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OMF - The Warriors can't lose, K&C sow seeds of discord on OMF 6-8-17

Jun 8, 2017|

The Warriors are one win away from being maybe the greatest team in NBA history. Kirk and Gerry pull their puppet strings, trying to break our happy home.

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Are you ready. Fort Wayne alimony and 48 civilians on the phone with somebody today trying to get a phone number from that person and write it down but they didn't have phone number rhythm. That pissed me off. A phone number of them especially those like an area code involved like. No one knew pump. With cool hand Luke when Christian this guy. Oh clueless click OK okay given the numbers that guys one through nine. Made eleven saves more. Don't use. Well on Sports Radio WEEI. Go sudden you know. It's just there's I think there's other you know give your opponent. Rhythm back we're back before it's just put himself what should go to the couple hours that this would no drug or alcohol I flew yesterday we can just take off my plane like tape played drops it drops and so we can remember when we need in the area code six foot. I did. We got a little joke about sank. Second and stop being Hayes hee-seop exit hated her Sebastian the stock we'll call him the candidate was is that you are scoured all in that time used pocket and here's the white Derrick I don't know what goes to talk to you or whatever team he's only ever came your house and you guys ever sat at a dinner at the family blah blah blah blah blah like experienced. Doubles one of those guys that you find this not on it when I do it probably always last comedy shows he goes these one of these guys to go to will come additional use nervous laughter. We've looked at section that I'm a unit and break some great progress the there's a yeah. That there's some people have done that ended up the applicant showed you all know let us up all left possess up like 20/20 five years from now in the silicon music remembered early two thousands. When this used to happen either the feds still good you can let the kid I can't handle of the guys struggle now I get anxiety Atlanta. Fiat and I don't like the pressure I would want the pressure having to do that would be paid attention and it just seizes bonded. I laugh I'll idol laugh and laugh and laugh and make you feel better if I don't want we say nothing and you're doing great yeah I think this probably. You're the reason it had a comedian says. Brewers there where is there heckler and you know as all actions open Mike night nicely Christian. So it's not three minutes after the game most of us that they don't you know it's going to be interest and will be talking about this tomorrow in Cleveland will get that may be DK. Good game four and extend this thing to keep this thing they can win this thing and then there were some people that are out there tweeting saying it's fixed and it's a commissioner and he just want this thing to go six or seven games so that ABC and ESPN can get ratings. And then eleven nothing run simulator suddenly we've got greatest team of all time. And Kevin Durant is suddenly the greatest player. Outlawed and it the last two shot and reverend Graham made made the difference then it's the first time on down the posts. LeBron James gets the ball. Throes of a cal core over in the corner. He shoots a three he missed that of course direct hits the ball back gets the rebound dribbled down the court. You know LeBron James soft defense. Not terribly soft. At that point time with the circumstances being what they they were you think he'd be a little more all big direct face. But no he gets a decent look at the baskets which game at old. This is why it's there it's they they can't beat this team and talked about what what needs to happen and it's just how fine it is they got everything they needed. From carrier ring from LeBron James from JR Smith. Korver hit a couple of shots but all you do all you need is one missing piece and it won't be enough to beat him last night that was Kevin Love. Right he could not. Hit a shot one don't act in the fall one for seven from three. And he had nine points they all have to score they all all three of them have to be close to thirty over thirty. And two wounded their job the role guys did their job but one guy didn't show and is not to lose a game. Here's here's the and I can beat of the richest great here's a stat that stands out to me based on the way to game plan. Staff curry Kevin Durant and collate Thompson. Fifteen. For 27 on three point overall the team's fifteenth he shot 49% but those three guys your bars up fifteen points out. The entire cavalier team. Twelve of 4420. Some results for the cab that your three stars killed there on every shot 33 pointers he missed on all three of Guatemala. All made one. But you're stars were fifteen point seven they had tiger team to well up to one of our only thought that I would bring this up. Then how do you beat it to you you can't that you think you can't play kinda. Of Kevin Love had a pair at a game. If he is Kevin Love gave you twenty points you win that game. He just missed too many shots to me that game it was right there for the taking and they blew it and in blowing that blew it late obviously but. I would say it was about that pick between the six in nine minute mark of the fourth quarter. He knows that nine minutes left elbow five or six. They had opportunities woes a 67 point game and then they they just couldn't shock it open shots that could have turned that into a twelve point game. You know whatever it was got to the double digits. And it's Golden State was sort panic and they're missed some shots and had to take advantage of that and the other end. They missed some open shots to take that lead to about 1012 points. And they just kept in around 675. X you know it comes to the three pointer to make it through with the steal and it's just. Even even the fact that he had he'd even even with everything is that your right to sec in the fourth quarter. There are missing so many make evil not shocked but just okay good looks. I should I drive to the bass especially genes to steal the ball not bounce in the third quarter that did seem it seem like no matter what. The counselors to the ball was eventually going through the hoop the fourth corps especially towards the tail end of the fourth quarter though they were getting those drops and wasn't dropping through. But Korver. Being in the position that he was in. Or LeBron James has the ball. He likes to give the assists he's got an open three point play better that's all he does he has to he spun in to win. 33 deflect the issue here is it crazy and you'd be right of the game's over it instantly I can't do in the fourth quarter all he should've took the shot and Jim would have taken a shot. No that's the case Steve Kerr is in the position that he's there because Michael Jordan decided to throw him the ball to save the day but he may be shocked right. So I don't think that would be low. But that that obviously would solidify a deadly Korver simply missed the shot and by the way wide open. In his spot in the leverage corner spot yup he says if he can't get away from Datsyuk and McVeigh is comforted and if you look at it when they were showing the replay again. LeBron James had a clear path to the hoop to do right if you sponsor the rights that is what is the responsible left. He wouldn't that your triple coverage port at that point. Corporate made all the sense in the world what was he supposed to do and I think people were critical of them after the game always gonna be more selfish. All that case you don't have to be more selfish you want him to give the ball up to the Y my oh my god that was the right. But you know people are gonna look at its namesake. You know he wears a fourth quarter he is not make it all the big shots he had to come he never mop up the court line he came off the court for coming minutes and for what I they want to. He goes they wanted to tell got Iraq. When he was left it to get right back yet and nothing right this. It half you're seeing. Kevin Durant stepped Currie on the banks and warriors bench. And they can't take catalyst can't take the brawn James out they can't take carry Irving out especially the third quarter he had. He can't do it there this bill never if they have a lead the wars we'll catch up. If they're behind they won't be able to catch up there are Dan they do benefit don't. But again there three most important players killed three point. Spring this one up to consume and then it's worth bringing up again because we addressed that during the celtics' series and people were raving about Tristan Thompson that's the type guy. The Celtics need to go get Tristan Thompson. Has a ticket total of six points in the series in three games that would be an average of two points per game he's averaging I think less than three rebounds and he's useless just help you get colds he's right he's useless in a series. With the team. Extend you out of the perimeter and spaces the floor. Useless. Government its respect and understand that we are Doug is pitching game one in the second half a second chance points the offensive rebounds they got. But you could say out of a lot of people loosely against Golden State so but I guess everybody else. Can help you I mean he can help you. I I I think the game is gonna go more and more the way it's gone with Golden State government around I would say that you try foreign born in trying but if you go. They're unique. They're special there have three of the best shooters in the league. All on one team if you team puts that together and god bless you answered it but there's not this most teams have to but to lead the league is gonna go there. So you're gonna go McCain trying to find a shoot tri color right but I'm just saying it you can try oh you want. Let's go find Seth Curry okay good luck let's go find Kevin directional prompt should be easy let's go find Klay Thompson as a third score good luck. You know let's go find a big dream on green is our fourth guy penetrate Fisher could could buck so you can try all you want. Let's make it sound like the league is gonna say oh that's a Golden State doesn't let's go do it ourselves let's go sign all these great shooters they got a ball. You know it's like. Yeah I understand you person Thompson might not help you against this team I don't think anybody helps you against this team well. You don't here's how it got everybody else isn't an offensive guy with no offensive. Skill set as Shumpert the same way offensive got to know people that he's the opposite opposite got no defense. It's still in the end if they just make. A couple shots. A couple just a layups LeBron James doesn't whiff on a couple of. Wedeman but that game last night you can say that is they played their ass off that's the best game of play they can't do that in a seven game series. You know Kevin Love could get more threes last night because it wasn't what Kevin Love was doing defensively or Kevin Love was going off off the boards. It was the fact that he was one of 71 of nine from three point territory. That's what hurt him last night they didn't hit enough three and. You know that they were terrible and they were twelve to a day or I was given their their starting three the three studs for the wars may fifteenth. And less attempts. So. I used to irrigate it after all said and done. You look at the way it ended Kevin Durant it's the opportunity to in the game he once again. It was in the last two games he's making the most important shot at the most important so how do you defend team like Golden State where. They Waltz they will bring the ball up the floor you're playing awful of of staff carry disease forty feet away from the basket. He takes one dribble and it just fires it up. How do you want to tell you see how heyday under the cavs tried to slow down he sought it was it was obvious says don't rally is walking the ball the courtyard. They missed the shot. Wars get the rebound transition beaten down for an item they had no defense that he wanted it to look open I read for him. They were fatigued for all of congress Irving's offensive numbers it because he was terrific in the second half offensively. Defensively he was awful he was awful entrances three point shots that you write up I mean. Thompson coming Kevin Love and carrier ring combined for one for fourteen killer you know I mean care Smith was outstanding LeBron was four for nine. But those 21 for fourteen and even though Irving did it in a ticket that a basket and and count some polyps just take it to the rim and hit his to lose but it's three result for seven. You have even this Cleveland cavalier team a team that unite them missing university of the Boston so das has to be perfect. All everybody has to be great. In order to beat this team that just and last night they went to veto many gay yeah game last night they tried in the big missed Kevin Love and it was enough to lose that they have to be perfect. Inventor and not a winning game flows now via both those states got something to play for all goes off peak right it goes beyond the championship. Now they know what they can feel it. That they are going to go down in history not only will they perfect post game record. But they won't now ascend to the top spot is the greatest team in NBA history and I think it's fair title. I think they deserve numbers alone I did is are you can't you can't ignore I don't care how much. A federal you have for the old basketball player not majorities of the johnsons of the world can't ignore it. It kind of drives are not so they're not gonna screw us up this too much at stake boy wanna know what so the whole yes you'd be PI. I saw that today the probability chances there at the probability of Cleveland Cavaliers winning the series is that. 1% this year I think its Dubai. I look you know I understand how our guys thought I was like why we're zero point zero my some ways there's always different points. They knew that there are ones Mac AIG. It's you never know because I mean you always have the guy in the big picture like 4444 being nice writers like. We talked about that it Cleveland they have some of the play for. Against Celtics the Google for the sweep because they get consecutive wins by an app and they lost that game three they lost right so. Yeah it's like they did at that that's your motivation motivation to win the title. Seoul late in games and obviously this team doesn't have any quick is I don't think they think they're ever out of the game but the reality is. They're still up 321 if they lose this game go back to go Wednesday and it. Eat in Utah about no way to lose this game so I don't LeBron is placed all those minutes relieved of their starting five tons of minutes specially love Irving and James. Now and the one opportunity with where they would need the rest what they would need that three to four days' rest which they which seems like they get after every single game would be between NASA press game and friends and now they played last night that you're not good job and I got played on Friday market for pure gold state. You're bears last year. In your home court they came and they partied and there's all those you know weren T shirts mocking them on their celebrating on your court. Don't let up. All you know let's let's let's what we get back to Oakland so we can celebrate with with our fans know you close them out. Don't quit. I would be surprised they blow them out with the united blow them out I think I think there for awhile I think I think Cleveland calls it a little James gives you that ability yes. At some sometimes like it LO. But the Cleveland Cavaliers as we played the Celtics. It felt dispute him he just he was gone you know who's gone to Cleveland he just. It has walked off the court picketers jurors are it was. Like and over again may yeah informing its game but I don't know what it is but you're gonna see India pointed out and make sure everybody sees it and it's cost. Over here but he's pleased to be on the court both management is knees and read and having it didn't take much to strolled about doing my part kickback and it's the name that he's just it's often you can't blame him he's doing everything he kept. He's gonna. Over dramatized dramatize how exhausted he. If Perry can you blame them because I feel like there's people who. When you make their cause before the series started it was the comparison it was the brawn James Michael Jordan blah blah blah. Now now people don't talk about. What the you know that he's he's probably is exhausted you think the visa make sure the story right. Oh man who talk some trash to him believe it or not in his own arena. And actually challenge the fans think that what it. You Dodd thank you for doing things like scanning effort for a for McCain his that you think it's going to be fascinating in the offseason for the Celtics it's going to be fast and yeah equate. Because of Roscoe look at this thing and say guys we get no shock. We can't beat Goldstein we don't have the webcast and don't be surprised at all. If Carmelo Anthony has brought up into the into the conversation in the offseason as a clique. And tiger and hear a lot of name just yet but I have to choose I agree to come back we don't even when Illinois I was at no. You can't they're they're too good no matter if it's like the what are you can point to. Is LeBron James his fourth quarter numbers you talked about after game three to shoot the ball so your team too we was not sure who Bali six attempts. And in in the second half alone fourth quarter numbers are down and every game OK for the quarter numbers down and their overall. Obviously. He's in the first quarter he's averaging 39 points in the series 70% shooting 7% to shorter sentence goes down goes down fourth quarter. Eleven. He's tired he's worn out. He's got to do everything plus because he's not Muster much here's the other one tip when we just talked about the if you the other ginger girls that you sit him for court broadcast we are overplaying LeBron. If at its low beats us Soviet there you know if any of these other guys beat JR Smith's albeit. We are all we're playing a LeBron he's the one guy they're going to with their reply. And you also know he's unselfish. So what we'll do to get the ball up in a case. I'd rather somebody else have the boy again if on the other team then LeBron inevitable yet but even so what sort of LeBron James muscles his way down he runs overstepped Corey selected from two point now where three point shooting team. We can make that up in three possessions C I think that is the most dramatic part. Of all of this with the ascension now of Golden State is the greatest game. You're doing it like no other team has ever done before they're doing it. On three point shots and it is not only a part of their game it is the most important component. Of what they do well both offensively and defensively in this because they well they will rebound. They will fast break down the other end to. Furry three point. They will give up on an easy shot underneath or an offensive rebound and an easy two points inside they will give that up to kick the ball back to the perimeter. To space it out and have one of their guys take a three. Just. And as you show you that's put on hold a whole big man rebounding team that needs to happen. Staff curry had thirteen rebounds that's what the game is now. All all long rebounds from outside shots there 'cause the rebounds gonna go long because of this of course it's going with this non on this mid range jumper that will be. Double land inside the key. I want happen anymore. Cristian I want associates' current or re out of what you guys can average six or seven rebounds a game as opposed to going get the horse that's going to give me fifty and also I think it is different I think about when you get the rebound. Since you're a small undersized Gardner did not getting the rebound under the program. You're getting hit I don't know at ten feet away gesture against what transition. And that much closer and it happens that much faster you can't get back on deep without care if you want to get back on defense. Long range jumper long rebound I get the rebound as numbering around and boom there you are based for pain. Answer what's going on it's you can't defend it. This happens to quit it's hates it's it's just different and that thing is this somebody and you brought this up before allude to somebody try to counteract that say screw it. We're don't when Twin Towers we get the next Shaquille O'Neal and we're gonna do what the other way. I don't think you can win the other way. I think the three quarters because they're hitting it's such a high efficiency right now that you can't beat them. Last week I think there's always. There's not one way to win. You know and I think if you do you have a guy. Erica XNT at a post guys like Anthony Davis. McKay in he is just just ripping Pachulia part. It's appoint a double team on which opens up the kick out to open three. So the be on the offensive and say you know what defensively and sure right now Anthony Davis you know turnaround of the perimeter with that at the other side of the court. And we get down post that's your weakest link so I have the advantage solitaire you apart underneath. No you don't told us they would do. They would switch around they would take Pachulia out of the game sometimes go sit down at the end of the bench that we're gonna go small and any entity Davis okay would take you affirmative excel you know we're gonna Wear your ass out up and down before. And eventually you. Average understanding is no set the ball. That's grant you go small that's true tonight and he gave a little bit in hopes that made me the ball. And I will score every single. Tar stopped working and norms could end up winning games it's it's in the long. But you would think they are known sucked since then. Especially I think they really got his Spanish version soft they're not as bad and I think if they all know DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis from powerful wouldn't center for so that's. Trying to build a good team to beat Golden State we're not talking about new awards. Okay we're talking about you know hasn't that I just this Celtics team let's just say another guy like Hayward who can score. Paul George who can score and Anthony Davis because unfortunately we're talking albeit one of them you might need three to just even have a chance to beat Britain gold state. And then you can take advantage of it yes there will be issues when he's out there try to cover dream on green when they go small I get that but there is another side of the court are we're gonna give away. Free Red Sox tickets coming up then we're gonna open up these phone lines. At 6177797937. Won't get some people wanna talk about it right now will get into the school will be wrong vs Kevin Durant. This is that the the part of that it really. Is gonna (%expletive) off LeBron because the new. Talking point is going to pay. And maybe it's accurate because it's his time right now he's playing like he's possessed. And he certainly is take it over the series. They Kevin Durant. Is the greatest player on the planet will get all of that. And those Red Sox tickets were given away next. Talk enough with the excuses already well. A bunch of busy season. Love my job mentally weak and he's now back toward weight murder moaning and Fauria talk Sports Radio guy. Should this be the finals for the next 345 years. Predicted. Is that good for the. I think ultimately a showcasing. So it's great for sport it's great for basketball. The step up their game I mean it's also somewhat insulting the other thing. It suggests to challenge the status with the justice ownership doesn't matter you have no matter coaching doesn't matter but all those things do and in my views players will. We doubled their performance from approachable to go see this style basketball which we all grieve it's incredible basketball political back just like all the great players have to try to get better. I've really as the greatest invention of the history of mankind Adams over giving using a spin. From the commissioner's office address this problem second. We don't think anything. If he's right if you're enemy of this. And matters as far as that make sure you can get this guy signed to do the math mission through and capped it all could make a difference with a Steve Kerr was on the bench are often enough. I grew threats that I am a plane around the GM as my colleague hi like ownership here let GM here. Let the coach here. Doesn't matter so you can't you came with a scenario and I every scenario it's it's and it bothers me I used I asked you guys between breaks into. Who's always felt like this can be found to be a reality check for the Celtics who think their player. Right note maybe even maybe even two. It will think that two players away they are OK I thunderous serve or other. So I asked you guys there to breakers in. Does this team beat Golden State. You know Isiah Thomas and Jimmy Butler is a big it defense comes into play with Gordon Hayward Al Horford Anthony Davis senior responsible for new laws that I don't think it's good enough. And I both the use at mill back. And I think you're almost half of ice they Jimmy Butler Gordon Hayward Al Horford and Anthony Davis. I think that those guys that I so. I think OK so Isiah Thomas and Thomas Krieger match up whenever there's big big big guy that I thomas' he needs to be the guy after bench. He needs to be your sixth man god you came here I think the tiger and the Celtics you have I'd be labeled extreme offseason in my wrong they are starting five still better the only guy you would take our goals there was. Boobies are. But Siegel gated that he Davis you know Hayward and Jimmy Butler Paul George Mitchell one of our. Get three of those guys see you know not only got two guys away which in not eaten three guys who. Right you don't you why you're 34 years away your its vote a year it's all about years it's all about win in the east it's all about when LeBron starts to fade. OK and that will happen. And then as far as warning the whole title it's when they finally get bored with themselves out there and goals to. Or something happens there's you know that you know they start. To to have to Narnia he's innocent and misses it and listen were instituted in the Celtics because. Boston and Canada after that but her after the fight. To beat that team is going to be. LeBron James is number one thing to do this I'll see what that's why I. Out doesn't work I'll put you act it did you play that you would add Carmelo Gilead Carmelo he was right at Carmel but tomorrow that's what they are Melo Anthony isn't close to counteract a sudden the same things that code nobody he's gonna look at it and say we can't we need to score close at 230 point though it's gonna turn donate three. You for. Before you get what the arsonist they don't want things that. Gold state does and give them credit for it they play lockdown defense especially there's a reason why they went 110 run. There's a reason wide lockdown defense carry current gonna try isolate himself what it was like what about forty something seconds left I'm definitely tops and bottom I would only issuing I doesn't go to the basket which is the doing the tires that it had. Half he's gonna need a fourth guy because he's gonna sit there and so you know parry went off I did my thing in just. Kevin Love and have a good game. And then maybe it's Kevin Love goes off I have my thing it carries of the game and your fourth guy is any three guys to go off to beat this team although sentence for getting guys we have four point slot five because they have it would dollars rumors are able to a player and I think quickly toss ago but in order to beat this team with the amount of scores they have. You'd need for three is no longer good with. Think when the problem I have would your line is I think your top heavy with two vick's and I think that. That Golden State is able to play the game small because Kevin Durant might be 6117 feet tall he's not think he's a small. Who heads you know why didn't a week span after helping get. I have chat however on average down when we got an what do you what do you think he does off the troubled than average while it is good defender. You Lewis and did you set a pick what does he do a movie pick what is your average crude to average fell off the troubles this he'll want. That we duplicate carrier ring and don't you know people were raving about a man and rightfully so because he's a terrific player. But in the zealots are Isiah Thomas played against gold state I played better defense than one and so we Irving playing defensively in the series. Irving was terrific yesterday especially little shaky the first quarter and beyond that was really good offensively. Defense I took over their court defense could stay with carry on the switches that good night seal it. You know what is conduct what's respond to a lot like a sidebar a sideshow. Reserve renowned especially it was when staff Currie. Got just somehow on the switch and up on the front lines on my god and everybody working for that and it'll be out watching going muscles that's really he's gonna he's just gonna concede this truck you know they were trying to slumps like close to its guard down right I think they would try to do that exactly that when he ended up passing the ball over the course I think they were trying off of that high they were trying to switch and see you think he gets this carry on him and that's when. The heat he dribbled in the wrong direction. He ended up getting the guys who is the guy that they brought in completely. The cavaliers their broad unity on trade played like ten seconds and her blues you know colonel bogey. Annoyed me yet so if he's on the teams on the to different. Wonder if you're someone bella zero. Only once he went even de corps was was supposed to be the difference maker. Older guy. Role player shooters strictly shooter what is wanted it to bottle down a little pointers he gets all the way to keep doing it does not play any deep employs these stopping thinking what are belong nobody dunked the ball he can match the yes people can relate while he actually don't. The ball. No he's c'mon play he's got a Dick O'Connell equal and you don't you pushed. Round or third sixth I don't think you usually don't give the bears. Yeah certainly years ago they can play a little different now he's nothing he he doesn't think so but but I you don't get the three out of order but you don't get this forget who you're not getting your market and if you don't get the street market. Let's go to Alex Alex is in Providence hey Alex. Well it's. They you're a good shot at John Wall made over eight re Bradley bunch of people didn't FLAC or in six. Yeah. When the game on the road yet. Yup. Everyone given blackboard and and probably played a great game everyone's. Out on the back but I watched that shot and won't last night that Kevin Durant and it. LeBron was flat footed. Mean he was he gave them that's gotten used. We know he was he was late he was exposed like he did it it's he wasn't aware. How important that that sequence once there was a smell of marijuana in the cast blocker and a could be applicable. And could be I don't mean that that's her way he was while he was he started is it he's Trimble was well beyond the three point stripe and it was almost as if he was playing him. For that dribble drive and then suddenly wham all bachelorette backfired not backing among the public think and what about him is if you lay off of him a little bit. His his length. You know Sarah yes that's release on that shot is so I'm there even a guy like LeBron is not gonna get to stand up on that shot less you're right Alex Solis he's right on top of him. He wasn't. No just that Andy McIntyre Allan mentally tired zeppelin you know we would you do when you're tired you can look at old that was definitely just in particular Nebraska. Is get our breath for a quick I'll keep you know I really that's what you're gonna knock down by so if you're LeBron James how are you looking at this now. You wanna catch up 22 Jordan. And that's the only way you're going to be the greatest player of all times to catch up to two Jordan. And you've got a long way to go with those titles and you look at the cast of characters you. And you look at that Golden State team and how the hell do you come to the conclusion that with the same guys we get back here next year and we can beat these suckers. Do you come to that conclusion. You know I mean they got ego rule. You know the guy. This is that they're getting there in your way the next three or four years three years where viewers that there in your way how to already beat him there again at a gas. But that but they're three they're the warriors three is now okay it's curry is it still constant and it's ranked. Or use flopping Australian blogs and on and say amounts in only three you're if you're gonna name your top three we unit interchange and you know Thompson. And direct at an act of Thompson nrgreen. They already have for them to Jos anybody you were to pick your top three. Your top three outlook I would put drama agreement though he's a he's a stud and you'd drafted in the second round. Let's hear what I would I would put him number three I would put clay Thompson number four it's not a put down Klay Thompson. I just think that would rain on to do more dream on does all of those little dirty things that you need. Eight you know and and I mean that truly dirty things you need that specially to protect your shooters. I think usually arrives very same but. Thompson's unbelievable defender to. You are you really it's just unbelievable to Fallujah it's that third and artist and he got to be scared of outside the three point you don't story he can hold on all of and guess what guess what. And they may because story it's gonna take less money they may be able to hold on to Livingston may be able to hold on it would dial up but let's say they can't. You're gonna end up getting some player that is at the end of his career that's gonna come on it's I'll play angles they are kimono championship what are your brother and if you don't. And you're there rod Hillary the Robert Horry out yesterday get a bunt threat they gave I don't just need a lesson out is that Carmelo Anthony for the cabin of those yet here's what I would say in Cleveland now. Who is going to give up. To go and get themselves somebody like you Carmelo Anthony the you know the score. Brighton that's what they need. If ever there's a lot of interest in Johnson need a better version of Kyle Korver Jerry need what do they have to give up tensions remain you know Jefferson's at the end Korver at the end. James Jones can't not think. Who won't they have that they gonna give up. But a Derrick Williams by the way let them walk. Let him walk you read that Benoit went god he is this doesn't work. It is it doesn't work at all he he's Friday to even the league's senior Chris Paul that that was that he's shown a brilliant guy one point John himself yes. He is done I don't know I don't know I need to look Zoellick to get the pick the book to make a trade with New York. Siegel three way we'll picks go to new York and he goes to UB stated give something up to get that kind of a player and what's your first round pick is nothing to guard him right Tony that whatever is good that's. Nothing. I think if an interest themselves. You don't unload the card should I hated to report it really bad example I don't keep in fact it again yeah. I think today have a cap space in low. Then we'll Dick Gordon Hayward here's what they are next year. Already next year. They have committed 125. Million dollars if that's a bird rights. The expelled I don't know what they have nobody that. Nobody nobody that I have to. Up James is on the books for next year law obvious Irving is Thompson is JR Smith who is sharper it is for ideas. And Jefferson is they're all locked up for next year so the birth rights and it could help them with anything they are legitimately twenty and million dollars. Over the cap and LeBron is the US he's an option rights on my issues are right. He can't not count he'll leave and he is in for the long haul a LeBron does not have she's come off a couple of years that you are okay it's double or year. And he's got correct. He's don't have as good as it if they can't bring it and they can't bring the players and while there's no way easily and it looked at twenty million dollars. Over the camp and and the they are not good enough. To win the NBA championship right now and I it and looking at the ages. Gold sixty younger team out there and they're all the prime right. The prime so what are you do if you Cleveland we can sit and rack our brains here about what the Celtics can do so except time on their side. Play this thing out that incidents okay we're gonna go with faults and then we'll try to go with he would vote we we we will play both ends of will you don't peak it out for three years from now four years now but we've got. Most guys that are gonna be with us like Jalen brown and pulled six years from now seven years from now we we shelf life. The cavaliers have for shelf. Best players going on what 32 don't hear a story through yeah so move on and feeder router pliable you're there to forty via problems. Care Smith apparently it in age you can carrier Irving but he's younger but I think Tristan Thompson becomes the guy you deal until one threat. Earlier okay 50 it's just ridiculous because of the way the game's played that I am much sugar as I said I'm not true that Tristan Thompson's as an awful lot. I 61777793. Cent. And right human element that immoral to jocks I like working with jocks as you can. You can play with a little bit and bingo on Sports Radio. Well let's go as ago and I'm looking forward to lose ramps. Angry Lou I'll be honest I'll skip and it'll tired and what newspaper is what's it. What is what's gonna happen what we want to rent them basketball hockey news talk eminently possible radical Islam. I don't that's I don't think I let it really gland or Christian wanna talk portraits of Glen what is tense and surprisingly I know the other Olympus heads of those Christian as the potential. I spent most of whom. I just it was someone knows so well which would that's a good baseball O'Neill that it. Best you disease doodle to remain well he has talked Turkey and for you on the dark you know the privately in Italy you don't want to talk baseball. I don't mind talking baseball and its industry when it went solid you know what that is the only Donna I I it's and we took two hours of entitlement the entire show to all the price situation can tell you what I'm talking baseball he was working someday I want what you wanna I might scrap its arguments on channel ready seats up ready yes that's. You talked him. Yeah OK yeah deluded I broke down along rent a lot of fans whoever it's a really exciting and I'm an advocate we don't do we. We talked baseball yesterday it was a eleven we have yes we had a discussion it was more you have flooding and definitely baseball discussion. About Craig Kimbrel and though we got John Farrell thirty and you know what confused with the because Ferrell is now use Kimbrel. Five times in the last twelve games Ross and the eighth and we brought in exactly what has gone so long crossed for the long cross Bryant for the price. But I got one of those deer in the headlight look when I went and brought it up to listen you know it's interesting that we think about the way the match play him so much about it and talk a compass and we'll talk you feel like you feel neglected. And I'd like you enough I've elected leaders like it's it's it's an opinion on it and it's why. Opinion on the show. Stimulus and we don't want any of things we don't talk baseball the other let's as Christian as he pretends or register as at every post who's ever worked at the woods agree with him in baseball. Which makes for that was a raise prices or leagues has no interest you can tell you look at the window and it's something else right but I think for it probably wanted to hang for its right show yeah yeah. Yeah both those guys are sick of that's the field and should dreamer birdies able to have said that the first show it from I'm not is sometimes it is rightly giving lessons games are great talker. No but I think it was good game gets better hot than basketball got a I. And Allen can shoot it yeah. Actually passion of Christ exactly know years ago would be business as in no time with us so that's usually go. I went a little pop and it out to give his opponents says don't do how many do you probably give you some homework. Reusable needle and you do need some home I don't need to marry the big I'll watch I don't. Relax there I don't know homework doing because he's really out to give you a job to go and your job of cheese case and it speaks at Kona one and it worked really hard on yes I can't wait to get to Imus got a little bit on their two I want you to come back. Tomorrow morning. With a hot. Smoking sizzling baseball and yes OK I'll let out of this thing I'd like fame induction I. I'm not I'm telling you to do it. And also I think that if I don't think you can do it and I would say I would say that it could turn on vacation and any little thing. Can't beat that that Lou is already brought you generally based okay you're all alternately if yes don't listen accompanist. Original I wouldn't dissidents. A compliment Lou does that he's one of the better baseball analyst in this town yeah involvement he's on the other hand I don't know if he's not only that I didn't we have this and he had disagreements on YouTube when it comes to these grooves OJ case a case I don't need to you'll stop yeah. Everything I'm not sit here and go Adam about it a buddy David I'd I'd David Price is Mike we your raw. Wrong about David part of my football or off and I'm not kidding aren't well armed and ready. On African handle right. Shut up I used to work as Africans who don't know I don't I don't know what are the and kick it just concentrating focus for second oh. This isn't a knock on him. We thought it you can register as at every cohost who's ever worked with them agree with comment because it. Circle you Tibetans. What do we do you mind every you know Wednesday it is and who you can call me what is going scoop. I'll start calling you weak I like debate I debate yeah. By the way you heard we he's like yes yeah. No I have got to hear this the better I would militants and let let's let's go back to normal regulator the division of the widget like and listen. Some of them we keep my and a hot Jake is not Lou what's Al's gonna be better. Hey you can't take it doesn't add up big blue. The book that's going to be better that's not yet I wanna have to be something you want canyon are you you're hot. You let yourself out of Meredith did you coat on the Iran about what he's also an honest somewhat you and song that you want to put on particular genre arrived socialize and I was ready just like you should Hillary Clinton at all. Paul's been able to do I. I have the debates and arguments on the show is turning it around this guy he never has had an argument and debate about all about it I think this. I don't care at this weekend idol where do we yeah. Out how. Eight LSU you don't have ever brutality and baseball does anybody disagree. The government or disagreement over the necessary by the baseball to me this development no one account. You can visually it doesn't bust your ass I am I use Intel based on yeah. They don't I usually my immunity because you move on Iran does not give you my opinion on. If you want but I didn't do I get an opinion and you move on and the support he can do is still the biggest thing is just look away says hello. Yeah that they are afraid of them remember Lou he wants Israel. He lets you down he looked like well I don't know how it. You. Don't know in which is child's gonna pay in your opponent does all. It's a long night language I know that all you have to do is very simple they'll over analyze it don't hurt yourself. Coming in tomorrow so the more games good smoking similar right now. Hot and I don't wanna right now I don't want to know what because of these bodies and that is giving them my game and implement a big game coming up at our enemies are virtually unprecedented properly in my religious we cumulative. Assessment. Good business. A yet to review I was. I Goosen yes because I hate with Lou all the time million U. You just this is out at all on a bit. She's you know what's it drug group we have ten we have great lately asked if we have great debates and football and basketball social issues that both baseball we don't and how many debates do you have with the we don't know big Wailea Hawaii on. At any media that I have absolutely wanted you not why are you concerned we have a debate how are you about me worry about who is now I would just Al Davis ran. You want a RO I moved this ball. Reaching a large yourself you will look upon. Luke and they were yeah yeah her on there are enough people who wants loads her bag barrels and all the candidates. Don't light up like golf is billed as an adult skin and treat him that exercise and deflect it Hala. We'll let the billion are deflecting on the level and all of the our I. Would agree a talk show. Store intro for this lazy. Hot take steel and co host just pushes buttons. That Lee got. I hear back Willie gay is open you know on the bed and sharing your answer every day when you're leading ladies league I thought this. Thought he had gotten it done it you disagree with Kirk's hesitation. You guys interview Lou just know it must acknowledge known on hold I don't know heritage I'm being honest. I don't think. Or is it went yeah. I just don't. He's out of the watches the that's right yeah Red Sox don't try to give bets a little game like that like oh that's right now it's completely lose its complaint yeah okay like you do a little bit more work and you put it like you come in tomorrow she ouch yea come out tomorrow. With an idea yeah. Different not. Me that I can't view we don't we are all an idea to trust Bangladesh can you do for me you know they know what I'm not only based life. You do FaceBook I don't faced only one they glued to come up with and I did well twelve and then watch unions as life it's great not good I'm not to do it it's true that Lou you know those who are far more based. All the there's a question Christie knows more football denied he does admit did you ever argue. We debate don't. We foot. Debate with all the time all the time yeah we got one of our big hit home grown falls when I was on vacation. One big article football for sixteen weeks and it looked like I'd weeks out of the year they argue with fluid when I was eight years loon has he 5000 more football takes and you guys do baseball the dialogue. On our boys I've never heard of Oregon pulled. Why haven't we talked about the fact that the two never arguably anything. Now that's that is I don't know here's how you are either party has pink does agree to it more example ball and you guys don't based mobile what do we disagree. It's different she wants to manufacturers are members of its manufacture take. Mitchell I happen to agree with Lou about terrorism or here's how it works. Plans today I thought here's what I want talk about or would you think that's a great idea. And are confident in god we all notably you don't ever and it wouldn't mind a little like you know it that when it's it's is I didn't like east I. OK I wanna play it as something you board your plane ADV wars. Reset the army our. Credit or ice is based. You're trying to trading him liquids or any doubt about it right down to campus. Yeah per dogged. And I think that's a great idea that you did have no choice. Have been like the pick these like I don't know how why I was slated for so I have to jump into that good very good. Yeah. They Kirk big future UK to visit their friends were emerging artists they want to self or let that little pockets level floor they aren't enough good stuff wish puppets for the show more but that's what part of an on again is. Steals all of Canada on Surat yeah I'm sorry it happened original idea sorry man it was the original idea and I think the pipe. Yeah yeah it might. Mercer right Mike. And I we're gonna try this silly ass content that its homework tonight as soon as well and who work. And we don't you obviously they. I've moved the night. Yeah it was post that was last night it was mostly about. I could do it so I know why did you move is gonna do tonight. To do this chilly outside to talk an ounce a year on to wait a rally and I don't I got formerly White Plains. Digging in. Dig in and you bigoted of course I do you possibly affecting all or you do or. Dark out and play well another. Another thing is to get extra credit for having at least. Dressed up note actually lost a game and never thought about it I don't think that is all night right rob Rob Ryan let's yield contest you're coming up next.