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OMF - Fauria did the homework, has major Red Sox oh-pinion 6-9-17

Jun 9, 2017|

The Sox get smoked by the Yankees again. Christian is less than thrilled that Glenn didn't take his assignment seriously. Glenn and Christian "loved" the new NESN in-game side bar.

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Are you ready. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 probably give you some homework tomorrow morning. With a hot. Smoking sizzling baseball and I'm telling you to do it I don't know so I think so good I don't think you can do I don't need to you'll stop. And we cannot not sit here and go Adam about it about eight I'm David Price is Michael little your wrong about David sort of like a ball girl with Ku and mu and Christian in the desperate now critics are bitch and complain if you come in tomorrow shut up I'll show you eight with an idea yeah. Different knots but think for me pick my. Yeah. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. We have to start playing. The fun and not like this morning show it's right that we're people just you know it got out for themselves we can't beat that we we we can't itself. We need to you know one of us gets a blister yeah the other to do need to tag along and get blister yeah okay that's only what you would benefit the exactly. We need to help and other out exactly like this morning show that I don't mean. That was realistic. That their personal about a hero guy was a regular guy your robbed him being here so you actually responsible terrorist or his her behavior one bit. Terrible decisions that he's made responsible. And don't think Heidi you know you don't know that when his patient pays you to go to this thing that they've basically paying for the exclusive. Yeah closer to those that idea. Learned that the bullet to back it was born here as an agent this station in this in this room all right okay and out but that's where the idea came up front. More importantly. Four it and I think we. We are paying for yet more money more than they give to somebody else is left on that we yes okay so they don't actually we get a bunch of money to go to this silly silly thing but okay five might talk about it. It'll be fun it's yeah so what happens not stop we get nothing. No payoff nothing and that's why sets a bunch of crap. He's coming on our show. Yeah he needs somebody needs to pay and we did a Guatemalan devastation these things on the value of glory not right not gonna want the money what I want I want him on the charts. On on archer yeah yeah yeah peninsula is part of the mortgage you know he's part of Entercom and he's been marchers come alive I think the families had to learn a little bit of realism or public is a good thing for routers you'll and he got to be he's got to come into the student data regardless of source shame involved each night. No coming chance data put the thumb and your mouth. I want to play and equity Vanilla doesn't original and that block out just like you don't want to be examined if only less. Yeah its most bears that was the public they've. Pulled his pants there on the other what you did what you appears until announced that apartment and I would bet you have sex with me. Very motivated to. Ashamed of what you prince Daniel are you okay now what. And it happened so yeah. Dog and its debut behind closed doors and do it here. You don't like he's he's you know and I heard a snow anybody I didn't I just. Think that if he's been from the morning show did you did you bear much. No have you been a phenomenon that Paula no actually I have I would like to talk that would still like to try to. You know put some sense and a good way no idea what they're telling mistake because I do feel. Somewhat responsible for the split ticket comes down to who's young guy in the morning guys beat them. On the if if we talked Ellis and try to explain to what he did wrong. The B with a in the sense this nation needs and fitness visionary and he has two gates. Their return and you spend the money he could pay it back at what the mercy of the optional much of the dollar minimum 500 bucks 2002. You know your your night. Here's he's 500 politics by Nevada's other picture you won five out of occurrence 500 for exactly that the production people can't post now it's got to come on year's salary for her to come on come on Monday for kids a crap back. On Monday. He's got to come on today and plus he spent that money you're talking about B you'd do all this. Promotion and marketing a whole week or talk and I thought yes I couldn't wait to hear about it. This is to not last night when I saw Curtis tweet out okay. It's going to be on top cast artist that autumn Cooley who handles Kurt Kurt talent yet to its cards right I mean I'll case. Do it alone. Not only did my problem now been killed before Alex went on. They knew he was going. I don't know who's today. OK I know that I like this problem like a lot of pleasure recount knew that he was Alex promoted always about dues or. Els sat on Twitter I'm about democracy is in any it. It was exciting to I was out of the guys let them do their hit. And and written and I applaud you for being an actress an incredibly busy and not following Twitter record with a Monday. I don't show hard ball Alex riverfront the conventions that are from the health and while some argue with them all day long what station is that some days I don't go to and come early to know Novella alone which stationary. I'm not trauma guys in a fine. The ship and they just let go. Won't because I was watching I was due to read do my homework due re watch a lot of baseball you're studying up you got to not Baghdad and parts of tough talk to unlock it and kind of look at that that until they've got a lot I don't know I thought I was told I was watching. I was watching in the next night and follow to read the same time and I see oh Alison going to be a Comcast. So that's what Comcast. And sure enough there was an ad probably really think anything of it. But it was overly quick second that's opens doors however like so what does it do repeat everything he said on that show once and do it again. In the morning what kind of already heard it. You know he got elder on there introducing it trays on so. Who called Alex and asked him who said hey this could be a good night this via a good move for you is that like band. It should be an excel. At some collusion or do we learn anything from the whole investigation noble thing and show him home. That's the benefit we're comparing yeah. Failure is really dead yesterday if you need a cell phone someone's cell phone I want you I'll be I wanna know the ageless Dick the cell phones. I'll ignored barker argued the military jurors okay of this Algerian team had this out this out Kirk you know you made to the top. I don't know happen here. Know what it is though Alex is young guy. He gets the call of course he's all excited wide idleness I'm getting an opportunity regional account is it excuses always rely on loans put a lot of work time and effort he comes in here on a regular basis. You know he had to make this whole gay thing. You don't think usually did you watch forthcoming book advance staff talked this entity into going to this event to give the exclusive to Comcast yeah. So I spend on the east Tom caskets are benefiting Comcast holt Matt relic. So he can't come out with they don't listen to bear to rally though like a caller called up its atlas and it's kind of. Can't have football place that I agree. Is. Relic should have what he said last night. Would still wasn't all the details he should have said that the night before made it a bigger story became to say it was directed to me that nobody else talk about it. So I think Comcast is that there is that no you need to straighten this thing out and give us the story first where your employer. Do you not deal in radio you go from 68 you give us the real story and then you can talk about it later to your second job. Which is what really should have done not I had to give the story to my employer. And then welcome back if you wanna have me on the late show or tonight or whatever it is discusses. UN ass backwards. That hasn't jokes are so proud to market Vega re not mad at you but I did it jokes and there you have it backwards and who. Yeah. He doesn't yet. I can't he's not immediately. Doesn't understandably so you don't have to agree that there should he should come on to pay he can wait till Monday are among he's got to come want to change especially here we are waiting until Monday's dumb idea it's terrible I come on tennis of his job and a president who you're gonna get in trouble. I get it over with it make this happen emblem of yeah so I close ones that's that's a don't wanna get some more recent volatile oil what's right for what it's Friday as those heat heat heat pulled money from a company like he's so money from you he stole money from you know. I everybody you know everybody who's who backed it's not forum panel you don't especially and stole money from some big a lot of really. When your contract with the family that's 500 dollars last that you're not there yet well can aren't he stole from you dad gets to vote for Glover senator and I and I I decided to go to reimburse the more I was I. That was given every excuse a booklet. Now you can make every excuse me but he talked this company and admire your right for the Tony rough isn't meant to them about it and discussed about the Tom Brady go to the event come back and give us the tale. The company did that he went to the event with Chris Curtis. It and gave the story Comcast last night at 6 o'clock I can also that if you're taught us based on our president coming here first. So pretty calls Alex Tony's a a veteran of the of the business when he sang yes kind of no end really more poorly knows how those guys you don't want him she's you know those guys work she knew in sort of those get it it's all Shapiro got better dirt I think I needed and she cares what so Georgia. What she is to get through now. Maybe she did just wanted to tell us why Israel is the same person each an all time. On this same person that bird dog you're very important question that you have been holding onto quo like that six months and six months you've been a whole not as good as you. I worry that could have moved and I would get on a good thanks for the AD domain completely. Different how this particular part of this. You know any way and you know I think wage this ticket through. I think she does she doesn't purpose. And they shouting at you. She knew OK if you thought about that accident now who's protecting Alex Guyton give an excuse to that he's naive but it's wrong and he was wrong he dodged him corpus. All not bad. At all. My car. Yeah offense. Does that too good for any impression yeah. They're off their right Yugoslavia was okay. You have with Alex she still lives there won't what do you think Alex is thinking you finally get a break in the business in this is what you do YouTube Burton well that. It's like Kirk is gonna sit there is Obama Alex from Alan reel you back home in right now Peter ruling elite elements that you use a Cambridge he's post collegiate on your bike or those dogs whatever it is a cult group ride share. And Micah and got it over yet room right now please come over will be your grass and it over to Wear a diaper expenses of the company cut its a job it is and the other way. I don't hurt me it hurt me bonus. Now I would have a big drop in higher turn out to the bathroom I got to teach you a lesson I had Richard Hurd told he's making a big east of just appeal to. Impose its rule. That's kinda job. Thing was weird as I did watch it last night and it obviously somebody Comcast said Evan we're we're junior page here. But he we can we kick you out of out of there or get your paycheck here you've got to fess up you got to give us something. But even Q was more deeply that we didn't he gave more detail low but he still was hesitant for some reason. He wants you were packed David Price when you're out reporter. That's not your job to sit there and protect the other person. In a private conversation you think private conversation there wasn't price should be out there it was out in where everybody heard I lows of one on one with him and I know the rest all the other media and so there moved that they heard yelling didn't hear the conversation. So what the two of them said to each other I've no problem keeping their product that's that's that's that should be that should be the case but you give. That the problem is after that game when they said you know yeah he had a problem at the reporters in particular me. Called me aside and had discussions and that was the only the tip of the game. This time at least he gave more details about this is about that their F bombs or Vista actually went back for a second time we don't stop continue to postal junk that. Llosa there was more peaked yet that that. Should have been given the first night and needed to a second. So that's but I don't think using a private conversation. I mean that's if there was screaming in the reporters are around isn't private but none of the reporters around just him the ball park. Wasn't shy about talking about you know what he was dealing with well with price and obviously he opened up about two relic having the the issue with a I just when you're hired by Comcast you're hired by an immediate public. I think that's your obligation. To actually explain what happened he kept on clarifying by saying that he was protect the ticket prices gonna think better of him. Because he's he's protected in north of build himself up as an ally is what that's what we want is basically doing is he's burning price he's basically generally I was real bad. But I'm gonna give you the details I don't kiss and tell. Hilton writes notes about the locker room being in there. Give enough I don't problems early in the second time he gave in the first time and David Price last night deserved that outing. This I believe in baseball gods and bolster. And you know in the fifth inning you and said you know after that the second armaments interest bill but. The who's in a good place. The discussion was positive. And in need it and he just there wasn't enough negative surrounding his world so we created it. It's just it was ridiculous and absolutely. The baseball gods got him last night comic got to whatever you wanna call it Gary shanties to serve that outing last night because he just he just. Crowing that the moto seven at bats four home runs for appearances and that's good against the cycle that's good that is no that is not. And you're right about a chassis talk about flip flop ars all one barrel I think this whole this is. This door nobody's really talking about talk about it Seminole. And a win win for Shaughnessy no matter what happens so look oracle he writes Luca says you know we know exactly what he was genius. Exactly what he's doing and I believe that highly David Price makes no sense that was about the first one right yup and dismissive what's settle for David Price it's going from bad to. Yeah and I thought was. The first article whatever dole is saying this is it Shaughnessy what is going on let you know those guys and mourn declared deceased. In on his penis had fallen off and everything else everybody MIT every one of sadness and this isn't to ensure honesty might take it may be a house given too much credit I don't know. Was that. By asking people to stop piling on David Price by getting the interview. By throwing this out there getting quotes from David Price it back of his mind thinking new of people because of this article. Well pile on him even more. Which is what be what he wants I think you might be right so then he comes back. 24 hours later with for David Price it's going from bad to worse. It talks about how you really didn't want to kind of you know that want this cold this way I didn't know that this would be the reaction doubt he ties in the argument after the game but. It irony here Shaughnessy knew exactly. What the outcome was going to be from his article and it wasn't gonna be did right let's stop piling honest and lets you do any Q to a night. I OC I think that Johnson had two articles written after the first one. One if a dear price pitched well and everybody's happy. And the other one is you know like what happened last night where he gets Shelvin knocked around early and often and so we had already did so. Yeah so. So blacked sole African what the issue more importantly. How much work I put in last night how much freaked and work I put into that game was take nominee takes doesn't think I watched that game Lou. I watched that game but what a couple men from beginning to hill the only time I pulled away from the game was when I tactical what books marvelous understatement it I canceled date night for this stupid the stupid boring game. And the game is over game was over like thirty. Which Google Pia. The Butte side bar in the under Barr sees the need Arctic that's so loved and what they're doing your crazy it was you honestly don't like revolutionary. Now you can not that I was actually yelled like little little I was watching TV in the book he this year there's a little there on the on the hole that did. You don't you don't want to know who's an extension of quotes from from. Even better when they when he put the other blocks on top of that looking at a glance as to what's the instant replay in the small ball like you know about that the nine North Korea agreed information Egypt's football. Exhibition schedule and I would bet on at that time it came in the seventh inning. In the seventh inning that's exactly what I wanted it smaller TV ad buyer why it's almost like they knew what I wanted in the that is out of on this is a sure why isn't it the patriots and the revisions dollars the only blemish. I wanna show the replay in the little to slow saw the replay in the big box. And shortly again or resistance to rolling to the you know to the batter's box in the small little one so it's more containing the guy walked into the batter's box all the actual replay that I wanna watch you want to managed do you do you also ideal laptop or your or your and your iPad open blow watching games I do. But you know what I closed my laptop. Because I said since giving me and everybody here they're gonna give Johnny what I would get a lot of joke and I lost. Ever use your problem is slowly just your way of following the baseball that outlined on most stupid ass and then did you as the day religious jealous okay they should do that to the baseball show. Cover the match off also it's a box yeah at out of area whatever you want addition to the ticker. And then do a side bar on the left side a side bar and writes I like and a ticker up top so like to turn my TV it's what I forget pitchers and watch baseball I actually get a little get a bigger even. I I had a big and go get an eighty site. As soon as this is baseball's problem always can they continued. To do things the old fashioned way to never wanna change it or try something new. Let's just sit there are just have silence as somebody's going to walking around the mount let's go look it up and in the standard. Now they're giving you content and a lot of keeping you engaged. Like they god what are. You guys are you sure wouldn't like hitters he's got to talk about it. Not sector want to game it's that you know. Right now I would love to know. Who's leading the league in slugging it for the months I think it's I would it's usually you know what I thought I'd and it you know that's not literate and how to block stages there's up and I was like you know what I don't Gary Sanchez is up and it's a big situation but I I'd love to know who's in the whole pile of diesel tradition how I want to military role wreck out I don't I don't want to know I would love to know who's in the hole. And who's coming up there. And that is so it's a needed it took a strategy old apple always followed all baseball and I ways you know baseball's I'm only talking baseball and as it traditionally track. And I'm. Attracting young -- together trying to attract a younger audience and medical and Murdoch thought today that if you're still using coupons at your own damn let's take let's disagree that's display my things and Paul the car wouldn't want to hear your opinion right now is angry with him emotional because this is less than attached a little baseball little. Everybody as a dying out does. Should it matter who want to hear Joseph. See he's a baseball players acting the dumbest of all four major shops shut off the shock value sabathia out of the she says it got a hold it until you took a Alex I hope you enjoyed your four months of same applies today thanks Magellan is it airs I'm gonna. Thank you Alex I think your guy hated my element I. I actually think it sucked but the one thing that this but I understand that try new things you know whatever they don't work will get rid of it hopefully. But seriously. I cared more about the replay. Of that the play we wanna look at. Then ideal of a guy walking on deck it so the big screen. Shouldn't be judged walking from the on deck circle to the batter's box like big screen. Should be the replay of it diving catch or whatever don't put it a little small screen. I'd like archaic and that's possibly fix that and Kate it's so they fix that issue and everybody is aren't getting that that's usually does remove artist to be afraid of those as we well. I like I appreciate the effort to try and appreciated the initiative and I was trying to make it more interest speak for every operated same thing though Dickerson complaining all my night and they're giving me that side board Bellamy whose coming up the next moment I wanna know I don't know my. I want to switch over now to that to the hockey because I wanted to who's coming up like I you know I went to I. What do you I'm Lehman in in this state lunacy I want to just kidding when it totally covered up David Price is awesome. I mean they don't watch you hit I want the wealthy and just to compare. And I'm Zain does the fact that boring announcers and late guide to boring anyway yeah. Bigger and everything going line call it a given me any information they want when they are just aren't what they held town stupid stores like this next. Sort which I. Holding local and oh yeah I want a while not baseball language is baseball league that's ridiculous and it was an a hole but it was an a hole and that's the on deck of the whole Luther Head to head to head guy in charge other notables pinnacle as a name. What's the name of the guy out fourth. We've got to go for it and I speak baseball late Richie got a guy and decked the guy in a whole potatoes guy in the whole whole deck deck of the hole even like that the whole. You were told you late. Prefer the February the exits mean grapple by Reynolds 37 miles an hour. So well let's just dominant right while you know again he's coming not only is issued and I don't consider it an elegant hair check out all across Alexy boy you gotta you gotta go above Alex is right on you bet that you but it -- up for the week and there's only gonna whose rise as people by the by Monday we got to look at religion so will we come back from break. I want everybody. Not only belated changed that dial I don't want anyone to go anywhere is when we come back we didn't get to the hottest takes them. The hottest Red Sox takes from YouTube. That anyone has ever heard. That's right I mean I got a lot so I yeah I do his homework assignment I've got the little saga of Asian leaders need you guys skating and I had nothing ready to go out of that's on other days that all sidebar. It's not only take an analogy that you not a based society that's that's that's. Probably won't ran evening for the accountable we agree on and if we disagree so we're happy some politics and welcome I've got my ready. That walking over hot and I'm afraid to did you hear of the worst part about last night as you'd just do the Red Sox were on the early on switchover hockey game that was over like that three not a baseball is the only bottom line in the huddle we are not a loss last night I'm gonna walk barefoot will be Arctic every. Love connection. Left Seattle and should they might not be tolerated. Look I was. What she wants out and it was relevant content to watch this ever looked and it's really done what he's gains you don't obviously I want to you have somebody else on what happened Ahmadinejad was on at eight zone hasn't picked. And it. The zone you let us wondering what that I know what beaches there with a oddity. You watch that it you know I'd do without you know it was a and he went he did well the one about all the I don't I don't play well and my wife Meredith yeah well yeah yeah yeah. Sanity you know and I canceled bachelorette and realignment of UNY tonight what as you can of the balls the committee or tell us to Sheila you as well have a you can get the all the remote. Monica talking and she is not you sit on the couch out there and I law and actually I rubber feet while he watched the beaches it's very and we'll hold our toenails tonight but Pete and huge occupants of that I've got mine I hate to get a third person on this. I don't guys. It's peace time. Right now the morning media relations are actually pretty good food chain. Syria is he's right now the wartime against him. They are a good good show right now I want to. I hear they have. Figured it out to export way more Loney and Fauria on sports re. I'm back here knowing that is 6177797937. Media struck with the roots action to influence for. Stand out what it was last night and you could tell in the first inning. I first had no doesn't have. No location didn't have field first too bad I felt like I do good. And reported for three matches OK Bob pleaded watched the day he broke already just didn't watch those gardeners and watches are. Did watch it in the beginning because it's just two outs. Perfect drive spam and I try to get out of here quick and I think you know when I said mongo came on ice on the beginning did not necessarily mean the first two batters and for his that forgetting. It's okay usually not a political hot potato right now did you our socks long not yellow or floundering did you not. Did you not see right out of the game. Right out of the game that he was in trouble last ride quality what are you a couple of innings of course I don't. It's early like. Is that purchase I think that he deserved that outing last night given the 24 hours now it's a okay now can you dig deep breath. Can you move on if that's the we put it in the past can you let anything go. They can you step for five days now get back on the saddle again here and throw good game that's that's the idea. But I don't like a guy like David Price with his history and reputation as far as who uses resonate Chris Sale. Coming out and being scared to pitch their judge in the first. No you know I I haven't been doubted the pitch blocks them right yeah the holiday all in your face you know and and I know Sanchez owns them. But good lord you won't face a couple times it's your depicted their citizens second. David Price. Is two outs. You know it's just let's let's let's do this you know and it just it looked like that you B that those guys have the power like. Doesn't he was on we didn't know what he was being. There's a bunch of questionable questionable calls in my books looked like if you were there were some well let me just you know because he walked four guys. They just want to like about the umpires yeah McGuire yeah. Oh yes Ono but you know when he knew he was talking to go out to the umpire I don't care between innings a source barrel. And to be your right it doesn't matter the fact is okay you can maybe give them the benefit of I agree with this bar one he looked. After the first two batters and judge comes out walks him. His pitch counts started getting out there. And then and my point guy he's got to stay ahead of us. Because all it can only get worse with that lineup is just you can't hide from those guys have been trying to pitch around and he's already struggling with location. So so Heidi got to get home run home run home run. Just being called double. I think there was a huge difference. In news. Outing in Baltimore. Baltimore hitters were really aggressive they were swinging at that first pitch him. And he was able to get the ball into play but right to somebody what he did last night was. He's picky you play in the third quarter she's. He's afraid maybe it as low said he's afraid to which some of these power hitters in his Yankee lineup is so much different last night be careful. But it's a different I don't know early on you on this situation it's fair. Alex Sanchez owns you. There had him where they had him in the order and it's you know a year and a fifth sixth inning and it's a big part of the game you probably should be careful of what pitcher and so be it. But first when you have two outs and three pitches and you're careful with him and then holiday it's just it just seemed like. The aggressiveness wasn't there the confidence that I'm David Price. Your air in just a shade that doesn't count anymore price your holiday not the guy that was showing Colorado. But the guy that was insane notion of next year it's not the same guy. I can we do this is June the ninth and we keep on making excuses this line apple look at the weather will get warm this lineup will get. They had what four hits last night and five hits the night before vice first of 54 or whatever. Start to it's that it's time to start worrying about this one. And whether this lineup can produce enough fronts well say this. Rejoice that that he's coming back today yep of that will help that'll lengthen it right I mean at a guy like mall and are aliens in fifth or sixth. So that that lengthen your line up which is nice. But then that's another thing that I am a tech here's what they're gonna do with the joint coming back. They have to let somebody go oh it's it's seeing Travis is it and force seventy plays against left he crushes lefties is nice left right handed bat off the bench to a penchant for moral and other than Chris Young you get two guys. Moreira osu defensive replacement. Andy Dick Josh Rutledge was a rule five guy and if you losing to give back to Colorado he's gone. Dole. Who's the odd man out Travis. That issue in both under Rutledge. Personally I think should be run. The biggest problem is neutral weight he's so you're saying Rutledge over. Well the problem is is that he's the one guy peace and down you'd probably gonna gonna lose them right. So why roads because it's June in a fight not Josh rightly general assigned title and make a minor trade for later be named later for this utility guy on this team that isn't fading it's Josh Rutledge. The red arrow right now is your defensive guy at third route which would be. He can't play thirty that we gained eighty bats and I just like Travis the versatility especially because Haley refused African plate archive. Lawsuit and it has no problem in golf is not doubt Hanley is the problem. Here is the problem here is what you do because we all agree hand he's been a problem he isn't so here's what you do with handling. You take Hanley in your office make sure his parents are route and he says you know what I'm putting you on the DL I'm putting you on the ten day DL twelve day fifty no it doesn't matter what. Yeah on the yeah who Sundays. Larry yeah. Yeah anyway he's doing you know why are you know why don't wanna you talk about you you re a good point but you don't finish a Christian you you're not finish on an admonition to -- fit and finish thirtieth when he is yet I am a closer to an old does it could take. He's been sucking like crazy and terrible. Remember the last that the addition now I know we care that you're on about how your your does have a fatal birth. You guys are we there yet nothing written down I did everything reduced TT and all state quite obvious Haley struggling at the donated OK let if you look at what Obama didn't bet they're gonna hurt by barge would know how bad offensively they are able to deal knowledge Bob is a not for Tony isn't something that I think there's a thing would you give to god does it help you at all. Right he refuses to play first base you may have played first base until the issue that. That Lewis talked about you need somebody there a gatekeeper to all these guys some time now you tell him you dream opposite. Because you got the force the issue. He's I think line about the whole shoulder thing doesn't wanna play first base don't always the shoulder issue now obviously. Okay his hitting is suffering because of the shoulder issue now not can you not play first base but now you know what. You can't hit either so done with UK or work we're sending a message to you can lead older better got to make a lot of money. You're not play until eight but doctors clear you so you can slow. Because we need to Perth based on a lot to you this bull crap excuse your shoulders are now this yeah the bench and you're healthy. Okay and your healthy. Outlet to bat again. It's not tape that's a good you don't have one and what would you do your home or the players associate Christians you give Weinbach you'll fun because you started thinking you can call we have just yards yeah. It's explained to me as we've we've been saying this for awhile hose down a little bit baloney that is baseball and I don't mommy I want your original ball and he's he's a good job knows nothing of the judge machete is the judge knows nothing about baseball when amateur disagree with everything he says from now I want to do about it does nothing and he could even start out of anything negative help personalize are. But it but what choice what he's a full term what is your what is he can't say it. We all know that I started and you weren't you and act like humans they went out and so now what is your take today after watching net unbelievable the intriguing. Interstate and asked the game what is your thought he did yesterday. You ready for an. About the gays the right and getting them installing it on let's go ballistic I was starting to say it but he jumped all over. Almighty god glad you get to it already caused particular word a word complaining worried about online play and stop playing her that. He right now the because they probably have is they're not scoring enough runs we look at the rate and we wow awesome dude and I thought let's let's let the whole. Do you think yeah where you're thinking that this is going to I don't read itself. With a roster that we have right. I'm not sure this is gonna happen I don't think this team is going to they're not hitting for power OK they're down at the bottom of the league in power. At Fenway Park you have to hit for power yet it that's where I'm an obvious and they that is a concern after a week. We talked about that's adding actually you actually said that drop is part it was a nice I'll be the judge yes I know. Eight Wednesday that they need to score enough runs all in while while I wanna see hot. Finally ability to enforce it and it is more delicate sort of I held while all of the Red Sox of these adjectives that I got jobs yummy. Then came back with Lou. They don't hit it. They don't score enough rough. I gotta I gotta give that started the crushed to death I was oh come on give it to version off I don't really non I don't know nothing about the I don't think he's that far off John sells right. I don't I don't think Christians as far here's and then here's the thing what is available to all on so you're telling me you're gonna put. Handley and you don't put among the Beckett probably batter hitting to these kids can't hit and can't grow these are so what what youth ZWTI I I can say. Going to him and saying to him right now listen. You're gonna have to play first base. From the doctors and he's hurt in PKL is not isn't it the doctors have cleared and they want to play for that if the doctors have cleared him. That you simply say to him when you're playing first base against left in the picture that's what you do from now. And you don't like you can bitch you can pitch you can mold is what's but tax in my what's happening to the podium of the deal with the kind of part of the deal would sometimes be tough. Flaunt what it's gonna do is keeps a first baseman rosters what he says he's not Kravis goes debt owed no Terkel was first. It is not think first he's hurt he can't prop so. Travis stays in a roster particularly platoon Moreland but when Travis played he had Mitch Moreland on the bench. The face lefties in that game I believe he came in went two for two with a bomb yet some versatility get him and Chris young and a bench from young starting your versatility. And Hillary ocean go anywhere 'cause he's defensive guy that's it Rutledge just because a thinking go find another just Rutledge but. Haley fear hurt. And you can't play first. And you not and if it's bothering your golf swing in the bat. Then maybe I should give you ten days if you are you maybe that'll help me that'll get you healthy enough to maybe come back and play first base. She is much as they. Need somebody at third base came and they need a bat but they also need somebody who is going to be able to. At least. Cover up their defensively. They need another bat in that lineup that's what they need right now. So you really get it at first base or you get all I would say this eight I think right it's easy to say no and quite frankly almost everybody's under performing. Last year we talked about how everybody kind of was it and do the season started you looked around in fields that you wouldn't think you'd get from everybody. Last year was dissect the optimistic view. David's gonna be healthy at 330 you know individual he'll be healthy Hanley able figured out. You'll get sucked it from you catchers and Leo caught fire Okie from all power third base was a mess. But still it felt like everywhere but it and he showed up Chris Young did a nice job the outfielders everybody this year. I guess it's a Vasquez. He's got to tighten up defensively. You know this is three careless mistakes and it sometimes he gets a little bit overconfident cocky Gleason would have you wanna call. First base. I guess more and more loans for America but but he does it but he does it in runs anyone else but Moreland does it and runs he'll he'll go on for a week and a half and he'll hit the cover off the ball and you go we can Anthony and anyone else but there's no consistent sold no. I would say it is not performing on the players even humbled that you look at the numbers specially the batting average and you're pretty impressed with a but this is much production is I think you wanna get out of that does is certainly out of what first. What you wanna get out of him he's 71 of the better years as head longtime McCain ethnic smaller do more than he has and he actually is. You know and so I don't problem Mitch Moreland in all adrenaline vulgar or triple bogey on cable bogeys have a good year. He's standing for power that's the problem that's a problem it is a prom it's a problem because nobody else is it that's it. So nobody they need power. That what they need right now power bats and they don't have them in that lineup and I know people such as we can win games different ways we going to be you'll Kansas City Royals from a couple of years what are you gonna pay. What he's this team what's the identity of this team and it could ever want to bore. Probably because they liked that Powell are beyond or react to watch him isn't much excitement to it. I let's hit two ugly city that was good when I was waiting and stronger and more. Those big and it didn't date until given us our efforts takes it public litigants is as good I thought we getting in into this price price both. After the game last night. And spoke very little about what had transpired the 24 hours before but he dug a little bit about his performance. Smart sports' top current multi lingual singer with a force of nature in the blue carpet she wants the foundation on noted that no one. Highs just cut out those pies and I I happen let's return with more bored waiting reloading and Fauria talk Sports Radio. Yeah. Here all I'm just yours. Always freeze it for me. Off what you're committed the building so alive so they want you. Throughout there and not I can you imagine no magic nothing of him. You'll get out on his own management and on Leno president it was going to be close but no he needs to come in. He's the committee's apocalypse is this is we're not waiting till Monday just that group being the resignation in a game maybe we should check with the morning we don't you know this is an inner calm or should check is in the news are you going all right okay now so I don't know what I jury no I don't I know what I'm doing. I know Lewis is done. I am still waiting to see what forcibly escorted him to put people don't I don't acorn conference I know that you wanted to hit him hit it probably gets better get to homework assignments. Okay. I did my homework a pitch that I answered I did my home and on memo as he did that we want a big solid already wants to go back to I want. Can't her school things get people to pick a hole I'll boulevard at oppression and now I know I don't mind marble. I I think I gave I gave you guys in my own as they come up with social idea okay Luke gave me one. Austin's own island and OK you don't have loved what chores I loved you all just looks like he's the next month but just play along a little of another way play Altamont Timmy yankees in high school memories of this strike on who might win overall below par and relax. Realize suffering go practice round on summer yeah I mean what's what is your idea when today vision. What's your idea for an yankees it would have been fun on the medication I know what age you have a view I do not just us all see and you were sold lazy. This liquidity or for you. He's on it in that they need to get better that's the to pitch better best they're pouring fuel don't pinch car at the Yankees are gonna win the division. I said the Yankees and one. I would have energetic team why I should get back to. We've averaged an eight ever do you know pretty good. Want when you say young kids pretty good lineup and I think gonna get Chapman that's him the pitching right now. I would say you gotta worry about CC sabathia is that but he's not gonna survive when he's not surviving in this again. Until then delay garnered on just you're just figured your so I'd say you're gonna go on tucked over. Rates I'm Italian I will get it done this out we'll get it done toward argues that there is Kirk left his U anchor president I don't know always tells us that this is unfit to let us. Now I. Okay console that's not an okay B cap that right Luke young and weren't obligated dug out some banks are all the input and ideas in the content now. Or mail Europe. What are we doing today give me a segment it and he's what are we doing what you what you what you could how you could tribute to the show other then. Taking loser ideas stealing my bites in my speaks. Introducing caller little zone what do you want to know who moves all of this stuff for you all singles that ball when you get on losing all the moves opposite Paula and that's your Bentley back. That's part of that you can got a little squirrel thing you want somebody that pop up menus created by Josh your organization says squirrel home and as you ever think for a moment that the real game. Okay okay okay yeah that's your job market do you think that's what we get away so that's enough for you wouldn't want just doing what's just doing enough we have let's just just use our promise I just trying to get by it like we're gonna talk about loves it and I was doing what we do love connection rate to always you know you're a Democrat and watch you heard it enjoy it. Your image to make sure happens. You can tell all the guys that keep this the sound you want indeed you're gonna run right I didn't I don't watch I've gone good that is a great experience using our. I'm also are. You're gonna have gone or way left connection. At 1 o'clock hour Don Don did what is love connection and what is your eggs don't I don't know has shown an exemplary. Beat back into into you've never lots of love connection years ago but they still that's still on the Monta Ellis chuck wolf and Andy Cohen now it's at their revamped version of the love connection is actually pretty funny. That's a pretty funny. But again doesn't matter I still lost the game you did would you think about the the Crosby take them for lissouba. The Sudan was due. Who do it it it was still required and I don't watch you I don't like a what happens what happened so it's not on any kind of candidate hasn't exactly that in Canada got hurt last I would ever done not done. But I think of course is not because we just didn't give its tube and the business you know jab at his head into the eyes yeah it being fifth and got smoked smoked big deal smoked. Unbelievable. They love and I send our west. Love connection and at 1 o'clock. Modern day technology. It's not a gutless and I was like state police. It should not stay up late because I did I there's lifetime. And I and I know how to balance it I think Michael don't get enough support time I wake up at 4:35 o'clock in the morning and I catch up on the weekend but look at that you roll out of bed at nine you get here when I think the nine months to get here around I don't buy because we get to show some lately you know you got next -- positive it's important to share in the thanks for our Ali thanks guys right now it's Christmas morning this morning so Roemer was on the line right now I was on hold because illegal and attentive demagoguery socket look I noticed on the heat. Because they're gonna have them on but no they they will let they kept them on hold so he's gonna be in the building out find him. All of make him an offer care fusion are Lieberman and admiral sweet nice to mug L a bring him into the net then amble laughter. July lack good hard of one of the totally dreaded hard. I want you get a little weird with this thing with me one a one month you'll have to we're taking medication you can't shut up and I think Europe's past I challenged read percent well I'd like here's the I like out. Really like yeah. With deep he did stupid thing that is stupid yeah he's the big force in the search is definitely going to be an M. We won't at a table put him on he might not like it but it's opium and he's gonna be afraid if you if you chase him down to this meeting he's actually we should all do this interview with their shirts off. I'm not a measure yeah again with useful if you are so what's wrong with you today. Don't want I don't today it's Friday night shouted out. Just as I was. You know I thought all our money team right now my homework you did it but you gotta love to face a moral of the next network on. Some like an analyst and by the way I did Lou was right I did find out when they picked up the fight it and it says right on the fact that you cannot drive. The fruit drink counsel to lead us tiger passed everything he's done credit I don't ever they have really young that I was British and Italian and he just didn't believe there's anyone over the age of 25. Edit in its place sports and had a injury knowing it and you know that. I mean you company got its been taken the ten years you exit for action to yeah you know. Did not have realized on these fields did not like it did not see by getting all these guys will aid if the army a couple of Ramona she conducted from today and said it. That you can't mix them with a glass. Horrible guy and got some heads over that wouldn't look at the box and guess what guys all likes it works now though not just that he's an old lotteries. But by academic apple might and remembered and but it's only a home game thing that crowned the home game. To wrote. You know you don't you wanna. As the Oakland city you know have a good dinner Sutley oats some where have crowned the Japanese car. Since loopy so lightly it's a good hold game delicate and one. And you could have a glass of fun like one bright probably like and it's 24 by lights you have some ground he can't although I would recommend that you did as a censor those who have invited. I think again it is I felt not too doesn't he did not even taken out we talk about the intimated one pill try for the past four. But you noted group but they still need to do want you folks who at least three. That's what you can do downtrend could drama Brennaman here. Give Lola and the little motto does it'll Bill Cosby kid and I am a trick this out as it is weird. I've been offered money. My chest there. She. If you're not a moment everybody everybody can do their homework and you're gonna you're gonna be satisfied that within a complete I am hanging compliant car handle it completely gaga might need to pitch better score more runs fine just the obvious I think baseball I think he did his homework these sweet funny get the did not practice. Inning complete needs to we felt it as something that kind of nights and accidentally lets you wrote in her double play her funeral card to make an excuse oh loophole inserted in Chela who I show up on her register on July exactly Adam Sandler and coach Joseph we finish up extremely. Quickly. Huge that's a well. Where it is not getting awarded look at the price an hour and we're trying to get depressed and usually use you for some reason are obsessed with the without Sri. I'm it's a joy that's what is good about that. When your obsession of that which. Of course. Another level. Apple releases an open Louis and I'm lying and now with the pants and weird wells and I have reviewed you can weird sounds. Maybe tactics and bites they found the 5677797. At 37 you'll hear from David Price from after the game coming up next.