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Jul 16, 2017|

host Patrick Gilroy discusses fans comments over a disappointing loss to the yankees in 16 innings

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Sports Radio hour. WEEI. Patrick Gilroy you're taking you guys up until midnight on Red Sox review. Still plenty of time for you guys to join us at 6177797. And 937 you can tweet me. At Gilroy on hoops and of course the text line is always open for your thoughts and comments albeit they don't always have to be so kind. Yeah and number there is 37937. A frustrating day of frustrating night day leading in tonight for the Red Sox game they really should of won a they come out losers after five hours and fifteen minutes. And sixteen innings they the Yankees score three. Off Fister in the sixteenth inning. And really. That's all you need to know yet Doug Fister in there in the sixth and sixteenth inning gets a three runs. IG get there you got there through a comedy of errors and really a series of events that. Are completely unpredictable right so. Eight games under protest and and that should tell you something. About the game but really what it comes down to was the guy that's the best at his position in baseball. In the Red Sox closer Craig Campbell gives up. The home run the holiday in the ninth and that really with the beginning of the yen because Ollie comes in. That's a home run over the monster in the night next thing you know this thing is tied up at one. And it goes on for the two and a half hours and really the frustration was building for people. At Fenway watching the game you could view that it was palpable I'm sure it was frustrating for people at home and it's building there but as for frustrating as it is for the fans. You can only imagine how frustrating it was for the Red Sox players who once again struggled to score runs. And this has been a consistent theme a consistent problem for a team. They generally has one of the best offenses in all of baseball but again I in my opinion. If it's pretty black and white it just comes down to the fact that they don't have that constant threat that that constant power threat that really sets up the remainder of your lineup. And somebody that you have to worry about. In extra innings somebody that that really gives you that that. Always a chance to win mentality and I think is this thing war on. The Red Sox put themselves out there at a real disadvantage it's Sports Radio WEEI let's go right back to the phones here on Red Sox review let's go to Kevin. Kevin is in north Redding Kevin Europe next on Red Sox review. And I guarantee you if yes they'll. Keep me in the game we will have finished the game like Curt Schilling always don't let the ball out of my and number a large number of true. Top of the 4 PM live less of what T Benning you get a guy and first base. And the you know blunt Jamal that sucker when nobody out there of sensitive double out of the back yesterday. Look I did that this is so frustrating because this is my point exactly as always started to show what got the Red Sox to where they are that that nice little 34 week stretch leading in to the all star break if you sort of exclude that. Losing three out of four just before the break when the Red Sox reeled off nine out of eleven and really. Built this three and a half game lead how they do they started manufacturing runs we Sar the Red Sox a just and it was nice to see John Farrell. I Justin start to manufacture runs. Did you had an opportunity tonight you they didn't take it. In I mean you know soldiers I mean there's no manager minister of baseball. Don't want no part of a guy over on the floor dependant on the double we'll have a live meg very. In. It just makes me open as Arafat. I know I know in look at it it's hard to sit here and explain because it the awards won't even come out of your mouth right because you pissed off your angry. At tonight's game where the Red Sox fans shouldn't of had to be angry. It quite frankly it's a game they should of one. We should be talking about that this team. Winning to restrain over the Yankees expanding their lead lead in the AL east and with a real opportunity to this sort of slam the door shut on the Yankees with two games tomorrow. With last year's Cy Young winner albeit he struggled this year reports LO and then David Price and huge spot tomorrow night. And instead we're sitting here trying to figure out what went wrong. But you know as quickly as this thing. Wrapped up in the sixteenth inning. We're three runs happen and of late after nothing after nothing for two and a half hours the Yankees scored three off Fister in the sixteenth. The Red Sox have to prepare. For tomorrow because those games are that was more important now. And if you're a fan you really have to do hope and expect. That the Red Sox finally get something great from two when they're guys that that they've leaned on so heavily going into the season. And last year's Cy Young winner reports LO just the ball in game one and then David Price I'll be very curious to see. What version of David Price we'd get in game two because he's been really good as of late he's still a jerk right and he still hasn't changed his mentality. But I think that may be is a chance. That he's embraced the fact that he doesn't like the media and he's never going to be that sort of at that media darling that that we sort of like around here and he's just gonna go up there. Embrace the hate being a jerk and pitch it if he can do that and pitch effectively. Then really that's all Red Sox fans ask for you don't have to go out there and appease rob Bradford or Evans relic you don't have to be that guy. As long as your pitching well. But when your pitching poorly. In an eagle out there and you're that guy. Evans relic and whoever else you gonna be that guy to you you're young you are you getting at fights with Beck on the plane and you just be added general jerk. To do that combined with not pitching well. That's when people start to really have a problem around here and look David Price get a big spot tomorrow night. And I hope it's one that he's ready to step up and give this team performance that it desperately needs. Against the New York Yankees at Red Sox review its Sports Radio. WEEI it's Patrick Gilroy taking you guys up until midnight at 6177797937. Let's go back to the phone's gonna Jason Jason is driving around in the car JC your next on Red Sox review. They're Patrick thank you. And just want to call in about a third base issue we keep talking about. All since being a problem for the team and it just seems to me we've got the guy named Chris yelled that is sitting on the bench edit. A proven major leaguer prove me usually cater your right. It initiative in if our focus is to get our best nine hitters out there we can finally get on the field you know that look at it we've got. You know if we could possibly convince Dustin Pedroia flat over the served eight European captain be in the guys that. Is the rah rah dirt dog on this team and then bookie bet it is natural position once second base WPP possibly comment in huge big gamer. Get in the air which gave Chris Young in the L field and we've got our best not out there. It now you're now you're asking not only this team have to somehow. I just and start hitting it and really it guys like Hanley Ramirez have to come through with huge second half of the season like they had last year now you're asking guys veteran guys and in Pedroia is Cason really bets at this point. As tablets guys at their current position to make a change a significant change in season 88 how often do you see two guys. That are as significant to their teams and its impact both of their teams as Pedroia and that's our make a change like that midway through the season. Yeah not I've figured it's relatively a practice. Player that just yet. And coach if you could slide over they're Freeman from Atlanta just happened. Yeah the gentleman net Google formed a great job. That he would best be suited. If you Google currently third base in the gold glove all star first baseman Aaron I buckled to start might change. I think that if you look at forgot a step up I mean look I think that. I think that Haley to play more person that way Chris Young negated and DH because ultimately I think that's where he can do the most damage and help this team the most. As a semi permanent DH I know you did keep keep Moreland in the air and you know the B some. Musical chairs of these guys if you do that but I think again somehow some way every conversation. Leads back to Haley. Performing better write it and being more like Hanley Ramirez this team came to expect. Specifically the second half of last season they haven't had that guy. And it's felt everywhere throughout the lineup but Chris does a guy that can hit the baseball he's he's a veteran and he's somebody that I think especially when things are as anemic as they were tonight. He's a guy that I would throw up their DH and see woody could do but I wouldn't. Start messing around with putting Chris Young in the field in order to do that you need to move Dustin Pedroia over the third. I don't think that is the sort of change that this team needs right now I think simply all this team needs to do. Is get better at the things that we know they can improve that because we've seen it before we don't wanna take guys out of their element we wanna put them back into. The most comfortable element they can possibly be and so they can perform at their best. It's Sports Radio WEEI. It is Red Sox review its Patrick Gilroy ticket you guys right up until midnight tonight. Number to join us here 6177797. At 937 text the program at 37. 937 there's still some time in a little bit of room for you. To get everything that happened tonight off your chest before you go to bed let's go back to the phones it's David and David is in Florida. David Europe next on Red Sox review. Hey Patrick what's up that are gonna. A card that actually. It's not a bad idea. Or a a yeah. If he can play card. Want a natural compete and eat and reliability. And I'd. But I'll open it you wanna mess with you that's right now. Mean it does that mean if he's still young. And obviously ought. Pia. Martin get shipped. In more mentally then obviously by. Arm. Mount not a tight at night game at least that things I mean I am the biggest critic of now in the body. Icing palpable. Are so many illiterate at 80. Egypt he. Currently. It. In game. If it. And we would be at least. Eighteen. So what what's the solution you fire Farrell and things get better all public automatically. What. It. Game the by the I think a bit harsh on him all up her pick out any minute. You have what it is critiquing. Mosul greens aren't. I am sale that. That you and I was not Godzilla I agree with them. And a lot in the so it can lead to thank me for help all our. Play short and I yields are expected. That's O. Let's take the catcher don't try it shall. We shall. End. It. It. And come here now chip or shall there. And that would strip are meant to happen but intended adequate green monster. While I appreciate the plug holiday thanks for the folk all. I don't ability yet is coming out of retirement that to do anything as their help this team right now and that's what you're depending on two sides to get this team over the oh boy it's gonna be along second half of the season it's Red Sox reviewers Sports Radio WEEI notes that one more column before the break let's go to Justin and Justin's in Rhode Island what's up Justin. All are just wanted to say that I own collapse and cause are crazy thinking that they're gonna move us in the office. It's that they that we probably have great fantasy teams that the Fed as he moved bright but it's not something that's realistic for. It is not eligible to leave this a oh where I went that way do you agree with lots caught in way too harsh on oh. I mean I like the moved giving him wore out because he's not going to be available tomorrow anyway. And you know but the guy's not mark Berry doesn't grow hotter you have to attack the zone again. People uncomfortable. And you are going to be a long on almost all of Campbell's. Earned runs Kamal. I agree we view and edit the reason why am being hard on and just it isn't just because. The Red Sox lost the game tonight it's because look you've got such a dominant performance from sales to let's say that let let's change this up a little bit let's say it was a poor cell game imports LO gives up. Five runs and your book comes in and blows the game I'm not as hard on him and as I am right now was just because of the performance. That he got from sale I think it really that separates the problem that you had when Chris Kimball team inning gave up a home run. I can emotional. Good maybe it is the eighth. It may be ended take it off you take all these calls for two hours agenda to get emotional does the this. Got to the l.s that. Great job at your more on the socks I appreciate it Justin thanks so much for the phone call and for the kind words it's Red Sox review would Sports Radio. WEEI number to join us here 6177797937. It. More of vegetable. You know I think that's us. You know part of the book vaudeville relievers sometimes one good thing. Being up on the very end. Of my nose kind of today. Red Sox closer. Craig Kimbrel right there. Look I know we've been a little harsh on him tonight but I think it would good reason. And yet you know like their previous caller said. Maybe it's a bit of an emotional response but that's okay right I mean this was an emotionally driven game. When you get your race out there giving you what he gave you tonight. And you blow the game in the manner in which the Red Sox blew the game and make a mistake about it that what happened in the sixteenth with predictable. It look anybody who is sitting here in the studio hanging out Chris baloney that they are doing is his pay is Red Sox in game stuff in the post game. You could feel it was palpable. You knew eventually it wasn't going to end well because the Red Sox blew it three hours before it. And you look is crumbled in that great yet he's been awesome he is an all star he's been as good as they get and I think that's why. You're so disappointed in ultimately what he gave up tonight now I get. If he had to go up there and attack Frazier did and sometimes empower he's powered that's what happens at holiday camps are an up and I got countries are in the mind. We went out they're ready tax holiday and look at Holliday did what what he did in. It's not always gonna go perfect for these guys and would like to think that it will and we we judge them harshly but we do that for reason when you have your race while appearing do you view. Seven and two thirds Google run ball with thirteen case. You've got to do better than that you got to find a way. To get that guy the W you just happy especially if your team like the Red Sox with World Series aspirations were talking about. You know a low level team you're about the damn Boston Red Sox with a bloated payroll and starts this team is loaded with stars now. One of those stars tomorrow. The Red Sox will be relying on in game one that's reports LO II hope and I expect reports LO who was good his last time out. Maybe he's got to turn it around here in the second half we look at players. That really need to turn things around get back on track at least back on the track they were on last year were cells right up there with him in Paris. For this team to. Reach the expectation that I think we've also to set for them. They need to get their best out of their best players and that's something that's been haunting this team since all the way back in April its Red Sox review would Sports Radio. WEEI still time for you would 6177797. And 937. Let's quickly go back out to the phones goody gone months in the car Europe next on Sports Radio WEEI. Patent it and listen I'm not upset with well the picture about Charlie Kimball G what I'm upset when it is very Elam. It'd be caught dead Red Sox to manufacture. A run. We got on the thirteenth and refuses to bond. We love to know where do they. And in. Bunch. With in the league. Because. I've never seen that I hit in the struggles. To create. A run putting out small ball and I don't want big dog pot upon. So I'm not on the Campbell because that's about to happen occasionally in manners upper right. No I I know he's not perfect idiot like like we said to the last caller about it's not that he's not gonna give up home runs because he does any year. It's that he gave up a home run. In the spot tonight I think it's amplified tonight. Just because of how dominant sales performance was tonight. I'll do what we have twice in two consecutive meaning. That leading the first batter up you know working yup. Going into second base all needed to do what I bet a lot acacia more demand forward you know. Why not I mean it's not a power it went only got to button right why not voted out of bought none of this kind in our power to what is worse. You know it when it's kind of ambition have it right. Once you never a lot of dual bond. So you'd think he'd that they predominantly. On it in. I just don't understand that's like like I product and no bogeys but I'd like all based on like you haven't seen. Those guys not bonding new trait may be stopped. This guy is out about it I'm an injured nowadays you cannot play it's made up but. And because and I and I bought a little bit just let it beat. I don't add losing your phone hear about it ansari but I get a drop yet but look you're right you're right you rightly the buds but it didn't happen and it should have happened I this Red Sox team. It's maddening because recede here and when the rat the games your fan and your media you covering games no matter what your role. It's been going on all season long and I think that's what frustrates people so don't let right be it. Because you think that they've got a break out of they do for a moment. And they have a nice stretch where they are manufacturing runs and subtly barreling down bonds and they're moving runners over and they're hustling and they're stealing bases and you think that they've embraced and accepted that identity. But it's short lived you'll only see that for these small little pockets of time. I think it's almost like they are reluctant to make that the right get ready because they're the Boston Red Sox they're supposed to go out there. And bash the baseball but this addition of the Red Sox isn't built for that. When you go up and down the lineup they're really not built to bash the baseball this year like they have been in years past I mean. Look. This right they're 50% up on that bus is here now I debate team and it looked. You know I think you got to do better and it's got to be more than that for this team to go out there and scored the kind of run that need to score. To win these games especially when your your race goes up there in DC the sort of game that he gave you today and if if you gonna be relying on pitchers to give up no rough things. In order to win games he got a big problem on your hands especially when the get a pitch to contact guy of course LO going tomorrow. We tomorrow are you a first pitch at 105 per hour pregame regularly shows WEEI Red Sox radio network starts at 1220 but at 105 tomorrow. You are now lasting. Rick or sell it to go out there and be dominant figure this team issued a chance to win. You hit collectors DeMarre he can't do that this team is tapped out. They're the players are tapped out they're pitching staff has tapped out after today and that also amplifies the sin of what happened tonight. Because one thing to go through their entire bullpen. And come out with a win. But it'd do that yeah if you went through everybody. And he still come out with a loss which really sets this team behind going into this I think is critical double header tomorrow the Red Sox to win with a three and a half gave game lead over the Yankees. You realize if they lose both these games the Yankees are within one and a half. You really is what what happ could happen as a product of what happened tonight. I hate to sort of jump ahead like that in assume the worst but I have been covering sports for her god nineteen years eighteen years have been doing this nineteen years. And I got to tell you it losses like this can sometimes technical team I would like to think that this Red Sox team. Is old enough mature enough veteran led well enough. To not allow that to happen but again you know you've heard some funny things on the veterans this year whether it's. The David Price. Sounding off fort Dustin Pedroia and not sounding like the leader that we all body he was in has acted like in years past. It this team has had some sort of funny moments we have sort of gotten is that is that really who they are. And it's frustrating because I think at this point in the season mid July you should really know the team's identity of the team should know their own identity. And this team I think is still struggling to find that identity as the season moves along here the problem is more than halfway through. And you know what they've done a good job holding this thing together they are first place team so despite all the problems that we talked about here for the last ninety minutes or so. They've overcome a lot of those problems and they won the majority of their games right I mean this team it's gone out there that there well above 500. They're in first place they've got a two and a half game lead in the division three and a half game over the Yankees so it hasn't been all bad. But it could be better and I think it's gonna need to be better as the season moves along at this team is gonna get in the playoffs and make the sort of noise that I think. Their payroll says they should make. And at some point here. World and apathy to good strong look. A good hard look at John Farrell but it did different topic for different day you know people are you angry with John tonight and they laid up detects line. It laid up the Twitter with buyer Farrell fire barrel but I always ask them what's the alternative right now. You fired barrel right now. We get a quick little bump for a week out of it because it's an emotional response from the team but ultimately it's your team better for the long run. If you said goodbye to John Farrell right now maturities. Because for all the questionable in game things that take place under barrels leadership. I think he's got a really good job managing the personalities on this team over the years. He's had some typical guys and he's got a very good job keeping guys sort of engaged. I look to Hanley Ramirez last year. It in all the U member all the questions that went into you. Candor Mary's in his willingness or unwillingness to play first base and look what happened as the season went along not only did he play first base he embraced it he played very well. Surprisingly well. And I think some of that credit has to go to the manager. So again it's easy to sit here and not the manager for some questionable in game deficiencies but overall. I think barrels that a pretty decent job. And I don't think there's an alternative out there that's better than Farrell they'll get this team further than Farrell possibly will this year. The Red Sox review Red Sox lose final score 41 in sixteen in the long innings five hours and fifteen minutes the good news is. Where like twelve hours away from Red Sox baseball right now. You start things off tomorrow we'll pre game right here on the WB yeah I Red Sox radio network pre games at 1221 pitch. At 105 report sell low. Takes the mound for game one it's David Price tomorrow night. In game two. We'll get to put you guys tomorrow right here in the WEEI Red Sox radio network.