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K&C - Mutt calls in to defend Reimer, One caller's positive reaction to Tony Robbins 6-9-17

Jun 9, 2017|

Hour 4: Mutt calls in to defend Reimer and go against his suspension, One person calls in and defends Tony Robbins talking about how his seminars have changed her life, K&C are skeptical.

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The skirt and Callahan. With Kurt committee and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. Okay thank you would be get this stuff final podcast Triple Crown in the reaction you folks who are horse racing fans we're small but passionate group understand that the wanna say off the top here or get to the handicapping. Thank you so much for listening for downloading. For tweeting about the podcast FaceBook to have colonel he's got enough. Good I was the other night the Red Sox pregame on Wednesday I was driving around in much started by saying good Wednesday you people out there. The just Paula that the terrible broadcast. He's by the way your son always like different Christian Fauria who had my back 1000%. Per usual recommendation does on Roemer. For English he's homophobic orient Ortiz is tweeting that works sick through stomach so well maybe that may be something else. You could distribute budget cut not only these built up his immunity thing. I'm so so much wants to defend Roemer me and promote his. Precautions have unveiled a competitive juices either it's stupid racist and lenders fell to Jessica people that their Don and 83 Mott once that if and there's no sense of and a more somber upon the doesn't wanna miss that how far does he need that with Keefe that's just as famous time to review this. I wanna talk to him now. We're talking about what you do one but what you do when. Augur good fight you says that in your business why why so Long Beach this mentally I was going to lecture you may launch where you're at this time as this look at us from paying more. Our. Church there is a case your connection yeah a better caller I mean it's it's also great. Okay that they hang out I'm calling it differently in quite some. Right at it clearly it's not what you'd be here to ask for your defense of me and this one now we want our friends that I went on the air. About. Pure. And then all of it puts a great mysteries these have cliff it once you guys coming from here must. The public anger record caught. Our our players want to kick you got it struck the country that. It eat or you know he cashed out big I'd call you can't that is just the point here. Actually not I had no issue going on here's how you call him I don't know issue at all not count that's. Just do well. They used there. At your own yes absolutely they couldn't as it. They drew yacht that currently don't aren't so. I don't blame him at all I haven't played them and often that not at all that's that's that's apparent here. Are to give the guy who supposedly shows and then hurt my own competitor they simulcast of the station all day immediate focus hosting the show and. They laugh and laugh at everything that it Larry let us already attacking my on. We put any on hold their shelves and then laugh at us and don't. I'd mention of what it's called Apollo block look it was supposed to happen as the minutes twenty minutes earlier study come around at its blockade markings on the come around and your argument to humor me yes one and I told you grandma personal UW hasn't Friday for the some could. Yeah plus we've made a breakdown of the Briggs whoever smelt. Garrett who is sort of the basic. Equally Kirk and Gerri are there that the band helped Alex. And always on the court Callahan show that's that's that's over traders over. When we saw. Your work what I. What would you know it's always know putts you're Bradford worked together for years she does have a good report. Out there. And it got to the good today I disagree with much parity you were on Monday. Are terrible I would not bodily. Exactly what your DYE. Roemer is this that this is lonely calls witnesses say he needs a wholesome all want to call you all call me. There were out. Our work for. Wore on the. It is not a lifetime now that works in baseball is spending ten games. Bryce Harper and then three days let a day later than the six of fools who think really I figured I know senator John I should your Roemer you yes you should hear an appeal. And I think he should receive your commission showed some mercy on offered to do that. I people around you reflection on you who you associate inspires you. The toll that when the tough gets going the going to tell him what does he could you do us rob just I think it. A great call much but you know we enjoy your good Odeo as well like I was gonna win this month. That the vehicles that podcast find. Who had all these cease all reports I'd be shocked if Pak won this race would be shocked at meantime won this race but. It's a pretty open race based and that's perfect that's anything or is it possible that that's a fee so if we listened slides Belmont podcast we'll find out who you pick to win. Our. Airport circle or you don't want your low for the boys tackle fifteen to one. So what's a launch Jihad business. What. Belmont is the same is here you have to do is look just right next door at the Belmont this month. To build so what's your so give me your read her pitch in thirty seconds which didn't happen here he can do not died. Roemer has an excellent part of the podcast and a good Wednesday evening and welcome need to be heard chamber. And it's. I mean we. Does such a nice guy because it feels like you're being unfair to his couldn't have little buddy we could live without. And around him and if we had to pick one guy would do the show with the every day they beat mutt but to be boring. Obviously doesn't show suck my and it's good to be nice not insane like tangling but he's given us or great Americans give us some great moments ago. This plate you Ted we didn't hear this played all the way leading up play the thirty seconds leading up to deceased here and hello marvelous partner Michelle Obama. This is from the battle brings to them music trivia last week yes all right this is obviously this I still laugh and I figured this makes you have not heard this I am not hurt. Sort of also stupid you know nothing about music right the right thing that's which breaks agreed to edit tanner now. A chubby fingertips oh. It's so Ari with the talk of there was a marvelous things that's I admire. Then. But no he's hurt all right but if anyone. Takes reverse side they should be banned for life. I don't disagree with SE one of them might now. Now this. Great win perpetrate this show. It's and any other job. Would be fired immediately. It would meet will be questioned about it. Notre I agree I think to some stories ignorance and excuse for any he's not stupid stuff that's not you don't want you think I knew. He's not doing something nobody rejoicing conniving this is the first time Alex has been in demand let's face it. Yeah and at that bathhouse in Montreal. But you we do think it was he who was voted miss the Memorial Day. Go ahead at Marv. Yeah a mistake is taking the wrong Jakarta proper freeway. When someone pays for you to go to one of red and you turn 100 to restore it is someone else that not a mistake. That's being that devious SO. Now here's our as always I'm being devious. This is the first time anybody's wanted to really talk to a tree target television station called in the battle as well before. He shot as an opportunity probably didn't think about what he was doing recycle old people I just wonder with a missile are like Gary do people at sports on TV and says you people such new people. Want -- you knew that he was covered for because I did you knew you know put him yes did I said I was told don't mention the you know in these ads hairy in the Gaza than our purpose no unseeded thought about it of course he did and I'm not knocking him was on the day why music readers online gamer put him on the air doing what you thought about it. What's with the promise that right right it's a much argument but I was still hurt you allow other safe and he would show up. That's intruders who prayed. Joining us now is Alex streamer from the conventions that I can can you play other people Felger introduced his every single time he says. This guys from the globe and herald this guy's from Comcast has guys from whenever NBC. He deliberately left of where removes from who's paying ringer and we miss you think he's Smart. He let them do that he let them to teach these anti harassment plays it terribly us. He saw this pictures of himself which is okay. We gamers will start he now five fantastic now is often his own little world can write to we have you'll you'll Marino to a lot and resolve not all of us Walter Comcast the column my day I'm sure our talent I am well it enjoy those phone calls out foyer. Cigna robs office two ended dumb blog post about bowl and Asian whatever. Which nobody will care both legal promoted which would want to do. That would never happen the words al-Qaeda will be banned from the show you like it now tang went to hear a sample of the battle of the brands which took place last probably would. And was was radio go yes what have we give disappointed he knows Lucy she stands for. Well the author of the international patter but it sure yet I you know what it's just for a month. Clarence Clearwater I'd. Yeah he he's got to meet him he's out of you. He acted. Like. What is the current hydrocarbons revival and it was a Clearwater Clearwater. As so great. Greatest moment everything that I think he thought it was one guy. Yet to pick a guy called clear Clarence clearly highly of Clearwire to unseal the Tony Robbins just doesn't share that was the highlight of our lives until. Curtis. M with the winner right the winner he won it when we played completely sunk again. Garrett Jared killers can't I don't know if he I want to put in context of shoreline latest artist guest. And guests. Com we'll play clash song. So he's cracked down it felt things. Can't then neither of these two morons mean yes you hit the post that many times October oh we who crashed and neither of these two knew the answer we go to Curtis for the win yes it was Led Zeppelin. Song titled rock the cash while. A long night. A rock at the national Taylor we didn't appoint the close we can't the plan technicians we we said we key because we felt so bad that you know montage of all the stuff they post with this bill and extra work is also criticized and that's strangle it. Who played did you jungle yarder junk and strangle. I'm so we we allow. Matt Monty and off the map. Signal caller tide beat analyst sings rock the cash. And is this is my extends no I do you know idea. Now general. Ted knew Danson had nugget. And but in fairness was much alive when the clash will be who can ever live there he is a big the Rolling Stone. The clash that the release but they don't know it'll be they thought The Beatles saying movement opened collegial Ortiz that's right pokes fun next act like everything. Someone Al Jones time he did it was a means most. That was kinda dance right in terms of he thought and as by the death squads with some runs you've heard the opening guest Rod Stewart. Is the hardest I know. That was fun while fantastic. She's watching American rock and I know it's hard to do you know lake. Turn your radio on and put on them like at 937 actually here but you should them. Drew should I was it in the color. You know has already I don't McDonald's. Tutored at an iPad by -- I don't you have a phone he's really does. Six point 77797. Nights of my lines or not to people want China on how much in Framingham they might. Hey Kurt what would sort. Most of them don't its coverage on which would appear simply don't I. And OK firstly all told I thought I would like oh my gosh my all the hot shot got original shot up what what what what what would stern do. If people who have tried the Victoria how funny a Imus be atlas move. Correct. Correct and the little training like below Jews yes it is organized its. I'm as it was an afternoon show in you detest the FT mutual competitor's station to better argued to you guys opponents win a proportion you really it was a good point by excellent point I can barely. Fifty and Reamer calls an 81 career call. We have one the long life much so which was parables of listeners have weighed in I mean what else must post them here to serve them well I don't know what ifs and what a wonderful all the listeners and callers wanted to review I wouldn't surprise me but we would gridlock is good luck finding one callers mommy and the exit is no chance at an. We are dead. Michelle is in swans can name Michelle. I. The more. And so I guess you guys are taking called earlier from people that screwed on the meet and greet us. Yeah. Paid to grant further meet and greet with Brady and cattlemen and the company that was running if I'll accept resource that USA. Failed to compel. Many people about where it went to go for the meet and greets. So at the very end of the night we all went over our feeling we would get to meet and greet and they informed us that no he missed it sorry. And Ali that two grand from up and. While apple what do you fairness to break you go with someone else. No I actually went by myself but I got the names of 44 other people that were in line with me that also we're never told. Can apparently Dimitri was first to you right after they were on the stage. And apparently the company. Except resource that gave people of some piece of paper which I'm assuming is that disclaimer. To fine. And they they never gave it out to everybody we never got a paper at check and I I have no idea. So let's show you spent 2000 dollars to get a hold Tom Brady. These are you gonna do for cheaper that I'll show you really arms I feel bad feud that'd be my dad might that is that is a couple people told you wealthy. She it's not really. To just have a picture would pretty tough people told me that Brady has a deal here you know whatever he wants it's thirty minutes or nine minutes whatever it is gets in on the clock all right guys O excess I might be almost would you two like number room and see these same sources more than one has said that we are noble is figure. We need a half million. That cobalt have what millions global if it gives us. If Robbins get a million why wouldn't bring Michelle did you get other people's names could you go in and in some kind of action. I guess so if there. Their names their phone numbers and email it. Approached it which is call on the Boston Globe that they feel you have to call Ashley from Bob Poehler are already have someone working on there on the candidates has made Brady look bad the news there on you get a little kid with his with the Pickett said there's a bloody crying. Yes and chances. Are highlighted a price agreement. Bad because this has nothing to do it I agree that it's a amity with cystic. Holy fiasco from the technical. We showed you need help. You really do you need help. Well what is behind me on home loans to meet break was a pitcher pitches that's intelligent networks across Oakland police are not turn out okay what's your network ever with Michelle what you love which Williams about it. I have enough on the flight attendant died in. Are slightly I think you question your flight attendant and you do your kids. No. It's not some single single single no kids act. On our wagon if you got legs you know what might have been you have your dad ever met a male flight attendant who was heterosexuals. At Jackie Robinson. Fifth. I was looking good luck to fall back mountainous and emotionally at least get a bag of popcorn and something means to. They gave us a book by Tony Robbins which. Leon in the Antonio I think. I think he's a little out there yet but maybe you think Pamela love these. Spent that much money. Brady can now. All cost effective calls back to keep us updated this thing when I. Senator Joseph actual fall and this. Yesterday the glow of her that phone beep beeping and that's that's all right now there that gold was all over the top of the session imagine you have no kids of all. I would be so Richard Wright I've piece lets you set that was ongoing win this week and yours is if I had money I'd travel all the time. And you've got money. Not when I might crash travel the travel all the time I would go to theater now I would go to Tokyo while we can be bought food is not forget about podcast that a crazy places and go to you know it's this way let's go to any now he's living vicariously through turns what you would get my heart goes to places if you have money you go to Vietnam. But all at different places different places around the world we are now content and go to Belgium I understand okay that's different than another Ian on the Belgian already have eat there I'd rather go I mean that's if that works for mullah challenge of this full terrorist. Be honest. This type of Vietnam's like. Notes to help its regular fox won't know until it. Forties you know it's a different this exclusive for what I expected it kind of have a resort town now. Who's from this is what it's a downward. Well to hear about back in the end here entered into smaller halfway between note says she's in that they've got to go and they don't socialize back buckled as good tour for blizzard like how to execute all of plaza commercial flight if there at the tables was put on Ellen and walking by the ways and the seeded Russian and I'd hear how well he's he lost a couple but he is that people you know afraid to admit us stupid shot. And we get more capital here on one side chime in the paper does its first exhaust can come out the same time as Apocalypse Now mentally prepared is obviously strikes another movie like that which is not great yeah full metal jacket jacket yet have to have some movies is great for half you know losing couple caught a polite so we have some calls six point 77797930. Minutes as wounds won't senator proposed rate it's always set for election though it's going on you wanna weighing about a half hour ago maybe some support for read about a reduced support. For a miscues and Eric Wright yet many callers now but from our cohost with it's that's just been published stuff well no but I think that she adds a lot to to show you do that sent them a listen to show you don't know I think you just told me she's out of shape she adds what you loophole because they don't you've said that. To be nice you don't this issue. I really don't will be on the one Thailand to. Can tell. Jerry and I make more money than Huckabee now at tolerable I actually do act out your check and it's embarrassing Kirk and Callahan. C Sports Radio got. He's. A lot of a lot of calls. Lined up. Here loved the drama peace love that let's. There's there's there's remarkably little drop the captain clear. As the leader of the show. Eight leader station. I would say either it's pretty clear what's going on now Altria Merck is out awful. Professionally and personally and the show. And you can light stuff and made and that podcast there's about refi passing of the delegates as punishment using your viewership into an action. But secular there's going to be spastic to have a guy like that name today Ericsson international road course it was derided what about camp when the game again. It was what was price pathetic last night have gone price is gonna come home and if he does that at home. The ad an element already the things that owners can work. Talk shows and Twitter that's it. Beat guys columnists have been fine then I'm right logo on it talk show on Twitter. If you add to that booms you going to be able Hamlet I mean you know OOS no. The he's out and out. You know and pick out Ian Browne is a perfectly nice guy works the Red Sox essentially. He's a bully like price you know Tom go F themselves thing. Anyway the police used power to be the worse you should. All throughout the round but the show got his face challenged him as you know what you have bully back. No they do the turtle eggs through you know apple is an axis. Go by me just give your shoulder that's like when 2010 comes in nice time to goes right back in your face you'll turtle. In July you know I'll be gone and you want to keep our summer. Bill is in Westfield bill what's happened. The pros and and of course and then better. What do you call your broad belief you bring people they can do the reason why anybody noticed it. And here is when your competitor. And I think we'll talk about Taylor. I need to enjoy listening to on the radio you disappeared shall there. And that all the bridges reached out again to bring Gurion in areas that I think some people don't have no right whatsoever. To be. Okay bill first of hey hey slow down and slow down. Contact sports that is not a competitor the curtain Kalish. Or which goes on hot air right now it's not every all you do is promote. On the hard to know what show what shows on Comcast right now to accurate. So I ended Iran where he's from I wouldn't think of course Comcast has the capacity to six to eight program in which Alex Renault was on which is our nose early edition is not a they had wanted to put us on and we charge too much obviously touched roots of the move and nothing new from Nichols. And so there they put them on against us that's a competitive but I'm not much on Monday's show. The six right in time your body I not I have added I have a conspiracy theory and mostly flat out you agreed to. To promote confidence when you come on you know told someone hold on there land currently use come on here you do two things you'll not slam and you will promote no I don't get on the table at your minutes are true okay. She's scared you remember what you did last Friday or whenever that last third thing when you came back. He did nothing but I don't think Comcast Comcast. I'd prophetic as you guys continue to slam and I told you if you continue to slip Comcast I have to defended its my life we've anything oil spill. Yeah well. You don't Gary Richard salute to you want to go back contact. For a good deal to watch Kurt talented and more and I'd keep you. Past and we're gonna try we'll take pride they wanted that like everything else you don't want bill I'll tell you the truth they wanted us free just like that Juan and Alex they want is what they want. All of the guys you know manpower. Just don't want pain they report they wanted to put us on. We finally declined they turned to its roots and I guess we'll settle for these guys that's. God's honest truth is in the record he there's some truth. This assumption yes. There's little ones not to beat you gotta account yeah. Really time that you can he liked it but not as easy as just tailored to radio that it's such a lie or email did you. To do follow my god Kurt that is such a long time cast is not doing if he gave Kirk if Miller called you tomorrow you would be there that want to wade a mama I'm Michael back good if you ecology and when you wanted to and I love to use. Actually I'd I'd tried that their format is it's boring got a question here that important. Rock is in mill worker training Feld works on Iraq. Pentagon lawyers. Hard as you think the glow regular card wildlife going to look too he didn't go screw I almost. Understanding. That kind of agreed to a what he's dead because. I I think you're Smart and ambitious and win the eagle on an opportunity. In out doctorate TV show I figured I. It out he didn't hit Brian if they've got a little birdie and attitude Brian and he didn't think about it and you made a big mistake and meaning most industry it is like that you've gone under and somebody industrial. He's gone in a way that what we did was he used us and that's okay that's how it works he uses to get something else that's we wanted. When you rob Bradford sure that's that's how a go to guy I toss him aside this but we've worked at the same company Gary. Yeah buddy you may have started out as loyal to rob us tour loyal Howell who were must do. Does a good how. How intelligent when he drove all the way home for graduation and went back to blame the media mama you are reputable honest radio in Lucy Burgess chimed in she wants general in the past and coach could happen. I could happen. This is going to be good. Each studio which since you're the boss. Men and you wanna take these Tony Robbins calls and you wanna pick. Alex on line five the to take Stephen Dakota. That's about it in north Potomac yes sure let's go to decoder in Wayne if any Dakota. Hey guys how are you. Combat pay him an a and a Tony and I'm actually there yet. And you enjoyed it to get your money's worth. In the front row. Listen to how much did you play. They were a hundred dollars which is Lou that's true it's to go. He. I X. I IP income infomercials suck which kind of was pending but some. I learned yesterday from T well I mean there. Okay like black and give us an example does that take away. All I didn't really know its battle of words not. Market and now I know you can't get that out. I feel it's a great site I. You can do that Indian and for their books and you can buy one at CVS one. Ormat. Now that it was some money that I wouldn't let me. Well you know conceded that he had a sluggish but I don't know why she had a good time skirt. Underplayed it's taken the whole point of the shaken hands saying that would let it fuel you that you control or eight all of your mind set and we had it. How to act out like we are shy and didn't and in that cock and. Do that a car you have yet you have kids because. A gifted a city should be taken Californians have been institutionalized these seem like a very nice person and she's eat out. At stone Tom Brady's more boring person exerting I'm worried about the eastern. You know what he a lot of on the that you and anyway. Likewise let's let's what almost six round draft pick. All of that on everybody on the note but Julian what it quite out yet acted they get and how I'll tell one. Concrete and eat cock or. It didn't really yeah it's a steal if I realized that 15100 now. Claudia I read your mind but again our chick she feels that she gonna money Leno can't get there I'll lose they're sick thing is Michelle's once the kids at the part of I tasks like to help fill. I think he's up to marry a lot. All was your. Was your first Tony Robbins event. Not that you walked out. You want need to go and you walked on calls. At what did you get hospitalized and most people do just like you walk out. He don't have a Israel and walk around warm and not. Why don't quite know what to do this fascinates you. Don't get burned because you have positive attitude. You can't he do right and you can't the Leahy and block. Probably. That you run really fast right to get through without getting burned and you know. So you walk on coals and the reason fired doesn't burn flesh is did you think pause ice and if she's happy person said before this this is really weird I had to. And thousands and thousands of people do it as a sent to the way you walk. I'll let that one. That everybody cool. I try to be laws. How much how much how much money he spent do you think in your life on stuff involved with that Tony Robbins. Album than I wouldn't on my anger is not on. Five sacks. I respect your son your mom and all of your sheet does it means you lose. I could go anywhere yeah yeah yeah yeah. What Kirk and on on on on happy pill and seeing it at that I have a clock I don't need. Sure it's paid February 08 generally it's a Doctor Who is certified. Five gray yeah. Change right well what do you what do you do for a job decode. It changed it does help to professionally. Yet and I medical itself it unless Eric political border that you. Ought to put it out audit council. Can't you do that without Tony Robbins. I. But to put up aboard the goals that sounds Oksana and so fundamental. All you look at a Loyola played the way it reads comics and it slowed Dakota I've I'm glad you like and I'm glad you feel like you've got a monies were right lots of people feel ripped off. I'm glad you think you can walk on fire and knocked it burned because you so positive. Tried that it imports. Yet again. Iowa track I want to hear walk on a call to us as soon to a provision motorists yes it looks she probably made a five grand backing commission I don't know but it overnight we we got to go but when we get back we have those decision we're gonna discuss this at the break okay. There's one not Alex Roemer on the line he wants to talk to you OK I can type of decision right out of -- and know will the three of us will vote in if we go to court and win a disgruntled and he's gonna medal counts four times we're gonna put Roemer on the line when we give back if if what I would just say can say what the former professional perspective is the best use of this. Opportunity well maybe you come on nine or to see that same right time. When he came out of the closet and yes I'm not I want you can you just talked usually I'll probably abstain okay ironically will city. Plus Sports Radio W. Yeah. Didn't. David Price mentioned is blister and the post game press covers this I needed it for commuters and media or myself was the complaints there isn't a factor middle finger for a little plot. So when that ball what then when Sanchez launches into outer space that list to really started acting out. It always seemed to run for between the between all the stuff on the next screen isn't watching the game that annoy you to no knowledge no way. If I was notable levels of set like so many other I want and I want to revoke home. What I like Luke now as it was happening that it was an updated collect the balance of my life like the top three guys in the opiates or it's left handers. Then there was little big. Bid but college first I like innovative. Interesting day here in the current account and sharply reduces business fortunately Gary yeah unfortunately. Or ways looming we've we gonna tell Alex lemur please looming he's in really good shape now so I don't wanna mess with them. Oh and we have to go. Heidi gal I have just I know I don't know what else then windows other than the show your life and I was in the early years of summaries so we don't have to mention that but tonight. Staggering next week who I. I'd like him to beat you and actually care I can do who works we works one day we that's it. I deleted twos don't you are and we can lead tonight is in for a guy for months and creating good good but analysts at 645 creator. It's usually do the pregame show and most intimate and love who an early battle here. Larry Serbia is acutely might do whatever it is early have a good weekend good luck and lacrosse tournament Jerry probably got travelers carry major trip to Vietnam Oprah goes well. We'll and I did my back. We'll see at my environment bellows yeah I'm able to have fun and elders of tumbling there was. Alexander Roemer boost auriemma is not much it will find who's in Monday at six blue book is currently threatened. She's scared that's what's trending well WE RU WTI dot com. Could we care.