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Across The Board - Belmont Stakes 2017 Preview with Mut

Jun 8, 2017|

Mut is handicapping the 149th running of the Belmont Stakes with Andy Serling of of the New York Racing Association, Matt Bernier of the Daily Racing Form and Dick Jerardi from from the Daily Racing Form and Xpressbet.

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It is the final. Jewel of the triple 149. Running. Other Belmont Stakes this Saturday in L mock New York not with you guys for the four time a year across the board horse racing podcast getting you set for which should be. A good Belmont Stakes on Saturday more importantly the best betting card of the year. Not at the premiere Scoble get into all that I first wanna say thank you as we get this self final. Podcast at Triple Crown in the out reaction you folks who are horse racing fans we're small but passionate group I understand that the wanna say off the top here for yet the handicapping. Thank you so much for listening for downloading. For tweeting about the podcast FaceBook is to ram whatever telling a friend telling Q friends. That's how we grow this thing and I two point we're doing more than just four times a year on the across the aboard horse racing podcast. ID can always get the ball on Twitter and you folks have at mutt and UT WEE Alison thank you everyone who listened to. A throughout this Triple Crown season those have listened last five or six years we have done these podcasts as for this weekend. No derby winner no preakness winner the show must go on with the Belmont 149 can be hard to follow a lot. Our preakness podcast right gay view cloud computing on top of thirteen to one. I gave you classic empire and second. That's a nine dollar exact the folks it was almost thirty dollar mutual on top I give and I give and I give. Reveal last went right half of the rest of the year result is Saber OP enjoyed it I have no winners left we'll try to get some winners this weekend. But he very fought hard to follow up on the success of our rough up handicap the opinion it. When it came to the preakness as for our guests as you'd expect we are loaded up here today. Two of the best handicap purse in the country for my money on Andy's sterling New York racing association. Who has the best track handicap from the country. Has an opinion not afraid to share not afraid to go against the grain a on he's one of the guys that does certainly has helped me. I'm becoming huge fan of the game he would join us from Niagara on the big weekend Matt Bernie your daily racing form form later they're great product. Which he get a here in this podcast he was on cloud computing is well was any by the way. Should point that out that three of us you're gonna hear from all like cloud computing in the preakness two of those guys very sharp on the dummy who does this for pretend. Apple here from Andy here from app Bernie your in the anchor on our off big Triple Crown podcasting Girardi daily racing form. Philadelphia Daily News here courtesy of express that I he likes a horse here in this one that I liked in the Kentucky Derby I'd also like. In this race as well as for the Belmont threes the pace since 2007. American pharaoh is the only favorite to finish in the exact. The last ten years the average winner of the thirteen to one. The average dollar exact up almost 300 bucks the average dollar try 12100 the Belmont Stakes. Haiti's. It's a totally different animal that's why the ball a mile and a half the first time in their career in many cases the only time in their career these three year old to ever go a mile and a half you think. They're going a mile and a half a longer distance means hey you want closers it's not the case. Look it up you wanna be. In font you wanna be in the front end coming from the back of the pack in races like this in Ramallah have you get the money. You could be a drama his hero and getting in Arnold's cat getting in and and pay at the bottom editor exact isn't tries and super but the winning horses don't normally do that. They have some speed early creator did it a year ago but normally you want to be appalled that would last year Destin on the fly and the entire way barely got Peter notes to a couple of years ago commissioner. On the front end the entire way barely got beat by tallest closer to get the ball late. But speed horses do very well on the wind and in this race please be aware on the field is very much influx. There is no real standout in this race the favorite would have been classic empire. He ran second the preakness for the derby he got scratched the day before the race the day of the of the race or the day of the the draw for the race would have been a favorite aunts and out all open a year. Irish war cry who ran nowhere in the Kentucky Derby dale like about the way. He's got to be your favorite. At the cars is the second choice at 401. Epochal RC Japanese horse who is racing here because Belmont put up a million dollar bonus. If a Japanese horse won the Belmont Stakes he's a good or she's one well. But at 401. He feels like an awful bad at a price. Like a brother Derek got a big future bet on that ports. At fort one I can't Adam and there's this we're taping this on Thursday. And there's a report out that the horse is not doing well Lee had to be treated with some sort antibiotic last night that he's a lame in one of is legs. The trainer wants to run him. But he got treated with us some sort anti inflammatory overnight and he's 41. And he's never won here America. That doesn't feel like a good bet to me he's the second choice he's the story of the week and quite frankly what you watch NBC. On Saturday at the cars is going to beat these story this weekend you'll see. If he runs and that's very much influx right now but if he's the second choice tells you it's a very interesting. Not betting race here this weekend people had a lot of fun. I'll with the preakness card in derby cards this is a better car this the best guard not heavy Breeders' Cup card the entire year today applause. If the Breeders' Cup in June is four million dollars in guaranteed pools between Thursday Friday and Saturday quite frankly your player when he put on the weekend he played triple brownie play every day. You've got to be your ball. In the Belmont card this weekend or gets an expert opinions Randy sterling map Bernie your Dick Girardi are coming up people long for some reason logically Ken layered. Of the a morning show here loved the big preakness street view special for the preakness. The black eyed Susan the Belmont has its own drink tea. Insolent keeping with the theme is sort of a good luck charm now we get the official drink of the race and we get ourselves in bowl the year with a big winner in the big won the Belmont Jules. This does sound refreshing for a nice warm day two outs lemonade out so pomegranate juice. Outs and half of Bergen. I gold little heavy on the bird but I'll beat or those on Saturdays part of Belmont Stakes. Hopefully point it towards the winners. Not I like the favorite Al like a price out of my focus on give you my take on this race as a podcast moves on that at the end. Will go through all the final picks including my go one through four for the Belmont Stakes it should be excellent racing weekend a hopefully point it to our winners here on the across the board Belmont Stakes podcast. And as we get set for a huge huge weekend in New York we talked to what do you got to talk to when it comes to handicapping. Only New York race in the big race across the countries the host and handicap or the New York racing association. He is Andy sterling he'll be there front center for the Belmont Stakes presented by not Ira bats and Ira bets dot com. To get all your action in this week and it's become sort of cliche to say any but this really is a Breeders' Cup in June from Thursday afternoon until Saturday. Amazing racing this weekend their Belmont park. I couldn't agree more you know I worked at the Ira but I'd say. A huge fan of race in just incredibly excited about this week and stick to eat steaks. Allowance race is debate recent throughout the card. These fields just something for every one of these predate the weather spectacular. It's just it's it's what you dream about this horse. Well the as you know Andy from afar the state of of racing in Boston is not great the rock is closed and buried Suffolk downs is down to. Couple festival days a year but having gone to Saratoga every summer and didn't doubt even aqueduct for the wood memorial. I think you'd agree the Boston racing fans love the and Ira product icu mass license plates Connecticut New Hampshire license plates. And all New York tracks I go to it feels like that is become sort of the new Boston racing fan home track given what's happened here in the city. I I could not possibly agree more are the Boston fans are. You know as good as any of our fans that we are there's a ton of human error told every year you see them that. You guys unfortunately have a cup situation that would raise it up there couldn't eat you you're the greatest bands you really are. I met a couple of guys in the train station and they're couple years ago now they're old. They're big they're two great. I believe it's a great product this weekend great product a year round when it comes to. The New York racing association as for this race the Belmont Stakes the big one on. Saturday look there there are some races anywhere I go away and end it. It's hard to separate who I'd like for me in this race Saturday it's become more of OK these are the horses I know. I don't like in this race given the defection of classic empire. Given no derby winner no preakness winner. I'm having a harder I'm eliminating course a lot easier name and finding horses I like it wanna focus in on of the big. Yeah you know my my advice to people playing this rate outside of my own personal Indians is. Make sure you're using an appraiser to your place and you could like art work wire cars that's fine but. And horses prices because the distance Cooley has a great equalizer and nobody is so good to say boy have on on this now. And you know. Yet twisted arms he's a little bit slow but but nobody is so shoot low. That would you'll move up the distance they couldn't you at least require the street so I had a lot going. Well you mentioned the distance and in your guy handicaps races every day and felt like hundreds of races a year. It's three years all three year old going a mile and a half for the first time in their career Andean poly in some cases the only time. How much of the distance and does the distance changed your usual handicapping approach when it comes to mile and a half. Well it started in the dark as indeed it does in my mind that. In other words I I'm constantly trying to think you know how confident and I beat this wears them out. Worst of any more questions who critics ally who would move forward. Take it step back. The problem that you say we don't have any data to go on and so we don't know would like to run well you know the victims rate in the country you're usually corporation. Don't let that yes yep the booklet on Saturdays Clark along with this one but. Primarily Beagle let me kind of racist so a lot of as the O. At a mile and a half I think in and emerge first sort of handicap and I thought this. That OK I want the closers OK they were closing in these big races heading into the Belmont Stakes and obviously can close. And a mile and a half but it seems like history would say Andy that you wanna have speed in this race and those closers. They get and the exact that tries in the super is but. They don't win a lot of these races are mile and a half. I couldn't agree more Mike I think that's a very good point there it is arranged where speed or at least at schools you usually works now creator did make the big one last. Sure there have won it last year he got a little lucky to win at best. Probably read the batteries. But he does that day but overall. The thing is you know it's almost a blog that you go collect some of that at it and the speed. At a becomes easier because the page a more moderate now I don't know that communicate his alma. Because between warmly. Irish war cry in the mean time there's not speed that equals CDs and arts. Well you mentioned that the contested pace here and it it sounds like beanie babies answered the question. You think there're enough horses that won Dubai for the front and an early chance to win on the fun and it. Including meantime. Who I egg Brian lynch is a company gonna have to send their to the fraud you're expecting three or four horses on this front and early in this race on Saturday. Yeah I think they'll be orderly place I also think there are forced it's supposed to quit or be placed it here also imagine that market impact that our I don't know being a good bet to win that's what I like the worst I have great respect for quiet which is a lot this early obviously it. Irish were quiet source that stick around. If you look good rate he's the only course this rate which went to triple digit fires. There's only one of the worst in the rate at one triple digit fire and Gormley interest is well I just really worries me. I. Any how much of your handicapping change your opinion change with the defection of a classic empire he would have been a huge favorite in here. He obviously ran in the preakness and in the Kentucky Derby. Eight to 595. Mini lesson that he comes out the whole thing changed for me how much did it change your feeling about this race. Well it changed because I was there try to you know men and somebody get short right that was going. But I don't have any. Illusions that he wasn't laid of course to be your aspirations going to whip. You could argue it sort of made it more wide open and the navy is Belmont Stakes is more like NBA playoffs. It is our Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers yet you wouldn't have to vesting but. You would have much more competitive player out sought out there that let me if I'm too much about it interest rates. Now following you on Twitter and are you feel about the super teams like a direct Golden State. And what they have done to the sport of basketball. So at that erode. That's Nate they're about to win sick in a row I'd I'd I'd gotten a hard to debate what they've done to basketball Kevin Durant did and making that choice to gold go to Golden State. Us expected contests in the front end it sounds like Daniel looking for a horse from off the pace is it tapped Rick is it. You could be sitting all those one for making a run here late at Belmont. Well I'm gonna be using both warmly and our work life more artwork by defensively because I think are good that they quit hang around I don't think the patent belt outside this area but I I do like it was echo. Is optimistic at this fire figuratively gotten would earn better. Absolutely perfect circumstance I will not buy that but he shall you build you want a fast rate. That blue grass wasn't good spot he's held at a very well that day so that they're really compromised his chances and that's an issue early in the running. And his derby was limited to start and clearly an analyst track like give. On the use him I would use app for my problem is usually a much shorter price it was oil price can make me play and certain point. And he really cap but only ran last time we got the rail in the stretch and derailed a stretch in the computer users can back. What you should nick Helio and why haven't set that. It's not lecture notes that while this rate. Could not that and when I suppose he's probably gonna be okay is that so like you use him no look at at least from you know he's of course she showed up every time. I have big creek as well at all. And running their whatsoever derby was saturated by the coal rail so I don't just don't think he's good not eaten erased a really all part and a lot of horses and good better than him not to show. OJ boys echo is is not the biggest source Andy any worry about his size that I keep reading that you know he's he's a compact Forsett wonder is that a horse that can. Can you can think gets the mile and a half. Birds stone it was a tiny little too. As our call he was pretty good at being Smarty Jones so I think it's a reasonable question I asked dale Romans exact question. He's not back concern but you know you have to be careful about sites but that's. As for the second choice he did not mention there and a and an epic Carson and that's sort of sums up to me this field went up a cars is for 1 it's a tough morning line to make with the late scratch of a classic empire but at that horses for want of there are some opportunities sandy I have no idea what to expect other than this I want no part of him. At that price that is he crazy under later that he's going to be the story horse that NBC focuses on on Saturday given the defection classic empire. I couldn't agree more I think you're actually right we have no ideal courses he was democracies. Aren't we do know is one to 212925. And the two migration one by recourse like. And these were big field so that I guess it was not eating much quality. And the only race we can use it all the judge of what's it was a muddy track that was late Kirby Ethiopia much error abstract. But losing the undersea now who's not a dirt course. And just the master plan who was deeply affected and our Peter Pan but doesn't spiral out confidence in me that they were by somebody believes they. I don't think like you would be shocked when he wins but I'm not that bad amateur it's. For once seems entirely too short so Andy's point you towards. I'm Irish war cry and tapper for Todd Pletcher Jose or tease the number two horse in this race. As you move backwards here a little bit top of the guarantees this weekend misses part mixes there's a great weekend Andy. I you're talking about. A million and a half in the pick four guarantee late dole talk about some of those races there's an early pick three guaranteed. Friday's got a 5000 guaranteed pick four they are guaranteed pools everywhere. Especially in a late pick four on Saturday in the race before the Belmont Stakes the Manhattan. But a hard time up on the limit any horses and having easy time doing that the Belmont Stakes I have to admit the Manhattan. I like a lot of resource this is a battle especially with the Chad Brown three in this race heading into the man on Saturday. Yeah I mean I think this is one where I disagree with more. I really do think it's a good eight to one last. He's not going to be what choice not to be when you're by one I think should be the favorite but he's going to be very. I understand didn't run that well what part should. It was an odd he didn't get the trip he likes and he's going to be at the war and broker in this race swung the reason they want to Kabul for. So I think you're gonna see real podcast in my opinion built on that since July. I was there a single to pick for I would single him extinct or an oppressed them. But I ain't gonna use work who ran well in the race last year and Benoit had a good trip last time the Dixie danced and you're here you have well and a bit late. The beach patrol air a little bit to elect a patrol and wait to well lose what I'm as a barrel and of course it was not favorite lines piloting the wrecked alerts deal. I wonder quick thought on the six source attempting to that the German horse comes and I always team to look at these. Porsche is the command edit any sort of European Foreman wanna give them an upgrade because that's what. They're running on extensively over there when they come here I wanna upgraded you give number six or any look in the Manhattan and. Why look at all of them but I you know this is a trend that had very little success it won its use of in North America. Over the last five years and if except you know was. Lesser tracks early it was a pretty dollar which is a big race on the week that they are weekend that child see what you would want chopper shots he's asked here. I'll be the best of EO but he ran well to win it I don't like in Grand Prix of Eilat on the great the group one cents a little. It was kind of an social there that worries me so I'm dubious of them. I just think if you look at what like I'm the much much better Europeans but but against that abuse the rights. Man at the strong push there on time test for Chad Brown five to 1 on the morning line like Andy said I can get. Less than that on the met mile which is a great addition this Saturday car these two run it. On Memorial Day I know some people are against that I love the big race days that they put together for fans like me that are playing on Saturdays and Sundays. Others saw the look forward to one big days like this. Looking Fortis he connect brought in here he ran on the undercard last year the second race last year on Belmont day in one attic you have been the favorite in here today. I instead that goes to more spear for Bob batteries got a loaded older borne out their California. You got to try to beat more spirit in this race the met mile and. I am currently used in the market for not in use sharp as it the other favorite here or about the EU New York. Worst fear is improve on to big figures he's gonna get much better horses running against it a much different story in your butt. I you know you're up at the world to respect for Bob Baffert by the use the worst I think even though Pol Pot but lost connect. Vote rally cry and on the market so major players in this race are lecture. Armed I think. Economic model had a chance the bid price is here. And even virtual machine but might this war are rallying cry economic model Morse spirit and top. I mentioned virtual machine and I believe he ran on derby day is the focus is on. Churchill he ran second to connect and I want your thoughts on that race could buy like connect coming in and I looked down and IC a horse that was a couple links back of connect. He's thirty to 1 there in the morning line was that more of who was running behind him that day in the west Chester Andy or they did you mention I'm ready but thirty to one it sounds like you think he's got. Lisa shot to be involved at a big price. And he would it would almost by. But you're wealthy as. Where at in the state and the hate speech that well our league worst trade is Dick there's so. So I am and you're winning an absolutely it is the right it could be part. We've mentioned you're your take on the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant eights. It dude it's the thing now in basketball to go big it's the thing in racing and Ira has done and I love it as someone who is involved the sport every day. I your thought on the big days that racing is now built especially weekend like this where you have a Breeders' Cup. Ideal like it that way and you would like to some of the bigger races spread out ovary racing calendar. You know it popped question. I like race. So unhappy that whatever we're doing and I'm always going to stand behind what -- doubts are I think that this is where things aren't. In recent and in general I think the public is respond to it. And it creates a very exciting weekend when we don't have a triple clarity that's working well this year I do understand some people say well sort of minimizing those Redford. No walk from one week and acts but overall I word it. And I support the light years to. No it's true mark of do what we only started acting like acts the way it is Eric you have to try and try to build the U. That we could go to make the mistakes but it won't lower your mistakes. All right we're never going to and who think like in most it would say it over and over again. It's funny you say that because see you think about the Breeders' Cup and we love the Breeders' Cup love the two days. As a fan and yet feel like there are a lot of trainers and owners that end up just. Sort of warming their horses up and and and getting trying to get to the Breeders' Cup and they. There's a lot of good horses I noticed doll Ron edit their racist to be brought and I wondered if you thought the Breeders' Cup in the awards and how many awards are just based on hey did he win a Breeders' Cup race. Does that affect some of these horses running we get more horses running throughout the year if the emphasis was and pay when a Breeders' Cup race you're gonna get an eclipse award. I think there's Two Rivers sucks and I kind of agree with Vietnam I wish. Obviously we were declared more often. Better for the work it good or to log more offered batter Eric it flooded more frequently and that there was a lot of interest in a lot of therapy. I don't think the Breeders' Cup has been good for racing overall. Is put to a campus someone buried that you suggest racing is not about one day out a year. And I think it'll probably despite voters don't follow racing and they spoke well we are a quitter because there are any. I don't think they take their jobs seriously saying it's a very big discussion. But I go up when they are I wish the resources rates offered and I do think what's your shouldn't say it out just once there. And you'll get shot on this your year the company work for an Ira and the racing is great. You guys have changed the racing for fans like me with the dean Ira now app I know that. A lot of people are beset averse to change. This thing is change the game and I'm sure you get the response from fans that the ability to watch HD races watched and Ira programming on their phone on my iPhone like I'm holding right now. I think you guys is set the standard off what apps are gonna look like in racing going forward. Well thanks I appreciate that and I'll I'll share that thought it was possible none of whose name is Andy Serwer you do it I like develop yeah I thought he program that now. IR I barely spark a of they. And I are ideally. They're out urge your listeners and more. There at that it just download the app not only all that stock available. You can watch it for cameras were on track you can watch the board work out what you were sure of that deal although you could walk weekly. Historical videos is he our our. Contents from Paul horse that you want and what you want is way your own or your ear or your other devices it is there. Sensational lap and and I agree I I guess I'm so proud of your code on them and it's late in the. Fifteen graded stakes this weekend their Omar park now Ira vets offered a great sign up bonus pretty simple Mira vets dot com which all the information. I'm following Andy on Twitter appear not by now you're racing for annual art but he's opinion David he's not afraid to. Our goal against a big favorite and explain why it's why is that. To be the best in the countries in east early in the New York racing association and he had a great weekend this weekend there Belmont will be played along here in Boston and will see it's our token a couple of months. I look forward to it thanks so much the kind words including. Counting down to Belmont one of 49 Saturday in New York he set off the top here. Probably won't do as well as we in the preakness because we had a couple of us here in the podcast the pushy towards. Cloud computing thirteen to one at. I'm 98 dollar exact a fifty cent try came back over 500 so. I'll once that happens I'm bound to go the other way but we'll try but I was not the only one. On cloud computing on the up podcast for the preakness map burning your daily racing form. In my hands right here the PP straight off form later let's take a victory lap here 'cause I'm sure won't have a right in the Belmont Matt way to go on cloud computing. Like what we go to same way back you were you know at night when when a plan works the way you you hope it's going to. I think that the thing that I hope you had well that I most surprised by the right that I never nine year but there are people. Am I'm looking at my notes that talked you and it says right here thirteen to one how did we get that price and I guess it was just the you know what happens mad at the over bet of the tour winner and soul he was over bad people like classic empire that day and so left cloud computing who who. As we talked about heat look to set the perfect trip. We had the right jockey on them and whether classic empire got lazy late or just got run down it didn't matter because the money's the angry at the end. It was a very good preakness in fact this summer reminded me that we debts now been. Ironic is couple years ago and a cloud computing we could maybe go to the preakness one year we take the whole thing out snapper. Maybe you were just needed only two preakness but that derby at Belle well. Like pre app did era. I think a lot of people like that if we just only did he preakness podcasts this race itself. The reality is it is lacking in firepower it's a good betting Grayson back to make the argument I think with classic empire out. It's a better betting race that it would have Danny. But no derby winner. No preakness winner classic empire scratches out. And then the epic Kara stumpel get too off the top here. I'll work Courtis on Thursday in the reports are according to the New York stewards. He had some medication last night for a some sort Elaine miss NA is a front leg they'd the trainer says he's gonna run map but Iowa Mitt off the top here. Between now and Saturday. I'm not gonna be shot back I'll be more shocked to be does run at this point that epic Kerry's you know it doesn't run in the Belmont Stakes. There's so little good that happened and I understand they have a long way it would or they're trying to get the billion dollar bonus but. When the entire world no bad apple forced that plane it it boy you you're really take a big big gamble around the horse Saturday afternoon. They gave to you that I went there and I should they were every bit the candidate. Again did that at the lavatory and I don't know that there foot or ankle or whatever maybe they're saying that right front maybe ought though. Put it went into Iran on Saturday I thought the interest I think everybody thought it thing. I don't know today in. You know the end all be all you know to prevent him from winning I don't know maybe you would they be it would but I got to be on it it certainly ought. Or would you wanna find out at 401 or 72. Idol minute that the price already it is is low and if he's coming in at. Potential injured on got to be very wary and yeah as of Thursday. At most I'd use him defensively. And again it's a horse that thanks to map burning or others. Had a big derby future on an old love to see him win get his sort of back on some sort of pride but now for a want to. I guess I would be against for you classic empire coming out would you agree does it make the Belmont Stakes a better betting race on Saturday. I you know it is that the thought what's the answer because that it depends on how you viewed plot don't fired a lot of people looked in the that you know what you. Wait a horse to beat the best horse in the race. You don't would keep him everything at and you had yet to camp that looked at that the going to be of course is going to be a low even money he's going to be a prohibitive favorite and you know what he's got a lot of great short I'm against it shut again I would connect yeah I'm playing that they shot and then. But having said that. It's great it's still wide open you go to number wait and hear OK all in a point probably united that it very probably not even that good at the preakness. But from a from a gambling they appoint and didn't. Very intriguing rate and that doesn't mean that we're gonna have some sort of you know you're all they've brought in the autumn that bank by. It should still be on right ought. Archer he defects last minute he would have been. Eight to 57 to 56 to five fortify who knows it would be huge favorite. Who is help out the most in your mind in this field by the defection classic empire. Well but before we recorded it note that a car felt I feel like the other bubble with the sun but opt to draw the top two intriguing horse is. They are one moment now the other one could possibly be out so I think now it's really late in the day and the Irish war cry and I'll admit it classic empire it running it's great I probably would take iris or pride thinking that you know. If you get an inflated dot dot figured meat for the plate. It just one state you know what they needed and wet track he was wide audit. They were that it takes to be inside the derby. You know there was a compelling K now it's ten. Likely to be 88 heavy paper in here with you are sort of unknown. I would get our or pride in the five range. I'm going to use them a multi but I'm not gonna use them as far as you know we not a day had been. When they don't want to get I don't know we're gonna get beat good hour or right equally when the straight bad one he could finish up the track. Yeah I do like on the price obviously is the issue liked him in the derby and in the middle of the case there in the case I'll make later on. For using him in the exacted this weekend CF six derby refugees tapper Gormley. Looking at Lee Irish war cry and patch. Not explain to me beat tapper love. By handicap offers like yourself I pick up the expressed that wagering guide. Three of the six had tapper a look at some big guys national weekly Bob knew Meyer who's based here locally he likes tapper I see a horse that. Has won okay racist past performances. I see a horse that only one the big race in Tampa Bakes McCracken did not run a horse that when he did finally get. Running in the Kentucky Derby all look he's on the railway everyone ran well in that race. He six don't want it to be shorted and out there cares ones or not. Make a case for tapper Kazaa a right now I'm ready to toss the source and use a bunch of others and exclude him from every single pick gonna have on Saturday. There are a lot of people probably beating on the idea that it Pletcher Pletcher on the successfully in the pat rode a horse in the derby Iran just got to block okay. Yeah and I become back in the belt all along we think source kinda give off that vibe that. You're gonna put up thirteen fourteen Beckett or long and it's all along the going to be an issue form. I am trying to quit you don't ease. I was a little bit treatment and coming edit their right and that Huard got all all the blooper of and in the derby. I don't feel it even when people say you know we are running at the end. I think that you were running her body would just kind of Cha gonna want to eat at iron horse that's why it looked like you moved up. You noted he never really made up any ground resilient always screaming we're running throughout understand that but. He did pretty consistently ten to twelve like that it felt. I suppose I understand anyone want this state it's going to be it's rendered you get different sort of dynamic big electric company. I I would but the right going to be I've used him underneath that battle. I go back in my phone implausible map or your text messages there is inevitably. A texture to about Gormley a horse that you light Kuwait back in the day elect him in the front runner he paid almost Elwood over twenty dollars that they when he wired the field. Since then he's sort of gone every other race he won the sham couldn't get a Dunning it's mastery in the sand Philippe. He bombed in the Kentucky Derby as well although not as bad as some others did. You must be back on Gormley for this race Matt given this field your guys. Looks okay year yet beyond the Kentucky Derby it wasn't nearly that I think it it looks on paper you know night beat by a country mile. Even pretty darn close at eight he wanted on the sort of 45 at a racetrack throughout which again we talk about the insight into where you wanted to be. And adhere to bit of a move going into the art art in that oddest part of that eight. It accidentally. By a big problem it. I don't. Trust them but you know either nice or a belt into the of ability here but. I wonder about that and many people have it made it clear they don't think all prolonged going to be with a bandage. I did have a art I'm looking at a course that from January 1 is great for time. And it all or rate he's regret requires them a note circumstances. Public way to do that but to me he's not a course that I won that spot I that it. Way back to your ultimate stick by it and probably be one of the things go look. Foolish or a big Serb force you got our stop bottom but it ultimately is speed on grant would be absolutely people. Under praying that at some point he'd get under the weight. Are it's here not on tapper John Gormley and you're on NJ boys echo not need to like looking at Lee I'm sure somewhere but not on top you know picking a closer. At Belmont Irish war cry you like but the price you deathly Annan patch although god I hope he gets that the way he did I in the derby again on. Who who are you on what what new are new face are fresh face or also ran in the preakness art are you banking your box on Saturday. Well on that in the most source right Mike net usually rent is that nearly eighty. Maybe Saturday going to be that all I'm right out of the inside the number one with that Jabrel albeit at a lot of late. They help without a week ago they did it going to be a different animal though to deal with the cloud computing. We're not it never registered a fire iron be in it but I'm start. But I do think it'd make it yet you gotta go might be a lottery pick or like it because wrecked the field I'm not convinced about the shorter right. Mile an app it be great equalizer at brown is that it but particularly with a horse like this where you know. He's probably not itself it is it's half the field and eighty record he'll but I love that ever that he's got to earn under. It recuperate. Deeper republic or not. Ever since cat got all the good. I'm going to be out is that the dot net maybe a little bit more work for other people and they would like to put it. If you go back watch. I think that the case for this course I hope that negated a little bit at Belmont because the quarters. Are so why those weaker. But it would get back into the stretch she does the initial little bit so I like the fact that he's got a little bit tactical V I don't think you gonna be right up on engine but I like to think you. Two or three like all the pace in the front half of the field. And the Belmont generally turned into a war of attrition. And that's the case gave me a horse that I think the up the debt than any not an epic come from it eager twilight that a bit. They admittedly. A bit better shot here at a rate that I get I don't look any one. Quite normal on a boat with the. Out I would never talk anybody up anything close to 21 Woolsey began and I get the impression that it's Chad brown and Javier Sig any less than. The twenty to one of the with cloud computing Woolsey. Well its fall would be. But if I told juries in New York bred and Chad ship them out the laurel to get his two stakes races what would the what would not the excuse do what would the plan B is of their plenty state Tracy could run here in New York. Well I I wonder a little bit you keep in mind and it is dumping this is a horse that won initially ground nominated you need that eaten at Triple Crown its act immediately and they did Sutley supplement they paid the extra money begin ministries good point. Right but it supplemented its rate is also worth noting he'd mind Federico at the the rate that you rated most recently. If they when you're in the pre so they had the opportunity to run. In the pre it but I wonder Chad knew all along you know this course is probably not at Al it. As my other horse cloud computing over the derby winner of the derby also rent. And you know the Belmont where they happen in the Belmont of all great that we and I have to be on it not because of the that the Belmont Stakes for the three Triple Crown race. Provide money it might paper rate I think it's one of the true at this course that it's inserted in the hopefully that we can maintain and stamina and breeding export to Gerber a concern it turned into a writer for and get what again I would much rather have RB year. By ports debate great they've been a number of other players in the game. It is it is fascinating great and I think they're adding that met the mad Chad let's find out yeah actually. One out the source run a little bit it's that doubt may be electric group and that they they've they've got solid and well worth noting a war and economic model sort of an interest in longer shot that bottle so that it literally is stabbed but. A lot anyone in the right. Argument a quick take on. He Bobble there in the bluegrass and I thought okay it's a prep from dale sort of get him ready. But Denny did not fire but he an excuse there when he got bounced throughout the start didn't do much running in the Kentucky derbies in the fifteen to one at. I is going to be coming late. You know include. They'll Dave Bush Deco all respect for me it's sort of like two year old and he just bought me each district adopt from the PP. He's not EU not good enough to win and he's also a bit of eight he did take them. You get that a little bit of money to get the name. And the reason that I damaged and or liquid bomb that OJ Boyd DEC oh but I stayed stable at a it would on paper that they could again become black. I don't want a horse coming from way out of the Belmont on or at a little bit tactical speed that I like the. Yep I was closer in the delta jackpot use closer in the Gotham yes couple races recently fallen way out of it. I'm gonna give him a chance and I will I will I'll place this output this wager out there. Further the first cocktail up in Saratoga this summer. Oh really yeah us you'll thinks. I. Ordered that an interest in prop by and I had a lot of them like that. I tell you why it's gonna be read in order to each other that a rod I'll just take a and it's one Jack and Diane in new York and all that out they all day I do. It could be creek or. Chad's gonna take a lot of money artsy you on I twisted Tom on top with a horses that you filled out. For your top for the format in the rest your picks. I had a cart that it again before we found out what situation here your third in this spot I am looking at the I think you did on the horses theory. I don't think you'd brilliantly in Ramallah has yet and then I'll look through our or rock or just a summary he kicked around. Maybe it they're like yeah as it is so many oh which is light but they had. In the news used. All the races with our great guest and wanna go to the races 67 and aid. Without party a couple Friday races as well start with the six race the Jaipur. Six furlong turf sprint my our alliance or sprints is sprawling minus infinity. And that the course in my gambling career if your patriots fan Wes Welker sourcing here undrafted number 612 the one get an opportunity. But I thought a bunch of different ways you could go was looking for some help here with the turf sprint as the go on the joint for the sixth race on Saturday that. Yeah eight by the way by our life for Brit pretty dark or there's a good yeah Georgia or the people that did give out the winners on this great good. Did it act. I look at that great initially that it is now a lot of speed in here which the little bit odd my opinion for turf sprint. And it or against it one of the things a little angle. Ever since Lou on the town and tradition know that irked. He's become a different animal Cooper three he'd only be indexed. For streak of three and I understand Avi or go elsewhere about all that against this course you get luck or root my money might be brought in writer. In the country it whether turf or dirt. And it did not like yeah it's great that think Julian that the that the front and maybe not good enough but you know what he chipped it eat it up number in the spot he went on evident that in the other horse that. Wildly treat me it was all legal but not by Marquette he. But the shaker Al has a really strong upper turf sprint under it was in the big wheel on that what are forced. You get him back on the firm don't look at what Saturday afternoon holding gold it includes some account for yet. I'm with you on those two and also urged people to. I take a look at the number nine conquests enforcer he is all thirty Dow up they did the deed the ownership of this the horse. All the tracing their great operation they're fun but they do so wacky stuff that ran in the Dow the key when he's not a dirt or so they think he is he worked along the dirt. This guy's a terse Brenner he set the board and ball her sprint opportunities last year. I as a three year old he rents a big races in turf sprint to getting back doing what he wants to do. Would loved to have seen hobby year or was they were so Oreo consider talent gap Leo but. Not at fifteen to one he's got the speed to be ball early like Matt said eyes a lot of speed in this race on a keep an eye and the number nine conquest enforcer. Any big big price getting back to think what he wants to do. Not erase Slater is a map Bernie your special race seven the woody Stephens we have turned backs we have horses that have been on the derby trail the undercard races and other cut back. To seven furlongs. On absolute battle in the woody Stephens map. Always collect paper rate it's almost look all the precursor to be in pitcher which are Al going to be Allen jerk yeah so my favorite up there are so that. You know what I I was so hopeful coming into the spot it'll be fine do it right next wind they added a lot of really been runners in air. Think it's what America that want to do is run in the last Pereira was bought them I know may not look like he'd buried that he'll but he eat pretty well buried that field. And initially Baffert talked about on the armed with a going back to turn. That scared me I like the idea of the sort that 13 I think he could be a monster I like he's got a little bit tactical beat an acute recruiting ready and I aptly need to lead. To win a race like this and even having said that I don't think that eight mile and spread a big hit record source. This one for me unfortunately but a little on the talk you out of all of America at. I'm shocked you and I were there for. Would day we saw a long haul bay on a track that was speed favoring. I know was a sprint race I know that the the pace was not great that day though long haul day Mota down one of the few courses came from off the pace Chad has pointed. On this course he's had a lot of time off since that April 8 and I think long haul bay. They don't get five to one but I thought the effort that day at aqueduct was good. And it like you said there's a lot of speed here he can set off its so I'm with the American at them is very talented. Classic rock me Wheeling out there on the front and he's got great worker reports heading into the weekend but Chad Brown for me the number ten hours long hole day. In the woody Stevens as for the eighth race this is gonna begin a on the one and a half million dollar graded stakes pick four it's guaranteed if it's a it's about you gotta be involved and fifty cents you can get bald this race pretty easily. A big time favorite for Chad Brown a fact Roca roll hall you get try to beat the number two horse there are majestic game Matt. I have always been a huge span of where that he'd be out another report that Churchill was very very wet. I needed out he wants to be all throughout basically to welcome back and forth she's unbelievably out that'll be surprised at all you win. It's all worth noting that that little lot loop on Iran and its spot should not that are on a Friday in the New York State so. That change the complexion a little bit because at that little light load did not only here. L he could have been Lou if you want it on the one hand we know which he's capable of at this racetrack you got that one giant number under agent with industry last year. You know I don't have a superstar to picket the rate that I'm going to be spreading in. I think pick and then you just look at the horses that come out of the Jenny wiley it's proven to be legitimate rate. You can't eat is build a spot about a little bit lucky I think that he was able to get a route it is clear that finally kick on it yet. I think they're a lot than a really good job ever that you go to her to look like a month or so I won't be right to dig in and what I want why don't they app you'll win. The one thing that I've been stated and I don't know how you feel utter. I know a lot of people really I out and that for Chad and are. I don't know I urge you we critics in orbit human being inferior foes. It could be a major major at that I'm pretty good defensively but I know a lot of people that I respect they're very very I. Yes and and we talked about this with with the Indy sterling earlier in the in the podcast the idea that for me. I know they had the one red dog the horses one raced acumen but it's -- European turf wars and on days like this map when you get to Belmont and Saratoga and the Eurostar coming over this is what they're meant to do. So I Iraqi an 821 there's no shop but I I'm would you Dickenson. Look at the class line that how that horse has held up this year. You have to be a fan what a horse is done and a horse is beat me three straight races now mean I have I have lost a small fortune. But he against Dickinson now going back to February a gulfstream park. But I'm with the UA this is a it is common to go naral later in the pick for I'm spreading here with a focus on Dickenson at. And some mothers and also your harmonize one more shot. For bill Mott and Johnny V somewhere on the ticket I'll have to include harmonize it is a great racing weekend. I'll we just talked about Saturday you got a couple spots on Friday Mac you wanna talk people about a case there and wanna get involved in a some of the. Yeah rate they try to get kicked off the late pick 4500000. Dollar guarantee to true north six furlongs on the main track. You've got speed on speed and speed in this race I don't care they all go. Earl who go. It's great cannot help but have a legitimate eight not loaded every bit ever look at look at Whitmore and you know I get more right now he had done it wrong though there are. He'd beat pat you rate that bothered me a little bit the Maryland spray. But blown deterrent for a minute a bill came on at the end that the without a good and I'll be at. Anecdotes like Stupak you've ordered flashes elder and about double lane I wonder if that I'd get off or to be short short right. Bootable wild horse your Bible fellowship. Get out the year for the so a good thing. Don't know what a special liquidate their ridiculous. Like that horse in front to back or don't 78 mile there was no they signed on equality into England on a good thing. Also worth noting that look at that Wall Street and worked out you got a bullet out laurel 33 change you can come from the back of the pack but I don't think you can economic lab. I think you worked at a good tripled all that beat dined on. They showed they'll ship that picked the one that. I'll tell you what he's actually eight to one right now on the morning line you're all and you said why they run the Pimlico. Because can Decker wants to cut this horseback he's done it before in fact. When he finally we got this horse from mark Cassie that dispersal he ran a misprint and he won that day. And ray and I believe this past aspire for Gabbert they stretcher back out. For the cut back. I the note is right here star cut back coming late with a field big speed I am all in with you. On fellowship I wish this was a race into a double. On Saturdays a couple these races on Saturday can play Friday to Saturday doubles on fellowship I'm gonna beyond the true north with the other spot you wanna hit on that. You know the New York on Friday it is a fantastic race you got a lot of all the older horses and again make no. That little island not going to what in the spot changes complexion of the race a little bit. Going into I think everyone go with it equally deep it is used to be needed in acute bought machines that Spain and she was. But you gotta go back and watch that rate can dispute got stopped all thirty or all of and when she finally able to get it clear she came on again at he had to do with it all the basically get away from Merck. I think that you'd is able to turn the table that spot mildly concerning income down the dynamic that the rate now without that little Lila. Not a lot of early even here I think the use cheap going to be my actual pick in the race rebel but he could you're right down the inside for promotion. I think she's gonna be able to all the plate in that name popped up ever Javier. He's about I think he's gonna get her to running a little bit earlier both in my late it's great to going to be between the two to use the one Jeter. They Agca door for me I just point out hawks more people are gonna look at the the running lines hawks board. Is he went to the front that day that was a bog that last race may thirteenth. They ran basically in a swamp he got the lead by default that day wired the field you mention. Julie left Peru being one of the great front and riders in the sport I would agree with you on that. The lead is not going to be easy easy is paced numbers pretty good about where the attic Javier is gonna send from the inside. And without the speed on the outside the chance to wire this field is a chance to B ball from every single step so I respect Chad Brown. He's got some much action in here but I'm going to be on the door the number one. Wary going to be map this week and we know your picks are already up the is a great tool to have to go out to global league insider stand homer one of the track. Working people see you and your race breakdowns he now and Saturday in a live coverage from the Iraq on Saturday. Yet they are already at that you. Bundled Europe back on all of our video they Greek use both added it would be it later on that new in the third they should be up early uprise of that program video that ER dot com. My show at stake today malaria well tomorrow to be a video that Europe YouTube albeit a spot yet Lleyton but more or brought eight Saturday we're going to be got a Belmont to be doing lies sort it. We go to Paris spoke saying you know under great recap well reviewed but they'll omitted beer will be out there's so brought it that light on site at Belmont park. I'm a law firm of burning your ailment in beer gonna get a great action will be watching along on the iPad at home. He is Matt Bernie year check him out not only dear dot com but on meet odd social media and Twitter as well. One of the sharpest guys in big game from right here in our back yard master its match having great tell weekend there in now Belmont port following your coverage and it. We'll talk you breeders cup time a friend thanks. Wrote. A tremendous race card on Saturday and a great opportunity for you. To get a free wagering guide for the Belmont Stakes expressed that dot com is the web site their free wagering guide. Is right there it's got the picks from Bob knew Meyer Steve pick the feat in Ky. And of course Saudi anchored to. Preakness and Belmont podcast he's Dick Girardi daily racing form and Philadelphia Daily News. He ward winning writer is here with us courtesy other expressed that check out the free Belmont guide at. Out right now expressed that dot com and to wager on the races when you can't get to the track this would be cased it this weekend where. There is no derby winner. No preakness winner classic empire is out the story might be the gambling how good the Carter is this weekend at Belmont park. I'll quit their burgers also it's I think I make a British rock eight. This is the second best. Or in America actually all aren't only there are a matter of expects these past. Speakers Friday that separate this court has been Almonte are the you've. And this is no such as the one great ray. Well I'd agree with view and I think I wanna give the New York racing association a lot of credit because. On a year where you don't have a Triple Crown on the line in a year like this year were no derby winner a preakness winner. You know the focus has got to be some moral to what they've done Bible in the met mile to this day and and stacking up really Thursday through Saturday all these races. It it it certainly matters that you don't have a Belmont wanted to be a lot more buzz nationally but a fury horse racing fan of your player and you try to convince people to go to Belmont park. Dick this racing cart Saturday does that. Yeah I think it's insulated themselves again yeah it is the Triple Crown because it's great act via automatic feature that when they're making it. That is the result figures yet normally should outweigh our our our victims were there are well on our. I great Belmont but it it's actually pretty it's a vertical where itself but the part around that it is just. You worked with the buyer associates in buyer speed figures for a long time you've written a lot of stories that tie into. I your feeling on races and now that the buyer speed figures affect the race this race where I believe. Only two of the horses have running 100 buyer speed figure that is pretty rare free Triple Crown three year old race and I wonder how that affects your view. All of this race Dick when you don't have many horses in the field at all other than Irish war cry and Jay boy Zach go. Quote hit that that threshold the triple digits which we see. Pretty consistently in these three year old Triple Crown races. Eric you're certainly right Mike about this being a mutual and pistol or triple that fires and yet as suspect I think in a ultimately have to decide artwork which of these horses that has got that triple that just as likely get they're bankers that tripled its gonna win a race. And my answer is our work practical liked it required rats so orally and talked. We're not I don't apoplectic. That they re. Yeah all star or the Irish war cry if you if you logon and go to express that wagering guide dig up updates there and pick up that Dix update will taste pick an Irish war cry on top he's certainly. One of the top through that I'm looking at and I look at that race specifically Kentucky I don't know what the excuses that they you'll give but I I adding a horse that. Was on the wrong part of attractive and did not like the wet surfers who do you look at the jockey regime mirage. He looked like he was loaded I was counting my money and Mohegan Sun. At the top of the stretch and obviously spit the bit in a by use those. As excuses. And trust Graham motion that he's not willing back a horse or them a shot in Triple Crown race knowing it. They want a folks in the Haskell with this worse. Then there's compelling argument that at five to 23 don't want may be seven it too although unlikely. He's still a decent bet as the favorite in this race. A couple things yes definitely on the wrong part of the racked up unlock or Shura. Ought for a bit. What yours are right about Iraqi look at item on the art which is indication the universal indication that you are fixed on the outward at first fraught. I'm gonna go buy them at some ordinary just hit a wall at the top of the stretcher that collects. Writer Shaq like this it's a great trainers on the race. He's got a dream trip to watch what. While the evidence the overwhelming now the insides are cracked was the placed in the derby clean and I talked about that prior rate has. After the break as well always streaming on that inside rants so orally. Lincecum artwork on the outside ran so well at earlier that's that's the evidence you need out to say it was a are wrong with the track for portions that were outside were harsh or pride at this seventeen or lark it's our trip. And it and I attacked back or ram right after the rates that are made and expect that the app. We my. That's what I think there's chance inside the or tracked it could be right. And anyone planning upcoming armada you know and that it's much more on any way to woo latest. Are a little or and the horses in training you're never out of training and if you sit Politico houseful. And in many started trying to grow well and urged her sick about it but for this event last week getting great reports that were hit. And now not only the end based paper at illiquid paper without class empire and you look around outrage is art. Where is early stick it disgraced and earned almost. So are warcraft and habitat while advantage got the best numbers orders that day we. We have a reason I ran like he did he. And the traders very about what apple. Well do you think there's a chance that Graham motion saw a cloud computing win and say we just beat that horse in New York if he's that good. That hike in May be my horse is that good knee just spit the bit on derby day the only not being that. He's done this now a couple of times. In his career during the Triple Crown on. Yet not edit it if this is just I don't want you. You would be even more confident that a series around court the opposite happened all all or you're in doubt that you're with eight or less a apparent excuse. But at what we can both be wrong and there is something else going on but the fact is that trainer is that's and it is running back. If you guys every app trust them as one of the best there is. And it and I think it's going to be right up there were like a very all age. A lot of mystery shopping cart is there are a lot of it closer of the straight so I hope the real exotic IR or. Arctic -- actually will. Hope we expressed our parts stating it. Is that the verdict except a part of that or are no hard about our happen. Now Woolsey were talking on Thursday morning and there is at least some thought that at the terrorist the second choice won't get to him coming up. May not even be in this race he's dealing with some sort of injury I hurt if he were to come out. After that the story came with a New York Stewart treaty would view any say he suffered Salinas and his front. Off they say they wanna still run him Dick but if he were to come out just said Terry did the price would be five to 22 to one potentially. M on. Their luster battle I mean who else has a record at that point up through major stakes went this year interest of. Well you're it's funny gives you a tapper second and ask Matt burn your this earlier and not only asking because not a lot of people. Like tapper you pick to be expressed their wagering guide and a lot of guys that are Smart handicap would Bob knew Meyer. They like tapper and Dick wall what am I missing though there where where is the fast race. They get him into the mix here what it really make issues for Irish war cry what's the accuse you make four for tapper these last couple times the bluegrass in the derby. Yeah I got no answer for the bluegrass. Are that it's unexplainable theocracy of races it's taxpayer rip it where it is compact or. The derby. It was right next our work or as you know yeah. Got slammed that eight. That's not backpacks last. Earlier rate anywhere I just watched the the required them like our our morning make sure that apple or are he was why the entire trip. Until the stretch where he ends up actually down a rail for the last 300 arch. Partially accounts for wary finished attic the real ultimate inspiration for you hit it in never are operable if it wasn't it. It is not as good a horse. And so from all the worst that ran ahead of him in the derby specific requests of our but yet sent out of trouble he just never really got. A lot. Up but yet to act is an ad and there's this like though a lecturer. Waiting out the Belmont he doesn't sit wherever it's horse that brought bought before the derby as of five weeks and Iraq really well I wanna. What it wants without malice almost won it last year won a affiliate right in the oaks. A second or four other with the same patter I think that people this is where what what. I'll looking your picks and expressed their wagering guide you picked senior investment third we have not talked about him much today. He certainly fattened up the trifecta it was an excellent result. I'll with clock competing on top in the preakness. Obviously it's a traitor it's had some success here at the Belmont Stakes I just viewed him as exactly what. Where you put up he's a thought our shot for third or fourth given that he's an improving horse who is gonna be running late in a mile. Yeah exactly are really Smart front and I want the sharpest guys. Certainly where the Rick. It look this is so worse all the horses he's not gonna it's our economic market and the preakness. Outback and sharpen. Just say what always DREAM Act edit their awful lot of real. I think that traffic which it'll all if you put everything I viewed together which separate it would release he wants. A but what we're prior to always ends right there and adding watching your investment and I think that's accurate as well worst that its army I don't Somalia that. It's going to be a problem. I don't like and win. But I think these apps let the worst since the right now you're thirty want to want or that are gonna like that says. But you know west that was really the art. It was orders after the race. Just sparked up but it at all. So it's a weekly thing for those of us the play consistently it's what you what was I think in the air and wide in night. Approach it this way and I look at the bottom your ticket and I like the approach of your saying Dick that. You don't plays a lot of pace in here it's certainly up for question. But a horse like meantime you have fourth he's going to be a huge price for very sharp trainer Brian lynch she's. He's run behind. A very good Chad Brown Orson timeline he's held classy going to be on the fraud and he might just be able to hang around for a piece of it at the bottom a super fact is if you're right about the pace of the statement bill or do you. I write it up Eric is very fast on the insert yeah and other our our current field. And the best in the early anyway and got Mike Smith he's got morning art weight this year and it's worse a lot like one million dollars. I agree. Elsewhere are. Those red shirt does it ever ever get like an epic race there. Yeah Robert I would not be surprised to see it in front of early the tickets that are or are on Al aberration Ron. What route I'll ask the and I. At the department of professed respect. Now the only other one I mention that I was surprised duties and given that the Diaz the only other triple digit buyer number is gay boys Ecko who is going to be behind that pace but I. I guess if you are assuming a slow pace than it does. Put. Not a supersonic gusts up their bill. Now I didn't know what also which and it. What is raised in the survey the anniversary of the grants go forward or a what do all. Aren't aware that rent much better in the Serb leaders as. Formally I didn't like them all coming into the race must follow like Imus or spell out what he was really locked away I mean the whole way. And it would actually still on the rights. Are a shred any beta. The epic respect it was in aren't really that Iverson not sure. I don't see a lot of the front this hour after it. Eight the wanna outward like I wanna like more like but he just the next thing I don't. I eyes as mentoring go through every single graded stakes race on the car whether guests who have a great opinion. On these races anomaly on a big deal like today but other so locked into the sport itself and I want to do that early pick three. With you Dick because they're guaranteeing it and will get to songbird if you think songbirds are free square than it. A chance that makes some money even with a big favorite in the final leg of this pick 38 starts road race three they're gonna go a mile and a half. On that all the horses go a mile and a half before. The three year old school mile and a half as the great to Brooklyn the showdown with send it in and tu Brutus. And got a pretty good match appear pretty compelling hour race to start the great state action on Saturday. No question. Went it was speak bigger and rattle. President and excelsior. Troopers. Were post so what I mean everybody SP paper I think. From the RS at the exit here 119. And it was the right number is mr. murderous group by when he gave back the way it's expressed our eleventh at. How would you feel if you are very good test. You bring up to worship shall. It comes off. Its first race in America I want he saw all our it would just I have to like think it's a 18 art that you probably apartment I'd want. On on a date by the way that day as you know speed was very good incentive and ray and that horse down the stretch. I was etc. that we haven't sensed there. At a course other than it ever heard remotely like that or at our fire 10 or. So is it possible it would be able to compact and it would be air air in his seventies where operational use that happened up protesters Burris candidate. Big number. All on our numbers they should be mile ahead of the field. And obviously there are not a mom ordered them out creates you know the amount as your problem but at that I think. It just got an afterthought on this market are battered. How about the acorn comes up in the fourth the guts spicy with the addition of able hasn't won the Kentucky oaks that huge meltdown race came flying and the outside from Mike Smith nine to one on Baffert. That day better islander who showed up on derby day in a shorter race have won the eight goals. Sweet Loretta for Todd Pletcher did some damage last year up at Saratoga. Very competitive edition of the grade one acorn. Yet able admin to date would be a better yet. Topic I don't think you went out. On the air where he got yet and I don't want that they're gonna get your water laps off the rapper only winning note we are wrecked. Got streams set up she said we had a meltdown rippled. Wireless speed dual slot I actually all salt he ran really well outrage is open as early show. At that fourteen post are very spot or Ramallah and the Churchill on the ball went out there and I thought you are out there remark you know everybody's. For some good luck this spring is the mark ethnic arts. Public assault it chipped. On the final leg of this pick three will be the mile and a sixteenth aug didn't fifth grade won the story here won the stories of the weekend. The return of song bird was brilliant last year as a three year old second by a nosed ball holder. In that showdown in the Breeders' Cup distaff she demolished ever when she faced late last summer when there was Karine a media or going for broke she showed up at Saratoga showed up it. Parks and the to tell you down pretty easily there she going to be a major major favoring here probably rightfully so. Is she a single in that guaranteed pick three Dick based on on the way you look at the Ogden Phipps. I tried these are respected in the air Breeders' Cup despair on the theory that. You all the respect and up toward stretch maybe she could hold on I'm not trying to. Hear it should be cures or. Probably your best rate of speed or what you can control a the only issue or she's just trying to shut action. But if she's here. Are all corporate and greater here that if she's not ready. We keep it miners if you look at it this race. The goal is to win it they'll lower it a little law such reporters are the artery that Islamic. But corporation desperately wants to win. Just lost that would a couple of years note this were your average purse or work or that. That's the goal air out of a one aware. That perhaps they surely do just keep that in partnership that about our corporate. Yeah I think it's a heavy heavy she's heavy favorite she should be the only the worst sell used defensively victories is paid up subscriber who. Was against the track last time he gets back to doing what she wants to do and get Chad Brown again Javier you get Belmont park. And some workouts that are are certainly point to an improved effort I'll for the number. To force their should be paid up subscriber. Will be a much longer price the song orbit songbird deserving. Of the favoritism that we like to gauge out within a erasing question I was thinking about it this week when it comes to. That the marketing of the sport. And what. Some what airlines do you're an airline your frequent flier you get bonuses and you see it happen all the time and I see in a racing if I had one criticism of you'll we saw this weekend not just in New York but big racing days. I foot they promote to non racing fans would have concerts and and try to get people in but. It's quite well. Is there a marketing shift back to the actual player to try to. Entice those that are already involved owners and and better is what makes this sport in that's the reality of it no matter. You know how you look at it. When all they would elect shift capital will that shift happen or my just yelling into. A microphone here about something that's never going to change and that tracks are never going to realize that. They should be tailoring their marketing and advertising to the people betting and maybe not the other folks are just they're free concert on a Friday or Saturday. Yeah obviously what you liked it it makes a lot of sense and at that and that it it was talking about big pat Hearst obvious restrict stellar event that you read page that sparked a way to make sure they are act or talk about the regular apt to law and and there a way to do it you can direct market you can you think Eddie email and do that which you don't want though it broader electorate and a lot of these racetracks. Well basically happy at all with their ample bulk burst. Through that that the whale there are the big bettors and that's that's where the vast majority of these from. That they basically. Ache or a regular stand up spike is that the act and a future of sports a yeah Albert you're right he he is if there are things of the world right workers on the way to practice and what we're into the market that is well. Not tremendous stuff to get tremendous preview of the weekend great handicapping tool. As you get set for the Belmont Stakes day in the poll racing festival. On Thursday through Saturday I get it right there expressed that dot com free Belmont wagering guide it's simple. He really replaced a wager on the races no better spot than expressed that. And expressed that dot com Dick enjoy the Belmont Stakes this week we appreciate the time is always said. We'll talk you lockup Breeders' Cup or a couple months. There you go and our breakdown of the 149 running of the Belmont Stakes in every single graded stakes race on Saturday beginning. We have raced three with our great guest Matt burning your daily racing form the arrest formulated got to use these products check out map on Twitter. He's gonna go twisted Tom on top of at the care is looking at lucky and Irish war cry. Hot as for Andy's early and not rough night and now app it's treated download it HD racing on your phone. And he's going. And it tapper in that final spot. And Dick Girardi courtesy of the expressed that wagering guide you Google Irish war cry on top of tapper on top the senior investment and then meantime. Odd there at the and we talk about every horse I'd be shocked if pats won this race would be shocked the meantime when this race but. It's a pretty open race and you get my opinions out throughout the course this podcast and other races hopefully did drop in some ideas there. As for the big one itself. I'm between two horses one between two horses and I can't make a decision. I picked the longer price. On to take. In the Belmont Stakes on Saturday I think he's going to be closer. But he's been his last two races I think if you look back it is running lines including the delta jackpot he ran as a two year old. He can be involved early the worked out Churchill says he is good to go lot of good talk about this horse. I'm Robbie Alvarado a great story got hurt miss the mount the derby and now is back. And this horse can run all day if he runs back to his Gotham are in a hundred and Q buyer and beat cloud computing that day he beat L are re the he can win this race and fifteen to 116 a once somewhere in there. Albany's. RJ boys echo and Irish war cry Irish were cries going to be the favorite. He has a chance Debbie perfect trip in this race and for me. It's almost like I take the two horses that beat cloud computing. Right cloud computing love them in the preakness he wins or their two horses in this field. That'd be cloud computing. Comedy used those two prominently and I take Baltic. Not in some way shape or form plywood the entire field just in case. But for bigger increments with the horses I like around him including by my third and fourth choice is senior investment and twisted Tom. And for smaller increments with some of the outsiders just in case we get up and amenity to buy and get those two run in the top three. We're gonna have a trifecta in the race going to be against epic Harris going to be against tapper for the most part. And I'm gonna be on the two courses that are Ron. Hundred buyers speed figures the Dorset a beat cloud computing a pig. In this race senior investment for third two run late and get into the money twisted tonic map thirty year. Makes appointee seem slow dust was to Tom W seminary because it comes down that there'll war horse I don't like in this race. That actually do like. So keep an idea the care situation to what they do with him as traitor keep man is he going Iran be aware. Other news leading up to the race give questions about other races on the cards will be playing all day on Saturday. You can job and on Twitter and tweet me any questions you have bought Japanese races let me don't you like it mutt and UT WEEI. We enjoy we started thank you so much for listening for downloading for telling a friend. It is a ridiculous court of racing this week entity Breeders' Cup in June it's Belmont Stakes weekend enjoy it. And we'll talk again very soon it certainly a Breeders' Cup Saratoga. Saratoga podcast can do ready for Saratoga so but he Boston fans out there putting myself in Saratoga. We get enough love responsible to a Saratoga podcast before opening day out there in July. Good luck this weekend at the Belmont Stakes should be an excellent weekend have race.