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OMF - Sabathia dominated the Sox...he's still big and sloppy 6-8-17

Jun 8, 2017|

Everyone has a reaction to David Price and his love-loss for the media. The bullpen needs some extra troops pronto. And would people be reacting to the same way to Chris Sale as they have been to David Price?

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Are you ready. These Fort Wayne alimony and forty I forgot what time they pick out of France where I don't think that technically answers and I really don't. I'd like to apologize to my colleagues and that's and to the Boston Red Sox the most importantly to the fans who were offended by my comments with clay and Lou and. Christian price wasn't happy he was directly unhappy with me we had a conversation about it I prefer not to eat healthy that the constitution was meant to be. Mostly private but it was loud enough that other reporters overheard he's unhappy with how he's been treated boss. Well on Sports Radio WEEI. I talking about guys who give us more stuff coming up here in the next hour plus giving away. Tickets through regularly take its world and we Red Sox tickets two tickets to Kevin James is James little moreover during this hour you will and then at 12 o'clock hour two tickets the Red Sox against the Phillies you'll. To the phones we know his mark in Worcester I'm mark. Pat you don't Dedham. Good so I wanna go off what Colin said earlier about. You know pictured at a big market into the small market. Hit a bad. I just thank you secure competitive athlete. Wanna go out and perform. And produce at a high level you're gonna come to Austin where. The pins are educated so if you're not gonna produce you know the fans are gonna look so. Of course Louis very educated in Saint Louis they're really great baseball fans too great baseball town is always has a good team and yet. They never say negative work if the guy has a rough came off at. It was just a rough evening for. No question I mean that's where it is throughout the midwest. You know that's that's their personality like you're you're here bought get a unit or or to get a lot. I don't think he's performer you know you get Chris Dailey goes out performed the beginning of the year you know we all of them and you just mulch outsell. You know that kind of my. I say this don't even though he keeps his mouth shut if if Chris Sale struggles in the second half of the season by the way go look at heat of the greatest September's. Well Lou there are some people think that you know may be his body make up for it did you know he just can't in a duet for for. In a long periods for thirty plus starts. If that happens people you're gonna get on. Yeah yeah and nine we were really quick to jump on the whole wing of trades back we address this through three weeks ago with Dombrowski. This in a month and a half this team to be absent juggernaut. And will be praising him so it's slow down September rolls around you're in a post season let's just say for example you have Kimbrel. Carson Smith and Thornburg. And they arch is the reason why you winning. Give me a sixth inning with the lead and the game is over because these three guys are electorate not listening getting healthy again feel. Three guys these can crush fourth requiring. In Kimball. One of the reasons why they win. And the price comes back in Palmer rans continues to pitch at high levels opening giving more than 523. Patients but I'm just saying that so. In the end we might actually be critical this deal yet. It on to sailing right now couldn't it looks great but. It was last is it's six and six right now classics have gone so well but come September we can be citizen political practiced a called the Chicago. And and and among Qaeda the deal that we operate only one date got right was sale OK I won't. Again just like the when he screwed up with the help on Byrd and Smith Shalala open. And cormorants slowed a little bit let's just let's wait and see user don't know for awhile. Chris is in New Hampshire here and EE I would sub Chris. And more acres. Yeah. But it is immaturity and ego. Now and it that this guy is. He's not you cannot place an expense Utah which its that easy to use. He's got to grow up and realize that. These fans deserve a lot more. You know it's like to take a page out of Belichick and the patriots demands were to lose your job. Now as site and I'm sorry you bet you know some of the and it's not. What did the last caller. Though not a last all the ones that you know one of the previous caller cents. It's it's not all looking at these kind of pigeon hole and all the agents. So it it in this took some homosexual like it's like that. And. Is that well to do like. So it is like you start there is one of what your budget playoff games when your World Series you'd be in love with them. Yeah but he Annan he's just you just beat Pete thanks. Now its sights. Is it to it was a baby. Like when it was pitched for Tampa he's thrown out Ortiz. He said nobody is bigger than a game tonight that hole they do you think of the baby that don't hit great balls to stand up for tonight now. Maybe under ticker tape reddish orange book an integral and they grow they just can't you know your kitchen in Boston. Get to confirm easily could change its and to the Boston Red Sox suck it out. And stock into eighty. Yeah and I think from the outside panel Kinect is the only really knows this guy. He definitely has the feel of that around and successful he's in Tampa Detroit and Toronto he shows up in Boston it's totally maybe somebody got them to PR it's OK let's you know. Dealing with the media you know as far as your Twitter account goes you know I don't know if you insist you know one. They've ornament and how to handle. Yeah I W when you're dealing with not. You to listen I've. I've been asleep for a long time I played three different cities okay McDonald's could not stomach drawn I'm gonna break mean I got to deal with all these things. And he's just kind of pushed everybody decides that lesson and practice. And he has no freaking clue. What he's doing. Is that no clue these make it worse for itself and we've met we're different but we're not denying that you know we're we're we're different. Maybe Philadelphia has a little bit of what we have here but. We're different and I don't think he gets that I don't think he understands that I have no wide understanding. He's pitched well here in the last couple games even the most negative people in this town or should there saying you don't want. Skirt or pretty good maybe will require surgery this can be really good second half of the citizen. And he doesn't get it he does not count. I I take it in you look at proportional. Who last night Lou look like to report seller we've seen in the last few starts and that is he can't get the sinker down it's getting up in the strikes on and people are taking him for a long wax out of the ballpark. Okay and start becoming a common slip. Nobody's getting on Carcillo topic as we're solo over achieved last year and won the Cy Young getting on right. No it is interesting but it's better I was gonna set to see not concerned you right now as a little thing seems to be the same issue every day sinker up and strikes. He looks more like report so 2015 the last. The inconsistent sinker knocking at any kind of downward movement honor at all. He's giving you six innings you know he's get into games but. He's cute yet given up hits. Just inconsistent they and it's one pitch at sicker. You know and and people aren't happy with where he's pitching. But he's handled it fine. In the c'mon. Talk like this guy you know army has dealt with a apparently always have a Foreman and post season neither but there's a David Price he makes things up. They last time we heard talking earlier it's just going to spring training when he saw the ball again look at port sell he won the cy young and I saw all the stuff he's dealt with the not pitching on the post season. Shall we dad David. It's stuff. What went. When would would be trash MF that outing. Happy why would we be happy but do we just. Rip rip or sell all parked up and down because. Of that one out it was happy to chill when you're talking about just making things up. I think people shredded reports so last year won a Cy Young native pitched well in the post season but it's just not true. I'm convinced that David Price could of had the exact same season he had last year which was good for him not current. I certainly not you know superstar caliber if he had one. That's that playoffs and they were able to at least zero. I don't he would have been fine in Yasser loving people all people were treated differently and really by all accounts they generally you know at least we don't you guys can win in the policies you can yes you can deal with the guy being a juror being an a hole faint stupid stuff all day long. You go up there and you if you're just average. During the during the regular season but then you're great the post season I forgot about all forgiven. Are we gonna get to this is Lou was not here yesterday you and I debated this for a long period of time I've no idea. Other then Jerry Remy was directed by management over at national go Red Sox are comedies on grosso. To actually go and read this off eight tell teleprompter because yesterday we read. But tweaked by Grammy apologizing. If he offended anybody. That we had essence saying that they do not agree with Jerry Remy even though we still don't know with the help Jerry Remy sat. And then the Red Sox did the exact same thing and then I read. On Twitter yesterday that Remy was going to c'mon at the top broadcast. And he was going to explain it and this is what. We got the Red Sox have an opportunity with a victory to move into first place tie with the new York daily reds were so against CC sabathia on the bottom right now. I'd like to turn it over to my partner Red Sox hall of Famer Jerry revenue. Thanks Dave. Last night during the cause of the Red Sox Yankee games I made some comments that offended a number of people in our audience. I'd like to apologize to my colleagues and that's and to the Boston Red Sox the most importantly. To the fans who were offended by my comments I sincerely hope you accept my apologies thank you very much. Consistent. Thank you know I just found out about it is yeah go through this this is. What are we get away in 2070. Yeah what did he said he. And I it's funny you when I debated yesterday you had one view of that get off my lawn type of deal news English or in this country different view of it I'm reading everybody's view it yesterday and I saw six different. At the versions of what people thought Jerry Remy sent. We still don't know how you'll offend somebody if we don't know what the hell yeah Macs are gonna ask you what's your take on Wednesday. Burst on the it was well thought out statement. I don't agree with you know but the it was dumb statement and I think honestly he set down after he said that. And spent 345. Minutes having a discussion with Jerry about comments he obviously Tennessee products from one. Yeah right that's when I'm on the you know in the lake in Iraq because ultimately got a much and it really you know a play in Japan you can have been. But it kind of freaking interpreter he came up left handed but I would I don't know what I have more you all had to go to. Amid you know internationally style game over there in that game manager looked down at me and you streams. And unlike. A crack aka what does that mean and he's dynamic and interpret as a loser. He once you get ready to hit you oil hit a home run grabbed the bat but yeah I get written and it's you know this is a situation you know if it's. The guys school deceit and hit this to us nobody on this test and it is double pollen new adventure okay. Well why Novak and just lets me grab a better term about a month definitely hit me you have no idea. And caucus on how do you feel. You okay give a lot of bombs to body aren't you just look at eagle on. Listen you know lobby careful this guy he seem to begin with a slider lots of stick with a slide but don't give in late because I techie kind of owned and he just looks at the pitcher to have you with. It it's asinine to be honest with you I mean he's got they can't they don't speak and this isn't Spanish. This is an Italian. This is Japanese women with eight with Jeanette has broken catcher. But it throws and civilians seeking to reach honestly honestly had. And I have you had on this and you can get thrown into that you'd you'd go to illegal anywhere Venezuela and you could sit there for a month after month to start communicating. Go to Japan. You know for congestive. Nothing the writings that artwork it's noise I'm telling the United States. Unknown I don't don't chance yet it even though yeah even the apology. As easily Prisoner of War. So I somebody's like you know often used onto his head a little while he's telling him this crazy thing that works OK he's not always the fans like big very much and I cannot resist the prevalent. It's my apologies to thank you very often no I don't expect another words I've got to do this is her hold on the my job by employers have basically tell my iPhone and this is. The minute I heard this I was I am wondering. Which. Group I should say how many people out there now tried to set they should be offended is that one picked up right and which group is gonna stand up and be offended because. I quantity. But I'm just you know so and and so he had to put but he's sorry yesterday the people that like Jerry Remy we're making excuses for Jerry Remy even though some of myself. You know core Roberts did the same thing he was defending Ramey but he was also basically saying that it's just an old guy he's spouting out get off my lawn like you did in the and emerging everybody if you like to remedy you sit egg on our commitment than offensive. I'm gonna protect them. And if you were one of those who just wants everybody to love you into what are you gonna sit there and find a way. Of that offended at that fear I've offended by unless it by tomorrow going to put her mom put. And I watched the same question mentions that. What the hell did he meet and I'll go back to what my point was just I did Jerry got lazy. I think what happened is he said something that was lazy first of all he was confused he thought it was the trainer or not the translator and then from that he's suddenly comes up with the idea I think it should be illegal. Use the word illegal. Which is this legal and illegal and baseball mouse suddenly the entire and I got up on a few people won't use it for urge you all you needed him. And end. And their kids I mean most organizations. Write the Red Sox have. Dominican Republic they have the leak down there right where or even in Gulf Coast may have it leaks. Where the Spanish. Latin athletes that baseball players taking this class. You know I don't know its advanced to if you happen to sign a Japanese can seventeen which you just don't. Right you don't get these Japanese kids typical mold Japan usually twenty between now and they're old and and it's taking its class. Seventeen so we get to debate was a 24 you have a little right a little bit of a base they do that Spanish speaking. Players which is good or yourself and the rhetoric you also have a lot Spanish speaking players in the infield little that are out there on the Monica at. Act as translators yes look at you don't have a lot of Japanese central you don't have a lot of those players in the limo. Okay that that's an issue but that was the biggest problem I had was that. We still don't know. Which Jerry Remy Matt. We don't know was it one of those that I don't think you should be able to speak a foreign language come to this country you shouldn't because some people viewed it that way or was it. It's too long they're wasting too much time cause in this case it was a very short meeting out of the aunt wasn't want. What do any you know and and that's what everybody's everybody's you surely know it if you don't know what he meant what he was trying to stated. How in the hell can you. The uptight about offended some but OK somebody offended that's what we do at 1070. It is I if you're still don't get why it's fine if you're hitting it again once per cent of the population offended by something you set than the first thing you have to do is extend an apology. Now to the one all responsibility voter action yet Bennett good let's call it happen again you know what's gonna happen again. 'cause we don't know what Jerry remedies in tennis. This was really set yeah it's just like you know the Israelis X 64. Actors I like my nine year old grandmother. Who for years would bitch about how you know people in this country can't speak English and two walks in the stores and offends her. And then she came to Venezuela with me. She was offended because people of Venezuela don't speak for high. Hi how how because I was the Americans think your horses beat Arlen because because they rely on tourism. If you rely on tourism you should speak English I just sort of look at meg meg year old grandmother to give route OK you know hitting and that's just the thought of. Okay all. And that's what you've got yesterday. To the point where the New York Daily News took the rim comments and the Mike Schmidt comments and here's the headline in the story. Racism. And prejudices. Are still Major League baseball's biggest issues. I don't know if that Ramey comment. Actually qualifies. As a racism and prejudices. Are still Major League baseball's biggest issues Allen's characters telling Jay is a thriller in Boston Karin. Karen. I'm up for our gains Psycho. I was I was at an issue so wait a minute so was Jerry Remy when he was talking about this. Talking about you gonna extend gains if you actually have a translator you have to have a third person that the conversation as to go to war. Was he saying c'mon you're in this country speak English is based in Venezuela split into this Senator Obama in agree it's four out of all the sports. There's more nationalities and speak differently to you know other series for its diversity come on this isn't over and this just somebody who's taking something Jerry Remy said. But I still to this moment. Don't know what he meant and I don't think anybody does this jury won't qualify you won't come out it's like. This is what I meant by it because all he's trying to do now is follow what the the his bosses felt and that is. There's just you enter all of generating publicity here Apollo I applaud and hopefully getting the arms from that is only two writers and the standard operating procedure book Amber's face. CSR caters measures surrounding sec please take full responsibility rations Donald K that doesn't know closed book move on its or when are gonna gain anything that. And then you lead people to do racism and prejudices that are still Major League baseball's biggest issues for a comment to Jerry Remy may face on television pace of play that we know nothing. I should mention that's the annual Jimmy Fund now scooper bowl over at the Boston City Hall plaza going on today. From noon until 8 o'clock you can step along that ice cream of course all the proceeds. Going to the Jimmy Fund should. A price yet that also also were well hit. Pretty voice of tickets about that were given away that's what's Kevin James OK now we gonna do with some tickets right we are monopoly game around 1 o'clock and I'm working right now decision particularly if you don't want you trying to avoid Mikey you don't want to try to avoid it. No I'm young enough I keep telling our lineup he won't do it although we're gonna have an issue and a you're avoiding the show that's going on right now that's the biggest problem on my drive work on my side I get the next game Kevin James tickets and excellent instincts and come back we comebacks left. I could tell you they are more Fauria in the Maloney crowding me you are just the and so on now back come Christian and that she ran. Spot Sports Radio W. I think that's just above that the New York Daily News and a whole piece. And it was all based on the comments that Remy made enough of and the comments that Mike Schmidt made that suddenly we've got this racism and prejudice still in major league's biggest issue. They do so the end Jones and an error in of course Boston tea into Boston arm. All alike. Was that on them not just working on my craft. So so we don't have. What are you what one might do and what would like to present an intentional yeah I've made a Christian you're so on the money what are you doing exactly what am I doing what you don't want to I'm working on helping you. Needham and thinking you yes I'm working like look what order you do this way. Because I didn't came up when yeah walking in late and of course I don't want to begin again and fight game companies for a couple of threats and also enterprise kind of loses his cool Dillard he got the firs that he's definitely won't be the last so on my side trying to find. Is Maggie I guess I'll I don't know or call athletes lose you viral classic tirade I was is entitled to work on titled ball that pulls it more. It. You came up with the idea give credit for the BC legal back and forth and the George since I've got I have I have ever seen this guy going back and forth there for anything other than free food all the other than free throw paperwork Morocco and our roadways. I don't Lugar on guys and there. You guys are giving each other and credit you ball to come and embraced on the today Christian Kane and certainly brings to this ever comes as I told you as a guy with Suzuki here at night he says look it up since he got that year candidacy Bruno tonight a small company. Small little taste free market do its due once little reluctant parents are you teasing him for one SE OK with the senators elect I don't battling and we're gonna guess would be these classic tirades at our audience remembers. The voices of the east here. My best advice you get shut out. Most importantly he's shown us is that if you were talking outside. I'm more happy talk you talk back. Well these university Yahoo!'s stake spots we made probably adult use this university that's. Agassi. Agassi don't follow salaries are other things. So fast and combative seat wait for all the twelve million dollars to the University of Connecticut was when they run. OK a lot of buzz out publicly that it's it's either a former coach at UConn or loom along the Honolulu now now. Rick Barnes. Had a 150. Close. It was where they you know we are a little too hot to millions of cool to look we're and it would have. We'll do that it at wonderful work at producing a thought it was interesting the other night and people have been very protective getting to the beat writers and in his blue. And when Adam on arm toward the other night. That old Kimberly Kim or the use of Kimbrel so five out of the last twelve games now thirteen right. So what five of the last twelve games he had actually appeared in the eighth inning. And Maria the last four and correct correct them and we'll get go find out the other night because they don't you know the ball got loose. Tim the question was. Is this not going to affect the cemetery down the road to catch up. So the other night. And Farrell the first to say that now aren't comfortable with this arrangement. And then they go when they start talking to kept rolling guess. Is it legal I don't know much harder I can do this I'd rather pitch. One inning two out of every three nights I think that's that the premise that he came winning three nets and rupturing etc. That would want additional closer yet there no. The discussion came up because of that they can't keep doing. Now it's clear on both sides of dues bullpen is gonna burn out kimbo as much as perilous as is opening can't get through the eighth. But you can't keep doing it that's the point. You know and we talked about this before bringing Kimble in that tie game in the eighth. In all up on the road and I was like you know I I don't want them to do that because I want him to be able to use them for four outs it. You know that's what I wanted to do so but you gotta pick your spots so when you statistic when I get you straight Kimbrel traditional closing spot got a ninth inning at home top of the ninth at all I understand that. You know and then because you don't need to closer at all so I I get that part. Usually you know if you go to an extra innings when you're there you don't need to close this or use them. But a tie game on the road in the eighth. Even a tie game in the ninth I don't. I don't like it is I want him to be able to be used in a situation that he was last night. But we mix in one of those eighth inning starts to eat their anti game things that it now turns into five times this year and senate probably just three which is what it should be. But you know go to Jerusalem on anything let's do it that you were tweeting about. Was that it was a blog Monday night because you weren't here was it not so Tuesday night as stretchers that has sought but you're tweet about. People don't. They can't keep dividend had to be reporters. Oh area so hit the system literally it's actually. Anti Obama that this is what makes the game Fonda figured it is they're watching the game and floats more youth ball Lou. Well it was a strolling to sink into yet he can't keep donated to feeding usually lefty specialist in the sixth you can used him in the eighth to get the glorious out. You know he could have extended Chris judge Joseph Kelly. For you know publishing go to other wells and a little bit let Matt Barnes finished the eighth but the point was that cause you can't keep doing this with Kimbrel. And with that you know I get the tweets from relative Bradford about how you know appearance in the same. Is to terrorism clash here repairs and the last episode of the event being an old John that after the game and welcomes says he's uncomfortable with it now reluctant to continue to do it he's got a really patient out there and yeah like so now these guys you know they defending it. And you're Campbell kind of agree with me and I don't know what that you know technology and I'm confused I don't know I was sort of loot our defended the move and it then. Other than felt he knows that that's all I I don't know I don't know what I do now announced it is. You know what it was it was Farrell I think he's desperate to win games structure. And so he's got to do it keep pace we got lucky to choose which can't continue to do that she's gonna you know Karstens that's gonna have to help. You know the boy opens found that Israel last couple weeks made you feel a little bit better about your bullpen he put a little bit more confidence in the they can't continue to do this is just an ease up a New Hampshire next appear and oil MF custom. Hey I don't and that's. Not much so I looked at a dark vision of upright and I don't ever really. Well one quick comment and an obviously you know Luke Christian and aptly playing in the bought the mark got letters and incredibly darker than any other market in the country. I did go to those enterprises that bet that he heard from the get go on I think he jags came at the end if it is. Anybody and it choke. In the boat he's been in a market like. How they have but he was going to be picked up and bought the market event. I say that that fluctuated. What they saw that I doubt it the respect that. Yeah problem at all and he's just be a little bit you know you're everything under the sun including weight I'd shoot. You just have got a lot. I don't think they saw that before today and why would you cut your losses now we didn't hear it got a Lotta loss of 200 million bucks. Let's give it away what do you mean when you cut your losses just what do you do. Well so I guess I don't mean and give it to collect 200 million dollars on our audience. This boy you know you really expect much from them. Yeah you probably get out there every day if that but why don't go out dribble they get a equity and try to. Don't think he did you sent them down there and rehab assignment. I listen. I still think there's something there because many great pitcher in the game you could talk about his play awful as we put a great pitcher in the game. There's something there right you can't give up all. What. Think if there's something really different but between a player like him. And a player like Chris Sale and this big equipment. He Shannon hours and love each scenario and it's ludicrous okay Justin Justin this is a guy this is a guy who went into the to the clubhouse one day Chris Sale. And with a pair of scissors and started cutting the callers author of the shorts they were gonna do it. Yeah yeah I you have it David rising up the same thing you're the only different me Chris Sale and David Price of a salary. It's what they started is available for the start of an accident that fits. Or that if it all the strikeouts gave up the game ten strikeouts century you thought you gonna get that would price in any Janet he loses the playoff game. He get hurt sale is but isn't as bad ass he's mole people down he's he's he's he's regulate now there and start on. Difference by the end of the year this could easily flop is easily switch back to price beat wood who everybody Lawrence Hill. And any areas classics. He's ill and exactly they started off that way would you feel that way which you loved him rip the shirts he's never pitched in a post season before. You know we don't know. It saw. They shouldn't I don't agree with that they should have known given his playoff record if that was the case that nobody should have signed you know. Randy Johnson who was very good the post season is lot of guys have been very good. Earlier careers in a post season now he's getting the point where K and usually switches so we'll see this year. But nine give up on an. I Dili pick your ass off for two years opt uncle get a bigger deal somewhere else. That's ideally what happens if we get into a situation where. We get in the September this team is in a pennant race. Is sending out Christian or every fifth day he's your race you expect him to win. I'm looking to September numbers again will look at the last three years so when I just taking one isolating year. Three years September by far his worst month of the year. Actually October is but it's only a few animals in its four point 50 earned run average in October 3 point 84 in September he's three and seven. Given up on awful all the home runs. Our batters are hitting. 264. Off of them in a month of September and I'm talking about fourteen starts. Over three years from about the September some small sample. Or something happens to him at the end of the year he starts to Wear out may be because of the thin frame. Physical make up I don't know. But what happens if he struggles in September do you believe this same caller is gonna call say nice things. And notify the stereo same thing they do on the bandwagon your by another bandwagon to jump on it and ride that want to breach to its old pop performance it's all about you know what can you do for me up there and feel sorry. And I I truly believe. That's no price hasn't. Issue and that he gets to him. Personally. He could talk to waste talking right now if he's out there pitching like he's capable pitcher. He reaches his semen is anybody bitching about that you know did you sense that keeps pitching like this yes. It's easily is it does does your greatest shots I can cheer for no. He'll have to let callers calling us up screaming go shut up you guys he's great we love up it's the media you guys are picking up. That's what would happen if he was pitching great die hard to Michael Miller wrote on the win with a sit there and say you know what I love effective pitcher but he shot I media the media needs to show notes okay. We get back to your phone calls it 61777979. Threesome. Make a win and that's part of your daily routine. Whenever you're talking is batting practice ground balls which time he goes stretch how you put your effort and socks on you wanna call it superstition. I call it routine blood sports gala. PI. Don't hold no. My it was actually a code word Kevin needs developers are running through that Kevin K easy to see in this case you. And I end. I am I am IK EZ IAM to 37937. With the next ten minutes to be uttered what a pair tickets to see Kevin James at the Wilbur theatre on Sunday June 18. Message data rates may apply get more info at the world over dot com text Kevin KEV. I am to 37937. Enter to win Kevin changed. It. His pick. But now yellow vest and possible. And what wanted to specials last ten years ago as great as the honorary captain. Better than Sebastien Moscow follow it's a 100000 times and yeah it was after salad. Facts and I don't need to me yeah I mean he sees more like us. The prank falls and you know Leo should be over his microphone. Cord and they'll like general he's gotten he's better than Michelle has been so excited about war. Ali is in a good bit about you know go to the line of the bank. A little lie. A little line it goes back and bullets were the only one there and nobody goes against what we I don't know greeting cards and a lot of that stuff and through our area but it isn't a doorbell segment derby runs into the mountains that's the real problem naturalized U Carlin did under that menace Alco. Minister Iraq I'd just look at them as Cold War but small part time at all cost us way before this you know this before you even can quit while I'm there. Or maybe he maybe artist yes and he may be a big guy blood CC sabathia is big it's a big Fella. It's unbelievable number you lost elect wait a couple of years ago Utley hit the pitches in the offseason he. Is it the best man somebody's wedding and it looked like tricky when you resistor we talk about Pablo I'd watch that game last name that is just. The body composition. On its own when he came in Britain leads you believe that there's no possible way this guy should be a professional. Athlete in any day. Everything he's coming over the top of that motion and is one role that comes with a man who is another role and well you know like it you heard. Shock you know you know it was guy like you know those violent images like so you're accurate you'd be considered on used to be like here. I know more like Mellon that you know he would be like the way his body looks at just he should be able to do what he's doing. Might have been oh boy meets again like at the weird chest like a weird like Humpty dump the L. Sat on the wall pipe you know lower rectum Iberia is is that he's actually contributing. He has and it's a different he's been great sub four airline seat then he's been three and six this year and right. I mean I know Bartolo Colon just one on the IR but how Zito looked at his age to wouldn't honor advanced age he's very he's. In terrible shape it is it is that I can unwritten rule that your not allowed to Wear your hat sideways does that let audio and it's a lefty faith and he's a lefty and lefties for some reason to a expecting rods used to do it through and really need to general think that you would be uptight about that delegate total that you here's to you weren't here yesterday. We go back to when you go back to Comcast here on to tell your friends that Comcast. That the whole angry Lou persona that whole character yes it's not. The way you walk around every day to regret I don't you yet they dump Tom Giles. Okay thank your do wheels segment on Kimbrel talk about Kimbrel and and and at the end that I think they agree Lou. Like you're angry you're pissed off. Now you're just blew the slots wild now Leslie I was like I can't wait to take a day off tomorrow Lou. Like I can't believe I'm working right now I have today out tomorrow I'm pat I'm a packet and an early Luna an Ngo is here. What are you pissed off about it and they don't then they give the fatal the same titles that you have one of your characters they handed over to the dialogue there. If there's been all right earned nickname over the and I don't want Google paper and say hey Lou. They faced up and entering a well you know today until they graduate career alone and to and to. Do that all these guys have different friends than. I don't view trailer that there's. ECB committee's question now is simple and you accuse and a Celtic stressful thing right earning he's out there are thrown the ball well but it's 123 pitchers for the rule. And it's five innings and it's it in the bullpen starts and then kick comes Kimbrel and tell watching the game of just teases. A mutual curve ball you know from Palmer it's a start the inning so I'll watch your game can kind of angry people walk and left the right but that's just watching a baseball team that's used. Now every time you go on says you're angry Lou. It's the baseball show with avid relic and baseball angry Lou remember tone and penguins answered yeah you can get credit now that's an idea inflatable cast files overcome those things say yeah Tony comes out a few times. We're gonna get to the NBA in a game street thought we had a game and then the last ten minutes in now we get our game analyst tremendous just one open in smoked. And apparently according to a lot of people there's a new person sitting at the top perch in the NBA as the greatest player on the planet we're gonna get all of that. And then no more my ankles really get my way up in your game coming up at at 1 o'clock that the official title of your game now I think the official tells what now. The gripe is right they're right is right yeah I'm sorry that I like Canada. What was your idea I had no idea Zahn whatsoever on right now includes a month and sort of way that's at his push of the buck sergeant at.