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OMF - Fauria's (vague) idea turns into a game show! 6-8-17

Jun 8, 2017|

Lonzo Ball won't even wear his own shoes to his Lakers work out. Is there controversy in Foxboro. Experts say no, Tanguay says yes. And we debut The Gripe Is Right!

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Peace or waiver and moaning and Fauria from him right now on Sports Radio WEEI. It's poise. Composure. Traits that all professional athletes drive to retain. What happens when the going gets tough. The top ged rural Maine. It's time for America's most unknown game show Doug rice it is. Rights. Give it up for aero huh. Okay good afternoon morning to evening night today. This unit and a little bit get over there you know like I thank you for that unbelievably throw your voice. Justice. Understand and it made it. Really made the whole bit rude radio IT guys you ought to play this game very simple yet. You're gonna hear a clip is gonna be of athlete with a gripe or who has lost his composure and I'll get to do is just. What is its perfect perfect pretty simple pretty easy you regularly you're Namibia so excited I was on crystal light of day I just happy that I was the one you know hey you know let's in no particular order let's start with number one. And I. Cop. Brady at that play live that's so I liken. This month the war but again. Don't talk we all right. Not your job. A football player give you hand the football player Kirk cousins. Only Ryan lead upload. Blanket the points. It's. Gonna Woodside yet the voice cracked and you know I go number two and a particular. I. Shot. We heard that. You pebble was apparently is I've and is not career. Replied you know I told him this one's gonna work I just like a wall so far I think and I'm. Covered three and who. I have to laugh a little bit when our own paper is calling him student newspaper is calling him overrated. And they actually listened to a couple assistant coaches who I guarantee you will never. My head coaches if I think Joseph McEnroe was overweight of course our paper won't print that anyway because it's you know somebody said it. Without Joseph McEnroe. Hands and games this year. Tim air okay and not to. These just ruling removed him. Yet the way for the yet to wait for the F bomb. There's like you thought it was gonna it was a week ago when he hit the Saudi attack are we supposed to jump in a minute we know it just 15% of its upper right Erica pocketed an hour. I says that you have. And I wanna see you basically you asked that question in the what you gonna ask you atop. After way that is more definitive the more negative way and what it was. I don't know what's likely part but if you. That's what I'm looking on and reluctantly. The way that somebody would have. Just that's been out we've product of its own console and yeah. You can't recognize that voice this guy a bit to hear this voice. Is this I haven't heard it's in a while to think that this guy houses his own national why don't. He's on morning TV show that shares our country Sihanouk. Whether the United States. ABC morning show. Ballmer let alternate routes to have any and did I am shocked by our says that you have a policy based. Question. And it's. A way that is more. Negative way. Of easily though junior something's got something it is this summit is holes content between the gap in the hundreds of outlets running store must go and you must've worked on his speed simulate in Atlanta on an island on the final adjustments. There. Yeah. They don't they know and you. And you wonder nickname doing it and it won't be I'm sickened others who. You know. Good about it. I won't. While there pat who is tonight this is that'd be remembered to get this one player Hal McRae. Alma all right yes it is desk this is so close visual through some close your outlook does not know about what that kind of did you have to help you while all frankly I don't loses six. In total crap to. About the I'll get book lions and you know what about all we'll give them to do for the Rangers this war. They don't do. We can know what about illnesses they were OK okay. Did you use that same thing I just forgot to Desmond let's go with their parents and held it. Oh come right back up. Hold it. 53 and a hot he's hot now it equals out what soldier and the old statement. But the pirates though. You get that then what. And now we don't. That's a tech to visit this next one is is a little more recent and some of the other ones we need to signal that the don't worry about it we're figures and they're standing right now I don't know the ice I noticed that it vacant. Why isn't that funny when you're down eighteen points in the fourth quarter. It was a relief and that was left and one thing. We're showed he laden has done as I have just one comment about it as far. Let's arm. Not laugh and what you think he's starting I think. Serious I'm not a serious doubt and I'm sure there and every single week our assistance counselors here. You every single week. So recent investment. I started my ass off and look and laugh. Up one. The Plymouth and started out there and didn't burst on Monday Night Football player everybody that that's what I'll tell you know if we're not talking use our talk and what was the context and that's sort. And that is that you America as we need lessons Susan Garrett Anderson. Yeah good job. Our number. That it won't. I don't get in other. There's the ball but that result in people show up every day do you think that they're the real Chicago good singers making it my. Ahead right downtown at what they're really really big under other large it has. The good for the delightful to do well there let let employees get it for every day and be quiet about it what can people like people that you won't. Well you're going to war. I can't start clubs in your manager. All right you know and goblins are not quite like it a lot and and let it. Everybody is little little blanket yeah I think I'm not here. Don't know nobody eyes bleed us now you don't know I think I know who you are leaked LE. Oh Ilia yeah Soviet Union immediately raised and in yet yes I thought this one that's not an overnight and this will we get a whose first at a double gonna get it we'll see you Fluor. A they'll ever get to first review should go get the soreness is an old but he didn't do our. Even if piper. Oklahoma State got. Hey I want. Gonna be on the punishment. Yeah the generals and I know of anybody in Oklahoma to give you haven't you haven't answered you know I don't know the dominant give me give Lou. You should partial credit for my parents Mike and it is the judges who looks like yes side number ten I. I'd like to talk and I have spoken as candidly as I can keep people if it that's not good enough I won't say in fact all the yes sir no sir. And I can do that. But I've been as candid as I can beat. About this team and our players and we got to do with him every team that we play has to know every guy that sheer and what they can and can't do. Me. Something in disgrace dead and sick of the hard enough and him here to have every opponent know exactly what that we burn to the table every day co. Which tested it is Israel back John fare no. I don't forget Brian Price. Below current manager of your Cincinnati red. One I'd number eleven got got more. How I feel. It's a really bad first time. I don't get it caught everybody all the tough and grab them we did have a different. Get off the back. Really don't block it really did well when I get an old woman the other do you worry M let's run for Austria to my hope frustration coming. On the entire thing came on the offensive rebound they got at least. The chair being thrown. But the thing that's welcome to woman's basketball yet. Woman's been yes the only woman's basketball coach who knows if you know or Hamilton Kevin or that who's to get a woman's battle that's got to give you can listen I know this is. But sometimes. You watch women's sports we don't this is over twelve million good number television in the twelfth. There were frozen. And since nineteen point shot nineteen shots in the paint if everything's free throws in this. And the pain that's one to reform rolls not an article and it just doesn't seem. Overall. 35 times we shot the ball and why not he had fifteen free throws for the day they shot. Eighteen times that I had 32 free throws squad shot more free throws than our whole today explain it to. And don't need to respect that these guys deserve it might Carly doesn't go crazy mom learns climaxes when they just played the game I don't let them treat us that way exhibit auto parts got pedigree and I'm a young rookie echoes that Saddle Brook us as is unacceptable I didn't. Professional about Doug and again that are on the right to be in Baghdad they did not even give us a chance. Take that that data that it wouldn't. David is dale the anger. I last Juan Pablo you are Seattle a little brother in Europe three to your fruits and go to Margaret K and Europe and gave people the fans didn't want to play anymore. Kate you get this one right so launch said I give it does. I didn't Cyrus lap I want to do more than win the title last blunt he's giving the post game speech coach law and as people are so. Moses command Dick Anderson aboard. And how or why they're not in there aren't the problem is of his lie and it allows yeah. An argument that it's not even know reportedly being able to keep it. How it's on the was just yeah I think he's got. She. And I would there's pain in both of us yeah we techie you. Wendy's engineer and don't know it yourself doing as noted is when they go hey I'll have to do the whole segment without having John toward rob could you pass them. All the sudden outlet most I want it felt like yeah I did this is the only. Gloria knows he's definitely mention him it was his idea. It was greatly improved. If you ever ever ever. In your life the good sense. Came up with an idea that we can produce on the fly tomorrow I will make sure I will most definitely with each tell him I'm really under item attendance I think it is Paramount has been a little bit about the game today. A little bit and have some concern at an idea for years concerning security. You showed up today what did you first think you say I'm going to have to I was tired and I don't have any kind of damage and had to adapt. And oh by the way I look here it is absolutely and I don't vineyard and when I had to do something off his game and not think so anyway he's a an idea of the points of if that classic. They told you go to college political deleted accounts word I didn't do a lot better becomes habit ball. That is the kind of have been opposes does that account of content out of it was all. Kinds of content of course take that Hulu the content of course we didn't talk about a bit callous segment in the supplement they're against you imagine need shunted into imagine. AA issued and right Brian did all the work I DN NIE I excused myself and Bryan which worked that he actually do what. Yet the idea. And I had an and I have that Eddie I don't I don't rounds. I don't micromanage. A micromanage what island New York micromanage what I love there and segment and a break ranks at this thing works it's because of me Trish up at bat right. So I. Am so Ryan wrote this I think it's all on him now. I join and I enjoyed it lets the audience I don't know who all the time when it online. The idea. And there's always the ones are good enough for the small army I what is so let's let's come with the means it before this for the show yeah just stick to sports. Name that baby with an idea of of those particular nobody seemed like it would name that baby planes that are like babies you get it late. No bucket yeah the radical Muslim. Or. I got your goat. You know you're like that one that's gonna be received well we are to be back here between the grant is right in the cry apple. I'd like them both. I mean excellent job bulls circle and square below felt an excerpt. Four in your stocking this Christmas ornament anchors opponent. Oh good I thought that lines like Princeton. Acting. So desperate I wanna hear from everything went I don't do that children are desperate up. Now back to the guys who don't use small ball school small ball one big ball I don't care what big balls are I want balls off the wall of one balls in the stands I want extra base hits or Kuwait where lonely and 48 listen don't get me wrong I think you steal bases. You can you can run but they got big ball on Sports Radio W. There's no cameras retrieved but he's an. Tracy Gary thank you beyond our morning we get to him just the second item action. I mentioned in the in the Trenton. That Mike Roth law from the NFL network is reporting. The Julian Edelman is close to a contract extension with the New England Patriots. So. That the topic we had here in the last few weeks about the possibility could this be the last year. With Julian gentlemen if you look at that depth chart at wide receiver. Apparently you can forget about that. Down he's about that which is which is great he. And he is funny when I saw that start I think of it's on the other wide receivers specifically Wes Welker who just dating get that same. Opportunity. To really to speak out to a bully had the opportunity buy well not like I didn't say that they hadn't gone elsewhere he has a year left on his contract for signing a profound of an extension does. I don't wait to seamlessly with the money hits thousands escalates and it looks like meaning ninety knowing this to be their way of paying him more this year. I go and India one year extension to its final message here that are asked how did you consider detect the deal would they can just walk away from next year. Or the year after and just given him a ball this year. That's yet at Tennessee when it looks like that your first. Probably team you don't Lou I agree with you on that heritage because you know what tomorrow's going to be. A beat down a Lou millennium yeah down comes out the quality of yeah about McDougal tomorrow and you rugby tomorrow I would probably get better in the bed with you there a beautiful two nets right. Maybe you're right they have skipped it immediately come up with the via a real hot take. The way to and they did last night as well aren't. You kitty I am using if they Gary anyway. You know that's the method that's the math and music and then you. Out of the outfit for tomorrow I swear to god yeah here this whole thing you got to hit it like you know the punch line I saw the punchline you know only does the quarterback is a quarterback controversy. When he and control thing about it. All right so end is it could be explained. A masterpiece it's it's okay on here it's certainly yours is to. In our meeting I said is our quarterback controversy that you as usual below its had a the fact that Reese got information. In the time when Rees gets information is because the patriots want him to have information. And the fact that Jimmy go Rockwell could be a back up making 24 million. An announcement that the technical technical because it means to an adult who's dead and dying all of this. Into the Reese column which was Willie millions which was just re still have the information reached just playing on the comet from Willie McGinest correct yes but you're missing the pool that'll be planted recent this information he was just giving an opinion based on what Willie McGinest said on TV dressed yet did you miss in the form. Because Gary remembers when he was doing all the pregame and post game shows and you know it is. Is it is that the patriots atlas shares were signed by the easily get messages and he gets some style so he thinks Reese is the on the same thing. Even though my guess is that thing we did not read it. Because it really citing a lot of stuff that Willie the sanctity. Act that Jimmy go Rockwell could be a back up making 24 million dollars. On your ball park two years. That makes it a quarterback controversy I'm sorry folks but aren't you got a guy behind I don't care for Tom Brady. Or if it's the lord almighty himself make it 24 million aren't they the same person that's for Pittsburgh who like to do there. There's a controversy. You know loosen its. Serum and when you see guys that decided yeah so is the most since he. Saying you went there but he is doing that and yeah alone. And more it's it's safe it's penguins he doesn't really like he had. It could only pump could be explained sequel that controversy now because it could be at currently would discussing the future so we're talking you know. How long does Brady have. It'll grapple will be the Quebec next year's so. We are discussing. A quarterback's controversy aghast but it's pushed down the road in two years from now one year from now. If you talk about right now the usual confused about the forty fit competing for jobs. At night or billions of won here is confused about that I think as I was little every day this whole series of this is typical time. And he comes up with a crazy take he doesn't have a lot of substance Alatas of the back it up but he just kind of he did so was it all together into one package. Now he don't we don't get. We don't have anymore. And make it a quarterback controversy I'm sorry folks and so you've got a guy behind I don't care for Tom Brady. Or if it's the lord almighty himself make it 24 million aren't that if Sampras and that's me that's certain religious joke of it. There's a controversy. That's it soaring eagle. Now I don't agree to a few and so I heard this may actually not used talking about percent drop all men but it moved so where's the company usually do in order. Effort to be quarterback controversy and we heard droplet talking about how we Hillary's young competing for jobs you know or on trying to win you want that mindset. But there's no compete for the starting job for the quarterback of the patriots this year there's no controversy talking about Tom Brady's quarterback droplets Rebecca. Now the controversial push ahead in there will be. Are you ready for will be in the year two but not right now. If it's the competition becomes. Something happens to Brady. Rubble gets in he's a shining left and right he's looking. Head over heels in a better November even I'm not hostile Weiler Pete many ask the last while I was struggling even though they kept winning. But it's got to be significant and then that's what the awkwardness comes and that's that's what you really got to pay attention for when you go to the meeting room. And you both Ghana may try to avoid each other now I don't know what to say now you're watching film and you're not happy for him complete that pass anymore you actually want him to fail it was that last year he came in played well. Yeah there was it's not there Islam bill came out and said. Here's the deal grapples plan for raise our quarterback at the end did it matter what it's just an audition for problem. Now let's what is it needs an injury it's not a vote in injured Tom is that number he's playing well it's injured grappled goes and plays great doesn't matter the number is still playing well. Unique number you suck boy. Gotta come back and struggle yet and there's no struck the the alternative being dropped below. Then asked to be that's gonna be a better alternative but you got to be leader who got to work it work barely one of these games and we can't run half are off because Tom can't throw the ball. But even then if you're still winning the this is the balls you're gonna have to have to pull that guy. There's I mean I can't give me a scenario where you pulled him off the field. Give me a scenario where when they have their press conference and he comes out says Jimmie drop all of our starter hey it's Tom hurt. We don't talk about injuries but no he's not hurt. Your job will it before they do have some three in a bind to controversy and now parents now. But I will say they find anybody I can't find anybody I've gone totally different or is there any person going on back and ore zone only colleagues are very mild mannered nobody left that snow. That announcement are mile Santa makes a good point. At least Gary entity and. Low. Through after a heat if you more than you know I just literally is no quarterback told them yet this is like you that you could learn a lot from that could. And you can learn a lot if you just open yourself you can play. You feel like you'll Gary's beneath you. You'll have figured out that that's that's. That when you got the evidence and on Hamlet. That's all about that spirit since majors that. Yes there is no that was stupid to get everything we believe it or not is right. The I don't live with stupid but I don't know how he looks like he looks visibly. He sees everybody one big you know little muddled up just being announced in one ear and he says you know how can be different. Tuesday. He's accountant he's counties he thought since I left eye level. Outside Ireland he's only he's going to be cases that is that is what you throw and a that would be. It's terrible you know. It'll get Morton at one. Glory. All those whose logos. Selig. Mr. Becker's absorbing whatever quarterback controversy. Hurt that we just play and say hey we and we a lot of them we load your response tomorrow. A game did middle of the game love all the game's great idea or if you wouldn't four and you do would raise. The windows. Alex and Ryan Wednesday crying now and I have it right in front of an alternate it was a night angelenos who I am. That adds to do some homework and do some homework. It's that you'll agree you've never actually. Agreed to do. To do what. To come up with a stinky and smelly hot take a couple of things I didn't meet him I can't I am king yeah it's news to lose not gonna have the same page that I don't know it's awesome matter it's just we'll see what snow was asked that they gonna beat I'm gonna be honest in my opinion but let's make something up and it can be today you know because silly yes that still problems for the attack factors lesbian. Saturday about you know that what is that that language news. That could. Become politically. You know what are your favorite players your favorite people of this is the Scott uses classic so. Lobbed the ball out of work out now with the lakers were the end of the work the deal you era but yeah now organ out there as we want to be at his best. Yes it was the absolute. Best equipment possible she'll. Yes so we had it worked out yet he was not wearing his long though to 500 RT you people have or anything I grappling supposedly whose level noted that there and it's funny stories Magic Johnson but it is O two's yeah he's wearing his eighties from like you know. 2016. It's funny because Daryn well those issues of war and I've I've box. He says they still aren't available because they're still being made to support you doesn't it reported that I think you. And okay here's an opportunity to showcase your shoe. If you're only issue I guess. It's. You want it has been so tight that the confidence in Israel in illegal support your parents afraid at all. And broke up. Update all right short is terrible freedom it gives at a stitching as terrible as that bat look I know you didn't ask who is dead did not do his homework here you don't you market. I mean. You don't you do your derby made overseas corrected not the American so you know what the only should reflect that freezes statement I don't know what you're made in America. College at all it was a joy to me that I got my I'm sorry that was not a racist if I offended you know I've I've been you take all responsibility for my actions and collect yourself and so. Why wouldn't you just make out a crazy issue that is looks as languages are premarket a couple of them and tell them it won't be a discount on our. Moreover it is make them look like you don't want the picture that you have passports don't you can't go out with a with where somebody else's Q when your whole thing has a ring and yeah you're hold its annual. It's such Apple's key right there Lavar is missing he's he's he's fall fall bodily side saying only. Stupid mistake. Is the bad news is there won't be any of these other work elsewhere economic side knew where are the Alonso issue Ol or maybe you lose him like me that she was so bad god forbid write the everybody's bill everybody LA Houston regularly and only he blows it blows the tongue out. When you look at that people are rolled it explodes. But she's like Kmart. Old school and I think that's the reason like the Narnia that we thought you were open and shoot. Itself. And so on 500 UR six. Needles apparently the materials and labor are the same price that all of these other issues. How this put this on a punch five under par Tahoe is how settled at all it was a Lavar is no way because the price that make he's getting an under armour is getting is based on quantity. He lower priced actors are making a billion up this easily the south 136 of them. How many no way they're not at all stay on the way that he made some deal with the manufacturers that. Listen there's more coming up at creative genius and is now on the way to word it. The bad you feel like a girl I like his own ship. Doesn't like I was there to the we get them one more segment he wouldn't cross over key for committee on ice and able to. And going to the baseball and your baseball so you'll be okay I'll say to them about it. Yeah. Giving credit where credit is do their big guys who really job they've clearly Johnny Griffin Paula credit goes to our show in the morning obviously a lot of critical estimate they should do they are a good good show right now thanks Kirk now back to OMF. Fox Sports Radio tell. Football guys are doing this again now yeah. The mini camp hobby every day we get a run down as to who's good who's bad that if I don't like Tom Friedman very very. Off while we're is Jimmie your problem. Not so much it's Rick Berke Burkett on it but love right alternate shard of tremendous bin Laden and rainy today here. Yeah it. Are you supposed to do with these reports now and I. That was a guy's afraid is only ten points and drop below you can worsen. It's again it's a Japanese reporter following right now Daisuke Iran and Ichiro. Into force once this for fraud be people would have been hits Netflix and that are useful for six in his first. What we do. They're Birkhead call these passes but they're all check downs but what do what he's gonna be it the mini camp in OT days' Ortiz really are. The most useless. For a tailback. The most useless no. Run fits no lanes are known to tackle use of fear fumbling the ball a reduced to tears spot and stop that it moral tale I talked to. Rex Burkhead as old. Coach from Nebraska. Last night and he couldn't on CNB you cannot stop glowing about this guy and his gaggle if you go back a look at his maybe it's Michigan State. When you IV was junior senior mean they had ample literally played every single listen quarterback tailback slot receiver you name it he was doing it. And seek you you cannot pigeonhole and in this though he's a third down pat back he's the first and second down guy also. Can easily get those tough hard tough yards. In return to tackle so. My thing is the biggest question. Going into one of the one of the top three for me is who's the odd man out and tailback from. Who is or is it Dion Lewis has a James like and that's why I think it's I don't think it seems like. Ghostly he's not going anywhere Burke it's not going anywhere. I don't think we're learning gene's wife Emily doesn't go anywhere you can't keep mall. And you can't we're not learning any of the staff the many if not I could just bring up one thing and see haziness and DeSean Jackson that's pretty chemistry last couple days as a Muslim. Outstanding throws and catches yeah we. Don't Jackson out there today it it. It's one studios in spring this on thing because balls very good lately and we need more people fall all MF. At WEEI on Twitter okay because of the lot more would you again and again OMF. At WB EI. All the reported it pulled up on WB yeah. Off Otis sir you Katie Holmes on everybody's following us OK but did you Paul also is like. Tweeting like during our show on his own but it's not about our show. So we're doing a show on something and reading it's at least a story about Erin Andrews on. Yeah I'll never escape people hill and rip an apparent Andrews on the program was that the report of the list that we had for topics of today show I don't think so right now so then he's got his own little you know take on with the says it's his hot play. I think it's bigger than I think we're we're right there and I'm trying to attack you. I think hope soul has a more legitimate gripe end. Doesn't have 55 million to soften. The blow. And kind of interest you're milking this of this. I I don't think the video was that struck from like thirty put away the grainy studio people solos thing was aggressive helping us for our fault former Iowa and I don't know I had my question in that nightmare just traded up two hours ago while we do in this program you were supposed to be along with Ryan working on. In the big loads big game contest from grabbing what you were sent. You're so by the way you're gonna go with an idea for tomorrow young is also adults we're gonna produce it sari and do my lawyer qualified baseball takes advantage now we're gonna you know he's done for the refuted those words are. For the day tomorrow you know it over to dale long segment brought to you by climate as money that might. Finally get this straight up or waste criticizing Paul for not focusing on the show completely right that clarity that's what we're where we were rats yes or this is directly sell you broke down nicely okay I just died wanna make right what we talked governor because sometimes we don't know if you allow your producers to to tweet about it's just a united people are while only person who shot to win the duel in there you can usually guess an illusion that dealing a lot of room yes a lot of ammunition and yes standard and allow it and you know Ryan was working on the contest. These loud more workers at what's up David Price today and I you know I guess the good news is. It seems like the chances of veterans veterans gonna opt how we'll speak which you know could be a positive thing here it's that's been don't want him here. Possible talked about him that the NBA finals last night. We will probably talk much about James called me but I have to admit while I was here listening with a background and I'm sure I was watching him if you are you think you're definitely talking baseball. A world yeah around all on its own but they went around and not let him around were around what time societal and it takes its inspiration yeah let's not. I mean is serious. Actor planted out that that adequate time. Trying to steal since moved him to show for the Mars program that's restrictive. I bush will do it all yeah well tonight we got a baseball game tonight and we want you want to win you elections and iron down New England Lebanese reality you know tonight than reality show we were watching good night I don't know who's this is Dancing With The Stars than there would be just were housewives you'll all becoming Erin Andrews compassionate. She actually does know who's that in the their price. A over all else is that the daily Google apple we're leaving now.