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Leave David Price Alone! Globe columnist trolls Boston fans once again

Jun 9, 2017|

We discuss yet another disingenuous Dan Shank Shaughnessy column and look to find out why it was written, and more importantly why is David Price so soft and fragile?

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Yeah yeah. But our number one dale Polley in the other guy's Sports Radio WEEI. Gives you can make fun of him now but pretty soon grew to have solo. Guys analysts are saying well maybe I drive a new job. Our guys yeah they clearly the David Filo had not read it it's there tiger. It is there it is it's one of those hit it there or is it in there at all it's in the right. You know it's somebody's did you card. That you know it's in the car to a family if we get a family members may become. Who will little addition there and do all that's an ad on the dollar got a Lloyd Doggett you have to write a are right. The HK. Afternoon and I well this and this is about it's all about pushing afternoon autobiography that's out of the afternoon that we're in which by the way again I know little about it what you likes. I don't know what help us keep that he likes are highlighted. As they'll get through music identity is and isn't about the music. So trying to figure out what exactly happened to David Price last may as I followed the story along in Holland I was watching it'll last night but. As I was following along on Twitter. First read the Dan Shaughnessy. And shot for the guys out and this guy right there. Recently Malone. What. The end Shaughnessy is a fraud we. He delves honesty is a fool and a fraud. If he actually fixed his mouth to say those words and and stick them on up on a computer screen you wrote it because at this so that's like you know. We should maybe lead Tom Brady alone till right Dan. You be OK with that wouldn't Sudan. Did at the handling the numbers on that he leave and it the only on the planet alone if you want the Red Sox Ortiz that I was one that everything here with a Red Sox feeling Camelot. I think I don't think he got away a card out everybody hurts LA. Carl Everett Jose offered it if it does all the calls the big umbrella now. Home ahead does Maynard. And aren't aren't who Dan protecting easy protect his right David Price no it's not well he's either protecting his buddy stand growth fell. Who wrote the they you know early morning coffee buying piece that originally started this whole thing or he's protecting his employer the Boston Red Sox I think it's that well well that I think it's arriving on detonate a different between we should we should protect David Price but we should rip the crap out of Tom Brady but it is protecting the employer. Then. Key note it advance that a little bit more and it's well if the employer so therefore it's self preservation may be protected myself. He came up with the story goes on. You use lights that Nancy on people really aren't David Price of horror story I want talk to David MacDougall finding a way it's a good quotes from David he's gonna go to heat. All of those who come to me. And he's gonna is confide in me I'm gonna right there's this story today guys back off a David Price. You can of that zone I wow I don't know if not I don't I don't think that he did this. Irony of the guys after him. There's times he did Shaughnessy my Wednesday you're all stupid you're all stupid out there okay Dan Shaughnessy equal opportunity rip artist. Hey come on now which is you guys are being too hard on this guy which is what makes him. Great yes at at being the cop he's a great talent absolutely. That's what he does that's what he has in fact you think doing that where are you would think. Price would have gone to somebody else and while he's talking the person's back over there pointed it I thought I let it yeah. Like that's why it makes no offense. Yeah I know when when when shots secrets Leslie that's that you kind of know you're gonna get. In this Arnold you start to change things up a room over new thing you personally now maybe it's going to be defending everybody hey give it to. Let's let up on fans act span. I don't know what he's gonna do next on trying to. I'm trying to let Tom Brady he's been here for a long retirement of these says it enduring thing as well I'm trying to talk about that out so he sits with price before the game. They said the day gotten price unloads. Unloads on you and you and you and you and unloads okay. I I guess the and could have just locked into that thought you know hey Dave how you don't bottle and again it gets all barrels. Maybe he was tipped that you know they would like to talk to. Over a few minutes you know maybe it was one of those sales maybe it was one of those and then try to figure out what happened with Devin drop. Because apparently after the game. Relic tweets out part of Shawna sees little piece and it evidently touched a nerve. And price goes after relic NM and the whole the whole timeline here is confusing to me. I'm waited because they the initial piece was Shaughnessy price in the dugout before the game what precipitated. I ain't talking and nobody. Nobody's ever stand no more personal interviews. Down with it. Of after the game price wasn't happy he was directly unhappy with me we had a conversation about it. I'd prefer not to detail because it counts issues meant to be mostly private but it was loud enough that other reporters overheard it and you talked about some extent. I wish they would. If they're all in and around 20. You know Scott lob Burke. Sort of touched on it Steve Buckley sort of touched on it. Nobody told us what it was there they would like it was this thought about that supposedly bad so I tried really really bad I'd try to read a lot of tried to while walks a lot less than a lot you know what's going on with with all the teams what's the worst thing. Ever said by a beat reporter about David Price the beat reporter yes. The people who he was yelling all beat reporter on man I can't what do there's really taken at that I'm guessing you know is is postseason record isn't very red. OK with that record arts or of the fact hasn't pitched to his potential or cool cool little. He did not not that's appeared and said. When we last criticized and I won seventy only at whole team as opposed to a guy like 15. Balls bad fraud yet. Only lost only in Boston. We criticize the guy seventeen wins. And led the majors in innings pitched. As a bad season well. It happened last year at seventeen yeah he also had an ERA. Or run above his career average. He was. Also a guy who had a playoff game that was aka that was not great if it. How did he go gradualist idea that they did Shaughnessy wrote about it. Don't think you're too kind. Our I don't own that I think about it might yeah. I'm being mean he led the league in innings yet it's seventy what do you think criticized that Daisuke Matsuzaka when he won eighteen games they continue that could occur at the a hoot about and let let out of with the slack here money team games come on. I US dale you said you'd the timeline is confusing to use computing to you because you think the timeline started last night. And start last night Eagles back I think it goes back many many years goes back to tip your go back that far to go back to their growth spelled article. Where he says to grow its own people often don't know why am. You know an after I had a charity and then ask about my charity onetime didn't get to know me as a person all they care about is how I picture my pitch well. They don't care or McIntyre not. Fit. Yes per day and you you can say that shouldn't be he or isn't that a shame all that stuff I can tell you this. David at just as being objective telling you good at it objectively. The people who pretend to care about you and other places don't care about you. I don't care they don't care they were asking you questions be pitcher David Price and you pitch well because you've pitched well. Don't ask you about these things that are important to you but they've really care about you know. To reporters who say hey you didn't even get that great today to make it 270 million dollars. Winning start pitching matter if it's not a personality thing it's a good thing. We just create something okay just briefly. Reggie Jackson was mr. October. David Price as mr. August. Price thinks too much he doesn't need a pitching coach he needs Dr. Phil. He listens to what is being said and written about him he engages on Twitter and he's killing the red I don't know no right now that. Don't know who said this after ten months of being asked about folding in the playoffs price finally had a chance to shut everybody up on Friday. And he folded in the playoffs. Boston's 217. Million dollar free agent prize was let up for five runs. On six hits and two walks in three in the third innings I hideous six dropping game two loss. His dreams his teams have lost all nine games he started in the post season. And I picked it up price tries too hard ties himself and to not in the big moments. A shot young winner on a career path that is that many pictures to Cooperstown price takes the Macintosh at harvest time and on that line while there is no other way to explain it prices simply too good to be this bad in October. Crash Davis had it right bull Durham when he told you lose don't think. While it would only hurt the ballclub when that topical references I demand an idea who it is. I mean Norton I can't ask Terry Horton. I frankly I wish we saw a little more fire himself loathing at the poor performance Boston loves guys such as Dennis Packers the Dennis Johnson and Larry Bird. Guys rip themselves and they come up short price seems to take things a little to call quality. Any called John Ferrell prices number one enabler not sit back and thought hey step inside an actor John. I'll do it ultimate revenge out if I job you've got enough it. All of probably figured out who wrote all those words that was Dan Shaughnessy who says don't rub but this guy on the side. But he's a people like a hobby they should care about them. And asked about it charity. I. I think the patriots get this one right the patriots are terrible PR greater PR the same time they are actually terrible prepared if your beat reporter. Does that have for a nice. You know a nice feature with some details and some acts now no now I can give you that it's bad did a heck of a but this is what this weather so brilliant PR. There head coach tells them from day one you're they want as a patriot I mean literally they wanted to patriot you learn. He uses the line these. Eight holes are not your friend. He says at all on every every group of pictures they are not your friend they have a job to do you think you're job to know what this. Know what their job is stay away from me they're not your friend. I saw some guys have learned OK and you know my friend but what we're gonna media one day so I always use you for my benefit what I have been a problem with none. But don't don't get it all twisted up don't get it confused about what's happening here. In the media now here's the question does it matter for David Price as a matter that he doesn't understand what the function of the media is. I'm gonna say it doesn't songs he pitches well. Well that brings up the point that that worries me the most because David Price pitch twice against the New York Yankees last year he gave up six runs in each of these two outings. And oh by the way he's the starting pitcher for tonight's game at Yankee Stadium against the Yankees. And if he does not coughs up a number another fur ball what's he gonna say afterwards because this is the only time he gets talked to him away. Yes he has an earlier question then once a week he'd talk to price now I think he's putting a lot of pressure on solid if you didn't do this. This would have been his third start of the year would have been aren't suited coming up our rest aren't Lazio a big part of the rotation CO does against the Yankees but now I mean all. So much pressure has been put on himself but how does he do it in under pressure that operate out of look at the post season when that when the pressure that ties and now it is snowball to the point where it's really on his mind when he goes to post season it's like ten starts at once he's out there. So on I think goes out there and get show tonight but. I think he is. Three start in early June I think this is a pretty big deal all of a sudden for him because. Now it's like he's pitching against the media and honestly the fans is usually figure out on the fans in all. No one no one asked about. It's your one that we can we take it slow here threaded the tonight is summit at and nobody out at dinner for hip hop. Opted to Ireland that's easier not that easy let's take it got here. Yeah this this is this is a real we are they and in what makes it even strangers that. David Price is outside his Forte prices teammates love him. He has consistently called a great team and that's why I think his relationship with the media. Is immaterial as long as he gets the job done he can hate the media talk and media wants we not talk at all. It's still pitch well so. If fans won't care and and and you think media won't care either. It's what's baffling to me about the timing the timing aspect. A big price is getting universal kudos. While I thought he needs more time in the minors more rehab time but you know he's pitched here in the majors he's pitched really well look how well he pitched the last game. Fans are even saying it by the way sports talk callers are even saying it even if they don't like David Price is a hole up in the media certainly writing it. What touched him off. Sammy he's not getting criticized right now Dan but he's been he's been touched off. Why is that why yesterday. What happened yesterday. Yet because it's weird because it seems like it did a Medea the timing is strange because he has had two starts. At the Major League level this year the second one went really well and I was also it's better the second one was Greg Wright to second on was really strong. If you say all right you're you're kinda starting over you know last year. Was not a great first year Boston for his standards and for god make it thirty plus million dollars a year again if you have a 399 ERA lead the league in innings and also. Great not terrible Portland wanted more Eddie opposite a slow start that even when he started pitched well down the stretch. The RA was still the force because he would get themselves so to bad starts this season but it seemed like. Looks like he's gonna be able to pitch. But things were going all right I really don't remember though the worst thing said about David Price that wasn't from a fan on Twitter and if we look at everything that or or sports talk caller or that's insane and we took everything so personally like the hill Michael me if you look on Twitter through people are saying about you. And then just react in the that's how you deal yet know that there's a few idiots that that's faced up to you you need to be able to get old. It's expectations. At and a surprise and surprised it got it it's really. It's a character study it's a character study out of just like a psychological profile just curious about how did. How did this guy get to this point with the number one overall draft pick. So there are expectations. Placed on a number one overall pick and he has been in the in the public guy for a long time. And when you get it contract like that most lucrative contract for a pitcher in baseball history okay yeah it's. It's gonna bring some expectations. That's just. I'm just I'm curious and just curious of how. He thought it was gonna go and this city what do you think the city was at one point out one more time on top five city. I think that America top vibrant. That's a outnumbered five he pitched a little trial that he's always right fine. But not not too long not long you know you really not long after really the essence of the business and if not other cities now are here's the question the bigger question. David Price who signed the most lucrative contract for a pitcher in baseball history. As an opt out after the 2018 season today he gets thirty million this year he gets thirty million next year 2018. That he has an opt out 2019310000202222. Is 32 million apiece. Is he so unhappy with the city of Boston and the treatment of David Price by the media and the fans of Boston. That he opts out after next you know. No he does not is not opt out of a lot of money I hope so and and who and he's. And at that these ancient. A pitcher but he's getting up there and then there was there's already been some concern about the elbow. I'll who knows I don't go to the rest of the season no problems with elbow or bird you know something might pop up 40 or don't you just gotta there's a lot of money on the table guaranteed money. He probably stays in that contract because he does in no matter where he goes on like his teammates. Like his team and and that's proof ultimately that's what matters the most. Am I if any is a Smart guy how to say is keep he's Smart guy so. Smart people learn from situations so maybe he is going to learn. From. This is experience with the media in 2017. And sixteen and 2018 to be a different. I don't know I mean if you pitches really well I think that'll obviously be the only thing that matters and if he pitches well in the playoffs and if they're able to get there this year he pitches well that's they get people back on your side we've brought up John Lackey a budget times and but he really forgave everybody who warmed up to about I'd like that I think it forever to this day and I think the damage may have already been done and honestly Dan Shaughnessy writing what he wrote might even turn more people against my people might read that screwed this guy right irony because I agree I agree with you that he's. He's saying hey we're being too hard on this guy. Any may have turned the tide even worse again like art will screw both the event and that I I wouldn't be surprised if he pitches well next year. Has made his best season in Boston and is healthy. He could opt out because the way the contracts are getting crazier and crazier as long as seeking guarantee himself the same or slightly more. Or what would be the final four years of the steel Boston roughly. 100 million dollars or so. I guess Saint Louis said hey we'll give you you know for years a 130 million dollars on twenty million dollars. But he doesn't evidence about evidently. The Irish. He too is that because you got Chris Sale. David Price is even more important. He's even more important now went when he was the ace hitting guy hoping will hope it works out now what you wanted to be is the best number two pitcher in baseball. Any. But yeah in Dallas woman recently announced you for all the self congratulations that goes on yawkey way. This might be a good time for the Sox bosses to ponder roads not taken. At this hour would you rather have Francona Andrew Miller and Jon Lester or Ferrell. Craig Kimbrel. And price. There isn't an either order the Leslie Malone. Yeah let's not be unfair to do on my mouth don't criticize the live alone we go let's be honest when we're out there searching for the path to fairness. Dan Shaughnessy is our guy. Yet you made a great living in this town by being the opposite of what you implored us to be today. That say a face turned out I. I registered based or violence. Could Grassley reference key well diary. Could be a face turn 6177797937. How did you guys read what happened when David Price last night and what do you think is going to be the effect going forward 6177797937. Of each other people by the way to the meanest city in America right here we're gonna give whoever gonna do something nice because we're we're just thought of as as meanings. We gonna give you some free tickets today it or ticket Thursday that now we're gonna drop down sixth or seventh. Yeah for a nice game on Monday. Monday's three ticket Thursday today for a in the afternoon Max all of bailout Hollywood as we care about you Galen Hollywood Keefe Sports Radio W media. Our law. Sports Radio WEEI. I enjoyed being involved. As tough as it was. Back at. He's networks. And support that he was reported to a lot of data bases that for me that's what it's watch. It's understood it was very tough place. To pitch to play. Welcome. David Price. All headline of this story and I know the writers who write the headlines. Atlanta this close story July 29 2015. Deal with it. Tom Brady and the patriots are cheaters. What well and I admitted it it's it's better I was three we don't talk like that very afternoon back what do you say now patriot fans still think the NFL let's not to get the patriots. Still think Tom Brady's clean. Still think this is a witch hunt. Of course you do you and that's why at a time when you should be embarrassed. You're probably emboldened. Two months later we price alone. Come on well they're done the UN alone he's nice good player you know that's the shank Shaughnessy we all love. That's used are of no and don't while but that's that's the did you know I don't know. And this guy is gonna tell us that. Day. Says c'mon back off. Its first the most sensitive. Boston aptly. We've got a long term to one on the buy diesel that we don't know I'm behind 50. You know his goal. Post. I mean this thing in ages it is different there there might have been on a more sensitive guy before but I feel like it's just. Magnified now you know just looking at his Twitter responses from over the summer and everything else and then now this. I mean he's certainly not the first athletes ever say I'm not talking to media anymore. But it does seem like he's mad did you think that the majority of fans are rooting form I mean. Yes of course is their reform hey buddy he singles out the negative ones the negative attention that he's gotten which every player has. And I think he's looking at that as is that. That speaks for everybody. That's a Red Sox. The basket and ask it another way. Who's rooting against them honest. Well now I istar you're gonna get there rooting against them you know after all this yeah like OK I. I don't I'm not rooting against them hoping hope I don't the Red Sox do well does that help me try to do buy it frozen 300 to three hits and out. It's it's. It's not his personal have a point if not instantly putting them up it's annoying their shore shore a lot of guys aren't that the crowd to cheer for everybody was annoying habits you're too. I don't care they got there portly routine that you root fort probably not gonna do well all right it is a catch 22 dale. It's a conundrum for you at Gloucester I know you conundrum that is an absolutely is. He's just he's so whiny lady either a difficult guy to root for I know the the uniform on that's always gonna be what you end up. Cheered for anyone to succeed by. He's making it tough that's for sure. Now there are some folks on Twitter we're giving Dan Shaughnessy wait too much credit my opinion they say it but I'll offer it up this is represented above of this story line. Dan wrote this story with a his tongue firmly pressed into its cheek. He knew the crap storm it would stir up. I mean you read a who is this day and being now sardonic I don't think it was. Not degrade it was but I don't think so. Ice I don't think it was his decision and he would never admit to that against such a guy who's been doing it for so long. But I don't think he was saying there one day it's a no tolerance so do you think someone is reprise from the Red Sox yes. Contacted someone at the globe yes who then contacted Dan and said hey read a puff piece about David golf idol I know now because he's there is he in in New York it has daily limit maybe there's even less steps in between the two. But I feel like that. Came on the down side while the. I think is just is his opportunity to step in where or David David Price is upset with the everybody else in the media except for Dan so. Hey I'm here. You wanna as I think what really got drill which relic in trouble priceless put that quotes. Was his tweet where he said you know. Shot David Price says he won't speak to local reporters anymore as he told two local reporter Dan Shaughnessy. I I just made it this is what here's the read Steve but he's he's but we have something on an herald check it out. Here's a quote the drug retreated. From price I'm not cautious. On the same me. I'll talk to the media every day like I did last year I guess I get blown up for that but I was honest with everything they asked me last year. I get blown up for that so they did this to themselves. Talk to me on the day I pitch in that there are no more personal interviews there's no more ask him questions and a personal level. That's down in front of Marseille event yet done so. All those good stories there again about it we're not gonna go camping anymore they're not done well that's. It bought the rights following the game. Media entering a long hallway that leads the club house price asked to speak with former herald scribe Evan drought not covered covered the team for CF than any shorts that relic. Fell behind terrific group price already was speaking loudly booed loudly to relic. When he entered the office Sox media relations director Kevin Gregg shoot everyone out of the hallway and into the office and close the door. But these as we could still hear price yelling. And then titles was done yelling and does adding that when Bryce was done price has done yelling at. Probably got to go back into the clubhouse. When a price price and though it went out again. Drudge says something about price of professionalism. Horse hello standing nearby asked about college professionalism. If that's the simplest of course I'll look at of course so does anything. I think and even if you're trying to be good team and on and on and on time and Annan Annan not and that's about maybe they've got for today. Got nothing to say you're pitching terribly this year driven up fourteen home runs he stink again to shaker doesn't sink. Quiet. And I think if the price pitches tonight you understand. It feels like he has an obligation to speak peppers start BitTorrent creator tonight three hit shut out and you don't talk funny. Would it. Other starters how to talk after game here and I don't think about it but they've literally I tell my understanding has somebody looked at maven rally. Our last night and said basically it is strongly. Recommended. But apparently there's no rule that says you have. Have to talk you know I probably recommend it because it's it's prices known as a good teammate given that no sarcasm really is good teammate and it would be. A bad team of bad teammate would do that because ballot you all other players a lot of guys have to answer for you so you do you handle your own business talk. Are you really short and guess that I he's going to be whether pitches making pitches poorly it's going to be super short but he did pitch as well I think he's gonna use that as sort of a you know another reason don't just do his own thing. The Israelis and the pretty Smart. I wonder if I wonder if he wants to apologize to. Want to apologize to me that as you do that to me why the apologizing even know anything about me. And I think you know a lot of gaga did you did you beauty I keep all of you all of I think he owes an apology about your wide outs a line 2013. After a playoff loss to the Red Sox went to roaming call all the reporters nerds. An hour. Those are but was he looking right out our brethren but not now Napster thread and there and that was so hurtful. Because nerd. Her in. You still I think if I had to pay a price fight Libya but you don't care that I bring Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts that to you guys every day. I thought he doesn't try to get you devalue and don't tell you that there Michaels of the brings us the coffee and doughnuts are. If he ever wrote of him don't know. While Jamaica. We're right here regard clearly says it's true. That's true reporting we've got a good how. Does have a guy I don't ever remember and I leave the sales department take all of the annual. The chamber of doing a good thing for you guys and you don't even know about it alienated price will apologize to you well I'll talk after the game tonight apologized to other media members he called nerds I guarantee you apparently said. Walking away from the scrum great questions are if I. Nobody would have taken. It and he thought. The difference grave existence mirrored theirs all the action on that is very funny it was fun. But I still am not like people really cool. How likeable is David Price you know after all this and a some fans don't don't care and they're probably read John's story and they're like Iowa why are we you know he's he's our guy like that we share Japan forum. But I don't Philly he's been unfairly criticized the fact I think he's barely Ben criticized. And in the worst thing ever written about him. Was I did shot seat which we just read after his last playoff start or it may well be so hard it is not a guy who gets ripped apart 6177797937. Mikes and Whitman hey Mike I don't. Are ordering slide area with Jeff hello I'm Mike. Well I can understand where Shaughnessy is covered from as far as. You know as saying not to read price but at the same time ripping Brady. I think price soared seventeen gain last year radio we're working. Boy yeah yeah it's definitely he's you know it's it's white they're black and white numbers. Sport in person sent. You know that's a good point by you might we should there should have been more mindful of our math at a it's better you saw me like I just wanted to go to who kidnapped in Shaughnessy and made him write this piece. Spurt on this is not Dan Shaughnessy. Well I think that the Nevada and new and improved from one well here's a problem. People won't take and I think a lot of people are prices side because. We are so low some. And that's the fair. And media members and everybody that's over you don't you don't know what these people hate the media and other general and Olympic not to sports media all media. Paid up specifically radio talk all men were hated route are the lowest. We hate each other. About two we don't need them in I don't give it eighty H spirit of the good people in the media. No I'm just saying it was on exports talks held since that we all hate each other you know that lowest form. What sports talk shows yeah. Probably there were probably most probably yeah knuckle dragging the sect's second from the left on the develop better start at about 6177797937. Yes we do know there was a basketball game last night we'll talk about that as well. As the afternoon goes on but. David Price and I hope things go well for this afternoon. I hope that no matter what happens at the end of the game will go. I fight fiercely felons gala Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. The last the last feature live further from their price that night were. Bleep them bleeped them all all of them knew this reminds me. Don't knock me right. Yeah up. Ryan leaf is David Price David Price is Ryan leaf. Sensitive Sally lake that is a bit much isn't it isn't it isn't it sort of trending to the area of this is not gonna work here yes I have I mean this this this feels like. Like I don't I don't I don't agree or disagree come lately. Completely you dig this is normal and it's no I think this is normal bleep them I think all of them out scream at relic in the hallway after what to say about price to be even now. He say anything negative about him that he unfairly bash from any point did you sensitive for the Nissan to me is accidentally. Did you even some that a guy can't perform in a city if he hates the media. I also hate the fans I think he hates everything what he did he seem to hate everything about being in hate everything about the team is that once you have to check. I think Jack counts and ninety minutes but I don't think you are thinking it's definitely a retrial if that's right. So I Betty it like and 29 other baseball cities. I think you can you can be successful by pay the fans and maybe the media like your teammates. It can't be successful by loving the fans loving the media and hitting your team. Well that's true but you don't think hitting the fairways yet not a I don't know if I had not I don't know LP does seems like you think you know the fans can they asked him about it that you read the quotes in the Shaughnessy. Article there's no point of you know the fans and at the go to give it seems that he's. Actually more Mets fans that the media. Eighty can only respond to so many on Twitter so is gonna yell at the media members instead I don't follow him on Twitter maybe I should and and should you know go through. Some of that the Twitter feeds that and and maybe people are kicking the crap out of him on Twitter. I I don't know for a fact that athletes in this town sometimes mistake sports talk show callers with sports auctions. I I heard I I heard on that that two to six show they were killing me. Maybe some callers were alerted. Anybody won in in it is you get a hundred negative tweets you know thousands of people rooting for David Russell where there it's actually yeah it. People like him more than they dislike him. And an as much is as much as we we talk about Twitter being on Twitter and all the old stuff other stuff out. Most people aren't. On Twitter. So you gotta go we have a Red Sox fans are represented by Red Sox fans on Twitter that's just a mistake just like if you think talk show callers are representative. Of all caller of all listeners to talk shows. As the colors make up about what was it 1% dale out slums and very small percentage so I mean that's what do you have to know that. But he in his piece would Roosevelt. Gross cells that tell me something about you to tell me something about you that people don't know surprised. Yes or people in Boston don't know anything about me backpack. The only thing I have to do is pitch good people don't care about what I do whether type person that I am dead as a matter. Grosso said matters to me. I was ninth and we know that kind of fancy editing all I can agree on that goes. As a matter of these people in Boston I've got to go out there and earn respect by pitching well. Period that's the only thing that's gonna turn the page for me in Boston. I've got to go out there and dominate people don't care what I do off the field. Yes that's good that's yes yes that's it got it you got. Bang bang bang bang. So if you're a good guy. I guess that goes against you when your good guy you want people to know. That hey I'm pretty awesome off the field that campaign 39 dollars added I'm awesome off the if you don't you wanna know does not care charity that does it at that twice now I don't care though. When you're. A nice person or consider yourself a nice person you don't want you want people to talk but don't feel you're real. Horrible person you love it. Boston's only care about is we play OK and I don't want and don't put it the feel good that it's really dastardly things off the field on. I met a pretty horrible products and her great plan better. So he got it is the essence the essence is. Pitch well. And your love. Well although he's pitched well so far this year and still catches hasn't pitched well this year we hats you know it's only had two appearance Gaza edit a really good too it's too cute to lose two starts wanna do any better than expected. He went five innings and gave up three runs and in and one it was nice nice a good start and then he had a very good start. And in number two but we'll see. Seeing. I think would win David Price was cited that that was a great signing. You Alia they would drop a bunch of money to bring him and it's like David Price who's won a Cy Young guy who. Who has pitched in this division for two different teams in the division. In his entire career in the American League has great numbers in Yankee Stadium. Oh man what awesome signing. And people were excited because they expect this certain level performance he's it's a high standard that you don't hold. Drew Palmer rants to you don't hold reports hollow tube but you do hold Dave price to it because. He's got a track record those guys don't have. The Red Sox clubhouse opens 35 minutes from now swat teams should be in place I always get free ticket Thursday ticket will give away some time in the 5 o'clock hours notice was sent Michael consent that way they're part of sometime in the virus are now at a junction on your man preaching at John and yes we'll talk about the NBA finals game last night as well. Or as we like to say the end of the era for the Cleveland Cavaliers it's dale in Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. It's. Three dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WEEI this are the program brought you by AT&T. We started the show talking about David Price and his ball off last night it started with Evans relic but. It appeared that it was kind of a shotgun approach that pretty much anybody was hidden in a line of fire got it last night and now obviously he's the starting pitcher tonight for the Red Sox of you don't talk to him before the game. In outing probably get a chance even seen him before the time and work out and do not look at David Price think about it so when we were talking about this earlier. And I asked the question about whether or not he would opt out after 2018 which he has a right to do under its contract Michael said Nell. Keep I think you're us you you thought he might opt out I think he pitches well as long as he can get the same or more money as if he pick if he is a really good season next year any stays healthy. The way these contracts are some team maybe even a nationally team might offer him a Willy eat up four more years. A hundred something like low hundreds I think. So another team came in offered an even one extra year or even the same a little more money so he get out of here. I bring up a report with the extra year an extra year will be tempting when that big in an arrogant while somebody a little less a little less money but that extra Peggy got a 31 million a year instead of 32. They are starting does it but I think teams are crazy although teams are chronically he would have to he would have to dominate the I think you have to be. Go back to being an AC got the contract that he has right now was based on the premise that he's an ace pitcher and he we we know it's not a bad pitcher. Last year he pitched like a very good number two starter. May be borderline one but it and number two. And I say if he continues to pitch like that the next couple years. It's the Dodgers say hey this guy rule burned in the NL last you'll win the Mets when he gains internationally that says this is because he likes it aren't if you know that he doubted that but here's the question because several people on the text machine so my Twitter followers suggested it as well. That David Price is just the latest example. Of the toxic Boston sports media driving a star athlete out of town. Out would blame yourself if you're Red Sox fan. Even though you're not the one tweeting I think it's more of a fan thing. That is immediately Tommy I don't think the media set top of the worst thing any member of the media has said two or written about. David Price all that's just Dan Shaughnessy stuff but I mean he could not to say without V guide to betting on no I think a lot of times the things that the biggest issues when it. I'd amid amid examines a love to know what it is. But it's what he's responded to all these people on Twitter who may not even be Red Sox fans how are really no Lester and they make fun of you from losing in the playoffs and then you have some sort of you know phony report today out or a variety and you think that that speaks for all of the fans. I think he's format the fans and rather than taking to Twitter again he screams seventh look like that's on the right thing. Who who has been driven out of town by the media and you think. Carl Crawford maybe they'd say yeah but are what he did OK the but terrible Boston media did you paper there. They drove pro Barbara is that everything that that David Price would be doing the Red Sox a favorite the opted out after two I don't think so I don't think so but Carl Crawford if if you think he was driven out by the fans. I was a it was a part of the deal. Bit that. Hope the Red Sox win the 2013 World Series. Crawford and backing. And Adrian Gonzales was very good player very good player which is not a good fit here was John Lackey driven out of town. No yeah he was not at play here though now who are now forever was 500 pounds. In my 100000 dollars you have not a player that Ed but he went to Saint Louis and play for that's yeah but he wanted to hear what Madonna here. But I know he was illustrated. Jump back to straighten things related but yeah if you think opt out clause as he thought it would take him. The opt out yet yeah thing if not better but but Carl Crawford traded so our general managers. Forced by the media to make deals I don't think so so bench Harrington traded John Lackey. Had been sharing can traded. At Carl Crawford but I. Well John Lackey also I don't Omar I think he knew that that bargain deal wasn't gonna work out here that's one of the reasons why return as day them browse he had doubts. About the David Price the only thing that he never gonna admit I don't think that's saying yet so. I isn't it safe to say he didn't feel that he got the David Price that was advertised last year only didn't edit the concern is they time you sign a pitcher. 21 of these types of deals now this is the largest on the Red Sox have ever signed or anybody else but it could use thirty years old. And you're paying a thirty million dollars a season. Just look at the history of these deals you know the last two years the pitchers you're going to be hurt and he's gonna pitch or is going to be terrible or to be very very average ear you're paying a lot really easier upfront. It's a for him to have a bad year in year want any really bad playoffs start. Yeah that's Horry looking like a bad deal. And then this year we are really concerned that he didn't pitch in the second year now are you now he has an and he looked really good in his second start. But he really needs to be good this year and next year to make this deal. Or that at all. But but it was a big body is sort of expect you gonna get a couple years at the end of the ideals that are not going to be worth the effort that so you gotta get it at the beginning right. Have to offset the end and you Marty didn't get it the first year of the deal and now with the injuries chase and you're not getting it probably the second year that. You might you might get it this year. Especially if he you know he's not gonna give you you're you're thirty or 31 starts. This season that's already out so by more than a million dollars of start but let's say what he does give you as it could. Regular season where Howard many stars that is at any actually. Carries you through the playoffs which threats I thought I thought I'd love sick you know price well his arms and keep is that. Each time the Red Sox won the World Series we've had that guy is had a guy do that they got on crystal. I don't think you do it either. Either debt or whether it's not done that right that's true. As you're about done but you know you look at left Lester did it and Beckett did it and Pedro and Schilling did it and now. Is going to be price is going to be sale or sell Palmer eats there. So I and I can stop MacPhail and I don't think Auburn I know I asked this earlier in the show but I'm still baffled by who is he Matt. Well and the right question as well exact order trolls. I think it's virtual and any just sort of you know everybody who's in the line of sight is gonna get it here. Yeah because I I I don't think it's the media I don't remember the worst thing written or said about him now they may have pointed out. Hey he's had struggles in the well playoffs let let's say it is Twitter trolls OK yeah. If only you could like. Stop your account in Allen and stop looking at Twitter if only you could do adding an art dole because it in the article they really doesn't spend a lot of time on solar. You bleed internally that shore. Away you know you don't think you the bird out and Weaver you certainly responded to a lot now maybe he's changed some of his habits upon or to suggest that he has really look at whatever I don't know I don't know there's and I only go to the notification. Is it what how what he's also a guy who's been known to. Seek out people don't even use the handle it for people notes putter works you get notification that somebody uses your Twitter handle. Or they can just write your name you won't see it but if you search it out you can find it. And he's been known to do that. So that's possibly that this looks at two seconds. He's he's the most sensitive guy I can remember. Sure they're out and by the way that's not a good sign those not in this town now and that's like Chris Sale who seems to be the opposite of David Price. Everybody loves and it's amazing an eagle he's going out there and only hasn't been asked lights out as it was in the first month of the season. But he seems like a guy who right away was gonna fit in and have no problem you know. But just exit the Boston. Even if he's not the opposite of David Price he he keeps you guessing he acts fighting that I don't I don't know what the other thing overall. On Twitter. There's added there there are certain things you do that are just not gonna work operate. There's certain that you're okay responding. Most of the time responding to somebody coming at you. Even if you have a measured response just don't work it's just not gonna be what you expect it to be. So. Reveal what the best burned a suspect and earn hospital are owed. It. I didn't like the biggest. He did of want to close its contract that he signed with the 217. Yes and summaries like you make 200 million dollars in the stinker whatever he wrote. 217. And what's actually. Add up on Afghan. Yes that's when you overload indeed there. I think he's more upset would a minority. Group all of the fans which most people wanted to succeed most people say hey he's a great pitcher and he's on my team I'm gonna root forum. But he's making it tough on and so companies are singling out some of these people who have criticized them. And then rip on the media and instantly the media that's fine I'd like Michael said earlier. Most fans they hate the media anyway but I don't understand his reasoning for hitting the media. There haven't asked about. That's that's insane that they haven't gotten to know. That's so dumb it's it's your baseball color it's crazy it really is amazing that. That's his view. I mean it and I know that is viewed as he said is that no more personal interview with OK that's his view because he is you stand there and that idea. Look at and I think I think part of it is. And I don't know why I don't know it's just the media it's the fans if this city is the franchise and expectations I don't know what it is so. Believe me this is not a hey pat ourselves on the back what we are the members of the Boston media and we just made life miserable for people less and it. But there is something. About playing here that. Many athletes get who were not from here many athletes get it immediately. And some of them just really struggle with an and the guys that we mention. Agent Gonzales is a West Coast guy. But he's fine he's fine with being back in California grew up in San Diego played for the Padres. Traded to the Red Sox. Hated playing for the red sox' hated this this atmosphere and with the doctors whose aren't he's great players great hitter. But he's not meant for it to cut out for here for what ever is not. No it's because they were playing like primetime news on Sunday assailant and things Carl Crawford not cut out for year. Seattle like David Price is cut out for what you don't attic and I and I think I've seen enough evidence already to decide yet he's not cut out for a year but I'd paid but Pedro Martinez not from here clearly got it but got it. I notice anything that the media at times. At a probably Shaughnessy many times that talked about it. But still performed at a at a great level David Ortiz Manny Ramirez hated it here any was great for here but you really well but it. I think with the with the guys like Crawford Gonzales and price what really jumps out is the contracts for all those guys and who cares more about the contracts you think it's the media to think it's the fans. I got in the emit the expectation that lets hire would both but I Phillip for fans who have had sand. Are the highest paid pitcher let's go all resolved yet you don't do the best Richard de Castro and if you're not then we're gonna we're gonna get all over. 6177797. ID 37 as we get back to the calls I'll tell you that Adam show after reports. Other patriots and Julian well in Julian Edelman have reached agreement on multi year contract extension. I and he says Mike drop below predicted the deal according data show after it's not done Julian Edelman. Probably hear from the beginning of his career to the end of his career. I'm always happen in the in the NFL but apparently will for Julian settlement bill is in Denver say they'll I don't. You know I don't wanna. I just question about that David Price I I'm can use two point but I want I want your take place up. You can picture well all. We don't or Google that whatever but can't playoffs east socks I'm sorry. In fact it is in. Got done yes sir Richard OK I've and you have big question is how does he fix it it's it's it it's a mentality. It's a mentality of maybe not to not not changing who we is as a pitcher proposed using games. Not getting totally wound up and riled up about the post season to the point. Where he can't execute like he would in a regular season game. It's it's really approach I think that's good does it suddenly become a good pitcher a Cy Young winner suddenly becomes a bad picture of the policies and. By that is apparently. And he puts a lot of pressure it's all attitude making it changed the mentality at this stage of his career first of quarters aren't you kind of who you warrant I now know. Two things now don't you do things now it's into five years ago. People don't revolve appeared you're constantly grip you're not growing you're dying takes me longer to stand up and you're evolving but it doesn't yeah yeah sore everywhere feed her feet back at me and I need to add shape. Everybody I had up over there crawled. 6177797. Therapists. Handle her matters to the studio steps. Ed and abet. Yeah you know and you're guys listen. Now the question this complex dealership that gave it. Prices this year. And really. GQ but. I think they've got rusty does and it and I don't think she looked elated. Didn't try to psychological make up. To play a machete. And I'm lucky in front took it particularly but I would be honest with. The question. And you know I don't like it like to eat well worked out right kid the negativity in this city. Yes he's you know he's not pleasant kind of right he he was right now and once again and not to go go law all but Rick acknowledged it in your point. It was a matter of so. Yes that's you're stating the obvious Rick what are you gonna do about it what he did about it was wallow in it some guys say yeah it sucks. And I'm still gonna do my thing and what he gonna say about that and it's just it's just the mentality some people haven't some don't. I'll probably do like it once he looked at the pin pitched well this is that value. Well I did it seems perfectly that there choir. And he doesn't mean that it also plays the perfect. But the corporate culture to get through. And another destructive to a pretty ugly little county contract. I think that actually won 1 July. To really evaluate the psychological make double play it before you look odd I'm. You'd like to think and Adam and I agree with the completely you'd like to think that they take that into consideration. You'd like to think that you know that it before you drop a 270 million dollar contract on the desk in front of somebody you know you'll you know everything you need to know. Well number it was like price or Zack Greinke that free agency here in everybody's saying well Greg he became he drank eight at issue Ray Allen rank he'd have little or no your price should be fine. Art and just see that's what a follow opened the we talked about it earlier in the show. The the one I wanna stand Roosevelt had with David Price while ago and it was just Q&A M. The Q with a Q was written NBA has written so the cue from stand Roosevelt. He says you know people don't know you but we can do something about that says grows well. People don't know we are bringing coffee to the trainers at 6:45 in the morning often. Answer. Your price people don't care. I'm going to catch crap for bringing in Starbucks sorry this is not Dunkin' Donuts what a cat crap for that 100%. I can quote John 316 right now forgot some of the world where at Howard hit nothing but negativity. Period. You can't please everybody so he's got the right answers. It's almost like he has. Pushing back against what's already established he's trying to changes he sounds like a guy who's already clocked yeah I did nothing I can do here that I had answers yet. The answers are right yet people don't care what they care about is when he. This is city. With that has seen a bunch of winning the 20% tree. It's incredible everybody's won all the support so pros. Sports franchises have one. And Boston College has won some national championships and their two back in the day when a college and now this hockey game on something about the College Hockey and hockey and start yeah. During basketball pastor Jerry York has checked my mail there are part anyway. So people are used to winning. And that's really what we care. And if you win and we find out that you bring copy to the trainers that it's better. You know what else we like here we like fighters. We like guys a little grit to warm you know and and and even if they're not the best players you know Isiah Thomas is not the best player in the NBA but dammit. He's got a little something there you know he's got a little. Could win there where the tall trees are he'll battle and and I like that is the Celtics fan I like to see that Julian element who's apparently just. Signed a new multi year contract extension. Not the best wide receiver in the league. And he gets thrilled. We like that could burn ever did not only fight and he'll now does he fight. But its performance in the clutch. And Italy got to be the best player for that. If if you're known as a clutch guy. I hate to secondly from tennis but this guy Julian element is one of but no use of government anecdotal. He has yet every lap so you have a dollar yeah play you know performing in the clutch. Well we'll take you to that next level so would David Price did last year for his standard if you if you think you're the best in your great. You understand why they pay you 270 million dollars you know he didn't perform up to your personal standard in 2017 I don't know what you had going on popular I don't know. But I understand at USC a baseball player in your starts. That you made you were. Not up to what we are used to seeing from David Price that's one irregularities. It sees the court said. That's put out about this age that's welcomes that nobody is supposed to stay with that his first opening press conference who probably should have some idea when he. Lumped in opening day and playoff based on the same thing. Derelict and not hear the death every loves opening day but the expectation is and have a good season and hopefully make the playoffs. Maybe it was years and years and years ago but now as to when the whole thing and you could be a part of that I don't think that can change for David Price. Execute I'd I I don't and look I hope it dies. I just I I just feel you know what that is who he has he's he's not Julian Edelman. He's not. Dustin Pedroia. Yet another fight you till my arms fall off he's like. Does our Dustin Pedroia on a par with Alexander and I who who you know. Whether you like a library used to be but I would like Iran was January these guys like Peyton Manning blogger of the sport who's been so bad in the playoffs for awhile that became their game they. Draft out of it that's right a realist I. And I think they possibly absolutely I think I'll in this case with a guy who is such a mental case if he had he really great postseason start. About the alternates. But if he goes out into the shut out in the the AL DS. Maybe someone clicks and today and get the stopped for. This is why this is why. You gotta make a decision I think it's in his head and got to make a decision. Two to do something about it and he's got resources available to him. Guys were on the payroll of the Red Sox who can help them one of them is Pedro Martinez so from a pitching perspective what did you do. How did you deal with these jerks in the media this terrible sports town when it comes to the media how did you deal with that if you look at it that way and Pedro could tell him. Yes I dealt with that. And I performed in the post season. And then from attaching perspective. You wanna know what am I doing wrong in games Jason Varitek it's not. Payroll is what she has won a championship in his own. So go to Jason Varitek. After. Think I'm doing. It is is that pit sequence. My shaking off the catcher too much what you and how did you do with these are going to be. I don't think it's the jerk if I made available problem right here it's in house warm but it's up to him if he wants to get out of his own way he can't. 6177797937. Is telephone number. A tech slide is 37937. Julian Edelman has agreed to a new multi year contract extension with the patriots. And David Price is gonna start tonight and not then I'll decide I'll talk to you guys dammit. Fourth and final hour gale in Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. I'm John Ferrell is talking about David Price. Right now David Price and obviously I'm not suggesting he should be talking to the media. And John Farrell said he hasn't spoken to David Price today either. Because this is his day to start and you don't disrupt that whole thing. But John Ferrell is talking to the media about price and I he said he has not spoken to him he said he would. Speak to him in the coming days out Ferrell said to the media quote this will be handled said he wants respectful relationship between the players in the media. He goes on to tell people as Michael has done here that David Price element teammate. Genuinely appreciates competing with the Red Sox in the city of Boston. I've a great friend. Ali his name out of a fairly. I've I have a great friend who you know has spent a fair amount of time covering that Red Sox team in the in the dressing room and that in the clubhouse and you know he he was texting me during this. He said remember most fan opinion. Is based on what they read and see on TV the Sox in the media have not enjoyed a good relationship for awhile. He's as I was just in the car urge you guys and I thought about the many experiences I've had in the locker room with guys who act like overpaid babies. Any ads Johnny Damon kava mall are those are guys that stood up every night in dealt with it and got it out of the way. And you've got guys now who maybe aren't so willing and all by the way you've got one fewer work this year than you've had in the past. Because while David Ortiz could certainly be temperamental at times this is me talking now my friend there he was one of those guys who would stand up in front of the media and talk. And you may have all up clubhouse full of guys who just don't wanna be bothered by now. How would you stand up and talk but just sat this set the tone for what it all of it but the big picture wise. So the Red Sox have had a lot of those guys over the past I don't know what happened to Dustin Pedroia. Recently maybe it was a little burned by the pilot Bobby Valentine comments he made in 2012. I don't I don't know and just. Maybe the injuries competent and I don't know given it credit to the manager in Canada have made that the Tito situation doubt some sort of a little. But he's not the same. As he was say like the 2008 to 2010 perjury and then Ortiz is gone. It's show who has really. Was really gonna affect that policy you want your manager to do it and there's some pros and cons of having your manager be that guy when a player to do it. Chris Sale seems scrapie and pitch every day these new. David Price. Does what he can't do it for a number of reasons he's. In his second year reports fellows in the third year here the young guys. They might be too young to do it cultured guy. This didn't we look at the leader we all assume is gonna be the drug use got into a few reasons why maybe it isn't. You got the really young guys who might not be ready for the veterans are Hanley Ramirez Pablo C and a ball off that's Yucca. Younger not gonna get from those guys and then it. The best pitchers on the team or even the best players are sale you're one price your two or sell load your three Kimbrel the closer in year two a bit. They don't have any of those tenured guys that he can look to and say. You know yeah things were a little bit differently here but it's going to be fine but this is now regular. It on and I think about the other the other rooms dressing rooms in this town. In down on the patriots locker room now it's pretty regimented thing they got to play all different thing but you know it's it's a pretty positive for home I mean why wouldn't be there always winning their. Their championship caliber every year there's not a lot of discord there's not a lot of drama. You know I think of an and I know the Bruins dressing room better than I do the Celtics all speak about the Bruins here and and there are leaders who set that tone. A guy like today no Chara may not be the vocal leader on the ice that some fans would like but I can tell you he's always in that room in that corner stall after a game. Standing area answering the questions holding himself accountable Patrice Bergeron on the same way and others. And if you're a young player on that senior said all right well if he's doing it until one at. The thing in the same way Joyce Isiah Thomas Al Horford after tough games there there was talking there was. You know of the the biggest deal we got into was the old Jae Crowder thing right after the jazz were in town and he was complaining about that and he sort of took to Twitter. But as far as how many times I'm sure it's happened and we just you know kind of forgotten about it. But how many times. Did a Celtic player really throw a tantrum after game directed at a media member and our our radio amber. Anything greater price in the last few yeah I can't think I can't think about it in the bruins' perspective now. I and we got the back to Monty Beisel for the patriot Fries and he brought him up yeah that's forever ago. I know it's it's been on this the one the one team. Where you've had this sort of thing happen that. I drew them together red hot yeah. Yeah the red had Monty and has some situations or remember when. Shane Victorino had a problem he answered the guys from our sister station program has. A cholera is a ghetto of them victory knowing I was very it is like 2014. As young as of yet about a year after they won yeah. So he now. Area the whole thing with the front and back I'll throw ribs thing and longer. That was the guy you're asking the question before as any player really been driven out of town by the media or the fans. Aren't we always yells we're gonna a ton of money to go to New York in New York I was is going to be critical to. But I don't think Ellsbury as soon. While Detroit like yeah yeah I can and I don't think it was a and the key was driven out I think he he got it in his head. I'm pretty early. That okay when I had my time is up. And that's why I think only nice low price he can opt out after next season if everything's going well and if there's money at the same amount of money or more money to be had elsewhere. The way things are going right now I think his decision would be to go do that somewhere else it's Alex he's not a guy is only his second team ever a few teams and he can make that adjustment. And he knows very by experience. It was easier to play in Toronto is easier to play in Tampa did you play in Detroit. Maybe go on yet another thing. Is it just that there are more divas on the Red Sox than there are any other teams in this town. No I don't know I don't I don't think it's you know what it is it's with the Red Sox and I know they changed the policy of pit. And Major League Baseball it's not as much time as much access. As the old days but it's just so many games is just to it's it's base. If it pay. Around each other all the time. These same guys every day is kind of hovering in your club jobs they do they'll get annoyed Albert but I get sick bomb a third of the way through the C yeah. Have seniority and I got a long way I know that you located hovering just six weeks of spring training. There there. In every game game five game 1015 to look at is always around. So I think that's what happens I think that disputes in baseball whether it's media vs player. Player vs manager player vs player is just being around each other too much. Got to go on my moves is one my moves at home today. All right kids this virus that has. Okay you headquarters are there other than that it's gonna chill about it. This. I usually work at it works with Democrats and I'll get off. It can happen the minute it's been really that it is feeling growing that tension. And then there's an explosion so this is what happens this is what's happened. I would David Price while last night because this is something he's been thinking about since he's been in Boston. I don't these people that know me. And if I wanted to parity. They appreciated how weird though for a records third talk about me but how anyone. Athletes say it is it just take matters taken at face value what he said. How many athletes. Want you to talk about what they're doing off the field. Very few could most I don't hide it but the the at this the point. That at how party wanna take tests are paid thirty million dollars a year to be a good guy. Who got killed last edited your guy great added added to it would be a nice and it's sort of idea would be a nice phone I would say stay out of trouble. Carrying this hysteria on a bad thing your great person but this trouble to stay on the back page of The Herald not the front page of error out of trouble and pitched well. Outlets and will be just well. It's the Pentagon's vision of the the most important but I do them if you pitch well we did you out of shape after I will look the other a lot of that we we did remember one instance down in Foxborough. Like. To order to record. The anchor. Q&A. Couple and I mean there's a couple of dole is she evidently not the Jetsons. I imply but oh yeah. I mean there there are some of those colony but those grants by the way and I generally directed at the media. Or the fans and and by the way I'm still lectured prices are directed. It. Maybe he doesn't know maybe he's confused by the whole thing and they just happen to lashed out of diamondrock. And you know. I had to go back to a comet should should have known we also you said you can go back to David Price is press conference we should have known Reid the awaited opening day with the playoffs. This is when I should have known David Price for the going to be figured if Davis added on here being a member of the Tampa Bay Rays. And Ortiz hit that second home run off of it says Ortiz rod. He's met Matt. Ward not root for looking at home runs down the right field line and Ortiz is looking as if it's fair follow. That is fair and he runs on base so prices yelling at them. And then he called them after the game. And say you know like you try to embarrass me right Reggie this is priced calling David Ortiz tried to legends or try to disrespect me and says thinking. Our percentage it's time. Why would this guy let people know. If he can be rattled so he's that it bothers if I'm an opponent. And make commonly used that to my advantage I'm gonna do things to a knowing him because I know it works. But I was saying that 2013. But I thought long and he's a Red Sox Spitzer. Through all he only eight feet by and no he let things bother him that certain about. And you can change that I really believe deals that. I can't change yet if you can. I can change. You can change at all until I and I hope you're right I just fear that. It it if if he is in fact bothered by this stuff if I'll use the word soft just for the sake of coming up with a term that you saw if he saw that these bothered by things. How you toughen up how do you change that. Aren't you we water so Milo my one response that I would be. If he has a good playoff performance and her stand that I'm with the I think he is soft that he puts a lot of pressure mounts up in the playoffs for the most part it's been a really bad but if he gets some good luck he had he has really good stuff. He does when we won over the career numbers that he can have gotten to this point he couldn't have earned torn seventeen million dollars if he wasn't a great pitcher. It might only take one if he goes out there and shuts down an opponent in game two of the AL DS. Maybe all of a sudden he he can take a breath and now it now there's not much pressure on any CUNY if you go from there. Of course it go the other way but with every four playoff performance. There's even less of a chance of that he can turnaround. Are wrecks on the cell phone Eric I don't. And Geithner either on the break. I'd wanted to make two point one ball price or wanna bowl as a terrible leadership but the first thing is that frustrating has. Did note here it's. It's as well somebody because he's just the least mentally tough I've seen so what vomiting and overturning in its shelves. Is notable that. I fear that's the case I and by the way it might have not had anything to do with what happened last night. He pitched twice against the Yankees last during gave up six runs each time. Yeah I just think that all the slower on its going to be working on the senate yeah I just don't think there. Mentally tough to have to quote digital bit. Or you guys retire tomorrow few minutes ago leadership by it made up there by I think like. To me that one guy that's gonna have to step up and it definitely at Churchill in sort yeah I look at actions. To me the it's gonna have to do it. I don't see while we've been in. You know. Candidate to do if you think Pedroia is not anymore. I don't see all parents and Bradley have and that personality Bennett Kennedy studio. Side into it if somebody wants to grapple with a locker room to be flexible launch. And look it is it is fair to say that that the bees may LB too young to have to really seize that opportunity. We all think that they're the core of all of a great core nucleus for a team. You know for years to come you hope you can keep them all together. I don't know if any of them have that in them you know from a mental makeup perspective whether Betts is out. Grab a whole locker room kind of guy or bald arts is Bogart's idol has great respect with in the Maybelline. They are they just haven't grown into that role yet. You know just trying to figure out. You how many other guys who are leaders even now across baseball or when they were point 2.3. It Mitch Moreland of these that maybe that's more based Mitch Moreland. And are there Pablo Sandoval Josh wrote that Hitler is the big gamer. I had a narrow it does seem like addressing from B restive. That guy doesn't it does. And I always thought Pedroia was that guy but I agree with you Michael something's whether it was the Bobby Valentine thing he has not been the same guy over the last couple years. Now I think it's more likely that he could become that guy again. Then that dale price could yet it change who he is banned so for a bit he gave birth those guys that always needed somebody maybe kind of was a leader but not solo he needed somebody else whether it was David Ortiz and Jason Varitek or. Whoever you know Lester always the Gaza were on the roster maybe that helped him feel more comfortable now as the conflicted I had I envy guy. And then it kind of goes the other way Ferrell telling the media talking about price cursing out a reporter in the clubhouse last night said quote that will be handled. Now it could be paying lip service you know and and again he's got players backe saying what he asked sing in front of the media. And when he sees David Price after the game he says yeah I told her for your story but it's not up. I was fun while the L and by the way that seems the more likely root for me but let's say the least on the truth. That will be handled well it neck and make it worse. If David Price has the respect that you say he has tonight and I agree with you and you know he takes this guy on and Marsalis sticks out Foreman yeah yeah and then. And then the manager John Ferrell says hey coming here on talk. Could that then just turn out to make this whole thing worse. Yet head of the inside of the player in this scenario the code. It could be worse yeah I mean how does he what was the players stadium. Because there are at a gas prices don't have to have to Farrell over the players say he goes to David Price since his they would stone. Now I don't like not only do things and do things around here we don't do that we don't do things like that they listen to. If it bit of a turning point got to have respected to have that conversation got to have that you gotta have the room when your side. The ludicrous silly thing patients than they Chris let enough out backs the guy. Could that be the guy. And I know it's harder for a started paying off yours are but your body do you know I was only working every five days but you've had some starting pitchers who were the guy here in the past. You might have to be. Visit neighboring and there are there's some in the dugout and locker room that he likes that that might help turn the team. Shuffle things down that way are under a final of the trickle rose for you might find another good kid and the sad about it that I thought and I don't like him not to. Joe's and aims very hey Joseph I don't. Our greater jesuit church it's Bloomberg as well. Well I can't tell Koppel our state. David Price. You pay to get ought to stop whining or aren't big boys can't show that a lot. What advantage. Who cares. About what. Was your sponsor. And shut up and much. The problem goes away. A what did you that's big boy might as well as I know what he says he's gonna do yet. I NS I talked today buddy except on game day from now on Sunday and crazy enough the very next day after he said that is game today so he is gonna talk once again in the post game right. And also Cambodia's. And eat and in his got a tick him off because people are gonna ask him to clarify. You know some of his comments the Shaughnessy it's easier opportunities it will what did you mean by shots into relic yeah absolutely giddy laugh about the performance here are more about this hole by especially the performance is not good Soviet site five runs in five innings six runs and six innings you know do you think that affected you you know some of the things you said yesterday. You know what's going on can we get to know you. Take. Well guess what Leo what do you want us to go off platoon of troops and allies go negative. You beat them and let the at the reporters do what reporters do some some some of them will be fair some of them will be totally unfair some of them will. We'll we'll that would distort shots that you just keep going that's what they do you have to under. And the landscape out of the surprising doesn't. I'm about how to edit Eddie does it after all of his time in the American League in the AL east. Being in the spotlight pretty much his entire life I mean number one pick. He's got he's got a lot of reporters from grape and some terrible ones some average ones. You know that's. I would have thought just not. The summit seat and and here's the thing and I. Am not trying to beat a dead horse here something happened. Something pushed this over the edge. And I don't know what do wise maybe it was a Twitter follower you know a nasty tweet I don't know but something happened. Because this thing's been going along at a pretty good race here came back earlier than expected pitched pretty well his first outing pitched very well in his second outing. On track to pitch again here tonight and all of a sudden the night before that start. They asked me about the merits and Taj. Something happened. Do you think so Dan's in New York right. Yes I think he was last night post game press conference you know dale start rather pay a pretty good there in the first that the president what what was up with you curse however drug events Google back in the and a guy you slider looked sharp here tonight is gonna keys jump in and every other that can back the baseball. Can you shield tonight 6177797937. Tonys in Bridgewater Daytona. Area Gary Jules yeah it's not expected but it's all I honestly like I have to say about a barrel. Autopsies haven't stretched. Now and it. Let her in it but that's as far as baseball balls. When you don't have the respect that most players in that block well I PP seven dated since it is an aunt who lost it when he. It'll blow it up with that Jessica Marie had ever since then I'll tell you right now like Dominic L goal without issue out expert draw yet. Belichick John YPC or even kept Boca or I'll say you know advocates wanted it. You're out there respect the most flights there this this is what you ought. There you know Tony I was thinking about this earlier today and after hearing what happened in that clubhouse. Yesterday last night. Going back report on pharaoh thinking of one hand. Hey John great job of managing with all these sensitive personalities. On the other hand had a job to do something about all these are the personalities. That usually it's you know you it's Benedict either way I understand where you're coming from Tony you think he's lost control of the room. I look at it there's the legitimate question yeah right now and again and say. You know there in contention they're playing a pretty good baseball they have been. So if he's lost control of the of the room. And we're wondering who's leading the team is the team is running itself. I don't care and the kids say the team lacks leadership and that. That pair of games out of first in the American Lee look at it but but about it if we say that they team lacks leadership and Ferrell has no control we talk and this is self driving car. Carmine. Karl month's final thing to browse the leading the team John Henry. Shaughnessy leading the team who has that. Plants grown red zone. Maybe not 6177797937. Our final drives coming up. Twenty minutes from now a little bit more than that it's dale and Holley with key and we've got all. We have got to act all we get tickets to giveaway. So it's maybe gives you price who don't follow that be great it's blisters and this well. I'll always know this is to always games of Tuesday's game sorry. No I think yen rhetoric. I have a Monday yes to to have it in on Monday but a lot of Mondays off. Well this could work out that UC David Price on Tuesday ordinary you are yeah I don't know it is price. On very well I know much about dale and Holley with key Sports Radio W media.