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K&C - Where's Reimer? Chris Curtis is here at least. 6-9-17

Jun 9, 2017|

Hour 2: Chris Curtis and Alex Reimer went to the Tony Robbins event last night on the company's dime, yet Reimer goes to Comcast with the story first. Kirk bans him for life.

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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which occurred commit ahead and Gerry Callahan. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. So as for the attorney. Lo green. So that she. Cool you. Today has several fan and business. Correct me if they did what about half a tenth on the list that was in trouble. Schmo green. He's relevant rays radio dreamer grounds for any data from over. You know why am I Moe green. Jerry Yang and so is served Rima gonna get a horse had in his bid. Figure what a horse head in his he may happen that hopefully for him and always rooting for. But the horse board but you. All he is scheduled to come in in person Sonoma that's for a half hour so talk a boat the Tony Robbins event which he attended with Chris Kerr as he saw. And you guys live tweeted that which many the other thing cut down on pursuant to this extent like. We want you was well what about him well they didn't win moved him the week that's fine on peace he keeps it's we've both Kurds. But but the view that I was a little news that spoke up to catch these guys about this never had a problem in Comcast and other outrage and I heard I was and it's upset that you until I heard and I'm not women felt good for this doesn't wanna mention what station DreamWorks but you don't insists he introduced me. As Debbie the eyes there's this hunger or who Welles was on the show any. Turn it was various training mention that dreamers. Or any Callahan for any regular trying to wants me back on the sports and knock yourself seriously to any of the mentioned this radio station. Mel now negative bones I did not he can later tiny Felger none of you mention that Roemer is a employee EW yeah social some rain now is Alex removed from the convention center from health and wealth. Arranged I was events and conventions aren't still wanted to go camping separate Jerry Jerry Jerry plunged a Jeff campus that have no idea who that is and I don't hear very. Wrong with gay. Quick quick question for the general moral is horrible. Can Curtis did it bother you all that Reimer did all I found out yes I didn't want to lie Kirk's a text and watch. Incredulous July. Not as it takes us off. Which you dream as you watch electors did I mean obviously you were there you were at the convention center does it bother you remove went on to this whole report. They get they get free dreamers would sports on TV guide and the two agreed that if you get paid. I don't think and I after Kurt starts I initially did not feel pissed off about it but like doctor -- that's text and I thought about it and turn its territory casualties after big about a hypothetical I could've told Mel he told me he was doing it you don't columns by our walkers. My mental notes and make sure that could benefit I would think and and she's saying you'll be on the air tomorrow talking about that's how it works that's that works when it works the other way. Mean time I spent half his for a good time promoting snow you've gone sports on TV bring up Pomeroy it out on what is terrific is not about. But the but you know we have relic almost here's ever drove from Comcast or trying to you know at the end of the show yesterday we always promote trying to answer your two days whenever she asked that yesterday we said trainee priests will gallon tank without negative effect felt very that's that's okay and so on which unit we never failed to promote. York's cheesy TV show on the before we get to the calls a senior what I'd open up armored column at 61777737. Is casting couch yeah. Settling today Friday we are gone to college rumor has been bad or something but. Altria Merck has been banned for life Flickr account should. Evans relic has been banned for life Kirk and I'll show that's not fair wrote I don't I don't and a and you hear them appear at stretch that's right. And try life. Personal and partly on texture richness dopey the district no loyalty to us pop opera five minutes a big story when he's out relic and a contractor. It's called him by the station analysts and without us we we helped them we definitely out that he would electorate. Next. And then he apologized opened an account stupid. It's though how Gary how often was unity yet but I guessed that the before he was on a passed and signed he contract was are on the paperwork. The next day when I talked much to thank. Suitable place third is trying to prisoner who yesterday she's on the current account action W yeah she's hate W yet. She used when well she's tweeting at Jim Murray telling how funny he has felt in between promoting 95. That's promotion right yes right terrorists but she's on sports daddy that's where the ads and for that. And for attack on cast exists that are remote. Chance. Checked two weeks and talk about politics campaign Obama has into the gym called angry you pick a victory lap uncle. We are that. Pick because there is suspected to be from the Kirk. I didn't and get a chance to weigh in on this at the right now you'll get to and that's a bit harsh no I think it's a bit yeah I think you look I just looking at it you're looking for I don't even on and we knew tormenting and understand yours did that today clarified that she does updates on the other station. Note note but don't ensure we issued a Jerry you quit. She does not on sports I'm not the dirt Paulo Sergio is updates and excite com and haven't watched it and Europe should have had to come cast is solid and women have never watched in my I don't really watch it and go to saint you do this and you break it he said I got to right so she did I guess yes so you do blows I do those yet is that promotion which he does it is that same people hagel listen for a whole. If she tweets out that it's funny all of the eight athletes OK that's the updates stay in the spring yes but I didn't know which he did was against two record to expert which concussion. Got on seven dollars and Mario Miranda. All of that is idea real nice ones that live on second idea will become the Fed is at a reasonable gonna start especially and I pulled three realist I'd say three X yes two weeks is fair. They're okay. Thank you texture she's gonna get a lawyer. Take their cues and sound like since it would definitely suspense and that's what I'm Maria. Hi. More routes I'm good good morning got it was sent. Roemer is now that Freddie Corleone. WP you guys can bill. No you're arc in the long as my mother's life. An aftertaste I don't know like a yes but you know this who's gonna shoot him in the head as I can do that but couldn't take him fishing. So how long do you think he should be suspended for Maria. Oh well you know what I think this is as significant betrayal that Warren. Long and hard consideration about even if you should question. And and greatest and obviously will come when I went to Vegas where he's gone he's out these aren't you out is it's public life and he's not coming back he's out there gone our doppler never hold a grudge from. Forever yeah you have to do across that a gay person you yes you you sense good morning I wanted to go out. Pretty hurt her turning a walking on the night there are some concern between between the smallpox. We're not showing up to. Funeral services. And you know tweeting. And other radio stations gig and calls obviously Jerry I would URB. So picked up at her trying to be your PC police every time you. Try to make your point if it if I were you I'd sit on the bench for a little while and honestly guys I don't usually get me a shock. Albert Murray infrared data motivation artist Bob can you send some pictures. I mean Reza mayor. Don't. Wanna Maria and her for not. Really mean then out. Sure absolutely. It I'll put up put on hold you can add ticker in from I would like that you management's she's good couple lines open again one way and people are talking with everybody so force is nice. Is is with me. Of course I hate it did not go to conduct a raw ticket into every respect I tray tweets a couple of things and another radio station. An afternoon show by the way which goes against your afternoon show which you hate. Which you guys are station do you hate the don't yet know show you this YouTube and like you Taylor Hall oil Alia I don't know regularly go to Europe you want that she'll would you. Would you how would you feel the attitude some tweaked it you know I would did you read billion dollars. Agree showed it suspend you for life yes and they're trading tweets a couple of things that you are so wonderful. That is constantly are the sorts of the car go listen to them. You're bigger and don't know why don't I exactly that you're all your ratings I'd exactly that's ratings had been tremendous. Since I walked out of the studio go to on the right track now reporter asked why the entertainment. That's a catch is you have Tiffany's gown and Connecticut made yet what's that you were about to smalls smalls about it and good morning Jeff what's up you're on. Hey I just you know I've been official blog you know talent and I go back. Whatever that is done in get a hand as they doubt this particular. Show law and you should all answer for sports. And that's what Jerry did for years and years sports sports remorse ons so Jeff you. Or shall I. Think you're guilty. It's awful article but if the aid to get support. You're EA in the afternoon into the sports yet he comes and integrity after his own in the morning how I operate like a motor vehicle you've she sounds so don't. The cut goes after. I don't know how you continue to happen you are. All like it's huge ratings I mean there's a reason why give them great when they do. I'm sure is I know how do you pull your pants down and catcher and pitcher your wholly in the toilet mansion didn't in the war. Just census there. If you know in the mean year old girl. Outside that opens in the copy boy to show I want what sports like awkward just got what yet. Don't try to get you off the show that we talked to. So what what would show would you like see here and I'm I'm at if if I can if you succeeding governor Kirk will would you like. I'd like to go back we need guys like yes yeah animal or invested in the morning. Let's share blamed her for an August out. You're the best chip I love you the best average loans should show we owe a big studio here who do you want in here with me. Whoever you want it means. I don't care who you have the latest fox sport. You you don't cared like we've listed a whole bunch and when you were trying to use three words and how much how much we the French sports I heard 36 waited awhile when wolf fee try to get you guess which. How the ratings increase since. That there. But don't the right way up up and they were way up before I did with seven and it's now you don't fifteens. At 1234 we used to have really big ratings and we did lots of other things we write strippers in the studio like that the Booz Allen SR IB Steve he doesn't like me that's up and try to ignore us anywhere else carries went down. All right Jeff you know Jeff the FB jet yesterday nice suits me catcher in the minority Jeff I'm going nowhere to get the credit from the biggest personality and listen Greenberg and whoever's. I stats. That's the case that you want we wanna go to let's talk to Tom and naturally I can't wait for this one. We're a lot of them are Tom. In the car on I know honestly I am doing great thank you I. I really care less if you get rid of all of that aren't actually even just a militia so far can't wait to leave the studio now and I. Pomp. Some lessons truthfully though lights soon leave rates on not some time as comic and talk like. Connect and administer the aid Kirk will I really hope you won't be by. Kirk will attest to the news when this all went down and when these guys rain Dino on rails right. Larger than me but I actually it too Kirk racing you do not need a third person connected Becker you did you said that since high cents a you do not need a third person you thought. They don't tot mom with you they don't and I. And so there's that all know what I worked out today don't wanna beat up on each other times you know they have don't really ever fight every day don't they wanna have somebody in like mean you're trying to a year modern dance so that's different slogans like an accident incidentally can dump on me. Because if it's just that to within within six months the shall explode it won't speak to each other ever again. I attitude so finding went. It's true who's gonna go in new York and. What he's talking to your turn to guns and shot yesterday. I'm just saying you can get rid of all it's Reggie said you morons can look awesome. Let's say shut up for. Some. Crazy way to handle I mean you get what they just said urged the upper thirties. It. Obviously you don't have the attention to get attention deficit. Tom I don't want I'm gonna give top twenty seconds I had 200 radio nights at ten seconds guys. Yeah really on I can't disagree we all that well I I sent along our cameras and look I said all along. He should be used to but you you would you would you would be stabbing each other in the back with a six month limit of our lives on I think that we don't do that and now and you're on your new Europe and united innings getting along the with a six months he you know do you. You would hate each other you'd have a third person here to beat up. YouTube would try to reach and agrees to things taken off the area would friends anymore for them Anther person it would be easy it would get tight it would gimmicks just a guitar now. I don't know what America's looking at right cannot I can always admired Libya and Iran because. They pretty pissed tang. For any of the dreamers I hear it because that's Reamer here because what is that you can dump on him you can dump on trainee YouTube can gang up on some injuries while file when he's you have to show that we fight on the scene but it doesn't show DeGeneres as as nerves. To do. I try to hire you to Kevin is under the current skills so let's go to Kevin what's up Kevin. So these. Sports people forgot she is grow we would Jerry natural inclination we talked about. All numbered and passed ball numbers off site meant to the sports some quirky thing I wanted to Kirk Manningham and crashed my new car all should law whose minutes was by. It was very. Angered about. Well all suspension and I'm in awe and all so good week and. Every community Gary do you think of who gets number twenty your big group got a big Celtic who gets number twenty Gordon Hayward or Marco pulls that ball we're number 21. It's going to be a veteran real tough but also be in the full before Hayward. It really would be credit and no they were to do that thing and nobody faults on this watch. That was a topic you know well I was half two hours currently lets you know it's like having up to belies promising the national. Yes happy it's the storm is headed right at Augusta for a yes I have noted. Ryan's in Bridgewater and Ryan. Yeah aria what's up. I'd keep track I liked her and silicon Roemer. It's we're we're too and what he's saying we're words but he says what he'd we got. He just trying to show is really was suspended for two weeks from the current challenge that's all. Q you're fine program this week and if she's in town but she's suspended for two we must so you a letter do the attorney to mossy shrew it's apple cares about that. I can get rid of river wide to look like Roemer I don't like that I think he's a little idiot. Little yeah it's. Act does need to detain these kind of black. Is black added. So Alex himself. We we have. Likely we have run every front we run that Reimer played the trains that it would stop I think that it does nothing. Do you think that Roemer brake failure Amman line don't we are not is that do you agree or brings or gay population year Airways I think I'd. Would would you rather talk to Gary tangling Ryan and Ryan average war anything else Ryan you like trying to what do you think tank way. I like hey we're acting as an ordinary thing migrate like oh. To lose. That. I mean that Barack quicker than ever. Well yes. Good men you know another minute it's called the body presence of mind. Mike my Amanda what do you think of John Tomas the year any any of the people who mostly think Jerry. I hate Jerry and I think it's good that it and I think like our argument. Interesting and makes it very interesting. I needed points someone else might you have you ever been Montreal. A K and let's take on how to get dot hang up and Tommy John Allen progress joked I am a tight call we have a wide open which of one idol call 26177797937. A family business has been taking care care beginning for the sir now. I'd totally forgot torque over 61777979%. Just tuned in I have. Band out treat her from the Kirk and Callahan shall permanently I then had a drought and Kirk Callahan show permanently. From mercy on training and puree two week suspension. From the cart I got out and show casting couch reassignment. Yes that's correct. Scared to try. We're gonna lie and open call if you'll take your calls as well. During headlines which will be Jerry Kelly and victory lap I have to say that because you had a good day yesterday another good day for Donald Trump amazing. Could they for Senator Obama you know it made it great. Someone took the iPhone away from DJT he didn't totally good. Between it would ruined everything but he wrote he would have ruined the whole true glow through oh do that we get. He skirt and Callahan did go out in this ship still sorrow and we'll go out and move around showed up Kirk can Callahan. You see fox Sports Radio W. EI. Attack or natural audio from Curtis let's see them tell them. No wonder if this occurs absolutely played that up and I'll. You can send mr. along we'd actually that occurs. Over eight hours and hours you were there eight pounds yet we got there at eleven much so that you eat the pizza. Yup it's it was discussed in a bag of popcorn Smart or bad it was five dollars that was tiny everything with people that don't feel like they're being taken advantage of the to a quick Smart people a lot of professionals. Why did they think this is worth their money. Because a lot of them were paying their room I think it was the corporate debt elements are a lot of those freebies right yeah it was a day off to go hear people speak. And but the the curriculum on. In the videos that you were talking about that the people they put on the on the the Jumbotron look like hell on earth and that these people are very excited sales people here doing. Insignia but they pretend like if things grates there was a large amount that were very angry they thought it was more reporting Robinson and it wasn't it was just him as a speaker and also really pissed about that the sales pitch nature but I was expensing that you're gonna expensive yes I'm Roemer is going to expense these exit to Comcast. Also Comcast will pay I would think we'll send it to us to be paid for a dreamers piece that you look at it before on the open hands behind Jerry fresher anyway it was a much better bite you you know how much Tony Robbins is worth. 200 no. 650 million. 480. Journalists suckers and let us before we get to the top the hour I wanna talk dominantly and we wait for one aide Tom. Hold on a more on what should what he would Erica. Donald Duck. I I never heard of such a thing. I just want to call her that supports a catheter porn scene during the break it it's a woman and I had dum. My and my wife and her body and don't even get me go on. If purple penguin that the president. The FBI director report to approach. We know what serious problem. We'll let him finish my show go ahead don't know if you've got it the FBI director will tell the American dom and stats that's generation guide. He can say whatever he wants to the FBI director because there was a guy get so is that correct cliche at the local book and I thought he was detained for about why. The president can can do whatever you want to. Oh sure especially when he's doing something illegal dog says don't know what's your best solution for trendy now. Hit my solution for these guys that it got going on and a not ready. I'm just gonna say. I have nothing against gay people my Mother's Day you know the other day. I mean Islam while what lies in betrays I probably Chinese is as a homosexual. Now. Are you or. Dad and I not want I'm not short on my short you may do about it believe she is truly is not alone is one. I know you have one gay person. I believe that. Jericho. Note John Kerry all men yet first of all Kirk and talent and avert for functional. And they don't need to be a little bit every bit they come on there. I agree I think that Kirk and Dell and releasing should do this or themselves but deadly they did I think what they need to do is eighty goat get the hardest strip off. And just have heard the which she can do is read about it you know that is anything but but at this pain my guys. Did he dumps a good idea who we get that chick who's on the gross was one of the police and by Harvard and so they all are together all running the stadium steps for her charities and notes it's a group SR on Twitter to a group of hot chicks who running the stadium steps at Harvard all animal house and that whole leave mole I stopped some have a good weekend when you're. Vintage dom calls that's so anyone make a point to vote combing you wouldn't land a series Thomas X series Kevin for personal nobody wants to hear that we might know car you're dot. If you get my critical talk I think I have to go to Chris in Manhattan even know we're up against because we're gonna met him or be a same thing and I say Manhattan Manhattan fifth picture. What mud and lemur I've. Marines got what I think about that it. That's beautiful one all none of them are breast cancer personal question. Though I came here. Guns could go up what is your he's still there. In Yemen and yeah last night and I. It's anchors what is your sexual preference. Let. The I like eucharist do you think the do you think being gay community is for Alex streamer or against Alex on the radio. I think you I think we're all wit him. We loved what he stands forty's cancer independent. To get a ride and flamboyant. And we all love. Why would that be against Al wild eyes blaze and a sometimes I think that you would think that. I can't think there are some limited Elektra alike can tell you that for sure I think Tony knows that's in there and I think that the movie you know are there are some gay people that only Catholics you would think that there are signs. I mean everybody's might you be back Chris he's not gotten used on produce comes he's been there for life. Who's wrong of course from. It's a like Chris call again Korea are. Six or seven exert themselves mutton. I didn't I think it was to know Alex is known about what's out finds out how to sleep that he was supposed to be in here and talk about Tony Robbins he finds out about this he's going to be rushed to a decent. Yes this show means everything to I thought we were proven wrong. We'll get to why that is right now Roemer is banditry and his band of drought is payable rubbed fraud as well get back David Price and it's only Robinson and great recap and Curtis would music that was excellent I mean she won remain to be that did you want another price the platter on the idea I really did. I've 6177797983. Said the couple lines open our three Kirk Callahan ten ways next.