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OMF - Lou and Paul call out Glenn and Christian for ignoring baseball, 6-8-17

Jun 8, 2017|

A conversation between Kirk, Callahan and Alex Reimer help expose the fact that Glenn and Christian have been punting on baseball talk for months, choosing to follow in the footsteps of Mike Mutnansky and Tim Benz. Glenn and Fauria vow to have some scorching hot baseball takes in tomorrow morning.

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That immoral to jocks I like working with jocks as you can you can play with the little bit and bingo on Sports Radio. Well let's go as ago and I'm looking forward to lose ramps. Angry Lou I'll be honest I'll skip and it'll tired of the bud newspaper has its. Wiz what's gonna happen what we want to rent them basketball and hockey news talk I mean really possible radical Islam. I don't guess I don't think I let it really gland or Christian wanna talk portraits of Glen wanna tense and surprisingly I know the other Olympus heads of those Christian has the potential. I spent most of whom. I just it was someone knows so well excellent that's a good baseball told Neil that they. There's these two don't talk weaving like he has talked Turkey and for you on the dark you know the privately in Italy you don't want to talk baseball but someone talking baseball and it's a way it is true and it went facility you know what that is the only Donna I -- and we took two hours of only did the entire show as well like a price situation could tell you what I'm talking baseball he was working somebody I was playing at 1 o'clock I'd scrap its arguments on the panel ready seats up ready yes that's a ball. You talk Kimbrel. Yeah OK yeah it'll I broke down along rent a lot of scams whoever is a really exciting minutes. Well advocate of the we don't do we. We talked baseball yesterday it was eleven we have yes we had a discussion was more you have flooding and definitely baseball discussion about Craig Kimbrel and I we got John Farrell thirty to pick you don't want confused with the because Ferrell is now use. Kimbrel five times in the last twelve games Ross and the eighth and we brought in exactly what has gone so long cross for a long cross the bright for the price. But I got one of those. Deer in the headlights looks when I went and brought it up to listen you know I think about the way the Mets play him so much about it and talk about it compass and we'll talk you feel like you fuel an eclectic. And I'd like I knew enough I've elected leaders that it's it's it's an opinion on it and it's for it's why. Opinions on the show. Virginia and we don't have any of things we don't talk baseball the other let's as Christian as he broke ten or alleged does that every post who's ever worked with that was repayment baseball. Which makes for those a re pricing or he just has no interest you can tell you look at the window and what's something else right Mike I think for you probably wanted to hang for action right show I definitely don't. Yeah yeah both those guys are sick of since the field and against dreamer birdies at 8 o'clock and said that's their first show it from I'm not is sometimes it is rightly giving lessons games are great talker. No but I think it was good game it's better hot than basketball got a hot out there I. And Allen can shoot a better. Actually passion of Christ he's is that we know years ago would be in business is just right in the new times this. So that's usually go. I always Jalalabad. And you're here to give his opponents says don't do how many do you probably give you some homework. We usable underneath that you do need some home I don't need America the big I'll watch and I don't know. Relax there I don't know homework doing because he's really out to give you a job you can and your job of cheese case and it speaks sags wanna I wanna work really hard on yes I can't wait to get to Imus got a little bit on the two I want you to come back. Tomorrow morning. With a hot. Smoking sizzling baseball and yes OK I'll let out of the same I don't understand the American I. I'm not due to do it. And it also I think that it I don't think you can do it and I would say I would say that it could turn on vacation and any little thing. You can bet that Lou is already brought you generally based okay you're all alternately if yes don't listen accompanist. Original I wouldn't dissidents and I compliment Lou does that he's one of the better baseball analyst in this town yeah involvement he's on the other hand I don't know if he's I don't know that I didn't we have this and he had disagreements on YouTube when it comes to baseball moves OJ case a case I. Need to you'll stop yeah. Everything I'm not sit here and go Adam about it about yea I thought David Price is Mike your wrong. All of that David part of my couple turn off picking you I'm not kidding or and well armed ready. From the African handle right. Shut up I used to work with African well no I don't I don't know what are. And kick it just concentrate focus for second oh. This isn't a knock on him. We ought to be the case pledged doesn't every cohost who's ever worked with a group common enough. Upon Tibetans. What do we do you mind everything you know why these guys as well who you can call me what is going scoop. I'll start calling you weak I like debate let me get. By the way you heard weasel like as yet. No I have got to hear this a better I would militants and let let's let's go back to normal regulator the old Italian led the way you'd like him and listen to take some of them we keep my and a heartache is not Lou. We'll show is gonna be better. Hey you can't take it doesn't add up big blue. The book that's going to be better that's not what the wanna constantly something LaDainian are you you're hot. You let yourself an apparent that the new coat on the Iran about what he's also an honest somewhat into me and you want to put on particular show right socialize and I was ready just like you should be a little worth pointing out. Paul you're able to do I have debates and arguments on the show you out churning around. This guy he never has had an argument and debate at all about it I think I don't hear this. Only do we yeah. Out how. Hey I'll ask you you don't have Everett probably baseball does anybody disagree. Now. The government or disagree with a B the necessary by the baseball to me this development no one account. I use and based on yeah I want to do is they don't I usually my community as you move on Iran does not give you my opinion. You want but I think I did you do I get an opinion and you move on and the support he can do is still big just I just look away says hello. Yeah that they are afraid of remember Lou he wants Israel. He lets you down he looked like oh I don't know how it. Was you. Know and only and we and Childs and let it in your opponent does all that. It's alone on language I know that all you have to do is very simple deal over analyze it don't hurt yourself. Come in tomorrow so the more games good smoking similar right now. Hot I don't wanna I don't want to know because of his image that is giving them my game and implement a big game coming up our enemies are virtually unprecedented properly in my religious we're worried about an assessment. Yeah business. Yeah usually we'll. Music that's because I hate with Lou all the time no you don't you just this is out at all and I've been. She's you know what's in a drug group we have ten we have great lately basketball we've great debates and football and basketball social issues that both baseball and how many debates do you have with the we don't know big Wailea Hawaii. And Anemia that I don't federal I want you know why are you concerned we have a debate Ali a lot about me what we're about. How long would just Al Davis ran why can't you want to. I move this ball. Reaching a large herself she will look upon. Little and they were in her on there are enough people who want fluids as barrels and all the candidates. Don't light up like golf is building. A dull skin and treat him that exercise and to to Holler and we'll let that civilians are deflecting on the level. Both of the our I. Would agree but let's show. Intro for this lazy. Hot hate steel and co host just pushes buttons. That Lee got. And he's your guy we. You don't you know on the bed and his sharing your answer every day when you're leading ladies league I thought you just thought it got you got it done it you disagree with Kirk's hesitation. You guys interview loomed a solid must acknowledge known on hold I don't know the American economy auto said I don't think. I don't want you yeah. Or. Just don't. Outlook the watches the bachelorette yeah Red Sox are an outright. But it's a little games like that like oh that's right now it's completely lose its complaint yeah okay like you do a little bit more work and you put it like you're coming into tomorrow shut out ouch yea come out tomorrow. With an idea how I. Different not. Me that I view we don't we are all an idea that you trust and then detonated from you know they know what I'm not only based in life want you do face to face like one they glued to come up with an idea. Twelve and watching him for his life it's great not good I don't know if it's true that Lou you know as far more baseball all the it's a question Crist knows more football than I'd. He does admit did you ever arguable. We debate don't. Debate with all the Talbots yeah we got one of our big they call it all falls when I was competition. One big article football for sixteen weeks and it looked like I'd weeks out of the year they argue with fluid when I was eight blue has 5000 more baltics and you guys do baseball it dialogue. On our boys I've never heard in Oregon pulled. Why haven't we talked about the fact that the two have never arguably anything. Now that's that was it I don't know here's how you are artists either party has pink does that Reynolds is more example all the new schedule based mobile what do we disagree. It's different she wants to manufacturers are members of its manufacture take. Mature I happen agree with Lou about the Arizona or here's how it works. Plans hey hey laws here's what I wanna talk about or would you say that's a great idea. They aren't confident you are well. All notably you don't ever and it wouldn't mind at all like you know it that when it's it's as I'd like east I. OK I wanna play it as the then you board your plane idea he warns me says the army needs our. Credit or you've IC is based. You're trying to trade him like we're trading down and went in print on campus. Go to a bird dogged by. And I think that's a great idea yeah no joy. Have been like predicting these lines I don't get how why I was slated for so I have come to into that good very good. Yeah. They Kirk they future UK to visit their fans were emerging artists they want to self or let that little pockets loved floor they aren't enough good stuff wish it puppets for the show more but there that's what part of an on again is. This feels all of Canada on Surat and jobs are good at the original ideas sorry man it was the original idea that the pipe. Yeah yeah it might. Mercer right Mike. And I we're gonna try the silliest contest and it's an homework tonight as soon as well and who work. And we don't you obviously they. I've moved the night. Yeah I was close I was last night it was mostly about to do it so I know why did you move is gonna do tonight. To do this chilly outside to talk and Alex a year on weight over LA and I have I got formally hand on it and big name. You bigoted of course can you possibly affecting all for you yeah. I don't publish if there are well another another thing is to get extra credit for having at least. Dress up note actually lost a game and a lot about it I don't think everything is all night right rob rob Raila should yield contest you're coming up next.