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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 34: Anatomy of clubhouse confrontations

Jun 8, 2017|

Rob Bradford is joined by WEEI.com's John Tomase to discuss David Price and all the controversy that has come with him in recent days. Bradford and Tomase discuss Price's recent run-in with the media, and their own experiences when it comes to clubhouse confrontations.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Returning the ride those cells. For the eighth time I think in your illustrious to B I dot com careers John mossy. Now is an eighth and ninth because I did the one from Oakland while I was still apparel but we knew I was common here and so on and off back council ought to go to the record book honestly that's when this of the bar for the part yes or really really low when I'm calling you for Oakland for yeah Oakland it's like guys need to do something. A college on the mossy Oakland. And break down the Red Sox days here's how you know why why can't you it was windy and I was up on the roof of the building I don't remember what we're talking about it goes up I think you're trying to introduce me to the audience thought oh that's right okay and and since then there's been nonstop love and admiration had a vision yep I housed something in bus that would be a hero you know in the spirit of the the Segway will segued right into expert speaking of adulation and blow we are gonna today talked about that dynamic that is covering the Red Sox in a note of covering any team. Special teams getting in the confrontations and have relationships with players and and dealing with all the stuff that recently came up for David Price. In the Red Sox clubhouse and and really not even just that day which was. What's today who it would have been Wednesday when David Price blew up. As some reporters after the Red Sox yankees game. But also. It leading up what David Price is doing leading up to that we can talk about that because I do think that. It is a good lesson in lessons to be learned in I've done a couple different stories on talking and Jon Lester and talking back Dayton you know what you should do what you shouldn't do it. To manage the Boston dynamic in and I don't think David Price is listening to anybody when it comes to this stuff. But this this starred John where is the the confrontation that happened in New York neither one of us were there right correct correct correct I was driving home viewer at home. But we heard about it we've talked to different people about what happened. And what happened with David Price was evidently waiting for every drought like after the game he was upset evidently about some tweets. Which I figure is sort of more of the things have been building up to that point on this was based off the game Shaughnessy article. Which came out where where David Price had says some things basically says he's not doing any individual. Interviews anymore. So price in an avid and buy gas prices yelling and Gavin and then he carried that over into the clubhouse where he sat his locker didn't go anywhere. Couple other writers Steve Buckley he and went up two home. And get the same store growth reaction new nose screw you blah blah blah. What you're when you heard about this will start here when you heard about this what was your biggest take away. What was what was the thing that jumps to mind about how the entire thing was handled. Yet that David Price is going down just completely unnecessary road in this is even before all we heard about all the post game stuff but and everybody else. When this honesty thing came out you read that I'm not too personalities anymore and I just. I wanna take a step back conservative state enterprise you've had an easy. For a guy who may you should put a call out to Carl Crawford and ask him what it was like for his entire time and boss not somebody who was under assault from day one. It's very easy to forget. That. David Price got the kid glove treatment lasts I mean this is a guy who came in 217 million dollars they would effectively chosen him over Jon Lester who is. Analysts say a franchise icon but he could've been if he had stayed years on his way to that multiple World Series winner of the whole thing. They prioritize price over him price shows up gets off to a terrible start kinder rights the ship has an OK season and I I think. You know Dan doesn't have those opinion I think he's vastly overstating how quote unquote good David Price was last year. Seventeen wins. But didn't live up to expectation I think he'd be the first to yeah I think that it when people say that it fits in dire than anyone push either you can you can certainly make the argument. David Price had a really good years it was an undervalued years because he says seventeen wins the innings pitched the strikeout in his. By then you look at how what was eight starts. Ago. Five run five innings last supper yet and then the post season and in the post season matters that's what he was signed to do you were signed to come here when a plant so this is all set up. So to set up this to say. David Price has not been treated that badly I mean he certainly hasn't been treated badly by the media. And even talk radio. I mean you can say like OR morning guys are top four there's another show in town that doesn't impression of him or whatever. But even that the context of that as off and I think he's an average bounce back he'll be better this year than it was last year he has not been under this assault. So when he reacts the way he has to get back to your question of four minutes ago that I've been meandering about. When he reacts that way you you just wanna sort of shake him and say you have no idea. What it's like to actually be on the receiving end the stuff people have treated you pretty well well he comes back to what ideas I think I'm not alone in saying this in writing Dayton and this morning to scream you are making life so much more difficult than it needs to be yet in this incident sort of subjective. This is this is the fact. We have seen guys coming year. And it's very simple what you do the formula is very very simple even when you suck even when your going getting killed. Up from all different com Ers and he's the first guy to handle as portly. But you should know that you are handling it poorly and it's funny John because. This thing I think so much this is based on Twitter and the confrontation with the government. What is was the example of this would have Evan even tweak it that's the point nothing that's the minute I read it about rules and regulation asked about it it goes back to but that's what set him off I'm friendly mean this is what set David Price off. We probably can guess that it was more than this threat Twitter is what set him off and this goes back to win. You wrote the story you interviewed David Price was he in Detroit uses the right answer did it to us because the first on both sides of the basket for pirated again you might remember me but I want to ask you don't know what Twitter and and he said Intel's news though once again until until you're idle listening audience what he said yeah I mean the gist of it was that every time he gets something particularly negative from a fan base he knew what was from Boston to new lows from Boston and I think. The subtext of it and shame on me for not asking this follow up. Given what we know now but the subtext of that was clearly race related stuff. When I hear things there are things than nasty things I hear I know where their for a I know they're from Boston and so. That was the dynamic that he already knew about before he signed here which is why. Dave Dombrowski had duke beat the Saint Louis suffer by not ten million or twenty million but thirty you know thirty plus million. Whatever ended up being because he knew he didn't wanna be here and he knew we wasn't a fit here. And now he's proven and it's almost like itself of filling prophecy. I don't know where it goes from here because. He has pitched well and that's ultimately what matters is is pitching well and he's gonna get another chance and when this thing drops but tonight's art slash Thursday. In Yankee Stadium. He needs to deliver because he's put a bullseye on his back they did not need to be there. Well and ghost when he came here and heels. Say up and down this is a money grab it wasn't about the money it was a chance to win. By a deal was on a few lefty was on opposite view wreck he had no problems in the Red Sox are worth fifty million dollars more like the cardinals who were reportedly the next in line. They were significantly lower. We have all the evidence like you said a ball Boston the challenges that he was gonna face in Boston it was it was the American League by the way it was not the National League. He could paired everyone he's gonna wanna ahead he's gonna wanna go the National League. All of that did that come from it was in and out yet like out of the blue like cause I know he really wants to hit by a career Meredith says but this is this thing too is that we thought. All we heard David Price great teammate David Price Craig guy who most both of those might be true right now I don't think the second one is true I mean. I don't even off the first like to be true because. You're bringing unwanted attention yes talk about that if your teammate of his you happy to hear him airing out a reporter the night before he starts no I'm not now no but you know we live in the insulated world so their through one yet only these guys Yoko get them. But if but we thought oh maybe he is the type of guy who will turn on twenty million dollars a year to hit. Note that sort of thing. As it turned out as you said the Red Sox do what they always do when they really want a guy and they outbid every one by Rick blow up and that's exactly what happened okay you take the money you come near that's fine you know in so you get here. And you have you talk to home. About that social media stuff and what he says I'm not changing I'm not gonna change armed I don't have to change a minute dispute myself. And my answer to that all along with all the way up until this confrontation the other night. Was you have to change this you can't do what you did in these other places in Boston. And one of the examples of that was this after he lost the playoff game and goes to why I mean hash tag. You know all in a while ago and seven no doubt whatever police they can't lose a playoff game in Hawaii. People in Boston don't wanna hear UB dude this is sort of passive aggressive Joseph key thing. After you had a large part in ending their season which we know with Red Sox the difference here is the investment. The people put in not only emotionally but financially. Yet people do not want a joke about the end of the year particularly when you're paid so much money in being counted on. Did not have that and the year. And it's weird because there's a fine line like self to upper case in in the general sense is good you know it shows you know take yourself too seriously. But it's at home thing and when he says that stuff can't lose a playoff game out here. Your reaction isn't a laugh and be like David Price he knows you know he knows what his rep says and he's. Haven't laughed that it's good he's not take into serious senior year reaction is is kind of a grimace that's like. Really yet lake now you don't need to say that you don't need to say that and I don't know what. A better way to for I don't think that you don't address it that way. You don't you don't address it all right you know it says. It says this is in my head you you answer my head and now Boston's and do you address it like reproach so did after he had nets rookie year yeah. On this. Which is basically a month and you better yet I'm gonna go and it's rough and I guarantee against but this goes back to with a price goes back okay you you came through the offseason. And maybe he settled down will be may be some talk to him I don't know. But he you to win a weekend he goes on with trying to Marty says all the right things you guys out all the questions I will say this candidacy there quickly. So we asked that was right after the heated story about Boston and street heard things yes I'd heard things and dance theater. Well it was in that story and you know we when we aggregate that's Zardari be included in the first paragraph. By asking him I assume. And I'm sure you would have felt the same way he's got to be he knows this Mikey knows this questions coming. And so we asked it you know respectfully and you could see he did not. Wanna be talking about that off and not in the way of like. I know you have to ask this but I'd rather not talk about it was like why you ask that was sort of the that was a survived I was getting from a Mazur asking it and it surprised me frankly because like this. Say what you want this is that unfortunately a big deal the world we live and in your going to be asked about it. And the fact that he didn't wasn't really ready for it and and it seemed to put him in a little bit of a file mood. Almost was like foreshadowing for everything that's apples though. In thinking back I think the media sessions of this the media session and he hasn't as a radio and does NASA and and the media session was before I think if I remember right the race thing wasn't with bizarrely non absent a clear is there so I guess some partly to blame for that. By it wasn't me in so maybe that was one of the reasons why he he little surprised but still you come away from that winner weekend are you going to spring training. And you feel like okay he's he's in a better place yet get his head around things even then like he talked about the tweets and in no you know I just want you batteries saying all the right things yet to spring training and you know he wasn't like these spring training before where years. That you're doing everything and anything with them yet. He's a little big guarded but still he's available he talks about stuff he sort of you can tell. He made up his mind he wants to talk about things on the baseball field that was this thing I think maybe some rented this focus on the base were just sign that absolutely fine. Then you go to to me away is when he did the article sting growth field riding in cars with stand. And halfway through that car ride he starts talking about. These writers didn't get its demon try to get to know me that announcement early charity and obviously people organ Clark that I wrote in music right it did. So now is get ripped again. That's when it went bad yeah and many got her already got hurt yet. And and that's when like the second half a spring training it relied very difficult to approach. You know after you've had that charity thing I actually went up to a my ass about something else. He answered I forget what a wise is fine but then I said. You wanna talk about your charity because he said we don't ask refute charity no Lester holt at that covered. Obama you know so okay whatever it is what it is but you can't have it both ways. So but still you go into the season. And now he's her in now he's being asked all the time about Hauser oval Hauser elbow and then there's some you know. You have surgery and aero oboe and he's always got his lockyer was always at his locker. But. Just because here's a locker I don't know how available it was like so body. Tried talked to Oman all month ago or something like that and it was very light. Dismissive. And I watch other people sort of do the same. Inside the market now outside the market people go up and talked a little bit. But very dismissive of like not looking years in the eyes sort of looking around in that I had a problem that this. In this is my own thing you and you say yeah I think right. But then you get to the point like well if you're gonna feel like you're gonna get a lot of sympathy for that you have brought I don't care I mean mrs. Yeah it's it is what it is. It's you can say you do look me in the guy in say no I'm not to like what he did with Shaughnessy yeah. Would be in the I say no I'm not do an individual orders in recent okay. That's fine. By then if so what I'm saying is that this year is sort of was going down that road in and as you know the constant questions about his elbow. He got you could tell who's getting more and more frustrated leading up to within the pocket. He doesn't rocket docket. And idol I think viewers agree with me that light is like a cast party job rates. And beyond that is it just it creates so that one or two minutes say how long that lasts three to four minutes Max program. Both in so those three minutes that you saved. In those few questions that you didn't answer. Open the floodgates for all kinds of questions criticisms. Ever everything and it was completely unnecessary and it just goes back to a have been talking off from the very beginning here. Which is that he's bringing stuff down and himself that doesn't that was doesn't need to listen you know that. Wrote about it that was to the point of what what are you doing that it did you just said. You could the Red Sox have like that there's no chance the Red Sox are like good job no doubt well zero in lower here doe plate don't exactly do you agree with the exactly were saying why are you making life so difficult sell. In my back it said the me is times like be boring. Now back it stopped talking to was so that you have to wait as it has not yet yet the Oslo velocity dare you come by. But you making life so difficult on and so we're joined on the sort of David Price timeline I think the reason why we're doing this. It's just because it ended up with the confrontation which by all accounts where it's. Q it was insane it was this it was in jest. You've been in competition and confrontation building confrontation is different levels of it yet. But this way is people ward there are saying this was a sign of David Price they had never seen before this wasn't the passive aggressive David Price. This lesson I'll have time you do it surprised this was. Once again we were at there by a very direct. Screw you. You know yeah I I would I would love to talk to someone trying to think it's funny who's on the beat now Silverman would be it was so on the strip out now so. Somebody who is here no one because I was there. The morning that Carl Everett got a fight with Darren Lewis and them had they needed to be dragged into the shower like separated discriminates other. I was standing a foot from car however when he went on the hall any sleepers from the globe by about by union curly haired boy friend that'll thing with Gordon needs. I was there when Derek Lowe scream go ask that mother bleep are in there on a night that he didn't close joke arrogance first night as a manager like welcome to Boston Joseph Kerrigan. And I figured that was the most dysfunctional thing or just the craziest scene that you would ever see. Above to talk to someone. Who was there for that who could compare what happened last night it will listen trusting to him before we yen to its of that dynamic when you gimmick confrontation with a player. By I on off but are you retrieve light box story which is a good column yes there and retrieve that in a trickle of tweets responses. You know some of words yes. Link doesn't matter as long as he pitches well and there is that element that I did there is certainly that element we kid ignore what happened because. If nothing else that happened where everyone was there to see it yet. So buy it there is that element of the a few pitches well who cares what he does the media. It Lackey Lackey is set speech has become such a good example with David Price and who would have ever thought that. It's unbelievable John Lackey was basically the first. Evolution of David Price. Without Twitter without him checking Twitter like he was doing this all lawful probably Hughes say I don't give a sense DMZ getting a small number of phone number. John IQs and but wasn't pushed along by Twitter where you know the huge body at the same feelings in this was sort of saying the same stuff that. Dave price is saying just keen to have. Twittered to keep pushing and you know the difference us everybody thought even people who liked him thought that your. Yeah I'll. Like Iceland to come here -- that repeats a bribe of people but it was the same thing in the sense that he was liked by his teammates in that club out he was like good teammate at everything else yeah I mean he was revered as a teammate which. We thought that's been what I thought we are getting David Price that's that's what you heard. He was the Alf he was the team leader of a pitching staff he came in and took over that Toronto staff like the whole thing. All the young Tampa pitchers war by am so you thought you were getting Mac guy. Plus someone who was Smart and articulate and all that may be. Words that we wouldn't necessarily applied a Lackey necessarily. You know so pricing like the total package but what we found is. Is that he's just so hypersensitive. And and I don't know what it's based on but. It's. I can't sit here and say it's going to be harder for him to have a Lackey style turnaround because the fans haven't really turn on prize like return them Lackey and the fact of the matter is. If price continues to its like he did last of him Baltimore none of this will matter now however. He I think we can agree if if he had just left it that blew off the media and its socket. Who cares drop in the bucket whenever he comes back pitches well this thing between the Shaughnessy story in the Evan thing because they're really getting to the heart of especially that Shaughnessy and her view. What do you like about boss I love my teammates I love my team it's like nothing nobody loves the city nothing about it loves the fans nothing about you certainly like premiere which is. But he's. Nearing a point where he's gonna turn. Not media against him he's gonna turn fans against him and that's where this becomes problematic you know and so is a good questions so if you if you just. Stopped with a Shaughnessy. Of shots he published that article whatever was 6 o'clock. On Wednesday. And it became a talker news quotes in there and to me that the quote the biggest quote of what you just said. Hey you know I like my team and so forth and so on not to Finn was in Iowa pitching in Boston but whatever. And then the other thing was these guys have their chance of not pocket all much you know that's our guest no one. Probably knowing cares about that but I'm still like are you kidding me really are you kidding me like who won in this I don't think it's to the level that some people are pushing him like the beat writers are armed with so nice to this guy were so nice to disguise. And never says anything bad and even when he pitched that and how great he was. But I I. This this this you guys had your chance and you blue thing. Through the people who were there to it we can go to analyst of people ward this sitting there like. What are you talking about. What are you yelling at me yet in this isn't like I don't like Q I don't dislike you but why you think I had my chance but what are you talking about. Yet know in knowing cares about them so Mike my question is is if that's honesty article just stopped if we just had that we didn't have the ball after the game. Does that make it does that does this sort of go away because once like you said it's this is our right he's not talking the media poll well. Yeah as long as he pitches well but yet this this thing after the game. Shows you a different side from the side of home which people like to produce sharp at it yet it escalated the whole situation without question. And it also. What more of a laser focus on all of the negative attributes that we associate with price Abbas. And the more that those get played up in the more those are in the back of people's minds. When he pitches and pitches poorly he's now that much closer to having no margin for error in terms of support the fan support known actress that and you will see. In this isn't because people are pro media or anything like that but. It's the anti Boston. You know subtext of everything that he saying that our is that's what's gonna cost fans that turn on him in so to get back to your question. The Shaughnessy article by itself. If he pitches well it goes away and maybe that's ultimately case either way but when you add in the blow up afterwards. You know like Carl Everett. Was there a lot of love lost for Dan Shaughnessy or however it was going after him now you had all your message board kind of people who were in Irish bank in this and that. But it turned it turned pretty dramatically for Carla and it was again it was an escalation and I think. No no good comes of this kind of thing because it does eventually affect how fans here the Dan and I just wonder. It was Shaughnessy hears is here's the question. Shaughnessy writes this column to the thing having you and I are both surprised that Tony. Which was. Which would leave David Price alone he's dead and let them be in he's been unfairly criticized it is it was bizarre. In in. When Dan's writing that column Keisel obviously a Smart guy he has to also know why he's writing those other paragraphs. The paragraph he's riding with quotes around them are gonna do exactly the opposite. Really he has to know that. So but we're damn right that that home in saying leave David Price alone. NF if he had written that story in what happened after the game happen because they understand the dynamic of the media and David understands. Of that. It's hard to say leave a guy alone when he's acting like he did after the game and I'm not just talking about having a problem with the writer by. By all accounts also just acting like it astle and after the game just to people who didn't deserve to be the treated like that in. I'm sorry I am factoring the human element I just have to because we are. Unfortunately. Or fortunately however you wanna look at that we around these guys eight. Just I have yet but I mean I understand that but fans do not care I know and I understood well let's stick to my questions yet which Shaughnessy who changed his tone you think at all. Knowing if if he was there to witness one. What happened when he changed his tone yet I don't sleep out I don't see how you can write the column wait you wrote it. After outbursts like you and and listen I've heard some people say oh the globe it's coming from on high. You know to be good to the Red Sox and I know some people here at the station feel that way and I don't buy that for second. I do think Shaughnessy has always embrace the role of contrary in a little bit and the contrary intake and David Price right now. Particularly now but even when he wrote that yesterday. Was this guy's under siege you know fans don't like him whatever that that's the easy one. David prices and cut out for Boston that's easy columns so he he what he took the one medium now one. And it's certainly was something that we were all talking about it what was interesting was we were talking about it half because of what David Price at an Al. Half because of the angle it's honest it's so in that sense as a columnist I think he'd have agreed do your job and then with the gift from the guides for Steve vaught off herald. Meet you'd revolve in that situation where somebody your competition get to do an interview. And get the thing everyone's going to be talking about and in them and guarantees of buck went down there after the game said well you know I got to play catchup a little bit now I asked at least try to get something from them. And he might blow me off. He got something better now. Let's hope it. That's because all of sudden the thing that time of the Shaughnessy column but the talking about what happened off of this Shaughnessy column or don't you think absolutely I mean this is all. Part of one thing now and it's sort of like. The Sonos and things started the ball rolling that led to have been apparently can in his head shootouts. After the game but that is now the story the story is not. I don't think people are saying today David Price is in an attack reporters on any day other when he starts now it's like. What is wrong with David Price that is blowing up that people who don't even necessarily. So another topic conversations. So what do you do in those situations the situation where it's it's this stick to Avant and draw yet Comcast weakness. I think that the you know what happened a block with him. Would any other day would be classified it is pretty significant confrontation yet and I think you know again I think some other people war. Also confronted in the same way by it was Evan which Jews. Probably the longest and help most pointed. What are you doing those situations that you're you've been in that situation before I've been in that situation to a certain extent before. You walk in disguise ready area QB sample what you do what the what the what the timeline is yet once this kicks in emotion yes so. If you do this job law. Enough and if you do it. Halfway decently at some point out some justice goes. And so I can think of probably four or five real confrontations. Over the years and they all. And the same way. You haven't out. Usually it's you getting yelled that sometimes it's you yelling back at depends. You haven't out cooler heads prevail the next day or day or two later. You know there's make upsets in an explanation hey this is US China says Anderson and you have a job do we both have a job to do in an every single case. Every single case my relationship with whoever was ends up much better. Francona Grady Little Rodney Harrison Corey Dylan and you know but it but you know so down the list. And I'll give you an example Rodney Harrison surrounding Harrison. Covering the patriots bears. It was a undefeated season in the middle of that season. And late in the year I had a good relationship with a thigh Assam a random question. And he just blew in the middle of all the cameras I'm not talking this guy is a bag dire bag I'm not answer your questions any Mormon what the hell what happened. And it turns out that someone and had given him an old story that written like months two months earlier from week four or five in that season. And it was it was actually pretty brilliance on the part of patriots I'd be given credit in his summing found an early edition herald story where I had written something unflattering about Rodney. But by the end of the game and matches and in the first edition of the paper far away by the end of the game it was it was a totally different story. And so that thing only made it to like 2000 papers in the birch years but somebody found it and cut it out and highlighted the end. Flatter part and writing and put it in his locker two months later when they are trying to keep everybody motivated about. Sixteen. And so he showed it to me and you know that how could you write this this is disrespectful love of the but like I explained I'd. Let me show you what I actually wrote after the game is totally different is the exact opposite we had a doubt it was a much better thing. With David Price and Avant. I don't know how this is gonna play because the way prices reacting. Is so clearly not about Evan it's this over the top itself. Actual highs self inflicted view of of how everyone is just pass it in forum that I don't think it is really jazzed at the reality. I don't know if there's going to be that kind of make up session because I don't think prices in that place right now and that's a little scared what do you do wise going on. When you get yelled that. So you have two things one is to yell back oneness to say can we take this somewhere else you know like. If you wanna have it out with me that's Beimel it's not two and a public let's go over there let's go behind. You know one player once took me behind. The clubhouse hello you know rats and which. To me the way to say yes. And so at least it's Friday you know but a lot of times you just sort of have to let them you know you know edited it depends on what they're saying. You can certainly defend yourself I don't know how I am I imagine Evan was pretty shocked. The colts and came out of nowhere well so. Torrington yeah I talked avenue and I've talked other people to be he's waiting for them was my Rodney Harrison story born our mothers here. But in your slips. I think I was just taken by a quick moment this upon my delicious apple pie five our energy. It's so he would. By you said it's not yeah well David Price is waiting for this are ruins herded down your tucked in the managers. They give. Ability to write about this awful game and then there's David Price weigh in for you with our view in plea aside. Bomb and and minidisc. By all accounts this goes off the rails. Out of nowhere yeah I think you're right. I mean I don't know however and reacted by I think he probably tried to reason with the meat you can't reason with them yet that's the other thing about it and I'll tell my story a second bullet. That that you can't reason with them this is like this is the equivalent of when I was at the Gloucester times. And the JV the the mother for the JV feel lucky. Player calls why don't get as much coverage as the football team. And and you explain her fifteen minutes why you go yeah. She doesn't listen if you just yell the more this that it is doesn't make a difference. So I'm sure that haven't tried to reason with them and this they will what's the big deal whatever. The narrative already been formed and pushed weighed on the road by David Price. And whoever so I will say I think it's important if you're in that situation not to back in now yes dull let him light run you over with that giant. Tank but he so in which we which leads to what you do what you you what how do you want. So clearly David Price was unprofessional. Lake club by what he did it. Tom. And instead of saying I have this problem what you're doing and we've seen that happen remember I wasn't there by adding Nick Punto does something along those lines and where he Unser in Toronto right by I was there for anybody but it was very reasoned in light. This has been happening what it was like yelling and scream you know but that was a good example because that was. There matter reporter who had tweeted some thing you know the data in light and it was it was a Marlon Byrd Cody Ross. Now has more amber okay they have Marlon Byrd pointy AJ yes so must have been him. He started yelling at the reporter which was totally amber for excellence in front of the entire clubhouse yelling about it. And he was not a good fit here and he was gone yeah not long thereafter. And Punto pulled the guy aside and had a very quiet one on one thing which is generally out of stuff to stamp. Right in you like to thank you handle that whale law more than it is but in baseball. It's it's just the reality that. People have problems in the usually based Knight you from the one of the club about reporters in the middle the clubhouse nineteen. Like decide between each other in this nor does not Andy on his conversation of date at a problem with what you wrote one year right that this why eroded that this. Rarely rarely happens so in this case you get to the end of it. One the writer who or for lack the term as being attacked. Tom what do you want you what do you want you want the apology. You line this conversation and I never gears I've never cared about it all but that's my point I said that you last night says. If part Melvin like I don't care apology doesn't mean anything to. Is that what I wanna do is I wanna get a room in our screaming at him and this has been nothing to anybody about myself the world like. And and have him feel what. What you had the field the and I am totally opposite on the ideally you earlier and on yeah dollar at a yeah I don't need you to apologize and mean I have had those we've all had those confrontations at some point where. You walk out of whatever office you are and everyone's like what houses happened in there but. My thing you ask what Evans at one. Evan should lie David Price to recognize it Avant isn't there to do a job and he's continued to in that job. And that David Price owes him at least the base that the lowest level. Of respect to allow him to continue doing his job and so if I'm Evan that's all I want listen I'm gonna cover your starts in and ask you questions after years. And I would hope that you would answer them professionally and even if you hate me that you'd still give me the time and damning that's. That's how I'd be I would I agree with that but I still won distill what you want the padded cell facile evade you know it's so. Bite. In terms of my store the example that I can give. Way is with Terry Francona. And Terry Francona was up upset or something wrote about Michael all. Annan's oh. Basically before the game is what you write about this. He blooper traders that trade with the rail use the one word traitor was he railed yet polluted. So he thought I knew more than I did and Dan. I didn't and I'm like why you're so upset right protected him after the game it was in talks. We will checked out by you'd you'd do whatever you knew more. You're saying this here saying that basically the team do you rail day instead of wall the rail and it. All right so whatever I go out demons Red Sox blow the blue jays. I see him walk him I'm like oh did you look at it figure in Tokyo the come to a census. Yeah I coming here so we look at the computer from looking into the rail one word humility you could be. It's a totally like innocuous word can be anything. That's why I wrote I do know why why this trade didn't happen and is like I have to all the coaches in the pack ago said this. That's why I'm like are you kidding me it's a no no it's what we're talking about witches. It doesn't matter what I say this guy is now is it with its market and this pricing wise. Where is much more to me there was he would probably. The my relationship lol he was get along all the time. So it was deeper seated there and yes this and now this was the opportunity. Fall all of that to come out so he starts yellen now get angry so istar yellen back like I didn't you know name right that B brother mark by about two coaches in the back. And Modano and that he gets into the other little stuff. And so ultimately we were again anywhere. And that's what you realize in those moments where you aren't gonna have any argument can't find any common ground both the next day. In two days also in I think you win Uga Francona thing I think later something with Franco later. I actually remember the great are you about this said what I did which was worked out that you work your piece by. What I did wise after the went up and I email all the things that one dissent which you don't get a chance to stay in them moment yet you're not thinking clearly you know be allowed to say he's not he's not thinking clearly. This is what I want to get across emea. And yet at the right by it was but it work the next day was. Yeah I have a great relationship with Francona but it just for that one particular I remember when it was some about Pedroia at whatever was was upsetting. And we both sort of had to get our sides and system knows budget but that but I guess that's was. My last wish and work for you but it worked for me so I don't that's all I care about which is this. Sort of our New York thinking clearly at that moment take a step that are trying to articulate what you want as the TV field hockey mom all over again. Use today. All the evidence and all the facts and all the things that you wanna say in how are they take it from there that's their problem. And and I I get the sense in this is worth the price thing comes then. Wool do you I think it if Evan does that with David Price is going to be like. You're right yeah you know now I think the price has this in this said he's not letting go because people have come out and tried to do this with price along the way. You know witches page you know. And though they knew there was one writer who he blocked on Twitter hey why do you block Meehan Twitter tried at least do that thing but you wanna talk about it. And it doesn't go well with him. Mis use and definitely add at least. To this point as we see here right now the evidence is that. That sort of pack. Is hasn't been married yet this feels very different to me and we talked about various things and I said. Will almost without fail when you have competition like that with a guy you end up having a better relationship afterwards you know 'cause day. It may be something came to ahead may finally get out their system and you didn't back. Down and so they say OK and moves forward this feels different because this feels like it's not really about Evan this is about. It's about Boston I don't know if it's about Boston media but it's something bigger with price. And I guess my question for you now that I've wrested control this podcast. The a mosque at some steps up. Would be. Does he. This price come back from Ecstasy come back from this and it at some point two months now six weeks and now a year from now. We looked activist Bianca member when prices like weird leave feuding with the media now it's detox the media yet this is this does he get past holiday and forget that it has solve this and just go back to be in the guy he was when he first got here. Right now I don't see I don't I don't think he does because I think other people have tried to do these say the exact same things that we mean people wore a bunch more powerful than we are in terms of his world. And he's this he's got this and instead. And it's it's and aids in this whole other conversation name but he drives me nuts this Boston use spot in media. The big bad Boston media in in everyone's out again and and yes sure some of it in Boston is different but I always to follow this example is probably terrible but whatever continued to fall it. Todd Jones when he came to Boston. He was writing a column for sporting news. Eight weeks into his time in Boston he wrote a column about how vicious the Boston media wise. A week into his Boston career. Like in the why because this is what everybody's telling them and this leads me to another important part of this equation I don't think a lot of B port are right now. The price is it leader. Team the price is eighty value you meet people in that clubhouse looked up Adam. And so when they're looking up to him and there listening to him. Talk about like how he's talking to las evident whoever. Don't think for a second that's not permeate at least part of that clubhouse. And I could take a pretty strong guessed that a minority that in no absolutely and add in you know at Pedroia because Pedroia on the other side he's had some issues with things as well. Was certain reporters I mean I haven't had a very public it was on TV quite a bit you know little confrontation Pedroia as well see if you have Pedroia and price who both sort of have some anti media feelings right now. That will permeate. The into their clubhouse it in in when maybe the of the fear instilled here whenever -- week here beat it is. We've covered a lot of teams recovered a lot of players and you would like to think that players. I think for the most part the last since I've been covering the team anyway the Red Sox have. And accommodating enough and there was been enough guys in there who were reasons. And and can understand you a job to do that is not an issue but there are. Young impressionable as a strong war because there 2324. Year old. But they're impressionable. They are impressionable. And I'm not in I'm not I make this clear I am not saying that you like this I don't know for fact that he is part Eduardo Rodriguez looks up to David Price right yes. The IE. Just yesterday I walked by the ago. With the two guys sitting side by side David Price in the water or Regis we applaud them for that relationship of being a mentor part of that meant tore ship is. This is you should deal the me and Sanofi saying that but you have to think that after. When this happened and because. Evidently why this is going on and you have other people like Purcell what was viewed in box column that personal says something like the avid about being professional so clearly if Purcell of her that there have been. On them that another leader you know brought a leader in the club exactly Seoul where and when you have in Amman today I don't know if how many guys in that club. It's. Not talking you don't think he's even without penalty is in a lot of that. But it certainly in this clubhouse it's been a whole lot more avoiding the media than I've ever seen. In in not give an old with their bad guys. But they do a guy that can we can't know I can't stand him and this is a halfway decent team human Fiat and in my thing is I understand. That. You know fans don't care players act than me and I totally get it and frankly a lot of times it's no skin off my back I don't I don't get as offended as other people when guys don't tock. However. When you go to the war go to war with the media as a team. That does not and well because you know what that extends beyond it and forget about coverage even if the coverages totally fair and on the middle. We're standing in a talk radio station a pretty influential characteristics and there's another one of those intent to and if you don't think that this kind of stuff this is raw meat. For Farrar shows you know as it should be. And talk radio drives. Thain and you know how fans view players as much as anything that's written I would argue even more so. I think talk radio is. Is a much bigger influence their opinion. And so if you were warring with the media and that becomes a thing on talk radio when we start talking about you know is David Price mentally weaker this of that. That's the kind of thing that will turn fans against you and that's the slippery slope that you risk. When you get them out of the crisis and nothing else is that you talk about how that you meet the Garrick you view it just says. Yet you don't get them we're behind me where I lived it for you it's likely that this is out you go atom because he's he's been talking crap whatever. Boy if we take a step back well you know you're doing this the night before your pitching. The night BY and doing. Like this. This there the night before the you're pitching in this is your job this is important so you're talking both bow. How people might turn on you if you as in again we're taping with before his start. By no matter what happens in this game were yesterday either he was motivated. By it. Or he was distracted by his sacred better resale and yet it better be he was motivated. If he's opened himself up to get cry out in slow. In that growth I mean that's what the rest of his starts in. It's just. You know there's so many aspects of MB about a comes back exactly what you said witches. This is how the world works and they have to understand that at the end of the day he has to understand. Talk radio is huge TV talk radio is huge Twitter is cute all of it. It's part of the deal it's part of the job just like talking to the media in early days of stars whenever. But it part of the job isn't yelling at league going nutty on rogue reporters. If that's not part of the job in so it's the whole thing is sort of yet now I'll just say you know in conclusion for me. I think you nailed it this is reinforcing. All of the negative narratives about David Price this outburst yesterday last night. It's just reinforcing everything that we worry about with him. That's what makes this so problematic and that's why all eyes are going to be on the man Yankee stated that five and if you listen to this. Morrow. That all eyes were on the mine yes. Are well I think we get to the upon all of all problems all Johnson my feet and meters and trying to mossy Buford whose on these Saturday night yet. No we're talking about trying to get Evan but that. Aaron wouldn't going to be flaw he struck I think you're supposed to fill in for me it's on there you can give this to fit with the oh who knows who both states sued anyway it's treading to mossy show Saturdays. Prime time hour of 11 AM until. Whenever usually the red size game starts and also. John is a huge proponent for a five hour energy and also another thing he's a huge proponent of is as buying my T shirts. I am of of you can go to the app Brad vote Twitter account. Purchase the teachers right bear or Disco the app Brad folk show Twitter account if you like in a gram because it all goes to a great great cause rob Bradford enough but the Cuban fund. Our rob Bradford our executive producer Mike are now. Who who need to sell teachers in order to eat food. Added tax.