes made Richard Petty is not your leader Donnie Allison run second. Buddy Baker tried to hold up tenaciously to third jealousy got it outside as tailored our. They cover the strike with the STV Chevrolet in front Hawaiian tropic money car. Run second. But nobody column Buddy Baker goes downstairs and turn one for second spot. Baker goes to the bottom and that's what I've been one of the two prime passing what's this afternoon he gets second spot from Donnie Allison but cannot move on Richard Petty for the lead. Out of turn two it is petty makers. Donnie Allison would Naylor guarded port here you are rolling around again. Neil modest boost the Mercury up to six spot ahead of Darrell Waltrip until Milligan Richard Petty has got to battle for the lead in turn one Betty has the lead baker once it and it's three live reports but I heard art pitches off. Deal bottled up bottom of the racetrack. Farther into third do it as Richard Petty on the outside of Buddy Baker patty sweeps around the outside it takes the lead baker his second tour Carling. Donny Alice is reserved for the battle gets even hotter report spot. I'm the fourth place battle shapes up. I'm Baylor I'm closing behind David Darrell Waltrip kale Yarborough he's not the most out of Dale Earnhardt through turn number three it's gonna make tale going. The fourth place yeah that's what goes on at a gala tonight it's governor Yarborough or try to float up high off a report card about. Art station right welcome. For the major combatants we in the Daytona 500 punch it out here they Gabriel for. After what many in front Donnie Allison sneaks in a second third spot belongs to baker. And for Richard Petty this the privacy needs the ads for the firecracker 400 on July 4. Hoping to make it back to back wins. If you like football. Going back and then. GI wouldn't give them back to attract everybody does that she commenced a board that. You know from that standpoint I think is going up for the split. This should go so we'll go down and they don't have to blow they have stood than that we could put him back to Baghdad. Stories from the tour because salute. No don't tell you is it's Lou can you just don't buy G anytime on the web did you move in the data can be good to you soon. It's good to assume we. Good that they're usually more times. It was strong and Gabriel 400 in the early going this afternoon as he leads. The one we are 58 laps into the race. The fight various reports about what can you opera just moving ahead of Dale Earnhardt earnhardt's ride its fifth. With Darrell Waltrip just moving into the sixth spot I hit up chill militant leaders single file of the backstretch that he continues to run up front. I mean right now save no shot up as Donnie Allison. Behind him money maker behind him. I get wanna get further cracks of the big Taylor Earnhardt each time down the back straightaway. So that's a sign on Yarborough but he won takes the higher growth Burkhardt thing going right now try to talk down low burner are trying to Lozada and kale Yarborough and asked a sweep. Right behind unsettled what took place Darrell Waltrip. It runs in the sixth position seventh spot now want to kill Milliken a made his name Marcus. Tonight for the cure whatever Korean deal bunt attempt at Bobby to Benny Parsons an eleventh spot as anybody. Twelve to Terry love's body. Thirteenth ghost of Bobby Allison in fourteenth position. Is Dick Brooks fifteenth belongs to Bill Elliott dice got his sixteenth seventeenth is now being posted this ball that's in eighteenth spot. Is the number nineteen machine that's being driven by Bob virtual and help her. In Georgia. In nineteenth spot as Harry Gant in twentieth position is build green 21 on the grid is gone over 42 that's Marty Robbins in 22 position. Is funny Arrington 23 at one lap down now is Ricky Rudd and 24 on the field is rookie Ronnie Thomas. Yet they come back to the line Richard Petty now has a six garlic advantage over Nadia. On the track on the fourth place car Mike joy as they get back in your locality. About twelve car like back to fourth place Haley are throwing Yarborough has really had his hands bullet rookie Baylor aren't. Just do the met quite a battle yesterday the international race of champions qualifier and it's continued over it this afternoon. Yarborough right now holds the fourth position us GAAP car like they had a rookie dale earnhardt's. Out of cars are chartered territory of forest tried every single went to the racetrack is trying to go high yar bro is gone without these tried to go lower sales. Well meanwhile back. It took Carly between first and second ready fact that Donnie Allison out of other car laid back McVeigh coming out of money maker that's another fork caught let's pick two abreast. Built boiler has gone up on the Hawaiian tropic Chevrolet eat glass and the front. In the rear deck lid and admiral machine as moneymakers the appropriate second position take your state include write downs and it was the right move. After the ride on five Richard Petty and drops Betty back to third. Kale Yarborough picks up a garlic is now that it looks back to the bottom of the racetrack get dirt to. Buddy Baker covers his brow they continue to run 123 itself Donnie Allison baker and petty. Now closing on the fourth place kale Yarborough aren't yet as Baylor heart and people don't have a car. Carly good luck something inside that talked himself right back get behind Cahill. Cahill giants like Karl. Hello on the racetrack trying to hold on the fourth place meanwhile returned Friday going way low on the racetrack he looks to drop on sites like rights Buddy Baker Clinton camp. They can look at my head back of the line. Field comes back across the stripe it still Allison off Broadway you're running second. That's just a little unusual to see Richard Petty run as hard as he has run here this afternoon but I think he's changed his driving. If you remember him running back in the early days I know as well as I do and petty seems to be running much harder now than he ever has in his. Career drove Garnett don't think it's necessarily about all the way to drive. These days you've got to run hard to keep up where you'll find yourself a left out if you're not too careful I need your bills are. The winners and everything you'll thank you just gotta run hard every. Reported Eli gold had spilled go out of may have a lot. Showing Donnie Allison and fun but it maker's second Richard brought a third Dale Earnhardt now on board Yarborough theft Walter about sex. Puck crossed the stripe and crafting his but the. Worked well to get Ginobili. We talk to Donny Alice about them what do you look for when you think you're carded draft with I think everybody looked for somebody and I'm not on the deck are. And I I knew I mean by that. Sound kind of new car. Well made bad that any athletic guard that they can have got together in a way to drivers going to the way five or going and be able to get away. Battle for the lead in turn three going to the inside his Buddy Baker eighty snaps off the front position dropping Donnie Allison back to second. Now Alison has its hands full and turned form with yes to be Chevrolet on the high side. Return just like I grew big runs along side Bobby Donny Allison. Money maker shows the way it Richard tried to hook up for the free ride. As they come back across the strike again maybe make her out front any running second Donnie Allison is. Coming up and coming strong now rookie Dale Earnhardt has moved to fourth Mike joy. Bird artist moved past kale Yarborough it's just terribly four. Or positioning have been kinda prove a certain number one and a half a car with higher than Donnie Allison he brings it down blowing in turn to a battle lines up a network spotless six. Our single file run down the backstretch. Trouble on the backstretch a blown engine I'm Marty Robbins got let's go to Eli gold. Defense failed first and they. They wallet turn gray spent around is now coasting off the banking pat on the safeties play. But Barney Robin two begins to spin and then during the current number three road at up to the apex at turn hit rear end first and it spun back down out of race traffic. But tough break for the country and western giant he will bring out the second caution of the afternoon and none too soon Ned Jarrett. Know that jacket they were scheduled. You're for regular pit stops at the next five could have left. I think they're likely that cost about affect. It's off at a slower pace that would be if they had the microprocessor. Oh your leader is Buddy Baker Richard Petty run second Dale Earnhardt being posted third spot Darrell Waltrip has more than TL Yarborough is that when. But these positions will shuffle under caution as we can assume that all of the leaders will present their cars on pit road. But tough break for Marty Robinson Nashville Tennessean next race for Marty will be the firecracker four. 400 and he can you believe it Barney hall he is the first entry. For the firecracker 400 we asked him about that. I don't know what I was I could qualify that wave that's not the way I was they went out five in the first cost them to school didn't take them drove by numbers and how beautiful. I doubt that the firecracker 400 going to posted 10 AM in the morning on July 4 can be on the beach fight to have received 400 miles of the wild and it's been Woolley is bracing ever. At the birthplace of speed Daytona Beach, Florida and if you think the Michigan International Speedway as conducive to speed. When you talk about a 195 miles per hour in the Daytona 500 gram up which are keeping your pocketbook it's going to be a while but come memorial come Independence Day. There were thirty cars riding that lead draft they took the pit stops right now here comes about half the field on the pit road let's go down amid Jarrett. And does that affect advantage of the are always very even went out there they're going to call for all divided by Kurt had a kale Yarborough. Darrell Waltrip within the fifth Bobby Alison coming into this beautiful model frank proud of them because they've lost the draft. But that's up front running group. Oh my god can't we all know. Or else out. So everybody is on pit road about half the field. Bidding under this caution flags second one of the day being brought up by Marty Robbins who appeared on the engine engine over and turn. But three and he did contact the wall let's go back to you like Goldberg quickly for an update on it. We should say of course Marty Robbins is all right that put us up I'm not bright green and her. Purple color automobile played trying to check out the problems there are some foot on the racetrack you'll find some speedy dry up items to be back to racing shortly. We've touched upon the upcoming race at Daytona International Speedway let's give you a rundown of first the Winston cup grand national events and where Ameren will be for the next couple of weeks. The birthplace of speed at Daytona 500 big firecracker 400 as the next race for the Winston cup grand nationals who will be on the air next weekend from pocono international raceway. For the second jewel of the Triple Crown for Indianapolis championship cars the United States auto club. It'll be the music 500 from pocono international raceway Ameren broadcasting company will bring you all that exciting action. Then we will be on hand for the nation's wildest Independence Day celebration in Daytona Beach, Florida that's the firecracker 400 on July 4. On July 14 the Winston cup grand national machines will be at Nashville Tennessee for the Nashville 420 that's a Saturday night event. And then Sunday afternoon we will be back on the air here for the Norton twin championship car events for the championship auto racing team entries that is Sunday July 15. Ameren and Winston cup team up once again on July 29 for the Coca-Cola 500 from pocono international raceway. On August 5 brought to the world's fastest track but the Winston cup brigade that'll be the Talladega 511 years old looking for its eleventh different winner. But Jeff gets fired but 400 goes to post on August 19 right back here at Michigan International Speedway and we'll be on the air with that coverage as well. Well we are under the second caution flag 69 labs have now been completed this afternoon here in the Gabriel 400 at Michigan International Speedway on one of the nation's prettiest racetracks in one of the most exciting racetracks that we visit. Let's go back to their chairs even once had problems under the caution. They've all most of the top runners Barney have changed for hours again as it did under the first caution period give us have been somewhat of a break for the fans because they bit and very little time to use those seats that they purchased up there this afternoon because they battled their feet with the action that spanned. Out on the racetrack so now they get to see the inaction and a little bit. Slower thing than they do when they are running after the it was shot how to go another knock it 200 miles at. Full or racing what's the green flag comes back out. Ned we've talked so much about the front runners the first six to eight positions but a call should go down from the tower here to defiant performance thus far of Dave Marcus of Wausau Wisconsin. Marcus has picked up the sponsorship of putts and Chevrolet in this is his first efforts in Charlotte, North Carolina in the world 600. Betty is being posted the present time a deposition that's a strong run for that Wisconsin runner who's had so many problems thus far this year. They did a very strong runner he's running one of the appreciable way of which has now. It through forget all the NASCAR Winston cup circuit that I believe that it we can truthfully say that more. Faired better with that body style that community gathers and we think waltrip crime which they bought big Parsons trial. And several others Buddy Baker has made a run or two with one of the Capri Chevrolet and today everybody is back in the good drive now. For a final check on the yeah thank all the way to the Wakefield but market has done a magnificent job with that aren't as good as they've now with that. That's Chevrolet sponsorship ban them but we'll see if at all events of running strong in the. Seventy laps are now on the board here at Michigan International Speedway and the Gabriel 400 we're going back to green very shortly as the clean up crews are now putting state drive down in the turn three area where Marty Robbins apparently lost an engine a moment ago the car spun backwards tagged the wall skated into it backwards. And the report from Eli gold eased out of the car apparently all right so he's had his problems through this afternoon under this caution we are now. How posting Richard Petty as your leader Darrell Waltrip running second kale Yarborough is third and fourth position is Neil body in fifth spot as Benny Parsons a good call for Parsons as well on the and C Andersen racing team Griffin marine zoom incorporated car. Running at six position is Donnie Allison in seventh is Bobby Allison and eighth spot as Joseph Milliken ninth to Dale Earnhardt Lenny pot now being posted intent Frank Warren. Being posted eleventh spot Terry the body is twelfth. In thirteenth position is davis' feet. In fourteenth spot is James Hilton fifteenth to the bear finder entry predict Brooks. And in sixteenth is Bill Elliott in the Gabriel 400 David so speak and Ned Jarrett and Phyllis and a little bit about this fine runner. In the fellow that's hoping to make his way a grand national racing his father was go over so speed new race made it the older fans were remember him. Back in the late forties and and through the 1950s he did run its grand national competition he ran on a lot of modified races it was very. Competition as I remember him running for football fan but she. For the guys who were running in those days and the Covert allies try to help they could get him to Winston cup brave thing. That. Superstar in this sport sometime in the future however is still very new. And stepping into the boot this bill Steele is the vice president of sales for the Gabriel shock absorber company. Lives in Nashville Tennessee a lot of good racing down there were Gabriel's national sales offices are located. Mr. Steele you've got to be impressed with the run thus far they Gabriel 402 year that you people are sponsored this fine event and thus far it has been a barn burner for Winston cup grand national. Car's hood has been at that has just been a great race of course I was sorry to see my national friend Marty Robbins put in the hall of their dream about. We sure enjoy our spot. This race this is a magnificent. Physical plant here. And I watched the first fifty or sixty laps down in the grandstand and the fans there are just tremendous we enjoyed very much. What's the emotional feeling sitting down on the grandstands let's say we always have to sit up here in the tower and call the race but when he get a chance to mingle with the fans what is it really like is a race been a sit down here and watch this action and be able to feel it. I think it's just absolutely a tingle go sue everybody there on their feet they're cheering for their favorite they give all the support and enthusiasm make. Chair for the crews in the drivers and they're just an exciting and whose group. This is just one installment of an overall plan that gave real shock absorbers in the mirror amount corporation have to be involved in motor sports throughout the United States of America can you fill us in on some of the other events that she people sponsoring get involved in welding in the NASCAR circuit we are involved with that do the team to team up for Richard Petty and Junior Johnson PR Yarborough. We are also in the U sac cart. Racing efforts and give give support to that function. We hear very active in national hot rod association racing. And we think racing to be a very viable part of our overall market program will they'll steal the vice president of sales for Gabriel shock absorbers you might wanna take your seat again because. We're back to green light racing. The break it is Richard Petty darting and diving into turn one you're leader with Gabriel support that is TV Chevrolet it's a ten car breakaway with Darrell Waltrip hot on the heels BS championship. Like kale Yarborough runs in the third position real plunge. His fourth dispensing with race traffic the battle for fifth Donnie Allison on the low side up Benny Parsons as they swing around so lap cars and down the back straightaway your later it's Richard Petty he right now shows for a correlate to ahead of Darrell Waltrip but waltrip as his flexed those muscles so well that the back straightaway. Does it again and dropped drug currently have a disadvantage running third rob Lowe's side of Darrell Waltrip Australia are broke here comes meal body types and Adam now runs for him. Front three head back to the line petty up front running second now as Walter Curtis kale Yarborough I'm picking up the. Wildlife. And it looks very strong coming off this last round of pit stop to look civilian side makes a move like Yarborough. Backup for the group Donnie Allison and fifth. Dale Earnhardt moved. Moved up for the sixth position passed Benny Parsons as Bobby Allison runs as thunderbird low on the racetrack for seventh spot against Parsons. Brought five single file midway down the backstretch brought. I gave this money pot now Joba like it might look body is tenth Buddy Baker now try to picabo was brought on eleventh. Right back at top of the pot. Rockets got ray Richard Friday leading him through turns three and far. Running second now it's a challenge Yarborough the most side Darrell Walter about the high side deal but think about making it three wide and he does this. Indeed they do for second position bonnet down low sandwich a push sand what. We've got road losing ground. Waldrop discouraged and I cited challenges bonnet for second spot while took trailed by Donnie Allison hit tight trapping formation lead bottom on the bottom of the racetrack out of the draft. Richard Petty. Texas that's about three car length lead out of turn number two with Walter but second Donnie Allison third its bonnet at the wrong lane this time he doesn't have a track. Happen Dale Earnhardt comes up on the outside a challenge for pork but nailed that it works himself right back get a hold the position good strong piece of driving. It's gonna erector Freddie followed by Darrell Waltrip Donnie Allison here comes deal product download get on the racetrack he's blog site Earnhardt takes the high side. But it's got a single file like having deterrent bonnet and for a fact Earnhardt and theft. I get the chance. Go ahead live right now. In the locker room. Yeah out and that's not good you know it I don't know there's no traffic anyway so it's fun. All right again it's got to put up little ball but not evaporated there have been. Part of what you thank you are always break. Joseph can make bad security wall pastor for NASCAR did you think about that when you're going around. Yeah I really thought I was go to miss it but there was a little slow smoke could step and I couldn't really see where I was. So. I doubt if not by the turn the wheels if I could see you know admitted that I couldn't see you just worried they would. Okay now back then and now. The battle is back in turn one. Donnie Allison leave the field return while there's been a wholesale shake up the front eight spots. Have trouble once carved out trailing a lot of spoke out of turn one but he's well behind the leaders. Ron it's Dale Earnhardt running second with Neil bottom alongside them they're allowed to kill Yarborough Richard Petty and all bunched together for second spot kind of. They've Dale Earnhardt finding himself outside the track. Actually asked to drop back in third place it's going to be be Obama joined the way behind Donnie Allison don't have to wait so Allison in front. The Obama about five car laid back running second Yarborough running third and fourth as Earnhardt that that's Richard Petty running sexist Parsons sudden this ball took eighth as breaker. A moment ago there were three cars in the league draft now there. It's sort of a one Donnie Allison reveals a hot breath of steel bought it. He feels a pass revealed a lot of money goes to the bottom and goes five for the lead take your kid Yarborough lit up. Spotted in the Mercury Yarborough Oldsmobile the second the Monte Carlo Donnie Allison rides third. Bernhard as sports Kenny is fifth Benny Parsons is next moving out now the back straightaway they are all single file there are twelve cars have definitely. Round still rate upcoming. I'm talking having those problems they cause through turn never afford voice low one out of harm's way your latest workout turns. It's great it's gonna beat Neal bottom right now the two correlate that over that Kayla you are broke everybody is tight. Our heart goes the plus side Richard credit goes to the high side pattern and hard trying to work himself back. Back and does finding third. Heading back to the strike too deep. New York wrote down inside group market to. You went from the U wanna. Yarborough is not run too hard on the inside thus far it takes to way to download deal bottom tried to pin him down in the bottom of the racetrack. But Yarborough has enough racing room the car bottle leave it. Bonnet is second with Richard Petty and third now it heard art caught up on my side of the racetrack but he moves back by petty and Earnhardt retake the third position. I'm killing an awful lot of poise Barney. You always he goes to the inside. And feel about it for a second spot and Dave Taylor are right now and make the most out of racetrack each story have a don't have over the oil product he shops the bowels of up to that. And charge so second place saws they worked their way up. Or park caught are still coming up much carved out pro and what Bernhard the hard charger a second Dale Earnhardt has picked his way to number two spot as it goes after the it ride the draft by need to. And one penny of third and they are three wide for the six month was Darrell Waltrip taking six Buddy Baker went way downstairs he Benny Parsons sandwiched in the middle. Parsons he's been drop kick back decades spotted baker moves up. In the group who takes seven the way from Walter Donny Allison goes to the low side. For fourth against Neil wanted to make sure we'll try to follow up through the field not the way to trigger neighbor as Donnie Allison goes fine. And the Obama giving a free ride that money maker but Monica. He tries to stop on the button but can't quite Muster the horses out. Funny record does hold down that possession that Apple iPod now Dale Earnhardt shows the ladies got most of failed us Yarborough was running socket that I had about a line. Earnhardt put a good maneuver on heading up for the tournament three he had the lead but Cahill will not given up young girl might just about a foot from the start finish line leads them back into turn one. Buddy Baker with a scant Aristide had the lead for a moment the other three deep heading into three trying to get the lead away from Richard Petty. Patty on the point money maker running second down low floods and behind Medigap normally. That's double file put forth between Donny opposite end Dale Earnhardt director Tony still trying to hold off my hard job to make a great goals double file to the fine. You just can't believe that there are twelve cars in the lead draft they are into the pardon. Right between Buddy Baker and Richard Petty for the lead to wheel cars wide four rows back just the way they have our number one what baker. On the low side it brought petty is right alongside Donnie Allison is third. Earnhardt is fourth spot and give them. Baker is six banker is in the lead coming out of turn number two. Donnie Allison on the low side trying to climb back up into the draft but petty. Right on the bubble maker holds second and Donnie Allison slides back to the field right well. Going by right now Australia are brought Dale Earnhardt trying to take the drive also is Donnie Allison found himself outside the hit maker in front Richard Petty second Yarborough bird Donny Alice plus they learn how to spend that side by side we've got Dave Parker is running what they don't want that they had found the strike. Turn hard and fast company has not led a lap of today's race. It's line heading back in the turnover one plagued her up front. Thank you runs a very low roof hoping to shake his draft of the cars behind him he has a streak garlic lead on Richard Petty. As kale Yarborough have scrambling up on the low side of the racetrack on the caddies bumper. Heard hearted support Donnie Allison Smith and Dave Marcus slapped down Neil bottom flooding in the sixth position that's the way to run single file up to 2500 foot backstretch. That's probably dust settled down stabilizing at least that's what time through until. Latest work a single file up the corporate rates aren't that funny breaker still like Carly but I happen to car lengths over Richard Petty. Running Curtis kale Yarborough bird artist fourth Donny Alice and his staff blown away. Coming up mobile bonnet followed by a body. My body is making a super run here this afternoon he's been hanging. Scrambled up front beginning to heat up again Buddy Baker Richard Petty goes after even one. And a three car battle. Dale Earnhardt on the inside as Donnie Allison that kale Yarborough worked for her position heard heart squeezes past James Nelson classic in Hilton. And manages the hold on the third spot. Feel modesty Chesapeake other beat Dave Marcus in the backstretch but has to slip back to the drafted seventh. I've now learned how he looked straight ahead of Jay's Richard Petty wants to set sights on him but instead it's going to be. Career viewers failure are brought the rest of the pack subsite under Carter's running in third. Your two lead automobiles money maker not a right your body right now funny car length lead over third place dale earnhardt's. This right lakers hanging out front he is we. Once you get up there two or three car. Just drop down underneath wrote the draft around but this time Laker and petty began deploy a little bit like joy. I'd like to turn one the advantage of kale Yarborough and bill are dark continue their private battle for third spot they have to darlings of Donnie Allison Roddick ship. Then Dave Marcus and the Obama carry the body get that lead draft. I enjoyed it's worked out the back straightaway again this time nobody make no. One to continue to try and put some differential between themselves and the rest of the pack the late now up to about ten car. Third place failure are broke. Dale Earnhardt might not behind Yarborough thing comes Donny Allison low on the racetrack BL bottom at least lowers all that they've markets now want to get single filed. The biggest breathing room anybody's had at least you run are now Buddy Baker Richard Petty about. My colleagues back if you Yarborough and third position Laker upfront it's been an up and down season for play bakeries won only once this year vehicle out of 500. Never won at Michigan International Speedway has 22 place finishes here Michigan. NFC told us earlier there'd been some problems among the team this year that's bothered him quite a bit he's finished in the times in fourteen starts but he's looking for his first win at Michigan today Laker lead steady up into turn three. I'm just not merger Friday luckily and side possibly just reaping the automobile as it talks at right back in behind Buddy Baker running start now it's still OK okay are broken nose. What Dale Earnhardt and at a Carly in front of the Donnie Allison runs theft regulators work off the far corner bakery in charge. Still buying cars in the lead draft later by just one calling the part of this Donny Alice. Field on their back into. Possession if you saw the front two cars breaking away the end kale Yarborough Yarborough. And Donnie Allison steps are locked in a tight draft that they are catching the leader of the baker and petty tandem no doubt have gone up recall they lead on thirty possession. At this point about it won't forget those kale Yarborough aren't haven't got Allison flex the muscles like clothes right behind. Richard Petty so all about it but I've had baker and ready pulling away has now evaporated that right now is tight five car draft Buddy Baker running hot at a racetrack every. It right comics and that's a my card right breaks to the line. Field comes to the stride with baker in front Teddy second job. Are there are more good spot to Donnie Allison a lot of sex partners of seven of the body and eighth ninth and Bobby Allison intent is Betty Parsons. The drop back to eleventh in twelve there's. It's funny plotted thirteenth spot is the fare finder carper Dick Brooks he and fourteenth position as Bill Elliott Tice got his fifteenth sixteenth to Joseph Milliken. In seventeenth as Bob Burch of it eighteenth spot is Paul lesson garner relieve. In nineteenth position is that trucks more industries car with Ricky Rudd at a board in twentieth spot is buddy Eric did 21 is. Think Harry Gant machine Jimmy needs his 22 23 is Ronnie Thomas 24 belongs to John Kennedy 25 did JD make Duffy. 26 to detail which 27 is now being posted as sandy said through. 48 spot the prime born at 29 is a Valentine automotive coverage James Hilton. Here at Michigan International Speedway are working the 93 circuit over 200 scheduled to continues to create that gentle giant who. On a North Carolina Buddy Baker you're leader Richard Petty and ES TV Chevrolet run second the bush payrolls mobile sneaks a peak to the inside from his. Third place place close nobody bankers suddenly set sail on the field here at Michigan International Speedway. I'm healthy lead of about twelve Carling setting sail the that's about the biggest breathing room anyone has had this afternoon as he leads Richard Petty. Here at the turn before heading back in second spot. And Laker is beginning to pull away and it gives you an idea the kind of power that send that car because without the use of the draft. They hit back into turn one gobble makes a move on many. For segment Yarborough Lowe's side of the racetrack against Richard Petty and Oldsmobile vs Chevrolet. Gail makes it work deterred a lot of slips up quickly may be too quickly as the heading goes right back to the bottom. Yarborough got and it turned to a bit to market petty took event of the glove side only takes seconds. They continue to shuffle with Donnie Allison coming up from fourth place to jealous of the fact shoes coming out and trying Alonso Adam Taylor got. I'd love our panel upturn ever afraid I go excavate Donnie Allison. Not always black kale Yarborough and not left thick one inch bit still database side by side with a short way around us for Alison collapsing if you're. Hard tries to slingshot no Alison Thompson the third. To keep from losing ground Yarborough lets him squeeze in there as they run. Tomorrow what they have got problems and turn the performance pathetic Carson's car as it flows and thanks. Smoke coming off but never fourth quarter. Comers quiet under. Look at that power at best he's down in turn one and brought them like joy he slowed down under the bottom of the racetrack parties probably running down about eighty miles an hour with a look. Like vigilantes are under power and may get back to pit road again it's an old for Billy. Your sock with a group of Marines zoom card Benny Parsons and elevate North Carolina former. I've read national champion. BMC Andersen racing team have not had a very good season. And it's just another installment as we would say in a long litany of problems. He was running in tenth position Barney what a tough break for Parsons this year as they try to put the team to get the leader continues to be Buddy Baker. On this car on the field as he works his way around the track we talk about your garage area yesterday Alaskan of the season had gone as he expects. Manu has been severe stroke or wherever it count in the Busch race that we wanna they don't know around at 200000 dollars for the year birth. It's. Various conflicts in the shop to make his little tough call me I'm used to. Thank along not smooth and what they've been in past couple months then and now you know as taxing to leave. Has had enough concentrate on the job when you when you're just thinking about them race car broke when he had to worry about. Personal failing between people they really can do better. Really don't need you now wouldn't. I hope the third set now. All cars to. Certain people get my. Later talking about the rift in some of the personnel in the crew in the wind racing team Benny Parsons is on pit road coasting out of turn over four. And it looks like he will be the end of the day for Benny Parsons. Right now anywhere but it apparently. Gatorade Chevrolet has not running up front it's been one of the hottest cars on the circuit this. Now last. But two weeks ago is that miscue coming into fixes. And today we've made news new pit stop when they need Jesse adjustment. And Olazabal was this a little bit too much so. All right listen. It's rhetoric look at his brother with a leader right now and maybe we get back end. Like another test in Desmond will be okay interesting day. Point it's critical under the hood where on how I apparently what it probably. Am party you've got to be impressed that lets call Lotto once again the Shoney's racing gave her showing their power they are running in the top ten to the rear deck would have Dale Earnhardt. Dave Marcus is having a tremendous afternoon. With the is limited. Independent entry with the Hudson sponsorship as well as the Shoney's sponsorship these posts in the top ten all day. LaMarcus is giving away a little arrive right now these cases are hard they've been battling door to door for about the last four laps around of the moment he drops back. So they don't lose. Reliever Buddy Baker Laker continues to pull Richard Petty by how much Mike joy. It's more Carly series turned Lombardi he's running a very strange life come up front straightaway brings the car very low almost out of the it's start finish line area NetSuite to back up perturbed one and that's everyone else is keeping their car way out toward the wall on the front straight and but it seems beginning of a little bit at times. What I baker got a back straightaway part of my pre attic he has been dropping time meet. Each successive lap I was Richard Petty closes to about two car lights down the back straightaway but again as baker takes more. A conservative line returned to Britain Korean port is nothing. Good show some of the most wanted to get regular. What the face that baker has been pushing this car here at Michigan this afternoon. Beat up from the car beginning. Stuff a little bit of we have just past the halfway mark. Here at Michigan International Speedway this track is just so very easy and if a driver pushed the button just a wee bit too much he can get an awful lot of trouble is Richard Petty jealousy. I guess that's what happens a lot through iChat is so big and this is from India stood. You can kitchen chef's room. Into the corner than watching them. Because blow you can we had to live with cars Alan good that I was in the blazing the losers pollution then knows so well you know I shouldn't be just the next time you come down our soil. The last time that time I got to make good so you Dravid in even deeper and soon. Where did you know you are usually good but the deal is it you can't go out via mobile within the. Well as they come down a complete the wider second circuit its Buddy Baker your leader Richard Petty BS TB racing team a second third to Hawaiian tropic Steven Donnie Allison. The Busch beer colors being posted in fourth position for kale Yarborough and it seems that the bureau at a Mercury is content they're running fifth spot. Six spots of the Shoney's racing team with Dave Marcus at the controls Dale Earnhardt a seven. Eight to the Gatorade machine of Darrell Waltrip night to the water Hodgdon machine of Bobby Allison intense spot hysteria the body twelfth belongs to Lenny Von. Third and eleventh spot as honey pot twelve position is is Dick Brooks in thirteenth. Is that the Bill Elliott machine fourteenth of the rest Sox Buick hi Scott and running at fifteen. Is Joseph Milliken in the appliance we'll Chevrolet at Michigan International Speedway the Gabriel 400 this afternoon right now we're working 104 lap of the 200 lap event. And leading the race Buddy Baker. Full record. Spot riding third is Donnie Allison for this field Yarborough and fifth is Neil bought at their been to caution flags in the race this afternoon. And it's been a quick when the average speed right now even with a two cautions and one was a lengthy one. Is still over a 129 miles an hour. Got smoke pouring out of career but don't know what it carving up my wheels come. That's down low on the racetrack coming down force in Florida and Rhode but it tough break for job elegant shows overweight well all the qualifying run and running well this afternoon. Here's running in fifteenth spot in the car lips to the assistance of the LG DeWitt crew as it comes down pit road. Milliken looks like he's gonna take the car through the wall and call it a day he has not won a race he figured he would win one before this point in the circuit this year he's finished well. Top 1012 times but he's taking it to the. Imagine an advantage in the garage area were made it hard to imagine that it posted around the big. Racquet into the bad Bennett what went wrong with it Griffin received terrible like something happened to the Internet I'm not really sure a lot. I'll come up they're gonna do well tonight I really don't know. Yeah how well at least I am. Yeah one thing about it we did. Was able to race with a front runners today for a change good field the last month we have been able to do that I'm sure that myself for the rest dollars and gone. I get a bit more excited about it now and that made it participated out out there now look at all the relevant. What 186 laps completed two. Gabriel 400 this afternoon what baker in the lead petty riding second Donnie Allison third in the Obama's fourth. From Michigan International Speedway this is the RN broadcasting company. Whatever you drive wherever you go Hercules tires we'll get there whether he'll run on third. 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Back at Michigan International Speedway heartbreaking disappointment for one of the rookie contenders let's go to Ned Jarrett. Salmonella can as well they have lots of oil so quiet and they're not there anymore. Know what your problem that would lessen dropped a valve and and it's stuck mojo with some new locomotive. On that kind of admitted it. Right so far along I don't think it will try to change. You're pregnant launched and it's going into this race followed very closely but they are not if after heart. Well it doesn't you know it was running good we felt good about that they had in the motor broad so. What does that try to get some thumbnails. Well you can't I don't have the proper. And baker is running in front ES TV Chevrolet runs. Be posted to the Hawaiian tropic Chevrolet of Donnie Allison. Neil but it is in fourth position Dave Marcus has moved into fifth sixth spot to Darrell Waltrip Bobby Allison is that. Reject that Darrell Waltrip visit seventh spot in six spot as Dale Earnhardt. In eighth position is Bobby Allison in ninth spot is Terry the body. Tenth position belongs to Lennie pond in eleventh spot is Dick Brooks had a good golfer Brooks coming from way in the back of the pack is now moving. Bill Elliott is twelfth thirteenth spot belongs to tie Scott Ricky run his fourteenth fifteenth the Bob Burch of in sixteenth position as buddy Arrington Ronnie Thomas is being posted in 78 deep that Jimmy needs nineteenth that John Kennedy and copy of the twentieth spot. We're becoming quite overcast here. You play and win a report from the or up in the number four area. That there was some lightning on the horizon so it's possible limit have a shower here before the afternoon is over in the Gabriel 40110. Laps or Malcolm. Hundred lap event and pit stop should. Sometime in the next ten or fifteen laps it would be a regular scheduled stop for the drivers. With the lakers still showing away but Richard Petty as chopped his lead down to just one car length as they work turned marine. And Dave rector body right now works at a higher. Money maker but make her living as a some possibly has been able to take back some of the distance he loses the back straightaway and it turns he steps up but not just a couple of Carly took bid battle back no line. Well that make some adjustments. Cars a moment ago when you heard buddy Parrott the crew chief on Darrell Waltrip scars that they had to. And both times it got for. And worse as he continues to fall back in the field so on the next round of pit stops you're likely to see quite a few adjustments being made on the cars again is now just three cars are definitely draft. But party there's quite a battle raging reports about dale earnhardt's rookie driver continues to hold off Dave Marcus they have swapped fourth and fifth. Three times in the last five laps they have closed company event. In Neil bonnet at kill yard Rosen reports are back it is still quite a battle of the front three continue to stress and. What did you like Goldman board position I'm right now I'm more. Watch my going to the high side it's very hard going down lower as Dave Marcus Marcus trying to take the short way around the drop off site. Aren't they here. I'm just becoming a drag race to the line. The Shoney's restaurants special goes downstairs and takes that position away from Dale Earnhardt but Earnhardt. Our climbs the ladder back up by the high sided long Murdoch. Continues to have a level that I grew up near the law. As Marcus whose pets do you Chevrolet continues to be stuck in the bottom groove he pulls up by a car like overheard artists or art got too high up in the marbles. Fourth spot in the battle and it is Marcus out of turn two leaving Dale Earnhardt by a garlic for four but I'm not fit. But don't just sit quietly got stymied does it goes to fail what they've plaque there's going to have a 2500 feet of taint the great racket and this time they're gonna stay single file without gets Taylor Garth. Lord that's in the breakaway from the Obama can close it make it now at three tight. Getting to be a tight drafts of a leader right now Richard Petty just squeezes right up on the deck let everybody later back in one. Those two guards are open up about an eight car like separation on third place Donnie Allison but many seem to Bobble a bit in turn one and baker. Want to back off to a three car like the Bennett art art is way up for the marbles between one and two. A lot of smoke from behind that car caught by the Santa tire debris has markets carry them ride out the the lawlessness deadlock perform position near the backstretch they are side by side Pitt got to meet market subtle outsider aren't thinking about high society can't tell that to our part right now plus like fine in the wall. Together it's going to be there aren't a fan and I excited Dave Marcus not giving an inch envelope it's going to be a problem now for Earnhardt they come up product price probably all star. Trying to tell fox that behind tough race Traficant Marcus takes a product. Market squeezes him right in there to try to gain an advantage. They come across the start finish line Marcus will move off my one colleague that kale Yarborough drops out of the inside we'll drop Earnhardt back another position. Yarborough jumps at the hot graphic right with Dave Marcus past the tie Scott automobile Neil bonnet. Also takes advantage of Burkhardt who was running fourth at that drops you normally back to seven of her heart squeezes out passed by Scott and muscled its way. Feel plot to climb buffet at six. Petty the second place car and Donnie Allison is just full on a pit road let's go to and it's here at the. Surely the bar for these are scheduled pit stop the first one that had to back to back on. Some of the others. That that'll depend on how much of an advantage don't have 16. Quick stop for Richard Petty as the pretty crude drops the FTV Chevrolet and he moves back out of the speedway in sixteen point 45 seconds for Richard Petty. And these are the first pit stops in the day as Ned Jarrett just pointed out they have had to make. It was a long one for Donnie Allison 21 at 610 seconds in a fairly short one for Neil bottom the Carolina Mercury sixty. In five deaths and Bobby Allison and Darrell Waltrip almost slammed together Eli gold coming off that board turn ducking on the pit road. Did they did Pope got to have the finders and they came hot off the bank it made that rather abrupt left and turned off the bat brought nearly a problem they have quite a bit. And wealth. 117. Laps or complete in the 200 lap Gabriel 400 this afternoon routine pit stops right now buddy Laker still in command here this afternoon. Then they've been chasing for about the last 45 laps now you notice away in sixty. Ten seconds waltrip down and out of the dike guard crews service they get 68 at six tenths second storm that guarantee that lady did just for. Our walk. This point they're gonna they were expected to do that retain the Ryder Cup tie. Paul Paul Ford cars here's here we are our enemy the bush Oldsmobile. They Buddy Baker crews waiting for him to coming out there right. So they go to work on details bush Oldsmobile here they brought the Oldsmobile the Michigan jail is not. Your words for the Oldsmobile which. Very disappointed with a car Charlotte, North Carolina and they've run their Monte Carlo quite a bit but they elected to bring it here this afternoon he's been running pretty strong and thought. The fact that about the sixth position I think all afternoon and very fast. Sales are. Again apologies. Through a Battle Creek road a one member waited for the coming and here comes one now. I do pit stop and now. And thankful off terrible thought it's now he's finished fifth and go to work without a big health record and you can save a big man is not good about it. Calvin. Right well baker wanted to make it clear to come in Vegas if they're changing the rocks that are making no chance the adjustment. Well Floyd's have a aren't there. Providing our hearts stop was seventeen at 210 seconds so that. Fastest it's not that we recorded during that with the leaders was Caylee. Elian from the Busch beer Oldsmobile with thirteen in some odd seconds and remember they're making these stops under green slopes. Just on the pit road. And remember your leader at the present time is Dave Marcus in the Shoney's restaurants special Marcus who forgot every race cities run has gotten extremely good gas mileage with that Chevrolet Caprice. He is one of the only leading to. Cars that is neglected to show on pit road at the present time we. Phenomenal gas mileage and that Shoney's restaurants special. Richard Petty is leading the Gabriel 40142. Levs now complete on the scoreboard here at Michigan International Speedway and here he comes. East Darrell Waltrip by about a second. Provides a second male was third Donny is fourth. And a battle right now for the fifth spot between Buddy Baker and Dale Earnhardt Donna turn one. Bernhard just seems to be in the thick of it went. The races going full bore like it is right now baker bottom of the racetrack heard art moves up in the draft bakeries and out of it. Try to muscle now gets Donnie Allison heard are almost made it three wide for the fourth possession but they are baker Donnie Allison spotting up on the back to. I'll make sure it's not the slide off Donnie Allison. We'll stay right whether he goes dark. Despite being out of a profit helped by sleep he sweeps profit in front of Donnie Allison so right now. Cover ratio that might Traficant cutting in front while took second Yarborough third running for a quicker prep Donnie Allison segments aren't. Remember Obama we don't Ned Jarrett said let's play. Upset on pit road when he lost valuable seconds trying to get into his fit so I imagine he's still fuming a little bit as he gets back into turn one on Richard Petty is bumper. They pair off to bite to for the lead it is laughter. We downstairs to take the lead for Richard Petty Walter sweet way I intern to that's petty is right there on the bottom of the racetrack again lap traffic up factor at. Please turn to they swing by squeezed the wallet petting the Phillies Brett your body Darrell Waltrip finally putting makeup. For a lighter moment as they work IP OK all right now passed already it's free ride baker now auto racetrack. PM waltrip one fire Richard Petty. Teddy elevate last fight are broke yup brawl ball jump a box out of that place so it may go right front while they're brought excitement is out of the top running third. Buddy Baker has become the incredible Hulk becomes the stride believes that Gabriel 400. At Walter in the second film Yarborough and third and a contest report between petty and Earnhardt. Petty was the leader will have a go at this point he's been drop kick back to fifth position heard cardinals. To be outside this time about kale Yarborough was they run for third spot and that is all although the mobile group with Donnie Allison comes up the blue. Back to six the battle is regarded as hard hearted kale Yarborough did make trinity trying to throw this time aren't part flexing the muscles. My sophomore Pete now has the Hawaiian tropic car at the fall rare view America but Donnie Allison is content to sit behind. Right now it makes no hope he goes along wit yar bro they want to look back I saw your later Buddy Baker puts a few correlates of daylight between himself Walton was. Is running second. Seven cars in the league draft you they come across as a driver and again later just by sheer good. A moment ago came from way back in the field to get back into the lead as they chase him back in the turn. They stayed tied its single file Buddy Baker on the point of this league draft was waltrip. And Dale Earnhardt now going to the outside of turn to our artwork because Darrell Waltrip for second spot again make up a bit of traffic. But the track is planning live real live running about what he'll do at that point the backstretch. They weren't by Richard Childress as Earnhardt take second place away from. What's your problem but I won't jump it's got a Buddy Baker and brought back three correlates to an art to correlate back to Walter. Bennett tight formation kale Yarborough running in fourth. Opposite sex chartered Freddie. And Jackie there is a story develop and it could be on the weather here in this race. And for that story let's go to Ned Jarrett. Little bit yeah. Some of those crew members here began to think that it could rain before this race is over. And one of the crew members off Donnie Allison came down a little bit ago that I could you tell Paul airport and they went back. Storm is going to move. Near that went back to be out for. Been doing it. Think the green flag dropped so I'm not sure that the. What would drop guard at the present time belongs to god Buddy Baker as he leads by half car. Garlic over rookie Dale Earnhardt Darrell Waltrip content in third spot then five car likes back up battle isn't joined for the fourth position. Petty Abby inside Kelly opera on the outside they do they shoot and scoot down the backstretch. They weren't prior race traffic. How they have to back off probably felt and Oswalt shut her life so what's gonna make Delgado brought how many itself. Trapped behind the golf clubs golf cart is frostbite Donnie Allison director credit losing to the but that's it your leadership still a joint air between Buddy Baker Earnhardt they battled to the line. Dale Earnhardt takes takes the lead away from Buddy Baker. Or might just not happen. Bigger doesn't wanna give them. Baker works well the bottom of the racetrack and he retake the lead editorial about problems Ontario up while they spent topped the racetrack about straightaway so I think I'll. LA a 1015100. Feet he spent on the apron he has off the track but it does bring out the caution flag. But it will be a battle back to the line with Buddy Baker in front they will have to travel through the smoke the dust kicked up by low body baker cheerleader Dale Earnhardt. Holding out a second we'll see who will make it to the stripe in front let's go to Eli gold Optus. Point Buddy Baker not saying it shot up from Baylor tied Baker's what's the turn right back in the medal it's about eight at ten. I laid back to Earnhardt running second walked took third Yarborough fourth Donnie Allison fifth Richard Petty running sixth. Could be a costly mistake for dale learn our our problems not a machine he does not go across the start finish line on the racetrack. He elects to bring the car very quickly out of pit road and he almost overshoot is fit and Barney the pace car has not out on the racetrack gets we will not enjoy a slow lap for this B for this it's the. Rookie driver let's go to Ned Jarrett. They go to the right side to change tires all that aren't sure that our hearts thank you want Taylor picked up into the pit and kept. Ahead of the others got to know that they'll be coming in during liftoff there. Philadelphia road and I kept away feeling well. Not going to lose a lap so that will not return calls for. Well that's like taking a hit blackjack on seventeen modern art comes up a winner as he could picks up his position if he can beat it out before the pace car he does he will not lose a lap and he will be the first of the leaders to pit. We don't have. Because they were just did a moment ago but now on wall trouble coming off turn before we. It got problems off the far Roger happy scarf that actually take it. While flips over the retaining wallet comes down on all four wheels hit scatters these spectators who want a quote from the area the other unit 76. Are they brought what area as all fronts then brought her happy still sitting in behind. We don't feel locks are right if they get a stop and hit some of the protective gear but Roger Rabbit has seventeen car takes a ferry ride. It up and over the inside retaining water and comes to rest fears of a spectator areas but there are no injuries evident at all. And of course it is Steve Pfeiffer behind the wheel back kings in special and it sailed over the wall we'll give you a report as soon as it becomes available to us from Michigan International Speedway we have brought out the third caution of the afternoon on the 130. Circuit of 200 scheduled aren't. Aren't at all. Carry a lot of youth apparently could have lost a wheel or something you back straightaway bringing out the caution flag and then as they ducked into the pits under caution. Roger every Scott number seventeen and apparently we think still at Steve Pfeiffer is still aboard as a driver got out of shape. He got out of shape coming off the viking up in turner before. Get the retaining wall the car got airborne and bounced over behind the pit wall will update you on that a little bit later right now pit stops. Ned Jarrett I think everybody came back again. Yes they have a bad am fortunate to fourteen hours Barnett and those that needed any adjustments on the car they're taken this opportunity to do that and you are rock steep opera still in that car coach Roger have be assessed and it almost in front of us up to its ban on. And he is now walking slowly down towards the up fourth turn hurt. Trying to figure out to you know exactly what to went wrong and what you can do about it. So this is the third caution flag of the day Terry nobody's cars resting on the grass on the backstretch. And it's going to be a lengthy one as they take quite a bit of time to get that car back to pits plus check all the guardrail coming into the the pit area out of turn four woman Jarrett has been dispatched out of the scene where the car seventeen of the kings in specialist come to rest we'll give you an update on to just what the condition of everything is there is the leaders continue to take advantage of this caution period. Which will definitely dropped this torrid pace it was an average speed of a 141 point 560 miles per hour. As we're well past the halfway mark Barney and the weather of course that was a question. And now this lengthy caution this could shuffle things considerably for all of these front runners are provider to all of our Ameren broadcasting company listeners we will be back on the air. Next weekend from pocono international raceway for the running of the United States auto club's second jewel in their unique Triple Crown for championship auto racing cars. That will be the music for hunt music 500. Then we will all be back on the air with the Winston cup grand national brigade on. Independence Day July 4 at 10 AM in the morning for the running in the birthplace of speed Daytona Beach, Florida the firecracker 400. And Ameren broadcasting company has learned exclusively today Barney hall that one of the top entries for the firecracker 400 will be super text himself from Houston Texas. Making one of his infrequent grand national appearances AJ Foyt will bring his machine to Daytona to try and dust off the Winston cup grand national brigade. We will then be back on the air on July 15 with the running of the Norton championship car auto race here. For the championship auto racing teams of course the night before it's the national race. The music for twenty and on the Winston cup grand national brigade moves back to pocono international raceway for the running of the Coca-Cola 500. Lots of great racing left other Winston cup grand national trail after the Coca-Cola 500 at the Talladega 500 and August 5 MRI and we'll be there. And then we'll all be back together again here at Michigan International Speedway. On Sunday afternoon August 19 for the running of the champion spark plug 400. So we're still under caution. Here at Michigan International Speedway with a 134 laps complete in the 200 lap Gabriel 400 here is Dave Marcus back on pit road that Jacqui well we're under caution we ought to also point out that Kyle Petty. Will be making his debut in Winston cup grand national racing at Daytona in the firecracker race after. He was scheduled to do to Charlotte, North Carolina a demolished a couple of cars up there they didn't feel it was ready of course he won the arc at 200 in February and was very impressive at Daytona. And Richard Petty has said publicly that he's had some reservations about that he expressed that yesterday. And I anxious moments about a minute Daytona without good drivers and it. All of closeness you know women are Derosa was mr. little closer revolutionized format of the continue to want it to lose. Commands a global. Real anxious about it blew through. You know he's got to learn sometime in the complex is rooted in triumph. Well after watching his run in the water to be a Hodgdon 200 for grand American cars are Riverside international raceway last week. He got an awful lot of schooling on a demanding road course and coupling that with his win in the dark at 200 it Tony International Speedway. And also the humbling effects of those double crashes in practice at Charlotte motor speedway. I for one think that possibly Kyle Petty is ready to wheel and ST feet dodge in the firecracker 400 I think he's learned quite a few lessons there's a big change in his attitude toward racing since Daytona in February when he won the darker race and he feels like he's ready and I don't think they would turning loose again if they didn't feel that he was there. They continue to work down on the kings inn Chevrolet were Roger Ambien with Steve Pfeiffer aboard Roger and these cars crashed here during this caution period let's go to Ned Jarrett for an update. We're standing by with Roger have been your own that car course we've already established the factors they proper we're driving the car what happened up there Roger. Man this guy here happened want a boy saying it. It digging got got up under cabinet pit road and it just loved and I think I don't know app many got hurt and it dog are pretty good. But become all of the wall looks like you're standing near the findings come all the lawless that it went about it if apparently looked the way a lot of I waited for the car there from our vantage point in the fifth and at about a four foot wolf and the car is resting on the inside the front of the saarc completely demolished. Has he had hit the wall and that it slipped up but it is fitting all the way you'll. That that's the report right now from this they pregnancy through the track hospital. Got to check him over to see how. AS during. Here at Michigan International Speedway a lengthy caution flag this afternoon it started out when Terry Le Bonnie apparently lost a wheel on his machine down the backstretch and spun off into the Grassley have now taken that car to the garage area. And then as everybody was electing to pit diving on the pit road under this caution. The Roger and the car was Steve fiberboard spun out of control coming on the pit road. Crashed into the sea that barrier that Walton got airborne for about fifty feet and flew all the way off the pit road and behind the Bill Walton let's go to Ned Jarrett. Puck down still standing on the fate of that cars resting the record cooking up draft although another update crewmembers. And they say that they talked to Steve Popper before that took him to the track hospital he had a cut above inside that it appeared to be okay but they have taken for a check up. So that's the word from the scene where the Steve Pfeiffer car did hit the wall went up in the air and came over behind. In the area coming into the pit road here at Michigan International Speedway 137. Laps or complete. In the 200 lap. This afternoon and it has been as good operates as we have seen all season. There have been probably 3538. Lead changes among about seven drivers and at least that many unofficial lead changes this afternoon currently it's Buddy Baker out front. Waltrip showing in second position Richard Petty third kale Yarborough fourth. And Donnie Allison fifth and Eli gold touched upon the fact that waltrip has brought big Bertha out of mothballs and he is running her in second position at the present time. Where we need your. We embraced Murtha since last fall in the Atlanta and the winner we we didn't anticipate rebuilding the car it is always I always have its. Always been predominately the best car we've had KN. We built the new Oldsmobile so I took a lot of time we're building you can brazen. That's a lot of time and Bertha disorder is so where where they're struggling in down on the floor and I guess she enters you'd ever get to race again and I thought we better so two or three times in. Haven't done well on the shorter racetracks this year and of course that's berth especially she lies to get down and dirty enough so we draw our our reporter and we're real happy with the car is running well here and courses across the we anticipate using. Mainly on the super speedway are only a short racetracks and one is our super speedway Corso. You know we hope will help us we know it's going to be tough the latter half of the season and we do we hear then we get the one horse. We'll also be bringing a brand newly refurbished may believe to Daytona International Speedway they'll use. Berth on the short tracks is Darrell told you and MLB also using Wanda on the super speedway such as. These type of races the two mile facilities in the very near future but maple lane will be strictly for Talladega and four Daytona her next debut of her dance to the tune will be the firecracker 400. Well it appears that very shortly we should be getting the signal to go back to green let's go up to Eli gold and see what it looks like over the backstretch in turn three. Of course the back straightaway area were Terrill a body gets but not all of us okay there Terry's car finally did come by and the hook the we will probably not we saw there were sparks. Coming up from beneath the race car as it went down and spun down the back straightaway of course the problem could better be told from Ned Jarrett double the pageant. But his car's back being checked out at right now the field comes rumbling through the three and four area everything is okay as far as the racing surface is concerned and down here in the corner near the entrance to pit road. The number 78 automobile that was involved in the problem earlier this on the puck in the air drag it. Now pit road back door to garage parking spot. Melissa safety car leads them across the start finish line ship for a get to signaled they will get the green next time live with the Gabriel 400 back to a green condition of the leaders. But you like wall from the second. Curtis Richard Petty. Right now it's here Yarborough. This dialysis sixes Neil bonnet seventh should be Bobby Allison and I believe in the eighth position now will be showing the rookie driver dale heard. Aren't very quickly let's go to bed Jared. They are pulling back on numbers haven't made our hall I get back into the garage area right now we're on our way to check return a lot anything at all. It's very hard it's gonna get back in the field. And you can take a look at that kings inn Chevrolet Caprice and it is shortened up by about four and a half feet on the front nose he had that retaining barrier which is about. Four feet high at about six inches wide of concrete and just flattened the nose of that thing it was a senator much like we have never seen on a pit road accident. Bully hit it hit on him but that safety factor that is built in of these cars that run on the NASCAR Winston cup circuit is so great. That the drivers you can talk to all about the danger element and Winston cup racing or any any type racing and they feel that it is by far the safest motor racing in the world probably the best man to tell you about it as three time Winston cup grand national champion kill Yarborough. Well I'm sure that we you know there's danger out there is no doubt about it anytime he has agreed. There's going to be a certain amount of danger but you can't let. He came had this problem came from the off. I wasn't thinking about you know loud bang just it is you gotta distraught that I had your hand and you know us and that's something that never crosses my mind the last unless there is something bad has happened racetrack and here they come. Our line on the right have they taken single file to run three cars to get a break away from the field just event. Baker waltrip and Richard Petty kale Yarborough swings his bushels will be a down low on the racetrack he has sport. Donnie Allison has been up Neil bottom rides in the six spot Dave Marcus sits in seventh with Dale Earnhardt slipping back to eighth on the restart. Lot of jobs that I played Darrell Waltrip trying to close that I'm Buddy Baker to have correlate to the deficit now baker trying to take up the wallop turnover rate. It's still gonna be single file Buddy Baker in front while chips like and Richard buddy very. Eric Yarborough fourth Donnie Allison fifth running sexualized male bonnet. In a contest has enjoyed for seventh position Dale Earnhardt has on the inside of Dave Marcus include right behind ever Bobby Allison. They are battling more than seventy. Do fighting over seven. They have dual most of the afternoon off and out the positions in the front end Bobby Allison is right they are used night with Brooks intent. That battle begins to sort out just a bit Bernhard is now firmly entrenched in the seventh spot but it Allyson Marcus battling brake. I've Garza's time as far as a leadership is concerned it's going to be a single file for the six cars working to turn the birthrate. Nobody's making it shot right here on lap 140 watt of 200 it still got a bait Buddy Baker joined the way with a Carly took an edge over a barrel Walter Barack second. A continuing third Yarborough fourth Donnie Allison fifty Obama sent. It's just a beautiful draft for the leaders as they come across the start finish. One area. To show the way. Right now Mike joy he appears to be the class of the field. Six cars single mom Laurie baker. Evidence coming into. It turned bloody lake it's a fire Carla over Darrell Waltrip each time entering one. But Obama to the draft really begins to play here at Michigan caddie is on the bottom of the racetrack that's not what Donnie Allison Allison moving up to run for the fourth. Lot not a subtle alongside Kelly our approach not a blanket shot as the fourth place my dark lord try to stop on the button keeps on the high side of the racetrack pop current number. Ray I go it's going to be Donnie Allison left the gate drops back into the fifth running possession so it still got it Buddy Baker Darrell Waltrip may run together. That comes a kale Yarborough chaplain Jeff Richard Petty for third. Well we see a couple of cars pull out of line and try to pull up one was okay Yarborough and nowhere to go three up early talks about being behind Richard Petty in the six car drafts they. Run single file back into turn one area. Thanks seemed to be pretty. Evenly matched. It's seven laps to go into Mandarin on the anybody who moves down out of line it's gonna lose the draft to get drop kicked. Probably eight or ten spots before we get to the end of this lead draft baker leads the with a back shoot at this point all seems to stabilize cook kale Yarborough does indeed close the gap between himself in the third place runner Richard Petty it's going to be a single filed a broken to erect a split terrorist number three and four right down the middle. Richard Petty does take a bit of a lower reliant on the rest of the crew body floats back up and Rick joins a single file draft off before corner and there aren't healthy range for. Are they all return. And they almost had him ready to go. That's the report. Nobody's gardens Florida brought up the caution flag a moment ago in the backstretch movement turns. It was Donnie Allison whose low want to kill government with Sheila Donnie moves up and a fourth spot Yarborough just got a bit too high up in the groove and lost a position dot experts optical opted out down the back straight aways run strongly back there this kind of close up Richard cutting it close to the low side of Richard at a time. But I get it maintains a single file hold it still baker thought Welch a second 33 Donnie Allison fourth. Running for Yarborough sex the spot at seven fiscal is our target date is Bobby Allison and. There are 106 mile remaining in the Gabriel 400 here at Michigan this afternoon. The champ cars are in the lead lap right now and it is a barn burner for the lead as they chase Buddy Baker after the turn of the three. It still single file bark kale Yarborough now recurrent heart trying to stick to close and tied it make it a break that battle for second. But now everybody goes back single file maker in front won't just suck it still Donnie Allison third followed by cutting it weren't. Kale Yarborough was in fifth spot Dale Earnhardt. A lot of eighth to Bobby Allison in ninth position as Dave Marcus then trailing in tenth spot on the save lives with the the leaders is funny bunt in eleventh position one lap down as Dick grew. Rickey brought his twelfth and thirteenth spot as tie Scott and two laps down as Bill Elliott and fourteen. Fifteenth of Bob virgin and then three laps down his buddy Arrington in the re trailer sales dodge. I heard this afternoon with champ car still riding in the lead lap this afternoon none of those are nose to tail on the backstretch heading to turn three dot. Allison had been opposed to going to sign up Darrell Waltrip thought better about it right now single file a perfectly so through turn number of great but now they got Robert Ford turned kale Yarborough looks to take a higher grow. I thought about modeling but single file off the corner. Makes a big difference here when you're running third or fourth and. Pull out all the yourself and everybody else closes up tightly then you'll drop from about four. They're back in turmoil. Kale Yarborough had a look all the fun of her heart followed him downstairs he could not make the move on steady at slides back up for the draft. Donnie Allison looks very strong at this point is why topic Chevrolet whose underneath Darrell Waltrip and exiting turn two with and without the draft Alex would have probably don't want to look. On the back in the second Allison has excelled all confident walk down the back straightaway he's still side by side for that second place Ottawa. Darrell Waltrip and Richard said he thought about following but he gets back. To the draft now Donnie Allison down low sweeps off that lower group went right up. But I thought Darrell Waltrip told Donnie Allison flexing the muscle she's got second place the Gabriel 400. Both Buddy Baker and Donnie allison's car have been strong all afternoon. Strong down on the south into the track in turn one that's for Allison has been making a lot of ground this afternoon might join. The bubble right now Barney baker has been struck deployed in the dirt number one. But out of turn two it seems to be whoever gets a draft has the advantage of Brooke three cars open up. But to come like the Bennett lost many that will be baker Donnie Allison and Darrell Waltrip brought a running fourth Garrett Carl thanks bill. Obama. Seven robbing us of the eighth running night there's markers right time that's what iPod to your leaders work prospect John Kennedy automobile in the and number braves still going to be a single file but they are not starting out possibly drop down low on Buddy Baker it's going to be a nose to cause right here in two brushed back to a line. I don't Wyatt tropic Chevrolet looks for the sun shot of the lead as he goes to the inside Richard that it makes a bowl. Inside it's three wide into turn one. It has three Y baker thank candidates a three way battle petty Allison and Walter that's what I'm going up the racetrack. Many breaks away from the lot over the ruts insect it's fun they. Drivers continue to try and twist the lead away from Buddy Baker you will not given up Donnie Allison is the latest work got him he's moved up into second position waltrip drives and as they had nothing. Hart's single file running fourth Richard party running fifth field product going sex Bobby Allison going summit. I'm just going to pay money I'm going ninth as they weren't practical line baker has the way. Later five cars. And about five garlic back in sixth position comes kneeled on at their back in one. The end of that night Carly draft this kale Yarborough and he's got to be hopping mad. Two laps to go a fifth set of the racetrack he got way up high got into the marbles had to back way out of the throttle that drop kick of all the way back that night spot. Calif try to clever up alongside of Dave Marcus and regains some lost ground right now it's part art goes for a third Barnard draws a box Darrell Waltrip. Our house the end site Walter. Outside holding behind them double file male spotted Richard Petty it's going to be very hard flexing the muscles. He takes over a third place running fourth Alice Walton he feels the heat from the Obama a purely in art cars down while richter reading Peyton you're great wide off the turn. Jack you'll see it about racing we've seen here this afternoon nine and ten cars free aboard the fallout from. Laker right now and Alison wake up and a two car draft and try to pull away and taking a look at the rundown as we have it it is Buddy Baker your leader Donnie Allison. Running second Dale Earnhardt in the third Darrell Waltrip and fourth Richard Petty being posted in the fifth spot. Moving it is exposition is Bobby Allison on the inside in seven being challenged by Dave Marcus from eighth is Neil bonnet in ninth position is Darrell Waltrip. Then back in tenth spot is let me plot one lap off the face an eleventh as Dick crooks hi Scott is twelve. Ricky Rudd is thirteenth to laps off the face and fourteenth spot as Bill Elliott and fifteenth on the field as Bob merchant in the belt and ask all. All Chevrolet. We'll let Jack this is primarily been afford drags as they open it back in 1969 I think he'll Mercury has won here at least nine times a Ford one time so. Out of the nineteen races that have been completed. What do you think Neil modest do you think he's running just as hard as they can stay in the top ten because David person came yourself. And a laid back with a car and then brought it to the front in the closing minutes. They could very well be that as we interviewed. Earlier in the right to appeal of running back in the packet is now at everything thing to be okay the good voters that their weight and brought along with the fact though. It looked a little brave enough okay. We have a bigger number of those General Motors products that there to be there are no fears and had some time in the past companies going to be tough for them. You can't and that's hard to say now let's do read a paper commodity. There are factors would have a. Problems with the stars cafeteria Chevrolet rotate Thomas coming to us slow crawl out the back straightaway. Now works his way back to pit road. Ronnie Thomas who has had more problems this year than any three or four drivers we know he would almost be a candidate for the goodies hit a poor here this afternoon as will host of drivers and a little bit later broadcast. Will be swinging around to our turn reporters and down and it shared the pits to find out who they would give the goody headache award here this afternoon. Still Buddy Baker and Donnie Allison and for the moment these two season. They have opened up a pretty good separation right now. On the third place guard Darrell wolf. We've talked about how. Important the draft is here at Michigan International Speedway. And for second place runner Donnie Allison he tells you how he tries to seek out a particular carted draft with how about the drivers done any other any special drivers that you elect to draft with that you had your choice. You know of course body as these geographically it Richard Petty. Feels very geographic scale run by the filing in now become that way you know in the last. Here so you got to where you know he uses the draft is the maximum enough. I would say out all the guys that run. Right now would have to say body Richard. And out Palin embodied in you know I thought to say that I won't grab video and let you just feel maybe a little bit better about draft them. I didn't hear buddy Baker's name of that interview Barney also maybe just doesn't feel quite so secure is he would if it was someone else up front. All right now they're getting the job done of the Gabriel for. Stop if it comes under green it will put an awful lot of pressure on the crews. Laps ago. And that it will be interesting to see if they only have. Is that kind of strategy were people around you. If Beatrice typically what it is. We pause now for station identification. Almost nobody is sticking your nose outside of that single file line as they were backed down and turn a blunt they can't afford. Mike joy to do too much Dicey around back there because if they do it it's. Alongside another card allows Laker and Alison date open net much more brown. Nobody but it's a pretty loose strap for third on back Darrell Waltrip opened up about three car likes on Richard Petty in the turn. Now the backs resisting the clothes back up again but baker and Alison. Run away from the field. Of course and number three dale earnhardt's been bouncing around just a bit but that's not totally uncommon Darrell Waltrip consistently. This using a different line through turns three and for the rest of that cycle final group he goes right up high and let everybody else joining offensive woes offer. As usual late display of driving talent but the optimum racing team rookie Dale Earnhardt. Barneys never been here before and he just putting on an absolutely sterling performances he likes that car steadily into the fifth position. Battle for the lead and turned to Donny Alice and goes on. Buddy Baker takes the lead against the lap cars fighting for. Third Richard Petty and Darrell Waltrip petty. Gets the third position for waltrip there was a crippled by Alison taking about a two that John Kennedy automobile bowels of waiters circulated turn. And I thank my cash salary cap that a company coming out of different closely again as Buddy Baker baker would not even a half a car away from a deficit titles George. I'm hopeful for the fight traffic trying to we're getting pulled away. 35 laps remaining this afternoon the Gabriel 410 cars are still on the lead lap as they crossed the stripe it's Alice and up front lakers going after the life. Thank god racing again at bankers at the bottom of the racetrack navigator turn number one. He makes the past look easy Allison who lose himself right back up the rear but deck lid. Of the spectrum overall Chevrolet of Buddy Baker they continue to enjoy Bob outfit. Car margin over third place Richard studies with Darrell Waltrip and dale art are locked together then Bobby Allison back at the six spot. A lot of fronts to some run. I'm free and easy at some point we'll let. We waltrip and Earnhardt Bobby Allison Kaye. You Yarborough Richard Petty their back in turn one. Walter has the third spot of Bobby Allison went downstairs and allowed dale heard art to move around the outside. Could have been a costly move for Allison has now Richard Petty comes up all the outside of Allison in certain number two they're fighting for fifth Bobby Allison just. In the fifth position probably. Territory it's quite current first deafening Allison running second running very good to dissipate Darrell Waltrip Dale Earnhardt going forth. Running fifth Bobby Allison sexual Richard Petty some power. Australia I'd hoped they could Dave Marcus playing the steel product the leaders now showing almost affecting that's what they currently have an advantage come off. Our fourth quarter to make current front. They began a stretch that it's legal little bit this time they'll be at least two seconds ahead of wall. And her heart has been chewing away on the bumper of that car for about the last five laps trying to move up a position no way as they shuffle around again and turn one. We'll battle for third on back goes back to single file Richard Petty. Lose the better grounded turn one that makes three cars third fourth and fifth place in a bit of a group by themselves that we'll. We'll be Walsh referred art. And Bobby Allison then Richard Petty kill your will save market and do you want thrilled to lead draft aren't aren't closing this time closer rod while Tiffany at the last few times throw it there's a missing what lives they take everybody's been all over the place and turned the periphery of pork. That's kind of record price staying way lower other racetracks E Street south pass up race traffic. And everybody else single file. Betty is car has not been working all that well. Moreira he's been out of the group. The Wally died a little bit lol that time perhaps just to feel out exactly what the car will do. As for the moment it continues to be Buddy Baker in front Donnie Allison in second waltrip is third Bernhard is fourth. And not much change in the south into the track. Mike joy as they get out of the concluding laps like one more kids. Do you think these two people away. It looks that way part of the ball handling very well going into the first turn here the south end of the street right shake your. Out of out of that turn it bodies days Rodham has cooperated every time at that point the racetrack he seemed to gain a garlic through two on the rest of the lead draft accord should talk about what was going on. Racquet you described it all season long what's gonna happen on pit road is pretty well gonna tell a story problem stuff up report potash scripture study also for the wall joint fight failure. My mom found that every joint right rocket of a draft but got brought out Schilling spoke as he heads down towards Mike joy. Richard Petty got a little bit loose coming got to let Carter and slammed into the door of kale Yarborough I'm crunch timid little Lawler Mike there was quite a bit of smoke and it looked like the battle lady did. It in on the foot on the tires. Exactly Barney a look like tire smoke it has abated so what it Yarborough. She's still running pretty much full speed of the backstretch. And they Junior Johnson crew are preparing to work off that automobile they're good. But there are they tools out that they used to pull offender all of a tire plant that they're making their kids off a little bit earlier that they had to dissipated. So many who had not been handling well and try to perform the car apparently just moves over one lane and crunched Yarborough and the wall in left maybe a costly. Mistake for him while he was. Hale's part of course he was just there and of course Richard who never would intentionally run and anyone or do you go to any other driver of the car just moved over a lane and forced him into the wall let's go to manager. OK we are currently at the bush bureau's mobile they go to the right side tank car garage processors that. A car if they've been against Qatar Junior Johnson is. Welcome to Philadelphia where it carefully. You feel a little bit longer perhaps than they would have stopped ordinarily that they had to pull offenders off the car to have the confidence now but there. Down at a White House. 24 and 1102 let's stop for some cosmetic damage and a change of right side rubber on the Busch beer also feeling Yarborough is back to the Rosie. Back doubted it. Remember the problems of current number of cars spinning as Dave Marcus do you feel a lot of work. Another report corner and Marcus goes sideways he spits in the eighth pretty good sign of that white client he's out of harm's way about a tough break for Dave Marcus yet again after kale Yarborough did care about all the crap right in front of the leaders of the opinion run out of ultimately got them for the the backstretch then bear right back. Out of turn two he enjoys about ten car like the head of Donnie Allison but he's not quite up to full speed will be erased with a lot of stale that they left. How they work their way back charts at number break. Ted's going to be Alison waiting Buddy Baker up they've got kale Yarborough at their site but it looks as a real estate is gonna run out and so far is putting Cahill a lap down. It's going to be coming off and on the far corner and I'd still vote change in the running order. So the misfortune of Dave Marcus becomes the good fortune for the Busch beer efforts of kale Yarborough as it comes across the stride that will not lose a lap here in the Gabriel 400 at least the front six positions are on pit road right now Donnie Allison. Buddy Baker Darrell Waltrip. Dale Earnhardt and Bobby Allison have all been of their cars as we are under the fourth caution flag that they here at Michigan International Speedway were getting out of the conclusion of the Gabriel 400 here this afternoon. Came out there were ten cars riding in the lead lap and I think it's gonna end up that way because Yarborough apparently did not lose a lap as he was out. The caution came out and pull back out of the speedway getting out ahead of the leaders so it puts him still back in the same lap so we should have got cars riding that lead lap we go back to. Taking a look at how well the Winston cup grand national scheduled during this momentary respite in the Gabriel 400. Next stop for the Ameren broadcasting company will be the United States auto clubs championship car event from pocono international raceway. Next Sunday that music 500 will be there to bring you all the exciting action of those open wheeled open cockpit machines. Then we all reconvene with the Winston cup grand national brigade in the birthplace of speed Daytona Beach, Florida for the running of the nation's wildest Independence Day celebration at 10 AM in the morning. The firecracker 400 and there's no better place to watch her race. Could go to the racetrack it's and it via the world's most famous speech by two. That's Daytona Beach, Florida for the running of the firecracker 400 to Nashville for Tony goes to post on July 14 that's a night race on Saturday evening. We will be back on the air with the Norton twin championship events here at Michigan International Speedway starting. On Sunday July 15. Then it will be the Winston cup grand nationals again with them aren't broadcasting bringing you all the excited action from pocono Pennsylvania and the Coca-Cola 500. Off to the world's fastest track on August 5 for the Talladega 500 for Winston cup brigade. The champion spark plug 400 welcome to post on Sunday August 19. For Winston cup grand national machines right back here at Michigan International Speedway and Ameren will be here to bring you all the exciting race by race action. The live call Neal vomit back into the pits and Ned Jarrett a moment ago I think you said there was some damage on that car. Yes Iraq front the drawback car was damaged as it came down pit road if they are. The wood Brothers lettered at the rest of the crew working on that car right now tried to repair that you know to make it. As good aero dynamically as they possibly can of course did it she broke away from a tower as the record now ranks they parked his car into the pit area they've. Took a while to get out there to get dirt they've looked very objectively. City and the car has to show gestures or garage area apparently it's going to be out of the right. This has to be a long afternoon of consternation for the wood Brothers your later Mercury effort of course. That cars run so strong here throughout the years with David Jean Pierson at the controls the newcomer. Deal but it comes here like Saddam appalled but it is not Ron as most people had expected it would hear the Gabriel 400. Green has displayed once again my body big here later Bobby Allison second Richard had his third let's go to that Jarrett. We're back now we're better market that Republicans aren't they what happened when he gave up that term I don't know that. I guess the wall got my way at 10 o'clock aren't damaged or bad did you not get backing M I'll I can't get that the right front or cajole or. Okay that's the story from day markets. Meanwhile midway down the backstretch a change of position Buddy Baker continues to lead but it's Richard Petty and second there's a contest for third. It's brotherly love maybe discarded Wright Ayers Donnie Allison west's right by a brother Bobby Allison so Donny runs in third pop in the fourth Dale Earnhardt running fifth. While chip running sixth running seventh now kale Yarborough going to hate this real bottom. With forty miles to go in the Gabriel 400 nobody will give you an inch the rest of the distance. Third Donnie Allison for Bobby Allison they're back in the. Three cars going below assignment by Donnie. Ultimately lose up alongside the leader. Make your analysis of it so strong these last one laps it's now five car flying wedge absurd to maker leads it a mile high side. Half a car like underneath his door is Donny also on the low side penny is tied. Bobby Allison as low blows for under a blanket of the backstretch not story the continue working georgians turned never afraid nobody makes a while they continue that flying wedges my club until now. Parts they've. Apex of turn three it's going to be. Alison try to go down low Bobby Allison trying to join Donnie Allison it's going to be 82 up wraps coming off the ever for a corner with Donnie Allison side by excitement breaker for the laid. Here come nine cars like a moving used car lot they crossed the start that. It's gone door to door to bite to which they can't back in the one Donnie Allison trying to thankfully for later and it's three wide back for what his fifth spot has. Ours is Shaq together Donnie Allison as the leading search news feeds on the low side baker results highest baker books. Grapple it off the turn the F a bit more speed coming off a little higher groove and it happened garlic. He's your leader paddy is third bopping his fourth. The alert artist Pippen are all tied together with all the cars and at times as possible there are only 98 laps to go in beat the case has right now Donnie Allison shows the way up the planet earth right. He has first place Bobby Allison try to coming close on Bobby Baker. Bobby Allison how suppose side baker has the high side nobody trying to sling shot up a report caught and again double file for eight possessions. You get your best holding you hang on jacket. Eighteen laps to go lakers up front and they put the call out for several never met pick up at the start finish line not only for first but for ninth position here in the Gabriel or. It's got a bit of a lot bakery cheerleader at two. It was real life for second Bobby Allison is now the second place car three wide at turn to squeeze play as Walter was on the bottom with petty and Earnhardt and bonnet. Right now nobody seems but I can Bo Derek touched right squatters trying to chase down the winner Buddy Baker baker without. I've so I'm Carly took advantage over Bobby Allison running second. Out of the trap now on dropping quickly as Darrell Waltrip who loses three possessions. We sat at my laptop with great current front Bobby Allison second petty third our march 4 Yarborough fifth dotting Allison followed by while took. And on it. Racetrack that's gonna make up all the asphalt Chevrolet cup Bob Bertram. Virgin scars got arrested on the grassy infield portion of turn four area let's go back Eli gold. Of course one of the locally sponsored cars Rex. Bill Clinton out of Jackson Michigan has gotten. Campaigning on the circuit up along the cars out of harm's way surely there's continue to work down the back straightaway Buddy Baker shelves and in front. Running second Bobby Allison feeling a challenge from Dale Earnhardt. Earnhardt closing up career directly out of Bobby Allison try to make a vote. Bernhard he's not want to hang back he tries to put back. Hard down low even more than Allison but I can't quite know what record when he takes off I'm excited again thank shuffle back and alliant. This created a stride for the display the caution flag it will go to baker with Alison secondly many of third Yarborough have fourth Earnhardt then at Darrell Waltrip that sixth position. At Michigan International Speedway Richard Petty suddenly decides to be at the STV Chevrolet and it looks like you're gonna change tires on Richard Bushey now. Neil lot of it was in just a moment ago as was Bobby Allison. But they went for right side rubber out of all of the top leaders as they came in for the battle on it'll be like the heat race going down the wire. My enjoy even watching it all from turns wanna do you're in nominee for the goodies at a court this afternoon. Well Jack at the top of the broadcast that would have gone with Baxter Bryce who can appear from Monroe North Carolina but could not get his car into the starting field he was the last carded ten. Assessor and hit the wall for the second time this week he could use the money. But Dave Marcus the litany of bad luck just seems to follow markets around like a cloud over his head like that Philip little lab nerdy continues to have problems today after a surprising ride on the axle rod all afternoon and I would both the 250 dollar award today's market. She's ready set a potter people posting 250 dollars for the fellow that experience is the biggest headache either of preparation for today's race or the running of today's race and Eli you don't have a vote but if you did. Who would go to. Well I have to certainly echo Mike's feelings of all the reason they gave about Dave Marcus Davis done. The problem is that this year were talking before or during a commercial. The goodies headache batteries picked up the good probably open a distributor ship but I think we do have to give an honorary head make mention to Benny Parsons. Who was running well among the leaders today he finally have that card 27 going well of course here at turn number four where replied I'm. Usually large numbers of happenings here this afternoon bachelor Benny Parsons carpet. Expired so we get the vote to Dave Marcus but the honorary head ache today goes to Benny Parsons. About a Barney who would you give it to if you had a vote I guess you'd have to vote for two guys here this afternoon Dave Marcus as you said Roger hamburger and continues he's had as much bad luck this year as has Dave Marcus his car crashing earlier today and probably just about total to front end of that machine also. Ditto for me as well I think I'd give it to the kings in specialist Roger champion Steve Pfeiffer updating all of you on the report there has to be like old soldier during that. During the caution by being displayed for that actually went by for sale some sixty feet in the air and landed in a heavily populated area here at the end of pit road. Pfeiffer has been removed to the hospital with some bruises and gash over his side. And then the other fellow that was involved a photographer he is all right as well preliminary ports and confusions and some bruises on him as well so. No major problems on that accident and we all breed a very heavy sigh of relief duty that. Thirteen laps remaining this afternoon the Gabriel 400 we will get the green this time buy has the feel works down in front of Mike joy. And it's going to be just that party a thirteen to twelve lap trophy gassed the checkered I can't remember a race that we've covered here on a bar and were so many cars. Have been in such strong contention with so few laps to go but Buddy Baker continues to impress me with the way he's getting through the south end of the speedway. What was Simon guys world racing scoreboard may be a little bit delayed today if they have to develop some pictures before you can find out what the order of finish is. Who will give you that rundown as well as the results of around the world and the iiroc seven results for the NASCAR Winston cup grand national competitors. Later in this broadcast their nine cars lined up nose at Taylor in the lead lap getting ready to go back to green as they move over to turn three and Eli gold. And you talk about spending some good money to buy a seat to come CO race here in Michigan that might say the money was tortured mission because nobody's been sitting down everybody had nearly fifty or 60000 fans I'm sure on their feet. The pace cart tucks into the pit row automate problem. For a restart with the 188 down. As they come loose with twelve laps to go chip warm. And latching onto his former scale Yarborough. That's a bit of a surprise because jobs are often killed us last round of pit stop was not handling well all. It is Darrell Waltrip at third fail hard hearted forfeits Donnie Allison goes Saturday and heard our report position Bobby Allison have six penny is seven. Neil bought it they'd let me pot is not the the brunt two cars streak away from the field and date they do at this time kale Yarborough running second behind Buddy Baker makes absolutely no more right here these seemingly content of this talkative and run out the rest of those eleven laps until last lap move. Running third continues debate waltrip and Earnhardt running fourth running bet this Donnie Allison running XX this Bobby Allison seventh Richard Petty eight this mailbox. Like a foolish move this pack of traffic and you'll end up in ninth position here they come across this right like. Locked up nose to tail and try to put separation on the video. Down at third water. It's still Darrell Waltrip and third but he's. It's very hard runs fourth Donnie Allison has moved up the fifth and Bobby Allison slides back a bit. Richard Petty is a lot of the sixth position he'll bonnet is an eighth and there's probably about thirty colleagues separating first and eighth position it's that close. And let's drive everybody but male product sitting tight BO trying to make Obama's big drop relax I doubt if you wait time neighbor Bobby Allison. The Obama going to all sides further back to other Huey town moved. As Donnie Allison drops alongside Dale Earnhardt in the battle for our fourth and fifth possession off that ever for a corner quite maker shoulder the weight kale Yarborough the second. Earlier this afternoon it looked like it might be bloody lakers Donnie Allison pulling away from the field and now let's field job run Buddy Baker and Donnie trying to get somebody to pull off waited to catch the leaders. Donnie is scrambling but it's all alone in the low groovy underneath Richardson. Because they run perfect position but Donny and not from the bottom of the racetrack without help in the draft he slides back up in that drafted sixth spot. For a third through sex they are still single while try to catch the two leaders in the back too many polls wolf removed. As they try to Becker wrote Richard brought a luxury of always alongside Donnie Allison but that's drive it's still going to be single file. How often turn money punch card comes talking via our presents and as the leaders marked by erase traffic it's going to be a money maker look at the rearview mirror still kale Yarborough. How quickly the complexion of this Gabriel 400 can change baker is that the point but now it's kale Yarborough great feeling hot breath as the the front straightaway waltrip hasn't hurt her and our fourth Betty and them. Yarborough wanted to be up to car shootout and he had strayed not further that six inches off the rear bumper of Buddy Baker. They enjoy it ate garlic the margin up Walters. When we start then aren't aren't many Donnie Allison Neal a lot of stacked up in short order coming up return to commit this thing of course all afternoon long kale Yarborough has not the have to make many moves on Buddy Baker he's been job hunting with everybody else not so much quicker so we -- pessimistic what Cahill does that stop as they work through turn a break it's going to be identical groove they still split that turn right now the medalist margin two leaders are concerned. Further back in the pocket still got to pay Darrell Waltrip waiting Richard Petty Bonnie. And Donnie Allison off. It turns on the last lap Buddy Baker if you were running second where would you want to be as jackass that long bomber then that you can wait till last. Corner and I think dugout or. RP dropped five under. And then to make relate to our post quite a bit coming out of the corner and you can you can have him boy get their flag wrapped them around try to was deployed to make you move a knock down a back. Well down the backstretch as well they are right now with Ed eight laps to go working out seven laps to go this time by with Buddy Baker in front TL Yarborough second then 458. Carl links back now as Darrell Waltrip and third. Running fourth Richard Brody right trip Donnie Allison sex goes to bail bonnet seventh close to Dale Earnhardt. About eight ghost of Bobby Allison that's not going to be too wide of the battle for third place back to the line. Richard Petty trying to move up and ES TP Chevrolet dodge now. Inside the Donnie Allison comes down on real bottom of their forty for that third position at one horrible. In the bottom of the right back up and wanna Donnie Allison. Many middle alternative Neil none of them Mercury that's straight result on back in a position showing its strength near as many as well Carolina. Many get pitched to the bottom of the racetrack in turn sued when he comes on the second to. It might. What up Brett up right serious threat to credit runs and fired they Obama trying to plug on it goes on fourth. Now caught out of at Tropicana Earnhardt and waltrip. So Donnie Allison books then right now it's got a great deal Monica geology tries to take third place away from Richard Wright but also the short side. How Richard at least that's not a Pakistani side by side two cars that draft upfront then five to fight for 2%. For the third position. Just five minutes late guys back and forth door to door the leaders continue to flow away like Joseph Scarborough has not. Right now but in his third but it changes on every ten seconds. I'm Richard Manning was bad bonnet Donnie Allison is good until right along behind have been trying to. I'm not gonna is gonna try to make a move but they don't want to see it debate about five hours just to hold them off. Aircraft Darrell Waltrip he makes it three wide up the turn with Donnie Allison Dale Earnhardt. Right now the running water Richard Petty followed by a meal bar as they work third and fourth position. Fifth for Donnie Allison sex for waltrip seventh Bernhardt. Now all the displaced against the bill between. This money maker has. And right now and pulled away. From kale Yarborough but the battle is for third. Break down your return number one look back at third spot. Still kneel on it and I handle another Johnny Allen millions fifth as right on that he's bumper of the high crude bottom has quite the purely a Mercury on the bottom of the race. Isn't out of the draft heading we'll get third Donnie elephant has borne the bonnet back to fifth. I've been learned from 195 it's still gonna save money maker right now showing more and they fight whenever and whatever Kayla guy broke its gonna be bigger handling well download through turn number three and four he splits the turn going nowhere near as high as some of the other. Other race cars earlier this afternoon. That's right here in front running second at scale third a net tight battle still that's awesome product. Most aren't in the corner of that battle continues to be a hot one for the number three position as they move. A lot of my joy. And they are catching kale Yarborough for second Donnie Allison. Have to deal bottom looked up and at night trap they are really in the second place car. Now that you've kept lines of law the racetrack at turn two it's gonna drive up past sun bonnet that will break the draft but they continue to pull all your role here. Many running report. I stole money maker continues to sprint away from the rest of the pot meanwhile kale Yarborough has president's house donning out also. It loosely goes right by him not coming out drive to subsite some money maker. Earnhardt getting sideways in turns brave flurry regains control my slate but it does lose possessions off but ever for a corner. Dale Earnhardt Jackie almost put a ball into the wall there the rear of the car almost came around Donovan. Little room breathing room but it has allowed everybody to close up on the second place. My joy. Donnie Allison has moved around kill you are brought out taking have a lot of glamour back up to the field after pit stops but he has some. Twelve to fifteen colleagues behind Buddy Baker and his relapse another time robbing catch the leader. Its second guess Alison running third at Yarborough for this Neil bluntly are slightly in the first. Nobody banker that's got a picked up what we saw how well Donny Allison worked out the back straightaway off a bit long but so is the case a Buddy Baker. He continues to hold the first plane had problems not Darrell Waltrip has. Dave Ball tips radiate prior. Having problems a smoke comes out from behind the car spins around. It does the ball great sixty at top of the public road it's big appointed by ray's going to be I wanna turn one turn to let's go to Mike July. One car looks to me right warrant was seen at spotter rabbit come to a stop at the bottom of turn number two. Off the track and down on the apron back to the tower. Two spans in the waning laps. We Gabriel 400 with two laps to go and caution has been displayed the field I Walker's car spun between three and four. Narrowly being missed by some of the runners right behind him no contact on that machine. And another car that a. Spun off on the apron of the track it's sitting down and turned to the native can't dodge for Frank Warren and turned to look at the other machine Darrell Waltrip Gatorade machine in turn trade. I'll bear Jacqui we might mention wall to receive levs has great through turn to pit road. There's extensive tire Wear racing on the racetrack but a quick check shows no good spring had no fluids. So that might be a break every hope to get back to grade. Walker could have cut a tire going up to the turn of the three almost tied the wall of the white flag is about to come out. Along with a caution flag for leader bloody lakers so apparently this race will finish a precaution as Becker comes across this right and. Money maker would Donny Alice. Right rear bumper in frustration. There was a big gap if Allison was going to be able to catch Buddy Baker. I admire his car on the game would have turned to that is blocking the make your way into the strategy game by observe unease about a mile away from the checkered flag. Out of court you've got to feel good for the gentle giant out of Charlotte, North Carolina and it worked on the back. Donnie Allison miles along side. As evidently they look at each other and exchange a couple of words but meanwhile hasn't moneymaker early heading his way back to victory circle. Vick went for air here at Michigan has been quite an afternoon of racing. So what is it. Sweet victory or what looks to be sweet victory for Buddy Baker or Charlotte, North Carolina will turn out to be heartbreaking disappointment for the Hawaiian tropic efforts. Plus elegant sitting back and Wilmington, North Carolina listening to this race on the radio his car. Our looks like it will come home in second position. Caution is still display it's a coming across the strike Barney hall the checkered flag is out checked. Here flagged for Buddy Baker is second victory in the 1979. Winston cup season as he finishes ahead of Donnie Allison Taylor ER roll around. Alert me a lot of will finish fourth finishing fifth will be Richard Petty and six position right now looks like on the field go to Dale Earnhardt. The 1979. Gabriel 400 is history. And a winner is Buddy Baker. So a somewhat disappointing finish to what has to be one of the wildest races ever held at Michigan International Speedway Barney Buddy Baker is victorious over Donnie Allison. A rash of yellow fever in the late quarter of the race really put a lot of things by the boards we were really posting towards one of the most exciting photo finishes ever in NASCAR history. Well some 50000 fans plus this afternoon will always wonder if Buddy Baker could have been overhauled and beaten by the Donnie Allison kale Yarborough. Are some of the other drivers Stewart nose to tail with a here in the final laps but the race again finishing under caution. 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When Matt Howard Alden regards that drove anywhere wandered back to go up I could go download. I never agent and my groove from the first lap until right. No they and other rights I had to move around just a little bit but it would just to beautiful race car run good then it. Handle this play bad anybody air could've drove. Well I've felt that that but it Donnie Allison had come up through the pack after making that itself after the last caution look like he might have been gaining a little bit yeah thank you could ecology. Well you know it's easy to come through the pack when he got a lot of help process now they're bomb us now for anyone close enough left it past me twice during a day at Nintendo thing when he got there are so. Comment except to drop right. Let him I'm in my current just. I no one doubt in my life I had one had an advantage today. Well that's Buddy Baker a very confident winner here no doubt in his mom bought he would have been there at the end regardless of where they have been under caution or bringing. So again real 400 has finished under caution here at Michigan International Speedway and again it's Laker victorious over Donnie Allison kale Yarborough finishing third Neil lot of fourth Richard Petty fifth than Dale Earnhardt six positions the wildest and Woolley just preamble to the firecracker 400 and I've ever seen Barney all of they round like this on a two mile facility. Just think what it's going to be like when we get down there at 10 AM on Independence Day at Daytona Beach, Florida. The firecracker 400 ought to put the Daytona 500 to shame. Well just think they're gonna drop AJ for it right in the middle of the tin drivers that are running for the lead all here today so that's gonna spice things up considerably at Daytona. It also Kyle Petty making his debut in Winston cup grand national competition yet you talk about AJ Foyt. Of course he's the current leader in the United States auto club championship car division. But he takes an awful lot of ribbing from the Winston cup grand national competitors sometimes they say hey old man we can beach every time you come down here in the last word we got is that AJ Foyt. And Dick coaches sit in the crew their loaded for bear they wanna come down. And despite the fact that he is one Winston cup grand national events with pure later people and also what his own machine. I think this time the firecracker 400. With the pressure of the Indianapolis 500 behind him you can look for AJ for to really give these guys a spirited run for the cash that's up for grabs in Daytona. Boy it's tough anywhere he goes he's a two time winner of the firecracker 400 even going after his third when they go back down their July 4. It's time for the Simon eyes rolled racing scoreboard. Went crazy results from around America and abroad. Simon has wheel racing scoreboard is brought to you by. The Simon i.'s job. And there are signs that there are Simon eyes are on today's Simon honestly good. Simon I breeze soft heart she's Himalayas to get a great Simon eyes online. For today's report here's Jack guru. Well as we get into the middle of the summer months of racing here on the East Coast on the West Coast and all the way around the world it's hot and heavy be a late model sportsman modified. Or grand American Formula One you name it it's been going on all weekend here. And in the North Carolina State Jack Terry reports a lot of racing action for the Winston racing series in late model sportsman cars. The united foremost feeling if I need to. Live it to little knuckle championship event and proper consumer. Okay okay okay okay okay okay. Tonight passionate moment you know it was feeling. And most vulnerable next Saturday night action. First terrorist he really was also right in there and multiple from the beautiful powerful and it was good news. And even then move over and over has been we did you have to make it easy to manipulate the way. Actor Gordon put lemon I've been up there. In the state of Virginia there's also been a lot of Winston racing activity as well and RM RN correspondent there is skip potter. I try to evaluate tread on Southside speedway Morgan Shepherd take advantage of the late great angle between coming elephant killed. And the 100 lap kind of there for the wise could Portland series. College ball like twenty college back for a second flight would join me the next very day the boy eventually Ford's death. I'm glad I got action in Manhattan that the Romanian state like a sportsman national championship right. Jeanne Glover fired back from a two lap deficit at halftime we'll let glad laps from the finish. Won the Coca-Cola 200 there what was second honey haven't finished very build it put forward then Morgan Shepherd with a lap back in good position. Doing what people live for the way my whole sportsman cars last night little Langley speedway. Gosh believe that tracks like ain't gonna take a limited equipment champ won not only is our late model sportsman right. Well we'd want a live event the first Doral accredited Billy again and that I could dragons and about god they. Very Virginia for the kind of a cool way things scoreboard. In New Jersey new York and New England states they run an open wheeled type of car. Are for the Winston racing series it's the Mod Squad the minute live by the grace of god at 500 horsepower and John McMullen is our trackside correspondent there. We can't do Richie Evans good friend Jerry cook and I'm over all of claimed victory on the when we make him series with a lot of fight through this week. Olympia and we couldn't do these big great Wayne Anderson that that you made 35 lap feature. Leon and Heidi that's for the Stafford motor speedway and Stafford playing very good do you have as the fourth of his way to point out that even at this very clear. Very massive pileup on the laughed at you that would put down the backstretch and all seven cars run out and oh. Perfect setup brand name you dig up which was total. No we haven't moved up on the seventeenth starting position elite. Went and had good at any level. Then I'd have to brought back right at the end of the event black for the way he. Victory and a Bobby V camera guy but even the best Dave Robinson has become as big really welcomed the New York George can't grand jury cook. Hello and the only thing that they couldn't fire rapidly good cook enjoy. And an eight iron. And daddy and actually Hillary got beat Evans. That it could be that feature the Riverside park speedway enact automatic call it is out there and truck and then they'll slowly down thirteen. Good flag Evans who has found entirely behind. We're getting ready managerial embody okay completing the fire. Feel like I'm all related to his first win of the season in the very tight lap features. It is back for a second at a red I back out and get away Afghanistan. We put on the tangled up speedway and our legal mile. Island broadcasting live from the comic long reported. Here at Michigan International Speedway yesterday afternoon less richter in the rest of the crew along with Mike fell. And everybody that's involved in the international race of champions. Posted the first round the first qualifying round for NASCAR's Winston cup grand national competitors the drivers chosen to go at the post were deal but at Bobby Allison. Buddy Baker kale Yarborough Benny Parsons Darrell Waltrip Donnie Allison and Dale Earnhardt. And by the end of the race on the last lap it was or run to the wire for those great outstanding eight competitors. Cops. Well I don't really truly don't believe that we watched today. You racetrack I have to they're being pitched. And I feel every second I have this let's find strength to pull away. Bobby opposite the backstretch you go to visible but don't trip but it got video group that's here come to us. They got the inside the right car eight passes the art. This makes it all the least I wish they go. The made I don't accept a good chance. How good they said they feel about it. I taped it doesn't really start. Neil bonnet finished in front Bobby Allison was second Darrell Waltrip was third Buddy Baker was fourth those drivers will go on to the finals. A disappointing day for Caylee are broad finished in fifth position the rookie Dale Earnhardt grabs six sevenths to Benny Parsons at a fast trailing Donnie Allison limp culminate. The 100 miles was covered in an average speed of 151. Point 963 miles per hour and a Victory Lane Neil bonnet was jubilant to say the least. You can leave a block of hard chargers have a right back out if you have create a New Hampshire. They spread what you kind of waiting for the shooter from personal data put aluminum. It's over the silliest thing a ticket yeah we're doing that losing power but there's certain equipment. Here this afternoon the Gabriel 400 was hosted. And it Victory Lane the wind went to Buddy Baker who started in the third position in the spectrum formula 250 Oldsmobile. Checking it was a Chevrolet that this afternoon on the silver and silver numeral number 28 and Victory Lane the first manned agreed it was two time grand national champion Ned Jarrett that he offered his congratulations. On. At a powerball that a guard did drove anywhere warned that doctor go up I could go download. I never Raymond thank my groove from the first lap until Iraq. No they have otherwise I had to move around just a little bit but it would just to beautiful race car run good them that. Handle this play bad anybody air could've drove it. Well my belt that lipped out but Donnie Allison had come up through the pack after making that itself after the last caution look like he might have been gaining a little bit yeah thank you could talk she'd. Well you know it's easy to come through the fact when he got a lot of help us that now they're Obama thought they weren't close and how fast if past may to rise during the day and they didn't do a thing when he got there are so. Comment except to drop rabbi of am my my my car is just and I'm no one time in my life I had one of I had an advantage today. Baker indeed have the advantage would an average winning speed of 135 point 797 miles per hour Donnie Allison finished in second. Kale Yarborough and has Busch beer Oldsmobile finished in third Neil but at the purely to Mercury was fourth Richard Petty zesty. Rookie tailored our held out after a late race tangled to finish in a six positions seventh went to the Warner Debbie Hodgdon racing team with Bobby Allison at the controls. In eighth position one lap off the pace was the trucks more industry's Mercury for a Ricky Rudd former rookie of the year tie Scott finished in ninth spot the bear finder Chevrolet Ford Dick Brooks finished in tenth. Eleventh to Lennie pond twelve to Bill Elliott they Gatorade. Chevrolet. Darrell Waltrip having an engine expire with just two laps to go on the field finished a disappointing thirteen. Fourteenth to the belt and asphalt entry of JD nicked up week. Fifteenth spot went to buddy Arrington Jimmy means finished sixteenth the race hill farms entry for Harry Gant finished in seventeenth position John Kennedy was eighteenth. Nineteenth spot went to sandy says to cloak while in twentieth was James Hilton. Tko which finished 21 Frank Warren 22 Richard Childress is CRC chemicals car finished 23. 44 went to the belt and asphalt entry number nineteen for Bob Burch and 25 went to Terry about the 26 to the Shoney's Restaurant team of Dave Marcus. Ronnie Thomas finished 27 28 went to the David so as the entry in 29 position was. The kings in special that's being driven by Roger handy and relieving Camby was Steve Pfeiffer finishing thirtieth. Was the appliance we'll Chevrolet for Joseph Milliken 31 to Benny Parsons 32. Belongs to Paul fats in 33 finishing position was the sunny king forward. Both Tommy Gail and Elmo Langley teaming up in 34 position with bill green of Covington Kentucky. Finishing in 35 spot was gone over 42 Marty Robbins and 36 and final finishing position went to the old not a bill secret of our North Carolina. That's it for the Simon has world racing scoreboard today from Michigan International Speedway. Stay tuned M Moran for future editions of the Simon I was world racing score Rory. Brush do you fly the Simon I shine. And there are signs that there are cyber lies signs. He's Simon guys that wouldn't Simon live free soft and hard to use simple way is to get a break Simon eyes shot. Well Jackie wrote every week we say the same thing. How can they run the kind of race they keep running every race after race 1012 car drafts all day running knows to tail inches apart. And in the end of the same way again that they when they get to Daytona. Bremer back in February they're running thirty car drafts down there I guess we'll see the same thing on July the fourth the new pavement could really create some new questions to be answered in the heat of the July heat in the early morning hours of July 4 at 10 AM when they drop the green flag remember the last time these grand national competitors were there. But did not have to contend with the heat. The heat down at Daytona it's not toward its very comfortable but it could make for some very blistering race speech when we drop the green flag. For qualifying on Sunday. For the pole position on the outside pole in the firecracker 400 and ought to wanna miss and I'm sure you don't either well all roads will be leading the Daytona for the next Winston cup event in the firecracker 400 on July 4 along with almost a full week of speed activity special thanks to Mike K you filled in admirably today as our director here topside and also very special thanks to Ned Jarrett who covered the pits to Mike joy in turn one and also to Eli gold out of turn four. Parting next up for us pocono international raceway for the open wheel championship car division. Of course the USEC card controversy coming to a full boil but it's some real fine racing on that second jewel of the Indianapolis 500. Music 500 and then of course the California 500 for the United States auto club. Will all be there and are in broadcasting company will be on the air once again to bring you exciting lap by lap display coverage. Of that great racing event from the United States auto club. Well this is Barney hall and Jackie route saying so long from Michigan International Speedway. Tests from Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn Michigan this has got the Amara and broadcasting company was coverage of the Gabriel 400. The executive producer of MR and broadcasting is Jack a root. Associate producer Mike joy director of race relations buried orbit chief engineer Harry Howard. Today broadcast directed by John Coolidge salt personnel were employs over paid by the MR and broadcasting company. Stated most of these visions for the broadcast for the pocono use act music 500 next Sunday June 24 from pocono Pennsylvania. This broadcast of the Gabriel 400 NASCAR Winston cup grand national stock car race. It was a presentation of the MR and broadcasting company division of International Speedway corporation's. This has been an MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire right on our strength.