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SNE Sports Saturday - Mark Daniels (@MarkDanielsPJ), Providence Journal - 6-10-17

Jun 10, 2017|

Scott Cordischi and Jason Taravella welcome ProJo Patriots beatwriter, Mark Daniels. He provides a glimpse into the past week's 2017 minicamp. Brady, Cooks and Gilmore performed well and with 3 Pro Bowlers on the team, the secondary is shaping up to be one of the best in the NFL.

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We're back to southern new England sports Saturday. On sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Is it like a competition where they're all it's. A joke. Think we have competition earned third team they go you know whatever happens will be decided. Whatever players and in training camp. That nobody's gonna make the team out here. In this week and next week so all of this sport. Put in the position that could be later on wheels. Name. Seeing me. You need amount. And that we create all my. This. Does anyone know. The. I welcome back southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI build ballots yet. Patriots mandatory minicamp last night the team gathered as Bob Krause house or there. Championship ring. Presentation. Gatherings so. For Tom Brady ring number five and the rings are once again made by Justin's and I was looking at an online it's good to five Lombardi trophies on and on BC the flying Elvis on the front world champions on the side and you know that they get bigger every year you are you you they've got a picture if you go to the patriots web site of their first championship ring second third fourth and if in Iraq used just keeps getting larger unbelievable oh my god it's unbelievable I mean really is. I've let's let's talk about what happened this past week up patriots mandatory mini camp Gillette Stadium joining us on the line to do that. Our friend for the Providence journal covers the patriots feet. Mark Daniels who's who of us Mark Scott and Jason here good morning how are you. Very yes sir you don't do well well but you're take aways K give me your top three takeaways mark from patriots. Mini camp this week. Up ridiculous with the well I'm very sober up or back on the roster but the that the want to take away the need that. Tom you really expected a little more at a weaker outlook but it does mean camp so. Not gonna get that it is yet but already it certainly that the quarterback and that being mom doesn't look blown down tomorrow at the good thing. Operating could really hear that he's really really I think you're likable mini camp on that note tackling in the hat on. Speed stick out Eaton who went and then we could look like the the guy and the yield I will say though. On a more. What are pillow that I'm going to go a little bit. Earth guy who's your wallet cornerback I didn't expect them to be that so the only newcomer is there Billick who pretty good right now. Yeah mark talking about specifically the quarterback position I have heard. Throughout OTAs so far this week that Joseph Moore. Has kind of stood out among the quarterbacks that he's made a lot of plays and that can only be a good thing for a lot of people that wondered how good he was gonna because there were times last year. Were you could tell he wasn't really into the game and involved in the game as much she probably should have been and and seeing him compete like he's big he's competed so far in the first week OTAs can only be. A great sign for the quarterback position going forward and this season. Yeah I mean and I've noted that you what you are M Odom money that you're you're well he almost one year that the that the player then and our he would. He spoke with human element in Britain then you know in Iraq burnt out each year in there so. The competition at the need to have that about it being training camp really high in I think it is older than me when the I'd like amber even parent route or to make it and I think that that's a good sign because you look on paper. It took 30 borders and respect and there in that should rival someone like Denver Broncos are the best secondary in that well. Of course on paper one thing that spectacle out there and prove it by the they're up to a good start. Mark on the other side of the football. There appears to be I guess a battle for. For playing time at the running back position you know when you look at what they add this saw seasoning ghostly and Birkhead and you add that to you know the existing guys like. Like James White and and Dion Lewis six setter and you wonder who's you know who the odd man out so to speak I think that the majority of people would tell you that it's Dion Lewis right now how do you see this working itself out into the patriots go into the season we're all these guys thinking that we need depth that deposition. Or is there a move to be made here before the season starts. But that's a great course and I think. When training camp come running back in and at depth chart will be other one of the main storyline you don't have any written or not. So many different guys you can make an impact in particular I mean and then miraculously. Should be the guys BP ever down that I I think having Billiton election now you know on because. I hope it is the player you can count on beat that you know. Food eaten guy because he hasn't been terrible at any point in career and in need another. That there are carried the load you know what order would carry a prominent I think it might work elect. I think you're talented at it up on on the betrayed because he had so. Could be the best pack on the rocker but. I expect him and Mike Gillis we really. Carry the load on a person that went down that third down back position all grown and because expert at. You might question let a little bit out Al birdied most important everyone follow him like you and all of you knock on January and expended but. We are many emperor expert yet we don't yet that in Damian and led all players and public perception target them. Just ignored it because property owned and Albert are great you know other there are a little or Horry early but it. Those four guys they're a neat what you mean or. And you state that he more than that because you do it ought to look pretty it. He represented golden lose a guy who will not go away court special secret he may well in the coaching basketball I. So maybe they are earning back up a lot of back on a draw but I wouldn't shock and Boldin he's been here a long and every time I'd gone back. Mark the offensive line at times last year we saw the interior of the offensive line struggled a little bit. Budding pressure are get up the middle and hit Brady sacked Brady. Causing some turnovers in causing some ill advised passes. How do you think the specifically. Go left to right guard position shaking out because that really I think was the crux of the issue. When you're talking about the pressure coming from the inside. Yeah I'm I'm hopeful look in here they often rely on because at the young. Are shut me it's been sure that I'm an improvement from the year one you're you wouldn't. But don't limit but it could be checked me in the oval Alka art. He's that talented. He would give the rookie you were pretty awful pass protection not that in your of that nature but Belichick did note. You're about run as a group that you know is important. That's from the cart and from both art and we are improved out what more might you one of the better overall interior linemen. On the patriot and in the lead. We don't yet except I have a lot of I spoke in the well. They're round pick started every moment let art last year and I mean every moment from oh you really can't earn every game. It was due to India left guard shouldn't use a much hate that late in really really Smart I. I actively last year important. I would be part of Seattle Logan Mankins I'd art beat that you are so intelligent thing they're acting in around here the next eight years of but they're guard position I have a lot of oak. There's no word veto it better that I wasn't overly impressed that they've been and then. However that caters to the side of critics that the contract is not going anywhere but you have you know the little. Young Korb in here guys all walked out of the next year that. I think our new he's pretty good. Mark last year the patriots were able to survive life without wrong Martellus Bennett did a pretty damn good job by I think filling in. For bronco while he is spent pretty much the second half of the season a post season on the shelf. Having said that Bennett is no longer here and the newly acquired Dwayne Allen I know had some rocky moments in the opening days of mini camp. Yeah I don't know if you wanna draw a conclusion or any conclusions on him after mini camp but it did get better for him later in the week in what are your initial impressions on Dwayne Allen. Our that it is very odd the majority. It you know you have to put it better and play better and out of our I mean up Democrat to announce our little bit better in the early. That all the great things he does I the end Dayton I mean leadership only gotten to at a rate that that your pack of it and but I think we're expecting for him. They didn't beat tempered a little bit he would look all I'm not Carter and Indianapolis but you know blocking either that that's what he does this is locked. He's not known for. Being part palate than it at that. In the opposite of that and he's he's the guy is the red zone target and should at all and we didn't do that and but I don't know he's gonna go out there and you know at 700 yards and Tom Brady and I don't view that I you guys are going to be only in the trenches than. And hopefully it Robert L does it hurt someone who all my parts because he'd been there before but. I don't I don't be either found that Michael battle between the Opel. Yeah I'm just wondering if if the patriots feel like because listen you know you can't bank on the ground playing an entire c.'s current history would tell you otherwise. But it if god forbid grow on gore to go down duty injury again and be on the shelf for any extended period time. I'm wondering if they feel like they have enough well weapons. Elsewhere at the receiver position at the running back position where. That this offense would be just fine on without him again. Yeah absolutely and I think acquired Brandon broke it albeit wrong in mind. You need your cook for the next two years that a lot of settlement for the next week we have Chris token for the next couple not habitual for the next 30. Break it Garko down you have a thought what at and now evaporating. New entitlement critical in Malcolm Mitchell. That didn't go for at least one or. Only weapon you're right that you've built to win with over our current. You know hopeful clearly you know it quite frankly I wanna be everywhere on you'll want it up a book like with. Wrong cook at home and I bit it could rival that Bowden doesn't it or not to be there that all the time but what a deeper. Garko and alma and they're really you know that is. I don't know if you take them over mock Welker and all we're quite debate that for a long time but you're at it at school. Is it actually markets deeper I mean I think you have I think moss and Welker were awesome. But I think that the depth at they have at their position especially with some of the young guys is is off the charts by especially in the offense I want to talk a little bit. Just for a second about the defense of thought that defensive lines. With Pau really I want to see what you expect out of them there was some criticism. From his former head coach Ron Rivera about his work ethic and not buying into the system in the program if he does buy in. Fully your expectations with him because with ranch back Malcolm browned bits of down time coming back from injury. Trade flowers the second half that he had and how how. How dominant he was in the Super Bowl for the steam this could be the makings of a excellent defensive line for this team. Yeah and I mentioned running back position. The item in that trade dampened the Pentagon or the same because I had heard hours. But I'm sure with the pitcher and with Colin you've. There are black or airliner but it really well what you did it and respect after need to do as he wasn't there. So would know who will be the year that that could be so well look at the court echoed her one year left to eat you know. Yet a career here and we not a lot. The patriot is the thought part of that last year one dying but because really I might expect it remember the pampered. That I don't know what to expect he had a huge game and who bought it the where it could have been OMB yet Anther one but otherwise. Disappointing. The picture though he didn't dispute that because they have a sudden it fires but they needed. Three other guys reform that Forman at an event where it should now welcome to the public be in there thirty years oh neat. At least two other guys carry the load like Cadillac Buick on here. So you know what I think it will be flowers you being pitched. Oracle you really thing because. Have all the didn't repeat out there are murdered Egypt lies well certainly it can't but it really can't the guys starting their new. I'm flowers and nick but it actually you know group. I haven't thought about our former there on it though. Because you can't just cut it here you know York electorate that don't expect. You're. Otellini nobody but eat eat eat in it and I don't know that there's a lot of body airplane bird reports ought. Mark as always great stuff thanks so much for the time we appreciate it with a forty catching up with the again real soon. Thank you go to our marketing artists covers the patriots beat for the problems journalist wrap it up. On a Saturday morning here on southern new England sports Saturday that will do it for us. Wanna thank Laura minute Gucci in house. Give Larry on the other side of the glass for Jason terra bella. My name is gone pretty she'd have a great weekend everybody. Now. You're southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI.