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2007 Kroger 200

Jul 20, 2017|

The 2007 Kroger 200 from Lucas Oil Speedway.

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This is MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength this is Ken Squier. Time now for MRN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing network actual race archives. Tonight the NASCAR Busch Series is ready for some good old fashion Saturday night short track racing. It's all under the lights pat O'Reilly raceway park in Indianapolis. O'Reilly raceway park. Paul why multi groove bull ring no encourage great side by side action and that's guaranteed to make the sparks fly. Don't want to wait I thought. Side by side we'll we'll back into turnover rate raceway hard turns winners into champions. In this decade alone five times the winner or an old RB has gone on to capture the NASCAR Busch Series title by James season. Truex victor's beautiful. Harvick may bold. Turn the trick Kevin Harvick for the fifth time this season Williams on the NASCAR Busch Series will ever happen again in 2007. He's back. Side by side and right lane and burglary and wheels to wheels up scramble is not what's wrong why he's saying agenda then America. And NASCAR we gave Indianapolis continues tonight. Liar from O'Reilly raceway park fits the NASCAR Busch Series Kroger 200 exclusively. A motor racing network. You're more leeway do your own reasons. NASCAR today sponsored by mechanics where. Open Masco. I was just yesterday but indeed there was some. 26 years ago when the NASCAR Busch Series first ran here at this framed racetrack outside of Indianapolis Indiana. Tonight it is yet another renewal for the NASCAR Busch Series at the track now known as O'Reilly. Raceway park hi everybody I'm Eli gold Kurt Becker is alongside. The AMR and crew on hand for what is always one of those events that everybody seems to circle on their calendars. Back to one this short track routes tonight curt here at O'Reilly raceway park. As a result that means that we're going to be talking about a lot of beaten and banging and cushion and Shelvin and written in gal Janet. It's going to be one whale to show if the past is any indication the night Eli were in for quite a treat. Let's talk about some of the keys to the race here and in particular if you hope to win a this track is difficult because you run right at the top of the limited banking. Not around the bottom like you do at most tracks or maybe your short track at home this is a tough place to get around tough place at which to pass. And if you're off just a little bit here. Well let's cut all right Darlington to confine yourself giving laughed before you know it. And that's why it's so important to make sure that the car is able to get off the quarters well because we see a lot of passing at the exit of turn two and at the exit of turn four. And you've got to be mentally tough there's chances are there be a lot of cautions tonight track positions important pit strategies important got to be know to be patient and went to be aggressive. The track here at O'Reilly raceway park is slippery you dyeing event lol you do off four wheel slide through the corner. And and hope we don't slap the wall before you get the car going straight again so. Those are just some of the keys to this evening's race brought to you by BF Goodrich tires on the street or off the beaten path. BF Goodrich tires help you take control in any driving situation. When we come back we're going to begin taking you through the field of drivers who have qualified for this event. With a purse or better than a million dollars on the line we do have as per usual a number of Busch Series regulars. Joined by a squadron of NASCAR Nextel cup series stars. Who are just helicoptered in from their duties over at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where qualifying is winding down. Unlike the rain that we have to deal with here at O'Reilly raceway park at night at gulf it is a beautiful warm day here in Indianapolis today. And will be going green shortly under ideal conditions if your attendant to bite your listening on one of 285. Stations. And 41 states across the country taking our coverage of the Kroger 200. Answers are getting ready to run the NASCAR Busch Series Kroger 200 here tonight let's go trackside. And hear from some of the drivers in tonight's race let's start with the man who starts on the Busch pole Eric Albert Rolla came here one year ago. He qualified very well but he got swept up in an accident and finish back in the 38 position. Jason toy of barbour's bill West Virginia standing by with Eric and Jason how about a what are his chances to keep that vehicle at the front of the field tonight. Los fourth career Busch pole 23 career Busch Series races for her camera also the percentage to start to reckon pretty well and that's a good place you can get around to qualify well it's also hard place to stay up front what's it gonna take for you guys tonight. I just I give our car turned it all night this place is really bad when an ally in the sun goes down you get really tight and meant also. Com hopefully just keep our guard turned it all night and stay ahead attract and com article they are right. A pit strategy doesn't look that's all that's on the entrance side of things have been turned three does that help you guys who's gonna hurt down the route. I'm not sure united and here higher fees are different everywhere else de. They pick hits based on high qualified the week before non Chinese qualify here so. You know I assure as sure live in Austin even the end pit stall number one but. We'll take slowly gotten. You make the best that there are no moral or delete them down to the green flag. Here at a war the now when qualifying was held earlier this afternoon here at O'Reilly raceway park. A number of the NASCAR Nextel cup series drivers who are competing here this evening. We're still over at the big track the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where. They too were in the middle of bud pole qualifying. One of those drivers has made it here. But instead of starting in second spot the way the car qualify this gonna have to be a change Alexei men is that story new. Grew up in the state of Indiana now makes his home in gold bar on North Carolina. And David Reagan down here Erik Darnell did a great job of qualifying car practice and it. How difficult is it going to be to jump in a race car that you haven't had any seat time in geared RP today well hopefully air cannot aghast that a good job it sure looks like it did a good job on the outside but Delaware avenue and a great town where just happy to be here discount to our board let's ask that. They're that a lot of need only from a high. I would say that is Eric Al groh comes up covers the microphone that. Get ready go across the state will let David Reagan go he's got to go get introduced to the crowd series there rave bass this rickety contenders got some things to take care of up on the stage. And that's understandable so why not get a war with the driver who will start. From these third position here tonight now that driver would be Ron Hornaday if you joined us. Last night on many of these same MRN affiliate stations you heard Ron Hornaday go to Victory Lane in the power stroke diesel 200 for the NASCAR craftsman truck series Preston route. What are chances here tonight. Welker or check in with Ron Hornaday off. Take away from the track last night out our strong wind here in the truck series Ron Hornaday what do you take away last night in the truck series and bring in tonight for the NASCAR Busch Series. Are you really don't these these guys. You know Wally Rogers and everybody on the Dollar General Chevrolet is as awesome and I you know it just attracted a large not last night again and just the average car will move on the bottom and Enron on the top and then. And just make the thing works are long long and it does look down hard today and it it seemed to Bjork right. You know fellow competitors on me to pass an MR and radio the fans wanna know are you gonna tell us how do you pull off those incredible restarts like last night. The last I wanna look really good job I got about giving it an axe it's army side to get it points straight itself. I got to take credit for that it's not last night. But. Not. And just vintage anticipation with the guys do on Friday in it seems that work out my favors a couple times and not. Our guys don't know that you're going to dig it up to speed on the front straightaway. Gravity there isn't usually down for us right around forty monarch partners are just going to turn one a little harder and had a got. Who would've thought we would have heard that from Ron Hornaday excellent race starter expect more of that tonight his eighth start tonight O'Reilly raceway park while a win in the book tonight he'll start third. Already been a busy week for him because Ron along with many other drivers tested at the Bristol Motor Speedway earlier in the week -- tested his craftsman truck series vehicle there. As we are just about thirty minutes away from the green flag here at O'Reilly raceway park. One guy and always figured out how to get around ORP has a lot of laps here over the years including was a victory last year in the American speed association racing here that is Kelly buyers see as the armor all Ford starting in fourth spot tonight Jason. Another one of those young guys with tons of experience here. Gay does have plans to on the experience and gets a corset Rudolph and call final run earlier today in a lot of time to distract for the future action actually got a lot of seats I meant. How much like complain of and it's great at night. Well of them got a ton but he gets here racism in my belt you wound up fifteen health lengthy car and one now lashing affiliate mile definitely helped them these places with them then to my we're. Second quicker Italy and first practice so. I guess get a great garnered great ballplayer and a third if we get to move up one roasts are not acceptable so Feeley got guilt and left and the man. What are the thing about the about this racetrack you get in the lap traffic really quickly how important is spotter going to be for you guys tonight. A very it's it's tough to pass here and infopath slot Garcia. Have to get about final option to Asia for much final overs. It's butter. Good crew chief pit bull team pinnacle team effort we look forward to it. He talks about Gaza the Delhi has crew chief that's Kelly buyers are roll off fourth. Jason left blur of Long Beach, California is one of the hottest drivers this summer the NASCAR Busch Series has based on the fact he is climbed. From 22 all the way into the top five in the championship point standings over these past several weeks he is starting from the fifth spot here tonight. And Alex Hayden when it comes to experience here at ORP. It doesn't get much better than Jason left. I'm not at all Kurt matter of fact back in the year 2000 Jason. Set the track record continues to hold the track record for the U sex over crown cars and just so happens to be the same year he qualified for the Indianapolis 500 so. ORP at Indianapolis Jason multiple lines you can run here which is the best. What everyone's order for your race car that night that's the greatest thing about coming here are the higher you guys don't call it. You never know what you gonna get it track conditions changes from night from weekend to weekend and we straits airlock USEC you never know you're gay just got to move around. Comment the corners are wide enough pretty decent pass and enough he some get old slide jobs so they don't that is I'm too much stock car race and you're gonna see if you tonight. So how much is this tracked on a change from practice and qualifying this afternoon in the heat of the day to racing under the lights. Yeah I don't oddly it's gonna change a whole lot of use Steve let down around so account race Thursday in Nam. Buzz can meet its six are on the Poland. And listen my car for the nighttime envoy it was Lee's not backed debt so. We do it we're little tete hesitant at least in this thing effort tonight to see what we gap that's Jason left learn yes so you sex silver crown cars much different than a NASCAR Busch Series car. But it's experience nonetheless and he just said he learned some from Thursday night's race. I'm a man who knows his way around O'Reilly raceway park is Carl Edwards. Obviously the big story for him this year has been the fact that he is leading NASCAR Busch Series point standings he is up by 800. And 52 point seemingly an insurmountable lead over David Ruder and he already has four wins on the year but all of that talk was pushed aside this week. After it was announced that Karl had dislocated his thumb last weekend in a dirt race in Greenwood Nebraska. And that is something that has really gotten everybody took talking because he does have a wrap on his hand hurt Becker but at the same time. He is not to is saying it's enough to keep him out of the car. Via here nor being at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway so. Those are the story lines at Carl Edwards is dealing web. Downstairs. He is getting himself false set as is everybody else 21 races already this year he's led fourteen of them. And his championship points lead despite the fact. It is over 800 tallies that's how big that cushion is for Carl Edwards he hasn't backed off a bit Eli because last week in the series was in Saint Louis. He had a situation they have some tough luck on the track and he could have ended up Bakken twentieth position or or even worsen. He just absolutely drove fast and furious to work his way to the field that might somehow ended up coming home in the sixth position. But while he was over at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today Travis score awful. Qualifier of the car in eighth spot Preston route. Is standing by with Karl well Eli is reported as about a week ago Nebraska short track race and right hand right thumb we established the fact that it's not gonna keep he had the car obviously tonight wanna check in with you how's it fueled up. It's you know they tell me as long as I keep an imposition and don't pull out again ill hill finds itself reveals. It's just not popped out towards some some stuff and Aaron that's. That they've made sure I knew it no matter what do not to race without that brace on you know where the whole time so. Yeah I don't win it that Carson begin tonight you know Travis said it was pretty fast and things been going over over the brick are going really well also very excited Beers and a fun race. O'Reilly raceway park short track racing in general but especially here at O'Reilly it's a little bit science a low but walked on the set up what does Travis told you about how that. Car feels and in which is more of a locker science. Well. I don't know there's a lot of science but any time you're you're finishing a race and taking the checkered flag at a 120 laps on the tires or you know whatever this last fewer runs going to be. I mean he can't he can't be that practices specially candidate here in the daytime and find out how to sings and handle at night so. Little bit yielded a science a little bit of looted LT k's got the red hair tonight he's been science in on the saying a lot I see one good little scrape on right rear so. It looks pretty fast they never enough. Carl Edwards sits on the wallet O'Reilly raceway park brace in hand for that right thumb that was injured last week. Carl Edwards he starts eight tonight looking for his first win in O'Reilly raceway park and you heard Carl mentioned Pierre that is Pierre could tell his crew chief and Carl Edwards thirteen wins and he's NASCAR Busch Series career only to have come on short tracks one of those however was earlier this year. At Bristol let's go back trackside first adjacent hole. All Jason Keller is the eleven million dollar man after this week in two time winner here at the war. Well off you know as is testament to this act Kleenex I east team enough or fast race car at the to need to bounce and you qualify on the attack. In ally faces different night and now hopefully to get I'd miss Jason Keller will loft thirteen thousand. Morgan Shepherd is this new one of the seniors on the NASCAR Busch Series three time winner he's the all time NASCAR Busch Series when aired Indianapolis. At O'Reilly raceway park Morgan how much is this place changed over the years. None this the same as it was up 26 years ago when I come here and won my first tourists and just a great role racetrack where you run. You run slam against a wall or hard pitch car work in war coma on the bottom either way. Morgan Shepherd as he says his first win here 26 years ago his last win in 198819. Years ago. He certainly ready to race a roll off 33 tonight now the other side of that spectrum here's Preston root indeed Alex from the most senior to the most junior first. Start here in the NASCAR craftsman trucks are a couple other starts here in obvious a series but a landing castle. How's it feel to be race and it ended. It's just an honor to be racing and motor sports in the National Guard and it's really excited to work with this team there. All right landing castles in the Roloff tonight. Back in the field just a little bit but a solid qualifying effort put them to 43 on the grid they'll start on the inside of row twelve women Cassel beat teen year old first start in the truck series tonight at Indy. And he of course is also a driver who had an opportunity to learn from one of a very bash David Green. The former NASCAR Busch Series champion is serving as a driver coach for Landon castle they were together. A week ago a gateway international raceway for the first time. And that association continues here tonight so we have talked to a number of the drivers some will be starting up front some who'll be starting in the rear many who have had tons of laps here. Other issue are rookies here. This is a race that is always one of the most well attended. And again tonight we look all around us six tenths of a mile lay out. There is not a spot open in the grandstands as the fans of again responded as NASCAR week continues. In Indianapolis. Now let's go track side for the resumption of pre race activities. But delivering tonight in location marker right sir at the Christian church in carnal. That's great friends I dear heavenly father thank you for this great opportunity once again got a blast at the Kroger 200. Lord tonight we pause for a moment to ask your continued protection over our service personnel as they protect us and the freedoms that we so greatly enjoyed. Sports not we also ask you to watch over our drivers calm their nerves and guide them as you guide each Abbas and lord may the sound of these engines in the trading of paint and the roar of this great crowds be it joyful noise unto you. And finally lord. Let these good old boys did it on it Jesus name I pray. And then. You're just seeing how our National Anthem. What address music's most highly acclaimed and popular entertainers rounder recording artist and seven time national bluegrass music association. Female vocalist of the year. Rhonda Vincent. Owns. It and came and views. And. In the line is men do you know. Moon really bad. And a bit slow. It's lands. Green. Whose broad street banks and Bryant still. This move. Ahead moon. It's. Blue lagoon. Sunni who. I'm just were so again. It leaves you mean. A. Not Blair's name. Yeah and we're. Luke. And then out of Atlanta who earns do you moon. And well moves saying it does vast. This bangs look the bill. Then and do. Full moon moon man. A bit there. Read. One of them send with the singing of our national landfill model overhead helicopters in the eighth battalion. 229. Helicopter regiment. But on an air show and most impressive it is here at the O'Reilly raceway park and Indianapolis. Everybody loves coming back to the short track Kurt. And if you're looking for a traditional mid western atmosphere it is absolutely. It is typified here at O'Reilly raceway park you've got the track bordered by the cornfields in the bean field he got the race fans on the hillside overlooking turn one and what is about set to go racing. Not only have drivers looked up to this racetrack over the years heck even the NASCAR Busch Series director Joe Brown rushed. Is a native of hole Bart Indiana grew up watching races here at what was then called Indianapolis raceway park. Right now and offer a must let's fire these engines and go racing as we head trackside. Isn't it a little lip out or may end here Crabtree crib area manager. For the market area. Well in and around that whole thing. And just fire me but how. Why the battle as far as tonight. 400 labs in the Kroger 200. I know from the starting lineup. Brought to you by the white glare makers of Wrangler jeans company on new generation over. 43 drivers making the greens tonight Jason white will be starting shotgun on the field and is not Joseph gold 43. Forty seconds his beat quick cash goal making his debut a young driver who runs regularly and heavily North Carolina. Mike Carman of Birmingham court Alabama will start 41. Fortieth will be Robert Richardson junior and his Chevrolet starting 39 will be Brad teach driving a Ford Brett Rowe and hit several labels start from. 38 Gary ball rolls up 37 cat that we able to Chevrolet Craig Pryor was far from 36. Eric McClure is the 35 starter both driving southeast and then DJ Pennington will start from the 34 division. The 33 starter Morgan Shepherd three time winner here he drives a dodge. Kyle bristled off rookie driver starting 32 at the wheel before to. Had video when driving a Chevrolet starts thirty per. Going into thirtieth Kevin Hamlin mentions god Josh why. We'll start to die June 29 spot on the court BA starter Bobby Hamilton junior and 27 there's Richard John. When he sixth starter Brian cavs allowed. While Steve Wallace will start 25. 44 Marcus Ambrose. When he heard it go. Landon capsule. Michael lynch who actually told us earlier today will be driving for Dave played in the Toyota. We'll be starting twenty seconds. I've Brad Sherman's march 21 at twentieth starter Bobby east already a winner here this weekend you Zach silver crown competition starting nineteenth and Mike Wallace K okay all rolled off the eighteenth. Tim McCready is tonight seventeenth starter. Scott Weber will start sixteenth. Brad Keselowski will start from the fifteenth spot. JJ Daly rolled off fourteenth Jason Keller will start from the thirteenth position that twelfth starter Scott legacy and Shelby Howard will start eleventh. Now the top ten in the 3M Ford for Greg Biffle going to end rookie Brad Coleman has the Marino's Italian grill Chevrolet starting your money. Hate starter will be Carl Edwards got the DISH Network Ford Steven Y eight starts seven the city's financial boards. Those six starters David Rubin the aaron's dream machine Toyota Mark Green set about fat wallet by the forum earlier today. The fifth starter will be Jason left where that's the great clips Toyota sports Kelly buyers driving the armor all boys. Third starter last night and were in the craftsman truck series Ron Hornaday junior but the Dollar General Chevrolet. Second starter. Hold up a man who came over from the big track David Reagan after the car was set up by Erik Darnell. Discount tire sports starts second. American home a whole lot out of the Rockwell automotive Chevrolet he will be in the pole position starting. Given the number one spot with a speed of 109. Point 853 miles an hour and a note. The track qualifying record that was set by David Greenway back in 1909 before. Continues to still stand up to this day. Drivers sure here but did not qualify only one of those Mike potter. One other note to pass along Eli regarding the starting lineup as the field has yet to roll off the pit lane still sitting idle behind the safety truck. If you tuned in last night he heard this mentioned debt. Mike Skinner who had qualified on the pole. He elected to start in the outside lane of the racetrack as that is typically where the preferred group lies here after a war Heath. This evening however Eric Elmer roller who starts from the Busch pole. People go ahead and start from the inside lane as is traditionally the case. Just some of the drivers made some additional unapproved changes to their race cars and as a result they're moving. To the back of the field an engine change on Kevin Hamlin is Texaco Havilland dodge so he will go from thirtieth starting spot to the back of the field. Some unapproved adjustments on the Morgan Shepherd car field goal from 33 to the rear of the field. I'm Bret role missing the driver's meeting he will drop from 38 also back to the tail end of the field as everybody else now. Get set to slowly pull off the pit lane and form up for the start of the Kroger 200. Only take a swing now around the racetrack and bring him a final member of our broadcast group. This swing around a track brought to you by Geico auto insurance fifteen minutes could save 15%. On car insurance just called the right goal at 180947. Ought so. Or visit us online event Skype code dot com. From killing leaked Connecticut high atop face scissor lift truck outside of the entrance of turn number three Kyle Rickie with the bird's eye view of all are very. Thank you very much Eli and good evening everybody racing at O'Reilly raceway park in Indianapolis is a throwback to what we used to see in the NASCAR Busch Series nearly every week when these cars first came here in 1982 headed for a short five days of a mile short track that has traditionally proven to be one of the racy his tracks that we go to all season long. The straightaway here at all RPR just 699. Feet. Along with turned bank. At seven and a half degrees. It does not sound like a lot but the way around the way this track is. Laid out is enough to produce side by side racing all night long with the outside lane the preferred the the preferred way around in many instances. Now we are at a short track and even with its new full grooves there's still little room for error so expect some contact mixed in the back great side by side racing. Should make for exciting night and I'll have all the short track shenanigans covered from a platform. Elevated some thirty feet in the air just to the outside of turn 3 here this evening for Kyle had a lot to talk about last night of the NASCAR craftsman truck series race. Nine cautions for 49 laps last night and Eli between the caution and the fact that this is a quick. Race if you get behind here have problems early on yet if it happens early in the race he might have a certain amount of time to catch up but things happen here awfully quickly and they finish fast. They do this thing is over before you know what fought with the all those caution you talked about. Both of you might not have been here with us back in 1985. I hasten to point out about race was run caution free. Jimmy Hensley got the win after starting second time that racist rant without a single caution. Meanwhile everybody now taken their pace laps there are some jet dryers out there not to drive the track. As was the case last night produced to blow some extraneous debris from the racing surface. Downstairs. Carl edwards' crew chief Pierre can tell standing by with. Jason joy as he surveys. The situation and knows that he's having a huge point lead coming into this race Jason. And one of the things for dear dear Keith Ellison is it didn't follow awards here from his crew we don't fuel strategy as well and you guys at the points lead but you gotta go to the back door to define what that did the strategy for tonight's race for you guys. Oh pretty good work on the car we need to the first part of the race so. Well again be a deal are you get to about lap seven here so and they're never as his staff now points Overton keep working on here early in the race. We hear about rally caps that was the red pairs tournament. That's deal out of my life going on there are some of twinkies have done. That's fear you felt he is that Eli you know a lot of this is real little older he didn't have it great here come in and fears got a lot of that but he's got it blown up red. Right read here tonight and of course a little thing in woman life. So that's the word from then on the pit lane right now the field continues to work their way around this. Six tenths of a mile hole rain to moral laps will come under the green fly to get the Kroger 200 under way here this evening. You look back at some of the great races that have been held here over the years. Remember when Shane meal and Brian Vickers put on my great side by side battle here in 2003. It is a battle that. Folks are still talking about to this very day. But overall you never know what's gonna work here but one thing that is guaranteed to work you have to be able to turn in the corners of jobs. Routine of sounds simple but it really isn't that good years matter of fact Jason Keller. Who comes into this event now. Just six races shy of the all time record for most starts. In the history of this NASCAR Busch Series he and I were talking today and I asked him very simply what a man is good here. Where does he beat everybody and making it. And it's not all you can argue that the defense related got a good product you made your download and then. I want obviously my dad so much sort of item while how often do and all of course. Canada got mega market are now I'm not moving in that vacuumed I think they'll back. And devious 411. Career Busch Series start tonight's second only to Tommy Houston series record. Of 472. In career victories two of them coming here for Jason. Are tonight's broadcast that the Kroger 200 is brought to you under exclusive radio rights granted by O'Reilly raceway park at Indianapolis do MRN radio solely for the private noncommercial use or listening audience. Any publication reproduction or other use of the description and accounts of this event without the express written consent of MR and radio is prohibited. Now we're getting set to go now has the field forms up to bite to getting set for the start in front of Kyle Ricky Eric Alva roll it to the inside Kelly buyers up high heels. Getting set for the green flag lined up 43 strong looking. For the start here Malarkey here comes the field now out of turn number four the safety truck hit the pit lane for the start of the Kroger 200 at. Here is Eli gold. Here they come through the gearbox in a pickup in the speed with one team sitting on the pit lane at Sarah count Motorola would take the top spot and tries to pull away from a car like they'll do just that fire -- like over Kelly buyers in second Ron Hornaday won't fault the third Greg Biffle first side by side racing. Everybody stays in a straight line off turn number four the battle for second continues network Kelly fired plant the thought Ron Hornaday try to take away in the battle for second. That's with a contact was no laugh they go Kelly buyers and that Al fireplace hangs onto the second. The victim Ron Hornaday was that his inside Stewart's life. Plus Brad Coleman now looks to be inside trying to make a move on cable Gail they're battling for the eighth spot working side by side. Brad he gives up the pit lane and Mike Harmon has been on the pit lane now Motorola pulling away with the lead. Off the corner he gets pulled away by some eight car lengths over Kelly buyers who hangs on the second spot. Ron Hornaday still right there in his inside this. Why don't turn. Or four years left where all the way down the bottom of turn number four now everything shuffles out double wide fired the second quarter native third. Left blur after that blew up the fullback in the fourth. That is Greg Biffle and active physicians got behind Jason Loeffler also Scott why it didn't make had a great five car battle. But the second spot what Mike Kelly flyers rallied six. While nova field now settles for a moment that is until Brad Coleman again. Dives to the inside. Kenny make it stick down wolf conventional wisdom says no and it won't work you lose one spot. May lose another position McCalebb gala one hail hail goes around in the hours finally the pick up the position on rat hole for the. It now goes to the outside of my list that the side by side battle just outside of the. When cars meanwhile on the racetrack Mike Harmon being shown on the black flag. Half the field comes back across the line now here comes the battle for the third position to start to go side by side back in turn to Ron Hornaday and now finally taste of what we're now looking to the bottom to what sport they. They on the bottom of the few laps to go Kelly flyers. He's lost about five college suppliers. What works as Steven right now continues to work be outside of the racetrack. He tries to hold off a challenge down low but sliding through the corner there's Mike Bliss so he'll grab the spot with a good battle a couple of great battles. Just ahead of them Greg Biffle to the inside off of the mortified Scott why Agassi junior that's the battle for the fifth. This is a single lap biffle has for further rough. That's battle for third fifth. That's that battle go side by side for the third position it's Hornaday to the high side of and left flirt. Racing down low we told you Mike Hartmann had received the black flag he hit it before the green flag to start tonight's race. That's a no no he has since answered the black flag and reported now the pit lane now returned to the racetrack. Eric Alva Rowling is the race leader but we are only seven laps in. Do drivers have come off the racetrack and on the pit lane one of those is there hope the other is Mike Harmon. For Mike Harmon the 49 year old driver of forming port Alabama it's been a tough start tonight's race we told you about the black flag earlier for pitting before the green flag. Then when he answered the black flag and came back up the pit lane he was too fast exiting pit road so once again it was a pass through penalty this time for Mike Harmon. He now returns the racetrack Eric album rolled as the leader Kelly buyers the second Ron Hornaday third Jason left we're fourth Greg Biffle was fifth. Only eleven laps complete from the O'Reilly raceway park in Indianapolis this is MRN radio the voice of NASCAR. The racetrack to the road home fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust and hope go to veto fueling keeps you going second campus and I 'cause field going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR's sonoco BS and so race. Yeah. Keep your windows please see clearer with god bless cleaner right now it O'Reilly auto pars by one bottle of young glass cleaner and get one free. Guns high performance and greedy and clean glass and hard surfaces without leaving a film residue. God bless leader by one get for free at O'Reilly auto parts that are Bard's better prices every day. Restrictions apply see store for details. Mubarak's. Citywide to countryside. Whatever you drive wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection and industry leading wore Tina gets you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more visit Hercules tired dot com a Hercules tires and ride on our strength. Back with you at Indianapolis where earlier tonight we heard from eighteen year old driver Landon Cassel who makes his second career start in the NASCAR Busch Series driving for Hendrick motor sports but. Eli unfortunately for him he's just brought out the first caution. He did will have to take a look at the replay again Steven Wallace was right there behind him. And it was difficult to tell at first blush whether Wallace might have helped him along or whether castle just found himself over driving the corner. Which can happen very very easily here. And that way he spotted around but either way council. Brings up the first caution flag of the evening on lap number fourteen the pit lane is open and Ron Hornaday is going to be one of the only takers here. As the silver yellow black and white machine. With a already a big old doled out on the right side of the car isn't for service. The plan in his car's already tight that women make it doesn't Ron Hornaday didn't wanna take the chance of having a ball for the back of the field and then make the adjustment team needs just about the use all the problems. Is landing castles and working out a payment on that left Ron. He kind of can't take the bull but also in Scott swimmers Jenny as heavy damage on the left front as well right behind the left front wheel. And in front of the driver's window they're gonna pull back make sure that having any contact at all on these tires a lot of damage here early on for these guys on the German in the pit road. So those drivers that Jason told you about a reported the pit lane and against some of the drivers picking up damage early and reporting down pit road include Ron Hornaday winner here last night the NASCAR craftsman truck series. And you heard Scott swimmers name mentioned he has been runner up on two occasions this year in the NASCAR Busch. Series right now sixteen laps on the board as we are working the first caution flag of the evening Landon castle. The young eighteen year old drive for Hendrick Motorsports. Getting into turn one and two and again very difficult to tell in close quarters racing. Whether he was helped around by Steve Wallace who was right behind them or whether he did indeed overdrive that corner. The beneficiary was Jason white he had gone a lap down you'll get a lap back here. As the first driver a lap down IMAP support if you're not familiar with NASCAR threw the first driver. A lap down when a caution comes out you're able to come around get her lap back and after doing show. He comes down the pit lane for service at lap number six team so we're about set to go back to Greenfield gets the one to go signal. From Kevin moss don't forget coming up next week one week from today of these same team this. Not the same drivers necessarily about these same teams will be in Montreal Quebec Canada. The circuit Jill hill moved. First time the NASCAR Busch Series goes to the province of Quebec to run on the road course there on an island that sits in the middle of the saint Lawrence river. And we will have that coverage for you next Saturday. I say these teams will be here but as you always see on the road races a lot of road course specialist if you ringers if you will. We'll be coming in replacing some of the regular drivers has now Hornaday is back in first service yet again at somebody's found. There's a crew member who was just hit in front of Ron Hornaday ish car let's check in quickly with Jason toy. Now one of the crew members one around was hit by Richard Johnson's he was going out with didn't course one day. Haven't come back the end of repaired damage on the left front that take up the right side tires the crew members still now does he was. Taken attire Kerry entire round on the left front. And write the same time Richard Johnson came in and make contact. Richard John just pulled away we'll continue to monitor that situation but the restart gets us back to green flag competition here. And it's Eric Alva roll up who continues as the leader meanwhile on pit road some fire. And Mitt he had mash. Helpers medical crews have converged on pit road this is not behind the wall this is on the pit lane itself. Tending to the fallen crew member from the Ron Hornaday team. We remain under green Eric alma role of the race leader off turn two and he's been able to get. Way by about five car lengths over the battle for second Kelly wiretap. Potatoes. I does so again offer sports here comes left where now he starts to work his way up off the bottom of turn number four tries to draw alongside of Kelly buyers. Still can't make the fast but here comes left over again racing up to the inside side by side off of turn over to Kelly buyers to the outside lane Jason Blackwood at the bottom and that's what the preferred line into alleys for Jason left where he's able to pick up the supply and now we're trying closer. Jason joy I see that the crew member is now back behind the wall give us an update down there in the Hornaday credit data from every mistake modern one around eleven wanna miss that. Went up and make contact with the cars he went up in the air flip around. Have a little little ball on this note he was able walked back though back over the wall but with a noticeable limp on the right side to EMS workers were working with a right now we can't thank you dead. Get up and walk back away on its own power very very good to hear that it was a scary looking machine down bears they tended to Jake router right there. On the pit lane. Meanwhile working under green left number 22. Eric how Motorola is the race leader had to begin early Ares pulled away this time from Jason left cooler by about eight or ten maybe twelve car. Like stand up we're able to break away from a battle for third at. Take off between Kelly buyers can fly list nearly side by side that's also take a moment document that Ron Hornaday. Can't go on you lap down in fact he is one left almost two laps down tough race leader Eric Alva Roland just about a dozen car lengths behind in the leaders are on the backstretch Eric Balmoral just within a few calling to ask you mentioned and catching model Hornaday junior put into lab found the battle for third fifty. Between Kelly buyers and Mike Bliss and also a great battle between. All of that traveling going on three and a third second behind Derek now Motorola has Skiles said that battle for eighth ninth tenth spot Brad Coleman is there. Jim McGreevey running the eleventh spot and Bobby east running in twelfth position one of the good battles on the racetrack now is having to turn three the up paddles back up side by side of the OK okay now tied. And why what sports cars lined up behind them. Here comes all that traffic working back up off turn number four Stephen liked the high side. And here comes a challenge down his inside Jason Keller now has to get back into line back in turn two got to look at the outside now we'll look at the inside of season. His life behind them here's the McCready got the inside all of these Brad Coleman part that's. Battle for the tenth position and side by side. Alpine snow also is really hooked up right now. Mike Bliss she's really make him some hay and he's posted on Kelly buyers again in turn number one trying to make a pass on him the third batter as the battle for the the third position off the corner like let's have look at the end. Inside Kelly buyers. People hang on for that position as they raced side by side that is allowing ranked fifth. Simple as close to within just a few colleagues he writes and says here's biffle now he works the middle group coming off turn number four further ahead of him here is fire and a third position. And Mike Bliss closing in again try to get a good spot to take away third Mike Bliss is there but as having a tough time utilizing that. Sideways Kelly buyers but nothing else. Sap momentum built up and continues to hang on about thirty spots let's try this sport here comes Greg Biffle he's fifth and riding on Fallon Jim McGreevey now on the move he's got ten spot wants to grab ninth away from Stephen light. He works well going into the corners but doesn't seem to have the Obama straightaway as he's being held at bay now back in the corner they worked one into the battle for ninth. Let's see how much Cranium might get off the turns. And McGrady had that Camping World Chevrolet hooked up BS have for race cars in the last five laps and that is looking for more find a real. Hear him all that traffic now working off. A turn number four let's correct one thing that we said earlier. We had set Ron Hornaday with a lap down nearly two that's not correct he's actually on the tail end of the lead lap in danger of going a lap down if he's just had a great leader Eric Alva Rowland now alma Rolla. Has been very strong so far he has advantage is one the full second over Jason left learned second. Then you've got Kelly buyers and third Mike Bliss this fourth Greg Biffle was fifth the leaders back in turn two as they race. And around some laps. Now there's a lousy. What sort of closing just event on race leader Eric powerful role on the market now it's just I call myself a one flash cards right fires between them. Thirty laps on the board now Motorola leaves Jason left mark Kelly buyers might listen Greg Biffle. The rest of the top ten K okay ill Scott legacy with a good run veteran Jason Keller newcomer to McCready and David rude event. Glad you're with us here in Indianapolis 88 point 223 miles an hour the average speed right now we've just gotten going we've been racing for about fifty minutes and in that span we've already had one caution. Landon council hitting the wall in turns one and duke also had an injured crew member on the pit lane Jacque Waller. Part of B Ron Hornaday crew but again as we've documented he eventually picked himself up. Walked across the wall and walked back toward the infield care center but we continued to. Monitor that situation and we'll let you know further asked to if any other injuries are forthcoming but. Those looking good there particularly got up and I don't walk away by himself. Mike Harmon and Brad Teague are the first to retirees. In this event now joined by a third cars they had to the garage area Derrick cope. Also out of the event. If you're just joining us Erica I'll Motorola starting on the pole and he has not been touched since he has led all 39 laps thus far. What we take you back to the field we gave you the top ten before we broke away but there have been a couple of changes as David Rubin and Carl Edwards are moving up. I'll Motorola is the leader muffler running second biffle third Mike Bliss is sport and Kelly buyers fifth. K okay I was six route admitted seven legacy is safe. Jason Keller Knight Carl Edwards running into him. To McCready is eleventh with Brad Coleman in the top rookie of twelve. Thirteenth of Steven Y fourteen Bobby east fiftieth Marcus Ambrose. Sixty belonged to Brad Kozlowski Bobby Hamilton junior seventeenth Mike Wallace's eighteenth his nephew Steve Wallace is nineteenth Scott swimmers twentieth. JJ Daly 21 David Reagan 22 Josh why he's 23 at. Brian Keselowski is when he fourth Kyle Chris a lot 25. Deep but Haskell with 26 Kevin Hamlin 27 Shelby Howard 28 Ron Hornaday in 29 and DJ Pennington is thirtieth. Brent Sherman who's 31 video quit his 32 33 Richard John Street should wipe his 34 Robert Richardson was 35. 36 whose bread roll 37 frank crier is the backup car after wrecking the primary earlier today. 38 spot has landed castle and Eric McClure his 39. Morgan Shepherd in the garage of engine problems Derrick cope output and overheating problem. Mike Harmon losing the great she is gone to the garage and Brad Heath where they transmission failure he. Is also on the Beatrice so let's turn over for a lot cargoes were shipped to the outside wall David Reagan. Accept help from Josh Wise like contact concern over four. So at the Reagan Ford to the outside wall minimal damage to the back of that car legal under caution for the second time tonight in the Kroger 200 let's go back to Kyle Ricky does the bidding contact from Josh Wise to Family Dollar dot just getting in to the discount tire Ford. Poor David Reagan and turn number four that car wing Jewish can't just collecting outside safer barrier he has been able to pull away one of the gosh and the Kroger two. Of he is for Gary Calvin Roland leads Jason leveler is second. Greg Biffle was third Mike Bliss is fourth and Kelly buyers completes the top five just 45 laps into tonight's race right now. The leaders dropping down off the racetrack and heading to pit road. So just 45 laps and this will be the first time that we've seen the leaders come to the pit lane. Here the scene and every one star still wove themselves down less covered he stops first to Preston Rick. And don't roll is dead and the Rockwell Automation track bar adjustment there they're gonna go up rewarding Harry news. I don't know why seventeen point. Second kale kale is also an important that cars have been moving up from the top ten position for tires and fuel for cal gal. Also Scott legacy taking on four tires and fuel track bar just went to the had a pit road and Jason toys. Let president four tires and fuel Jesse just good for him also landing castles and Kelly buyers is nano taking on four tires and fuel. Myers now down analyzes all the car conduct of the pit lane. C relied is it's deep balls and also. David Reagan as well as David Drummond more tires. So one of the Atlanta. Allan thank you very narrow pit boxes a year ago are neat. And we just had another crew member get tagged. There was the crew member would they ever have motor sports team at the McCaskill the driver Tim McCready try to pull out of his box and clipped the left leg of one of the crew members from ever men's team. He was able to continue on yes lending is he gives back behind the wall but it's routine service Jesse adjustments most of the drivers here in the midsection. Very loose they get they air pressure adjustments track bar adjustments as well for a fresh Goodyear Eagles sonoco racing gasoline in the back on the racetrack. After this cycle of pit stops and of the yellow. Kelly buyers led briefly lap 46 now what is Bobby east he stayed on the track he's the race leader Ron Hornaday is second he also stayed out. Eric Al moral the first of the drivers who pitted. In the running order he is third Greg Biffle fourth a Scott Weber stepped Marcus Ambrose having problems here early tonight let's check in with Alexei. As he's behind the Wal-Mart is getting cold drink the water what puts you behind the wall market. Not to show it David Wright and explored brought Bryant. I'm hype and I feel like got a kick out of the I don't. That a British judge excellent dropout problem. That's Marcus Ambrose. Had to do not familiar with an accident a bad accident the efficiency of courses. From my problems for Indiana that's coming to talk over there. I actually have certainly one of our visitors from my past may be at the Australian area and that he is very very popular driver good guys won a couple of Ford championships in his native Australia but the folks always say it really probably always say Sutton. Every have a talk with people walk up exactly where your from who say Savannah Georgia or whatever it might the eighties they got a a great sense of humor. Yeah he's got a lot of personality he is thoroughly enjoying himself. In the NASCAR Busch Series gotti's a start. Last season of the NASCAR craftsman truck series. Here comes the field out of turn number four Kevin mosque getting ready to put the green flag in the air we are back underway at the Kroger 200 the restart comes at lap number fifty. Bobby keys to the front of the field but here comes from Puerto they dealt the inside and already Ron Hornaday has moved in and around Bobby keys for the race without the races for the second spot Eric Elmer roll lines up side by side with Bobby east to a stock and an outside playing. So demand from the west gets around Bobby east takes over the top spot here at O'Reilly raceway park. And now Erica alma role running in second spot look to go Kelly buyers. Might have gotten a bit of a wall on that restart a lot of smoke showing as the car goes through the corner right now. Doesn't seem to be slowing him at the moment whether we are seeing a little less. Sheet metal that most of caved in on what those Goodyear road tires that bring about that smoke and fires back in the tenth position as the leaders worked their way back across the strike. Kyle Rickie we talked about it all weekend Ron Hornaday that king of the restarts and I got another one just three laps ago was able to make the top spot from Bobby he's what has been unable to break away from Derek calibre rollout is right there in the second spot for example three car. Greg Biffle trying to find the running room it's clear we'll go way way hires now Motorola stays down wolf great battle for the lead alma roll off in only his third season now NASCAR competition full time. It was just two years ago feet checked and for the first time in the truck series how Motorola once the lead. Side by side on the back straightaway to the inside a lot of Hornaday Hornaday can't outshine the felt lock your door and. Top spots and here comes Greg Biffle closing in from third to this about to become a three way scramble for the lead but a double wide upfront for now. Ron Hornaday with Eric not overlook civilians I'm Erica album the last time. A class of the field all night long and retake the lead off of turn number two from Ron Hornaday who settles in the line in second. Greg Biffle right there incurred at the sacrifice less money on talent Paula. So they come back off the corner Mike Bliss trying to pull away even more public hailed Gail Scott Weber battle I'm going behind him. Jason Love who are also there to that scramble for fifth as I've met one now in turn one there were three Y the last time by mail jail able to take that fifth position on the back straightaway Jason what we'll call this. I'm trying to. Whoever's behind help your country have been working the inside lane trying to draw alongside a Bob Bobby east and Jason left where there as well to defeat to the outside David Rubin right there to the inside this battle tested the. At the top ten routed visiting inside Bobby he's continuing to backsliding now we have the points leader. Carl Edwards looking to. Inside on the back straight. Weis really well again this battling for. Can side by side Jason left we're trying to make a move now. Meanwhile Greg Biffle Ron Hornaday in their battle for second you don't know what title to watch now here at all our great off the corner it is very helpful role at the front of the field that's. The race for second ranked fifth hole they won't take that position don't laugh but go Ron Hornaday with back to the inside side by side of the sport reporter. Fired Phil just a couple of former winner here at ORP slugging it out for the second position here tonight. It is Greg Biffle who had the spot for now here comes Ron Hornaday again and he was up alongside last time I had to fall back in the lime rock where they. Inside groove Greg Biffle won the outside lane Mike Bliss flying in for further back side by side for six. A pale pale. Rude have been trying to stay down low he can stay there Bobby east further back he makes a move in and around Scott Weber in an ongoing battle where he's very popular in this area the beast chassis hobbies that anybody's bad. That is the company and Alex it's located right down the road apiece here that's why he's so popular they. Is they won the U sac silver crown race here Thursday night. Exactly okay railways and of course just makes his head popping. Tonight Bobby east currently running in the tenth position. Some six point six seconds behind race leader Eric Alva Rolla. Who once he got back up the front of the field has begun to set sail race fans don't forget that Tom Johnson can't consider carries the largest selection of barbies from all the top manufacturers. You and your family are sure to find something to fit your lifestyle and budget. Why from the name you can trust Korean Telecom Johnson can't consider location near you in now. Concord, North Carolina across from Lowe's Motor Speedway in Marion North Carolina on highway seventy west or shop on line at Tom Johnson camping dot com. Eric now Motorola continues to leave. Let the first 46 laps three assume believe it left number 55. And is continuing to mow everybody down as he comes off the corner on a rail he has three who lapped cars just ahead of him and he's. He's been able breakaway by about. As far away from rank fifth hole but let's see if you can negotiate. Great leaders. Here they come now off the corner here's Eric Alva role he starts to work his way down to the inside of Robert Richardson junior. More lap traffic down and turned to offer shorter this race leader Eric album we'll be entitled Robert Richardson. And I'm afraid prior now hasn't sleep quite a few car length and a couple laps ours stacks up side by side. Second place right samples. Greg Biffle still working his way up high but now comes down low a little bit more trying to find some we're running room. Passes picked his way through traffic. He's not letting Hornaday get any closer to golf has biffle now runs up on a slower car and turned to go to the outside of Robert Richardson and now makes the move on frank fly around the back straight aways and now Greg Biffle win. Traffic now and a couple of corn. Inside a frank prior Greg Biffle had been running one point three seconds behind race leader Eric Alva roller it is now one point four seconds the deficit. Now all the leaders begin to work their way back in the turns one and two at this point Eric Alva Rolla. Has sailed into the lead he really doesn't have any think an open racetrack ahead of him at this point eight life as he works his way back what round offered. Or it was two years and two months ago we showed up at Memphis Motorsports Park alma roll a bid to drive for the first time ever in a craftsman truck series race. Driving for Morgan dollar racing and I was talking where Derrick today about. What the biggest thing in his bid that you've learned over the last couple of years in NASCAR they know little bit more hey. As well as. There'll I think probably states is the Betsy says the abbey patiently aggressive and that's one thing that. Been working hard on over the last couple years. Being aggressive but not so very aggressive thin at the same time be impatient but. Now I think they're code make too is that there's a fine line there between being impatient. Not eager enough and then there's also five line there between being aggressive and out of control so that's that's been that's been big for me is just figure now you know how to go from start to finish without. Vernon brakes and tires off the cars and trucks. Just basically maintain. Thoughts of Eric alma role last caution now has come out on the speedway Scott legacy and Brad Coleman getting together. Just as they cross start finish and they. Rolled the wall all the way to turn number one. Coleman pulls away it legacy pulls away. Both men were running in the top ten man outstanding runs going to the garage coach Scott legacy. He was really the innocent man in this caution. Brad Coleman came out of turn number four went where he wired. Balanced himself off the outside retaining wall oven came off the wall in two legacy and they will when scattering down and return number one. Will get an update in a moment also will tell you that when we come back we'll have more on Jake louder the crew member from Ron Hornaday used team who was hit earlier on the pit lane. But he is coming out of the infield care center and Jason will have an update when we come back Eric Al Motorola is the race leader here in Indianapolis. Field getting set to go back to agreement Eric alma roll like Greg Biffle Ron Hornaday Jason left Cameron David route amendment top five. David Reagan was the beneficiary of this caution the third of the evening. And there's trouble on the back straightaway under the caution flag one car rules then Bobby east we'll go around after some contact people like the car. In time for the restart. And they do have that hood holdup however. That's something you don't see very often just turn yourself and of the outside retaining wall field gets the green Elmo role of the race leader up to. You know lead by two car lengths over Greg Biffle who's been able breakaway by a few more from Ron Hornaday junior built back up behind a must watch traffic relief. Carla del. Shelby Howard's Bobby Eastwood the hood crunched on his machine. Can't manage to continue on away and stay in front of the race leader but Eric Alva role of the leader is already back concerned too and maybe challenge here in the next half lap herself like Greg Biffle who is closing into within a car length and Juan Puerto they still rides and third. Jason Laporte for patent for. A top five Bobby east brings his card to leave pit. Pit lane to the attention of the crew Scott legasse took his car through the garage. Right after the accident Alex how bad the damage it's significant down here on the Christopher Dodd and Scott legasse junior what happened out there. Now we're just now. Ride and trying to get to the last fifty laps were and are stuffed wolf that we were very awful lot of love every handled tied off that another major. Icing headboard so. And I yes and again though it felt better hurry and I never heard news there till after starting offense. I think you were at rice and this earlier race. That's got legacy junior the damage most of it to the right. Quarter of the car this is the same car that crashed in practice this morning on the left rear they got that repaired now they're gonna have to do some serious work on the in the right front corner Scott legasse junior standing here talking. With the Reed Sorenson who drove this car to Victory Lane at gateway international raceway last week and read of course picked up the blood flow. They Allstate 400 at the brickyard earlier this evening. In the meantime Bobby east came down the pit lane as Eli told you he has since bell made the left hand turn at feet. Turn one of the pit road to take his machine to the infield. To the garage area here. FO RP Brad Coleman now comes down the pit lane as well but on the racetrack Eric Gelman rolled up. Is the race leader Pete what's left number 78 on the board Greg Biffle right second Jason leveler is third date agreed that this fourth. Ron Hornaday is fifth and Kyle for now everything is stabilizing that top five. Yeah it was a great battle for third just a few laps to go Ron Hornaday kicked back to position Jason what we're had a good run at the I'm lucky. Carl Edwards and and make his way up through the field Mike Bliss sewage in that battle bounced off the wall moments a goal but he remained in the top ten. We've promised you an update on the pit lane on Jake Robert V crew member from Hornaday is my shot was hit earlier could lose the course of pit stops. Jason what's what's the latest. Close a lot of smiles down and could really take walked out of the infield care center. Obviously a very scary moment you're able walked out of the what happened. And then right front tire and they are really pretty much simpler for American gospel. I don't really know exactly what happened without seeing the video. He he just runs or hits no run me over. Are you feeling okay all right I broke my dad picked on the left hood all right may have little sore but I'll guy. On the football gated got the bloody nose right on top of the the president goes there to put to build a lot of old time football pitchers lot of linebackers that. Knows that's what he looks like just take Lauder who flew warrior tonight came out though able to walk away so great. News right there meanwhile the news may not be quite as good for Kelly buyers who smoke now. Started to come out of the header pipes are so it seemed the last couple of times five no doubt they'll keep an eye on now meanwhile Bobby east team of scurrying around that. Car in the garage area Alex what's the update and. A heavy damage to the nose of the car Bobby there's art come into the green on the backstretch what happened out there. Routine day should try presently check up on a cautioning everybody drove closer. We're going out of bags let's get ready to drain a buzz in my tires they check out my slow down the guy behind me this team's run me into other guy in front of me. Visibility according to the fact they got me turned around. But does that radiators got knocked out of it is that guys on this. Because today when their fourth season cargo of course we'll hard to get back out there. That's Bobby's we just gotta talk and Eli about. The throng of fans he has here and there are certainly sad at the moment what Bobby east no doubt about that of current we've just finished talking about smoke coming out of the header pipes. I'm Kelly buyers car and he brings it down the pit lane and there are lot of long faces down there yeah buyers had a very good qualifying run he started in the top four here tonight. The problems developing as we approach the midway point of tonight's race Jason delay any word on the situation there. Well it looks like it's terminal only name and the motor sounded well. It's well we'll smoke him out when it lifted up the road and they just do their hands up in the air put their heads down they're bringing him back behind the wall. The NASCAR Busch Series is in Claremont Indiana just outside of Indianapolis. For the running of the Kroger 200 raced 21 of the 35 which make up the 2007. Schedule we're glad you're with us. Motor racing network here to bring you live coverage of tonight's events I'm curt Thacker Eli gold as alongside. Turn coverage tonight from Kyle Ricky fit in garage coverage from Jason toy Alex Peyton and Preston route. We are 87 laps into tonight's race with Eric Alva role of the race leader he's in front. Flight eight tenths of a second over Greg Biffle. Make you look at branded it went in castle out there. Something is dragging on the left front event car as she goes around the six tenths of a mile racetrack. A lot of sparks showering out from back of the automobile every now amend so. Obviously a problem there one memos not got a problem this Carl Edwards he is the one who's beckoned some really good headway right now. Running consistently in the 236. 437. Laps that's 23 and six tenths 23 and 710 seconds and Kyle he's the guy is march and up about a six month. Karl karlson marched to the front was halted for about ten. Had a tough time moving around pale pale for the vision finally made it stick on the bottom about two laps to go into the made the past and is now and about. Top five which really been able to break away now Carl Edwards has steadily been working its way up toward the front of the field. Again currently shown in the sixth position. He was some five seconds plus behind race leader Eric Alva role what it was five point six seconds now his deficit five point two seconds. Behind the race leader Eli if they continue to work around the race. Or let's set it for you right now Eric Alva role is the race leader Greg Biffle second case of roughly a third David Rubin fourth Ron Hornaday is fifth. Carl Edwards runs in six than field scale seventh. Mike Bliss is running an aide Scott swimmers ninth and JJ Gailey is intent and speaking of Mike Bliss what are we cut through the field now. Brought to you by yard man because Mike Bliss started Bakken 22 spot. He has managed to climb his way up to six right now so he is the drivers thus far has been the most positions. During the first half of the Kroger 200. Coming through the field brought to you by yard man the official lawn mower of NASCAR and proud sponsor of the number 37 Busch Series car. Yard man who work less play anymore. He like gave you the top ten the running order we can tell you that Jason Keller rides eleventh in the previous twelve Kevin Hamlin thirteenth Bobby Hamilton junior fourteenth Steve Wallace is fifteenth. Brad Keselowski sixteenth Mike Wallace's seventeenth Josh wife his eighteenth Richard Johnson nineteenth and Kyle Chris aloft this twentieth. When he first mystique McKenna school 22 Steven Wright 23 David Reagan video quit his 24. 45 Brian Keselowski. BJ Pennington runs in 26 spot. 27 now is Jason white. When he Brad Sherman. 29 for his role and thirtieth is Shelby Howard great scrambles for possession now still ongoing as their fullest caught the race leader in turn to. How laps to go though let's slight contact can turn number four full card strip that authority outside safer barrier would. Triple everybody's okay Greg Biffle and why. There was an apology and Erica Elmo bowl tenders lap traffic racing double wide screen television turnover free one car hard into the outside wall Brett wrote. How else I'm Wallace. Single car incident here this and the racetrack. LAPD number 95. It'll be officially made these six when they take the caution. As role Brett role finds himself from the wall. What happened to be here are tired get cut Kyl. 100 is halfway 200 makes up the distance. Eric now Motorola has been these dominant machine here this evening and although Greg Biffle was knocking on the doors trying to grab believe. But caution came out and we are slowed again to some 45 miles an hour. Pit stops now the name of the game here at O'Reilly raceway park everybody is in the leader Eric now Motorola was the first man to stop. First man to stop nineteen point four seconds node chassis adjustment for Eric hell were all of the Cayman as the leader reports that that car is good for tires and fuel nineteen point four seconds also making stops down here Jason Love look a solid top five climate. I was better. Also make you stop Shelby Howard K okay I'll move up to the front of the road Jason toy. Lighting fast this stuff for Jason Keller gets out of the way he'll come off the pit road second. Four tires and feel for him also Carla Booth then. Also it was in Ron Hornaday junior with a great pit stop to get him back out towards the front. Also David Reagan as well as Bobby is up Brad Kozlowski was and is well on the court bodies. Back behind the wall also continuing the crew comes down around to get some work done on that car back down allocate. Mike Bliss was it hard just a tick free they've made it Jesse adjustment. Take care that Greg Biffle had a tight race car beat to came down pit lane got four fresh Goodyear's it Jesse adjustment. Same goes for JJ Daley Tim McCready Bobby Hamilton junior Kevin Hamlin all of these driver stopping on lap 97. Meanwhile Landon cash so left the pit lane ran over the air holes that was attached to a couple of the impact ranches. Dread getaways down the pit lane tripped up about four crewmembers. Many of whom fell over one another. One kind of fell over the pit wall I mean it has been dangerous down on the pit road tonight some weird things happening. All of that going on a gimmick as Cassel pulled away. Josh one is whose Family Dollar dodge team was right there and that look like go bowling ball not that the car hit them but again he caught the hose. But the impact wrench just ripped it down pit road. And it tripped up a whole host of crew members who fell on top of each other and then toppled over the pit wall will get an update when we come back. Right now. Dean make cash school is the leader decrypt my Castro leaves under caution. Field getting set to go back to the green flag here we are halfway home in the Kroger 200. Deep Mike Pasco. Making his debut a driver from Kennelly North Carolina the racetrack there he leaves them back to the stripe. Up through the gearbox and at turn one maccast belief. As his red and white dodge at the front of the field off of turn over to critique and Cassel right has the last few seconds when he comes under fire. From Greg Biffle looks at the inside for that second spot that side by side just. Here comes Greg Biffle now works his way up into the second position. Biffle of course had a tremendous pit stop. Now he's going to work on the racetrack trying to reel in race leader Deke but cast goal he leads by borrowing from the turn number one mirrors temple looking in that outside lane on the a leader Mike Castle off of turn two and on the back straightaway. Top to enable a breakaway from the battle for third place by Friday. I have a lot. Well on the Castro's moment in the sun might be going away our moment under the artificial lighting better stead. As Greg Biffle will swinging right past McCarron school. And take over the top spot but McKenna school even though you don't know him has 75 career wins in thirteen years of competition. Has run race was in the it apparently North Carolina area that's the NASCAR we went all American weekly series. 29 years old native of Raleigh, North Carolina and use the pitting strategy to get himself up front to get back track position. And get himself a few moments of the limelight. In the cancel now relegated to the second spot after Greg Biffle complete the pass goes to the top of the leaderboard at lap 103 let's also. Document the fact that Scott legacy who was involved an accident along the front straightaway earlier tonight. Can't return to the racetrack. Albeit he is some of 35 laps in arrears at Greg Biffle chose the way. Brett role has now gone to the garage area as we have gone down half way and time for the mid race shop they've brought to you by triple A Greg Biffle deep McCaskill Carl Edwards Jason Keller and David Rubin and your top five with Ron Hornaday Eric how Motorola Jason left my. Running in the eighth spot Scott Webber to ninth and tenth Brian castle Wall Street we have got 106 laps right now. 36 teams still running there are a number of those still on the lead lap as a matter of fact all the way back to the 27 spot. Still running upon them the lead lap average speed 81 point 262 miles an hour. And as we work at this moment we're just wrapping up caution flag. Number 4 on the evening. As the field has been dominated at times tonight by Eric no more roll up but right now and as Greg Biffle showing the way. This mid race update brought to you by triple a race car drivers trust their pit crews make sure you have a pit crew that you can trust AAA. Travel automotive insurance and a whole lot more near Tripoli pit crew keeps you on track. Joined today by calling 1866. Joined the VA for a visit triple A dot com. Roush racing teammate Greg Biffle and Carl Edwards go 12 in the airports as they work their way around the racetrack and David driven up to the third spot driving his Toyota for Michael Waltrip. Deke McCaskill and the dodge for re ever knew him tonight he has just been bypassed he wants support he dropped back to fifth. Ron Hornaday driving for Kevin Harvick moved his Chevrolet five and takes over the fourth position. But it's Greg Biffle on the backstretch Kyle who opened up I'll believe he's been able pull away by about 57 car to seven car lengths over as fast charging. Carl Edwards who just took that. You might just start further back Eric tells Reuters earlier race leader trying to play fast cars back in the top five. He is running in six trying to get that fifth spot away from being McCaskill who lost the position Ron Hornaday just moments ago. So after those pit stops everything you're settling down and clearly Preston root everybody can go at this point. The distance fuel wise yeah. Later in the top five or 97 you know we talk about. Guys good. Hail hail whatever. We'll be open at 97 he didn't know he had more compact cars so. Let's go to go to the NF they don't wanna make me tired today. Evelyn salt working with the tires before it is an opportunity. There are helpful and may feel he's the go to U. So that's the story from the pit lane Greg Biffle as the race leader 88. Laps to go from the O'Reilly raceway park in Indianapolis this is MR and radio the voice of NASCAR. I'll. If your vehicle is in stopping like you're used to visit O'Reilly auto parts for the summer break fields event take advantage of the O'Reilly auto parts do it right rebate and get 125 dollar O'Reilly gift card by mail when you buy a set of break desolate pads and a pair of rotors O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day limits apply see store for details. A woman. I Mubarak's. 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NASCAR's a registered trademark of the national association for stock car racing Toyota vehicles and components are no easy US equal resource arts. Back with you at Indianapolis where Greg Biffle was the race leader in the Kroger 200 for the NASCAR Busch Series we are just beyond the halfway point into nitrates and Eli when we talk about the NASCAR Busch Series Greg Biffle a driver who certainly has tremendous credentials but by the same token it's been awhile since he's been to Victory Lane. Yeah but at this racetrack he has never finished outside the top five here remarkably stupid court. Fifth he used won a race she's finished second to be a fifth place is the worst he's ever done here which is a remarkable story. Let's back up just a moment with a couple leaving him Carl Edwards now one at 1102 behind let's back up. To that incident on pit road just a short while ago when landed Cassel came down the pit lane after a stop. Ran over a whole is attached to the air impact wrench in the Josh Wise fit. And once that rose was stretched as far as it could go that let loose tripped up a number of crew members not give them down like a bunch of ten. Opinions and some guys have to go to the infield care center Jason what of what's the story now. We'll have four of them got knocked down and all the great album one album got back up straight but one of the guys that did not lose games here again music fuel filler. For that car for the dogs are not just wise. His cannot complain in his book the little bits or the bullet time but before you look back to the fears and he wanted to make Jerry look at the video to see that. I think what happened at host which lays back here now is its credit. Ford says one of the things that contentment here tonight to talk about safety on pit road. Painful years ago NASCAR mandated the fire suits also the helmets and tell what's the big game tonight ten times we've seen driver rugrats go down. Both times they can shop for the helmets. And both know we get enough going relatively. Yeah the announcement very concerned about safety the middle of the drivers the crew members as well rightly so it's been a very hectic night down on the pit lane on the racetrack. Greg Biffle continued to show the way no change amongst the top war. But then we've been watching Eric Alva role of running back in the fifth position. He was starting to work his way back up for the front of the fielder so we thought but now he's got his hands full. Jason left fielder is bear down and turn to the challenge for spot number five he moved around Jason. Have to go undergoes Jason left what's fact that it's not off of turn two they've been running side by side the last few laps plus look at the clock back. Cal what role he was kicked back to six yeah a couple of laps to go look like now Motorola really at the fight that race card comic he put the straight line. Check out sideways a couple of time. We've gone away from the area cal Rolex car who can afford to restart or for the last caution flag was really coming back up through the field. Right now it is still Greg Biffle who lead with 125. Laps on the board. 75 laps to go in the Kroger 200 here this evening what do we take a moment lets you know where your favorite driver it's running let's take a look at the AutoZone leaderboard Greg Biffle chose the way Carl Edwards second. David Rubin third Ron Hornaday is fourth Jason Lechler is fifth Eric album roll a six Mike Bliss is seventh. Deep in the Haskell is eight Scott Weber is night and Brad Kozlowski used in. Kevin Hamlin now running every elevenths Pompeo galas twelfth thirteenth Jason Keller. Fourteenth to have a premium fifteenth JJE mailing. Mike Wallace is sixteenth and Josh Wise front against seventeenth and eighteenth this Richard Johnson nineteen the rookie David Reagan and twentieth Stephen white's. Steve Wallace is 21 Bobby Hamilton junior 22 Daniel Quinn 23 Brian Keselowski 44. Kyle Chris aloft 25 DJ Pennington 26 Jason white 27 Robert Richardson junior 28 Shelby Howard the 29 and frank crier is thirtieth. 31 Eric McClure a 32 landed canceled 33 Brad Coleman 34 whose Brent Sherman. Marcus Ambrose his 35 please running 28 laps down. Everybody else in the garage area bread roll Scott legasse just returning from the garage area he's in 37. Then Kelly buyers hobbies Morgan Shepherd they're called Brad he could Mike Harmon all are out of the event that's how things are looking. Greg Biffle continues to leave the Kroger 200 but not without a scary moment. He found himself going the way wide off returns number two and rushed up against the wall now remember. That's where the groove is when your running well you're running right up against the outside wall. But you wanna get up against it. Not into it have you made that little difference very very obvious as everybody began pointing your moments ago but biffle continues to leave that does not look. I saw that little shunt with the war has cost him any problem whatsoever. 133. Laps are on the border Greg Biffle leads. Trouble internal. And number 21 cargoes doors and. I still Richard John's all by himself a turnover still a couple of 360 and he's able continue line but not without picking up a whole lot of smoke at turn two area at the speedway. So Richard Johns brings up the fifth caution flag. It flies at lap number 140. Thought we have a moment let's remind you that you should take time to vote for the driver deserved the goodies headache of the race award this week. The vote just log on the goodies powder dot com and click on the headache of the race logo are registered and select your driver molest the pops up. Voting begins the start of the race and will remain open until midnight on the Monday following the race. Every week you vote you have a chance to win a great weekly prize improve your chances of winning the grand prize. A VIP trip to erase the driver who wins the award also gets a check for 250 dollars and 250 dollars will be donated in the driver's name to the victory junction gang camp. The headache for the race award presented by goodies headache powders everything's faster and goodies country use an. As directed at. Richard Sonnen is continuing away after that spin daily over Quinn junior getting the lap back here is the beneficiary. Of this caution. As we remain under the yellow quick reminder of that. Next week the NASCAR Busch Series going to Montreal. Quebec. These circuit shield bill move first time ever that NASCAR has run a map road course that heretofore has been used by Formula One. And Indy cars that NASCAR Busch Series director Joseph ballas was there when Terry love Monte. Tested at that racetrack about a month there show would go on I asked Joseph what will bond these reaction wives. So didn't it is going to be at a challenging track he said that there is stuff a couple of really good areas for passing. And then there's going to be areas where. Passing its gonna be because someone hits the curb car loosens up a little bit and there will be opportunities zones to look to pass those opportunities on this. That's coming up next weekend a NASCAR Busch Series running in Montreal and of course MRI and radio will be there to bring you all the coverage. Some teams are electing to stay on the racetrack those near the front of the field. Some of the back markers making a pit stop here about 142 a they've got nothing to lose. The field is not the one to go signal from Kevin moss atop the flag stand Greg Biffle race leader has. But nose to tail restart with Carl Edwards David root amid Ron Hornaday. Eric alma roll all just trying to grab a piece about lead. Biffle took over the top spot at lap 103. We're now up lapped 143. Waiting for the restart. Wrapping up caution number 5 of the evening the safety truck has hit the pit lane look at the restart. At lap number 144. Here comes the field now out of turn number four down the line the green flag is in the air. Greg Biffle. Tries to break away quickly from teammate Carl Edwards he'll pull away by two car lengths this is the closest Carl Edwards has been to the race sleep all night long within two car lengths now on the backstretch has David would have been in his rearview mirror though right in third bottom. Hornaday for. Shall follow the top five tournament and Hornaday had to wait before charging to the most side of the racetrack Kyle Chris aloft however. Number 401 car go first then Jackson into the outside wall that is you rookie. In the Haskell a solos then again for his not to return to perform so big McKenna school brings out the caution Greg Biffle continues to lead. We are 53 laps from completion beat my cash go bringing out caution for the sixth time tonight. I'm not number 145. With a spin in turn number four. Very interesting. That team be re ever man team is sixth in owner points. But they're nowhere to be seen in driver points because they've got Kasey Kahne Scott Riggs Boris shed Elliott Sadler chase Miller beat McCaskill. No honk if you are not driven that car this year but his car's owner points are concerned they are in great shape sixth overall. The McCaskill making his first career NASCAR Busch Series start here this evening. After that's been overturned number forty broad based car background to track him down the pit lane Alex Satan how bad was the damage it's sick. Never get hurt mostly at the back of the race car. The more severe part of it is that the left career exactly where they need to put the sonoco racing gasoline in. So they're gonna bring him back down the pit lane again. They have a couple of baseball bats and malice and also a jigsaw I have to try to cut some NCAA. Can't beat the rest of it down as much they can't get their rear spoiler. Out here is the thing that's. Now works his way 35 miles an hour now. And from the starters stand Kevin Maas has just given the field the signal one more lap we'll go back racing. Kyle crucial off the beneficiary of that caution so he we'll get back on the lead lap Chris aloft running in 23 position. As the field now two by two formed up in front of Kyle Ricky for the restart Bryant has allows the he's now the first car one lap down them lines up alongside the race leader Greg Biffle who leads the lead lap cars and outside leg of the field coming off turn four again biffle got a's teammate Carl Edwards lined up behind him date recruitment Ron Hornaday had Eric alma role of the rest of the top five. That green flag is in the air the restart comes up lapped 149. On the break once again it's Greg Biffle trying to scoot away from Carl Edwards and he scoots away by some two car lengths over great Thoratec that the second place car Carl Edwards off of turn two Vilsack from winning why further back for a moment. Gave Edward an has. Triple we told you four has never finished out of the top five in a Busch Series race here he's never finished out of the top ten Democrats could truck series race here. He just loves O'Reilly raceway park. And he had to leave before correlates now on Edwards and the battle for second behind him Carl Edwards have to run around plot but what it is inside the last two times I think. And Ron Hornaday is also looming in that fourth position. Hornaday going for the daily double here this weekend after taking the NASCAR craftsman truck series race last night the leaders are returned to Hornaday. In that fourth position closing on rooted in in third who wants that second spot away from Carl Edwards. And Edwards not letting the race that are ranked fifth won't get away still with a one car. The daily double nice little horse racing reference there secretary of for a twelve gonna Greg Biffle the race leader comes back to the strike. Edwards right behind them and David Rubin there as well no one apiece the second. Rooted minutes look at the inside the last few laps violent Carl Edwards for that second spot but. Has had to fall back in the line riding in the tire tracks off Carl Edwards that's why I play. How what role race for. Reports here's de Madrid have been looking to begin side of the Carl Edwards machine and a challenge for the second body try to get a fender up alongside a bad words he can't get it done Edwards too strong on the straightaway is their back in turn one on what we're a tough. Now finally gave it would have been right now pump the ball on the bottom groove off of turn number two but unfortunately for Dave Rodman now. Not the fastest way around Carl Edwards has tapped. The top five now to current blow away as they work through turns three and fought back off the corner. Here they come back to the strike biffle Edwards tournament. Hornaday all of their time together so to Eric now Motorola generic album roll it. In that fifth spot closing in on Mon reported a challenging for the fourth position but again and near side by side battle for second people would've been a good run off. Fill it. I'm a floral and plus root of his Toyota is blurred the Ford of Carl Edwards is second supporter Greg Biffle leads them further back you've got the Chevrolet is. I'm Ron Hornaday and Eric Alva roll they're all back in turn do all single file behind the race hitter Greg Biffle Carl Edwards still with that car went from one car length behind Edwards we find haven road event. And a car hard into the outside wall at turn numbers away. And on fired Steve thanks capsule for the second. Tonight I'm much happier impact here is a solo ten shots into the outside wall near turn three. The flame has not been put out on the front of the car the left rear still showing some flame. It was something that we saw developing a short while ago cosmic national. Brought out caution earlier does it again here at 155. Not short there was mechanical failure thereof there was contact toward the back of the pack but that's not hit a time you return number three trunk first. Into the turn three safer barrier and then wrote the wall for a little while. In the turnover for some flame only briefly though from the deep McCaskill dodged it cannot Nektar but it remains idle against the outside safer barrier at turn four. Deep maccast go to finish fifth in points last year in the NASCAR waved an all American series. Making his NASCAR Busch Series debut tonight. He's getting all sorts of air time here on MR and radio but not the kind of airtime that he'd been hoping for Greg Biffle continues to lead under caution. Green flag just about a half mile away were at lap 162. Of 200. Greg Biffle Carl Edwards David root of it Ron Hornaday Eric alma role that's your top five. The rest of the top ten Scott went there Jason leveler Brad Keselowski. Tim McCready and K old Gail we're. Biffle never went to the top tonight until lap one all three we will get the restart at lap 163. Kevan moss put the green flag in the air. We're back under way in the Kroger 200 Greg Biffle drag the field often turn to the race leaders free and clear off lap traffic only one Karl lined up to the inside for TJ Kenny tickets biffle by a car length to the back straightaway you want Hornaday bounces off the wall at turn over to flesh thanks. Everybody having to dodge one of the slower cars everyone does get five the high side for the most side to the corner giving around Vijay Pennington machine of the field. Among the leaders single file at one of the reasons for second Carl Edwards drifted wide here is David would have been looking to the bottom hangs on that third spot. Hornaday holding for further back side by side for 66 and left part of the final. Here's whenever rallies back around the outside left are still there download all now here comes a challenge for the top spot. Carl Edwards said I will wait no longer hearing comes charging after Greg Biffle. Carl Edwards starting on the bottom Greg Biffle went back outside lay side by side for the race lead off of turn two into the back straight away. Edwards do the bottom why a house. Hi Greg Biffle goes about high side the preferred line getting bound up on the low side as Carl Edwards any stumps on the button stays right there inside of befell they've finally gave in turn one for the lead after the second time by the race believe his walk side by side Greg Biffle without outside group. To the bottom Carl Edwards side by cited that. Yours apple this time by fear of Roush racing Ford going and it for the top spot as lap 167 goes on the board. Greg Biffle to be outside of. Carl Edwards to the end side they still go door to door and David wrote that riding in the cart has the best seat in the house took one car lengths behind great fit for the outside lane. Carl Edwards for the bottom they are still for the third time line walked side by side. Know Greg Biffle who did leave the last lap may not leave this time much seat as Edwards comes off below sign of the racetrack the drag strip. Wide front straightaway this time shows Edwards as the leader he's now led fifteen of 22 races this year on the Busch Series schedule. Edwards may have been a leader apple app they go what do kept won't fly at half but Carl like that that turnover free federal. Tires it is classic bull ring Saturday night NASCAR Busch Series racing. Here is Greg Biffle crossed the line he bold lead lap 169. Comes Edwards again for the fifth. Side by side by side at the front of the field Greg Biffle on the outside lane. To the bottom Carl Edwards they'll bounce off each other on the back straightaway in the turn away. Triple goes hi David rademan now opposes reggae and on the rear deck of the Carl Edwards machine at the get up the fine. Lenders because really that's such a run he was gonna run right into the back to the Edwards Carney had to back off and he was challenging for the second spot there for the moment for David Bruton and and Carl Edwards and on the Marc Keith and here comes left are now alongside of Ron Hornaday challenging dare for the fourth position back up front here comes the league battle again Carl Edwards on the move to the inside of their pool theory comes looking duty inside what did David would have been behind him. Civilians not a Carl Edwards who looked nothing exotic right nipple the single out for now on the backstretch. Straightaway through wise to go RP is tough to make work. Did anybody actually gonna try to go three wide the tournament goes dive bombing of the those side of the racetrack but he can't make the move on Edwards for second the leaders back in one David rooted in very comfortable on that end. Inside lane Carl Edwards right simple life outside groove it. Sample out front by a car length. Edwards riding in line in second here come tournament right there in third through to the start to look toward the inside of Carl Edwards and at second spot. Edwards has to go on defense of the same time he still on the offensive as well as he looks to be inside a great leader Greg Biffle have to get back at life he fumbled the leader back to turn to he's looking back to the inside might have to worry about neither rudimentary. Not nearly three Y off reporter Greg Biffle leads to the back straightaway it's Carl Edwards again diving analyzed through the bottom. It turned more closely if it works this time is now we're have been comes in the middle everybody trying to go three wide across the racetrack high side biffle second spot rude of him by inches Edwards now 13 Edwards lost his momentum and open the outside on days. Fox parent takes a lot of work out of the inside a Carl Edwards for third they are side by side while all the families taken place. Right hip to open up before Carl likely edwards' car began to fish tale right in the middle of turns one and two he had to back off the throttle gather back yet by the time he does. Leveler boot but moved Jason left we're up to third and here comes Edwards Edwards back to that outside lane the pedal pull up alongside Jason Lott we'll. We'll prefer but only for a moment. Don't single out from second on back it is David would have been that second spot my two Carly. Haitians left work Carl Edwards upon Hornaday remember way back to the free race segment of our showed Jason Butler said. This is my second home. I love this track I always run well here. He's showing indeed he does he's holding on second spot late in the night he has been one of the fastest cars if not the fastest cars and the restart coming from outside of the top five the third and within one car why's it taking this. David Bruton and just 23 laps to go when the leaders come by this time here comes the battle for second once again David Letterman had the thought. Jason left blurred their right behind him leopards are applying more pressure in turn one it. The top three cars taking a break away from a break out before Carl Edwards trying to fend off Ron Hornaday. What we're continues to what we. I don't think that would have been for that second spot full card closing. There's an example sack attempt spot what had been a great battle between Kevin Hamlin and Mike Bliss has now finally settled down. Hamlin winning that battle list falling back about five more correlates there for the lead scrambles Phillip van being turned to Andy. He's hitting it high enough with the passing lap Greg Biffle had what was seven Carling. And just a few laps ago David Rubin here. I'm rooted in off turn four years left where he tried to crank it up down where the inside lane of the racetrack Brad Sherman scar there yes the player back wide he gets back in line behind the tournament and chases him for the second spot went to the inside the falls back in the. In the line for now off of turn number. Pursued as Jason left wanting it would have been a sports car lengths behind the race leader for example. Popular download trying to stay glued. You did down there any kept the nose of this car inside. No root of it will give them some room but left when his car just wouldn't stick. The leaders go around the lapped car of Jason white we've got seventeen laps to settle at. Butler still wants a piece of second spot rudimentary hangs out there they'll battle again off turn two side by side down the back straightaway left. Look what they'll have to fall back in the line David Edward event. Come off high. Hot for now second spot continues to change hands and turned to minutes changed hands three. Eight times in the last one laps here at sport these days that lap or has this plot. Got the spot a lot things. With the position I'm half a lap later now laughter. David Letterman may have trouble hanging on the third here comes Carl Edwards right behind him here comes Ron Hornaday all that traffic intern to that's from third on back okay. David Ruder than. Has the third spot one car length behind him lies Carl Edwards followed by Ron Hornaday Eric album roll all single file for. Just remarkable how well Greg Biffle won this year again not to belabor the point. But he's never finished out of the top five in the Busch race here. Never finished out of the top ten in a truck series race here. He does shows up. And is always one of the guys to beat you know our faith and Greg Biffle looking for his first win of the NASCAR Busch Series since February of 06. And a man who rides and second Jason left work. Looking for his first win of the series is suitable for they are the top to the this time five lap number 19 Eagles on the board ten laps to go in the Kroger 200 the leaders back in turn to both cars free and clear lap traffic Greg Biffle has courageously but only 53 Carl likes Jason laughed when it's closing in closing and I Hari hearing turned gray Seattle. Arlington transports and there are ten to make it nine and a half laps to go muffler take in the short way around and it's working for Iran now he's picking up real estate I'm working on the low side of the track against their photos taken the high and wide way around a large tree there is no question seasonal. Were much faster things rank fifth hole right now they'll pull a little loose off of turn over to him for about fourteen drama. Oh yeah on the main straightaway as spinning off turn number four and down to the start finish line Josh Wise and caution is on the speedway. Crew gives everybody a chance to catch their breath. Caution out for the eighth time it LAPD number 192. Josh why is spinning off turn four and all the way down through the start finish line. Caution comes out for the eighth time this evening at a Kroger 200. They beat appropriate time to remind everyone don't forget to vote for the driver deserved the goodies headache of the race award this week. The vote log on to good east powder dot com and click on the headache of the race logo are registered then select your driver from the list pops up. Voting begins at the start of the race and will remain open until midnight on the Monday following the race. Every week you vote you have a chance to win a great weekly prize and improve your chances of winning the grand prize of VIP trip to erase the driver who wins the war also gets a check for 250 dollars and 250 dollars will be donated in the driver's name to the victory junction gang camp the headache of the race award presented by goodies headache powders. Everything faster and goodies country used as directed at. 192. Laps on the board should be a fairly quick caution period here. By virtue of the fact that wives whose car continued around in this pulled away. From the area where it came to a stop here in front of the main grandstand. They have what do you think has the hot. Cars certainly baffled us but what do you think child is left where have enough to get by him this rule this little interlude here cooling the tires down maybe. Giving everybody a chance to reset themselves that might be what biffle actually need it. While those no doubt that if this race would have stayed on the grain Jason level was the fastest on the racetrack but you're right this caution may be the equalizer that Greg Biffle was looking for he's good on restarts. And will be within just about five or six laps to go when they do get the restart. And the green flag finish this one but that I think Jason Loeffler could be the driver to be here he's looked good all my clock. Don't forget by the way to. Greg Biffle went to the top of the leaderboard at lap number one all three the only time since lap 103 as lap 193 is now on the board the only time in that span. That biffle has given up the race lead was back at lap 168. When Carl Edwards within that fierce battle with biffle for the top spot. He got passed me by inches at the strike he led left won 68 when they came back around biffle was the leader again at lap 169. He's been there ever since the field just got the signal one more lap will put him under green we'll get the green flag with five laps ago. Toyota by the way passively victory on the NASCAR Busch Series this year Chevy has eleven of them Ford has seven. Dodge has three. Toyota still looking with 83 points in the bill France performance cup but Mary a win on the docket so that could change Loeffler of course we reference him driving the Toyota while biffle legitimate the Floyd. Right now the field getting set to come to the stripe. The restart with five laps to go. The subtle but Kroger 200 let's see if either of these guys up front door may be rude of him maybe Edwards. Can pull off while Hornaday like restart or maybe Hornaday himself will do it from theft. And get himself into the middle of the battle here green flag in the air good restart leaders are back at turn one. Single file at the front of the field led by Greg Biffle here comes Jason Laporte what comes under fire from David Rhode event. Behind them that now for four point that they had a look at the inside of Carl Edwards everybody's single file for now with the. Four laps to go this time by here's befell working that referred line right next to the outside wall Jason left killer tries to start a run down low. Doesn't have enough momentum to make the math he'll try get a turn one and we have. Had a look at the inside here in turn for a couple laps to go does so again in turn number two at this time he makes it stick. They're side by side on the back straight away Greg Biffle up by Jason black person a bottom up front in the field. Great battle a year maybe even more intriguing because the drivers are taking different lines muffler staged a blow up the straight fly into his temple. Not 197 on the board free to go side by side again into turn over to Jason Lott were hooked up on the bottom. Greg Biffle won the outside lane safely in the pull away from David Rubin and. He rides in third what they are still a lot shorter source of pride two laps to go this time by here's Butler working down to the on side but fullest up high. Toyota vs board across the striped suited. Don't leveler for just five people leader laugh what my behavior back in turn to let only by half a car length over Greg Biffle who will now settle into wide in second but still right on the back corporate Jason muffler on the back straightaway the new leader in turn three. Here they come back off a corner number four starter Kevin mosque but the white flag in the year. One lap to go when the Kroger 200 at Indianapolis. Jason muffler the race later he's back in turn one he has been quiet all night long what come. For the front Atlantic county pulls away by some recall lights off of turn number two from Greg Biffle fifth states that applicant that turnover rate for the final time here at all. They his first Busch Series start ever was here for Joseph Gibbs racing in 1999. And a man who has won here so many times he calls it his second home wins yet again. Jenny similar effort takes home the victory for the late race mode to grab the lead befell finishes second rude of him third Edwards fourth Hornaday fair. And that is how it finishes with a one car up against the wall now to about three cars getting tangled up against the wall in turn number one at one of those involved. Was Steven Wallace what a finish. What a finish wat a finish what you'd expect from the Busch Series. On a short track. Back home again in Indiana for mr. left learn again not to belabor but he said so many times poll RP is like a second home for him. He has seven U sac wins here. Five national midget win this year to silver crown series win this year. And tonight he takes chassis number seven team to Victory Lane at. Has he posts a win in the NASCAR Busch Series quite a finish will head downstairs we'll talk to the top finishers. And a whole lot more so you go away Jason laughed flare when there's a Kroger 200. He lied to countryside. Whatever you drive to wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection and industry leading wore Tina gets you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more of this. He's tired dot com Hercules tires right and our strength. I'm Steve look tar ST the auto expert former crew chief. I know it takes to keep engines performing at their best. STD's latest breakthrough additive. As TP ultra five and one plus fuel system cleaner plus fuel stabilizer delivers three times the amount of cleaning agents vs premium gasoline. And helps keep fuel fresh during story. For over sixty years ftp has been on the cutting edge development products to help engines run better. Longer one bottle contains three times by weight the amount of cleaning agents compared to twenty gallons of the leading premium gasoline. MasterCard today continues audio Mario radio sponsor like 37 dollars. Everything's faster abilities country. Our favorite team really broke police fast you says director. I raceway park so many stories. It's been 83 races Jason Butler finally back to Victory Lane. Toyota their first ever win on the NASCAR Busch Series. Todd brawl on what a victory for that team have been awhile since they've celebrated in Victory Lane so many great stories. For that number 38 car here tonight curt. Yeah the last time that a top brawn racing with a Victory Lane was last fall at the Lowe's Motor Speedway Charlotte that was what Dave boy be at the wheel with a Chevrolet tonight. It's with Toyota and with Jason left work we'll hear from Jason in just a moment let's see if we can hear from some of the other top five finishers first. Alexei and David root of his lean up against his aaron's Toyota and David. They'll have a happy look on your face and all walk us through those last twenty laps. I'm not now I'm real happy for T RD and it's not out here girl won a race and even the thirty car uses up street and out there and that I mean you know he Daly added to win and that's cool that's. My days are working with a camera. That's Dave Letterman starts as he winds up in the third positions and out not very happy down here. The emotions you would expect to hear after a short track race. Not to say that he won't reconsider or he will but. But it's kind of watching here in a normal post race interview on a NASCAR short track. Greg Biffle finished second regiment was third Carl Edwards and Ron Hornaday let's hear from some of the other top finishers. Well Carl Edwards sits down nearly enough to get the scars he talks a Jack Krause and team owner here and kind of hold mom of that right thumb a little bit and Carl what about the run your free tonight. I just awesome United's got to thank everybody the weather channel and DISH Network. And my guys Travis squabble for sure. At this that's fun racetrack man I was here at 500 laps around this place you know twice a month that's. Vazquez gets in as I sincere about Jason muffler. Bush had a look we deserve to lose psyche and you go on restarts are an awesome race at Travis when I got to loose and went up fourth and I Carla was little fourth. And let's check in with Preston written Victory Lane oh. O'Reilly raceway park at Indianapolis Jason left work climbs the podium a great win tonight he got to walk us through from fifth place she made the adjustments on the car. That worked out perfectly the last five laps coming from third to win this event. Yeah I mean we just came in tick tires there at top thus he made a great car break let's oil and I was running good all night long we just didn't attack position and had a race pretty hard especially remain on. You know I AM I was have a hard time getting Miami kept pitching ace does this become the point when you know you can win and it's a time ago when I had to go into. I was afraid that causes the wind but it didn't in non. I think my whole team approach standby and our guys did a great job. Get tired of the first went in a car series is awesome it's not wrong got to think him. And on everybody its shops often would you. So hard on a car for so many laps as I said coming from third to it did in the first place he pushed that hard on the car was the car going away at all how much of those driver how much of it was drives him. I just he conceded victory gets mallet and I just do whatever I got yeah he can did again today. And that's why we dad since June 2004. It must feel good for the crew for Jason lovler back convict related O'Reilly raceway park. Yeah it does best it coming entirety. A much bigger racetracks and tomorrow my second how many app list. Pretty excited when he or do you sacked now at a NASCAR Busch Series for Jason left learn Toyota at O'Reilly raceway park at Indianapolis it's tastes good not for the winner tonight. Big big win for him again Greg Biffle came home second man David rudin and Carl Edwards and Ron Hornaday let's go back downstairs. Greg Biffle is down here and he's clot from his car Greg had a an awfully good race car. The last fifteen or so laps it look like you got a little bit loose Sonya how was the handle it. Why isn't there. Not very good all night you know we really struggle that car but. It was a real real super loose at the beginning of the race and I tighten it up and then I'll also raised its us too tight. And not just shattered her right front tire couldn't get the gas down and and unfortunately that 38 kilometers because of that but some. You know I got run into the fence a few times in my own because I had the run that high line right up against the fence nobody else is running out there but. My car resist it just wouldn't turn and handle so I had to run right against the fence. And us is all I can do. That's Greg Biffle comes on the run Iraq. And how about Ron Hornaday who came home in fifth place Jason Willey had a great weekend to get the truck when last night bring all the top five here tonight and bush are what about the run. Cocktail a lot riders and everybody on this Dollar General Chevrolet is as unbelievable we're crime I spotted. We had a lot lot to overcome that I got a hell after tied and we came in at Mets now one of our crew guys got that broke a child broke his nose. Flipped over car and I lost a tire and we come back out there right to degrade and not to lose a lap but that's that a lot this whole Dollar General team I'm I'm very impressed well we've done tonight that the run top five and have a chance to pass upon. And then guys and where they're really not ballot and that it is it's very awesome weekend. The driver's perspective when you see your crew got to go down like that what's wanting your mind. Well I don't is now arriving at the appellate retired but I told Galloway did have a gaga gaudy bloggers out but now. He's gone all right at the scene at Moorad and they just done an idiot no way that let that. I'm just glad I hit it on I haven't had anybody yet you know all the years embrace and have done so well we have to look at the tape I think ticket came through there and they're like force all the products and and I about got a tire changers are underground and it just got the tire changer but that. Humbly like I think Kevin delight us now bond. Dollar General it's tragic every orphan let me to do this thing this is loss of. Ron Hornaday be back behind the wheel oldest son Chevrolet again next week in Canada. So it is all over here in Indianapolis Jason left who are getting the win in the Kroger 200 here at O'Reilly raceway park in Indianapolis tomorrow we take. A final look at the AutoZone leaderboard. Given the shown. AutoZone. Jason lovler winds Greg Biffle comes home second with a very disappointed David rhythm and finished third Carl Edwards was fourth and Ron Hornaday fifth. Eric no moral law who led for a good part of the race tonight. He finishes sex ahead of Scott swimmers seventh Kevin Hamlin eighth he had an engine change earlier today memory at the sort of the back of the field came home. With a good eighth place run Mike blessed finishes ninth I'm Brad Keselowski. The highest finishing re best this rookie came home intent. Jason Keller was eleventh Emmitt crede finished twelfth Bobby Hamilton junior was thirteenth. Gayle Gayle was fourteenth Richard John's finished fifteenth JJ Daly was sixteenth Steve Wallace seventeenth. David Reagan was eighteenth Josh Wise nineteenth and Mike Wallace was twentieth. When he first Kyle crucial off Daniel Quinn junior was 22. 23 Brian Keselowski. 124 Stephen light boast 24 teams were on the lead lap. One lap down and 25 whose DJ Pennington. Three laps down in 26 who is Jason white. Then to four laps down and 27 Robert Richardson junior. Five laps down and 28 was frank crier seven laps down finishing 29 was Eric McClure an eight laps down finishing in thirtieth when been canceled. Then Brad Coleman who was ten laps off the pace came home 31 behind that Marcus Ambrose 32 Brit Sherman 33. Scott legacy was 34 Deke in the Haskell plus 35 after a pair of spends late in the race Shelby Howard 36 Brett wrote 37 Kelly buyers 38 Bobby east with 39. Morgan Shepherd fortieth Derrick cope 41. Brad Teague 42 and Mike Hartman 43. We get a caution periods are streaming for a total of 36 laps 0164. Laps under green. And 36 running at 336 laps were under the yellow. 34. Our cars running at the finish and again 24 on the lead lap. Average speed eighty point 149 miles an hour the race took one hour 42 minutes and 42 seconds to complete. The fastest lap of the day Erica oh Motorola. On lap number two at some 107 point 716 miles an hour. As far as the points are concerned no change really Carl Edwards still by 852. On David rude MM. By 947. On Jason Loeffler. Mike Bliss and David Reagan are in the top five so Reagan losing a spot Kevin Harvick losing three positions. By virtue of him not running here today. Picking up a couple were left lurid Mike Bliss so that's how things back up but again everybody is 852. Points or more. Behind Carl Edwards so those of the story lines on the numbers here in Indianapolis. Our broadcast engineers tonight were Craig Moore in Todd Costello doing their normal fine job Mike Weaver. Buzz communing with the satellites has our satellite engineer. Frank Hershey was our production assistants and of course the voices you heard on the broadcast Kyle Ricky out of turn number three. And the pit and garage crew very very busy tonight as they were last night as well Jason toy Alex made me and Preston group. Heard backers along side I'm Eli gold we thank you so much for spending your Saturday wit us here. In Indianapolis. Jason Loeffler takes the victory a popular when it was for the fans here at O'Reilly raceway park have a safe week we'll talk to you on Tuesday night with NASCAR liar of remember throughout next week as well NASCAR today Joseph Moore with you every afternoon. Without a daily update on NASCAR news as mentioned I'm would be Tuesday night at 7 o'clock NASCAR live. Wednesday night at 7 o'clock NASCAR performance live Steve post and Larry Mac Reynolds joined by the crew chiefs of NASCAR. We've got NASCAR USA would Jim Phillips Ned Jarrett world of racing. Bottom line is folks just keep it right here on the station for all the NASCAR news you need and want coming your way from the motor racing network. Jason popular whims the Kroger 200 as we bid you good night from Indianapolis. You already knew radio. Coverage of the Kroger 200 and has come to you from O'Reilly raceway park getting. Today's broadcast was directed much Brian Nelson. Reported Mario mr. Michaels Stores. Racing network. This has been an MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength.