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OMF - Fauria challenges Ordway to come up with his own segment 6-9-17

Jun 9, 2017|

Yesterday, the brainchild conceived, with no protection, by Christian Fauria ended up going pretty well. Will the Big O achieve the same success? ESPN baseball commentator and Sox dream killer Aaron Boone joins the show.

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Leave home on new England's most listened to sports morning show. Pays 5:30 AM and Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI FM MP HD one Barnes fox. Yeah I'd trending now. It's your chance to win. Former Nixon tiger's text the word mention any XEN 237937. Minutes and the EXEN 237. Nine threesome remember WE general conference rules apply. Data and message rates may apply. I Red Sox opened up a 5 game homestand this evening they lost again last night nine once so they can back home. Five and five on that road trip meanwhile the NBA finals could end of in historical way tonight if the Golden State Warriors can sweep the Cleveland Cavaliers. And the NHL goes to game six Dallas Pittsburgh takes the advantage shutting out the predators last night's six zip. In Pittsburgh you weather forecast partly cloudy few showers possible in the -- don't brought to you by Boston laser scanned by fourth inning with. New Denny's on demand online ordering you can now enjoy your Denny's wherever you want you Denny's on demand online ordering whatever whenever and now wherever order now when Denny's dot com on. You ready. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 probably give you some homework tomorrow morning. With a hot and smoking sizzling baseball did not. Due to do it I don't know so big so good I don't think you can do I don't need to fuel stock. Everything I'm not sit here and go ahead of a body of a buddy David I've got David Price of Michael little your raw. Wrong about David part of my ball girl with coal and Lou and christianson in the next right now critics are pitching they complain if you come in tomorrow shut out a chilly day with an idea. Yeah. Different not a big for me I don't quite. The hour right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Info terms favorable terms to all right I'm going to read they. Yeah this this this week but wait for my body everybody went home and did their homework all you know some Greek. Hot sizzling baseball takes I had ones. This race isn't yours was terrible plan was not then we've got I'll knew that was gonna happen once again he I wanted to watch as jumbled as bit of that I can't talk of a sidebar and I'd like decide or even see it sucked in his office who has rats I didn't I was trying to go against Lou. He's right the sidebar sucked but you jump along because you thought you could jump on my damn that you're gonna. This that you worked on your segment did I did its homework okay Lou did a great challenges today he did now it's time for your suddenly only on this Ryan. This is just I'd Neitzel recap of the law of connect OK so this has always been pretty much what he produced he worked anywhere Ryan and between the breaks just a different breaks that you plus the disaster does with Brian thank you ball and it plus and everybody all alone situation RK here rideau. Is there a special settlement that experience you line is the heart really bluntly lines find out the answers these questions and so much more. As the ego becomes. A tender. I love you it takes us to them than that connection. Effect this climate sort of way. All right I saw how that worked with president of the game we're gonna review what Hulu tonight that it isn't it. Are we involved in this is happening now not a whole bonds went through that again I credit crunch that is poised in different ways that is that is that your segment that's it is Edison was writing these little. We're bringing the all access show you create them for us and that's illegal pub and that's the let's not the bit that's the intro link at all you wanted an entire bit I don't has wanted counted on tornadoes aren't. You on all of us that it. Well I didn't and then I don't know Iceland I I think I was compliment me let's let's give me I senator voice this is what he talks those on the conference condolences as they say shut up Bryant and I do you talk a little bit too much. At least the least bit. Sounds like it's it's simply not today I tell you what I just know what happened there graded so some inactive or you. Does the heart really with one I like yeah yeah it's news to all these question and so much. For these guys. I recently arms. Ten under UC. This is this is actually here he's what did you the next series and they say it's unit is so here's the center right here that he didn't do it here's the segment you need to say something. Wonderful. Put up some yardage about it though it's rumor early until the drop as answer something but give us something that would be. That's that's the fact we did sign my officially and I don't say someone has all you do is put people at such a great. Put people I think code blue is an excellent baseball analyst and also very funny throughout the sucking up to and love and love angry I think Paul -- unbelievable job so far really started off really rough and struggling and after all the bad things you're saying about and I say you know it did in the sense that these animals quite as well it was like how did a lot of hurt and like you and motivation I feel like you've really come round again lines really been an ice addition to the show on your economic problems or. He talks to my butt and that's right that's why. This trial that dead air but it. Does and I think that's out of it okay and other and it really appreciate if you lose the weight. On. As I was too fat you'd like him at it and that's. Chicago park so they don't there's or you wanna say something measurements bill. He's he's political event which I asked Elaine the Elaine. I mean. This is Britain's Christian at the scene in which allowed the use decent thing if you. And with mills stated it was just awful wouldn't know that it's so terrible. Yesterday he came out at 1 o'clock and we had to contribute we have to be part of the best that I did a lot of work on the night. Now provisional ones let's pump it right now projected them you know war. I don't know micromanage you know I don't micromanage the right way way way right you'll be looking over your shoulder telling you wanna do your job. It's good when you're putting it I don't think that it definitely applauded. Michael Mann case I don't know why don't know what this episode that. They get some sound effects of that evidence I kick accurately describe all right bye hey I have an hour. She got my hands like he knows everything that's gone on its ruin it like that that's good I don't ever managed to enter. Lay perfectly in the last. A part of all of that that all humans at least he's not be you know he's got it and possibly of the. Important two in the gate price Johnson two great store or you don't against an estimated it gave me two nights cordless sums to notre. Down a little worried about tonight for almost and I take I decided well on the little war you're roundup CO NF I am last time he was on a month on a but the beauty like slipped and fell to name. They are a lot of guys slipping and falling on them but apparently slipped and fell in and do it and I are concerned about alleged incidents Julian elements and he gets a two year deal I guess is urging your attention yeah two year extension and it makes all the sense in the world it's teen friendly deal they've got the money to have to pay it. Up front and you keep them here in yet you can dispose of them two years from right and act you know able to the team right now so. He writes you reminds me of what his career and this this is this the compliment by the way this is this is the way you want it ended if you can't Troy Brown yet he's going to be Troy Brown. He'll play these next two years and his replacements are already on the team now is you what happened when you're branding cooks. In a letter on his heels of what it fuels like if you will whether he'll resign because he's going to be command a lot of money. Sold but you have pretty much a nucleus there across tied up for a couple years he still have a you know holdings between Allen and Glaus tied up on your backs are resign your Lyman recited a couple guys in October alternately. He's going anywhere but grit good job for him. Just realizing that if you ever did become a free agent and you wouldn't even come close to making that type of money and be on crappy team. Because of his age nobody's gonna give him a long did you a couple of years ago when he couldn't get him when he was younger I went to the giants than they were willing I think they're thinking that I personally wide receivers that go back and look at all the number. Helpless under very much room. They give a five million dollar signing aren't they getting used to making three million lashed the three half I think this year so it's a we've talked about this again be doing this thing for grown to mean if anybody would do it for I don't. As exactly what they did now. That next year 2019 the last year on at the street at million dollar incentives it's guaranteed for injury so. Safe to say that maybe that 2019 year doesn't happen. I think he's right though I think the east Troy Brown. If they gonna go from that point you go year to year because they are eighteen and maybe bring those dollars globally Garrity may be renegotiated. So next year urgency into the cheap year that you and and anything but it gets department walkway if you want it to you but. Again a bump this year they give it to an extent to which justified million Dawson mic moment this year to inspect it and we'll play your year so looks at their. Jack and if you are you got all the incentives so if you end up with something goes wrong and you do end up playing well then you're gonna get pay what you should get paid. But that's it but he'll his career goal and his career as a patriot. It will be yet another young wide receiver that he'll be mentoring that he'll be coaching out. And he may not to suit up and you'll be one when Troy it was yours than his years of sexual last year bird last two years old team. What's the plan. A student up. But coach wanted him Belichick wanted him on the sidelines just like and always remind me of Anthony pleasant I say if you get an Anthony pleasant deal. And get that type of and each year career that is the way to ago. You've you've you've major money you've paid your dues you put in the work you whine. And now you have a coach that like she respects she like she in the locker rom. No it's gonna do the right saying no you're not all uptight about your playing time in your role you just wanna be part of it and you pay a minimum or. You know and that's all they do they don't sit up. Italy practice. Whatever you plug that never. Simple wish every two weeks ago that this could be the final year for Julian settlements not going to be the fun year for Julian now what happens here whatever the Amendola. That's where I'm that's a different story. Because there's tons that's icy to areas where there's going to be a lot of I don't call awkwardness urges. We started taking a cut well adding it's amateur Dolan and and it's the backs younger and a dole though in your entitlement I mean you were at the grace of this graces of this team right they can do to get rid of you whatever I want correct yes I mean it's just negotiate at a point where it's easy from the get rid of Solis and we need you right now. Okay fine. And I changed next year. Dolce. But that's the situation there and read all of specially Amendola. And you're adamant they want us to your York's. You wanna go anywhere else you know you what would you go play somewhere else in the veteran minimum is what I would pick to stay here. Honestly to me so you process money and yet you're gonna have to go up here in free agency you go into a different team that. Really doesn't recognize everything necessarily that you do. End they can easily catch him easily catch you at your age so you may be taking a trip out here for what you think is more money but it really is unemployment. Well I suspect that the at this point time these guys were probably thinking about life after football. And and if it's like after football you're thinking about you need as much exposure as possible. The patriots is where you get all the exposure the commercials the name recognition but based recognition. So when you're done you're looking for jobs or for anything. You have that you got to get that plan of one of these other teams and you can go down the list. It doesn't really applied at just image dole and I'm also shared that is this is gonna help him after football. But you know because of his role on the team but in the case of betterment. Does that mean every Dole's losing money he keeps renegotiate taking less adamant just a moment so we secularist. It's all since they don't sit there and say I mean I know Elway had a great Super Bowl but we talked about it the entire. Fire season and even the playoffs. M dole was coming up with clutch catches here a much CNET Malcolm Mitchell couldn't make those catches or maybe Hogan could make those catches but. Haven't met here's the thing there's. Grousing about the patriots there's been about the NBA team a Golden State but new look Peter they're gonna be the gold state wars of the NFL. I almost like a super team it's this offensively especially. It Adori differences is that it's easy to beat a team once. I then a favorites or the super ball they're favorites to win a Super Bowl but here's C title game take one game. Well why not a best of seven. No no I I I hear you but my point as far as when you think about the goals they've wars do you think about defense and we Heidi stop them. And he stops that you can stop one of army to a bumbling athlete but you can't. We can do grant so you put two on grant what do you do step Cory Redding and director of Hungary. That's the same way with the patrons father's goal line look at every single skill position player. And and accompany that with their offensive line. Has a year under their belt all this not missed any games. Now you go from Randy cook to point out to rob Kass who j.s like a V8 it really is the same way you would think about the gold state wards. If you take their best player away tight your take away their second best went 200 by the way is probably the best player on another team. And they have a third well a fourth level a fifth level. And oh by the way coaching matters in the NFL. Yeah I think that was the big difference we're finding out the coaching if you didn't realize it before this these playoffs. It's really not that big deal if you get the best players you could have two worst coach doesn't doesn't make it different I'd bring me to my yeah puck and being taken him. Your bottom waiting to have our hospitals says or something attached keys and a half an hour and I've not been teasing you know in. But you started about the patriots going sixteen and on a regular season okay. And great accomplishment I'm yeah good capture. How many did the lakers one general 33 games in a row how many did the Golden State Warriors went in a row of material that was 73 there once industry overall the season. None of them that are none of those yet but they want comedy in a row or from last year regular season. Lesser rights if you buy or get your one none of them they pale in comparison. To what the Golden State Warriors are about to do here tonight this is the greatest team accomplishment if you go undefeated. Through four rounds of the playoffs it is better than any of those things including the patriots going sixteen and thank you very much. History ever causes buddy you are winning every single. Playoff game against the lead against the best teams and acceptance I could what is believed that much better than everybody else OK they are. And approving it by maybe going sixteen and now here but it is a great in the it's the greatest guy. Much like the drop thank and praise the I was just on Twitter to some mad dog radio just there's posted on toward this tweet. What is the greatest single sea and tonight I was right now I have noticed. So I think you know. Well hey it's still the front board what do I know a lot of people there season it's not really brotherhood of our show notes that that was the motor light ago. Originally done but that I it is at agitated actually just for the right now I had great minds think alike that I lies think that all all week now know what I thought I thought about the hassle last night council you know is yet they got to give you if if they far. If Golden State Warriors. Are able to sweep. The Cleveland Cavaliers and go sixteen you know. I think you can call them the greatest and being partisan that we we discussed yes. Yes the good daily. Sure Palin. Yeah that'll I don't. Don't anybody can be found. In my humble compared to sixty and I hope. Compared to sixteen okay what is hard is a great move the football season 600. I feel like I want you were to move good. It's little it's all about two. Is it going to be of these guys that return games. It is uncertain you watch it war war two movies and he's an area and it's Bugs Bunny. Oh yeah one who. Tells you all sound well I don't know that sounds like a war I mean after a brawl air raid zero I I saw business and did you lose any looney tunes as an up. Be not true and I'm bummed out I saw and I took the day. I saw this I was from the EP. About two point when he Olympics in Tokyo on fattening yeah why is bringing us so I got a virus itself to an account for revisions of that. From Sony it was oops desperate and correctly and you you brought to my attention that three and three was going to be an event. At that when he twenty it's not. OK we just talked about who we thought it was really lucky if you're if you're playing for the Olympics you play in the NBA late. Your LeBron James who your two partners we choose and making. Its fate of what is happening is it an especially is real that it's not happening so it's not gonna happen but it just let it become ridiculous statement it was. Election Jews. Are we choose a do ran. I would choose LeBron. LeBron to rant and staff carry. A so low or maybe equal islands and try to stay quiet about LeBron amok at coli Leonard on cutting down to about that you stated. Russell left the court while Leonard and Anthony Davis okay. I. I agent in other three like you know I had gone on that Kenya. LeBron can you agree on August oh yeah he's right you know it. Wrong to do to close. You can't transfer of its library NBA players shooting threes OK you have to raise debt. You have to rant or brawn James Currie can't buy three other NBA players that feed them. On 693. Game. On all three guys can rebound. Altering guys and defend. Catch it and you did. Laws both sides and I just wanted to believe the lesson is that when you read an article. You wanna read. The whole article not just the headline that the nano now I don't know that I get on answering it up is Suzanne as I'm not it was stolen from the island guys it's about. I think empathy you watch court now you're on you like Korea cookies with our we want you mad looting give your packing our. Morning in it's okay here's a ballot but agree that argue there integration that's where this sort born. Nicely USA. Fake news it would look to the RPG that it fired at us that the chopper informed about. Freddie. Did you get the war. And get in the ring but again who owns the Internet and that's when that. Where he is an error rate I said I sit on it and give you some loony tunes in one if you erosion of the you don't you don't know with a look. Except god that he did that he's I don't know how unsightly. And you can expect him and all this stuff. But we're not talking about them oddball character balloons each exit polling data only and this is ridiculous and I have any little think that was loaded guns on a nightly into the thick news thank you to all of that I don't know anything. I didn't think this all this movie up from 1981 now coming to America. I. I saw. Very aware happy dark. I did good running lion it's good to Zetterberg and work on my part but the GO Christian I solidly and don't percent. He's what his reasons are trying everything he says manslaughter in connection and their privilege why they went over very well they're ripping each other now. To bring some to the program and I'll tell us what. You've never. Had prisoners it wasn't well herbal so bad it's. Difficult to get better three give me a better. You can't pick to ring he can't we've LeBron can't expect currently one it and then. Fiery airplane quiet Saturday in doubles because that's the best very. As. You said to me I think he's doing it I gave you the three. And now you (%expletive) and moan and this should be at the EDS. Russell Westbrook quietly like he's. It's bigotry chump change nobody but it can change. Is. This that they just. You'll you'll be served. In China. Apparently Ireland cricket masters in media. With three midweek meets illness at the screen. He's like a story points from Boise everybody else who's gonna get a they'll all be right is blowing meet another. Thought that I just saw this now this conflicting report was in the game and auto wanna ask you guys. We thought mark helpful to only go work oh the Celtics correct. Seven results. And yet his stupid reports he's gonna work off the Sacramento. Yes now is conflicting stories Saber at it's not going to happen this weekend but actually could happens those conflicting a little bit but. Sacramento as the picked picked them a five and had. To date Gainey would. Trademark hopefuls for five and ten Sacramento. Heels. Five and ten and but he you can play out 00. Yeah. It depends on who we think the gated five babies is there anything like somebody but would you want to do ya know but I wasn't where I was Sacramento. I've a little bit surprised that more skillful said that that he didn't work out for anybody else I know Boston's get the number one pick and you might sit there and say. Well that's I'm only going to the team it's got the number one pick the problem has. Post the media let pickle why aren't you would Danny Ainge told you when he had lunch with you over being cut its. Acuity that tocchet was on that 32 thirds very uncertain as I. But yeah you can't believe what anybody tells you. If you're mark kill faults you wanna go and meet with all of these other teams why not. What are they call today listen you know would we might actually treat for you correct. You go oh that's the only way I think sacrament it would do a segment it would take a listen we're the target of Boston we might deal. We got draft picks here we got players which you want to gain to trade them one for five to ten and I would. I would not but suppose Danny. Has his eyes on somebody. Who he thinks will be the best player in the draft. He thinks he can get him at number five and he's not a big fan of mark L fault maybe when they did the physical Martell faults but found something didn't they didn't want did the not gonna tell anybody right now. On his best interest talented boy that would be opposed Q that would be about over to treat them one item was and at the bus and feel like finding out they're doing three on three in the Olympics and 2000 toys in the business is all made up Celtics had five and ten this year which again a few years back right when they had us six and while that was what. They did a package those things up and move up Walt's not enough we'll be number one now what does it. I would now be happy at thought I'd call it. Most touted some love Mike I hear us go to would Jeff Jensen rocks for hello Jim Frey. They thought we talked to get us up it's got to look at Christian and that I had was actually incompetency. If you had to rank. You have a private terrible and yet. I'll let their vote against ethnic David Russell experts they'll definitely a country in the would actually in my it would about it. He got the race. I'd pick the shot which brought their political director. Pat Butler would vote went crazy but everybody. And the way not quite as a result got an. On the ground. I gotta do it did did this who's Davis defending. Direct it bit me on. A quarter. Of from a demonstrable in the autumn outlet. Limited it to about the spaceship and a three on three he's going to take him after the triple check in speaks for Glenn but I never thought it would be non competitive uncle should be competitive. Would that would. David. I think David that it actually would not be the front Bartlett but it's competitive spirit along compare all the guys out. Of course that could win. What are Giuliani of paper it's just going into it yeah well I mean reputations Kennedy is gonna go on the side of LeBron James and the others are go to go to being in the street that sort of like me in recent months baiting is in Boston's bang bang bomb same. At any minute now. Actually do about. Home Ryan general. Yeah. So as I read it at that she let the guys who were only about a week and it got all of the point. Why don't the wearing an eight Davis and practically all the got. Up. I went Nye at night when you weigh. Three I try guys I don't have I don't have a three without Westbrook on that team. I have a three without quite Leonard on the team so the other thing is all right so you matched those guys that men who would be your third who'd be your third just you know. Roughest toughest didn't make somebody paid to the situation defensively. If you give you some and it's either a couple pocket Missouri on on the yeah on a tree on me a much or Anthony Davis works for. Well I mean it's it's it's personal half court. Play full court. You always gonna make a little bit small rationally to court a little bit small little ideas as a half or taking fake news yes and they added even lots edit. Got to get out caught me I can't play you simply local it's gonna be half court put. Adrian Davis would struggle going out to cover Kevin Durant but in the post to be a different story so this offense in his defense though. A beat Johnson be compared to get opposing a month. Yeah did you hear everything. All the stupid Olympic sports and we went overcome years ago. All the dumb sports and have the Olympics this one would be paid imagine three just like Tennessee had singles. And many have doubles accurate singles you can actually hook up with somebody who is also singles expert and then you go IE when you're when your gold medal there the problem. The problem with the Davis thing when you think about it and taken down the block and posting a mop. Is the other team is going to just fire up threes it's too probably you've got with the game right now and try to compare the game and sit there and say. We need post up guys you're post up guy could go when she virtually every single time down the block the with the Greek for the right to know one of my apple might guys are hitting threes redneck OK get extra points. That's an area or areas of Virginia also alien thing over night to Apple's been very little red. Make the way and that's part of your daily routine. They're used to clean news batting practice ground balls would tell you go stretch how you put your stricken soft son wanna call it superstition. I call it routine blood Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah. When you walk out there. We. Okay. All. Another very. Definitely it happened 2003. Cents a sincere guy do joining us live right now is never and we have this guy you know we always claim that entry is Aaron Boone's. But to be doing Sunday night baseball with a Red Sox in the tiger as you remember that Luke Zimmerman and I do Bode Miller an envelope. They were little kids who people actually come up to you and remember that because I'd I can't remember that. How confident are they now hope and cure basically phony ideal man. Or are we doing there are grown here for me is influenced you were talking baseball sobering and bring billion as you see here's the thing Aaron is that Lou was not happy. Happy with the baseball analysis that Glenn Norway and myself provide to him. So we thought okay listening he was looking for some hard court debates and we just forgive the torso stuff just talk. You know let's talk baseball with input errors you know you guys beat the same language or bringing in Iraq ringer who's around that's what he has here this program. Well let's start with a Red Sox and yankees and carry you you buying into the Yankees for this year of religion it. Yeah I think at this point I got a lot. Just because you know they're gonna go buy now because they're. So I think you know that they've got the rocker proved that they're gonna make. I think they're a little quicker than they expected to see. This strong but I think you know 68 at now where little over a month away from that trade deadline. I don't think there's any question now that the Yankee go. And make sure that group that that they feel necessary probably is starting pitching. Department. You know the one concern at what standard what what going on with my career and I used by the one guy or Asian. Let it felt like they were counting on this year and it actually than everyone else that that much work since he why. You know bush do you part of that you're young their team and all three at the height you know Sox yanks and of course all for it just. I was felt there was a build up its start in 97 the do you think you know what that young course Golan attic. Can't get to that point could this be the start with this court new York and a score Boston. I act I definitely if they're in hibernation for a little while it needed it not being likened wire it you know that. 03 my experience with it you know real war. You know there are bad blood. You know. She ate what you saw back in the seventies when you know this lightning and it it gives beverages they're under lying at patriot in this light. I'm I think it a lot more friendly now armed but there's no doubt about that it would these young yea he's now starting to turn the corner where they did. Certainly not negate eaten there are seeing. I still think the red dot that they all edible this year. So we can start that he would definitely read op. It got a long wait to go even that old claw their very good some probably a underlying. Emotional is like sample it to get back of those eight. Certainly these two French actor at any time because they're so well because there are so I actually relatives. That now that all week early as a potential monster. And I keep you know we watch the games and you see all the empty seats. At Yankee Stadium and it just feels weird that there's just they're just so many empty seats in. How to change that is it just look at the team's gonna be good again they are you more stars price are they got lower the price. Color combinations. Certainly in the immediate probably a combination. Now. It it seen it airing Jackie. If they're young players are legit at and they're looking at the start of the season and if they become. The New York Yankees that dominant franchise. And I think it doesn't matter and they do a lot yet but there's no election date that I. At 2008 keeper. Creating absolute you know they got like Machado. A guy like. Bryce Harper you would think that the Yankees would be one of those teens. That they'll go he's like that to go with what looks like a really strong young nucleus so. I think in the long term don't seek will be built in the short term you might have to make an actual. And what likable. Talking new Aaron Boone Sunday night baseball on ESPN. Our eggs accustomed to the Red Sox being a power hitting team we all know the David Ortiz retired are you surprised. That the Red Sox are one of the weakest home running hitting teams in Major League Baseball. Yeah one of the week get yet let but certainly when David. Retired and your cake and not offer up your life and you know we talked about the young Yankee young nucleus the Red Sox Terry Young nucleus of tried it to weigh all around the league its players you know they could edit at the set Bogart's. Bradley go on outlying it is not god you're gonna. They heal so he ate 303540. Homer of the season. But certainly got a are capable hitting the ball on the ball mark but they're great straight because their athleticism. And their two way. You know billions and billions and as well hit so. I think Lucas let block walk by look at them the whole world. You know may not be continue to be there why. Strength of their all that is going to lie in the air ability to late in their lineup and you look at their act right now whether it. You know that. Then and then the Bradley. All of that Bogart all guys that I speak. Where they're sick right now we technically I think they're underperforming where they're going to end so I think they're even more outside witnesses saw that. Going forward but cheaper than being eight really great and I NS office though because they don't have a centerpiece. About 3540 homer on based machine in the middle of the line or two bomber like you. Cobb resort Bryant. You can go at it seems the straight but there are there is going to lie in all of their guys want me to their level. That's when they'll have what that that link that you'd get from a from a really good line. Are tucked and Aaron Boone ESPN's senate baseball boiler askew just your thoughts on that. From a flaw this David Price situation you know it kind of gets in with a reporter. You played New York you know what that market you know the big market can be like what what is your take on kind of the whole David Price situation. Well looking forward to it there tonight and being around ball park tomorrow just kinda get a Bible that situation. You know. Even got a lot more years left in the act into law. And you know. And he I think you wanna try and just kind of keep your blinders on a little bit you know answer the questions. And the biggest thing will be in going out there and performing well performing like the actor's entire career. During the regular season but then yes you know. As he talked about the Google a whole host city the thing is always there all on the LP. And this squad is or and it goes down at the dominant those eager as the dominant here eager Dominic start. Because you know while he's there they're gonna have opportunities the boss and that there are going to be in the playoffs so. You know he can at these ripped through these fights or hurt it like with the media but it all in use. And eventually. On how he performs. Come crunch time with this club this story brick. You'll catch our boom along with a crew on Sunday night baseball on ESPN Red Sox in the tigers' Aaron good Saucony and your credit counselor and Aaron Boone quick break we'll do one more quick segment here. Giving credit where credit is due that they got a really good job they've clearly Johnny Griffin Paula credit goes to Marshal in the morning obviously a lot of credit goes to admit patients who they are a good good show right now thanks Kirk now back to OM. Sports Radio. This. Iowa more segment to do you fellows and you can take them for the we can before we do this that it's. They actually had some of the testimony. From the -- hearings yesterday on that little side bar we've got an interview that complex that you gave creation instant if we saw a vaulted. The one thing I'm convinced and I knew you were watching it you watch an even or would you just wants to love connections because I want to call me. Here's you know what I'll bump Al's done at that point if you. The the wanting it becomes so obviously clear right now is watching everybody's reaction to. You hear what you wanna hear. And this is the problem I think we've got right now is when listening to anybody else so if you win and it intuit with preconceived notions. About trump then you came out of it. Back and mine got a chain it doesn't change and it in just the opposite if you came in. And you were supportive of a jump you're coming out of it you're you're supporting them no matter what Tommy said no matter what what are Alec to hippies I love. It's it's just it's unbelievable through. It's it's it was amazing last night to watch people who can't stand trial. Basically say our hot we've got it now we've got the means to to impeach him and people Lewis who love jumps opt. Coldly Ed eagle. All this stuff evident on Tom what about stuff it is unbelievable. And that's why we're all screwed we are really all screwed. Just yet you know it's just you know people in the EO in New York City and had like 12 parties. I can these in your coffee houses or bars and it wasn't there wasn't a game going on I was in a soccer match. There was this trials of hearing going on for Ortiz put on the Bill Cosby one but now aren't you saw party. Let's think about it as we listen to it yesterday. I can understand how both sides could sit things I told you I'll I told. But in the end. They're all sitting here and they're back in their little blockers they've I was right. I always lost slightly washed will return to bring exist or just read it and you turn on right away in some moments going after union like OK a republic. You know and and other ladies I first managers say that it's unfortunate that reaching here you know and I think you do a tremendous job and my Democrat. I mean it just didn't it seem like he can just tell by the court. And so on which group. But we're not gonna cross the aisle everybody's gonna get their barker we're gonna hate each other from from a 4 am I gonna have our own. The only one I didn't understand from both points of view. John McCain's question yes I think he thought he was at a wedding receptions and is fixed yet know that indicated by the news that is his excuse was that. He stayed up late watching the Diamondbacks it's NA evidence look like tweeted out what time the games are two time candidate of 8:30 and I am glad it hard it's just every excuse but it's bug you bang your head against the wall doctors just we're not gonna get anywhere. It's gonna get the US open now just we just we just move up and we have the last basketball game yes it is a lesson in game this result is over tonight yeah I mean it's. You give a crap factor is what right now one to ten pounds. 330 yeah housed within the same thing in the race unlock clients. You know plan at all. Interest senior U argued they'd and I agree with you this to be a blow yeah I think it is going to be a blow me a blow off. Night that they could lose by 2530 points. And it is that after awhile it's Tuesday combats in the onslaught continues they just to the handled the same the brunt of stands out as easily as he sits on the bench to make sure everyone actually sees the visual of the exhaustion. So we can make federal. We talked about it because I know people will but he's gonna make shore. Kept that we talk yeah LeBron had a rough night he said he wasn't tired utility hot seat he's just he. And actually challenge for them and that's what have you done. It's it's a bad look for him now getting swept if they get blown out on his old Florida that's the way it is and Guardado for a million. It's yeah it's about every time he's interviewed all the talks about four hall beavers on T. Don't want to be that he's he's defending his own position of going to Miami basically stand on apple has. They already have a great team dogs it is gonna do that right now because there's they've. You know what you that would directed is pretty much what you do resilience and please don't know no credit is. They smell of marijuana in the cast locker room I would bring America out before the game to biggest mount an item mentioned. You take the pain out of the a little lost and let's get blown out. But it just smoke a little weak before they can beat Oprah you don't know what's the difference McCain losing by either losing by thirty. That's under the personal marijuana but I have no idea where came from it's brought you by fine mess money dot com keep this in the house accused of guys who are yet. Guy's gonna come up with a a clothing segments the weaker one. No Maryland I don't madness or might try Hebert and that is something else that you want to I don't know we'll wireline the number to call will be buried bitch. Try that paperwork. Every Brandon yeah I got aren't just let's think about when you don't say it like it's over wouldn't that we bring you going to be unique brand on Friday we weren't just to get Iran sound here let me ask somebody that the warriors of the greatest. Single season to enable them to win tonight yes there does not only out there accomplishment it's his stolen since don't bet that's not hollow layout I don't. Well yeah. We have. I had for sixteen and own it it's how do you agree that's what's written sixty know the patriots in the regular season as he did it baffles batters in the eighties on. Anointed. He's not surprise you had Michael Bull thing I now know. But we've every caller we take the fifth it is usually dollars and sixty in the book and additionally agriculture doesn't. And it. Let them look every other call myself a decent. Yeah I know you know the game is currently there might enter an altogether ultimately what the road again but not great parent. As I had a negative price and you know or to get to the president and you show it on the simple not doctor Jones will be in the field okay just play and we'll all he had to view of being able to hit all did that he thought he does get Alonso and he got a package each candidate but until. That's coming up next unsolicited you know rest up and go rest it's about timlin and it has been by your hot cakes slots in where we tomorrow and Monday were like we're the son. I was I don't hear or is freezing cold last month don't have right now and hottest day of the year while indoors or out conditioning on Monday when not. Being outdoors at 94 degrees and golf course and then I guess it's on you you screw it up development. You'll pay the price this. Have a great weekend everybody about here.