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OMF - The baseball gods got to David Price last night 6-9-17

Jun 9, 2017|

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea for David Price to get off Twitter for a little bit. John Farrell had some transgressions that were made public; is it possible for Manager John to relate to Price? And would Price even want him to?

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On you read he. Beats Fort Wayne alimony and 48 probably give you some homework tomorrow morning. With a hot and smoking since the league baseball did not. Telling you to do it I would do it just so I think so good I don't think you can do I. I don't need him you'll stop everything I'm not sit here and go Adam about it about eight I've let David Price is Michael little your raw. Wrong about David aren't my cup ball or with clay and Lou and Christians in the best right now critics are bitch and complain if you come into tomorrow shut out a chilly day with an idea so yeah. Different not a big for me that compliant and are now on Sports Radio WEEI. We'll see. If you're planning on coming up tonight some possible. I'm a friend of everybody senator I mean I don't know I'm okay what reserves are probably. Does anyone that but I'm just wondering if you are not because. Be good for the show good for the ratings that recoup the foursome with outing on right try enforceable and I would probably gonna get a expect exactly what you're doing so my marriage until just the facade. It was just a beer don't love you just hide my my true feelings these possible bottom of your camp earlier home at a mere yeah like hey guys you like getting married. And just user why it is like it's telephones not a parent it's a fourteen term for girl who's doing a solid for someone. They don't know about it never heard that all they don't know and I don't know about and I was gonna arrangement you know they don't miss a moment. Connecticut with these these legal term you know the beauty alaskans only usable so I'm fine outside I know he's an I'd be somebody told me like me guys that'll dot com and we know today announced here is a little dolls OK so so where were they had a median. I'm down there on the large incredibly large car over the al-Qaeda are our 75000 seat them 5054. Chairs to demand. Our I'll get confidence zero yeah fired into Ariana and. I think David Price does indeed speak last night because he does speak on days that he pitches. He really saying much and will the media and not. Little bit reluctant to ask him about what had transpired over the previous 24 hours they kind of waited until Leann so let's start from the beginning in case anybody missed that. And he talks and they do asking the questions about. What are you just what they just saw. What if your emotions as much as of the last 24 hours it's good afternoon. Now who was not tough at all focuses in this. This is baseball before Hawkins who happens to the best of the best in him. I happen to me tonight to go home see my family's located some one dog's mother in law. All the little problems. You have any comment. You know. So reminded. Talk growth and he talked about it Boston we'll talk from Boston. I'm asking you is that is that your understanding is that you kind of you can talk to today rules. Who has not started so you wouldn't be and often multiple among the most. That was it that was the extent of everything you touch and that was at the end. Of his post game interview shall we talked about it a little bit about the Yankees and what they did to him by the ways dog's name as aspirin and that he saw on the sidebar wanted to make sure Arnold sidebar I. I don't anticipate and get an inside the effort that they really added that Medicaid and all his name is everything isn't your image and his mother laundering and get everything. I see help. All of them. So reminded. Are straighter one thing I took from that. Now. The baseball players would probably say knowledge is the way it is but so you're telling me that's. The day that he pitches. You can't talk them at all. You can't have any dialogue with them whatsoever. Only baseball related issues. You can't say you can't have a sit down with them about. Him blowing up on a reporter the day he's pitching at the wait till he gets back. But I also needed okay yeah well it wasn't pitching that day can bring a mini could sit down. Talk to 1520 minutes but McCain pitches they have a routine. Owner trainer room they do that I see that they do nobody whatever their routine is to get ready may come apart a little bit later comes a Barkley and anybody else. So the only time for general talked rumors after batting practice but it made you talked of during batting practice but he's didn't you know. Massage whatever is ice heat you name it. And after batting practice and erode its like 630 in the game start you know and so this. I addition talked a minute they should talk to today when I'm curious. What is that conversation because once again. Don't talk about price. You know jungles right to this and he works hard he's a great teammate. They get now that's the authors ever debatable. None of it it is just sick of it's this stuff it's him talking condescending view little whiny little baby registered that stuff so what is the conversation like. Well they're not gonna say do one juror whiny little baby because that that that defeats the purpose. The PRD calls a manager John with sarcasm and that's due to what is is it a decade gave you know and we don't what is it just you have to. And these guys can be hard yeah artistic about it not knowing his opening page Bristol or. Is it being different and David Price Gordon pitched like it stop let African average relic or Scott lobbed a repeat brick and Abraham get you don't. Or anybody it's sports talk radio or anybody anybody on Twitter. Just let all pulp and wood here to play baseball. Just go. Play any if anyone can release to which just this summer similar criticism and issues and your personal life being involved in the based in and injured in the game that you play. Would be Farrell manager a manager John never amount from his girlfriend twos issues every. Texas that's not so well with all the people not a question what does that but that's our job that's work Farrell may have some this cost plus hobby because the player may look at exit and you talking about with me. He can he give you samples of going out with one of them know him and it apparently you can give an example it wasn't he was separate from his wife friend I mean we're gonna get a disease that she's stepping stone was having an affair with the media person he personally was showing up. In the what what was he was he has done is he'd separated from north. What did you do what will you sit on the US and leads Edwards air and Betsy used to use they get an advantage but no he didn't work. All of it would you want. What I'm saying that it if I'm a player. I'm looking at it John Farrell tries to tell me how to deal with the media. And he has already had himself a relationship. With one of those said media sit here and say what. Hell no I wouldn't say out of that's always telling you by should have would have that you can. Now I am not here's what you don't do I'd been through it ice covered up I did at the wrong way. As a do what you want your grown ass man but I did it's tough here Buddy Guy got a but this is what this is how you should packet or is it your honor. Doing it by saying I did the wrong way so if he uses is himself. As an example for what not to do with the media and I would say could be productive if I don't know if that's the example of doing something at NC to look. But I idealists and the noise. There's of people saying the bad things about me give more school on my personal. There people say bad things about me as a manager. You know their eyes on guys don't they just laugh I haven't played the Red Sox and the government is now I don't I don't. I don't let it affect me I'm I'm trying to do my best to let it all go. And to do my job and that's what you need to do. You know and we said this even back in early season with anybody goading him as they get off to enter when he can handle. Well I think at this point if I'm working with the Red Sox have bumps in Kennedy from Dave the brows deep on the PR department. I think it's obvious that he's not handling it any can't handle it any does need help no matter what he sets. You know I guarantee that can deal with them it could change Myanmar there could be differently to beat me and I can deal with it while you're not dealing with a you're digging itself a bigger hole. To school pitching shut up witnessing their party had that conversation with him about Twitter. He's a grown as Manny you sit there and say and do whatever I want and I can handle an excellent okay and he leisurely. We still march of this because you know what he says he can handle. Is he thinks he can teach and do everything on number one pick overall a scholarship the vanity. Came here shine. Was this was that all star Cy Young you name it he can do everything nobody can touch David Price and control my life I do everything I'm not gonna change I meet somebody that he can do everything but he can't do this and he needs help OK so that's exactly what he did last night when he was asked. Questions about it he didn't back down to the way he dealt with with Evan drone strike did not let them. Not one iota. And then basically gave very quick answers that he brought in the wife and family and the dog and everybody else everybody mother in law prime market really ought to get it directly senator yeah exactly are you strap it up to the heart that's what he did but I. I think he handled it the right way last night that's the way you handled. Can't back down. The kids act out against it there's OK I was wrong I'm sorry guy it's just he and I clearly evident drought like violating apologize. Is key to why. Because he's exactly what you said it was a number one draft pick this is are we she's not gonna do. Well you say is different strain it's not he's not gonna do it and should he. I mean he absolutely should go to Georgia and dissidents in a cement lost my cool the other night. Tweet somebody tipped me off to a Tweety yours. At some other issues with you maybe in the past with different tweets so all my might have heard you once or Fred and I lost my cool. Now won applause was talking about doing it privately it is another thing about doing it in the media scrum us. The media scrum I'm not sure that was on the fitting place I don't do rather have been great became passionate and Sid heal but I just. Owner justice myself we I lost my cool last night and I took it out on. Somebody had issues with an icon lump everybody together because this ridiculous to set top level Italy writers you know what's going on behind writers on it now on him. OK but you know what's happening behind the scenes. Those other players are they hate the media that can't stand those guys the most of those guys kiss their ass on a regular basis and all I sees positive stories by all of the brightest on all of those players don't take any of them to test and yet. Those players are citing behind David Price behind closed doors this magnolia yet go get them yeah that each uniting those players. That's setting before the crap that no arms dealing with your best friend you know how he was deal and everybody else was dealing in net in that clubhouse so most players are united. If I lost nearly two I think Colin Dunlap what are the other players. Repeatedly tried to tone to let ago did you listen to though that the minority. This is not how people feel about you you need to let this thing go it's a distraction. Since it's a distraction right now and you let it affect you. You know and and it's not just go to a couple of people whether it's sports talk radio there was no quarterback that note or whatever. You're responding to the minority in your being vocal and you treat everybody that they feel that way and it's not true. Christian you know what though no more as responsible as he put a yellow eight. Around his whole area he was like like you're sharing a room with his brother and no I'm coming on his side of the room for stuff it was red team picture reds in here in the Colorado College you need to do is we did a form. Mike Stanley did because we're all talking about the media sustain a buddy be funny. Put it around no one is locker. And mediate came men. It was the but no market. Stock Enron scandal was the one that did it he in on it. So you've clarified that they but the pilot for years but you don't think listen you you don't think the players on fighting him. Right now David Price with the way media this year really. When they should they should not yes if there was a leader I had to say David what are the division but to your State's theory isn't do you think they are now. Yes they play I don't know what's so they use it as motivation to use it as motive other cells that slopes rip off and he's popping off to after the game need to worry about finding a sicker. You know I mean it's a I don't know there is you know Bigelow played baseball league low wing games. But at the leadership in you wonder he's at their wonder so somebody should set institute gonna let this Banco. Yeah actual I tell what lead to a it. For a minute there I almost felt sorry form. Yeah I dated her for a minute there I almost felt sorry for because. If he's gonna beat he's going to be the bowl. He's gonna you know yell he's gonna scream. And he's gonna put his foot down and a few F all of them then you need to come out and you need to bring it. And it was going at it it wasn't like he lawsuit at the end of the game in the seventh inning Garrity dating you know get really jam going in and it just something went wrong there he missed his location and he gives a home run. The first two batters who was the best he had that was that was the best averse to after that. He was struggling to catch job he was just it's Hughes knew was again and well. Of course to your point your great sizzling hot take often. Hit that scored difference in according to beat him. I made one mistake. Price made one mistake in the way that that he's spoken in the last couple days could you could beat up to me. And be a problem is that the fans are far OK and it might be that the wrong guy I don't know what it is history was with trawler guys that beat writers. Yeah we got it back right they have done up until but here's where where he screwed up. What he should have done is when he said I love my teammates who can I love the organization okay two. Third one should have been and I love these fans to the best fans. In the country and I wanna get back to pitching at the level I can pitch right now for these things. He could've dumped all over Evan drug even though I agree which it will than the the beat writers kiss his ass and gets everybody's ass and he couldn't pressure he did a slasher he could have attacked them all he had to do was include the fans with the organization. And his teammates. And he would but he he was doing that placard he was doing that last year even though he was winning games in but he wasn't really pitching grade. Everybody thought he should be pitching better. That's what he knew he lost the game Mayhew would say that you know what I just wanna go out there wanna work hard I want to give the fans what they would they deserve. This on a regular occurrence then after they lost to the Yankees and are celebrating. On the road even though it catches smoked. I had that was it was a quote of and I forget what it was turns 217 is what I came here now acute to a seventeen and it's a yes that's now just in to show is that he was doing everything right and it is like you just general Patricia don't you agree Fiat from the fans and because this is gonna deal with now you're running now and the end of next year. You know most fans are gonna be hoping for. Gotta be hoping that the cops out of his contract. This is such an easy here's a think it's such an easy fix it it really is really simple and he. Talking to this guy talking of that guy and he gold back to two year court go back to one year twelve go back when you first pick but damn baseball. This you're gonna thrive biggest pitch well. But they've ever want we'll forgive you it's and they'll all right stories. Okay like Shockey pride got one right now written in the in the drawer right now that's and while our heat what a comeback. What what an unbelievable year this is how it started this we came from this is where was and now look at it while we love you. That's it right and that's all that's that's only salute. Sure Lackey is a great example of that because that. Lackey was hated by the but the fans the media and everybody far more than this guy has to this point. And what happened when one can turn that around. They'll turn the lights are you in advance John last night you know and his defense again talking about good teammate working part in any system actually believe that he lets the pits for the city of Boston. John I know he doesn't need I mean he's had two with three different occasions to address it. And when specifically asked Hewlett pitching in Boston is I let my teammates. He doesn't. I keep his note of these two talking at all maybe they do you know sit down we calls a manager John John is that in this strange because a manager John pitcher data found out via. They've created a date this weekend maybe they should sit down and urgent issues deet you don't like pitching here. Because he obviously doesn't and Johnson thinks he don't said he loves the urgency I think again but. Of the organization. Loves his teammates said nothing about the fans of Boston we know what he thinks of the media the beat writers. Who suck up to all all those guys PD Abraham by the what did you see the video PD Abraham. That is not his nose last partner stood for that. It's it's still quite that goes on T I still I still don't get double fight in Afghanistan I don't gets almost that you know she was just brilliant. Now I just don't get the whole thing the timing of I don't I don't get it is for sure he was he pitched great in Baltimore. It was positive talk. He would go to one I'll beat the Yankees last night could have taken all this pressure added pressure on because it was added pressure and just picked a good game. And it would been positive. And at some point he needs a starting point. Right you need a starting point were fans sit there so you know what he's pitching well. Among the among them with David Price you know he needs a starting point and I thought he had one coming back in Chicago Baltimore and thought this was it. Globe pitch well in new York and there's your starting point to of people like you know what he's good. B Needham art school pitch. And any does this. Which is pig and it just shut up legislated stocks in the letter he pledged that he won't let her he can implant a city like this this city is is. Is too emotionally. Invested. In the day to day operations of their team and by the way it's far less now. Then it's ever ever he would have it did back in the early the 2000 he would never ever been able to deal with ever. But he is obsessed with. But we're gonna spend the next year and a half this is gonna (%expletive) them off even more. The ongoing topic that you're going to hear more than maybe any other over the next year and a half. Is going to be easy going opt out of his contract as he has an option to be able to say goodbye I'm leaving Boston a guy and given up my money. I six point 77797937. You look them up we go to the phone calls coming up next. It's peace time right now in the morning media relations are actually pretty good food chain I don't really. Scary is he's right now the wartime against him. They are in good good show right now I want to yeah. I hear they have. Figured it out export way more Loney and Fauria fox Sports Radio coming. What's different about 1261777979. B 37 New Year's Eve in Rhode Island what's up Steve. Paid Izod Colin you know I would just tell your producer we all know Croatia as you know we don't want to be little beat. And guy Bullock who said you know we all know you've made comets don't wanna come here aren't good organization doesn't know back amid in the. All I know there moon. And when they make comments saying you wanna come here. All our RPI heard a lawsuit say a few years ago we committed said Richard to lawsuit that you know desire to public what a player Boston. Because double whatever issues I believe I've read that's the case and debate grew so much money out of the kitchen well replace Matt gave misty had. But it for that contract. And the comment was more to do with it he wants to go somewhere where he'll be loved or you want to sound like them you know just certain people. I don't like I put little blame the organization I mean he is what is it not been itching. You know the brits and an old problem. Oh no we want to know he's right I'm lucky he's he has to do this to me at all. I just feel like you know that there's so much money out of and to be there and nobody was the best guy on the market at the time. But such a huge contract. And it's a machine that's part of the problem and I don't ever remember him saying he didn't play here I don't know where you're picking that up here's what they do now. Is he to the most money and he probably should of looked at it and said well it'll keep quality of life. What appeals to me the most and then put that into consideration when I make my decision along with the money. Instead of taking 270. The thing you take a 198 from saint Luke is. Right seven year deals coming your way these discussions with the wife right owed their girlfriend fiancee at time when everyone's. The the thought there's a lot of thought goes into it right is it. So you citizen OK am I gonna be happy in this organization you know. What's his staff like what's his team look like what's his manager front office was the future the organization look like this for a long or they wanna go. And as all of these thoughts that are in your mind. So at some point you settled state this is where I wanna go a mall in write down this is where I want ago. Title back to Bob nightingale peace. David Price teed off Tuesday morning at a charity golf tournament in Las Vegas. Believing you'd be spending the next seven years pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals so when he teed off at a golf tournament. He would in his mind. Thought he was gonna pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals seven years in Eagles on scissors. Roughly at least thirty million dollars the last with the Red Sox off for seven years say a 180 in Eric 55. You've you've made peace for the right. That's rom don't. And get you to today and my manager bikinis my manager we got adequately articulate the live mock walked out of Korean Carlos Martinez and Ellis staff a great team. A tiny least that golf course the size of the reds so he took tomorrow and. All of money the money was the defining Fowler for him or us for half your car around your golf. He'd just pages that they can keep thirty plus more million U how do you say noted and Wallin teeing off similar hawkish on the meat that putt real quick enough or whatever you know what take it. Article goatee on you know would you do you go back to Saint Louis USA I get to seventeen from Boston when you committed to fifteen and Saint Louis is no were out. And all but he made that choice. It was I don't understand it was a lifestyle all of the purse is the only does the money when you start tore away at those goals those Pacman resort or not those type of numbers it is. Even if you hate the city you hate the weather and this is the last place you ever could ever envision yourself living in play for. The money's too good to pass up so that's what it took so okay so way out there what's gonna take you to go to Boston I don't know thirty million dollar more. Done. How do you say no even those like would have been better. Ultimately put his unit and happier to be easier. In Saint Louis. The money was too appealing it was too great of a draw for him to turn out you would turn it down in the real anything about the span of your life. Second years let's but they what was that idea and then I've got no sim teaching career I don't feel bad for all. We had 31 this is a thirty years old this is when you're spending the rest your career. And I like to think that there's a lot of thought. That goes into it it's not just calling my agent saying give me the most money. It is this where I don't be there now definitely seek to electing him going in American League to only American League east. Bad blood I went in and I mean when you reach this stage of your career and your able to call your own shot. The money really is the only team that matters on the free agent I'm at the peak right now. Who is the highest bidder so screw city screws situation. I'll cry in my bag of money that's all that matters. So it would to look at it you're talking of a difference of a million to a million I can see there really be an internal struggle. But when you're talking about he's a pretty close but to me honestly plus you had you even need to think about that David Price while he raised it like nobody talking it's a yes it. To me the answer would be if so it it's just for sake of argument was 7185. From them is nightingale says thirty plus more. If there was they're both offered 185 where we have gone a Saint Louis. And his name her. The body a little bit not bother you bitches and and red flag don't let go to an. It is fluent unsafe and that that I understand nutrition saying I I do the math and I see the difference in eagle god and from from a from an eagle point if you. Looking that I get to seventeen over yet a hundred unity gone highs in a borrowed my god and the management and then that I have no sympathy form now. When he finds out that he can't sustain. What he wants to beat in a marketplace like this when we scrutinize every single page sorry you know you're elected to come into this with your decision. I think Buckley hit on this article today you know because I think. Eck was talking about it he we used. Paid a Martinez is tweets were seized got to realize he's in Boston and excite you put more pressure on self tonight don't get it. Any donate these are the differences the casino. Everybody loves Pedro Martinez allowed to directly with the news that these. Continued issues don't we use issue disorderly existence again yeah. At times yeah you know it was in an of people are but still the difference is that Pedro would call the next night. And shove it up everybody's spot the media the other team every point and right now this is incapable of doing it but he did was he he had that pressure added pressure to himself he went out last line wealth that I don't go around from Cranston grad Ralph. Eight guys in the first double the previous quote it is an organization state they know that now they can't a lot of money to be a double Scotch. And we all see he's not there anymore. But he's got to get into poverty he has to be submissive in this park that is gonna earned his money. He should become adult just saying look I'm shocked at this disorganization and permanent. This is not acceptable I sock and I dice can lay it out because no what's more strict and I actually don't want the book. A signal I think he is adequate because Google doctors to keep so that as well. A bit harder that it is here where I can make public how. That would look at those team afloat just adequate. Then the pressure's gonna get to him and guys are wanting it always like the votes in order to Italy the most like Google a I'll wait retreat look Obama pay you more and it's little or anyone in my organization think section eight puts you better Ernie everybody quote all just sort of a cut you just expect that people are at their money like the Boston against. He sold out. And it could still make it work. If they control him keep him from killing himself. Because that's stuff ralphie talked about to make it all better he says he sucked in Indy you know you guys paid for more he deserved more he said it last year. You see senate over and all over and over again last beginning of the year. It when he lost games two to 13 setter I made a mistake that shouldn't happen even though he knows he pitched well. He was accountable on the camera and after games. But all that's not getting him in trouble. It's social media it's these little interviews where he's you know always. Complaining and just these you don't want all of the oil that's the stuff that's getting him in trouble and so I also think it's his personality considered early he wants to be loved okay. He seems like a decent guy. Let's sit here telling you these are bad guys seems like a decent guy and that may be the biggest thing that's talked to him right now John idol back today title back hold up ice cream thing he did right around town. Now some local and I think NBC Boston sent the set the camera guy over there. It just did prices there to safety she's gonna talk whenever any talk to kids or talk to whoever bought ice cream you don't get all that stuff and you still only DL and these two camera guys are sick Mary looks to them assist Haiti guys have any questions of an industry. And the guy pulls up the Mike and just says yeah how you feeling. With that price dismal looking says it's over and walks away. What. When you when you ask somebody any of the questions of the history. And it's been a harmless humor either taxes and grow are you feeling I'm just giving it after a great man thinks mode right direction thanks raskin. And steady gives them at the look in his eye to walk to weigh in it's like an acute I sit in the Michael. When I do wrong. US that there's anything other than ice cream which romantic I was gonna ask you about Astro answer it EST date exactly so nobody has been. Nobody's been an A holes to him to the sport. Okay nobody else that's untrue and to have that bill but people who Twitter is Vincent L collars and has been some radio hosts yet but not enough. For it to make it affect him as an athlete. And pitcher in this town. Doing your job. All of you comparing it to Saint Louis and you're comparing it to Tampa Bay. I would I would say yeah people have been eight holes but then he'd. Didn't do his research he didn't pay attention to what the city was all about before you came every just put the money. So it's on him now I 6177797. Under trees of a show for tough talk enough with the excuses already. Don't want to pay. There's a lot like John mentally weak. And he's now back or William or moaning and 48 Sports Radio. These phone calls his wife remain in my. Yeah. In my aren't sure yet. Christian are a little while ago prestigious when I'm only solutions and we've always do don't know that it after the break between home. You if you look at it it's. That maybe I just thought this time your little. Ridiculous as say that it would. A quality of life issue to quote 185. Which what seventeen now. I just don't understand what you're dictator he had no choice but take extreme and ball. Really triggered significant change. It's nice but my guys. We needed a change of life okay. I don't know but. Maybe it's maybe it's ego mediate made in the highest paid pitcher in baseball. And that's part of its deep it is it's a scoreboard. That's how guys view because when you look at some of the decisions that have been made by athletes over the years they go to the wrong place and that may be exactly what happened with this guy. Oh but he he elected to take the money pushed. It a money. He's got a seventeen year old kid he sued Google by the current thirty year old YouTube enabled Abbott are geared shouldn't notice how well look the same way to track. This decision cards aren't huge effect next seven year. Yeah this announcement news that are not like. While I know I'm sure it was just look like you. No you sure you wanna go to Boston and can be a tough town and he's at the point in his career with his resume that basically I can handle anything. He knowledge to challenge you know it's a great sports town let's deal with it plus they're gonna pay me more money than anybody. Saint Louis great sports on two but maybe it was a challenge but he can handle most people think they kept mobile and some do. And a lot of people a commission free agents that just that dad offered all stars and I know what to expect. You way to beat them in September or October and I guarantee you that and these anything on this. There's a lot of attention but there's just a lot of attention a lot of passion about it in every game is like the end of the season. The these people with people and not say it's. It's different I think he noticed it and I. I think fans look at it that way because they can't comprehend. A 185. Million. Never mind 217. Million but it is a big issue if you look over the years. Would you say that guys usually take lifestyle. Or did they take the money to the money. I would say in 90% of the cases they take the money it's it's it's what they do and it's got a lot to do with the ego Aronson Dartmouth hello Aaron. They think that McLeod I think out Lotta people have short memories every time I look at data crisis bait I just think about how much under strong last year. And I don't understand what happened to be now part of what he will play a commodity it one game or low. And we trust this guy who has no playoff threat cricket to mentally we. I think we know exactly what happened unfortunately the ownership in that organization changed their mind. Verses. Pitchers over the age of there and what they got two years in Iraq right. I couldn't do that caught my mind look forward Jon Lester I don't know there's if there's any legitimacy to that or not. You re wind probably aquaculture and beard saying he was in tight with Beckett Lackey and that's going are excellent at bat may have played into the region what you want and restart it. I don't I I personally think that the reason was that your organization had a philosophical change. In how they were going to pay people and they looked at the numbers and said it is not a Smart move to an Al internal dialog title for for two. Who to Allen all via 22 pitchers over the age of thirty years of here's Allan hall. That is how we doing guys. You're not limited edition guys you'd rather than I never called let it didn't do this terribly mean. You know I would note I wish to achieve platinum down in Britain everybody else well. You know the guys work in the although. Yeah. Well to get back and it would you go without good intelligence lumps young mother took time it's playing first base there won't play a person based. Well. It particularly good too hard on him no one's ever questioned how hard he works don't have a question he's a good teammate and out. Everything everything that's on him right now he's doing to himself. Alum sauter. He needs instead is let personality. Match went on like. You know I'd give us okay probably yes repetition and then you know everybody go wrong and it's actually about Utah tomorrow. Nobody does so you know the groups as well I don't regret it. And certainly in terms of trying buttons and talked about it in return c'mon you know and don't even bat rather do that were removed now. We'll well we're working tries alone but or where you've been with. We did a whole segment with until we're not I know I know I don't know I don't know I don't know. Roemer found them got them coming on next and it does the good thing really him explained in my house. And career. This is gonna help with the blog like this Miss America is gonna help with the morning of course it all wartime is this is gonna help him the morning or anything so good weather there and do a bit and investigated to future punishment out of the way early he loves you you brought through the business. Man short him now okay he hates me right now on Alice O'Neill is very upset me apparently it was Anderson we got the way it's okay. Auriemma is gonna command that it doesn't come and help. Let's go to a break and remote Amir in the next.