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Red Sox Review with Mut - What a sleepy performance from the Red Sox offense. 06-07-17

Jun 8, 2017|

The Red Sox offense got shut down by CC Sabathia and made him look like the CC Sabathia of old. Mut also talks about the new article by Dan Shaughnessy on David Price.

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He's he's Red Sox would you grade sucks review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody patiently today. Arrives went deep to right center field Bradley back here. Looks up. Fifth home over the years it's the thirteenth home runs given up. My record so to recap of the Red Sox and the Yankees who terrorism hammered left. Hey back at Billiton Carter. I. A yankees now lead. Five the harder just the blue. Later that baseball. He's Red Sox were you would might make next week. Dial 6177797937. Is it 20. Ball bonds that the shark is gloriously fun as it happens and fires the first thing he. It is not not the right side to me that I think. Yeah that's him he. This is the American League teams the division race for me that this series that want this CC sabathia went to his fifth overall. As they work force alone is not paying doing yard. You re at the box. Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. Somebody put CC sabathia in the way back time machine and sorry but the Red Sox offense on Kevin kneel sleepy time tea. Time holy smokes ate nothing your final yankees shut out by sabathia and company tonight there in New York this indeed is Red Sox view here on your flight station. Four Red Sox baseball Sports Radio WEEI and not with the guys until midnight Christian Arkin will take over at Dan and is always. Your participation in the show is welcome at 617779. 79378. Attacks in as well 37937. And on Twitter at much and UT. WEE I'll start with the game recap in your thoughts tonight if there are any it's one of those games where. I'm I'm guessing a lot of Red Sox fans bailed. And somewhere middle point in this game. And don't have a lot reaction to eyes and thoughts on this game if you want react to those for the game itself. Welcome those I will tell you that pretty early on the show about ten minutes from now we'll get to. So other Red Sox issues and in fact of the bigger Red Sox story tonight. Odd then their game in New York air RD comments by David Price to Dan Shaughnessy the Boston Globe. Were price says he's done talking to the media and a big picture take away I have about. With this might mean for the future David Price on with the Red Sox beat the that would get you Jeremy apology tonight. He's 172. Apology buries the saints are pretty it's a pattern they mention. On Twitter after it happened and a lot of different things to get cute tonight and your phone calls as always it's 617. 7797937. As for tonight's game. A couple things stand now. To me that things stand out to you welcome to join in the conversation the first as reports fellow. Who. Was the science award winner a year ago. And needs to forget. Get close to that. He's got to get out of this home run funk he's in right now when you look at his game laud it tells the story. Since may first he has pitched to 468. Games during that time frame he is allowed eight home runs. In those eight games he's allowed fourteen home runs on the year. It is fifteen starts. He has been very. Home run friendly this year Rick Moore sells a god it thrives on it I'd getting balls in the ground. Getting a ground ball outs. And he's not getting those at the same rate he was a year ago when on the exact numbers but pretty simple to tell. When you look it especially a game like blow the game last time out against the Orioles fifteen fly ball out span of about fifteen pliable lots mrs. A guy who has been a supremely. Credible since really the beginning of men. And there have been plenty of games where he's not got a run support. And while he's been in the Red Sox have not scored. But on top of that he's also been much more suitable that he was a year ago. And any time where you are pitching with out Eduardo Rodriguez. Where Brian Johnson. Is gonna get plugged back in this rotation. I'm still in the jury's out on David Price and not buying into David Price that back just yet I wanna see. I said three starts and so we'll get that third start tomorrow against the Yankees that gives it better I timeframe also wanna CAA. He started Fenway Park. Off for David Price as well. Before I say that he's back to being the pitcher he was at times a year ago. Rick or cell has to be better. Report sell part apparently Ferrell talked about the pregame with that Tim as part of the pregame show tonight. It's something with his delivery in naturally in the balding and over the plate. Eight boards tonight in two walks or ten based Trotter is over. Six and a third innings he had nine base runners. Over six innings last time out yet twelve base runners over six innings the time before that. He had eleven base runners at the time before that he had twelve base solders in six innings time before that. He is tag game after game after game after game. Where he's a lot a lot of hits and a handful walks and that is not conducive to. Rick or sell being effective. The last time he allowed nine or you were base runners. Was in fact I when it was in his last win. I'm but it was voted better game seven innings against the Minnesota Twins any victory. He did not have a tonight the Yankees took advantage glorious home on carded a big home run a and quite frankly could have been worse. For Rick for selling you look back at that was at the bottom of third inning the glorious homered to lead off the frame to make it one nothing at least single Carter saying goal. At some point you had a runners on base of bases loaded. I 211 out he got the arrow next pop out they walked Erin judge Florida mop and Matt Holliday hit that deep fly ball to right field and moved you bet so. That could have been worse there are bottom of the fourth inning in the Castro Tripoli at the three run shot eventually gets out of bed. But this was a tight road game early reports LO he eventually got here and this has become a theme for the guy who won a Cy Young last year. And certainly if you're Red Sox fan and you were canceling in the sale or sell price. You gotta feel a little bit wary about what you've got to report sell as of late. And I say that acknowledging there have been games where he is not got run support. But he has been hit and hit hard recently. And the base waters and the walks in the bill whip. Which is not a and I would call on advanced data at all in fact is probably an old at this point but walks and hits the bottom by innings pitched when he gets close to two. We have a combined walks in it's about a Redding pitched close to two that's bad. And consistently the last 678 starts report cell that's where he's been. Stressful innings lots of base runners coming out of his delivery and it leads to what you saw tonight. Not a very sharp. So that was part of it the other part was the Red Sox offense in general which. Had absolutely nothing. And this is now. Let's get Red Sox bats on Twitter credit this sort of mind boggling. Eight innings no walks no runs against the Red Sox has happened at six times apparently in the last fifteen years. The yank it out down at the Red Sox twice in forty days. I believe the other time was the mossy hero to knock a complete game three it shot out. And since then to knock has got his ass kicked including last night. I was at last good store. He had was to knock it going complete game three hit and he shut it down and I sort of get to knock it doing it. He is at a semblance of good run he's essentially the Yankee. Yankee ace let's give that by default my Severin has pitched well this year but he's the case. CC sabathia. I I know he's pitched better as Italy six and two coming 814 consecutive starts but this was. This was a a very hit able sabathia and you look at the red so I can't. A couple a handful by handful already hard hit balls and don't have the stacked cast inject three and Andy the day. Power numbers tonight. But they were not good five hits. Two extra base hit ball by Josh Rutledge that's sort of sums that. 'cause Red Sox office I hold a two X or rated two Adam Josh relic okay. That's over four Bogart's one for four yet and I'm an infield hit. Haley over four is down to 47 you count on him in nights like this. I he did nothing for you Jackie and arrogance a lefty I'm eating too much. Guerrero at third base David as couple games he's backed down on 159. You can't play Pablo against the death panel I don't blame John for our what Pablo in their from the right side. So this is one of those nights where. Bad Red Sox offense bad Red Sox starting pitching and it was sleepy time baseball in the Bronx ate nothing. We're excited to errors so there there I can't think of there's these occasionally. You try to find some sort of silver lining is Red Sox fans out there and always well silver lining these games. Have a hard time finding one. In this one tonight. As they lose eight to nothing and they're offensive shut down in a fact it was so bad so Rutledge hits. The leadoff triple in the fifth. They not a based on rafter that. Nine pitches later he'd gotten out of that inning it's about the and it was three up three down three up three down three up three down twelve general by sabathia and it. And holder came in and got the final three they're tonight that they went quietly. Tonight. They did not show much fight and to their credit they've shown flight different games this year. Sell not considered say wait a bad trait of this team is they don't fight I don't believe that exists that's a narrative that would be pretty tough to proof. And did you say you're just saying it was very little evidence to back it up as much more evidence that they do fight back in these games certainly more than last year. Based on the numbers and close and late wins they've had so far even through June 7 in 2017. Vs all of 2016. That being said wolf. Tonight was a dog. They'll be more talk about David price's comment to Dan Shaughnessy. And more talk about Jeremy is apology in there will be about this Red Sox yankees game. Price goes tomorrow against the data. A chance to win the series he takes the mound with a lot of commerce chase a conversation about the pitcher before tomorrow rights game. Thanks to his comments tonight to Dan Shaughnessy the Boston Globe. Where. In a nutshell come back and pick through with you guys. He doesn't seem to like Boston. He's not gonna talk to the media anymore except on and days he pitches. When he talks after his games. And if you were thinking that there was no chance David Price is gonna opt out of his contract. After your three like the option he has when you read this. You probably feel differently and I certainly feel differently. David Price some very interest in comments to Dan Shaughnessy tonight. It published tomorrow in the Boston Globe your thoughts on the Red Sox game will take those. If there are any awfully sleepy time eight upping shut out loss. Oh get it to David Price is well 617779. 79370. Is your phone roberts' Red Sox review what until midnight would you guys here on Sports Radio WE yeah. It's Red Sox revue with Mike Mike net ski on Sports Radio WEEI. I enjoyed being off this this was. He's were. Or is he was working. If things. That's what it's about what it. Understood it was very tough place. Two pitch to play out well. On not sure you do David Price that was not a Red Sox lefty. Back picked up foxwoods with that trainee and Hamas who part of Red Sox. Weekend this of course Red Sox view. On your flagship station for Red Sox baseball Sports Radio WEEI we'll take your phone calls. Up until the Christian or can't experience at midnight and 61777979. B 37 Red Sox shut. Out by the Yankees tonight eight nothing your final and the reality is that will not be this story tomorrow there'll be. Literally in the seconds spent on Mac game. As part of trending now's your on the station the talk itself will be. On the gave. David Price Dan Shaughnessy story tonight the Boston Globe that will be in your sports pages tomorrow. Piling on David Price makes no sense written by Dan Shaughnessy and will pick through this and get your reaction to a because this will be. These story tomorrow Jerry Remy apology. Part of the game tonight which a play for in the 11 o'clock hour will be the story the Red Sox losing. Will not be the story tomorrow. On headline error dateline New York this and Dan Shaughnessy in the Boston Globe. I know this sounds odd coming from me. But folks need to lay off David Price. We're gonna circled back to that in that the globe and a second. If you're Red Sox fan you should be rooting for this guys succeed. But doesn't always seem to be the case for multiple reasons and Dan uses three money signs there at the end of reasons. May because price talked and tweeting too much when he first got the Boston or because he's never won a playoffs start. Piling on price has become a parlor game in new wing little over the last twelve months and it makes no sense to me right Shaughnessy. On Boston sports talk radio. Slash TV cowboys. And he's spread disease here Rick pitino's fellowship of the miserable which again I point out Dan a part of been a part of for a long time. Outlaw of quoting on price. He mentions guys across the street Jim Murray is a great price indentation that's radio gold social mainstream media have gleefully jumping in a everybody loves Chris Sale milky Betsy hander Ben and candy but nobody loves David Price swell Shaughnessy writes. But what the Red Sox surging. Price might be that guy who punches the playoff ticket for the east team that the that the done. But for better or worse it's become clear that people wanted Boston baseball experience. That green monster that devoured license Edgar ran to Rio Carl Crawford and a raft of other folks is exceeded elsewhere has changed price. Playing at Fenway is not for the Red Sox is not for everybody Dan writes it's not with a sensitive. Thoughtful folks. Which I assume matting and here he's meeting David Price let's get TV David Price quotes. He caught up in price in the Red Sox dugout for batting practice on Wednesday. And got a sense of a change coming over him question from Dan to David Price. How are you enjoying playing in Boston. Answer. I love my teammates man and he said that's what I came here for. I came here do these young guys and have a chance to win a World Series. We had that opportunity not just for this year but for a long time coming that's what I want to be apart of so he's asked the question. Is he enjoying playing in Boston he answers I love my teammates. Eyes playing a Boston changed you are you more cautious now he's ass. I knocked cautious price insisted I'm the same knee. I don't talk to the media every day elected it last year and I guess I get blown up for that. But I was honest with everything they asked me last year and I got blown up for that sold they did this to themselves. Talked to me on the day I pitch and that's it. There are no more personal interviews there are no more asking me questions on a personal level that's done. So he's only gonna talk on days he pitches he's not gonna talk before he pitches obviously sizzling at a talk. After restarts. Which I believe is mandated by Major League Baseball. And it's just that there's a lot there's other it if it does have an answer here and against circle back to that is why a lot of things I want us circle back to. I do you feel like people are rooting for you to succeed. I know I've got 24 guys in this clubhouse and all our coaches rooting for me. And my family and friends that's all I need whatever anybody else wants to do that song then I'm fine. I'm at peace. But you liked pitching for the Boston Red Sox answer for price. I love this team we've got a really good team. I like the organization. Everybody's been there for me for the entire time through the ups and downs everything. They showed a tremendous amount of support for me so I'm going to give it back. Is Dan writes and he yells this point I would agree with them. Ot it's what price doesn't say here that speaks volumes he likes his teammates he likes pitching for the Red Sox but he doesn't seem to be enjoying Boston I completely agree. Ice down the commander who has been burned any hat as Shaughnessy said. What else can you say where else can I come to town with seventy games in the majors innings pitched and still be present it as a failure. He's asked about the notion is always on Twitter. I don't open up Twitter and read notification he said that's not what I use it for. I know it's received a lot differently I can replied of 45 responses and thirty seconds that takes thirty seconds of my day. I guess people think I'm just on there all day long that's far from the case there are days on there right don't open up Twitter. He admitted some fear when his elbow. Was injured. I was not optimistic definitely different I thought he handled that I felt like we know the right way nature was healthy before we got to going to now Maria are. On the mound at Yankee Stadium with the possibility. Of first place on the line. There's a lot to digest year in the David Price quotes to Dan Shaughnessy in addition to. Some of the things that Shaughnessy actually writes. Armed bank Shaughnessy clues on the big party year and that's the answers about Boston when he's asked about playing in Boston. I dizzying joy Boston. He talks about his teammates he talked about the coaching staff. He talks about the organization. He doesn't answer in the mentioned the fans. Which William bothered him at this point peak it's clear. That the criticism by the fans in Boston has gotten to David Price. Which to me is crazy. Given. His success yet elsewhere. The competency shown elsewhere. In just a level of criticism of other Red Sox players received this guy clearly thinks. That he has been in. It. Harmed. Or disrespect hated by the Red Sox fans in immediate. And I said this is the offseason and I stand by. David Price got criticism last year. As he lost that playoff game and they were start worrying pitched like a thirty million dollar pitch at the overall body work was good it was not great. Seventy wins is good the innings pitched for good the strikeouts were good. It was not great because for a thirty million dollar pitcher there were far too many times David Price went five innings or four plus innings. And didn't get the Red Sox a chance to win. When you get paid thirty million dollars a year you can't have 45 of those on your resume for the year you just can't. That's the one thing you can't do when your pay that's sort of money might not win seventeen games but you better give your team a chance to win a I'd say ninety plus percent of your starts. When you're paid that sort of money he didn't do if you wanna go to his game a lot from last year we can do that David you wanna do that. And look at how many starts there were five innings or so and you were out of the game after that. And did not give the Red Sox a chance to win so you didn't perform well you got criticized for. That happens in Boston in eight Tampa Bay. I guess is not Detroit. In Toronto you pitched so well you'd ever got criticisms like getting more used to it but. When people see thirty million dollars they expect Chris Sale. David Price was not Chris Sale last year and he got criticism for was it more than John Lackey got. Absolutely not and Lackey was part. Lackey threw the ball all are for a year he socked. He's gotten fights with WEEI personalities and events people look this guy up they destroy them. John Lackey got need in this town. We got healthy came back to people love them in 2013 you know why he shot up that he pitched. He would say things like. I was honest in everything they asked me to do so this year I'm not gonna talk to the media about personal things. He didn't try to be somebody's not federal what David Price is he came incompetent. Last shooter in the year anyway and pick toy said the right things. He said he wouldn't pitch well when John Ferrell defended him. He got to the offseason lost the playoff game talked about his salary tutored a bunch of dumb stop and since then I don't know. Since like November I have no idea what's tapper on this guy and I think I have an idea. I think criticism shocked the hell out of them he has no idea added you with it he's not used to hearing people say. Boy did look expectations. Not as good as we thought could have been better. In Tampa and Toronto Detroit even get that. He didn't have that'll push back to a fan base. We do this before he got here. Before he signed in Boston the reference to Red Sox fans not being supportive. Other teammates on Twitter or the Red Sox players on Twitter out other places he played. Where all the fans are supportive care we got a glimpse of that as a reaction to what his pin. I can't see understandable I just don't. I don't quite get it so I TV and radio and a fan base and social media get on UCs you're stop talking and media. Like XI. And the guys have accused is that what we're at worst the beat writers who have been critical of of this guy. They don't exist I don't think it's been on this station it's been on social media it's been on TV I guess. You are out of the beat writers. That's the answer just Twitter. Start their but he won't do that he likes Twitter too much. He does. And so. That the bigger picture take away. From this. In addition to I'm not talking the media he's pretty clearly not happy in Boston. He's an opt out after next year. And I look at David Price and I read this story go. He's actually opting out of his deal a year from now. He might get less wanted to. Oh pitch elsewhere he might walk away from thirty million dollars guaranteed. When he's asked about the experience in Boston. Do you like pitching in Boston to dread playing in Boston quote I love my teammates man. Doesn't mention the fans. Do you feel like people already free to succeed. I know I've got 24 guys in the clubhouse and all the coaching staff reform again does not mention the fans. The Boston experience has gotten Q David Price. And how would argue that there are players in recent memory headlined by John Lackey that got it much much worse. Then this guy did. And a very. Sensitive reaction. By David Price. All last year in the clubhouse to try to American others on Comcast in the aftermath of the Red Sox clinch in the post season. To the post season tweets. About playoffs and why elect crap. And to the pre season this year and to now this. Where it is evident. The fans and sports talk radio and sports TV. Have gotten to David Price. And I admit. Outside the social media part I didn't expect it. He went to two on all two years ago and just was are of them a year ago it just was unbelievable. Carry that team with two years ago announce our. Carry that team in the postseason not giving you do it Perry can do in Boston. I read a story tonight. And I'm more convinced than ever David Price can opt out. Gonna opt out of his deal is gonna go somewhere else he's not happy at least right now maybe you can change between now and then my guess is it the opt out or tomorrow. June 82017. David Price we're gonna would opt out of his deal goes on world's. Wanna get your reaction this a lot to pick 2617779. 7937. Is the phone every can text and as well 37937. Are always on Twitter at much and UT. WEEI. It's a globe part of this too. Which I find laughable. Pressure congress Shaughnessy in the globe. We'll get your thoughts when David Price had to say. What do you think about David price's comment to Dan Shaughnessy in the globe part of this as well. It's Red Sox are you here on Sports Radio W media. It's Red Sox revue with Mike Mike net ski on Sports Radio WEE. You might golf that way. My first Boston. Or whatever it is very. You can ask my team to the people that I played with won't be missed well also you. The sixties. Slid. Positive news is something that you have to think about that comes with the. I talked a good game at the foxwoods event. Doubt it. At fox with the Red Sox went to weekend which has become an unbelievable thing. If Yuri data with kids. Who are Red Sox fans and old enough to enjoy you have to get this thing I don't know when it is going to be next year but. Had been there are couple years now and having kids are now getting to that point where they are. Maybe a year or two away from that I am pencil in for something that will duke is accents you get to the players down there as a as a fan. Is unmatched so that there is my shameless plug for an event that. I could be if your Red Sox family you'll love. I'm David Price said those things. He's not backing up tonight he is sit back and I'd say pretty negative. With what he's not saying to again Shaughnessy in the Boston Globe piling on David Price. Makes no sense the irony of course we'll get to your phone calls here in thirty seconds at 617779. 7937. I did at prices that too extensive interviews last. Four months. They have bolt with a bit with the Boston Globe. And of course the global owners of your Boston red soccer John Henry are Orange Bowl some bodily wanted to shape up the the actual ownership hierarchy he had to sit down with Stan gross felt the drive to spring training. Wary grossed out when it worry you bought coffee. Where you'd be sort referenced the bad town seven of Boston growth fell did not follow up on and now this week Shaughnessy so now he's not talking to the media. Except after games and he's only giving a recent globe. So the paper that owns the Red Sox only talk to them. These two articles and will soon the next one is my sure they'll I'm guessing they'll be another one here at some point. We're stands for guy to complain. In macros felt peace the media didn't take the chance they had to get to know him and then decide on June 7 you're done talking the media. On the other thing it's ironic here is the. There Shaughnessy lead I know this sounds odd coming from either folks in the lay off David Price sound a globe has a columnist. Right. Eight the globe which again Red Sox tie in there. Is writing columns saying lay off a David Price. When they are all too happy. To dig in to Tom Brady and where his. Finance are going when it comes to donate to charity and best bodies. So patriots are off limits. David Price off limits god and if you're the globe. All that has some delicious irony with this story about price here tonight. Plea bombshell to me. I never really get David Price I want them to succeed we need them by the his team as a lot of issues right now I get the sell a lot of tracks. Sporadic offense. I mean you know. I think he's got to leave eventually. He's just done a happy campers yet but. Like into this team has relied going down right now there's some negative. Yeah I wouldn't say it's all negative I think there are some positives wall for this team and thanks your called me can't. You can't get caught up in the night in night out of a 162 game season UK because we last night they won five to four all the calls positive. First call tonight. Every negative. I don't I don't believe that. I'm not gonna get caught up in the Red Sox a very good team this year the Red Sox won a very good game in New York last night five to four. Tonight the office and show up or Celadon pitched well. But the roller coast of the night in night out it is not it is nice trend right now this team you'd point to in salad maybe eight inning. And who's gonna get the ball before Craig Campbell and make sure Craig Campbell not pitching in too many eight innings here in the final three months of the year. Outside of that. The team is pretty good. Sell out is all negative. Craig Kimbrel has been good and have been attending starting he'd be out rookie bets are showing that before the flash of one of the best players in the American League. So there are some good things with this team it is not all negative in May sound like that on the show's sometimes it is not all negative. With price. There's a lot of negative feeling to this story. There really is and there's the feeling of I'm not happy in Boston. I don't enjoy the experience here. On knocked out the old the fans. I'm done talking the media. In the end of that equation is I'm opting out of the end next year. I'm surprised Shaughnessy did not go there would be natural follow up at some point would have been in the you have an opt out next year. Are you thinking about that opt out of this point. Now I'm short David Price or give him the pad basic you know comment. Avoid the answer. But if you Shaughnessy you get these three or four answers. When he asked about the experience and you asked about the support you getting in Boston. And never bring up the question are broached the opt out. Coming up after next year. That's what I want a three year. And eating get that on Scott isn't sell the armor on the AL east which is sighed very very good story line with three apple wants to go I Scott. Paid out ago what's up went to Asia very much on Friday night the corporate buyout arm nice. Look from Baltimore outlook on that could go back him or policy about once a month our summer home by. On our ticket gonna end up. On paper right now to yankees' body in at all I might be Altidore all our initial attitude about it going to be Yankee. Red Sox and the world still have a chance to grab that while art. Pot though it is Dominic similarity I loved all. And opted. Red Sox could have been oral they're so inconsistent. Pitching. All of that he knew exactly but I want to tell me why it might be. And Boston I didn't realize that much trouble about your lives. I think Scott and again he's he's not saying why he's not happy instead of giving the answers he's saying I'm happy to have my teammates like the organization. It's what he's not saying it thanks your call tonight their glow of the sag more bridge. Ot it's what he's not saying it tells the story and it's pretty clear he's not happy with the negative reaction he got last year he won seventeen games as Dan correctly points out. It the most innings in baseball had a million strikeouts. And Red Sox fans are critical because it eight starts last year. He went fewer than six innings that's why I was critical of him I admit it. There were times red couldn't believe this guy make it thirty million dollars a year was scuffling out there of about what he's Clay Buchholz. And it showed zero confidence that was my knock on price last year that there were too many starts and I'm a hot meals eight where he went fewer than six innings. You'd say give a chance to win it but there are too many for guys expected media ace of the staff. At least for me. And I can't speak from the Red Sox and the Red Sox fans we hope the full wide said what what had what his bother you what has been a I'm surprised you about David Price they give you different answer about that. For me obviously the playoffs start and then the difference starts where you're leading get deepening games. Even with all the innings he pitched he was healthy UB pitch to receive higher year. So beginnings were good. I there's too many in that mix that. I felt like we're not give them a chance to. Really when those games. 61777979837. And so Scott I think that negativity by the fan base and a by the media employee myself Talbot gets the print media. As there are planning a look at the summits next hour that are are all they'll defend price every term which is fine. I guess more sports talk radio sports TV and social media the fan base he's annoyed that he got pushed back for the first time in his career. He's not universally loved and he's having a hard time dealing with that is my feeling from the outside looking. 61777979837. Phone number more your calls on this Jerry Remy. For the game tonight Red Sox and yankees apologized. On NASA and for what he said last night about the translator will play of that apology is well locked again to between now on midnight pleasure calls. It's Red Sox to view would mock here on Sports Radio W Wii yeah.