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1974 Firecracker 400

Jun 29, 2017|

The 1974 Firecracker 400 from Daytona International Speedway.

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This is MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco also sponsored by Hercules tire ride on our strength this is Ken Squier. Time now for MRN dot coms to roll back Thursday. Classic NASCAR races from the motor racing network actual race archives. From Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida this is the motor. They're racing network with the broadcast up debt firecracker 400 Winston cup grand national stock car race and host for today's webcast. Can't spelling error. Had a good good day around the nation on this Independence Day welcome to America's largest Independence Day celebration here at the birthplace of speed Daytona Beach, Florida. We have a record crowd were looking for our record speed of today's running of the firecracker 400. I'm illustrious field of forty racers are ready to climax. We competition here at the Daytona International Speedway which takes place on the fourth of July. Last night the Paul Revere to fifty started at midnight when it was over Hurley Haywood of Jacksonville Florida had defeated. Bob berg struggle woodland hills California with Steve bear of Manhattan. Finishing in third place they had a big rock concert they just had a festival going with a gigantic fireworks display. The pages filled with people today but right now. Our lives are concentrated on this one event it is big event of the fourth of July and the world of motor sports it's the firecracker 400. And the field includes this year's Indianapolis 500 mile champion Johnny Rutherford the great AJ Foyt. To the stock car fans of America it's all in the front two rows where David Pearson the winner for the last two years and three time winner of the firecracker 400 is parked appear later Mercury on the pole. He made it. Might just a scam list of margins for pole position he qualified at 180. Point 759. Miles per hour. The outside pole is the American motors matador a little bull fighter with a new driver. Bobby Allison left the Coke machine at the Harmon droll for Roger Penske in qualifying he qualified at 180 point 755. Miles per hour. The difference between the Mercury on the pole and the outside pole position. Well what it breaks down to differences in the end. Miles or in feet. You got to get down but inches at the difference between first and second place that they lineup today is a scant. Three inches in the second row Donnie Allison the guy guard racing team and beside him a real surprised. They trucks more industries Conover moderate Georgetown Indiana has tried didn't chop it blocks back who qualified 178. Miles per hour. It's an all star cast which also has a host of rookie drivers. Last night the Carling brewing company announced a whole new rookie program for NASCAR that includes 101000 dollars cash. But the rookie of the year in the Winston cup grand national series so all these rookies out here there's even more emphasis on today's race than ever before. What a freshman starters. We'll take a look at the starting grid. For the sixteenth annual firecracker 400 from the birthplace of speed momentarily. We're delighted to have with a sporty expert commentary today. One of the historians of the sport. You know we still are lacking a poet for the industry but we do have a real fine historian the gentleman who is a curator of the museum of speed here at Daytona Beach bill Todd hill. I'll find motorcycle rider in his day a gentleman who was one of the creators of NASCAR. And certainly can speak for the sport like no other voice we know we're delighted that he's with us. We also have what is today Bonnie hall covering the action in the 31 degree east by key to the speedway. On the backstretch will be built browser in turn number four days to Spain it'll be bill. Erratic Ken Campbell will be in the pits with the today along with Joseph allies so stand by for what we think is going to be the best firecracker 400 in history the drivers are predicting at least twelve cars running in a draft. For the lead but I hear the starting lineup for today's race. Yet they fortieth oppositional decline over 64. And the rookie driver currently leading in rookie points from Houston Texas. It'll be taught me but my house and that's the car usually driven by Elmo Langley starting 39 on the field will be Iraq still Georgia rookie driver Bob Barr Jim. In the 38 position still another rookie LB ought conjure up Newport Tennessee the 74 Chevrolet. In the 37 position. Winner of his last free use sack races starting at Indianapolis on the Milwaukee and then wonder at pocono Pennsylvania just last Sunday and a 500 mile race. Johnny Rutherford a Fort Worth. Will be driving a 74 Chevrolet starting 37. In 36 position from Charlotte, North Carolina will be four and Houston Texas Walter Ballard in his 74 Chevrolet. The 35 position today is our number ten from Norfolk Virginia 52 year old bill champion. In the 34 acquisition. Is part of a 23 from Christians Burke Virginia the 1973. Dodge of 33 in the field the build an asphalt car and from Asheville, North Carolina being dolphin. 32 on the field as part of a 24 from horseshoe North Carolina. They 72 Chevrolet of seasonal garden in 31 will be Jimmy cooperative College Park Georgia the world wide tapes car a Plymouth automobile. Thirtieth from Wausau Wisconsin but that the enterprises dodge of Dave Marcus. Starting 29 is another rookie from Wilmington, North Carolina 113 yens and they've just picked up the sponsorship on the 74 Chevrolet. To be driven by the sensational Jackie Rogers. It at 28 position as a former grand national rookie of the year from him in South Carolina. It's James Hilton and try to for 48 a Chevrolet. The 27 position from Sanford North Carolina JD Mike Duffy and Chevrolet. Then. Invade. 26. Position for today's race will be car number. 96. And that will be Richard Childress of Winston-Salem North Carolina. And killed a full start now importing six position that had been scheduled for ray Williams his car has been scratched and Childress moves up one. Starting in the 25 position will be car number 72 the defending national champion Benny Parsons ability North Carolina the king's role fireplace car. They had the 24 position is kind of we're 05 from Nashville Tennessee David Cisco in the reliable plumbing car. Starting next on the field is cuckoo marlin of Columbia Tennessee in the Cunningham Kelly Chevrolet. Going 22 on the field will now be car number. 52 another rookie driver Earl Ross of Elsa Craig Ontario Canada in the Carling car all of Canada. Earl Ross who finished second at Michigan in the last outing on the Winston cup series starting 21 from golden valley Minnesota. In Dayton burial for Sean garbage Joseph Bruce on get a seventy Fort Dodge the twentieth position from Martinsville Virginia. You know 72 Plymouth the Stanley trucking car body Arrington. Mike people on the field bomb expert Virginia the masters Chevrolet of defending grand national rookie of the year money font. Yet the eighteenth position the top rookie qualifier for the firecracker 400. But Daytona Beach, Florida in attract master Ford nineteen year old Richie thanks. You know seventeenth oppositional to conduct an ID nine Ron Cazalot speak our breaking planes Michigan in a 72 dodge the sixteenth position. From hunter's bill North Carolina in the Ross Meyer dodged Jim Babb a bird number 31. Starting fifteenth on the field caught over 79. From Harrisburg North Carolina the Warren racing car with Frank Warren abort it. In the fourteenth position from like one to have a seat at terminal transport Chevrolet. They sensational young Darrell Waltrip who would want the leading candidates for grand national rookie honors a year ago. It up the next position back. That twelve a position they do not list a thirteenth so twelve A it's a gentleman who has been here for every race. In this series dating back sixteen times now GC Spencer from bluff city Tennessee and a 74 touch. It at twelve starting position for Puerto though California the site my guys died with Dick Brooks number 32. And the eleventh position qualifying very well put Kelso Washington. In the seventy Fort Dodge the Marty robbins' car ad that would agree. Then starting an attempt position. It's just pulling up plot line the last car a whole lot lightest car number fifty this is one of the guy guard Chevrolet to come out of Connecticut of all places. And now they're moving to Daytona Beach, Florida number fifty will be driven by three time Indianapolis 500 mile champion twice what are the firecracker 400. The great AJ Foyt. Get a life position is down about three study of a Floridian who has a rookie driver. But is not running for rookie of the year honors he is going to run less than five events and we understand and make a concerted up ordered 1975. For the top spot you'll be driving to fort. Get the eighth starting position as car number eleven at this is the new Carling car formally this was the car care Chevrolet. Is the Junior Johnson to even Caylee our world to Evansville South Carolina. Who won this event back in 1967. Starts in the eighth position. Starting seventh on the field in 1971 what are. Some cut top and North Carolina in the hos Ellington. Pylon wiper blade car Bobby Isaac. Starting six on the field. What gentleman who has finished second in this race for the last three times he has never won the firecracker 400. But he's a leading favorite he and David Pearson of the choice of Jimmy the Greek to win the race today. Richard Petty of rambled on North Carolina AME ST EP dot she qualified at 177. Point 992 miles per hour. Starting fifth on the field as the royal crown cola affordable but more the driver from Charlotte, North Carolina Buddy Baker who's qualified mark was the 178. Point four. All the outside of the second roll. From the Georgetown Indiana charging Charlie Watts back and car number not at the trucks more industries car which pulled a surprise. A brand new automobile book the same engine which they ran earlier this year at the Alabama international motor speedway and the Winston 500. Watch back turned the two and a half mile track of 178. Point 937. Miles per hour and liking him his card number 88. Never stronger that he has for today's race Donny Allison the previous what are 1970. Who qualified his dodge guard Chevrolet at 179 point 823 for the third position. Dock rock and roll. Outside. Caught over sixteen the red white and blue American motors matador is up front again but this time. It's the leader of the Alabama gang Bobby allison's inching up the seat belt and ready to put this 3800 pound grand national car to work. It will be. Allison in the Penske car today. He qualified at 180 point 755. Miles an hour and 41 day that was good enough showers terminated the qualifying. A couple of days back and hear the finished it yesterday morning when they did. David Pearson in the woods Brothers appear later Mercury. Came out. And went 31. Thousandths of a second quicker to make it. By three inches pastor and qualified at 180 point 759. Miles per hour to put Pearson back on the pole in his quest. To become the first driver to ever win this race three times and a role. Front role Pierson and Allison. Second roll Allison and watch back that's a tangle to begin with and the drivers are predicting anywhere from ten to fourteen cars drafting polling each other around. The world's finest motor speedway in this great holiday conflict we're just about ready for the command to fire the engines and let's go down on pit road. For the order that Sam's forty the finest people you can find on an independent status celebrated the independent minds of motor racing. Ready to go to work there's the command from bill France I got it in a little ahead of us there they are underway. They'll Johnny Ellis avoid cars get ready to go here today for a first of well over a 100000 dollars out of this back up would now began. Well Jim Lee. The growth of the sport can be measured. By that amount of prize money I believe it's around on 161000 dollars today. And that represent. The entire amount of prize money for an entire grand national season back in 19152. And nineteen races including the initial southern 500. And the prize money for the whole year is the same amount as the push for today's race alone. That's nice to have you witness. Ladies and job we have another driver change. Caught everybody nine Iran has lost big card changes drivers but one of the greatest comeback stories in the history of American sport. Is now live in that automobile. Jim heard a beach north not a lot of new York and Indianapolis Indiana so badly burned one here they said he would never drive again one year later. Came back and won at Atlanta and part of me is will start in the firecracker 400. All the cars to be right except one. That's why does not abiding private terminal transport product driver Darrell Waltrip who many say he will be the next superstar but right now yes and how only engine. That is the veal rolls away Pearson and Bobby Allison open runner Donnie Allison electronic locks back everybody live. Sits on that role nobody gives up we'll get a report from Ken capped call on any update we can have on the story. And let's go to pit road and Ken Campbell on the Darrell Waltrip automobile. While we're waiting on that one let's take go quick look around this racetrack. The backstretch just 2000 feet long this need to go over 200 miles per hour this morning here at Daytona Beach they have. But not brought about a five voting no would hinge back again this internal transport automobile that Chevrolet is rolling. Let's see if you'll pull out of a backup that it was positioned around little plaza look good crowd out of Daytona astronomer I live waltrip closed down 46 years old. Our real talent he and letting water last year battled all season long rookie of the year honors and this year is worth the new car and 101000 dollars for the announcement of the Carling brewing. People incidentally. If you're just joining us today around the country we had a change on car number eleven late Caylee I broke car. One of the car care Chevrolet is now part of the product giveaway of two cars in the race Earl Ross. From Elsa Craig Ontario Elsa Craig is a little town of about 600 people have what they erased at Michigan international raceway at last. The entire town became a ghost town I don't think he left more than three folks back to guard the bank and Elsa Craig. They all turned out to see Earl Ross pull a major surprise as a rookie driver placed second to none other. Then Richard Petty who want his 159. Career victory that's right Betty today is seeking number 160. In his illustrious. Career the field most doubted at turn number four covering the action there will be days this thing. Bob fried it's the cold city guy David Pearson met beautiful girl later Mercury eighty's looking out the right side window. And sizing up the red white and blue of the American motors matador carried the Coca dollar today with Bobby Allison. Under the whale that's your Lee duo and of course why devil's going to be Donnie Allison a jolly blocked back of their feeling one another out at the pace car comes through 31 degree banking incredible speed and G forces. This has got to be one of the most exciting fights in all of motor racing and no matter how many times you see it still fans that tingle up your spine Baghdad for the tri oval. One lap and they will be racing I began the silver fox 37 year old. David Pearson of Spartanburg south. Yeah our birthdays mixed up here Richard Petty just celebrated his 37 birthday. A day ago we all celebrate here and they thought they had four birthday parties for Richard. We asked Richard give he felt a year older as he stood in the pits this morning. As one family would really take you tell me I guess when you do one day at a time I've only the negative but the hang up when you turn thirty. Not really I just realized get out real well since they live as long Levitt and all the people that never got lived itself. Richard had a who is the champion of champions and grand national racing perhaps one of the greatest talents. They greatest hour of American motor sport he has never wanted to contribute his effort to anything other than motor racing. And he starts today looking for his first victory in this event. Two tracks and only two tracks where he has not written his name is number one the Charlotte motor speedway in North Carolina and here. The Daytona speedway in the firecracker four birdies but a five time winner of the Daytona 500 back in February. Ladies indelible believe pace car as the field down the backstretch moving toward turn at number four the movie by bill vows are right now will be covering the action all that long long straightaway behind lake Lloyd. Heather and I don't end up I'm thankful I'm not a tightening up top with a proper hand under the under Rihanna plays a guy getting ready for that green flag and into the. So we're just about set forth start. Cool that they into the first turn David Pearson or Bobby Allison. Pearson in the Mercury the only Mercury in the field is one matador in my teens Chevrolet is five Ford's twelfth dodges to Plymouth automobiles here comes the pace car down. John Brunner senior the chief Steward has moved back in word just about set for a start ladies and gentlemen the. Firecracker 400 from Daytona Beach, Florida is. I know. Conroy the action and they snag them 3-D in the drive number one for now give North Carolina Bonnie homeland scrabble up front of the cars get turned have a lot and it is Alice little I don't who gets out ahead of David Pearson. Here's a back in the second spot Donnie Allison charges up through the pack right behind comes they are fickle sport. A flood watch college. Donnie Allison moved up inside. And Donnie Allison now moved up right behind brother probably if I come down the straightaway on camp more than seconds out of and they move the territory it's going to be the Alabama gang up front Dottie elephant grabbed the lead away from Bobby and he's got the break the Buddy Baker I never fifty I don't want what I did they go in the third quarter. And they do go to the inside a job. We are sick hope for here comes by Becker they're going three deep into the tri oval try to go forward on the inside and. Love matador lady at the end of my number one coming America marveled stand up and share he has Bobby Allison leave slap number a lot of the firecracker 400 at Daytona. Back into the first turn goes the action. Let go of Bobby Bagger down the back straightaway on hand side now Bobby Allison baker could only. I'm Scott Baker polite about it all of Heidi that players judged by AJ what has moved back tied at third spot ahead of Donny Alice let. As goalie thought. All Wallace made it 170 miles per hour slams back in the trial baker ran right now some second AJ like third Donnie Allison what. Pearson backed up that many runs in six and are they going to make you. First turn. You make your money if waffles earlier this race and at royal crown court is in turn up a lot of right behind comes an editorial Bobby Allison autism starts. Spot Donnie Allison lives full. And here's the. Going into a draft now behind Buddy Baker earlier. And not really outside moved Bob Donnie Allison and have a god god ABA FDA can't quite moved up kind of I have a daughter outside that is not good enough. Flight jacket got a back bumper of Buddy Baker the lead five guards try to put a little spread between themselves at six spotted Buddy Baker ATA flight then Gabriela. David Pearson one car brushing a wallet turn over four as they came off that's what's gonna look like money gone may have just stand up against them. We're just Obama and that master Chevrolet one just crazy to wall meanwhile and then what they've completed very much they dive into the first turn. You not jealous shouting outside I thought in an age they've bought it's gonna take Philly dot VW biker come charging back on the outside but. Right nobody backer comes down that number number one Buddy Baker is in only got so I don't yeah. I thought profit outlook popping out and have. That's like up tight end up hurting you want to thank all of that grabbed the lead back a way to make your boots that directly about evidence maker Jack got his bailed out make her make driving in the fight Floyd had a body elephant running third floor. They'll champion has retired his car champion is out of the race leading now it's Bobby Allison and second spot Buddy Baker and then look like art cars line. Right side by side Donnie Allison and AJ Boyd and those beautiful blue and all automobiles in third but didn't warrant. Here's David Pearson and then there's Richard Petty in the second burn. Public elegant and I don't know our ship around. Parents don't have not thought about little about it like here's what brought them behind Bobby Allison and also I don't drafted as they go into my. If that make our fourth of July skyrocket the man sitting on the nose Gunner I doubt god over sixty the American voters matador Bobby Allison but right on his tail and Buddy Baker later. I don't Donnie Allison. We'll be up to the seventh spot as the site eyes dodger Dick Brooks going to end sexist kale Yarborough as they come lying do you play the top ten. In the acquisition Estrada got back into my position gem that the ver and running in ten. Here's a rookie Reggie batch and he's been fast. They go to the first turn by Darrell Waltrip first caution period of the race is out of one car looks and stands in car number 61 Johnny about the would have trouble the first term let's go. There right now. Johnny Rutherford is now on the apron of the track now the cars come to rest on the grass about fifty yards off the speedway the car hit the 360 degree turn a lot of for the middle Traficant of about 78 cars do that I don't think it was any contact with another car you may have brushed the outside concrete wall. Robert has now climbed out on top of the car and is wave to the crowd he is all righty is out of the card and debit cards resting down the grass let's go back in the tower. I ought to look like some one at about a 107 miles per hour almost got Indians center punched him as he spun down across the track can you tell us anything about that their basic thing about here at Daytona and Talladega elite wide terms of their thanks so steep on a cart does listed in the cars they have a little room to maneuver. But your first decision must be the right one there's no second chance of these race cars and 18870. Miles an hour. He was betting right in the middle to drag there were six. Probably seven cars that ducked. On the outside and the inside and I don't believe anybody contact you and I'll just an amazing piece of driving. By a lot of good drivers over there can't back to the tower again Barney did anybody get the money in the wall appeared he actually you get in the contract that outside concrete that was a big cloud of smoke a cigar was betting it was difficult to tally was very close to it and it looks like from here the cars resting down the grass. The front end pointed toward the west end of the speedway various sheet metal damage on the car so I would say contact the law. Top up their network again. You people are going to enjoy going out. Two cars that have retired from the right to build champions who you mentioned earlier we're gonna pretend had a 7240 tells us he's losing all of and Jimmy grow apart the 72 plus there's just coming into College Park Georgia we don't always don't yet we're checking with his mechanics. Back to what you're the first caution period of the day comes and laughs number five what Johnny Rutherford. Apparently had an engine on hand you're maybe a tire cut down on an anti backed the car off toward the wall. May have been a contact with a he is okay what are of his last three events in championship car racing who'll next be at Michigan a motor racing network will be bringing the action. Well that you sec championship car race Rutherford is out in the first caution period today. Everyone was able to allude that spinning automobile. And we're waiting now on pit stops we've got to feel Frank Warren is still on pit road waltrip took the opportunity to pull out of that role but the leaders are not coming in. And here's how they line up with seven complete as the safety crew goes to work and it looks like an engine was spilled out of the first turn. It's Buddy Baker being brought Bobby Allison second Donnie Allison is in third AJ Boyd isn't what David Pearson better. Richard Thaddeus insects Dick Brooks is running again those seven possession. Both of the front seven has worked under caution right now. Here's Richard Childress coming out of that brought it up like Warren Kerr is going back to the very large area. Get Esquire giving Crawford only has a spark there probably isn't the garage but he's going to repair the problem when NASCAR officials or whether they say he can't go back out just a few minutes. Now back he'll run native seventh position his car and everybody Charlie Watts back. If the eighth position as Jim Babb avert ninth is Ritchie pants. Off that deposition moves letting upon the eleventh position is Bobby Isaac. In the twelfth position is card number. 35 Dan dot free the Florida driver he is now rotting evolved as we are under caution. Following a little further back in the field the thirteenth position this could go Marlon. The fourteenth position shows as Earl Ross this thing this joke for sign. That's off the field is lining up right now. Says they get ready for a restart here Kimberly firecracker 400 from Daytona International Speedway this is the motor racing network. Whatever you drive wherever you go Hercules tires gets in there whether you're running on their. Are dependable high quality tires of a perfect fit for your knee. Strong match value selection in warranty with the industry leading road hazard protection there's only one choice. Hercules tires to learn more visit Hercules tired dot com. Or call 806779535. Hercules tires why don't our strength. The racetrack to the road home fill up the Sunoco the official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump or into the fifth. You can trust Sunoco a repeat of fuel that feeds you go second camp plus America feels going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of great. Prior to the first caution period and a firecracker 400. They were ten cars running for the lead three and a half seconds separated and and you can't get them much brighter than that. The leader continues to be the RC cola card number fifteen Buddy Baker. Jim heard of these has been on pit road driver 67 body Arrington also on pit road you may have been wondering where daily Alvaro was even edit. In this first caution periods galas fitted. And out Brooks is that a manager the Carling team but he's got a long way to come now against the mighty heavy competition. This new filing team abhorred with kale Yarborough as well as literal Brooks we're matching earlier on the broadcast. A whole new program for the rookie drivers win. 101000 dollars up for grabs among these freshman campaign is that really you there's got to make a lot of incentive in years to come for freshmen to come for the Winston cup series. It's true okay and it seems this year there's been a lot of interest in the rookie program. And believe this general eleven cup drivers running for the championship this year we were quite happy that the friends and family in this car allowed us to become part of that is crippling competition that's been going on for the last few years we talk about the road. He's now really of the amateur. Run this year and what's the cup standings but Dwyane what is not here nor I think really our world. You know Richard Petty car the national championship when I was surprised yesterday. LA opera tell me they want that they can't get that national championship means so very very much they want that one badly do you guys. Sure do I think the reason there's been with the biggest and maybe junior might be one race away from running out of competitive small block. They feel led days the weather with the Maliki generally have here in July that the bigger than the one that's the last into the job for us we also. Thank you out rushed out of turn number one a report on that part of what into the wall Johnny Rutherford car. Let's go down there now again they've fully thought out of the grass. Probably ravaged area is up against Blake blood here now we're looking at cars directly underneath a considerable sheet Metal Management. Left side of the car as he went up a little while he did contact the wall and rode the wall back redundant concrete and about a 170 miles an outline. Finally left side of the car. In the right rear tires exploded on the car that could have been what happened to I think possibly up to tire going and that's border to get into the wall great maneuver by Jackie Rogers. Young fellow from Wilmington, North Carolina the lemon tree and Chevrolet did great piece of driving to avoid hitting it. Over the Internet reporter let's go back to the tower the race back under green in the latest being swapped around Bobby Allison jumped out of front but now we have another late change it turned court as they come blogger and six and allowed to return number brotherly. I was just glad that back away from Bobbie if I put up. Kept coming a lot of complete twelve laps the lead car is not okay. Mommy dollars in second running third body thing. What Richard Petty and the fact that sextet of the first burden. I want my brother Donnie Allison then Bobbie by the second affair that put the pillow to back up and third spot by getting what they gave blood then. Bobby Allison inside the brother Donnie Allison I think comes out about vacuum them right now into the league know that's just came out of the nobody out and I think that's what I. And they Alabama gang doing business but big benefactor is David fears that it appears that lights that wrap the Bobby Allison the second spot Donny writes third AJ for that they gave. And baker sex. Feel coming by. Behind that six possessions and set up this job I gloves back he's about a second and I'm happy down and then going to the eighth position and that is Lennie pond in mind has been brought them to give them the bird do you love of the Reggie bad club is Bobby Isaac. But they go to turn one man's family not want to believe the way the go to our Graham met my daughter pairs and go to the outside any athlete David Pearson back home run right. Record flooding comes up behind Bob Donnie Allison Donnie Allison goes inside Bubba gala but right now they're not that I can't believe under the current coach that came about a robotic elephant that more they got a lead six back right distracted with seventh spot at Bobby Allison joined by solid three employ has taken the lead back to David Pearson. First five. Fourteen laps of 160 completely they come by this time and Bobby Allison signal victory would be a second of the season when in a Richmond Virginia earlier. In this three billion dollar when the series is setting the names. The average speed of Cadillac was down because of that caution when Rutherford went into the first turn ball. The average speed 148 miles per hour but right now they're blowing around the speedway next big. Aids in excess of 180. Miles per hour the third lap has been a fast lap of the race of 181 point 82 seconds. There's only one I won ten seconds separating first this exposition. All your comes a strike from Pearson at turn three. Going into turn three David Pearson moving to the inside get inside the matador takes over the top spot Bobby Allison called back the second spot body is not right on his bumper then here comes Richard. They open up a little market operate. So we'll have a new leader once again this time it will be. David Harrison when Bobby Allison nibbling away at as late as he goes down to the first turn Donnie Allison is Johnny inside is handling any scandal. You might the company earned one Donnie Allison has forced all the way back in a for a position there and other fraud against comes David Pearson. I don't know Beckham might be noted the FDB doctor Richard Petty. Got off. I'm out of action. Not that bad blood moving up I'm not young Bobby Allen had wanted him and matadors picked me love love love David Nelson and once again until you are absolutely inevitable love deficit came out at all and they thought he brings Richard that they would they've petty tacking on two elephants rapid move that the the second putt I believe that Richard Petty writing second. Donnie Allison and if you're the Mercury drops support. The last. Time by the speed averaging 179. Miles per hour and I'm out of our American motors matadors plot but that's TV doctor Richard Petty is and seconds the Chevrolet at Donnie Allison. Maintaining very. What sixteen laps complete working up seventy lap beer and a firecracker 400. Allison Gary knows red white and blue collars up there as if he means tonight both scholars and the standard American Victory Lane on this Independence Day he's down the backstretch with Richard thank closing around a lot of quietly over the go to bill. Altered what your brother got the door draft right up look behind me. You know later in mountain man why don't worry about yourself out rapidly available facts lots more Betty looking a little late for the first time today we'll try the inside good it's like they can't make it meanwhile got. We felt Georgia looks like we'll keep up budget goes up and I dreamed spends up to hit the glass for the latest book but why is still rolling. No contact with any other they've only got Bob that would that would. I'm back at why it's. So all the cautions are coming in early and there are that's the second one out today as they rookie driver one of six described the event Bob Byrd children as prevalent burn number one that's almost the identical position that not Johnny Rutherford out of the race. So all the cautions are building up early in the godly it's clear record on that one before it's over word in the seventeenth lap caution is out all the leaders are using this second caution period as an opportunity to fit their automobiles change right side Robert and add fuel. We are eighteen laps into the event Richard Petty looks like you'll be the quickest back on the track but look doctors Haley opera jumping out of Ari he just dropped the Vatican galas automobile we'll take the lead. Carnal but mighty good really gained from this that's the Charlie Watts back by the trucks more industries machine. He was running just in back of late front sextet and this'll put him right back in the thick of it for some reason they dropped off after having qualified fourth. And with having to run by himself whereas those fronts six automobiles. We're all running together and pulling away from us. So we have a second caution period of the day. Kind ever sixteen that's the Penske automobile Mark Donohue as the captain of that team took on two tires and gasoline they have been leading. And a matter of 44 seconds the pressure not quite as much as if it was under green but still a change a couple of tires on a holiday morning that's pretty good point four seconds. Pace car is bringing the feel around they'll be a wholesale change in the front of the field as to their standings that we're gonna see. Perhaps some of those drivers who were running in the second group in the battle in that second group running for. Seventh but the fourteenth possession is just as intense as the battle between the first and six. Jon hooker a best deeply when you're what this. Back in February. It was your first race. And we thought it all the biggest bone or you could pull on the broadcast Donnie Allison had taken the lead Richard Petty had cut a tire down. And use that. We asked you. We have like we said we are sorry for I believe we should gosh it's really too bad day you're now out of this race and use that no way we're gonna come back and win this thing and miracle American girls get pulled it off now what's your prediction for today. But then nothing like mcginnis plug and I was Delaware gala. But I had done a with a richer than that is daily last night Richard told me he was feeling great personally that the car was running good. He thinks he's gonna win this race he's never won it before. Looks like dominion drive and a great race in the good position now. I predict we go when this race today. These foxy driver and he can really get it together this Richard Petty but for some reason the last three years has been second what maybe he needs you was a good luck charm down here well he's been the good luck child ftp cooperation he solo up product for us he's a gentleman in every way. I'm glad to be he would you can't because I feel like Q my good luck charm. Or kill let's see Ella works out I don't know what nobody thinks we're gonna give the other guys but. Richard Petty is very definitely one of the strong favorites he was he and David Pearson. Where the selections of giving that great this morning by three to want to take this race my closest one app that was about six store and happily was kale I hope. Have tried that as dated as the great dummies got a copy and talk to you and systematic. Obviously UN neutral I'm not. But we got 36 of these body guards he's an ftp product so it's hard for us to lose. Well we'll see you got some major competition and up that front row though it's going to be a Ding Dong battle right Joseph nice to be we again cannot. Hope see in the one Asarco. OK we understand they are checked gain or some possible they haven't got caught a 21 David Pearson's automobile here in the firecracker 400 from Daytona Beach, Florida. Where in lap number twenty of 160 others two and a half mile speedway want to bring in the 400 miles. They are running the full distance and mighty five Darrell Waltrip is the leader in the automobile race Darrell Waltrip. Is now in command the fifth driver to exchange the lead which has been swapped around eleven times in the first. Nineteen laps of competition in the terminal transport cars in front. We're in the second caution period of the day after Bob Burton's car had trouble and the cautions are coming early. The record for cautions I believe it's live in this race let's go about a pit road and find out a little more way that we're just about shadows start we'll go to Joseph alloy shortly. John Brunner senior has moved back to the infield base car is coming it and and we're gonna see some of the finest racing you can see anywhere when these top runners come up against some of the new. Comers and hits and I'm iPod don't want him in the blood you can build and then secondly. Going out body outside there's a new layer looks like one of the calling cars going up first Atlanta one million dollar on gun battle magnetic. Gramley a labor waltrip he is in turn one down the Bible is the latest blow group this time. Back at second spot as Hilton writing part right now is Richard Petty 58 doctor. Elian well I thank him down that backstretch but now moving out to the outside the a lot of layup in the inside the outcome record flooding in the ftp got hypnotic like so what I want another shot. And they get turned 33 abreast that's Richards and anyway the magnificent move bloodiest fight at take over the early it opened up my four even five college not the talent W invited Donny Allison plundered by. It's intensive action. Here they come once again I had eight birdies Donnie Allison second Kelly up on the third Bobby Allison boy. And the field lumbering down in the first turn he held his hand up against the wall and we're seeing that way to spend about ES TP dodge to the twelve car like that turned to let the legislative they wanted to join the other. This morning everybody comes. Off to the food water Donnie Allison. For only. Out of the end title coming out of this economic much differently moved back into a draft however the government your caddie domain and that later. I didn't make one at a time don't tell us about northern elite is continuing up under through the fact try to get back up right at the port card wrapped up front with -- -- Allison kale Yarborough and Bobby out okay. Doll like come to complete 23. Laps this time running behind that fourth place car which is Bobby Allison and get his money maker. Then there's Richard Childress seven. His car and about a five Darrell Waltrip going hey there's a sodomized car and that way we don't have a more cars running for the laid go watch your back has been then then by some other automobiles these dollars. He has made a quick stop on that road in his back on the attack 121 David Pearson. Birdies giving moving around automobiles out of turn ever do as he tries to move back with a leader's. What he's running more than a second and a half behind fourth place the American voters matadors pulling in the third. Here comes Bobby Allison right to attack again as Bobby the Bobby allison's brother Donny is commanding the race by just one car like Dover Richard Petty. Meanwhile a report from. The pits on the Johnny Rutherford car let's go to Joseph ally. We talk with Johnny just a few minutes ago insidious problem walls up blown tire you blew the tire that he gives you all right he gets 74 Chevrolet had unaudited. Into the garage and Johnny was not injured also pop America. We're having some handling problems in the back instigated you lost it latest band he has worked out of the car. Jimmy Crawford in the 72 plummet car number 42 that's important but probably without for about ten laps he's now back on the speedway get back to you. LD dot Jerry put his car behind the wall. But the action is right up and brought up there it is going to the target but straight up matador is on the go Dave display as they get dirt three the red white a bullet totally American flag got it up whether they are back it combat the firecracker 400 Bobby Allison audience flight takes the lead away from Donnie. Richard Petty rides that cart product. I brought out his whereabouts were. Coming down the complete lap Robert what a five the matador leads by a fraction all over the double play in the Alabama gang the Allison Brothers the last time running as the Alabama again. Donnie moving to Daytona Beach, Florida are right wanna do. Williams won a seventh lap Donnie Allison and brought Bobby Allison on the backstretch is sporting a charge John and again the matadors in first place there is a two car draft back in fifth position that puts David Pearson just in front of Buddy Baker in six and that two car draft is working up and gaining on leak quartet lady the front four are being taken over but it's two car draft and we'll have six automobile battling shortly. Then back and sent them. Religion there's another two car draft. In some of the digital right now I didn't get Brooks of the sodomized dodge and raping women have been going on isn't Joseph Walton comes from cars running together. It's how much. Stronger in the one car running by the home and a graphic situation and high bank track like Daytona so those guards are also try to move then Jim Lebanon. Number one imagines going behind the Wally drop down on the inside of the track. A rooster tail like a small follows his car. Yeah and that pattern that means it's all over and be back into the garage area goes band ever there's a separation now one and a half seconds between first and sixth possession. As David Pearson hall's body baker along well then and we have are six back up and brought once again with 47 laps complaint. Down they come to complete the 48 were the leader Bobby Allison Donnie Allison Richard Petty very Gailey well what David Pearson did Buddy Baker thanks. Dick Brooks is seven joined the navy. Here is Jim that the birth name will backed up to our number one bundling them 100. Gregg not to pull away right now a little separation of Donnie Allison and Bobby out of an item and sweeping dotted at turn number three lead automobile is gone over 88 Donnie Allison looked like guard Chevrolet. They're running the 351 cubic inch engine in this automobile that critics fear of anyone that they've had a lot of legends club what they feel they. They have a combination and they are coming off a win. Bobby allison's American motors up court whenever they America's most people want only one grand national race that was the Riverside California one year ago. Have a sense that they've come so close and have so many. Dixon I had a problem and Talladega correct what they seem shorter lead with Gary about how in the morning but this these guest column may. It marriage but engagement with Bobby Allison she's been working perfectly here and they don't have the president Donna Bobby is retaking the latest. In the shuffle on the backstretch. I don't ever go back and I think. Blue book then don't they just look here look what that can't become a mystified by the bench campfire no contact Donna car Richie flipping on the backstretch. Just goes all the debris coming off all the black let's go back to the hour. Mikey here already that's one of the rookie drivers with a fire got WGC's. Bachelor. He had Richard that he had been here for every one of these races and Elmo finally admitting his first day of what is gone over six before I started Mahoney met miles an abort. There is the third caution period of the day no record for the rays was viva 1960 floor. And that's caution also coming early and only the thirtieth lap. GC Spencer is not that broader look you know the left side of this automobile here for more on this third caution period let's go back to Bonnie all of drug squad to. Bottom what you are you Rhode. Just don't plug on the apron and Daughtry got out of the glass to miss him in the car broken he was heading directly part of the last second the car just turned out that last minute. 84050. Miles an hour that was flat because the question I want and I knew I can imagine what went knew that if this goes live with the only right in the driver's side very fortunate no problem here would you want the cars other than the fact they did put out a little loose some time of the race let's go back to the tower. Caution is out this is a little bit of a break for Donnie Allison all of a sudden a fallen off the face of that. We seek kind of our old fives just gone out coming out of that well Richie mansion just in front of them and attract more industrious car. That's one of those leading candidate for rookie of the year honors and right now in the rookie. Program. Funny that my house and it is number one with 234 points Richie patches second at 224. Bob Burch of its third Jackie Rogers his fourth Travis Dillard then at the Earl Ross is six and look out for Ross after that second place. Finish at Michigan he's really fired up and plans to make every other race in the Winston cup grand national series this year. With the exception of Nashville Tennessee other commitment up home near Elsa Craig and will not be at Nashville what he'll be everywhere. Ball on the circuit decides that he we wets is eight. In the Winston standings here's Richard that they get an out of the pits and her iconic lots back his on his way as his body Isaak. Betty guest in the bonfires and 58 and a half seconds. My voice genetic Bob that's what we are under caution third of the day and all the action has been concentrated in the first and second turns. Timothy party all of that effort to corner a few raindrops beginning is regardless they play here in this sport. That may have a reflection on the right here momentarily let's select the tower. AJ Foyt is that it is automobile he has proven he can run with the leaders today AJ Foyt getting back into what you got and here's number 54. My father Patrick Virginia back underway and everybody night which is Jim heard at least in this afternoon's action heard at least getting back under way. So caught up a toy wannabe John as the leader after this. For a job that brought to get. Fuel and gas with thirty laps down the average speed is only 137. Point 264 miles per hour 137 point 264. With three caution periods in the early going. Jimmy the Greek idea taken out of will be or explore you have to go of course on the car and driver and where they qualified. That your expertise everyone I was I was in the NFL and the horse racing game now what you got here they don't know what do you think of this game and I think it's great and everything you know I think guys enjoyed it tremendously interesting how much they had. They always that it was gonna be impossible to know about a car you knew them several thousand years to know about the bags and it was going to be hard here but you seem to be. Pretty closed on targeted you almost had yourself went out there you know Bobby Allison what do Riverside and he was there and no mechanical difficulties over overcame him how much time to get to spend on motor. Liberation of all your other activities well there's been such a tremendous demand from our news media. On inauguration of we had to really start following that we'll good to see here hope to get down to Atlanta some of the other events and I don't get news. No and I hope so too great Jimmy the Greek Snyder my Vegas was taking a real active interest these days in the motor sports and his picks today where petty Pearson. At Daytona where in the third caution period of the afternoon 32 laps have been completed with Conover sixteen. Bobby Allison coming out mighty strong that matador today Richard that he was running in second at thirty laps third was. Private point one Pearson Ford was Cahill and fifth. Was Buddy Baker would six spot then Dick Brooks seventh was. Darrell Waltrip going aids was Jim heard of these give them my position what they car number 28. That's the Bobby Isaac car and that was child like lots back or running eleventh with Google violence in twelve was deemed often. Thirteenth with AJ Foyt. Fourteenth was kind of a 54 Lenny on fifteenth was hurled rocks sixteenth James opened the seventeenth Benny Parsons. Eighteenth jolt for sought nineteenth Richard Childress. And running twentieth was part of a 23. The competition is intense and a firecracker 400. At the Daytona International Speedway and at 34 lap and that's caution period James Hilton has taken away James Hilton has appropriated first place with Benny Parsons and second job or sought and third Cecil Gordon and more than Richard Childress. This again and bad. Those leaders are getting have all followed on the back of the field they've got some more running to do not die hard the showers around the racetrack we'll have an update on that border shortly meanwhile on that road. Here's Ken Campbell. I have Ricky Mantilla this news just dropped out Richie what happened up there. Mom I'm. We love the fire between wanna do it broke. Elena dedicate all I get a break finds out we can get a thanks we'll get back out I don't know I think I have the rule whether they well okay. About the glove play Reggie we have further. We're only number 88 car of they Allison who are we talked to Mario Rossi and he said it probably hit I guess if they have little. So that I guard teams are having some problems here today and we look like we might be into a lengthy stay what about those showers let's go to Bonnie hall. They'll just property here and there became a little heavy for just a moment but now they've been letting up a little bit the ceiling is still rather I think it may just be a sporadic shall we should be all right very shortly at least let's hope hope they are also holding the field under caution that's the report from turns one and two from Barney hall. And data Spain a turn for the sprinkle the word parties took a few moments ago over in turn four right now if not dampening the spirit of this festive holiday crowd of multicolored and a lot of cars campers truck to the infield. The fans are still out we see a few umbrellas blossoming around the infield in in the stands at this end of the speedway mr. Rangel are still continuing and third floor. So what might be a long firecracker four how. Today they curator of the museum of speed. Built hill has put us. We leave might be here for awhile they get a BI would be a long ones. What can they they longest. 400 mile race and along as firecracker 400. That happened back here in 1967. The race started with a delay he had dad played five minute delay more in these swing. Which usually please detract glove shed all this deal. And then they had to clean up the originals from this wave all the way to get started ten point five. We have some really had a boy MRI delay and the race finally got over my head 6:25. That evening so that's bound to be the longest 400 mile race and history. Yeah I hope you brought your lunch for that one. Where 35 laps down through 32 left we get twenty lead changes among seven drivers twenty lead changes among seven drivers here's Joseph Alex. Can't score five cars have now dropped out of the right bill chanted of course only make one laugh he was losing all pull the car into the garage and decided to retire right. Johnny Rutherford had the wreck in turn two that was a 74 Chevrolet Bob Burch and at the handling problem he smacked the wall buffet car and a retired yet Kim Vandenberg off the filed. And we understand LB auditor had water pump problems a car has not been brought to the garage but he has retired the car. Marvin pledged just what fastest headed to the pit road did he had to brake fluid under his arm. And some can so we feel that he's going to try to credit going get back into the right. So officially there are five cars out of the race in the garage area back to a deal control. Lady here that is James Hilton remember two years ago he pulled a major upset and the Talladega 500. Going to victory in the event that was won by Dick Brooks just a year back. Like remind you folks listening around the country if you'd like. A picture of Richard Petty if you can get one or kill Yarborough we mentioned this the other day and had a very fine responses if you like go full color picture of either of these two great competitors who have the greatest. The history of the game. Either Richard Petty more kill ya ever drop a sliding your motor racing network mocks 500 Daytona Beach, Florida. 32015. Desires that. Given that address again. Have a picture of the all time champion what are 159 victories and Caylee I burrow who is a major adversary. More grand national honors not a keeping track them. With a bands like I of course there's not much question here they had a double back on Sunday for the most popular driver in the firecracker 400 and rain and Richard Petty came up with a as the number one choice I have an open house here this. Past weekend saw it like a picture just specify which one you'd want either Richard Petty or kale Yarborough and drop us a line. We'll be more than glad to send it along for free motor racing network box 500. Daytona Beach, Florida 32015. And for my broadcaster Michigan I think those are just in the mail in the past couple of days. So this jars are continuing to sprinkle up and three import they say in their hole in the field under yellow at the present time at Esquire dot allison's car has been involved with a broad they have retired the car we understand it is a hit gasket publicly. Beautiful so we're dark art journal they which. Started out of another 3% and ran a real good right. We're trying to get Donnie Allison now for an interview back sort of control that's a tough before god and for Mario Rossi and the entire team is here apply guard. Folks from up in Connecticut have come down due to see the car run. And have them up this early play at we're really optimistic yesterday Mario Rossi says gee it's it's just got to come together but they have had problems. In valve in the camp train on the automobile throughout the season and again a 351 did not live through today's event. Am glad this Ken gamble that I have Donnie Allison deal with the Dow down you let it. Do you read that brought back out what happened to make you drop like like he did what I was taught you well. Okay I guess gators led its hour and a lot I have come let him. All assign a runner on and it Danica Wednesday lies. You know running extremely cool wind not. And back dollars and doll I had I never had a random cars are that would run. I felt I Alyeska outraged at this happened now let it just doesn't seem likely get to find out. The NL one right there's no chance to get it back on a racetrack today has now they're not know. Going out there and I can say is I want to welcome Mike pop go off yeah rap but I got racing back to god they Donald and let Adam back well that's got to thank. I've been here whether to back to the block Mike Mike was in a very bad. Auto like Sonoma highway back in February precious Ferrari to a tree and I was very badly injured. He's just delighted to be back here and looking really fine Donnie led five times Donnie Allison for six laps in the course of this race. A record 62 cars turned out what the firecracker 400 this year he fired the engines are concerned. Donnie. And AJ Foyt came in here what these 355 birdies the punched out 351 chevys Richard Petty of running a small block today at 355. Dale Junior Johnson's crew went with a big block again although you heard L Brooks say a little earlier that by the next event which is the Atlanta 500 they should be. In shape do try a small block in that car Earl Ross is running a big end of the day David Pearson is out here with a 351. Ford engine as his Buddy Baker Bobby Allison has got to the 355 cubic inch matador. Bobby I sickened that Australian car that's a big block automobile drop the gloves back and has a small. Engine and a half dozen or did John I love him and only one out there racist just about set to go back other grain. Feel coming out of turn number of floor. And as they flash to the lie and the crowd rises here in the firecracker 400 but two and a half mile Daytona International Speedway and the lead. Automobile is on the 48 chains Hilton out of line and any pause the running. Okay the deal goes to the burden. OK. Enough about packet traffic has about a kid probably somewhere here comes Richard Petty coming out many minority of sodomy ftp dog that he believes the public wanted to turn to do it is still healthy and up front. They live in second life isn't okay. Okay. The goal of LA had a record setting up they have deeply dove moving out into the mother and and. Nobody inside and I hate filled with. They have little K okay yeah game record with an opportunity to do business with a firecracker 400 as the rest of the leaders come through traffic the first for the break out at David Pearson was not holding up better in the second clock as 172 things like. It. The outcome of the field completing 41 laps this time buys. What Richard Petty can one day even good civilians like in many parts and sliding into third position. They have little one Wayne first and allowed to have this one no one and a half seconds going into turn one. That he still lethal and Avalon golf and good luck second and they would probably wallet behind our I have been. OK. Okay. OK. Okay. All the access to get that April again right now that it doesn't look out about having emphatic but what I want to kill all the puck around knowing that if it's. About the audience like David here's a guy play like taking over the early for Richard Petty petty tectonic filing line and they continue to try to open up on the later. Flooding in the third spot as they. I never looked. Like walk back. Bobby Isaac has pulled himself in the third position running in forty years Charlie Watts back in then why didn't make some money maker in the seventh does that look thing going to make his daily well he's my big ultimately learn got a lot of my body I think he came out of the hunt was rap magnet Mattingly the great maneuvers and got a lot of money tonight I felt like military do it is still there tonight from many lives second. Okay. Donna back straightaway is why they wanted the pistons don't believe them again behind and look up and I think it's. Because that's second reason backup Brady didn't turn three and coming away on top as Buddy Baker if you haven't been automobiles delegates flocked back to. As they come play this time 105. Miles it is not a good 181 David Pearson you'll never believe leading will be asking me dodged. Nothing why did against and why did in the first thing. Richard Petty gave the right here on American problem number one are there enough and I drove it not a thing a lot of mail and possibly a second or so ahead of play banker who has taken over there. Thought OK. Okay. Okay. About a very good glad to close the gap between got to get this on the body might like a drop upload it looks like it'll become apathetic fluff but think it's. The place that they had many try to take a hiker that back now directly why David here's a joke that's follow up under the rear deck gets here's the waiting at many writers failed they act the third walk Buddy Baker opening up a body guard. Arbor about belt as so many times this season so racist stabilized there's a battle all the way. With a great pain ledger had made the all time what are in Winston cup grand national placing them David Pearson who is second in that category and years and is now leading with phonetic like flight to land the acquisition Buddy Baker as well out automobiles a move that white blue noble are single like car. In the third position james' children have been lady is not a wait a minute back and forth just. Spot look at this battle Bobby Isaac is on the inside that hot selling them cars going beautifully today. And he has a war going with a looks like Elian well they come to the live. Pearson leads heading second Buddy Baker at third morning good morning I'm heading down one dollars card number eleven. There's a piece of tape gap first day on the one though aren't number eleven Haley I won't try to get a report on that for you shortly meanwhile AJ what polls on that old but gold normal number of that the united dark navy blue automobile look like large double play has pulled out of that old three time Indianapolis camping in the Whitewater here in the firecracker 400 AJ Foyt is in the under in the lane and get an update on that shortly James Hilton's at some problems here's a word on that from your life. We just spoke with James he said that what the flag what that they were ready to write the getting was trying to party or the clutch out of the car he has retired as 74 Chevrolet. Factor audio control. Off bad break Ford. All right Jim Rome's if you think of Florida when the walls close in the miseries are probably gets me is away. You'll by the Florida you're looking for in the Daytona Beach resort area what I miles electric driving Florida as you've imagined it would palm trees the ocean. Like three miles of beautiful wife standing here coming you can drive a lot of beach you can park gone. I'll beach you'll never fore again you'll say I'm a guest do because most of Florida's major attractions and not only Ohio but as a giveaway of holy land. The Kennedy Space Center Disney World silver springs Marco Polo park added laced I'm bears the world's finest motor speedway. When you reluctantly leave you'll take off what are your memories as beautiful as your dad joined a million little happy visitors can volley ball in the air Florida he and Daytona Beach. The run down at forty laps the average speed 120 point 60 brave miles per hour with great caution flags in the early going at that time that he was lady. Would then. Here's the second many Washington bird Caylee I Parole Board. Buddy Baker fifth. Charlie Watts back six Bobby Isaac seventh Earl Ross you know whether outnumbered at the board was running in the next revision back when he bought an eight. Earl last night. But again position was not Burton thirty coup that brought the eleventh position number 86 B. And that's Bobby allison's matador. Well positioned Walter Ballard. The thirteenth was AJ Foyt in his car is now going back behind the wall out of competition for your dog this speech Jackie Rogers makes me Richard Childress seven means they sold Gordon. Going eighteenth was Dave Marcus Knight team McCain even not the end what they get. What body Arrington and all twenty cars in the lead lap that was up forty laps there's a lot Dallas Bob Daytona International Speedway this is the auto racing network. If you're racing is blowing hot air let O'Reilly auto parts helped bring back the coolest summer. Well you may need to eventually service your AC unit get immediate relief with inner dynamics 134 a refrigerator with league sealer applied to get one free at O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day. Limits apply see store for details. Oh yeah. Oh Mubarak's. The racetrack to the road home. Fill up close and mobility official fuel of NASCAR. So go make high quality performance fuels for the greatest drivers in the world both on and off the track whether you're pulling up to the pump. Or into the pit. You can trust Sunoco a repeat of fuel that keeps you going to second campus and because still going. Fill up with the official fuel of NASCAR Sunoco the essence of races. Promoters matador have pulled from eleven. Those six possessions says that four lap run down there at lap 48 and we have a little later widget that you just want allowing private 11 David Anderson and they S navy dodges lady. In the firecracker 400 this morning at Daytona Beach, Florida and Puerto not a 160 laps completed at McGrady of Kelso Washington. Well look white as looking racing machine he's ever had. That's the money Robin's car number eight now on that road. All the backstretch Richard Petty who for the last. Three years has been a bride's maid in a race finished second every dime is not out in broad try to win the race for the first time he's never pulled off the firecracker 400. David Pearson who want to the last two years and also won this race back in 1960 widened between time what are rubbing event is running a second place just two car like flies. Meanwhile three car too cute train its rapidly closing on the leaders in third spot Buddy Baker. In the fourth position Caylee up all the money in the best position on number sixteen moving up business they'd Bobby Allison Matt and always challenging enough course drying. Here comes up and down on the outside of them I don't know I didn't really out of moving up on the side here you are all battling for the number five spot analysis what is weighted more news coming out of this. Okay. Thank you very pale for a moment Bobby Allison of the matadors felt. All the black belt just don't let go all the spilled beyond love I didn't rollout is Bobby Allison but he had like hey I'm I had had to leave the hospital oh and it's officially up five car draft now Richard Petty with a lot of I've got elected that it that it appears that baker. Importantly on his league I have heard a lot of Yarborough and I know on the evidence that the matador. Fifty laps 125 miles complete the completing that they want this I'm looking caddie and plug in second person in third baker Caylee got wolf more than. Bob they know the really bad doubly a political couple but not a 35. All of a number three drive pulled down in Chile and he'll probably eight there was something wrong he's OK there was no fault why but he hit shots now. Solid body and wallet out of merely go right away that week I shouldn't periods. Including one when Johnny Rutherford crashed in turn up a lot of what the board is okay but his car is out of operation that got in San Antonio Texas number thirty live in now on pit road and then boundaries car which. Just a couple of Orange are not really great. That's why nobody knowledge of the to a lot of smoke from Bangkok automobile we'll have a way of collapse glad he's still going very strong but he don't have a problem let Taj on this tremendous amount of smoke coming. A letter of any nominee to back to the now Jeff Bridges garlic control fireplace automobile. They've been having some problems the national champion of what your goal meanwhile in plot here it comes Laker had they actually call a car that white blue Nomo allowed only a little plastic Richard that they have in event against the wall they move into the first turn and really you're number one carmaker put the royal. Well Paula I'll probably have neatly dodged headed back is second in the wall about the third spot Taylor got OK. Okay. Bobby Allison and keeping the pressure on lingered on the backstretch. Love that graphic up without a backstretch so what they've got routed the body bag elected walker will let alone now look. Have got to get him out of him and I don't know where he'll go Obama and they look there's another kind of I don't know I'm meddling in the third what is the matador as they head off third floor of the wild look later leading many of them that are running third would entail any. Parsons is that it is automobile 132 and a half miles completed in the coming off the line. Like anybody I didn't think so Gordon body bagel is a blunt lecture daddy is in second challenge. He had one Thaddeus keeping the pressure on your head that you're trying to pull away from the fact they open up a bottle pot Kandahar separation over body element in the back to the birds bought. But to call leaders come out of all the food water it -- no matter what Richard Petty OK. Okay they're here they're got home and have a go to all the facts Madden hill singled all of a buddy but look Buddy Baker believe the closing up that gap of about a book Bobby Allison hit like you have to have a good have they go that way I didn't dominate the cars with baker had many like them out in large part due let through that three -- turn it up matador running by itself is still clothing mob that later tonight around. Live my life Yarborough and here's. Could the fifty lap run down 125 miles is that as they complete 55 laps that still make your run petty and second Bobby Allison third and David Pearson rotting in the fourth provision out of the new lab Rondell went like this netting version here's some second. Baker third at that time wanted to point five miles warden was hailed death was Bobby Allison insect Bobby Isaac in seventh. Was prior number 32. Richard looks good paid them many parts of midnight barrel while trip in camp was Earl Watson getting eleventh was atomic clocks back in twelve. He was Dave Marcus. Thirteenth Google Marlon fourteenth was they number 54 quality bond dropping back fifty was filled with John and six based on the field was caught number muddy six or Richard Childress of Winston-Salem. But top five cars are separated by two and 110 seconds at a couple other 55 lap 137 and a half miles and paddy is something outside of the trial over seventy degree banking valley's been against the wall as Bobby also put the little lighter not a million. I bottom cargo for the buffalo speedway is go to college when you're ready for that second spot the battle is all about Bobby backed off the ball and patty swings back in the application life we are fickle sport played like really good but the former head of the fact prepared for this problem may minute about what acknowledge my number three months now the vacuum. But you're not able probably ends up putting play here warmups all the look like how they help him I feel that a lot of what they want to get up to economic and political parties like getting try to grab the lead in light of all apply to what the matador matador could make it so it's petty make your hand hello Alison running 123 they have good. To turn full as they come. We have five Madhya back to a makes an abrupt possession of magic this Richard Petty is waiting on the board is second in the matador is running third going board there's a Mercury at running fifth of the Chevrolet if snapped up the flight that AM plot that Bobby Allison matadors and secondly Florida moneymaker once in the third and fourth is the Mercury appears so evident that this Caylee up close. Junior Johnson calling Chevrolet automobiles down into the backstretch Betty leading by three car likes and able to build bonds are bought. Betty Parsons is gonna have to retire my sins is going but behind the wild out of Basra the backstretch record. That they'd fill them only to thank my benefit when the flooding. Ftp guard Bob I don't have a board of our blog Paula go into the flow of I NY. Governor Davis when they're on little smile on his parade that he had matador and Buddy Baker with Pearson continue to fall farther off. The place. As they come by once again there's Bobby Allison dropped becoming inside Allison is going wield little wager that if they're fighting for the Lleyton down into turn one. But a lot of our pick up fouls and just look. Love Richard Petty have a little bull fighter moved back off from that moment no I don't watch events in your company yawning Donald Lee inside he doesn't want to give up that late in the ftp god. I'm out I'm coming in Auburn Tigers acquired Bob Pearson airport there on the backstretch. But even then battling the government had no idea none other than not a perfect day of the people actually picking up. They have looked back up look like there is nothing wrong club battled about a dog tags Buddy Baker what they've maker fell right back to Betty dropped the third plus as they continue to juggle those top three spots that the Greek god wrapped up front that it appears that a running fifth this mail Yarborough did. Javy up as one of the that's firecracker four hundreds and history it would get denied lap of Blake coming up on six see this drive around with one of three tenths seconds separating first and fourth Buddy Baker is running a third and he's challenging he's calling out he's got to the second he's after the later the matador. Bobby Allison has basically pull out the fourth turn Buddy Baker was driven a lot of automobiles here at Daytona. Get of the gay and gay car years ago always side here with the right boxcar we'd like to say hello to ray fox as listed in the hospital today. Ray fox one of the great car builders were so many years and grand national competition. Hope you're feeling better sir here's baker one of his old drivers now in second position going after Bobby Allison and the first. Learn yeah now there are gonna Bobby Allison is still up front try to get second spot they care less than economy back headed pizza and great card wrapped inside you gotta pay the players come up with the former model at all all off off the pace of the second team try to Cunningham in pennies on the apron looking at a publicly calling him water. All the black stretch here come. Body baker going for first place all the outside Allison and -- very heavy net debt five Buddy Baker that get wild elephants labs that are playing your gun battle that wildlife a lot of up civic and make the move and they come on their court at the trial ball 150. Miles of more honored to be a lot of the sixteenth annual 1151000. Dollar firecracker of water at Daytona. America's largest Independence Day celebration. Has this event as its climax after a great race last night in the international motor sports association. In the Paul Revere to fifty that started midnight they had a giant fireworks display a big rock concert here in the breeze gets jammed with people and now this morning it's a battle royal Obama backstretch Buddy Baker had Bobby Allison are wheel to wheel and Richard Petty just sits up there rear bumper violent two car like that watches as those do what 200 miles per hour slam based. 3800 pound cars at a time. Wait and make it very great playmaker root for the kids fight takes over the lead but the battle though Bobby Allison baker now leading an elephant riding in the second spot at a get Richard Petty content that's okay what appears and has closed up to the new car like somebody's bumper. A whole lot else to Greg Ontario one of the Carling Garza is apparently what I always thought that brought about what is up. The sixty lap full run down for sixty laps of competition 100 and the mile run down was as follows and it was then Bobby Allison and fraud. What Buddy Baker second Richard Petty third Caylee up Earl Ford. Correction David Pearson boy Elian well then Bobby Isaac was six running seventh it was Richard Brooks in eight. Was spotted by Charlie Watts back invite was Dave Marcus intense Google while on the eleventh Darrell Waltrip and twelfth with Joseph for Sean. Twelve automobiles in the lead lap. In thirteenth and one on lap down with my government before muddy pond in the fourteenth position a lot of reporting great Dave Thomas and running fifteenth on the field. Was Jackie Rogers another rookie from Wilmington, North Carolina the average speed and climbed to 135. Point 338 miles per hour. No where near a record we've got three cautions in the early going the record on. Yellow fever in the race he was five and 1964. Look for a while when we might reach that before the halfway point but after three yellow periods in the early go. Being cut down on a crash by the Johnnie Rutherford caught it initially brought out the caution flag on the backstretch a battle for the lead if once again develop big. But you're not a not gonna back that would try to catch up until later nobody else would I can't believe I'll write him the other Buddy Baker and have them jump record setting up David has put up Fort Riley coming out of the above but eleven file vault. So they could be coming up to pit under green and that means old record that stops again if not a blocks back get on the name of the truck tomorrow at about race car covered muddy. Dryly but a lot of the eighth position in the event and he's been on the move operation pulling himself up some position now I've got to lose a little under green but they've all got to command. Very shortly it's still Bobby Allison in the Roger Penske prepared American voters matador have brought. But here comes the board in second Buddy Baker challenge it again. We're the FTP dodge running third in more there's a Mercury and that this building table the Chevrolet of Caylee up well. But his 447 engine he doesn't have quite the punt but may have to their ability. The goalie entire day were as always smaller engines may not. They give up about 200 pounds of weight scale the point is Kaelin got back about two seconds. But maybe more often leaves on automobiles why not caught on lap automobiles and farm for. Jumpers on a lot of fond Iraq but the growth and having just come off the throttle body out of the leader Buddy Baker Richard Petty and David Harris a now the lap cars have dropped out of tri oval and the court to uphold doubted they. Was led the speedway the first start. They weren't allowed dealt with Tom and how it is not about to give up that Lee has put an out of body apparently didn't have to keep it as long as possible played OK okay. Pick up my country upside down the backstretch. Body bag without a fan club looks like you're not gonna take it away not to let him right behind the Alabama Capriati yemen's richer what is that I want to know we're going to go that continues to be able Rosie. All right let's let by the red white and blue medical Bobby Allison directly behind him his Buddy Baker to. I'm Richard Betty five more car length back 921 minute here in the popular sport. Although the average speed of the race as 135. Point 338 miles per hour curtailed by the yellow flag. Between laps fifty and sixty days front court fires were averaging 176. Point 47 mobile's four hour news that's gonna keep building number we may get some speed record before it's over if they can stay under green. At the present either at least 67 lap what'll bring them the 167. And a half of a 400 mile distance to the firecracker 400. Part of a three million dollar Winston cup grand national series. Which is Spain battle but Dwyane Caylee I'll borrow and Richard Petty the national championship lead seesawing back and forth. Yet at every event number 64 car actually elbow lightly car being driven by a rookie Tony gotten out of the famous who. But thousands of deadly fire. Is on pit road and then thank you know what ends up that car that could be a bit of a stay within. Ken gamble from the pit jolly glad to Baghdad came in had a couple I. A lot of a lot of fight on the card from the get ready wrote this they could make him. Inside caddie comes by for a fight they expected input summit does well he's handling more than about five laps back with our second place automobile Buddy Baker is not that Robert. Charlotte, North Carolina and it just about all of the world's 600 Richard college racetrack is sitting here. That jacket the automobile up right side Robert this is a pit stop under green the clock is working on. Buddy Baker is automobile live but mark crew try to get him out in record dive a back in this event. Buddy Baker I'm Charlotte, North Carolina. Who has finished second here in 1965. And sixty died swaps back off the speedway that is underway let's see if we can get at times. It is a 242 stop along that in our number. Fifteen about mark Karr would give back give it to our number a lot. But third place car and a firecracker 400 David Harrison is on that brought more light side Robert he came on pit road just. Record shattering speed as he pulled out we'll made a perfect. Stop you and that's hard to do have given money to 170 miles four hour plus that the comes out of there and hit your spot but on the button but he does it as the champion he is now. The tires are on their they've. They have changed the tires laughter they can be Oleg car and he's ready to go back on the speedway here's the that's gotten out of 21 and a half seconds. Bloody water and a half seconds John David Pearson 24 on Buddy Baker stop we're seeing the leaders coming in now meanwhile the what do automobiles. Still waiting to their pit stops Bobby Allison and about a door and Richard Petty and the ftp dodged yet upon that road they've Marcus is again. And I believe we're going to see Richard Petty on the next lap break this doctor automobile land. Palin Biden and the cousin of record that he used that put him from the very beginning that that ever erase that Richard has going all the way back to 1959. At a course in a lot of ways that he had as bad as feared his bat good down playing golf over the past several days and they're ready to bring number forty threes on the pit road product or sixteen has also set up Penske crew is set so we may see a battle of the leaders shot that rolled in Latin number seven they won. Yeah they are coming down off turn number four and the leaders on both coming again. This won't give believe that Caylee up girl police cars are on that well. Bobby allison's number sixteen Richard Petty is not reported great. Bought them for right side tires and the clock goes to work they still automobiles. But Jack man has both automobiles in the air. Eddie's good saves the the other bit quicker but Abbott fires off. They're tired of being installed all the cars are on Goodyear rubber today here and read your caddie is okay. Patty comes flied out Allison comes out after a pen caddy was betting. Behind Alison Alison takes a little more time coming up to speed do not as quick coming through the gears as Richard batting. Here's Richard out of turn number one and he leads Dallas up by twelve car liked but the overall leader in the race is caught number eleven Caylee up for audio comes. Let's get Brooks covered voting no because I scars on that brought their rent or right side Robert had been running very well today it looks as good showing against seventh possession of. The new leader in the event is the Junior Johnson car now he got lucky had a project here he'd sure like that situation here's. Gailey I broke crossing the line as the later in the filings are no more. Eleventh in this amazing double they'll wait a firecracker 400 this 150000. Dollar of that at Daytona International Speedway we had 29 lead changes for the first. Seventy laps. Seven laps broadest 175. Miles and his two and a half mile speedway. 29 lead changes among eight drivers and that's already. More than a year ago there were 25 lead changes in the course of the race. However the record for the event 39. Lead changes. He took place in 1963. Among six drivers to eight drivers have shared the lead already today and that's equal to leave or does not make that equals. Fourth 1967. And 1971. The record for a number of drivers leading is denied and that goes back in 1970 when baker Pearson LeRoy Yarborough Pete Hamill the jailed Charlie linebacker Donnie Allison Bobby Isaac Benny Parsons all had a share of first place. Right now we had eight different leaders and looks like we're gonna get a new record perhaps in. Driver leaders of this afternoon before it's over or this morning depending upon where you're listening around the world at 73 laps complete. Here at Daytona International Speedway Ken Squier the motor racing network bring you the firecracker 400. From the birthplace of speed Daytona Beach, Florida where each year America has been why did you Independence Day celebration. And out here this year listing of the infield. Sure hope you're going to be at Daytona Beach next fourth of July what they really. Really do it up what this independence holiday number eighty days old was not his car at the amount that brought of that trouble starting the machine. And now he's getting so many assistants. He's got a six man hard trying to push that hard get admired correction live and number seven deemed although there's not that moment. The valve and asphalt car palladium we have maybe drivers running on the lead lap. What the average speed of seventy laps of 140 point 062 miles per hour Richard Childress to Winston-Salem North Carolina brings in his wife. Blew like the gold the world automobile. Run down at seventy laps. He goes like this economist that Spain Allison was that lady with petty second scale third quarter was Bobby Isaac fifth. Was it Richard Brooks six was David Pearson my seventh was Buddy Baker. And eight was goo goo pile of those eight cars all running in the mainland in the eighth place car is not fitting in taking on left side rubber is cuckoo violently Cunningham Denali Chevrolet driver. But my position at a lab that was Daryl waltrip head would kill for Saab and rotting eleven working Lenny mock. We now have 76 laps complete with a later showing his daily job world's car number eleven Earl Ross is back on that road again as his body Arrington. Scale is still lady he has not hitting all the other leaders have coming out in this green condition. The fourth caution period also today fourth caution period of the day out and we have a lot of add to that burn number a lot of here's a report from Barney hall. John I got back into the I think he'll talk all afternoon and that's not what are going out and about one quarter popped the engine came up and over the water flailing. These factors vote down the backstretch and a tough break for blood back with the fanatics have to find around the. Afternoon again but the fact that sound. Let's immediately go to Joao I in the fifth. One of the cars that really ran well out here today in fact I was running up a war I don't want lab Dell walked that this that's a major problem with the best Edward Darden car what happened there. Well a car ran real well we came down here with a big game and I anticipate that it would run all day and you know I think I'll let you have you come down here thanking really got god may have been. The dank night blew up I don't know it it's the first big long we've blown this year in disqualifying you might go related subject gets out and there's some I don't know. Ripped up right now won't believe it comes a sixteen Carter retired so the other late retirees Benny Parsons. Broke is all playing. You heard of these that ignition problems. Roy may have had a alone injured and can't be great at at all pressure problem and retired his car so sixteen cars officially amount of the rights of feedback from audio control Caylee opera has. Did at the leader has come and I got back out again Buddy Baker just taken on tires all the way around. Four tires on Baker's car the bud Moore car which is really standing up and getting the job done here today. 78 laps are completely we're showing our new leader trying to reporting eight and that is Bobby Isaac that pies. We will record for number of drivers ladies in the firecracker 400 as Bobby Isaac finds himself in first place. That ties the mark of 1970. When there were nine different driver leaders in this of them. Bobby Isaac in caught a 28 the hearts Ellington automobile pile on windshield wiper car. Wives himself in front with David Pearson and second baker had been joint third you'll drop back go after this latest pit stop early losses in and out of the pits again here's Caylee I broke coming in still another guy that Bobby Isaac now that's. But I think that he would get eight. Lead change but not a driver change it'll put pierce and open but he has led up earlier in the event coming up on any laps of any lapses a half way. And a halfway mark will come out with a cautioned today it'll be under caution that they won't show that halfway mark in day. Firecracker 400 from Daytona Beach, Florida reminds you of some of the other up and coming events. It'll be taking place in Winston cup grand national competition here shortly will be also checking down for you they. Results from around the nation. Take a look at some the other result is we are in a caution period for a blown engine down at turn number one we might reveal what Barney did what happened again Barney hall the first bird. Dolly got back up again of that water. A moment ago that smoke started playing the card yesterday dive ever to cooperate with the Holloway down on the bottom of the speedway didn't get any oil left in the groove at all but they're coming but putting play drive down. On the apron where Kelly lives and go to another round lead leg. Moved on any of the kids. Talk to jolly this morning that if you don't really think think this case a year or so go to Hollywood's not happy go lucky care free guy thing to think if you want but if he did a good father but he's very serious about it stock car racing now I'm hoping this morning event. I would couple maybe three good years left in stock car racing these are very happy with a rod he feels like when they get it all together and that QB Don Levy rather still be in the yeah what about the now. Eighty lap run down as in the speed data 139 point 508 miles per hour thirty totally changes among nine drivers they're closing in on a couple new records here at Daytona Beach this afternoon. And out and brought after all these changes in the fifth car ever sixteenth. Sixteen is leading Bobby Allison and matador is first number one they want David Pearson taking his third straight victory in this race is in second Richard Petty is in thirty never won a firecracker 400. Going forward his Buddy Baker running fifth this card number eleven Caylee up for what it back in 67 going six. Is Bobby Isaac the most front six are all running in the same lap. And we are directly out of his car number two that is the car update Marcus in the eighth spot is cuckoo mylan in the my position. Is Lennie pond going Pampers at 32. Believe that Brooke's car and the eleventh position is Jackie Rogers the lemon tree ends Conn everybody three. We have a report of rain heavily for Bilbao there. Laying on the backstretch. And let's not a lot of it just appears split over the saved to a quick about. But it brought out caution for one more lap port 82 laps 205 miles to a complete 83 when they come by this time. Repeating there are six cars in the lead lap running together with more than half the distance covered. Caution and remains a mama tried with a light shower now in the area of the world's finest motor speedway let's go down again. Have a lot pit road. I hope we have got to during the pit stop done over the cars have been in the only one who actually put any adjustment all the handling was the mood because it is because. The Russian a couple of tackles because them guys having you know. Just the type capability that's what they can win the stability if you'd like to talk a little because the kind of like you who has the best man can't do you. I Kenny hi you doing Chris living in America right guest uses you for ABC television and they'll have this event on a little later. Gee Chris it just surprises American voters matadors by looking like it had its act together. Leo I've got to play that edit them and Gary Patton I'm the opposite of the case today Patrick like yes that's right there's one very. How this has got to come yeah I thought I was you know for the Penske organization. I was glad I got caught by thousands of writers strike because I don't know what's going to live my. At this very moment I'm curious to get a lot broadcast. I would presume here 100% correct on that one it was also kind of surprising that they gave voice came here the great spirit. Driver that he is and you sort of have to run for the money it easier and they are residents there accused Ronnie and what is his first love the sprint car races today Chris. But interesting bits and and and another point do they get draw of someone else this car here and I can't really and our driver of the art. And I like to get picked up the rank and you know give the orders around a cardinal get a estranged team where he just couldn't do that. And it was quite happy with the way the car worked at a course you can't get broken and but am out of the competition you don't get a better staying at the first ever NASCAR season is over of the fifteen right has run three driver's 114 and Bobby Allison won one and all the support drivers that want every raids are in the top five positions a year. The professionalism certainly does show all. Another defeat negative been showing Chris is the fact we have five manufacturer makes battling those what five positions over most of that first half of the race. I think this stock car racing as southern style as really a competition at its very bad if I may take a second guy you raiders have always been here wasn't right of course from my past. I like Ali earlier today. A copy of the national speed sport I was gonna hit emerging network that covers a firecracker but just wanted to under a postcard do. National speed sport news ridgewood New Jersey and what we get it by Monday wasn't a free copy of the next issue of national speed sport news candy listener we should include a zip code. We used relativity and feel this morning before you get the television they're always all right Jack back what I put and the talking until midnight. I could pick up thank you for dropping by. 65000. I hear that that don't know 65000. Are in joy in this race would you still on the caution because of a brief shower. And we have a leg here any infield built. Bill that he'll have put us on the museum of speed. He would never back it up early days when that that Blake was more than just a lovely sight but they got to be I have the course of these race. Yes send. Somebody made it right into the lake he spun off the back right right kind of what time did it like Hannity and if I remember correctly. After the car had sank in the end they even though it. He'd go back in because he wanted to prove to nobody had a new helmet that was back the bottom of the lucky. And a big barrier they are now at the end they can't get over that that was the story years ago and then what that Bobby Johnson. Darn near park one of their onetime. Have they done bill made it in into that and Bobby Jones almost within a foot feet spun on the backstretch. And get a 360. And caught it he was gone back. Up along the rim of the lake there and then that's great now again dealing with the original LPGA little Bobby Johnson's been out of Miami today that. While I do folks listening to your race fan. Want a picture of two of the leading drivers these two leading drivers know Winston cup. Series this year as they battle for supremacy if you like the picture whether you can drop a Salina we'll be more than glad senate color picture of either Richard Petty or kale Yarborough this kind of line you know as the as the who's the most popular I think that's how they're doing it. Motor racing network mocks 500. 201550. PW and a lot of major leader Gailey. You specify which one you like that motor racing network box 500. Daytona Beach, Florida 32015. We are still under caution and we had another. Lead changes probably sixteen Bobby Allison is just pulled on pit road and off the tank. This gives the lead back to Buddy Baker sport Richard Petty second David Pearson third. That's how it stands at the present time moving up into the fourth position we believe will be Bobby Isaac. Did that address again on the pictures motor racing network box 500 Daytona Beach, Florida 32015. We have a chance to talk with a Roger Penske about his automobile. They've had a really tough time with Gary bet my house and they nearly one at Talladega that I crash. On pit road cost one of their crew metal leg. And they're just had all kinds of misfortune and after this app for the Penske has put forth and he said it would must be frustrating not to have a victory would always work they've put into this program at. Campus program and I've gotten and I really got a lot of respect for the top teams in NASCAR. Betty and there's NN Galen. The rest of the guys. Tremendous sense British splattered out there were able to have. Qualifying B cable running up front but we still got to get everything together have the male winner but the cars clearly of one and I think that. Once we're not gonna target and we're going to be tough debate. Because of rain showers believe race is still under caution with now might be a 160. Laps complete 245. Miles an hour. We are talking to Nancy about putting Bobby Allison MacFarlane Chris economize he was just. I put it seems like a very nice engagement. Would Allison and the Mark Donohue is the crew chief. On the matador I think fifth day. A good program. Finally done it for a kid Daytona. I think that day we're going to see what happens if they look at it doesn't look at it and they're definitely made no dale rather than that this is situation that. He was looking for a good drive we've really had a good drive we got together Bobby go forth and Annapolis I respect for his capability and I think it's good to get promote. Not it was a very positive relationship at Indianapolis in the malfunctioning engine heard it here a year ago that's correct I think by the gonna wanna raise but the starting and stopping in late couldn't get it started right away there at the beginning and at all. In my job pressure and move the bank job so let's hope the way. They're gonna run of any here you know the matadors finished tolerate it front and injured several had a bad accident at Talladega and yard mr. Kim. But out of jail and avert labs I think we got reliability now. I hope that the nomination in the cafe in that I heard and everything else sort and we can be very competitive gun right. Today so there's a story and asking match leadership of mischief by George he was referring to George Ballmer at a Riverside race was some question as to why the car. Sellout at Riverside after a laugh about the story it was a lift ship on the matador which park it on that one. It has won at Riverside a year ago back in January unless collectors find racing facility with a Winston cup series gets under way. New Year's all hype that green is backed up that way. Have monoclonal homeland. I'm not a mom lives. What Bobby Isaac now in command of the race car on the 28 crime number eleven geely auto was there and it's a whole different new leaders in front of the pilot exploded up a one car here go failed try to work its way up through traffic can't believe is Bobbie I think. I think comes out and I'd probably have a fifth. Good OK. Okay. Okay. Much. It's. Not a fact that Bobby I think moved down inside bounce back to pull out in front now I think the OK okay. OK. Again I played at Daytona International Speedway have uploaded to lie I had up but it is Bobby Isaac your latest. I think we'll be right to develop the right back at their peers and nobody outside the pictures. Sports I played a lot of pay. They are everybody David Pearson. Beautiful site tries strung together like shoveling this at the sun comes out again. Look it up a little I'm not a smaller cars were delayed going down into the bush time. Withdrawn but 28 and Bobby Isaac didn't come and other ways the hot selling that car is out and bought by another rental car likes. I think try to keep that lead out product got to the bottom of the big wakeup bell. You're probably okay. It's. Then there's the battery in fact he's taken on everybody made that everything they get down at. It's a great Yarborough did and the door closed the door posted burglary of course try to adopt Bobby Isaac put behind it looked like god what the event. Okay. That they act that okay. They have. Twelve cars and our Bible out of turn number four of the competition in Canada in the morning. Help wanted and what will go Obama has won quite another if we're popular Google is running all laughed but. But just about one calling all of a sudden Richard Petty scooted out of the inside of the speedway skims along the bottom always like it is challenging Isaac put a laid. I was then blue flag it's. No. OK. Okay. So I can look at it another way about him the most out of Abrams but try to take over backwards but I'd rather than anything. Okay. Oh Isaac then I'm feeling okay that's about how god like advantage and it's not thinking about for the lead as they come up all the guys who do not take immediate backlash like at right time. Oh god I don't get the local what I think. Always take up the complete lap number embodied by this type 235 miles with a wedge or not. Bottom wanted to be alive Bobbie I've been maintaining second place and now battling inside a good comes out and he's got a Doctor Who. Slow automobiles lap cars and he's up that a challenge Bobby Isaac. The Daytona International Speedway is now in its fifth caution period of the after though that as the fifth caution of the day of the brought up because of showers again and we'll have Richard Petty leading car our collection because a car number two. Number two Dave Marcus his automobile is stalled on the racetrack. The driver from Wausau Wisconsin out of the three and four turn area here's a report from Davis play. Into port Dave Marcus is out of the car that I would mechanical but I simply because that very slowly down obviate put and it's resting right now on the apron but just a couple of late to wait for the right things that the that the reason for the caution. Market find out what the output dropped his bat that I will be moved like what my operation done but we should be ready once again to get back black kids. No the problem other than they mechanical one which occurred somewhere by the fact that we're Dave Marcus but I'm hoping to all of bringing out the yellow. The latest betting petty is again I think. The bears on Google model of the seventh place while I was at the league goes back to Bobby allison's matador as he does not fit visual Gordon is betting. So we've equaled the number of caution flags in this race with five that mark of 1960 boy what they. Yellow flag being brought up for the they've markets guard 65000. Race fans here today at Daytona Beach, Florida enjoy in the firecracker 400. They raise is in its mighty six lap or at 240 miles of competition let's go back on that road again gavel. When I was proud. Here that the cause of the half that at this time for the good that Richard Petty David this. I think that we may give them an advantage later in the race Bobby Allison had pitted just. The question by several laps back. Who knows what they've baucus caucuses and restart after a week earlier caution he seemed to flow right here at the starting lives both helping to vocal both sides. And apparently drifted around the way the US now because this caution flag back to the power. Wanted out of Houston Texas is also on pit road. Allison is in squad car number sixteen Bobby Allison is leading this afternoon or this morning where every hour around the world wrestling is finished. Birdie on two occasions Mike dean seven billion like being 72 and right now the American voters matador. Seems in better control for a victory than any previous time in the 1974. Winston cup grand national series. Bob Daytona International Speedway this is a motor racing network. Eddie wide to countryside. What ever you drive to wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection and industry leading wore Tina gets you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more visit Hercules tired dot com. Hercules tires bride and our strength. If your vehicle is in stopping like you're used to visit O'Reilly auto parts for the summer break fields event take advantage of the O'Reilly auto parts do it right rebate and get 125 dollar O'Reilly gift cards by mail would you buy a set of break desolate pads and a pair of rotors O'Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day limits apply see store for details. A moment. Old Lawrence. They are working the mighty eighth lap might come or how they will have completed 245. Have a 400 miles and up firecracker 400. At the world's finest motor speedway the Daytona International Speedway the firecracker 400 this independence weekend celebration. Without battle royal between the most competitive race drivers to lose motor sports today. Six runners in the lead lap five different manufacturer makes represented the green is. Out of them as they come across the line the American players none at all areas and there's like it's Bobby Allison lady. And they shoot down to the turn at number one to Barney hall Bobby Allison flashes back out front of that matter naught if not trying to pull away from the field he's internal a lot behind comes across to the leaders. Second third and fourth position aircraft pocket rocket Richard Petty had three card. Wins OK okay. Okay. The Dallas within about a dark they took down the backstretch single file nobody has moved out there's very little mantra now on the back. Okay. OK. OK okay okay. Take the high up against the walkway at the outside try to break and try to fight broke through traffic around both free laptop to bottom out. Well. I'm like god what might be eight complete not a dime this time it is car number of things. And the only nominally elected that it goes in the second body they. He is in birdie and he. It was just a little squirrelly as it came into the trial off the seventeen degree banking where they start finish line is that they talk a lot in the fourth position. Is caught up a point one David Pearson cocoa marlin is on pit road. They Cunningham Kelly red and gold Chevrolet is the end and believe what bins are coming up. What is going up on that automobile he has some mechanical difficulties. On the backstretch number sixteen now matador really showing some muscle fat little bull fighter goes down at turn number three and he's leading by four or five colleagues and bragging. Two other cars behind you born not in the lead lap there are two sports cars between Al also the leader of the second place car Richard batting. One of those cars is Richard Brooks and the other automobile is Earl Long. Me like you're out of Atlanta now that he finds a hole on the outside and dark blue the FBB Dodgers they didn't turn at number one in the 101 lap. Headed toward Detroit group. I think now as it finds that I'm later Bobby Allison of that matador meanwhile Buddy Baker went a lap traffic any Atlanta. It's. Not a bad bad once again Bobby allison's still believe that they have it Richard patio can help. It's. A it's. Time for the fifth wife hears that add Yarborough have broken free of the lap cars took the five leaders up front now what how often petty. I hit it there's an appeal Yarborough. The 100 lap with a lot of 179. Miles per hour. Bobby Allison am running record daddy is in second that eight inches along not bombing outside as another lap reels off about firecracker 400. Matty is there Graham riding on Bobby Allison and of course turned up scrabble club again. You want to Allison is still up everything and I got. OK. Okay. No draft right now because out of that crap come record that you want that first position and you make another thing that's OK okay. Everybody at the end biker movie try to regulate labor law where they've had Alison good data glowed at the thought they could hold back at spotted the daily them off guard corps. Without the right exactly that baker Yarborough appeared. Here they come. Up front five at this time that three days of the trial was going to Obama really I'll borrow the bit about it like to read about it in front of Bobby allison's go to Baghdad the second flight 38 lead changes in the late last march Bob AL also lady Richard Gotti is in second Caylee I borrowed did not run as fast as these cars by. Some four miles an hour and they. Qualifying period is like there at third trying to smuggle a victory out of the firecracker 400 today. The 100 lap runs out of the leader's wife quite a complete their 104 circuit this two and a half mile track going into the 260 miles the 100. I'm running out when I was sixteen Allison NYU. In many second Buddy Baker that a bird David Pearson fourth. Running fifth what's jail going six what Bobby Isaac. What a surprise Isaac get with a hot selling to guard today a lap back in seventh was trying to put starting June richter rocks. Intimate wedding Bob then rotting in my. Lucky Jackie Rogers of Wilmington, North Carolina having an excellent day that back stretches where they actually they had that here comes Pearson. Polls on the Caylee got world moves then I'm Richard Petty at the third turn they're the. Nick get underneath Betty and half the battle for a third bottom they've moved through the 31 degree banking and what we get up front of a fourth of July alpha definite we're all glory of that red white and blue that only the field for the tri oval. Down make Cobb would probably Al also not in flight is what you pay swinging from the inside and outside as he works on his old adversary remember this is what about a lot of recruiters not Afghanistan. Drop softly inside they got three. Dialogue group to get around the economic development not the way Bobby Allison and Richard Petty and for the public it's been kept alive that your prayers and undoubtedly. Like. They're so little about now down on the back straightaway and David doesn't go to all the love and only around Bobby Allison doesn't go over the head with just okay okay okay okay okay Allison slingshot around the turn as spirit into the Betty both naked body inside that's quite a group they Yarborough for the Buddy Baker bringing up the rear that there are okay. They come by Alison fine only appropriate first possession of the race has stabilized and was six car battle what. You probably highly desirable real running out of that particular vision and they have very formidable competitor here today meanwhile what brought forward no doubt that the first burn. What the later car number forty watt and David Pearson pulling out of brought. Fair to take the lead now that. New labor re dropping body alcoholic okay. How they don't look good not great. No move on the backstretch at this point. Okay. Okay okay okay it's. Mind. There's been a better equipped bucolic between himself and Yarborough likewise what took place between himself with a matador with Buddy Baker arrived on an editorial report. A total of 39 lead changes that's why they probably always up on the. Eight drivers you know lean on is David Reardon. Leave Mercury out of brought in a Daytona 500 let's look at laps to may have trouble they were out of the race play here today. Pearson is seeking his third straight whether a firecracker 400 now that's a market tied to get Richard Petty for the last three straight years never rather than second. Second every year. Areas off our number two OK state appears to. Alison that their skill Yarborough so that they are having a summit meeting at 200 miles an hour on the backstretch of the Daytona international red light as they get burned break and it is Pearson of the bureau later Mercury that beautiful look at it like violating the crowd they wanted orange and blue look they. Many are running in that second spot and now Yarborough because that market right back up you know I like talk petty bumper. Now they call the complete 108. Laps this time we'll get that interval. 270 miles an hour right here back in nineteen they did why would regularly out problem that it wanted to blow it that it lacked that he. Dell Darren nearly all of it up a ball. But now this year is a leading contender as he continues to hit like a lot not as fast disqualified but as people go out of the draft he stayed right with the leaders. Wanted to write the smartest drivers with a history of other sports daily gobble up. What Evansville South Carolina pulled up about calling card makes his attack all the new leaders that they get back to turn grade. Within a bowl of water one that's exactly what words all the way back the best prevention and remembered our 109. Laps. 272. Miles of 400 down here come up front quintet outrun a report. And we'll check the box but they come around it will be David Pearson the silver fox and brought Richard Petty in the back. We got a little bird Bobby Allison of the matadors fourth and the port moneymaker is in bad. Lot of this exposition. Has been a big time. Wow Bobby Isaac. He is put back a little lob those leaders considerably off those leaders that they don't doubt that they could hear by the petty now Bobby I advocate that he cavaliers got out of the trying to do. The pylon when she electric car is on pit road let's see what the problem is. Be a terrible break for these guys the other day they're running at Talladega. They not only to Bobby Isaac I but the fabric like are they both fell out identically and away and the same moment on heartbroken had to go back behind the law that was the drama that happened can't that is. Body olive church knew what they think it's good that. Problem with a I think I'll definitely hadn't had a big Tylenol every other leaders have been pulled away and Bob we've been running so hard by himself just to stay in the lead in the world leaders. They might have just pushed that car a little bit you are welcome back that now. Here's I think back on the track now having a lot in the lab involved behind them in the front five moved by your political the last want to make going to learn number one. Never Satchel Paige is old baseball remark don't look back. Something might be gaining wealth or. David Pearson right now for some things might be gaining water at dodge one afford one a matador. And walk I've got away. About it's hard not to look back. I thought okay okay okay are they going to head out sometimes but not park hill hold them off but I don't cry it's just about every possible not to look back when someone is back there lapping gently tapping on that probably led dawn appears and has been brought out of turn number four here they come they completely 111. Laps when you're doing and why you like best about. Six lead over Richard Petty on the front five now go down the turn number one with an interval of less than 12 over the front six automobiles. Thought Obama. Apple applicant we want because we Florida left again let's see how they went through it but how often but a lot of them are still here. But I could have a better place I've still Buddy Baker. They won't have that can happen till it's so everybody is still single file nobody wants to make the move at this point the way to the capital back that second Kevin Rudd knows this Taylor played great through turns three and for the 31 degree banking staying alive looking. Go ahead and plotting strategy now they come off the tournament like god okay. Now everybody and. Side. Here they come for another lap socially 112 in the record books. Where it appears on the waiting. Hey second. Gail third Bobby Allison for it Buddy Baker then we'll have those six plays for you shortly that would looks to be Richard what are some of my eyes car he is running now with Isaac in the draft by themselves. They are now I'll laugh Bob Dole's lead automobiles working the second time the last beginning to run down 39 now forty lead changes in the probably always. If that then they hear it they thought they play celebrate in the breakaway in the that it stay America's largest Independence Day celebration. It really turning not to be alleged daughter that's Taiwan which fell five automobile ballot that is challenging Caylee up for what turned. Wait quite a good time out to try to get underneath Yarborough going get it. I broke up this bottle and what elephant back vitamin they maintain that burden rival curtains. Five automobile driver in the land over 175. Mile an hour average. I'm a bit of over 200 miles four hour. Inches apart here in the grand national stock car racing at the Daytona International Speedway in the firecracker 400. The leader continues to be David Pearson my left would want to update coming alleged that they've got to a point where you are multiple wallet aren't always pulled out of that brought us get the report from Davis made that he had been running very competitively and at second but suddenly the car while high up very very. But does the build up around the outside of the big wet a bit of smoke began to oil company quick fire everybody got quite safely they dive down out of pit road. And it would help lab the leaders are midway down the backstretch they've changed the tires mayor Richard Petty back on the way you will not lose a lap. Here it comes back on the track if we have a battle for first quite the matador has going by David Pearson the joint raid six data once that second prophetic. He got a fire down on February quite the same spot that they came back and won the race apparently that happened again today. Balcony comeback when arrayed before alias Donnie Allison near the Daytona 500 would have. The battle waking up to win today he has. Bobby Allison David Pearson. Anybody beggar and daily double running side by side and third right now up front for all together. Years and just try to shake away with a Allison from Buddy Baker and. And Hayley I'm glad they're going down and learn number three Barrera turned over to new body. They've opened up its. Aircraft coming comics separating. The first new data vacuum now lakers that they don't like to pick up a cut left and yet the leaders in turn breed. It's. Good flooded out of trouble getting the speed of change coming out the fact that the northern of the it's. The first time today that are run by himself and has forty lovely out there because other bats two and a half miles super speedway that draft as the name of the game. Patty after Iran vibes up to try to catch up with somebody and you don't want another power running. Fairly broad be able to hold up on these guys will let there's a caution flag he had himself a big problem. The 110 lap run down 4110 laps 275. Miles. Here's the was waiting for many second. In the third spot was really odd world war and what Bobby Allison and going that was Buddy Baker. That infects a lap down at one and we all have won eight inevitably raised what Bobby Isaac in the seventh Richard Brooks in eight Lenny pot. Going denying me like Jackie Rogers and everybody three. Going to have what over five David sisco or three laps off the pace then 114 laps down official Gordon. And while it was JD make Duffy we've had nine different leaders in the event Bobby Allison Donnie Allison Yarborough petty Pearson. Darryl while you. Milton Isaac and baker that lives for the number of drivers believe in a firecracker 400. On the back stretch now we have another caught betting. Here are the main straightaway coming in his car number eighteen Joseph pro stock. I'm on pit road he's at some problems today. Dick brought to lobby I didn't come looting by they are rotting before six foot section of the battle have more sex they are lap down at Bobby Isaac has just retake it up bowed out of turn number one big Brooks moved back around Bobby Isaac and a battle for six with just as strong just as good. As the battle believe. We believe that. Not matador is staying out of what would Bobby Allison driving it today. They've had. Gary about how some of the cry this year George Ball or not I going to Dallas and he lady. The second place car isn't gonna hit my wedding of. Then one and one headed back to back in the third spot as Buddy Baker being hailed by kale Yarborough and for the first there is an interval. But Dwyane knows. Lead automobile the separation of outlet of supporting so far the interval really building up when he wanted to do running. But nothing big money away. They didn't want what kind of things I'm bad right now they're probably never thought. And I'm Richard Petty and later in the moved up north the backing of the speedway. Almost two seconds between the first two cars in the second duke guard that's the biggest advantage goes to later that had. Matador is pulling away from the feel I have my Korea could turn up aboard a display. I'm afraid I laughed relapse within the matador label that gave a big advantage a couple of great I like about tiny cracks without doing much as five or six car like over here didn't get much like the matador. A body out and have a little better handle going into the third Brea blaze Bob third place car body baker will get. But running third and fourth that doll maker pulled them on their green baker coming up ready to put a stop watch on him. The bite mark flew over the wall they articulate army nervous right now as the matador Roger Penske days of blocked with a second place automobile. That's purely of our great down the backstretch coming in third place car. Have to run by itself Gailey got brought up what dividend that we have a newly learned money. That kind of thing at the end with the that there there was no abetted the matador because they've repaired the black live right by the advice that could relate away from it. But not very thin white duke I like over Alabama I thought by the that they had for you can't acquire looks like we may have a new record for. Lead changes in the firecracker 400 killed responded by firing let's go on that road again Campbell. We just got what it looked at a pitch that that I did have a cut tire that was the same problem that I think has had a earlier we asked Palin when he said that they will not be able to go. All the way before it comes back up or feel that you can score one content like here or there will be a what killed five automobiles the battle for the finish. As it stands now in the point two competitors. But wait a minute now matador is on that role. The leader it's got a bit. Here is Bobby Allison making his final stop of the day on death row. They have for the absolute perfect but Jack man has the car near the buyers are already often new cars new fires have been installed all the matador. This makes all the difference the old days everything mom Paula that the poise about him abandonment now they do it about fifteen or sixteen seconds. It's this time they being born. They need a report that second its not a lot they. Matador and I get no action the leader is coming around a very shortly will see pierce and into the woods Brothers reputed to be the very best through their head. Although both daughters have been taken away a couple of times by Harry Hyde's group as well as by the herb nab organization working for Junior Johnson. A sprawling car. I'll cross the line like this product reporting a lot of we have a lot to that of all the way to automobiles however after they have all come in. And they get their you'll have taken a tired we should have a real shootout for the conclusion that the days away and note again that a rookie of rotting in night Jackie Rogers. Get that Lulu lemon tree an automobile. And David Pearson. Edited some mail it back an election and Mike Keane and I have seconds on the clock by data that none of these pit stops today the battle that's sixteen and seventeen degree bracket they just haven't been that close. Although they haven't done the Daytona 500 in the firecracker today that bit of a fight scene and seventeen. The second category but I stop what he wanted my second care is absolutely disastrous. That's about as handy as sinus trouble and these guys now they get under or get over morning. By themselves get about you probably going Caylee opera within let's see what he'll do car number eleven the calling car then Caylee Yarborough and later. Who has been momentarily and a leader what they get that phrase is simple right side property. Turkey that the company of the car in the air Junior Johnson serving as a paramedic crew today at Malibu won here at Daytona. In a 500 mile race and not good news automobile. Remember that old holly farms car. Well now the car lengths car and do your job to feel very much committed to the sport of auto racing. Can't find a better event for the fourth of July than a personal commitment of these brave men and as firecracker 400. Where Davos 1718. Of defense second stop on car number eleven Caylee up world and much to the race. Richard Perry is now lady in this event. It might be sixty and you look like he was gonna win the race right here on this laughed at including entity would lead when he blew Richard Petty is in front. At his lead is four seconds over the second place runner number 21. David Pearson. After leaving that stopped by all the way to a 1330160. Laps 332. And a half of 400 miles complete. If Richard Petty and the ftp dodge in front David Pearson is maintaining second place more in second behind. That's why everybody holding her nude body help for the volatile way off the pace of the later date epiphany is dropping back almost never left not a. I don't know are. We'll give you a rundown at 130. Laps of the 130 lap run down what 330 miles as follows. The average speed 13658. And you can throw away any chance of a record today because they like they cautions one that was brought up my rain yeah. 121 was leading at 130 laps that was Pearson with Kelly I world's second Richard Petty third and bantam four it was. Number six and 8000 with the blog dividing make me get six what Bobby Isaac collapsed out in seventh with Richard Brooks in eight. Was letting mom in ninth. What Jackie Rogers two laps down without belonging to David Cisco in 113 laps down was. Caught a recording floor. And that is Cecil Gordon you know Martin this should JD McDuff B five laps down for the thirteenth position six laps away with these dolphins fourteen it was like Warren. Fifteenth was Earl Ross sixteen was Tony nine dollars and. Running and they. Same lap five automobiles at the 130 lap mark. Richard Petty. I'll have brought about by about four seconds the world protecting your home very carefully and all of a sudden we find Bobby Allison has dropped by the literally just come up from behind a slower car lap cars he goes into the first priority in the interval is nineteen and seven tenths seconds imagine that five cars. My feet at 710 seconds apart as we get down to the finish today and bill a lot of things can happen before this war was over at the Daytona International Speedway of a firecracker 400. Richard Petty is up but turned over four above the blowout on Bobby Isaac says he reals on the 137. Circuit. All this two and a half mile speedway and Garry Cobb was across the line that he never having won the firecracker 400. Think he has 160. Career victory. Board David Pearson that would be three straight if you win this active over the firecracker he is rotting in that second spot until about four seconds behind the leader. The third place automobile this minus six feet. That's good Bobby allison's car bodies like myself and all of a sudden doesn't look deadliest rocket to watch a little earlier. Let's get a good report now from Dan Campbell but we just. Note from my plan work that he's designated there will be able to complete the race without another pit stop we talked earlier to fail and whether when Richard game that's not tiring he said that Richard would not be able to go all the way. We've noticed Bobby Allison going by shaking his head negatively at his did not even now. Two of the masters. Try to manipulate a victory here today if Richard Petty and David Pearson added once again I mean David Pearson moms are alive years in Canada at. Excellent year was all kinds of wins to his credit Richard Petty won the last time the Winston cup Brad national. Division had an outing which was at Brooklyn measure come up that beautiful track he got some problems flooding there anybody put that one hand it was collection. But today he's still hasn't played the golf we have 22 laps remaining. Live. David Pearson always dangerous and particularly at the end of the race. The rule of Obama has been for many years that have either fiercer or patty were in the lead lap and a half way you could kiss it goodbye but they were both for the lead lap and half way I have the suspension the geometry of these automobiles is set up better than try to get slicker they get tougher and stronger. Petty is now leading by his blade is beginning to diminish. We'll check the interval between the first and second place automobile. As David Pearson begins today Darrell valve a lot of Korean car and everybody three Jackie Rogers with a good strong night position going more laid out a bit broad they give of excellence stop. We can't overemphasize how difficult that is. Running out here at these blinding speed and then how to get down doing back 01 hit that little target on that roll it sometimes as a. Very difficult but they're doing well the today it's now less than three seconds between first and second place. As garrison couldn't get used to prop the lead up number 43 Richard Petty. 139. Complete when they come. Hi this time there about they're half a mile away from coming by they will have gotten 140 of 160 and a blown tire and automobile. Coming down out of the tri oval cars spinning slighted over a thousand big going to body at all. Like that put his son I've got to stop the grand piano plume of smoke coming up let's not try to get up the glad that he declared so far he's got a good job keeping it down there are posting got a little bubble of water out of graphic evidence that proved to have fun and I've got let go back and look at our. It sounded like the biggest bet the July firecracker and the world X. While they deadly came to the tri oval and Brooks went. From a dry although the turn number one of the cars sideways all the way and he never lost that. He just maintain control put it out of a graduate about a 160 miles an hour and why did it got the first of his driving it down the backstretch this time and I dodged. You could hear the thunder about explosion as the fire blow and Brooks with a masterful. Just masterful piece of driving kept it out of the wall straight ahead just barely at the rear end. Kicked out a little there about a car at waddling down the backstretch with a huge gone. Friday it looked at me like he was on his way into the concrete. It's obvious pop up tired. About a 180 miles out at trial which is one of most difficult part to this speedway you. Do not get in the wallet you can pat yourself on the back and so the other drivers of the same thing because it's just that deputy Ballard. I think Brooks has finally stopped at Villanova took water someplace he'd ever came out of that corner but apparently the car is up there right now you look back with our imagine this five cars running for the lead as they end up firecracker 400 the blown tire. Like Dick Brooks movie real cool customer need 19 year old a lot of money California nine times. He said he could remember grew last words he heard it is being taken out of the avalanche. What his cars they well they just found the end and without about 400 feet away from the car. Books are very cool customer who won Talladega you're going to be up to do it again at Talladega and about a month. It's okay but what a wild nobody here but this crowd and has got to give us our Grand Slam that I should not firecracker 400 David Pearson Bobby Baker had both elected on this project event and take on flyers take on fuel they lifted the head on car number one they want Pearson's out of Leo they're going to all play a lot of doing left side Robert Allen is automobile. Baker is ready to be able to wait Jackie Rogers. That's come back up that well Richard Petty is moving out. Got over that before letting plot of the bids that were happening were less than fifty miles to go all of a firecracker 405 cars all dicing for the victory. Not very often we get one this. Like this bill got hill. Well this this particular ratios as had some have fantastic finishes if you think back. There's only been one race the whole track record series growing money battle within the the final lap by themselves the rest of members and of the many of the five. Forward out of five again that they won was that family at this one habitat. That was the year care when I would think about five years ago 67 sometime and they reveal what they want violence. Well kill rather thicket at this time they're pushing up another automobile that could be scaled car the last try to come out of it might be a lot of one of the Carling cars it is. Caylee I'd probably pushed copilot five cars battling together for the lead to decide the firecracker 400 as 1151000. Dollar. Pay off today. Great racing here about all over the country you'll see great NASCAR racing up today and I enjoy the short tracks just as much as the super speed ways and wherever you see the NASCAR shingle hung out you will see some excellent support and drivers the superstars of tomorrow doing their tricks every Saturday night of those Saturday night specials here JD they got big coming on the road. Their daddy racism half mile quarter mile dirt mile an intensive action lots of fun and have a great show for the whole family has somewhat once that is. What they about a Saturday night at the auto races. Because all we sure it'll never be rated X. Conover seventy Gaby but Duffy is dead bodies taken on left side tires and picking up some more feel as does David just go on David running pretty strong this afternoon up in the front and now the 140 lap run down at an average speed of 138 point 294. I'm Bob leopard of the Atlanta speedway we know what five cautions. Or six we'll check out for you worked six and that's a no record. Wore the yellow applied to be unfurled here in the firecracker 400. At 140 laps Richard Petty leading that in seconds I'm David Pearson in third brought Kelly uproar in fourth Bobby Allison in fifth. Probably fifteen Buddy Baker and and 61 lap back 128 Bobby Isaac and his adversary over the past forty laps. Rick you're brought it brought up the sixth caution flag of the day. What he had had tire explode going just for the tri oval to stop the seventeen degree bank you know believe that was the right rear. The park and got to the back gathered looked for all the world like it was going to do it 36 CNN had for the asphalt. At retaining water they are not attracted. Magnificent job of control by Richard Brooke. Save the salmon I've died they had a white probably handle that 145 lead changes that's a new record deal record 39. 45 lead changes this afternoon likely out of market goes all the way back in nineteen. 63. When they get 39 lead changes in this race we've had nine different drivers in command of the firecracker 400. And that he quite remarkable 1970. But does not get any higher and I believe it's gonna stay there at nine. The leaders. One of the leaders of the leaders are now I'll have grown up matador. What a great day for Roger Penske in the mark Donahue they certainly have their problem the hard throwing right up but what they could pull out there using a Barack Obama bluntly ftp dodge. Cleaning off. The air induction system that automobile deeper school as they can for the final spot in the race and Sam. Richard Petty back to the speedway Bobby Allison. Is just about said he's taking his time coming out Tony bet my house of moving back out as well. We talked to Bobby Allison and I'm driving the matadors. Mentioned that it seemed less like a very good relationship. Well I I hope so are there some my favorite people I've admired him before I'm no comment I've liked him since I've non. I'll both Dalembert. Roger and marker. Really. I think an awful lot of mark and I think he's been a big help to me and I hope that I can help them work live life if say with the bullfighter. That's Bobby Allison a. Talking about this American motors matador which he is driving this afternoon and end up plus five possessions the cars looks like it's gonna go the distance. Richard Petty three seconds. Places you know role seems like you're hung up on number two earlier in the firecracker 400 pound. I have no move forward. We're reds let alone in the first place mail call out the winner right there there's. Really we've been real fortunate enough. In the 500 and I was really can't complain about bus explosion in the form. Lots of Richard Petty who differed much would like at first place Buddy Baker I go to what do I guess the main thing is. Drive position on the last lap oiler fan now. That would normally lady thing with one lap to go because that would. Guarantee about a court they played vanity well then anyway but again we're just about set for the restart and the final moments of the firecracker 470. Still a lot of near the firecracker 400 of the original port that started there will be some congestion on the bottom of the racetrack when those lapped cars the greatest about the come out. It is. Under way once again. Not like Cobb played the lead probably okay mine number and then bringing body bag you're getting rough road trip very quiet the crowd they go to the speedy dry there. There was also brought out their problems. Director Brooks automobile at they go into the first or are they outside of Richard Brooks is a rather it is Buddy Baker in fraught with a second place automobile David Pearson furtive record that they. OK. Okay. It's that it. All up against the wall go farther back out the front that's. All a lot of thought that I have a pet don't know about it. That record and I think the fact. Check out there than there rather -- following the draft appears that looked like he might wanna go with the inside of trying to make a late can't get there at the film we'll talk with Richard Petty out with Buddy Baker and they have gotten a lot of mail at my body Holland Bobby album has developed engine problems on matador was sputtering very bad. It is way back coming out of turn on me all I don't know where the little cold water has been guard probable for Allison and anybody let's clear he'll come by you gotta come by have a ride it out but stop they'd have broken in the American motors matador. Meanwhile up in broad here in my car bumper to bumper. They that there are sort of brought Richard Petty in fact the body baker and third Caylee up oil import bill will be decided to play that quartet. This after the old 147. Of 160 lives complete. Betty is making it will be dive to the inside dances that car up alongside David Pearson at 200 miles an hour they shut her down Joseph just embedded with our number three. Yet lay out the G forces just bearing down all these competitors are they 31 degree banks. Out of the backstretch out of turn number four appears to relating they come around a complete lap number 148. 300 not a mile backup played with David Pearson. Still in command. Look firecracker 400 mile Daytona International Speedway this is the motor racing network. I'm Steve look tar ST the auto expert and former crew chief. I know what it takes to keep engines performing at their best. SDP's latest breakthrough additive as TP ultra five in one plus fuel system cleaner. Plus fuel stabilizer delivers three times the amount of cleaning agents vs premium gasoline. And helps keep fuel fresh during stored. For over sixty years SEC has been on the cutting edge development products to help engines run batter. A longer one bottle contains three times by weight the amount of cleaning agents compared to twenty gallons of the leading premium gasoline. Junior nation it all comes. After rumored 200 dealt him. Few races. Homestead Miami speedway during the O'Malley homestead Miami speedway dot com or call eight. Track record about a sixty miles an hour belief but the market still Yarborough without the last ten laps of the race. Today it's much slower. But the actions far ordnance is far more exciting as the entire crowd of 65000. Volts are all on their feet defeatist finale will be decided then. Present time we have fearsome as well as Betty try to pull away from Buddy Baker and Haley opera there are heating up for grabs. We have between the first and the second place got a third place cars about why he can't condemn seconds as they move back of the program. Pearson and daddy. Try to move away from Lincoln to battle a race between themselves and it's a big settlement still because the difference between first and second place this more than 101000 dollars. Off the backstretch. It is Pearson leading heady and second remember body Baker's words I would not want to be leading going into the last lap you could wind up fourteen. Wind up boy. For sure if you're not careful as you drive that last lap and position yourself for the speedway. The leaders are intern number three. It's duke and they're looking to play out a winning hand here to see what you need for drivers will come out on top it has put up the who peppered lab with petty and Pearson running up front you know and the car being driven my Buddy Baker running in the second there. It's just been an incredible exhibition a big German concentration of perfecting them by the grand masters of the Winston cup grand national competition in what remains 41 pierce and number 43 petty and second moneymaker and third Caylee I borrow and fourth. So this could also change the national standings around his caddie and Yarborough continued their battle for supremacy in the Winston cup series. On the backstretch it remains Sears and had brought by less than three feet. Does that Burgundy white gold normal car with a EST big colors and they were heading blue collars on top of that dodge. It's Mercury and first dodge in second. Ford is their third and Chevrolet is important. With less than two seconds between first and fourth position as we get down to lap 153. Shot lead laps remaining and a firecracker 400. Indianapolis turned Barney hall. It appears that must be looking at Betty because he's running right none of that number that he'll get in the car and stick that ftp god brought up the rear of letting you know here's the dark. As they come out of the water without a back. OK okay. Keeping the restaurant near you Don having a footnote. About pressure gets a little bit happier they count down the value of the home they don't get a couple of nurses were applauding while and the crowd got behind. Here in the village Betty a favorite airport got all of that 180 mile an hour walk there head Betty of course that he'd run by the taking advantage of that draft and as we know it figured out that I laugh laugh when they would have the advantage. They'll tell isn't it true that if if Pearson wins today he breaks the last record that is notable for the late Fireball Roberts. Yes that's true there he tied the record but here 330. Firecrackers victories. Last year if you remember you know fireball another record of the you know the fastest. Super speedway qualifier and it David wind today he may be the person to make four and it's the last. The great I'm all roberts' record. Just ten years ago that this track was having a firecracker 400 but the entire community was saddened because a colossal fireball who crashed that. Charlotte, North Carolina the world 600 men lived for several weeks and then succumb to. Burns from that crash he's very just it's. Beyond the break back right off the third turn. Off the fourth turn of the action hero and stronger and hotter today David Pearson and appear later Mercury is in front Richard Petty is packing right on his rear bumper but there's such a thing as psyched up for patties doing because it. Here's a look back at all all he sees as Richard Petty in that rearview mirror try to stare him down. That's better than 175. Miles per hour they go back into the backstretch and they come up the full throttle full bore is able to build around them. Body out of matadors jumped about the bailout by the leaders say that there's an amateur that they had they don't want to do now moved back right away at that time opponent nothing at all. And what effect job but is what I thought job with the two drivers during the final few laps they are going to be decided right here return for the jumping off point of some of the most exciting motor racing finishes and history they apparently like what I like Philip that he has they had for the third at the tri oval. Bobby Allison with a distress signals come on like conversely Steve got one home run that car has made today the matador ballast overboard seems to be a strong combination and let's see what will happen in the future no word from Roger Penske yesterday as to what their thoughts might be in that direction but it sure looks like it might Rihanna went on Larry meanwhile at turn number two. Here they come. Pierce of paddy fighting it out once again the all time winner in Winston cup grand national race to the celebrated his. 37. Birthday just two days ago goes down the backstretch trailing David Pearson now begins the psych work at the big two and a half mile speedway becomes a chessboard between two master players. Try this set each other rapper that final lap to decide to. What there will be up Mercury but purely a Mercury or the FDP dodges champion of the firecracker 400 today Bobby Allison let sixteen times in this race and a matador is going the distance and high style and the battle for third place just now four seconds behind the later. And there are swap meet on every lap first Buddy Baker then Kelly job we're all back and forth about squabble put third. Pearson all the right Mike night highlights a turn blue. They don't OK okay. But. A lot of the pole with a killer I don't believe it ever won the firecracker 400 electric power that. Is correct I think it goes all the way back does the fact. Pole position has never won the race and it did it do within fifty miles the urge to. But since they went to 400 that's right and objects. So now the fellow who won that poll by 31 thousands of a second over. Bobby allison's matador David Pearson is in my mom Richard Petty. Paddy had qualified sixth relays today needs Dell has no one of these ball back up Bob here's mosaic the first aren't. He's got that leaked out to about four colleagues separation of petty might have just backed up debris that entitled to live a little bit but he. Cannot let it get anybody really think about hey. It's. Great Harley cutting down the backstretch and all the fact that they've moved right up there they got this right now I want to Ireland Dublin so that they come down as 2000 foot straightaway that happened out London I'm not the only really and the 31 degree banking got break I separation that petty content to stay right on the sale the David Pearson they directly if that perhaps not making any move by a whole lot but ready to roll out that I thought the last lap. Here they come front to automobiles bullied by and that blue lap mark comes out Gordon David Pearson and Richard that a who laps dramatic move up here they have artillery and the ST feet dodge as 65000. People standing here. Air of a field goal for the time won it fair to step up bottom appear automatically petty right out of ftp god in the pit crew. Cannot help you know what's up UV OK. Okay didn't count toward her. Her little breeze. Donald back straightaway another baby I wanna puke I would gather things but there's little about the color of Mercury comes on about that happening former body I had done. I can't get nobody died dirt form has been well take the act sliding NASCAR that it could have started and it's going to happen here again the David win a couple of drivers who have blocked it out so many times report. Five I like the larger at Pearson leads Betty hole. Move master components in the world of our sport and try to come pose another victory and I person drops back. Eight pixelated try to run fifth and dropping behind record now say that it goes over the course probably ftp dodgers' only run. If that dominated the moment heading up flailing around other jobs but overall they've got no other problems will automatically cut hair they're okay. Fine. Great checkered flag over the next flight out they have taken a white flag there have been on the backstretch. Mr. Obama opening up record credit but I believe that but darling it's. Okay. Here because they get up go to other racetrack now doesn't apply to I think I like separated as to what they live gonna make it one guy like that bright you know they had the attacker. Read your body isn't what they almost knocked in turn benefit comes Griffin Donnie and so I couldn't get any benefit at the independent national event. My son lives up by the less. Then the private Penn State big games what I slingshot out of another for more than a lot of good happened David Dennis a. They didn't record they wanted it is a dead heat for the third. Yeah they don't run while they may your mom almost identically side by side but there will have to literally it was a good job that would. That's really got him Buddy Baker the smiling broadly article like I can't across. We'll go whale. They do that 35 out of ornate great drivers. Drove these hundreds of grueling miles without engines are protected by escaping double while builders they did invade 35 of the drivers in this race. Use the FT PW oil filter why well because the FBP double oil filter. Is a unique design you get the builder inability without extra protection against rivals like data braces but didn't easily recommended. Three leading brands have just one until we know what it's no wonder that 35 of forty drivers and NASCAR championship race have switched. Next time you have your oil changed he sure they get a new oil filter the a lot of more guts. The FT PW oil filter out builder get up builder group brought back yard and yet. David Pearson is now headed down toward Victory Lane at the Daytona International Speedway after this tremendous victory. From Richard Petty as he gave out of a port authority for the rest of them. Yes that they can't the top of that road any beat him coming across the lie so. So all in to Victory Lane Mose Conover plotting a lot David Pearson after a dramatic come back and that's what's gonna Ken Campbell let victory leg. I've got out of I could write a candy apple now. Boy it's absolute confusion about there. This could have then bike racing enthusiasts who have star Victory Lane after pierce a dramatic finish that may have delegated alive opened up there. It. It's coming OK okay the interesting thing about the financial. That is a magic blew my suppliers are all right here is that to label them politically if you we'll fully adjustable. All right we've only got a David Pearson try to get him out of the automobiles. Actually gave him from the car after this dramatic victory. Just absolutely mob down over a lot of good people of Victory Lane Richard Petty will settle for second we're waiting for a report and a third place finish. It looked like a full benefits the cam across the line between clearly out brawl and body baker. It was a great race called up all the a lot of simply go back again Tampa now in Victory Lane put everything is coming out of the car and having all the quarters now. My answer Pope still hand me Victory Lane what I was him I'd be happy and they're coming over Lucille Ball radio network right now I think that we toppled right over him. Fridays only right now and you know they don't always like with the latest. Whoever comes out of the car. The that was up my until I wonder if there was any. Whatever they strategy and what happened there at Atlanta with great laugh well I don't know what flag. I did back on the political level I didn't stayed out front end would be able to get my. Because I run my life triple a lot of the biggest elements of cried and I did they give give me glad that they want I thought I've noticed that the Obama white flag let him get made him to get them back that you. You've won a price break out of the world now has the strategy pat wait until you get a day and did it go away as you expected. Whenever I would have really good the scores we have a chance to change. Wow I really haven't given it away in the car but now there are glad we did I know I'm about it and I just have to look good we know that the a lot of this stuff that you really thought it did make dedicated prayer that was when they they played it about a little prelude to tell when the towers got down in Florida that we had to have some late in the guard so look. Reporting have to go to Broadway about them so you have something better to understand why anybody try to head you Greg I don't want to congratulate you Linda thank you know like you want them to go back. That's got a kick his dale Amazon about a quick on the whole civil contemplated debated the goal is that now. They this data to get what you expected today and then what you had expected prepared places in the well it's not due up next it's like this. But everything went well that hasn't started Obama I guess we do have to say the you have to be in the right place both of my head coach well in my neighborhood when you deliberate but it stayed right there. Wow congratulations to you and couldn't kill them all the faculty who made this so they could probably they no more please note that those were you let a big look maybe about that they just didn't have a moment then why can't accountability on the best thing to me that look and good solid. Definitely wouldn't like to thank everyone behind. Corporate crime fighters if they were anti dedication and now back to network control. At the end of 160 laps 400 miles they average speed 138 point 302 miles per hour two hours 53 minutes. 32 seconds which is nowhere near a record for this race there was a record for content like of which there were six. One for rain Glenn Cooper who finished third today. You we have a photo finish and relating to waiting to see what the results are on the film. It's that close. As a matter of fact. I have a concept the finish her first and second was so close that a lot of people forgot the white to gray grace for a third board. And it was a fantastic great for six or second movement gentleman who it is responsible for Winston cup grand national racing you you must be delighted with a one. I am because that they'll get away and I were discussing it this morning and we thought that we were going to hand me a great race. And did it proved itself because early in the race that up until about the twenty I think we had at first laughing. In about the 22 or 23 lap which is. Pretty well indicative that the entire field was pretty close nearly every record for lead changes today we tie the record fourth. Different drivers leading with nine so it was really a success as an event and I'm sure wherever they go. From now on in Atlanta coming up in the Bristol. Nashville pocono Pennsylvania in August that they're gonna see this same brand of exciting competition that we continually say is the most competitive automobile racing in the world. And they continue to prove it that. That is signaling him can end he's the only unfortunate Biden erased is great that day it's impossible to have eight or ten winners then certainly we had that many drivers that we're competitive then. Could have possibly won the race. And certainly one of the most daring maneuvers in the whole history of the Winston cup grand national by David Pearson has week. Back stop and turn number one of them literally set up the master Richard Petty and gunned them down coming across the line it was some kind of finish. And if you are here to see if we sure hope you'll be down at Daytona. The birthplace of speed where they celebrate independence day of the biggest celebration of America each year. On the fourth of July next when these competitors who made the firecracker 400. As I begin and just repeat once more I look for a second is it possibly Petersen hand out maneuvered himself because he left just a little more daylight than they needed but that. He was able to come through on the inside when Betty was trying to block the amount courageous driving invited both of them Ken wonderful race -- really try to close the door what an F forty may try to shut him often somewhere on the inside almost and I grabbed the about a 175 miles an hour. Here's some latest move. And they want it. We'll review for you thanks very much for coming by and for no information men slipped away a couple of photographs are about to find out how it came out today to acquire yes. There's still battling the garage we have Bobby Allison body as another rate to drop tonight at Hickory, North Carolina still very quickly we need to run down some things with him. Bobby you've made an outstanding killing in the matador and up until about the last ten laps the car was very competitive and had run first all they've been what happened. Well we really don't know did you started this and then they have. I gave a quick look and I can't find anything wrong preliminarily. That fact and maybe we get some. Diluted net fuel system one I'm really feeling her stump then. And not cause the carburetor this stick can not. You know just got the engine to start mass and battery they don't know what the problem has. It did start this and there are about eighteen laps to go and that took away my chances. There's been a question all day this was a one. Right for you and the matador it's been gone an engagement and not a marriage what happens now I view it that Roger Penske got some plans. I guess what stood out and talk a little bit and not find out what's next. You will be racing in the sportsman division. Yes you know I've had a pretty good year this year what my sportsman cars in our shop is real busy back home. So you know look at it there and that sort of thing and trying to get the their national picture sorted out and figure out which way to go next body yes. I I'm just delighted for you today I thought that car performed well and and you give it a sensationalize. And let it can't get over this. He thinks it remains what your brother. Lou really it's Petro had AI I really felt bad when I saw part of the bottom yet gotta love that lap. And I was behind a mop the country and I noticed the rpm was down a little bit. And they wait made it go outside which normally overdraft and he would wait for me to go inside the big question about the F did you have enough. Did you have enough the next car if you could pull it out of a slingshot as peers and there have been held up another fifteen laps we'll never find out will it. Thank you look at the rundown now we've finished today. A lot of reporting wian David Pearson wins for the third straight time and breaks the final fireballs record here at. They Daytona International Speedway the Fireball Roberts mark of three straight now broken with four win a weather with three wins. Now broken by the third straight victory and fourth of his career in the firecracker four David Pearson. Second for the fourth straight year Richard Petty in the ftp died finishing third. A photo finish. You just have to read your paper spoke to find out who was between car number eleven Caylee double Timmons those South Carolina. And number fifteen Buddy Baker about the two of the road show are right now laughing and giggling about that on the little while they battle it out of a 175. And came across the line. So that was a fuel the car number sixteen Natalie Bobby Allison. In the fixed position will be 128 Bobby Isaac seventh as the master Chevrolet Loney popped. Eight the rookie Jackie Rogers and number 939. Davidson skull. And Cecil Gordon eleventh JD nicked up C twelve being dealt Nobel and asphalt car. The thirteenth Frank Warren. Fourteenth caught up with the people who the colleague Carl Earl Ross and finishing fifteenth was number 64. Diablo Langley car being driven by rookie Tony that my house. Sixteen cars were still running when the event was over. There were no. Major problems with a race today Johnny Rutherford crashed in turn one when he cut down a tire back into the wall but. It was not major catastrophe by any means but the race. In itself what's so exciting that there. Any kind of a hassle out there would've just taken away from what we saw all day long with four or five cars battling for the lead. Blowing primarily. Brady Indianapolis champion with the championship cars. More talkie for just all of avoid going next broadcast will be at Michigan has coming up on the 21 of August at the Brooklyn Michigan in the Irish hills and if but beg your pardon July and I say August I'm sorry I meant to a July the 21. He US and yet you're gonna see if there. Yes Kim you're gonna say because they did what it was here today in general liver and relevant to a in the last group rather a mile races in north pocono and also Indianapolis. They're gonna see echoes salute the stock car race to the United States our club the stock our competitors who had just. Troy group by the competitor along with a Hartmann Ben rather bird flu across the 200 mile. In an apples type car races there with all the great stars read the speed with this last and they. Oh doing Carter guys you see these speeds continue to escalate even though they've been bringing him back seminary making them I used or energy a little differently so I'm not going quite as quick as you still wish you're out there. Yes and tiger I think let bill France is done here to make all all tomorrow these cars mourn every quote. Certainly doesn't enhance the contest my gardening you might say let's do great pros out there. I think Richard Petty just made his move a little bit earlier that he would do little longer he might have been the winner but he got a little over anxious and nothing could isolate the fact that person back Dublin device really proud to surprise him. I believe your actually ran on that when he literally just stood on our most of on the brakes going out of turn number one and now all of a sudden. Betty could do nothing but sale by hand and then it was. I shoot out of turn up before it went in favor of David Pearson he's got to be one of the slick is kept Toronto. Does that so that there are both really think and out there a particular person when he made to a new resumed playing and economically and perhaps. Run the risk of losing their placement have not comments come back and end slingshot. But it probably the women. Brian thanks for coming by and Sunday July 21. United States auto club will be at. Brooklyn Michigan Michigan international raceway. And motor racing network living reaction Jack really just came I would have from Delaware speedway up in Canada you know they were under some very very fine races we've got to get up here now Jack it's nice to have you with us. And I know he's thrilled because they're all us has been doing so well of course they get another great runner they're gonna bring down from Canada understand a year that. As we won his champion just normal Eliot and name you're gonna you're great deal more about. Has done little Delaware speedway and how you can almost find Canadian tracks are sincere thanks to. Bill I feel the museum of speed for his assistants today and the Bob left for the Atlanta speedway and put France and all the gang who make this such a pleasure to do when you come to Daytona and you've never come to Daytona. To be part of America's largest Independence Day celebration. That'll make your plans in that direction for sure for next year I won't guarantee that you'll see one like we saw this year where. Pearson nails study on the finish line and we have a full open has left awake to a picture to develop a third. But you always see action carpal action buys almost committed athletes there are anywhere in the world of sport. The Winston cup grand national drivers again David Pearson has broken the last Fireball Roberts record. In winning his fourth firecracker 400. At the world's finest motor speedway the Daytona International Speedway Ken Squier thank you for being with us today firecracker 400 was a presentation today of the motor racing network. They director for the day's program was Rick Wolff. This is Ken Squier that he would do from Daytona International Speedway. This has been an MRN's throwback Thursday brought to you by Sunoco. Also sponsored by Hercules tire right on our strength.