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K&C - RIP to Dan Shaughnessy's manhood, Evan Drellich and Price showdown. 6-8-17

Jun 8, 2017|

Hour 3: K&C argue Dan Shaughnessy has lost his edge after his most recent article on David Price. Price himself shows down with Evan Drellich in the hallway post-game and K&C want to know where the story is.

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This is Boston's home for sports for over 25 years Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI FE MA. Barnes Bostick training now now from the old Riley auto parts studio that WEEI trending now. The 8 o'clock hour of -- gave -- next entire as the leading warranty at the tire industry exclusive free roadside assistance got a flat -- next you'll change your -- or motor vehicle for free for your chance to -- for next -- text the word next to an EXEN 237937. WEEI general caucus rules apply -- and mysteries may apply before the game Jerry Remy apologized for his comments on baseball translators after the game David Price at expletive filled exchange with reporters -- drill in Steve Buckley is set the price told Dan Shaughnessy of the globe he will not be getting any more personal interviews to the media in between the Red Sox piled on the field -- nothing to the Yankees in the -- -- CC sabathia shut down -- scattering just five Boston gets -- or sell a gave up five earned runs including two homers and took -- lost his third straight double three -- -- -- year yanks lead in the -- back to two games over the Sox rubber match tonight at 7051 pitch it's exporting with mud on the Shaw's WEEI Red Sox radio network the aforementioned price against Michael began. The cavs led by six points with just over three minutes ago in game three last night the Golden State goes on at 110 run it took the three games that are stranglehold they won 18113 win Kevin to raise three with 45 seconds left gave the warriors the lead for good elimination game for now Friday at 9 PM back in Cleveland. Weather forecast brought to you by mass save mostly sunny skies today in Boston and hide your 75 degrees I'd get Laird that's what's trending Kirk get Callahan with Freddy continues. With new Denny's on demand online ordering you can now enjoy your Denny's wherever you want you Denny's on demand online ordering whatever whenever and now wherever order now like Denny's dot com. Skirt and Callahan. Your legal problem could be a back up making 24 million dollars that makes it a quarterback controversy with this is the story on that a big time you know I've been around are known to have been diverted broad system I'm not an expert on theory can weigh in Tom's picks Tom doesn't like properly being around they wanna keep a backup happy you don't doubt that means eight. Controversy here what's okay. Our committee had pricing this he did shots he prior to tonight's game in the Bronx they're no more personal interviews there are no more ask me questions on a personal level. The thing about it we have added relic. Price wasn't happy he was directly unhappy with me what are you push a little bit more character issue is meant to be mostly private eight plus he's. Unhappy with how he's been treated involves a considerable weight I. Gerry Callahan. Man I'd like to apologize to the Boston Red Sox the most importantly to the fans who were offended by my comments there is a certain. Portion of the population in this country who believes that we need to build walls gimmick here and our country you speak our language I sincerely hope you accept my apologies thank you very much. How boring would be either very despite exact same way about everything. Everybody thinks like each other Jerry Kelly can't so you're okay room on Sports Radio telling you we. So what keeps it. I heard Taylor at all did you find anything any any please please tell me. About Europe but in the movie I want him on me keep on count two lucky find you. I didn't hear anything. I didn't I heard. The other is really sure I listen to what they showed yesterday drive around I didn't quite get where they were able and the rule of training or months you re right against the wall. Against knowing bush as excellent image true. You think deals as football. Have no idea and Hunsicker our right Winger like me maybe he is right and greens and the ball. No one's really against the wall slightly dubious record why would anyone be against the walls can be won on Wall Street built. Yes of course why because it's. Here's is instilled in me you know the answer me this it's honest you'd say about half the countries. On Trump's about half hates him right. But in playoff close a close play along sixty will say hey 50% are on his side don't like but that they support him at 50%. Hate these programs 34% to know what happens because handle the wall. 100 respect of the country has had a college oneself 100% can't take bill of all nature of this case and it's a national security thing the president absolute lies Obama congress. Good question cart it's now how were almost happier too good question I don't understand why isn't on it a point it's not when I'm asked why wouldn't. YYST. Why wouldn't matter at an apartment big infrastructure Earl and wipes a tear to your your point NYC dining on. Pressure from I know from the prize fund if you want. Indeed Pettit and be absolutely can't count out any pressure when it comes to tweeting or anything else and I don't see he has made some political decisions and and and principled decisions in this is somebody asked to do. He has to. A little. Is there any why not only and so people think it's not happening he says post I can't I wanna wait I would anyone be against you ran and I was just pop wonder why you why is your father against Trent. That's my dad is strong Catholic angst he believes and humanity and the immigration crisis and he'd ever seen the wall around the Vatican. He's Panama okay they have a big strong sturdy wall beautiful around the Vatican. They're all I think the guys in there yeah Catholics a little little different it's different but Wallace sovereign nation with a wall around it. But not built to keep people on his belt and what 00 really able to go to Cuba may. There's beat to get to keeping kids in her that I was just wait it -- distract them we can that photo c'mon let's hear it again. I finished the keepers. I've won and so left I am. I am. Halfway through I was the last episode good. It's just it's morn here happy ending you know and I don't know doesn't work out I mean their hit and everything. And they need to define happy endings there so there are plenty don't have answered slots or Boston it's a bad record amounts going all over the place and now. Baltimore because I don't know his story tonight from downward it's not too many priests here January as evil as a month or whatever and then he must marital Mascoll I know what I know I question I doubt I understand and I believe this mean it was evil but it it is hard to believe that all these things happen to this well that's you that's why they had the maggots to reconcile lake she I ate right fine but I'm not working at or you stop and wonder about her yes and that's why this is the maggots. Were actually there but it's probably had to give her some credibility I am sick of her family she systems is a by the way it was you know rate by my uncle and this priest is doing this to me this all at once and ice she lost me with the cop in the priest who's guarding the door will probably might have happened. Might have but yeah Asia lost the checked out left and no I started wondering if she has not delusional right she's a little weird she's like I like and she's a little crazy market isn't it odd that all those other women have similar stories similar not similar she's already the worst of them but you'd be jumped out of the one woman says the priest is given grab in the confessional I believe that that guy was Korean. All tests but you believe the stories and you believe happened yes yes I believe she takes it to another level of each line. I think it's hard to remember all the details he's got a lot of details it does I do you do you buy this repressed and that just comes well once the one that it's. Immune might have when you any minute now the directly to this point. Anyway anywhere we are did you start the music you get taps are public know even better of the Mario will all cry if you play of the emirate has not yet don't have they are. Honey our I eagle's wings public Maria is designed to make it like when you're in. Funeral. No that's like Kirk yes and like half the people a crime. Think the cue the music so that everybody cries that was an important anyone's holding out like not crying they say. Q what other Maria in the whole place stretches like that they did the wave of the funeral what happens it does it work you don't don't let me what is it. First I'd say the bush. I was just killing them you know you're you you were race religion and I'm going to write them okay fine I'm more safe and this is her not pregnant action and much nicer this morning and the mother Maria tonight to upgrade isn't too much from. It's funny nothing is worse yet that's that's worse and about. Amazing grace yen in assets. Yes but about the funeral dirge yeah that's that's they're all kind yet. So it's all of humble and kind of Tim McGraw has its me and I can tell that to me when you know those songs that I'm thinking of Iraq to cash bar sure my parents fear itself that is there. As they noted that they make a lot of now acquires Clearwater. As one day one being that it is true anyway and when this is not a funeral for a person to funeral for a reputation well that's true yes he did career right Dan Shaughnessy still living among us breathing a minus. But sadly. Is penis is no longer. So shop that jar it's me. Should be on John Henry's and cities take editing it might be that it takes a look behind it sometimes checks in I hate you it's I thought of a so we went it went about hour and half ago I guess you rate through the whole thing just a boat will get a quick backs reported she sees a price. Talk to shots before the game last anxious or disprove it to a second. After the game. Price that lipped out on every drought Steve Buckley. Ian Browne that right to have that the orchestra actually think this is who do almost punch he ever drove it almost an angelic and Buckley writes about it and whose credit that he says he's got some details and caviar on. And he mentions how out of control price was this was 34 hours after. He said he wouldn't this on the because if they were on fire he didn't care about them they didn't matter to him in on the he wasn't gonna talk to them you. Put peeing on the does not. If there that's of expression if he's on fire when he knows that if you don't care about the justice seeker fellowship viewers sent that actually. So speaking effects what is being priced out what fish is one eldest. Songs too you know what they should change the music funerals to wouldn't agree Kirk we like more McAfee. Well at the Catholic funerals you look like a rock yeah like click humble and kind would be a good example Yemeni capital adjustments. I have done everything but this is great rhetorical questions lots of them it's easy to shake up the funeral system. This a US it is not only will ally to the windy rigid and strict. I watched for naught. You fight back in interest on the power it's not an Australian listed executed church in your time and aging and time of death. For Dan yes what was this as a while his tweet came out at 6:47 PM yes 647. So this is David Price I think most people would agree he's been kind of danger we called dance to make sure he won't join us check in my game. OK let's let's see his chance to may be revived himself brings a fact of life and fight back this. Is even Jerry was the big issue Allison apologist of telling me throughout spent here I don't I'm very disappointed and surprised. I mean regal lead. To us on wellness I thought that I was not reading Dan Shaughnessy and Dan I love VII all of my heart I. I saw this pointed at. I thought road like 56 paragon that the B a twist like Brett just kidding you know let Jason nationally hijacked his nose is computers. I think the globe is definitely left leaning. Shaughnessy out from the New York. I know this sounds odd coming from me but folks need to lay off David Price. Did Shaughnessy is telling folks to lay off of David Price. Who I always but he did hear the whole time has underperformed. It is a terrible fit guy. Hillary cannot OK so this was before or David prices flip out and get us out to be kids. Now Dan Shaughnessy chance to retract his statements. Now that he knows about the absolute meltdown in the club I guess if you want. If you're Red Sox fan you should be repair this guys succeed. And it doesn't always seem to be the case for multiple reasons in the last assessor the money side the price talking tweeting too much from first cut the boss or because of the playoffs start. Piling on price is becoming parlor game in New England over the last twelve months and it makes no sense he really did was to against piling on Curt Schilling much outrage pump in and Ellis funny when guys like fort the national black studded jump on him did Chauncey went up. Tom Brady's backside because a percentage of the fifty million he raised 41 chair and went to other charities right David Price has underperformed. Whine complain and now is is blaming the beat guys who have been done nothing but palladium for a year right plus I just don't owe Shaughnessy. He says that I have to call this loss across the street and that we play dirty just abuses under viewers were as advocates and among both accurate portrait Dubuque or give is that Mike Thomas and give Mike Thomas and Mike Coco might give me a call couple weeks ago. Anyway yes he did price initially got crushed for taking the Red Sox 270. Million again said this before crushed Winger. No crushed they may like for signing a contract for towards seventy million. In. Now an attic across educating people thought it was a good in cat Laird baseball guy. Crushed they crushed it and Borowski maybe I know I did I was critical of that statement contract but I know people surprised at the highest bidder be it bad fit it crushed. So it's partially for Tiki toward seventeen. I'm nobody's made up nobody. Then he got crushed for a beside himself for getting killed easily playoff start true true I guess but not unfair. And now. The talk was docked on Twitter for not taking the talk of Korea absurd Pataki at the driving waited vehicle design large enough to be in the Baltic nation OK so we could crushed for driving some big craziest UV because 250000. Connector cover Krista if it okay. To take awhile printout if you would all the stories crushing David Price for haven't really expensive called read all ought to do. Okay right mumbled as I mean it was virtually and a purple Hummer and people made fun of it and cut and was so upset he had Kurt back the whole story was a series of stories. So we talked to prices and I joined playing Boston. Susan love's teammates his boss and change you sesno you feel like people refuse succeed. His teammates are like pitching for the Red Sox he likes this team. So Shaughnessy writes in the correctly. At what price does it say here's speaks points he likes his teammates he expected the Red Sox he does seem to be joined Boston. He sounds like a man who thinks he's been burned. Any hats Johnson writes Ralston a guy on the town win seventeen games and lead the majors and it's pitch and so for presented as a failure. While it doesn't write as Jerry was the worst of his career. And he got portions only playoffs start that's the deal. Shots he knows that they're really better than anyone else who's ever worked in the city. That's always made his career. And out be critical because people are lightly criticizing David Price. I mean really how I can only suits wonder if it's is it directive from above I mean obviously the same guy signs all to pay checks may be Cannes film pressure has most of the criticism too. Regarding David Price. Not even then about his performance but the way that he can't let go of the fact that he hasn't won a playoff game yet he takes to Twitter and they get sensitive about as an actor nested in a guys' performance right but his reaction. To the slightest bit of Chris you're also you matters is you're taking shots at video and audio recordings demos writing a column. While he wrote this next line. There are plenty of great things in prices life is bright Tiffany. His new do you want sons Xavier and his doctor Esther are waiting for him when the Sox come back home from the I don't think Dan wrote that. You don't because RC if there's an audio that you could actually think you're his penis fall off and hit the ground actually wrote that that is so on and liked the beach resident there are plenty of great this this. She the mock. If Bradford wrote this or Ian Brown Jason astronaut you would mock them and that's correct Dan would tear yes there are plenty of great things in prices like this pricey Tiffany's new here but new reports on Xavier. And is thought Asher are waiting for him in the Sox come home from the road is a new vote. A. I mean he writes that about you know you name it chilling terror Manny here Beckett. It wouldn't surprise waiting for them I have no other conclusion but the one who came before them that Anderson right surfaces that right it's. China seas in the play we know that I can have but he pulled. It had to be it would have deep museum thinking different. This is so silly this guy is blaming them because he even literally says you know they did this to themselves. So these poor beat guys hoops. No and done nothing I cover the guys. Year and a half now a year and plus. And he's been disappointing I mean you could say led the league in innings that's all well and good you're supposed to do that when you make thirty million bucks. He at one playoffs started when three the third's in game five runs they got swept. That's disappointed by any standards in the old days Pancho has he would have. Pick that guy in the head as good as any mrs. Clemens and like you know 91 had it right this Oakland. I didn't understand if he was a seven the fan base because you know because I know I don't and you know David Price yet you know you go to tuck it eat you get heckled. You get tackled all the time on Twitter you might. I could see him saying you know what I'm done with Twitter and I'm putting myself out there I've tried to interact with fans it's been negative. But the hole to beat writers as head scratching their and they used to and I we have some. Every Curtis has been printing on all the things that Henry that are written like Abraham went to Nashville. To have you know stand gross feels Dan Gross filled most traveled around Fort Myers with a man got coffee for the club most guys. And asked him about literally everything is Doug is cadences of the biggest charities that thing negative column written about price it's been that we've been a real negative. We ever done a study done obviously not anyone in the globe but yeah. It in and around the every every result purchases under achieved last year Diaz right he won seventeen games of the league in innings it was not it was on a disastrous season this is my prices standards pretty bad here 830 last night Jason masters because I from The Herald. Tweets. I can't fathom how hurtful it must be to hear racist crap. Especially in your home park for that price has reason to feel burned by Boston here. This doesn't mention any racist thing he doesn't he mentioned the fans. The double but he hates hates the Boston. You impression the show so Jose this is out of the blue messed around turning it into the race at 830 last night tweets this morning. So this is a man. Have to wonder how David Ortiz feels seeing all of this from afar single walked. It's seen price equity child and in part it's prices I would meet me deportees who loved it here and thrived Ortiz hated price. What's happening in each other member I mean they did well they had the whole thing went in the neck into allegedly shooting at a Turkey authorities its price of does now probably thinks applause I'm sure does. I'm looking for negative articles about. David Rice good luck like this unwritten by Chad Jennings may 28 with. Debut tomorrow table will be set for price to take the Red Sox rotation to the next. Last night at. Who last year you know self. Important you have to be to say the because did this to themselves I'm not talk to them anymore. I mean I was never beat Kevin I was in the club a slot when guys so they weren't part of that group could screw right in her meet you mean just right above. Whatever the game the sport. The team you don't need David Price is deep thoughts but I really don't but clearly. There is a globe like you know deal here with price whether it was you know right he Abraham personal broke the story the prices come here. And you have the Shaughnessy Pena microscope thing you have the the all the peace all the PH got to go to Nashville do historic and there's some deal here. On a piece a favorite of Henry or Werner whatever but somethings go stop work out it's not working out and fortunately for John Henry invested 217 million in a guy who. Does not want to be now it's done whether it's done our next year or the year after it's not working. That you gather right now it would seem price sure. Get out of it now television violence on them and tonight a fine and you're not I mean you know world. You know we make fun these guys all the time but it's true guys like you and rob him. Alex and Silverman they're written negative price if you read disputed story from sourcing from last. A from January when he went on the Nashville. Dateline national David Price frowned when he looked over lunch menu at the southern his favorite restaurant in his vibrancy. It chicken dish he'd been raving about seconds before was not listed. A quick negotiation with the waiter fix that. Price was assured the chef would be happy to bookseller put something together quote he shorts all right the Red Sox lefthander said. No problem. This is a big this thing construed as nag that's not no that can't because you don't know my god may agreed to make this chicken dish. May 25 Tony seventeen Michael Silver and Chris Sale and David Price live in opposite worlds. And he it's a column about its how the sale is compliant with the media and price eighty's not much. But last night and to me the most in the we'll get will be much different trying to enter isn't our good friend Evan drill a Chinese colleague your friend a guy that we helped get the job of compound was you do us well as he read repentance. I'm by going on across the street and he's not coming on today are not coming up right I don't think he's ever come around again good. You wanna come on those holes I want to become on today because we have to straighten him out he said something. After price berated him scolded him like a child is that something that was just so wrong. And I mean I don't care but from Comcast I'm not happy about that we'll play that sound we get back the curtain. In Callahan show he's fall on Sports Radio WEEI. Joy will rain and mud built for someone's again you know what is ours for a month Clarence nuclear waterfront. Now to an. African. Got cars for a group. At Christmas. It Obama promised you'd get if it's my cursor that the picture for you might. It's like among them. Government here we go ready for it. Champion in the battle embraces the yes the second yet right Chris you don't seem like alleged terrorists are now under. His or her speak in the Mike. It's free ticket Thursday be denied call right now at 6179310937. Win two tickets. For Monday's game against Philadelphia. Plus ball flight when a fifty dollar gift card the Red Sox team store. General contest rules applied free ticket Thursday presented by town fair tire and also brought to buy a Gypsy urgent care to be the night callers 617. I'd 31. 0937 right now and we want the cash box and it Iraq's lack cash bar. I usually work. He's nervous because he's heading over to see Tony Robbins and his. Partner Tom Brady yes shortly he's an overdue via wherever that is another another new moment for Brady I'll say that and you're in a defendant but it's a bad it's what he likes to do's in to motivational thing you get paid that's his view that we had somebody who was purported dependence on Telus he's getting paid an insane amount or half a million which cannot be true that cannot be true. Happenings and fuels from one sports I'm output. And steal anything and we know I don't wanna do that and it's it's it's about how many people are going in this thing where's that at the explorer and don't know convention senate convergence and become a digital still available. Yes there were some so. Like how many people are going to thousands I would say over eloquent advocate of 500000 dollars in the darkness the net I would say he's probably getting six figures though. It's into 3000 dollars for a front row seat. Seeking field hospital if a thousand people pay 3000 dollars that's like. It's like a couple thousand bucks for it they it's almost 3000 mark. Returns on this very yeah yes I we we told you about Johnson's column that was pregame we found out David Price. I was meant to be guys and was going to deprive them of his correct. Insightful profound thoughts or no war no more personal interviews he says. No more updates on how Castro was doing which is really disappointing to all of us because we knew him you know regular I don't know how he's doing fine back search. Asteroid Baxter's did you not re in this industry and stands first caught the first questions about why Astros back surgery I guess every once I guess every one. Once know what you doc Castro's getting up there's an. Two recent addition a yeah anyway says he's not gonna talk to beat guys anymore because I guess some talk show host and some fans were mean norm on Twitter. So who's gonna take it out on rob Bradford and Ian Browne and chase master out anyway. After the game. He called the relic aside and relic. Who music Comcast guys thanks to house TV star thanks to us and berated Evan throw and to me that's a good break for pro X career that's a good thing that makes it sound elitist confrontational Buick is relevant. That's good when I used to occasionally have issues with players my first thought as I can call physical and someone in people read notes. From the sure beats us it's good to have something like this absolutely. A relic I don't know that he thinks that way because he went on his employer's network Comcast with the nighttime show with all the current and the blond chick and the other guy and said. You pick and at a time case Smith and Tom Giles. Any and it said he had to keep this prize because between them and I'm thinking I'm going no no no no there's nothing I haven't or shouldn't have to have pressured and that should do hardship. Hawley that that I don't know place. After the game price wasn't happy he was directly I'm happy with me we had a conversation about it. I prefer not to detail is that the character issues meant to be mostly private but it was loud enough that other reporters over Apple's stock. Reggie upright past I'd like and you know like I learning him. The only track your boss. And then again you know while Kevin Miller get to them on the phone right there. These as soon as he's done an increase Evan what the hell you doing this disease scoop this is news this is good stuff are nighttime show and ease its that's for sure. Give it to. What these measures on the list luckily may point out nation make Adam withdrawing and did your latest shall Balinese. On and it's nice to see what two hours before going on that's written off I mean I'm just. The dude I knew I do you think do you think David Price preface to zapped on a same pisses. So this is just between you and me. This is how IV there were people around her there are people around of course things that happens in an open clubhouse and you don't say to me that this conversation is off the record. It is not a and it's not enough but also other people right so it's old like it's I get on his sorry I'm curious now if he writes this morning and he's been in talks Ian and talking with our editor of our website art. Why are tolerant about almost likely about how other approached the story today supporting coaches aren't you see them right to forget that I mean I am hoping it is that as you know the story and gives us. All of the details I think he's I think he understands as he's been around as though it does no conversation right what he said exactly right in the F bombs and bloodshed here promote your gonna write about it people girls a first person county you had a fight with that you might we're lucky he producing did you love attacked you. And any attack Buckley Buckley wrote about at an Ian Browne but he won't rightly it's right or so Red Sox rallied right. MLB dot whatever he's not like I love the parameters relic writes for the coach to be honest about the different LB mlb.com these days matter Toronto right now conference ground ball that's very encompassing thing or another but master of wind would either mean he's right about this racial slurs that suppose we happen. If you heard Otto and chuck Jennings right in with the Red Sox right now when I Ian Browne has not posted an administrator countenance the zeppelin and let's discuss Betsy and eat it to be thirty and that's not his job he works for a Major League Baseball soccer ball. Did did the bush policy works for the Red Sox and Yorker criticizing him. We do you wrote a piece kitchen read some tax enterprise we supposed to do that route you brown we get fired if you I think it. Well I or your you know it's. And none at some point today he's probably gonna have to address it because now it's become news right now I'd say it's a Colin herald this morning by Steve Buckley who he is gonna. You you think no. You'll out of fuel telling you want it's it's a propaganda he won't but relic thinks that he can keep the conversation between them is that that so. Wrong I'd prefer not to detail is that the character issues meant to be mostly private sounds we're trying to we're just I like we're having a what is that what we're gonna try Eminem on there no question should be I don't it should be able once it. Now was current. Would think that. Current or how Lee who have both Ben and eight Indian and Indian navy and club us to know that that's not private Evan this is your chance here's a follow. By you specifically are the media in general haven't any has been pitching good. That's why he feels the liberty to say stuff right now but go ahead you answer that. Our guys well I took it to be built from competition had with him. It. Both came away from it but yeah I don't think he sits in the dugout. With Dan Shaughnessy. And has a conversation with. He kind of doesn't want it want to get off his chest. Now to talk. Yet so so do you see the testimony as they would Dan Coats and that admiral and the senate alliance of that ethnic and the senators from both parties saying you have to. No not a one on their own view invoking executive privilege or plead the fifth now. You have to answer a question I didn't notice that set restaurant I just listen and it handled but this is not yet this is not confidential Evan this is not between you and David Price obviously he has no respect for you. Why you. Affording in this kind of respect the you're keeping his aunt from off the record. The only thing I can think of dare is that. Maybe the Red Sox hold a menace. I don't know that there was some pressure from your organization like okay venue Richard eagle dared say but with a Red Sox pressured me in I'm doing this and he lets the sharks are you would do I mean before he says residents pressured him in the Indy turtle that's even worse right and and all this work of the rats I felt what is the only might as well got is that when you're you're if you know your. Is who's gonna happen today there's going to be obviously it was in the rush to defend LeBron even though he played a great those brave the rush to defend Cade the that's what we call on when we like him. Because he went to the semi three win team to win a title announcement would title and on but quite an achievement and the rush to defend price. That's Ted it's gonna be less than me and I asked a lot of price do you think price you'll feel ironically though and patios at the fat ice the most. You don't could sue right price my point prices blaming. So I'm talking about it is they do that international accidentally running back and defend her honor now. The group rushed defendant in the afternoon. Yes I think somebody will afternoon but you yes. Much or how what's the price defense. Well I got one for his dog groups from messed Armando says that he heard racial slurs last year it will be that happen leave it did so what would they from the peak county and the. It's a drought and that's a mean I like Jason but that's that's a silly place to go because we that instinct right there. He may just find it easy for a night again I can see I would even say hey have a case to me dated a few days of railing on the wave that fans have treated him. And that it was may be frustrating even after his last start that maybe he feels like no matter what he does it's not good enough fans have been great to pricey to boot it all there's nothing funny he did we went to Pataki got mercilessly. Heckled. He does get. He does take a lot of the rest of video with me merciless person. Tackles that game I mean people where they're just mean how many how big leaguers go to a rehab start in getting tackled at any level inputs and he's got. He got smoked I mean you didn't you play the sound you think it was a little. In your you know your defense your show will have tang Wales has some stupid but he'll go Adam. And Felger knew you guys who column I'll pick on the task but for the most part that I thought airliner. You went after and then. Because you because that while the ties so last year Kyle Draper went into their Sox clubhouse and had a little confrontation with David Price. Nobody really knows why it hasn't been nicest guy he does I think I was on vacation seems filling in for me. It didn't really make any sense and the only thing we can't think. And price sometimes was a little snippy with me as wow I never asked me questions and I thought to spoil things that title which is that they guy but that is asked of her life I've heard that from I heard that from friends I happen to be as well she's the dating back but I bet they wanted that he and apparently he no like that hold it it felt her math language Emory Blake makes fun of his boy ace and they do that they did that he sees that. And he told the students sees that he sees them Mike plague he sees America network at an early. That's the case when he wouldn't all of us in right February Supertramp and always do when I was very sensitive and you can't be sensitive that's the case to go back to Tampa I guess I'm just not which I don't think that's a difference of power anyway he never should it come here and everyone knows. You know he's going to be happier the way you should have come here we're beat writers will rule asking questions about his dog and right and I was menu and I would like I hope he's buys coffee for the development at sesame sees a Klansman like he should go somewhere where they're nicer than I guess it will play maybe something right treated like he's in the I could be your Joseph Lewis for dozens of never being written about. You don't remove people who can only and love it when fans tell them how great they are. Are viewers or listeners have a hard time coming here because the minute they take any criticism it's likely. You found me and some guys who elect Lackey Lackey was a dating but he the hearing compared to get under. Mean in light it's funny to Twitter to talk about it. Right time it doesn't bother me all the doesn't bother you David Price ready tweet about it but I mean really guys like Crawford it was good object lesson Crawford never should become a huge payment because they paid more right and they that's kind of the way it works in the real world you say. Will the pay me more but I'll be unhappy in domain. Like. You could probably you probably image of the New York to make more. I guess maybe maybe. It should be miserable churn Wal-Mart miserable in the yard short disabled due in baseball they do you really know their level of happiness. The won't be the same they go to for the top dollar almost every time. Because you know should know this is the Brodsky he's been around us before he should've known better this was going to work curious how it he starts went what's that Friday. Price tonight tonight yeah tonight and as he has to talk after what you gotta think he's doing this is pitching today. And lost his mind and Evans rallies I thought his next hour haven't tweeted the bodies of wrinkles right PC BA from rules when he attributes where player is obligated to speak that's all relative right. My third brigade that's pretty hurtful. He detect during the game. It is my pleasure actor screen that I after the game between you check during the I guess for those old games at their most phones these sites it's what 7779. 7937. Kirk Allen trainee will grip Kirk. Callahan and right now plus Sports Radio got you. Jimmy the problem could be a back up making 24 million dollars. On ballpark. That makes it a quarterback controversy I'm sorry folks in Toms test. I mean you know the fact that Tom says oh my god this guy to get like they're gonna pay him 24 million dollars to stay here Tom this Tom got perks. All right what people would just talking about his mortality. After they started to add to that season and you could tell in his behavior. Tom doesn't like this. He knows something wrong when. I actually agree with a lot of with ten. We're says I it is not a lot there I disagree with a be honest it quarterback controversy I think what I didn't phrase incorrectly there has to be some level of quarterback controversy. Inside the walls of Gillette Stadium if this is going on you can tell me everybody thinks it's going on except the guy who is sharing the stage and Tony Robbins doesn't having elect animosity toward Jimmy oracle until I said I said was do you think there are decision makers inside the bill into assay and I think. What we've been debating back and forth why is crop most I ever ever source somewhat trying to have a source who said the bottom line here is. Judgment and those who loves crumple when they go. I don't GRE's report that sounds excitement he wouldn't say so let's say that's true love it there and other people in that room is able to bad trade him in skip some guidance and like an appetite or explain to run it pass rusher. Except to explain to you answered that you get from the tales or Belichick is may be next here may be next here. What's your brick but what bush. And I have to admit that when you're throwing when the rumor is that they're gonna throw that kind of money back at 24 million dollars. Yeah fight harder that Brady doesn't think that's all that's our that's what indication that choice grapple please notice that I always treated women and no draft and it's just that may be next if you trade him next year in March on how on never have to pay him for how long but how long can you waits to groom another another sticking Jacoby percent is the air and unless they really think Tom Brady's gonna play until he's 45. How long are we willing to truly is at 340 two's three more seasons that means two more minutes you path do you deal grapple. That might that's probably enough. But what I don't know I. There's really think that if you if you do your sources right and probably is or she probably is about drop oh. And in the games as anybody really think the government decode percent to be the next quarterback of the patriots aren't really UK assets are and do their constituents. I don't affect my source said they really like this if I'm not saying he's short of there they dislike anybody from the source hum. Yes they hate numbers and two GO just tweeted that he has and seeking charity than you didn't because he's there to mcdaniels hasn't taken on board that he is the league is points begging Belichick wants to hang on there. Iraq hello and his mind what I guess Brady's aching Belichick you know grappled mcdaniels oh yeah. And Moore's response Belichick camps and is okay one more year we'll see what happens and you said it. Think of that. One more year you have forty year old quarterback one more year to see you. Eight he gets old beat cancer I'm talking you know ten or 15% decrease in production enough I think from the -- OK let's -- this I don't know of that numbered but always have you know at liberty volume goes up on that discussion if Brady goes against what I said all along and by the way it's got nothing to do would Brady's. Hillbillies just forty right right correct and you say they're the exact same interest about the discussion would be gone in things not agree with 36. That's an enterprise security of a major but really you know -- tell -- about our case we don't know what's it like. You know mallet Euro. Whatever O'Connell or any of these guys because it was never an issue brewer was never was always in his past sobering news castle group already got herpes still as prime. That the differences that's what I said September we debated this was. My only question is what if Belichick and McCain is our basic raw apple is going to be great great quarterback which is hard to find you can tuck these guys in this draft. You don't know if they sit there and it seems that every day now. Like to do it Brady Bledsoe. And they say grapple is going to be ten year pro bull kinda quarterback. Then you do everything you can't keep them you know and at some point left yes they have to pull the trigger because. You can't keep waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting on his care at some point because traffic you have to trade Brady that's the only choice. Who do you think you grapple it was a transcendent talent. You have no choice you have to trade numbered amid and that's what they would do and you know what the fans will be OK the media were unedited and we are two of hysteria. Asked her for what yeah very early age play I want you might have more charity if he plays well election patriots trade Tom Brady for a day or two the city little willful and you're talking next you're gonna tell audience and I understand yes of course as Welker not that I know this everybody Fremont illegal I said I'm never gonna bitch again Revis Gregory Davis you have to you have the final quick thought maybe that will pray that this is MVP again that's ideally that's great but they can kick it down the road they don't have to decide now crew think they should have my opinion is that the way don't they were all about to fleece the browns were all set up to please the browns. And they would have had a I felt like I still say it again you can have an excuse for them to keep it have a chance of drafting he'll be best quarterback in the draft next right yes. That's at that and next the issue at hand is that right now you have at least somewhat of a known commodity and mean I don't know what you know you and I can't really tell from six quarters but the patriots they know a lot radar and they know what they've got engineer. Well I'm still wonders if he's tough enough because there's never any question about Tom Brady's toughness they still questions of grapples toughness. And again I and I know that's for me and for our fro with the idea of trading for the top pick in the draft. You think the scales suggested before above Belichick if you set mcdaniels them children Freeport top guys to achieve this for quarterbacks. We're gonna go on the top like six I know but I can you showed these four guys you don't think he would love one to them what would they think he thinks is good in this is to describe probably there may be. I mean isn't Donald supposed to be the TV and you keep you keep assuming the first pick in the draft for grow I just said before quarterback opponents of yes they get topic is not the first Cleveland's personal thought the trip if they could have rode today didn't they could have trade him for next year's first round I'm convinced. Based on what. Based on Cleveland's need for a quarterback if you think too to show on passes the answer and no way to clear the smoke and I destination date there clearly playing upon or explain shafted me. I I can't sell a million times I can't so he's he's chapter. Amended his remarks he doesn't think they would Cologne or if they go for four dollars and two or 31 they wouldn't wouldn't trade. So exit to a three they wouldn't trade and I think he's pretty hearing this from you know all due respect your source sisters from actual source I'm making up you anomalies got a from a real socialists. From what. That the Irish on mineral. Man. I don't know. Anyway no idea. Alas we heard just some Turkish section of contrary he won't listen to me on this but can you imagine if they traded today. Grapple for Cleveland's great I think it's clear that that the patriots would make a trip browns right now for the first pick in the draft for the browns plus I'm passionate and leave I believe shift and now. I do I'm convinced that the right grapples modeling in a couple. Will be issuing looking longer and great pretend you are aren't Bill Belichick and nick this would you not make that deal I would I would. He's not gonna play unless it adds we can't get out of the less you're not going to let you think Iraq apple is a great quarterback I don't know. How do you get the first pick in the draft you say trade someone great. The quarterback and it also poured the biggest that's okay regulations you. And Jerry and what does that indicate. TO that they love him for me and they do. It's you know what the fact that Belichick loves him. Although it does increase his value of Barack us on this roster a year from two from today. You agree east they'd they'd metres I don't think Rob Lowe will sit for two more years but he's on the try to did Wright ever done. It's just a question of what what what are they I can't imagine that will be his fifth year right. And he'll be 27. In the following fall yes you tell me this guy who has died he's Grassley he's very confident it's gonna say. I'll continue to watch for and also more Toledo along I 4045 when he guarantee. These these are getting. Absolutely if he you know it goes everyone always says christianity and all these guys who say he's going to be a perfect situation he's here. Mcdaniels and gronkowski and all these receivers and Belichick. The guys don't think that way they think that they look at another team not Cleveland but they look at Houston or Denver say. They're pretty good too and they will pay me a hundred million are our four coming up 6177797937. Crusade continues the search continues for Jerry Kelly who got. Me and pasted by the afternoon showed tight toward my guys after Jerry Kelly it's not right I don't like the social want shall cry I don't either but the search continues Gerri you're looking for what you've you've got a colorful find something that we heard holly attack me and dale attack mean viciously yes. Did he. We're still looking also I also think Eddie taking it to us but it. He earned the attention back who also looking for somebody who liked to ease the effect of I didn't buy Ramey hood and we're looking to someone who has. David Price is back to good I don't are also looking for some when he said something at the recent data that's a lot of questions that our force.