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1985 Northwestern Bank 400

Jul 6, 2017|

The 1985 Northwestern Bank 400 from North Wilkesboro Speedway.

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This is MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength this is Ken Squier. Time now for MRN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing network actual race archives. The motor racing network reserves NASCAR today. Sponsored by goodies headache powders and extra strength stuff. Real special pain reliever of NASCAR. Hello everyone from the front wheels for a speedway talk about. Gorgeous day it is simply beautiful here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of north Wilkes for a speedway. This is another one of the short tracks in the country that has history that goes all the way back to about 1947. When they ran here back in the old days. And the track was dirt Junior Johnson kind of cut his eye teeth around here not only in racing but it kind of probably getting interest in racing right here at this very speedway. There's an interesting week it distract they have the unique to date qualifying system here at north will grow at which the top eight run on Friday afternoon and if you end up and at top they choose to run again on Saturday afternoon. And the two day average speed determines where you start in this race and qualifying is always very interesting here. It was a unique system Margaret didn't produce a lot of changes are only two cars that made significant significant moves within the top eight but what they're qualifying system does. Is it allows the drivers who aren't in that topic the first day they can come straight on their race setup because they know they can't break into the topic positions so everybody else has spent most of Saturday worrying about. Do they have a chance to get the pole so it kind of alters the way to teams have to prepare for the race that they've got to try to qualify at second and when the poll. It's been an interesting season thus far in the 1985 Winston cup chase for the title of course Bill Elliott. Is the hottest thing going right now he hasn't been all that successful on the short tracks this year but almost any day now just about every one of the top teams feel like if they're gonna find the combination that is working so well for the most super speedway. And apply it to a short track and he will be literally hard to be everyplace we go don't count him out here this afternoon despite the fact. But he qualified a little further back in the field and you like to think that running real well all year long. An outstanding crowd here have been coming into what will grow since probably about 1950 I guess I saw my first race here I don't think there's a seat in the house they'll sell every ticket here today there's no question about that the infield was almost packed. This morning before 10 o'clock. And I think they're gonna see one of the best races we've ever seen in north Wilkes pearl. But the points battle has already turned into quite an XT one for the with a cup title this year's worth 250000. Dollars in less than what about 65 points separate the top five Mike joy that's close Terry the body took the lead again he leads coming into the race here to David anyone of those top eight spots to change when we leave here this afternoon. In fact whoever's back in a position I believe would be Kyle Petty. He can have a good day here and some of the front runners have problems he can move almost in the front of the pack. Folks extremely close with this being just the seventh race of the season and some of the drivers who showed well in the first couple of races of filtered out of the top ten but still remain. Fairly close feels like Bobby Nolan junior who had a good run at Daytona and followed it up at Rockingham lake speed read a couple of good finishes early season his seventh in the points and even down through its surprising that a rookie drivers should be in the top fifteen even at this juncture that church and straighter sits in fourteenth spot. And the point standings have stayed extremely close your Terry the body is the Winston cup point leader but only by twenty points over Jeff quote I'm. The racetrack and we said goes way back to about 1947 of 48 is kind of like Darlington south Carolina's never changed that much over the years. The superficial things around here the grandstands of genes that build some buildings put instant you concrete walls and things like that much the same as they've done a dart to South Carolina but basically the racetrack is just the stuff is it ever was. To cover the action in the pits this afternoon at Derek and Phyllis a little bit on that. Then this racetrack is I don't think there's a car sitting out here in the middle of the racetrack ready to go and all thirty teams that are really sure they have the right setup is just again. Oh well it is Barney and one thing that does happen it's much harder here than we normally see the race is that north we'll dispersant when they look at their books in the past and most of them basically keep records of the chassis setups and the steering and the carburetor jets and all those kind of things which you come here in the temperatures about thirty to forty degrees our normally have when you right here that changes the whole thing. Although the temperature was a home Friday and yesterday while they were trying to separate cars up there just not sure. Now they're going to react when they get out there in competition for 400 labs is going to be an interesting afternoon. Well the thing that has been so successful for junior Johnson and his team is the fact that they can get a car and keep it consistent all day long and a lot of times they'll set the car up for the racetrack to come to the L leading and they know the track is gonna change leader gets slippery. Are you get tighter it'll get loose cannon depending on the circumstances of the two days of practice. And if they hit it on the numbers sometimes the car can just literally drive away from the field I don't look for that they but it can happen. It will pearl thought it makes an interesting race for the fans because a driver who gets out and establishes an immediate dominance of the racetrack. Is not necessarily the driver who will run well at a hundred or 200 or get 300 laps and you could have. As many we've seen I think as many as four different drivers actually get out and rot away from the field and out of the track changes in their car set up changes just go completely the other way. Mark I think the two we'll see a real test of the new car world of NASCAR instituted this year that is that it contains more than they're tired during the caution period. They would lose two laps in the past they've been able to come in a hole for new tires on an ad rate of Mexico are they a whole lot better especially on a short track and especially on a short track on a hot afternoon. So I think that we'll clear real test of that power crew here today. As far as how they have their chance to set up will they work with too good to our sail on the one side and and used heated up powers on the other side. We had speculated original and Tyrell first went into effect is what the teams take on just do during caution would they take the panel leader would they go and try to put on four tires under green using up valuable racetrack time but getting a good. New set of tires on the restart perhaps we may see all that strategy to finally come into play today. It's a real hot when your dog will grow Richard Petty probably describe this racetrack as best anyone can. Hired by racetrack and it is still from that standpoint who goes. It's sort of food there a couple days a jab to practice is different in moderation source dragon slayer and surprise not read it where they wanted to be rooted in courtrooms sideways off the corner is really took to sort of anticipate. What's going on if you search core we're an attractive grain or listen and then when it changes. You've got to change with you gotta you gotta sort Byrd -- -- school get try to fit hits and got a combination that to make it worth your race through it it is just react to break less than. It is indeed an aggravating racetrack unless you find it just exactly to your liking all day long until after the right setup. The crowd continues to pour in despite the fact we're just minutes away from getting northwestern like 400 under way here this afternoon to cover the action for us up in the north into the speedway. Will be Eli goalie school there right now. Barney the one other element of this racetrack that we haven't yet mentioned is not going into turn number one opposite from where we are you're going downhill into the corner. And you go uphill on the back straightaway coming towards us here in turn number three. Consequently turned three in fort could be a bit easier to get through because you don't lose that. Sense of speed that sometimes you can get carried away going to turn number one sorts of difficult racetrack. We'll be updating the story from atop the holly farms scoreboard here between turns three and four. Let's get out of the starting grid as the drivers are strapping into their cars and just about had fired the engines Ned Jarrett is the front of the field. They understand bow with proud natives who drives that would rather 7-Eleven forward pass the ball fine. I've ever in his career and they can click play qualifying effort once before but here in fourth position today he was second fastest on the first day of qualifying. And run out of there and at the Kennedy is getting used to say prepare for New York. Buckled up here right now how can you hear the Canadiens had to the looked. Bring in right now I don't know you know yeah. It just fizzled out hot to restrict its in house they can get some have been the cart drives up and we drew books. Current real good up here all week long and practices stunning qualifying. I was gonna take today. You have to think back a year ago you had won your best runs ever right here in the north western bank 400 finished in fifth place but ran with the leaders older. They really the car drove super good that day in the really I think it's we've always a pretty good appearing in the Carson and when you run better and better and if we can get on the same position this the Shia are killing us on win. A lot of we don't count me. There aren't a lot of sun ten companies and in preparation companies down in Daytona Beach would sponsor cars between 500 and firecracker 400 and you know because that's people calamities in the overhaul some of those companies ought to be appear today because they can certainly do some business. It's lands tonight you will soon run out there and come out when the weather gets really harm has your North Carolina last week. And do anywhere near this border with the North Carolina anyone truly heroic Michigan where we go in a single folks about it anyway cannot used to son Nelson right there working the details left and you Ridder narrowing we'll still go Hindus are making doing and I guess that's. Typically sporting event or there's only golf tour mr. Kerry's. It's gonna be some birdies out there today. Yesterday did they are racing here again it was ninety degrees cloudless skies and listen to the NASCAR modified to make their first appearance international weekend looks over time you're at north looks like speedway case Winston-Salem driver Billy yellow crime here. And cavaliers took over the lead with just about twenty laps to go from Santorum drew one victory. A hobby of in early in the past second spot while Sacha Rocky Mount Virginia finished up third Jerrold topic was foreign Don Miller's fifth or Todd Jeffries now you'll know. Swisher Johnny Johnson Gary Myers route out the top ten billing Middleton was the pole sitter. Last night was the bush 200 Busch late model sportsman series race and goodies. 300 Daytona invitational race Jimmie out there was a winner down at South Boston Virginia Jack Ingram finished up in the second spot and Tommy Houston was third. Friday April 19 mark the opening of the new format of the Winston racing series for NASCAR short tracks around the country. The new series designed to prevent. Point chasers if you will from having to travel all over the region three in four nights a week but to gain points in big races and local weekly events the new system. Says that only the regular distance regular season events will count and only from April 19 until mid September more than fifty repeat racetracks across the country participate in the series. And more than 300000. Point. That and point fund money will be available to the Weekend Warriors who raced at NASCAR sanctioned racetracks are all got tipped off Friday night. Well their drivers or other cars it won't be too long before they'll fire left it would be back in the north we'll throw speedway to take a look at the starting lineup and get this woman way for you in justice about a minute. NASCAR today he has been sponsored by goodies headache powders and extra strength tablets. The official pain reliever tomorrow night. Number coach pearl street lettuce is MR around the motor racing network. Your windows please see clearer with god bless cleaner right now it O'Reilly auto parts by one bottle of young glass cleaner and get one free. Got high performance ingredients clean glass art services without leaving a film residue. God bless leader by one get for free at O'Reilly auto parts that are Bard's better prices every day. Restrictions apply see store for details. Mubarak's. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust sonoco to veto fuel that keeps you going to second camp putts and I can't feel going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR's sonoco BS and so races. But motor racing network presents the NASCAR Winston cup series. Today about northwestern bank 400. We are not we'll throw speedway for the seventh race of the 1985 Winston cup season here this afternoon absolute perfect weather record crowd no doubt will be on hand you this afternoon looking around the racetrack it is not too far away before we'll give Atlanta fire engines Ned Jarrett still trackside in these should be in the vicinity of Bobby allison's car will be starting back in its second. Rove brought there're a lot of hungry drivers hungry for victory. Yet on the NASCAR Winston cup circuit Darrell Waltrip hasn't won here nobody has a blind as cow that is never won and Bobby Allison hasn't won since the world 600. Last year at the Charlotte motor speedway that he's been in position to win a lot of rice is Bobby had to select either today. Well Jane had done the car running good always convert. Susan on. We're able to keep that stuff birdie gave yesterday when I got real hot so we're open net done. We've got everything worked out for today. You did run awfully well here last year and I accommodated at the top of the broadcast that maybe things will be different bird calls the difference in the heat here did you find that you've had do cited a little bit differently. Well we did have to said the car differently for the hot weather. That usually is a factor in its usually something that. Does require a lot of adjust and to put that looks to me like he got a new spirit Willamette thing today at Bristol they come off in your hands up there I'm sure that's been. Approached. Well manned you know that was probably one of biggest setbacks that we've had if Bristol when. You know when we did have a thank break without where he is enough. Where he is the best equipment available and of what you do enough so we've gone to a different style stern whale would show we know is funny strong okay good luck out there today. Let's take a look at the starting lineup for today's northwestern by 430 drivers have to go here this afternoon and starting back in thirtieth position driver Dick made from Charlotte, North Carolina. In the Beyer racing Buick starting 29 insider from Waterloo Iowa in the Helen race special Chevrolet starting 28 Brent Elliot from Denton North Carolina in the Elliott auto parts racing Buick. Twice have a starter Bobby Gary Hart from Lebanon Pennsylvania. In the Frederick Chevrolet 26 rookie driver Don Hume out of Charlotte, North Carolina he's in the clear hands formula Chevrolet. 25 eighty Biersch Leila San Antonio Texas charged the US racing Chevrolet 24 starter. But he aired at Martinsville Virginia makes his second start in the event motors Ford here today. Starting 23 Giuliani is out of Huntsville Alabama on Broadway motors' Pontiac Jimmy hit the wall here and practice the other day but they've repaired the damage she hopes for good finish. Placed second on the field as JD that Duffy out of Sanford North Carolina in the rubble furniture cardiac starting 21 another rookie driver tends trader of them Missouri in the ultra seal. Forward twice as is Clark Dwyer of Colorado Springs in the Saudi king sort of normal line Lloyds. Nineteenth Bobby a lot of middle and Texas this to volvos trap rock industry Chevrolet it's they did emirates and from Ashland Ohio in the raven beatle old Milwaukee Pontiac. Seventies Dave Marcus of Wausau Wisconsin the transmissions unlimited. Automobile it's an Oldsmobile. Starting sixteenth Phil Parsons of Denver Ross Carolina and the school bandit Chevrolet in his gold team made Harry Gant is right alongside Ares from Taylor's bill. In this gold at a Chevrolet he'll start fifties. Fourteen to the nationwide auto parts Pontiac is lake speed Jackson Mississippi. Thirteenth just a big Virginia's Ricky Rudd in the bud Moore motor craft floor. Starting twelfth from Charlotte Buddy Baker in the Lakewood ranch bowl broaden its Oldsmobile and starting eleventh Richard Petty irrelevant North Carolina in the SDP Pontiac. Deposition Bill Elliott Dawson goes Georgia in the tourist board. Starting ninth is yes Bo Ryan and she among New York Julie like Garrett racing Chevrolet in the eighth position as Dale Earnhardt Annapolis North Carolina. In the Wrangler jeans Chevrolet and here's another driver who's just been getting stronger and stronger not only a super speedway is already wood to short break victories under his belt. Her heart will be a factor to be reckoned with here today seventh spot Rusty Wallace late Louis Missouri. Anyhow you guard Pontiac it's starting sixes front Bouchard Pittsburgh Massachusetts and about bullying Buick. And starting fifth Neil what did you tell Alabama in the Budweiser Chevrolet. Going for his best qualifying run Evers and have pointed out that's Kyle Petty out of revel in North Carolina in the wood Brothers car the seven elevenths forms. Third we just heard from Bobby Allison computer out Alabama in the dark guard racing Miller American view it. Now the front row and I Terry the body of Corpus Christi, Texas. In the Piedmont airlines Chevrolet Billy Hagan is on the outside ball 111 point five to four miles per hour. And the pole winner. No surprise he's won nine holes of this racetrack including the pole position for six of the last eight races and and Darrell Waltrip a Franklin Tennessee in the Junior Johnson prepared. Budweiser Chevrolet 111. Point 899 miles per hour. We are under green OK. When they're alone when they re signed a sign off turn two within the next room. The money trying to make good only on Simon's name one. Many old giant bottle throwing a grab third wave of Bonnie Allison LaMont beat settles in the second behind Walters. Darrell Waltrip number eleven will be the first one up on the Winston cup leaderboard it turns. Three plotting Paulson ordering a second child and use a third as we chart analysis for morning. In the inside groove run bridge iron trying to learn from the outside have been basically the same white Knight I don't any news reform among the many weren't. An hour I'm trying to make. Her heart has been trying to move up he's been trying to do and the outside. You singled wild okay. Well thank you that. It's. Against Kyle Petty is there. Runways aren't holding down the poorest run Bobby Allison tries to battle Bernhard is using this money goes so. This field and working inside where it's coming in at Wallace. Get Earnhardt back to seven rusty Wallace's. Philly tonight Joan V minus 1011 Richard Petty and all Ricky run thirteen that we Harry Gant fourteenth leg speed. You Tim Richmond sixty anybody baker seventeen Phil Parsons dvd Dave Marcus tonight deep Laviolette can straighter rounds out the top wanting. Back in the front straightaway as they completed a lap Dale Earnhardt again back outside to bill okay well there there was no way to tell. Back in a couple of times you try to squeeze back in there every Rusty Wallace and nobody's giving him anything and he is still around smiling as an. Remember it very Rusty Wallace joined them. He's played brilliant sign him all the time every step along the outside having him back here do you want your misleading but he's not getting away here in the audience sitting. How are like behind it was a drill down into turn one slide on the racetrack just event. Right now on the back straightaway still singles finals when it runs and feeling. In the moment Richard many lands and remain in his town sign. Run coming on the outside so I'm trying to take possession let him stay. Felt like distract him. Forces lost here in the final pit stop that he had run out just found out when everyone all day long they certainly feel like you're doing today with the run well. And I think there's probably eight or nine cars the days of barrel on the. Junior Johnson seems nothing new home in North Carolina dominating the short wrecks is certainly a thing of the past. Many more team aren't your thing. More emphasis on the short track. Anyway had trouble on bill Elliott's car a lot of smoke coming back into the cooers telling reporters he came up turnover. The Florida car got real loose on it. Good about it tire going down like he got left rarity at the gritty like golden. The great piece of driving Elliott dating come to my house now. These seemingly is on pace you Richard many of them are pretty good kind of belly now back screen. With a card just got out of shape coming off the corner he couldn't cut it back in the business traffic all the way around in but there may be a mechanical. Probably two that we can just out of shape it's costing several positions let's go back and it Jarrett. You're saying that there are so many good names that are putting more emphasis on the short track racing today when you get a much better in the short track ever before. Points are good thing we have is a win in the win column when call total everything. Get rid of every race. Really hot and slick racetrack here this afternoon. New reports all over already we're seeing some cars having problems getting through both engines speedway Darrell Waltrip is a leader Bonnie Wright second. Can Kyle Petty ride up there at third run we chart his fourth. The battle as the spot door to door off over to corner. I'm telling you things are possible again when Bobby Allison learning and sign a deal on an. I'm going uphill and third grade Grand Slam dallas' next earnhardt's seven point trying to save them Rusty Wallace night and when he runs. Back behind them about fifty position. Every body exploding on a lot of battles Tim Richmond like speed and Richard for anybody making its rhino in the middle of trying to take away a spot from patty down and turn the water. Looks like he may make it past the backstretch Richard many is enough eyes on everybody make your highs and lows sign on you. I'm ready for the moment after settling behind moneymaker and coming up in turn create original again trying to assign relevant you know build my decisions we'll come there lowering. So I didn't already Darrell Waltrip is laughing. It feels he can't choose any sign you're going to the church wanted to lose around him along with Jerry nobody. Still that third spot Kyle Petty is hanging right in there this afternoon it is. Many times you can world we'll twirl and at this juncture the race Darrell Waltrip has already put us right away on the field not the case this afternoon just feels pretty tightly bunched again. They're working back in the turnover tooth and steel wanna get down everybody else. A lot of money when he sent a few months ago and already the cars are getting a good bit squirrelly the corners received far more cars. Thank tiger rewrite history. Really really trying to break losing between 3 in the morning. Here's Jeff full line up underneath Dale Earnhardt only for a moment in front straightaway is cards Brent Elliott had Sanger. And Dick may who started the terrorists here and they've all gone a lap down as a leader that's preparing its Walton still waiting what might be your second third and final Manny concern is going. 1006 may have pulled away by some six lanes on the seven ways to battle back. Another artist on the movie is there again it was over Andy card is. Here's the real quick and Baltic. Here again is never run that well here enrolled schools where he likes this racetrack but he said it's just never been one of his better racetrack. So enjoy I had no we have never really we've run second double the wave never really run oil oil here. Yeah I got run like dinner well right severe grand national run which is. I'm really about the same amount that. Maybe your heart is rodino like your home run hero earlier blood didn't go to Hollywood going to run for. Oh about thirty races every. We're under caution or the extra speedway travel often turns three fourths of Eli gold hitting bears' way out of San Antonio Texas came on turn number of more than I got sideways. From the minute reminder that things higher than they have wins I moving ahead in the wall that separates the racetrack from many road. Now here's Wales environment bouncing on that tired and comes away broadside stop. Blocking a good bit of the entrance to the pit area called Dale Earnhardt just managed to get on pit road without any problem but. Bad time there at the head into the wall that exactly the job it was placed there to do. Target the end of that wall with the right plus with the right side just T boned it involves the car up in the air spotted around. So let us now facing these new scoring stand up and turned over borne out a tractor is going to need driver Eddie Pearce well. And runner caution for the first time your north butch for a speedway and anywhere solace comes climbed out of his car he is okay in a journal we have there a moment. We're we're there now might join the right rear of that. Problem raised to call out the rest of the guarded look that bad but the right rear apparently hit that big tower and it has been at the rear axle housing. Betty first of all you seem to be okay. And Bob Novak got the latest cannot turn out again and are out there in the distance. Phillies fans didn't sling and learn and I'm pretty good and we Don the giants and yet like little lazy hard labor everything's working all right. I'm not that I give my car I get a little known dragged. Okay he has followed his face says that real nice young girls are champions pulled her rookie contender this year. Next week and NASCAR was a good series moves to Martinsville Speedway over the sovereign bank 500 its full week of NASCAR action with the Busch pole qualified Thursday. More qualifying is Friday and then on Saturday the open wheel NASCAR modified sticks out the top half mile Martinsville Virginia. Sunday at 12:15 eastern daylight time motorists to never to bring you all the excitement of the sovereign bank 500. Two weeks from today were off to the world's fastest speedway and Talladega Alabama and a Winston 500. Did we get doubleheader with the arc at Talladega super car series in action on Saturday. But NASCAR Winston cup cars taking over the world's best speedway on Sunday may the fifth on motor racing network. Also in May we'll bring you the Budweiser 500 Dover Downs International Speedway Dover Delaware Sony may nineteenth. And David for the NASCAR Busch late model sportsman series they'll compete there in the Budweiser 200. Navarro take a week off what Louis got cars go to Charlotte for the world 600 and then in June will bring you the Budweiser 400 Riverside California June 2. The band scored Ivan months 500 at pocono Pennsylvania on the ninth. And Miller high life 400 at Michigan International Speedway on June 16 so check with your motorists an average citizen in your area of Florida. Broadcast times to make sure their carrying those broadcasts and also checked to see they're carrying. NASCAR live on Tuesday night here on an MR ban all those replays by the way I have their ticket office is open today so you can column in reserve your receipts for the next Winston cup race that you plan to visit. Pulled out of the front runners except Baylor heart and elected to pit. During this caution flag here that came out just a moment ago however. Quite a few of the cars are running toward the tail of the fact came on the pit road including Jimmy means Buddy Baker also pitted his car just maltego listed Bobby gear hard. Dick clay was on pit road and so was Don Hume and JD nick Duffy. Party dale earnhardt's car begun to work up the racetrack it was running a much higher line in the turns and any of the other top ten runners so. Perhaps he would critique her celebrity and a car Richard Childress did it way down toward dead the other pit road and turn everyone figured they needed to make a Jesse James. An adjustment and get Earnhardt back on the racetrack rather than leave it out there and have a perhaps back slide further solo he was the only one of the leaders depend we'll see if that strategy pays off. They're still cleaning up. On the interest of pit road a moment ago over the accident happens it'll be eleven or so before we go back to green. As Kyle Petty. Who led an outstanding run here last year we talked about the fans did for weeks about how well he ran here it will spur the what a lot of folks I think I don't know is that the Ford at their running out of the wood Brothers shops is that Ford at Kyle Petty built in his shop last year. And the wood Brothers a fine tune a little bit he talked about them. The car up there when I went up there and now. Mike and myself and had worked hard over the last year we got the draft pretty get a lot of short Faxon never really run Baghdad but Nicole Carville likened drove real got a lot of time. And you know bring it up and had a letter and comic nerd but their motor NN that just pick the right up and he knows Obama your next week we're on a real bitter rich and around real good even though I was bigger Bristol we ended up many mistakes and had a good day. Red Subaru get out there's so you know that sort Baghdad we've got we've got a short term program worked out pretty go forward to make embedded event. He's looked awfully good here growth will grow this week they're set to go back to green this time around. A couple of those lapped cars will be up toward the front of the field if they search news on the inside three of them have been laughed while we were under the green flag before this person caution came out they are right around 111 mark Walter of the leader of the body a second Kyle Petty is third. Ron Bouchard is this a good run to be on the banks short tracks like here in Bristol. He is in the fourth spot sisters Neil bottom six is Bobby Allison. There's a problem for me on my guess as cars come to a virtual halt on the backstretch heading towards turn numbers as great as the field. Rumbles past us now on the corner. And the field has not come up to full song yet as the face guard gets behind the pit wall monitor still limping down the agreement racetrack you. He is still moving as they go back of the green water takes him down and wanted to look mommy latches onto it was real constantly. Now he's up to speed again as he comes out of the corner let's go to Eli gold. Meals midway down the back straightaway all of a sudden the car. Seeing them lose. As everybody I'm in Miami this time Rasmussen. The leader Walter. Running a single file and difference. Battles Rusty Wallace side by side lake speed Bill Elliott go after a spot that it turns one and two real economy further understand what's in between so. Right now that battle Mike was talking on Tim Richman working with the inside he'll grab a spot from Rusty Wallace and when you run a lot of brilliant shining through again. Bill Elliott also trying to make up some ground to get back to the front of the pack every. He's scattered off turn four really doing this afternoon. For more O'Neill watched cars he suffered vapor lock does he went around they're under the caution extreme heat today contributing to that and I'm David Carr. Up to speed after the restart flag flown. It's rarely making his laid down to the pits of timber in the history cheap and it. And perhaps we'll get. I enjoyed the report was correct. Leader back out of turn on the floor as he works across the start finish line as well. You don't expect instill terror in the body hanging on the third is Kyle Petty and walker has not been able to shake anybody that's far from sharks still was fourth. This position is Bobby Allison in six right now as you put on the back. Larry yeah. He's going himself and. Gamespot Zimmerman might this bring you right rusty Wallace's 1011 lame stream. You're living in the Eliot thirteen and fourteen this bill Parsons fifteen has Bobby Nolan sixty Dave Marcus Bernhard after his pit stop the seventeenth eighteenth just getting straighter. At nineteen his Buddy Baker twentieth this dark wire Tony first Jimmy means and he'll want to back up to speed he's running back 22. Position us. Fourth position as change stands Bobby Allison whose real American Buick underneath Ron who starts now only doing so Allison now fourth. Separation from Darrell Waltrip back to the tenth place car Rusty Wallace is about five and a half seconds and you. In the field is staying pretty well locked up here nobody's literally in this race fans can't happen this particular racetrack you're the leader Walter. About ten car list behind now as the money Kyle Petty hangs right in there and third spot still Bobby Allison for fifth as we show our six is jetBlue mindset this hearing campaign estimates. Rusty Wallace that back to bring. Maybe it's a little early in the is confident in my final maybe doing something here and we'll I've seen in Richmond a number of weeks ago so very. So I still need is running that same line. Other drivers even wanted I'm having to contend with. Are even at this point checking different ways to get the corner Kyle Petty so very consistent he's coming towards us Bob Palin to. Back straightaway and it turns gray wolves in the lead and LaMont beat second child many years third bombing happens and most important. Race actions have been further back in eleventh spot just like speed and Richard Petty is he gonna Bill Elliott take over twelve. That marks Elliott is thirteenth and Dale Earnhardt climbed up the fourteenth season those scorecards he's telling her physician and medical effort to get back sir Richard is what I'm under which aren't. Think the move to leave so I'm okay. And many others out there I am sorry to return numerous green curry did the right there tightening it up every time. Plus a team that is really put a ton of effort into getting a short track effort that would really work for them and it paid off last year was two victories at Martinsville and Nashville Tennessee. Looking good here this afternoon clearly going walker has pulled away from terrorism money now by about a second ahead. They work out of turner before him Darryl has practically clear sailing in the racetrack bloody Mary and is the only talk directly hit the scene close. That battle for thirteen comes off turn Florida dessert cart underneath the Bill Elliott born. Bernhard who made the pit stop under caution the only one of the leaders to do so is now carving his way back up toward the top ten. And Eliot Hanks right with a walk two million tonight room returns aren't you know it takes thirteen on the low side of the racetrack. Marlins ahead of him memento Mori Lebanon's twelve latest reading Richard Petty. And Tim Richman. It's a little tussle more they're so speaking Ricky Rudd last time around the track position is they came out of turn four. The fans here who wrote this afternoon really having hard time deciding which Natalie wanna walk to the racetrack. Leader about to get some traffic now Darrell Waltrip is really running at the bottom of the speedway coming out of turns three and four that's something we were watching for. Earlier here today and it just to see how label how they are able to keep. Ricardo a lot of the racetrack here and usually when you see cars drift up even happily and you know the racetrack is beginning to change. And I think that Walter practiced. The racetrack and friends and best when you watch your proudest thing right now. Okay. But I predict that. Speaking of those two earnhardt's alongside penny for twelve spot what Richard many holes in the designers aren't just talking about nice and the incident in the water so as Earnhardt takes a spot many domestic content of the Bill Elliott. Walter pulls up alongside buddy Harrington. Martinsville Virginia driver one lap down reported deal last week if you listen Ericsson has changed horses he has left dodging gone for the Florida. Thunderbird automobile last should be done many comments on the change which started last week. I'm so digital. Enterprises don't really know wearing only. Kurdish land Glavine Zenyatta and you know let us as the latest wedges and myself I hate to say Malays. They've price of still there right plans so. I think I guess in Nashville. In any MI LE ELU. It is okay. It's right now I'm glad I switched. You like them. He says he's sold all of us pressure that apart except for one racecar. Good battling illegal relentless like Dale Earnhardt incidents tussle with links lead in losing to lift position listen we're gonna do you like gold. Wow learn this time around rich brown Bobby Allison Earnhardt were insinuating. And when Walton on the racetrack allison's young right okay. Now such sites on the second place runner bearing in mind you they're working toward Justin turns green. It was an hour around but he Harrington. Sports flames behind you one thing. Just about everyone in the field in the top twenty the card not working man get this afternoon a couple of well we do we have that coming out of turn four Tim Richmond's card turns around just missed Tuesday had to end of the pit wall that Eddie bearish call slammed into earlier. Enrichment old Milwaukee Pontiac now rolls down the banking. Spins that are out and he will rejoin the field and stay on the lead lap and Richmond who's posted in the top ten will fall back in the field. As for just past fifty laps and in the second caution of the day. Let's go to turn on the road. Darrell Waltrip. The first. And got his service first prime time hours and thank you fueled when he was one of the last ones to get out he was the victim of his stable mate and you'll Bonnie came implement not just as perilous time to go out and had barrel him then they couldn't go anywhere for a moment Billy got things sort of cleared away so it's gonna find in some way back into the back here fine coming back again. We just don't get their man to go they're gonna change the right side. Married nobody Ricky Rudd practically everybody had. More runs I'm tired during this caution period. There's trouble on Buddy Baker stars come draft the second time Eli gold Rosenblatt goes we first went under caution. It was slowing considerably on the back straightaway right well earlier than he would have even making a pit stop under caution it was obvious the car was laboring. And as he came through and around these continued to circulate around not a good veteran. He's well off the major should say annoys me executive committee or the moment reliable. He then he has run completely out of breaks or at least that's what the indication of the crew members they came up that road due to try to get him in as he went into this incident. Slowing the cars got down to museum. Back in Greenville local speedway at Bobby Allison is just take the lead the way administrator over. Turned pretty trainer trying to hang on the second. Many thanks to AME Zion road blocking out also he's doing better in the intruder gets a good lesson like feeling about things. You stay at the bottom of the racetrack if they get underneath your going back. Let's go to Boston now three and perhaps more responsible line is underneath an extra fluid dynamic movement. Points and he'll take it going to help me out of concern to bring race owners trainers and Spaniard never. Really knows. I don't many second money third there's still problems about it tigers yeah. Okay. Are fine this morning. Is totally frustrated at this juncture in the race he's just hoping to get things turned around for his new racing team they've had some pretty good luck that they've had a lot of bad luck also. The leader is now Bobby Allison Allison was so tough the 1984 it was Tennessee here it's. Actually have some rear end problems put him out of contention to win a couple of times this year you want to turn a short track program around he's been running very strong all week long here. Lot of folks don't like he might be the sleeper in the USC leads Kyle Petty Hoff turned over for Jerry nobody is. Zip right back there in the number three position gentle giant rise fourth Ricky Rudd is a good position Harry Gant is six skinny traders are now pulling back to settle this terrible tonight. Move around him. Illustrator or call the young driver that Missouri news last year ran as many as nine B racism open wheel cars they just been has not been an easy one for him that's going to be good for him. You need not living a leading company labs. Here in north Wilkes grown gets experience out at the front of the field trader talk about just just Winston every single. The only. When he races. Now more than any. That's coming here. Here's generally do. Separation again through the first back to twelfth now about four and a half seconds is good battles going all over the speedway here again marijuana and having it doesn't turn three. Walton is an inside room where the position away from America and not the same time learn I'm against nice later and now it's time challenging. The walls of seven. I had eight. Bernhard and who's starting try to think tonight's bottom waiver can trader doing it the hard way on the outside on turn to make come off the corner Chris I'm trying to model and I was failing alienating stunningly designed room around straight and sorry didn't mean straighter than a sign my shine things anymore that's. That's the way they come off turn four run down the straightaway and now we shark pulls it laughter. Carly you get the spot and kind of solidified as they get turned over one now moving around and you trader here comes Bill Elliott. You feel that he first look over there in the backstretch. So building a minimum on his way back towards the point they're running then Baylor and I'm married again coming from position as it tries reassign Walter. So valuable takeover attempts bottom rush greater. 211 return and we welcome you want and his thirteen fourteen was like speed fifty this Tim Richman sixteen side by side or Phil Parsons and Rusty Wallace. As it. Straight away now when we're watching is looked on TV is driving the time to get any kind of Manning can't play Villanova. Then they learned an awful lot on the first round of pit stops here even though it came impossible really to become a better time they get 3040 laps on the tires they can get an idea. Exactly what's going on on the racetrack maybe what kind of changes that can anticipate making the next pit stop that person usually is very critical for the year we'll. Yes it is Barney thing it works its fuel mileage as well and tires are wearing. It's listening. I was hoping they'll be okay. I had the right there. Donate now anyway and black men deadlocked now you know. It's a little less than three seconds back to the fifth place car now Ricky Rudd. As Bobby Allison leads around the world. Good to grow speedway he's in traffic out of turner before. And I love some of the second. 34 placed machines to catch up to little bit as you like to slow down working the turn one. Think his way around rookie driver Donahue well that's for sure enough the backstretch. The maintenance plans in March 23 trailing a shower of sparks he heads towards the pit area. Alison working around I mean there aren't words around Jeannie thing coming. For the moment any kind of silly don't you just. That may have supplied the land right rear tire analysis leader Kyle Petty is second the bodies third. Orange his job code behind in fifth district he runs six it's seven. Earnhardt name this damp night this Bouchard intent is gonna. He's battling Musharraf return to the coming on the inside room I'm trying to hold the spot we Scheyer and keeping his mouth moving car wound up tonight when it. Wander off the inside groove again winning. They're single file to turn the floor. That's the way they are pretty much around the racetrack right now as a race stabilizes been among the top twelve they're riding pretty much legal cloud just to feel looser for so long ways to go yet. In the northwestern like 400 if you're wondering the progress of Bill Elliott a lot of people are asking why he. Runs so good on super speedway and kids seem to do that well on a short track and I asked daily about that yesterday. Boy daddy you know where you guys you know the only thing your forehand tonight restart run our late eighties early in a lot of sort fact has never. Really it's hard to come the end figure out what you need to do you know when you. Milos again they rely again got a lot of mail but they toward correcting your urban radio strongest way to go. We've never really been that much. Worried about the we'll never know anyone in the midnight hour now tiger players like my. It has been a candidate Robin good also because there's a family operation they don't have that much outside help in the shop guys who've been around so many years. You have the experience. But coach you you need again they've been here before you cannot tell you what the car to limit the sound an alarm for you fail. The end we got killed while we run at Bristol television. You'll remain on wall right here we're about doing here. Any good right. There are good for 75 laps complete without us in the league are already second money third. Time for waltrip now there have been six the side by side battle. Between her heart and run for its Bruce speedway this is an RN motor racing network. I'm Steve look tar ST the auto expert former crew chief. I know it takes to keep engines performing at their best. STD's latest breakthrough additive best TP ultra five and one plus fuel system cleaner plus fuel stabilizer delivers three times the amount of cleaning agents vs premium gasoline. And helps keep fuel fresh during story. For over sixty years as CP has been on the cutting edge development products to help engines run batter. Longer one bottle contains three times by weight the amount of cleaning agents compared to twenty gallons of the leading premium gasoline. The racetrack to the road home fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So who make high quality performance fuel for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust sonoco to speed of fuel that keeps you going second campus America feels going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of races. We'll throw speedway including northwestern thankful. 100 Bobby Allison continues to set the pace here this afternoon Kyle Petty things on the second spot is Bobby pulls in my about a full second now there. Backstretch running in the third monastery in mind. Really weren't flames behind. I want to Dale Earnhardt into sixth lowest single file drinking 171. There again nine. Drivers really work well as a loving care and its ladies slapped down. To the leaders will. The car's working well here it's not been on the circuit I think it's almost earmarks CNN presents little Pennsylvania and easily maybe if he's made any starts and only one since it. He's been pretty turnout here although I don't know would. A lot of drivers say in past years it over a good place for drivers come and really learn what this business is about. See if you can drive here work traffic stay out of the fast cars played. You have any potential is really what enables them to kind of show. A lot of drivers have started your career here marijuana it's creeping up on the leader Bobby Allison. All the legalese about seven seconds behind he's not the positions it's just restart as well just about any. Five seconds behind Bobby Allison as a leader works out of turn four. It's back room racetrack. When Walter comes to north looks rumors junior Johnson's drag dinners last about the confidence factor. I'm like what Richard Petty goes to Daytona in February his old team knows that they've had some success there in the past that their loved governor Tito and I ask while. The same for him here. This about all the short tracks we go to air rises you know. The course stay here and then we got a good chance to win races and there are some super heavyweight we feel that way I think every team. I mean every donor. As a place in everything jails the driver likes it owner likes inning crew likes it and then made like a home field advantage. Filling in name only go there's a lot of them not to run them well and that's what I want because. Where I was at home and that was my most brands. In their right it was Poland Romania and then those things are factors and a great serve a lot of emotion and racing they don't know realize that. A tremendous amount of emotion racing and factory in all other sports here he's. He's won five from the hole. He's won six of the last seven races he's come. Do you feel he's just sit down three point seven seconds separated now legally was five seconds back she's picked up about two seconds last ten laps around the racetrack. Still reeling. What I'm feeling good battles are being that mine has now been one crime Bill Elliott for the moment as he just pulls a fast run we. Why should no longer turn a little more trying to make the minimum load times. He was underneath the last time by coming out of turn two couldn't do anything more than let's call that Natalee on the line is just about half for roof off the bottom of the racetrack. Want to time to squeeze underneath wasn't room in a single line it's. Many reports running their coming up my whole host of. I'm traveling now. I know penny is trying to movements and so it was like finally here's wall to wall turned flooring yeah. Just down the inside gets better alongside Geoff live for the moment. Am getting going to turn over one but he stays the throttle they are door to door going through one into they'll come off the turn side by side. They're also being a sign of just what time they do and another running room in front of them going uphill and it turns gray wolves in this environment you guys didn't. It's a single file. Want to visit by illustrated. When things. They're different than operations and everything. Sling shots down there in the knowledge that Junior Johnson has accumulated over the years his bid in the both of these cars and anything. I felt like on the line. Victory here because he's an extremely well short tracks since he would just. Now things all of which is just about eight miles this being played here in north little twirls a beautiful day at the track's going to be a record crowd they have not announced the intent. Everything at this racetrack it's almost jam packed before noon today and folks are still trickling in here this afternoon watched the north which grossed people label. Western like 400 Bobby Allison can. Brilliance. Straightaway and Darrell Waltrip still have to get on the miners as he runs writing about him on the corporate jetBlue vinyl was tagged walls are trying to get moved downhill so there on the backstretch. You want to has joined them battled extremely selective memory card battle now for more than that sentence it's. The rear deck. Juan Carlos contender now what Carl Mason center Rusty Wallace after the round this stuff walls came out drinking black in the field he's now a lap down. So do this bill Parsons in the second small cars leaders that a return three. Has Bobby Allison is concerned Graham so soon sterile running in the second place runner I don't mean it won't ship now is always looking to. I blame should a third placed upon me. It's taking his time planning an opening and this player that's. The car and they're not taking any chances still a long ways to go this UNICEF and Joyner broadcast of the cars have gone out of the race is do you wanna next door to door of the jetBlue line a little backstretch and that's for a position it's. Place a meal again using me in sunny room thanks. The grandson codeine and now I'm trying to send sale at chase won't. The cars that are around eighty here's where you won't bring up first caution flags that flew off turn four and tired his car. Good evening the latest retiree is taking. Well the first point 5% this race a number of the legion of many fans over the years in the history NASCAR racing you've got to be wondering is this the David how many wins his first NASCAR races performance in the first hundred laps here. There's been just outstanding he's running the top forward currently closed to the second spot and Eli you're losing your and his accuracy is right a lot of great strength. It really doesn't know he's driving in time for the races. And in general Walter Mears driving a decent rate there's smoke from the drivers in the prime minister I don't want to distract everybody knows buying him as I was out of the air racing road inside driver's area just know what's. Stevens' home and everybody goes wrong. Did you will be heading down the wall it's to get the story on that and maybe a short day for Darrell Waltrip in the Wilkes county plans some of the on their feet here this afternoon as. He is the favorite here coming into the race no doubt about then it's just about everybody will Tony pull for junior Johnson's team waltrip still limping around the racetrack could be heading for pit road is a movie like 08. It's just not a car is still very much under an hour. He's not going to make the turn towards the area as he keeps on talking. If you're making his way down there we'll get the story don't have water still stay out there as long as you can't smoke seems to be cleared up a little bit. Inside the cockpit of the car that he is losing an awful lot of ground let's chicken within here and see if we can get stories we're. The pins are right now OK okay. Radio should you do it it's. Any. Darrell Waltrip remains on the racetrack he has not there. Speculation remains as to what the problem was that filled. The cockpit and an army black smoke in all it was again up to speed you know pulling out of the back over Stephen Duffy and begins you know the march to run Bobby Hillis the way I am. Return of the foreign minister can straighten out down the front straightaway again so. Beginning to slide around the track here in north winds were speedway let's go back checking their journey okay. Bobby allison's advantage in the first second which is Kyle Petty right now about three point six seconds. Announced it has a car that is working as well as anyone on the racetrack and it makes a big difference when you're out there and you're the leader you can send your own place you can get enough trafficking money. You're trying to overhaul the leader and get out and more like a winner of candor is working at passing flag every time the faster cars look into it leader. To lose track getting away so Bobby is getting around here. 121 point four seconds walker is not that far place to put the watch on him just before we took that commercial break he is still out there running. We have not found out what the problem is I don't think this team even knows. We're just check back with Junior Johnson partly it is that we don't know what probably. Millions running the racetrack about 21 point eight seconds left to keep him in the lead lap for a little while the problems persist. Along the bottom out in turn one just drove underneath Kyle Petty would Brothers Florida so second spot changed hands around us later. On an outright second child deserves terrorism on its bond. They have almost a battle and now their garlic card gym tonight as did Dale Earnhardt since seven this Ricky run. Long way back to being placed Carla Terry in night. Feel like aliens in this return any eleven runs shark hunt this big twelve we can trader at thirteen the lake speed and then would come along June 14 he's. Okay Jim rich the rich going to be fifteen anyway the last Carolina let me. Which he's been having some problems getting off turn to breathe for a facility like gold. Not a lot of time is having trouble getting on this corner. Which is somewhat unusual most of the drivers are saying yesterday and things like they might have a tough time getting the good grip on the racetrack coming on concern. And the speedway you're normally talk. One and zoo here in north. Three of four. As the defending chanted this racing till yesterday they have good feeling to come back to attract that you won before but he knew to come back to do it again. Easy now that's certainly coming dishes and desserts that you know you deserve to win the race today. At any given the fact you know want to bet on an annual crystal love you. The way they had technologies taken place and in a lot of the different race cars came in a lot of the different teams. You don't know who's doing makes it. The sale later this year and I imagine that soon. The hottest piece of property was just racing as you there's no question about that already having won three of six races that have been completed. We'll we'll we'll speedway were up to about a 115 or eighteen laps somewhere that rains scoreboard here as we look at the updated about every five laps so. I played them earlier but should be somewhere around 217. Team left. Join us lately while looked like Neil bonnets might reveal rather during Walters might be the only number I meaningless to them Syrian leader in order to turn three even. Can trader in the first rushers. Can cost of revenue leaving few laps and Bobby allison's towards the front of the field Walter has slipped back in the field after. Smoltz started drilling in the cockpit of the race car and in the car once again this motivated he picked up speed he's now trying to climb his way back to the front of the beauties about the. As Allison continues to set the place here at the north we'll throw speedway. Is another driver who feels like he is you. That was short right decreasing in. Bristol Tennessee just literally locked up the left field there last year career in go out and keep the north will grow a couple weeks later than just running away here also have the same problem. This year he says they need the special effort in the short track program to make sure that they went at least two or three in the short track races before the season so. Here's a battle for fourth spot I'll turn floor general guy gets. Underneath Terry the Bonnie drive alongside Piedmont airlines Chevrolet they're dead even going into turn one again but I'm in the bottom left. The body all right let them know they gonna come online this. As lord and Ireland O'Donnell holding him sign rubio does not know and love and need de miners in the car and kind of mental time. As well also coming through every morning good time leaves little thing. Traffic is such a factor here it's for. Finally some mile around this racetrack. Although it's fairly wide in the straightaway supporters get buried tightness about a group to have there's kind of like Darlington many of the drivers utility. It really doing their very hard if you're racing door to door and usually somebody has to deal. So when you make your time going into the corner but get clear every trying to fast greens they're getting coming off the corner and getting before you get this straight away. Darrell Waltrip now you know the elevenths running community run you start one lap to go and are still fourteen cars on the lead lap as Tim Richman. Has gone one down and Alison is the leader you want now right second third is Kyle Petty for the Jim Boeheim Jim Richmond are rather. Terry the body has now been six this earnhardt's seven in his run. In the eight spot that's still here again tonight this Bill Elliott back into Richard Petty elevenths wall to twelve sorry thirteen again trader at fourteen. Is lake speed and he's the last car on the lead lap and risen 320 lasting relief here it's. So fourteen cars staying on the lead lap Richmond has gone eleven now. And he felt like you don't like your thing I heard it say just a moment ago this would be hard to come back and win but they also came preloaded for prayer so to speak. They had their best effort going in the year went on a short track in right okay. Like ketchup and we'll we'll throw it is all things. The battle for the top tennis waltrip got underneath ritual many of the back straightaway that's the way most of the passing has been done here today. And now the Junior Johnson prepared car that's won six the last seven years is now back in the top ten intense line. A lot of definitely on the charge here in North Hillsborough Bobby Allison leader this is perhaps the best run analyses have this season's worth getting out. In front of the field and staying there. Now some of the contenders work around lap traffic off turnover for the battle about shaping up between the time. Terry you Bonnie and Dale Earnhardt is lose three cars will be off turn two. More in its sixth possession. I'm playing so well one thing then Baylor and I'd they're going around loving care fired some time. Do those singles finals and I'm looking Earnhardt entered. You know three of the most consistent cars not only in the super speed ways with the. Short track is. Jerry the money you can always count him to be a factor in almost any. Anyways we go to he likes the short tracks as much as he does a super speedway hears that battle coming right now as Bernhard that's underneath the body they're door to door green. Dale Watson he's so then we'll finally get to all of the really need to learn on the news Indians signed through we'll take it away and look I'm new medicines. That's the way you post your passing years on the inside and underneath the car coming down the straight wire coming off the corners so these are forced to give away in the bottom groove up. At the other end of the speedway lake speed is just moved underneath rocky start penalty for a spot. Back about thirteen position right behind them come the race leader here's Alisyn knocking his interviewing underneath you start. Allison a slap whose chart and suddenly feel a lot and is there as Bobby Allison gets it was a heavy race traffic in the turned over to do you want it is almost on his revolver. There weren't any time room coming off the corner and they'll now on the civilian side of Rusty Wallace. They design group now it's time you crime by any singers Macy has the high side join us. Their way through. Traffic's going to be the factor here is Allison has to get on the binders from multiple X feeds directly may have kneeled on this really close enough now. And see whether gonna go as they come off turn over to Alison down the back she's gonna take inside outside so he's just gonna ride there's a work like the dream. Does not only speed during the lunar mining Allison reasoning are right behind in the field. Good battles to come out front straightaway. Monica's trying worry Allison but Allison proud advocates used to veterans out here he wins today at age 47 that was ripped they get through the Charlotte favorite revealed. Driver to ever win a NASCAR Winston cup race he's well ahead of the field in the bottom right on his bunker green hills there's been some links media working to millions sign of that I wouldn't go all out. Now but still listening and saying. At freeway speed now he'll want to go back to lead takes a look at the inside and turn one and Alison brings his car right now about the racetrack and shuts down that route there's no place to go and you have to tuck in behind him there happened Carly we first. These guys have raced each other so running time. Dating back to Birmingham international raceway then all across the nation on these tracks when grand national track and this is nothing new for the student. Passes aren't gonna slide back into turn one and come upon demonstrators car. He's on the lead lap just hang on the tail end of Atlanta on the cars on the backstretch this time real finally snuck. Sign off turn soon know whether the rigs drilling involving these two lead automobiles meal will just follow Bobby Allison on the corner. Junior Johnson is typical for us down this road acts like he's. Round out of order resign he takes a look down in turn want to see what's going on now there is Alice's. The bottom of the racetrack he'll bonnets and then behind Kenny straighter can't do anything there they're. You can look Allison and running room together fine. Still persons directly ahead of him now is this still working through the Parsons got a little bit loose coming off turn four Alison asked to thread the needle to get the outside and so too was bonnet and leave just eleven cars on the lead lap. As the leaders come off turn two months and exhibits the kind of work racetracks coming Allison gets me. We don't want. Roseanne lady who. Noon start ahead of them might wise I'm thinking of them returned for anybody they're off turn four singles. Feel a lot of mine that used to be a little hesitant puts pressure on Bobby Allison because it was Allison Haley who was responsible for getting it started in his racing career. But he told us recently is not because of middle of last year that maladies in the junior Johnson's car and even for the last few years he says I don't give Bobby Allison anything he doesn't give me anything. Thank you think they really just look harder now they did back in the early days for sure. You probably do Barneys for bragging rights bonnet may have gotten into the back end of allison's car that I want to turn more people didn't really low line. Coming off the corner here goes bottom to the outside of the we've not seen much today he will try to get out some high side attitude let's see you guys are really means they want to know. Right going on militants and remember worrying so much and again chuck is right in behind us and as they're coming up my mommy Hillary. Alison MacNeil wanted to work for every inch of real estate he gets out there and did you. Plus nobody else is grilling myself over the years I don't think that was his mother out there Bobby Allison could give her anything either it's there when it's the event raised its own. This anyone drivers and he says the race car maker. To me. They're raising it. You want I want Charlie Black as they crossed the start finish line hit back into turn one they'll catch the tail end of Richard Petty says DP Pontiac this time around. Again there's no place to go for do you honestly were pitchers dream. You know it was a middling mommy doesn't mind a new mom Alison and even when the racetrack I know she's here. Mean there's really dozens of I believe it's five point six seconds back in third place car that is that Kyle Petty he's in Third World Jelena I mean there. The lines bumpers Dale Earnhardt sixty. Hysterical running sevens is Ricky run long way back into the eighth place car that's now Darrell Waltrip and trying to Siri can't attend this Bill Elliott. Eleventh as Richard Petty in the last car on the lead lap was any straighter makes a pit stop. And Judy Don moving car goes back on the speedway 145. Laps complete your earnings per. Bill Elliott is the tenth. Position on the racetrack right now and he's less than two seconds ahead of the leader Bobby Allison so he's in danger of going a lap down. As Neil plotted Bobby Allison are still at it leaves your room looks world but a lot of hasn't been able to do anything this labor. Alabama all afternoon they're back in three. The same time you realize there's a lot of racing yet to go. Why is following Bobby Allison they're clicking on the other guys are now going a lap down so at least not element was working. Feels taking a couple of good runs Bobby on the inside and the outside primarily down in turn one thing. Just does not have the power it seems to get off turn two and climb the hill literally here in north towards the back straightaway. And stayed dead even with the Allison doing everything turned over three years. But three Morales and has been the dominant car that's helped him to hang on bullying. Now listen in right field line running second Kyle Petty is still third gold mine shown enforced just wanted to go fifth placed her heart. Six Terry running seventh we keep rookie Darrell Waltrip. Harry -- still it's. And bill early this tent those cars still on the lead lap Richard Petty has just gone allowed announces that run down a few moments ago. He would be the eleventh place card. He joined us late and wondering what happened to pull sooner Walter he did lead about the first fifty laps here. And and after the caution flag and second cars like the favorite Tim Richmond screen and turn the war on your game nasty black smoke filling the cockpit we drop. Under the front of the pack all the way Palin but he stayed on the lead lap once the smoke subsided he took off and he's been chasing down the leaders ever since. Are we seeing water come here get in trouble before bounce back. I can win this race and just yesterday he talked about how easy it is to win here and how easy it is to lose I've seen. Things have been here. I can think back about 197778. Out of left field here towards times in the first 200 mile race and they know everything there are fifty laps. And didn't see no way to lose every race he was running second. And in the next sooner laughing let me board now got back in a race and ended up winning so it's a funny racetrack you can. If you're handling where you can do a very often did you you're not gonna give emerged. It's up here on newsroom continues to get hotter and hotter out there newness that happens we'll see some of the cars that will definitely be having problems I guess we will Barney. It's not good here in the lane play their next big stop your nickname and all four tires or just one side or the other. For the what it's like on the inside of the room near Obama is now time to lobby I was in the morning xenophobic right down the backstretch of Madoff in the turn. Did you little bit going through wanted to you last time around came forward they had heat. And a lot of grabbed the lead going down the back straightaway let's elect today. Then we're talking about one thing I'd do anything. It was news front runners and Angel Fort Myers on the left I'm tired. The left side tires got a lot of so I would be. Paul Laurie we're bringing. Bobby Allison hasn't given up to chase lead he's right after O'Neill plus game hard run coming off. There we'll look now at one it's not really can pick and choose where he needs to go Allison has his work cut out for you really like me. Well well my singles final dozen states in second for the moment when we're watching. My help many passing us now he has that lead over Jim Boeheim Naylor and I'm cutting down on the marriage to minimums. Harry Gant had a tense moment is one of the lap cars to make you. True champion no way to the bottom of the racetrack to get underneath him Perry had been running about seven great spot he's going to be hard for us now to hang on the tail end of the lead lap here come the leaders. Chasing down a turn at one Bill Elliott. We the next star to be laughed as the Obama dives underneath Elliot in Elliot goes way tie going off turned over to and he is a lap down all of the sudden. And Harry Gant will be the next victim was a hit the turn three. He alone and leave Rios and Ryan on the deck of the rear deck of an automobile. Every kid leaves the room answered more birdies on the sail into the league he leaves only nine cars on the lead lap can't be the last one of those. They overlap they want to lose the next car inside the perils and able to pull away just to bet that side by side battle for the lead between bottom and Alison help want to. Scramble away from the leaders he is still a couple of cars and a lot of darlings from being collapsed. As he comes by the start finish drives me bonnet and Alice we're gonna need Kerry candidate could get a lap down and catch Walter they got about five and 310 seconds to make up. Now Harry becomes another one of the drivers is you have to play catchup here all afternoon put himself back in contention to win this race still a long ways to go showing it. 865 laps on the board here this afternoon. And on this. You run Charlotte student Jarrett. You're doing the right side tires on the. Now let's. There had a great thing. Were even cars there including one of the other. You now believe you have the right side tire change now they are coming around saying go outside probability of gasoline. Just can't sleep has not won a lot of races the only thing yeah I guess it was telling a years ago and he is scooter race drivers is in this business he has outstanding equipment right now the money is there the racing team divine first class parts they've just been. As they say in this business like that. About fifty occasions that he had a chance to win the last two years. Started had a cool with the left right power. They have a water goes in and out cooling down. Great system I'm sure it's getting to work out here as well as they. Cooling system for the car and that they had trouble with Ben left front tire they do have until now there. Example a long green flag pit stop for Iran to show. Did they made those last stops of well left 5255. Somewhere in the range we should be approaching 17 here very shortly. 160. Laps of the need to yeah play a 145. If you aren't a 16300000. Distract. 0800 miles home made crack Lance van. You somewhere around the right we charged back to the speedway he has lost three levels of the leader of that green flag pit stop and any person all. Who has completed only eighteen of the 170 laps before he brought out caution. On the eighteenth on the nineteenth lap of the race fears most revered his car and he's back on the speed ways and went out before learning driver. Good racetrack to get some good experience they're gonna try to put on as many laughs again today. They're chasing the Obama he's a leader in the north western bank 400 behind him in second slot as Bobby Allison is now showing one point five seconds behind so honest Hulu. And injured more than we should see some good stuff coming up working on this new tires or we're talking about that run the shark took the field. You can really see it differently go back on the racetrack because Bouchard has just passed everybody that he taught since he had a new set roadrunner machine. No thank you have a second guess and I am only. Not surprisingly was charged about the fastest car on the racetrack. Double zero car now making it that's not saying your automobile and Helen grace messing around turn on getting. Right side tires going back out on speed players who starred alongside just quote I've remember Bouchard is three laps down after that long that stuff. 120 laps to go here 180 less rewarding course. Spring water is 400 laps around the Pittsburgh speedway the funniest thing here today 246000. Dollars. Mozilla just a couple of years ago when 200000 knows record pay day short tracks are now just about all approaching a quarter million mark. There's not a lot of money up for grabs on the Winston cup circuit just a couple of weeks then Charlotte motor speedway the month for. For 200000 dollar first place in the Houston and Phil Elliott has one leg up on the rest of the field to win the Winston million itself which is the worst winning any three. All those four races at Talladega dates. Charlotte, North Carolina their call beginning get a little worried about that Tuesday night's closing up here shortly please do. Certainly the hottest thing in racing question about that a little later this afternoon we'll talk we Junior Johnson about that very set thing. Why he thinks the aliens are running so well and exactly what might happen down the road. Visa card read everywhere we go is everybody else get. Yes it's. A look do you like golden turn three. When the battle that's shaping up now is just made nine pounding away on the the third place winner Kyle Petty. I'm braves this afternoon and look I think my commitment to win this position and gently trying to long term war. And I'm underneath I'll just for a moment couldn't stay there just didn't have to jump off the corners and down the bottom of the hill who turns one and two. Kyle's that's way up high in the groove and INS there that's the only opening more than he needed. In just the minimum nine to take some downstairs. So John is now in third many years of foreign that's my own and here comes Taylor and Hart he's tightening up from them. You know there again into the fifth. Coming up towards him. We're going around looking. Travis owner reaching inside of me. Resources Edwards and Bill Walton threw yeah. It's kind of shape Kyle many spins at turn numbers are very important. He stopped coming into the outside retaining wall as everybody who won't mind being neither man. I'm now comes rolling off the high sign on the racetrack Bobby Allison does the golf I'm an ice time and time. As we room as Kyle's car is not in the middle of the user have a proven dream. Wanted to bring up the caution for the third time this afternoon as the field goes I've part of the real low and clear how many spending automobiles just won't go up in terms of the three he's backing up now. And trying to get into the pits for the third caution of the day. Barney was a long wait before the caution flag came out for Kyle Petty as he backs up and headed to pit road and around NASCAR officials are watching me incidents saw Kyle go all the way to the top of the racetrack and I might be able to get that card down. And back out of the way of trafficking underway without having to drop the caution. Unfortunately wasn't quite high enough on the racetrack because now since we don't know the high side when cars start to go around at hillside. Quietly because like ways. Lot of cars run pit road let's go to the end nobody is an in the Budweiser detector project generally number oil making a list. Nobody in the Piedmont airlines. Are they in W talking dark making no runs not our little farther down pit road rail and getting miss out on the brewers scored. And here's Ricky Rudd in the photograph Florida also did it right side tires. So I think. Simultaneously so we'll change right. That would double the field quite a bit here in the pit stop will be a welcome one for a lot of the competitors this started to slide back into fielder's Kyle Petty who's been precipitated because it. I don't look right side tires on the wood Brothers Ford as well. This broadcast of the northwestern back 400 is brought to an exclusive radio rights granted by the speedway of motor racing network solely for the private noncommercial use of our listening audience. Any publication reproduction or other use for description of accounts of this race without the express written consent of NASCAR the motor racing network. He is prohibited. Broader cost at oracle Grover Kyle Petty spit up return of the three Neil monitors the race leader Bobby Allison rides in the second spot. From Brooke looks for all this is MR I on the motor racing network. If your vehicle is in stopping like you're used to visit O'Reilly auto parts for the summer break fields event take advantage of the O'Reilly auto parts do it right rebate and get 125 dollar O'Reilly gift card by mail when you buy a set of break desolate pads and a pair of rotors O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day limits apply see store for details. I'll. Oh Mubarak's. Whatever you drive wherever you go Hercules tires we'll get in there whether you're running on there. Running a job. Hard dependable high quality tires of a perfect fit for your knee. Strong match value selection in warranty with the industry leading road hazard protection there's only one choice. Hercules irons to learn more visit Hercules tired dot. Or call 806779535. Hercules tires right on our strength. McEnroe we'll cross speedway just about everyone has been at for its service and this is whether running on the racetrack Monica comes up quick he gets the lead right back Bobby Allison a second Jeff Conine should be third. The fourth place star Ricky Rudd still like in fifth position would be sure the money six is Dale Earnhardt and seventh this Darrell Waltrip. As we're still working this link they cautioned here at the north we'll trustee playlist elected Ned Jarrett. We'll British sailor. I did coming back they were just about ready for green flag pit stops there again. We're just going out of me of when the caution came out of them that don't break for him he had taken on left side tires accorsi didn't get to come back in medical rats that guards. So at least you have flown for a fresh start now where there are others only have to some of them took only a side while others took on the right side. No we still have not been able to ascertain what the problem laws and Darrell Waltrip car perhaps it will have a chance now that Walter has been in the pits ignite it. Told you you're Jeff Hammond on the crew exactly what the problem was Motorola bitching to find out indeed what it was a little bit early this afternoon. Toronto shark goes back to pit road and open it up on a race still farm validly Buick once again. Did you can win a Daytona 500 dream vacation to the folks goodies headache powders Piedmont airlines and motor racing network. All you need to do better. Descend the front panel from any size package of goodies that a powders or the name duties and it covers printed in the claim block letters on a through a five piece of paper tonight along with your name address and phone number to goodies race for the money. Box 500 Daytona Beach 32015. And we can be drawing your name in November is the winner of our Daytona. 500 grand prize for one of the racing holidays of the month. Two tickets to Mexico raised 300 dollars in cash in your round trip tickets on Piedmont airlines a complete rules of Piedmont airlines city ticket offices or wherever you buy goodies headache powder. I understand the problem won't run the sharks garbled goalless at break probable in the car I think they. Said that when they were in the pits a little bit earlier they're trying to work on that the attrition rate has not been high admiral who's gross after a couple of cars stayed on pit road longtime Buddy Baker is the only car that has retired for the day. Katie Beers while I was out and they stayed probably gets what a year hundred laps or somewhere along there before he came back but he is still on the racetrack. He says good place to get some experience here at the speedway. Ronnie let's check in with Jeff Hammond they've had a chance now to talk with Darrell Waltrip and Jeff have you figured out what am because this month. Not exactly did we got a lot of ideas we don't have an exact reason what happened. To expose euros more than it should have been done a lot of Greece and they're. The tail pipes. The car do you kind of steered him brands segment into. Right now everybody's got to control enough. We want to let meg okay Tim Salmon. I'm really not exactly sure what brought this woke up and waltrip start up whatever was has been no major problem is Carol is certainly a good. Contender very much so. Are a variety of teams that have braking problems in practice and qualifying Friday and Saturday saw two teams that went through the whole braking system. Changing hats rotors and calpers virtually the entire functional part of that system. Just an effort to get the breaks that were working right in and working do their best advantage so like Martinsville this track to it was quite a premium on break. Yes well you won't Wear not quite as quick which is certainly you have to have them here you're gonna win this race were back under green of the north western bank 400 at Neil bonnet gets. He pulls away about six or eight. Links on this restart takes him back into the turn over to Bobby Allison trying to come up to speed to stay within. Bobbie and citizens second Jeff wood 900 right behind him Ricky Rudd warned the line a lot of nights every look on defense and sings me. I thought they were coming off turn four. Hard fought battle on turf war between live and ride right. Let's go to double file were rounding markets during the Bonnie is nightmares that come on do. Terry on the money trying to work his way through it again with Dave minuses are occupying PM sun room Bill Elliott who's there as well everybody is making their way around. Turns me important as prominently as well there's a development here. Can dry out that story is Buddy Baker drove to the -- some years ago it's been quite a while. But Richard here this afternoon that he is very it's this is the first race I guess this year that we. In effect through tonight very hot. This afternoon the leaders still wield a lot of Bobby Allison instead of gaining ground is losing ground lost in what police say an eight or nine more garlic seem like goals. At least that many although he does seem to brings him around the corner here Hillary and more wary worked well earlier lemon grass the racetrack mom was able to pull away. They can be good choice really drive that he's probably the only other driver here you tell them reach the pedals. I'm Richard race car let's take even further back through the field monitor is the leader Alison is second. Third is Jeff who died in court this Ricky Rudd. Fifth this terrible Bonnie riding six is Dale Earnhardt at seven this Darrell Waltrip just those seven cars are on the lead lap. One lap down Bill Elliott Richard Petty like Steve. Two laps back Tim Richmond Kyle Petty and Dave Marcus three laps down. Phil Parsons. Karstens on the Rusty Wallace can trader. We'll politely car that's Mark McGwire also run Bouchard and Jimmy means that scoreless back buddy airing tonight takes its not wanting. It is five point four seconds back to that seventh place card Carol Walters and that's the distance siesta Lincoln you can tell this team they feel wanted and Walter has gone back its traffic and having the his way around Richard Henne right now he's been chasing him the last 45 last wins leader hits for. Winners. Read more want everybody else follows through single mom got to go back in the the same spot every weekend you might resume racing iMac. Along the border lake speed again finally get a little ground here this afternoon as some of the cars are expected to be in the front of the pack you have the rubble and got. Played kitchens and rob we'll try to get yourself a lap down nearly blowing it is a long day at this racetrack here's leader Neil Monica back to cross a line and he continues to stretches interval over. Bobby Allison these bad. And about another half a second to. JetBlue line has not been able to catch up Bobby Allison Keyes the third place car for this Ricky rather funny this justly would you run right now that's what position over the north into the. Right great tradition each time coming off turns here when heading towards a series of great importance of knowing gets under along the corners into run who's able to look on the screen orange. Florida to a lot of pull down here and not just voters also toward securing this racetrack it's very unique. Situation. Where you run uphill on the backstretch and downhill on the front stretch horsepower is a lot to do that so do sister Walter is the source of hearing. Well it's a year's selection. You guys have an up here according you have that match right away and then they then you got to really watch it back coming down the front straightaway because there's good 300 are. Variants are going up the backing down the front. We put up your car around to back the way you want to in any tax meaning Eminem front straightaway and you'll find the drivers normally let out a little early. For their reason return to a more premium plus we're going downhill so you gotta you gotta look. The year's election is probably the critical here is it is anywhere. 210 laps completed. The question what they're all your string remain intact here in north looks for a world junior Johnson's refusal on the right now it's up on the line as the bottom leads Bobby Allison off turn four Eagles to lobby here aren't big. Young driver on Pennsylvania there to lapped cars separate one from Allison as the go to your one. In the corner for the moment everything is stabilizes things you learn the race track and field finally getting off the corner working very strongly. Bobby Allison no opportunity to make a move around Don noon big guys are neighbors while housing SI group. There again down to leave the the Franken Afghanistan. Anywhere near what is Darrell Waltrip collides with a hitting busy doctor on the pit. Pit road he'll be heading down amid Jarrett Harry Gant does have a problem is still planet let's go to man this is definitely. It's. Now that's a rare miscue by wolf too but it's not entirely his apology come off turn four there. The group the low groove racetrack is really right for you have to be they're going to get onto pit road and it's not a parent. Good driver following the the driver gets going into the pits until it actually makes the cut to pit road so I want to be just running a lot quicker we can perhaps didn't realize it. Can you back again please wasn't hard but he did tell me. Actually feel depressed director here at the speedway in the fellow who ran the old universal racing network that covered the race here it's brutal many NASCAR speedway is over. Many many years and that's maybe that's 28500. Race fans and that is certainly around here it's been fairly. Really sold every seat in the house or no question about that please respect my 2 o'clock this morning. Well issue because this track has so much history and so was traditionalists say is Darlington or anyplace else and you always see some good racing here not only that. There's a classic field of cars perhaps the best they've ever had forecast only a long thin tonight you. Gorgeous weather is what we're enjoying now it's on channel two. Forecasters homeowners dreams here again smoking on turner awards okay right rear tire being presented as early as Tuesday on local radio and TV stations. Warm weather and cloudless skies for the weekend first time he can remember that is that far back they got the forecast for this time we're. And they deserve it it's a good crowd here certainly some of the new improvements in the speedway for this race. As soon as there's been a tremendous investment plane still in this news in the land here. You know we'll be here right now the leader is and you look at. To pull away from Bobby Allison and Jim Boeheim third place car Ricky Rudd still posted his fourth and fifth it would be terrible things. Those different time not let general. Has changed between first and fifth position we will stabilize the last few times around so we're real money just pacing himself the only. It'll be like golden we really see that's good. Worst is of course Bobby allison's yeah. Right Jon Corzine is really right on his rear deck now and try to make a couple of passes off turn two and now they're right behind the slower. Officer or back down and run straight to it once again. Let's say that no matter where you live there's a chance to Winston cup racing is coming view in the very near future all these speedway seven. So then today you. You're seeing today it's hard to Virginia next Sunday. Two weeks today it was fast speedway and Talladega Alabama or what made Dover Delaware for Charlotte, North Carolina and in June Riverside California pocono Pennsylvania. Brooklyn Michigan and July Daytona beach Florida homes. Thank you call it reserve your seats seamless racing. It's right next door as the wind salons through our broadcast Booth you're we'll look around sea graves and he's the former director special events for the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company is here today. In its world watch the running makes a lot of Mets let everybody around and usually takes Tara wall isn't giving somebody else now is they're wholly. Then takes a look at our parents living I'm still. Bet against their. What are we trying to trying to get to give us feel we never look that. Zero or six out of. Feel pretty well stabilized around the racetrack and then I guess this isn't juncture and a little girl when you reach about eleven to twenty to thirty somewhere along and then they'll ride for about forty or fifty laps. And courses no one really racing that hard this State's racing you can just stay in the lead up. Be around for the next pit stop and come up anywhere near the front and back that's when you do your heart racing. He's trying to. The race. That's okay. Well lord and. He'll run it continues to set the pace in the northwestern by four. There's still a little better than three seconds now between himself and Bobby Allison. You rides in the number two spot jetliner bound for Carly tonight rioting in third position behind Bobby Allison. And another five seconds back to the fourth place car Ricky Rudd and riding along. Heinz Field history body in good position in the Dale Earnhardt will be the next car on the speedway. We've completed about 235. Laps of the northwestern like 400. Simple Louisville's the sixteenth hole of the race here is where things pretty well stabilizing just ride from lethargy. So as the field passed and a stabilizes we say around this racetrack didn't give us a moment to talk. Probably the number one was still racing fans. President of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company Jerry Rawlings stepped in her Booth. Listen long ago during the the intent is today was little more than 28500. That you brought many thousand. Like he came in the back. Okay well we brought in L Stanley today Barney and why can we have that everybody yet it's usual as is about a tenth consecutive year. And we've been coming to us girl and I think this is by far the biggest crowd is crowd wheels of the nicest day at this time of the year we've ever had here. Then you can. What makes this morning if you have found that out even in the early years it was became involved in you became. Race fans to go to a track like Daytona 500 where there's a 12030000. Fans. And they're just as enthusiastic right here where there's 20008. The fans are loyal they turn out and it's it is the appeal of stock car racing in the short tracks you can run there would go to the super speedway is near and intermediate sized racetracks the my answer pretty much the same no matter where we run weekends for week. They sure are going need I think they're the greatest fans that he would find in any type this blitz today the fans out here enthusiastic. As you can throwing anywhere. And absolutely true that will be dead in a couple of weeks now and then at Talladega and I know we'll have a better 125000. I guess at least down there and something in that neighborhood or more damage solid at the end of may. Have they didn't find any difference in as far as fan enthusiasm goes. They're in the air all the way you think you can find anything better than what we have here in Winston cup race fans. Bill Elliott winning three of the first six races this season including the Daytona 500 refers to the races that count the Winston million. Are you folks get a little nervous and you might have to pay that money out the first year of the program. Well Mike that's a good question we've budgeted at million dollars and thank you up and we actually thought that went dead at somebody when it. We would know who would date that we think is so but he does when it will be a great thing for NASCAR Winston cup racing. And we really do you know I had to have a good chance today. My can thorny issue you have to talk to an awful lot of the drivers he before this race and they are waiting for the Winston races and then. In Charlotte. The enthusiasm. For that race is actually terrific and it was what. The Winston 500 and Talladega and the world 600 no that's not putting down any of this whole the should drag races we have in between. Did that go ice really everybody thinks they have a good chance to win that I think that that's the waving we sing like a great idea today. Did it leave very very difficult at this point to say that anybody is clearly out for a. Those are your magazine edited so beautiful for cholera which goes all the drivers compete in the Winston it's on the back cover many of the racing magazine this month and one of the other drivers won't mention his name and his cars blue and yellow and on the lead lap parent. News look at that yesterday this is not a how to fix this is as you watch he waits for the senate next year this is not going to be about gore was on there and he's gonna do Ali good take. Kara well ice box. I spoke to that driving his in the blue and yellow car and he said boy he's really good to be had did to win. Some of those races because she's at Reynolds is putting up early wins and I should say it was putting up serious money they're really make this the most competitive sport. Third is the most competitive sport and as far as financially rewarding my consortium will be very very competitive with any type this what we have anywhere. And that's what I think is really creating even more enthusiasm this year and applauded the fans as well as the tapes. Journalists are the most delta plans that. This really order still pretty much the same on the racetrack kneel on a new leader Bobby Allison ride second still light behind him a couple of colleagues no separation there are no more no less and there was. A moment ago. This still. Number five car and gentle giant Ricky Rudd is fourth. The fifth position belongs to turn the body of six is still Dale Earnhardt. Jerry talking about the race coming up at Charlotte to Winston it is it is not just another race there's no way you can just say well it's another Winston cup race. Or purse and a half million dollars in the winter collecting 200000. The distance they're running down there's just totally unheard. Paula drivers think so is so it is teams and died from what I understand. Than Bruce Smith and hope you realize that the kids into it to them lately. The response and as far as the people getting tickets where that weekend there's nothing should a sensational. Right up through this this week it's broken every record through destroying trip I imagine it will be a complete total sellout effectively right surprise to them. Why do this this afternoon it was still have a moment to check quickly before you leave us. We understand that Margaret clocked one of the miss Winston who's been around for several years right now she's done a tremendous job they are generals tobacco company hasn't this what's that. And we understand this is her last race today. And I know you. Folks kind of hate to see you leave again. Yes well Margaret has become engaged and she's gonna be married to me until I. That I went I have to envision is a great guard because Margaret has been very very wonderful week that had marked the mail program four years as an enormous Wednesday's. Vinci has done a very very ploy enjoyment of the great Louis Louis. Fortunately we have a very and we you know we do Barney and Mike trained in this instance we do have an average girl will be able to step in the apparently easily. This so I think it the next race. Whoever we sure all of everybody ethic discipline in this mortgages they wanted to greatness Winston sports. 1250 laps crazier than northwestern back. 400 north looks for speedway Bobby Allison can. Continues to believe in Barney gonna go ran down. Six of the seven cars on the lead lap during Walter his seventh he's the last car on the lead lap one lap now bill Haley and Richard Gotti. And the 75 car Blake's speed two laps back to posting now Kyle Petty Tim Richman Dave Marcus. Relapse off the base pairing get along with Phil Parsons Rusty Wallace kept trader. Martin Dwyer Jimmy means that Ron who's jars. Those who won't go 28500. Fans plus are here this afternoon it is a record there's little changed their water has moved up then passed Dale Earnhardt to move in sixth position. Again our thanks to Jerry log for stopping by and chatting with the this afternoon. And congratulations to Margaret club and be married to all the we need to she really was the fifth circuit manager may be standing by whether. What shares and our broadcast position in the myth that we were given out up here and she was wearing that label comments Terry long was making a marker we will miss. You. Let you. Back when you maybe the first or second race. Well I know. This night at every event okay. And every day and. Oh right you're doing I really appreciate what you've done what you. She is well represented the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company and its an awful lot for grand national racing over the years. Collapse are going up on the board and my vision is lady who has actually affect dancing on the far right. 55 of the 400 labs are fully healed a lot of those utilities the race leader Bobby Allison right second and third is general died in the fourth district you run fifth. Is Terry the body Darrell Waltrip was now a sixth place car and seven this Dale Earnhardt. One lap back Bill Elliott is safe to lake speed is nine and Richard Petty is to have. And Betty is car not handling too well over the corners anymore he's dropped in the tenth spot two laps down his son Kyle who ran so well in the first 8200 laps sirens. Looks like he might have a shot to win this race today before spinning and bringing out the race's third caution. I've been turned over three he has two laps down in the eleventh position 260 laps now on the board out of the 400 hurdles world. Here's what we'll throw speedway in the field bonnet has kind of taken up for his teammate Darrell Waltrip left off the last couple of years to set the pace. Now other shops and Junior Johnson just down the road here this afternoon Neil is already won one race in 1985 perilous when list 36 racist. On a winning down at Rockingham North Carolina. A few weeks back and he's having quite a day here everything is kind of really started off this afternoon like they're gonna get behind a little bit and all of a sudden. Whatever he had a problem like barely be slowed remembered almost came to rest on the apron of the track at the corner you suddenly car caught right back up and he has been. A top contender to win this thing it's still very much so at this juncture in the race to win this afternoon while Darrell Waltrip don't counting mounting still on the lead lap with just moved into sixth position. Fortunately when bonnets load was under caution it was actually coming up on the level they're going to restart and Retief Tim brewer thought it might be vapor lock on the carded the extreme heat today and running their low speed love that he'd build up under the engine department. If you join us later we've only had three cautions any Biersch well on lap number nineteen. Spun into the barrier the concrete barrier to their head in the pit road. And his car's been back on the racetrack but moving slowly won't lead to relax today. On the about the 52 lap differences a lot of return to perform same spot he just missed the end of pit wall. Didn't lose a lap and kept on going and then Kyle Petty good running with the leaders of until about lap 180 fives but I've been turned over three. But I've got going again the wood Brothers service the car they were two laps down. Darrell Waltrip led the first fifty laps here but again and coming off that second caution flag and the restart black smoke filled the cockpit of Walker's car. The car slowed dramatically he did not hit him once that smoke and elevated Walter picked up the pace and he's been chasing after the leaders never cents. Feel bonded as a race leader in second Bobby Allison for third now is just full time. Fourth position that belongs to Ricky Rudd and Bill Terry the body brits leaving between a couple of laps cars. Walter was a big display of six bodies Bernhard and seven is the last car on the lead lap one lap down there showing. Again it's bill Elliot lake speed and Richard Petty two laps back as Kyle Petty relapse down to Richmond Dave Marcus and hairy again. Then where did you live right now they just like oh. Provided let him come back here and walked up here. The moment when there. Stay here. Betty is over and turned over three only for practice slowing down this time it's like he's coming up this. You Rhode winningest driver what will grow fifteen times he's been the big relayed over the years one last year. About 1980 once it's been awhile since even in Victory Lane he is on pit road let's go back to them. Heavy rains are just not good night. A familiar while losing the right side now. For now is. Like George pointed out earlier they won't make an adjustment calls by the makers they'll demand is not tall enough to get in that car. Have to make an adjustment facility and Richard are about the same time Richard went directly through the front. Raleigh tonight. Here very shortly. So Buddy Baker we'll take over the ftp funny actor Richard Petty as penny is not feeling well at all here this afternoon as we pointed out this is the first race in 1985 that he has really been a factor but it is a hot one here today. Temperature is up into the Chinese they're still on pit road that car is he's losing valuable time. And he just could not take any longer we'll climb out of the race card maker we'll take it out there and see what you can do it. It's like a long time there's a lot of my. The children are consistently well all night together plus the radio hookup and embezzlement. Learn about. Thank god for all those hills than having these cars they're not wanting. It's probably are not a half a dozen drivers here you can really get a good car every. Replaced Richards Vinny because we're talking about adjusting things are really not anything that car you can just that scene is both today and pretty much in one position there's no. Not much wind changing it lets you lost dinner fifty laps. Well you can go back don't think you can adjust news of course they. Now I'm tired but still Robert. In the car nobody knows nobody likes the car with a cover everything that he had told him I'll put them here. Everything now my great crew chief long has been. So they're rolling off the probably Eric whose in there to get that to your radio system hooked up each driver has a little different kind of hooked up when you can't. Good Richards Helmut probably on anybody's head and adapt to their radio systems and that's done in the car. Is back on the speedway it was some fourteen years ago the baker drove for Petty Enterprises ran a second car but the odds at the time his teammates Richard cars were painted like number. Through his nose in America sequence numbers big pretty good job for the Betty is back in the early seventies. 275. Laps complete leader now suing Richard at eight laps down after that driver exchanging Buddy Baker now in the 43 car. Healed a lot of leads Darrell Waltrip by sixteen point six seconds that is the separation from first back to six positions so Darryl has his work cut out if you do lose a lot of the fire hit this afternoon with the there's an awful lot of drivers still have a good shot at winning. Real money is getting around the racetrack as well as anyone in his going to be tough to deal with Bobby Allison is still second and third fourth Ricky Rudd. Fifth Jerry Levine six Darrell Waltrip friends seventh is Dale Earnhardt those cars are all on the lead lap when. Bill Elliott are not working well at all here at this racetrack this afternoon for the last thirty or forty laps he has had his hands full in both into the speedway down in the south into turn one into an Eli goalies also had his hands full up in front. One of you reinforce. Really now she's been out again see outside retaining walls are coming up some dirt tracking through the Korean War. It was a similar group to battle it Richard Petty was taking before he relinquished the cock. As a matter of fact it was a similar group to which Harry Gant was when it. Even after Harry came in following that change. Right rear tire they took about fifteen laps for the mine again. To some degree of normalcy as far as running room when the moment it's just bill that leaders taking them my way around while we're talking about guys getting around the track. We've not talked much about just codeine here of late. Jeff was still just following in the tire tracks of Bobby Allison Madonna has a third. Running a very consistent race every time he's trying to make them fast wins. That's not up. And all that often. Everybody's trying to make a move there's been another car occupying the inside room. But Jeff has been patiently biding his time still plenty of racing is running a very strong third place. Talking about Bill Elliott we had a chance to chat with Junior Johnson yesterday about his success on the super speed ways he's gonna factor in a couple of short track she ran well at Richmond Virginia. And he ran fairly well at Bristol Tennessee to. Had some problems up there. The junior said yesterday that there was no such thing as a lot of people think the reason the elites have been so successful is strictly the motor department. They have more horsepower more under the hood than anybody else junior says he doesn't think so. Well employees got the whole team together really really good chance to man and I think a lot of they've taken a lot of credit for medical. You know I've got to drown every. He's a lot better race driver most people's views. He's good chances. Right now confidence so his comments along the food and I think people were really scars of this real slippery and it's hit it in the I don't let our own car you got to give them more fit to do a great job. Junior says he thinks they have a total combination just like you say it is the engine. It's chassis its aerodynamic design little of everything. Is it's. I feel really didn't say this car up to run through the cover real smooth and fast and that. Of course you can never strike you as a lot quicker and his driving ability. Is a big asset and then also I think here. When they say did his mother heard a lot of my afternoon ISO I think he had taken. Create new wave brewers just desserts billionaire thing. This that is Carrera didn't. Just get a driver's ears he got a little out of their own. Good to be driving a race car and I think it around. The kids back up within that it's not really no easy task goes say they got their act together and they work hard core group can take him away from. 290 laps completed the northwestern back 400 feel a lot of leading Bobby Allison Jeff Conine Ricky Rudd and Terry Bonnie let's go to Ned Jarrett. We're Richard many thanks. Its voter. I don't live we. You carve out like it was a slave like good and again this the first time you've grated power whether or let Hammond do good that is. Myself out ideas. Insist they and after I figured I'd be better off to get out while I still have a facility not the gravity thing about a salesman. You're never slowed down I just only got to get somebody has got to avoid this loaded and got Smart way to. Down I dug about get a. Well well OK Richard Petty that's the way the chances. 410 laps left to the checkered flag or look through speedway this is a RN motor racing network. The racetrack to the road home. Fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So who makes high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust sonoco to beat him fuel that feeds you go second camp that's an okay film going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of racing. I'm Steve look tar ST the auto expert and former crew chief. I know it takes to keep engines performing at their best. STD's latest breakthrough additive. Best TP ultra five in one plus fuel system cleaner plus fuel stabilizer delivers three times the amount of cleaning agents vs premium gasoline. And helps keep fuel fresh during story. For over sixty years ftp has been on the cutting edge development products to help engines run better. Longer one bottle contains three times flyweight the amount of cleaning agents compared to twenty gallons of the leading premium gasoline. We're back to the north we'll throw speedway as the laps wind down of the northwestern but 400. He'll run it continues to set the pace for the rest of the field here this afternoon Bobby Allison has not been able to chase him down and neither is anyone else that matters little who are still being posted on the lead lap. There are walking the six hasn't worked around this racetrack dale earnhardt's last time Palin literally left. It's only those cars are on the lead lap bill Elliot lake Stevens remained one lap back two laps down has Kyle Petty he's tenth place car. Three laps in arrears Jim Richmond along with the Dave Marcus and hearing again. That takes you back through thirteenth position Richard Petty who register and Jerry talking to would have made a driver James lost eight laps. That's Buddy Baker replace Betty behind the wheel of EST people on here. Darrell Waltrip trying to move up through the field as we said earlier he led a good part of this race for the first fifty laps. And then the Carville who spoke to be dropped back in the field he's been scrambling all day. You read the papers a lot to distract he's been real good to Junior Johnson his car owner and real good to Darrell Waltrip federal system the strike has been real good it doesn't give you nothing. Making anything for granted you come on I guess further racetrack that I. Could save you don't have any problem on my mom calling can win ad is just this one commercial. Harry's charge always felt like a car getting run lack of wind and this is sort of finally. We've gotten me here a couple of times and there will always go home and kind of figure out why but we do a large piston here. We do a lot of running here. We got some more. Work out we come here and do that then. Make still a little easier for us because we come here we're not really looking very and we know how we should run and we sent decorum so little run that way. Here plus we'll throw speedway there will be one more round of pit stops coming up a little bit later this afternoon as we are approaching. 300 lap remarks about a hundred laps to go in this race joining us here in the motor racing network boot this afternoon. Is a villain who's pretty well known sports world himself has become quite a race fan. Venus slaughter played baseball for a great number of years but I think you've you've all the racing now let's let's do this world. Well hi every chance I get you know I stayed pretty busy and ever since I get a good racetrack. Did you see your first race your little world where I know you don't offline. Lot of folks up in this area. Well you know I've been friendly Jimmie Johnson is about the last thirty years in the I so do you know when you don't lose their tracks down in New Bern debt relief years ago and I'll always been counted spartans junior. Whoever runs for rescue oh hole. We'd like to congratulate you on being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year doesn't honor that has been long overdue but we're delighted that finally came. Thank you it's not like this now rides up he admitted derided as you know because they didn't see fit again. Finally you know on this veterans committee I played well and against a lot of those veterans and I guess they felt like this time they were put me in and I appreciate very much. We'll talk to Darrell Waltrip yesterday and you may be familiar with the kind of reception at Walter gets during the pre race interactions he comes up on the stand DOS is happening he gets pretty good mixture of cheers and boos and we're talking this baseball players especially our. Are susceptible that you'll come up to baton he doesn't really made on the VA system and if the fans really ration get on your case how do you see how do you shake that off and just get up there and stand and do your. Joseph you know. I've got a little golf you know everybody get so wild that I system use my face although you don't have 67000. People. Steve during its faith in our latest world where anything it wanted time think it don't quite have been like activating this thing and did laurels and militarily give him. Boos and cheers you know good. The airline makes a great guy a lot of people don't understand people just like me myself. A lot of riders sit you know I've been absorbed when they ask me question I didn't Americans have this problem Pennsylvania here which you know I gave him anyway progress we have found. Only tiger's event. Candela tell it like it is some folks are gonna like it some aren't used again regulations in place. Again. There's lots of response that same question there what do you perceive. Those introductions to me is calling. It's sensitive person that's making the decision. How you can say wow they really are now I won't do it today or you can say wow they really are. Where did narrow area there's a lot of ways to look within me most media people. They located at me and negative type of thing. Are they perceive it as being a native type thing I don't perceive it that way I perceive it is the Chileans are reacting. 50% number are here because they want to see win won't see do well the other 50% are here because. They're here for somebody else not for me so well the main thing uses it when I grew up on the stage and there's a loud. Colin cheers or lose 50% of the giant thing. Then the people know I'm here I can start when he earned started blowing hard I hit the reaction. Then there's very few other drivers can again I'm only demand remains yes I don't think they have any. Any real thanks to Graham was many ideas have been vacated there and they're doing their thing and I'm doing man. They want a lot of race fans had the opportunity to be around Darrell Waltrip find out what kind of a gentleman he has done. I don't think there's any basis this is like he says in the news that is just part of reaction plans. You've seen this and then you can. You can go along with us too because I know when you drill race cars if you take the lead pampered two thirds of the people in the stands jump up and cheered you past Richard Bayer whoever. Five laps later you can blow up Ashley plans to jump up this year there just is just that kind of sport. Well they come due to the sport if your article what reason or another whatever happens they're gonna react good that's good. Whenever you have. Caroline Smith had his share of both ways goodness in his honor on the values of their Elizabeth look. You'll know what you say what you. Ignorant some people wrong that it's not about to take out contacts as well Paul little's goal don't Ricky really I've made have been stopping photograph board they came. Tires on his car. The rest of the way your glass and make things right. You want it's only. Tires up as if they're ready to break. A little more relaxed but I suspect they'll take right side cardinal gets hard when it comes in the thousands of homes left side contest. You don't do a lot of that fan reaction is a function of how this sport is structured when you go to baseball or football team. Bring your choices really easy you cheer for the team you like and you boo the team you don't like it here and racing. You don't have just a winner and a loser you have a winner that you have a runner up for the third to fourth place and all the way back and in the adversary relationship. Is not as easy soon to make racing entertainment. You find somebody to really pull more than you find somebody that you just as soon just to stand up and your horse savers on the race and it could be the same guy. Better five laps for one of the next of Barney's you point out there's there's no clear cut. Good guy bad guy because there's no clear cut winner or loser and other than one guy gets to go to Victory Lane and everybody else loads of those. One thing's for sure the race fans have a favorite NFL lets you know who it is in her. We're getting down to the conclusion here should be about 85 laps remaining in the northwestern like 400 mostly those final pit stops coming up. Before too long the a lot of trying to put Dale Earnhardt left now that might be a job as they work off turn two and up to Eli gold. There's one thing catching the guy and I think getting Ryan here and I'm pleased we Oakmont and even those detailed information returns very important they're both loan arranged. When drivers not low on the racetrack is bill LED a way up for the marbles and turn for that time by trying to keep his car inside the concrete wall. That's happening to Eliot wolf that's the speedway as it was Richard Petty. A while ago here's Dave Marcus on pit road for right side tires and tanks gasoline hopefully. His last pit stop of the day and maybe could stop time shortly. There that early this morning the Grand Prix of Portugal. Ericsson senate driving me Lotus for a brief car was the winner Caylee operate over Ferrari was second Patrick Tom beta Renault driver makes is over Colorado. It was thirty Leo gets facilities for the head of Nigel man solid stuff that fell off and a rather uncharacteristic almost a president. Ferrari this mystery DiNardo and replaced it with Stefan Johansson mid season change on the Ferrari team. Deal lot of almost got in trouble coming out of territory Tanglewood Dale Earnhardt tap Doolittle ladies underneath him going into turn one trying to put her heart a lap down that's what makes dale such a great driver he just will not give you NHL that racetrack any race is enough to turn three again. Well Leo I was inside the room and others now. And turn underneath the water unable to keep them all the time that was the key here in Vermont and Jordan couldn't get my name again. So our heart goes a lap down right now as Neil bonnet is getting around this racetrack and should have a pit stop coming up. Lot of miles on those tires out there and a lot of scars still quickest on the racetrack. Ned Jarrett is the latest layup to pit road is heading up to Brent Eliot Spitzer. Who retired his card just won't go this young driver whose. Hoping to make a name for himself and coming year old will grow we see an awful lot of drivers start victory here let's check in the nit. Now there are you okay. You're darn right. And Bill Elliott. It's a very hot day at all we'll twirl in movies once these drivers run what three or four races in Canada get used to it and still make your pro. Are you so I'm amazed at the attrition rate has been solo today there are only three cars out of the race here at Arnold's broke bread Eliot. Buddy Baker and Eddie Pearce while baker of course is gone back into the races relief driver for Richard Petty so really their only three drivers on the sidelines of the thirty the start of disarray. It is highly unusual at this racetrack just like Darlington used to see about a third of the field park before we reach the 300 mile mark but here this afternoon we only have two cars not one of those came back Buddy Baker was the only car that went out and stayed out now of course Brent Elliot yes. The other point is this. All the body medal were these great national shots many over sitting at home. Back to stop listening on the radio since we don't know accompany the team to the racetrack they can breathe kind of easing. The carnage of G battle here is nothing like we see at Martinsville or like we saw originally hoops until now. Turn one. Jeff pulled out of Bobby Allison. Trade sheet metal going into the corner and that's a spot on the racetrack for a position as they raced up to turn three and. Over second spot it's got the inside room Allison has no choice but given up on the move to the Levi Garrett tomorrow the second it's. American injury and they're. Tagged to get a little bit again coming up turnover for his vote I had to get on the fly this little bit to the car in low and it was pushing out. Bobby tapped him. Into the rear. There's still racing for that number two position in the middle of the backstretch announces another driver who won't give up you may passing that you're not going anywhere he can hang within the Bakken three. We look further back Terry looked fine to use the next line is a goodly distance back so it looked kind of known as a mental exactly. It was seventy laps complete let's go back and give you all the cars are running before we get jumping once again under the pit stops. Feel bonnet and is the race leader Jeff Conine has just taken over second spot. In third is Bobby Allison. He and fourth would be Terry the body in the fifth spot. It would be the eleven Darrell Waltrip and in sixth would be Dale Earnhardt now one lap down. They're showing you lake speed Bill Elliott and Ricky Rudd now Rudd is the only one of those cars to make a pit stop he'll be back slowing the back stretches meal bonnets and meal doesn't know most of Pryor's gold mine and he's well off the base heading towards the growth. Would be his final pit stop that they ended journal cover that for us here's Neal brought it down the road let's see what's tires they change let's go to live I think. Don't think he'll run Stoudemire and Barney thing they. No immediate change. As we should say during the last caution flag there. So it's not our ship it. Would pull away from Bobby Ellis and of course you were pulling away voters before that pit stop they have a service completed and are listening now pit road. Evidently the Internet. Right. They still don't have a hard core business costing him some extra time. Our quick. Got more obvious group members listed all the way down to the independent group. Remember that car vapor locked a little bit earlier all of you this afternoon scary moments for Neil lot of cost in some ground on the racetrack to. Yes traitor makes is this startling speed is on and off the road in a nickname is getting left side tires let's take you back to feel victorious this stuff really don't need things up. We Gaby the first six cars being on the lead lap and they include the included bottom line Bobby Allison Terry the body Darrell Waltrip Dale Earnhardt one lap down Ricky Rudd. Bill Elliot lake speed two laps back or Kyle Petty to Richmond and Harry Gant relapse down as Dave Marcus four laps back Phil Parsons. Along with Ron whose chart can't trader. Rusty Wallace Jimmy V incidence Mark McGwire final laps down twentieth spot but he airing at seven laps back Richard Petty with a Buddy Baker relieved driving. Ten or more laps back twice second is Bobby Helen. Back in 28 Bobby Gary Hart when he died the city Sanger thirtieth. His JD even Duffy. Posted 31 would be Dick may have 32 time here. Here's Jeff pulled out of pit road that's gonna live and they'll put their schedules now for him as well Barney had been sort. They just don't like I'm going to go on right now helps us all the crew going. Through the left side looks like you'll find anything. It on the right side which took a look at those left side we decided to change the right side tire so three of the front runners have made their pit stop Ricky was on pit road. A moment ago the leader Neal won who lost little ground not being able to get the power to fire as they finally did get him back on the racetrack in the jetBlue line another one of the front runners here's. Carolina's Piedmont airlines comes to me. Cup champion thanks for the right time don't they. An associate sponsor on the car. Dale Inman and the crew really working on him filling up again this year because list golf as well now you don't don't let's not only. They decided that on my side this time he's going good good so. It's stops under green card wires and on the road of the dream. North end of pit road Bobby hill and also receiving service here's Dale Earnhardt won the last of the cars on the lead lap these six plays Jinan factor. Don't get service are shown pretty handy rank for. Waiting for Bobby Allison to make his pit stop he is still out there and our member Alison. Last year gas mileage than a factor in the car for several races for me was able to stay out there probably run and get as much. Gas mileage and you want so Alison again. Keep that Miller machine on the racetrack hoping for caution flag and almost came just a moment ago but it didn't. Richard Petty is back in the 43 car and EST people. Just coming out Barney hall one of the NASCAR observers reports debris on the racetrack and its engine parts scattered perhaps from the body care are carded just coasted on the pit road so. Caution comes out here and about lap 350. Everybody get a chance to make another pit stop and then there before relatively fresh tires on these cars will go racing to settle the northwestern back 400 some bosses out. For the fourth time today and their showing Bobby Allison as the leader. Have Mike joy that back could be an advantage for Bobby Allison Miller could be a disadvantage do you think. First that'd be an advantage had made a pit stop. There's two cars that had made a pit stop had gotten back in the league Glavine had relatively fresh tires on one side of the car and now they can coming up Bobby Allison is coming up right now. Jeff good time coming down and all of those and it's not under the green. Now can have a home to more fresh tires so they're gonna have corporate stars Bobby Allison will only have to do. Very good point that might make the difference in the outcome of the race could well do this everybody is coming back onto pit road Jeff Conine is in Dale Earnhardt. Terry the body is in Darrell Waltrip and let's go back and then. And here comes Ricky Rudd and Walter. Influence that large a moment ago while we're on a commercial break. And the Piedmont airlines darker background the brewers for the Bill Elliott their peroxide tired red getting right side you've got that's not enough won't go and Bobby Allison. Got right side tires only available figures rejuvenated coming back down that road is busy body. Believe a deal bottom will be posted as the race leader as they pull up behind the caution garbage bonnet now comes to pit roads and level really jumble things we'll have to Jack. Since Alison have not yet made his pit stop has to comedy cars and which ones. Are on the lead lap does this caution comes out only the fourth one today and as we've pointed out there are only three now four cars candidate Gary Hart car. That are behind the pit wall and out of the race this afternoon. They're working on the left side of the a lot of scar again they have to push him let's direct and at what they do have fun out there wasn't a backlog could be very blocking a little bit candidate had that trouble earlier in the race but he got fired much quicker this time. And got back out that if I love far more than half the slowdown and I'm sure that as they go round under these cautions it's gonna try to keep the engine revved up on the Budweiser Chevrolet to keep it from. Labor law. NASCAR's scoring is doing a double check to make sure of which cars are on the lead lap but it's entirely possible that just Bobby Allison and Ricky run. Are posted on the lead lap here in north books were Allison had not made a pit stop. And Rudd was the first of leaders to pit when Allison came a rug came on the racetrack and went past Bobby Allison was fresh tires so those two cars at least would be on the lead lap and we'll check. And see which others are next Sunday were Martinsville Virginia for the sovereign bank 500 in hopes to join us there deceased tomorrow this great Winston cup short track racing action. Two weeks and today you could get a bigger contrast than going for Martinsville to the fastest speedway on earth Talladega Alabama and the Winston 500. Also in the month the bank we'll have the Budweiser 500 Dover Downs Delaware on the nineteenth. And the course that NASCAR cars a Winston cup cars go to Charlotte. Memorial Day weekend for the world 600. In June you could see Winston cup racing at Riverside California pocono Pennsylvania and Brooklyn Michigan almost ticket office is again they're open right now so you might wanna call up. And reserve your seats for NASCAR Winston cup racing is a comes to attract near you. Here's the report for driving in scoring as we reported just before the caution flag Bobby allison's Ricky Rudd and Neil bottom of the cars on the lead lap so now just three. At least seven contenders a moment ago are on the lead lap do the timing of a caution flag after everyone else to grade. Green flag pit stop so as Alison rod and bottoms one lap down or Jeff quote iron. Terry the body Darrell Waltrip and Dale Earnhardt. So it's going to be a shoot out here at north will throw this afternoon Bobby Allison may be on his way to winning his first race in quite some time he came here felt like that things would turn around for the Mets general Boutros legally it also has been one of his favorite tracks over the years and he's a very good success here. As the laps wind down of the field be bunching up for a start here very shortly we're still under caution you just Joyner broadcast has been. One of the better races at the north we'll throw speedway very competitive field all weeklong qualifying very tied among. Well among the top twenties they of course have a two day qualifying session for the top eight contenders here. But for the cars who qualified ninth on back very tight qualifying as are forming up for a double file restart. Here in just a moment or so attorney Moore the chief Steward for NASCAR's top right side indicating that the driver for going back to green here very shortly. Bobby Allison won two races in 1984 he is as yet littlest. Nearly 85 season and a win today would break the deadlock between he and kale Yarborough who are tied for third on the all time victory list. An 81 behind Richard Petty and David Pearson. At north looks for a speedway were going racing in one lap and it was 350 thought nearly 360 laps completed here. Going to be a shoot out to the citizen of the Allison rubbed a hand bottom. To settle it on the inside that front row there is so waltrip who along with. Just blow by does lined up just ahead of Bobby Allison there gonna race the race card out it'd turn three as they look for the restart. Raise alarm going off right behind the Braves are you. You might assume Walton voted. Just remind us on the tail end of the lead lap he is in the lead lap he's on the tail end of it Bobby Allison trying to pull out now. As they raced back to determine what Darrell Waltrip also up there trying to get his lap back and as a man jumble of traffic out there were two quarters they pull away from Bobby Allison. The race leader is behind the Dubai June traffic of wall took a lesbian sign Ruben vote on the outside won't just. Busiest guy. You know run trying to. Nelson away. Ricky Rudd center Bobby Allison here comes real bottom to the bottom of the racetrack he's underneath runs scored and turn a lot of fun and tries to grab the second spot to deal modernizing inside grove is Ricky Wright sport technically outside. Allison believes meanwhile ahead of them and pulling off Marmol Milwaukee open jump mode I'm concerned aren't as long as he's having Jordan broke. Hey Jared hit the key won't go the fact that the drivers and most of them now have four new tires all the way around well Bobby Allison could only take on June that caution. It's the left front tire and dale earnhardt's Rangel machine. They play everything. Vision here of course they don't run into power the short track that would help keep it up to learn are losing more time here with a green flag pit stop. Battle to lead off turnover for roads and outside three I don't turnover of Florida its bottom and way down the inside out just got caught in the middle and run came from the outside. To take the lead. Jose weren't probably gonna run as a wave would be nobody comes challenging back that thing inside me whose work well going up a little concerned brain works well again. Monitor assumes a lead right back in the second half dozen third. The Junior Johnson magic has surfaced again on a short practice kneel on it proved he had the stuff. Do the job they came three why don't turn the floor down the back straight away as Ricky Rudd and as soon lead to Bobby Allison getting around him. Monica just drove liberty given the little backstretch and has now pulled away one Conning their back at three and four. Won't took the most time on the sail into the lead laughable away from the Oakland in my work I always wanted to contending what you. And caution flag here make this five cars have a three car shootout as Walter upon currently nine are comfortably ahead of being the last minute. Bottom Ricky Rudd and Allison continues to fall back. And black guy suspect Bobby Allison would like to say you know the cautious over. Coming into debt blueboard fresh start Gaza Israeli at a disadvantage right now that may be the outcome of this race in the teeth that. Because Bobby Allison loses that's for sure it's already. For the big disadvantage for him being able to take only two tires he's found himself way back in the pack as Neil plotted Ricky Rudd continue to ride away there in the back straightaway. They continue to call. Anyway while we don't want to run have a separation between the two men I'm about to prevent the great car lands another section of Arlington. Dad Gerald was absolutely right when he says that perhaps because of my it was a bad break paralysis of C did not stop and didn't have fresh tires. NASCAR rule that allows you to change only two tires under caution that may account for Allison sliding back in the field. Feel on the race leader has about four darling son Ricky run it in turns three and four just ahead of them are the race of the battle the tail end of that lead lap. Darrell Waltrip and simple I'm in no danger immediately being collapsed. They're running in the fourth and fifth positions leaders out. To its. Work on the corner right now some races remaining assays are looking further back. I know many leading his father's clearly gonna Richard Petty back behind the wheel of the number 43 there working between the two of medicine you can filings with the leaders around turn four. And real bonnet. Do you wanna I wanna save terror in the body is about to get around Bobby Allison he's really been working on him for that third position. The racetrack as they get back into the turn over to winzip often over. To quarterback in the backstretch but you wanna just driving away from Rickie road right now he's opened up about a full second. That's right just a bit ago the cost Dale Earnhardt the left front tire can happen coming off turn two Bernhard hairy Gannon anybody at all got together real grass. There's little bumping him jostling goodness good Intel loose ball wasn't all the banging around there. As everybody try to get down the backstretch ones but in the end result was earnhardt's left for England flat and he had a good feeling. Just never came up to Sandra day so to speak they have their car running real well in practice both days here. Friday and Saturday and felt like him shot to win this race and they've been in the the events of bad breaks today it's really cost them here this racetrack. Laps wind down here throughout looks for a speedway and you. Wondering if it's gonna be he'll love it or it's going to be Ricky Rhodes or Bobby Allison those three have been the dominant cars your last. 450 laps yourself still pretty good ways to go and anything can happen. You never count Darrell Waltrip out of your looks for a speedway ticket made just caught up in turnover for the car went spinning around. Didn't make contact a bunch of other cars come by were under caution again allows Jeff Conine and Darrell Waltrip. To come around to join the other three cars on the lead lap and allows Bobby Allison to make a very needed pit stop let's go to net. And nobody gets into it they'll run it's not hard on the bottom line has little influence. Program forward. So everybody would take on the eastern. Called him star and so it's a whole new deal now cloud cars in the lead lap Jeff Madonna of course able to come back into. And no he will do and Darrell Waltrip will come down that road right now they had to catch up to the field before they can make their hits now because they were almost went down. That they are coming down that road right now so they'll probably go big go right side tires. But you may hear one of the five cars involved the senators one of those drivers on NASCAR live Tuesday night calling your questions told parade. Do you like gold and his guest on most of these MR and stations five drivers a settlement bonnet rod Allison. Waltrip and vote on as the go to turn three and they await the restart on those cars are lining up goes the sale. And corneal water comes off that fourth quarter like shot out of the candidate pulls away from Ricky Rudd left for college. Four they get turnover while the other four cars trying to chase him down as a man scramble double file restart. Now to the inside is gonna shuffle Bobby Allison back he's been losing ground as Darrell Waltrip ducks and redo the Bakken three. When he runs gotta feel this way so I also want to. The fine performance of the year we have troubling turn number brain as Jeff Conine has problems he shoots into the room Bill Elliott trying to get my taxes. In the right direction but all the time stalls at Oregon and. Carson is out. Caution will come out of the speedway. Justices they put under green Iran a couple of laps of that trouble happened over the corner when one car Eli look like it's slow right in front of jetBlue line and he tagged him for Greer had nowhere to go. They have a right front is straight and on the car also. Yes it is torn completely. Talking up the car going again now. But the ride for ideas down on the racetrack so to speak on this golf now they'll all come back and a little late night hours they just rocks that are on a few minutes ago. Now they got to give him a little left side there's. Well here's where NASCAR's Tyrell has worked to vanish try to save the owners money otherwise everybody would have gotten four tires on each of these three rapid fire costume blacks. As that would in turn number three. Bode I was trying to get underneath another car and keep pace with the leaders he ran into the back in Iran who shards Buick getting hit it hard. And the right front and underlines car was Cassidy that time. I didn't want my good good note coming up. I thought they would look more truth that here's Bill Elliott incoming into an offer now an accident and Bobby Allison is in getting rocks that are of course he had run those. Well you got run it alone anybody else so but he probably had a beautiful little bit more because when those lips that cars were so. Worn out of the authority was slaughtered by. Back slapping the field he was put a lot of abuse on those fronts that are so that was Smart move on him come in Gaza yet already. Then passed and was back in fifth place before that caution came out here but I'm finally getting back to the kids. Well he may or may not be able to change those right side tires have to lift the car up to get to Jack under it. Anticipates targets into the front straightaway right side tires going on the boat rides are there not even putting gas in it. Why for the windshield but here comes the pace car. Check out a stop sign he gets away vote I gets out ahead of the pace car so he'll. He'll try to stay on the lead lap here in north looks for a speedway and have a chance to run for victory. They're going green this time around school time comes up to full speed of the relax right away and he'll look at the rest of the teams decide to stay out they're not collecting and and as well as Bob has been running your knee and I don't blame him. No back hard really been working well all day long guardian. They didn't feel that he didn't do and it's coming up. You can rest assured that Ricky Rudd would come in I don't know about waltrip that would have been an interesting situation there when Neil stayed up there that's sort of forced to others stabbed her gifts were set to go green. It's fine right behind him ride. And the race card here and it's. Behind it at all in a hurry and again bottom has come off that corner and the. You like three and four colleagues with. Before we get turn one that's how strong their machine is here this afternoon he's ahead of Ricky Rudd by about four Carly says this is doubtful that all the marbles here this afternoon the Bakken three. The story to watch is Darrell Waltrip efforts to get firing he runners running in second. I'm the same time is running goes high return for the reopening want detonated. Here comes Walter trying to make a 12 finish for Junior Johnson he's pretty Ricky Rudd had a turnover law that's been the favorite line all day along. I've got to do want to put his foot down he's got seconds over in Iraq and able to occupy the ensign broke me Obama has the Levys got five tire lanes on this table may want to run as third. We all around more when. Their biggest culprit cleared off we'll we're going in and out of these corners you can make that race car stick to the bottom of the racetrack you can. Do things when it that's been Darrell Waltrip and Neil Armstrong see all day long as the laps wind down deal on at least Darrell Waltrip by six Scarlett but it's far from being over they're back in three weeks. I'm from being over although the deferential in this plan for the previous one field line is they're not just an event over Walter Marty has decided. All the good shootout record. Shaping up then walker can get up there he's cut it down to about three colleagues are often turn to. They come off the corner they'll go past the Rusty Wallace carving out lead guard Ronnie act that was slow in getting up to speed. Neil Simon goes by him and there won't judge to within three garments. Tsunami Wallace Bobby Allison rather got an awful restart and he came down the green flag will Dale Earnhardt Richard Petty stuff. Under it was. Pastor and Allison was called the back of the scorecard battle. We'll and I never did catch up with the leaders and get his rightful place in line. This after that late pit stop they dropped the flag would put on about midway through the fact that he's still trying to gain some ground analysis holds for the code minus fifth. Here's the Obama the leader Walter try to catch him and waltrip can make up a little ground in the quarters before they come off the turn he just pulled away from. Carol shuts it down to about three comics again as he worked out of turn two. Same story of this under the speedway is real money comes up Newton turns green. While Jim now again closes to within two and a half for three Marlins put off the corner real sense alone. Ten laps to go over real bottom Darrell Waltrip is in deep closing cannon. Try to win yet again here in northeast road. Junior Johnson not even watching his car. These guys are up and turn more on the rest of the field on the backstretch the leaders coming up around some of the slower cars know plane crash that double zero moving up on the putting green. It made driving running creating run across an earlier. Rusty Wallace has slowed a bit on that restart he's lost several positions here but the battle there watching will be for the win here this afternoon deal but we'll. Looks in his rearview mirror and waltrip is there one car lengths separating first and second as they work the middle of the back straightaway. Company's North Carolina hills just shaken as the fans are watching. One time plane that's been my home field one of the eleven car Walter. A year ago at Richmond Virginia where this dream team was first formed to deal bonnet and Darrell Waltrip almost bounced off each other all day long they've got. Nine laps left to do it here Walter went into turn one of the outside Nevada but he couldn't stay there could make the move beyond design room in real time it will hold the inside line. Passing a series bring in more often turn still single line. Junior Johnson said not too long ago that if either one of these drivers ever given until firing both than they're not giving anything here this afternoon they are door to door watered down on the inside of the real bottom. That's the way they come off the corner into the. There's anybody in the 28500. Sitting down I can't see him. Walton talking about high sign a deal and it ran for that's not the way through this and now we're trying to be inside. Bob dirt floor once again Walter can't get the job there's three wide open dirt floors bovine Elliott. And Terry the body go at a six laps to go as the lead cars in the backstretch. We'll run him. And Walter wolf on the low groove they slide up the middle of the back straightaway in the same way. They'll come up on the Jane he picked up things Arlington as the inside room occupied so nobody thinks of. That's when they come off the journal waltrip is still there and he's putting all the he began on the bottom and Neil Obama is giving it right back door to door they going to turn over to water them Friday outside a lot of pulls away one car length. While Jim Loney might get me a moment and then behind Jamie picked up in that worked with the strategy was sound. Now three Korean War Walter thank you have been a higher growth let me go hold little sign off the corner field. Keeps the card pin wade out of blogs and little coming up the corner four laps to go home and waltrip got a good jump off the high groove off turn Florida he is their alongside Madonna pulls out of the hole it turned. Soon finest meals lines up. The middle of the room just the man walked Jim Bunning had an opening tip it's coming very Korean War again Donna what's behind side tries to drawn on signing him doing. First time we've seen some emotion out of Junior Johnson three laps to go as they raced off turn over two and down the back straightaway junior were squatting down looking between the tow truck to see what was going on. Between these two driver Walter. Trying to get around Neil bought it can't get a run at him going back into turn three and. Many could make the move coming inside room Rusty Wallace who's mayor soon. Losing NB dream dream forward. Two laps to go all in his bottom of the inside waltrip tried to squeeze out five gonna close that door. Field keeps the card out load Darrell takes a hard into turn one and he has the outside investors Ron Winston cup racing. Here's to you don't want to leave Walter. Just gonna have violated limits to pick made as Williams signed through coaches to make them pass in the corner it's fun and I kind of want to they look for the white flag. Exactly love at that time coming into the turn white flag of steel plot leaves Darrell Waltrip back down the journal blood Walter has a couple of more chances either off to Iraq three and four let's see if he can do it. Make them down the straight away and still be a lot of holes the way Betty singer in the double zeros the car ahead of them. Meals and sidewalks of looking coming out so. I'm a little over four poured down the line Neil bonnet is gonna win the northwestern like 400 UB water but you garlic. And her third spot Ricky erotic passed Bobby Allison two laps to go Allison got up on the outside of run off turn a report. An apt the line beat him violent offenders those two cars playing together at the finish. One of Venice here in north books growing. Perhaps by far the most exciting finish to the Winston cup season. In 1985. To date there the duke Junior Johnson deepest congratulating one another as the drivers did likewise side by side as they went down the back straightaway. Let's an animate Jarrett were standing about what Darrell Waltrip and up and also challenged and you'll spot it right there at them but parallels -- same division almost. Well as a way to spokesman Ian and you know in the around here today and he did review Jon and you know drove home. So they deserve to win. And we deserter and set it and now that's what this game is all about it well you had that problem once smoked an offense avatar looks like it's going to be all over Jared Allen lost. No I never did visited designed just blew up a big ball of smoke in. I thought the engine was blown up in Nassau slowed way down Christian clergy and I noticed it was still running. So are given little gas is seen normally go to back off and everything's okay if you don't I'm not really sure what had quartet play catch up from there you grovel over us thank you neared just like to thank the good lord foresight for race in now. Congratulate me on the am I did a great job. Today that's no waltrip group finishes second. Deal honestly Victory Lane will be joining him there in just a few minutes from the north Wilkes for a speedway this is MR and the motor racing network. Whatever you drive wherever you go and Hercules tires we'll get in there and whether you're running on there. Are dependable high quality tires of a perfect fit for your knee. Strong match value selection in warranty with the industry leading road hazard protection there's only one choice. Hercules buyers to learn more visit her police fired dot com. Or call 806779535. Hercules tires right on our strength. The racetrack to the road home fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So who make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether your pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust Sunoco a repeat of fuel that feeds you go second campus and I've got to feel going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of great. NASCAR today he continues on the motor racing network. Well we heard from Darrell Waltrip head as he finishes second here his teammate pulls out his first win here at the Roth looks for a speedway let's go out of the drilling in the jurors there. But nobody has called out at the Budweiser connect project and Chevrolet pretty warm out there today Rio and hop the competition is pretty warm as well. This through as they did first order restored elected. Which puts him in his rambling rebels out Carolina that we'll just come along good today and like to dedicate this drew in the spending timely enough elective thing junior and glossy and my whole thing in the Budweiser conducted for a chicken smelling a dead one and a good job this for a story. That's in trouble during the day we overcame him in the below thanks a look at their son Daryl audio I had my hands full. Played it give you about all you wanted their opinion. Well they had good we're not all that trouble and keep the motor running and we can get a clear but I doubt that any jugular comes played well and got my hands we'll either go from. I'll miss this as a lesbian labs and no look at the better journal record for the by blocking was that the problem you're having. They will know anytime them revolve under 7000 rpm just go at all. At a run around a commotion within and in first gear turn zednik they found our premium and does that give the motors during an all time. Well that's. Cause some extra concentration when you have to think about all those kind of things plus all those what about when and on other automobiles and of their. Well let's how much did subtle relatively good rhythm going southern Lebanon and change but the car was. Good today he's chairman dug in there and then this all goes well we'll sort through your card they're good job in the mikes about double cycle buddies have a car this good. Bark prop from a year ago. They're not doing a lot of work a lot of dedication went into it and enjoyable racetrack and I'm enjoying it okay you can say rising enjoying it right here in Victory Lane. This is that this went a little different for me oh since his Winston cup career started in 1974 it's his fifteenth win but. It's only his second win on a short track he won one in 1977 and hasn't bit of a trillion on a short trek cents. But he is there today in the northwestern back 400 here in north books for a speedway. Thrilling finish not only up front but also for the third spot where Bobby Allison just barely edged Ricky Rudd and perhaps the last hundred feet a racetrack. Michael and headed back over just a moment what got DiFelice flooded and your quarterback in a corner Victory Lane Jim brewer the team manager on the Budweiser Chevrolet number well first step down. Congratulations on a good run here today. Thank you very much needed. I'll just done a terrific job both sides. Begin their training better north will hurl both teams come home warranty. Well Junior Johnson here with the and that's the other fellow there is talking about Dorsey owns these duke guard junior Barney all pointed out that that's the first time that we've seen any emotion out a year that you were. Turning on watching the cars all the way around a racetrack normally you'd just look up to fourth turn and see what happens there and let him go on around. Well then went bogey car is hooked up together like kids you gotta go let's ask don't tell you do know you gotta lose him those who want to. It's certainly good happened a question about that and I'm sure that you wouldn't say if you had a favorite brother. That's true you know I this upload for both cars and I hope the book do you really don't you move cars around for SanDisk. You know if it turns out display with a you know next time maybe Internet it was so. It has got to do the best job you can and I hope the best man wins on a given day in today's heroes are saying they were too. It better and there are some. Today was his day. Okay hall of Famer junior jobs. Very happy racy veered off we'll bro let's pull our Ameren broadcasters for the time makes timely a slew with a race awarded this afternoon at first for nomination let's go to Eli gold. Well Barney one of those thoughts after day in and amongst all the time when moves is that when Darrell Waltrip had a problem early in the event. Might have been an instinctive move to either shut the engine down or certainly come on a pit road would do that circumstance would have cost of Alaska for two. In light of desert cool had a best to stay out there keep on trucking in water obviously turned out to be a crime finished form today outcast in nomination and Darrell Waltrip. Direction. And haven't. Well that certainly is a good nomination NAND. Good consideration. Nobody certainly deserves the same kind of consideration because as he stole is just a few minutes ago we had to keep that engine revved up a few pounds it did grit that push it off. Then they had a hard time keeping it going and certainly those were timely boost the then you look at Jeff bowed out right there at the end of the race where he managed to stay in the lead lap after blowing at now are there enough. He stopped at home before it turned out the car ride it again and headed out around and state in the lead lap floor for a good finish. You can just go home alone with various jobs that my. I'm removes Richards Zeta getting out of the FDP Pontiac relevant stay on after jeopardizing himself. Or anybody else in my nomination is gonna go to Richard headed for getting out of that is DP Pontiac. Before the out call some problems for himself or for somebody else. I've got to go Bobby Allison I've got two laps ago and Ricky Rudd has is Allison for third spot. And Bobby sits back there any victory perhaps the only moment in the only spot on the racetrack. Where would do any good that was coming off turn four right to the checkered flag he squeezed between wrote in the wall and got a third spot by two feet and left. That's about a timely move which you can have when your face in the checkered flag as far as I'm concerned dog I'll give my a nomination about it. Well I guess I'll have to cast the deciding vote here this afternoon so I'll do it and I'm I'm definitely gonna go with Darrell Waltrip because anytime this let's focus came up in the cockpit of that car he ran around here to laughs. And the cockpit completely fill with smoke not knowing what was wrong you know the car was still kind of running. He could have easily abducted on the pit road and lost to laugh and never come back and what I had to finish being a laugh off the face all afternoon that they can't keep. Keep his wits about him although us live portable where there was a half a dozen drivers in the field of make timely loose. But that was sounds out most in my mind and I'll cast the vote for Darrell Waltrip so he'll receive 500 dollars from the time makes folks. Another 500 dollar bill on a sample of goodies headache powders and voted by the folks in the press box to Jeff Vogt lie and the driver of the Levi Garrett north western security life insurance Chevrolet and they have a lot of all the northwestern folks heard it here today. Today in their hometown north books were to watch what Ron Ron and for the problems he had at the end of the race to denied him a chance to race for the win. Do get 500 dollars and a sample from the duties talks failed to cure that headache. Dick good look at the finish here as we have a steel bottle the winner Darrel waltrip second Bobby Allison third Ricky Rudd fourth. Fifth just vote 96 is Bill Elliott seventh. His Jerry the body aches today is Dale Earnhardt in night just lake speed finishing tenth this very gas eleventh this Tim Richman twelfth this Kyle Petty thirteenth. Is Ron Broussard and fourteenth. Is Jim straighter it's far back three take you right now fifty to be Phil Parsons sixteenth will be Dave Marcus. And that's what we have for the finish us varsity is the first sixteen positions. Well of course next week will be moving up declare earls is beautiful half mile track up in Martinsville Virginia for the same kind of fender banging action and excitement that you see on short tracks all over the country that's one of the prettiest facilities in the nation some of the best short track racing will be going on up there. As well as Kyle Petty ran here in qualifying and in the race today just had some bad luck he's looking ahead to Martinsville already next week that's the wood Brothers home track just up the road from. Clay Earl beautiful Martinsville Speedway and Kyle told us she's already looking forward to going up there. Don't know is you know I live another like we did do good there you know they have they've always run barely get there than everyone in many races there but that. He always rent it now appears and they did their Mormon baker had a good right now last year forms of you know the cars capable running good there that's been one of my. Favorite track back Cadillac the racetrack I'm not really hadn't really been out hard on brakes and more out a lot of breaks and in other parents and decent finishes up there's so what we're looking forward to going and now hopefully have a shot I want America. Martinsville has been a lot of tracks for some reason over the years that has produced first time winners just vote I won his first race there of course Morgan Shepherd did Harry Gant won his place. First race there Kyle Petty might just do it next week. You'll be quite a sort of course ticket offices will be open all we can put Martinsville you'll see the modified in action there on Saturday the day before that sovereign bank 500. And we'll see you there. On motor racing network next Sunday if you can't be at Martinsville to join us and of course two weeks from today will be at Talladega Alabama to bring you the Winston 500. Our thanks to Martha view it Louise Frazier on the scoring loop today they gave us those rundown so we can help take you back through the field much know how your favorite drivers doing. All day long for Eli gold Ned Jarrett. And Barney hall this is Mike joy congratulating Neil bonnet on his win in the northwestern bank 400. The motor racing network coverage of NASCAR Winston cup series from a north will spur a speedway and the general manager of the motor racing network is John McMullen. Chief engineer Brian Cooper director of affiliate mark Caro. Assistant body scanners pat Tinsley and killed right this was red blue is asking you to stay tuned the most obese nation. For the sovereign bank 500 from a Martinsville Speedway next Sunday at 12:15 PM eastern standard time. This broadcast was a presentation of MR ran the motor racing network. Television and International Speedway corporation. You by Sunoco. Also sponsored by Hercules tire right on our strength.