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Red Sox Review with Mut - David Price will only speak to media now after starts and Jerry Remy's apology. 06-07-17

Jun 8, 2017|

In the final hour of Red Sox review Mut talks about David Price and his decision to only to talk the media after starts now. Mut also wonders if this means that Price will not be in Boston for his full contract. Mut also talks about Jerry Remy's 17 second apology.

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It's Red Sox revue with Mike Mike net ski dial 6177797937. Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. Sox review a happy Wednesday night review brought few buyer friendly town fair tire. The best prices on tires that would be town fair tire nobody case believe they. Red Sox lost in the bonds tonight eight to nothing your final. Much more talk tomorrow on nine. David Price. Here on this radio station much more talk about brawn and the cavaliers potentially. Winning this game three. Tomorrow on the station and much more about Jerry's apology. The what you saw last night at the stadium we'll get back to the phone calls in a second year at 61777979837. We react to last night to. The Ramey stuff on the broadcast with the the bizarre. Take on it. The translator being on the field without bothering Jerry Remy for whatever reason. Pressed by Dave O'Brien never really got a good answer for it. Odd but social media what not yet the note the real. Lefties try to find a way to blame Donald Trump's America for Remy had to say in eagle through Twitter and ready must of voted for trumpet blob blob blonde. It led to no surprise today. Jerry Remy apologizing. On Twitter. I'm through the red dog Twitter account saying Obama I saw I'm sorry for offending anybody with what I said last night he still never quite said. What he's apologizing for but he apologized as did nests in. Is that the Boston Red Sox. And I get Randy apologizing in 2017. I don't understand why nests and apologized and I saw an oval the Red Sox did. So that led to 7 o'clock tonight. 7 o'clock tonight they start to NASA and broadcast. And Dave O'Brien welcomes everybody to New York in 23 game series. He hands it over to Gerri Randy and this was the Jerry Remy on air NASA an apology tonight prior Red Sox yankees. Last night during the cause of the Red Sox Yankee games I made some comments that offended a number of people in our audience. I'd like to apologize to my colleagues in the us and to the Boston Red Sox the most importantly to the fans who were offended by my comments I sincerely hope you accept my apologies thank you very much. As our Red Sox producer had a day said and he's right. Suspect. Seventeen seconds. Clearly. Not through old haven't apologized the video does not doing justice. 070 zags have a point it was. It was a typical 2017. Media apology. One that I'm sure ought to make at some point okay where it's Torre goes with the territory these days. He still didn't say what he was apologizing for. Weeks building get the exact breakdown of it. But it's a weird standard now that NASA is going to apologize. Every time one of their guys says something that I think ready that was a dumb comment to make. It wasn't racist by any means Jeremy is not racist I watch enough baseball games to know. That. There's. There's not a whole lot of racism if any ended Jeremy takes on Major League Baseball. The condos is dull. And can make any sense. But I watched NASA a lot I see played dumb things. Like the guys they have on their shows. So is that the thing now apologize all the OK we'll all keep track of that. When Chad overweight here one of their in baseball basketball guys are Bradford. God knows rattles easily stupid. On that Bradford minute. They apologized. For the at the bar now setting. So I again I get ready avenue apologize. Everybody else I'd just way way way it's and this is just 2017. And the these social media reaction apology. When you feel like as a media and to the Horry business when. There's so much social media reaction by people who just wanna be angered by everything. And offended by everything. That now you feel like you've got to apologize. Or have your towel apologize or your president apologized or your see what whoever days. We gotta say sorry for what what's what is he apologizing for. I offending people what did he say that was offensive to people. What did what was he trying to say. And as far as I know I watched some of the game tonight but when I'm working your music listening to the game. Interacting when Joseph and Tim during these very very. Popular school boards segments in the second fourth and seventh innings so as far as I can tell. They never revisited tonight in the broadcast existed there in the pregame seventeen seconds since saint. Was the app pack a day outlined for that and he's right. Quick to the point no more mention of it and it's upon be the end of it which is fine with me. Other reaction last night was silly. It was a dumb things said by an announcer. Announcers say dumb things every out of the week. A lot more when I'm on the year. So that was apology tonight will see I think that's upon put an end to I think. 6177797937. Phone number Alex and fair haven on David Price hi Alex. With all Mike does you gotta do it's and reminds the world just to touch base on Iran is saying you know. I agree with you he says something stupid. I think you'd get blown way out of proportion so politically correct America now. Yeah it's we it's weird this this thing where. We have to apologize for everything even if we don't quite know Alex why it's offensive in a dammit if one person. Sends a tweet shorted the Gramm poster FaceBook message saying they were offended to we're gonna apologized for the matter what it's a weird response. Yes and I think that. Randy felt obligated. To say sorry just probably because the heat he was feeling down a box and. Williams electric Alice let you get cheered price point but do you think you felt obligated or do you feel like you I I feel like he was told by a NASA and he had to apologize tonight I don't think is a voluntary thing. Yeah I don't think that he said it because I. I doubt he'd go after incidents like single out any nationality now erased right and like that just kind of rolled off the talk that at this time part of this. So I don't think he was trying to offend anyone. And EI agree that you as far as NASA and told them to a call it that. That's all I feel I'm it's it anyway you what he's he said it it it felt like he was. Frost say we're having to apologize the video doesn't want justice send the audio does my guess is Alex for ball for guys like us who want listed with the goes overblown. I just probably ends it and you'll hear very little about it unless. He says something. That offends people down the road when they'll point to this after that I guess. Exactly. Now as far as David Price goes ominous what sort of just. Not a giggle a price that's what the shows Obama front. Armed. To be honest David Price hasn't pitched the best with the Red Sox. Definitely not compared to the rest it is Korea no doubt. But. I would still want David Price on my team. You know. You were amazed. Out of me maybe it's possible for anybody be worth thirty plus million dollars but I would say you didn't. You can get the return on your investment in year one when he signed a free agent the the counterargument Alex is in nobody ever lives up to. The freeagent money. Tired but I I guess right now I'd say the jury's still out because I. What else did you know that thirty million dollars the guy picks last year and for seventeen wins. You know I'm is it career three ERA. And last year is CRA was almost four holes they run it worse last year than his career. I ERA and so war will policies more starts this year before I make that statement. Money that you'd been paid to not pitch like that type of picture yes we. He's still one on this team absolutely I think that. Once healthy and he's on his game which until it passes abilities wanted to talk which is it. And he has gotten in a playoff games that's one thing that. Looks really bad on them but I think yes they're really good opportunity and bought. Around. And portal won the Cy Young last year and is a great pitcher. What if it came down to it and had to choose between price of facility apple might teen at the top of their game I would definitely Tuesday. Even a playoff game. And yes yet have a hard time with price Alex in a in a playoff game just based on the history thanks for your call. It was going back through the David Price game law during the break. And reminding myself but some of those starts that frustrated me with David Price. Start to the arrogance Baltimore five innings five hits five earned runs the big home run to Chris Davis I believe that was that game. Two starts later against Tampa. Three and two thirds 888 runs two starts later at the Yankees four and two thirds seven hits six runs. So out of his first 1234. (%expletive) his first seven starts at Red Sox uniform there at least three. He would jet did not give you a chance to win. Just base in the way he pitched. Anyone a nice run after that when the Red Sox score from eleven runs eight runs five runs. But then again you had that stretch in June into July. It's too and truth are two and a third 1286 earned at the Rangers Red Sox are you won backing. He's big loss for zeroing out before too before six. Four starts later Minnesota five and two thirds eleven hits five earned runs. Dodger game five innings six hits six were earned runs meets he had this this. Packet of games where. For a guy making thirty million dollars and and the pick that out for your ace. You don't expect that many starts. Where he essentially. Put short team and you better score five or 61 situations to win. And he went on an amazing Iran. Late August September. He won seven starts in a row he won eight of nine starts. He's TE ED it was excellent nose starts. That was Pete David Price last year the gets back to that the fans will be fine with them. Actually fine. Get that stretch against Arizona. Eight innings three runs six innings Iran against Baltimore. HI donated ball I've I've got a gold that the tired game but you were ever Bob Streeter Red Sox fan that August September stretch that unfortunately. He got hit the month and it's September. Putting by the Yankees and pitch the at the Yankees tomorrow will see. Kind of success he has it the Yankees. After getting hit hard by them a couple of different times last year in fact. Take all three of his starts. Against the Yankees were. Not Cory what I should force starts against the Yankees last year. Looking back on it now. And they were not good. He got a way to one of them of the Red Sox scored eight runs seven innings six runs four and two thirds six runs. Those were two consecutive starts. Five and two thirds three runs in a loss. And in the end of the year or six innings five or no decision six tanks six runs loss. And the playoffs start the bad start against Cleveland here are allowed six hits he walked. A couple of guys there as well. And so just too many of those starts Reid really be chance to win. He got pushed back and and how that's gonna happen in Boston he. He said to John the mossy trading is there are data foxwoods that he knew would be difficult year. He knew this would be the case. Well Betty got some push back for some of these bad starts and he's now telling Dan Shaughnessy tonight he's not talking to the media. And he's asked about the experience of Boston and never mentioned the fans. So he's he's taken a turn. As price to the point where when you read this story. I get start thinking about David Price opting out of his deal after next year. 6177797. ID 37 is the number he can Texan as well 37. 937247. On Twitter at Mott and UTW. Week yeah I bought the Red Sox sleepy. Lost it's the Yankees price with Shaughnessy. Or REIT saw that coming up as well and Randy and his apology tonight prior to the game all on the table for you. As you keep an eye on cavaliers and warriors team's three game three as well in the NBA finals he had the cavs and LeBron could tie this thing please. At times they get back in this series. Don't like Golden State's week. Yes it hurts but I am Rudy. I'm rooting for LeBron. Set it out loud again. Warrior calls as well till midnight and Christian arcade right here Sports Radio WE yeah it's Red Sox revue with Mike Mike net ski on Sports Radio WEEI. We have a reaction to it's. It's not something like I said it's not some. It's. I heard ought to at a very young age. Whatever kids who was a lot of silly stuff to move to other. I've heard it. It's. Dominating. The next six years. It's going to be. We've positive hello everybody. David Price and Charles above the glass. Except if you're a fan doesn't like him. Except if you're a media member who dared question him. Except if your immediate member was a sports talk show or race sports TV show or doesn't work for the bath tingle home. Any of those entities. Negativity or else positive glow all the happy gross felt that page on its epic time. Kiss my ass on Twitter audience that's. That's the positive Eddie everything else. On dunked. Pocket of people on dot talk in the media. I don't apply on Twitter. This is the David Price reaction here tonight this'll be the biggest story in town tomorrow is my guess although. I think that back I think right now we are trending towards a a big LeBron cavs warriors day. On your Thursday sports talk given this game right now which has been an epic back and forth. Between the cavaliers and the warriors and the broad anti re and direct and staffed curry. Arcana as the entire breakdown on that a whole lot more midnight right here. Are on WB yeah this is Red Sox review Mott in this sunspot do you guys tonight 617779. 79372. Text and as well 37937. In on Twitter at mutt and UT. WEEI. Piling on David Price makes no sense Dan Shaughnessy putting and writing what. He has said on a couple of media outlets stuff for a couple weeks now. Worries all the son Dan Shaughnessy is critical of everybody and everything is defending David Price he will. Mock the crafts at every turn he will take shots and Brady for everything and everything yet when it comes to David Price. Leave David Price alone Shaughnessy writes today other sounds odd coming from me. But folksy know lay off David Price here Red Sox fan you should be rooting for this guy to succeed that doesn't always seem to be the case. Again I give people that were critical of price last year. Because he didn't pitch well in spots. As a text or pointed out the seventy wins came through some very good run support. And a high. It was a good not great year for thirty million dollars you expect more when you go to a very high end restaurant. And you pay eighty dollars for race stake in a couple sides you expected to taste like gold. If it doesn't you walk away unimpressed you walk away disappointed. Those are Red Sox fans last year. You walked in or stake out is that. It was okay it was good wasn't great that was price. When you take out the fact he won seventeen games. Because a lot of those wins with thanks to run support that's why wins. Mike Adams and others kind of a dumb stat when it comes to pitching. There are better stats in baseball now and price is adding to pitch or great last year. The best thing about price. That also came at a stretch where he had a bunch of games where heating give his team a chance to win that was the catch 22. So Dan is on the leave David Price alone beer wagon. Bank Tom Brady bag of the patriots kill their fans when it comes they're price leave price alone got it. All Red Sox commingled okay now makes some sense. I Shaughnessy writes Boston sports talk radio slash TD cowboys. And Eagles back to all be but goodie. My god how many people still get this reference I'd nukes I was around them but if you are 23 years old and you're reading while you're probably not be shown see that point anyway. Rick pitino's fellowship of the miserable. Is there an update reference when it is our New Coke reference an ear. Daily elbows. The Rick Pitino fellowship of the miserable love booting on price. Social mainstream media gleefully jumping and everybody loves Chris L McKee bets and injured antennae. But nobody loves David Price. I'd also say nobody's brag doping on vacation. After losing a playoff game and all the money they have there but that's just me. I'm better or worse Dan writes become clear the vaunted Boston baseball experience. That green monster that devoured lights Edgar and the rear Carl Crawford and a raft of other folks who succeeded elsewhere has changed price. Playing at Fenway for the Red Sox is not for everybody. It is not for the sensitive thoughtful folks. And reading the story from Dan tonight re a quotes about the pitcher David Price pretty clear. I'd Dan believes their price one of those sensitive thoughtful folks. He asked a part of the game tonight. Batting practice. How are you enjoying playing in Boston. Prices answer I love my teammates man. That's what I came here for. I came here do with these young guys have a chance to win a World Series we have that opportunity not just for this year for a long time coming that's what I want to be apart of no mention the fans when I landed there has playing a Boston change you be more cautious now. I'm not cautious he insisted on the same day. I don't talk to the media every gaelic it last year and I guess I get blown up for that. I'll ask the question and if you guys I see bend Charleston here and they see Christian Arkin. Are people mad at David Price because he's not talking in the media every day anyone get our cans on a million hours a week. I'm not I've not gotten calls from and not one person. Saying I batted Dave price he's not talking in the media every day the media might be now debate because disaster we'll get that Jason massive Donald herald near to second. But I was honest and everything they asked me lash your right to block for that. So they did this to themselves. Talk to me on the day pitch and that's Nick Price said. There are no more personal interviews there's no more asking me questions on a personal level that's done. Again before the year he says he's disappointed that more media did not get them all personally and now he is showing that all down. So sports talk radio sports TV is bad but the the media is that the beat writers are not gonna talk to. You feel like you are our people rooting for you succeed. Prices answer in August 24 guys in this clubhouse and all our coaching boarding forming. My family and my friends that's all I need whenever anybody else wants to do that's on that I'm fine I'm at peace. Again election the fan base of support. Pretty evident what he's saying by not saying that. Finally do you like pitching for the Boston Red Sox. I love this team. We've got a really good team I like the organization. Everybody's been their former the entire time through the ups and downs everything. They charged minutes about a support for me I'm going to give it back. Again what he's saying by not saying right the fans the city the ballpark any of that stuff. And so on the Mike Rowe. He's done talking in the media really annoyed at the fan base and the media does like the negativity bigger picture is the reality that David Price. Eyes a real shot reading this story if things don't change for him here. It doesn't feel that low back from the fan base and from the media I guess. He's got up out of that deal and it might be less than a thirty million dollars guaranteed the Red Sox or in the four years after that. But he does not seem happy in this story. And to me that's the biggest take away. He's mad at the media he's done talking and media they haven't supported him the fans have supported him he loves his teammates. That appears to be it. And when you're a chance to opt out place somebody somewhere else and the money is gonna be roughly the same. We've already made millions upon millions in your career. That to me is the sign of a player who is. At least right now. Sounds like you guys can opt out. That question has never asked Europe's surprised. Maybe. He didn't get asked that question and again and it so it can be published. I'm surprised the and did not go there with that maybe that's not supportive enough maybe that would have been a negative. Think for Dan to write because Dan is. Supporting David Price. When it's Brady our craft to the patriots. No support. When it's David Price. We do support. When it stand gross fell we deuce got it OK we're good now on the same page. 61777979237. Is the phone became text in his well 37. 937 and on Twitter at much and UT WE yeah. Our brides Attleboro on David Price I Bryant. Why I love you but man I mean certainly if you are actually clean slate. I mean he's pitched pretty well coming out of key. Yeah as I say a good start and a great start so far. I thought he came out well I mean I I do think that they should Batman. By. Hey whatever. Any secrets cocaine that first game that they've pitched pretty in the second and it's him. And meet people Kilmeny that in part American people Kilmeny or. A lot of pride Bryan rat hole I help help me out so I think they they're there are fans that have been critical price for. Talking too much and some of the things he said after the playoff loss I have never ever ever gotten one person. To call or text or tweet instead of following. David Price he's talked to the media more or a match their pricey not talk in the media enough. I've never heard of the guys on the Asian you know you walk away you know what. I'd ever see what your. About. Not. Let what I ever would ever critical David Price for not talking to the media. When he had that last. Has collapsed mine a league rehab. All all all okay that's not that's not what the Red Sox okay that he then that is a very good point Brian good job buddy you I totally weird sort of forgot about that. That was a rehab start at the market. It was over how I was taken Major League games and I know he's. With the injury thing he's been saying you know glass manager John and he hasn't talked to that the media but you're right about that that was. That was petty yet all the media went down there to talk to many good he said he would talk in pay twelve and heckled by fans and left. A battle book. Now of course you know I'm here right Rodney and it has everything. And and I do wanna take in a good to have you about fifteen minutes of radio my days when university for. I. Hope Bryant thanks Alyssa and my hear more of that in the coming months here at the station thanks for your call. I'm Alex in Malden on David Price Alex. And mud on the bill to amend. Your we are quite comment on hopefully come. I'm really not sure what that's like to welcome on I. And to look at it objectively. I'm not one of these guys on Twitter all aren't like all of a playoff game don't want I'm I try to come off simply don't always meet. On. There and the whole contract situation like fate of people that Ole mister collegiate road trip because you have to agree that it is. What Eric I'll leave I vehicle he has absolutely I'd probably feel. But it's got to make it very 31 million dollar a year he wants to be the pre game which as it. Block up from 120 if there are. Earnings could strike out all the power to I pay forty million I don't care. We're gonna kinda high. Ought to work partly here Amman earlier talk at all or you're talk about its current look you know a little petty. Or forgo Iowa so good in places like Toronto and Detroit like I thought Alex I'm with you I thought there was a tougher player. Coming here to pitch for the Red Sox and it's the first time in his career. He's faced a real lot of negativity Detroit was not much there Toronto was excellent and in Tampa the fans didn't care sweep comes here. Fans care they point out that maybe he didn't live up to the contract. And so all of a sudden some negativity and this is the reaction I'm I'm surprised by that at some here. Or reporter yeah. Disagree we're all on one ear or ultra ought to note on your marker you agree or art art and art believe. So called that you're off though. Through the factors. Her year and actually keep it last year in a couple years old there all get. Getting. April gets closer to 222324. 25 million dollars on a four year deal somebody will give David Price for years a hundred million dollars. And sunset a four years in 120 it's four years in a 120. Million dollars is a load of money. I would turn it down but when you read these comments. I view this sort of be out tomorrow if you're not logged in your globe if you've used your five stories for the month. Then you ought to wait till tomorrow's paper. Sounds like in the reads like gay guy. That is not throw the city of Boston. Is my reaction to it tonight. On final seconds. After leading for much of this game. The Cleveland Cavaliers about to lose at home. To the Golden State Warriors. And Golden State about the glove three zip in fact it's gone final 118. And 113. Your final. And the cavs had leads in the fourth they got the five or six points at times. And filed a possession they fell apart. LeBron had a bad possession carrier ring a bad recession. LeBron James 45 minutes 39 points not enough. Golden State wins they are up three zip they are went away from sweeping. The NBA playoffs a lot more on that I'm guessing although not program and a show but arc in had a chance to watch on this game I was on the air for much of it. All I know is I kept walking up in the fourth quarter cavs were up in Iran and Iraq. They lost by five. Quick break we'll come back here from John Ferrell and get to the Christian arcade at midnight here on WEEI. It's Red Sox revue with Mike Mike net ski on Sports Radio WEEI. Banned from Britain. Bell tomorrow on WEEI I'm abroad. Can't close it out David Price not happy. Jerry Randy apologize again. Very little on Red Sox and yankees eight dumping bombers tonight record seller takes the loss John barrel after the game in New York. On the baseball like what we want to see in the it was a good sinker down Obama is only got a couple of quick counts. And he gets you yeah the first two innings in good fashion he's forced to make a number of big pictures with men in scoring position nobody out. Finds a way to minimize the damages to one run. And I thought the fourth inning. You know you look like inside that inning and you can't take with a forums that they put over the border for two pitches. Both with two strikes a fastball that found little plate that Castro from leadoff triple. In and then you know the 22 fastball so to Carter until with three runs and won't swinging the bat and you know though those are the two that. I'm sure he focuses on listen to look you know you look back and say this to this game's gonna completely different story. With those two Apache and executed they're not. And fortunate you were in this situation where we are. But I that there were number of positives inside this. And yet. You know any time word Rick is in a run here or when he doesn't make mistakes. That they've capitalized on uncovered. How about species. That he had good location was extremely efficient we can really get anything going and we didn't leadoff triple and couldn't even. I unified way to force the run across so. Backdoor breaking ball was a big pitch for him against right handers. And you know he shut us down. You don't feed it's it goes back to move the consistent or inconsistent location to whose fastball. And that's were. You know a lot of based on you know men on base and had to come from so. Like you said I thought he can navigate here tonight in pretty good shape but two I'm fortunate in turnaround in the end. Combination of both that was the case here tonight. Facing the two pitches that that kind of loom larger of the two mentioned. It. Yeah he kind of just writes I you know. Even got word yarn didn't see the replay them look like it might have gone off a fan's hand in in fair territory in place. But timed it right. There. I think the time it'll actually miles long and take a look at I don't know what I'm assuming that they weren't going to allow him to review it based on the time elapsed. And we're in the division every game's important. We've got an ability to win another road series which is the key for us. David Price from an offer very strong start in his last time out in Baltimore so we're looking forward to getting back and tomorrow. The skip John Ferrell after the game tonight is Cedric were solo. Hobby gets us in tonight the offense shut down by CC sabathia. Old school CC got the old doc Brown's time machine. Circa 201120102009. Eight shutout innings for the Red Sox they can still win the series and still win the road trip would David Price on a mound and my guess is David Price a big topic here. On WEEI. Tomorrow one thing Ben Charleston behind the glass excellent job as always had a good day. Our producer of Red Sox baseball can follow along on Twitter 24/7 at. At mutt and UTW. Week yeah I've my horse racing you might handicapping people waiting for the Belmont podcast. Taping tomorrow morning drops tomorrow afternoon keep an eye and WEEI dot com for that Christian Arquette is in the house. He is up next taking your phone calls until 2 AM let's go. Here on WB yeah.