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Enough About Me - Ep. 60: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Jun 8, 2017|

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar joins the show to talk about his new book "Coach Wooden and Me". The interview doesn't go as planned, so Kirk gives us a peek behind the scenes and talks about where things went wrong in the interview. You'll hear the interview in its entirety with Kirk stopping to comment along the way.

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This episode enough on the rockets by our friends my good friends over there. Store for men but he goes social mauled Braintree there at the plaza or you go to Jessica were I go. Again Alfie you get a lot of weddings this summer fine in this suit in will be fantastic I get to suits. Due sued for one deal panic or right I could be wrong mills will text me correctly email me now come on here correct and again. But will mills is done obviously is a scenario for the complete for the spring and summer with casual Wear it is fantastic in it for years they've had this reputation is like it seemed only place. Simply not the case of telling that right now going there you actually be proven wrong fantastic great service you the person doesn't know. Anything about clothes like me don't walk you through you walked out. Actually did use you cannot go wrong militants is east or from and I'm thrilled. The only official sponsor of the enough about me podcast you cannot go wrong and owns the store from and social plaza Braintree and Chestnut Hill square Chestnut Hill. I we're back enough about me. Episodes something on what it is we originally. Point two writes this what it's going to be basically is the anatomy of a disaster. There's nobody really specifically at fault in a weird way they find these things interesting and I figured. As opposed to just shoving should be like eleven policy every thirteen minutes thirteen interview in at the in a suburb. I do somewhere you better now are suppose we should be thirteen minute interview with cream Abdul Jabbar. Which we can I can't talk for Tennessee for a torn out their figure would sort of go. Almost director's cut of what went wrong like a disaster which again and the big picture not a big deal nobody really specifically the blame. A grumbling here you are certainly not. Jabar is full. Is that the people he works at maybe a little bit. Its the guy who sets up for torque. That's the progress we have recognized set it up through the publicist territory thirty minutes that's onscreen in the guys that's of the -- like ten minutes and Mike no we agree to thirty well that's the problems so when they do these things you know like we've done this before in the past and can you seltzer and made some final we're doing the podcast out to southward to me spread my headphones. We've done this in the past you know with but a lot of authors and leaders resource liberties we efforts to cut me here who argue whoever you say. You know this guys get 25 minutes we say that to get taken back in my head towards my permits OPEC instruction that thirty. 35 and if we (%expletive) for ten minutes before we have a podcast you know I mean now so he told me Kareem originally was thirty minutes. I really got switched select 125 I was thinking of Beckham ahead I actually damages DC group with this guy. We might be illegal compliment it's you know I didn't think the demand is going to be that high he's been pumping the book out for a while shopping and I had. I can't cream Abdul Jabbar I think one of the five best players in history. Racial stuff going on Boston's oldest lazy on the born basketball talk you true Donald do that so this lakers need these election you know with Kareem and now we could beat you can ago. But a lot of giving interrupted eleven minutes in and we had really winning really connect great and all we're doing OK but not great. It's like I can't think you know this happens a lot so I kind of wanted to and is simple instead of playing and you kind of stopping its. Menino is going in my head during the process. And so will do that Mike has said it was the interview itself has got (%expletive) it's my fault more Koreans in a just. Was there I item back of my head I knew I was gonna get the hook and get the hook you just can't get comfortable and you know. In the future I think Rea who I think we have to say listen to leak which half hour nothing (%expletive) it I mean of what can be twelve minutes somebody willing McHale McKay it was a good example of bright regular twenty minutes and you push it to about forty. You do good republic day he was engaged roots and ended up coming out fairly well Timmy Cain Arie there a breakout stars that were just ours and they room Summers Armey but I truce neither can assure bring them in for this one maybe. So it's cream Abdul Jabbar. His book is coach wooden in me it's at a fifteen year relationship with John Wooden. I start up local players salad too long roster Google where we start right there so it kind of interrupt here and get your thoughts in my thoughts again. I'm hearing strange is it me and I'll you you sound look at it is you I can't hear anything actually. So but also you know I did it sounds. Whatever the affix affix it it would and we call the post production. So here's a cream to integrates really crypto Jabar incur an. I am I guess is we do is cream Abdul Jabbar has brought coach wooden in me is fifty year friendship on and off the court with John Wooden three personal thanks lifer I join me here. On enough balmy I guess my first question we will get to the book in the second I got two ahead we had sent your yes your map we threw myself so I'll I L best stop that's like number one. Write the book was not sent to us no I was not halfway through. So when I have it is little Hinton there isn't the book like three days later we have a dome could purchase it definitely one of Grant Prideco and you don't want to give it away. So that's that's it if you're listening period. Subscriber which yards to good luck for you do if you don't do that right now go subscribe. How I tell somebody I'm halfway through the book where I really liked the book that means I have the book wrap up the books sucked the book may be great I never had the rockets at their agreement say. You know around the book to your few people your people (%expletive) us over and it's a great way to start right. No no it's gonna put you on about half of them right now publisher creams kind of famous grumpy so I thought let's let's try and Greece is did she beat Tracy Ritchie got us into this first question I thought it was a good move but I don't know what will keep halfway through its great. I have to ask them flip around last night. Airplane shows up on stars. It's one of those movies when I try fear to to a great comedies of all time when you first saw the script for airplane did you get a night on shop okay. Should right I think your crew go Jabbar you've never been in movies before you know you're personally order for which are not an actor you kind of famous for not being a comedian. And you get the script airplanes it easier. Love rap solo took new action now having never seen it actually seen the script and trying to be with it's it wouldn't make any sense in my book that's ever been made before that time now you look at the jokes like. Did checkers had a drinking problem splash of water and I think you read that it's not funny at all quite as bright as it reads funny sort thinking. Maybe a solution grew up I would of course it looks like the night before it's too big quit since I've got a question bellicose say that and so -- Kareem I totally receptive this French First Financial Hewitt yeah. Six time MVP at the site did you understand with a was with a was going to be. It. Yeah I mean you got tickets it's it's something surely visual isn't it no where I mean you you understood that I sort of sense of humor from the start out. Yeah aren't really gave me an opportunity to poke fun of my favorite. Continue to like not. Yeah it is resume right because there's always that thing about you which you know when you read about you I saw a documentary HBO. I think it's probably unfair right sort of this idea that your super seriously go do that this sort of put it's supposed to switch I guess. You have to hit it gave me there's an opportunity to turn that on indicated. The people laughed about it and hopefully break or who were very fortunate to. At that point to start winning. Like that that would be contrary for. The magic following and in. We started winning. Boldly sent. Is your point though when you're being carried out a plane your goggles and your shirt you're short you're thinking is that it is this is this gonna work isn't actually the right move amidst. It's obviously one of the great scenes and moved. Got bought our. And I thought it was bloody aren't. Not like you can go to the director electric part of this group really the ball. That there are cruel sport this is what we thought it'd. If it was a funny they then they really are. Our equipment. And saarc. What are the things years. Doing an interview and he's he's now you may or may not populace over the phone verses in person this is just a different universe and cream is one of those guys. I haven't talked to eleven minutes my life he's a pause there so when you're on the phone with the Posner. You're natural instinct is to he's gone unseen and jumping and ask a question so if you listen to the resistin brutal Arctic long. I struggled with that sort of the routes we hear me say yeah that happens a lot with come in the room with him. Six I think assuming we've done that with two dozen I don't know but you know you're there was somebody new cause you know they're pausing vs. Other dog talking I definitely you know how's how would diminish yeah how our look for a new kind of went out and jump right you can tell you're getting frustrated with it. Through no fault of your body sobbing did in tourist gimmick that first answer he was kind of I thought I'm thinking oh my god this is this sketch can be deck but he was actually pretty good about it and I ask my question irrigated I think it decent answer. But coming up but I I'm that's that's the one thing. On the you know beat does nothing can do about time and I don't know we've done how many buck sixty to about sixteen would you say half and half for now. We mean half an hour. Half and half in on the phone here in the studio while prime more on the phone yet and it's I paid I think the best ones. Generally have been in person. I think what absolutely I mean party which was a great yeah that was great interview would have been so much better if you guys were face to face for Brett which show we can do eventually I mean obviously I trip that's different Eminem that was that was wild politically the good long. You know sit down to back and forth that Anchorage which is to rebuild the did the radio guys we'll tell you this the other guys say it's just easier in person justice. I area. Thought it was well done and the great comedy. And I can always bred. Over that I have been in have done much further than any movie that secure with that. That's definitely true yes and they can take care plan oversee all I needed a week. It was it was it was a fair criticism of you at the time of the future series that you were dollar was at your own fault it was that. Amidst. That would don't buckle you know if it had a little bit to do you know what are very hilly. We're open through the first look into their current and over our people minimize our contact with a and you know I've gotten to book a firm of artwork created them. Would. In a sufficient. And that's what could put somebody in my position and left to work with them and you know it our patrons if if different perspective we'll get an epic four. Yeah that's senate that's that's a good answer I think by Jabari cannot expect that you know he said OK I was kind of the deck. Because it wouldn't I do think he's kind of sent outskirts of the puck and looked dummy dressed five questions well they're playing now it is we're just OK book. Yeah let's say I think that's why he went to wouldn't odds and he's not he's not stupid say all right give me the airplane. But gaga talked to creamed by airplane 45 minutes may never may not be in good a got to get the sense of he's like watch your point in his life when I talked about the that's apparently Keith you know he seems. TD bank having seen no increase their point but does he seem like any less serious after that that you still talking really serious guy I. Now and that's why I thought it would actually be really good interview Christie's east series is very thoughtful yet on how he answers that you hear me takes a second thinks about rainbows and something goes. That's why I thought you guys are gonna have fascinating interview and it point it is very fascinating bit pretty chants of we could do it again but yes so so we we move on here now I would I would call this now I've I think I've I've in the series since I think green is saying to me. I get to what I don't know what's coming next my guess is I'm getting too wouldn't you which to me is sort of like I was just checking NASA should he wouldn't question. As the books or when you do something like this ship and author on. And just a guy like up Michael Finkel yet on but bottom up to go right read the book and pitched in the book he's on because of the book. Like a David the company comes on to promote his music you gotta ask him a couple questions although nobody gives a (%expletive) all due respect don't give the cubs music. Gonna get to the X-Files at twin peaks and Larry Sanders all that stuff. What you have to float down two or three questions which Ben is fine if I have cream for 35 minutes. Both I am for fifteen I don't know what he's listening to this cares about stock in book about John. And if you had enough time to read the there may be allayed when you thinker pricing nuggets right in the audience like paean to yes that's yet again right two or three things so we get I think we can get to that's a few near me ask these questions or would if you referenced the book know it is a total (%expletive) you're. Isn't there isn't it correct in some sense though the treat the media with some suspicion particular period athlete I mean that is part of their job to sort of pull causing your man is Richard B. If you're gonna hurt you you know give advice to younger guy interview MBA now wouldn't you say some level they should be some suspicion and immediate particularly today. Well I think he should take care yeah you go to these issues brigade. I thought thought the report hoot what best would not let that discovered certain. Have you spoken to lawns a ball at all. Now what would what would coach from what coach wouldn't think of Lavar ball. I don't think. Any coach would have would appreciate that report on the side. Injecting himself into this situation like this and but I think are very important. What this all start. CD monitor her little little little mischievous little miscommunication Timothy deployment that I guess I'm too stupid you know by now against paused when he gives you a really long pause he could talk to open the lobbyist or talked. What OS that opportunity to people like professional basketball that that's who we wouldn't want to do that. Thought all I mean obviously it's it's a different world but I mean when you were freshman in college and didn't play varsity basketball you famously of course beat the varsity played three years won the title all three years. It was a good thing in retrospect that you could be the commissioner of the NCA a basketball in general. Would you do that we say freshman you know you've got to sit this one out. LB should question about it anyone's paying attention if you keep your new car right now ranking that questions its soc that is safe (%expletive) dog shaped like I don't have any mask what the (%expletive) going to to raise questions. What a terrible what a (%expletive) question. Well wouldn't do that. But I would you know make sure that the people that were colored. Actually belong there you go there and there's guys would direct government would qualify or not. It's considered economic tour because they don't belong there. How does daily Bogut had four holes I grow our economy. How does the a 7273. Kid from New York from Harlem area wind up. It's University of California Los Angeles and back then and I could be wrong it seems to me cross country. You know high school to college move was more rare then there would be now may be a ms. speaking to that seems right. Although ordered it was a rare but I I've followed a lot of guys. Kenny Washington would throw Oprah. Doctor a lot of wall partnered. Yeah I mean no no no no news cycle yet. Northern port port webpart or do you get there at the ball where. The vote. In order pick April report. What's what's he recruiting process from a John wouldn't like how does that work for for Wilson door you know all those years ago. Well for me. David pepper quickly because you feel they wanted to interpret. A biker here. Hold on 12 what's so like you know OK I understand that but this is at the Haim. The most prized after high school basketball player in the industry of America I understand you silly won the title the year before won the NC term this year. Basketball. I couldn't remember Jesus Christ who won. Who want boo will determine this year. On kemba Kentucky. What should usually Hewitt or Caroline. So what are you got your top recruit. Like I listen to what's different now but might you if you're topic you'd say I know my eyes what Dick is it one last shoot that way now. Now I feel sorry sessions said I have bucket truck again I'm doing enough of that sorry guy court. What the boy and that's what that was like that to go there I'd like that would equate. Well I'd bet but my wife who you're watching the Bill Russell off until the sort provide got a foot and be available we'll approaching. Had to vote. If Billy what all of that well I want to play for a very who could coach or at. When that they read the book though wouldn't does make a trip. Your house to commence your parents it's okay for me to go across born for a timeout. That is they of course. Summing it looked like Google that I did not read the book but that now sounds like and I read the book right and another scare when you read the book. Just what are the book are Kareem I was interest of the child would Kenya house I'm in an while doing I have the phone in my hand doing a Google search on the book. For story so. Careens out thinking this guy is really hot topics is a really well researched how would you not permit me com ocean every conversation. Our car ought to meet code great biblical or being. Go to any particular goal there was like toward. It currently up by a source but they wanted to meet Coetzer. See you know going to be dealing with this vote. So he admitted for purposes. Confirmed everything and so. My parents. Lou perk would go through. There was Beverly isn't. How would you. Compare wouldn't you say any other coach you ever had an easy compare in any way to a Riley's compare in any way to the guy that's an act foolishly questions so completely. He would have compared to anybody else because in. Order and that okay we're not preference. I'm not come record but it wasn't as preferences to develop the first thing that we've talked with you learn to learn how to become. Good citizen. Of the group fathers because that. And he wanted to get a vegetation. And all the wounds or open about who. Port all of that resort Gupta perfectly but don't know that that that's what he was trying to put together. And even let you up if you have you know freedom of thought freedom of expression if you thought the times were changing if you thought things were wrong. Was he okay with you speaking out of both. Absolutely it was OK but it was dead Tuesday it would. Of course geologic and in Europe and the vote operation and the purpose. Just to see you know what was going orders you're as good. You were walking like you thought at eight. What would what would have to. We knew we were afraid of him ever would you coach you are afraid of her are full bore mode right now I'll fully admit that sort of in this weird spot where. I'm thinking okay. I feel like I know you can pull here at any moment and Moroccan you'll have a long conversation not gonna clicks on kinda killing time thinking can I get somehow. The 20/20 five minutes I'm in total four corners mode you're spread that she. By cancer should he wouldn't question to get some want answers so did you listen to mr. Harrell back and forth. We knew we were afraid of him ever lose your coach you are afraid of grow. Dog or anything important that person that you appease all the results in Iran. He a question do on the basis of logic if it does. It cover it. Hey dad so in this like so you might know this enemy. So this green just handed the phone like this is guy in the room with hammers and he's he's somewhere I'm somewhere else in the guys also somewhere else sometimes there in the room with them sometimes they're not sometimes the with a call your Buick taking your wrap this up on it next so like wrapping up credit in this case which I actually edited how much I can go back and later. He's clearly in the room with Brad thought so because it kind of jump sending beauty just takes a fall from curry emergency. They just kind of seasons ago we got to go talk to us now Erica. It that was the absolutely what it would do well. How much do you interact with him say during your professional career how off would you talk to them say given that and in a Laker season how often would you reach out and see amber talked to a more nobody is a (%expletive) and every start this (%expletive) don't. 00. Carlos I meantime John Wooden and Kareem. I know 1983. What a dumb (%expletive) in Mike and Nancy question that is she uses fear authority under the bus goes before. He retired all. Right before I got traded to Laker. But what I can't back felt dirty old coaching. I was in touch with them but I do feel frequently because so he'll play. And then after that. Vote in oh. What part moderate. NBA career and that's what it started to happen. We're friendship started off so. It was you know coach wooden white garlic and it was a little that he needed. His Beverly Hilton garden approach and ability and who dependability you go. And there we would therefore. And I'm going to go for certain corporate trip with a broad group. What what did he did it take the thing that made him. I mean it's hard to pick one I know but if he said what's the one thing to me John Wooden different or the best coach were relived what's the what's the one thing that you would pinpoint is there anything rescissions to simple question. Yeah I think that's simple question because there are a lot of things that you know put. They're worried it according to a heart became quote and exceptional. Vote vote or he gave birth in terms of like Booker. Well you know bet that that's very precious star nothing that it would go to Bob let let. He's nephews who served the very fortunate to get our attention and future. This at a holy books is this for you now. Twelve or thirteen and is an extra means. They'll write elicit an a rating is difficult when you some mutant in front of a blank piece of paper plate to pinch me it's worked and they say process that you enjoy it's something you feel. You almost become addicted to feel like you have to do is it free for you and is not a lot of what's beyond a six time NBP's growth there Beno books. Left and right ammunition is it something that you enjoy as much as. Right don't just give does a good question I think now Obama I don't think it's a terrible question. Not bad right easier than ever. No probably never know whenever I talk some about his actual writing style would write what you're looking for his looking to connect with him I need under that level I did background you're businesses sucked the last like five minutes saw the bag again you're the guy that's a question or stomach too good question. Greg question couldn't giants thank you go to their church. Gloria yeah if you look at like you know trial in the underdog in the world. From people. They could execute well to some people think get through that cute you know what. You just after that that takes a lot of nerve I've always been hard out there for that reason we don't put. Well you know it. Especially not the right direction caught. Nonfiction. Look at that writing you know that before this so close with with crazy. I thought that these. Well. You can. You can get bargain but if you write fiction. Even if he goal here who crafted right well he can vehicle available historical people eligible. But of course the part that occurred. You know recently and obviously I like now obviously we've I've lived here my whole life but recently sort of it's been reignited discussion of race in Boston and Jones Orioles outfielder. Others have talked about how Boston being a racist and obviously you've played here ever you put in a million big games here that you experienced racial group. Bulwark of our element of someone's. Our first 78 through our trade with our rhetorical. I'll go right okay yes not always your experience in Boston men in his player did you view it to be. I guess or best term I can use is more racist than other cities or now. Well I did of course I would I would in a sport you are my whole. Court opening quote what happened or present who would that gore I really didn't get into pretty you know fabric of the city. It eagle if you remember what. Kirby Puckett. Complained at all. The attitude political. Got a free treat all as a retreat. You know I guess I guess her famous person I suppose differently than a caller for caller came and said Kirby Puckett who does (%expletive) a quarter century ago like Yelp guy. Career I guess you're just like talking to bring up Bill Russell sure in the you know being corruption in his house office of. The attitude the local people where they didn't wanna be treated really believe that that go beyond ever having to do well. Where would baseball where a bit of course they'll look for the military people look bad blood to help the problem goes well. You know that. We sort of felt like book and you know that's a possibility. I don't understand it but over the fence. That's it right. As dazzling as I get it going clicks now so that happened in the hole you weren't here a you to your way so I'm talking on Paul came in. And he said do you think it's because your talked about race and somebody else an attraction don't think it is creams that read books about the tweets about eight I really don't think that was the case I think he would have talked to far longer about that than any other subject outside the book bright yet it again in that that was stellar idea negotiation I think there's the matter Tony probably thirty interviews but you know it's. It's in they don't care they think he contaminants and do all the podcast is they'll know that the other why am so they don't care but I think. It's helped thrust going forward and egregious can sing these guys recently. When we say thirty minutes to meet thirtieth submitted to thirty minutes you know when you're the guy really like we can if individual piece will be different but no thanks and thanks again strike essentially that you're not going to be her New England them. In particular the New England right outside of us what do you mean if you're career. If anyone of these guest pushing if you're publicist pushing a guest upon us right it happens from time to time. We basically kind of control the sports media landscape in New England ran into a possible entire region. If you look at the ratings we do so much better especially you do so much better than everyone else in the region right. I also think like a guy like Kareem. And I don't blame whatever but like he's not gonna get 25 minutes anywhere else knowing the title of the book no no I wouldn't come to that was during the podcasts initially I would put on the show. Podcasts are the podcast is different you know you guys are gonna put them on the mid day guys are gonna put them and so the other guys across street can put cream Abdul Jabbar for twenty minutes went by ms. I'm sure looks to have find this matter what did you think when I told you about Kareem however you should because eight the race issue. We you know I grew up as the simply sell the stance Celtics lakers stuff. In seeing the guys kind of a mystery sort of a guy can record arms shall we already talks about. Is Jordan vs LeBron rank as the best player ever app so we fight conversation. Nobody ever mentions cream when you talk about people talk a magic to talk about bird. They talk about Russell Chamberlain Jabbar won six MVPs who won six championships won three championships in college. You know a lot of people you know 20/20 five years ago thirty years ago a guy he was the best player ever amazed that she's gone away from the argument nobody ever talks about him anymore. Why ever does is set I think senators senator because he's certainly not really. Friendly we'll see him anymore is on commercials he's just not in the mix and George more recent and he's just sort of been. I don't think is best player ever either but he's never talked about they can you do the first team all NBA team history it's now magic Jordan. You know you try to put the ball on the birdie just affords now and people put Russell was somewhere where they put you know nobody puts curry there will tell I'm not sure why that is I would I was gonna ask him he actually answered give. I don't wanna talk Lucas. Co op Mehdi part of this thirty for thirty falling. We're trying to get director them on. But you'll hear him talk about the always hear from bird you always hear from magic here from the failure from change your from worthy and Riley. He never ever cream ball that ever use a massive part of what else would you wanted to get into with him he didn't have a chance that they got that like depict the race stuff a little bit more and then get more into the lakers Celtics stuff and then you're going to move them to more it's in the book and I think we've been done political good than other 1520 minutes. My thing is those eleven to twelve minutes from me felt rushed because I I can just tell you you know you could tell. When hooks coming in were done. You know normally I would have done this I would just have (%expletive) illiquid done a few of those we had what's her face Saddam Hussein in the porn star we do wanna talk worker pornography you just say I won't feel (%expletive) me all due respect I mean you know you've. You know chalk talk tree living for years that's fine you've had sex relating abduct bought. You know fantastic be kept and you don't do it part of releasing him on the talk order fantasy for owner picks. Yes just zero for us to stop the way we do here. No she's she's very nice lovely woman I'm glad she's doing well that's we make an agreement receding ever for a 35 where Mitch talked about what it's part of the interview. Monday it'll release a best of the worst we've had where it too many right we've had to do we haven't run problem. That was and yes and I think it was just cracked the brooding good like when Obama writes his next book which their mom to have Monica good connection think it was a gunfight. Com Kim as we didn't run. Ritual of Louisville. Atlanta. Cracked so too slick for four or five more amenable most of them were sort of sour gonna romance. No way to run this I'm. So yes so I think you know. I think that that's sort of such sort of what happens is he the other guy on it doesn't go as long I think the big guy creeps guy kind of picked us over. And I'm sure you the next person yeah I eat in the other things you you know if he's ten or fifteen minutes late and you're always play catchup and everybody gets (%expletive) so you know. Yeah I think you know having a big storm any portion of the book stuff. How could anybody else like. That's over that big like that like pushing a book I don't remember. Well dyke show was pushing the book. Screw it and runs yelling you don't read the (%expletive) well shouldn't go around. Our men wishers here in person for a total and very interest and doesn't have seen progress tactically he might bit yup. At the same time there's a little bit of that telephone tough guy mentality true ideal toughness and you're looking up what you have to throw it and I am probably enjoy. He would have if he was here it would be mean you're in the room what is he gonna do. Right yet sure he's a one punch in the roll over easily sort of yet that's true. Yeah so we'll see where we can Gallagher La forma thirty minutes to return listen to kind of have a podcast. What's the state of the airedale holly if you show. My beverage association what are you wanna know specifically just cure aside however has a don't ever want to get. For the most part Iran's good everyone seems to think that deal hates ritual which is not the case at all sure helped the of course at his difference at the half the absolutely not he doesn't hate rich I was a looming presence of Kirk and hand over that shows an issue. Not for me it's not December issue for you like is a producer of my podcast when I dump on your own show the other against the Gaza City where the (%expletive) Now whenever I think they know that they know not really gonna take that (%expletive) anyway who just come back and notice I'm just don't yell back at them I don't push it open. But that's legitimately can now we're going to talk to my I think there was once or twice where is kind of like what the (%expletive) is he doing are you telling him (%expletive) that is closed behind closed doors which have no answers yes that he's never done that don't think it's maybe want to trust. I heard all your whole Luke Roberts. No I did you hear what you there was too bad they asked volleyball me how clever folk and their performance. All is said to me percentage drops those guys he said. Thank you millions of detaining like it's genuine but at some point you would think that management basically would say this guy stop dumping on the station product which was an unfair take. Yeah there there are those certain conversations from time to time where it's like okay for example he goes to the battle of the brain the switch was hilarious to me Jesse should play today. Well we were going to played it was on our list of pleasure and a lead off play. You're probably right we tried to go in order which was stupid bus run over thought the segment has mostly in rich over thinking segment. I would say just going back you guys like whenever that was yeah it was in the big gust pretty timid like who just come on up again went there right right also resent. I don't think anyone can that you win that little bit about it struck a joyous when we're gonna play developer in this it was gonna be the last pitch in there we need to show closer break and we didn't get machine kicked out of us and management from time to time about getting out at 6 o'clock making sure out. And don't go to pass over that and and that's what it was what exactly why does it. It doesn't (%expletive) matter but yeah eyes and Judith sic show have to. Get out on time for the 6 o'clock show because they're making an effort to try and raise the ratings from six to seven because it's not doing as well guys are 6 o'clock is never on shelves. We hope to close the whole time talking by Monday night without my brain must wonder of self yes. Some asphalt some in the success that's that's my that's fine job. No it's fine the show's fine whatever that hour's fine it's obviously not going to be as good as a five to six hours going to be anyway in terms of ratings right no matter what the content is your 56 can be hired and 67 regardless too much basketball those too much inside want to basketball yet we talked about the that are going to disagree that are now. Who would know I. Dale and I kind of and why no details with him I don't know we got Smart guys all right but I don't like getting too far you guys brought up the per 36 and a measure of stupid. Why it was a good guy and a car wreck. Meaning of (%expletive) we know is sort of exactly Muslim I don't know what per 36 is so conscious taking it too far. Don't do that yet there's more surface conversations about these topics especially when it comes onto it basketball and hockey. Did you feel like always second full time job is affected his first full time job I haven't seen it really affect him at least the product yeah yet. Yet yet okay and there weren't getting along. All five BS additional. Right now yet of the people don't get along half the time Armenian well that's really what it is still screaming at each other about some of what. Our sites and decides to the smooth is that you are you. If guy I mean he's a daily news series everyone's in this under this subdivision like that in the show it most of the arguments between dale and Michael. About certain directions and contact the right. Well for example too much fastball like he dealt dale I was losing yesterday. I got in the car house all the time. The guy down all Tex the guys sometimes traditional Mikey but and to be honest I was number. One night in mirrors slicker to a through this stretch right but Keith was hosting with Paul literally are talking basketball's a group looks daily. He. It's like if anyone else is talking hockey would do you kind of feel lost a little bit silly and and it's not really his fault he understands the game but he has the responsibility for hockey all your so we can't watch nearly as much as bright the other two can't break. So he does gonna get lost like trying to help mound give us some information and kind of pushed along to him from a question so at least he's still involved. But sometimes he just I think he just feels Lawson is like. I don't wanna be made a fool of in this segment isn't he keeps them. Likes to leave the I think everyone likes different. I don't dislike adjust if I don't dislike I think Keefe. It is not a hassle. No not at all ID big guy feel like Keaton castles are good. Sometimes yes our show needs on jealousy run to inject you know bring them thing would you just are using it in the subtle use some of our guys agreeing. You will. Okay obviously he's an ass hole he likes it he he's likes to bass hole he's astle. I I like him I think he is you're counted I think he he like working with a go to. He was skeptical you never worked with the music limit on the amount weirdo. I haven't talked to him very much about it afterwards he was curious about what may talk about with him because in the mornings it's. Politics and homosexuality right where my gonna go with him. Yeah he I can tell you this it's I don't know which was those things are always difficult who else going on you are the executive producer of WEEI. Yeah I was with your brother. I am who I thought to use that night our program director Judd lost you know that that happens in life now I thought to get on air and lost okay judge Kaye Lowell while losses went straight losses in my it would sustain the station in the eyes of the executive producer Nigeria. I think everything's going great direction I I think what he's I don't know I don't shop. I think what you said about the mid day shows absolutely true. When this last two weeks healing your mail bag you know remember. While those shoddy your show I was I don't feel that show to put your mind I think they're much I'll show them that they've they've found and I know it was a shot. It was not well I like I like when shows I'll get those guys either. But I like on the show kind of -- what happened with us like after awhile a crucial finds a groove it's kind of like okay you know this is. The thing settled the only go Mike showed things I don't like about the show that they have become a good show they want a good show. I think like six months ago now they they aren't used to much Phil and fighting to find each other and finding their way and once Christian Lou kind of decided okay our target is always that Glenn Glenn knows how to define himself from flight back. Image to show multiply the bishop now. It does feel like Obama clinically can do that I think their weekends though are very weak one on the way it I don't the weekends are like so if I'm without I would do is. Like it's either it's either a or B it's either you get set it up with a bunch of people that we know and get a set schedule let them. The radio in less if assert such applying its Sunday at 4 o'clock I know it is going to be on now. I know regular Emanuel left and trendy to Masha guess from at some point during the day but plate I don't know if he's in the butch and rob right if they're gonna be right GM's yard got there is that must say here is that. You don't put sure or whatever and and I don't think we've done a good job. It's finding like in the last big talent we've unearthed at the station is media now is 56 years ago so it is so that's that's that to me is sort of an issue going forward Mike sock itself that's just too big for us to bring them back. But they get a fine they get the the weekend loser. Struggle race. You talked about last episode about you know finding that it's how we're is that new talent well we can't discover that new talent until we put Oman so if you keep running. Butch he had no problem butch by their if you keep running that you're not gonna find new people who who who we miss. I don't know that's part of the problem but you do have to just government given opportunity I Jessica you aware thing. They've got to be around when I guess I'd give. Around knowing who the (%expletive) you I was waiting for the web site Demi so I was around that was divers work that they were just chromium there's not a lot of back on right now. More than a Roemer wasn't really getting more time we can't we should I think he wants to I think. You got to work with him get an order characteristic is skeptical of Reimer outside of our world I think I understand that because in your world. You're not gonna try and replicate that that too much on the weekends. The European tough find out though finally he can do and if you if you say it doesn't work doesn't work right here if you charge for six we get chose to get to ship. So the point is that. I agree with you should be doing that right that's exactly we should be doing finding new people I mean when I first got here. Jason wolf that's a horse (%expletive) to me which was. No we don't need producers and wanna go on there. More than what the (%expletive) is everyone doing here. Shortly unless you want any producer Alec Chris Curtis wants to be in the air I don't think he does either ten does and those who I knew right I never talked to Paul about it I'm sure Paul would prefer to be on air and Brett believes utterly yet. Probably daily as Libyan air. No he doesn't put it at a certain time you want to put hungry guys talk about the so sure I'm sure but you're a hundred producer who wants a curse hungry. But isn't this isn't about me like he wants to please like he saw me hungry for that but yes Ken wants more you want more I'd which is great that's fantastic so. What you guys do have can we can produce a show we want who we cannot did you pitch your. We talked about it we've done it and when didn't go over Bartlett grounds out. It should the world should have been reversed intention of landing this directed right let me do whatever I do which are weird right but I think ten and I would do really good job. Over. Get some recipes you'll find them don't make in the pitch right now you know my mobile (%expletive) touch. There's been worse as the fastest horse lieutenant I would be fine together to give a straight man and someone who will say weird (%expletive) doesn't care they ago. Two we got coming up enough about me and look forward to we've promoted and my own might have mr. Newsom a senior next week really yeah. Okay cemetery just think as we look at that great right now we've had some ups and downs of the hard to believe my boss and if it's my ups and downs male boss. Over the last 45 years once awesome song she mentally thing is that we're so when he went. I know is that Jerry's is it shares and see him there. I know we've taught he tweeted actually. We talked sweet talk a little bit. And then I think Emmys Friday and he's one of the you know he's I made some money air couple times how would you like to think of sensitive about and you should know but he's been taking shape for years so I think he took. And he's kind whose teams he know which I understand because listen I mean I mean on the money which on. If that don't tell us anything can modest opinion is that all this. I understand that oil TI I get that but both will be good I would be apps we doubt that if you Soledad 35 grader Jonathan hock his immediate public this week that aren't up yet we're just went for your what I resort Gordon Beckham does Sharon next interview by doing two weeks and it's on is that she going to be fully be a market have to interrupt depend that I during its actually going to work. But check his phone right now existed fifteen he's gonna go in there and disinterested tops the docket this golf and a on per 36 right yep absolutely I hope we can go for another thirty if you want honest said do you do reckon their deal with the I would back him two weeks enough about me with I guess right now I'm gonna see Jason wolf I don't know that you feel like a scoffing you have a die hard day for Bennet no no hard date no he too many second and on Friday to figure which they would work for him dot sounds good I'll see you soon. Thanks again for listening to the enough about me podcast. Actually know what I'm really not thankful at all he should be thanking me get this ship every week these great podcast totally free do if it was your good eye twos. Download Dakota stitcher do the same and reiterating leave review that she can help me out this podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee. You can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end. They have total thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point. (%expletive) you.