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OMF - David Price doesn't want to talk with media anymore, Lou talks back 6-8-17

Jun 8, 2017|

Lou is back (for real this time) and he comes out firing on David Price. Price made it clear he has had it with the local baseball media. And how 'bout that Remy apology?

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On you ready. Beach Fort Wayne ceremony and 48 I forgot what time they pick out of France where I don't think that kid actually answers and I really don't. I'd like to apologize to my colleagues and medicine to the Boston Red Sox the most importantly the fans who were offended by my comments with glee and Lou and. Christian price wasn't happy he was directly unhappy with me we had a conversation about it I prefer not to teach healthy that the character issue is meant to be. Mostly private but it was loud enough that other reporters overheard he's unhappy with how he's been treated boss. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. She's eleven coaches in the middle of all of this with David Price last night. Everybody else heard it became a tragic that the the other reporters who were in the manager's office. Parole hearings that's everybody's hearing it and he's telling us today. A private conversation. I don't see an affiliation tell anybody shirt and a quote not gonna tell anybody. Is that typical piece today Buckley and whole piece on another piece of manslaughter somewhere else. It's you riveting. Okay and I are. Hello it's not a helpful out on top. Woke up it was not true the quality drops so yeah I try to edit tricked everybody out there you had your best day yes I got it and I had no idea what the hell was going on until I was called the female dog on Twitter for not react in Iran and gently down I give it to go to you what he wants an air. What you want that job you want you want the money so personally called it needed to Alfred and call like it was me it becomes what are actually have a conversely if he wanted to call and talk to little more subtlety and something issue about what you. Kissinger let compliant IP. It. I am an Asian. Pick and adequate for a book I go I'm gonna ask you want to we learned and Chrysler Jesus that. Chinese Spanish into Astaro romance. When it is based on Latin no. Yeah we. It's just not true that we did stop a guy is mine appear. From and got a and it out totally on the outskirts could have I have to look at a place I like lawyers say that any of those things I. Unlike a low on energy good today I told you tired of typical good today like ideas I guess I have really you Tony Tony Robbins whose. Be honest. So I thought Alex Alex is going to you. Why we're doing our show from the event. I do we all distorted held it inspire people you have a great story to tell you rock pop out the bottom back on the topic and I've been on here that Hillary. Move I mean look I rates or register to symbolically mouths I just get the feeling looking at Alex rumor that he will not farewell walking on the articles I was telling us now lately my god I told you guys earlier reports are about is that a lot of those guys. They got a house organized with the NCA Diego. He tied his fitness program into the Toney Rahman's seminars like a whole you know Tony rob the spears will be left for like weeks and weeks and weeks. And those guys after those aren't coming in status and when they would work out. They were train with us. I have no right it is not professional athletes they weren't even Weekend Warriors their lake accountants and you know big tellers yet somehow they are convinced. That they should be working out at the same time we don't make him a better account and don't make much better. Person tribal thing in their if you wanna find out they're wearing and what happens with Tony Robbins thing today remote here's some prices to obstinacy just wait a baseball players I think are the dumbest of all that form well and the stands are the most and you know what an orphan and the most sensitive okay. The most sensitive do the most sensitive player now I. Because you can talk you can. And here's the thing you just so you know we're gonna play a little game today what is okay we're gonna play game around 1 o'clock we've all under 1 o'clock and get guys feel like baseball players are the most event and those people are we it's horror stories we're gonna have some but what's it called it looks on while I'm definitely gonna blow up column is it really is a present I ever hey -- nickname that sensitive player just wanna talk probably be complex plot disabled game for the game through Google announced sale. Price baseball players are soft cheeses that day. Gentlemen good to go well into this cycle to keep the hours they sensitive he had no energy I had what did you do I found it Red Bull no nothing wants. Somebody else does anybody ever given me the word is in on the exactly wordsmith. OK I noticed some of the guided searches relate with. Negative as he needs it he wants it to the wire and make a what do you downer on just don't say like hundreds of hours on a good handwriting not comfortable that. So searches for something negative does needs it the wording is the Shaughnessy. Is it not I don't know what the word Jacobson I don't know but that's what this. Freaking guy he loves rights would be crazy not needs it feeds off me. For the last ten days. What's the talk then about David's very positive and I am I wrong to think that there is it us all out there that wasn't. I mean it was just a little you're wrong and you should have pitched in Chicago he looked great he did that good at and he was outstanding in Baltimore. Everyone's out they're talking about great he's looked at how huge it could be for this team and and this is all positive for David Price and look at it may be beacon to settle in he could be the difference. And any does this. All the good news the good news is we read the Shaughnessy please. That he really doesn't pay attention to Twitter I mean you might think that he's supposed to went to order but he really doesn't pay attention to it and the course reacts to Evans relic last night. Because of something he tweeted out. Which he tweeted out during the game surprise wasn't paying attention of the game he was like checking out Twitter hours after the Shaughnessy beat arsenal. I'll say this Shaughnessy ethic it was a genius article. And I'll get that and and I was on it was well done it's gonna tell you why that but please. For David Price in this article and talk about it just speaks of Mosul and Twitter. But that's that's a good habit and always on Twitter yet at 750. Whenever Alex or other tweet about your quote. And ending at 815 sent out another tweet. Talking about how you re not responsible to talk to reporters and and at 940 during your game sent out another tweet it's justifying its thing you don't have to. Of course a Major League Baseball you know it's legal or whatever you don't have to talk to reporters actually backing your stance. And by the way never attacked at David Price 24 and any of us tweets. Immediately after the game has a problem with beverage relic first tweets during a baseball game. He's not a winner what it's about it maybe some attacks that. They on a piece on the stump approach we he's so he's on his phone during the game ended at a summit revising the deaths in the pulpit to Alex about. Drug conceiving bad it was used your quotes and just said. It's we will lifeline he said you don't have to talk. It's always yeah it is inundated with an used to and once again I don't look as though not only three Natalie could not resist he hit just can't can't. Stay true to his own words. Wait for him to save himself. He has to just really not read that shot that's fit. Because he can't handle this so he does to see him on his phone you know he EE CD yes notification sleet and pitino vacations as he does original pressing OK or Hillary or click cancel the notification number go to weight but then scored big big gulp back home screen and not a Twitter. Swear to senate relic white weakness that the ball me I don't know during a game. I don't just I think. No word order so is there someone who takes pride in being ridiculed. Who think they get off on me it they just needed it but he here's the thing you would think if you would need to be successful. You do you think based on that he would mediate for fuel like all right I guess it would (%expletive) ya I can't. I can't pair of so I'm not this is so I've got to make. We usually realize this is the problem with David Price in the city. This. This this article. I think what he did last night vote to drought lectern and even even Buckley. That is what pisses people off. Initially work outs are proud as well as of this fight talking about Red Sox fans wanna see this guy succeed he has he thinks is a large group that doesn't. And I would say on Saturday. Every Red Sox it was excited to see dear price little ball and maybe a small portion just don't like you know Afghanistan but tonight. I guarantee is a large reports and hopes to get is bull drip off on their the Bronx tonight because he seemed little whiny bitch to cute shot up to. Shut up pinch we'll see here and we want and what he does Saturday flat. OK so let's say let's say you know one what you find out of a group of friends once you know what you what you find their target what you find what they're insecure about what they're. With their really what people really gets them going. What you realize what that is don't you keep peppering it ought to keep going after it it doing it don't. Diiulio a sincere about him about his Achilles heel yeah and it wasn't hard to find. You've found it to guys let me take you along appeared to be found it so now what you do stop. You piled on until he fights back but finally hit the problem. You can't fight back like he's doing it but you can't be. Via over sensitive. Athlete professional athlete nobody cares. Making a lot of money today because if it doesn't matter this is the reader you're you're in and listen these are how the rules of the arena now supper deal with it get over. The only way to stop it. Or to catch up to it. As to what pitch just Shani did. And he just flipped the narrative from a posh wanna David Price three or five to a negative one because he can't help himself. He doesn't do himself any favors it's tiring it is again he clearly does again. And you were around Lou when the media really could be an issue especially toward the right side of these beat reporters right now pussycat. Okay they treat him with a typical. The court did not write about this confrontation that he had this argument he had with two relic and later on some words with with Steve Buckley. He didn't righty even though they had nick afford Peter Abraham and Dan Shaughnessy who were out here on it it's like I'm a Yankee Stadium. He did not write it. They prevent it. Their readers from actually finding out that he blew up at these reporters last night that they about it they made I ate at a an intent to not embarrass him and this is not the right to submit to when they voted upon its freak and to all. They write nice things about can't perform last year. He's being paid thirty plus million dollars a year everybody expected him to be a superstar. He was it was good. I think that's the thing I was most. Reasonable people. Who really have any panic threat ability whatsoever. Would sit there and say that he was good you sure. But it wasn't what was expected. It was the worst the area of his career. That's a down year. You know and and as it was a bad first impression we talked about first impressions the other day about sales first impression Albright intends first impression. What prices first impression wasn't very good right seven starts 685 Vieira. In his next 23. Unit three aren't these lights out. So the bad first impression bad last impression of last year. And is also installs well you sentence and let's see the postseason and he couldn't but overall most reasonable people. Would say you had a good season just maybe not lived up to expectations. But for year one let's see we YouTube looks like. Cole won't pitch anyway don't pitch his ass off on Saturday and it was beautiful to see and in four days later just. Can't. Help with so he's on it's all about it's too easy it's all about toward them cast it's the negativity the key is talking about that he feels. It's got nothing to do to beat writers who writing about it because it can be it can be far more critical than that that. They have gone out of their way. My name's Peter Abraham up production quotas for the Boston Globe. And I like some strange. Sites faster burst on the Internet that is sponsoring. This this this this winter it's like. You Sorenson it all the time Alba yeah you see it all the time it comes to a head don't learn the athlete is can't deal with it can't stomach the criticism. Somebody's in there year end and then. They just blow off but I don't think this the guy that can easily handle it. It's like he's a crappy player it felt like he doesn't have a history of a good resonate. This got to stop it. Hey so we've heard pat won a playoff game people talk about last year guy you know wasn't as good body be beat pitched great last year and likely a case. He was raised on the innings pitched OK your expectation little bit higher than it wasn't like he was some school rob. Look like the god I can't overcome it that's part of the crew. System that he was getting reporters he was not as advertised. He was supposed to be better than that. And you're expecting that he was finally going to win in the postseason he did not pitch the same way you pitch in his 89 previous starts in in the policies that he was. He's got to accept that. If you if you accept the money 217. Million dollars in your treated like you are the best pitcher in the game. And you perform like you're the 28 best or thirtieth best pitcher in the league. This is what you're going to get but the writers to beat writers don't want to travel with the team that are writing on a daily basis they treated him with kid gloves. They love him they didn't rip them let it rip them be headed back but you're writing on the they didn't do me any harm to. Seen a lot worse we'll John Lackey Lackey took some crap in this town hit them a lot of it was justified he took it out. Put this scares. At. I just love the fact that him in his one on one interview with Dan Shaughnessy. He says there are no more personal interviews. There's no more asking me questions on a personal level that's it and done it seems so but this is going to be my last one on one personal interview and I'm gonna choose Dan Shaughnessy. You could choose Peter Abraham most negative going to get a shot a deuce. A sailor it. So you're not into it more personally did you choose Dan Shaughnessy to do that you don't I mean Pete's right there. Pizza stool and speculate and do another one won't be it was starting right out it would just it would be just. That's not he's not a beat reporter for the Red Sox and he covers every single sport Abraham is only covering. The Red Sox relic is only covering the Red Sox. But I I was I agree with you it's so you would you. Who's via media relations guy at the Red Sox have encouraged on the on the field greater grace yeah. So it is. Does price gold Greg surrealism a mug done. When you wanted you to one more person Dario Franchitti and I don't think aren't huge they are just go again on his orders on the yourself to listen let's do this quaint little I don't have to go out I think he went to the negative guy. I think he knew just what they try why would you what would price go to the most negative guide I don't know why would price do any of this to a I don't always. Price why would price last night at the you know go out of his way to attack media guys who have been sucking up to a Mankins was asked. They had been kind to him based on his performance but couldn't relic so we now but I've got to tell you after reading it. And I know Lou's got a different feeling on this one after reading it and like piling on David Price makes no sense I know this sounds odd coming from me. But folks need to lay off David Price sounds like he's become the Sean Spicer. For for a price here that's which honestly didn't show and critics better for the Indians world. If people continue to rip David Price all of truly lay off. I would think the old Dan Shaughnessy I would say if they continue to rip on them it allows Shaughnessy to play in ins weren't seeing swimming pool with therapy and help. So by writing this article. I believe he knew that it was gonna actually make people pile on more cool. This is really gonna as Microsoft is hungry myself set them up like a muscle an alarm but until they get Miller and obviously that that's our only question she's gonna throw you a lifeline the entire eight John why is she now we need you to Moore did Shaughnessy wrote this article that people being too mean to him now knowing. It was gonna actually make people pile on more like this ludicrous Psycho he could go down or some I'm. I mean that the bureau and. I know it's and you get map maybe get me the benefit of that but there's a benefit. But it makes no sense but it's typical Bo Shaughnessy Boston sports talk radio slash EB cowboys put Rick pitino's fellowship of the miserable love putting on price he loves shooting on sports talk even let me go alone and you go I don't it's not checked on it literally built on his part eight appearances and he like that at all out of work pretty appearances cool and an hour we talked about. Why. We don't want him to succeed why fans don't want him to succeed. It used do you feel that I think when he says that he's channeling himself. Why shots he doesn't want him to six that's like but that's wanna him to succeed Obama that's not the standard that's what this thing is really funny it's interesting if you lose take on on China's. Because deep down inside I think who's right. Shall see of all the people in the community. If you were to take up at a thousand people and say pick out one who does not want that David Price to succeed I would tell you right now it is Dan Shaughnessy. Because it works for Danish Embassy for his own selfish agenda and works against sickness so it is ironic. That it's David Price who ends up sitting down and pouring out his car today coach says he wants him to fail more than anybody else out there Dan has auditors and yet much of a price. And lashing out. The whole thing is. Eight in the offseason we talked about David Price the discussion was what can he do to turnaround is perception what can he do you wants everyone loves so much. And the only thing he can do two things pitch in shot up. And just he's a great pitcher in this game used in the league pitcher in this game you go out and pitch at that level. And people like you all are. We'll turn I would disagree with you I would say you you only need your first. Pitched well okay because our duty pitches like he. He doesn't have to shop because if he's pitching well and he wins in the postseason he can talk all he wants and guess what people's attention. Oh mark Julia what he said earlier in the same stuff to. That was my Dick with window to pitch. All the ball acute capable of after the game talk about your performance. That's it. Those and other Warren and I do don't sit down coffee talking about how tough it is on you don't sit down with Dan Shaughnessy. Don't go to some ice cream festival fund raiser. That asked to cameraman if there's anything that I asked him out of and ice cream. Then one asked some how we feeling and install a mountain in just act like you've. The way against the orders in your just pissed that the nick just shot up. In pitch yet and that's the only thing he can do need to hear it helped no. I think you almost feel he's got some Kathy Griffin and cool at night to the point worked fight. I can aggregates as it does to hold you know artistic picture dates back sport and doesn't get why everybody's pissed off. All he wants to do is we couldn't putt but his dogged. You know try to do the right thing yet people still don't love him don't support him don't get mad at a boy don't pat him on the bag don't given the benefit of the doubt. And they're still it's like like he's being bully. But he thinks he's been bullet and it do you think person I always big but I idiotic she broke me broke. I think so I would David Price had his Kathy Griffin moment he's at all today. He yet Kathy Griffin moment they broke me I aged person eatery Buckley article he gets an a little more drilling I don't know what his view was like he was on last night right. You wouldn't even say what happens when he was protecting him the house personal conversation I wanted to and. Let's convertible does that second is a mature industry and I knew you work with a baseball shall I light truck I I think he's done a good job. And he's one of these guys I think it's willing to cross the line a little bit. And yet he was involved in it last night and he's backing off he's not even willing once again this is the the stroking. Of David Price. Even Charlotte's got an opportunity. Who apparently the young got a tongue lashing from prices an opportunity to sit there and say this is what this guy did just give me the facts. That's all what this guy did and he's protecting. David Price I don't get written as an even and get it. Are we got all of that I still don't assume held Jerry Remy was doing that apology last I would get to that we haven't heard lose two cents on that while we your lose two cents yesterday. But they aren't nearly 500 it was a really looks like that's what do you want one thing. We'll get to all of up your phone calls and Odom up at 61777979376177797937. Next. You back to all end up faster more than number you may get around I know you have some. Just saying only tonight you know as the numbers. And sports Sports Radio WEEI. Parent or MS eleven relic has this happened to him last night at a Yankee Stadium. With David Price. Buckley writes about it and today there were others wrote about it as well challenges and opportunities on Comcast last night. And he's on the air and they bring him on to their to their show. And obviously they want him to Kenny give some details as to what happened because they elevate firsthand report. From the guy who actually was confronted by David Price we would go. After the game price wasn't happy he was directly unhappy with me we had a conversation about it. I prefer not to detail because I think the terrorist issue is meant to be mostly private but it was loud enough that other reporters over personal care. Pulmonary rule. Huge mistake right there by M drone. What would which is lot of reporters heard. It was not private conversation wasn't something that the two of you. You know confronted each other. Or he confronted you and nobody else hurt your router and I play play a little bit longer just for that line again just the next thing he says. To private but it was loud enough that other reporters overheard it pros and talk to some extent. Okay that's the problem then. It probably dot sun sentinel other reporters heard. Probably talked about others don't let the other reporters break it talk about it. You do exactly. Happening you yeah you know it's almost like you know he yelled everybody heard it to you probably hear about the conversation which now hear from me. Right above whatever but that is that is that him trying to. Listen communities has taken a subtle message he's on Saturday and other orders are at a price Buckley wrote about it at. Among other reporters. I'm not about what it is there a Muppet reminded of what I don't know why are you have any rallies and tell me what happened crystal and others don't tell. He's doing what prices claiming that reporters are not doing with him he's protecting the process. He's protected us here at the prices bitching about the the negative attention. He's getting in this town from blue media. Here's a guy who can head who should have gone a marketing give you the details you the most amount of giving them and I tell you. Yeah and it's only because I am not gonna cross that line and embarrassed David Price. They're protecting this guy and priceless or. That pokey or that or you wanna somehow builder relationship with this guy to be you don't now committee he wants to be Shaughnessy maybe he wants yeah is it maybe you want to be the guy that. Did a price trust. That's real they don't act like that that's how many reporters came through the patriots locker room just suck it up it's not. Like the whole good ol' boy girl mentality I've so I validate that would make make these guys or me or anybody else I opened up a few more and a little trick and they should. Off let's hear more this but I would I would agree with look that if anybody should be pissed and all of this right now it should be executives at Comcast sports. That they didn't get their guy who was the first year. A count of what happened and he shying away from. That's a private but it was loud enough that other reporters overheard it and probably talked about some extent he's. Unhappy with how he's been treated boss and if the the bottom line doesn't change. Yeah I don't know when it does maybe if he pitches well. These things subside but clearly has he expressed to Dan Shaughnessy. And as well to me. He doesn't appreciate we've been treated. Well suited to somebody asked me rolling in the whole thing like what's gonna take that can eagle out pitches that's. Went in the post season. And still stood up and say I like the thick notebook of so I think you bullet but even it is how it because he can't help himself. So pitchers greatest worries that wins though when the coal playoff games. And he gets back on on Twitter obsession told you guys like me now just pitched his ass off on Saturday. In four days later urged of people insist he's back on it again but their way be one reason he's doing this when he feels much better about himself from when you do. He suddenly we can you know what better way to eat better and wait for the second that. And you better wait you put a month and you gotta wait you put the season and you better awaits you when a post season before you start struck around volatile so now he rip on it right. So that did the point is that he just. He doesn't candidates any makes it so hard and himself and maybe can't help himself that if Pete just. Shut up and pitched. And and threw the ball well the people it's it there's a you know 11. Perfect that's what I wanna that's what people want they want you throw well. Contrary to what you think. You know he believes if he throws while winds apply ftp percent to him. Now you don't get a he doesn't get it. How much are you have a well really I. I am sure people in his campus life insurers friends agent. The basic don't take the bait. They don't get caught up but it don't allow your emotions to control you and Eric is it. Because it there's nothing good can ever commodity when you are gonna at a reporter when you start just allow yourself to just. Does lose your control. Show your frustration. It never ends well yeah whenever I'm not sure our current jury orders you start don't leave me alone shut up okay Scott can't leave me alone. How am unsure though you promised works because I think those sometimes of the people that are your worst enemy those of the the people around you close true you were cynical they don't have enough respect for you they. Because so I guess that's gonna make it right I you date they don't love you those people who love you they think that anything anybody says that is not positive is extremely negative. And so you start listening to those people. And you got a real problem you know I don't why I think white sometimes and of hydrates can can be they. But that's and that's probably how we heard that you know is elect I think he's during the game though I let it all admit the game is all articles the phone as text on his body. He's used people first thought drew was even a patent drug but. You look at Lackey is an example. He basically about the won Indy won the World Series and didn't talk to media shut up pitched this is ass off. The report were fans alike have guys that guy's got a set. You know I like them. He showed some toughness and I Mann act like this but still came back to the ball while one Willis as we like John Lackey to the point. To the extent of what when they traded him people weren't happy about. In any traders weighed Lackey but it's got returned to wedged in reality of their contract and dollars and pitcher when he Dylan. With this guy. And they traded Marvin is the point that the letter W was paid out. Enacting change if you peaking just shut up and pitch you may remember this Lackey started doing a weekly. Appearance. On on this station. I'm on my show twice. That's right. Anything that twice and he was fine but effect we we'd and we did one of them live with a woman that was a great show or right there and then guess what happened. When we started playing in the for sure as the for shores and everybody started plate and that was. It was real negative it was playing around the all hasn't pitched very and he wasn't pitching great he said I'm done. And until this crap anymore. And suddenly develop this attitude. Oh this is a negative. And these people are are are nick tear more of this you know more than drought stuff. By you specifically are all guys well I took it to be built some conversation I had with him. Both came away from a guy I don't think he sits in the dugout. With Dan Shaughnessy. And has that conversation. He kind of doesn't want it want to get off his chest and then he. It's kind of playing both sides he says he's not bothered by things you can substantive sensitive to it hasn't changed him. But then you know you compare how we kind of acts around the media from last year to this year it it's definitely different and you know he might be right behind emotion I think it's been a period long road for him right and from last season's playoffs start through the injury. To now finally be back is that a good start tomorrow after a loss that's eight. It is a lot of pressure I think on. While people more pressure himself then yeah they'll look he need to put more pressure perhaps on himself not a relic. That the union. Are you near anyone else. He put more pressure on the start to beat it to himself he's got a pitch well because a lot of the stuff to himself. She's that's truly just ran. Bloomberg what do you think somebody is grabbed him and it's a wreck like he's just. He's like on an island by himself and nobody's giving him advice. Nobody's telling him. Hey you know what to say I don't want Taylor to do it yet but I knew you and I know you're new and this is kind of how they are you let it get yet it's gonna affect huge dull and a gate yacht. And more poorly just. Honestly just promise me you're not gonna read the paper you're not gonna listen to sports talk radio. Not gonna read you got a reading blogs not gonna look at Twitter. Why do this goes back what do you get out of Twitter anyways so what are you looking at what they're a well what we really getting us. Mean this goes back to a lower talk among them Bradford sat down for sale and defended David Price and doesn't understand the scrutiny behind price. And then everything itself talked about no benefit was anything we've talked know that we we've we've been critical of David for. You know sale set down talked about how we stop first one that locker room on nobody works harder and always a great teammate. And while reading this article Golan. Okay. Yet these are the stuff in critical general David Price has nothing to do road work ethic or in being a good teammate. It's this. It's there's no don't show how do you feel about Beckett should not on Twitter party Philly we accident that a media do you think he does any this to himself. Do you feel like in these interviews and all always mean on the victim. Which people don't wanna hear 31 million sorry but that's a factor but that's the stuff is it fair. This is the stuff. Is it fair to criticize them all do you think the public really cares though that he's blasting. Member of the media whether it's haven't relic or whether it's the Barkley or. Where Dan Shaughnessy do you think they care. I don't. So you don't even knowing if this is from Shaughnessy these therapies that stand out. That's a bunch of questions do you feel like people already viewed as the as out playing in Boston changed you are you more cautious this on it stands out for me. For real simple question. You like pitching for the Boston Red Sox. Is that it's really a yes or no answer right but he hates it. So he has to you know Heidi I love this team. We've got a really good team I like the organization. Everybody's been there for me for the entire time through the ups and downs everything they've shown a tremendous amount of support for me so I'm going to give it back. But you like. Pitching for the Boston brits are what do you enjoy playing in Boston same thing of my team. Not right Nancy hates the city Sony double play and his friends at that he cared did these reputed drug addiction on the scene now Alec but the fans really efficient of the Red Sox elect my team. Like playing in Boston elect my team there's going to be a moment when he won't get when he walks on the mound rate at Fenway Park. The big boo him that I've been to a game where he's pitched yet now they don't and I am not a mock him no I mean deleting the golf clap all at a boy. He goes on there's a section three and a third of the bull yes they booted about reports fellow yes but he said he started motor out. Could be that way when it happens but I'm insanely that's the stuff that their fans care about. Yeah I think each other at such that it's basically a canned that day and said it's not what he said it's what he didn't say. He doesn't like being here hates it is like yours that this I don't like go solid job he's going to work by music and he just. It's Cold War that's going to work see all these people whose heat UB speeds that a ball park again locker room stops us. Jack Erica it's fun again while Al speeds home in Galveston. You know I eat everything but to me he doesn't enjoy. So it's a simple. And redirect their weight as. But to beat writers from. And to prepare like it's gone out of their way. To Casey's class tip that I think it's a really really funny. When you look at the globe in the treatment of the globe with with price they've been really nice to give Chelsea the most negative writer and his. OK and I say that it's only a partial I compliment petition house. Because his stuff is relevant in this because of the of the way he approaches. But in this case he's kissing ass in in the count and the globe is kissing is asked the state Boston Globe that was pissing all over Tom Brady. A couple of months ago and that there might be some shady stuff behind the scenes Litsch. A war. Do an active price. That is happening they are going out of their way Q Bert and drove it even does it right. Are the the morning. Drive for coffee was entitled to the one with that club that guy members spring training went to the Giuliani and Roosevelt was yeah a dust settled. Abraham sit down with him in the offseason when you're talking about the racial comments and of open those. And they did in the globe. Held that the limit and any picks Dan Shaughnessy to bitch about how big part of our borders was to connect you what I've said this idea. Listen you and I've said this many times and some are patent a lot of what you already said that is that I keep on hearing that John Henry. Has no influence on Red Sox coverage with in the confines of Morrissey boulevard in the Boston Globe are. That he doesn't if anything he goes the other way and gives up an Arab or somebody else because he doesn't wanna like the conflict of interest. If somebody who's listening and watching all the stuff that since I. Why the globe kissing his asked why the globe going on delightful and all of jumping on Tom Perry a political was gonna do beat this guy. I wouldn't be Alex I hadn't beaten I wouldn't BP. Began. And he's doing just the opposite sex Sean Spicer. To David Price today. Secretary. Larry. Let me give you the spending here this the spin this is bizarrely. Right now. And I could understand fans specially patriots fans things Brady was going men. It's pretty obvious that this is John Henry influence Tom Warner influence. I don't think it is I've got zero evidence that effect as you have said many times just the opposite that's what I keep on hearing. Yet this one. Reeks of and it it it it concerns me a little. Pete Abraham was their last night pick apart it was their last night they did not mention at all that he called out. A media person and they were having a shouting match how is that not news it's just a pop. I don't think that is the great golf you can you hope we can do is 201. Dragon behind you know anybody gone in a girl's office and he's out of south. You know right next the price three guys covering it three guys covering it. Is not a Buckley he's my usually. That's right three guys know about other media people wrote about including as you said Buckley wrote about it extensively man affecting a little slim with David Price so street guys are covering it. And it doesn't make the paper I just don't get the timing of it that's covering up for David Price I mean David Price is seven innings away one run. Even in New York Yankees tonight. From tomorrow wake up everybody flip the script and they are priced right and now we need to start talking differently bottom meaningfully is a goodies then and we will we were of that away. And and he goes and goes nuts last night phone calls and get picked up 61777. On seven under through seven. It's peace time right now with morning media relations are actually pretty good food chain I don't really do that Syria is he's right now the wartime against. They are a good good show right now I want to say okay. I live here they have figured it out to export way more Loney and Fauria talk sport. PO WEEI. Well. I was into the phone calls its issuance of 7797937. Years mark in Springfield it's a mark. Big guy you know I heard what you were they in Europe minute ago about. What what David Price didn't say in this Shaughnessy article and what he didn't say it was. That you liked the fans that's a big thing to me I mean what he basically that it that it. He didn't say that he liked Boston so to it and I want to put to you about David Price right now when all these that is. You know after being the wind picks like I said he had urged that well yet on these games so far this season but at least there. How might suppose that might supposed to root for this guy actually I'm kind of like I don't really care what you do out there if you can. You pull. Here religious or isn't isn't as if I visited there anyway it was her anyway for this to work. Anyways so it could be two or just isn't it just ask for the fact that you guys may weigh 270 million dollars. How would he have to pitch. You get a great person and he was like sail like personality wise demeanor wise. Leader wise. Do all the right things and how does numbers have to be for to be okay. Let's make it so much money or humility is doing he's always done you're through stretches to see eight or nine as easy I'd be good enough yet you went through a stretch of eight and here. Portable Purcell right now where people bitching about it now because it's our turn to you so paternal. Why did you not operate first impression is outstanding. So on just you know it is that to do with the fact that. He's only being paid 1112 million dollars I don't think so I think if he had a you know six ERA right now. People would be one note you know and Dombrowski out there right now forgiven a OPEC and Markota but it is it's EE it's easier it would make herself it's easier to stomach. A guy that's not pitcher while. Man and you know if you make it less money if you're if you signed a big idea of 270 million dollars. And obviously put you in a different position doesn't. Just exit usually from the get go to LSU and if you held to a higher standard they are you ready that there are more easily and they deck and that's right. He got paid 217 because he was a few of those great guy never on Twitter. He'd still be get back absolutely. Not this much. Not this money to help inclusive he he takes action is performance he makes it worse for himself what he does is he gives you additional stuff to bitch about him with. As opposed to just he's not good enough out there on a mile. He went to a an eight or nine game period last year where he was really good remember that really good and we sat here artistic is that 23 yet. He he after his first seven starts he's 675 in his next 23 starts kicking in September his last outing into Cingular sixth. He had a three point 01. ERA he pitched well. And for some that wasn't enough. I get it you know some of these districts is not going to be enough for slate what's well enough to loosen games you know the whole. San Fran was example one nothing Yelp it's Bob garner bongos and a shower and still out there pitching but he give Allman some. I don't know lamb left of his name is Kia was an it was just he pitched well enough to lose in the OK bottom line is only pitched really well any any didn't pitch really well. But then I'm sorry all the attention goes to a playoff game in it even if he pitched great regular season we said can you please won a playoff game that's why you're here. You know be heavy for six years win a playoff game he went out there any debt limit. And it was okay at first impression last depression not good. Nothing he could have been in the army when he lost that game and they got eliminated there's nothing David Price can do for the next twelve months. It's all about next year at this time October 5 sixth whatever it is game one to three in a post season that's the only time he can make up full last year. Dexia. And and may be still the truth but he's already allowed to get therefore I do think though we return make people who really liked the kid all want to pitch well the the last colleges looking elected. Scroll LP wink I like the Red Sox but you don't even part of a marine economy. I do think our I do think this town is different and where he's perished in the past for example he pitched in Tampa that book he's OK with great care I don't care. So he walks into a restaurant the next that night that the next day or whatever. I'll guarantee you most people don't even know who dalliance was walking and Carl Crawford said that if you remember Lou when he came here. He was talking about being in Tampa and he can walk around nobody knew we was here the first day he Syria walks up and everybody industry knows what Eliot. Some big huge difference. And if you look at it even in Detroit in all it was done that was a lot of negativity he goes to Toronto yes instant success right out of the right out of the gate. Here. People scrutinize it because they floor. Being the guy have a about it I mean what I when I read the article by shank. I'm not really because I I would that you would stroke or he can wrote that article. I mean. He looked at unlikely to affect they're open here able oil pump faking news. Did you read me excluding some kind of eat it down saying look we gotta get that negativity out of here. Because they have a situation renowned legal. We don't know what they gave up get Chris Sale they gave up a Q could become one of the best players in baseball. They got to get sale only to deal and they may be looking at that god we can't have this kind of infighting we can't have that this goal. We between our players in the media right now until you can have a coach Chris Hill Alex sitting on the other side of that locker room watch it it's gone. Are men enough. I'm not doing this seven year even valuable. However if you're the Red Sox how to use these Tea Party turn that around you know you do you muzzle the prices of Tamil among its war so why. Sofia the red such as in this is is that why they did it to try to get some positive spin you know the minute you opened his mouth the eight it's not gonna come out right. Yeah but I bet they're they're doing what ever they can get some of the media ought to back I mean make sure you write an article. Has he ever written an article not a player that I'm Kirk. Not my lifetime now. Not so much bigger reported cosic antique. Oh. Mean this this was like a a love fest that this was something. That if you if I saw another. Byline on their I would sit there and say okay this is some book the article percent. Which one. This can't tell me the shot she won't. You tell the negative one note and article. A personal. Personal sit down one or terrorism and we get about training camp and hasn't been what has been known for training he's not have seen a want. Between the same way that's a protective price in muscle. Omniture zip it is everytime he opens his mouth he just makes them. What you see him you can't you see him saintly work like doing it on all of George what do anything wrong I'm not he's attacking anybody on Twitter he's got. You know sit and how much of crazy stuff. So can you understand we see his side where he's like what the hell like all these can either get another path is and a bunch and all of donors just being me at all don't all he's doing. John can I give you those two so he's pitching tonight at Yankee Stadium against the New York Yankees I wouldn't say the Yankees were world beaters over the last three seasons. I'm looking at these numbers for the last three years most recently against the Yankees and Yankee Stadium. A lot of innings pitched 8815. Games started. He is five and six when an earned run average of five point 93. Totally like denying CNET TV it saved us says TV Lewis it's safe to say. That with this new rejuvenated. Yankee lineup at this Yankee team is a little bit more difficult to pitch around there that the pick the team the Yankees Jeanine said the travelers precision. But you know the whole thing of like you know modest and everything else vote. Sometimes athletes. Should be honest I agree. I don't put on to say you know like I just looked at the homeowners. You know I hear this RP provost or nobody to root for this article you read into what what I say social wrong in his article. Paula thought the balls all of my teammates at double a said the trailer were reading between the line message to throw that I spoke about last year I got reports you know what screw everybody that's that's gonna simulate my teammates who everyone else. What I say it's wrong it's honest. Now I know in some time join us opinion pissed people off. That I mean lot of people are honest. When they rip you they're honest they'll like it so why would you be met them just being honest right I mean to say his defense of just I'm just being honest. It's just it's it's a guarantee boundaries this does understand why people a matter of. I says why not here when all that are not open up and I let the other is that I imagine what happened that's what I'm withdrawal last night. You know report does the holes that Dallas Shaughnessy sees some tweets get some information maybe it was from some of his buddies who are always going to be loyal women have been back as a man is still a little way to get on all drilling at least you'll all drilling that is he tweeted out it doesn't do manner they are to win a picture how do you think any person losing you I'm nothing do you think that was there. With all things but if anything back to update it did back and said listen hold on now. You know he doesn't have to talk to people vote is with the media hold on he doesn't have to our MOB. They didn't like for these guys to talk to an immediate but he doesn't have to do it's not. It's not like Super Bowl week you know lawyer Prius and address the need it's fine you know on a certain day were used made it mandatory talked an immediate. Guys don't have to do that's all he said which is actually backing up price. And acted cement to hate you I got to talk to. Brantley but and that that sense it's of that State's that you know what is in common with all along in the past. He's at least he's faced model he has he is another theater to me that no that's a point of losing jobs you know based in scrutiny not any real Kristen policy green and from pitching well. I 6177797937. Look those for much Ria capital open lines we gotta address this Jerry Remy thing last night about the bizarre. That he came on I thought he was going to really address it and actually explain what the hell he met. I'm more puzzle today than it was yesterday and we'll get all of that as well.