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OMF - Alex Reimer has a lot of 'splaining to do; in studio to defend himself 6-9-17

Jun 9, 2017|

Alex Reimer has drawn the ire of Kirk & Callahan due to some business decisions he opted to make. He joins the guys in studio to explain his side of the story. Also, what does Price's next home start hold for him?

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Wayne oh what he wanted to address to re refresher I didn't. You've been I'm not happy with them and I would like to. Sue him down and explain. What he did wrong and very simply we can do it quickly here with the best we can't we knew Alex can't Entercom paper. Chris and outs to go to be Tony Robinson Humphrey even. Our flaws to those of us that yes but don't don't let's that's a pretty nice card reader knows is coming here today had lots of Moe you know that. So we heard that decides not to show up and let's not to do with us. Again it's the intercom paid experiences of the Roberts thing he's coming specifically for that. He decides to go on with Felder training and angry last night on Comcast. To talk about this before we get these the stuff that we paid for. We really only exist because we gave him life. He goes out and play slap stick with Michael Felger. Three murder greener on your your your guy. You want you normally I'd like I like I like Alex an awful lot I just done an Alex joins us live here in the in the studio this couldn't get in the studio between six people. The record I the only irishman told right wrong I don't I originally say into the original the and I said it's to be taken care of with carrying cart and he said now I said that's like taking care of taking care would carry cards are what he'll do that Joseph called and you don't like and once you win the general who are on all of my boss he called you when he told you will come in with Owen. Why did you say you cover up your ass for Kirkland as saying that lets it that you don't want just because when my boss told the media something I have to do you realize you're forced this is what do you realize that. By the company sending you to this Robbins Tom Brady thing yes basically what they're doing is they're paying for the exclusive. For you to come on and talk about the experience. And the first light guerrillas are bodies of the little like Comcast. It was and there's no defending what I did you know like when we we are on the radio when I'm writing a demand accountability from the people we demand accountability from the people we cover right so. I'm being accountable it was a mistake. I should've said no Comcast perking talents and new year this is an Icrc and out and show Friday morning and say what's with Curtis. He didn't raise an issue with that the event between heated out there until we knew it was going to be Comcast to I don't think he knew I was going to discuss but he knew about it as well so I did not. This was not in and around in a loan going to be conniving going Comcast and you know to screw correcting cal and knotted up conduct is all you've done so for. Is drones are bottle Curtis ought to display as everybody does it. As Sarah said you need to be response I envoy and Portland and everybody one on one more than Abbas. Who contacts you compare. A producer. With attorneys thing was not turn your tank and assuming I was number I'll probably two or. There's about us yeah. Here's here's an al-Qaeda is there. Or regardless of that. We regardless of that I should have now I should have access to thought it made a mistake and it just ridiculous that it is I guess he wanted to there's no let's I don't think about it because watching on TV I wanna stretch my wings a little bad content is actually. They didn't pay me an office and a board and I needed the extra dollars in my brawl on high street mornings and in the city for unpaid Foreman at a stupid right on top. Slump so I want to get in an economic no. I don't I don't hide I wanna get in and so they say hey ops you wanna come on to a quick Boehner talked about Tony Robbins my first thought is great if this Boehner goes well. I'll be in studio it'll get this 200 dollar appearance museum I need dictate the extra pass by that's we need to pay more of them with us who work. Courses aren't and it's like compiled lock on the door. I look at the law. I just wanted to go up so I wasn't thinking I was totally why it was not and I think it was not my plan heading in like all I'm gonna. And this event and going Comcast know it just happened. I didn't think it threw it on he's totally dead there was an English star falls within US project you're starting with Gary and I think this appearance. And ordering Maloney forty is going to help you now not and why it's for the I want ties guy because I incur high and it got the one earlier beyond what. Yeah wants to bring people on the because the current atom and make any mean I don't I doubt either militarily at the end of octagon that your relation. You like to be fine for you my long I don't Jerry longer Jerry crow they pushed meeting they posting to get me in here and it probably not but not an element of a heated and really really brought to yeah I put it I. AIG about you doubt and and I wasn't given a contract that was it really hurt orderly and we all all you can turn into ice the ice tonight. And I'm well Glenn I mean I told you for months but it needed where'd igniting get a full time here until I was a part of that. Lurking pal and irritation so politics I'm. I know but I can't you can't be on Comcast over Michigan hired gun as they weren't they were ever gonna put you lawn at those last five minutes and told the world you again that's. But now maybe there's no it's been in a buildup to but my first appearance was on was all politics but if you want to like I'm there. I think I think is exceedingly pricing in this is how I would like that myself so I what is it earlier in the first few minutes it's like to set the scene and it's one that is seen at the end of the day acts at the blame lies with me no doubt about that stupid I was not thinking I was thinking about out streamer not to UB EI. Not picking on I get that and make the lifetime ban. I think is absurd because to question my loyalty first of all to the station you notes I turned down and you is really nice girl down. Eight job at a newspaper in the city that paid close to double. And make her. That's you said that not me and I hit a terrible time instead because I wanted to be with W the loved Michael her talent and I want to start writing for the website. Wanted to do more on their Stossel unlike David Price you and I looked at what was more important in the job enough money and not exactly took less money and want it to be yours grow too loudly and I love what I do for the website I love what I do one year I love all of my few months here. On cell. I've been I've been a loyal soldier made that mistake I've been a while solitary Benedict may prove to that by taking less of myself here so what what should your punishment beat. I think we I think was a suspension I think it's fine you know it's it we we know how they run they have a strict rule book. And that's fine. So I don't know I mean there's some sort of manual labor involved some client would have eight into it did you personally instructed me it's whatever I want you got any time as Crist and I don't know hundred. But the bulls are the guys that taught English as a two week suspension electric originally got today I would say you know what fine and a mistake he got paid the price I. And studies more responsible than you or because I icu as the young naive go getter who's tried to make his way. And here comes the veteran who's been around knows how it's actually thought it would not endorse and exactly in Cuba. This would eventually come back to haunt you and bite you in the I think my biggest value paying the price let's take the biggest mistake I also mean I'm content that I should have realized once I should've mentioned. By the way there will be more about this tomorrow on Kurt how we have an IAA announcement from WEEI they did mention that earlier Felger. I'd when I was on the line I swear to god is a WE. Did I swear let's just go ahead and I don't Ali I don't know where we can hear probably without and they say for you so you. I thought I was on the on I swear to god and I it is solid you're safe from the opposite. Right here right now but it but it did not say it because that's. And I guess you know. Join us on the phone now is Alex river from the conventions that are and how the wedding that break out out Schumer from him he was using it before it yes. I was on the phone that's on hold. I understand that like you'll hear more tomorrow. It's it's old Gloria if I had her but they wanted to support anybody lets an active and he had an additional discussion of it. Is the reason yeah I I do says I screwed up I mean I'd I'd taken responsibility that I screwed up I should have been thinking I wasn't my first thought was this is an opportunity. To get on tile and they don't got any contact with Kirk. Called him had you try to reach out to be left messages I want to but I hear let's just to let it breed Gerri what now. That would normally you'd you'd I don't I don't think he had contacted you want to tip on how to deal with current and oh yeah and January just know it's our source and when did it Elena H Wendy's Wendy Chris Curtis know that you do when they hit on Comcast. And a 435. And it was just look at it there and he said he said he said that's useful in support of you look at the time yes and I'm not again not just setting the scene monopoly and you shouldn't he's not responsible for the decision you know I should've had that force saleable and accountable after adjust your neighborhood and I'm just I'm just so you put him again homes and I'm just setting the that you put him in harm's way to setting the scene. OK okay tell that you don't seem to sent its social what you're what Weiss a manatee. You're here bashing me earlier you say you're ready with a lifetime ban. I don't root elect I'm not I I think you need to be punished he should I use mine either he's unable to and we need to come on this show. And explain yourself with Japan's. It was the Clinton that's a December. I'll (%expletive) ya know we're never procreate your own problems it's not out issue. I saw it and answer your question yes. Which thank you keep going keep go with the guys find out what really happened limited a company to get our money and get myself what was it wait hold on Lucas and SE to pay the money back give money back because initially that was the first option you get the money back. Paid back or come on us. Come on it all math yeah I don't have time to dollars in my checking account right now so I had no choice but to come on preliminary and do that let's go let's listen to me was an off. This so sol Estes the most soulless corporate just ponds just like mole being around there. No future just nothing behind those eyes just listening to these snake oil salesman after snake oil salesman rattling on and on and on about how everybody should be rich. Everybody should be successful and if you're not it's because you're not trying hard enough or it's because energy levels are right right. Because indeed got to sell books right so. I saw it got a bunch of stuff so the whole hugging. Deal with Williams that they were using I think people think people where they tell you the hogs thought he knows editor Dotson was speaker got any reaction of people sitting on their hands walking around that convention center eating six dollar slices of greasy Sicilian pizza you know five dollar water bottles. That whole deal. I'm the only speaker got any reaction as Tony Robbins because of his name. But he goes up there and clearly stalling for Brady who has a couple of hours while Leo. The holes that are really close to three yeah now it was originally. Advertised for 330 Robbins appearing breeding an omen but he sent at the top of his sat. They can't leak practiced yet so we're standing by waiting for them Belichick would not make. Nixon was he just improvising as he was that it was it pretty quick so he would tell it cliche. It would say this daylight you know and as you want more you want more it. Hillary feels any written now we demolish a little it's hard you get now I have to try. But. Could you tell us government it's time. They would tell a tall tale it's illicit Talbott a seven year old nine. OK do I now competes and Iron Man competitions across the country seven years old. Top exporter like but understand you are she decided. I'm into an amateur he has yet or a longer taker in the front of the energy was right with there's seized on it now she's you know world class shopping they would tell. Cliche. Then at the tall tale and it court that you know coincides back cliche and then we he would play dance music in at one do you walk on gas and now this is not that he would tell us energy in the room Sox when he got up first thing. When he first started his sect he does energy by the way here socks and if it continues to suck like this you're not gonna get what you want. But he sat in not likely winner crucial did what like smiled or stood up as loud as they start asking what are you looking pretty plates and Swedish house mafia and answered our cell. What about so Britney finally shows up and as heat hollering dizzy give us toward each interview just throw 40 he did have to worry interview with an omen in Brady Brady an Olympian awareness but he was a sixth round draft pick. He was getting system treats as a starters a fourth. The fourth on the depth chart building audience knew and worked his way up OK I and that still dry unreasonable for Zia. He has five and I don't want to and a into this settlement he also was a late round draft pick was an underdog especially quarterback. Flew out to California. Is first couple years with the team he what you know play catch with pre. In California has he wanted Tom to you know want Tom to be is guys so he told her. A period forty. 3045 to rejoin the thirty to 45 minutes after get past that was the sixth round draft pick and I worked my hats off as more brought in on again about his body important help this is operating now. This was saying was boring. But he was into. His eyes were lighting up a little bit he's very passionate he is when you talk about the fitness and health and nutrition is the home half hearted he believes how many times it got what is diet pliable outs better with the upcoming round out her was not mentioned by name but he dimensional TB twelve programming all that was at I think ultimately. This that this thing was beneath Tom Brady and the greatest quarterback of all time does not need to go to a soulless corporate Howell like was with capital yes we couldn't get me. What that's the thing happened here and that he's gotten a huge for me just be associated with this kind of marketing this kind of snake oil marketing for watts is. He's getting oil royalty in our got a book he's got a book coming out to be twelve MBI obviously you initially thought it needs Tom Brady more than Tom Brady needs Tony rob. Now but you'd be surprised that we look at because were were cynics were in that the senate business here he's not he's the business right now where he's promoting. That you can have great health you can have a positive outlook it is right up his Alley. This this Tony Robbins that is historically it's it isn't known as an and it's it's a it's a means to when and like if you talk about the big picture tumble one he's gonna retire here. I just hold his hold BO TB twelve in the book and nutrition are telling the Halloween candy to this doesn't purpose of this is this is this do this for short money. Just to be able to get some loyal followers at some point time they're going to be your soldiers they're going to be carrying the water for you and your mentality your philosophy that'll work. Also wealthy here because there's Bethany Frankel supposed to be and that's the we Nestor. Plus what about the guy from. The profit all he was that all Marcus lemon is on grounds are real visual artist guy is that I've never lot what caused the profit yet there and I don't think I don't know is that little limits while I was you worked so he got told us that vulnerability is a key to success as has Bulger is usually preying on people who are vulnerable known and not quite nice edits are your vulnerability that was it in a relationship guy willing to cry into yourself and move to this young woman you stand up onstage different thousands of strangers. And talk about how her father was a drug addict. Her mother was not hot they're awful parents you weren't there for her she feels great resentment towards them especially because they are great grandparents to her son. To cease crying telling us this really intimate personal story and a let me this then thinks about it for a minute. Does it now I think you're resentment is real but it's time to link. And Arnold had to concede the therapist right it's like yeah days of life and fatter that's no problem. That's my big process in public distrust anybody that's been their froehlich I years Audrey you wanna see forever this guy at chat. Claimed to be a millionaire means you want to share the data to permanently higher than are ten believe expect we'll see jets giants even believe. Now we're not quite don't think it's like in knowing is but he said it's not surprising to him and him and Tom Brady does have to. You know they have a kinship with Tony Robbins he goes you know many successful people ball Tony Robbins just like you as slippery as we say it wasn't a surprise. The Brady was in the isn't sure. Trade me tonight the other things you said. Is that that wasn't. When he wanna be liable for anything so he made sure that he he he may should anybody in the in the audience knew that this wasn't his event. Right it was Nicole right Robin now and what it does most of that he was giving you may all be yes and he made that abundantly clear in his first echoed her so somebody it don't Sony Toomey of disclaimers I am not responsible. Now. City it is of it was them. That's why they bring these guys out like I think it's that it's pronounced. Low moments but anyway yeah. He's well very wealthy he buys all of these companies that are in serious trouble okay for its turn them around like an RV world he's got a big kids are leagues yeah so he's done. Great you know so you have but you bring people into an auditorium like that and they look at somebody successful mistakes and they don't think they can be that person right. Other brands and that's why they do you know it is it's all you know you're not successful is because you're not trying to you're not successful it's because your energy is right today they want you to -- there and answered everything right answer despite her book either program and being rich is the most important thing in life in the easiest thing and it and it but it doesn't help you go back to read it again you're doing it wrong exactly so. Do you plan reaching out to Kirk or units to speculate him reach out you. I don't think he's gonna reach out to me on my plan is to bring the weekend hot minute went anyway next week or early and another is ice and get ice forming this this is just regular all the years since I don't figures mean dollar appeal the lifetime ban is allowed it to appeal the Libor and I did it again and the end of the day there responsibly follows me I was not thinking at all. On I should've known better. I'm not making excuses but I would doubt again say it was not was not a conniving thing I do not think I was scoring anybody at the time. On and I also say that I don't know what. It doesn't get it notes and I think adults can just after. Again I ask you is already. Never on the floor. A Tennessee here's your opportunity right now -- not gonna reach out to you years singular opportunity to listen listen he's listening right now OK you have the floor we do we need music or no we don't need music mrs. Heart you know notes will be announced over the head ready and go. I have given a lot to patch on me tonight and I'll stop art and I it's not an ID kits are you ask you corporate I don't 200 IIO. Oh when to get up to start over again this cut that you're racing ready. Go trick in Jerry brought means. I owe a lot to if not my entire WEI Korea to the stripe had no Kwanzaa but that is obsolete not to they've been by my side. From the get might set a lot and I think what might burst appearances on the show it in my first month I told I gave off the more on 9/11 line. They could have cut it with me right then and Nancy you know what we refined that this kid. He says stuff like this he major bring us over the line we don't need that they stuck by me through that they've stuck by me through a lot they've been my number one I'm so stupid it was good. The cases Lou it is my number one he's talking occur here and it's. I listen I want and I will never forget that and that's why it's on to meet this morning when I heard arts and Kurt and Jerry you don't come to Sony and. To the so often alaskans like. I know you I know you're a little bit you're really bright guy and the thing I love about you is that you're willing to him is to come trying to build a month before tearing down here alone. And so your president and leaders of you do you think this could felt this stuff markets and business leader. You know that the company was pay. Paying for you to go to this ascent and the purpose was to report on my WE DI Airways imagine him wider thing you saw them. Why would just thinking you're and I wasn't thinking Comcast called me that and you come on to do opponent returning Gary my first thought was. WEEI it was grates in the 08 B this is a I'd go to war opening for Comcast and selfish no doubt about it. But I'm owning that was my first spot in the future when this happens if this happens I will think differently now than there are a lot more perspective I also need to think that today. Ominous fulltime job here I'm no longer that like wide eyed young kid like it's great all they want me short now after more respected and not apt to make better decisions than. There is no question. On so I don't have to the mistake I was and I think that's the money and again and decided to be at the topic ahead. You can understand I think when he I think you can understand it I mean a lot of people lined it was Smart but I was inaugurated a stake. It was nice you have to obviously it's more about. The team with Kirk than it is here on dirt doesn't like a lifetime. Jerry curator and wanna suspension. But yeah I like feel like secretary Bolton but. Did but release girls you know Hersh drinkers. It's really it's all for the tankers the holes are so what do you so what do you do now to is do you like him hang outside the office do you just wait to make eye contact you know you know. Somehow make sure you run into woman just all come and an excellent. We made I don't maybe a that you're too much about it. Is this breaking it does open you you've you've been accountable about it but and in what do what's gonna happen in the spins for a couple weeks. And then to hype up your return and it's going to be highly rated children. Yeah editing and then into exile shred Q for both for hours and be fine you're always welcome here jerk this is this is the nest you welcome here. Well it got to became an Overland coming up the big east and yea you're welcome here always. Every. Their particular not to smoke like that the act Canada and that's really yankees you've you've you've you've never done anything on Cass right Lou totally just mildly. Good guy good guy that's right. I did something happen with the Red Sox for example at 4 o'clock in your schedule for Comcast at 630 would you say no. Seem that from a slam on their. While the heated baseball if he's working he's working two gigs the difference is and what else can where you buy out of this and I pointing out now he's for -- yeah and of income I kind of platform to talk baseball you have when he didn't discuss honestly we don't do it here is boring most of it yet and I missed your baseball guy they listen and wonder like he works for rules Comcast and WB yeah you work for lead and I obviously gave away a service is like nothing I agree. I agree the difference I thought I that this was a wait for meeting at night taken might but he adds that the and that's that's all announcements you know on the guys go. On the eyes star anchors this August. Love. Now what I was not permitted there's nothing more can say I screw off I'm not doing that show. I don't want to you know attorney was firing back that's not me totally. Take responsibility for my actions I just hope that trend is firing back at Twitter yes you. No lie at the south now she's not happy with cart and now he's done he's mocking and the program she's mocking the band yeah yeah he's mocking and I take it and very serious doing the ice it occur to me when I last week so I think that probably was the so just to clarify. Kurdish new around 4430 you're gonna come cast it dead. That's again not it's I'm just saying Sony and it's not yet. Yes I Saturday not to deny responsibility it is not like this I just him resort on the whole I didn't Curtis looked at a business big gallery want to Hillary it looked at with a stiff guys if you are on our show and you what with Paul and Paul to a full force thirty Ugoh Comcast I'd be pissed DePaul. Even more so yeah. Let's let that happens these Arctic and you know they can win I don't know these two young he's need to be protected but there are older he always. I'm not only is that on you and John young and yes. Talking zero dollars and right I don't know as a learning experience. On late in the future won't happen again but it's because I just as I was looking out for number one you're inspired by Tony Robbins is totally actually that's featured so another words your future right now is always wondered all based on. How sympathetic. Kuerten and hands gonna. Were allowed to erect for the what does that eighties and he's a very sympathetic guy like pared it very forgiving great credit he never holds a grudge over world. I hired you to here's you know once every few weeks and filling in for money at night you know Meehan butts kicked in back to carry your president for his idea history it's sure to be real happy on Monday with us as well for revenue. I mean you're I think we did a favor we're considered the bridge were bridging them back together with some patching this government want to get to the bottom of the war zones good. Why I archive I don't at all right I don't know anything with solemn oath did you. How do you feel better about it extradite him either of them that are about bursting point and you're good change and what he heard us. Yeah that's his expenses like to appeal the lifetime chance for a so how long do you think it should be should pay militants who just. Just sort of like Xilinx isolated cell phones and now here's your appeal. Bid and a half I don't know last. I'm Lori had a better better article does our Goodell. I can't tell dreamer may be there that's in the morning show with thirteen kill him maybe yeah maybe now we get back to the phone calls talk about. The whole situation with another guy and probably make it future as they are you and David Price given up next we return to more affordably Merck moaning and Fauria. It's forget it sure you have the audience and I am happy. And this college Sports Radio WEEI. Do you have any comment. You know. So reminded. Talk growth that we talked about it Boston didn't talk from Boston. I'm asking you is that is that your understanding is that you can't. You can talk to today rules. There was must start today so he's looking into the room. Hopeful models buffalo the most. So eventually had to sit down sometime this week and it maybe today. And book we'll see we'll see how it's handled and then they'll be follow ups of people that will go to John Farrell in it Alaskan tonight private comes. That's what Johnson as a private counselor. Stood back to the phone calls talking about priced at 6177797937. Years Chris I Chris. They are going. In and the marshy it is it's a shame bloody price of academies. As they used some about the game of baseball became more chore than actual came in and you know I would just. How many kids around and around Boston around Massachusetts and we look at him look at that place where you bet as clinical. I don't think he assured him why he gets it sure. He's just signal to earn you crap all over it's like all these you know every. Anybody would give dale left arm you know all of us severstal will look to do you wish you that. And it's just it's a. Not a lot of Choi united popular canard that he has he puts a working because he has to knock. It is it's what is sad is that he's an extremely talented pitcher. That is pitching in a city that desperately wants him to succeed and don't care what he thinks and he's allowing outside interference. From achieving it. You made a great point before we should I think about eight or where it was like get to go to Tim McDonnell. A bit but when he came out of breast X this can turn came out in the rotation he nailed it. It out of everywhere. And Alberta archer convinced that if David Price for not here and was pitching at the level. That he pitched at two years ago. That even though even though he was saying. Oh wait a minute even hold on it may be even with seeing some of the stuff he's saying right now. People wouldn't care fans would be supportive and escort corner of the stuff that meet people that so they'd be pissed off yeah. CNN's corner. If you want the respect that he wants people got you know what you you know hoped to people. People would stop in the autumn so he doesn't have to put ointment on at least arched and after he had that ball down and he can't be given a 67 he runs. But that's all it comes down to so everybody loves how many times have we heard the first few months this year of course sales attitude. What active he's been warning. He's been pitching and striking out and plus guys every night. If Chris Sale struggles in August and September in this team. Ends up falling outs of the playoff race because Chris still their ace is unable to go and give it to him every fifth day. It's irrelevant what he says people are gonna be all and are they not yes. Yes. And using Sony can do. Is throw the ball well. And let the opinions organically to sort of change as far as like blog crystal ball great right now this is this is what we want it. But EE did that on Saturday. And he comes back three days later and just change the narrative. Because of himself. So again he needs last year was last year the starting point I'm starting over. I'm go to these guys are gonna like because I'm gonna throw the ball while starting over to new year will we had the injuries he couldn't do with that. So when you come back from the injury and you have a decent outing. It did you have a really good outings okayed this is the starting point. I'm gonna come out and I'm neutral ball the sub three in the first 678 outings and people gonna love me. But now he just resent it because now it's got to start from here because he gets to the media and anyone else got bombed in New York. He's kind of just there's nothing that can get him out of this other than throwing the ball well and keeping his mouth shut. He may be incapable of doing right now. He may be capable and meet you start last night he could locate the ball could locate her at all welded it and that's just it me want to get to your kind of I don't know fooled a little bit based on his last performance in the first performance was ever the Ali if they don't. Exceeding your expectations though block 202 people. Right yeah then the next round against Baltimore and the wildcats pretty good are back already never needed to go back to Pawtucket K great decision by John Farrell. And there's got to be some some yeah some some options on downs and this is one of the balance we said yesterday and Williams figured out yet and what we said we all thought he was gonna have trouble. Last night that it is today and tomorrow can we look at this three year track record against the Yankees. Wasn't good company hasn't actually right. It is a struggle against these different. And it's here or there but do we even have their part when the reporter asked him about like. But New York what is it about New York these Iranian. I'm fine against New York provide good years in 2015. I think he said he went six final guest. Didn't know if it's a apartment with three and one in five starts with a four point 08 ERA now. Five starts the first the first already had that year 2015 went to a thirteen and hits eight runs that's not good. But then after that who's next for the ball really well against him. Really well at once something but still it's of 2015 a through grade against them at six starts to go six and 5. Starts he went 31 with a four point 08. So so it's just. I I don't know all right it's not the politics like the playoff questions I'm ever wanna play have questioned other. A lot of price after being the opener and it doesn't really count out the thing and it's this it's the same routine without label everything the time it's the same here. Army shooting thirty was 2015 he's had a through ball extremely well against those guys two years ago 2015. Bones. Six and August New York Yankees so it's. No it's not a case of different had my fair share of bad games against these guys from four loss of foam ball moved from Wilkinson to its own. This is it's a tough on its recipients look forward an excellent doing. Again he wasn't six and owns three with a four point 082014. Point two with a five sevenths everybody starts in 20165. Starts. You won in three of the 79 in a bomb last night against a problems. That's the problem you look at the three you know six and six bring it on an hour session just he's just sort of almost instantly and don't talk. And it throw the ball while he next time don't talk. And just put together six or seven runs his V didn't gap the other night there have been plenty of people called up to discuss the bombing of the last night if it happened anyway. And it would have been more rate you'll reasonable people notice that there's atlas and still to build up phase he was great on Saturday he wasn't good last night. You know I'm more concerned with what he looks like 67810121520. Starts from now. That AM last night New York keep a bomb but but instead. Yeah apps. He goes out he gets ripped he gives people more ammunition. That's always doing. She and I think even hotter and so I think he's setting himself up for any real. Tough time here so if he gets to the point right now. Which is I don't believe that people wanted him to fail. They want the team to win they may not like him right now but they want the team to two win and therefore he's got a pitch well for them to do. But let's say Tuesday night for example he's going on Tuesday. If it doesn't go well you know wildly Democrats going again holding our panel. And you know one week and I said this room. We're gonna start getting into the phase were one of the top. Topics on all of these shows in the city are going to be is David Price going to opt out of his deal next year. And the audience out there the crowd. May start pushing and urging him to leave if they don't think it's a good deal for him pitching in this city. Setting himself up. To make it even more difficult for him to succeed you're right and he needs to shut up a lot here work your ass off not saying they you don't. And wind chill you have to do what should go back and public will love you public beloved they want you to win. But I think he's setting himself up for people are going to be will be sitting here next if it's gonna be if you think the Brady go rock below question. It's going to be a heated topic on Sports Radio which you see what. Pressured opt out. We TCU and now now now now that's a good decently. You set a good or better than decent it's mature they are harsh did it's not gonna think well I am really bear. Like a building bridges and helping people out immediately relocate itself and wait if you don't mainland and you brought recurring love connection I want doesn't really get a bridges we've heard many in let's we we burn those birds before we'll be back in those murders of course you don't already Richards I don't look automation and a half only to get along with friend of everybody like you like to get along with people actually easier lifestyle until vulnerable place though that is simply don't have a list you're one of those lists. I don't know you who you are seeing guys that you just play both sides constantly like people bowl so I don't Sadr I take sides if you somebody doesn't like if you don't like Kirk you have a problem with it takes sides are known as I cherish every you're my little review I don't car rental backbone. You know back that the jury you can raise serious. 8 this morning Christiane you know to get homework assignment this site hawked like an odd that the Red Sox need to score more runs. And at price has to be better they go and that there Dorismond. Did you come up what you see is that we've limited you can sit in particular today it will take full right now you know most people would say the weather heats up and the roots and expansive gonna come alive until you they're not coming I Arnold want to. I'm coming why you applause I have why are you avoiding the issue why you really my questions a love connection is what I told her what was it they'll go to two for you didn't do it once again doing what everybody did their work everybody put in extra time Nokia. Surgery. It feels different you are my mom always out of your I think it's obviously didn't I found out I tried to guide. That's all tolerance and taken a week in the bullpen can. And keep him pitch so yeah. For our team just released which I think that I like to get along with everybody thinks I'm I'm having difficulty getting enough food it needs. Was my budget that we often and you can't even I don't. A city what you want a better way to do lose weight if you don't miss Brendan. Ryan had surgery in your mouth I would get back to the full capacity arena against candidates and Julian and deal is he happy with us talk a little bit about the game but the game. Is he happened with the staff plus they got a hot take William basketball and then move them out of shocker is well I'll bring Roemer. Will be back to Mora to jocks I like working with jocks as you can. A little bit and bingo on Sports Radio WEEI. Starts right. Two years you've been good Monday Tuesday. Wednesday Thursday. I just got to get in the mistakes he gets only. Friday he actually went right away get a whole weekend to be able to drink heavily in the tobacco Monday and they feel it's up to the program. There's a market Springfield landmark. You know I thought I thought Alex. Like really did a great job of Apollo I mean he was he really took responsibility however. In that laughter I wanna say minute maybe. He blew it. In the took we haven't Lou took away his script. But that's true that back I forgot about that he reeled it back in suits and saying something really stupid article you have the audio but it was quite. I'd I would if I would many hand I was wit then wit then wit him and all about click. I'll dude really you just said that. Will lose it to said that. And let's remember exactly he reeled it back in court was all about me and initially initially it it's the but he become self you look back at these guys that are pretty good job he's basically our buddy did agree I easy it. If you check it out you'll see what I'm talking about he liked he was right at the point. OK it was all on me and then he couldn't go there just at a cola back here. Yeah entry if I'd look at that went back I don't look young Chinese imports were there she is Susie. She's going full. Let's go above and Waltham high bomb. How god I'll I got a message for David Price statement. You know we thought we gonna get really good pitcher and we have eight sort of look at yourself and pizza at Keeneland is good. But when you're doomed Stuckey did the other night. And by the way don't call us hope that you played against the Yankees with other teams that pisses me copy of the whole walk. A light and you don't trust. US Saigon against the Yankees now you have we're going to against the Yankees but doesn't work here in Boston. Went up connections should really read what it doesn't deserve to be just when you're not the one well I don't know public places isn't there wolf they would not say where real people were. Welcome Boston David. 07 with other teams that means careers are forced 69 ERA. Against yankees 1411 in his career. Thank goodness it's great pitcher in nearly for a long time in camp and those are not good numbers. Aren't that's not good numbers. We want an improvement on last year last year if his name was not David Price. You know Cy Young award winner runner up. You know biggest free agent we you expected BER rated B a little lower that's all and you could argue he would give Goodyear. It Goodyear he didn't live up the expectations. Here you know maybe they were too high. But it was it. Career high any direct. Soul that's not living up to expectations. Built on a comeback this year keep emotion pitch. And we're three starts and he's case after one good starting could have. The biggest fear I still have. Is that he's gonna go blocked their attempt to do it and we're gonna find out that he is a physical ailment or what they said tomorrow. That if you are 25 or 26 they would recommend that he undergo the night. And the fact that he isn't there saying well you might have some mileage out of it might be able. You know work your way through it suppose it can't work its way through it Lou when you get this season. Which is what you've got hear him attempting to come back and just every once in line to pitch well but then can't sustain it over a long period of time find out. He now needs surgery and you lose all of next season or. In any ops in the ops in at that point and really there's no way he's giving up on 33 million dollars. A year he don't have Broxton middle bar fight Brock. Very young yet. I don't suggest some. Their price and ordered Lisa cone Kenny powers unit some of those same parallel those look at. I mean he went from being in a decline in value blaming everybody else and eclipse and again against them. In takeaways are Arnold look at our result and up and rock want remark come back in case. All of us and Kenny powers quote slow that would be that would be great I would love some of that when you're not only so inevitably I had a great I love that you. The black and dealers that is really think else. State. Institutional care pitch but let's not capable of doing let's say right now physically. He's not to the point where they have to do surgery but he's not to the point where he can go and beat his old self. What if he got a new hints about Sonia. Because that pit them all that money everybody's expecting him to go up there and pitch like an ace. A lot of it has to do with and it's much at the offensive or certain individuals but what's going on around him. You know as well you know it's just. In other words if he if he gave you he gave you last year for the rest of the season and had a sub four ERA. You it's it and stay cool and goes on its sales pitch and I level imports almost pitching and I level. Andy he's that your three pitchers pitching at a high level whether reconsider and number three or non. Of the opinion. DL. Support cells not thrown a ball well. Sale is head six starts that or electric six starts that war and you know it's scenic we set about the offense you know bull he's not mean for power while OK if Italy was doing anything. It all of Jackie you know always get blow more consistent move key was plainly Keith mitnick he was last year Munich. If it so that everybody else around them collectively. They did not. Put you thought you'd collectively they're all under performing. Except for maybe Mitch Moreland. And amateur eighty standard and you'll power while the other problem Borland is there's no consistency of this as we go. I don't Jackie Bradley junior intimated he does it for a couple weeks and right now like it's a Kimbrel. And Robbie stock Campbell Campbell's off the track cameras the best closer in the game right now Kimbrel Kim was the best closer Rodney Scott. Moreland. I think Bogart's I don't people want more pot another update on what Karl Kimball the best in the biz were well. And lest you just keep our army uses. Aspire they what here's the thing the if you come up with one really good once she got budget crappy ranking until they wanna lay up ball we yeah fun Friday just at that. I gotta let love connection funeral I doorway Kimbrough is would you say one of the best he's the best right now the captain obvious here that that's closer to another work again always moving around and walk on the no hold on let's tackle I love the energy was right let's say maybe he should they be Kimberlin was like kind of like dipping into it you know slightly put the toe in the water. Maybe Kimbrel ask is that what authority he did save me beat him. And I don't know why don't oversee may be Kimbrel liabilities as you said we're talking about guys who it is one of the best and I would he's rough he's got a note yesterday. Moreland and I would city Zander even OP I don't want more power. It's a vast piece when it while the defense of that one in a tight you know a little bit under the net. Beyond. I got hot basketball team from you do next hour we'll look at but yet. I know. Kong and Europe yourself that your. Which only produce well on Austin you're love connection segment coming up man love connections as you walk him through them next just that would mean did you know I did my homework you run salad shrimp now when Alex got to bombed and there was reluctant candidate here have you ever.